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Add your suggestions for possible future posts here as comments and either I or one of the guest posters may get around to posting on the subject.

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  2. Steve

    Thought you might find this interesting and could be material for a post:

    And the statistics that are the basis of the study:

  3. With the thoughts you'd be thinkin

    A comparison of various settled African groups.

  4. Hey Robert,
    I think this would be a good post-
    ‘Inshallah, Kashmir: Living Terror’ is a documentary by Oscar nominated filmmaker Ashvin Kumar which explores the past 20 years of systematic oppression & violence against the Kashmiri people who have been living under occupation for over 60 years. To bypass Indian censors, Kumar is releasing the film online on January 26th at 12 am for 24hrs to be viewed without charge. (Sorry, I couldn’t get online ’til today- there is a 7 minute preview available at the director’s site, not sure if the documentary will be available in the US?)
    From Kumar’s website:
    “A Kashmiri poet has said of the Indian occupation of Kashmir, “they make a desolation and call it peace.”
    Once the epitome of a syncretic, mystical, docile people known better for their unique culture and heritage of arts and craft; a crucible of Buddhism, Hinduism and Sufi-Islam; for verdant forests, jewel like valleys nestled in golden tipped snow-capped peaks, generous hospitality and guileless, beautiful people, the dark cloud of terror enveloped the Kashmir valley overnight.
    A sense of what it is like to be living terror. -Army, crackdowns, curfews, half-widows, rape, enforced disappearances, fake- encounters, mass graves, sadistic torture and trauma are ingrained in the vocabulary of Kashmir. Twenty years of incessant exposure to these atrocities has altered the average Kashmiri’s perception of ‘normalcy’. Military and paradise, bullet proof jackets and burkha; altered physical spaces where breathtaking vistas of mountains and crystal lakes are projected through barbed wire. Darkened army bunkers through which the alert eyes of battle-ready soldiers watch over not an enemy or a border but school children, women going shopping, men delivering goods : the humdrum life of a village. Yet no one is of the illusion that beneath the humdrum of daily ritual there is the possibility, nay certainty, of yet another militant attack, blood, limbs and sulfur, followed by reprisals by the armed forces. Such is the state of ‘normalcy’ into which children are born and raised. A cycle institutionalized and ritualized with cold precision since the advent of militancy in 1991, deeply ingrained in psyche of the Kashmiri.’
    ‘The film makers were able to record rare and precious footage under the guise of making a movie on Kashmiri football ( The rare, unmediated access has resulted in footage that very few people have managed to record.’
    ‘It gives a human face to militancy and the plight of the average Kashmiri. It demands a solution to this endless and mindless conflict.’
    ‘This is the story of Indian democracy, the grand experiment that was founded with Indian independence from the British. Of how it has been tested in Kashmir, and found wanting.’

    • Dota


      I have a question for you. I’ve heard from some people that the Indian government is trying to Hinduize Kashmir by slowly flooding it with Hindu families. As someone who has lived there, do you think there is any truth to this?

      • johnUK

        Native non-Muslim Khashmiris in 89 when the Pakistani regime started using Afghan Muslim terrorist in Kashmir received one of the largest acts of ethnic cleansing by a terrorist campaign which I think was over 300,000 so I doubt India is Hinduizing Khashmir.

        • Dota

          Thank you Johnny boy, however your ignorance of India is only surpassed by your ignorance of Islam. I’ll just wait for Bibi to respond if you don’t mind 🙂

          Now run along and bookmark the next Terry Jones video

        • johnUK


          I know for a fact that British intelligence allowed the Pakistani ISI to recruit and train British Pakistani’s in Pakistan in the 90’s which under Musharef they created there own international terrorist division to support terrorists in Kashmir one of which was the London 7/7 mastermind. There have even been cases of British Pakistanis being killed in suicide missions in Kashmir.

          It is true in 89 Pakistani backed terrorist started a massive terrorist and ethnic cleansing campaign against the native non-Hindu/Muslim population of Kashmir.

          “Now run along and bookmark the next Terry Jones video”

          Well when Prophet Mohammad is put on trial on 9/11 be sure to act on his defence at the trial as I hear Mohammad is quite shy and won’t be attending himself.

          I hear followers of Islam are lining up en mass as a strand of Mohammad’s hair is been shown around the world with this strange cult.

        • Gay State Girl

          Love John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Dota

          “”Well when Prophet Mohammad is put on trial on 9/11 be sure to act on his defence at the trial as I hear Mohammad is quite shy and won’t be attending himself. “”

          He’s dead Jim

        • Gay State Girl

          “He’s dead Jim”

          I hear he’s going to show up in a red suit.

        • johnUK


          “He’s dead Jim”

          Are you sure?

          We are not even allowed to see a picture of this benevolent prophet so how can we tell if he is dead?

          A Muslim who is a paedophile and worshipped by millions of people sounds a lot like this guy.

      • Dota-
        No, I haven’t seen any evidence of Hindu families slowly moving into Kashmir. Jammu maybe.

  5. Steve

    This is something I really think you should write a post about:

    It is a very well researched, rigorous, honest academic assessment of Lynn’s conclusion that African IQ on raven’s progressive matrices is 70. Here is an excerpt of the conclusion:

    “Our review of the literature on the performance of Africans on the
    Raven’s tests showed that the average IQ of Africans on the Raven’s
    tests is lower than the average IQ in western countries. However, the
    average IQ of Africans is not as low as Lynn (and Vanhanen) andMalloy
    (2008) maintained. The majority of studies on IQ test performance of
    Africans not taken into account by Lynn (and Vanhanen) and Malloy
    showed considerably higher average IQs than the studies that they did
    review. We judge the reviews of Lynn (and Vanhanen) and Malloy to
    be unsystematic. These authors missed a large part of the literature on
    IQ testing in Africa, failed to explicate their inclusion and exclusion
    criteria, and made downward errors in the conversion of raw scores to
    IQs (Wicherts, 2007). Lynn (and Vanhanen)’s estimate of average IQ of
    Africans of around 67 is untenable. Our review indicates that it is about
    78 (UK norms) or 80 (US norms). These means are somewhat lower
    than the means of Africans on other IQ tests, which lie around 82
    (Wicherts et al., 2010).”

    This is an important finding that not many people have written about and its really of journalistic value to get it out ;-).

    • I am not sure that I believe that at all. Blacks in the Caribbean also have IQ’s of ~70, as would be expected.

      • Steve

        If you look at the full document, you’ll see that there is a full record of the raven’s tests carried out in Africa. They did a comprehensive lit review.
        They found that Lynn selected the tests with the lower scores, mostly in the 65-80 range, without giving any justification for why he chose them over others. He obviously had an agenda.

        So yeah Africans have scored 70 in some studies and you could expect to get a Caribbean study with a 70 score. But they also scored in the 80-90 range on lots of tests. If you average out all the scores, you end up with an overall average of about 80. Study after study shows IQ’s of 83, 86, 87 etc. That’s how it looks to me. This looks legit. Take a good look because its a scoop. Cheers bro 😉

  6. johnUK

    Have you ever done posts on white slavery?

    Interesting things that are starting to get talked about is that whites before blacks were used as slaves in America, blacks and Indians had slaves themselves and the huge pre-European slave trade in Africa by Muslim Arabs.

  7. johnUK

    Liberals/socialists already control the western world.

    • No posting rightwing propaganda, John. If keep it up, I am going to ban you, I swear to God.

      • Gay State Girl

        I LOVE John.

      • johnUK

        II don’t see how it is propaganda as the Frankfurt school is also cited by leading left wing intellectuals comprising the foundations of the left wing movement.
        Some of the Frankfurt school professors would gone on to have a huge impact on liberal thought and western society like Karl Popper who was a mentor to George Soros at the London School of Economics whose philosophy and NGO’s are based on Poppers concept of the Open Society and another Professor who I have forgotten his name lead the new left/anti-Vietnam war demonstrations in the late 60’s.

        Marx did get one thing right about creating a global economic trading union although his economics wee wrong but failed to eliminate the ethnic factor were Communism reverted and morphed to suit the dominant ethnic culture of its host country with the exception of Soviet satellite states like Christianity were you have various religious sects.

  8. johnUK

    @Gay State Girl

    What do you make of this?

    Hollywood promoting satanism.

    Pleasentville exposed

    Truman Show exposed

    The Matrix exposed

    • Gay State Girl

      Oh come on, Satanism? As long as you keep me smiling.

      • johnUK

        @Gay State Girl

        Pretty convincing stuff after all the Christian Zionists in America think that they should support Israel because that would bring about the anti-Christ.

        The full program is called Hollywoods War on God that also highlights the DaVinci Code, V for Vendetta and other films if you want to watch it.

        • Gay State Girl

          Jews are divided into different factions, and you should not treat them as a collective group. Historically, (non orthodox) jews have loosely supported both causes (liberalism and zionism) to some degree, but a lot has changed in the past 20 years. You won’t find any jews espoucing harsh racist rhetoric or backing social issues popular among conservative christians, but neocons are quite moderate on race related issues and have become defensive of the Christian right. The Palestinian cause first became popular among left wing jews during the early eighties and by now, pretty much all the hardcore leftists have migrated over to the Palestinian cause.

          If conservative christians did not put themselves out there, they would not garner such a reaction. I think Orthodox judaism is a model religion: they are able to maintain a traditional society without attempting to integrate their religious views into the legal system or make their views mainstream. You won’t see Orthodox jews getting involved on either side of an issue, whether demanding that christian symbols be removed from public places or protesting in front of abortion clinics. Most Orthodox jews personally support Israel to some degree but do not have the time or money to be influential.

        • Gay State Girl

          This is an important article

          I’ve gained new respect for Paul Gottfried ever since he wrote that article denouncing politicians who use the term ‘family values’ to win over the Christian right.

        • “Jews are divided into different factions, and you should not treat them as a collective group.”
          True. The differences between Jews – their cultures, ethnicities, opinions and political posturing is huge.

          Personally I don’t support what Israel does to the Palestine, for obvious humanitarian reasons. But that doesn’t mean I have to hate on non-Israeli Jews, those who neither sympathise with or support the Zionist ’cause’ (whatever that is). I find it irrational, a sort of phobia if anything.

  9. How’s this for a post-
    Two ministers of the BJP ( the Hindutva Nazi party & self described ‘custodians of Indian public morals’) were caught watching porn DURING a parliamentary assembly in Karnataka.
    “BJP leaders preach people about preserving Hindu culture. But in their hearts and minds, they indulge in these kind of activities.’-Former chief minister and JDS leader H D Kumaraswamy.
    Yet another an interesting twist- one of the ministers watching the porn was none other than CC Patil, the Minister for Women and Child Development in Karnataka. And yes, he’s the same CC Patil whom assumed tones of a moral policeman recently suggesting that women ‘dress modestly’ if they don’t want to be harassed. “I personally don’t favour women wearing provocative clothes and always feel they need to be dignified in whatever they wear.” said Mr CC Patil. He also said women should ‘know’ how much skin they should cover.

    • Its all over the Indian news now ‘BJP Hypocrisy Exposed’.

    • Not really something new. Hypocrisy among public figures is a deadbeat issue, one related to human nature than religion, nationality, politics or ethnic group.

      Given that the topic of ‘serious discussion’ in the assembly was the hoisting of a Pakistani flag in some non-descript city, porn probably provided some entertainment. It is time that Indian politicians, public and media got over this obsession with Pakistan – it is nothing but a foreign country. If Brazil could get over Argentina…

      • Your average Indian is INSANE on the subject of Pakistan. Quite literally nutso. I have talked to them. They literally go off their rockers as soon as you bring up Pakistan. And the stuff they say about Pakistan is such nonsense.

      • Indeed. Being associated with Pakistan or Pakistanis has become a poison pill for every person or revolutionary movement that goes against the Delhi administration. Claim that a particular insurgent organisation and dissident individual ‘has links to’ or ‘is funded by’ Pakistan and that organisation or person is no longer legitimate. The allegation doesn’t have to be proved, just the association with Pakistan is enough.

        Also, having an unwarranted irrational and pathological hatred for anything to do with Pakistan is considered a marker of one’s patriotism in the country. It is sort of like the issue with ‘terrorists’ in United States, except that in India, there is no counter ideology.

        • Dota

          I am by no means an extremist, but even I harbour a strong contempt for Pakistani culture. BAG always says ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and I think I partially agree with that assessment. Pakistani culture is a variation of the Indian peasant caste’s culture. Very similar. This is possibly because most Punjabi Muslims converted from the peasant caste as Aakar Patel points out. Anyhow, after living with Pakistani roommates over the past couple of years I’ve begun to despise their culture and their values. Their notion of honour is convoluted and retarded. It’s mostly about saving face and there is very little compromise. Indeed compromise is seen as a sign of weakness. Reconciliation is very difficult. But this notion of honour does not translate into an ethical code or superior morality. It’s just a series of face saving gestures where one must project an image. Offering assistance scores honour points, accepting assistance costs you honour and turns you into a debtor. Declining to assist someone costs you honour as well, no matter how much it may inconvenience or harm you. Honour is enforced through a list of mundane and shallow formalities that must be fastidiously observed. The Peasant and Warrior cultures of India suck ass.

        • @ Dota
          I am well aware of the rot in Pakistani culture. It is another topic of discussion altogether. Given that the culture in the Indian side of the border is pretty much the same as in Pakistan, I don’t think the Indian hatred of Pakistan is a manifestation os their contempt for the Pakistani culture. Some of the things that I see Indians do in the name of ‘izzat’ (honour), ‘parampara’ (tradition) and karma is no less convulted than what you might have experienced of Pakistanis.

        • Dota


          “”Some of the things that I see Indians do in the name of ‘izzat’ (honour), ‘parampara’ (tradition) and karma is no less convulted than what you might have experienced of Pakistanis.”””

          I just want to add to this by means of an example. Take the Arabic term Naseeb. If you speak Hindi, you might know where I’m going with this. From my limited understanding of Arabic and research, the Arabs define Naseeb as one’s material share in life. Tribal societies like the Arabs focus quite a bit on wealth distribution. In India the term refers to fate and destiny, and takes on an added tone of fatalism. Essentially, for the Hinduized Muslims of India, Naseeb is basically Karma translated into an Islamic term.

      • Oh come on Mr Atheist, it is always fun to ridicule ‘holier than thou’ religious folks- ESPECIALLY Hindutva crazies like the BJP.
        Where is your sense of humor?
        Besides, CC Patil has been on my ‘shit list’ for years now.

        • “Oh come on Mr Atheist, it is always fun to ridicule ‘holier than thou’…”
          Sure it is, but I am not sure Mr. Lindsay posts something because it is ‘fun’ to do so. I mean, don’t we have enough of gossip blogs already?
          “Where is your sense of humor?”
          It is hibernating. Winter time, you know…

  10. johnUK

    Are you going to do a post on the Chrysler “It’s Halftime in America” Superbowl ad?

  11. johnUK

    Did the US get its Space program from Socialist Yugoslavia?.

  12. tulio

    Robert if there is a plugin or some one you modify the most recent comments section in the sidebar, it would be nice if we could have a longer list. Given the volume of comments on the blog, it’s hard to have only the last 15 or so available. Basically anything beyond that I’ll never see again because there’s no way to scroll through them in order or perhaps see the comments made in the last 24 hours.

  13. Steve

    Is there a way I can get email notifications for replies to my comments without subscribing to the whole blog?

  14. Dota

    Robert, What the hell is up with wordpress again? I can’t post comments and keep getting this message: “That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it.”

  15. Shawn

    Bob, you should really read this is if you have not, fascinating:

    I would also recommend you do a post about the populating of the Americas, now that there’s a lot of new evidence suggesting the Europeans were here first.

    • I already have an old post about the peopling of the Americas, but it didn’t include the new Solutrean data. I am not sure if the Solutrean data is conclusive yet anyway.

  16. Shawn

    Robert, I was hoping you made the new $PLC list targeting people who write about PUA. You deserved it, and I mean this as a compliment.

  17. buckhunter1969

    I come to your site daily with the hopes to read someting good about our large hairy buddies the Sasquatch. Why have you not posted anything in nearly a month? Has the threat of litigation against you caused the lack of posts lately? Is it becdause ther isn’t anything happening? I really look foward to your insight and information on this topic and lately there has been only disappointment. Please post something soon my friend!
    Thank you,

    • Hi, Melba Ketchum and the others in her network uncovered most if not all of my sources, so the truth is that all of my sources are pretty much shot at the moment. So I have to get some new ones, but they are very hot to cultivate. Ketchum and the rest are always trying to dig up my sources, and once they find them, they cut them off from any further info.

      As most of my site is hot news from confidential sources, Ketchum’s counterespionage pretty much kills off the site. I don’t want to write the ordinary crap that everyone writes about. I want new cutting edge investigate reporting, generally using confidential sources to come up with hot new stories. If I can’t get that, there’s not much to write about, sorry.

      • honyok

        Hey Robert-
        In regards to Bigfoot. I did see something on CNN the other day where
        Dr. Jeff Meldrum from Idaho is attempting to get funds from his University to finance an aerial search for Bigfoot using a Blimp.
        I thought that would be cool if it indeed happens.
        I dont recall the college he lectures – is it Idaho State? not sure
        anyway thought you’d find this tip interesting.

  18. phatimabibi

    We had our first massive avalanche induced flashflood this season at today at about 9 AM here in Nepal.
    I’ve seen 17 bodies so far, 3 human legs and 1 arm although only 13 bodies are reported to have been found.
    Surprisingly few bridges were destroyed on the river but it is still unknown how many human settlements were destroyed.
    3 Russian tourists visiting a trout farm are reported missing.
    We are still digging through mud, but everyone in our household is ok, the pics are kind of gruesome-

  19. kim jeong park

    check out
    it seems koreans are the best “providers”.

  20. Steven

    I found this on Reddit and I thought you might find it ‘interesting’ :

    Ok, so here is the story. One year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Harm OCD. Ok, so there was a reason I had these thoughts, so I forget about them. But a few months ago they started bugging me again. I just couldn’t let something go. I started worrying again, that I was sociopath or psychopath. I always assumed I was since I have guilt and feel shame and so on. But wait, what if I don’t feel those things, just fear what would say about me(narcassistic). Also sociopaths can feel some meassure of guilt and shame after they’ve done something bad. Also empathy, I read on the ASPD forum that they can actually feel empathy(selective empathy), because they compare how they would feel, but no sypathy(they’re just guessing). I figured thats kinda what I do, I first am emotionless, but I feel bad when I think about it little. Also I’m a vegan(no animal products what so ever), but sometimes I forget why and have to think to again feel empathy for animals. In these few months I figured I had some sort of superiority complex, but shock after shock I realized I was really stupid and I try to fix that. I don’t look for problems in others but in myself, also I try not feel like achieved something for little things or feel special, also try not to see things as black&white(sometimes I would feel very irretated with my classmates and feel for eq. “At least I’m smarter than them”, which ofc I’m not, and then again see them in a bright light after they’ve been nice to me). Now every time I feel superior I imidiatly feel guilty and a shammed. And this. One year ago we had a pet cameleon. And then we have to gave it away, because we could’t provide for him any longer. But before that I torchered him once. I flipped him in the air and grabbed his foot an kept him in the air for couple of seconds(I only did this once, but flipped him in the air couple of times). I really didn’t think about it, but never did that again, and was on the verge of crying because feeling really guilty and asshamed. You can’t believe how happy I was for him when we gave him away to a better home. I never did this to any animal before and after, but till this day I can’t forget about it. I feel anxious, have to take deep breathes, guilt(again is this really guilt, or just shamme because of my ego?!) and I can’t move on. When i’m manic(I use to be manic about stupid stuff, but now I get when I think of more simple wife- job, having basic stuff, like food and apartment and some luxury, and when I get this, I feel stupid for having those thoughts and feel like I will be able to move on.) i try to move on and forget about the whole thing(everything), and I succedd for this short time and feel very stupid for having those thought, but then again after I start thinking can’t stop.

    So, If im a psychopath or sociopath I want to kill myself, I couldn’t do it before because of my mom(am I feeling guilty because of her, or do I look at her with pitty and feel bad because of that?!), but if her son was Jeff Dahmer, she’d want him dead. I have found a quick and painless way to do this and If I don’t edit this post tomorrow, it means I’m dead. because I really can’t live with this anxiety anymore.

    EDIT: I have these weird thought, like if I see something, like lava and if it reminds me of ice cream with the taste of orange, I kinda get this taste, like I forgot it was lava, or if human flesh reminds me of chicken, I’m not a freakin’ cannibal, I just kinda get these intrusive thoughts, I don’t actually want to eat or hurt anybody!! Also I get this tingling sensation around throat, scalp and chest. Could it be because I might have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?

  21. Rex

    I think the reason we have never found Bigfoot remains is because they are the army of fallen angels, Satan’s army, that have angel powers. When Satan was cast out of heaven, along with his followers, they were driven underground on earth. Where they are dwelling, awaiting the last great battle of good and evil. Our planet is riddled with a massive tunnel system that has not been explored. As angels, they never die and can disappear. Sometimes they venture out of their domain to see if the time is ready.
    Just my opinion.

  22. Steve


    When people talk about race and IQ, there is a common idea that NE Asians have higher iqs than Europeans who have higher iqs than blacks. The latter point often comes up on this blog, but we don’t talk as much about the white vs Asian iq difference and whether it exists. What evidence is there that NE Asians have higher iqs than Europeans, apart from the iq scores of immigrants? We are all familiar with the idea of selective immigration and we know that African immigrants to America do well in education and there are reports that they have higher iq scores than average Africans and perhaps even than American whites. So what evidence is there really that NE Asians in NE Asia are smarter than Europeans? I would like to ‘read’ you discuss this and I would like to know about IQ studies done in Asia.


  23. Steve

    Should this woman have been jailed?

    She got 21 weeks.

  24. Steve

    Hi Robert. Here is a fella who might interest you:

    Here is a statement of his political views form the article. He is basically explaining how he can support the labour party but criticise immigration and multiculturalism.

    “I’m not sure why it puzzles people, although I assume it’s something to do with what the Labour Party has become. I am pretty much of the left, but loathe the censoriousness, arrogance, self-righteousness and political correctness of the left, or London faux-left, as I would describe it. I sign up to most of the stuff which used to be considered left – decent minimum wage, redistributive tax policy, social ownership of those things which as a society we need but which the market struggles to provide (trains, utilities, council housing and the like). My worries about immigration, meanwhile, are twofold; that as a country we have become too crowded, and that the free movement of labour has made it harder for indigenous working class people to earn a decent wage, rent a decent house, get their kids educated in schools where the other kids speak the same language and so on and so on. My dislike of multiculturalism stems not simply from the belief that competing cultures undermine a sense of national identity and shared aspiration, but that some of the cultures we have encouraged, or made allowances for, are profoundly illiberal and penalize the most vulnerable sectors of society. And when that happens – either with the more rigorous strictures of Islam, or the low educational achievement and predilection towards crime of young African Caribbean men (© Diane Abbott), we should say so, and say so forcefully. I suppose on these latter points it has largely been the right-wing doing most of the running – but I do not see why it is right wing per se to object to the authoritarianism of Islam, or a culture which leads black kids towards crime. Quite the reverse, I would have thought. But there we are. I hope this has helped”

  25. Autism.
    Take it on.

  26. Shotsie

    How about the opium trade in Afghanistan that has increased twentyfold since we invaded. More kids in the western world die annually (some of which were my family and friends) overdosing on Afghan heroin than the combined total of NATO troop casualties since the start of the invasion. Russia is having such an epidemic that they wanted to start razing the crops and spraying herbicides. We nixed that idea real quick. Can’t do that. How would the CIA fund some clandestine rendition program where they kidnap some Mullah in Bahrain for saying “fuck America”? That might sound kind of conspiracy theorish, but it wouldn’t surprise me after Iran-Contra.

    I’d actually like to believe that conspiracy theory because the alternative, which is probably mush closer to the truth, is a paradoxical clusterfuck of Joseph Heller proportions: We reluctantly allow Afghan farmers to grow poppy plants in a misguided attempt to “win hearts and minds” – it’s way more lucrative than anything else they could farm. They then turn around and sell this poppy to the Taliban, who process it into heroin, smuggle it across the borders where it makes its way to Western countries to kill and fuck up the lives of god knows how many of our youth (this was a strategy of war outlined by Osama Bin Laden, by the way) the proceeds then get funneled back so the Taliban can buy weapons to kill our troops with. The poppy fields that our soldiers walk past everyday are the main source of their enemy’s funding. The problem is the beauracrats in Washington don’t want to realize that in a war – surprise! – people get fucking killed. So they drag this thing out for over a decade with all these fucked up rules of engagement instead of just letting the military go in there, murder the Taliban to the brink of extinction with a careless disregard for civilian lives (which anybody who’s ever cracked open a history book will tell you is how you win a war), and getting the fuck out.

    And now they just coincedentally discovered that Afghanistan is a fucking treasure trove of unmined lithium, barium, copper, gold, etc., etc., all that shit that’s essential in manufacturing computer batteries and parts and whatnot. So naturally we will be there another twenty years plundering their natural resources.

    My cousin did two tours in Iraq with the 2/6 Marines, you know what he did when he wasn’t fishing and hitting golf balls at Saddam Hussein’s giant palace/compound/resort that they turned into a base camp? He didn’t do much, except for drive around Fallujah in a humvee waiting for people to shoot at him. Fucking ridiculous.

    • Bhabiji

      LITHIUM. And this is old news to the insiders. One of the major reasons why the US went over there in the first place.

  27. nominay

    FUCK THE SECOND AMMENDMENT!!!!! You can shove it up your ass before I pistol whip you with it. Oh, I’m sorry, did I offend you? Do you have a sudden need to jump up and shoot someone now, preferably me?
    Let’s stop pretending that the 2nd is this sacred cow we shouldn’t dare reconsider fucking around with, cause it needs some serious fuckin’ around with!

  28. nominay


    Have you ever noticed that girls with glasses have a stronger sex drive than girls without them? I can’t even think of an exception to this observation. You should explore the correlation between women with poor eyesight and increased horniness … then again, you may not want to, because I don’t see how this claim could be quantified.

  29. nominay

    I’ve never heard that one. Somehow I suspect there’s more to it than that. This phenomena includes attractive women with glasses, any women with glasses, and seems to reflect more of a biological aspect based on personal accounts I will not go into. I’ve also noticed that women who are highly emotional are very horny, especially if it borders on mental illness level. If guys want hot sex, they should try a bipolar girl with borderline personality disorder who wears glasses.

    • Gay State Girl

      You serious?

      “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

      • Bhabiji

        Strippers who wear glasses, for real or as part of their act, make more than those who don’t.

        Magic Mike notwithstanding 😉

      • nominay

        “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

        That’s as stupid as “Nice guys finish last.”

        Such a shame, guys passing up the best pussy they’d come across, and women turning down guys for not being “bad boys”.

  30. Bhabiji

    Bobby Ji, I’m going to write a couple guest blogs for your site. I’ll send them to you later next week.

  31. anung97

    Hi Robert,

    Could you write a post about India’s current electricity blackout? Or maybe one of your Indian commenters can do it?

  32. Steve

    A rant from a white South African about about an educated black man who said whites should be killed. Its controversial and its a good rant. I think you’ll like it, Robert.

  33. Steve

    Are you aware that in the UK there is no educational achievement gap between blacks (non-Carribean) and whites through compulsory schooling? And the gap between whites and afro-carribeans is small.

  34. Matt

    Robert, Ii wonder if you would discuss the claims made in the following film:

    It’s supposed to be a BBC documentary, but if so, they’ve reallyt come down in the world. I don’t even know where to begin.

  35. brengunn

    Hi Robert,

    Any chance of an article on the muslim cleric who framed a 13 year old down syndrome girl for blasphemy in Pakistan recently. The sentence for blasphemy in Pakistan is death, for which she would have been eligable despite being retarded.

    The framing was part of a larger plot to drive the christian minority from the area. Angry demonstrations have taken place and lots of christians have fled.

    I would be interested to see the response of some of your Pakistani posters, as in the short time I’ve been reading your blog, they seem excessively pompous and triumphant about the state of Pakistan.


  36. With the thoughts you'd be thinkin

    Mormons vs Drug cartels check it out

  37. Justin Cider

    OCD torture:

  38. jameson7

    You ever like IRC Robert?

  39. jameson7

    Keynesian Economics. Why do all we ever hear about is Libertarian? I mean that’s really the conversation Left and Right are having. I mean Marxism isn’t even on the table in US politics yet most people on the left know more about Marx than Keynes. Yet on the internet you’d think that mentioning Keynes was criminalized in that you see very little actual talk occurring. Say Ron Paul on the internet and prepare to be spammed and proselytized.

  40. Steve

    Random article in the economist:

    “Since The Economist regrettably labelled Africa “the hopeless continent” a decade ago, a profound change has taken hold. Labour productivity has been rising. It is now growing by, on average, 2.7% a year. Trade between Africa and the rest of the world has increased by 200% since 2000. Inflation dropped from 22% in the 1990s to 8% in the past decade. Foreign debts declined by a quarter, budget deficits by two-thirds. In eight of the past ten years, according to the World Bank, sub-Saharan growth has been faster than East Asia’s (though that does include Japan).”

  41. Steve

    Article about a study which showed that woman from countries with better health care systems and less disease favour more feminine looking men men while woman from more disease ridden countries favour more masculine men. The apparent reason is that masculinity is a sign of high testosterone and good health, and those genes are important in a bad health environment to ensure the health of the offspring…..when good health is ensured externally by a good environment, woman don’t need to prioritize that and instead favour the more feminine traits that make for a better relationship.

    The article also refers to a few interesting studies, such as one which showed men with higher levels of T were less faithful and one which showed woman could accurately judge a man’s friendliness to children and t levels from appearance.

    A lot of this bears on stuff we’ve talked about.

  42. jjj

    please talk how east asian can increase its soft power against the west,to me it makes sense that whites are still the most popular ,because the high iq,but africans are the second most popular stars without deserving it,i am not racist,but if any blacks weren’t slaves in usa,”will smith” or “rihanna” wouldnt exist,but east asians try to be popular with their OWN money,at least with PSY they have finally a global singer and JACKIE CHAN was popular long time ago,but their are high iq and millions of people! too few,actually whites are cheaters too! because they have united states a SUPER economy of 15 trillions of dollars that in first place existed out of luck without a right to exist,but the rest of the world is much smaller,do you see hits from germany?england? no,even if they are big,their economies arent enough big for high budget films like hollywood,but east asians have their mistakes too: JAPAN is still huge economy,but they use their money with cartoons,and yes i love stuff like NARUTO,SAILOR MOON,INUYASHA,SOUL EATER,but they dont make effort with live action! and most people prefer real actors,i like the cartoon of batman but most people prefer the movie! then KOREA,is still big,but being a smaller country make them small compared to giants like united states,japan,china and they mostly soap operas xP but i like some korean tv shows with supernatural stuff like 49 DAYS or SECRET GARDEN,after all the world prefer supernatural stuff (TWILIGHT,HARRY POTTER) and china? no freedom,then no hits,too much censorship 😦 i suggest they must make a film together,their economy united is like 14 trillion dollars,almost the same as USA

    • narut00

      that was me in one of my many accounts,finally new sugestion; pleaseee post in the future a plan to restaure hinduism to its true and original form again! my IQ is the spaniard average i guess,so please with your genius IQ polish my plan to split india and make the new indian states to adopt the reformed hinduisms like ARYA SAMAJ and HARE KRISHNA as national identity,therefore making free the dalits from brahmin evilness,all of you can even talk in email to the headquarters online of those hindu sects and make the plan together ok? i hope so,thanks

  43. With the thoughts you'd be thinkin
    Indian textbook
    “In India one hundred thousand beef- eating and brandy-and-soda guzzling Britons hold in subjection two hundred and fifty million vegetarian abstainers of the same Aryan race.” Ambrose Pierce

  44. themanwithoutaname

    Here is a side of the Pakistan/Afganistan conflict that you haven’t reported on yet.

  45. Steve

    Worth watching.

    • jameson7

      Nice. Ross Kemp is a badass. Crazy Africa. Decent song at 57:00.

      • Steve

        He always had a bit of a hard man image and started doing programmes about gangs but now what he is doing looks more like serious investigative journalism. He is one brave motherfucker.

  46. Richard hall

    Can you please do a post on the differences between Negro, capoid and australoid Objectivitys rants on how all black looking groups must be black just seems wrong.

  47. Car Guy

    Chinese Feminists Don’t Know What Feminism Means:


    • Bay Area Guy


      Ah, if only Western feminists were like Chinese ones.

      I’d also argue that many Western feminists don’t really know what feminism means.

      They just toss around buzzwords such as “rape culture,” “male privilege,” “hegemonic masculinity,” “mansplaining,” etc.

      • Car Guy

        Now that I think about it, Chinese women might actually have a better understanding of feminism than Western woman. They at least adhere to gender roles in a natural sense.

        But, man, are they harsh.

        • Hacienda

          “But, man, are they harsh.”

          True that. That’s why you gotta slap’em around some before you hit ’em.

      • They just toss around buzzwords such as “rape culture,” “male privilege,” “hegemonic masculinity,” “mansplaining,” etc.

        LOL lame cunts.

      • Hacienda

        “rape culture,” “male privilege,” “hegemonic masculinity,” “mansplaining,” etc.

        mansplaining. Thanks for that. Had to look it up. That’s great.


        Ever think of moving to the deep south- like Alabama. The chicks there are blonde, hot, demur, and racist (but in the good way). Saw the Bama-Georgia game. Southern Whites- They still care.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Hacienda

          I don’t know about the Deep South.

          But I have certainly thought about relocating to the Midwest, or some other whiter part of the country.

        • LOL.

          mansplaining. Thanks for that. Had to look it up. That’s great.

          LOL dumb bitches.

        • Bay Area Guy


          Feminists and their terms.

          There was a recent incident having to do with someone vandalizing the Vietnamese Student Union center by putting up a poster saying “Asian women R Honkie-white boy worshipping whores.”

          The Vietnamese Student Union, in response, issued a statement defending the dignity of Asian “womyn.” Yes, “womyn.”


        • Bay Area Guy

          Oops, forgot to provide some of the context.

          It was at UCLA.

        • Bay Area Guy

          American feminists are something else, I tells ya.

        • Hacienda

          The Vietnamese Student Union, in response, issued a statement defending the dignity of Asian “womyn.” Yes, “womyn.”


          Yeah, later it was discovered the poster was a Vietcong female.
          Can’t have it both ways.

          I wanna see Asian men stop being such pushovers. And when did whitey become such Asian pussy worshipping twinks? When did that happen? 2001?

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Hacienda

          I think it started sometime in the 80s and 90s. There were articles analyzing WM/AF couples and the “yellow fever” (though they didn’t call it that back then) phenomenon.

          As someone who went to UCI for four years, I admit that I temporarily succumbed to yellow fever.

          But now that I’m out of UCI, I’ve snapped out of it. I can understand why some white guys like Asian girls, but I can’t entirely grasp why SO MANY do.

          It’s not like there are even that many hot Asian women in the mainstream.

          (Lucy Liu, who isn’t even THAT good looking, is the only one that immediately comes to mind)

        • Bay Area Guy

          Yeah, later it was discovered the poster was a Vietcong female.
          Can’t have it both ways.


          I figured it was an angry Asian male. Some of the nuts over at Jezebel even speculated that it was a white racist who did it.

          (then again, it is Jezebel)

          Methinks this is manufactured controversy. The Vietnamese Student Union certainly enjoys a lot more publicity than it previously did.

        • Hacienda


          Agree with you on Lucy Lui. She’s nothing special. In my prime I might have passed on her. But I isn’t in my prime any mo. What was once slithery and repulsive is now slinky and wet. Old fucks love wet.

          Malcom X scorned black men for chasing white women. Where’s the white Malcom X? Where’s the scorn for the white man that has lost his nuts for the Asian woman?

          The poster wasn’t Vietcong. Just some fiction from me.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Where’s the white Malcom X? Where’s the scorn for the white man that has lost his nuts for the Asian woman?

          Well, maybe that’s where I should come in, LOL.

          That is one thing that I find curious about white nationalists though. They consistently decry the dying of the white race, and argue that interracial marriage is “genocide” for white people.

          And yet I hardly ever hear them denounce white male/Asian female relationships and marriages.

          If anything, those types of marriages are greater in number (proportionally, if not in absolute terms) than white/black marriages, and thus pose a greater threat to the survival of the white race.

          (although certain hapas are more likely to identify as white than mulattos)

        • Brengunn

          And yet I hardly ever hear them denounce white male/Asian female relationships and marriages.

          Because black male/white female emasculates them, whereas white male/yellow female makes them feel dominant and that’s what nationalists crave.

          You’ve got to pity the yellow man though, he’s left holding his dick. Unless he completes the miscegenation circle and starts fucking black women.

        • Car Guy

          You’ve got to pity the yellow man though, he’s left holding his dick. Unless he completes the miscegenation circle and starts fucking black women.

          Some of them are in Africa. Let’s see if it snowballs.

        • Gay State Girl

          There are far more mulatto children being born than hapas. What are you talking about?

        • Hacienda

          Because black male/white female emasculates them, whereas white male/yellow female makes them feel dominant and that’s what nationalists crave.

          And the WNs are idiots as always. Because Asian men have higher rates of WF partners than BMs. It just that BM/WFs get played up more in the media.

          Whites are literally getting “screwed”. Bless you all. you’re such beautiful people .DUMB, but beautiful.

        • Brengunn

          Quote from wikipedia,

          25% of married Asian American women have Caucasian spouses, but 45% of cohabitating Asian American women are with Caucasian American men.

          That’s a lot of dumb white sperm in tight yellow vaginas!

        • jameson7

          “You’ve got to pity the yellow man though, he’s left holding his dick. Unless he completes the miscegenation circle and starts fucking black women.”

          The trend in Japan is just complete disinterest in women altogether. Anime and tentacle porn is apparently all they need.

          We’ll probably see them just make a realistic woman robot to fuck in the future and do away with living women altogether.

        • Brengunn


          That whole Japanese apathy thing is very curious. Everything I know about biology and anthropology says that Japan should be going all Wild West in competition for pussy.

          Maybe internet porn and robotic vaginas will save the world.

        • Gay State Girl

          I gladly pay more in taxes just to keep them occupied.

        • Hacienda

          “That’s a lot of dumb white sperm in tight yellow vaginas!”

          Just as long as whitey is disappearing of the planet, colored folks are happy. But you knew that! Why am I talking to you, you member of a dying race! LOL.

        • Hacienda

          Excuse. I implied whites are in fact a race. An deserve all the emoluments that go with the dignity of being a race. In fact, it’s being strongly confirmed as population genetic studies mount that whites are not a true race. They are simply a word. No more no less. Whatever whites are (most likely tweener construction) whites are a disappearing category. Been nice
          knowing you. So long, farewell, adios, don’t the door, etc…

        • Brengunn

          All men or just Asians? Are you a cat lover, gsg?

        • Brengunn

          Just as long as whitey is disappearing of the planet, colored folks are happy.

          Suppose I’ll have to get used to pumping the Roboflange 1000 then.

        • jameson7

          Lol to be honest Japan is just too nerded out. Nerds who don’t want girls to get in the way of their video play time. South Korea is about the same I think. Starcraft is the national sport of SK and have national health programs insisting to people they shouldn’t play Starcraft for 12 hours a day. The best players in Starcraft are celebrities like Rock Stars are here! Boggles the mind.

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          excuse me, but many famous people likes anime manga:
          i read that 2 of the Spice Girls were fans of Sailor Moon and i knew Avril Lavigne was a One Piece fan, because she sang a song in Japan for a recent One Piece movie, plus the author of One Piece is fan of Avril Lavigne’s music as well,so thats interesting
          but searching in internet i knew that:
          Soulja Boy likes (dragon ball, death note) ,Lil B(dragon ball/one piece) ,Zac efron (Death Note, Shonen Jumps), Chris Brown (Dragon Ball) ,Hulkogan (One Piece) and

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          i searched more famous people that like anime-manga
          – Hillary Duff said she used to watch Sailor Moon in a magazine interview
          – Amy Lee (Evanescence) – She has admitted to liking Death Note
          – Megan Fox: “I started drawing when I was about 2, mostly pictures of my mother and my sister. When I got into school, instead of taking the notes that I should have been taking, I was drawing in all of my notebooks. It was an artwork thing for me at first. But when I was 12, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network started, and they had a lot of anime cartoons on, like Cowboy Bebop and InuYasha, and that’s when I first started seeing it in cartoon form and actually started researching it. I’d also been a fan of graphic novels, so it’s that kind of art as well as Japanime art that I’m in love with.”
          – John Cena: “I play golf once in awhile. I certainly love to train. I’m also a big fan of NASCAR and Japanimation. I know the two don’t go together, but I’m just telling you what I enjoy. My favorite anime movie is Fist of the North Star. “

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          😉 i searched for more famous people that like anime-manga, i hope this appeal-encourage to all of you to watch-read it, if the famous like it ,why you not, it should be cool
          – Nicki Minaj= The video is a tribute to Japanese anime (check it out) “We’re doing almost like an ode to Japanese culture and Japanese anime. I’m obviously a big fan and I’ve joined forces with like the only boy that I know that’s also able to capture that culture.”
          -Katy Perry in an interview aid she was Japanese obsessed and that she loved anime and manga, Katy is said she is really excited to go back to Japan and that she enjoys dressing up as a geisha and “become an anime character.”

  48. Bay Area Guy


    In absolute numbers, there probably are more mulattos than hapas.

    However, the black American population is around 13%, whereas the Asian American population at the most is 6%.

    So proportionally, there are more hapas than mulattos.

  49. newbreed7

    Robert what are the hardest of punk bands? I need a heavy dose.

  50. narut00

    post something about anime in the future please! is impossible to ignore it now,is not anymore a small subculture at all,it is now quite mainstream! i am proud and very happy with humanity!/photo.php?fbid=10151227930941765&set=a.323990721764.157713.72947896764&type=1&theater

    • narut00

      4th post suggestion! = robert さま,pleaseee resolve in the future the mystery of who reallys owns the damn senkaku islands; for now i am team japan ,not only because my love to that country,because i really think it belongs to japan,plus china is already damn big,in my opinion the smaller and weaker deserve the opportunity to have more territory

      • narut00

        5th post suggestion robert lindsay! this time is about the origins of the extremely beautiful thai architecture
        one thing that i noticed is races with higher iqs usually (but not always) have great creativity to design original and pretty forms of architecture
        you see china,however the fellow high iq korean and japanese managed to create something unique and really beautiful from chinese architecture,not just a copy; in europe you see the italian,french,german genious that created barroque,gothic,etc
        however races with lower iqs usually don’t do it,i can’t image typical amerindian,african,oceanian architecture (besides simple structures like pyramids);the arabs actually based their architecture on persians and indian architecture isn’t that great
        however the persians aren’t that high iq people but their architecture is so so so pretty
        but i want an analysis on THAILAND,for a country with many problems thai architecture is so imaginative,so exquisity,so complex!
        however i don’t want to diminize thai achievements,but i think maybe THAI CHINESE were the designers of thai architecture since thailand have a big chinese minority since many time ago and they control that country in many ways,maybe those thai chinese were also the true creators of that,maybe not 😉
        i think the possibility of them being the mastermind is high,because thailand actually have the biggest chinese minority in southeastasia,there is no many chinese diaspora in philippines nor indonesia and you see how those country didn’t develop a unique type of architecture

        • narut00

          6th post suggestion and this is creppyyyyyy
          make a post in the future about the possible construction of a satellite missile defense system around the earth against METEORS
          i don’t think in that topic usually,but this day i read some scary news and i was shocked that these days with our technology ,no satellite detected on time a meteor in russia and much less no missile destroyed it!
          and i though maybe that was more common in northern regions and no,is equal in all the world, whats the point of the international spacial station if it don’t detect and destroy meteors,wo shouldn’t be that primitive!!!
          i could even develop a future phobia to be hit everywhere by a meteor,but that is better that being not aware of danger!

        • narut00

          “wo shouldn’t be that primitive”…i wanted to say “we shouldn’t be that primitive” however fuck meteors! anyways we live around danger (psychos,killers) and its no use being scared in my last minutes of life,so i prefer to live to the max instead of fearing a stupid meteor,however a future post about an anti meteor defense system would still be interesting
          i wrote mainly for my 7th post suggestion! i see deep and extense posts about caucasian made religions like christianity,islam,hinduism; however it would be interesting a future post about shinto
          the most developed mongoloid religion; at least it has a name unlike the more disorganized chinese folk religion (no,taoism is different,only some chinese folk religion followers call themselves taoist,though they don’t follow the tao te ching nor laozi)
          korean shamanism was interesting but most koreans don’t practice it anymore
          so of all the alive existing mongoloid made religions,shinto is the most complex and evolved
          it reminds me of the shinto miko priestess kikyo from the anime inuyasha,one of the most popular japanese franchises,it has been broadcasted in toonami many times cause high ratings,its not my favorite favorite because it gets repetitive in the middle,however the beginning and many later parts are amazing,and the animation and character design are consistently of high quality 😉

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          my 7th post suggestion and this time is Yasukuni Shrine ,first i checked if you had already an article on it, in order to not post an innecesary post suggestion, but there is none :/ is like the Senkaku islands :/ a controversial east asian issue and an important one that don’t have a post yet :/ in my opinion the chinese and koreans show a lack of understanding about japanese Shinto, because the japanese shintoists venerate the world war soldiers because they believe they are good spirits now ,they don’t do it in purpose to disrespect, as a religious must for shintoists in Japan, is not a simple diplomatic or political issue, and the chinese and korean should understand it ; ) that is what i think

  51. random_finland

    First of all I want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Since you are curious kind of person, I would like to see you studying about MBTI-test and make a few articles about it.
    You can do the personality-test there, I am guessing you could be hmhm. INTP or ENTP

  52. newbreed7

    The greatest Socialist philosopher of our time.

    • Brengunn

      When he’s not spitting in your face.

      • newbreed7

        Don’t be a Capitalist PIG and it won’t be necessary!
        Haha unless if you mean his choppy voice.

      • newbreed7

        “It brings to mind how so many American people express their love and admiration of of Che Guavera, though of course he almost certainly would hate every last one of them had he lived. Yep.”

        I doubt it.

  53. none

    Why adore any political/economic ideology. They all have their bad points which makes them all bad. A good ideology would have no bad points at all.
    (Didn’t read above comments properly just saw “greatest socialist philosopher of our time”)

    • I am a socialist. That’s the best political philosophy for me at this time in my life. There’s really no downside to it for me in my life at this time, so I should support it. As far as whether or not it is good for others, well, I don’t really care about that!

      • newbreed7

        What’s up with all these posters demanding neutrality? Modern phenomena of demanding everyone feel like warm and dispassionate. FUCK THAT!! The modern era of fascism is collective indifference! Oh well we still get tits bouncing at us in advertisements, Pissweizer, and Marlblow cigarettes.

        At least Russia for all it’s faults has higher food standards. We Americans eat like cattle and then apologize for mooing.

        Viva la Revolution!!!

  54. narut00


    • Jet Li

      8th suggestion : ( are things like this the culprit of bad acts or is overacting coming from certain people, is like trying to ban porn because it could eventually promote bad sexual behaviour, fictional histories don’t make people to commit suicide, is their bad enviroment : ( is more the fault of their parents than anything else , trying to ban Death Note in Russia 😦

      • Jet Li

        “The article noted that most of them had a strong interest in Japanese anime while they came from good families and received good grades”
        i will just add that obviously simple cartoons can’t turn someone depressed unless you have mental problems, obviously things on the surface were good, but deep inside were many issue, many actors and singers have perfect lifes and many get depressed, why? the last reason would be because a tv show 😛

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          i was about to post a post suggestion, but i searched about it and i think i myself discovered the answer ,i had a debate with another person in another blog about the importance of religions in the morality of a culture, because she though that a culture without religion is amoral, however Japan is so well behaved and their religiosity is low, as far as i know Shinto and Buddhism there are just rituals and festivals and culture more than a faith, and the teachings of Buddhas or Kamis and fear of them don’t have much to do with their well behaviour, but i doubt something until i read this:
          -how is it possible that the Japanese are so well-mannered and crime is so low? The answer lies in Confucianism, a form of Chinese ethical humanism more so than a religion, Confucianism concerns itself with man’s relationship with the world around him, man’s relationship with others, with family and man’s relationship with nature. Understanding one’s behavior and its effect upon others allows the individual to lead a happy and moral life
          i like that alternative because it really promotes values minus the religious fanaticism of religions that really promote values at the expense of fanaticism that deny evolution or gay rights, so it is posible to create a good society without a religion ,here is the link

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          xD vengo a recuperar 3 puestos legitimos de atencion que me fueron robados del sitio xD

        • Jet Li

          xD xD y ahora a recuperar otro puesto de atencion que me fue robado hoy y ademas esto tambien vale por todos los puestos de atencion que me fueron robados ayer xD

        • Brengunn

          The answer lies in Confucianism

          No, the answer lies in their genes. Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism or any other eastern religion or value system has nothing to do with it, they are merely overlays on the natural behaviour of Orientals.

          Similarly, Christianity is really only an overlay of Caucasian behaviour.

          They have some effect but no where near the amount that religious people ascribe to them.

        • Jet Li

          didn’t expect a reply, i posted this comments because i wanted to recover my right places,that is called payback : P, about your comment,not sure, you don’t remenber buddhism was created by a caucasian man the buddha, based in concepts from caucasian indian culture? i am sure my theory is right, religion is not the only way to create a culture of values, a secular philosophy like confucianism is the right alternative and that could work for every race, you overestimate too much the fact that asians have less violent testosterone than other races, if that is the case mongoloid Indonedia would be free of islamic terrorism, the reason why is not islamic is because they need diversity to keep the country united, not because their “calm” genes

        • Brengunn

          Are you having conversations with yourself now, Narutoo?

        • Jet Li

          nooo, i am not seeking attentionnn, i do have emotional stability person, but yesterday and today certain posters posted so many things that could have been in just 1 post and they hide quicker some of my posts that had important information :/ , so today each time that my new posts were about to be hidden, i posted 2 comments in spanish to regain attention to my posts, a childish game maybe, but i just played a little ,i am not the type to talk to myself here

        • Brengunn

          It doesn’t matter who made the religion, it is how it is practised and adhered to. Christianity does not produce the same effects in blacks as in whites. I’m sure Buddhism doesn’t produce the same effects in Indians and Chinese.

          the reason why is not islamic is because they need diversity to keep the country united, not because their “calm” genes

          What do you mean? How could diversity keep the country united?

        • Brengunn

          Oh right, I see how you could be rather annoyed with that happening.

        • Jet Li

          Indonesia is a non homogenous moderate islamic country, my theory is the reason they aren’t islamic goverment is to not break apart if christian or buddhist ethnic groups want to separate, the fact that indonesian provinces like Acceh or Bali have suffered islamism to some degree is proof that the islamic nature is very similar between mongoloid or caucasoids, the mongoloid ethnic groups of southern philippines and thailand act with terrorism, they behave different according to their religion, the christian or buddhist filipinos or thais don’t do terrorism of any type, confucionism made the east asian societies non individualistic and hierarquical, that is an incentive too, to act for the sake of others and is pressure to be well mannered without the necesity of divine principles, if the secular west fears lost of moral, it should turn confucionist, follow the east asian way

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          honestly your points don’t convice me at all, and if my points don’t convice you at all, then i officially turn this issue into the 9th or 10th post suggestion to robert lindsay: how much influence have the race in the morality of people? do people of the same religion act different according to their race? and etc, maybe his conclusion could convince everyone

        • Brengunn

          The secular West doesn’t fear a loss of morals, it is only the religious in the West that fear a loss of morals because of the rise of secularism. Secularism has actually accompanied a remarkable drop in violence, crime, war etc. But the religious don’t see it that way as they always pine for a past that never really existed.

          P.S, I don’t attribute this drop in violence to the rise of secularism but to the rise in living standards.

        • Jet Li

          maybe, but in the West some people could think: “Without God,everything is permitted” ,the world need to accept the message of Confucius, he was a moral genious now that we see, or at least the philosophy of confucianism minus some bad aspects is genious, my views are that the world should adopt confucian standards, i support it, a confucian world, not a secular nor a religious fanatic world

  55. coward

    You could post about the effects of testosterone on penis size

    • Swedish shit

      Brengunn if you do not mind me asking, and of course feel free not to answer if that is what you want to do, but where in Europe are you based. I do feel my name may put off some Swedes. I hope you are not Swedish! If you are I apologise.

      • Brengunn

        Same as you, England.

        • I thought you were a mick.

        • Swedish shit

          Cool. I am the same sewer pipe dwelling slum dweller that you helped to write that bollywood story with. Remember way back:Australoid Negroid.

          Those long hot days living in the sewer pipe in Mumbai kind of take their toll. I am in a post sewer pipe living trauma therapy in lovely Oxford now. It is a new field designed to help us indians cope with the effects of living in sewer pipes; and it works. There may even be a masters level thesis in that old sewer pipe I lived in for the team helping me. I sure hope so. Maybe even a Phd thesis for the good Doctor Ho. Yeah she has got a crazy name but she is no hoe, just a smart chinese women. She even talked me out of looking for Blacklantis. And so now my good ole submarine is parked in the old sewer pipe waiting for its next mission. Some people park their submarines in the bottom of their yachts but I am a little financially embarrassed at the moment so that will have to wait. Its selling the Big issue on the streets for me when I get out of therapy. Look at me talk! Once I start typing I just can’t stop. Anyway peace out.

        • Brengunn

          I thought you were a mick.

          I am, but I live in England.

        • Brengunn


          You’ve lost me again. Are you a student in Oxford or working there?

  56. coward

    You could please please pretty fucking goddamned motherfucking please do a post called a little white in all of us.please i am begging you like a christian begs jesus

    • There are not that many groups that have a little White in them!

    • Swedish shit

      P.S, I don’t attribute this drop in violence to the rise of secularism but to the rise in living standards.

      Correct and that applies to all countries of the world.

      • Swedish shit

        Exceptions. Those countries ruled by Sharia law from the seventh century.

        Sharia in action in Iran: 850,000 girls under age 10 are married

        “The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” — Bukhari 7.62.88

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          proud to be a follower of the philosophy of confucianism : ) the best way of life

        • Jet Li

          alguien esta escribiendo muchos posts que podrian ser uno solo, yo tambien puedo jugar el mismo juego, eh, pienso que el confucianismo es lo mejor, y es todo : P

        • coward

          Yo Jet li dont reply en espanol to my post me no habla or comprhende and how the fuck am i to understand your Conquistador ass.

        • coward

          Swedish shit this is why Muhammed was a paedophile pirate prophet. He didnt ascend to haeven from Jew-rusaelem, he died from eating ten year old nuts. He was a sick schizophrenic bastard and my sick schizophrenic dad believes in I-slam(planes into buildings.). But Blacks r more civilized when dey beez Mooselims n sheeeeeeit, so i am willing to give them some leiniency so they can civilize my race.

  57. coward

    So why dont you make a post called the five most badass kids in history. You could list child psychopaths and serial killers and criminals. For example, emperor caligula raped his sister, ate live cats, and jacked off in front of the roman public( kind of like eminem as a kid). You should do something really catchy and forbidden, to attract more hits, like or som shit like that.

  58. coward

    Or, you could do a post on non white groups around the world who look caucasoid as a result of parallel evolution. You could show a lot of photos and shit.

  59. coward

    Spiking of The Starchild Skull, you could do a post on that. (refer to my comments on major and minor research)

  60. coward

    You could do a post on how haplogroup x got into pre-columbian native americans.

  61. coward

    Or you could do one on whether the radiation from cellphones cause increased mutation rates in your gametes.

  62. coward

    Hey robert if all the races mingled and continued evolving for like 10000 yrs what would they look like. White. Black. Chinese. And woild they have the genetic capacity to build a civilization.

  63. Rimi

    I love the writings on this site, very informative, knowledgeable and gives a different perspective about many theories I have read so far—
    a) South Americans- Incas/Aztecs/Mapauche there genetic pool and about their genetic makeup.
    b) Pre-historic religions and genepool- especially around the Middle east
    c) Medicines/Shamans in different religions/geos + famines/diseases/calamities which wiped away civilizations
    d) Cannibalism across the world & why

  64. All Down Hill

    Looks like huge news this afternoon on the Melba front.

  65. Shawn

    Ever consider writing about “Knockout’ AKA ‘Polar Bear Hunting?’ It’s a game black boys play where they try to knockout a white person with one punch.

  66. Shawn

    Have you written about Erectus Walks Amongst Us? Good review by Jared Taylor:

  67. Sommers thinks of herself as an equity feminist who faults contemporary feminism for “its irrational hostility to men, its recklessness with facts and statistics, and its inability to take seriously the possibility that the sexes are equal – but different.”

    About Christina Hoff Sommers.

    Good article by her:

  68. Shawn

    Hey Robert,

    Have you ever considered writing about online dating sites? Ever tried it? Basically I found that it is a waste of time to message women (at least attractive ones in my league). My first real attempt at blogging covers my experience with the popular dating site,, if you are interested in checking it out:

    I think that, for the person interested in below-average looking women, online dating might not be so bad though.

  69. Obama spends millions of tax dollars on himself. Outrageous. And here’s a guy who is already worth tens of millions. “…taxpayers foot the bill for the first family’s travel on Air Force One — which, at more than $180,000 per hour, makes for a couple of million-dollar flights.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter” …

  70. Instead of having the taxpayers pay for his jet for his lavish vadays maybe obama should give the millions to the poor

  71. Nice, I like it a lot. She has a great sense of humor too.

  72. Shawn the Mouse of the Blogosphere

    Robert, regarding homosexual males, what do you think of the gay germ theory?

    Perhaps a strong aversion to male homosexuals (homophobia) is because of an innate desire to avoid pathogens?

    • What is the Gay Germ Theory?

      • Shawn the Mouse of the Blogosphere

        The gay germ theory suggests that germs contaminate a fetus causing it to be homosexual. There’s a pretty good summary over here:

        Male on male sex spreads disease much more so than female on female sex. And there has always been more homophobia towards male homosexuals than females, and I think this is an evolutionary response to avoid germs. Similar to how people are disgusted by disfigured people (those with leprosy, for example) because historically disfigured people have higher incidences of communicable diseases.

  73. Shawn the Mouse of the Blogosphere

    Actually this is a more even-handed post than the one I linked to above:

    Still, it’s interesting that no one talks about the gay germ theory much.

  74. Cisco

    Curious to your thoughts on the human condition in regards to a sense of invincibility or “well it won’t be me” when in crowds. the 1st time I experienced this sense of invincibility I was in the Philippines. A GF calls me a say “Don’t go outside, some people in the military are trying to take over the governement and they’ve taken over the Manila Hotel” That was literally 2 blocks from me. So what do I do? I ghrab my camera and run to Manila hotel. Tanks are smashing through the hotel, machine gun fire everywhere, but hey I’m all good. Nothing will happen to me.
    I think it’s this human emotion that allows countries to go to war so easily. People say “They’re willing to die for the cause!” But in the back of their mind they’re thinking others will die, but not me”

    • There is a theory that humans are naturally optimistic. Our emotional mood level is naturally set to be a little bit “up.” There are survival reasons for this.

  75. hi mr lindsay, here’s a thread i wrote:
    i have a dream 2.0: should we just admit we’re all racist?

  76. Robert, this excellent article has almost convinced me that bigfoot exists:

  77. Inventor

    Regarding original peoples in Europe and middle east.

  78. Shawn

    Write about this?

  79. Do you have any information on deep underground bases in the North American continent? Does the Deep State have assets and or bunkers underground, and where are they located? How extensive?

  80. Robert, I would like to know what the role of the EU in the Ukrainian coup was. How extensive was it and what was it?

    Whether I sympathise with the Russian reaction and actions in eastern Ukraine depends on this.

    • It was not so much the EU as it was NATO and not even NATO so much as the US. I believe the Right Sector forces were trained at NATO bases in Poland right before the coup. The coup was made in the USA.

      • oh right. I read that there were high EU officials or politicians openly addressing the crowd of protesters and basically encouraging them.

  81. What weapons is NATO or the US supplying Ukraine presently.Both the Russian and Western media have articles about this, so there must be some truth to the matter. How long would it take for the Ukrainians to seriously build a nuclear weapon?

  82. dia

    is there any topic on indian marriage?

  83. LuciFur

    I would like to talk about Black behavior and the spread of the ebola virus in the U.S.

  84. I’d love to see you debunk this group:
    Got to love Aztec imperialists who condemn the terms “Hispanic” and “Latino” for being colonialistic but impose their “Nican Tlaca” identity on ALL indigenous peoples in the Western hemisphere. Or anyone who thinks the proper reparation for genocide is ethnic cleansing.

    • Will look into this. If you are on the Left in the US, you are supposed to support lunatics like this or people who resemble them. Another reason the US Left is dead for good reason.

      • Yeah they seem to have sprouted off of the Aztlan movement, except instead of simply wanting California, the Southwest and Texas to be a sovereign nation or returned to Mexico these crazies want the entire Western hemisphere to be turned into be a single natives only nation.

  85. Cody

    Hello Robert,

    Don’t you think that the Islamic Golden Age and the creation of the great Egyptian civilizations contradict the theories regarding race and iq? The Islamic Golden Age was heavily influenced by Iranians and the Egyptian Golden Age was influenced by Egyptians. Both of these countries have low national iqs currently. If iqs are unimportant for arabs, then this would mean that there are major holes in the theories of black iqs holding that population back. Do you understand where I am going with this? I am sorry if this is in the wrong section of the site..


  86. cwh

    what happened to bob garrett

  87. Topic question for male posters.
    Would you fuck Casey Anthony? Basically would you fuck/date a woman who killed her own child? She did it but got off. Huge national story.

    I wouldn’t in a healthy state of mind. But I’m rarely in that state. I’m highly neurotic with a high dose of low self esteem and sense of self. Ultimately I would do it. I think a lot of males, including healthy ones, would do too.

    Can you date a notorious figure? With all eyeballs on you. Oppose to just fucking her randomly, and the public having no knowledge of situation.

    I wouldn’t feel threatened in her presence, despite being an obvious social path/psychopath. She may do something to fuck me over, but I wouldn’t feel my life was in danger. Aileen Wournos was convicted serial killer who died by lethal injection. I wouldn’t spend a second with her if she was alive, and I knew about her or some woman that was going around town suspected of killing johns for obvious reasons.

    PS: Sorry if my writing sucks. Intellectuals bother me.

    Would you fuck Casey Anthony? I think it’s a great question to pose.

  88. Will you be kind to post a topic about paleomongoloids and neomongoloids?

  89. Anthropology1994

    Can you post a topic about progressive and archaic races?

  90. pakicetus

    Do the Sami have any close relatives?