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  1. Indigene

    I just became aware of your existence after googling “negrito IQ.” As a liberal, do you have a (descriptive and normative) view on the IQ effects of rapid sub-saharan African population growth over the next century? Migration, economic outcomes, etc. It would be interesting to hear.


  2. Kamalakar

    Hi Rob,
    I he many questions but formost is, compared to estimated population of Indus Valley civilization, why we get so scarec burials ? Does it not reflect the religious or traditional beliefs of the society that time and does it give any clue for further investigation?

  3. Sam

    Here’s a unbelievable heartiste post with links that have a lot of philosophical consequences.

    Lots of deep stuff in here. Even Marx. Some of it seems to lean towards the Reactionary. I’m not a fan of some of the Reactionaries cures for our civilizations evils but they’re good at pointing out the evils that exist.

    I’m not sure if this stuff interest you. Seemingly big picture philosophy but not academic philosophy. Big picture stuff always interest me but the academic stuff is just so dry I just can’t make myself read it. Although I keep saying I will.

    Here’s a another set of links by a guy who amazes me. I follow his present blog but his last two are gone. They can be reached by the internet archive. They’re filled with profound thoughts on sometimes seemliness innocuous information. he is very good at taking complicated broad information and packing it down into easily ingested enlightenment on complicated subjects. First his first blog(I think).

    This is I believe his second.

    This is his third and present. Look at his last few post they’re very enlightening.

  4. Violent Crime spikes in 1960s.

    What caused the sharp spike in violent crime of the 1960s which continued into the early 1990s when it peaked?Some explanations.

    -Sharp rise in out of wedlock births during the 1960s(Moynihan report)
    -Overall increase in broken/abusive homes
    -Disintegration of Black nuclear family.Inner city violence
    -Accepting and widespread use of illicit drugs in late 1960s and beyond.The U.S DEA forms in 1973 to counter the problem.
    -Baby Boomer Generation(1946-1964)Baby boom echoes Crime boom?Baby born 1946 enters crime prone years(15-24)in 1961.
    -Roe vs Wade(1973)You kill me I kill you.
    -2nd Wave Feminism of 1960s.Deviating from family norms,sexual revolution,decrease in morality,increase in selfishness and narcissism.
    -Courts soft and lenient stance on crime in 1960s
    -Crime Lead Theory-Enviornmental poisoning caused by Gasoline leaded cars,causing brain damage,lower IQ,increased impulsivity and aggressivity.
    -Rise in illicit drugs means rise in more violent drug gangs,increased in guns and competing for money and turf.Deadly modern day war.
    -White flight of 1950s.Working middle class families deserting the ghettos leaving a underclass society by itself in large numbers without aid of gentrification.

  5. I do not believe in the MGTOW movement. I am not a misogynist. I love women.

  6. Your blog has millions of viewers daily. Do you want men to be held back by feeble females?

    LOL I wish. This blog gets 6,000 viewers a day, not millions.

  7. Hey Robert. I have a blog (which I just made for one article I felt like writing). Check it out:

  8. Adhedonia.

    Asexuals. People who hate music or food. Have you ever met such a person? I did. A Jewish psychiatrist from my job said he hates music. He states that he never bought a song or album in his life. He finds it to be a nuisance. I believe him. But he loves food,because whatever tasty thing is lying around the office or in the fridge, he rudely takes it without permission. A very cold person.

    Disliking sex is common. Isn’t that most women once they hit menopause? But what about people who never enjoyed sex in their entire lifetime?

    Disliking food, I mean WTF!

    • AnnyMinnye12

      Why did you feel the need to point out the psychiatrist’s ethnicity/race?

      (It’s “anhedonia”, not “adhedonia”. The an- prefix meant negativity in Greek, and that’s where a lot of an-beginning word come from, if not all of them.)

  9. Rational indian

    MTDna , Haplogroup X of Indians.
    Let us know who we are married to 😉

  10. Stary Wylk

    It seems to me there are two kinds of smart. There are those who can be taught a procedure to solve some problems. There are those who can solve problems without a taught procedure. Most of us have some of each but schooling tends to suppress the latter.

  11. jorge

    Fake indigenous (people who pretends to be indigenous, some for economic interest, other for stupid fantasies and ignorance).

  12. uio ujh

    A post on how even when racial tacit motives aren’t into play (we aren’t speaking of politics), the whole media system still unconcernedly, vigorously mind-fucks people (always in the back position, as it appears, and quite sated with it: it’s really the most popular one).

    Two examples: the constant pressure upon people to make them change all their lights for LED lights, making sure no-one knows in how varied an array of ways LEDs can be severely harmful.

    Similar to the first:(and quite closely connected) how many people do know of flicker-free screens?

    Some references: 1

    on safe eye-sight screens

  13. Terry

    long story but i don’t listen to many other rappers but this guy – but anyway I was interested in your take on this Robert, main sample is from a classic rock song. Encapsulated in a shell about Puerto Rico (which works) but the rap by Immortal Technique (starting about 3:15) says it all for me for the state of the world.

  14. TJF

    To Rob:

    4Chan claiming they trolled the CIA:

    Trying to determine who I should trust less 4chan or the CIA…

    Hilarious if true… even more hilarious if Herr Trump loves him some golden showers.

    Hiring Russian hookers.. gives new meaning to the phrase ” Doing the jobs that Americans won’t do…”

  15. glen roddel

    Att: Bob I hope you do a follow up on the Delphi Murders cause you got a lot of things wrong. I know you are doing the best a writer can do for family and friends I hope you update as time goes on and they release more info. Thank you much Glen

  16. April

    What are thoughts about Missy Bevers case đŸ€” Thanks

  17. Chipscat

    Delphi Murders:
    What should happen to the person who perpetrated these crimes when he/she is caught? Prison forever? An attempt at rehabilitation? Death penalty? If you were on the jury and this was the only crime he had committed, and you could pass out any sentence, any at all, no matter how ridiculous, what would it be?

  18. SHI

    Is Donald Trump the world’s biggest asshole?

    Subjective topic. Some would argue that Dick Cheney was a much bigger asshole. Other names, IMO that could give Trump some serious competition:
    1- Joseph Fritzl, the infamous Austrian sexual predator
    2- Jared Fogle, the Subway pedophile
    3- Benjamin Netanyahu, I don’t like his eyes
    4- Gordon Ramsay, the UK-based celebrity cook is a foul-mouthed prick who has shut down many restaurants on reality TV

    Here’s an old wiki article I greatly contributed to; This how-to article shows as the very first result on a Google search. Of course, there is a recently added Trump portion (by me).

  19. Chris

    Hi I’m Chris, I just added you as a friend on FB, I have two topics I don’t think you have discusses yet, or maybe I missed.
    #1 the inheritance of IQ through the maternal genes, and the possibility that IQ is not passed on at all through the paternal genes.
    #2 The IQ advantage of Asians may be due to character based writing systems that over time required slightly greater mental capacity.

  20. Dear sir,
    This topic a quiet important topic, we’d like you to shed some light on. A discussion on your blog would be great way to reach more peoples.

  21. HOOD


    In 1980 Harvey Weinstein saw that slasher films were a good way to break into the film business after Friday the 13th. Limited locations, young actors and actresses working for nothing, simple script.

    He made THE BURNING. At the time it was not that successful but he began a career in film.

    To watch the film today however, is to see the origins of a deranged psyche.

    The film begins with a large fat camp owner named Cropsy accidentally set on fire by campers who hate him for being a bully. He is played by Lou David, who resembles Weinstein. A huge fat hulk of flesh.

    Burned horribly Cropsy is eventually let out of the hospital and visits Times Square where he picks up a hooker so horrified at his appearance that she refuses his advances. He stabs her out of sexual frustration.

    He then returns to the camp. The new owner is one of the folks that burned him five years before.

    Meanwhile a young pervert named Alfred is spying on girls naked. Another is camper is a sexual predator.

    Eventually he follows them into the woods on a canoe trip.

    There is a nasty date rape attempt and Cropsy kills them both.

    Finally he kidnaps the young voyeur Alfred in order to get even with the new camp owner who burned him. His hostage is cruelly tormented.

    Watching the film today is a window into Weinstein’s psyche.

  22. Greg

    Do a post about the head shrinking practices of the Jivaro people.

    Here’s a set of videos about it.

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