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  1. Gay State Girl

    I was just wondering when you were going to create a new open topic page.

    I stole this page’s virginity. I raped this page.

  2. jameson7

    No more bloat. Nice, clean page. I’m double dipping after gsg get’s her fill.

  3. Dúnedain

    Robert, I just came across a YouTube video that features your blog:

  4. jameson7

    Does anyone else think that black girls in America are trying really hard to get white guys these days? Ever since 08 I think black girls have an ever increasing internal drive to create Obama’s.

  5. jameson7

    What does it actually mean to preserve your culture when the vast majority of the culture is commercialized and mixed?

    • Gay State Girl

      I know what you mean. I am reminded of black conciousness movement, or the zionization of jewish identity, when I see white nationalists trying to revive their Germanic or Celtic roots.

      I think WNs want to purge their culture of jewish influences (and therefore, any eliminate any manifestation of commercialism.)

      • jameson7

        It almost seems like a lost cause to an American. You basically have to avoid all popular culture in the 20th century. Once it reaches the point you have to broaden your culture to “white” you are already screwed.

      • Gay State Girl

        You have to go much further than the middle half of the tentieth century to purge your life of pop culture.

      • Gay State Girl

        The best parody of Fiddler on the Roof!

  6. Gay State Girl

    My great aunt most probably had an affair (and a love child) with Baron Baron Sasson while she was working for him in Shaghai, I’ve just learned.

  7. jameson7

    I think it’s about time a mixed race supremest movement started. We are clearly smarter and more attractive. It’s only a matter of time before we take over the world and force everyone to assimilate via racial interbreeding. Down with the purebredsr.

  8. Tulio

    I find it hilarious how WNs seem proud to have Neanderthal DNA(because blacks don’t) yet they disapprove of racial mixing.

    • jameson7

      The neanderthals were a race of ‘good stock’ lol.

      • Tulio

        Look at the Neanderthal woman on the left. I can’t believe there were people that actually wanted to bang that.

        • jameson7

          Haha, hey some people like a strong dark woman.

        • LOL, White nationalist dream date!

        • Brengunn

          Have you ever seen old toothless bush women? Not too much difference. Who’s to say with a modern healthy lifestyle she would’nt look great.
          I’ve seen pictures of people from the 19th century, who lived in harsh parts of Western Ireland and Scotland and they were rough. So, you can’t really compare her to a modern girl.

        • Steve

          If she’s got a vagina, there’s gonna be someone who wants to ‘bang that’. She might not be the youngest and most attractive woman of her kind anyway.

        • Steve


          Stick a pair of ugg boots and some pajamas on her and she wouldn’t look out of place walking down county road.

        • Brengunn

          Stick a pair of ugg boots and some pajamas on her and she wouldn’t look out of place walking down county road.


        • Steve

          You know you need to get laid when you look at a naked neanderthal woman and think ‘hello’.

        • Brengunn

          She’d probably be about average on a list of girls I’ve screwed. In fact, I might even let her meet my family!

        • She’d probably be about average on a list of girls I’ve screwed. In fact, I might even let her meet my family!

          Dude! No!

          Please, go back to jerking off then. It’s much less degrading. At least the women in the porns are hot.

        • That’s practically an average White woman of a certain age around these parts. And most such types have men with them. I assume the men must have sex with them sometimes.

          I don’t know how they do it. Do they put a flag over her face and do it for the country?

    • Xera

      The Neanderthal blood has been put to question as of recent, now researchers are claiming that the Neanderthals were pushed back or genocided when Homo Sapiens were settling around.

    • No race mixing! Except with cavemen subhumans from the Stone Age LOL.

    • Yeah and if blacks were the only ones with Neanderthal DNA, it would be proof they were less human.

  9. Brengunn

    That’s practically an average White woman of a certain age around these parts. And most such types have men with them.

    Who said Blacks don’t like neanderthals.

  10. Gay State Girl

    Happy belated Birthday.

  11. jameson7

    How else celebarte birthday?

  12. jameson7

    Man has always had propensity to be shallow and want tacky bling/obsessed with appearance. Proof:

  13. Steve

    article and programme on al jazeera about caste and untouchability.

    • Steve

      Look at the stats for the forms of untouchabiltiy practice by prevalence from a study of 4000 villages.

  14. Steve

    From the article: “Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan has recently written about the problems of caste-division in India, claiming that India cannot possibly view itself as a superpower if caste-based discrimination remains.”

    India seems obsessed with the epithet ‘superpower’. India: you’ve got some bombs but you’re not a superpower! You have the ninth biggest economy, behind Italy. #longwaytogo

    • Car Guy

      Even if India had the third largest economy, few will take it seriously if it can’t compete at the global level.

      My prediction: In terms of economic development, in 50 years time, India will be where Iran is today.

      • Steve

        What do you mean? India’s economy is already more than 4 times bigger than Iran’s.

        • Car Guy

          Yes, but in terms of sophistication and relative competitiveness, it is nothing. On a per capita basis, it is nothing.

        • Steve

          oh I see what you mean now- per capita income, human development index, housing etc etc….I mustn’t have had my thinking cap on!

        • Car Guy

          Well, not only that. Just what does India compete with globally? Does it have competitive products or services? Is it an innovator (I know Indians like to see themselves as the best engineers on earth)? Is it a resource powerhouse (aside from its impoverished populous)? In other words, does the country have anything that other countries want or need, or would want or need?

          I don’t believe we’ll have positive answers to these questions in 50 years time, especially when considering the country’s population trajectory and lack of resource security, which will only get worse in the future.

          With China, we already know the answers, well enough to label it has the next superpower. Just imagine Japan, but at least ten times larger.

          Like you said, the funny thing is that the Chinese have so much going for them, but you hardly ever hear them brag about their progress (I’m sure they are ecstatic deep down). Hell, many of them are even reluctant to use the words “China” and “superpower” in the same sentence. The Indians, on the other hand, have very little going for them — third-world holistic progress — yet you see them parading their country around as if it were the second coming of Christ. I have never seen a bunch of delusional people.

          It doesn’t help that western media outlets have a knack for mentioning India alongside China with regards to economic development, as if the two economies are even remotely at the same level.

          By keeping up this pretense of unbelievable economic development, the Indian government is probably hoping that foreign companies would be suckered into investing in its economy. Well, I tell you what, those that come will leave sooner or later.

          The country isn’t even close to reaching middle-income status and it’s already overhyped.

        • Steve

          Here’s a related article for you:

          India ranks lowest out of the BRIC countries on the innovation index. Its not miles behind but its the lowest nevertheless.

          I enjoyed reading your comment and I pretty much agree with everything you said. However, why shouldn’t it continue growing as it has been? Annual growth above 7% since the mid nineties is quite impressive, even if what is being developed is mediocre. Can you give me any reason why it wont keep this up or why the likes of world bank’s projections are wrong?

          India is not a superpower, and its clearly not in the same class as China, but if it continues to grow then its sheer size means it could be one of the world’s top 3 largest economies in 50 years (or 4 if you count the EU, if it is still going). This kind of economic importance will brings diplomatic power. However, it will be massively overshadowed by China, even as a regional power.

        • Car Guy

          Don’t get me wrong, India will have one of the top five largest economies by the next century. In 50 years time, even if its economy was to resemble Iran’s current economy with regards to the fundamentals, that would entail an economy that is one of the top three or four largest in the world. But it will be nowhere as big and powerful as many predict. It will be too dependent on others.

          As for growth, when you’re starting from a very small base relative to population size, it doesn’t really take a whole lot of economic progress to grow by more than 5% annually. Even with its 7% average growth rate in the past decade, India still has a ridiculously small base for a country its size. And though there is room for an average growth rate of as high as 10%, there are already signs that things are slowing down:

          China will now and forever (at least in my life time) overshadow India. And some people might probably think that once China’s economic allure dies down, it will finally be India’s turn to DESERVINGLY step into the spotlight. Well, I believe that not only will India still underperform, it may never reach first-world status. Going by the country’s current predicament (it’s too incompetent at all levels), it will be lucky to even plateau at middle-income status. I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest otherwise, at least not yet.

          If you think today’s global economic environment is challenging, wait until you see how difficult it will be decades from now. China is already thinking about the future, hence why it has practically (jokingly) bought the whole of Africa. In 50 years time, even the most ardent Hindutva will be disappointed at the country’s progress.

        • Car Guy

          India looks to be one of the least prepared countries for the challenges of the next hundred years.

      • Car Guy

        Actually, I was a bit optimistic with that prediction.

    • gaj

      india in the first place isn’t a proper country,how a normal country will have many different and unrelated languages?do u see that in japan?germany? korea?NO,but south asians like BENGALIS,TAMILS,ETC live in one fake country called india which doesnt have an indian language ’cause indians don’t exist,the only superpopulated country is china ’cause chinese have their identity

  15. jameson7

    Whoa check out this out this guy. The smoothest Sax I’ve ever heard. I highly recommend it to all wanna be Jews.

  16. Tulio

    The 50 most dangerous cities in the world:

    All but 2(Detroit and New Orleans) of the top 30 are in Latin America. Detroit is often talked about, but compared to the Central American cities it makes Detroit look like Switzerland.

  17. jameson7

    LOL! How can people take this stuff seriously? It’s all over the neocon spectrum.

  18. Gay State Girl

    Did you hear about the ggrowing trend in which men take their wives’ names?

    • jameson7

      Traitors to the phallus! Matriarchal linage, horrible idea. G-d forbid any group of people who traditionally support such a concept.

      • How about the way the Spanish do it? Everyone has two sir names. You take your mum’s and dad’s name. Nobody has the same two second names as their mum or dad, only their full siblings. I’m not sure which of your parents names you take, the first or second, the one they go from their mum or dad.

  19. Gay State Girl

    “Matriarchal linage, horrible idea.”

    Works for me.

  20. Steve

    Are woman not funny as a gender? Hitchens thinks so.

    Hitchens versus feminism:

  21. Brengunn

    I followed a link in one of the other posts to a site called Niggermania, it’s an anti-black site dedicated to hatred and filled with irrational nonsense. Does anyone know any sites where the opposite is true. Basically, a site that is dedicated to hating white people is what I’m looking for.

    • Actually, I think Niggermania along with Chimpout are two of the most hilarious sites on the Net. Chimpout is much funnier. But you have to get into a rather racist mood in order to enjoy a site like that. If you go in with an antiracist or nonracist POV, you will quickly get disgusted and want to leave.

      • Brengunn

        I’ll check that out, too. I actually found it quite funny myself, I would’nt get disgusted at it because it’s quite cartoonish in it’s level of madness.

        Is there a site for blacks to hate on whites, I’m quite interested to hear the stereotypes that are peddled about us, the more outrageous and extreme the better!

  22. Chimpout is down. They have technical issues, basically a hardware failure as I understand it.

    • Brengunn

      It was back up yesterday, so I spent a couple of hours going through the forums. Some pretty nasty stuff on there that can worm it’s way into your mind. Last night, I had some very negative dreams about our black brothers. Chimp out should be avoided before bedtime.

      • I know what you mean. If you’re not a true racist, Chimpout is hard to take. Sometimes after reading it a while, I go outside, see a Black person, and think, “LOL nigger.” Then I catch myself because I really don’t like to think of ordinary Black strangers that way.

        Those sites get under your skin. That’s the problem with them.

      • Next time you go there, check out Nigger World Tour. It’s a tour mostly of Black nations in the world, mostly in Africa. Well to be fair to the authors, those places are seriously fucked up, let’s just admit it. That’s probably the most hilarious thing on the site.

        • Brengunn

          Just back from a whistle stop tour, I’m kissing the ground and thanking God, I’m European.

          The contrast(coontrast?, sorry!) between Haiti and the DR is quite alarming.

  23. Gay State Girl

    I always knew that Ashkenazim had Iranian rather than Roman roots.
    Hopefully this will make them think twice about destroying their ancestral homeland.

  24. Steve

    1) have you been watching the Andy Marr thing? How is it?
    2) did you have hail stones before?

    • Brengunn

      Yes, it’s ok. I would prefer a more in-depth look but it’s pop history.

      I don’t know, it sounded like heavy rain rather than hail.

      • Steve

        I guess you gotta read books for that.

        • Brengunn

          No, I don’t think you do. What’s to stop television doing the same or even better than a book? Lack of ambition and pandering to the masses/youth, is what ruins history on television.

          I suppose I can at least be thankful to live in Britain rather than the States. History channel? NatGeo? Get the fuck out a here!

  25. Bay Area Guy


  26. Bay Area Guy

    Well Dota, it seems that your theory that race/ethnicity/culture > religion theory holds true.

    I recently watched the documentary “India Untouched,” and the filmmaker demonstrated that caste discrimination exists throughout all religious groups in India, even Sikhs.

    Have you seen the film?

    • Dota

      I haven’t seen it and I might check it out. Caste will persist so long as Indian values aren’t critically examined. Pakistanis actually practice a form of unaccountability against their Christan countrymen. I’ve actually heard Punjabis say that they could never eat out of the same utensils used by Christians. This isn’t surprising since Pakistani Christians were converted from the Bhangi caste (lowest ranked dalits) and Pakis keep the caste system alive as well without knowing it. Bad values. Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, bad values all around.

      • Pepperoncini

        Pakis are just Islamicised Hindus.Yes I know that is a bit too simplistic but it does have a metric ton of truth to it.
        Heck I have heard Arabs say essentially the same thing in response to defending Islam from critics of Pakistani Islamic society.
        I have also heard noted Muslim persons in the West (back in the late 90s, early 00s prior to 9-11) state that the Taleban and Afghan interneccine wars has nothing to do with Islam, that it is pre-Islamic tribalism. True ofcourse as the Taleban strongly overlap with Pasktoon nationalism.

        Buddhism was popular in the Pashtoon areas in ancient times but how dominant was Hindusim/Vedic Religion* with Pashtoons? I assume some were ‘Hindus’ but what about the majority? This ofcourse will invariably lead to asking just how long Pashtoons have been living in what is now Pakistan.

        * I don’t even want to get into a discussion on what exactly is Hinduism .

        That assasinated Pakistani Christian minister Shahbaz Bhatti, what caste was he? He doesn’t look like a low caste person.

  27. jameson7

    “All of this indicates, as in Europe, that we should watch what politicians do, not what they say.”

  28. An Unmarried Man

    The stark contrast between that murky Indian skin and the Miami Vice shirt drives me insane and suicidal, all at once.

  29. jameson7

    Mysticism @4:30
    Gives me goosebumps every time.

  30. jameson7

    Sore throat is killing me. Here feel sad with me.

    • Gay State Girl

      Sorry about your throat. Why do you love all the solemn jewish nigganim? The best jewish music is upbeat. The violins do work wonders when intended for instilling a sense of victimhood, though.

      • jameson7

        I would have to agree. Yet something is devilishly addicting about that perfect expression of tragedy. I don’t listen to it very often at all lest I become totally bummed out but for a few moments it makes me poetically retrospective.

        Luckily I can change the song and snap out of it.

        I like this song on repeat while I’m reading a Talmud at loud.

        • Gay State Girl

          It is satisfyingly intoxicating. One comes to associate Klezmer with the death and destruction version of jewish history, as every major piece of Klezmer or other forms of Yiddish music has been used in a holocaust movie. Oyfn Pripetchik was a children’s lullaby before it became forever linked to the deportations courtesy of Steven Spielberg.

        • jameson7

          “as every major piece of Klezmer or other forms of Yiddish music has been used in a holocaust movie. ”

          Ick, it’s like how you feel when music you like is used in commercials for fabric softener.

        • Gay State Girl

          The tragic mistake would be for Zionists to claim Palestinian Debke as their own. It’s terrible.

        • jameson7

          “The tragic mistake would be for Zionists to claim Palestinian Debke as their own. It’s terrible.”

          I listen to some Israeli death metal, they use Arab stuff surprisingly often. I’m going to guess you aren’t into that genre though.

          Check this band I just found. They are Canadian Jews.

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t care for Ofra Haza either.

        • jameson7

          Nah. I’m not into pop sounding music pretending to be antiquitous.

        • Gay State Girl

          The best version I have ever heard. They also (IMO) produced a better version of “Without a Song” than Frank Sinatra.

        • jameson7

          Those are some really hotsy totsy voices. Two older Jewish women are intimidating enough as it is.

        • Gay State Girl

          I guess it’s not fair to judge Klezmer. It never got the chance to evolve.

        • jameson7

          Into what?

        • Gay State Girl

          Never developed Yiddish heavy metal, alternative rock, or bubblegum pop.

  31. Gay State Girl

    The hebraization did improve jewish music.

  32. jameson7

    Here is some fun.

    Jewish American Capitalist, Jan Pierce


    Jewish German Communist, Hans Eisler

  33. Gay State Girl


    Itunes does not have a separate section for Klezmer and lists them with Jewish music, which is classified under Christian and Gospel…Can you guess the reaction it generated from Jewish artists?

    • jameson7

      I’m sure the Christian Zionists don’t see a problem with it.

      • Jameson, are you a Jew?

        If not, why do you call God, G-d?

        • jameson7

          G-d knows why I keep referring to HaShem as G-D. It’s like I can no longer use the O. Let me try again, 1…2…3…G-D. Oh nuts, I still didn’t do it. GAD…nope that aint it. Gefilte fish, hmm close but still no.

          This might take awhile Robert. I’ll get back to you.

    • LOL, serves those Christ killers right!


      • Gay State Girl

        To be fair, there are independent collections for Irish drinking songs, Zydeco, Kayokyoku, Enka, Raices and Polka. I think a miscellaneous section of jewish music is in order. Then let the fights begin…

        You know what they say.

        In the beginning there were
        Two Jews and Three opinions
        If we don’t like your service
        We’ll form another minyan.

        • jameson7

          You mean Jewish music, or Jews that made music? That’s a very broad challenge.

        • Gay State Girl

          LOL. Adam Sandlerism. You got me there I’m sure it will lead to a civil war, as the super jews will find a way to attibute their work back to their ethnicity.

        • jameson7

          “LOL. Adam Sandlerism. You got me there I’m sure it will lead to a civil war, as the super jews will find a way to attibute their work back to their ethnicity.”

          Not even the obvious ones that sell Jewish entertainment. I mean like Bob Dylan is Jewish, does he count as a Jewish musician? Naaaa.

        • Gay State Girl

          When I said super jews, I meant the super jew reviewers rather than the nominally jewish artists themselves, would find a jewish connection. Even Elvis would be classified as jewish music, because he had an unbroken matternal line from his great great grandmother.

        • jameson7

          So they look for Jewishness as hard as White Supremacists do? Lol.

        • Gay State Girl

          Yeah. Kikepedia’s list of jews looks exactly like Jewwatch.

          The religious and old world jews are fed up with the celebrity obsession as well

        • jameson7

          He’s 1/16 Jewish! Kike spotted!

        • jameson7

          Reminds me of how offended Jews get when people say Rupert Murdoch is Jewish.

        • Gay State Girl

          Yes Nancy Burdine was apparently a Jewish girl from France and she begat Martha Tackett, who begat Octavia Mansell, who begat Gladys who Begat Elvis Pressley. Apparently Gladys was rally into it as well and Elvis engraved a Magen David along with a cross on her gravestone.

          Rupert Murdoch? He’s more zionist than the jewish media barons.

        • jameson7

          Oh the irony. Watch out Jewish media, Bill O’Reilly is going to call you antisemitic.

        • Gay State Girl

          Apparently these conservative pundits get fed up with jews behind the scenes.

        • jameson7

          Which pundits? The Jewish ones lol? Savage, Levin, ect.

        • Gay State Girl

          The usuals O’Reilly, Vannity, Coulter…

        • Kikepedia LOL! That’s about right LMAO.

          That place is seriously overrun with the worst, most satanic super Jews on Earth. They’re the ones that got me banned as an editor. I was blazingly anti-Semitic for a while afterwards. Almost ready to sign up for VNN. Do you think super Jews are deliberately trying to create anti-Semites.

        • Gay State Girl

          Are Super jews deliberately trying to create antisemites?

          No. It’s just something you get caught up in, because you’ve grown up with it. So you pursue antisemitic incidents in the most obscure places, but you can’t see what’s going on right under your nose. Thank G-d I broke free of it a long time ago.

        • jameson7

          “The usuals O’Reilly, Vannity, Coulter…”
          What they suck Super Jew dick and the Super Jews want them to go deepthroat?

        • Gay State Girl

          I doubt they are passionate conservatives or Christians IRL.

        • jameson7

          Well the people you just mentioned are Catholics. I would gladly kiss Jewish ass before Catholic ass.

        • Gay State Girl

          Pretty unusual. Most Catholics don’t give a shit about Israel.

      • Gay State Girl

        Plus Steve Jobs was half Syrian.

        • jameson7

          “Plus Steve Jobs was half Syrian.”
          Say what? I thought Steve was a prototypical WASP?

        • Gay State Girl

          No, I was just trying to justify their reaction.

          He was adopted, but his biological father was Abdulfattah Jandali.

    • jameson7

      Sounds Kosher. You can really hear the Jewishness. I’m having strong urges to light a candle and to ritually wash with mikveh now.

  34. Brengunn

    I have a (relatively) new neighbour that I’m sure has been opening and perhaps stealing my post. He keeps taking my post, and other’s too, into his flat. I retrieved an ebay package from him today that was’nt sealed properly as if it had been opened.

    This guy is a low life, possibly a pimp, his girlfriend is an alcoholic prostitute, they are in your face, scum type people. I have not told him to stop but have had extremely negative body language around him, which he does’nt heed.

    Has anyone any ideas on how to deal with someone like that?

    I would like to avoid a physical confrontation, but these low types crave all that type of drama.

    • jameson7

      Put him in a situation where you are confiding a matter of most importance to him that you suspect someone is interfering with the mail, you are asking him if he has seen anyone suspicious and to be on look out for whoever might be doing so. Make it obvious to him that you think he is clearly too much of a decent and reasonable person and that you are assured he couldn’t have had anything to do with it.

  35. jameson7

    Just how accurate is personality profiling? I’m testing this experiment with a dating site that asks people to answer questions on personality, I look up people who’s religious affiliation is Jewish, then I look at what the site has listed as similar users and I get people who are Jewish listed as Agnostic, Atheist, or even Christian. Impressive results really. So for Jews, even if you change religion your personality profile still groups you among other Jewish people!

    • Gay State Girl

      Thank G-d I broke free of that. I try to forulate my opinions independently. I wonder if there is a quiz for your emotional or mental ethnicity.

      • jameson7

        “Thank G-d I broke free of that.”
        Of what group mindedness? Even rebelliousness can be attributable to groups. I don’t think anyone would argue Jews place a higher value on creativity than Christians.

        They can do funny stuff with profiling these days, predict what type of coffee you like, who you will vote for. There is immense money in marketing at stake at determining these things. There are really are no coincidences in what you see and hear in the consumer world, it’s all constructed based on statistics and demographics.

        “I wonder if there is a quiz for your emotional or mental ethnicity.”
        Well marketers know how to target different ethnic groups of people. Anthropology’s original intention was to discover weaknesses and values in other culture to understand how best to colonize and rule them. Some of the first lessons of Theology are the formations of communal psyche based on the constructed dogmas and creeds. They form unique personalities and outlooks from this.

        • Gay State Girl

          “I don’t think anyone would argue Jews place a higher value on creativity than Christians.”

          Ah yes, but they have a clear, finite idea what creativity and originality should consist of. Euro Trash are the same way.

        • jameson7

          Christians don’t even like to argue one another! There are no negotiations or debate in a church hierarchy you just obey.

        • Gay State Girl

          I prefer it that way. You don’t fight fire with fire. You make real change in your superiors weaker moments.

        • jameson7

          Lol, you gentile wanna be. You wish you could be be as boring and agreeable as the gentiles. You are totally full of shit right now GSG. Quit being a schmuck.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m a gentile wannabe. That’s a new one. I go to the extremes. Nordic or bust and screw the untermenschen. Everything good about Scandinavia is long gone. You can still visit Little Sweden on the Mississippi. You’ll have a far more authentic experience in the Twin Cities than in Scandinavia itself I regret to tell you.

          There are plenty of gentile (even European) cultures which are coarser than Ashkenaz and which I have no interest in taking part of.

        • jameson7

          I said wanna be gentile(Christian), not wanna be Nazi.

        • Gay State Girl

          I want to be Scandinavian, not German.

        • Gay State Girl

          I never wanted to be Christian. It’s a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there. Source: Marc Cohn Walking in Memphis.

        • jameson7

          You made a sarcastic remark, Christians don’t approve of that.

          Let me outline Christian etiquette for you so you know what I’m talking about.
          -Agreeing with shit you don’t care about
          -Agreeing with things that are contradictory
          -Pretending to be happy talking to people you hate
          -Pretending you have no interest in sex while simultaneously not actually having any less sex than other people
          -Pretending that people don’t have sex at all
          -Ignoring completely if someone says something you didn’t want to hear
          -Obeying authority and never questioning it’s legitimacy
          -Not putting out the appearance of haggling for prices because you want to look fair so you end up overpaying for shit
          -Being homophobic as the safe and approved way of venting frustration
          -Putting on the appearance that everything is perfect even after your dog got run over and your house got foreclosed

        • jameson7

          I don’t think you got what it takes to meet the criteria GSG. Stay Jewish.

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t think I could possibly handle the last point.

        • jameson7

          Don’t be a faggot GSG. Also stop refuting every time I say something positive about Jews. Self deprecation is soo passe.

        • Gay State Girl

          “I said wanna be gentile(Christian), not wanna be Nazi.”

          Christian, Nazi what’s the difference?

        • jameson7

          Oh you bitch, I knew you were going to say that. I set you up for it and you took the bait.

        • jameson7

          By the way sorry I called you a B & Shm, That was very rude of me. Will you still be my friend?

        • Gay State Girl

          I prefer Judaism if you’re strictly referring to the spiritual experience. But culturally…

        • jameson7

          Thus forth it was written that was the religion shall be referred to as Judaism, the people of the tribe shall be known as the Jews long after they have had little to do with the former. There would be no third word to make clear any confusion or overlap between the two. And it was good.

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t mind being called a bitch. By us it’s an affectionate term.

        • jameson7

          That’s what I figured. You were being pretend goy for a sec, and they get upset real easy.

          Now that you have clarified you are Jew, I’m going to call you a putz. You know, just to balance things out again.

        • Gay State Girl

          I have a love/hate relationship with the Orthodox world. Secular jewish culture annoys me.

        • jameson7

          Go on my dear. Please elaborate.
          Do you live in a city or rural area by the way?

        • Gay State Girl

          I lived in a citified suburban town for my entire life.

          A lot of Ultra Orthodox have set up enclaves in country towns in Upstate, Central Jersey, or the Poconos because they have too many children to live in the city. and many others have settled in Milwaukee because of the voucher system.

        • Gay State Girl

          I prefer the Orthodox world, which is the jewish future.

          When I say I don’t like secular jews, I was referring to a specific breed, who are hyper ethnocentric despite being anti religious.

        • jameson7

          “When I say I don’t like secular jews, I was referring to a specific breed, who are hyper ethnocentric despite being anti religious.”
          Like what Zionist’s?

          “I prefer the Orthodox world, which is the jewish future.”
          Yeah, no way these reform churches in America are built to last, I’d guess they will probably be extinct in the next century if not sooner.

        • Gay State Girl

          Douchebergs don’t have to be zionist, they don’t even have to be hostile to Christians. They just have to place their ethnic identity above all others. ASSmon spoke about that in The Wandering Who but his amateurish adolescent tone, unrealistic expectations and other implicit agendas, along with his reputation basically nullified anything of merit that the book offered. I hope someone will handle jewish drama in a more mature fashion. One can only hope.

          “Yeah, no way these reform churches in America are built to last, I’d guess they will probably be extinct in the next century if not sooner.”

          They’re pretty desperate. They embrace non jewish traditions and hire people to make them look cool, but the people they hire will always be two steps behind the Joneses. This repulses intellectual old world jews as well.

        • jameson7

          “They embrace non jewish traditions and hire people to make them look cool, but the people they hire will always be two steps behind the Joneses”

          Might as well just be a Unitarian/New Age church at that point.

        • Gay State Girl

          Violating jewish law is nothing new. The German reform would play organ during sunday services and serving lobster at synagogue dinners back in it’s earliest days, but that was more to adjust to the dominant culture that surrounded them. Today they take it to an all new level. They’ll ask non jewish spouses to share a part of their culture with the community and encourage parents of transracial adoptees to learn about their children’s native culture so they can share it with the community.

  36. Bay Area Guy

    @ GSG

    I wouldn’t say that the Orthodox are the future of Jews here in the U.S. Or other parts of the West for that matter.

    In Israel, they very likely will be the future of Jewry, but elsewhere? Not really convinced.

    • Gay State Girl

      What? The assimilation/intermarriage factor is at work in the diaspora, so the future is even grimmer for secular jews in the diaspora. Many secular israelis who have spent time in the diaspora return with non jewish spouses or a sizeable percentage marry secular Arabs, but certainly not at the rate of diaspora jewry.

    • Gay State Girl

      This just in. Orthodox make up 80% of jewish children under the age 10.

  37. Dota

    Interesting article. Jews being tribal as always, getting caught, then crying antisemitism.

    • LOL, Jews being Jewy.

      Shit, I don’t like this tribal crap either. If calling Jews out on their tribal crap makes me an anti-Semite, fine, then I will gladly be an anti-Semite.

      That’s MR. Anti-Semite to you!

  38. Bay Area Guy

    As I like to say, anti-Semitism is a disease. You catch it from Jews, LOL.

    • Dota

      ROFL 🙂

      But I’m glad there are people here in Canada that are still willing to call the Jews out on some of their shit. Back in my University days in the early 2000s a Jewish proff from Montreal made a statement about how Jews need to talk about their tendency of promoting multiculturalism in Canada while promoting ethno nationalism in Israel. My guess is that the dumb goyim were catching on to their shit (like in the link I posted above) and so damage control was in order. Often that means feigning self critique.

      • Bay Area Guy

        My guess is that the dumb goyim were catching on to their shit (like in the link I posted above) and so damage control was in order.


        That problem explains why a growing number of liberal Jews have started to tackle the whole Israel/Palestine conflict.

        With the exception of a few genuinely anti-Zionist left wing Jews, through observation I can’t help but conclude that most liberal Jews are engaging in damage control.

        Just look at Peter Beinart, for example. His whole schtick (to use a very Jewish term) is about “saving Zionism from itself.” Or how Thomas Freidman wrote about the Israel lobby in the New York Times of all places.

        People like them know that Israel is going off the deep end, and that sooner or later, there will be a huge backlash against Israel, that will necessarily extend to its Jewish supporters in the diaspora.

        Many of them also know that Jewish support for a blatantly ethnonationalist/pseudo-fascist state like Israel opens them up to very uncomfortable questions.

        (ie. the whole issue of them supporting multiculturalism in the West while either supporting or at least tolerating ethnonationalism in Israel)

        Therefore, notice that these liberal Jewish critics of Israel will criticize specific policies of Israel. Yeah, they think that “the occupation” sucks, and that perhaps the IDF shouldn’t be so brutal towards the Palestinians.

        But they still support Israel’s right to exist as an ethnocracy (notice the hostility towards a One-State solution, even among “progressives” such as Chomsky and Finkelstein, both of whom are liberal Zionists). The likes of Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, and Uri Avnery (the Israeli equivalent of a liberal Zionist) are also on record as either opposing or mocking BDS against Israel. At best, they’ll support boycotting products from the occupied West Bank.

        (Peter Beinart once referred to it as a “Zionist BDS”)

        Oh, and don’t talk about the Israel lobby or organized Jewish community too much. That’s just a tad bit anti-Semitic.

        (British so-called “progressive anti-Zionist” Tony Greenstein once claimed that talking about the Israel lobby was the first step towards holocaust denial)

        I keep hearing people like Norman Finkelstein stay that there is a monumental shift in opinion towards Israel among American Jewry (at least among the young), but I’m calling BS on that.

        It’s damage control, and the gatekeeping behavior of liberal Jews on the whole I/P question is too evident.

        • Gay State Girl

          I totally agree with this post. but the hard core antizionists have unrealistic expectations. Whoreman is correct in his assessment of the super militant gaza groupies, but I know the two state solution is dead. I wish he would invite non jews in to the Israel question as well.

        • Bay Area Guy

          I think one of the reasons why certain liberal Zionists like Finkelstein have recently turned against the PSM is because they’re scared that the 2SS is dead. They know that as long as occupation and settlement continues, Israel will become (and I would say already is) a de facto single state.

          Why does this terrify them so much?

          Because in a single state, Jews would soon cease being the majority, and Israel would no longer be able to be both a “Jewish and democratic state.”

          Or, to put it in Finkelstein’s terms, if you have a 1SS or Palestinian Right of Return, you would “destroy Israel.”

          These liberal Zionists know that the 2SS is the only way to preserve Israel’s ethnocracy while still maintaing its facade as a progressive, Western style country.

        • Gay State Girl

          Phil Weiss is more upfront about his wishes.

          “And forget about all the Green Lines and 1948, and the old stories. Just accept. And lo, there was a mini-state, or a bantustan, and peace and a civil rights struggle. Then maybe Israel would collapse. The hatred and animosity would disappear and so would the reason to be there. They would all move to West End Avenue.”

          So your advocating the logically impossible as well as politically improbable. He deleted that crap piece soon after. I was upfront and I told him that his opinion pieces were sloppy and unprofessional and divisive. He hasn’t put up another since.

        • Dota

          You know BAG, any random post of yours on the I/p conflict would make a far better editorial than most of the material published in the lame stream media today.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Dota

          Why thank you! Makes me wonder why scumbags like former IDF prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg continue to get paid a handsome salary while a recent college graduate like me continues to search for employment.

          Of course, I already know the answer.

        • This asshole, A Jay Adler, is a Jew. You can tell by the way he writes. He’s an asshole Jewish Zionist going after Weiss. I am not sure what to think of Weiss myself, but I doubt if this attack is warranted.

        • Gay State Girl

          Congratulations Gay Area Guy! You would produce better material than most anti zionist jews as well, because most of them are preoccupied with race relations as well.

          I only printed Jay Adler’s article, because Phil had deleted that piece. I appreciate a casual and friendly tone from journalists and academics, but Phil just doesn’t command respect at all. He can’t restrain himself from using the Palestinian cause as a forum for addressing his (unrelated) grievances with the jewish community and his areas of expertise (multiculturalism of course.) He is living proof that jewish ethnic networking or at least well established jewish legacies were in play back in the ’70’s because he would not have been accepted into Harvard on his own merit.

        • Bay Area Guy

          He is living proof that jewish ethnic networking or at least well established jewish legacies were in play back in the ’70′s because he would not have been accepted into Harvard on his own merit.


          As I’ve said before, many Jews like to brag about how the breaking down of the old WASP guard and the ascendancy of Jews has ushered in a more meritocratic era.

          But the way I see it, Jews are as nepotistic and prone to ethnic networking as the next group.

          I don’t think Elena Kagan became a Supreme Court justice through merit alone.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Oh, and speaking of Elena Kagan and Jewish networking, the role she played in defending or turning a blind eye to Alan Dershowitz’s transgressions during the whole Finkelstein-Dershowitz affair was nothing short of shameful.

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t doubt that Elena Kagan benefitted from a strong ethnic network, but I don’t think she’s the radical dyke Macdonald is making her out to be. She commands respect unlike Phil Weiss, who inadvertently advertizes his amateurity.

      • Gay State Girl

        I can tell you put a tremendous effort into formulating your beliefs and posts.

        You don’t make a dent in my life. You’ve only inspired me to build an assisted suicide facility for jewish students who are not accepted into college and a torture chamber for any who dares expresses interest in a blue collar profession. 🙂 but that is it. I won’t even go after the self hating jews.

      • Gay State Girl

        They are stupid to try to silence the fanatics.

        Jews and power don’t mix. They are becoming less intelligent. They need an overlord to maintain some standards.

        • jameson7

          “They need an overlord to maintain some standards.”
          GSG- So bring back the WASP domination? You couldn’t possibly prefer the Catholics to become more powerful could you?

          BAG- Don’t the Palestinians themselves want a two state solution?

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m not just referring to behavior, but actual intelligence. Jews are forced to produce better material when they’re under pressure and have to answer to a higher authority. Jews are probably best served when they are just below authority. I actually wouldn’t mind strict quotas, as this would allow jews to develop their own institutions, and they would be far more equipped today than they a century aggo. No one would have to succomb to blue collar labor if they didn’t want to.

        • Steve

          If I was a Jew, I’d probably want a two state solution too, wouldn’t you? There’s too much bad blood. The Jews have done too much shit to the Palestinians. If the Palestinians/Arabs grew in number in a single state, it could be dangerous for the Jews. They’re not gonna be Jew friendly are they? And what if Palestinians gained power?

          One glance through Wikipedia article on a one state solution, reveals “Support among Palestinians for a one-state solution is increasing, especially because the population growth rate of Palestinians would leave Palestinians as a majority in a single state.”

          Can you really see Palestinians and Jews living in harmony in a single state?

        • jameson7

          “I’m not just referring to behavior, but actual intelligence. ”
          Hate to inform you my dear but we are all getting dumber. This has more to do with consumerism and mass culture than with Jews.

        • Gay State Girl

          What’s his name would have you believe that jews are behind mass consumerism and commercialism. Maybe so, but the social revolution and mass commercialization was bound to happen anyway.

        • Gay State Girl

          If quotas had remained in place, Brandeis and Yeshiva University might be up there with Ivies. Middlesex Medical School would not have had to close.

        • jameson7

          Don’t worry my dear Yale University hosts 1/3 Jews as it’s students.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Jameson

          It depends on which Palestinians you ask.

          It’s hard to assess what exactly Palestinians in Israel proper, Gaza, or the occupied West Bank want. I’m sure many of them would prefer a two-state solution, and I wouldn’t blame them. After all the shit Israeli Jews put them through, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them either.

          At the same time, there are other Palestinian activists, including diaspora Palestinians such as Ali Abunimah, who very much support the 1SS.

          The way they see it, it’s their land, a 2SS would just result in continued discrimination against Palestinians within Israel, and if there were a 1SS, they would eventually be the majority (though they don’t come out and say it like that).

          All of that being said, I think the whole issue of one-state versus two-state takes a backseat to basic human rights and dignity.

        • Gay State Girl

          LOL. I’m not sure Yale is that high anymore, (80’s-90’s was the peak) but that’s exactly what I was referring to. Brandeis was just opening doors in the 1950’s but they lost a significant number of prospective students, because quotas were easing up. They even had to close their medical school. If quotaas were restored, jewish students (and philanthropic ivy league alumni) might be drawn to jewish schools.

      • Gay State Girl

        I don’t care about Douchewitz or Whoreman.

        • jameson7

          All Jew University sounds fun. I wanna go there! Say you notice the Ethiopian Jews much? How do they manage Ethnocentrism in Israel when they have a Jew full of black standing in front of them?

        • Gay State Girl

          LOL Jew You! Pro Pallies claim that racism towards Ethiopians is worse in Israel is worse than anywhere on the planet, but I’m not sure about this.

        • jameson7

          Every Ethiopian I’ve met has been really cooI I love their all-pickled food. I mean they have Ethiopians in IDF right?

        • Gay State Girl

          I love Ethiopian food and WINES! Ethiopians serve in the IDF, and all but brought their African folkways. Apparently they experienced more racism at the hands of other Mizrahi jews, who go out of their way to distinguish themselves from Ethiopians. The Antizionist blogosphere tries to trace animosity between Mizrahi groups, as well as anti immigrant sentiment back to the Ashkenazi elite, but it’s not true.

        • jameson7

          “I love Ethiopian food and WINES!”
          Also Ethiopian coffee is the best Coffee in the world. Have you noticed that African babies people adopt are mostly coming from Ethiopia?

          “The Antizionist blogosphere tries to trace animosity between Mizrahi groups, as well as anti immigrant sentiment back to the Ashkenazi elite, but it’s not true.”

          I mean if they were that racist they wouldn’t have brought them into the country in the first place right?

        • Gay State Girl

          Even Lindsay insists that they were brought for cheap labor and to be ground soldiers, or to show the world how tolerant they were.

          Ethiopians are more societally accepted than most subsaharan Africans. I would say this is due to their proximity to the Arab world, but this is not the case with Sudanese, Chadians, Somalis or others.

        • jameson7

          “I would say this is due to their proximity to the Arab world”
          No, I would think the positives of Ethiopian Culture come from the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians who are basically some of the oldest Christian Churches in the world. That is what sets them apart from the other countries you mentioned.

        • Gay State Girl

          I was referring to genetic, not necessarily cultural influence. because the Ethiopian phenotype is much different than the surrounding areas and seems to have set them apart. Especially the women.

        • jameson7

          So you were saying they are genetically closer to Arabs? Ethiopian loving whites wouldn’t want to think that.

        • Huh? Sandnigger* Jews hate Pallieniggers* and real African niggers* much worse than Jewish White folks do. Who woulda thunk? People of color are their own worst enemies. Reminds me of “colorism” among Blacks. Other Blacks treat dark Blacks way worse than White folks do.

          *nigger used sardonically.

        • Ethiopian women are incredibly beautiful. They don’t look like typical Blacks. They are nearly a separate race from the Bantu types.

        • Chadians, Somalis, Sudanese = many of these are basically Black Muslim jihadi psychos. Either that or janjaweed types genociding their fellow Muslims. Sick!

        • Ethiopian and other Horner types are very nearly a completely separate race about 1/2 way between Black African and Caucasoid.

        • jameson7

          “Ethiopian women are incredibly beautiful. They don’t look like typical Blacks.”
          If they are half white then white people shouldn’t get any anti-racist cred for adopting them! They need to adopt someone from Zimbabwe or the Congo now to prove they aren’t racist. Also Obama doesn’t count, I mean come on he grew up in Hawaii.

        • Gay State Girl

          Maybe the close proximity to Yemen gives them that appearance, and vice versa.

          Ethiopian women are very beautiful.

        • Gay State Girl

          Yes Peter Beinart made a point of noting how his Egyptian born grandmother used to warn the naive Ashkenazim about Arabs.

        • jameson7

          Yo GSG, you feel me for some comic relief? Nerd rap with mad homage to Hashem.

        • Gay State Girl

          It’s these rare instances when I would tell them to stick to what they’re good at. Jews should stay away from rap, hip hop, and R&B, and East Asians should stay away from music altogether.

        • jameson7

          Pop culture infects everything in the secular world. Multiculturalism is inevitable for the masses. Commercial music targets people age 12-18 hardest so of coarse it’s going to suck.

          The dude looks exactly like my brother in law, who is a Christian, showing in multiculturalism there isn’t much distinguishing characteristics between different groups.

        • Gay State Girl

          I meant that they can’t pull it off, and it embarasses them.

        • jameson7

          Everybody has to Westernize remember? Fake it til you make it.

        • Gay State Girl

          Ghettoize. Niggaz stole that from us. Urgh.

        • jameson7

          Hey do you speak Hebrew at all?

        • Gay State Girl

          Not if I can help it.

  39. jameson7

    Yeah, we should blame all those Jews who signed in the American Constitution.

  40. Gay State Girl

    Are you in the gay area or its surroundings?

  41. Gay State Girl

    I lost power last night, but did not turn off the switch, so I woke up this morning and the light was on.

  42. jameson7

    El Judio calliente y picante. Suductor para tus oidos.

  43. Bay Area Guy

    It seems the race hustlers are at it again. I guess it’s considered an original sin of white racism if black people are not massively overrepresented on an NBA team.

    • Bay Area Guy

      And it gives your further insight (as if more were needed) regarding what “diversity” really means.

  44. jameson7

    Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics

    Time for class kids. Chicago my favorite place I’ve never been to.

  45. Gay State Girl

    I want to be the first female mohel.

    • jameson7

      Lol. He started getting a little insecure at the end. You don’t believe I’m a good Mormon! We have to talk about faith…… because I’m a Mormon right?

    • jameson7

      I could get used to eating curry at every street corner. Brit food sucks anyway right?
      The funny thing is that most Indian girls are pretty much forbidden by family to marry out to a white guy or to someone who is lower caste. 1st generation Indians are still in the caste mindset. 2nd Gen pretty much assimilate to the culture completely. Indian families are crazy controlling. Desi girls have massive nipples. Have you seen how many Indian princesses we have around these days? Most likely girls to cry for getting a “B+”

      End transmission.

    • Hacienda

      Londonistan. Nice.

      Londonburg, Londonkowisc, Londonweig, Londontar,
      Londonpur, Londonbad, Londonzhou, Londontina, Londonmande,
      Londonbrada, Londonbayan, Londonville, Londonkasaba, Londoncitta,
      London镇, Londonstadt,, Londonຕົວເມືອງ, Londonoraș, Londonநகரம்,
      and my favorite- Londonbaile. Never cross the Irish.

      • Gay State Girl

        LOL. There was a proposal to change the British National Anthem to song that celebrated the people rather than simply the monarchy. Several were suggested, Rule Britannia was deemed inappropriate because it brought back memories of the British Empire. Land of Hope and Glory had become too closely associated with athletics. Jerusalem was immediately dismissed because it was religious in character. It was suggested that they take bits of the anthems of Ireland, India, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, China, Korea, Jamaica, Ghana, and Nigeria and incorporate them into one song.

        • Bay Area Guy

          It was suggested that they take bits of the anthems of Ireland, India, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, China, Korea, Jamaica, Ghana, and Nigeria and incorporate them into one song.

          Please tell me that you’re joking.

        • Gay State Girl

          I think the person was joking.

  46. Steve

    I was thinking about the sublime architecture of Rome and Venice, as well as the Islamic world, and then it struck me that the architectural structures of China always seem to be wooden. Didn’t China build stone buildings? If not, then why? I guess I would think of stone as a more advanced building material.

    • Steve

      Am I talking shit, Bibi?

      I’m not educated whatsoever on Chinese architecture. I just notice a lot of wood, especially in the elaborate upper levels of buildings. I see stone foundations but they may be recently built.

      The I found other people asking and discussing why the ancient Chinese built mostly with wood:

      “Architecture in ancient China mostly uses wood, unlike that in ancient Greece or the Roman empires. Problems with wood are well-known and are all serious, fire hazard, weathering, insect damage, etc. Is there any research done trying to answer the question why the Chinese did not consider stone or bricks as primary building materials?”

    • Steve

      Partly, I was a being a bit provocative and throwing it out there to see what the likes of Hacienda would say.

      • Steve

        what makes stone workable? On one of those threads, the person asking the question says there are large quarry possibilities in China. They got enough stone for the great wall, like you said. Somebody else mentioned that the Chinese would sometimes take down and move wooden buildings to a different location.

      • Steve

        the type of stone I guess…?

      • Hacienda

        “Hacienda would say”

        Stone and concrete are barbaric. The raw materials that have turned a living planet into a dead planet. Wood is life.

        Whitey in a 5000 year death spiral. We never should have taught you to read and write. Great regrets.

  47. jameson7

    Elizabeth Warren! Yay!

  48. Tulio

    It’s an Obama Nation.

  49. Steve

    If you want a white president, choose Obama.

  50. Gay State Girl

    I often heaar about the Rothschilds. How relevant are they? You say WWII took care of them, or did they benefit tremendously?

  51. Gay State Girl

    First snow!

    Is this a result of global warming? Snow in late October/early November and 70 degree weather in March?

  52. Gay State Girl

    I had a plan to create a car powered by the almighty fart back in seventh grade, but these girls beat me to it.

  53. Gay State Girl

    I saw Brother Nathanael today!

    • jameson7

      Lol. Why?

    • Gay State Girl

      He splits his time between the rural Rockies and a Hellenic monastery in Brookline. He was walking down Harvard street. He often evangelizes in Harvard square or in front of the Federal Reserve building. He is banned from all the synagogues and jewish stores and restaurants as well as numerous other institutions.

  54. Gay State Girl

    I can’t believe I missed this.
    A rare gem. If only judeo critics and self critics could be as calm and collected as him.

  55. Gay State Girl

    My grandma is dying of cancer and she is emotionally fragile and in no position to make important decisions. My uncle’s wife, who nobody in my family ever liked keeps visiting her so she can win her over so she can extract more from her and often takes things home with her. She brings her friends over to check out things they might want to take in the future after she is dead. Do you think I should try to get a restraining order on her and her friends?

    • jameson7

      I’m not sure how you would do that but welcome to the end life politics. You gotta play hard, some random housemaid fucked my family out of an inheritance before and my uncle now guards my grandpa like a golden egg.

      • Gay State Girl

        “some random housemaid fucked my family out of an inheritance.”

        Literally? I woouldn’t be surprised. I don’t know how I would go about doing it since my family is not backing me up. She’s always forgiven people who have shit on her in the past. I’m trying to become her legal guardian, but I don’t know if that’s possible.

        • jameson7

          Yes, literally. Ma grandparents they didn’t sue or fight it for whatever reason, but that generation didn’t believe in suing.

          “but I don’t know if that’s possible.”
          Obviously you need to look up Massachusetts law. Whether the court would grant you guardianship is an entire legal process.

          I think generally if she has become mentally incapacitated her husband would become the legal guardian. If she doesn’t have a husband then I think she would have to sign her rights to someone, which old people don’t like to do.

        • jameson7

          “some random housemaid fucked my family out of an inheritance.”
          Actually wait. It wasn’t a random maid. It was a black maid who he had an illegitimate kid with. I guess it makes a little more sense when you add that part.

        • Gay State Girl

          There was a Latina health aide who went out of her way to flirt with my grandmother’s (second) husband, he used to give her extra spending money for it, but I knew she had more in mind. We eventually dismissed her for it.

        • jameson7

          Lol, these aides know how to get ahead, if that means giving head they are willing to do it.

        • honyok

          “some random black housemaid fucked our family out of our inheritance”
          You gotta watch out for those random black housemaids with good pussy

        • honyok

          NOW SHE BE RICH
          AND YOU BE PO
          chalk up another one for Serious MOJO Pussy – YO

      • honyok

        “some random housemaid fucked your grandpa and by so doing fucked your family out of your inheritance”.I have never met or heard of a random housemaid before. but anyway …….
        HA HA HA all shits and giggles J7 that goes to prove INDEED Black Folk have the sexual power, wait until I tell Hacienda. He will fall out. LOL
        She put that pussy on him right dawg – YO ! that HO probably had some of that serious pussy I bin talkin bout. I wish I had good pussy I would get rich too.
        do you feel me now?

        • honyok

          SHALOM SHALOM –
          J7 how does it feel to lose all yer shit to a little trim?
          INDEED that little hairy hole is indeed a powerful thing.
          It has indeed started wars and crumbled empires and ruined fortunes.
          we are talking Serious MOJO Pussy here dude

        • Gay State Girl

          I always wanted to punish a guy I didn’t like by giving birth to his kid. “Five minutes on my hips, forever paying tips.”

        • honyok

          you are a wicked wench indeed GSG
          Just like Steve Miller’s song circa 1976

          She’s just a devil woman with evil on her mind
          she’s just a devil woman and she’s gonna get you from behind….

        • jameson7

          Black girls will sneak up on you. This is why they had to be so racist in those days as a deterrent. Once the black girls caught on that t’was paper thin racism, they were sprung to attack and the white man had no chance to avoid the inevitable fucking that would ensue. Not to mention the Southern Belle sucked in the bed, they were both prudish and bossy once them Temperance Union came about.

        • honyok

          Alas J7 – Not the response I was hoping for. You are no fun.
          INDEED – serious pussy- that little hairy hole can make and break Men and their Empires.
          Look what has just happened to Fmr General Prateaus – CIA director – another one bites the dust
          and falls victim due to Serious Mojo Pussy..

          I can only imagine what GSG’s lower gentalia would do to me. possible
          Instant cerebral meltdown…..

        • honyok

          Judging by your post you are Indeed a female who possesses Superior Intellectual talents. I would suffer the 18 or so plus years of bondage to you
          just to share such precious DNA in one of my children.
          I hope you really hate me and decide to make it happen
          Indeed The females are the ones that CHOOSE

        • Gay State Girl

          That’s my motto! Say it loudly and proudly.

  56. Gay State Girl

    One of her friends was over there sorting through her fine china, my dad asked her what she was doing and she told him not to worry, she and yet another friend were on top of it.

  57. jameson7
    Interesting socialist site.

  58. Gay State Girl

    Did you grow up with Debbie Friedman Judaism or Uncle Moishy Judaism?

    • jameson7

      Neither. More like Jew Agers, Jewcologists, Hippie Jews, and Feminist Jews. You know, Jews that aren’t Jews but are still Jewish.

      Like this. I was completely PC and didn’t actually think about it before at all.

    • honyok

      I grew up with the Mosha Dyanne Judaism
      we all had to wear eye patches and speak Giddish. Oye Vey!

  59. jameson7

    Paula Broadwell, General Petraeus romantic affair he is resigning over….looks totally Jewish to me. Maybe she’s related to Monica Lewinsky?

    What do you guys say? Jew or Not Jew?

    • Gay State Girl

      Nah she;s from North Dakota.

      • jameson7

        North Dakota Jewish Population: 500
        Seems like a longshot. She worked for the high levels of government, maybe she got plastic surgery and is an IDF agent. You know, like in the James Bond movies where Bonds dick proves to be his greatest weakness.

        No, no it’s too much of a stretch.
        She does look like Emily Deschanel though. Who is half-Jewish.

  60. jameson7

    Nearly half of the US threatens to secede

    Pick which side you are on people.

  61. Richard hall

    Robert, do you know any HBDs sites that are not WNs or anti-brown/black?

  62. nominay

    If anyone would like to join my facebook page I’d appreciate it.

  63. Steve

    “Recession is a middle class problem. Poor people always live in recession. Rich people never do.”

    – 50 cent

  64. jameson7
    Israel-Hamas ‘Open War’: LIVE UPDATES

  65. ski

    My golly! I wanted to laugh, to cry, to scratch my head, to check make sure I wasn’t circumcised in my sleep!

    This is a work of art, a symphony, the Mona Lisa of television!

  66. jameson7

    Rupert Murdoch’s Offensive Tweet About the ‘Jewish Owned’ Press

    Lol, so much for that Rupert Murdoch is a Jew theory the Neo-Nazi’s love so much.

    • Bay Area Guy

      There is speculation that Murdoch is part Jewish on his mother’s side.

      Even if he were part Jewish, it wouldn’t be too crazy for him to make a statement like that.

      Oliver Stone (half Jew) once got into hot water for denouncing Jewish owned Hollywood.

      • jameson7

        Remember CNN anchor Rich Sanchez getting fired for saying Jews controlled the media. It would be interesting to see a full list of public faces getting fired for a Jew rant. Let’s begin the Mel Gibson style fun: “Raaahhhhhh Jews and Blacks and Women, let’s get rid of them all! Errraaaah I’m crazy Mel Gibson!!”

      • honyok

        There is some proof that Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish.
        Indeed the Gestapo knew about this.

    • Gay State Girl

      I’ve seen neocon israel jews denouncing the liberal “establishment jews” all the time.

      Anyone with aa Germanic name is always up for consideration, by both jews and their haters.

      • jameson7

        I think they are assumed guilty by Zionists unless they get an Israeli tramp stamp tattoo and refer to Netanyahu as ‘daddy’.

  67. Gay State Girl

    Every time I try to break my OCD rituals, something really bad happens.

  68. Bay Area Guy

    Newsweek is probably right.

    But what I find amusing is that David Frum of all people wrote that title, considering it was fanatical, warmongering neocons like him who played a big role in making the Republican party history in the first place.

    (not that the Republican party wasn’t already shit and in decline. But the second Iraq War did play a huge role in turning things against them)

    Even though WN’s obsess way too much on the Jewish Question, I can understand why they don’t trust Jews, especially self-professed Jewish conservatives.

    One only has to look at what the likes of David Frum and his fellow neocons have done to conservatism.

    (not that the conservative/Republican establishment was anything to write home about before then. However, for all of their other faults, most notably their pro-1% shit, they at least had a saner foreign policy. Give me a Pat Buchanan conservative over a David Frum conservative any day)

    • jameson7

      I think David was smart enough to see that the ship was sinking and that he needed to get off. Unlike the deluded conservatives Carl Rove ect..who still can’t understand why the election was lost.

      • Bay Area Guy

        @ Jameson

        Well yeah, he was smart enough to get off the sinking ship.

        What I’m saying is that people like him were responsible for sinking the ship in the first place!

        • jameson7

          Ironic, yes. Politically surprising, no.
          Next we are going to hear John McCain say that the GOP needs to stop being so war mongering.

        • Gay State Girl

          Not really. For neoconservatism yes, but jeocons are not behind for the Tea Party, they just exploited them.

  69. jameson7

    A Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousuf Ahmedi, has accidentally revealed the names of his subscribers by CC’ing everyone on his mailing list.

    You guys know the Taliban have a twitter?

    And here’s one for entertainment:

    Taliban and US military talking trash to one another on Twitter

    I wonder if the Taliban twittered the messages from an iphone. Lol.

  70. jameson7

    You ever get that feeling you are being tracked? If you live in Socal you are probably correct.

  71. jameson7

    Get a load of this radical feminist site.
    The photo’s and videos are seriously hilarious. Half-naked women going crazy and disturbing the peace.

    • jameson7

      Notice that this organization is based out of Russia. Which makes sense with Russian mafia being infamous for running global prostitution rings.

  72. Bay Area Guy

    A feminist actually being honest, and revealing that she only enjoys equality when it’s to her advantage.

    American feminists can go to hell.

  73. Brengunn

    I have no problems about the non-monetary sides to chivalry but why should the bloke have to pay for a woman on an equal or greater wage? Fuck no, and if I do, I reserve the right to treat her like a prostitute.

    Jesus, that website nearly made me sick. Another fucking liberal point scoring family, adopting an African to teach everyone the value of diversity and how fucking tolerant they are. Not tolerant enough to have them taught in California’s public schools though!

    Do these people realize how paternal this is? To just about everyone, the child, the entire continent of Africa and most Americans. Paternalism is post colonial racism!

    I notice there are about twice the number of pictures of the African child as her own bio-child in her photo album. I’m sure her son won’t mind taking the back seat while she teaches everyone how great she is.

    Our hope is that people will get a chance to see a family that may look a little different, but is as close and loving as a family that meets the stereotypical ideal.

    Of course they’ll see because I bet you’re ramming it down everyones throat.

    • Bay Area Guy

      @ Brengunn

      Frankly, I’ve given up trying to fathom what goes on inside of the heads of white liberals.

      SWPL’s are a bizarre breed indeed.

      • Brengunn

        Bag, I think of myself as a liberal but not the sanctimonious kind. People like that really get to me, they think they’re better than everyone.

        • honyok

          I have always beem a sanctimonious Liberal and Yes in fact I am better that everyone else – except my Hero Robert Lindsay the Troll Master

        • Brengunn

          Be as sanctimonious as you like Honyok but should you adopt a brood of rainbow children, turn them into feminist, vegan zealots with a mission to convert and patronize, please, don’t do it near me.

        • honyok

          That is a splendid Idea – I would like to be your neighbor and come over and shit on you front porch. In my native land in India that is the way of welcoming a new neighbor.

    • jameson7

      “Do these people realize how paternal this is? To just about everyone, the child, the entire continent of Africa and most Americans. Paternalism is post colonial racism!”
      Paternalism was always the rationale behind slavery. WASPs will never admit to it, but they find it very comforting and sentimental to have black people around as subordinates.

      I’m a white liberal and I admit I did like the idea of adopting a black kid to show how awesome I was. Face it it is pretty funny to show people how unracist you are.

      • Brengunn

        I’m a white liberal and I admit I did like the idea of adopting a black kid to show how awesome I was.

        Are’nt you a single guy in your early twenties? That might give a rather different impression, if it’s even allowed!

        Why the international adoption though? There must be thousands of black babies in America that will never get a home and grow up in the system.

        Is it white knight syndrome? If they’re going to save a baby, save the most pitiful, the most impoverished, to show people how great they are.

        Or is it, they want to adopt an Ethiopian baby but not an African American baby. They differentiate between deserving Ethiopian and undeserving AA baby. They don’t want a Ghetto baby, fucking racists.

        • jameson7

          “Are’nt you a single guy in your early twenties? That might give a rather different impression, if it’s even allowed!”
          Hehe yeah but I always liked to joke that I would have a male frat that had black babies as our mascots.

          “Why the international adoption though?”
          Probably because people don’t want to raise a crack baby. Not to mention saying they are from Africa is exotic. Africa that poor place of starving people =more sympathetic than AA.

          “Is it white knight syndrome? ”
          They actually call it “White savior complex”
          Very common among white liberals who think they alone can save the world with their whiteness.

        • honyok

          I absolutely dont want no black ghetto baby to raise “But” I damn sure take all that Ghetto booty I can get. I think I like those light skinned black chicks best.
          You know the type without the huge Gorilla nose and huge mega lips.
          However there is a lot to say for those big lips though. You really know its happ’nen when they give you a blow Job. whooooooo Holy Aunt Jemima!

        • “Is it white knight syndrome? ”
          They actually call it “White savior complex”
          Very common among white liberals who think they alone can save the world with their whiteness.

          You ignorant fools!

          Whiteness is the medicine that cures all, the army that conquers all!

          Signed, THE GREAT WHITE MAN!

        • Honyok, watch out for ghetto booty. A lot of those chicks have VD. How would I know? Oh, I dunno.

          Also, I have been with a few Black chicks. Black chicks will give good head, but not necessarily any better than any other women. Of all female cocksuckers, I nominate Asian women as #1.

          We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1!

          C’mon all you yellowtails, let’s hear it.

        • jameson7

          RL speaks the truth. Unless they are whited out I wouldn’t touch it…too risky. Way too much booty being thrown around in the ghetto.

        • jameson7

          “Of all female cocksuckers, I nominate Asian women as #1.”
          Because Asian women have something American women don’t…finesse.

  74. Brengunn

    Who said black men can’t cut it in the heavyweight division anymore!

      • honyok

        The Bro that hit that girl desperately needs someone to bust a cap in his Black ASS.
        Now if this dude has been raised by a nice upstanding wealthy white family he would have her on his arm going out to a high dollar restaurant. Once a black dude achieves success, the next thing he gets for himself is a good lookin fine white Ho…
        dont believe me? Look at OJ Simpson, look at Tiger woods
        I wonder why wealthy white men dont hook up with fine black Ho’s?

    • honyok

      I encourage all Liberal white folk to put on display their wealth and power and adopt as many black children as possible.
      Then raise them not be be bigots and filled with hate as is happening now in the Ghettos.
      The world will indeed be a better place.

      • honyok

        If higher class white people were allowed to raise all the black children the Drive by shootings along with Drug use would drop dramatically.
        You would also see more Black youths graduating from college and looking forward to bright futures. This Yo Dawg shit- rap music – pants draggin the ground, mouth full of gold nonsense, would disappear.

        • Amy

          What if the Chinese “tiger mothers” and “wolf fathers” adopted these children?

        • jameson7

          Then they would have “jungle dragons” as kids.

        • Gay State Girl

          Wait what?…Are you implying that blacks can’t raise their own kids? You think that may be a bit raciss?

        • honyok

          Cant you read – Figure it out – what is the Population % of Blacks in US.Prison population
          It is somewhere around 80% + or –
          thats exactly what Im saying – give those black kids to good white loving familes with money
          and boom they would be the bomb – NO MORE drive by shootings, less or no drugs, More young blacks graduating for college becoming doctors and Lawyers Like the JEWS
          rather than dying senselessly on the FUCKING street due to street gang violence.
          GSG please grow a Brain or get a clue. OMG

        • jameson7

          He’s being white liberal right now.
          Assuming black people or literally anyone need white paternal figures to succeed. It doesn’t help the black inferiority complex he was referring to, but it probably does help some black people. Oh whites and their better organizational skills.
          NAACP is run by Jews right. 😉

        • honyok

          J7 I never said the NAACP was run by Jews. Ever
          My point is if Blacks children were raised from the cradle by wealthy educated whites he would be nurtured in a different environment and by so doing he would not be burdened by the Black inferiority complex that he would learn in a ghetto environment because he would be raised being expose only to white educated values. Here is an analogy…..
          We once had only one ducking – and a yard full of chickens.
          When that duck grew up – I am sure he thought he was a chicken-not a duck
          He ate their food, he slept with them and he tried his damndest to emulate them. Have I made that point clear to you sir?
          sometimes you are a little dense

        • honyok

          What I meant is that more blacks would be graduating from college and becoming doctors and lawyers much like their Jewish counterparts.
          Were you got the notion or idea that the (Jews run the NAACP) out of that comment I will never know. Your reading comprehension really sucks.
          When someone is not very articulate (as you appear to be) it is very difficult to communicate with them

        • jameson7

          “J7 I never said the NAACP was run by Jews.”
          No you didn’t. I did.
          I wasn’t disagreeing with anything you saying….perhaps you have misunderstood me.

        • honyok

          Apparently so – so please explain what you meant by that. I thought you were implying that I meant the
          NAACP was run by Jews.For all I know it may be, but I never implied that. If I misunderstood your intent
          I beg your pardon and I stand corrected.
          My whole point in this entire thread is this…
          Regardless of RACE
          “children learn what the live” and that is what they become later on in life.
          If they learn to lie they lie
          to steal – they steal
          to curse – they curse
          to kill the kill

        • jameson7

          “Apparently so – so please explain what you meant by that.”
          Jews have been very big in establishing black rights organizations. They have the same enemy – the dreaded WASP. Not to mention bringing black culture to the mainstream is somewhat attributable to them. All our popular music is basically black music like it or not.

        • honyok

          talking about the duck who thought he was a chicken – that was true.
          It was the funniest thing to watch that Duck after he was full grown would to try to crow like the Rooster (who he thought was his daddy) at Daybreak. He couldn’t do it but he tried and tried and tried.
          It was hilarious to watch. He never gave up trying though.
          Every morning he would get atop the fence post and have a go at it.
          My neighbors would say “what the hell is that duck doing?”
          You are too young to remember a Movie called “The Jerk” circa 1980
          comedian Steve Allen is the main character and he was raised by a black family. Rent it some time and watch it and you will understand my theory.
          All through the movie this guy thought he was black even though he was actually white.

        • Gay State Girl

          I would empower blacks by supporting their institutions rather than urging them to join ours’.

        • jameson7

          You mean Steve Martin. The Jerk is a hilarious movie. Classic.

        • jameson7

          Don’t call that dog life saver. Call him shithead!

        • GSG – there is substantial evidence that Black folks don’t do the greatest job when it comes to raisin they kids, know what I’m sayin?

        • Gay State Girl

          I know, but Honey Cock has his panties in a wad about racism.

        • Brengunn


          The boy can’t tell his shit from his shinola!

        • honyok

          @GSG It is not that I am a Racist – In fact I have many African American friends whom I love and I would cry if they perished – that is how I know so much about their culture. I have almost lived with them. (also hispanics)
          You just think I am Racist. AGAIN – you have forgot who I really am.
          To your great chagrin I am merely working you with my distorted comments
          affecting your perception. Playin with your wee little mind deary
          and you still havent caught on to me yet
          analogous to a cat with a mouse- for all the world to read and see

        • honyok

          Again I stand corrected – I should have said Steve Martin not Steve Allen (a different comedian)
          It was getting really late and I was tired when I made that typo.
          thanks for the correction J7

        • Hacienda

          What if the Chinese “tiger mothers” and “wolf fathers” adopted these children?


          Don’t think so. Blacks don’t need Amy Chua’s “Yale or jail” attitude. That’s wrong and twisted. Amy Chua’s father is sig 5, maybe more. She herself is a sig 3, an academic loser, resentful of her father. We don’t need her taking out her hostility against some poor black child.

          What about a summer exchange program with blacks off to Mongolia or Artic climes. Herding with Genghis’s boys, hunting seals with Eskimos and fighting off polar bears would do them real good. And I actually think my Mongol cousins would take to some of the niggers. At least the ones that didn’t freeze to death.

      • jameson7

        It’s is a two way thing. When I hang out with Mexicans and Blacks they seem to assume I have all the answers. The white counselor lol. Comedians have jokes about this…every brother needs at least one white friend…because someone has to talk to the cops.

        • Hacienda

          When I hang out with Mexicans and Blacks they seem to assume I have all the answers.


          LOL. You must be hanging out with the dumbest of beans and nigs, cause you’re not much of light on on this blog.

        • Hacienda

          “The white counselor lol. ”

        • jameson7

          ….well we was talking about ghettos now in particular…ghettos aren’t exactly Renaissances of intelligence.

          Now have some Thanksgiving Kimchi…milk a goat… prepare your beef bulgogi…and regain yin yang or as they say in Korean…. Starcraft.

          I wasn’t saying it was an intelligence thing persay just paternalism towards white people that are sympathetic to them. You ain’t been in them ghetto’s lately ey Hacienda? Plenty of people with daddy issues looking for a paternalistic figure.

        • honyok

          @hacienda –
          I have to agree with you about those blacks & beans choosing J7 as their
          catharsis and mentor. Judging by the lack of dept and bizarre content of some of his comments those guys must be of borderline Neanderthal intelligence.
          Muy muy Tonto

        • jameson7

          Ok Mr.Bipolar you just said that Blacks and Mexicans suffer of inferiority complex to whites…I was just confirming your statement.

          You should have voted for Romney with how often you flip-flop in every other paragraph.

          Stereotypical Honycock comment:
          Blablahblah you’re all idiots blablabla some shit that contradicts myself blablabla no don’t be racist blablabla wait kill everything blablabla creepy shit that lacks humor blablabla your all idiots

          See I just made that for you…now you can just copy & paste that for all your future comments to save everyone’s time.

        • honyok

          again your reading skills indeed suffer and just by the content of your comments you do reveal that truth to the world…
          in your last message you say..&.I quote exactly ” Ok Mr. Bipolar you just said that Blacks and Mexicans suffer of inferiority complex to Whites”
          Kind reader – you need to re-read my comment where I speak of the inferiority issues of African Americans, Never once do I say or indicate that the Hispanics or Mexicans have this complex. I mentioned in one post that I had hispanic friends but I never once said the were afflicted with an inferiority towards whites. (only Blacks or Afro-Americans -Ghetto mentality) Again as it has become so apparent your level of reading skills are at middle school comprehensive level at best.
          You need to read slowly and think carefully before you post.
          In most of your messages you indeed show your complete lack of mastery of the English language and basic grammar skills. I notice that GSG does this sometimes as well, are you two by any chance related?
          You seem to have a very weak command of basic logic and comprehending abstract issues or ideas. In sum – probably too much Whacky Backy has fried your Brain. The prognosis is very grim indeed.

        • honyok


          I may very well have voted for Mr. Romney – you cant assume anything about me. I told you why twice and I am not going to be redundant and repeat myself a third time.

        • jameson7

          You already got banned for trolling once. I was under the impression you agreed to chill out.

          Don’t know what stage in your crank cycle get’s you in such a trolling mood but at a certain point it gets…..redundant.

        • honyok

          Why is it that others can throw negative comments at me and I am not allowed to defend myself.
          In fact you Sir Troll and attack poor Mr. Hacienda all the time.(just backtrack and look at some of the hideous comments you have hurled at him) So – its OK when you Troll but not OK for others.
          Isn’t that being kind of being two faced?

        • honyok




          “Hacienda – wise old oriental philosophy

        • honyok

          @J7 – Judging by the rantings in you last post I am afraid I am getting to you. Again I warned you about trying to do mental battle with me. Only Robert L. and a handful of others are in my league. Now, I want you to take some form of nerve pill, shut off your computer and forget about this for a while. I am afraid that you have become a man obsessed. You are letting my postings get under your skin. I will leave you with this one gem of advice young grasshopper….


      • Brengunn

        jungle dragons

        A race that could rival the white devil!

        We should be very afraid of Chinese expansion in Africa and potential racial threat that is the Jungle Dragon.

        In a hypothetical game of Top Trumps who would win?

        • jameson7

          Lulz. Come to think of it Blacks and Chinese could really complement each other well. Chinese got the discipline and intelligence. Blacks have rhythm and penis size.

          You know Kobe Bryant is the most popular athlete in China?

        • Brengunn

          Blacks have rhythm and penis size.

          I would have said creativity and individualism but a bid cock never harmed no one.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’d like to tell many a radical jewish feminist that the best way for them to help Africa is to have an African man’s baby.

        • Hacienda

          I would have said creativity and individualism but a bid cock never harmed no one.


          A big cock never hurt no one? Surely you don’t have one yourself.

        • honyok

          @brenggunn “a big cock never harmed no one”

          this is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.
          Rapist hurt people every day. Why are you so fascinated with big CocKs?
          your have made several post one this blog about the male genitalia.
          Maybe you need to go get you a large Cock and then you will shut up.
          stuff it in one of you orifices – preferably your big mouth.

        • Brengunn

          Maybe you need to go get you a large Cock – preferably your big mouth.

          Well, I do like big cocks, Honey cock, but I could never eat a whole one. Maybe you should try internet dating or hang around local public toilets? Anyway, I’m sure that special man is out there for you. Good luck babe!

        • honyok

          Well I beg your pardon – but from the content of your recent messages you seem to be overwhelming obsessed with the Male genitals.
          It is so obvious that Stevie Wonder could see it….
          I prescribe one Large Hard Hairy Human Cock for Brengunn
          per Dr. Hon Yok (unlimited refills) to be take as a suppository before bedtime

        • Brengunn

          @Dr hon yok,

          Did’nt you get struck off for rogue prostate exams? No, no you did’nt, you’re far to feeble minded to get through med school, you just like to dress up in a white coat and ‘investigate’ middle aged men. You naughty boy!

        • honyok

          I urge all commentators to scroll through Brengunn’s previous postings
          and feast your eyes upon his fixation with the Penis and its size.
          Obviously some deep ROOTed shit going on here between his ears.

        • honyok

          I you feel the overwhelming desire to discuss you fascination and fixation with the Human Male Phallus – then be my guest. I just wanted you to know that you are giving yourself away. I just merely smoked you out.

    • honyok

      @Brengunn- “Who said black men can’t cut it in…..” (whatever(?
      No one be saying anything about a black men cant cut it anywhere or anything-
      That concept or fear is all in your mind spawned by years of warped upbringing. I think they call it the Ghetto mentality
      Most people of color esp. African Americans have this form of inferiority complex when it comes to white folk.. You get dem Bros together and it aint be 5 minutes goes by dey be talkin shit bout Whitey dis and Whitey dat. From the cradle to the grave those spear chuckers are ate up with a deep rooted Whitey inferiority complex. You gotta keep an eye on whitey dey be saying
      Good luck with that….

      • I will say that Black people are very good at improvisational thinking. They don’t call it nigger-rigging for nothing, eh?

        • Hacienda

          improvisational thinking.


          pop pop pop, de day day day Robert Lindsay ay ay, jive talking. the wee lums, the dozens, scat, jazzy j, skee daddle de di do, ke shizel bobby lindsay a a zil.

      • Brengunn

        Most people of color esp. African Americans have this form of inferiority complex when it comes to white folk.

        We are the Caucasians, Race of races:
        Look on our works, ye mighty, and despair!

        • honyok


          I have officially banned myself from this blog.
          I will no longer responding to comments directed toward me so please use your time for other constructive pursuits.

  75. Bay Area Guy

    As the Metallica song would say, sad but true.

    • Dota

      Pakistanis are the worst offenders here.

      • Bay Area Guy

        After them, I’d say Arabs are the worst.

        I also find it interesting that neither Indonesia nor Malaysia were on that list.

        It seems that as far as Muslim countries go, Indonesia and Malaysia are pretty tame. Same with Turkey, and even though it’s on that list, I’d put Iran in the same category as well, despite some of their struggles.

        From what I’ve gathered, it seems like this “Muslim problem” is actually a Pakistani and Arab problem.

        When people talk about “Muslim rape” in Europe, they’re mainly referring either to Pakis in Britain or Arabs in Scandinavia.

        • honyok

          Yeah those Dark Muslims cant get enough of that tender blond Pussy up
          there in Scandinavia.
          But that’s their own stupid fault for letting them in.
          The wolf is in the Hen house now.

        • Dota

          After them, I’d say Arabs are the worst.

          Possibly, but not necessarily. As you know I don’t go to the mosque, so I’m going by second hand accounts here. The Arabs at the local mosque tried to get the current Wahabi imam fired but the Pakistanis ”vetoed” it. Some of my roommates friends proudly boasted about how they helped the guy retain his post. Nothing to celebrate imo. This is why Canada needs a strong white identity. I don’t want Saskatoon to turn into Saskistan (I actually said that very thing word for word to my boss and she died laughing much to my surprise 🙂 )

          A lot of these minor things distress me. When I see people (usually desis) change lanes in traffic without signalling, or yielding way to pedestrians or generally not observing the rules it bothers me. We’re going to lose civility and order if whites continue to decline in number. Some East Asians find my views to be silly and paranoid but these people have never experienced the chaos of South Asia or the Middle east as they come from societies that are already orderly and advanced (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China)

        • Gay State Girl

          “This is why Canada needs a strong white identity. I don’t want Saskatoon to turn into Saskistan.”

          Then do your part and go back home.

        • honyok

          Your right Dota – If the white Race declines and people of color rule the day there will be a complete breakdown of civilization.
          You literally will be taking you life in your own hands to merely sit outside and eat a box of chicken or barbeque.
          People will also stop living in houses and revert back to swinging in trees.
          Even Tarzan wont have a chance.
          Not to mention people shitting in the streets and yards like they do in India.

        • Gay State Girl

          I would have thought Somalis and Mauritanians would rank with South Asian muslims.

        • Dota

          Then do your part and go back home.

          After you make aliyah

        • Dota

          If the white Race declines and people of color rule the day there will be a complete breakdown of civilization.

          I’m talking about immigrants specifically as Blacks and Aboriginals have western values anyway and are not a threat to Western culture.

        • Gay State Girl

          “After you make aliyah.”

          Are you implying that Israel is my motherland? I finally wormed it out of you!

        • honyok

          No – you make good point Sahib – All people of color will one day overwhelm and destroy the white race and end civility. Der Fuerher warned of this.
          There is wisdom in your initial post. You cant pick and choose and have it both ways. Your original intent was clear.
          It is Black vs White. Soon our descendants will be shitting in streets and swinging from limbs and living in trees, forget how to read.(but still keep a really nice big car) even though they wont have fuel

        • Dota

          Are you implying that Israel is my motherland? I finally wormed it out of you!

          India is as much my motherland as Israel is yours.

  76. honyok

    We are planning on roasting a MULE for Thanksgiving dinner
    Do you want to know WHY?
    That is the only way you can get a good piece of ASS.
    OH Squanto you so funny…..

    • Dang I so need to get laid.

      Even those dead girls, down in the graveyard, even they won’t go out with me. I went down there the other day and dug a couple of those chicks up, and they wouldn’t even go for it, they just lay there, wouldn’t even do anything. Really depressing.

      • honyok

        Roberto L. El Jefe
        First you need to hook up with a Mortician who has the lowest of scruples who is desperately in need of extra cash..I just so happen to have one handy. In fact we went to High School together.
        He called me up the other day and said “Hey you member ole Big Titted Brenda who had those humongous cantelope Ta Ta’s?” I replied “you mean the one that only dated Jocks and was the hotest cheer leader”. The mortician friend replied
        “Yeah that’s her the one that wouldnt give yer nerd looking ass the time of day”. I replied OK! SO ? Well she’s here, she died last night and shes waiting on someone like you to fill her up. I reply OK I will be right down.
        Can you dress her up like a Cheer Leader? The Mort. says sure but its gonna cost you extra , I have to send my ole lady down to the costume shop and get the outfit. By the way do you want the Pussy warm or cold
        I reply – Oh by all means “Warm of Course” The Mort. says- I thought you’d say that I have the aquarium heater stuffed in her puss. Get yourself ready and wait about 3 hours and she will be ready for you. I will have the ole lady fix her hair like she wore it back in the day. (lookin at yearbook photo)
        So the moral to this stories Ladies – you may as well give it up now, cause sooner or latter I am going to get it anyway. Just a matter of time.
        This is the best method Robert. You have to get to em before they are filled with embalming fluids (phew) and no grave yard digging too. Find you a Mortician who is on dope or has to pay child support. Why should he care what you do with a dead person. Everyone wins – Indeed

        • honyok

          Yeah and you dont even need to use a condom. You cant give a stiff aids
          Right? and you dont have to worry about getting them pregnant.
          Like – Whats she gonna have a F**king Ghost or something?

  77. Gay State Girl

    It’s fun to see Joe Kennedy kiss up to AIPAC. It’s fun to see him humbled.

  78. jameson7

    Hey Robert, when we get a fresh page up in this bitch?

  79. Gay State Girl

    I guess the best way to humiliate Hamas is to desert them and let them try their hand at nation building. Then sit back and enjoy the show.

    • honyok

      @GSG – no one is going sit back and do that to do that. These radical Arab Mullahs are intent on feeding arms to those poorly besieged people of GAZA. I saw on CNN where these Beduoin Sheppards are humping those rockets all the way from Libya thru Sudan via Camel back across the desert to Gaza. When those people (Gaza) get there first Nuke it will be “Katy bar the door”. It is gonna hurt and hurt bad.
      but if they blow themselves to oblivion then my favoriteTV Nascar or Football programs wont be constantly interrupted every time someone over there blows something up. that is what is important.

      • Gay State Girl

        Nah, just witness how Palestinian refugees are treated in neighboring arab countries. Once israeli jews leave permanently, Hamas will be on its own.

        • honyok

          GSG –

          Israeli Jews leaving?- then the Palestinians wont have anyone to lob their bottle rockets at. I dont see the Jews leaving in the near future. besides the PLO and Hamas need a target rich environment. I am convince that both sides are not happy unless they are killing each other.

        • Gay State Girl

          Kissinja says there won’t be no Israel in ten years and that American jews should be prepared to deal with its aftermath. I put more faith in his words, but I wish he had started evangelizing sooner, like back in the ’70’s.

        • honyok

          GSg- If this is indeed a true prophecy then we need to promptly transplant all the Israeli Jews to the great state of Texas and assign them to border control. Just let them have Texas, why not? There experience with bombing Hamas and Gaza will come in quite handy.
          Hows that for killing two problems with one stone. Doh

        • Gay State Girl

          Well since every true white knows that jews were behind the immigration act of 1965, they’d be the last people to entrust with such an important job, let alone putting them in arms reach of NASA or LANL.

        • honyok

          @GSG – Madame
          I have contacted Mr. Lindsay and informed him that i am banning myself from this blog. You folks wont have old honey cock to kick around anymore. Starting this evening I will no longer be posting messages or responding to remarks on this blog no matter how dreadful the content. If you would please pass this message along to others.
          It has indeed been fun.
          Hon Yok

        • Gay State Girl

          “@GSG – Madame”
          Thanks for that.

          “I have contacted Mr. Lindsay and informed him that i am banning myself from this blog.”

          Why the need for the dramatic exit? Couldn’t you just slip away quietly and have us all worried sick?

        • honyok




        • Gay State Girl

          I’m Dorothy.

        • honyok

          Really? I thought EM was Dorothy. Obviously Robert L. is the Wizard and Jameson7 is definitely one of the flying monkeys.

  80. Gay State Girl

    This is the fourth year my family has had Iranian food for Thanksgiving.

    • jameson7

      Woo hoo hookah party! That my idea of Iranian food.

      • honyok

        I realize the following statement is a little off the current subject matter, but since this is the open water cooler I think it is ok to digress.
        Has anyone noticed that the majority of people that show up for these Black Friday Sales Events at these Mega Stores are usually low income, low intellect white trash, or minorities of similar social standing? And every year somewhere there is always a big knock down drag out.ass kicking and FOR WHAT? a piece of stupid merchandise.
        I bet they all have an average IQ rank of well below 100 across the board.

      • honyok

        @J7 – I have officially banned myself from this blog. Im out of here.
        Hon Yok

  81. Bay Area Guy

    @ Tulio

    Here’s another interesting, yet maddening OKCupid experiment.

    And feminists still try to deny female hypergamy.

    • jameson7

      Doesn’t it explain feminism perfectly? Feminism is the girls on the left side of the scale that are pissed the fuck off that the two girls on the right are getting all the attention.

  82. Steve

    “The whole idea of communism is dead in North Korea, and its most recent “Constitution,” “ratified” last April, has dropped all mention of the word. The analogies to Confucianism are glib, and such parallels with it as can be drawn are intended by the regime only for the consumption of outsiders. Myers makes a persuasive case that we should instead regard the Kim Jong-il system as a phenomenon of the very extreme and pathological right. It is based on totalitarian “military first” mobilization, is maintained by slave labor, and instills an ideology of the most unapologetic racism and xenophobia.”

  83. Steve

    “For Obama not only won the election (and it’s no secret that Netanyahu would have preferred a new president – namely, Romney), but that he did so without relying on the Jewish vote.

    Romney would have won Florida if he had taken a higher percentage of the Jewish vote, clustered in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties, but even if he had, it wouldn’t have mattered. Obama did not need Florida – and its considerable Jewish population – to win the election. The same held true for New York, with its considerable Jewish population.

    The fact is – and the numbers show – that if every Jewish voter in New York voted for Romney, Obama would have still carried the state. Finally, exit polling among Jewish voters showed that Obama’s support for Israel lagged well behind other bread-and-butter issues: The economy, education, the environment. Concern over Israel came in well behind these issues – a wake-up call for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that their hold on electoral politics might well be at an end. ”

  84. Hacienda

    Jews are reflecting white retreat from high end math/science/stem.

    From Steve Hsu’s blog.

    Check out the dropping rates of Jewish participation in ultra-competitive math and science competitions.

    • honyok

      Welcome back Sir. I was afraid we had lost you. I thought perhaps you had crossed the DMZ and sought political asylum in North Korea.
      Indeed welcome back- we have missed you so much.
      We love you long time.

    • Gay State Girl

      The number of jewish students has declined significantly since the 1970’s due to intermarriage, while the number of Asian students have risen due immigration.

      • Hacienda

        The number of jewish students…

        So don’t complain…

        The point of the Unz piece is that Asians are discriminated against by the ivy league while whites and Jews are relatively favored. It’s a de facto affirmative action program for whites. Affirmative action in elite schooling occurs for blacks, browns, and whites. A “pure” or unbiased selection would have higher numbers of Asians than currently exist at the Ivy “We Guard White Pride” League.

        I’m not complaining, I’m being truthful. And I’m laughing. Cuz it’s re-dunk-u-lus, baby.

        • Gay State Girl

          Did you see there are more jews than non jewish whites at Universidad de Colombia? Mostly due to it’s location I wouldn’t be surprised.

          I actually wish quotas had remained in place, so that Brandeis could be more prestigious that Harvard or at least that Vatican outpost. Sadly this was not meant to be.

          But Asians find ways of working around things. I am aware that quite a few Asian immigrants have set up technical training institutes in or around Silicon Valley which have the potential to grow into full sized universities and would become all the more prestigious if the best and the bright Asians would frequent them instead. I expected more of you Hacienda.

          I thnk we should support the growth of historically black and tribal institutions over affirmative action as well.

          Don’t compete with whitey or jewbag on their own turf. Find other ways to humiliate us.

        • jameson7

          Hacienda has obviously never been to UC Irvine or UC Berkeley.
          Can you say….yellow fever?

        • Hacienda

          “Don’t compete with whitey or jewbag on their own turf. Find other ways to humiliate us.”

          But we like the direct approach:

  85. Gay State Girl

    So don’t complain and start your own Historically Asian University system or Asian Brandeis.

  86. jameson7


    • honyok

      @J7 –
      Be very careful. There may or not be a Bigfoot. But there are indeed Trolls and they are reading everything you say.