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  2. Göbekli Tepe. Amazing place, nonsense rational. Orthodoxy says the people who did not live at Göbekli Tepe said, “ooh we have agriculture now let’s make a big stone thingy and make our spiritual stuff get organized there.” The ‘Birthplace of Modern Organized Religion’ hypothesis.

    I think that does not explain it. I have a better idea and it’s all about menstruation and the arms race between the agriculturalists and the relatively wild nomads. Who wants to play devil’s advocates?

    • Check

      | menstruation

      Typo? If not, pray tell more?

      • So we have the first agriculturists, women who bleed once a month, usually preceded by a pre-menstrual change of mood, and the vast majority of non-agricultural humans starving their nuts off as Ice age winters take hold, and naturally to try to find food they just follow the bears, who can smell blood from 50km away on a good day.
        As the agriculturists get more and more organised with their food supplies, the ebb and flow of bear-following hungry folk would keep on finding the people with the food, year after year.
        An obvious defensive adaptation evolves: During the time of menses, which coincides with the full moon, usually Hunter’s moon, the menstrual women separate themselves from the rest of the agriculturists. They would go to the same old place where they had set up big T-shaped positions to hide behind while they defend against hungry attackers, while any male warriors can then come in and administer the coup-de-grace.

        To this day many peoples still have the tradition of separating the ladies from the group once every month, though I guess few of them realise that this is how the practice originated – as an anti-predator adaptation.

        Jai Durga Ma!

  3. majordomo

    Here is a response to two 2010 posts about black geniuses where you gave REALLY BAD examples of black geniuses (Cornel West is NOT a genius). Here are examples of REAL black geniuses:

    David Blackwell and Ernest Wilkins.

    Ernest Wilkins received a PhD in mathematics at the age of 19 and he served as a mathematical physicist at the University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory, as part of the Manhattan Project. Working under the direction of Nobel Prize winning physicists Arthur Compton and Enrico Fermi, Wilkins researched the extraction of fissionable nuclear materials, but was not told of the research group’s ultimate goal until after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Wilkins was the codiscoverer or discoverer of a number of phenomena in physics such as the Wilkins effect, plus the Wigner-Wilkins and Wilkins spectra.

    Blackwell received a PhD in mathematics at age 22 and was inducted into the prestigious National Academy of Sciences in 1965 (first black to be inducted). He was also the first black tenured faculty member at UC Berkeley. In 1979 he was awarded the prestigious Von Neumann Theory Prize. Any student of advanced statistics knows of the Rao-Blackwell theorem named after him.

  4. jameson7

    Hey people what cell phones do you have? I need a new phone and a need to know the word on the streets.

    • honyok

      I am with Verizon and my phone is a Motorola.

      • honyok

        I saw on the Documentary Channel that because Jewish people are so wealthy that there is no such thing as a homeless Jew.
        Also I heard that there were no Jewish people killed during the 911 attacks because Israeli intelligence was aware of the impending attacks and warned all Jewish people who worked at the Trade Center to stay home that day. Is this true? Does anyone know? or is it just another one of those Urban legends?

        • Gay State Girl

          There’s a whole list of jews (even Israelis) killed on 9/11.

        • honyok


          Thank You are truly my dearest Darlng…. I knew you would come through.
          Then indeed that is just a mean spirited urban legend proliferated by those anti-semantic ying-yangs.
          Thank You my dear
          “now how about no homeless Jews” True?

        • honyok

          GSG- Im hitting on you in your Jewish tongue.
          perhaps I need to learn Yiddish. Hmmmmm?

        • honyok

          Oh Well GSG is not going to respond to me…

          She just rolled over and left me lying on the wet spot.

        • honyok

          GSG Yes you are indeed correct – I googled and found that 130 Israeli nationals were killed in the Twin Towers on 9/11.
          Well at least I got you attention. (I thought that would smoke you out)
          🙂 You are such a clever and interesting person.
          I am ready for my Bah Mitzfa now. MozzleToff – shalom shalom
          OY Vey

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m here.

      • honyok

        thats always been my Luck, a day late and a dollar short.
        Why would GSG want J7 when she could have me? I make her laugh
        hmmmmm women

    • jameson7

      Everyone knows the iphone is the superior phone…but I like to pretend there are other less expensive options that could be as good. Not to mention Apple products make you look like an elitist… complete with a smug face reserved for Steve Jobs rim-jobs.

      • jameson7

        Oh you are probably only going to get that last reference if you have been to American cities. On second thought I’m thinking more of Mac-heads.

    • honyok


      who said I was a married man? I have never revealed my marital status on this blog.

    • honyok

      In fact I have really never even admitted I am a man.

    • honyok

      anyways – married or not – regardless everyone here knows that no one in his or her right mind is going to share personal contact info with a complete stranger. Hell I could be a serial killer.or who knows what?
      So my teasing GSG is really just for fun. I do think she is a very bright young lady and I admire her wit.. beyond that I have no serious interest.

  5. Iñaki

    Sorry this is long!

    1. Hey Robert, how much do you know about Tatars? There is the misconception that they are Muslim Mongols, but most of them are not even Mongoloid. I suggest you read the book, “Islam in Russia: The Four Seasons”. The Tatars and other Turkic peoples of Russia are interesting in their anthropology, linguistics, history, genetics, and religion of these people and their impact and influence in the future. The author of the book I listed is (was) named Ravil Bukharev, and he states that the Kazan/Volga Tatars are (mostly) descended from the Volga Bulgars, who in turn are descended from Turkicized Finns/Uralians, as are the Bashkirs (Turkicized Uralic people). The history of the region (Russia/Ukraine) is also interesting in that many assimilations took place. I posit that the Russians are descended from Slavs but also Slavicized: Finns (Permians, Vespians, etc.), Iranic peoples (Sarmatians, Scythians), and Turkic peoples (Cumans, Kipchaks, and other Turks collectively called “Tatars”), with a very small amount of true Mongol blood. The Ukrainians, I posit, come from Slavs and Slavicized Sarmatians, Cumans, (Crimean) “Tatars”, other Turkic-speakers, and a small amount of Mongol blood. I say “Tatar” in quotations as these Turkic-speaking Muslims did not actually call themselves this, but were nicknamed this by the Russians and Western Europeans. The problem with “Tatar” is it assumes they are Mongols or part-Mongol, since the name Tatar comes from one of the Mongol tribes who served in the Mongol army. Now I assume this is the ancestry of the Russians and Ukrainians (and Turkic-speakers of the region) since what is today northern Russia (Euro section) was inhabited by Uralic peoples while the south was inhabited by Iranian-speakers (except Cimmerians – a Thracian people who were probably the first to live in Crimea and southwest Ukraine); I do not think these Iranians and Uralians simply disappeared when Turkic and Slavic languages came to dominate the area, I say these people were absorbed and assimilated, much like how Anatolian Turks are (mostly) assimilated Turkicized Anatolian aborigines. Anyways, do read the book I told you about, it’s very interesting.

    2. Please do a “A Little Bit of Caucasian/White in All of Us” article. (I have been asking for this for quite some time! But of course, by “white” I mean Caucasoid in general.)

    3. Were the original Uralic speaking people Mongoloid, like the original Turks, or were they originally Caucasoid? I ask this since some Uralians, like Finns, look Caucasian, but others, like Selkups look very Asian, while some, like Nenets, look mixed, or even uncategorizable. This topic, as well as the genetic part of the first topic, can be included in the “A Little Bit of Caucasian in All of Us” article.

  6. Mayan prophesy solved: In ancient Mayan South America, there were not as many people around as there are today. The average Mayan prophet probably would have believed that the world population was more than 9000, but less than 90000.
    The Mayans were used to a lot of people dying.
    The Mayan prophets REALLY COULD see the future, but only the future of souls. They could only do a head-count of people dying in the future, not of total living future populations.
    When the prophets checked out the current year, they saw over 90000 deaths in South America 2012, and thought “Shit! that’s, like, more than EVERYONE!”

    And so, believing that the world population was less than 90000, and seeing more than 90000 souls flying in 2012, they thought that it meant that everyone died. They had no idea that the 2012 population of South America was closer to 900000000 than to 90000.

    Easy mistake to make. Relax. All the Mayans really saw was the Mexican Drug War.

  7. jameson7

    Our phones are multicultural…

    “All iPhones contain hundreds of parts, an estimated 90 percent of which are manufactured abroad. Advanced semiconductors have come from Germany and Taiwan, memory from Korea and Japan, display panels and circuitry from Korea and Taiwan, chipsets from Europe and rare metals from Africa and Asia. And all of it is put together in China. ”

    • honyok

      I admit on some past postings I have made that I at times have been rather harsh on you. I apologize and hope you can forgive me. This is not a ruse but it is from the heart. I wont mess with you anymore.

    • Brengunn

      I honestly feel these companies are traitors and their yuppie followers should be beaten in the streets. If they keep giving the Chinese a bigger slice of the pie, soon they’ll want the whole thing.

      Do they really think they can run a profitable innovative company in a country where there is no industrial middle class? Not to mention that they’ll have no western customer base anymore.

      Bunch of bastards.

      • jameson7

        The reality is that we in America just don’t have the skilled people to do a lot of manufacturing jobs well in the modern day. You can blame that on our screwed up educational system and rightly so. People simply buy the best product. I avoid buying Bic lighters made in America because I can taste something in them… I’m guessing from impurities and low quality control of industrial grade chemicals…I buy Bic lighters made in France and they taste like nothing…exactly how it is supposed to.

        Seriously fuck America if it makes shitty products…Japanese cars don’t implode on themselves like American cars. We do business and sales, movies, and mass culture. Most international companies still need Americans to manage them and offer oversight (apparently the word in engineering is that Asian’s and Indian’s suck balls at executive management and still need white people to tell them what to do)

        In all likelihood we are probably never going to be a good manufacturing country again unless we have a serious socialization occur.

        • Brengunn

          The problems you state are’nt labour problems. The workers can’t be blamed for chemical regulations or design faults. Education? C’mon J, how fuckin’ hard would it be to assemble an iphone or any other gadget. That’s all on the job training stuff.

          There just is’nt the political will to have a strong workforce anymore. All those economists who talked about service economies should be hanging from lamp posts now. They sold us out, big time.

          Our countries can not work with serious top heavy economies, western civilisation needs a large tax base to function properly and that’s not going to happen when most are on minimum wage and a few have their cash stashed in the Caymens.

        • jameson7

          True. You might be missing that there really aren’t that many newer generation Americans trying to work manufacturing jobs there are TONS of unemployed college graduates however. The two statements alone should be an indicator of what’s going on.

          How does one make white people desire to work manufacturing and engineering jobs? Almost all engineers are Indian now, simply because white people don’t want to do those jobs.

        • Gay State Girl

          Engineering and IT as undesirable professions or just intimidating courses of study?

          I can understand that anyone with half a brain and a GED would not want to work in manufacturing for long periods of time, but there are other forms of manual labor that should be more desirable.

        • Brengunn

          You may be right about that but Western governments are also culpable in selling this university fetish. The fact is, far too many kids go to uni that should never really go, plus that has weakened the technical colleges. It even goes back to a misguided egalitarian principle about streaming in high schools. Kids should be streamed at 13 into academic and practical subjects with the emphasis on teaching profitable skills for an export economy.

        • Gay State Girl

          The only proble with streaming is there’s no wiggle room for those who decide to change career paths or had an alternative reason for not performing well oin high school.

          I understand how highly skilled labor might be attractive to people who had grew up in that milieu but no one with half a brain and a GED wants to work an assembly line for any long period of time.

        • Fly By Night

          working on the assembly line is for those with a strong back and a weak mind. The day in and day our repetition monotony is absolutely maddening. After a few years if you are not soon a zombie you will be.
          By the way GSG – I like what you have done with your hair. It looks very

        • Gay State Girl

          Do they have an equivalent of the community college system in Europe?

        • Fly By Night

          Oh , my heart is broken, she is ignoring me. There is nothing worse for a Troll then to be totally ignored, especially by such a beautiful foxy lady with an IQ of well over 190. Alas….

        • Gay State Girl

          The reality is thaat most young Americans haven’t really been aquainted with repetitive assembly line work, especially if it is gross. The ritalin generation wouldn’t have the patience.

          The more skilled forms of hard labor are more high paying than many jobs that require advanced degrees, but for some reason they just aren’t on the radar of most upper class Americans (we’ll call them coasties like they do at University of Wisconsin because it has more to do with geographical location than ethnicity or socioeconomic level.)

        • Fly By Night

          @GSG- You are so astute, I think you know just about everything.
          I coulld read your comments all day long.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’ve compiled a list of public colleges and universities(based mostly on SAT and ACT scores,) into four categories, those that should remain unscathed, those which should merge with others of a similar caliber (within a 100 mile radius) and keep the top 50%, those who should keep their strongest points and become special focus institutions, and those who need to be eliminated altoghether.

        • Fly By Night

          anyway, I am so glad you returned I was afraid I had ran you away.
          The most important thing is you came back. We are down to one regular female commentator now. By the way it might surprise you to know that people with college degrees are taking assembly line jobs because the Job market is so terribly bad. They are taking anything they can find just to get a paycheck. I personally know a guy with a bachelor’s degree and he is riding on a Refuse truck picking up trash.

        • Gay State Girl

          But at least he gets to remain in motion…

        • Brengunn

          Do they have an equivalent of the community college system in Europe?

          Yes. I went to one.

          If you had the choice of minimum wage at Walmart, a call centre, or a living wage and benefits on a monotonous assembly line, which would you choose? Besides, the country (UK or US) needs a healthy manufacturing export economy to remain a prosperous nation, so any individual concerns about job fulfillment really don’t matter. Go get a hobby, if you feel unsatisfied. I don’t believe Americans would have a problem with this work, if it was available.

          The more skilled forms of hard labor are more high paying than many jobs that require advanced degrees, but for some reason they just aren’t on the radar of most upper class Americans

          Because hard physical work takes a severe toll on the body. Look at construction workers, some of them are half crippled by 60. Plus, there is no cachet in plumbing.

        • Gay State Girl

          When I said community college, I was referring to schools that help adults change career paths or enable people who were tracked into vocational studies during secondary school to amass academic credits and transfer to academic colleges, not run of the mill trade schools.

          Sorry more higher paying labor should read higher paying labor.

          “but for some reason they just aren’t on the radar of most upper class Americans”

          That was intended to be facetious. I do think we could lure young SWPLs to solar panel installation or organic farming.

        • Brengunn

          That was intended to be facetious.

          Doh! Went over my head. I remember seeing an episode of ‘Friends’, where they were envious of the money their electrician made on callouts. I thought maybe you were thinking along similar lines.

          As a sexual fantasy, do you like a man who’s had a manicure or a man with dirt under his fingernails?

      • jameson7

        Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Europe consumes all this cheap flimsy shit and eat dog food on a regular basis. We are fat, numb, and our daily attention to detail is abysmal. It already has taken it’s toll… you can’t expect a culture of quantity over quality to possibly be sustainable.

        • Brengunn

          Well, not on the same scale that Americans do but the trend is the same.
          You can’t go a couple of days without hearing about obesity epidemics or mountains of household debt or the throw away culture.

        • jameson7

          Do Irish people watch or emulate American culture to a large degree?

        • Gay State Girl

          I hear that from American Europhiles a lot, but real Europeans are always quick to correct them. Eurotopians annoy the hell out of me. Forget the muzzies or joos, Eurotrash are ruining their own culture.

        • jameson7

          Yeah real Europeans correct them from a European perspective probably not knowing …I know damn well I can get better quality shit buying from Europe than from America, they are more socialized, healthcare, much tougher education standards, better food regulation standards, not sucking the dicks of elites to quite the same extent, hands down better music culture ect.

          We have better TV and movie production…I’ll give America that one. Although really we are only talking about Hollywood.

          If you were a Liberal why the fuck wouldn’t you look to Europe?

        • Brengunn

          Do Irish people watch or emulate American culture to a large degree?

          Only inasmuch as everyone copies American culture but probably the British Isles especially. Tell you one thing I wish you had kept, ‘Awesome’. Everything is fucking AWESOME nowadays. Drives me mad.

        • Brengunn

          I went to Texas in the mid-nineties on holiday, I had a sister living there. I was shocked when I seen the fat people on mobility scooters, I’d never seen people that fat before. We have them here now! Not many but they are growing in numbers. They really are offensive to the eye.

          What you say about medicine and food regs is all true. I don’t know about music though.

        • jameson7

          “We have them here now!”
          Haha, the super fat are something you never fully get used to…unless of coarse you are fat yourself..which being an American it is very likely that you are. On the plus side being skinny in America has become practically a mythology…like wow low body fat so fucking amazing. When being anorexic is a status symbol you know you’re fucked up.

          I’d say mainstream American music sucks because soooo much marketing and production goes into it all you have is some watered down generic entertainment lacking any real artistic purpose. It makes money though because the advertunes almost always work for their target audiences.

        • Gay State Girl

          Work from the schoolyard. Awesome and Cool died in 2001 along with those other poor souls.

        • Gay State Girl

          I wasn’t referring to the economic situation, but the notion that modern European culture is superior and Europeans are more educated though that is due to filtering and weeding out the less desirables

          And the upper echelons aren’t so hot either. For one thing political correctness is more stifling and there is a much greater presence of negative traits such as substance abuse mental illnesses (real or feigned) and bad manners in general.

        • jameson7

          “For one thing political correctness is more stifling and there is a much greater presence of negative traits such as substance abuse mental illnesses (real or feigned) and bad manners in general.”

          So basically just like every big city in America?

        • Brengunn


          More bad manners? I don’t think so, where did you get that idea from?

          I know some Europeans like to think of America as their spastic, inbred, nouveau rich cousin, most of us know that’s (mostly) not the case but there are things we do much better than ye do, some of which j7 mentioned.

        • jameson7

          Americans probably do work harder than Europeans, but they do it chasing image like rat race psychos without any real purpose or direction. Who is more likely to kill ourselves in the desire of obtaining possessions? Or is some guy scratching lotto tickets who still thinks he is going to become a millionaire despite working as a janitor for 20 years?

        • Brengunn

          The super fat should be stapled to billboards in city centres and on motorways until they look like gross bat signals. We should fast them fuckers out of their bad habits.

        • Gay State Girl

          When I said bad manners, I was referring to the superiority complex that drives them to act entitled and engage in reckless behavior and take short cuts. My mother works with a lot Europeans (mostly from France, Spain, and Italy) but says they never put in their best effort and find loopholes and many of them have feigned mental illnesses.

          But in terms of actual manners, noveau Europeans couldn’t hold a finger to the American South.

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t know Jamestein. If muzzies take over, it can only be attributed to the laziness of Europeans.

        • jameson7

          If they take over where.. Europe? They are what they are because after world War II they have had the US do everything militarily while they sit around and enjoy spending budget on social programs. When you don’t have an active military culture making everything authoritarian and ass-busting…. people start to actually focus on enjoying themselves. Europe is merely a sleeping giant militarily…and she ain’t waking up unless it’s important. The Muslims are too divided and chaotic among themselves to really have any offensive strategy or future of expansion.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Eh, I wouldn’t call it laziness so much as cowardice. They’re too PC (obviously, Europeans’ mileage varies in this regard), and would rather be demographically eclipsed than be “racist.”

          But yes, ultimately, if Europe becomes Eurabia (or Europistan, since many Muslims there are Pakis), then indigenous Europeans have only themselves to blame.

        • Bay Area Guy

          I mean, hey, if Israelis, who are even more allergic to manual labor and dirty jobs than Westerners, can keep immigration in check, then why can’t Europe?

        • jameson7

          You know the answer to that…they aren’t afraid to be brazenly racist in regards to would be immigrant neighbors. Segregation is a very effective strategy.

        • Gay State Girl

          I was referring to the entitlement complex and aversion to hard work in general rather than cowardice, (although mental illnesses are jewish inventions) Europeans are more likely to be “afflicted” with them.

        • Gay State Girl

          Easy buddy. That’s what Mizrahim and Arabs are for. JFK.

        • Fat people can be a real problem around here. Like in my town, you are walking down the sidewalk and a fat person comes walking the other way, ok? Well, you gotta JUMP OFF THE SIDEWALK just to let em pass. Does that seem fair?

          Also, let’s say it’s a nice sunny day outside, right? You go outside. Well, if there’s a lot of fat people around, they PRETTY MUCH BLOT OUT THE SUN. Doesn’t that seem unjust?

        • I have seen some anoxeric types around here. Almost always a young White woman. I have seen a few of these types. They were so damn skinny, they would turn sideways, and THEY WOULD LITERALLY DISAPPEAR. I kid you fuckin not.

        • Fly By Night

          talking about Fat people back in my College days me and my Frat. Bros. used to compete to see who could copulate with the most humongous heaviest girl. As hard as I tried I never made it above the 300 lb. weight class. And wouldnt you know they always wanted be on top.
          (I know you are wondering how did you determine their weight)?
          Well we just so happen to have a fortune telling weight scale at the Student Union Bldg. that if you inserted a penny it gave your weight and told your fortune) Most always these lard ass chicks would fall for it.
          The date usually always consisted of an all you can eat Smorgasborg Buffet. (if they hesitated to weigh in that always broke the bubble)
          Well honey if you dont weigh in no din din for you.

        • Fly By Night

          Hey Bob, dont beat up on those fat people so much. If serious MEGA hard times set in the human race will resort back to cannibalism and eat those FAT M.F’s to survive.
          Whether you like it or not Cannibalism is in our DNA. As long as those heavies are struting around we will be eating high on the hog.
          There are countless incidents in recorded history where mankind has had to resort to this to survive. So bring those lard asses on – there big and slow, so they cant out run us. Easy Meat on the table.

        • Why do these crazy Svedes even let those fatties even eat at Smorgasbords anyway? Anyone knows if you let fatties eat at Smorgasbords they will eat so much food THEY WILL MAKE THE RESTAURANT GO BANKRUPT. That is so not vair vor the Svedes.

        • Fly By Night

          Hey – If you were really hard up and need to get laid and it came down to
          one of these 400 pounders or an 90 pound skeletons
          which would you choose

        • The Halloween rattler, no problemo.

          I’ve already done a few Asian sticks. It was weird, but a pussy’s a pussy.

        • jameson7

          “My mother works with a lot Europeans (mostly from France, Spain, and Italy) but says they never put in their best effort and find loopholes and many of them have feigned mental illnesses.”
          By comparison if you have ever been around the workaholic drive of a fundie American protestant…it has to be seen to be believed. It’s like being around a damn tweaker. All freakin day they work without stopping..sleep..and then do it again the next day. Not exactly a recipe for attention to details, higher contemplation, intellectualism, or that sensitivity that women like…but damn they can it get shit done.

          The only work ethic that compares to what the Protestant work ethic used to be is probably the Chinese currently.

        • Gay State Girl

          I guess…those are all Catholic countries. But the entitlement complex has spread to Northern Europe as well.

  8. Fly By Night

    EM- very astute observation. I forgot I said that.
    Thank you Emily – a senior moment on my part I guess.
    and as far as putting out personal info on a blog. well I wouldnt do it. Im sure it happens but I dont think it is wise.
    I am only interested in GSG in a platonic sense. However I find you are also very witty and indeed an interesting person as well. I always read what you and GSG are posting.
    Thank you for the answer. I was becoming a little worried that you were something like that long island medium Lady.. You know ESP and all that.

  9. Fly By Night


    Well I definitely would not post any personal contact info here and I am sure everyone here will agree that I am definitely not in my right mind.

  10. Fly By Night

    All I can say is OMG Robert what have you gone and done?

  11. Fly By Night

    actually it was you Em and a recent post that you made directed towards me that actually touched my heart and awakened the inner conscience in this old Troll. You did that….. after that post I started apologizing to all I have offended.

  12. Bay Area Guy

    Well, Robert, I think I might have found a reason why Indians are apathetic about people openly urinating/defecating all over the place.


  13. jameson7
    “As a Henry Ford patient, you will be asked more detailed information about your race, ethnic background and preferred language starting in 2011. This will help Henry Ford better care for our diverse community.”

    LMAO!!!! If you are Jewish they forget to resuscitate you.

  14. Brengunn

    Got the courage(or depravity, don’t know which) to watch one of the Mexican beheading videos on the other site. Pretty gruesome stuff, alright.

    This might sound a little stupid but the thing that probably most affected me was how quickly the person goes from living human to inanimate object. One second many years of experience and memories are contained in that persons head, the next it may as well be a rock or football with no control over itself, free to be tossed or used like any other object.

    • Yeah I thought about that a lot when I was watching those beheading videos. After the first one, I flipped hard and was traumatized for 2 weeks afterwards. But then, I kinda like to be traumatized, if it’s the right kind of traumatized.

    • Hacienda


      That’s funny. Korean zombies are taking over. WASP empire falling way ahead of schedule. And all I had to do was put up some timely Girl’s Generation video’s up here on this blog. Mission Accomplished.

      So now we celebrate. You and me, we reseed this broken planet with our babies. The way nature intended. Israel, New York, California, and Boston can all go to hell too.

      New Zion is whereever you and I are at.

      • Gay State Girl

        “New Zion is whereever you and I are at.”

        Conveniently….(drumroll) Australia! (Where Israel should have been developed in the first place.)

        • Hacienda

          Conveniently….(drumroll) Australia!

          What about a Motel 6? I’ll do Zion in Las Vegas with you. Nothing going in Australia. Nothing there. Vegas is being re-formatted, Chinese style. Mannered customer base. Chinese money. It’s cool. Hot zionist chicks are most definitely welcome. We’ll get Jewamongus to be our chaffeur, hand-man. He looks the part, don’t he?

  15. Gay State Girl

    “Nothing going in Australia.”

    Thats what makes Australia great. Millions of miles of undeveloped land and undiscovered treasures.

    • Brengunn

      Would that be as an independent state or a Jewish province of Australia? I wonder how the Aussies would react when the aggressive land grabs started? The fight would be more even, I think, than the current situation. Or perhaps reversed.

      • Gay State Girl

        They woudn’t even realize the land was gone. You couldn’t pay them to live in the uninhabited regions.

        • Brengunn

          But is’nt Australia’s current boom financed by the mineral rich emptiness. There would be a source of competition, if the Jews were camped out there somewhere.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m game. Especially since China already has their foot in there.

        • Brengunn

          They buy the stuff but they don’t mine it, so it’s not a physical presence unlike in Africa. If the Chinese were’nt buying it someone else would be.

          It would be very interesting to see how the world (America especially) would react to Israel and a Gentile country squaring up. How do you see it? They could say goodbye to conservative support support, fuck they’d probably have liberals supporting Israel.

        • Gay State Girl

          No Israel’s done in the eyes of liberals, what with the value of the Holocaust and White Christian eroding.

        • jameson7

          To the religious Zionist nothing could be more humiliating than Australia and letting Arabs have the Holy Land. I think they would rather start nuclear war.

        • Gay State Girl

          Australia humiliating?

          I don’t mind letting the ultra orthodox stay and fend for themselves. I get annoyed when the Gaza Groupies bring up the Hareidim to score a few extra points because their analysis is superficial and predictable but they probably wouldn’t be pleasant neighbors.

        • jameson7

          It’s the equivalent of telling Muslims to leave Mecca and settle for Greenland.

        • Gay State Girl

          I think a lot of secular Israelis would jump at the opportunity.

          I think the best way to humiliate Hamas is to desert the area, recognize them as a legitimate government…and let them try their hand at nation building. Let’s see how they are once they stop being a celebrated cause in the Arab.

        • jameson7

          We all know they would fail miserably. This is why they need Israel. But they would never admit such a thing.

        • Gay State Girl

          The establishment of Israel may have been the bane of the Western world but it was a fucking godsend to the middle east. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  16. Bay Area Guy

    Fascinating analysis.

    Every establishment Republican should be required to read this.

    Even though Robert might not like this blogger on account of his libertarian economic views, I mainly read him for his analysis of immigration, race, and culture.

    He makes a pretty forceful case that it is demography, culture and a society’s underlying values, and not specific policies, that determine a country’s fate.

    • jameson7

      Good find. The best place to understand American politics is always overseas. I can imagine why Mexicans would want a bigger gov with how unstable Mexico is with the limited Mexican government.

      • jameson7

        Has anyone met encountered socially liberal Mexican’s the article is claiming is becoming the majority?

      • Bay Area Guy

        Just look at demography.

        Amerinidans/Mestizos in Latin America strongly favor left wing governments.

        The reason why Latin America at times comes across as so neoliberal, unequal and reactionary is because of its small, wealthy white elite.

        It’s the Amerindians/Mestizos who are the primary Hispanic immigrants to the U.S.

        And when you look at the one Hispanic group that is predominantly white (ie. Cuban Americans), a group that was formerly the wealthy elite back in Cuba, guess how they lean politically? Yup, they’re mainly right wing.

        If most Hispanics are going to lean left in their countries of origin, why would they be any different here in the U.S?

        It’s pretty simple. If you’re a racial minority group comprised primarily of uneducated, low-skilled laborers, and immigrants, which political ideology are you going to naturally gravitate towards?

        As Tino would say, if Republicans can’t honestly tackle this issue, they deserve whatever fate awaits them.

        • Bay Area Guy

          And Asian Americans support the left for very similar reasons. It’s in their best interests as a racial minority group comprised primarily of immigrants to do so.

  17. Bay Area Guy

    Wow, quite a vicious response for a reasonable enough question. I guess this goes to show that even so-called anti-Zionist Jews retain some of their Jewish tribalism.

    • Bay Area Guy

      And BTW, it’s not just “anti-Semitic white supremacists” who are pointing out this double standard. More and more people on the left, including at GSG’s favorite Mondoweiss, are also beginning to notice this double standard.

      Me thinks that this young Jewish woman protesteth too much.

      • Gay State Girl

        It doesn’t help that they’re the biggest multiculturalists and neocons are more moderate on race relations.

      • Gay State Girl

        That whole site is a parody of liberal zionism.

      • Bay Area Guy

        It doesn’t help that they’re the biggest multiculturalists and neocons are more moderate on race relations.


        Even though I’m very critical of Israel, I will never become part of the PSM.

        Even though they’re taking on Israel now, they’re multiculturalism will eventually translate into going after white people like me.

        • Bay Area Guy

          For example, at UCI’s “Israeli Apartheid Weeks,” the Muslim Student Union often enlisted the support of various non-white, “multicultural” organizations.

          (in addition to a few white leftists)

          It seemed liked they were trying to turn the PSM into some “people of color” rainbow coalition.

        • Bay Area Guy


        • Gay State Girl

          The jewish antizionist sites aren’t very sophisticated either. I guess it’s a produt of online indie journalism, so these people aren’t representing anyone but themselves and feel free to spew their verbal diarrhea and don’t come across as professional. This applies to other issues as well but I’ve noticed it most in the anti zionist blogosphere.

    • jameson7

      Politics are not supposed to be reasonable or intellectually satisfying. He hit unreasonable “red line” the moment he said white supremacist without an immediate condemnation.

      It’s the same response you’ll get from a PC lefty. Or even a Zionist Neocon.

      • Bay Area Guy

        It does seem like petulance has become the defining feature of the cultural left.

        • jameson7

          Yes. It is difficult to say that everything needs to be changed without coming across as whiny and pessimistic.
          Most people that can only really debate between the given party scripts. You gotta watch out for making your point without hitting the wrong blacklisted keywords.

    • erika


  18. Bay Area Guy

    The way I see it, the U.S. ought to withdraw ALL of its troops and military infrastructure from South Korea.

    I’m sick of seeing American blood and treasure invested into defending a country whose population resents our presence. This isn’t the 1950s or Cold War anymore. We have no good reason to be a global policeman anymore.

    Let South Koreans maintain their own national defense. And if North Korea somehow invades them (unlikely), then that’s their problem.

    Having seen enough Korean hostility towards white America, I say we give them what they want. Let’s completely withdraw and allow them to manage their own affairs. Good luck with your own military!

    • erika

      please don’t misunderstand psy,that picture tell almost nothing! does it tell why psy sang that? does it tell when? it was the 2004! since then psy never again sang against america the 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010, 2011,2012…he sincerely apologiezed and you can tell his change wasn’t “suddenly” because money,he and other koreans did that because the abuses of some americans in korea and iraq,not because out of nothing

      • Bay Area Guy


        I am well aware that PSY was reacting to specific incidents of Americans in South Korea behaving poorly, and that his anger against the U.S. and its military was justified.

        However, advocating killing and torturing their relatives? That’s not justified.

        As one commenter on Ask a Korean’s blog pointed out, while rapper Ice T advocated the killing of cops in retaliation for police brutality, he never advocated killing or torturing the cop’s family members.

        Besides, regardless of PSY, I STILL would support the U.S. completely withdrawing from South Korea. As the Korean pointed out on his blog a while back, there’s been a dramatic generational shift in attitudes towards the U.S.

        Young, nationalist Koreans, having grown up in a more affluent and secure South Korea, no longer really see American help as necessary. If anything, they view the U.S. as a rival at best, and an unwelcome presence at worst.

        Besides, I’m an America firster, and believe in an isolationist foreign policy. No way this country’s founding fathers would approve of investing money and thousands of troops in a place such as Korea.

        • erika

          you are right, but what i dislike is the bad information that is growing, people saying that psy hates america, wanting to boycott him, saying that he apologiezed because fame and money,that is SAD and UNJUST, and it seems some americans are just acting racist against a foreigner and an asian making it big,things like these:

        • Bay Area Guy

          Frankly, I could care less about PSY.

          I don’t think he deserves the hate, but considering how overhyped he’s been, I don’t exactly feel a ton of sympathy for him either.

        • Ichigo Kurosaki

          this reply is to everyone: i am very sad U,u because the new Psy’s song is very dull U,u in my opinion and the opinion of many, don’t know how good it will be the music video, but let me say something= many mainstream american music is dull too and if fans forgive the trash and dull music of Justin Bieber is because they find him hot =P not because much better talent, so don’y humiliate koreans for that apparent failure
          too bad that Korea lags behind Japan and China in cultural influence in the west; the legacy of Hong Kong chinese cinema is vast, its actors, directors and screenwriters have big influence in Hollywood, and maybe lately there hast been many popular chinese films since some time, but they can recover some day
          the legacy of Japan anime and manga never will stop, each year new mangas will ship and be released here to america, its already stablished and unstopable, companies will keep licence anime too, broadcasted or in dvD
          but in cultural influence Korea is in danger of have just 1 legacy U,u a one hit wonder, my lost hope for korean music is the new english song of Girls Generation, they are enough pretty to be forgiven of trash music so if they don’t make it big in America i will be really angry
          (by the way, i am not superficial person, but i know looks really count in big part in music, the believer girls support Justin because they think is hot U,U which is pretty stupid because anyways he never would date most of them, why to follow him for his looks too, his music isn’t worthy)
          these Girls will conquer america for sure x)

        • Jet Li

          hi everyone, judging by the number of likes it seems that new Psy’s song was received mostly positive, and even now i admit is a little catchy, however i am not proud at all, in fact there is a lot of criticism too and i still don’t like at all that song, and i am afraid Psy is liked just because Gangnam Style, i don’t want him to be liked the same way Justin Bieber is (instead of being liked for good music, Justin for its fangirls and Psy for Gangnam) please help here to make viral another song of him, “right now” ,i think is not as good as Gangnam but many people, me too, agree is better than his new song and arguably his second best option after Gangnam, please eveyone in the blog, share this to facebook or twitter to make viral just like Gangnam did, here we saw less criticism than in his new song judging by youtube comments, lets hope he releases an english version

        • Brengunn

          @Jet Li,

          I don’t think anyone here gives a shit. Why would they? I’m even a bit puzzled why you care so much. Can’t you be an anime fan without going all crazy for all things yellow?

          We already knew Psy was a one hit novelty act, no amount of campaigning will change that.

        • Jet Li

          really? novelty act 😛 even though i didn’t like much his new song, one side of me is happy that at least in youtube the rating is mostly of approval, more likes than dislikes, less than 3 days and more than 50 millions of views!!!! many people from all the world comments, and i even saw an american parody of his new song, it would be perfect for me if i really loved his new song but oh well, besides many fans agree that he also should release that song of “Right Now” too
          – some people have Bigfoot or socialism as their main passion for life, some have their hindutva ideology, me? East Asia, my life ambition is the east asian domination of the world x) is exciting how East Asia is growing :’) ,in this world where all the cultures compete to be the best and have the most attention, east asia is growing quickly, what an interesting goal and ambition, they are developing so fast, very cool :’) , i am so proud of them ,my loyalty is East Asia, i chose them x) ,Mexico? my race isn’t mexican ,Spain? ,how can i love Spain if that country let my grandparents go from home many years ago x) i can’t love it, spain let many of its children scape from home i am not used to that country so i can’t love it i didn’t grow up there, i understand your agenda of white pride, but my love is with all things asian… japanese anime manga like Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, One Piece,etc ,some korean music: Psy and Girls Generation, they are 2 of the most anticipated 2013 albums and the legacy of the chinese cinema, Jet Li,Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and some chinese movies have been of the few non hollywood films in america, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, Kung Fu Hustle, rich and intersting stories, so admirable
          the intelectuals of these blog need to know more east asians awesomeness… and thats all, besides my passion is more sane than being a hindutva or islamist obsessed

  19. Gay State Girl

    Dying in a plane crash was the best career move Jenni Rivera could have made. Now she’s getting mainstream attention like never before.

    • Fly By Night

      Yes, Indeed. I am sure Jenni said to the pilot just before the crash – Hey crash this plane into a mountainside and kill us all. I need the publicity. Doh!

      • moctezuma xocoyotzin

        mexican culture would be more intesresting if those people used names from their culture instead of copyng the westerns,instead of jenni rivera,i would prefer a:AMOXTLI RIVERA, CITLALI RIVERA, EZTLI RIVERA, ITZEL RIVERA, IXCHEL RIVERA, IXTLI RIVERA, IZEL RIVERA, TAYANNA RIVERA, TONANTZIN RIVERA or IXTAB RIVERA

        • Gay State Girl

          While I prefer to see entertainers perform in their native tongue, it’s ridiculous to embrace your ‘roots’ that you never actuallly grew up with. You inevitably end up looking like a caricature.

        • I SMELL A FART

          GSG – then you should be speaking Yiddish

        • jameson7

          I think you mean to refer to people who regard embracing of their ‘roots’ as an ornamental transition without investing themselves into becoming the culture. You see people get identity crisis in regard to culture in America many of which being disenfranchised people. Other countries do it in regard to America as well given it’s unrivaled popularity in the world…..grass is always greener on the other side. Ooooo exotic American culture….I’ll listen to Country music in this funny English language…ooooo Jesus maybe he is why Americans have so much money I guess I’ll convert to that now.

  20. Bay Area Guy

    Is there anything white people do that ISN’T attacked as racist? That’s what I want to know!

    How dare a white woman represent a European country! This is an outrage that cannot stand!

  21. jayjay

    “”Only the Nambudiri Brahmin of South India ( kerala) has a Proto- Indo European ( raised and nasal accent)
    Customs and traditions
    Namoothiris are mostly Smarthas but Shaivism and Vaishnavism are also present to a minor extent. While Tamil Brahmins follow Vedic traditions in the temples, Namboothiris follow Tantrik tradition similar to Tulu Brahmins. The Namboothiris were considered to be the most orthodox brahmins of India. The Namboothiris are acknowledged as being among the foremost vedic scholars of India. In fact, among all the various Brahmin groups in India, it is only in the vedic chanting of the Namboothiris that one can find a relic of the PIE (Proto-Indo-European) language (in the form of some specific raised accent). This ancient oral tradition of Vedic chanting is getting extinct after merging of the erstwhile Princely ruled states of Cochin and Travancore to the Indian Union in A.D. 1947.””

  22. Bay Area Guy

    What is up with all these rampage killings and attacks as of late? And why are either whites or East Asians almost always the culprits?

    I wonder if what Tulio described as “Sodini Syndrome” might be at work?

    From the article on the China school attack:

    In one of the worst incidents, a man described as an unemployed, middle-aged doctor killed eight children with a knife in March 2010 to vent his anger over a thwarted romantic relationship.

    • mi

      children are annoying

    • Gay State Girl

      “What is up with all these rampage killings and attacks as of late? And why are either whites or East Asians almost always the culprits?”

      It’s not newsworthy when it occurs in the black or hispanic world because it happens too often.

      • jameson7

        GSG I’m calling the PC Police on you!

      • Bay Area Guy

        @ GSG

        Don’t get me wrong, blacks and Hispanics on average commit more acts of violence than white Americans do.

        There’s a lot more chaotic, everyday violence within the black and Hispanic world than there is the white world.

        If you ever hear about someone being randomly killed over a parking spot, or some other kind of idiotic confrontation, it’s usually going to be blacks who are the culprits.

        However, it usually only involves a few deaths at the most, and is mostly over stupid shit.

        At the same time, with the exception of a few people like Colin Ferguson or John Allen Muhammad, you don’t really see blacks committing random rampage killings.

        As much as it pains me to admit it, whenever you hear about a gunman or stabber attacking a bunch of random kids at a school in a premeditated fashion, it is almost always going to be either a white (or East Asian) guy.

        I wonder if it’s cultural.

        If black or Hispanic guys get mad at something, they don’t hesitate to retaliate. This is what often results in stupid, random fights, or what The Boondocks would call “nigga moments.”

        If whites or Asians get mad, they’re more likely to bottle it up. Most of the time it’s fine, but every now and then, you get someone who can’t take it anymore, and feels the need to go on a rampage.

        • Gay State Girl

          These kind of systematic killings require a great deal of planning.

        • Brengunn

          Why do they go for school children though? When I finally snap you’ll find me throwing grenades at a really cool alternative rock gig or maybe spraying hard bodies with an Uzi at an exclusive gym, but not the kids, I’ll leave the kids alone. Unless they’re posh prep school kids, then I might get a little stabby.

        • Fly By Night

          “These kind of systematic killings require a great deal of planning”.))))–

          How pray tell would you know? Are you speaking from first hand experience? (guffaw guffaw guffaw)

        • Gay State Girl

          He should have just killed his mother and left it at that.

          These were post children. The median family income for Newtown is $119,175. Believe there are people who say the kids deserved it because their parents were rich bastards. Any takers?

        • Fly By Night

          Yeah if you are going to shoot someone – at least make the world a better place…..

          Shoot drug dealers, Child Molesters, and bigfoot hoaxers.

        • Gay State Girl

          Well most of the blacks and hispanics who commit crimes have been acquainted with violence since they were born and are already in possesion of weapons. It takes a great deal of effort if you didn’t grow up in that milieu.

        • Fly By Night

          someone should not be killed because of their wealth or because of their poverty.
          If you believe this then you need to go gargle in a dirty toilet.

        • Fly By Night

          It doesnt take a lot of brains to go get some guns load them and kill a bunch of innocent kids. GSG -you need a serious reality check. Your logic is straight out of sesame street.

        • Gay State Girl

          I was just saying that there are people who would say that. I’m not going to name any names.

        • Gay State Girl

          You misread me. It takes a great deal of effort to acquaint yourself with such a culture if you come from a privileged background.

        • Gay State Girl

          Maybe living on sesame street wouldn’t be so bad, even if you did have to run into the occasional grouch.

        • Fly By Night

          Anyone that would say that is truly a heartless and depraved individual.
          you are missing the urgency here. Something needs to be done to get this sort of thing stopped. Too many copy cats out there. I for one intend to write and call my elected officials and ask them to take action. i urge others to do the same.
          outlawing guns wont fix it, there are too many out there and they wont be turned in regardless what laws are passed.

        • Fly By Night

          Thats it – you just called me Oscar the Grouch.
          I am going to report you to RL. How could you?

        • Fly By Night

          you are forgetting one thing. The kids of today are raised playing these violent video games. (Especially affluent Kids) In fact the Columbine lads took great pride in their skills playing “DOOM”. Get real GSG – these video games inspire and prep these kids to act it out in real life. As usual your real life logic and rational is seriously inept.
          Do you live in your Mom’s basement? sometimes you sound like it.

        • Gay State Girl

          I wasn’t referring to you on either count.

        • Fly By Night

          I should know better to argue with a woman. You can say what you want but In my heart of hearts you brought up this Oscar the grouch thing.
          The timing and all was perfect.
          I dont mean to be hurtful, but sometimes you seem very naive when it comes to how things really are in the real world.
          thats OK – I am going to change my moniker to OSCAR with the photo and all. I am sure that will make you feel better.

        • Gay State Girl

          Most wouldn’t do it in RL.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m sick of scapegoating video games. It’s an unfounded prejudice. Video games have positive effects as well.

        • “If whites or Asians get mad, they’re more likely to bottle it up. Most of the time it’s fine, but every now and then, you get someone who can’t take it anymore, and feels the need to go on a rampage.”

          Might be the Hitler or Genghis Khan genes.

        • Fly By Night

          It doesnt matter – it just takes one idiot to do a lot of damage.
          ie- One idiot = 30 deaths at Sand Point, CT. today
          In Sweden – one idiot = 60 dead
          Its not going to get any better unless we do something.

        • Fly By Night

          GSG – you have the most perverse mindset of anyone on this blog.
          you are devoid of any logic. In my heart of hearts I honestly believe you are saying stupid and bizarre things just to stir the pot and get a rise out of someone.
          In fact – you are Trolling. Look at the remark you made recently about the Mexican singer that died recently in the plane crash.(posted here on open topic).
          That was very cruel to say what you said.
          I dont think I will be responding to you anymore. The shit has done got old.

        • Gay State Girl

          Blaming media is a way of covering up your own failure as parents and teachers.

    • ana

      look at japan instead,the rising china is still a developing country,but japan is an example of what united states as a fellow developed country should do:

  23. jayjay

    Blacks and Hispancis commit ‘survival crimes’. Crimes to sustain life. Robbery theft even murder but with an objective to survive in society.
    But Whites being pervese because they were molested by the Annuki commit ínsane’crimes. You see its all coming back to them in their heads.
    These crimes are simply to satisfy the psychology ( self loathing, repression etc) not the physiology( hunger, poverty etc).

    • Fly By Night

      I cant really argue with your point as it indeed has merit and validity.It is based on logic and accurate cultural dynamics that exist today.

    • Brengunn

      Survival crimes? I think you’re overstating the hunger of African Americans and probably Hispanics too. From what I can see they’re a bunch of fat bastards. So they’re not stealing for food.

      • Bay Area Guy

        So you’re telling me that around 20 young black men gang raped a 12 year old Hispanic girl in Texas for reasons of survival?


        • Fly By Night

          good point. well played. Every mass killing is unique and has its own set of generating circumstances. They cant be all lumped into one broad definition or explanation or so easily defined as JayJay is trying to do.
          Ie this kid in Sandy Hook was tormented by his mother.
          ie the Columbine Murderers were tormented by bullies at school.
          ie the young man who shot those people earlier this week in the Oregon shopping mall was frustrated because he was rejected by the Marine Corp. for having bad feet and couldnt find a job.
          These types of people are lashing out at society because they feel they have been wronged or mistreated.
          I am not saying they are justified, I am just saying each case has its own unique catalyst that trigger the event.

        • I’m reminded of the Neuroscientist James Fallon.

          His career involved studying the brains of psychopaths by doing brain scans, and was startled to find his brain, personality, and genes fitting that profile.

          Disturbed by this discovery, he believes why some psychopaths don’t become killers, himself included, was due to being raised in a caring, loving environment, which blocks any violent tendencies compared to someone living in a stressful environment.

  24. jayjay

    Fat bastards mean they are eating junk food. So where does one go for good nutrituous food? prison? Maybe. Better to get it at the neighbourhood store.

    • Brengunn

      What? People commit crimes because they want access to prison food? It’s a perspective I’ve never heard before, I’ll give you that!

  25. jayjay

    @Bay Area Guy- of course there will be nodes of exceptional behaviour. I am talking about GENERAL behaviour. What are the stats on White sex deviant crimes and blck sex deviant crimes and I beleive white sex deviant crimes will be proportionately more based on per capita

  26. jayjay

    @Bay Area Guy- and remember rape is about POWER and REVENGE and NOT about SEX. Therefore strictly speaking, Rape is not a sex deviant crime- but serial killing is. Dig deep and you will find that serial killing is caused by the urges of sexual inadequacy, dysfunction, repressed homo, etc.

    • Brengunn

      I thought the ‘rape is’nt about sex, it’s about power’ idea had been debunked. I’m sure power is part of rape but I bet sex is the main driving force.

      • jayjay

        No very few men would like to have sex where there is reciprocity. The act of rape is to “cow” the girl. It is a one way thing to dominate the person ( male or female)

  27. jayjay


  28. jayjay

    A New Age: Eons ago the Annuki presented their skills and talent to the White Europeans who then went on a technology spree creating both wonderful gifts good and bad but certainly amazing. The Internet is the last great invention of these Wunderkpeeps. Their leadership is waning to be handed to the culture bearers ( ie copycats) and the world shall go through some years without any major new technologies and inventions.
    But however this is the age of Spiritualism. beginning the 21/12/2012. the age of rapture shall start. Our makers shall descend upon us to take us back/rule over us. They will be speaking Sanskrit. Better learn Sanskrit

    • jameson7

      Good G-d that is a long article. What did you go to college for BAG?

      • Bay Area Guy

        Why did I go to college?

        Well, I was raised to believe that college was the way to go and the only real viable way to eventually find a suitable career.

        Obviously, I was wrong.

      • Brengunn

        It’s like a fucking novel. I only got part way through, can anyone summarize it? The part I read seemed to be saying that it was Asians that were being discriminated against, what was the overall gist of it. Is it anti-white? Because I can’t muster any indignation on behalf of the chinks.

        • Bay Area Guy

          In a nutshell, the biggest winners with regards to race/ethnicity and college admissions have been Jews. Despite the fact that Jewish meritocracy has significantly declined in the last couple of decades or so, massive Jewish overrepresentation at Ivy League universities has continued unabated.

          Meanwhile, despite the fact that Asian meritocracy and overall percentage of the population has exploded in the last few decades, their percentages at Ivy League uni’s has more or less remained the same.

          Finally, even though white gentile meritocracy has more or less remained the same over the past few decades, their percentages at the Ivy League level has significantly declined.

          Therefore, if elite universities were truly meritocratic, there would be a lot more white gentiles, a lot more Asians, and way fewer Jews.

          In many ways, this article rips apart the old WASP nepotism versus new Jewish meritocracy myth.

        • Bay Area Guy

          So yes, it is anti-white.

          The white working class and regular middle class in particular lose out.

          The only whites who benefit from the current university spoils system are wealthy white legacy types (ie. the 1%) and Jews, both of whom are very small percentages of the overall white population.

        • jameson7

          Haha I’m waiting for someone else to read it as well. You’d have to attend “YHP” to be pompous enough to write a 10 chapter article.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Just to clarify, Jews would still be overrepresented by a few times their percentage of the population. They’d be a little less than 10%.

          But nowhere near their current 25% representation at Ivy League universities.

        • jameson7

          Have you noticed how many Jews work in Education? It’s called connections. Everyone knows you can get into a university better if you know somebody on the inside.

        • Brengunn

          Just to clarify, Jews would still be overrepresented by a few times their percentage of the population. They’d be a little less than 10%.

          Very interesting. So, judged purely on academic performance there would be 60% less Jews in the Ivy League? It stands to reason that there would be some bias towards Jews, it’s human nature.

          What about post college careers BAG, have you any stats on the success of the various groups in terms of contribution to the economy, technology, culture etc. I’m thinking in terms of Asians being great test takers but a little less successful in life.

        • Gay State Girl

          Not really. There has been a spike in Asian enrollment at prestigious universities and they have largely displaced jews in other prestigious institutions such as the UC system and the Techs (MIT, Caltech, Georgia Tech, Illinois Tech) and they’ve displaced episcopalians in the private preparatory high schools, which jews never did.

          I’m only half joking when I say I would build a gas chamber for less successful jews, but I wouldn’t mind if quotas had stayed in place. It would really have given us the opportunity to establish and develop our own institutions.

          Have you considered cashing in on the North Dakota oil boom?

        • Gay State Girl

          “Have you noticed how many Jews work in Education?”

          Just like media, finance, high tech, etc. But you’d have to prove that the admissions commitees as well as professors were almost exclusively jewish.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ GSG

          When Unz wrote that article, his main criticism and focus were the Ivy League schools.

          He actually cited Cal Tech as the logical conclusion of a meritocracy.

          Have you considered cashing in on the North Dakota oil boom?

          I’m guessing that was addressed to me?

          Well, seeing as how my intellectual background was primarily in the humanities, and I don’t really have anything in terms of a business background, I wouldn’t be able to justify relocating from the Bay Area to North Dakota anytime soon.

        • Gay State Girl

          The ivies are shit factories anyway, as are most super prestigious tiny LACs.

          Ivy Grads are drowning in debt and unemployment, while midwestern C students are raking in $30/hour in oiling or solar panel installation.

        • jameson7

          “But you’d have to prove that the admissions commitees as well as professors were almost exclusively jewish.”
          Are you saying you believe Jews gain high admissions due to white people feeling guilty towards da poor Jews? This is the second argument I could could come up with.

  29. Gay State Girl

    Charles Murray has something to say about meritocracy and the resulting brain drain. If you allow the best and brightest to rise to the top, they are going to remain in the ivy league milieu or similar environs and marry others in their situation and produce intellectually superior children. Liberals won’t admit that intelligence is somewhat genetic in nature.

    • jameson7

      “Liberals won’t admit that intelligence is somewhat genetic in nature.”
      Conservatives don’t believe genes exist period so I still consider Liberals to have the upper hand. I suppose you are saying that Liberal refuse to acknowledge racial differences in intelligence. I would argue that it can be changed with culture over time(how many generations is the question). Ashkenazim aren’t smarter than other Jews because they were mandated smart genes by G-d or are a different ethnic group, they are smarter because they were Talmudist and had higher cultural selectivity towards intelligence. Neuro-plasticity exists! Into the fire with you non-believers!

      • Gay State Girl

        Not racial differences but contemporary cultural stratification, which includesthe best and brightest NAMs. He’s a economic conservative but he has the intellectual honesty to admit that red states are dumber on average than blue states.

        • jameson7

          “red states are dumber on average than blue states.”
          Thay is? Oh mama I thowts bein whites alone wudda been enuff.

  30. Gay State Girl

    Ron Unz made it out that young jews are slackers because the scores have dropped and Phil Weiss of course jumped on it and attributing falling scores to economic privilege and the lazinness that comes with it, but this is reflected in the general population as many more weak and average students are taking the SAT and attending college because it is increasingly necessary. At the turn of the century, less than one percent of the population went to college. In the 1950’s less than. I can’t speak for jews in public or non denominational private schools but over 10% of my sister’s graduating class (in orthodox jewish day school) scored over 2300 on their SAT, and 3 (out of a class of 56) have come home with trophies from mock trial or academic decathlon. They don’t engage in frivolous activities such as proms or competitive sports. And weak students are ostacized be their peers as well as parents and teachers, make of that what you will.

  31. Gay State Girl

    The Asians enrolled at American universities are in no way an accurate representation of all Asians.

    • Bay Area Guy

      The Asians enrolled at American universities are in no way an accurate representation of all Asians.


      That’s why it’s called “the brain drain.”

    • Huax

      Yep – the East Asians are notably genetically inferior. The best stay in East Asia, or go back.

  32. jayjay

    @GSG oh come on – human brains evolve. From factory to creativity

  33. jayjay

    anyone know where I can download qbasic for windows 8? So far I only see for windows 7

  34. jayjay

    The famous British Mathematician tried to forecast the incidents of war.
    How about incidents of mass killings?

  35. Gay State Girl

    Fred Phelps for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Iñaki

    Do any of you guys have sufficient knowledge about genetics? I heard (and I add to) a theory based on genetics that Russians and (southern) Ukrainians are not very much Slavs at all. The theory comes from the fact that haplogroup N (a signature Uralic marker) is found in very high proportions in ethnic Russians in northern Russia, leading to the theory’s conclusion that northern Russians are Slavicized Finns/Uralic people – especially since all the territory of what is today northern Russia was inhabited by Finno-Ugrian tribes like the Chuds, Permians, and Vepsians. Southern ethnic Russians (and Ukrainians) on the other hand carry haplogroup R genes that is very typically found among west Slavs and Indo-Iranians (excluding Persians who I believe are mostly descended from Iranianized non-Indo-Europeans who originally populated modern-Iran, such as the Elamites). Although R is found among west Slavs, it is also found among people of Indo-Iranian descent such as Central Asians, Afghans, northern Indians, Kurds, and Ossetians, and we know through historical records that the original people of what is today southern Russia & southern Ukraine were Iranian peoples (the Sarmatians and Scythians). So this theory proposes that southern Ukrainians and southern Russians are ultimately descendants of Slavicized Iranians. (Sarmato-Scythians were Turkicized by various Turkic groups and finally turned into the Crimean-Astrakhan Tatars & possibly Volga/Kazan Tatars, before being Slavicized as Russians and Ruthenians/Ukrainians). This theory would therefore explain why most Russians (and many Ukrainians) have unique looks that are not found among other (Indo-)Europeans and even other Slavic-speakers. I am not 100% sure of this theory, but I believe it has powerful genetic evidence. What do you think of this theory?

  37. jayjay

    R is also found among South indians, among the Brahmins

  38. WmarkW

    Subject: Guns and Race

    This site doesn’t talk much about the gun control/ownership rights debate, which is fine because it mostly doesn’t go anywhere. But in the last couple of days, Michael Moore (whose star-vehicle documentary Bowling for Columbine ludicrously claims the difference between the USA and Canada homicide rate is not due to our black population) said this week that gun ownership is driven by racial fears. Meanwhile, Steve Sailer has posted that white suburban liberals’ support for gun control stems from fear of urban minorities living on the periphery of their neighborhoods, but they can’t put it in those terms.

    I grew up on the fringe of a suburb, and can certainly appreciate the urban/rural divide on the need for guns, as driven by typical police response times. The point I really want to bring up, is how crippled discussion of the issue is when both sides’ arguments are squelched by our societal aversion to honest discussion about dangerous minorities.

    • Gay State Girl

      I can sympathize with people who feel the need to protect themselves. My South African relatives own multiple guns. But most of the gun enthusiasts are NOT simply interested in defending themselves.

      • I SMELL A FART

        “Not all gun enthusiasts are simply interested in defending themselves”

        this is true- some gun enthusiast desire to kill as many people as possible
        “en masse” Like the dude in Sweden, Columbine, and Sandy Hook.
        ect ect ect.

  39. Tulio

    Brutally insightful post from an incel. Must read for anyone interested in the topic of incel.

    • Bay Area Guy

      Damn, that was an incredible read.

      Just reading that, I found myself angry at feminists and American women as a whole. I’ve heard many anecdotes from other men confirming that either they or men they knew who were given advise (particularly feminist advice) from women have failed miserably in their dating lives.

      Deep down, a cynical part of me tells me that feminists want to deny men access to sex and intimacy. To me, it just can’t be a coincidence that feminists spend so much time denouncing “nice guys” as entitled creeps, or that they tend to be against prostitution. Or that they have a passionate hatred of pornography.

      Perhaps a subconscious part of them recognizes that much of what they say (particularly in the form of dating advice to men) is bullshit, so that only compels them to construct even greater lies.

      Because I know for a fact that their advice is worthless. Some of the most romantically/sexually successful guys I’ve known in my life have been male chauvinists and sexists to some extent.

      I think one of the reasons why feminists hate PUA’s so much is because deep down, they hate admitting that PUA’s are right when it comes to what they say about most women. Also, PUA in many ways employs emotional jiu-jitsu. Just as how women play games and use emotional manipulation against men, PUA’s likewise employ games and manipulative tactics. Women have having their own weapons used against them, it seems.

      • Bay Area Guy

        You know, I think every lonely American men should spend time learning a Latin American, Eastern European, or Southeast Asian language. Or Portuguese (since you mentioned interest in Brazilian women).

        American women just don’t seem worth it. They’re the most physically unattractive, overweight, hypocritical (demanding equality in the workplace on the one hand, but still expecting chivalrous treatment. And all of that while abandoning traditional feminine roles, like them no longer being able to cook), and seem to be among the most anti-men women on the planet.

        Like you once said, they seem like a lot of work for little reward. If that weren’t the case, the PUA/game industry wouldn’t be so big.

      • Bay Area Guy

        women *hate* having their own weapons used against them

        • Tulio

          Coming up through high school and college I also experienced much of the emotional turmoil that guy did. I even had suicidal thoughts and all. I hated players and jocks because they got what I want while treating women like cum dumpsters. But I just never had it in me to act like a jock. Still don’t. I’m still a “nice guy” at heart, but I know I can’t make that too obvious around women. At least not up front. So things like taking women out to nice restaurants and buying them champagne and all that stuff, I’m still fine with doing, but save that till AFTER you’ve had sex with them and want to continue dating them.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Oh yeah, I can relate to everything he said. The sense of despondency and all.

          I think it’s a stunning indictment of American women that men have to cultivate traits common in sociopaths in order to have any significant success with them.

          I just wonder what the long term ramifications of this are. I can’t imagine that a society that “eats betas for lunch” (as Athlone McGinnis said) can properly function for too long.

          Because, as is not acknowledged enough, betas are the builders and upholders of civilization.

        • Tulio

          I think what we’re going to see in the future is rapidly declining birthrates. More men going MGTOW and more women aging themselves out of the marriage market due to pursuit of education and career. Birthrates in the West are already falling but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

          If I had a daughter, my advice to hear would be to take her 20s very seriously with regard to mate selection. I would tell her the reality is that a woman has a very limited fertility time compared to men and that she is at her most desirable to men when she is in her 20s. Go ahead and pursue an education and career if you so please. Just don’t spend your entire 20s partying and casual dating and then rushing to find a husband at 33. Don’t be like the women on Sex and the City and think life is great as a spinster career woman. It’s highly unlikely that lifestyle will lead to long-term happiness. Find a good long-term guy ideally when you are mid 20s and try to be married well before 30. Don’t worry about finding the “hottest” most alpha guy. Love will come with time and devotion, just find a good guy that treats you with respect, that you could see being a decent provider and responsible father. All the rest is trivial.

          I think people get married to late now, particularly in major cities. In many countries like in Latin America or E. Europe, if a woman is married by 25 she’s a spinster. In America you have 35 year old never-married women that think it’s still cool to go out clubbing with their girls and posting the photos to facebook.

        • Tulio

          ^^^ mean to say if a woman ISN’T married by 25

        • Tulio

          BAG, read this excellent article:

          Same thing is going on in Australia. Women WILL be the losers in this game.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Fascinating article. I guess this is an overall anglosphere problem.

          Perhaps time is the greatest ally of men. That one quote near the end says it all:

          “She can get an 8, but keeps trying to find a 10. Then, when she turns 40, she can only get a 5!”

          Frankly, I have no sympathy for women in their 30s who say they can’t find a good man willing to commit. All the decent men who would commit are the beta males that they wouldn’t give the time of day to during their 20s. So whenever I see one of the many “where have all the good men gone?” articles penned by mainstream publications, I find myself shaking my head.

          Women really have only themselves to blame for men’s growing refusal to commit, or act increasingly like douchebags. Serves them right for ignoring or ridiculing beta males.

          As Dave Chappelle would say, “chivalry is dead, and women killed it.”

          But at the same time, that article gave me some hope. Women have all of the power in dating during their late teens and early 20s, but it seems that starts to change by the time their 30s comes around.

        • jameson7

          I will start by saying I think this article is capturing something extremely moving. A man actually expressing emotional FEELINGS that he feels Feminism caused him harm(inadvertently). This is actually novel and new. In the past men did NOT express FEELINGS of hurt…..EVER. Showing that the true way to heal what Feminism became is though nothing other than feminine sensitivity. This being what the feminists were asking to be acknowledged in men in the first place as with the woman’s masculinity.

          Now that I’ve said that. Let’s look at where this essay is flawed.

          As much as a man may now hate that bad advice mammy and your sisters may have given you when you were younger(what the fuck did you think they we’re going to tell you? what did you think religious upbringings of the past told men? neither are going to tell you to fuck women).

          Feminism does not hold the blame for a person being a weak man with a low self esteem. That lives in the emotional and physical absence of your parents in particular the father to teach you what you are to become as a male. Very likely you may have had your mother working as well, and when social structure in development breaks down it is going to be the MAN that suffers, whereas the woman is so much more socially inclined and with greater social abilities she will adapt better. If you knew just how cruel and abusive the men of the WW2 generation were in America you would understand better why the following generation wanted nothing to do with that form of male culture. They did not however have any good way to guide their boys as an alternative of what they were to become. Given that we are currently raised largely in institutional peer groups we are supposed to figure most of this out within the larger generational crowd.

          If you take for a second that PUA, which is majorly guys playing emotional games normally reserved for women is somehow making you into a strong man that you weren’t before I’d take it with the irony that you still aren’t using a masculine outlet for gaining attraction from a woman in your pursuit. You just aren’t acting meek and unsure of yourself is all.

          So now feminism makes men compete with one another whereas before every man had a woman arraigned to him without him having to prove anything to the woman beyond an ability to provide. In our current system everyone must figure it out and develop themselves to be much more than this now.

          Let’s look at this article for what it has described…
          The author is bitter, whiny, holding a grudge, thinking he didn’t have value for not having a relationship, victimizing himself.
          Which one of these shows that he is a strong man? Before you consider the rhetorical answer realize the question is not correct and many of his traits are stereotypically negative feminine characteristics under these old premises.

          A new question can be…
          What traits can he display that he is now a strong HUMAN BEING?

          The point is that it is these polarities themselves that keep us from realizing how to be the people that can make not only the opposite sex fulfilled but also ourselves.

        • Hacienda

          BAG, read this excellent article:

          Same thing is going on in Australia. Women WILL be the losers in this game.



          As a proud black man, what would you say to a world-wide alliance of coloreds continually depopulation whites and ultimately returning the Americas to the natives?

        • Brengunn

          what would you say to a world-wide alliance of coloreds continually depopulation whites and ultimately returning the Americas to the natives?

          Or, what do ‘cloloreds’ think of whites having the pick of their best and brightest? Poor coloreds!

        • Bay Area Guy

          As a proud black man, what would you say to a world-wide alliance of coloreds continually depopulation whites and ultimately returning the Americas to the natives?

          Leave it to Halucienda to somehow, out of nowhere, turn this into a racial issue.

          I so wish that the U.S. had not intervened in the Korean war, and had just left you to rot.

        • Tulio

          If it weren’t for the US, Hacienda might be rotting in a prison camp under one of the Kims like this guy did:

          Must be nice to have the freedom to be a race troll in the internet.

        • Hacienda


          Not a troll. Dead serious, Uncle T. Evil whitey rule is over. Let’s do the right thing.

        • Bay Area Guy

          And just like that, Hacienda derails a productive discussion with his usual axe to grind against whitey.

        • Hacienda

          productive discussion


          America as a white society is dead. There is no possibility of a “productive discussion”.

          Wipe the slate clean. Admit the eternal sins of whites are too grave to make up. One salvation left for whitey. Do the right thing!

        • Bay Area Guy

          LOL, so because American white society is dead, we are forbidden to have discussions about non-race related topics? A discussion about dating/courtship dynamics must become one about whitey needing to atone for his sins?

          Put down the drugs, Halucienda.

        • Hacienda


          Talk all you want. My “thesis” is that there is a deep relationship b/w the breakdown of white society, including white men/white female relationship breakdown and the forever (eternal) sins of whitey on the continents of the Americas (genocides, slavery, and ecological)..

          So it’s not at all unrelated.

        • Bay Area Guy

          My “thesis” is that there is a deep relationship b/w the breakdown of white society, including white men/white female relationship breakdown and the forever (eternal) sins of whitey on the continents of the Americas (genocides, slavery, and ecological)..

          Okay, first of all, perhaps you should have mentioned that first. That way your comment would have at least been (barely) relevant to the discussion.

          Second, your “thesis” is retarded. Great claims require great proof, and you have none. Don’t worry though, Halucienda. I’m pretty sure there is some scholarly article asserting that the breakdown in American courtship can somehow be linked to antebellum slavery.

          BTW, East Asia is also experiencing crises in terms of marriage and courtship. Just look at the incredibly low birthrates of Japanese and Korean women, as well as the fact that Korea’s divorce rate is quite high. Not to mention that China has a growing number of angry, frustrated men. Such a high IQ race, in their infinite wisdom, decided to significantly reduce their female population, leaving tens of millions of men frustrated.

          (Huax’s retarded claim that China’s monogamy will keep it stable notwithstanding)

          So tell me, Halucienda, is East Asia also experiencing some karmic payback in that regard?

          Your claim is absurd.

        • Hacienda

          So tell me, Halucienda, is East Asia also experiencing some karmic payback in that regard?

          One off consumption sins. East Asia until fairly recently had a robust ecology also. But you have to fight capitalism and militarism with capitalism
          and militarism. Unfortunate path. BTW, whites aren’t uniquely guilty, just more recently and more scaled up. Too bad for you guys.

          Multiracialism can be a solution to current white society ills (due to karmic sins- genocide, slavery, ecology, ie death of all animals whites don’t like).

          It begins with bringing back the races of men who didn’t slaughter the animals. Is this TOO simple?

        • Bay Area Guy

          It begins with bringing back the races of men who didn’t slaughter the animals. Is this TOO simple?

          LOL, what the fuck are you even rambling about?

          Somehow, this discussion went from courtship to restoring ownership of this land to the American Indians. And now you’re giving ME a hard time for my supposed lack of understanding.

          Wow, just wow.

          And you still haven’t provided any evidence for your claim that there’s somehow a link between whitey’s original sins and the current dating market.

          It’s put-up or shut-up time.

        • erika

          stop being mean with asians,japanese and korean are smart, they both high DENSITY in their countries,and their houses are small,the dumbasses economists don’t see their plan and are overacting,once the japanese population go to some 100 millions instead of 127 millions and the 2 koreas go from 73 millions to some…63 millions,their birth rate will go up again and chinese males that can’t have wives in their country,in reality with that excuse they will immigrate to all the countries in the world and will marry foreign women and the chinese gene will spread all over the world

        • Brengunn

          Multi-racialism in former predominantly white countries, far from being the demise of the white man, proves European exceptionalism and confidence in our own talents. We did’nt fear opening the world up and conquering it nor do we fear letting others come to our countries now to work for us. Both incomprehensible ideas to the inward looking, neurotic Asian.

        • erika

          oh my gosh,don’t be mean with asians,actually if i were british i wouldn’t feel proud that my country is turning into india 2,if i were german i wouldn’t feel proud that my country is becoming turkey 2 and if i were french i wouldn’t feel proud that my country in turning into north africa 2; but the korean and japanese are ,proud that their countries aren’t becoming southeast asia 2,the immigrants don’t work always for the natives,sometimes they took the spotlight from them,like a famous !french” soccer player with blood from algeria or a wealthy “british” with blood from india

        • erika

          claps for japanese and koreans,because they don’t allow potential TERRORITS from muslim countries like indonesia,but germans and french are allowing potential terrorists from turkey and algeria,i feel so bad for them

        • Hacienda

          because they don’t allow potential TERRORITS from muslim countries like indonesia

          That’s right. It’s sensible. I feel bad for Marie Antoinette. France was a real country once upon a time. But the French must be punished relentlessly for what they did to her.

        • Hacienda

          the chinese gene will spread all over the world


          We need more Lao Tzus and Confuciouses. Sun Tzus. The greatest thinkers and military leasers ever in history you dumb fucks.

        • Hacienda

          And you still haven’t provided any evidence for your claim that there’s somehow a link between whitey’s original sins and the current dating market.


          Have you ever seen how nearly all mass killers end up committing suicide when the gigs finally up?
          Mebbe it works the same with races of men.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Have you ever seen how nearly all mass killers end up committing suicide when the gigs finally up?
          Mebbe it works the same with races of men.

          Wow, very compelling and persuasive evidence, Hacienda. Full of facts and analysis.

          I can only wonder how you managed to write essays in college.

        • Hacienda

          Wow, very compelling and persuasive evidence, Hacienda. Full of facts and analysis.

          Karma only means the natural process of things according to their nature.
          The same complex of shit that nature endowed whitey with causes both his/her evil doings as well as whites current “dating” problems.

          Karma doesn’t mean some accounting function- tit for tat. (Which is what you seem to believe it means).

          Either way Karma IS a bitch for genociding, slaving, ecology havoc reeking races. You can take piece of wisdom to the bank, BAG.

          It’s only about time colored folks woke up. But I’m thinking the nigger race is just too damn dumb.

          Regardless. I’m not anti-white. I really do believe whites should make way for the natives. Whites can still live in the Americas and play with their toys all they want too.

        • Bay Area Guy

          So pop karma is your evidence and explanation? Can’t say I’m impressed.

          But I’m thinking the nigger race is just too damn dumb.

          LOL, aren’t you an enlightened one, Mr. noble Asian spirituality guy.

        • Hacienda

          LOL, aren’t you an enlightened one, Mr. noble Asian spirituality guy.

          It’s a COLD techno world white lives in. Deranged, deranged. Feeling deranged. I need animals around me again. The whites I see, seem like ghosts. In a machine dream. Like in the matrix. A Philip Dick novel. Losing grip on reality. Losing touch with my instincts. Losing my grip on earth. Whitey disappearing….disappearing…need…the…animals…..Whites are a ghostly ghastly disappearing dream….LOL…

        • Bay Area Guy

          Ah Hacienda, you really don’t make sense at times man.

        • Brengunn

          Ah Hacienda, you really don’t make sense at times man.

          Monkey goes west and it’s all lost in translation.

        • Hacienda

          Ah Hacienda, you really don’t make sense at times man.
          Of course. Whites are profoundly de-natured.

        • Huax

          @Bay Area Tard
          Not to mention that China has a growing number of angry, frustrated men. Such a high IQ race, in their infinite wisdom, decided to significantly reduce their female population, leaving tens of millions of men frustrated.

          Here’s my response to you:
          Just as the top 1% hordes an obscenely disproportionate amount of the wealth, so too do alphas now have modern harems.

          China 10% wealth concentration: 41%
          United States 10% wealth concentration: 83%

          Please let me know if you’re having trouble understanding your own logic.

        • Bay Area Guy

          I fully acknowledge that the U.S. has a particularly poor record with regards to inequality.

          However, what in the hell does that have to do with the massive gender imbalance in China?

          Perhaps you’re arguing that on the flip side, China’s relatively better record on income equality means that there will also be a more egalitarian distribution of sex and relationships.

          However, even if China were the most egalitarian country in the world in all aspects (which it is most certainly NOT), basic math dictates that it will suffer more from this shortage of females and have more frustrated men than all other countries in the world.

        • Tulio

          Well what do you know….now BOTH of our Asian jesters, Tweedle-Ding and Tweedle-Dong have teamed up to race troll an otherwise good discussion:

          I’m tired of you two clowns having to constantly interject your racial insecurities everywhere you see fit. Nobody gives a damn what you guys think. Go find some Asian language site to troll on.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Tulio

          Yeah, I too am ticked that this discussion has been derailed. It started with Hacienda, resulted in some back and forth, and now has led to Huax angrily rushing in to defend his race’s honor.

          I would never try to tell Robert how to tell his own blog, but if it were up to me, I would ban Huax and give Hacienda a warning. If you’re not going to contribute anything productive, in addition to starting flame wars (though Hacienda, to his credit, has remained civil, despite initially derailing the discussion), your ability to comment should be regulated.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Tell Robert how to *run*

        • Nah, I am not banning these guys Hacienda and Huax. They follow the rules very carefully.

        • jameson7

          Hacienda your Yin Yang seems to be fucked up with waaaaay to much Yin. Maybe work on that. Your script could use a change up.

          Tao is about balance….not angry rants. Anger is the lowest of emotional content in the Tao.

        • Hacienda

          I’m tired of you two clowns having to constantly interject your racial insecurities everywhere you see fit. Nobody gives a damn what you guys think. Go find some Asian language site to troll on.


          My bad T. Got carried away. I did insult you totally without provocation.
          I apologize. You won’t hear me use the nigger word with you, at least.

          I do think Huax is top notch, of course racist. But so is everyone on this board. Part of life, might as well admit it, not be a hypocrite.

        • Hacienda

          Nah, I am not banning these guys Hacienda and Huax. They follow the rules very carefully.

          You need the chop chops here. This board is lame without us.

        • Hacienda

          Tao is about balance….not angry rants. Anger is the lowest of emotional content in the Tao.

          Not. Anger is not rated by the Tao Te Ching. Only if you want to know the eternal mysteries you must not desire. But to know the manifestions of the Tao, you must have desire. (Which, I assume, must includes anger).

          Anger is useful, Lao Tzu was not a stupid man.

          You all seem to think I’m joking or in a “rant”. I really believe whites are de-natured kooks(?), in the main. Why is that so hard to get through to you all? Look at yourselves. When’s the last time you or any member of your race really had an experience with nature. I mean a REAL experience with nature? Like generations ago. You all have NO clue!

        • jameson7

          Confucius say:
          “Speak the truth, do not yield to anger; give, if thou art asked for little; by these three steps thou wilt go near the gods.”

          “When anger rises, think of the consequences.”

        • Hacienda

          Confucius say:
          “Speak the truth, do not yield to anger; give, if thou art asked for little; by these three steps thou wilt go near the gods.”

          “When anger rises, think of the consequences.”


          Right. Now think about this statements. Are they really “anti-anger” or are they about the careful use of anger?

          And think about my ends- resurrection of nature in the Americas. Am I right or am I wrong?

      • Hacienda

        proves European exceptionalism and confidence in our own talents

        You think and talk like a little bitch.

        • erika

          sure,one of my former classmates was fascinated with a “french” soccer player and his name was ZINEDINE ZIDANE (an algerian muslim) ,in the tv show The big bang theory,one of the cast is a british: KUNAL NAYYAR (in reality a hindu indian) and the wealtheast european is the british: LAKSHMI MITTAL (in reality a hindu indian) and since europe allowed jews,in centuries many of the brightest europeans are in reality jews

        • Hacienda

          Welcome back Xera.

        • erika

          i am not that troll egyptian,if i praised a little some middle eastern and indians,was to show how the immigrants in europe are taking places from european themselves,in japan and korea a foreigner never will take the spotlight from a japanese or korean,europe is killing itself

        • erika

          the smartest immigrants taking places from them,and the dumbest immigrants creating problems,is really scary the islamist threat in france and germany,just when europeans started to stop religious wars,the immigrants broght them,in japan you feel safe from religious extremism and in korea too (just some annoying protestants here and there,but not threats to your life)

        • Brengunn

          A chink who calls someone a ‘little bitch’ with no irony! You should be sensitive to both those words.

        • Hacienda

          A chink who calls someone a ‘little bitch’ with no irony! You should be sensitive to both those words.


          LOL. Dying dope.

        • Huax


          That’s funny coming from the race of pasty micro-dicks (Chinese, Korean and Japanese men are all significantly ‘larger’ where it counts than whites) who think having a giraffe neck and ballerina calves makes them attractive.

        • Huax, Asians have bigger dicks than Whites?

          Um, no LOL.

        • Hacienda

          giraffe neck


          Ssshhh. It’s good for laughs.

          giraffe neck on a bullet head looks Nickelodean cartoonish. But don’t tell them that. They love to think they so beautiful and hansum. They even thunk they so smart and moral. Because they compare themselves to the black intelligence and jungle law.

        • Huax

          Huax, Asians have bigger dicks than Whites?
          The average is higher. Whites do have a lot of gay guys concentrated at the right end of the bell curve though.

          Some guy who dug up sources on Wiki:

          A study of 3000 Italian soldiers came up with about 13.4 centimeters. A Chinese study of 2547 college students for entrance physical examination came up with 13.43 centimeters.
          Regarding Blacks, there has only been one study where the statistics did not come from self-measurement; a Nigerian study of 115 men came up with 13.37 centimeters. I should also mention that the vast majority of “world penis size” comparison charts or even research you see on the internet bases their East Asian statistics on one single South Korean study. I have found a different South Korean study (sample size of 150) that showed an average of 13.42 centimeters.

          Italian study:

          Chinese study:


          Nigerian study:

          South Korean study:


          China: 13.43
          South Korea: 13.42
          Italy: 13.4 (soldiers, no less)
          Nigeria: 13.37
          Japan: 13.28
          America: 12.9

          The average for “Beifang” in the Chinese study is 13.74, “Nanfang” 13.30. Still bigger than white Americans even with their crap diet.

        • Ichigo Kurosaki

          x) this is awesome x) x) x) many mexicans love anime x) fact of the day: Dragon Ball is probably the most popular anime in mainstream mexican society since it was broadcasted tons of times in mexican tv x) though Naruto is growing too, another proof of anime worldwide appeal 😛

  40. Bay Area Guy

    This one excellent comment on that post sums up the abomination known as American feminism, and the role it has played in the growing incel epidemic.

    It’s the feminist Catch-22, a brand particularly flogged by Amanda Mancunt. Feminists decry Nice Guys who treat women with respect, deference, and supplication because they genuinely like/love those women and are actually living feminism as they were taught. They taught men to act this way and then turn around and call these men “creepy,” that they “feel entitled” to sex and are just being nice to wheedle sex out of women.

  41. Bay Area Guy

    Atheist Indian once made an interesting argument.

    He claimed that the American dating market in many ways resembles the highly unequal, neoliberal economic structure of the country.

    Just as the top 1% hordes an obscenely disproportionate amount of the wealth, so too do alphas now have modern harems.

    And just as Americans are materialistic consumers, so too are American women incredibly picky and demanding in terms of what they want in a man.

    • jayjay

      women are working and they have finance. So they go for other things like looks and dick. Wats wrong with that?

  42. jayjay

    Mewwy Chwistmas Everyone:
    Here is nice Chwistmas Song

  43. jayjay

    Do men look at women as inherently inferior because its the men who go to war and not the women. And therefore women must not be equal to men?

  44. jayjay

    Time magazine reported research done in Japan- women want alphas when in heat and betas when not in heat

  45. jayjay

    @Huax- Asians ( including Indians) have the smallest dicks in the world. But some of the largest are in the Amerindian community

    • Hacienda

      You’re a beggar. Clutching at straws. Throw an Indian poop, he’ll call it chocolate. Piss on him, he’ll call it wine. Insult him, he’ll thank you for the gift of attention.

  46. kinom

    Chinks and nature? You guys are eating the world to death man

  47. The Indians not only bluff about their penis size but also about their profession and intelligence on daily basis. They have the smallest penis, the lowest I.Q, and most Non-athletic body. 1 billion population can only produce 1 gold medal. Indians have achieved the impossible when it comes to failure.

    • Hacienda


      LOL. Indians can be proud to beat Koreans by a millimeter. But I bet you the Indian dick is also thinner, like a pencil. So the bitches don’t even know its in. You all STILL lose.

      • jayjay

        I have had 2 Chinese girlfriends ( from China) and some from host country. They seem satisfied with my 6+ inch dick..

        • Hacienda


          I’m proud of you, aspirational Indian. Things are finally looking up for the subcontinental. Must be Mayan calender change. 2 massage parlor Chinese girls is a step up for you all. Or Facebook friends. You’re using your US Citizenship token in all the ‘right’ ways. And stop lying about your dick.

        • Brengunn

          And to think, their neighbours Qatar will host the football world cup in a few years. A competition that is bigger than the Olympics, attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators, that puts extreme pressure on even developed countries infastructure and is known for having riotous boozy fans, all packed into a tiny little Muslim desert peninsula that no one even knew liked football.

          Those Arabs must pay huge backhanders!

        • Xera

          Halucienda, having the best of your Asian race get imported Russian prostitutes as their highest achievement of the opposite sex while simultaneously having those pros talk shit about how ugly and how many small manhoods Asian men have in quantity is not a proud achievement there chigger boy!!

          To think, how many hot blondes and EE chicks I had interested in me when I first came to the U.S while an Asian man had to work an entire lifetime just to even get a seconds worth of attention must make you a sad panda. No wonder you go here raagging all the time! Oh boy!

        • Hacienda


          Xera, don’t address your gods disrespectfully. It’s self-defeating in the long run.

    • Dota

      Indians have achieved the impossible when it comes to failure.

      That’s big talk coming from someone who isn’t eating a camel turd kebab solely because a lot of dinosaurs inhabited his homeland.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Isn’t Dubai this close to collapsing?

        • Dota

          It’s ALREADY collapsed. The brain dead Arabs thought that they could become Singapore by merely copying it without any consideration given to geopolitical realities and culture. Dubai has no manufacturing or any real industries. Their bubble economy was kept afloat on foreign investments in real estate, quite a bit of which came from South Asian gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim. The other GCC countries have not really invested in their people either, and Arab indolence is legendary.

          This pretty much sums it up:

          I have no reason to believe it’s much different with Saudi Arabia or any of the other crappy countries in the region despite what our resident camel jockey tells us.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Interesting read.

          It seems that Dubai attracts a good number of immoral and predatory white Westerners who can get away with behavior they couldn’t dream of in the more enlightened West.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Well, better that they’re in Dubai than in the West, LOL. All of the West’s greedy neoliberal elites should be forced to move to Dubai.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Camel jockey, LOL. Hilarious term.

        • Brengunn


          Great article, if anything it was a bit short. I bet there’s a book in what went wrong in Dubai. It reminds me of those vanity projects that new governments often build, they open with great fanfare, close with barely a whimper and are soon after run down and derelict. But this is a whole city.

        • Dota

          Dubai was a gimmick. Unfortunately many people couldn’t see that until they lost their life savings. As BAG said up there it also attracts some of the most low life whites I have ever seen. Lying, cheating, amoral scumbags. I used to work for one. Anyhow it is my belief that Dubai attracts these very people from every nationality due to the nature of the place. Nobody has any protection save for their personal wealth. Frauds, scams and abuse are rampant on every strata of society. The population itself is transient which means that ‘society’ itself does not truly exist. It’s a joke of place and only the Arabs are deluded enough to be duped by their own hype. And then you’ve got idiots like Thamir up there who believe that exploitation in India justifies Arab exploitation of south Asians in the ME. The modern Arab is just a primitive Bedouin who has mastered the art of using a cell phone.

        • Hacienda

          The brain dead Arabs thought that they could become Singapore by merely copying it without any consideration given to geopolitical realities and culture.


          Sad, ain’t it.

    • I like this map a lot.

      I am 6.75 inches or 17.03 cm. That puts in my the top class of A-1 Big Dicks on Earth, up there with the Africans and Venezuelans. Wait a minute? Venezuelans! WTF.

      Anyway, my great big cock.

      OH FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Huax

      Except that map is complete and utter BS. Maybe there is some malnutrition in play with the Indians but that Korean survey was taken from a sample with urological problems. The stats for China and Japan were completely invented by the (probably white) author. Japan beats the US by an insignificant amount, and China beats Japan, even the Southern Chinese.

      • Hacienda

        Hehe. Having sex with me is the greatest thing that could happen to a woman.

        • Brengunn

          Yup, she needs your 20 bucks for crack!

        • Hacienda

          Yup, she needs your 20 bucks for crack!


          LOL. @ drunk Irish funny. Anything for laughs for the Irish. Makes them feel proud.

        • Brengunn

          Anything for laughs for the Irish.

          Give with one hand.

          Makes them feel proud.

          Take away with the other. Always keep them begging for more!

  48. Brengunn

    And, how do you make a horse racing track that costs three billion dollars? Are’nt racing tracks just big fields with a bar at one end.

  49. Glad to hear how unimpressed Indian slum dogs are. Really! So stay in your filthy shithole which is far worse than the GCC ever could be!

    I hope to hear many more nightmarish stories from all Indian fuckwits who are thinking of moving here. We don’t want you! So the worse our region appears to slumdog turds the happier I am. Be sure to spread the word.

    It seems to me that below average people are not up to Dubai’s standards, so they were rejected, and were unable to build a good life for themselves. And instead of addressing their own failings, and why they failed to succeed, slum dogs gets twisted with hate against Arabs, as if it is the Arabs fault that slum dogs are failures.

    It should come as no surprise why Indians are treated with contempt the world over, and are regarded as little more than undependable trash.

    • Dota

      Failures? LOL name one road dug out by an Emirati. One building built. Same for Qatar and Kuwait. You sand monkeys have pretty much imported entire countries. If it weren’t for European expertise and South Asian labour, you camel fuckers would still be diving for pearls. I can understand western arrogance but you backward Bedouin fucks haven’t achieved anything. You have no work ethic and you’re culture is stagnant and backward. There are many many accounts of lazy Arabs paid to stay home while their position is ghost worked by Filipinos and Indians. Emiratisation is the only way these parasites can get into the workplace since nobody else wants to hire them. Learn from the Chinese, start small. Manufacture widgets and not terrorists.

      It should come as no surprise why Indians are treated with contempt the world over, and are regarded as little more than undependable trash.

      Remember that the next time you are strip searched at a western airport.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Remember that the next time you are strip searched at a western airport.

        LOL, yeah, I don’t know what Thamir is smoking.

        I would argue that Indians are hardly treated with great contempt, particularly in the West.

        At worst, Indians are stereotyped as being 7/11 employees. Otherwise, they tend to be stereotyped as hard working and intelligent, albeit geeky and asexual model minorities. If anything, white people (particularly of the cosmopolitan SWPL persuasion) tend to think highly of Indian spirituality and family values.

        Far better than being seen as a bunch of wife beating, camel humping suicide bombers and plane hijackers.

        I don’t know where Thamir gets some of his views from.

        • Hacienda

          Thamir gets some of his views from.

          From the negress that’s got her 10″ inch dildo up his asshole.
          It’s all on her.

    • Dota

      The best line from the article above:

      Asians man the hotels; they run the civil service and the utilities and commercial businesses; they are the clerks and the secretaries, the lawyers, the doctors, the accountants; there isn’t a single facet of this state that would function if they didn’t maintain it. No one with an Emirati passport could change a fuse.

      Also this was amusing (from another source)
      Earlier this week the Bahraini Labour Minister Majid Al Alawi was interviewed in the pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, and in the interview he said that the Gulf was facing an ‘Asian tsunami’ because Gulf nationals are ‘lazy’ and ‘spoilt’ and depend on imported labour to do even simple tasks.

      Seriously Thamir your modern urbane facade isn’t fooling anyone since your tribalism shows with every post. You’re basically a Jew minus the IQ. Get the fuck over yourself and get the fuck out.

      • Hacienda


        The bitch here seems to me to be Vanity Fair. A food critic don’t like Dubai. Who cares?

        The internet- where print magazines go to die.

        • Dota


          If you had lived in Dubai for even a couple of years you would realize that this food critic is essentially right on the money about everything. There are a small minority of Arabs in these places that exhibit any sincere desire for self improvement. The vast majority of them are lazy, backward, and more than happy to make a living from rental sources like sponsorship fees. That’s like me arguing that secular and progressive intellectuals like Shashi Tharoor and Amartya Sen represent the vast majority of Indians. Clearly not so. Thamir is merely engaging in the Arab tribal custom of face saving, which trumps honest introspection and ethics. Well actually face saving (and the numerous rituals and etiquette associated with it) is common to the cultures of the ME, Afghanistan and South Asia.

        • Gay State Girl

          I can understand the demands for improved working conditions for Asian and african workers in Dubai, but not the demand that Arabs do the work themselves. Doing hard labor does not make you a better person and as long as you treat your employees well you can not be accused of hypocrisy.

        • Dota


          It’s not just about manual labor, (which is NOT undignified) but their general lethargy and inertia. Anybody who has lived there can see that these people are so slothful that even their women are too lazy to push their own prams around. They produce 9 offspring per batch of litter and hire 9 Filipino maids to push 9 prams. I’ve seen this in many malls from Burjuman, Al Ghurair center, Mall of the Emirates ect…I’ve heard that this is common in other GCC countries as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thamir speaks Tagalog as well as he speaks Arabic.

          I’ve known Tutors at the American University of Sharjah’s writing center who have narrated Emirati complains about how their kids were picking up the slave tongues of Tagalog and Hindi quicker than their own native Arabic.

          You once said: You know how to put up a good fight and outbreed the enemy, but nation building I’m not sure.

          Your assessment regarding these people is spot on. The vast majority of them are uncouth louts and only 1% of them can produce a resume that looks like this:

          9 years of well rounded IT consultancy experienced in a wide variety of business applications and IT hardware. Very adaptable to change and posses strong business acumen. Willing to learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Have an ability to inspire and excite people to achieve and go beyond potential. Always interested in business process optimization and managerial roles.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Dota

          I’ve heard it’s practically impossible to fire an Emirati.

        • Bay Area Guy

          BTW, since Gulf Arabs are so lazy, who do the Emirati elite use as their police force/shock troops whenever they want to put their South Asian slaves in their place.

        • Dota

          The police force is unsurprisingly completely Emirati. Their police force is surprisingly efficient and effective. The instrument of coercion must be in the hands of the privileged minority who rule over a foreign transient populace. And yes it is very hard to fire these people and in 2009 they even considered legislation that made it illegal to fire an emirati. Most of these people try very hard to get a job in some useless department of their already bloated government because of the short work hours and ridiculously high salaries. This recent exodus towards the private sector is largely in response to the global recession. It was this that also prompted Sheikh Muhammad to legislate a rent cap since there was a very real concern that the south Asian slaves would choose to return home. This was not done out of any concern for the working middle class.

        • Bay Area Guy

          I thought South Asian slaves couldn’t return home, since they often have their passports confiscated.

        • Dota


          This is true for domestic help and construction workers. The middle class south Asians can leave whenever they want to and many have been in recent times. This has caused panic in the higher echelons of the state which the local press will certainly not report. But if you put your ear to the ground you can sense what is going on. The rent cap was implemented during the recession with no heed given to the complaints about rents increasing at 300% a year prior to it. Then a rent committee of sorts was also established to mediate rent disputes. That the state had to cave into the requests of the south Asian middle class indicates that they cannot afford to lose these people yet.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Yeah, Dubai certainly seems like a neoliberal’s wet dream.

          BTW, I finally checked my gmail and got your emails. I sent a reply.

        • Gay State Girl

          “It’s not just about manual labor, (which is NOT undignified)”

          It’s not the actual work or the working conditions or comepensation but the culture associated with it. Inevitably you’re going to be dealing with the underclass even at the highest levels.

          “Anybody who has lived there can see that these people are so slothful that even their women are too lazy to push their own prams around. They produce 9 offspring per batch of litter and hire 9 Filipino maids to push 9 prams.”

          Maybe I’m missing the point here, but if the nannies were to receive a western standard of working conditions, I don’t see why it should be anyone else’s business. Allowing thousands of Arab children to learn Hindi or Bahasa during their early childhood would only be an asset to the arab world. I grew up with a Dutch/Zulu pidgin which I could never use but it has made it easier to learn foreign languages.

        • Dota

          Allowing thousands of Arab children to learn Hindi or Bahasa during their early childhood would only be an asset to the arab world.

          I agree with you. They don’t. On one hand they bitch about their precious heritage being undermined by the Asian horde yet they are utterly incapable of performing even the simplest tasks without assistance. I can understand whites complaining about this stuff since they carved 2 first world countries out of a wilderness. What have Thamir’s people accomplished? They needed outsiders to extract the very lifeline of their economy from beneath their feet. They needed outsiders to build the roads, and clean up their toilets. They even need outsiders to provide them with a modern education system beyond language/grammar and rhetoric. Iran’s education system is wholly indigenous and the country’s scientific output is indeed impressive. Wade had posted about this over a year ago. Arab education is a fucking joke. I just find Arab arrogance to be extremely infuriating.

        • Gay State Girl

          Their ancestors have inhabited the region for thousands of years. It wasn’t as if they were out looking for trouble before they stumbled upon the buried treasure. They are largely emulating European aristocracy in terms of lifestyle, except importing foreigners (non arabs) instead of exploiting their countrymen. Why don’t they take in some Palestinians, Iraqis, and Syrians instead if the Arab majority is so important to them?

        • Dota

          Because South Asia is such a cesspool of misery that it provides them with a never ending source of labour that is easily exploited. Plus the Gulf Arabs do not even consider levantine arabs as ”true arabs.” Heck, a black emirati arab even told me that he wasn’t considered a ”true arab.”
          The Saudi’s are arguably the most racist. I find this terribly amusing of course, like a bunch of turds in a toilet bowl arguing about which one is the truest turd of them all.

        • Bay Area Guy

          I find this terribly amusing of course, like a bunch of turds in a toilet bowl arguing about which one is the truest turd of them all.


        • Car Guy


          Plus the Gulf Arabs do not even consider levantine arabs as “true arabs.”

          Why? Because of “non-Arab” input in their gene pool?

        • Dota

          Car guy

          Possibly. I get the impression that they take tribal blood lines very seriously. I’ve also heard from informal conversations that Egyptians are referred to as “Africans” and not Arab. There is probably more to it than that but I just don’t know. Their culture is generally closed of to outsiders and they go the extra mile in self segregating themselves. These are some of the most vile and racist people you will ever meet.

        • I SMELL A FART

          you truly have a way with words and the analogy of ARABS being Turds arguing in a toilet bowl over who the truest turd – That analogy is the funniest shit I have read on this thread. LOL

        • Hacienda

          The Saudi’s are arguably the most racist.

          The Saudi’s are in awe of E.Asian and Euro elites.
          Not so much with themselves or the Indians.

          They hate the Jew. Look down on the African.

          Their racism is rational.

      • Gay State Girl

        I remember when I was thirteen and every other word that eluded my lips was a curse or slur. But I’ve passed that stage now and have more important things to worry about.

        We reached this level due to hard work and devotion, not because we stumbled upon desirable natural resources.

        I can understand their aversion to hard labor, if they can afford not to. I don’t care if that sounds bigoted.

        • I SMELL A FART

          “We reached this level due to hard work and devotion”

          What do you mean when you say WE – do you have a turd in your pocket?

        • I SMELL A FART

          GSG says- I remember when I was thirteen……

          “when was that last month”?

      • jayjay

        Thamir looks and talks like paki

      • Car Guy

        “These are some of the most vile and racist people you will ever meet.”

        Oh, I know. I knew several Indians and Arabs that live(d) in Dubai and they said the same thing. Mohammed bin Rashid comes across as a very sentimental sociopath. Not a good mix.

  50. @Thamir,

    I would like to remind you that we Indians kicked your Arab Muslims’s
    ass 30 TIMES in battle back in the middle ages.

    Seriously, go read your own Arab historians like Al-Baladhuri
    “Futuh ul Buldan”. Your own historians mention the humiliation
    you Sand niggers suffered at our Indian hands.

  51. Jaipal


    Be a good Arab and drink some camel piss.

  52. Jaipal


    Many times we don’t agree with one another
    but this time I have to agree with you in your response to
    that camel jockey Thamir

  53. jameson7

    Hey Robert I found your Twin Brother.

  54. Gay State Girl

    It takes a village to raise a child but it only takes one child to raze a village. LOVE IT.

  55. Gay State Girl

    My favorite!

    Foxman Unveils “Anti-Seismograph” — Able to Detect Anti-Semitic Tremors 300 Feet Below Sea Level

    Read more:

  56. jayjay

    Only the deep Aryan subliminal brain can do this. Not the Gook brain which is flat as their faces.

    • erika

      stop harassing my dear east asians,you are full of envy indian, do you think indian faces are very pleasant to the eyes of whites? LOL for some reason i have seen more handsome east asians than indians, indians may be caucasian but they have something weird in their looks,they are ancient caucasians and india worship some goddesses and they still treat women like sexual toys,see this:

      • Xera

        Are you fucking kidding me, there is no such thing as a good looking Asian ROFLMAO!! They all look like fucking aliens, not saying anything good about Indians but at least the Northerners can look like Southern Europeans, Italians, or Middle eastern men with olive complexions. East Asians on the other hand are completely and utterly hopeless in the looks department and are the complete last choice for any sane other race women with standards!

        • Huax

          Coming from the hook nose, puffy lipped sand nigger half-monkey.

        • erika

          “are the complete last choice for any sane other race women with standards!” no,i keep with more evidence from youtube (mexican woman/japanese man,all in spanish,very romantic the japanese went to mexico and learn her native language for her)

        • Xera

          why the fuck does this Erika keep posting pictures and videos about Asians lol? That girl is not attractive and looks like a Weebo, that guy looks retarded with those cross-eyes, great example there lol!

        • erika

          hot white girls also love japan,she hasn’t talked much about her romantic life,buy seeing her fanaticism for japan,i am sure her dream is japanese guy,why such a hot girl still don’t have a white boyfriend in america?she is waiting for her asian prince once she lives forever in japan 😛 😛 😛 plus you can’t complain about this sexy new video about asian stuff

      • Xera

        Ummmm where is the hot white girl in the video lol? I’ve gotten better in my life; sad to see this the maximum extent that Asian males can conquer, a confused ugly ass girl with fake tits and fake eye contacts, isn’t that right Hu-ass?

    • Huax

      You’re bragging about the fact that you retards go into comas at a disproportionate rate in the first place, and then forget an entire language upon waking up?

      That really is something.

      • erika

        if you or hacienda pretend to be japanese,i am sure you can have the hot white girl of my video and then you will show for once all the asian haters a lesson

        • Hacienda

          asian haters a lesson.

          I like Asian hate. It’s a rare quantity today. People defer to Asians too much.

        • Brengunn

          People defer to Asians too much.

          Eh… what? An argument could be made for defering to the sheer population numbers of China but on an individual basis no one defers to the yellow man. I can’t think of a single instance of Asian dominance when a white man is in the room. Sorry H, even the ghetto blacks could’nt accept your leadership, ye don’t have what it takes.

        • Hacienda


          What’s the unemployment rate in Ireland these days? Like seeing Ireland go multi-racial? Do tell. And stop speaking English. It’s not your language.

        • Brengunn


          I suppose if you keep calling me a dumbfuck, sooner or later it will hurt.

          What’s the unemployment rate in Ireland these days?

          You’re unfamiliar with the nature of the Irish, Hacienda, unlike say the Koreans, we don’t murder our families and commit suicide when things turn to shit. No, we drink a couple of stiff ones, accept our losses and start over with joy in our heart and a smile on our face.

        • Hacienda

          When the shit hits, Koreans just bust out some really
          tasty moves.

        • Ichigo Kurosaki

          a little off topic; ohhh only the east asians are copy cats in technology… xD americans stop copying east asian entertainment =P like japanese horror films, its an honour that they like it and want to make their own version ,but nah, they take the spotlight from asian actors, but oh well, is also a honour and they can make the original japanese plots more famous x)

        • Brengunn

          That’s a common thing Hollywood does. They take foreign language films and refilm them in English for the Anglo-sphere. They also do it with European films.

          Personally, I’d rather watch the originals because they tend to be purer before they get the Hollywood treatment. It is funny how they often like these films for their originality and oddity but then somehow end up watering them down through a process of commerciality and profitability.

          Have you seen the original of this new Tom Cruise film? Is it any good?

        • Brengunn

          Also, the opposite tends not to happen as most countries watch Hollywood films so remakes aren’t as viable. Do they make many films in Mexico? And what are they like, what genres are popular in Mexico?

        • Jet Li

          ohhh, but still some few chinese films were sucessful with american audiences and just dubbed or subtitled like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, Kung Fu Hustle, Fearless, Iron Monkey and House of Flying Daggers
          that japanese novel is not know even by anime people, i never heard of it, i don’t know its quality, i just visited “Anime News Network” ,i saw the new and posted here to show how sometimes western americans act copycat too, with pop culture from asians, is not the first time and i find annoying it, many lost opportunities to make asians more popular in the media, i read the main characters of that novel is: Keiji Kiriya ,it sounds japanese, Hollywood liked the concept but they make him white U,U casting Tom Cruise
          besides mexican cinema is non existent, people here don’t care about it, however mexicans really like and support mexican soap operas, they are quite popular but that stuff is for older women ,i don’t care about it, also just like jews control United States ,i feel Mexico is controled by whites, usually i don’t see ethnic mexicans in tv, just white people, mexico sucks, no culture ( all copied from the west, even the names, even very native looking mexicans usually have european names), a poor country, and is rare that mexicans themselves have spotlight here with many actors and singers from mexico being white and not ethnic mexican

  57. Bay Area Guy

    This should be distributed to all Christian Zionist retards.

    • Gay State Girl

      This was in Tel Aviv not the West Bank. I wonder if this was a secular jew. At least this can deflect criticism from the Haredim, because the anti zionist blogosphere loves to hate Ashkenazi elite and Haredim especially, but their analysis is shallow.

    • Bay Area Guy

      This was in Tel Aviv not the West Bank.

      Which makes it all the more appalling.

      If incidents like this take place in Tel Aviv, which always advertises itself to the Western world as a secular, progressive, modern European style city, then just imagine how Israeli Jews in the West Bank behave towards Christians.

      Christian Zionist turds should also read about Israel’s war on Christmas trees.

      • Gay State Girl

        Sorry when I meant deflect criticism, I meant re prioritize. Jewish supremacy and Haredi fanaticism are two separate issues.

        Even Yair Netanyahu is not untouchable.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Yes, they are two separate issues. Jewish supremacy is about secular Israeli racial/ethnic Jewish supremacy. Haredi fanaticism is more grounded in religious bigotry and extremism.

          And both of them hate the Christian goyim!

          If only white Christian Americans from the heartland actually knew what Israeli Jews thought of them.

          Maybe collective white gentile outrage is what it will take to break the power of the Jewish lobby.

        • Gay State Girl

          Secular and dark jews are pretty much given a free ride though.

  58. Gay State Girl

    I’d probably hate jews if I were not jewish. Much kudos for staying so calm. I would say that I wish the backlash could be non violent but a lot of delusional zionists couldn’t the truth and might be better off dead.

    • Bay Area Guy

      Zionists, particularly those of the liberal American Jewish variety are quite warped indeed.

      Certain liberal Zionists at Mondoweiss such as Hophmi, for example, are beyond help.

      • Bay Area Guy

        For a while, I didn’t even realize that Hophmi was American. I thought he was an English speaking Israeli. I guess there’s a reason the term “Israel firster” exists, LOL

        • Gay State Girl

          There’s npo talking to them. It’s not that they’re malicious or anything, just that the mentality is so deeply ingrained. If they remain in their state of ignorance, they won’t be prepared to deal with backlash. If they are able to wake up and smell coffee, they won’t be able to live with themselves.

          Diapora jews are a more paranoid in my experience. Even the fiercest critics are gentler than Israeli ones. When they say diversity is class warfare, it’s not just in reference to personal wealth.

  59. Bay Area Guy

    I’m pretty sure the backlash will be non-violent.

    The days of pogroms and riots for white people seem to be over. Even after 9/11, with the exception of a few individually perpetrated hate crimes, you didn’t see pogroms of Middle Easterners in the streets.

    I don’t know if Jews will find the new non-white majority to be so accommodating to their tribalism, however…

    • Jyfolp

      Not in Eastern Europe, they’re still chiefly anti-Semitic and pro-white because of the atrocities committed against the Slavs by the Communist/Bolshevik Marxist Jews from 1905-1990 and still evident today.

      It’s only a matter of time when Golden Dawn (12%), Sloboda (10%) and other pro-ultra Nationalist European Parties come into power and take back their countries from the usurpers.

  60. Brengunn

    Wrote by a white man, sang by a black women. Both are beyond any yellow pencil pushers, who are devoid of soul.

  61. Gay State Girl

    The guy who composed this song was from my great grandfather’s hometown in Ukraine.

    • Brengunn

      Would a geographic link supersede a tribal link? Would ye feel more kinship with say a fellow Bostonian who happens to be Irish or would a member of the tribe from, say Texas, have your loyalty despite the distance. I suspect your not as rigid as the internet would have it, not knowing many Jews in real life.

    • Gay State Girl

      Because their have been so many prominent jews, that it loses it’s meaning to claim them as your own and the Eastern European genealogical records are not so extensive as Western Europe, so I can’t find many connections. My maternal grandmother shows connections with Ethel Rosenberg and Ralph Lauren, but that is it. I’ll accept anyone from Boston, my mothers hometown of Cape Town and any of the hamlets in Eastern Europe, Jewish or otherwise as “my” people.

      • Brengunn

        No, it’s not that I thought you were a tribal Jew, I was just wondering how your feelings differed from the typical internet Jew stereotype. Like, I have several black friends and even in-laws but reading, say Amren, can sway your opinion despite your own personal experience. Just from the sheer volume of negativity.

        The only Jews I have known in real life were South African Jews, I used to work for them and they were good people. Not shy with money, either!

        • Gay State Girl

          You don’t say! My mom’s cousin was working in Belfast for a while.

        • Gay State Girl

          What is the typical internet jew stereotype? I know JDL type sites are dominant and won’t hesitate to take down any organization that disagrees with them. But pro Palestinian jews have also found their niche online which would have been impossible twenty years ago. And then there’s the golden silent majority. That’s the beauty of the internet.

        • Brengunn

          My mom’s cousin was working in Belfast for a while.

          Nah, wrong Jews.

          What is the typical internet jew stereotype?

          Well, you know, power hungry and willing to fuck anyone over for the sake of the tribe. That type of thing, not that I believe in it. Personally, I’m jealous and want to sow my seed with a Jewess. Hybrid vigour should take care of the rest!

        • Gay State Girl

          My grandfather was from Cape Town but my Grandma was from Stellenbosch, an Afrikaans stronghold in the Western Cape Province.

        • Gay State Girl

          In Ireland or you plan on migrating?

      • Gay State Girl

        Scratch that. I feel closer to a lot of Boston Irish than I do to Jew Yorkers.

  62. Gay State Girl

    I’m not a tribal jew. Whered you get that idea?

  63. Brengunn

    What’s with the name change? Does plain old Robert Lyndsay not have enough gravitas or something?

  64. newbreed7

    Band Name: Carolina Chocolate Drops
    Album Name: Genuine Negro Jig
    Southern blacks are superior to California blacks.

  65. Bay Area Guy


    • Brengunn

      She is fuckin’ mental. I can’t believe some of the shite she says is rape support. In her eyes, I should probably be in Sing Sing or somewhere because a good part of that list applies to me.

  66. Bay Area Guy


    It seems that the quality of Mondoweiss continues to deteriorate.

    • Gay State Girl

      Don’t like the Islam apologists. But it’s those stupid reflection pieces that irk me. They don’t do either cause justice.

      • I would be the first person to say that Islam blows. It’s not my religion, and I don’t like it. OTOH, the Muslim haters are absolutely deranged, and they are actually vastly worse than Islam itself.

        I don’t even care about Islam all that much. What they do in their sandboxes is not of much concern to me. I would say that the West ought to quit importing them though.

        It’s extremely annoying to see followers of one of the worst religions on Earth, Hinduism, ranting and raving about another lousy religion, Islam, as if it were the font of all evil. Ridiculous. There is something unbelievably disturbed about the Indian nationalists and Hindutvadis who rant against Islam (virtually all Indian Hindus by default are either Indian nationalists or Hindutvadis or a combination).

        • Gay State Girl

          What happens in India stays in India.

          But this is about the idiocy of Weiss. Weiss has no opinion on hinduism that I know of.

  67. Gay State Girl

    Nixon said that Ethel should not have received the death penalty.

    • Dota

      Good find. People forget that the church was the main repository of knowledge at that time. If it wasn’t for the Church, Greek philosophy would have faded into obscurity. Ofcourse, the Muslims did preserve a good bit of it, but after the 12th century it didn’t seem like it had much of a future in the Islamic realm either.

    • Ishmael

      cracked has a way to exaggerate random studies at times. I’m not too sure I believe #5. The only really clean people that bathed regularly from the Roman Times to the modern era are probably Muslims.

  68. newbreed7

    These new Gravitars blow!

  69. newbreed7

    Great blog on psychology and really takes on some of the pitfalls(or maybe facepalms) of modern Feminist application.

    Check it out Robert!

  70. Tulio

    Do you some of you guys feel like you are politically bi-polar? Do you feel like you can somehow hold two views that prima facie feel contradictory, yet in your mind make perfect sense. For example, Robert is ideologically anti-racist, but also believes in HBD. Bay Area Guy is a white nationalist(or sort of) who also admits to having a physical attraction for black women. Now to a normal person, this is lunacy. But I can totally see how that works. For me, I don’t like misogyny, but I can’t stand feminism either. I have a dislike of homophobia, but I don’t like homosexuality being promoted either. I like Latin America and the Spanish language, but get pissed off at Latinos in America that refuse to speak English. I hate people that bash immigrants, but I don’t want mass immigration. Do you sometimes feel like you are driving yourself crazy holding views that often feel diametrically opposed to one another yet in your mind don’t feel like they contradict each other? It can be frustrating to have to deal with more ideologically “pure” people out there.

    • It is actually even worse for me because I can actually empathize with just about any political opinion out there, or even psychological or sociological view. I get where Libertarians are coming from! I can put myself in that mind space very easily! I just think it sucks, that’s all. It’s not like I can’t understand it.

      Yes my mind is full of all sorts of contradictions. I am an OCD’er, remember? It’s the doubting disease and we see all sides to everything to the point of utter pathology.

      • Tulio

        I wonder if I am OCD as well. I think I do have some personal compulsions. I have little “rituals” I do at night before going to sleep. I am obsessively clean. I can’t even go to sleep if my room is messy and must clean it before I hit the sack. I’m bothered by anything that’s out of place or crooked picture frames and things like that.

  71. Bay Area Guy

    An honest woman telling it like it is.

  72. Bay Area Guy

    LOL, funny and true.

  73. narut00

    this should have happened in north korea =S
    (i am not a bloody person,i meant against their nuclear test to ruin them,not to any person) =S

  74. Gay State Girl

    I haven’t searched for anything Israelated on Schroogle in two weeks. But yesterday I mentioned it on your site, and than I received an ad for AIPAC on youtube.

  75. Bay Area Guy

    I don’t agree with every single one of his points, but for the most part a spot-on indictment of American feminists.

  76. Bay Area Guy

    Another great post from Roosh.

    I refuse to use the world creepy.

    • Brengunn

      Those guys are a bit angry, aren’t they. A lot of them seem to hate women, so I’m not surprised women have adverse reactions to them. I feel for the social incompetent who gets called ‘creepy’ because he’s awkward. I can’t say I have the same emotions for those posters who look at women as nothing but pussy and take rejection as an affront to their manhood.

      • Brengunn

        They’re a bunch of nasty, gimlet eyed cunts.

      • Bay Area Guy

        I don’t agree with that at all.

        If anything, I’ve noticed that male chauvinists do well when it comes to getting laid. It’s far better than being a wimpy, nice guy sucker.

        I’m not going to brand you with the feminist label, but too often I see feminists using the whole “oh, well women don’t respond to you because you hate women.”

        If that’s the case, why do so many women go for abusive douchebags/assholes?

        • Brengunn

          I’m not going to brand you with the feminist label

          Heaven forbid!

          I’ve no problem with lads going out shagging everything in sight. Good luck to them. But some of these guys reduce it to game where they have nothing but contempt for the women, both the ones they sleep with and the others who refuse. It’s all done with a mean spirit rather than a joy for life. That just makes me uncomfortable.

          I’m sure there are lots of lads in that community that just want a girlfriend and have ended up there in desperation. I know they’re not all chauvinistic types, maybe only the successful ones. There is a contradiction in that I know, but is it worth hating women just so you can get pussy? I don’t think so.

        • Misogyny is just shit. Do not get into it. It’s a poison trap. Personally, I love women. Do I treat them very well? Not so sure about that. But I do love them. I have been into misogyny at various times, and it just does not feel good in any way, shape or form. I also do not like displays of open misogyny and I do not like misogynistic males. OTOH, I get called that word a lot myself. So it’s like racism. I have my own definitions about it.

        • I get called that a lot. Abusive, asshole, even douchebag. Not sure if I care actually. Rather be called that than creep.

        • Brengunn

          I know what you mean. There are plenty of reasons to hate women(just like men), and reading that roosh forum you see them listed repeatedly. Personally, I do feel a twinge of anger when I read about the feminine thirst for status and money, their shallowness,possessiveness etc. I have a distaste for this kind of woman similar to the distaste I have for those misogynists. I hate to read of our baser nature, it reminds me we’re animals.

  77. Bay Area Guy

    Besides, at this point, anger at American women is warranted.

  78. Runs

    If anyone wants to indulge in some masochism, you should read Tim Wise’s latest self-righteous, masturbatory diatrabe conflating everything from child labor to indentured servitude with not-agreeing-with-his-holiness-Tim Wise. The post is an “open-letter” to “racist” white people informing them that their time is up and it’s time to get used to diversified America–written from his 95% neighborhood, presumably. Apparently, for Timmy not wanting illegal immigration and H1B1s which depress the American labour market–especially for the working and middle class–is the same as wanting indentured servitude! Fucking dumbass. Timmy also conflates women’s suffrage with his incoherent railing against made-up racists. Perhaps Tim the chubby chipmunk should check the stats on the abuse of women at the hands of black men.

    This asshole goes around presenting himself as a light unto the world, a savior of man while ignoring or inadvertently (perhaps deliberately?) promoting policies that hurt human beings. Illegal immigration: bad for workers. Forced busing: bad for diligent asian and white kids. Affirmative Action: bad for everyone — whites and asians lose jobs/university placements to less deserving, less capable blacks and deserving and capable blacks are constantly second-guessed by whites and asians. The list goes on and on.

    I really hope Timmy gets mugged and beaten up by black gangbangers and mexican chola-girls in a bad part of town only to be saved by white cops and healed by an asian doctor. It would be so poetic. That fucking cunt. End Rant.

    • Bay Area Guy

      Meh, I used to hate Tim Wise too, but now I find him more amusing than anything else.

      The man’s a pure polemicist, and a very sanctimonious one at that. He’s so over the top that he’s comical at times.

      Though I have to admit, as low of an opinion as I have of him, you’ve got to admit that he’s clever. He’s managed to turn a pet cause (radical left wing anti-racism) into a very lucrative career.

      • Bay Area Guy

        That being said, Tim Wise’s illogic on the issue of immigration is shared by most liberals and leftists.

        They seem to believe that simply importing people will magically enhance productivity. In absolute numbers/aggregate wealth terms, this might be true, but it does nothing to improve workers’ wages, the country’s standard of living, or little else.

        Not to mention that public schools are becoming increasingly burdened by the growing number of poor performing kids of illegal immigrants.

        Obviously, like most things, it confers some benefits. But are cheaper strawberries and grapes really worth an overall decline in workers’ wages, a growing underclass, and educational strain?

        To ask the question is to answer it.

  79. Brengunn

    This is a proper band! One of the best albums of the 80’s and one of the best tracks off that album. I have no idea what it means, but I’ve no doubt it’s profound.

  80. Tulio

    What the hell, two days and no post from Robert on the death of Hugo Chavez??

  81. Hacienda

    Are you excited about the Papal Conclave? Motherfuck I’m going crazy with anticipation. Pray everyday that these white haired men in beautiful dresses and rooms with gorgeous celings start billowing the white smoke.…0.0…1ac.1.5.img.Tto8XhaYbXM

    LOOOVE IT that the mighty Africa is HUGELY pregnant with Catholicism

    • Mott

      H- The Dope and the Cardinuchs are against gay marriage because it takes too many men out of their dating pool. Have we found common ground at last? The election for head child-molester has at least gone to a “man of the people”. Will he still cook his own meals????

  82. Bay Area Guy

    Behold the incredible wisdom and insight of GirlWritesWhat, one of the most logical and intelligent, if not the most logical and intelligent, MRA’s, male or female.

  83. Bay Area Guy

    Roosh on why Toronto’s such a shitty city for single guys.

    (I’m sure Dota can validate his observations on Canadian women)

    What’s most amusing is reading all of the hostile feminazi comments. They prove the point of Roosh’s article better than he ever could.

    I also love how he’s denounced as “white bred” and “racist” by some. I guess people aren’t aware that he’s Iranian. Supposedly “people of color” can have their noble victim status revoked when they transgress against PC norms.

    Or maybe many Iranians are in fact white, and it’s only retarded North American conceptions of race that automatically classify them all as non-white.

    Crazy world we live in…

    • I’ve had wiggers call me “white boy” and “white bread”…Oh, the irony of the times we live in.

      Like I said in the other thread. Archaic notions of race are increasingly obsolete in the U.S and Canada, for many reasons. As far as I am concerned, if you choose to be “white”…You’re White. I.E fitting in and being a part of the mainline culture. Becoming a Roman. Getting with the program. Growing up.

      As for this Roos V. I like this guy. Glad you shared the link. Did he REALLY get placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of misogynists? WTF?

      I must explore his site some more.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Did he REALLY get placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of misogynists? WTF?


        Though after being called out on their idiotic bullshit, they somewhat modified their claim by stating that those placed on their “misogyny report” were not technically part of hate movements.

        The $PLC is morally bankrupt.

        This sums it up in a nutshell.

        Re: Roosh

        I like Roosh too. I don’t agree with all of his views, but his commentary on feminism and the dysfunctional American dating scene are spot-on.

  84. Dota

    Here’s an interesting debate on “Internet Hindus” ie online Hindutwadis who spam, abuse, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

    Thought I’d throw that in since this blog is occasionally targeted by retards like Bollywood star/Swedish shit, Jaipal ect…

    • Bay Area Guy

      Hindutvas, along with feminists and cultural marxists (apologies for the redundancy), zionists, and a whole host of other subscribers to toxic ideologies, are scum. As Cyrus would say, it makes you wonder whether or not a substantial percentage of humanity is inherently insane?

      One question, Dota. The Hindutva turd near the end was wondering why “after 800 years of being a ruling class the Muslims still find themselves poor and still require state assistance to survive.”

      On the one hand, they were indeed a privileged minority under the Mughals, and Dr. Ambedkar once classified them as a relatively privileged minority.

      (in the context of complaining about how the Indian Congress would cater to Muslims, who were more privileged, but dismiss or react in a hostile manner to the demands of Dalits)

      And yet, according to Stalin K’s documentary film “India Untouched,” over 80% of Indian Muslims are of Dalit descent, so their downtrodden status makes sense.

      What’s your take?

      • Dota

        I’m not convinced that Indian muslims were a privileged minority even during mogul times. Sure, they didn’t have to pay the jizya tax, but neither did Hindus, until Aurangzeb’s reign must later. I suppose it meant that Muslims had class mobility and could make it to top government positions. But so did Hindu Brahmins (as they were the only literate class of society).

        The overwhelming number of Muslims who converted to Islam were from the lower castes. Caste privilege maters hugely in India, still does even today. Muslims converted from the higher castes (like myself for example) tend to be as successful as their Hindu counterparts. Muhammad Iqbal and Salman Rushdie are both Muslim Brahmins, and both were top caliber writers (Rushdie still is).

        The hypocrisy of the Hindutva scum is that they compare Muslims with Upper caste Hindus, which is a bogus comparison to begin with. The honest approach should be to compare Muslims with their Hindu counterparts of the same caste

        Let me Illustrate with an example. Here’s Forbes list of the top 100 richest Indians

        The overwhelming majority of these are from the Trader/Merchant caste, with some Brahmins and a few peasants.

        There are 4 Muslims on this list:

        Azim Premji: Khoja (shia), converted from the lohana trading caste. For the longest time, he was the richest man in India.

        Yusuf Hamied: Bohra, Shia (same as me): converted from the Merchant caste during the 12th century. His father was a Bohra while his mother was Jewish. A winning combination of genes if there ever was one, this guy couldn’t lose even if he tried.

        Habil Khorakiwala: Another Bohra.

        Irfan Razack: (sunni): The only sunni Muslim to be on this list. He’s from the memon community. Guess which caste they were converted from. The Lohana trader caste.

        When Muslims are compared fairly with Hindus from the same caste, they clearly hold their own. The Brahmins dominate the software firms of silicone valley as they do in India, as Gurcharan Das pointed out. The peasant Patels dominate…Motels.

        Caste privilege > religion.

        • Aakash


          Excellent post. I may add that information technology was the best thing to happen to Brahmins. Silicon (as in element 14 and not Silicone as in tits) valley is full of guys like this:

          I mean, what ELSE could he do looknig at him LOL? Apparently he invented the Chrome browser and seems to have done pretty good.

          Anyways, brahmins are notoriously absent from core, hands to soil type of industry such as farming, manufacturing, building etc due to their caste history. A couple of them I know won’t eat in my home either but that’s the bubble they choose to live in. It is this aspect (of bubble communities) which has also contributed to India being the shithole that it is today.

        • Dota

          LOL, that’s the funniest typo I’ve made =p

          It’s no surprise that the Brahmins dominate the IT industry given that it is a knowledge based industry, which is right up there alley.

          Sadly, when left to our own devices, we automatically conform to our castes. I’ll illustrate with a personal anecdote. When I was in grade 7, my Brahmin friends had already mastered QBASIC and were writing some pretty impressive programs. They were just naturally inclined towards it. What was I doing? I was buying street fighter cards from the local grocery stores and then selling them at a profit to the kids in my class, earning my pocket money for the week. I was just naturally inclined towards trading. Capitalism can help take down caste barriers to some extent, but the caste mentality will persist unless society’s values aren’t overhauled.

          A couple of them I know won’t eat in my home either but that’s the bubble they choose to live in.

          Most unusual for urban Brahmins to behave like this. I grew up around Brahmins as they were my dad’s closest friends. We’d constantly eat at each others homes and my mom and their wives would frequently lend each other a hand in the kitchen.

        • Aakash

          One of them is a Tamil Iyengar (born in Delhi albeit raised in a very conservative family) and other is a Tyagi who had moved from somewhere in UP. Still retained their traditions or did not trust our utensils or whatever, they never told me. Pretty decent guys too but did not want to change a bit. Never even tried chasing girls.

          But you nailed it. Caste and genetics impact >> religion impact when it comes to Indian behavior.

        • RunswithScissors

          Dota, you have a lot of first-hand knowledge of Indian caste dynamics and Indian culture in general. But I remember you mentioned you lived in Saskatchewan in a previous post of yours. So, assuming you’re a citizen of her majesty like me, I must ask: do you feel more allegiance/loyalty/affiliation with Canada and Canadians or with India and/or certain castes and ethnicities of India? I only ask because I’ve realized how multi-ethnic urban Canada is compared to the rest of the world and how peaceful, prosperous and gentile this state of affairs is compared to other multi-ethnic places–I think much of this civility comes from respect to a common, unifying culture. Without such glue, I’m afraid things would balkanize.

        • Dota


          Interesting question. At this point I relate to other Indians on an emotional level whereas I relate to westerners on an intellectual level. But at this point I do not relate to White Canadians as my people. This is obviously because I’m an outsider. I suspect this might change over time. The people I relate to as my own are members of my own denomination, the Bohras, a sect of Ismaili shias that were converted from the Merchant caste of Hinduism. I also consider Hindu Gujaratis to be my own people as I speak the same language. I do not relate to non Gujarati Indians and while this is a profoundly unpatriotic/anti-national thing to say (In India anyway) this is how most Indians have identified with one another throughout history, through caste/regional/linguistic affinities rather than national ones. I’m just honest enough to admit it.

          do you feel more allegiance/loyalty/affiliation with Canada and Canadians or with India and/or certain castes and ethnicities of India?

          Politically, my loyalties are with Canada. This is why I’m worried about the deterioration of western culture and the influx of immigrants to this country (I guess I’m part of the problem too). Canada is an excellent example of the benefits of white rule. Canada is my adopted country and it has my loyalty. I think the reason why we don’t have much communal strife here is because immigrants are expected to assimilate. While the wimpy liberal media continues to treat assimilation as a dirty word, there is no doubt that Anglo culture is the default culture of this land, and ought to be. Also as I told Aakash in another post, we vote for ideologies here, not along tribal lines of religion/race. Western ideologies specifically. Perhaps this is the glue you speak of.

      • Mott

        You’re getting off topic, BAG. The real issues are:1) Why are Asian men’s penises so much bigger than white guys’, and, 2) When will the bad karma of the white man come back to roost for his killing and eating all of the animals (Dogs excepted?)

  85. Bay Area Guy

    Excellent news from Roosh, and a great victory against the feminists!

    • Dota

      Very nice BAG

      What’s remarkable is that the feminist cunts are still playing the victim in this case. Incidents like these make me feel that women still cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, and this is possibly why women fail at philosophy and have historically made no contribution to it.

      Why must a man lose his livelihood simply for making a joke? It’s only harassment if it was directed to her, and it was a private conversation.

      That being said many of these harassment laws seem to be so flawed that I’m surprised at society’s indifference. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. Crimes of intent are bogus because you cannot determine intent. If the conversation was private, then those men should have the benefit of the doubt. One of the fundamental axioms of western Jurisprudence is that it is better for the guilty to go free than an innocent man to hang. Feminists have turned this on its head.

      As I’ve said above, I’m not convinced women have the same capacity in bifurcating right from wrong. I’ve known plenty of amoral men over the years, chief of which is my cousin Shabir. He’s worth about $20 million today and is the most ruthless and unethical businessman that I know. When I discuss ethics with him he merely shrugs his shoulders and tells me that the corporate world is ugly and amorality is necessary. He’s quite aware of his lack of ethics and has consciously chosen to shut of his moral compass. Women on the other hand behave unethically and STILL genuinely believe that they are the victims. Text book morally retarded behaviour. Giving women this much power is like giving an infant a 9mm.

      • Brengunn

        I’m struggling to see how jokes about big ‘dongles’ are in any way sexist. How can that be misconstrued as a slight against women? Or is all innuendo to be driven from conversation so as not to offend?

        Not surprisingly, this woman has previous when it comes to objecting to ‘sexist’ language in OTT ways. The term ‘money shot’ also sent her batshit.

        Pity, that the guy lost his job. I’m glad she got the boot, though.

      • Bay Area Guy

        women still cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, and this is possibly why women fail at philosophy and have historically made no contribution to it.

        That’s very interesting, Dota. When presented with a statement such as yours, feminists will typically retort along the lines of, “look at who’s responsible for all wars, plunder, and rape throughout history!”

        I won’t deny that men can be very immoral. However, women on the other hand strike me as very amoral. Men will often transgress against that which is moral and just, but they at least operate with in a code of morality, if that makes any sense.

        Women, on the other hand, don’t really seem to care about any kind of consistent moral code, and seem to only care about what is good for them.

        (they’re very similar to another amoral group of people in this regard. Not going to mention any names! Dota knows! :-))

        There’s the reason why there’s the joke that it’s pointless to argue with a woman, because even if you’re right, you’re wrong.

        I also think that’s the reason why PUA’s such as Roosh exist, and why women (particularly feminists) react to the idea of PUA in such a hostile manner. PUA essentially takes women’s main weapons (ie. status games and emotional manipulation) and uses such methods against them.

        One of the fundamental axioms of western Jurisprudence is that it is better for the guilty to go free than an innocent man to hang. Feminists have turned this on its head.


        Just check out this gem from prominent male feminist/mangina Hugo Schwyzer.

        Robert is right. There can be no compromise with the feminist enemy. There are a very small minority of feminists out there who are reasonable and not anti-male, but they’re the rare exceptions who prove the rule.

      • You are basically correct about women, Dota. I know women very, very well and understand them better than most people do, and I can tell you that just about all you said here is correct.

        • Dota

          Thanks Robert, however I also want to stress that what I’ve said up there doesn’t exclusively apply to western women, but to all women to some degree.


          Men will often transgress against that which is moral and just, but they at least operate with in a code of morality, if that makes any sense.

          I’d put it another way. I’d say that men are quite aware of when they transgress ethical codes, like my cousin whom I wrote about up there. There is a general level of awareness of ones actions. For example, Bush and Co knew they were invading Iraq for the oil/Israel. I highly doubt that they swallowed their own propaganda which was meant for domestic consumption.

        • Dota

          Shit, I just clicked on BAG’s link and now I want to punch Hugo in the face.

        • Yes Schwyzer is such an asshole in that piece! Is he always like that?

        • Dota

          What is it that your cousin who is worth $20 million did?

          He’s a sleazeball. Like a lot of sharks he made the bulk of his fortune between 2000-2007 during the real estate boom of Dubai. The global recession of 2008 pretty much killed of Dubai and the emirate hasn’t fully recovered either. But whoever made their fortune in that 7 year window are set for life. He used to buy entire floors and then re-sell them as there was loads of money to be made in office real estate. Kick backs were standard operating procedure for him. He had also made lots of cash through various real estate scams and since he had sources close to some of the shieks, he had a clear birds eye view of the economic landscape. My father’s side of the family is quite unethical whereas the millionaires on my mom’s side (both are in the US) are a lot more ethical.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Yes Schwyzer is such an asshole in that piece! Is he always like that?

          Yup. He’s a textbook case of overcompensation. He used to be an asshole/womanizer, and among his honorable achievements are an attempted suicide/murder of a girlfriend after being on drugs, and sleeping with several younger female students as a professor.

          And of course, now he’s out to prove that men are just as he used to be (cough cough), and that like him, they can only save themselves through feminism.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Oops, correction. Shouldn’t have said “used” to be an asshole, as that would imply that he’s no longer one.

          What’s funny is that various elements of the feminist blogosphere, such as Jezebel, continue to welcome him despite the fact that his actions against women (which were revealed around a couple of years or so) have been far more harmful and dangerous than the “Nice Guys TM” they love to rail against so much.

  86. Bay Area Guy

    To take a break from the Hindutva pissing contest currently engulfing this blog, here’s the Amazing Atheist’s take on the whole Adria Richards “donglegate” controversy.

  87. Bay Area Guy

    Interesting post from a cool new manosphere blog I’ve recently discovered via Roosh.

    • Gay State Girl

      Any MRA who tries their hand at child bashing (ie equating women to children) is okay in my book!

    • Gay State Girl

      My favorite part:
      “or even girls calling the cops and manufacturing cases of domestic “abuse”; know that a lot of women’s “empowerment” is a false confidence predicated on having the parents on speed dial.”

    • Bay Area Guy

      Any MRA who tries their hand at child bashing (ie equating women to children) is okay in my book!

      Well, as I’ve said before, I believe that women worship and child worship come from the same foul brew.

  88. Dota

    Robert L:

    I’m reading a novel and I came across a quote which you might find interesting. It’s a father persuading his daughter not to go to Afghanistan to suppress the radical jihadists during the soviet invasion.

    “Now look, the Afghans need someone of their own stock; they do not necessarily need us. we look like invaders. The wheel of history needs to turn internally in that part of the world; our intervention is only turning this into an imperial war. And, religion? Ines, one does not need Marx, Engels, and Lenin to be a socialist. One does not need our modern European concept of politics or class consciousness to know when the rich are oppressing the poor, or the clergy the masses. Socialism is as old as the human condition. All societies, right down to the basic family unit, have inherent ‘socialist’ elements to them….And we need a provisional central government to keep the evolution towards communism going. The Afghans, however, may just have something more spiritual – more pre industrial – bred into their vision of ‘socialism.’ They can use traditional and religious means to attain the same thing that for us requires government institutions and bureaucracies – and they have done this in the past. Religion, if anything, can potentially lead to a movement toward communism stemming from the grass roots, rather than being imposed on along with the rest of our European cultural baggage. Learn about the Mazdakites, Ines. One must not confuse the language of expression for essential sentiment that is being conveyed. It is this sentiment that is receptive to the movement of history.

    Agree or disagree Robert?

    also, this page is starting to crash my browser again

  89. Aakash

    “In fact, for every four people retiring from the trades, only one is stepping up to take their place”

    Whatcha think Robert? It is stunning.

    People in trades have my respect by the way.

    • Xera

      Right Aakass, people in trades actually use their hands and build shit unlike those parasite Indian slum dog morons that preach about values and education while not having any sort of skill to invent any original shit at all.

      • Aakash

        Sure. In America no doubt.

        But then, Indians built nukes. And one should be enough for Egypt if it turns out everybody out there is like you. Scorched earth mofo.

      • Swedish shit

        “build shit”

        How can you build shit? Is it some new kind of nano tech that builds shit by joining up the shit atoms. You know like building up a turd, shit atom by shit atom. High tech stuff or is it more like sculpting.

        Like do you sculpt in shit? I would love to do that kind of shit sculpture. Perhaps even build a house out of shit. Perhaps even do it with a combination of nano and molding tech combined.

        The future may bring up shit houses built up from units of shit joined together by some sort of meld based glue formula for the shit parts. Ideal for the slums of india and so high tech and futuristic. Turd House Tech. It could become a major new export market for my company here in Sweden.

        Such a house of course would be equipped with shit holes joined to toilet seats. The whole house would be shit with shit holes!

        A master bedroom would have a shit made toilet of course. My huge house has lots of toilets but I always felt there was something missing and that was the fact that the house was built of bricks instead of shit. My toilet is golden with some platinum embedded into it but ideally the future toilets would be built from shit. However, this tech may be so far into the future that it may take thousands of years before the indian scientist figure it all out. But by then the white race will of course be extinct and will be fond memory with their toilet shitter supremacy seemingly so quaint and so very very old. Ahh………….some will long for those old fashioned days when houses were NOT made of shit.

  90. Hacienda

    Funniest Fucking Shit. So True.

  91. Bay Area Guy

    Feminists cunts.

    • Bay Area Guy

      If I were an influential member of the legislative branch of government, I would try to pass a law that would force Western feminists to live in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for a year.

      Does it sound too unreasonable?

    • Brengunn

      What about that girl accosting the guy who was walking into the lecture? Her, calling him scum, incest supporting, woman hating, rape apologist fucking scum, right up in his face screaming, him, sheepishly saying he just wanted to see what he had to say, that he listens to all opinions. What do you do with a person like that? I did feel a surge of violent reaction when she was in his face like that.

      As for the bitch in white, I would have headed for the nearest DIY store, got a can of red paint and threw it all over her.

  92. Brengunn

    More perversion of the American political system by the Zionists. The Israelis want to have a visa waiver pact with the US, but want to discriminate against American citizens of Arab descent and citizens with pro=Palestinian sympathies. Essentially, the US would be enshrining prejudice against it’s own people should they sign up. There are currently 37 states with visa waiver pacts with the US and all 37 of them are reciprocal. Israel is alone in wanting a discriminatory pact.

    And what do you know, it has bi-partisan support! Though it doesn’t seem to be as popular as AIPAC’s usual bills. It also, for such an important bill, has virtually no space in the US press, no one’s reporting it but the Guardian and Haaretz.

    Here it is.

  93. Dota

    Strong anti Black prejudice in Mumbai, India:

    pretty sad.

    • The Honest Truth

      Tough shit – and they’re NIGERIANS at that (or should we say “NIGGERIANS”, LOL!) – i.e. from a nation of scumbags and scam artists. They don’t belong in India any more than they do here! Congratulations to the Indian people who wish to maintain their own culture from inferior outside influences. If only we did that here in the U.S.!

    • Brengunn

      I’m surprised that there are Africans in India. I don’t know why, I suppose I thought they would only seek countries with greater wealth than their own.

      One of them got himself a nice light skinned christian girl. Fair play to ’em.

      • Dota

        I knew a few Nigerians at York, used to play street fighter with them at the local arcade. Pretty cool guys some of them.

        • Brengunn

          York in the UK, or is there a York in Canada?

          One African guy said ‘we treat the Indians in Africa very well, they come and get very rich.’ Maybe he hadn’t heard of His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular!

          He is right though, Indians done very well in Africa. What do you think Dota, is this another example of natural racial hierarchies asserting themselves? I cannot imagine the Nigerians ever being the driving force of Mumbai’s economy, as the Indians were in Uganda.

        • Dota

          I don’t believe in racial hierarchies, just cultural hierarchies. The Indians in Sub Saharan Africa were predominantly Gujaratis, a mercantile (trader caste) culture. Now if Uganda would have imported peasant caste Indians things might have turned out differently.

          But the Indian peasants can also be quite useful, as the Georgians have found out

          Racial hierarchies do not exist, its a matter of cultural and environment. Always.

        • Dota

          York in the UK, or is there a York in Canada?

          York University, Toronto. Didn’t clarify since most of the regulars already know

        • Brengunn

          Racial hierarchies do not exist, its a matter of cultural and environment. Always.

          So is culture happenstance? Culture is an expression of racial genetics.

          I’m puzzled that you don’t believe in racial hierarchies, not absolute hierarchies but intellectual hierarchies. From the Jews in America to the Chinese in South East Asia, or even Indians in Uganda, higher intelligence correlates with ethnicity and ethnicity correlates with success.

          Would you say Jews have a better culture than other Western Europeans and if not, what has allowed them to dominate the US?

        • Dota

          Culture is an expression of racial genetics.

          Culture is a function of environment. It features in a people’s literature, values, and even their constitution.

          From the Jews in America to the Chinese in South East Asia, or even Indians in Uganda, higher intelligence correlates with ethnicity and ethnicity correlates with success.

          IQ correlates to success regardless of ethnicity. There are IQ variances across ethnicities to be sure, but again, you underestimate the importance of the environment. If Uganda would have imported Indian peasants instead of traders, would the country have been better of economically? Probably not. Same ethnic group, totally different outcomes. Similarly, what would happen if Georgia decided to import traders and Brahmins for their growing agricultural industry? They would undoubtedly fail. Again, same ethnic group but a completely different outcome.

          Would you say Jews have a better culture than other Western Europeans and if not, what has allowed them to dominate the US?

          Again, its the environment. The wimpy liberal self hating white culture of the anglosphere enables the Jews to dominate those societies. Hence the Jews are successful. Did the Jews dominate Nazi Germany? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discarding IQ here, but I don’t believe it to be the make or break variable some people think it is.

      • Swedish shit

        I have been looking for Nigerians under the sea. It happened while I had a vision of a better life while in Lativa. I was accosted by Latvians and put inside a box. I started thinking inside that box and it changed my life. I wondered how I would get out and I though about Lativian demonology. What are the demons that Latvians do not like. It is possible as an indian I may have been one such demon and in my naive way I just walked down the street and bam! here I am incarcerated in a box. Then I just fell asleep.

        While asleep I dreamt I had the strength of Hercules. I smashed the box and stepped out.When I woke up the feeling was still there. And I did just that. Afterwards I ran away as fast as I could. I got to the sea and got on my yacht and left Latvia.

        Once back in India. I had bought a submarine and began a new quest. But first let me explain why I went on this new adventure. While in the dream I felt a blue whale was floating up to me in the sea as I swam through the vast depths. I knew it was going to shit on me and so I swam as fast as I could to get away. It got near to me and felt pity for me. It went a little further away and did a huge shit. The ocean was black and in it like a dream appeared an outline of something that looked like Atlantis but with black people milling about. It was the fabled land of Blacklantis that Nigerians say they had built using superior Egyptian technology before the arabs came and destroyed their vastly superior civilization.

        So ever since then I have wondered the ocean in my sub looking for the nigerians of blacklantis. This Underwater Negrology can be a tough loney business and I am looking for crew members. Anyone want an ocean adventure with an Indian (with a gold toilet) in a submarine? Nigerians especially welcome. You will of course get your own gold toilet as a bonus. There are five golden toilets on boards. When we find some blacklanteans they can have them as a welcome home present. We will take them back to Nigeria and they will be showered with all the good things of life along with the toilets which will be installed in their mansions. Proving once and for all that black people are the most civilized and most advanced people in the world.

        So when it comes to the question of ranking the races. It should be obvious that blacks are the best by far. They created Blacklantis!

        • Brengunn

          What’s happened to you? Have you been taking acid or something? Golden toilets, golden eggs, submarines and blacklantis? I think you’ve gone potty!

    • Hacienda

      Hey Sweetie,

      R U Okay? Crazy world. What’s your theory about the Kennedys?

      • Gay State Girl

        I was planning to go in but got sidetracked.

        The fire at JFK Library appears to have no relation to the explosions. They ignited it themselves just to steal a piece of the action. I wouldn’t accuse them of doing what old Joe did.

  94. Matt

    Hey, what happened to that guy who was always on about the Chechens? It seems like he was ahead of his time. I’m sorry I made fun of him.

  95. Tiff Mendosa

    Indigeous people of the Filipines are negritos, then the Polynesians, Indonesians, and Malay migrated there. The fair skin genes from from Tawianese aboriginals which traced back to Southern China.
    East Asians aren’t even dark. Southeast Asians are pretty much mongoloid and negrito gene pool Slanted eyes are among are of the Asians.I see many small eyed people of the filipines and they aren’t Chinese , japnese, Koreans, but dark skin native Filipinos. You also see small eye people among any ethnic groups. The ones with heavy negrito genes have rounder eyes. Filipinos are seen as very low class Southeast Asians. Filipinos are among the pooest in the world. The rich are very rich.
    The light skin gene is not from the indigenous people of the Filipines,but came from either light skin European and East Asians. Filipinos without mix blood is the ugly of any southeast Asians. They are very short stature, speak with one of the worst accent I ever heard in my lifetime. It’s funny how the Filipinos are always attacking those that are way more superior than them. The Spainish people ruled your asses for hundreds of years and named your country for you. .The Chinese ran your country from behind all your presidents. Brainess monkets are shamelss. Any other Southeast Asians are better cuz Filipinos love to worship the power that ruled them for hundreds of years. Most Filipinos with brown and dark skin claim spainsh blood to reduce their inferiority. All filipies I ever know claim Spanish blood cuz of their surnames. That is funnty when those names are imposed on you people and not necessary are your true surnames.

  96. Brengunn

    Has anyone heard of this ‘Silkroad’ black market, where you can buy any drug you want and it arrives in the post? It’s supposed to be like an ebay for drugs with seller ratings etc. All the transactions are done through bitcoin and you have to use some software to hide your identity. You can get all different types of heroin, cocaine, you name it, they have it.

    I was keen to try it out but should the stuff be stopped in the post I might lose my flat, I imagine the landlord would throw me out straight away.

    Still, it’s tempting.

  97. Aakash

    South Asian Muslim retards waiting for allah to deliver a Hindu terrorist to the west.

    Allah says no: Perks of identifying with the global ummah.

  98. Hacienda

    This guy has some interesting ideas about how to maintain a middle-class.

    For example, if I get a cold call and I’m forced to answer the phone, I should be paid for that. Maybe 20c for answering the phone, $1.00 for speaking to the seller, 10c for NOT answerring the phone.

    Payment for Karma. I love this idea.