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  1. Jen Lover

    Jennifer Aniston is still hotter than Angelina Jolie.

  2. This would be your 9th open topic page, eh?

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your “bigfoot news” but haven’t seen one lately. Will you be posting one soon?

  4. india_LandofRapes

    Indian H1-B scum have destroyed American middle class, no one in USA have really investigate the effect of H1-B indian immigrants and the way they have spread across USA like termites

    • nominay

      Do you have an emotion other than hate, and an expression other than negativity, or are you a one-trick pony?

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      yes, but sometimes christians are very aggressive with other religions too

      • Naruto Uzumaki

        don’t know that issue, but i remenber well, that he, with pure anecdotal evidence, claimed that the aging of Germany was a misunderstanding, and that aging of Japan was true, however recent news prove him to be wrong, read this

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          nope, East Asia have more population that it should have, Japan, Korea, Taiwan ,China…all of them have such high density, in population, that show us they are doing a good job having less children for now, however check the density of Russia, Germany or Italy,is smaller than in Japan, Korea or Taiwan, that means they have more ideal population yet they still refuse to have children, at this rate the ones in more danger are the aging Europe than the aging East Asia, less children in East Asia is less overcrownded, less children is Europe is extinction

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          yes, those exactly, Japan, Korea need less people, however in the list i don’t see Germany or Italy, they don’t need less people yet they have less people, they are the ones in most danger

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          1- something like that, however i don’t worship chinese and koreans, but i don’t think they are as bad as Xera says, how can they be my friends if the homophobia in those countries is high, i don’t follow any korean trend except Psy (some months ago i was an admirer of korean wave, until i realized that that movement is confined with asians ,specially the third world filipinos or thais but is not big in the west, korean wave is a bunch of soap operas (mostly made for older women) that never will be cultural icons like sci fi stories,and k-pop is words in a language that i don’t understand) nor i don’t follow any chinese trend except some few chinese Wuxia films, i started to get enthusiastic about that genre until i realized that their impact was mostly small in the west, the only asians i worship are japanese, because their legacy and impact have been the biggest
          and the character is Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail by author Hiro Mashima, best seller in Japan, not well know in North America but well know with otakus in Europe, a manga best seller in France and Germany too, the japanese are my truly friends

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          most korean and chinese can’t be my friends, most of them wouldn’t want a gay (or bisexual person i guess) as a neighbour, not because religion but because conservative culture, besides i don’t follow any korean nor any chinese trend, actually i don’t worship chinese-koreans; except for Psy and some Wuxia films, there is not chinese-korean thing i follow, however i think they aren’t as bad or loosers as Xera portrays them, and they have the potential to grow, the only asians i worship and could be my friends are the japanese; and the anime character is Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail by author Hiro Mashima, manga best seller in Japan, not that popular in otaku circles in North America, but very popular in otaku circles in Europe, as is a manga best seller in France and Germany too

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          double post because internet made mistakes with an issue i had

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          Taiwan is also open minded, more than Japan maybe, i don’t identify myself as girl like a transgender, that is impossible to achieve too, (caucasian transgenders look different from both men and women, u can tell them apart) ,i am just a thin man, since ever, and u are wrong, my first avatar was a young boy character, Killua from Hunter x Hunter

      • Angelina. Mufasa

        I am a Christian and they should know that India consists of mostly Hindus and Muslims & that’s not even a bad thing which they’re making it out to be….its a terrible thing to say to someone; religion shouldn’t even be a concern when deciding to be friends with someone. Twisted value that they have come up with themselves.

      • Kred91

        These Christian muppets make me sick. How come these idiots don’t know that India is NOT Africa. That Hindu Girl should bust their brains open! I think I might convert to a HIndu Fundamentalist sect like the RSS and kick their Lily white asses!!

    • Manny

      Actually Hindu culture is spreading in the US.. and that makes me glad. 🙂


      • Manny

        With the H1B so many Indians are here in the US.. and the Americans are learning that Hindus are not as bad as the evangelical aholes and the far leftists have been telling them.

        • It’s far worse than that. Hindu 1-B’s are the sewage of the human race. There is nothing on Earth scummier than this form of slime. Many of us cared nothing about Hindus before or even liked them, but the more we learn about the Hindu 1-B’s, the more we talk to people who have had to work with them, the more we read the Hindu 1-B’s on the Net, the more we come to hate this high caste Hindus with every fiber of our being. The more you get to know Hindus, the less you like them!

        • Manny

          To my knowledge, most of the H!B are low castes.. True dat!

          Maybe its the low caste Hindus habits that y’all don’t like maybe? 🙂

        • People who work in IT say that almost 100% of Hindu 1-B’s are high caste Hindus. Almost 100% of Indian IT workers in Singapore are high caste Hindus.

          Almost every Indian you will ever meet here in the West will be a high caste Hindu. To my knowledge the low caste Hindus simply do not come here.

        • Manny

          Low castes are close to 80% of Indians. And if upper castes are the powerful folks and rich folks, they would not come to the US looking for work,

        • Manny

          But I have to concede to you some aspects of the Machiavellian nature of Brahmins.

          Although I have great sympathy for some Brahmins.. Like the Brahmin priests (who live in poverty) and Brahmins who are closer to the preservation of the Hindu religion, most Brahmins have nothing to do with religion..they are civilians and they are a mixed bag.. many of them are scoundrals and many of them are regular good folks.

          Let me point to the specific Brahmin/upper caste scoundrels of India. These are the scoundrals who pretend to be liberals or leftists..

          1) The owners of the Leftist newspaper “The Hindu”. This far left newspapers almost all the time take on the “Caste” etc…but guess what..these upper caste Brahmin famil that owns this leftist trash newpspaper always arranges to get their children married to other Brahmins..They don’t arrange ttheir kids to marry off some Untouchables or low castes.

          2) The Chairman/Leader of the communist Maoist movement in India is a Brahmin who never had to work for a living He went to prep school cause his father like our Forbes is a multi millionare…

          3) Nehru the leftist socialist Prime Minsiter of India is a Brhamin who inherited his wealth..and he has the hots for white women.. This immoral cad hits other married women… He and his family has marries into white women. They don’t meet and marry a Dalit or a backward caste.

          So yes..there is the machevilian backs tabbing Upper castes Brahmins..and they have all taken leadership position of the “Dalits, backward castes” and others…

          How convenient eh?

          Thats the tragedy of India.

        • dia

          if people in US are going to like hinduism so much then be ready they are going to prepare your way easy to hell and make a big india again..they are going to create lots of caste,killing all the female,keep all the white women as slaves and you will need a saviour again and back to Adam …..hope it’s understood

  5. Iñaki

    Robert, have you seen my long paragraph (practically an essay) on the article, “The Saffron Brigade”? I would wish to say that regardless of what others think about Islam, the history of this religion and culture in Europe has been greatly destroyed, covered up, and blurred by fanatical Christian states in southern Europe, the Balkans, and eastern Europe. Your mention that Muslims were a minority in Iberia, the Balkans, and India was completely wrong on the first one, mostly wrong in the second, and partly wrong in the third (if we consider “India” to be the Indian subcontinent).

  6. Since this is an open topic page, I am very interested in hearing what you think about Gun Control.

    My political inclination is just slightly to the right on this issue. I do own guns myself, but only because I like to go to my local gun range occasionally to do target practicing. I also have a concealed carry permit for the times when it is cold outside when I am open carrying my gun between the range and my house and the gun is partially concealed. Open carrying guns here in Virginia is legal without a permit…and even though partially concealed is still considered to be open carry, I got my concealed permit just to cover all my bases.

    I am in favor of certain kinds of gun regulations, but only when it makes sense (criminal background checks, mental health checks, etc.) and not to the point where it becomes stupid and oppressive (like concealed carry in New York City…they will reject the applicant if the applicant has a poor credit history due to their perceived association of “if they are not responsible for their credit, then they are not responsible with firearms”).

  7. How about you make apost on the soviet space program? Despite the disintegrate of the Soviet Union, the Ex-soviet space program still remains as one of the most highly thriving space programs today.

    The Soviet space program carried out a large number of firsts:
    Sputnik 1 – the first man-made satellite
    Laika – the first animal in space
    Yuri Gagarin – the first human in space and space orbit
    Luna 2 – the first man-made object to impact the lunar exterior
    Mir – the first consistently manned space position

    The Soviet manned space program is alive and well under Russian administration, and now boasts first-ever space charters. The Americans have been hitching travels on the Soyuz while their residual spaceships sit in the shop.

  8. RunswithScissors

    Robert, could you please dedicate some thought to the whole Richwine affair that has been flummoxing the American “Left” and forcing Conservative Inc. to acquiesce to the “Left’s” flummoxing.

    I find the whole affair telling and predictable. Harvard PhD opines politically incorrectly. Rat of a reporter from the MSM smells blood and digs up his blasphemous (but none the less well-researched and thoughtfully articulated) PhD thesis. Righteous indignation ensues with much name calling but few substantive rebuttals. Richwine resigns. USA elites still think it is a good idea to sell out the White — and Black — working class to placate blatantly racial interests like La Raza (The Race for the Gringos here). Dimwits, witch-hunters, immigration lawyers and mindless PC drones jump on the bandwagon and promptly feast at the carcass of Richwine’s career.

    Kevin MacDonald — though I find his antisemitism factually unfounded — has some interesting insights about this whole brouhaha.

    He points out that while Richwine is correct in that importing millions of low-IQ hispanics will have a deleterious effect on American civilization, importing millions of high IQ Asians doesn’t help out high IQ Whites who will end up competing with them. I can’t argue with that.

    I’m a young man with a reasonably high IQ and I’ve spent much of my life competing with hard-working, high IQ Asians in school and the workplace. I also spent much of my youth dealing with the attacks of low IQ south Asians and Blacks.

    Why do White people always need to adapt to others? I’m not a White Nationalist and I have friends from many races, but explicitly anti-White even anti-logic and anti-science rhetoric and action from the new “Left,” Conservative Inc. and the pathetic whores we call a media leave me sympathetic to White Nationalists at times.

    As a liberal race realist I feel isolated. So what are your thoughts, Mr. Lindsay?

    • Thanks. I have been reading deeply about this affair for a few days now. That is the lazy way I am. I often read very deeply about issues I intend to write about and then never write it up. But I really need to write this one up. It’s not as simple as it sounds.

      Welcome to LRR!

  9. D.C. (P)Resident

    Time to shed my skin.

  10. D.C. (P)Resident

    Hey Robert, turns out even Anafranil can hammer your sex drive. This from Fox news;
    “ “SSRIs stimulate certain serotonin receptors that can cause a decrease in dopamine and norepinephrine in an area of the brain, which can have an effect on libido,” Collom said. “Older classes of antidepressants that are not used as much anymore, like monoamine oxidase (MAOIs) and tricyclics antidepressants (TCAs), can have the same libido depressing effect.”
    Anafranil is a tricyclic antidepressent. In other words, if you have OCD, you are pretty much fucked. OCD is one of the worst illnesses to have. Even worse, it is genetic, so you have to take medication for the rest of your life.

  11. Heil Hizzle Mein Nizzle

    Since it’s open topic, time for me to drop another written classic:

    Barack O’ Drama (My Civil Rights Struggle)

    Verse 1:
    Martin Luther the King did his thing so that I could wear bling/
    But these racist crackers want to see a nigga locked in the bing/
    So I stay strapped foe dat drama/
    I set the black people free, like Barack Obama

    See me rolling on twenty foe inch rims/
    Obama be blak, my nigga, that’s why I voted foe him

    Verse 2:
    My style stay dope like Marion Barry/
    Blak hissry mumf be in February/
    Cruising in my Escalade/
    I got fat white bitches on my Facebook page/

    See me rolling on twenty foe inch rims/
    Obama be blak, my nigga, that’s why I voted foe him.

  12. Heil Hizzle Mein Nizzle

  13. Brengunn

    Another Muslim has just stabbed up a European soldier. French this time. Apparently the attacker was a man of north African origin. Defo a rag head.

  14. Ken

    I’d did this quick sketch recently, it’s some caricature faces and an Olympic street scene in London town :

    I’ve been influenced by Albert Durer’s cartoons as of late- he was a North Renaissance Artist from Germany. Of course my drawings look like dog shit in comparison.

  15. No idea man, no idea. Not sure about those tests myself.

  16. Ken

    Its either you acquired those genes though a steady agglomeration of DNA building up in your gene pool or it was singular event that happened a few generations ago.

    Maggie Thatchers daughter took a DNA test which revealed she is 24% middles eastern. I’m not sure how accurate these tests are.

  17. Asians did not remain primitive agriculturalists. They moved on and developed complex civilizations. The primitive agriculturalists we refer to here include the African and the Papuans, both of whom developed styles whereby the chiefs and their buddies monopolize all the women, leaving many to most men without mates. This results in extreme competition among males to be the chief or his pals. The ones who end up in this role are the biggest, baddest, toughest, meanest men. Over time, the race evolves for high testosterone. High T is found in Africans and Papuans but is lower in most hunter-gatherers. In African hunter-gatherers, T levels are low.

    Presumably this dynamic did not occur in the Far East.

  18. Xera

    Remember Near Easterns are above East Asians in the social Caucasian pole and that East Asians are the least attractive male race towards Caucasian women!

    • Ken

      I get as much attention from Caucasian women as Caucasian men do, if not even more.

      • Ken

        By European standards i look pretty Asian ,as a matter of fact I’ve had white people come up to me and call me a “chink” to my face and then slant their eyes.

      • Ken

        Well this particular guy stabbed another guy a few minutes before he approached me, there was blood on the road. I wasn’t going to do anything.

      • Xera

        Yeah I am not going to easily believe that, Asian males are pretty bottom of the barrel in terms of attractiveness. Even the blogger Roosh admitted that, I would have a hard time believing any of them are actually attractive, even the Asians in places are far as Sweden don’t get any and are poorly integrated.

      • Naruto Uzumaki

        most asians aren’t fooled by religion ,unlike a big% of white americans

      • Xera

        Yeah last time I heard, if people are coming up to you say that then your not racially attractive sorry to say. Mongoloid features just aren’t all that masculine and aren’t attractive to other races, most women including Caucasian women prefer their own race exclusively over others it’s highly unlikely what you say is true and is rather just chink delusions and realities.

        Compared to males of other races, Asians just don’t match up so really what you are saying here is pretty false and likely not real. The last choice of any Caucasian women is a Mongoloid male, even actual studies have actually proved that. Especially in the Anglo sphere (U.S etc), do Asians get the worst deal when it comes to dating off-race, and even in countries without bad stereotypes they still get bottom of the barrel left over slop. I have never seen or heard of a Caucasian female EVER expressing in an Asian guy so you gotta prove that lol.

      • Xera

        Well he is an Asian beta male, of course he isn’t going to do anything, like punching people, he is too civilized for that!!

        I am still LOL’ing at “I get as much attention from Caucasian women as Caucasian men do, if not even more.”, seeing as how most regular men don’t even get attention from attractive women that would mean not much. Also the ideal male for any female is an archetypal masculine male of their own race, which means someone of their own racial features so it’s really unlikely that you would get more attention with mongoloid features, combine that with Mongoloids being the least masculine, low testosterone expression race….

        But then British girls aren’t too top notch either on average so that’s likely to be false.

      • Naruto Uzumaki

        coward:i already said it, and by the way i didn’t visited the blog in a while, and i find sad that the site still have some trolls around here (Xera), they don’t have anything to do,don’t have lifes and live trolling ,that is really sad, sigh

      • Xera

        Doesn’t Narutoo actually live on this blog and worship those chinks, which is even more sad? I can’t imagine him going to a place like forum.biodiversity pulling off his same antics without getting ripped apart.

    • Xera

      BTW I was responding to James of England, I am sure he is not as confident as Ken here in his claims. Not to mention he is a full chink with an identity crisis.

      • Naruto Uzumaki

        Xera is just a bored troll,i don’t respect all much many of my white siblings,’cause actually many many whites in America are so obsessed with religion and many times they try to get rid of the religions of other cultures, like the case of this indian hindu girl, asians most of them, aren’t brainwashed by something like religion

      • Xera

        James of England am I right when I make those claims about chinks being impotent in Western society?

      • James of England

        Yes, you are right, Xera. I’m kinda like Coward in a way; I acknowledge the faults and disadvantages of my race and accept them.
        So I’d like to ask you, why exactly do you hate us so much?

  19. Ken

    Yes, as a matter of fact I’ve been listening to a bit of Brahms lately :

  20. attack_the_liars

    Do you know that the greatest composer of European classical music, Beethoven, was described as looking like a mullato by his contemporaries?

    Google “black Beethoven”….

    • attack_the_liars

      Likewise, the Shakespeare of Russia, Alexander Pushkin, was a quadroon descended from an Ethiopian general and engineer in Peter the Great’s court.

      Google “black Pushkin”….

    • attack_the_liars

      Ditto for Alexander Dumas, also a quadroon, of Haitian origin. Dumas is the most popular writer in the French language. He is the author of “The Three Musketeers” and “The Count of Monte Christo”.

      Google black Dumas….

    • attack_the_liars

      Makes one wonder whether Shakespeare himself was mixed race.

      That could explain the sympathetic portrayal of Othello, the black Venetian general, in his famous play Othello, The Moor of Venice.

    • attack_the_liars

      So coward, your father was an ape?

      Do these founders of the oldest civilization in the Americas look like the daddy you hate so much?

    • attack_the_liars

      Does Abraham Lincoln look like a full-blooded Brit to you?

      Google: Lincoln Melungeon

      P.S.: melungeons are tri-racial, euro+afro+amerindian

    • attack_the_liars

      Here’s another one:

      The greatest writer in the Portuguese language, Brazilian Machado de Assisi, was also mixed race with west African heritage.

    • attack_the_liars

      And another one:

      One of the greatest, most renowned, poets in the Arabic language was Antar who was an afro-Arab mix (Ethiopian mother). He was also a great warrior and is known as the Father of Chivalry.

    • Attack_the_liars, please calm down. You are making a total fool out of yourself.

    • attack_the_liars

      Here’s one for the Asians:

      Buddha is described as having long limbs and kinky or tightly curled hair. You can see that feature depicted in most statues of Buddha.

    • attack_the_liars

      The idiot is you for assuming that being from India precludes having afro hair. Here is a recently diseased Indian religious leader, the biggest name in recent times:

    • attack_the_liars

      One of the greatest all-rounders of all time was the mullato frenchman Chevalier de Saint George, known also as the Black Mozart. Composer of classical music, virtuoso violinist, champion fencer, extraordinary swimmer, revolutionary warrior…

    • attack_the_liars

      Was Beethoven Black? Was His African Heritage Whitewashed?

      What was once considered written in stone is now melting away with the discovery of facts that heretofore have been hidden or omitted; things so different that they are generally classified as controversial or unusual.

      That brings us to the topic of this post; the true identity of Ludwig van Beethoven, long considered Europe’s greatest classical music composer. Said directly, Beethoven was a black man. Specifically, his mother was a Moor, that group of Muslim Northern Africans who conquered parts of Europe–making Spain their capital–for some 800 years.

      In order to make such a substantial statement, presentation of verifiable evidence is compulsory. Let’s start with what some of Beethoven’s contemporaries and biographers say about his brown complexion.:

      (Louis Letronne, Beethoven, 1814, pencil drawing.)

      Frederick Hertz, German anthropologist, used these terms to describe him: “Negroid traits, dark skin, flat, thick nose.”

      Emil Ludwig, in his book “Beethoven,” says: “His face reveals no trace of the German. He was so dark that people dubbed him Spagnol [dark-skinned].”

      Fanny Giannatasio del Rio, in her book “An Unrequited Love: An Episode in the Life of Beethoven,” wrote “His somewhat flat broad nose and rather wide mouth, his small piercing eyes and swarthy [dark] complexion, pockmarked into the bargain, gave him a strong resemblance to a mulatto.”

      Czerny stated, “His beard–he had not shaved for several days–made the lower part of his already brown face still darker.”

      Following are one word descriptions of Beethoven from various writers: Grillparzer, “dark”; Bettina von Armin, “brown”; Schindler, “red and brown”; Rellstab, “brownish”; Gelinek, “short, dark.”

      We have all been fed false information for reasons previously mentioned. It is no secret that scholars, writers, critics, advertisers and Hollywood have changed history for their own specific reasons. What is uniquely different in the intellectual landscape, people of color now have an army of sophisticated scholars to combat the continuation and dissemination of false information that has been accepted as standard, as well as the canon in academia.

  21. Real White Nationalist

    ”Likewise, the Shakespeare of Russia, Alexander Pushkin, was a quadroon descended from an Ethiopian general and engineer in Peter the Great’s court.”

    Pushkin’s great grandfather was Ethiopian. He would have been about 1/16 black. He was basically just a White guy.

    • attack_the_liars

      You must be mathematically challenged. Try using a calculator. That would have made him 1/8 black, an octoroon. Octoroons pass as white. There are tens of millions of them in America alone. A good example of an octoroon passing as white is James Watson the discoverer of DNA.

      Pushkin’s African ancestry was visible. Why? Because he was actually a quadroon. How? Because he had another ancestor who was part-African. Incidentally Pushkin’s descendants married into western European nobility.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”You must be mathematically challenged. Try using a calculator. That would have made him 1/8 black, an octoroon. Octoroons pass as white. There are tens of millions of them in America alone. A good example of
        an octoroon passing as white is James Watson the discoverer of DNA.”

        No, because Ethiopians are already mulattoes.

        ”Pushkin’s African ancestry was visible. Why? Because he was actually a
        quadroon. How? Because he had another ancestor who was part-African. Incidentally Pushkin’s descendants married into western European nobility.”

        No he didn’t have another part African ancestor. Look at portraits of him. the only trait of his that’s ”black” is curly hair, but that’s not only a black trait so…

        • attack_the_liars

          No he didn’t have another part African ancestor. Look at portraits of him. the only trait of his that’s ”black” is curly hair, but that’s not only a black trai

          Nadja, his mother, was through her own mother, a descendant of the same Pushkin forbear from whom her husband Serge descended. This is genetically interesting since it explains why the poet, who is generally but mistakenly accepted as an octoroon, looks perceptibly blacker.

        • attack_the_liars

          Pushkin’s family wasn’t the only one with African ancestry that belonged to the Russian nobility:

          Because the name itself, “abach” means Abysissinian, the princely house of the Abachidze has long been known to be Ethiopian in origin. With the rise of Paata to political prominence in the early 17th century, they intermarried with and became lineal ancestors of the royal houses of Imerithia and Georgia of the Caucuses.

          The Arapov also claim that they derived their name from the word, “arap” or arab, the Russian for Negro. Beginning in 1613, they have filled military posts as generals and such court positions as a governor and a member of the Ministry of Agriculture.

          Another family that tradition and legend have traced back to Africa is that of the Axakov. They apparently came to Moscow in the entourage of Prince Danila Alexandrovitch of Souzdal,1251-1303.

          An even earlier black immigrant was Chimon Afrkanovich who arrived in Russia at the beginning of the XI century and entered the service of the Grand Duke Iaroslav Vladimirovich of Kiev. A number of his descendants who carried the name, Isleniev, held high ranking positions in the army. Petr Alexeevitch, for example, was aide de camp to Catherine the Great.

          Like Pushkin they too owned tons of white Russian serfs.

          It is also a known fact that a good chunk of the Russian aristocracy were of Mongol origins.

        • attack_the_liars

          Pushkin’s Ethiopian blood, however diluted, flows in the blue veins of the British Royal Family:

          he would have been quite pleased to know that a branch of the British Royal Family would today be numbered among his descendants

        • attack_the_liars

          Actually the African genetic input in the British Royal Family comes from multiple sources. Pushkin is not the only one. This one is bigger:

          Queen Charlotte, wife of the English King George III (1738-1820), was directly descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a black branch of the Portuguese Royal House.

          Six different lines can be traced from English Queen Charlotte back to Margarita de Castro y Sousa, in a gene pool which because of royal inbreeding was already minuscule, thus explaining the Queen’s unmistakable African appearance.

          Finally, it should be noted that the Royal Household itself, at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, referred to both her Asian and African bloodlines in an apologia it published defending her position as head of the Commonwealth.

          I think PBS is a far more reliable source than Stormfront don’t you agree coward? 😉

        • attack_the_liars

          What do President Obama of the USA, President Lula (ex) of Brazil and President Hugo Chávez (deceased) of Venezuela have in common?

          All have African ancestors.

        • attack_the_liars

          I doubt too many here are fooled by your claim that your father is black. A mullato wouldn’t be regurgitating idiotic neo-Nazi Stormfront crap like you obsessively do ad infinitum.

          You are either a liar or an insane self-hater. Most likely a liar, like all racists. It was quite revealing how you stupidly lied that the Sphinx had a flat nose because it had a lion’s face!

        • attack_the_liars

          Either way it must suck to be you.

        • I do not think you are stupid at all, coward. You really should take a good IQ test. For sure you will test over 100, at least 105-115.

        • Go to your school and ask for or demand an IQ test. They pretty much have to give you one if you ask. I think the school psychologist will give you one. Now is the best time to take one and the best ones are administered by psychologists. After you graduate, you will have to pay a psychologist like $200 to take the test. Internet tests are pretty much crap.

          How smart is your Dad. I imagine he is smarter than the average Black. Most Afrocentrist Blacks are intelligent, who is truly tragic. The finest minds of their race are wasted on this idiocy.

        • That is an excellent IQ for a Black person of your age. Unfortunately, it may decline a bit from now until age 24 or so as there is a decline in Black IQ from age 15-24. But if I were you, I would just keep that 121 score. It is a fine score, and I believe it is classed as “superior.” Everything over 116 = superior.

          How did you get to take the test so easily? You just asked at school, and they gave it to you just like that?

        • You probably do have the highest IQ in the school! You go coward! With an IQ like that, you can do many things, including get a Master’s Degree. Doctorate might be a bit harder. You are for sure college material and it would be a shame if you did not go.

          Your father may have an IQ of 110. Pretty smart for a Black guy.

          Mulatto IQ in the US is probably ~93 or so, who knows?

          You should probably identify as mixed race. You have gotten some good Black IQ genes too, who knows?

        • Steve

          Well done Coward, I knew you would have a high IQ. I could tell you were bright.

          Your good genes could also come from your father’s side. There are black people on the right of the bell curve. There are certainly genes for high intelligence in the African gene pool and you might have some of them.

          If your mum didn’t meet your dad, there would be no you. Don’t give your dad a hard time or make him feel bad about being black, ever. If you do that, you’ll regret it when you’re older and more mature.

          If I were part black, I’d be proud of that part of me. Why not? There are plenty of good (and many intelligent) black people and they look good and are masculine and athletic. Why not just brag about the stuff black people can brag about AND the stuff white people can brag about? lol.

  22. Real White Nationalist

    ”Does Abraham Lincoln look like a full-blooded Brit to you?
    Google: Lincoln Melungeon”

    He wasn’t melungeon dude, his ancestry has been traced back to Europe.

    • attack_the_liars

      Those who saw him in real life, and Lincoln himself, described him as having coarse black hair and dark complexion. Are these the physical characteristics of the natives of the British Isles?

      Clearly he was mixed race. A tri-racial. His Amerindian genes expressed themselves in his high cheekbones. His African ancestry in his coarse hair. His British ancestry in his light eyes.

      Mixed race people are probably already the majority in the New World, the great melting pot of the world.

      • Real White Nationalist

        No, Lincoln wasn’t mixed race. The natives of the British Isles (not the Anglo Saxons) often have coarse black hair, and a darkish complexion, and high cheekbones aren’t exclusive to Amerindians. His ancestry has been traced back to Europe. No possiblity of anything non-White. Lincoln was Atlanto-Mediterranean.

        • attack_the_liars

          If you see a native of the British Isles who has coarse black hair, dark skin and high cheekbones you can be sure he has some ancestors from outside Europe. Those physical features aren’t native to the islands.

          Neither the Celts nor the Anglo-Saxons looked like Lincoln. Also, neither the Celts nor the Anglo-Saxons were able to create a civilization worthy of the name on their own. It took swarthy foreigners from the South to finally civilize these pale-skinned savages of northern Europe.

  23. Real White Nationalist

    ”Makes one wonder whether Shakespeare himself was mixed race.”
    Probably not.

    ”That could explain the sympathetic portrayal of Othello, the black Venetian general, in his famous play Othello, The Moor of Venice.”

    Othelo was probably a White Berber.

    • attack_the_liars

      You obviously haven’t read Shakespeare and are talking out of your ass.

      Othello is called a blackamoor in Othello.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”Othello is called a blackamoor in Othello.”

        I didn’t know that. Still doesn’t prove Shakespeare was black.

        • attack_the_liars

          I didn’t claim to have proven that Shakespeare was black. I said I suspected that like Pushkin and Dumas he may have been of mixed race.

          That there were people of African ancestry in England, including Shakespeare’s hometown Stratford upon Avon, is a known fact.

        • Othello was just an Arab, a North African Arab of some sort. They are darker than Europeans so Euros called them “black.” Berbers are 13% Black on average, so they do have some Black in them. Look at Qaddafi.

  24. Real White Nationalist

    ”Beethoven was a black man. Specifically, his mother was a Moor, that group of Muslim Northern Africans who conquered parts of Europe–making Spain their capital–for some 800 years.”

    Moors were White. You can just look at Beethoven’s death mask. He was White.

  25. Real White Nationalist

    ”I didn’t claim to have proven that Shakespeare was black. I said I suspected that like Pushkin and Dumas he may have been of mixed race.”

    Pushkin was only about 6% black, not really mixed race.

    ”That there were people of African ancestry in England, including Shakespeare’s hometown Stratford upon Avon, is a known fact.”

    There weren’t many, and I think someone would have mentioned if Shakespeare was black.

    • attack_the_liars

      Shakespeare (not his real name) kept his identity a secret. You didn’t know that?

      • Brengunn

        Shakespeare was his real name. There are conspiracy theories about his identity because some posh snobs are unwilling to believe a commoner wrote the most important literature in the English language.

      • Real White Nationalist

        Shakespeare was his real name, and I know people saw him, and would have said if he was black.

        • attack_the_liars

          He believes that a lot of British royalty descend from Black bloodlines, and that Blacks used to have super-advanced technology in the past and was worshipped by primitive Whites and Asians as gods.
          Afrocentrists are even more insane than Nordicists.

          No one is as insane and delusional as nordicists. Weren’t you spouting laughable nordicist bullshit yourself until just a few days ago when Robert chastised you for your ignorance and stupidity??? Now you are singing a different tune. 🙂

          What’s so funny about nordicism is that the Nordics were considered barbarians even by other Europeans until fairly recently. There is no trace of a civilization in northern Europe before they were conquered or converted by the swarthy south Europeans.

          The afrocentrists on the other hand can boast that the oldest representations of the human face, the Sphinx and the giant Olmec heads, are unmistakably negroid. Clearly they must have been looked up to if not worshipped.

        • attack_the_liars

          Do these west African looking heads really look mongoloid to any rational and unprejudiced person? When did mongoloids have big bulging eyes, big lips and negroid noses?

  26. Brengunn


    If you’ve been getting into classical music you’ll certainly like this, it’s one of my favorites, I’m a big fan of requiems and this is one of the best. Enjoy!

    • Brengunn

      “Best of’s” are a great way to get into any music but do not be tempted to leave it at that, go further and listen to their lesser known stuff, I often find the more challenging, obscure music to be more satisfying than the ‘hits’. Also, don’t restrict your classical music to the masters that have been dead for centuries, there are many great composers whose works are from the 20th century and there are also fascinating pieces still being wrote today. Shostakovich is a favorite of mine, I’d also recommend John Tavener for brooding Eastern mysticism, if you’re into that kind of thing.

      If you like ‘Valkyries’, then I’d also recommend Carmina Burana, it has a similar tone if not the same level of absolute power. There is also Ravel’s Bolero, which I’m sure you’ll like as it has that something which is hard to define but makes people love music.

      I wouldn’t give up all rap music though, there is still great rap out there even if the genre has turned into a bloated greedy monster to rival the hair metal of the 80’s in it’s utter shittiness.

      Thanks Brengunn.(I finally spelt your name right).

      Don’t worry about it. Other people have misspelled it too, maybe it confuses people.

    • Your name is Brengunn? I thought your name was Bread Crumb.

    • Brengunn

      Your name is Brengunn? I thought your name was Bread Crumb.

      Bread Crumb? Each time you’ve quoted me you’ve misspelled my name but I don’t think you’ve ever got it so wrong as Bread Crumb. Dyslexia?

    • Richard hall

      Lol Bread Crumb… but anyway there is very little good hip hop\rap around like this:
      but yeah the worst of classical is better than the best of hip hop

  27. Real White Nationalist

    ”Nadja, his mother, was through her own mother, a descendant of the same Pushkin forbear from whom her husband Serge descended.”

    Not true, Pushkin’s Ethiopian ancestry only came from his mother’s side. not his father’s side. that’s common knowledge.

    ”This is genetically interesting since it explains why the poet, who is generally but mistakenly accepted as an octoroon, looks perceptibly blacker.”

    He doesn’t even look black, and neither does his mom. Anyway, even if what you say is true, he’d still only be an Octoroon, since Ethiopians are mulattoes.

  28. Real White Nationalist

    ”There is no trace of a civilization in northern Europe before they were conquered or
    converted by the swarthy south Europeans.”

    That’s just not true.

    the Sphinx and the giant Olmec heads, are unmistakably negroid.

    No they’re not, the Olmec heads are typical Central Amerindian, the Sphinx I already explained.

    • attack_the_liars

      It’s amusing to watch the phenomenon of denial and brainwashing among you stormfronter types. You brainwashed cowards cannot even acknowledge the evidence of your eyes. You too, like coward, claimed that the Sphinx had a lion’s face! And you insist that these pictures from ancient Egypt depict a white race! 🙂

      You guys look more and more stupid as the racist lies you cling to are discredited one by one.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”And you insist that these pictures from ancient Egypt depict a white race!”

        Yeah dude. Suntanned Caucasoids. Their genetics make it it impossible for them to have been black.

  29. Real White Nationalist

    ”Queen Charlotte, wife of the English King George III (1738-1820), was directly descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a black branch of the Portuguese Royal House.”

    There’s no proof Margarita de Castro y Sousa was black. That’s just what an afrocentrist historian Mario de Valdes y Cocom claimed. More likely she was an Arab/Berber, or Sephardic Jew.

    ”thus explaining the Queen’s unmistakable African appearance.”
    She doesn’t look African. Kind of ugly but not African

    ”Finally, it should be noted that the Royal Household itself, at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, referred to both her Asian and African bloodlines in an apologia it published defending her position as head of the Commonwealth.”

    I really doubt that. Prove it.

  30. Real White Nationalist

    ”Do these west African looking heads really look mongoloid to any rational and unprejudiced person? When did mongoloids have big bulging eyes, big lips and negroid noses?”

    They don’t look West African, or have big bulging eyes.
    The south, and central Amerindians (Mongoloids) do in fact have big lips, and broad noses.

  31. Real White Nationalist

    ”Pushkin’s Ethiopian blood, however diluted, flows in the blue veins of the British Royal Family”

    That’s true, but it’s way to diluted to make a difference either way. They’re less than 1% black.

  32. Real White Nationalist

    ”If you see a native of the British Isles who has coarse black hair, dark skin and high cheekbones you can be sure he has some ancestors from outside Europe. Those physical features aren’t native to the islands.”

    Prove it. Atlanto Mediterraneans can have those features, and Lincoln’s ancestry has been traced back to Europe. It’s impossible for him to be a Melungeon.

    ”Neither the Celts nor the Anglo-Saxons looked like Lincoln.”
    Many Celts did, and do look like Lincoln.

    ”Also, neither the Celts nor the Anglo-Saxons were able to create a civilization worthy of the name on their own. It took swarthy foreigners from the South to finally civilize these pale-skinned savages of northern Europe.”

    I already gave links to articles on Northern European civilizations, do you need more? How about The Vikings. they had no contact with the Southerners, and they conquered huge parts of Europe, and expanded to the new world. Also, Nordics are depigmented Mediterraneans anyway.
    By the way Sub-Saharans weren’t doing much in ancient times. There was only Nubia, and Axum, and they’re both mixed with Whites.

    • attack_the_liars

      Atlanto Mediterraneans can have those features,

      Prove it.

      I already gave links to articles on Northern European civilizations, do you need more?

      A civilization worthy of the name would have impressive architecture, literature, philosophy etc. The northern barbarians had none of that. They were primitive savages.

      By the way Sub-Saharans weren’t doing much in ancient times. There was only Nubia, and Axum, and they’re both mixed with Whites.

      Now this neo-Nazi nutjob is even taking credit for Nubia! 🙂

      You come across as someone of low intelligence…..and low character.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”Prove it.”

        You can look it up yourself, but we already know who Lincoln’s ancestors were.

        ”A civilization worthy of the name would have impressive architecture, literature, philosophy etc. The northern barbarians had none of that. They
        were primitive savages.”

        No Sub-Saharan civilization had any of that. And you’re right that north Europeans didn’t have it in classical antiquity, and neither did the Japanese. The difference is north Europeans, and Japanese got impressive architecture, literature, and philosophy eventually.

        ”Now this neo-Nazi nutjob is even taking credit for Nubia!”

        Eh, neo-nazi? I don’t have a problem with the Jews. And Nubians are, and were mixed Caucasoid/Negroid, that’s just a fact.

        ”You come across as someone of low intelligence…..and low character”

        That’s nice.

        • attack_the_liars

          And you’re right that north Europeans didn’t have it in classical antiquity

          In other words, like I said, northern europeans left to themselves for thousands of years were incapable of creating a civilization. While Africans, Mayans, Indians, Chinese, Sumerians et al succeeded in doing so.

          What does that tell you? How do you reconcile this fact with your white supremacist fantasies?

  33. Real White Nationalist

    ”Africans,, Indians, Chinese, Sumerians et al succeeded in doing so.”

    Africans- Only Caucasian North Africans.
    Mayans- By the time of the Mayans North Europeans had a civilization
    Indians- Caucasoid
    Chinese- Can’t argue with that, but Caucasoid civilizations still predate theirs.
    Sumerians- Caucasoid

    ”What does that tell you?”
    That North Europeans, and Japanese were relatively late at building civilization. So what? Japanese are the same race as Chinese, and North Europeans are the same race as South Europeans. Furthermore, Nordics are depigmented Mediterraneans.

    • Indians of the IVC were probably some sort of Australoid-Caucasoid mixes, though we don’t really know for sure. North Indians got more Caucasoid after the Aryan influx. Indians are pure Australoid @ 7-8000 YBP, then they start to transition to Caucasoid somehow. This is accelerated at 3500 YBP with Aryan influx. At some point in the north, there are some Mongoloid genes.

      • Real White Nationalist

        So are South Indians today basically Caucasoids with some Australoid genes? What percent of Australoid do they have?

    • attack_the_liars

      By the time of the Mayans North Europeans had a civilization

      That’s pretty late in human history, isn’t it? And it took people from outside their ancient homelands to finally civilize them.

      The dark-skinned Egyptians, Indians, Sumerians beat the pale-skinned northern european savages by thousands of years. What does that tell you?

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”And it took people from outside their ancient homelands to finally civilize them.”
        Nordics, and Mediterraneans=same people. By the way, one could make the argument that all Sub-Saharan Africans were civilized by Caucasoids.

        ”The dark-skinned Egyptians, Indians, Sumerians”
        Egyptians, depicted the men as red, and the women as white, North Indians aren’t actually that dark, and Sumerians probably weren’t dark, they might have come from the Caucasus.

        ”beat the pale-skinned northern european savages by thousands of years. What does that tell you?”

        Not much considering they’re all the same race.

        • attack_the_liars

          Egyptians, depicted the men as red, and the women as white, North Indians aren’t actually that dark, and Sumerians probably weren’t dark, they might have come from the Caucasus.

          The Sumerians called themselves blackheads.

          The typical north Indian is dark brown skinned.

          The ancient Egyptians were neither red nor white. :). They were overwhelmingly a dark shade of brown. You are either color blind or seriously delusional if you think they were white-skinned.

        • attack_the_liars

          Nordics, and Mediterraneans=same people

          The Mediterraneans considered the Nordics to be barbarians of a different breed. Julius Caesar became a great hero to Romans after he slaughtered a million northern European barbarians and enslaved numerous others.

          And the Greeks acknowledged their civilizational debt to ancient Egypt. So it is correct to say that if Greece was the Mother of Western civilization then Egypt was its Grandmother.

          Note that the Greeks saw the Egyptians as a distinct race from themselves and other Mediterranean. Instead they compared the Egyptians and Ethiopians to north and south Indians respectively. Now both north and south Indians are Non-whites and closely related, implying that the Greeks saw the Egyptians and Ethiopians as related also.

    • attack_the_liars

      Chinese- Can’t argue with that, but Caucasoid civilizations still predate theirs.

      The negroid looking Great Sphinx of Gaza is over 4500 years old. How do you fit that in your dating of civilizations.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”The negroid looking”
        Let’s say it’s not a lions head carved over a humans head, it’s supposed to represent Khafre right? Look at him, he was no negroid.

        ”Great Sphinx of Gaza is over 4500 years old. How do you fit that in your dating of civilizations.”

        Sumer predates that.

        • attack_the_liars

          it’s supposed to represent Khafre right? Look at him, he was no negroid.

          Look at the Sphinx. Clearly negroid. Its a human face not a lion’s face as you and coward very stupidly lied because you could not explain away its negroid appearance.

          There is no proof that the Sphinx has the face of Khafre. Here’s Khafre’s face, does not look europoid at all:

      • Xera

        The Sphinx was originally a lion, the face was carved out later on sorry.

  34. Real White Nationalist

    ”The Sumerians called themselves blackheads.”

    Because of their black hair. Notice how they didn’t call themselves blackskins? they also depicted themselves with blue eyes…

    ”The typical north Indian is dark brown skinned.”

    No, the typical South Indian is dark browned skinned. Most (not all) North Indians are olive to light brown.

    ”The ancient Egyptians were neither red nor white. . They were overwhelmingly a dark shade of brown.”

    No, they really weren’t. It’s common knowledge they depicted the men as red, and the women as white, or yellow. The Fayum mummy portraits are a good representation of who the Egyptians were.

    ”You are either color blind or seriously delusional if you think they were white-skinned.”

    I think they were mainly the same color they are now.
    The genes, and the majority of anthropologists agree with me that the Egyptians were Caucasoid.

    • attack_the_liars

      Because of their black hair. Notice how they didn’t call themselves blackskins?

      That’s really dumb. Most everyone has black hair in these regions. Did you really think the Sumerians were surrounded by fair haired races? 🙂

      they also depicted themselves with blue eyes

      Blue eyed people remained barbarians for millennia after the Sumerians. The Sumerians called themselves “blackhead”, not “blue-eyed”.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”Did you really think the Sumerians were surrounded by fair haired races?”

        Maybe. Either way, Sumerians were Caucasoid.

        ”Blue eyed people remained barbarians for millennia after the Sumerians. The Sumerians called themselves “blackhead”, not “blue-eyed”.”

        google blue eyed Sumerian statues.

  35. Real White Nationalist

    ”The Mediterraneans considered the Nordics to be barbarians of a different breed.”

    True. The Romans, and Greeks also considered each other different breeds.

    ”Julius Caesar became a great hero to Romans after he slaughtered a million northern European barbarians and enslaved numerous others.”

    True, Plutarch also says in his life of Cato The Elder that Caesar had red hair, and blue eyes.

    ”And the Greeks acknowledged their civilizational debt to ancient Egypt. So it is correct to say that if Greece was the Mother of Western civilization then Egypt was its Grandmother.”

    Where did they acknowledge it?

    ”Note that the Greeks saw the Egyptians as a distinct race from themselves and other Mediterranean.”

    They saw everyone as a distinct race from themselves, and had no concept of a Mediterranean race.

    ”Instead they compared the Egyptians and Ethiopians to north and south Indians respectively.”

    Yup. They also mentioned that Ethiopians were the same color as south Indians but had different features.

    ”Now both north and south Indians are Non-whites”

    Not really, most North Indians at least are White.

    ”and closely related”

    Yeah but type in North Indian vs. South Indian, they look very different.

    ”implying that the Greeks saw the Egyptians and Ethiopians as related also.”

    The Greeks called all black Africans Ethiopians. They never used this term for Egyptians.

  36. Real White Nationalist

    “We are Greeks from Greece. We have the slaves who (which) are of burnt skin (African) and we are not friends (a kin) to these inferior barbarians whom we own and they do our loyalty.”
    – Herodotus (23:91-95)

  37. Real White Nationalist

    “They were certainly not Negroes…” (“The Physical Proportions and Living Stature Of New Kingdom Pharaohs” Robins, Shute)

  38. Real White Nationalist

    ”The Ethiopians stain the world and depict a race of men steeped in darkness; less sun-burnt are the natives of India; the land of Egypt, flooded by the Nile, darkens bodies more mildly owing to the inundation of its fields: it it a country nearer to us and its moderate climate imparts a medium tone.”– Manilius, Astronomica 4.724

  39. Real White Nationalist

    North Indians vs. South Indians:

  40. Real White Nationalist

    ”Look at the Sphinx. Clearly negroid. Its a human face not a lion’s face as you and coward very stupidly lied because you could not explain away its negroid appearance.”

    Okay I was wrong, it a humans’s face, and it is thought to be Khafre’s.

    ”There is no proof that the Sphinx has the face of Khafre.”

    It’s generally thought to represent Khafre.

    ”Here’s Khafre’s face, does not look europoid at all”

    I don’t see any negroid traits, but that’s from a bad angle anyway. Here’s abetter picture of Khafre:
    Caucasoid for sure.

  41. Real White Nationalist

    ”Cherry picked, white washed pictures of Bollywood actors who are
    widely recognized as outliers constitute proof to you? Ridiculous.”

    Only some of them were bollywood actors. I also posted more images of regular North Indians comparing them to South Indians. They’re Caucasoid by genes, and skulls. Not Australoid, Mongoloid, Capoid, or Negroid.

    ”Do you know that North India is poorer and hungrier than sub-Saharan Africa?”

    I don’t know if that’s true or not, and I don’t know what that has to do with anything.

    • attack_the_liars

      I don’t know if that’s true or not, and I don’t know what that has to do with anything.

      It is true. North India is a hellhole. Since according to you north Indians are white don’t you think you as a white supremacist should be concerned about all the starving white children there? At least make a donation to some charity. You know, put your money where your mouth is.

  42. attack_the_liars

    They’re Caucasoid by genes, and skulls. Not Australoid, Mongoloid, Capoid, or Negroid.

    Since when did Caucasoid = White?

    What race are south Indians in your 5 race theory? Australoid?

    • attack_the_liars

      Since according to you north Indians are white and south Indians are not, and white = Caucasoid, therefore you must think the south Indians are non-Caucasoid. Right?

      What that proves is that you are an idiot who has no idea what he is talking about. Both north and south Indians are mixed race with the same two genetic components ASI and ANI. They are closer to each other than to any race outside India.

      • There are really only four or so major races:


        On most gene charts, all Indians will plot with Caucasoids, rather closely in fact. On some charts, S. Indians will plot closer to Australoids and N. Indians will plot closer to Caucasoids.

        On skulls, most Indians are Caucasoid, but a few in the south are Australoid.

        • attack_the_liars

          So according to you most south Indians are white as well?

        • I am not quite sure to be honest. It depends on which genetic charts you use and which skull measurements you look at. Some are Caucasian and some are not. Probably a lot are Caucasian-Australoid mixes.

        • attack_the_liars

          All Indians are a Caucasian-Australoid mix then since all have ASI.

        • Not really because ASI is an ancient genetic line of Australoids. Indians pretty much transitioned from Australoids to Caucasoids over the last 8,000 years. On charts that divide Australoids and Caucasoids very well, Australoids are only Papuans and Aborigines and all Indians are Caucasoids. On other charts, the South Indians look more Australoid and the North Indians look more Caucasoid.

          Australoid features are gone from North Indian skulls but at least some skulls in the South are classed as Australoids. For sure you can say that Sri Lankans, Tamils and Veddoid types are Australoids, but the rest of South Indians are very complicated. You have to look at each one to see which race, Caucasoid or Australoid, predominates. I can assure you that I have a friend from Karnataka in the far south of India who looks as Caucasian as I do.

    • Real White Nationalist

      ”What race are south Indians in your 5 race theory? Australoid?”

      Some are Caucasoid, some are mixed.

  43. attack_the_liars

    Don’t you see anything weird about calling very brown skinned people whites?

    • Well. Caucasians are a race, but not all Caucasians are White.

      Not really, I know some pretty dark skinned Yemenis. I told them that they were White, and they beamed great big huge smiles. They were very proud and happy to be part of our great race. Most every Iranian I have talked to has been very proud to be White. My Afghani doctor is proud to be White. I told a Punjabi man that I thought he was White, and he said, “Thank you!” I asked, “Is that a compliment?” He said, “Of course!”

      I want to make Whiteness a big party where a lot of folks can join right in. it’s great that so many Caucasians are proud to be part of our GREAT WHITE RACE.

      • attack_the_liars

        Caucasians are a race, but not all Caucasians are White

        So isn’t it misleading of you to equate Caucasians only with the color white? To an objective observer it looks illogical, even insane, to call a dark brown Yemeni or Indian a white man. That’s not reality. You are just messing with their heads.

      • attack_the_liars

        Attack_the_liars, race is NOT classified by skin colour

        So why are you guys calling the Caucasoid race the “white” race? Did you have a problem understanding my previous post where I asked the same question?

        So answer my question: what’s all this talk about the “white race”? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

      • attack_the_liars

        We call Caucasians White because they have a high frequency of White skin.

        There are more non-white “Caucasians” than white euro ones. The population of India alone is over 1200 million. It is a lie to equate Caucasian with white and it leads to making patently absurd statements as calling black or brown people white.

  44. Ken

    On the subject of IQ tests, has anyone taken this one?

    • Real White Nationalist

      I got 134 on that test.

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      O.o mine is 110 ; average in Mexico is: 86; just to compare myself with the average people around me, but i am not ethnic mexican, i am ethnic spanish and Spain IQ is: 99

      • Naruto Uzumaki

        very dark brown hair, almost black hair at my age, however my eyes are pretty light, mix of green and brown,but mostly green; all my skin was very white, but with the mexican sun i am now like light brown or yellow in some parts; and by the way everyone here the list of best selling mangas Japan 2013 first half of the year

      • Xera

        My IQ is 146 and it was a real IQ test from a professional

  45. Real White Nationalist

    ”So why are you guys calling the Caucasoid race the “white” race?”

    Fine, i’ll just call it the Caucasoid race.

  46. Real White Nationalist

    ”There are more non-white “Caucasians” than white euro ones.”

    Race isn’t about skin color all Caucasians are part of the same White race, even if they don’t all have white skin.

    • attack_the_liars

      Non-whites are whites. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.

      This is called double-think by George Orwell. You guys are suffering from cognitive dissonance.

      Why don’t you call white euros “depigmented caucasoids” instead? Who came first, Non-whites or whites?

  47. Real White Nationalist

    A black albino is still black.

    • attack_the_liars

      Pretty twisted world you live in. Where black and brown is white and white is black. 🙂

      There is no such thing as a black albino. African Albinos are whiter than europeans. Use your own racial classification system and call them negroid Albinos.

      You people are totally confused and you are confusing and misleading others with your lies and inconsistencies.

      • Real White Nationalist

        Alright, negroid albinos. Even if their skin is white though, they’re still members of the black race.

        • attack_the_liars

          Even if their skin is white though, they’re still members of the black race.

          There is no such thing as black race or white race in your own classification system. So why do you stubbornly insist on contradicting your own system?

          You are just confusing yourself and others and end up looking utterly foolish.

  48. Real White Nationalist

    ”There is no such thing as black race or white race in your own classification system.”


    • attack_the_liars


      And because you cling to such stupidity you end up looking like a fool who is completely out of touch with reality, saying ridiculous things like: Indians are white!

      I suspect your true IQ must be in the double digits…

  49. Real White Nationalist

    ”Do these north Indian Brahmins”
    How do you know those are North Indian Brahmins?
    Anyway Skin color doesn’t matter, and the majority of Caucasoids are brown skinned, but are still part of the White race. Johann Blumenbach was the first person who wrote about a Caucasoid race, which he called White, and he included Indians in the White category.

    • attack_the_liars

      I know they are north indian Brahmins because they are wearing the Brahmin thread, because they are performing the Hindu ritual sacrifice, and because animal sacrifice is prevalent in north India.

      The British considered these north Indians to be blacks. Which is why they called the native part of Calcutta “Black Town”, while the European part was called “White Town”.

      In the South African apartheid system Indians were ranked below whites and coloreds.

      I am starting to doubt whether you yourself are white.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”In the South African apartheid system Indians were ranked below whites and coloreds.”

        So? That’s not scientific.

        ”I am starting to doubt whether you yourself are white.”

        My mom’s Anglo American, my dad’s Ukrainian, so yeah, I’m White.

        • attack_the_liars

          So? That’s not scientific.

          The apartheid system was more far more rational than your idiotic claim that Indians are white. The British Empire in SA ranked their subjects by color and Indians, of all castes and creeds, found themselves ranked below European-African hybrids, being darker skinned than the latter.

          On the other hand no one in his right mind has ever claimed that Indians are whites. That is so stupid it is actually funny. 🙂

      • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

        “I know they are north indian Brahmins because they are wearing the Brahmin thread, because they are performing the Hindu ritual sacrifice, and because animal sacrifice is prevalent in north India.”

        There is only 1 “brahmin thread” in those pictures. T
        Plus the upavita is sold openly in the markets for a mere few rupees. Anyone can buy one and wear it.

        Yes there is some animal sacrifice in North India. Some of it is performed by some “real brahmins” as well. It is not exclusive to brahmins and most Northern brahmins don’t do it.

        More common is the traditional agni yagya wherein rice and ghee are thrown into the fire. This is actually what is prevalent in North India.

  50. attack_the_liars

    calling a black-skinned Dravidian a White man makes perfect sense.

    Where are you? In a lunatic asylum? 🙂

    • attack_the_liars

      Washington D.C. looks like paradise compared to the largest white nation on the planet: India. 🙂

      Take a look at how the white Indian race lives, this is in north India:

      • Xera

        Washington D.C is a paradise because of a major white presence; personally I am of the belief that Margarat Sanger, the eugenicist, who wanted to sterilize blacks was on the right track. Not only did she actually manage to sterilize a couple of blacks but if she succeeded then it would probably saved the entirety of America all together.

        Not to mention a lot of great cities would have been saved in the process and eliminated most of the problems with the school system. Hell I would support Lincoln’s policy of dumping blacks to Liberia, then watch the ensuing scene and story as they attempt to replicate and build a civilization equal to that of a Western one without any chaos or tragedy of course.

        Gadaffi and Mubarek had a daily practice of shooting and massacring diversity enriching African immigrants trying to move in masse and crowd European countries through sneaking on boats. It’s a pity that the Jews running our government got rid of them without the permission of anyone in the West, the average person. Not only did they severely beat up and kill any Islamic elements that would attack secularism but they also had a brutal way of dealing with African immigrants. Now that they are gone, everything is in chaos and Europe has to find to a way to keep the masses of illegal African immigrants at bay.

      • Xera

        That was a little bit too extreme, I was reminded of my bad experiences with Africans-Americans that let that out.

        You however don’t have to sterilize yourself, all you have to do preferably is to not have any off-spring of any sorts if you want to go that extreme route.

  51. attack_the_liars

    Indians are suffering due to their culture

    Their culture is white man’s culture, isn’t it? 🙂

    You aren’t very smart are you? You can’t even keep your story consistent.

    • Xera

      Let me try to explain this to you clearly since you haven’t managed to get this in correctly:

      All Whites are Caucasoids but not all Caucasoids are White.
      Indians, even though they might not have the skin color of Whites, are still Caucasoids and if pressed with a polar to arctic environment would develop the mutations that would produce a White ethnic group. If pressed, they could mix with Whites and still preserve the White Euro phenotype. Why? Because racially and by DNA they are still Caucasians not to mention skull types.

      The Caucasian race is diverse, ranging from Indians, to Tajiks, Afghans, to Swiss, Swedes and Spanish people. So not all Caucasians are White but all Europeans and the majority of Whites are.

  52. attack_the_liars

    Geographically, India is in Southern Asia

    So what? India is an ancient white caucasian homeland according to you. The largest concentration of white Caucasians on the planet. Therefore Indian culture is also white culture. Why are you so ashamed and disgusted by the culture of your fellow whites?

  53. Real White Nationalist

    ”The apartheid system was more far more rational than your idiotic claim that Indians are white. The British Empire in SA ranked their subjects by color and Indians, of all castes and creeds, found themselves ranked below European-African hybrids, being darker skinned than the latter.”

    Classifying race by color is stupid.

    ”On the other hand no one in his right mind has ever claimed that Indians are whites. That is so stupid it is actually funny. ”

    North Indians, and many South Indians are clearly Caucasoid. If they’re not White what race are they?

  54. Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

    “North Indians, and many South Indians are clearly Caucasoid. If they’re not White what race are they?”

    In color Indians are generally medium to dark brown. As far as “race”, as far as I’ve read, there is no scientific proof of “races” but there is for ethnicities and ethnocultures, where you can get into DNA/gene expressions.

    If you “believe” in race or are predisposed toward that word, I suppose you could call them the “Indo-Asian Race”?

    • If you want to do a 7 or 9 race theory, you can clearly carve out of a race for those folks. They are quite distinct in a lot of ways and they are in fact a major race of a type.

    • Real White Nationalist

      ”In color Indians are generally medium to dark brown”
      North Indians are generally olive to medium brown.

      ”I suppose you could call them the “Indo-Asian Race”?”

      No, they’re obviously Caucasoid.

      • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

        When I was in elementary school we learned from our “sociology” book that there were “3 races”


        Indians were a mix of all 3 because they had negroid skin, caucasoid features and mongoloid hair. Of course today we laugh at such pseudo-science but this was actually being taught.

        Similarly, hard science studies DNA and gene expression. I don’t know what field of study is using terms like “caucasoid” but I can tell you it would be a “soft science” at best.

        • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

          ”There is no trace of a civilization in northern Europe before they were conquered or
          converted by the swarthy south Europeans.”

          RWN: “That’s just not true.

          Scythia was not in Northern Europe.

          “North Indians aren’t actually that dark”.

          LOL! When was the last time you were in North India?

      • Hello there Rob,I am an Indian of rajput kshatriya background and I’m curious to know if rajputs and kshatriyas in general are derived from scythians or white huns?and can we be considered white?

    • attack_the_liars

      In color Indians are generally medium to dark brown.

      Actually Indians/Hindus are probably equally divided between black, dark brown and medium brown. Their gods are black, so one can see what they preferred in ancient times.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”Their gods are black”
        Lol, all of them huh?

        • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

          Krishna and Kali and a few others are black.

          Rama is described as a blueish green. Saraswati, Laxmi as golden. Some have a reddish hue. Indian gods run the rainbow spectrum.

        • attack_the_liars

          Rama is also black.

        • attack_the_liars

          Imagine all these “white” Hindus worshipping black gods. Whatever happened to anthropomorphism?

        • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

          Rama’s color is described in Sanskrit as syama. Other times as like the grass.


          “There are four yugas, or millennia–Satya, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali–and in each millennium the Supreme Lord incarnates, and each incarnation has a different color according to the yuga. In the Satya-yuga the color of the principal incarnation is white. In the Treta-yuga the color is red, in the Dvapara-yuga the color is blackish (Krsna), and in the Kali-yuga the color of the principal incarnation is yellow (Caitanya Mahaprabhu). This is confirmed in Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.8.13) by the astrologer Gargamuni, who calculated Krsna’s horoscope in the house of Nanda Maharaja.”

          Take not of Krsna in the above.
          Krsna was of the VAISYA caste and he and his family were simple cow herders. Like I said elsewhere – vaisyas traditionally work the land, perform animal husbandry, and trade what they grow – grains, veggies, fruits, and sell dairy products.

        • attack_the_liars

          Rama’s color is described in Sanskrit as syama

          Syama means black.

          Krsna was of the VAISYA caste and he and his family were simple cow herders.

          Yadavs are not vaishyas afaik.

          He was raised by cowherders but his birth parents were Kshatriyas.

        • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

          “Yadavs are not vaishyas afaik
          He was raised by cowherders but his birth parents were Kshatriyas.”

          Still doesn’t change the fact that he was raised by vaishyas (cowherders) and performed the occupation of cowherder, which is a vaisya occupation, does it?

          {Furthermore, getting into some over-your-head vaisnava siddhanta here, but according to a few of their schools, Krishna was born to the cowherders in Braj, not the ksyatriyas in Mathura. But that’s another topic for another day on another blog.}

        • dia

          it’s because they have not painted it……

        • dia

          the best way to end white vs black …
          let all the whites marry the blacks?
          then the blacks marry the whites…?
          gradually we ‘ll see the end of both colours…
          then again clash over the nose and eyes and hair…..
          that’s the end of human race!better
          or is it going to be better!

  55. Real White Nationalist

    • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

      Real White Nationalist, are you interested in Hinduism or Buddhism? A lot of western people are. If so, I’m organizing a pilgrimage tour to some major holy places in India later this year. Its not as expensive as the mainstream tours geared toward rich tourists. No hotels. We’ll be staying in ashrams and dharmashallas and mixing it up with the locals. You in?

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”Real White Nationalist, are you interested in Hinduism or Buddhism? A lot of western people are”

        Yes I am, but I don’t think I’ll be able to go on the tour (When is it?) sorry.

        • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

          November. If all goes well I’ll do another one next spring.

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      now i will be in hiatus since i will be in tests and then in vacations, but before i leave, here good news, another japanese manga sucess, another successful japanese title in overseas market, there is no asian thing more sucessful ever than japanese anime-manga, the appeal of a mystic religion and exotic culture is attractive to few hipsters, but the appeal of enterntaiment is wider, read this please

      • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

        I love Indian Classical genres as well. I love ancient, indigenous aesthetics.

      • Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper

        coward, you might find this interesting (and notice the “afro” guy on tabla, drums) 😉

  56. Real White Nationalist


    Sorry, I won’t be able to go. I wish I could.

  57. Ken

    According to ” science and civilization in china” by Cambridge University Research, 70% of science/tech inventions were made by the Chinese.

    For the past 4 decades the Japanese have been contributing more than the west, but over the last 200 years most people will accept that the greatest contributions to development and technology comes specifically from America and Great Britain.

    • Ken

      Over the last 100 years the Japanese invented more important things than Russia, Germany, France and Italy. They are ranked 3rd place behind the US and GB according to a study done by department of trade and industry, furthermore this research is generally agreed throughout the scientific and engineering community.

    • Xera

      Can I ask what exactly they invented, that wasn’t copied from or originated from the West or some other Caucasoid civilization? I don’t think origami is useful or anything good at all sorry.

    • Xera

      Japanese are definitely one of those barbaric animal like races that is mistakenly placed along side Caucasian races. Reading about Japanese WWII atrocities makes me wonder if they are just as savage as Africans. Not even the Nazi’s were that monstrous, but then the Nazi’s were painted with too much of a bad light by the Jewish media anyway.

      Not to mention most of the Japanese technology and weapons, were mediocre, ripped off, or taken straight from the Germans or the West. The Germans were already launching V2 rockets and were facing too much opposition and at a disadvantage by ground but still managed to conquer and defeat their opponents.

    • Xera

      Those weren’t Japanese inventions specifically and I wonder if other civs were going to invent them independently without contact.

      “The Japanese are not barbarians. Any atrocity committed during wartime does not make you a barbarian. The Japanese have some of the lowest crime rates on earth.”
      Incorrect, it does show how much savage or barbaric a race is, the Persians or Archimedes would never do anything like those atrocities they solved everything they had mostly by reason. That separates the races by behavior. When there is so much pressure from a collectivist society to behave a certain way and then you will have low testosterone then you get low crime rates. But warfare behavior does illustrate the barbarity of races and judging by the comfort women and Nanjing massacres, I wouldn’t put them in the same category as Caucasoids.

    • Ken

      General anesthesia (operation for breast cancer): Seishu Hanaoka, 1804

      Myriad year clock: Hisashige Tanaka (the founder of Toshiba), 1851

      Dry Battery: Sakizo Yai, 1887 (finished product). Carl Gassner (Germany) and Hellsens (Denmark) invented dry-batteries in 1888.

      Vitamin: Umetaro Suzuki, 1910

      Automatic loom: Sakichi Toyoda, 1924 (the founder of TOYOTA group)

      The first working television: Kenjiro Takayanagi, 1926
      * Note: His invention was almost ignored in western societies but they stole Takayanagi’s idea for free. He was also involved in the development of color television

      Yagi-Uda antenna (VHF/UHF): Shintaro Uda of Tohoku University, 1926

      Theoretical prediction of the existence of mesons, Hideki Yukawa, 1949

      Gastoroscopy: Olympus, 1950

      Air bag (first sucessful system): Yasuzaburou Kobori, 1963.
      * German and American engineers tried to design airbags but were unsucessful.

      Discovery of the renormalization method, Sin-Itiro Tomonaga ,1965

      Discovery of the “Crown Ether” compounds, Yoshio Pedersen, 1967

      Quartz watch: SEIKO, prototype in 1967 (the first commercial product in the world was in 1969.) American and Switzerland also made constributions to the first quartz watch.

      World’s first microprocessor, the Intel 4004, Masatoshi Shima, 1971.
      *Developed along side Federico Faggin, Ted Hoff, and Stanley Mazor.

      Pioneering work on electron tunneling in solids, Leo Esaki, 1973

      Beta max/VHS: Sony, 1975; Victor, 1976

      Flash memory: Fujio Masuoka of Toshiba, 1980

      Theory of how atoms join together in chemical reactions, Kenichi Fukui, 1981

      Litium ion battery: Akira Yoshino of Asahi Kasei, 1985 (the commercial product was in 1991 by Asahi Kasei and Sony)

      Discovery of the genetic mechanism that produces antibody diversity. Susumu Tonegawa, 1987

      Blue LED: Nichia Chemical, 1993

      Japan launches a probe to Mars, 1998

      CD, DVD, Blu-ray (mainly Japanese)

      Discovery and development of conductive polymers, Hideki Shirakawa, 2000

      Development of the first chiral catalysts. Noyori Ryōj , 2001

      Soft laser desorption (SLD). Koichi Tanaka , 2002

      Detection of supernova neutrinos, Masatoshi Koshiba , 2002

      Discovery of a mechanism called Spontaneous broken symmetry , Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi , Toshihide Maskawa, 2008

      Discovery and development of green fluorescent protein (GFP), Osamu Shimomura, 2008

      Discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent. Shinya Yamanaka, 2012

    • Xera

      Again Ken, the base root of those ideas or things were going to be developed or created in countries like Germany, the U.S or others. I wouldn’t even put Asians anywhere near Whites level, not even almost, they are just very good at already perfecting existing ideas or taking something and then perfecting it but not ACTUALLY coming up or creating those things. Most Asian inventions were most likely black swan invents not innate change.

      How come there was no Japanese Von Braun, Tesla, Da Vinci, Von Neumann, V2 space rockets going to the West to change technological history and science forever? Because they don’t really exist, it goes against Asian collectivism.

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      Ken is not interested in manga, so he needs these proofs to validate japanese, however ,i as an otaku, see Japan as a truly cool and admirable place for manga and anime alone, that is all Japan needs to be chic and keep people interested, anime is the best Japan could have bring to the world, i don’t see original inventions as a must to validate its position of great place

    • Ken

      Well actually Manga is art,design and draftsmanship and I consider these my areas of expertise.
      Kim Jung Gi has design and visual-spatial skills that rival -or dare i say surpass- geniuses like Da vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael:

      Katsuya Terada is also a fine example of a great draughtsmans and designer:

      and Kazuo Oga too:

  58. Shawn

    And none dare call it diversity.

    • Enigmania

      Disgusting – no sentient being should treat another in such a way. Religion IS the cause of war.

      • Or perhaps just its justification.

        The real reason people fight has little to do with religion alone, and give an absence of religion in the conventional sense, and they will still fight. It’s possible they need some sort of cohesive group mentality and a reason to see the out-group as different enough to hate. That is all.

  59. WhitetrashMutherfocker

    Ken has already proven Japanese superiority in invention, only Britain and America are ahead of Japan, but Japan is superior to most of Europe when it comes to inventions. This has already been proven, no amount of bullshitting is going to change that. These are INVENTIONS, not innovations.

  60. Ken

    Starts at 1:00

  61. From a debate of mine with another on facebook – JFK and Vietnam. If anyone has any question about the context or my sources, or for that matter, why the subject matters in 2013, ask me. Thanks.

    Senators Wayne Morse and Mike Mansfield, Defense Secretary McNamara, Assistant Sec. of State Roger Hilsman, his aide Kenneth O’Donnell, his assistant press secretary Malcolm Kilduff, his friend Charles Bartlett, his neighbor Larry Newman, and the Commandant of the Marines General Shoup, all said that JFK told them that he was going to withdrawal from Vietnam. He agreed with Douglas McArthur not to have a major land war in Asia, and with Charles DeGaulle who told Kennedy the US would never win there. JFK told his assistant Mike Forrestal the same – that we could never win in Vietnam, and he told his aide George Ball that we would never have a large scale war there as long as he was President. All of this was discussed in 1963. National Security Action Memorandum 263 in October of that year is clear – 1,000 troops withdrawal now, and all troops by the end of 1965, “including the helicopters”. This was official US policy, and ghost written by the Kennedy’s themselves. Kennedy also said on national television “In the final analysis it’s their war. They are the ones who have to win it or lose it, the people of South Vietnam against the communists.” This is all on record in many books, and these are credible witnesses, some of whom said the same in video interviews, so the authors aren’t lying either. The policy record is clear too. 6 times the Joint chiefs of Staff pressured Kennedy to send combat troops in Vietnam, and each time he refused. Same on their advice that he start bombing the north. They lobbied for Kennedy to send in a minimum of 25,000 troops in 1961 to a maximum of 250,000 in 1962. Kennedy’s compromise was maxing out at 1,600+ military advisers, and withdrawling a 1,000 men prior to his death. Kennedy told the Joint Chiefs instead to do the opposite of what they wanted – to create a withdrawal plan, and they stonewalled on that for over a year. When they finally acquiesced to Kennedy’s demands, he thought it wasn’t enough and came up with his own withdrawal plan, with his brother and McNamara. It’s even on audio. Also on audio is LBJ’s criticism (after he became President) to Robert McNamara about how he and JFK wanted to withdrawal, and McNamara didn’t deny it. Other esteemed historians acknowledge all this. A documentary on the Documentary Channel reveals it to be true. What’s speculation is to draw any other conclusion.

  62. Gay State Girl

    Happy Rosenberg memorial day to you!

  63. “…that’s what governments are for, getting in a man’s way” – Cpt Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly

    In today’s litigious era, it is very rare to see a microwave explode or a laptop catch fire all on its own. The corporations that design and sell that stuff know they can be sued out of every penny that they have if their consumer products, in their course of operation, result in a fatality of any kind.

    However, the bureaucracy occasionally needs to remind the general populace that it exists, and it generally does that by driving a spoke through somebody’s butt at unexpected moments when things are going well.

    Take the flourishing electronics industry in India, for example. Consumer electronics that people were buying was performing to everybody’s satisfaction, and businessmen selling it were making money. This, of course, did not sit well with the over-bloated, sententious bureaucracy. In a fit of trying to prove to the public that it’s looking out of them, it issued an executive order for all electronics products (mixers, grinders, TVs, computers… you name it) to be registered and to follow a set of loosely defined and precarious design practices (separate for each class of products).

    The bureaucracy is trying its best to bring back the license-quota raj of the bad old socialist days, and trying to stay relevant by putting its licentious powers to practise. It does not want to, or like to, see any kind of private endeavor succeed without poking its finger up everyone’s ass. Perhaps it even considers the average citizen to be dumb and half-witted, and actually thinks its efforts to choke any and all kind of business endeavor would be met with applause by the masses.

  64. What? This was probably a little right-wing, but it wasn’t ‘bullshit’! And why no anti-government stuff, especially anti-indian-government?

  65. Saying that the government is useless and attacking the meddlesome state from a pro-capitalist POV is not ok on here. This is a socialist blog. It’s rightwing to attack the government. That’s what the capitalists do. Also you can’t attack socialism like you did either. So no attacking the government from the rightwing pro-capitalist POV. The capitalists are true enemy, not the government.

    • Read your comments policy, and since it’s your blog, your policy applies.

      Too bad I want to debate what you just said above, but we’ll let it go.

    • There are “libertarian socialists” (often actually a euphemism for anarchist socialists it would seem) who oppose both government and capitalism on the grounds that both are oppressive power structures. I wonder, out of interest, what you would think to such people, Robert?

      • They hate people like me as “authoritarian Stalinists” but I regard them as my allies nevertheless. They do not have a workable plan tbh but their hearts are in the wrong place. Plus most of them are insanely PC.

  66. Just out of interest, would you like to tell, once and for all, why you are a socialist, and why do you hate right-wingers?

  67. Capitalism is evil, period. Its benefits are vastly out-weighted by its downside. There are so many bad things abut capitalism that I don’t know where to start.

    Rightwingers are no good because they are liars. Everywhere on Earth and all down through time, rightwingers have always lied. It is a mindset that is predicated on constant lying. A conservative almost never tells the truth about much of anything. So when you live in a society captured by rightwing capitalists, you live in a world of constant lies. You never really know what the truth is about much of anything because everyone is lying all the time. The lying is always about money. Where money is involved, a man will always lie. If the truth makes the capitalist less money and the lies make him more money, the capitalist will always lie.

    That is just the beginning.

    Used as a tool, capitalism is ok, but it is not sustainable because capitalism will always try to become a form of politics, where it destroys all society. It will never limit itself to being just a too. The market took is only useful in a socialist state that is willing to limit the profits of capital, but the capitalists will never tolerate these limits, and they will always seek to capture the state whereby capitalism becomes a form of politics and not a tool for production. Once capitalism is a politics you have the free market jungle and society is destroyed. So the only way capitalism works is in the hands of a socialist state as a tool, but that won’t work because the capitalists will soon capture the state and end that regime and replace it with free Market Hell, which odesn’t work at all.

  68. So the problem that you have is basically with the ideals and goals of capitalism, which are to make money. I really don’t have a problem with talented and deserving folk making money with the sweat of their brows or the tapping of their keyboards or whatever.

    I also realize that some sort of socialism is necessary, say, for making public parks, public roads, public hospitals and schools and so on.

    But you need to weigh practicalities of each system. While I applaud the lofty ideals of Marx and Engel, I agree with the far more practical considerations of Machiavelli, who considered humans to be motivated by selfishness and greed. That selfishness and greed are what drive the economy, at least in capitalist countries. Want more money? Work harder, work smarter, find out new ways to get the shit done, indulge your selfish fancy and think up new stuff that plugs in a wall socket… so on. Thing is, such systems tend to have a better overall life quality, because opportunities are inherently legion. It’s no wonder that while nobody would want to cross jungles full of poisonous snakes and swim dangerous waters for getting to India, a whole lot of Indians would cheerfully do so to get to the US.

    Let’s consider a country still mired in socialistic ideals: India (China cannot be considered, thanks to Deng Xiaoping). In the 1990s, things got so bad they had to ship their gold bullion to the Bank of England just to meet the deficit. They then realized they had to get rid of their over-bloated behemoths of Public Works companies. These companies were a direct result of socialist practicality: they devoured huge amounts of money to feed their officials and never got anything done. How did things go that way? I call it “crony socialism”. The government officials, perpetually in power, simply did not give a shit about anybody or anything, and answered to no one. The socialist government reveled in its poverty and penurity, and wore it like a crown. The mindset of the government, upon acquiring power, became so draconian that a for-the-people, socialist state saw major uprisings, like the Naxalite movement and later secessionist movement in Punjab and the Jayprakash Narayan Movement in Uttar Pradesh and Behar. And these weren’t exactly occupy wall street stuff, these were very serious and sometimes armed insurgencies, and resulted in actual bloodshed and thousands of deaths.

    Coming from an inherently socialist state, I say socialism is evil, having experienced it myself. Coming from an inherently capitalist state, you say capitalism is evil, having (I assume) experienced its excesses yourself.

    No system is perfect, I suppose.

    PS> I’ll give you a good point of attack: you can say that since Indians suck, their version of everything sucks, even socialism. However, socialism has been abandoned the world over. China abandoned it, and later USSR states abandoned it too.

  69. mixedraced

    You may remember my ip address because of a few of my last comments i’ve done on this site a long time ago. Anyway i was drunk as i posted those comments because i was celebrating my grades with my family and some of the other comments offended me (more easily offended when drunk although that was my first and last time i was drunk). Can you give me one more chance? The recent posts have interested me.

  70. Hey. How about not calling me a “rightwing capitalist”? That sounds like a designation you give to the high caste hindutava types.

  71. Gay State Girl

    Left wing Swedish Gaza Groupies harassed my sister when she was in Israel.

  72. Tulio

    Asians desperately want to be white:

    Huax? Hacienda? Comments?

    • Ichigo Kurosaki

      Huax first reply to Coward: “Although Asians have been particularly inventive in the past, most of this was Manchurian, not Han Chinese.”
      You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Manchurians are essentially a mix of North Chinese and Northeast Asians.
      -Cowards’ first or second reply to Huax:

      • Ichigo Kurosaki

        i am not attacking you; my point is you poured firewood to the fire; you also said that internet fights made you horny so maybe that was your motivation, but later you realized you were posting too much offensive material and regreted it,but you blamed everything on Huax; also lately you have been trying to spread inconclusive information about how many accomplishments of China and Mongolia were supposed made by caucasians; that is really sad, because you in your admiration for whites, take away asian accomplishments, maybe if your proofs were conclusive, of course i won’t deny it; it really amazes me ,any good detective wouldn’t do that in his job, i think we never will know how really Genghis Khan was because in his time photos didn’t exist; he maybe was part caucasian or not; we disagree in these 2 things

      • Huax

        I reserve roach for you, Roachnigger. I didn’t call naruto’s theory bullshit, it’s not his theory. He’s just putting it out there.

    • Bay Area Guy

      @ Tulio

      Watch, he’s going to say that those Asians are the trash of the Asian race, have predominantly Southeast Asian blood, are the lowest of the low, etc.

      True East Asians like him would never want to be white.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Oh, and of course, don’t forget that East Asian men have bigger dicks than the rest of us. He’d never want us to forget that.

      • Ichigo Kurosaki

        now i realize everything : (, how sad but i will be strong to overcome it, i came to the conclusion that: Coward and Kratos ,to a degree ,are trolls; with anti asian agenda, and maybe Coward’s plan is to create animosity against Asia by restarting animosity with Huax, a strong supporter of asians, all of this was planned; Cowards claims with inconclusive information and Kratos claims of inherit asian corruption are too much

      • Naruto Uzumaki

        your plan to reestart debate and horny fights : (, that is wrong

      • Hacienda

        Too many comments by you, Coward. Between you and Bigfoot, this blog is dying.

      • Huax

        “However, modern Mongols only have about 14% Caucasoid due to heavy interbreeding with Asian females.”

        I’m surprised Asian females can spread y-DNA, but then again I don’t know what Thai whorehouse Roachnigger is getting cornholed in.

      • Chris

        Lol. I’d love to know how much SE Asian blood is in Korea.

    • Huax

      lol no, nigger. Eating fried chicken doesn’t mean they want to be niggers either.

      • Huax

        My roachnigger friend, I am not a racist either. I am simply here to tell you the truth – whites have the smallest dicks in the world, by maybe like a centimeter or two. Genghis Khan was a full-blooded Northeast Asian, and Rashid al-Din had no clue what he was writing about.

        If Temujin was white, he would never have conquered anything and would have been annihilated in China. T

      • Aksumites no.2

        Blacks and people with significant black genes can maintain socities on a functional level for many years. Etthiopia/Aksum, succesive Nubian states since Ancient Egypt, Asante kingdom, Kongo, successive west african empires, etc.

        Whites are just as capable as producing shit states, past & present.

        Also no one assume I think highly of blacks, I don’t. If any one were to say blacks are superior i’d be pissed at that too.

    • Ken

      @Tulio Some Japanese and Asians have big noses, big eyes, defined chins, pronounced brows(like the guy in the video) so maybe the majority of East Asian people that are having plastic surgery are trying to imitate them.

      Do you seriously believe Asian people think they look white after getting a bit of plastic surgery?

  73. Tulio

    Yeah, and some blacks have blue eyes:

    That doesn’t mean those features are normative for their respective group. Most Asians do not look Caucasian. This is the normative E Asian phenotype:

    It’s clear that Asians suffer an inferiority complex at the hands of whites and are trying to look more like the people they envy via plastic surgery. Worse case of collective Stockholm Syndrome I’ve ever seen.

    • Ken

      Large eyes and a good skull structure are quite “normative” among actors, actresses and fashion models. The general public in East Asia may have an “inferiority complex” at the hands of this particular group, because they get a lot of exposure through the media – certainly more so than whites do.

  74. Tulio

    Is there anyone else here that is absolutely sick of hearing about gays in the media almost endlessly, day in and day out? For the past few years it really seems like not a day goes by without having to hear about queers.

    Does anyone really think they are just going to shut up and quiet down once there’s gay marriage? Then the next step will be gay acceptance. And going after groups like the Boy Scouts and churches. And anyone that doesn’t agree with the gay agenda. Hell, I had a debate with a gay online not long ago who asserts that gays make better parents than straights. It’s getting to that point. I almost feel like I’m more homophobic now than I was 5 years ago. I don’t care what people do in their bedroom but I’m sick of the politicization of homosexuality and this whole “you must accept us or face the consequences” attitude from them. The more I think about them and the sanctimonious arrogance from the cultural left the more I get pissed off.

    • Bay Area Guy

      You’re hardly alone, Tulio. It seems like giving lip service to gay marriage and gay rights is the only form of genuine progressive activism that millennials know how to engage in.

      If I see one more of my friends on facebook like a pro-gay marriage photo or link to a pro-gay marriage article, I’m gonna go crazy.

      • Heil Hizzle

        I was flipping through my local alternative rag and there was a photo essay showing happily “married” gay couples, playing with “their” children. One common theme I see in all of these self-congratulatory charades is that the parents have those self-satisfied, Rachel Maddow / Keith Olbermann smirks on their faces, and the babies all have this mortified thousand yard stare. It’s not just the general crankiness of being a child, either. They are closer to nature, and, being free of decades of indoctrination, they know that something is terribly wrong. I will scan the page I tore out of my local paper and send it to Rob to show you what I’m talking about.

        My friends are posting those equality symbols too. It is a sort of hive mind mentality these libs have, almost a form of passover, whereby they put the symbol up to avoid charges of “homophobia.” Homophobia used to mean beating up gay people. Now it means rewriting thousands of years of logic and sanity to cater to a tiny insane cohort of people who don’t believe in human nature or gender roles as anything substantively related to biology.

    • Big G

      Statistics show that more than 50 percent of female and nearly 25 percent of males are gay. it would appear that all society’s have had to deal with this and the American society has done little in the way of acceptance. Part of growing up and accepting everyone has the right to be who they want is part of being a free America. I’m not gay but I smoke pot. so if I’ve hit a nerve as to your own mental short comings go ahead and attack my pot smoking. That’s what idiots do they attack. oh and they only for me to deal with idiots is to smoke pot. it helps to lower my iq to the same level as those who fear homo sexuality and weed smokers.

      • I think you are confusing “gay” with people who at some point may partake in a homosexual/bisexual act. In that case, all women are potentially “bi,” and maybe ten percent of men and women(if even that, maybe a lot less) are actual true “gays” with another ten percent who at some point “partake” for various reasons.

        True “gays” are only maybe 10% of the population or less. People who only want their “own” kind. So, they are around 31.5 million actual true queers/lesbians living in the U.S, at the most.

        In modern western culture these last few years, it has rapidly become fashionable to be “gay” or “bi”…Kinda like a throw back to ancient Greece or Rome. This is society trumping nature in the behavior department, as far as I am concerned. I guess Western civ truly was based on the classics… 😀

        • The % of men who are gay is ~4%. The % of women who are gay is ~2%. At most. Maybe 20-25% of humans have homosexual sex at some time or another. The majority of those people are more or less straight. The % of true bisexuals is uncertain as most bisexuals are either more straight or more gay – they lean one way or the other.

        • There you go. I figured the number was smaller than 10%…4% sounds more accurate.

          So, we as “straight” people in a nation of 315 million, are basically as of late obsessed with what about 3%, or roughly 10 million people, do in their bedrooms at night?

  75. Aksumites no.2

    I’m mulattocentric, and if i ever discovered whites are superior that would annoy me. I say that because it would mean i’m only as able as i am because of my fathers genes, and not because i’m mixed race.

  76. Hacienda

    Great Charles Rangel interview. Take it the way you want to.
    But the Chinese were speaking true about the black condition in the US circa the Korean War period.

    Would white/black relation be flat land with whites lying flush on top of blacks, without the presence of Mongoloids? Yeah. That’s my angle.

    Live and learn. Dumbfucks.

    • I know one guy who was able to increase his IQ by 15 points as a late teenager. He said a psychologist had told him that you could increase or decrease it by about 15 points at that age but no more.

  77. I am not a psychologist. I am a counselor.

  78. I think mulattocentrism will be great for both Blacks and mulattoes.

  79. Hacienda


    I know you and share the same taste in Kpop girl groups.

    Here’s a group I’d like to share with you all dumbfucks.See how far Korea has left behind your tawdry asses.

  80. mixedraced

    @ Robert Lindsay

    I see many different iq averages for mulattoes; 92, 93, 94, 95. Do you know any relatively accurate, widely tested iq studies that tested mulattoes for an average mulatto iq figure.

  81. mixedraced

    And if you have read any vast accurate studies with testings on mulattoes, what was the mulatto iq average.

    • Not a fan, I take it! 😀

      • Gay State Girl

        Yet another thing Jews and Arabs have in common. Both groups display their ugly women in the highest places. Arabs really do it to the fullest, as they already have the odds against them in the job market and any Lebanese beauty queen could have filled her position. 🙂

        On a more serious note, though, while I’m not a fan, I hope she never makes the hall of shame, she doesn’t deserve the notoriety.

        • Thomas had the face of a life long “drinker”…We’ll call it an educated guess, but people from that generation usually where.

          She never impressed me much. Never got what all the “hub bub” was about.

          P.S…From now on, Cyrus goes by the handle “Carlos Danger”… 😉

        • Gay State Girl

          She’s one in a million. Ugly jewish broads are a dime a dozen (even though Hollywood overplays it and makes them additionally obnoxious) but Lebanese are reknown for their beauty. You mean they couldn’t put up a better face.

          Great minds think alike! I was planning to make that my moniker for my online class today.

          I guess Anthony Weiner really internalized it when he was growing up, poor guy. Just as someone with the name Berger is predestined to be obese.

        • You guys have Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis…That counts for something. 😉

          As for Wiener…Boy oh boy did he troll himself in the real world or what? Even his old buddies Stewart and Colbert are laying into him!

          On a side note, I always found his wife Huma to be repulsive. Supposedly Hillary Clinton was a certifiable “switch-hitter” who had a thing for nerdy young Jewish men and exotic “Mediterranean” looking women…Abedin hardly fits the bill of either in my book.

        • Gay State Girl

          “You guys have Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis…That counts for something.”

          We also have Monica, Chandra, Babs, butterfaced Sarah Jessica, Andrea Dworkin, Betty and Bella, and my dear cousin Ethel Rosenberg.

        • The problem with Sarah Jessica Parker is that she works out so damn hard…I almost feel like I have to give her some credit.

        • Gay State Girl

          That’s why she’s a butterface. Everything is great But Her Face.

        • I gotta remember that one… 😀

    • Mott


      Hot fer a 90 year-old, too!

  82. Steve

    I haven’t see coward for a while. Is he still posting?

    • He got banned. He is a 13 yr old boy, and he’s a professional troll. He’s not even what he said he was. He is a 13 yr old White nationalist White boy from North Carolina. The only thing in common with him and his invented character is the anti-Black racism.

      I still communicate with the guy by email. I don’t mind him, but he is not mature enough to be on the blog.

  83. P.S…Robert, didn’t you have a name for a theory as to a general connection between “Middle Eastern” and “Latin American” culture via the Mediterranean World, all together as a very large singularly related cultural sphere? You had a name for it, and you are the only person I know of actually publishing the theory, as opposed to just saying it in polite company.

    • I think I called it the Peru-Pakistan Axis, something like that.

      • Something like that, expect I think you used a term other than “Pakistan”? A damn good theory, I might add. One I’ve seen alluded to elsewhere, but that everyone seems afraid to say out loud.

        A lot of the cultural norms between the Arabic and Hispanic world’s for instance, have always struck me as very similar. Remove religion from he equation, i.e Catholic Arabs and South Americans for example, and they are damn similar to me, and only separated by a language.

        • Pakistan-Peruvian Axis or Pakistani-Peruvian Axis, whichever you prefer.

        • Yah, just found your old article through Google…I am going to give it a good read. Thanks!

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          Peru’s race and culture are nothing like the Middle East, a few influences don’t make them related, Philippines which is a Asian has a lot of Western too in that case

        • Monkey D. Luffy Wrote:

          Peru’s race and culture are nothing like the Middle East, a few influences don’t make them related, Philippines which is a Asian has a lot of Western too in that case

          Ah, but the Spanish do…And last I checked, those funny Spaniards wiped the pesky Incas. BAHAHAHAH!!!! 😀

          The Spanish are a Catholic Latin speaking Mediterranean people, and were colonized by the Arabic speaking Muslim Moors for something like 700 years…The Moors were/are also “Mediterranean.” 😉

          The Filipinos were intern conquered by the Spanish…Hence why the average Filipino has more in common with a Mexican that a Korean or Vietnamese…Same could be said of the Indonesians, and their relationship to the Arabs/Persians as well. 😉

          Anyhow, here’s to all the pesky Hindu posters who are ruining this blog:

    • Gay State Girl

      Will you be my “Islamic” boyfriend? I’m not trying to rebel or anything, just show up my two uncles (who I hate) and their trophy blonde shiksas (one of them is butt ugly.)

      • I would, except I am an agnostic who was baptized a Lutheran and went to a Catholic High School…I’ve never actually really been in a Mosque in my entire life, of any denomination.

        • Gay State Girl

          I know I know. But it makes no difference to them.

        • Tell them I am a Zoroastrian. A) They probably have no clue what that is and B) I can actually pull that one off pretty easily. All of us “Persians” can…Even the Jewish one’s. 😉

        • Gay State Girl

          We all know about Zoro-Austrians (the original Aryans) Jeocons are different from evangelicals.

          I’m part Persian via Bukhara. Most Ashkenazim do-they just can’t prove it on paper.

        • Well, I’m part “Jewish” via my Grandmother’s side…She was from Baku. That wing of the family converted to Shia Islam shortly after the Russian conquest…Turns out the fledgling Persian Empire cut a deal with the Russkies when they took over the place, namely to protect the “Muslims”…The Jews were not included in the deal evidently. From what I read,the Russians treated pogroms as some kind of a bi-annual sport at the time.

        • Gay State Girl

          Whch grandmother? Are you of matrilineal descent?

        • Yup. Mom’s side…Of course, all this happened nearly 200 years ago. That’s a lot of generations. I’m about as Jewish as Mel Gibson.

        • Gay State Girl

          1/16th but the correct 16th. Nancy Bourdine was a French jew. She begat Martha Tackett who begat Octavia Mansell who begat Gladys Smith who begat..Elvis Pressley!

        • Great…Next time there is another Holocaust, I might have to be a little concerned. Me and Elvis. And you of course. We can be a happy trio like that.

        • Gay State Girl

          You’re a pure blood in my book. For those of us raised on a steady of militant zionism and Girl Power!

          “She who bears the golden uterus holds the key.”

        • Great…I am now officially the “Mongol Jew”…I think I deserve my own sitcom for it.

  84. Wow, and this woman is a health educator???

    God help this country.

  85. Bay Area Guy

    Wow, just wow.

  86. RunswithScissors

    Hey, I know we’re all into HBD and race realism to one degree or another here, but am I the only person who thinks that people like HBDChick are largely full of shit pseudo-scientists.

    I’ve been reading her material and she seems to reduce everything under the sun, under a rock and beneath the ocean to hard heriditarian HBD.

    i.e. Czech guy sneezed = Alpine-West Slav marriage habits in the 14th century.

    Old black guys like dominos = positive selection on bead-collecting in 9th century West Africa.

    She’s free to speculate, but I think it’s worth remembering she doesn’t have any professional qualifications that I know of (PhD) and is not peer reviewed except by the likes of Jay Man.

    Culture and environment, though overstated by the People Who See Know Race, are still pretty important, IMHO.


    • RunswithScissors

      Typo, sorry. (Must be my illiterate Irish ancestors.)

      I meant to say, People Who See NO Race, not “Know ” Race.

    • I do not like to bash my fellow HBD’ers especially as she links to me, but let us just say that I agree with everything you say here!

      Not only most HBD sites but the commenters on them make me absolutely sick.

  87. 13 Armed Wisconsin Agents Raid Animal Shelter To Kill Baby Deer, Carry It Out In Body Bag
    Author: Stephen D. Foster Jr. August 2, 2013 2:52 am

    We’ve all seen the Disney movie ‘Bambi.’ It’s the classic story of a baby deer who tragically loses his mother to hunters. Ever since that film, we often refer to fawns as ‘Bambi,’ and we melt at the sight of their adorable innocence. Children and adults alike love baby deer. But apparently, DNR agents in Wisconsin do not.
    According to WISN 12 in Wisconsin, nine Department of Natural Resources agents and four deputy sheriffs stormed the Society of St. Francis, an animal shelter on the Kenosha-Illinois border two weeks ago. Upon rounding up the employees, the extraordinarily armed team searched for a baby deer named Giggles, killed it, and carried it out in a body bag, much to the shock of the workers.
    One employee of the no-kill shelter, named Ray Schulze, described the incident:
    “It was like a SWAT team. (There were) nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, and they were all armed to the teeth. I said the deer is scheduled to go to the wildlife reserve the next day. I was thinking in my mind they were going to take the deer and take it to a wildlife shelter, and here they come carrying the baby deer over their shoulder. She was in a body bag. I said, ‘Why did you do that?’ He said, ‘That’s our policy,’ and I said, ‘That’s one hell of a policy.’”
    The Wisconsin DNR claims they euthanized the deer after seizing it and taking it out of the shelter, and said they did it because state laws prohibits the possession of wildlife. Even so, it doesn’t explain the extraordinary measures taken by law enforcement to capture and kill the deer. Each of the 13 member team was well armed and the warden apparently authorized aerial reconnaissance to confirm the location of the fawn. It’s really extreme how Wisconsin officials handled the situation. It’s not like they were going after Osama bin Laden, after all. It was just a harmless baby deer at an animal shelter.
    The shelter had, in fact, planned to release the deer to a rehabilitation wildlife reserve in Illinois. A family from that state brought the deer to the shelter because they worried it had been abandoned. Shelter employees housed the baby deer in the barn and bottle fed it.

    Why exactly did Wisconsin officials feel the need to send a team of wannabe Rambos to eliminate a baby deer named Giggles? The Department of Natural Resources claims that it was a disease risk and dangerous to humans. Really? A defenseless baby deer that apparently showed no signs of disease to the employees at an ANIMAL SHELTER posed a danger to humans? If your daily dose of WTF hadn’t yet been fulfilled, this story should have just done so.
    This was a complete waste of time and taxpayer dollars. A state agency spied on an animal shelter from the air and sent nine of their own people plus four deputies to raid the shelter commando-style as if they were raiding a terrorist compound in Afghanistan. They scared the hell out of innocent employees and promptly searched for and killed a creature most children would identify as Bambi. How hard would it have been to request tests for common and uncommon diseases and a general quarantine for observation until the tests came back? I can’t imagine it would be that difficult, and it would have probably cost far less.
    This is sad story that will undoubtedly tug at the heartstrings of those of us who love cute animals, especially those that seem to walk right out of a Disney picture. It makes us wonder what the hell is happening in Wisconsin and makes us question why the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources hasn’t changed its name to the Department of Natural A**holes. Because let’s be honest, at this point, they’re worse than the off-screen hunters who killed Bambi’s mother.

    Read more:

  88. Hey Robert, have you been following Hugo Schwyzer’s latest scandals?

    As some in the manosphere have speculated (half jokingly), I wonder if Hugo is in fact a secret pro-male agent, who did what he did to sabotage male feminism.

    Or, the more likely answer is that he’s just fucked up in the head.

  89. Sorry in order to join the site they went through my mailbox and mailed everyone in it. You were only supposed to get one.

  90. Why do you want all your comments deleted?

  91. I don’t have much of a chance on this blog. I don’t care about other languages and cultures. They have nothing to do with me. I’m never going to travel overseas.
    National politics is never discussed on this blog. NSA, Bradley Manning, Snowden, Assange – nothing. So there’s an example. What do you think about these related issues?
    Or, I don’t believe in the 2nd amendment. How do you feel about it?

    • When your fellow commentators won’t read or reply to your posts, try again. We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. How about that? I’ve studied the circumstances of his death for some years. What is your opinion? Conspiracy or Oswald?

      • 3rd time’s the charm. I wish I could move to another country. If you live in the US and wish you could live in another country, where would it be and why?

  92. Bay Area Guy

    Tim Wise pulls a Hugo Schwyzer!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: White “allies” are mentally ill.

  93. I am supposed to post every day, but I often do not do so. If I can I post up to 7 posts a day.

  94. Can anybody remember the website where there was like an interactive chart that allowed you to compare gdp growth for different countries by clicking on which countries you wanted to show??? It used to get linked to. Anyone remember? Im trying to find it.

  95. The other day I was grocery shopping .. in the middle of the frozen section there’s a big bin where discounted items lie in. I saw a book with a faux leopard skin, and it was by the Kardashian sisters (called Confessions). I snapped and tore the pages up, before dropping it back in the bin. I just wanted to tell Beyond Highbrow this information, because I don’t know what else to do with it.

  96. WmarkW

    Hey Robert, on another site I read, a conservative repeated the tired maxim that everything government does, it does badly. Have you ever written a post describing some things government does well? Not things only government CAN do (like operate a police department), but things it does well that are or could be done privately? Operate parks, build bridges and forecasting weather come to mind.

  97. Ken

    My avatar looks like a micro penis. Despite being half azn my dick is a little under 8 inches.

  98. “Corpses on the streets, burning police trucks and military-clad rioters beating law enforcement officers to death with clubs. Out of control, armed to the teeth, they are literally turning Kiev into a warzone.

    Molotov cocktails and cobble stones mainly make up the arsenal of hardline rioters.”

  99. Hey Robert. I read that some bloggers ave groupies. You are pretty big blogger. What’s the groupie scene like, if it exists?

    • I have a gf at the moment who read this blog, so I really should not comment on the present scene, although we supposedly have an agreement about an open relatioship as long as we live so far apart. The agreement is, “Do whatever the Hell you want as you have needs and wants and I live a long ways away from you. But if you get deeply involved with someone, I need to know as it will effect our relationship.” She is sort of trying to renegotiate this agreement to mandatory mutual monogamy, but the other side has not yet signed the agreement so formally it is still in effect.

      To answer your question, yes indeed I have had groupies in the past. And as the site got bigger and bigger, there seemed to be more groupies. The groupies have tended to be women my own age or maybe up to 7 years younger. Problem is they have tended to live a ways away. But sometimes they fly me out to see them on their time. Then they put me up in their place and pay for most everything the whole time I am there so it is gigolo city.

      Also others have paid for their own plane ticket out to see me, often from pretty great distances. They pretty much paid their own way when they were here too.

      In each cases, me going to see them and them coming to see me, there was an unbelievable amount of really down and dirty sex. I never thought middle aged people could fuck so much!

      The groupies have all been very attractive especially for their ages (49-57). They have all been quite smart (some were geniuses) probably because this is a brainy blog. Also they have tended to be creative people. All have been White so far. Some have tried to marry me, but I turned that down as I am more or less a permanent bachelor.

      Anyway, it really is great fun I must say, and blogger groupies definitely exist! But you have to be a pretty big blogger. It might help if you are smart, funny and goodlooking. The male blogger should have recent pics up so the potential groupies can see what he looks like. And it helps to write about your sex life. One would think that would scare the groupies off, but instead you start getting all these emails saying, “Wow I love reading about you fucking these chicks. I get so wet reading about it I have to go get myself off. So tell me how can I fuck you myself, baby?” Stuff like that.

      Women are pretty crazy. The more women you have, the more you get. It takes women to get women. Sort of like money.

      • Thanks for the response. Very interesting..Maybe I should blog about local topics and see if I can get groupies from my area. 🙂 They won’t be as attractive as the rock star type, but they will be smarter.

  100. Hi Robert,

    What do you think of reptoids?

  101. Ken

    I’ve been working on this old sketch:

    While listening to these tracks from the American Psycho movie:

    Now i feel like doing 99 stomach crunches, buying an ice pack and possibly killing someone before i go to bed.

  102. Interested in South Asian Gene Pool

    Hey Robert I was curious about IQ of West , Central and South Asians. Shouldn’t Iranians, Indians and Afghans have considerably high IQs because they have fathered advanced civilizations in the past? (Examples such as Cyrus the Great of Iran, creating the Human Charter of Rights and the Pashtuns of Afghanistan) Or would it be the northern Indians, Afghans and Iranians that have high IQs?

    Thank you

  103. Shawn the Mouse of the Blogosphere

  104. Shawn the Mouse of the Blogosphere


  105. S

    I know the true identity of Half Sigma / Lion of the Blogosphere 🙂

  106. Robert. I saw you read a book on the Amittyville horror…What is your conclusion? Did it really happen? Was there really a haunted house?

  107. Crush Hindutva

    LOL! Robert please check out this racist Hindu nationalist who hates White people:

  108. Shawn

    Race mixed nation and racism:

    Video: Interviewer asks mestizo women in South America if they would date black men:

  109. Shawn

    Serious question: who do you feel more sorry for after looking at this picture:

    I feel more sorry for the bull.

  110. Robert, the more I get to know you, the more I think you are a good bloke at heart. Serious question: do ever worry that it might be harmful in some way to promote the racial ideas you do, even if they are true? Do you ever worry that if certain things are true and if they become mainstream knowledge, that it could actually do more harm that good? I have a wish to have a positive influence on the world in my life or at least not have a negative influence and I assume that you do too, so do these things concern you?

    • No, not really, because I think most folks simply do not care. For one thing, most folks do not value intelligence in the first place. I talk to ordinary people about IQ, and the attitude of most normal, regular folks is, “So what? Who cares about IQ? Heck with IQ. Heck with brainiacs. They’re useless.” Considering that most folks do not think any of this stuff is important, I really do not feel that there will be any societal implications at all to any of this stuff.

      This of course is what is driving all of the race-deniers. That if this stuff is true, then it will ruin liberal society once and for ever and create some Nazi Republican World. The HBD idiots dream of the day when this stuff becomes recognized because then their reactionary – Libertarian – fascist – feudalist – monarchist Hell will come true. It won’t happen because most average people do not care about genetics and IQ and whatnot as much as your average HBD nerd.

      I do not think there is much to worry about, and anyway, the race-deniers seem be leading the debate for the forseeable future. Even people like me take a severe risk even stating the obvious facts that I state. I am continuously abused by liberals and Leftwingers as a horrifically racist person. That is what is in stake for anyone taking up race realism. Since that is what lies in store, most people do not want to touch it.

      Surely we are safe for now.

      • Steve

        I certainly don’t think libertarian anti-welfare views would gain mainstream acceptance. The left are strong on this and most people are not so mean and heartless and to let people starve. But anti-immigration views may gain mainstream acceptance. Anti-miscegenation views might even become popular. It will certainly become a conversation. I’d imagine petty racist comments etc would increase.

        Liberals would be keen to point out that you can’t judge individuals by group averages and everybody should be treated fairly, and I’d agree. Some liberals would probably continue to attack the very idea and validity of IQ.

        Its probably inevitable that this stuff will come out eventually and have to be dealt with, especially given the genetics research that is beginning. Whether liberals like it or not, this is going ahead. If the west wont do it, the Chinese will (and are,in fact) and perhaps they wont have as many qualms as the west about a supremacist or anti-miscegenation and immigration ideology.

        I quote Steve Hsu in a recent article you can read in full on his blog:

        “1) The question is scientific — it can be answered with known methods. (I estimate of order millions of genotype-phenotype pairs will allow us to extract the genetic architecture of complex traits like cognitive ability — perhaps sometime in the coming decade.)

        2) There is no a priori argument, given what we currently know, that such differences cannot exist. (Cf. Neanderthals!) Note this is NOT an argument that differences exist — merely that they might, and that we cannot exclude the possibility.”

        I asked him:

        “Will the genetic architecture of cognitive ability be fully understood, including non-additive effects, such that it will be known with a high degree of certainty that one population is genetically advantaged and has a higher genotypic IQ than another? If only the linear effects are known, people may claim that one population- population y, although appearing to be less genetically endowed for IQ when only linear effects are taken into account, gets more of an IQ boost from non-additive effects than population X.”

        He answered:

        “Additive variance for cognitive ability is probably larger than non-additive. If I had to guess I’d say ~ 0.6 / 0.2 for additive and non-additive contributions to total h2 (error bars about 0.1 for each number). Given enough data we may be able to get the non-additive part as well (something I am working on ;-)”

        • Steve

          I think its pretty obvious that this would have the potential to foment or increase racial divisions. Some people see unifying forces as good and divisive forces as evil. Like I said, we are heading in a direction where this may well come out and perhaps its inevitable. The liberals may be winning in suppressing this stuff for now but that may not be possible forever, for better or worse.

        • I am not really worried about the consequences of this stuff. The only people who act racist over HBD are people who were already racist anyway. Did it make them worse? I have no idea. I doubt it. I have discussed HBD with many people, liberal to conservative. Honestly, most folks do not care as they place little to no value on IQ, probably because their own IQ is not real high. You underestimate anti-intellectualism in humans. I get the impression that most folks already know this stuff is true anyway, and they don’t particularly care. I talk to liberals about race and IQ and they are like, “What!? Is that really true?! Blacks have lower IQ’s than Whites!? Really?!” I say of course it is true. Then they sit back and think for a little bit, chuckle a bit, and then say, “Well of course. That’s obvious.” Then they launch into a thing how they don’t hate Blacks, they don’t care about IQ, and screw intellectuals bla bla who cares.

          People who want to turn racist over this stuff are already inclined that way. Many liberals hear this news and just decide that they don’t want to feel racist over this news, since they don’t like to feel that way.

          Racism has been declining, probably, for 45 years (with a possible uptick under Obama). Miscegenation becomes more common and acceptable every year. PC has taken ove the immigration debate and nearly won, and anyway, the US is now full of immigrants who are now citizens, most of whom are more or less open borders traitors on this issue. The more immigrants you let in, the more of a pro-immigrant country you get, you see that?

          Immigration has been tightened up a bit in a few places in Europe, but this is a good thing. I just learned how crowded the UK is, and I was shocked. Why are you letting all these immigrants into your overcrowded island!? We let way too many in here too. Anti-immigration sentiment will be a good thing and it won’t go too far anyway as too many are PC-brainwashed and there are too many immigrant citizen traitors already here who will never turn on immigration.

          The truth is that even if HBD is true, most people are not that smart. Only smart people care about these things. Your average person thinks the debate is stupid.

          I do not expect any major negative societal changes as a result of more folks believing in HBD. And anyway, as we move towards genetic therapy, maybe we could overcome a lot of genetic issues. Liberals are paranoid about this stuff.

          I founded the Liberal Race Realism to try to come up with some progressive liberal to Left response to the sad (for the Left) truths about HBD. Ok, HBD exists. Now what do we, as leftwingers do about it or have to say about it? What now?

        • Steve

          Anti-immigration views have gained a lot of ground in Europe. One of the big political stories of the time in Britain is the rise of UKIP (and the rise of right wing anti-immigration and anti-EU parties in other EU countries). A lot of the support for UKIP is due to anti-immigration.

          Even the labour party have stated that they made mistakes by letting so many immigrants in every year during their years (97-2010) and dismissing opponents as racist. They have stated that it isn’t racist to have concerns about immigration. So in recent years anti-immigration views have increased in Britain and it has become pretty much a mainstream discussion.

          A lot of the immigration discussion is about white eastern Europeans (therefore not racist) and how being in the EU does not allow us control of our own immigration policy.

        • Steve

          …or rather being in the EU means we can’t stop immigration from the rest of the EU and we have less control over immigration policy.

          *I think that is what labour said. Will have to double check.

          Like you said small island. There were up to 500,000 immigrants year at one point. Net immigration till around 200,000. 500,000 is like adding a city almost the size of Manchester or Liverpool to your population every year. Causes strain on services.

  111. Shawn

    White guy saves black girl. Amazing video!

  112. Timmaus

    Robert, have you ever done a post about Genie Wiley?

  113. Dean

    Missing the bigfoot coverage, Robert. Did you decide to cease and desist or just a lack of material to write about?

    • 1. Been really, really tired.
      2. Other stuff going on, like work.
      3. Overload and writer’s block – I have a ton of BF notes and I have no idea where to even start.
      4. Seems like nothing of any real importance is going on in the BF World, honestly.

      • Dean

        Thanks, I think your fourth point is especially true. But I will continue to drop in from time to time, just in case Patty shows up at the county court house wanting to vote.

  114. Ken

    This is the only metal album that i like.

    Only the white man can create such an emotionally powerful piece of music, while remaining technically sophisticated.

  115. Shawn

    Robert, have you ever noticed that most male poets are gay or bi-sexual? Why do you suppose this is?

    • No. It is not true that most male poets are gay or bisexual. However, their rate is homosexuality and bisexuality is quite a bit elevated compared to the norm.

      Not sure why this is but writing poetry is a pretty sissy, pussy feminine thing to do eh?

      • Shawn

        Really? Ginsburg, Jim Carroll, Jack Kerouac, etc. It doesn’t seem like Charles Bukowski was. Maybe most poets aren’t bi-sexual or gay though, as you say, but it seems like their rates are very high. Yes, it is somewhat feminine.

        • Those were Beatniks. Many to most Beatniks were queers. It was cool to be a queer in Beatnik society. I have been personal friends with a number of male poets, and trust me, they weren’t gay. Quite a few of them were extremely macho womanizers whose hero was Bukowski.

  116. Alan

    Robert, with regards to your views of the increasing level of ‘feminine’ traits in society, this may be of interest to you:

  117. Tulio

    Since Robert has mentioned in posts in the past that blacks don’t care about animals and whites do, I couldn’t help but share this recent story on a black that got a white arrested for abusing a dog.

  118. Shawn

    The White race will never go extinct, contra some wishful Leftists!

  119. Alex K

    Hi Robert,
    please take a look at this video.

  120. dia

    I was searching for few websites to see if there’s any saying about India …wow found it..though i am late …fine…when i read about your article “india ….shit hole”….it was fun reading it ..almost the truth belongs to the place when you guys have been….india is still developing…there are many good places to be….even i was angry with the true fact..that there’s alot of shit around…there maybe shit around..but the well developed countries many shit goes inside the walls…you cant change it quick..needs knowledge and awareness….It becomes better for the good and worse for the bad..the can become
    .you cant blame the poor people ..but you should blame the *leaders who never took notice of the needs of the people….i believe most of the Indian politicians are Indian men..and few women.all they do is save more and more illegal money for their wives and “.if it had to be an English man or woman…it would have been’s not going to happen again…

  121. dia

    Difference….. do you find?
    there is heaven and hell
    there is god and satan
    there is good and bad
    there is rich and poor
    there is popularity and poverty in every race ,religion..and country.
    Not much in highly developed countries…
    it takes time for end
    it’s possible because the good ones still exist in this world among the evil.
    like it takes for America,Britian… to destroy Isis
    India is proud to have joined with America…
    everyone’s wish is to make everyone’s life and country safer and better in future

  122. dia

    Who is better?
    There are good Indians and bad Indians…
    Good in many ways….and bad in many ways….
    North Indians are white ….south Indians are dark..
    While some are fair and some are dark…./.so what..does it change an Indian…into…American.
    Does it mean only.. north Indians are better than south Indians/
    ……North Africa better than south Africa/
    …….North America better than south America/
    ……..North Korea better than south korea../.
    This goes for the ignorant to know the difference in what you say….
    .ignorant ones may speak..because they lack…something in their heads
    I disagree to the fact that north Indians are prettier and superior in everything….they may be proud that they are white..but you cant become an American or british….but dont forget the fact north Indians ..they may treat you shit when you lose everything.. and the same with south.indians .well indians cant compare yourself with Americans …or with the white ones outside india…..May the good ones treat you well…in America!
    Do what the romans do while you are in Rome.
    AND do what the Indians do in india…..noobody wants to?….
    MAY BE THE GOOD THINGS ….each nationality has the good and bad …it’s a battle….it goes on ….but it will end ….lucky for the ones who mixed with other nationalities…
    Thank God for the good leader…finally a change in Indian history
    Though Mahatma Gandhiji was betrayed by his own people….and couldnt complete his mission…..
    And from the same land…and Modiji has come to complete his mission …..hope the prayers of the poor and innocent are heard….
    I appreciate the fact that Mr.Modi from North India speaks openly to develop the country from dirt
    ..and Selvi.Jayalalitha from South India.. almost done and still doing things to end hunger and Poverty..
    India is a corrupted country at the sametime…it’s hard to survive…..there are people who dont appreciate good things…they are always jealous of good ones who wants to make a change in the society…our country better….this is absolutely non sense to arrest Tamilnadu CM….for corruption…get to know more on internet…the judgement works very slow in India.. why now?…we need more prisons in india because if the judicial works properly many Indians will be in prison than IT companies…and for the few foreigners i pity when you do wrong things IN india because the judicial system sucks… in india.
    There are few bastards who rape children and women…..and get imprisonment in comfort and the judge who works slow ..braindead and they want every criminal to escape….to “ more…in the society…..lucky ones who got out of india doesn’t want to comeback to india ..because you hate this society so much… when are you coming back to hang these evil men?

  123. dia

    Indian clothes:
    There are few Indian clothes you have to know they are disgusting….Dhotis ..Especially you find most Indian men wearing dhotis….south…please dont wear them..unless you are dying….
    Indian men blame Indian women for wearing modern clothes..there are good ones and bad ones to choose and wear….they blame Indian women that it’s tight ..they can see the shape…they can see their ass.. and chest….but what about sarees ….they show half in everything…and men with dhotis show everything…it’s easy for them to bribe and piss around the streets,walls,backyards,…..” they may look handsome…and get their hands dirty and others life dirty…it’s doesn’t mean those who are wearing dhotis are perfect….salwars is a decent dress too but still they ask us not to wear at educational places….and they blame us because we mislead them….who?indian men …because few Indian men cant control their ass..that’s why you see them pissing around and littering around…they have no plans…do it anywhere anytime…then we wish even cows and goats need to cover up;;;;
    Because they cant stand against their rights….in india…..

    Indian MEDIA….THERE are good ones and the bad ones…..WE almost watch BBC ,CNN,,…few Indian channel..cant mention them….most Indians need to know what’s happening in the world and they are still careless that they dont know what’s happening in the world….bcoz they spend their time watching Indian serials which is almost leads to death and hell. And ignorance and behind…very few Indian movies are good …they dont have much movies good for kids.. for they have is same story….disgusting and cheap way of love and violence and dummy heros who cant really fight the evils in this society….and educate kids well….as well as Indian movie jokes are very cruel …they tease,criticize women and men and so much of disrespect …

  124. dia

    .i have a bad one to say
    A friend of mine hated Indian marriage always dreamt of marrying an outsider from india….so she came across this A…GUY…who seems to look perfect…but after a wait of few years..she comes to know he is a “ who pays each hour … please him that he is sick and mentally retard…she believed that Christian guys are different…but he was brought by an Indian Dad abroad..who almost spoilt his mind….he may look like an A..GUY..she felt pity for his sickness and wanted to marry him..but he wanted to use her for his wickedness..he found the wrong girl..he should have found them in Indian bars or red light areas.BUT his mind was almost the worst mind of an Indian..which shocked her…he fell only for an Indian…thinking we can keep her as a slave for sex.,hindu worship,Indian culture,..and almost human trafficking….he misunderstood her completely….though all her love was true for him and sincere and clean…she gave up..on him…she is free but hurt too..
    Please dont teach the bad Indian things …to the future mixed Indians…kids and make them corrupt…

    Few Indians outside india ….who wants to marry your own country girl is because you say foreign girls are bad….but you did everything over there and being innocent guy in india and bribes Indian girls for dowry….it is sick …every Indian girl may have to save money for their marriage and suffer in poverty to make a decent marriage . happen..because they believe Indian foreign guys are broadminded in what? it’s better Indian women dont have to marry an Indian …from india.
    so Indian men can be slaves to others ….In decades few Indians will be marrying cows and pigs …because they give them so much wealth and health ….unless the law works like the gays who fight for their freedom…meaningless

  125. dia

    For example.. ..he was so obessed that hindu religion was good for him because there are so many sculptures of sex…in temples…almost they worship “..and many gods …not cool at all…muslims are close with hindus because that’s how they can ignore the truth with Christians..but hope they are not going to get fooled….it’s sad to see foreigners…who come to India and please Indians by worshipping Hinduism by pleasing them…to get what because you lost faith in your family,religion or country….and seeing you making peace with Indians Through Hinduism is worst way.. be unique guys……dont wind up in hell….it’s heart breaking for the Australian Christian father and two sons burnt up in india…mother and the daughter who forgave ….that’s the truth about Christianity…an example….Mother TERESA…TOO! great!…and many untold stories….Hindus are less violent than muslims..

    There are Christians who maybe poor but our faith is in Jesus…like the innocent ones being killed in Iraq………but to believe the fact as far as Christianity is there their will be ,truth,saving ,forgiveness,helping and love for all in the midst of hell. Christianity is hard to be accepted by the ones who doesn’t believe in heaven,forgiveness,good,sacrifice,love ,jesus,….thank god i maybe be sad for being an Indian when being treated like shit but i am not ashamed to be a Christian…
    Please dont mix Christianity with Hinduism. In india…there are places in india they preach Christianity with Hinduism preaching the wrong way..believe it they are preaching that whatif jesus is an Indian ,born in india? it was almost evil in what they are doing and preaching? instead of bread and wine..they break the coconut and change the entire meaning ..that’s shit…there are few Indians who are Christians who want Christ but they do all the non sense like idol worship,…all evil.,,,you may prosper but you may end up in hell…thank the souls who brought Christianity to india…we feel saved…doesnt mean all Christians will be in heaven….i cant answer this unless you experience it or want it..your choice…it doesn’t mean that all Christians should hate others …wrong…. it is said we have to help and love and respect other human”love your neighbour” not love their gods…which means not to worship and please their gods…for them.. to be happy…. Or being .. voilent.. by killing citizens in the name of religion ….
    Each religion is unquie in it’s own way…dont mix up….howabout mixing Islam with Hinduism…you cant…they wont accept…but the hell few Indians dont understand this in india… matter whatever they argue with christianity….but the fact is that’s the truth……i dont have time to hate any religion or people or argue but love believing jesus.

  126. dia

    We are finally a bit happy that Modi is in America and he wants them develop our country….first thing is hope they are not going to kill all the poor people soon…so Indian amercians can buy lots of houses..with their million dollars in india and the hard workers in india gets paid less almost he dies before he could build a house atleast a small house for his family.ALSO the few corrupted Indians …do the worse…. and the same in india…
    You cant find an honest engineer in india.. maybe very few.or else our country structure will be that’s why we Wish the good Indian Americans can help the poor and the middle class to build a house for a family..with the honest price…and give a proper education…
    If there are five members in a Indian American family….they may have atleast 4 houses in india …because they say we are FROM America…we can buy anything…please dont…destroy the lives of the not corrupted indians…
    It may develop but it will be destroyed soon…then it all a waste…..
    Please dont kill poor Indians who hardly wants to survive and see that their kids are better……
    Hope you most Good Americans can stick with the good Indian ones …FOR A CHANGE…..we need a change…it’s hard for indians to do it alone….because the bad indians can easily fool the innocent ones….
    we may be proud to say it’s a land of many languages and religion…but not proud to say what happens inside….still you can find peace in india beacause there are good christians ,muslims and hindus…..who respect each faith and language..i amnot sure still… far as you have money they will treat you well or i dont have to say…peace be with you alll.

  127. dia

    i appreciate Mr.Robert for having this site…..i shared a bit of y thoughts..

  128. dia

    sorry my thoughts

  129. Gay State Girl

    Knowledge is a burden don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  130. Shawn

    When are you going to write a book?

    • Hi I will have a chapter coming out in a new book to published very soon out of Turkey. My chapter was 132 pages. Not sure how it will be in the book. I am also Art Director for the book. I am in charge of all of the graphics. I work with the artists and tell them what to draw, etc.

  131. Comments are now closed on this page.

  132. thePessimist

    Found this website really interesting

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