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  1. Jason Y

    Could Hinduism be the worship of evil spirits, and if so, then why do people want to say the crappy situation in India is due to racial factors? If people worship weird shit, then why should we be suprised when they become like who they bow down to?

    • It is the worship of evil spirits. I practiced it, I lived there and I can tell. I suffered a lot, I was first disappointed, but if you take for granted that Hinduism is great to study as one of the black arts, especially as regards the acquisition of powers to wreak evil in the life of others and gain money or vitality thereby, if you make no mistake in equating Vishnu with Lucifer, you will never be disappointed and you will grow into a better, more joyful, more generous person, the ones who grow wicked and/or miserable are the multitude of those who mistake these spirits for benevolent gods and think they are becoming so. In Christianity and also many other religions, a guy having led a life of dishonesty first repents of many predatory acts he has done in the past and even of many picayune appetites before going on experiencing higher mystical states or choosing another more religious life such as a teacher’s. In India, if you have been a dishonest financier, that’s great as long as you did it within your caste, you are to be considered good if your cunning has brought about money, then only if you have exerted you ability you are entitled to choose the religious life or become a guru as a reward, just read about the life of one of the most renowned hindu master of our times among scholars of both East and West, Ramesh Balsekar, he went from director of the Bank of India directly to world guru without any phase of repentance for having put so many people into misery, while he calmly explains it is not he who has extorted so much money from the poor’s pockets into his but money herself that as an independent deity has used his person to make the poor suffer their comeuppance in virtue of their past karmic debts. The only sin that cannot be pardoned in Hinduism is to have tried to make the world a better place. It is a cult to demons and India is fashioned after the Hell they come from.

      • Pranav

        Please take no offence. Assuming you’re a westerner, What drove to you practice this cult religion in first place? Was it because of the rosy campaigns and marketing in the west about how cool it is to practice an asian religion or did someone suggest to you?

      • Aniruddha

        Hello Judith
        I’m sorry you had a bad experience with India. Indians have bad experiences too, they face racism everywhere they go. People judge us based on stereotypes which you see on news or movies, which is not true. Every religion is criticized by someone, I’m not defending my nation because it is a disgrace that because of some people who formulate distortion in perception of people who are alien to Indian culture.
        Hinduism is not a black art , it is the most misrepresented, misunderstood and misinterpreted culture form( I tried to clarify it a little in my comment so please read it).
        And since you have also commented like a racist ill love to say yes we believe in hell, yes we believe every insult that happens to you is because you have done something to deserve it.
        It seems like you came with a prejudice to India, and when you did came you were in company of wrong people.
        And since you love reading Indian scholars you should start with Vivekananda.
        When I read your statement I genuinely felt sorry for you, that you came to India and never understood it. I don’t know from where you are but my first guess is USA.
        And if you wish to reply read some real material or ask right question.

        • Burt Remmy

          Indians make people racist wherever they go. It isn’t a mystery why. People should fix their country before they come to America and rape the system.

      • Mayur Varshne

        I am quite eager to know absolutely everything about Jesus the man.

    • Aniruddha

      Hinduism is not evil worship
      People especially scholars from western world usually don’t have the right perspective about it, maybe because of lack of right sources from where they get information. Generally they would go to people with positions in universities or religious fanatics, instead they should seek out the people who understand Hinduism the way it is meant to be understood.
      I read a book “on Hinduism” by Wendy doniger it seemed to be biased from everything I know about Hinduism, seemed more like she was interested in what hinduism has evolved into because of Hindu radicals not in what actual Hinduism is.
      I have read “Ramayana”, “Mahabharata”, some Vedas and Upanishads as well. None of which match with the central idea of the books by western authors about Hinduism.
      Although there are some Indian writers who elaborate Hinduism in right way.
      Yes, some malpractices developed taking the literature too seriously but hinduism is based on adaptability,emotions, human choices, compassion, the very essence of being a Hindu is acceptance of truth. Denial is considered a sin in Hinduism(explained in Bhagavad Geeta in detail). Hindus are idol worshippers, yes they are but that idol is always mistaken, idol is not only a sculpture its representation of divine. Like Shivalinga is a representation of divine life cycle how male and female are incomplete without each other , only feminine counterpart can take male part(I.e. New life cannot exist if the two parts are not combined: Modern biology is good explanation of this).
      People often mistake these representations. And humanizing of these idols to 100% extent, the credit goes to medieval artists and sculptors of India. They were trying to provide this nation with phenomenal idea that god exist in every form, human form even animal form, that’s why when a god is worshipped an animal is also worshipped along with him/her. But, like history is evidence every revolutionary idea is often misunderstood it was also misunderstood and people devoted themselves to temples and sculptures.
      Hinduism actually believe in science and scientific development, specially in acoustics and psychoacoustics. That’s is why Indians have names that are hard to pronounce( if you are not familiar with any one of Indian language).
      Apart from this every religion in this world have some extremist side and unfortunately that side gets all the attention.
      So if anyone has any query to ask about Hinduism or Indian gods and worships, please ask in civilized manner. I’ll be happy to help.
      Thank you

    • Jason Y

      The worship of evil spirits is bad – and then people have the chutzpah to blame genetics for things. Maybe it’s not genetics but evil spirits

      Basically, Naziism – including among trendy hipster Indians, is an excuse or a cover-up.

  2. Stary Wylk

    One thing I like to talk about is how we often use two different words as if they were interchangeable just because there is some overlap in their meanings. For instance, there is “capitalism” and the phrase “free enterprise”. The first is clearly enough the use of capital to achieve ones ends, such as lobbying to get a law made that hinders your potential competitors. An enterprise is offering something of value in exchange for something else of value, like sex for Qualudes.
    My favorite pair to rant about are “morals” and “ethics”. Both relate to good and evil. Morals are injunctions to perform certain behaviors. When one refers to “the moral of the story”, one makes plain to an audience what “moral” is. All animals have morals. Morals can include injunctions to self-harm. Morals require little to no self-consciousness.
    Ethics are conscious. They are rules for survival. This gets clearer when one considers professional ethics. An ethical medical person only discloses knowledge of a patient in order to promote the patient’s treatment so that the patient will feel free to give useful, if sometimes embarrassing, information. A nurse’s or doctor’s guarding of confidentiality enables them to exist as a nurse or doctor, to perform their functions as that type of professional.
    Hope I haven’t bored too many by belaboring the obvious.

  3. Sam

    Eobert talks about races a lot. Are Jews and some other Semites actually Neanderthals? A quote from the following link,”…On May 10, 2010 a Svante Paabo co-reseacher on the new study, Johannes Krause, said on the Mid-German TV Network that the people of the Middle East, the Semites, were at least from “10 to 20″ percent Neanderthal. The Internet link to this interview on the Mid-German TV Network was deactivated on May 18, 2010…”

    “…This is precisely what I argued in The Iceman Inheritance (1978), Chosen People from the Caucasus (1992) and what Erik Trinkaus at least inferred in his The Neandertals of 1992. However, my own calculations indicate that some Middle East Semitic populations approach 50 percent Neanderthal and in some very specific small areas, 70 percent Neanderthal…”

    Look at the pictures and the big Jews seem to look WAY Neanderthal. Also the ones that seem most against people and most psychopathic. Could they not be psychopathic but just have complete hatred for Cro-Magnon.

    “…Trinkaus and Stewart subjected every Neanderthal bone then known to a forensic-style analysis and found over twice the number of violence-inflicted injuries as among any similar number of bones from other fossil humans…”

    Now, a word of warning. Svante Pääbo is a Jewish spin doctor. In 1997 (July) his Cell journal article with Mike Stoneking (also Jewish from the U. of Pennsylvania) argued from pied “statistics” that Neanderthals and “humans” did not and could not interbreed at all.
    Now, because of incoming data from the Harvard Medical School, Pääbo had to change his spin.
    Now, this 1 to 4 percent of Neanderthal genes could be evenly sprinkled among the non-African world population, which is what he’s spinning now.
    But what if 1 to 4 percent of Neanderthal genes are concentrated in the Middle East — with decreasing spillover from the Caucasus east toward China and west toward Atlantic Europe?


    What this means is Arabs, Armenians, Chechens, Georgians such as Joseph Stalin (below) and juze are partial neanderthals — that they belong partly to a more primitive, fanatic, women-oppressing and violent species…”

    Anyways you get the idea.

    I’ve read one of these two books The Iceman Inheritance (1978), Chosen People from the Caucasus (1992). I think the first.

    • TRASH

      SAM If this is the case why aren’t JOOS being arrested for domestic abuse and assault and drunk-driving at the same rates as rednecks?

      Violent species? I’d feel safer around Seinfeld than Rob Zombie or Leatherface.

      Juze are responsible for the vast majority of rapes, homicides and robberies in New York?

      I doubt it.

      Sorry my rural Dixie friend but this just does not fly.

    • TRASH

      SAM Please answer why we associate domestic abuse, robbery, meth, chainsaw massacres and other crimes with non Jews? Statistics will support these facts.

  4. Sam

    Economics. It would seem that some discussion of economics would be important to a socialist. I think Socialist get in trouble because they see nothing but Capitalism and Marxism. There are other economics. The Germans with National Socialism changed this somewhat. Now I don’t want you to get hung up on Nazis which are irrelevant to the economic ideas so look at Japan. The Japanese almost completely copied the German National Socialism. I’ve read many books on the Japanese over the years as their rise was so fast. Seemed that understanding this would be important. They have a different kind of economy but one that takes from Germany active control of Banks investments with American tariffs. The first is that investment is forced into productive parts of the economy. Factories, roads, etc. The stock market is rigged a bit and not really an indicator value. Speculation is therefore suppressed. Other investment means are postal service accounts which channel their money into the countries large industrial companies.

    In many of the books I read they explained that present industrial progress comes from monopolistic control of the factors of production. An easy example would be semi-conductor factories which take enormous amounts of capital. A Japanese company with plentiful subsidies and low interest rates will always have a better time of it than a Western company with less of each. They planned to monopolize production by capital, by protected home markets for new technology, by patents and intellectual property. Americans are great at producing new technology but the Japanese just buy this and produce it in Japan. A lot of the LCD tech, optical disc, etc. were started in America only to be taken over by Japan.

    I found this book I haven’t read but it looks like a long term summation of these policies at a macro-economic level. I may have to get these.

    “Princes of the Yen: Japan’s Central Bankers and the Transformation of the Economy” Richard Werner

    “The New Paradigm in Macroeconomics: Solving the Riddle of Japanese Macroeconomic Performance” Richard Werner

    The reviews are worth reading on Amazon. One says,”…The key point is that banks create money (credit, debt) out of nothing, they do not act as intermediaries channelling savings to investment. One can then distinguish between credit created for productive purposes and credit created for speculation on rising asset prices in the financial sector. Having done this you find that productive credit creation predicts the path of economic activity remarkably well…”

    I think the Chinese have just copied the Japanese whole. Maybe adding a few twist of their own. If we trade with them on their terms we will ALWAYS lose as they are an organized machine and we are just a pack of unrelated masses.

    • Sam

      A video about the books is here.

    • Sam

      Here’s a link about WWII and Germany’s economy. Down at the bottom say at maybe 80% down the page it talks about the effects of and how Japan managed the economy like the Germans.

      At “the heading “Institutional Design”,

      “…Influenced by German thinkers, the war economy leaders encouraged the creation of large-scale firms. They realized that among the three stakeholders involved in large companies – management, shareholders, and employees – shareholders’ aims were least in line with the planners’ overall goal of fast growth. So shareholders were eliminated, managers elevated, and employees motivated through company unions and job security.

      Management, freed by cross shareholdings from dividend-oriented shareholders, did not pay out profits but reinvested them. This allowed them to grow their companies and expand market share. It biased Japan’s economy toward high growth.

      At home, the ensuing cutthroat competition for market share had to be contained by the formation of cartels. This did not mean that competition ended; companies continued to compete to keep up their rankings within the cartel. Most importantly, there were no cartels restricting competition abroad. The world’s open doors and free markets meant that Japan’s growth machines wreaked havoc. In the 1960s and 1970s, one leading U.S. industry after another was eliminated…The war economy system was highly successful in achieving its goal of rapid economic growth. But there was a price to pay. Worker benefits were usurped by the small minority employed by the large firms…In the race for a higher ranking in the world, goals such as quality of life and the environment, as well as individual freedom and choice, were judged lower priorities…At the same time, the Japanese system delivered great income and wealth equality and hence social cohesion, stability, and peace. Japan’s low crime rate is still the envy of the world. …”

    • Sam

      Another good article on German economics. Quote

      “…Hitler’s economic miracle
      The Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, at a time when its economy was in total collapse, with ruinous war-reparation obligations and zero prospects for foreign investment or credit. Yet through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit and a full-employment public-works program, the Third Reich was able to turn a bankrupt Germany, stripped of overseas colonies it could exploit, into the strongest economy in Europe within four years, even before armament spending began. In fact, German economic recovery preceded and later enabled German rearmament, in contrast to the US economy, where constitutional roadblocks placed by the US Supreme Court on the New Deal delayed economic recovery until US entry to World War II put the US market economy on a war footing. While this observation is not an endorsement for Nazi philosophy, the effectiveness of German economic policy in this period, some of which had been started during the last phase of the Weimar Republic, is undeniable…”

  5. Sam

    The Bili Ape. I had never heard of this before. Someone used it as an example that just because we haven’t found Bigfoot yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The Bili Ape has the diet of a chimpanzee and mostly looks like a chimpanzee but is big like a gorilla. I’m thinking what a frightening creature. Chimpanzees are really dangerous. They will tear you apart. A really big one was be even more frightening.

    Here’s a link where they talk about Bigfoot’s genetic testing and the Bili Ape in the comments.

    • Sam

      Look at this Bili ape picture. Damn that thing looks strong. Villagers say they kill lions.

    • Sam

      These Bili apes are super interesting. There’s a video link on the page I linked,

      Look at the ape in the background on the right at the n end of the video. He walking almost upright. Looks very much like a man stooping to get through brambles in the bush.

      As they point out in the article these apes are doomed. They’re in the Congo and everyone is so poor there they’re going to hunt and kill them all eventually. It’s a great tragedy. A much as I don’t like Blacks and as much as I would like to save the Bili apes I’m not so sure I can tell them,”Well just starve as long as the apes are ok”. There’s actually ways to make enough food for everyone but the techniques we have now are just not productive enough or ecological enough for all these people. The population of Africa has just totally soared and I’m just not so sure they can feed them all. They can’t all come to Europe and the US we’re already crowded and having water issues in many places. A conundrum not easy to solve.

  6. It’s not something I have any desire to look at honestly.

  7. With the thoughts you'd be thinkin

    I recently read two basically unrelated books that I’d think you’d might enjoy. The first is Red Plenty by Francis Spufford is a book which uses vignettes to describe the economic issues that caused the stagnation in the Soviet Union, the author argues that co-ordination issues where primarily responsible. The second is The Secret World of Oil by Ken Silverstein which is an expose on the figure in the oil economy, of particular note Marc Rich and Neil Bush. I think you’d enjoy

  8. Maxtra

    Have you watched Tears in The Amazon? Seriously just download and watch it. There’s a few torrents around. Some of them are massive like 30GB but there’s a few one that are only about 3GB. Just watch it.

  9. missattempts

    I would like to pose a question to the VERY LEARNED people who purpose this blog. I am an expert on Casey Anthony, the young mom who killed her daughter, and who’s trial was a national sensation a few years ago. I have gleaned information from many sources about her. I have
    subjected her to every long distance personality study known.

    I have empathy for her because I am hated too, but for different reasons. I have SOME similarities to her, but generally she is my polar opposite (That’s probably why she interested me.) Any way I think she did see some of my posts, and I have reason to believe she tried to Skype me.
    I rejected the chance because I am 28 years older then her, ugly, and have nothing genuine to offer.

    I know why she killed her child, so I have no animosity against her. She was supposed to give a T.V. interview a few weeks back, but it didn’t pan out because no one wants to pay for it. I wrote her more encouraging and complimentary posts.

    One evening, the phone rang and my father picked it up. It was a woman’s voice asking to speak to me. This was a stunner, as I never receive telephone calls. She said she was Casey from Florida. I thumpered a bit and she soon hung up. It had to be her, because I certainly have no relations with women or friends. She didn’t call back.

    My question is: Do you think Casey must hide for the rest of her life? Do you think she can marry, and have more children? (Not with me because I am poor and over the hill.) What would you advise her to do to have a quality life? I think she should admit to the crime. People WOULD pay for that. Can’t some good man that posts here put out some “bread crumbs” that she could follow?

    She needs a young, (at least) average appearing guy, that she can spend years with. Casey purses men. She has Venus
    in Aries in her 9th house. She jumps in with both feet. She’s alone and unloved. I know the feeling.

  10. Jason Y – debate between David Duke and Alex Jones – Let’s have a post about it.

  11. Robert, what do you think of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?

  12. Budgie

    Would you fuck?

  13. SHI

    A look at racial slurs using a comprehensive database

    This link is pure GOLD – all the possible ways one may insult those of other races and nationalities, depending on who you’re pissed off at the moment.

    Let’s start the ball rolling with, ummm Koreans (just to set the record straight, I’m not racist and have got nothing against Koreans 🙂

    Biscuit Head: KATUSAS – Koreans augmented to the United States Army, commonly referred to as Biscuit Heads by American GI’s, because of their square heads.

    Buckethead: Of all Asian groups, Koreans are said to have the biggest heads. Now that’s creative

    Crotchless Pants: Refers to some of their characters looking like crotchless pants.

    DAK: Dumb Ass Korean. Name given to Koreans by the Whites who visit the country. Hah hah, love it. Will use it someday for real in Korea.

    Kekeke: Refers to the incessant e-laughter of Koreans. Commonly used to mock internerds who Zerg rush or act like fags.

    Kimchee: Self-explanatory.

    Kink: Like Chink, but for Koreans.

  14. SHI

    Yes. Give it another 18 months.

  15. Shawn

    Hi Robert. I would like to mail you a donation if that’s okay. Feel free to give me your mailing address via my email if you want.

    • Thank you so much, Shawn! I pretty much need it. I am $34 below budget for this time of the month and there are a lot of basic expenses I need to make. Like buying new shoes, fixing my lamp, replacing my speakers, buying new headphones, etc.

  16. You may not post pictures of little girls of Lolitas like that girl you just posted (who may be 12-13 years old, I have no idea), and ask me things like, “Robert, wouldn’t you like to lick her minge?” You can’t do that. When you do that, you are implying that I am sort of a pedophile or hebephile. Now, I could care less if you are a hebephile, and you probably are anyway, but you can’t imply that I a pedo or hebephile, because I am certainly neither.

    If you agree to stop this crap, I will unban you. But you have been doing this forever through multiple bans, so I am not sure you can control yourself.

  17. DontWannaBePedo

    Please help me mr lindsay. A few days ago I was on 4chan and clicked on a picture of a woman. I thought she was hot and took the time to look her over. It then turned out she was only 17 years old and I immediately felt sick. How could I be attracted to a mere child? I haven’t been able to sleep properly since and I’m thinking of turning myself in to the police so I can get the psychological hep I need. What do you advise?

  18. dm

    The belief in a invisible deity has nothing to do with how people treat one another, evil spirits hahaha, there are so many religions on this planet every other one would be called evil. If a person wishes harm or does harm to another isn’t this bad, of course it is, if a religion preaches hate against another people or belief then this is also bad, there are many great teachers and lessons in religious books, but please remember who wrote these words on paper. To care for your fellow man needs no religion, be who you are and care for each other.

  19. Gay State Girl

    Are you afraid of Trump? Or is he just making a mockery of the political process with no intent.

  20. Tulio

    Did you guys know that the flat earth theory is making a comeback? It’s wild. But there are more and more people taking the flat earth model seriously. These people aren’t all dumb either. It’s really weird.

  21. S.D.

    Unsuccessful males in their reproductive prime (20-30) have pursue the young and gullible or the old and desperate.

    One day they are dating a high school girl, the next night casual sex with a 50 year old divorcee.

    I should know personally.

    • Jason Y

      However, it’s easier than you think to get muscles. All it takes is some dumbbells and about 20 minutes a day. But these NaziTard basement wussies and other unfortunates are too lazy. Instead, at least the first group, would rather do school shootings and rant and rave about how males have no power nowadays.

      But I won’t be too harsh on them, I suppose it’s from a lack of knowledge.

  22. Do people on this site agree with your opinions because they’re smart or hateful?

  23. Nibbles

    -watch porn starring Elsa Jean
    -perfectly fine
    -watch porn starring Jordyn Jones
    -you are a subhuman pedo.


    • Jason Y

      We all know what goes on in the male mind. We weren’t born yesterday. But if guys are actually pursuing illegal material, then they’re in dangerous water.

  24. Gay State Girl

    Hey Lindsay

    Did I ever tell you about the time I bumped asses with Elie Wiesel?

  25. Woman: Ewww. You like young teenage girls?
    Man: Yep, they’re the best.
    Woman: You’re abnormal! Most men don’t like teenage girls, they prefer fully developed women like me.
    Man: Really? You think you’re more attractive than these 12-16 year old girls?

    Woman: …
    Man: Checkmate.

  26. LOL wut?

    Seriously, do you think I might be onto to something here? Do men have an instinctive preference for girls about 14 who would have be on the verge of reproductive age in caveman times? Maybe most men in modern societies don’t act upon this preference but we can find evidence that they have it. Most men in modern societies don’t act violently either but there’s lots of evidence that males have adaptations for violence such as liking violent video games, the rough and tumble play of toddlers, greater upper body strength etc.


    Anthropological data:

    Crime statistics:

    Search statistics:

    Most attractive BMI (17-20) is typical BMI for girls about 13:

    Female faces about 13 rated most attractive:
    Roeder study and others.


    Does she look better now or then?

  28. Staples

    Heard this morning, sorry about Trump winning the elections.
    Condolences from Spain, West Europe, Low Europa.

  29. Tulio

    High intelligence people don’t seem anymore likely to be successful or make good decisions nor are they anymore likely to be wise:

    • Jason Y

      You have to face competition and being smart isn’t a guarantee you will overcome. For instance, if a thousand semi-smart guys are putting out internet businesses, only certain ones will win.

    • Jason Y

      Emotional sensitivity could also be the downfall of the smart. I mean, Kurt Cobain was smart but too sensitive leading him into heroin. However, though, worse, there are plenty of guys like that and they didn’t even at least get famous.

  30. Lykaios

    Hey Robert (and anybody else) do you guys know how to get in touch with Rabbit? He has no contact info up at, and I can’t figure out how to send him an email.


    The laws of a country are entirely in conformity with its popular culture and values.EG.Quran considers PORK and ORAL and ANAL SEX haram(sinful)…..most of the muslim countries prohibit PORK consumption and ORAL and ANAL sex.Here HINDUS consider COW to be sacred….COW SLAUGHTER is banned in many states.

    So,if the WHITE folks consider themselves to be an ELITE race the immigration law of the WHITE States of America like any other European country will fundamentally discriminate overtly and covertly against the non-WHITES including the CAUCASOIDS.That’s what it does… leaving a BACK door for WHITE bums,simpletons to reach there simply by marrying AMERICAN girls.Besides,I showed you that visa requirements for blue collared immigrants………the immigration law is clearly biased against blacks and asiatics with minor exceptions in that respect.

    It ain’t rocket science,DICK HEAD.

    Cursing is alright if it is not backed with violence and if it is justified….I feel discriminated by the WHITES I am entitled to curse them.

    • Phil78

      “The laws of a country are entirely in conformity with its popular culture and values.EG.Quran considers PORK and ORAL and ANAL SEX haram(sinful)…..most of the muslim countries prohibit PORK consumption and ORAL and ANAL sex.Here HINDUS consider COW to be sacred….COW SLAUGHTER is banned in many states.”

      You are confusing secular Laws with religious laws, the U.S going by the later.

      Second I didn;t Deny the incarceration Statistic, what I denied was what that alone says about crime.

      “So,if the WHITE folks consider themselves to be an ELITE race the immigration law of the WHITE States of America like any other European country will fundamentally discriminate overtly and covertly against the non-WHITES including the CAUCASOIDS.”

      Your ignorance fails you again. You do know that Whites in America have mad a shift against Racism (Civil Rights, Immigration act of 1965), being fairly high in human rights compared to other countries being another reason people come.

      “That’s what it does… leaving a BACK door for WHITE bums,simpletons to reach there simply by marrying AMERICAN girls.”

      You have shown no statistic that proves that “white bums” do that.

      “Besides,I showed you that visa requirements for blue collared immigrants………the immigration law is clearly biased against blacks and asiatics with minor exceptions in that respect.”

      And I’ve shown why you are wrong in that respect.

      “It ain’t rocket science,DICK HEAD.

      Cursing is alright if it is not backed with violence and if it is justified….I feel discriminated by the WHITES I am entitled to curse them.”

      You advocated putting “those white pigs in their place”, am I wrong?

      • There is nothing such as SECULAR LAW or REILIGIOUS LAW……..there is only LAW………LAW of the LAND…..enforced by the STATE……RELIGION and POPULAR CULTURE are do not enjoy LEGAL AUTHORITY ….DIRECTLY……but they DIRECT the LAW they GIUDE the LAW…….they are adequately reflected in LAW…..if the WHITE folks have a BIAS against the people of colour it will be overtly and covertly reflected in the IMMIGRATION LAW………that’s exactly what happened until the world war two……WHITE folks were truly rattled by there own excesses…..LIBERALS gained ground only thereafter.

        Your country has the BEST LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies and yet people fuck with the law all the time and get incarcerated in large numbers…..that’s why your country has the highest proportion of incarcerated population……despite being rigidly policed,patroled and regulated…….it shows how LAW abiding AMERICANS really are.

        People that too best of the lot most of the times immigrate to the LAND of OPPORTUNITY not to the land of HUMAN RIGHTS and what not.

        Canadians and other WHITES do not need a TURIST visa to reach there….all others do….in fact US tourist visa sells for nothing less 15000 usd in the black market………in fact,the immigration law of US is so heavily biased in their favour that they have to be RETARDS or truly RECKLESS to become truly illegal.

    • MAYUR

      A poor white from Slovenia or even England is going to have less of chance of entering the use than an IT genius from Bangalore.

      The racist argument does not quite convince.

      Poor Europeans simply have no advantage in being poor white trash in the United States when their own social safety net is superior.

  32. Burt Remmy

    Who RAPED your great WHITE ancestors when they ended up here…..that too without any visas and passports without any vetting whatsoever,huh

  33. TRASH
    I am here…..waiting for your insightful comments about the way I look.

    • MAYUR

      Yeah well why me?

      I do not know with all the attacks other posters make towards India and Indians that any of you become obsessed with me just because I actually walked the streets of your country for a short time.

  34. Difficulty

    The question is not
    to be or not to be
    but how to be;
    I may or may not be
    a wannabe
    but I want it
    pretty badly!

  35. Mayur Varshne

    too bad, no response to the query.

  36. Pushpendra Singh Rathore

    Okay Okay, I accept that we Indians are superstitious, close minded, racist, corrupt and everything bad.
    But I want to change my society and nation,and there are many people like me here, we feel so ashamed when we are traveling in train with tourists from other countries and we see our fellow Indian shamelessly emptying their bowels in open, near railway track, grinning, this hurts, really hurts. Government spend so much money on creating awareness against defaceting in open. Visit villagers are offered money but they buy smartphones and still defecate listening to their favorite bollywood songs,( every single song and movie is about love. People love to hear romantic songs, each and every bollywood movie is about love. I see people love to watch third class movies like ‘dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge ‘ But tease and taunt whenever they see couple walking together taking each other’s hand).
    But we want change. Does anyone has any suggestions?? Forgive my poor grammar

    • Hey my Indian friend. Why don’t you stick around on this website (though we might charge you tiny bit if you comment regularly). Anyway, you can always lurk. What I mean is that this site is full of reform-minded Indians exactly like you. It’s almost Ground Zero for those guys. And most of them want nothing but the best for India.

  37. Staples

    What can be done about the problem of social networks? I’m talking with the experience at Spanish community, I do not know if the American net env. has to be so horrible. The user is exposed to a quantity of information -of which 10% is advertising and a large part of the rest is made up of useless data-, this overexposure is proven to be harmful from the very evidence that it is a producer of stress (1).
    The most worrisome fact, in my opinion, is the growing popularity among the early-teens, meanwhile, the depression in the world is increasing and without education before this exposure depression itself could be the disease of the 21st century. The habit of being online is changing our perception of the environment. (2)
    The most serious thing is that they are an alienating tool, because the cybernetic masses are only based on a construct of political slogans. An uncritical look and addiction to the stimuli of these sites can adapt ideas that even harm themselves. Does this phenomenon go against freedom of expression? It can be ambiguous, there is too much acting on the Internet, sites like Twitter are a circus, almost nobody says what they really think for fear of being excluded or harassed. We see this every day, and the mob is becoming a serious problem. It’s a matter of time that problems like the so-called “cyberbullying” in my country -every day are more and more complaints that are coming to the police for insults and threats on Twitter!- we will cause the police to appear in a visible way on the Internet. Emergency situation for freedom of speech.


    • Nice post. What Spanish speaking country are you from?

      • Staples

        Oh lol, you know me, I am the OCD dog from Spain

        • By the way, you have permanent commenting rights on here since you already paid for them with counseling money. Normally I charge $10 to be a regular commenter. Also you can join the Delphi Forum if you wish where we are trying to solve a famous murder along with some other murders. That’s normally $20 but you already paid for that too.

        • How’s it going with that little hottie 16 year old girl? Or do you want to talk about that on here? I mean it’s legal. Too bad 16 year old girls aren’t legal here. I might go get me one today. On the other hand though, they are probably more trouble than they are worth. She would be sending me nude pics like they always do, and then I am POSSESSING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY as soon as I LOOK at the fucking pic. I could look at it and delete it right away, and I am still guilty of POSSESSION. How can it be possession if it’s not even on my drive?

        • Staples

          Thanks Robert, Delphi Forums sounds great, I’ve read your articles on the case before you created the forum.
          And, yes, it is going well, I’m happier every day about it! You know what, some people could think this as amoral despite being us both in similar life stages. Just ridiculous. She could not drink at a bar, or drive a car, or even vote, but there’s no difference between her and a college girl.
          IMO, sex is both rational and irrational: rational, for procreation; irrational, for everything else -you can tell: blonde/dark hair preference, big/tiny, femenine/masculine, paraphilias, etc-, induced by society or by ourselves. Any liking is induced somehow, so is the body preference for the opposite sex. If your senses can perceive a woman, it won’t matter if she’s 16 or 40, legal or not, you would see a woman, at least, physically.

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