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  1. Pj

    Why did Libby not call home or police after feeling anxiety from the guy on the bridge?

  2. Beauregard

    ROBERT I understand that TR@SH was banned for derailing threads, not necessarily for his views.

    So…why not just put him on moderation?

    Most flyover people really cannot dispute much of what TRASH said.
    It is coastal idealism that makes people angry at what he said.

    It is much like how White liberals are criticized by WNs for “living in all-White neighborhoods”.

    Bitter autists in the HBD sphere and WN sphere safe in blue states would lose their idealism if they ventured into “the flyover”

    • I’ve had it with him. He’s driving me crazy and to me, he’s ruining the site. I believe he has driven a lot of people away.

      See the one warning rule in the Comments Rules. He got his warning. He may petition his ban, but the guy is just hopeless. He simply cannot behave himself.

      • ROBERT

        This is true but some of the Indian and other Asian posters did not like the truthful statements of a white man who had lived in their countries and could reel off anecdotes to them.

        My own mental illness has something to do with it and I may have some delusions in the bargain BUT…part of the reason Asian posters reacted the way they did was simply because I was telling them what I had seen or experienced.

        Some of their reactions were hysterical, in my opinion.

        Also, Indians who discuss you (Google yourself on Indian Topix) on their own sites show up here spoiling for a debate. That is why they show up here, in my opinion.

        They get a bit more than they bargained for from a white guy who for whatever period of time had to actually earn money in India and exist there outside of a Five Star Vacation and they react with genuine surprised anger at the few insights a white has into their society.

        Or perhaps, as part of my own delusional narcissism, I am imagining my own self-importance to them.

        I’ve learned, however, that debating Indians serves no purpose.

      • Jason Y

        The problem is an obsession with two topics – white flyover proles or Asia. Not saying they’re bad topics in themselves, though.


      On the East Coast the white underclass is kind of cool from New Jersey up to Massachusetts being mostly scruffy ethnics with a colloquy and an idiom like the Italians.

      Urban poor are somewhat socialized through cultural diffusion so that blacks for example nibble like rats at the garbage of the higher culture flowing down from the centers of influence and power (Same with the Mexicans in LA). An osmosis occurs through which even the least educated blacks and Hispanics remain contemporary and cognizant regardless of being left of the Bell Curve.

      But the white Flyover Underclass is so primitive that most HBD and WN’s like Richard Spencer would want to leap in their gas-guzzler to tear off.


      Flyover whites in semi-rural areas cannot even comprehend such categorization as Alt-Right or HBD.

      Also there is physical and geographic isolation. The East Coast is a seaport and goods and ideas are always flowing in or around it. The Beltway is a mecca of this.

      In Flyover states even the roads are bad. The houses are old and collapsing. In somewhere like Flint the water is barely drinkable.

      These people might as well be on an island in the Third World. Urban centers are different, but Flyover whites cannot live there.

      They cannot afford the gasoline to physically go anywhere. They are literally trapped in a geographic radius.

      Richard Spencer, as I stated, would roar out in his car. It is one thing to live in a city like Chicago, and another to live in Flint or Detroit where the actual buildings are falling down and the roads have huge potholes.


      Flyover whites are so primitive that Spencer would leap in his car and roar off.

      NAMS have the advantage of urbanization’s cultural osmosis which lends some socialization to even the underclass minorities, like rats nibbling at garbage outside a Five Star restaurant.

      Not so in semi-rural areas. These people are ignorant in the most unappealing ways.

      • (((Beauregard)))

        Some Upper-Middle class burbian High Schools import a few Blacks from the inner-cities with “affirmative busing”.
        The numbers are obviously limited, by as you said due to sheer geographic proximity, it works.

        One need only look at “school vouchers” as proposed by Trumpenstein.
        With lots of people in the cities, private people will at least build the shitty schools and make money at any profit margin. With few people/less densely populated flyover there is no reason to do so.

    • BEAUREGARD Flyover: A Porno Film

      The skinny blonde from the Flyover was raped by the high school football team and molested as a child by her uncle, because Flyover Proles with IQ’s on the left side of the Bell curve have difficulty restraining this urge.

      She hates men but was oversexualized and has not skills.

      So she travels OUT of the Flyover to California to be an “actress or a model”. After one week her money runs out and she is in the office of Adult Talent agencies willing to agree with anything.

      Next she is on a set with a Hebrew producer directing her in a 10 man BBC Bukkake video.

      But this does not pay as well as Double Anal. Double anal requires Hebrew studs who are bisexual and shameless. Only the friction against their penis matters, whether it is another man’s tool in the same anus.

      Eventually her anus prolapses and she returns to Kansas with $40,000.

      Elsewhere in the Flyover another white male prole has been watching her porn and his stepdaughter is in the next room.

      Soon, his limited ethical boundaries will break down and he will molest her.

      She will be the next generation’s sex worker.

      Interesting to add that the Jewish and Asian porn starlets-though not as much in demand as skinny blondes from the Flyover-tend to fare better in post-porn life.

      They build their own website and market themselves astutely. Perhaps their brother is an IT hack who assists them. They become millionairesses.

      But the skinny blonde returns from LA on a greyhound with a few thousand dollars and now her anus is prolapsed.


    I am to be permitted to comment in Open Topic.

    Is that correct?


  4. I appreciate the appeal. OT is fine with me.


    • Absolutely Trash, you may post in Open Topic to your heart’s content. This should be a good way to settle this matter. Happy to settle this to the satisfaction of both of us, Trash my friend.

      • ROBERT Elitism & Regional Bourgeois Differences

        Elitism is impossible if you are from the guts of the North/East Rustbelt Industrial which HAS NO middle-class. Cities like Pittsburgh or Greater Detroit or Appalachia have a tiny white-collar professional class (Dentists, Lawyers, Engineers, Professors) who constitute the upper-class and then a vast underclass but no middle-class by California or East Coast definitions. There is a working-class that might be considered lower-middle but this is precarious.
        Make ONE mistake in the Rustbelt and you are discarded to the underclass regardless of race, color, religion. Wrong major in college? unemployable. Accidental pregnancy? You’re gone if you dropped out of college. One felony arrest? Homelessness, probably. This is why the would-be Bourgeois walks such a tightrope. There is bottomless mobility.
        Elitism is rather difficult when you are from the Rustbelt. The economy could never support such an entrenched class of elitist snobs as the East or West Coast support. There is no money. Owners of existing businesses are transnationals for the most part.
        The transplant from the Rustbelt is not a snob so much as a cynical survivor. You are absolutely doomed in his or her state if you become pregnant unexpectedly under 25. If you are a single mother. If you develop an addiction that is debilitating. If you were born into a broken home. If your IQ is under 105. If you cannot leave the State.
        Rustbelt races have equal opportunity despair at the bottom. A few German-American and Scandinavian-Americans have returned to their grandparents country but Jews are in a hard place because Israel is a second world country in the Middle East so many of them are trapped. So are Appalachian transplants.

      • ROBERT Insight into my personal situation

        From the bleakest part of the Flyover I have to remain overseas.
        It comes down to choosing to be around rich Arabs or poor Asians who are slightly less likely to commit unprovoked lethal violent acts upon an Anglo than a NAM. I realized this when I moved to Arizona and had to live on the periphery of the barrio (Like all internal rustbelt migrants).
        Nevertheless, you might experience some unprovoked aggression or muggings.
        They’ve taken a toll on me: the Arabs who pushed me into a urinal at a hotel ranting about Western Imperialism or the one who pushed me out of an elevator in my office building (You don’t dare respond, Arab jail is a death sentence for foreigners). The drunk Asian who grabbed me from behind on a sidewalk in the Philippines at night. The Korean who put me in a headlock at a bus stop in Taiwan. The Indian woman who failed to tell me her husband was in the country and having to flee in the middle of night or the same Hindutva sort of bellowing nationalist pride you see on this site in a Mumbai train.
        The lousy thankless jobs overseas that are the only choice to welfare/worthless teenager’s job in a rust-belt city: running a prostitution bar in the Philippines, for example.

        But the sad reality for Flyover State refugees is that it life is so bad in your own geography that life overseas is somewhat safer no matter what. This is what it comes down to for me, the white prole with a second-rate university degree that is worthless.

      • ROBERT

        To the African-American posters I will state this about whites migrating overseas and the woman’s remark that blacks do not care.

        This is true, but only because a mass migration of whites out of the United States has not occurred yet.

        If it does and a full 70% of the white professional class decamps to Australia or New Zealand or Paris then the feelings of African-Americans would be somewhat different.

        What would actually happen is what has happened in South Africa when the professional white ruling class moved to Oz or UK. The tax base would no longer support infrastructure and entire parts of the United States would become like these cities. Those whites left behind without the option of changing their geography would invariably lack the skills or education or socialization to contribute anything.

        At the bottom of the white exodus from the United States is bourgeois flight.

  5. Jason Y

    So Mike D. is saying Neil Young’s Southern Man is obsessed with the black – beating him night and day, but letting him sleep in home – mind you not with his wife or daughter – or off to the lynching tree. 😆

    My theory is its trickle down economics as the prison-industrial complex, Iraq, slavery – all this stuff, makes money for the descendent of kilt wearing psychos. Any thoughts?

    • JASON Y

      To some extent I agree, though your facetious hyperbole comes of as disingenuous at times.

      I cannot truthfully say that I spent any degree of meaningful time in the South of the United States, however.

    • JASON Y “Belmont” A Southern Man in the North

      Belmont was a 50 year old Appalachian from West Virginia. I knew him because I had to work around campus while attending university. He had been a mechanic but not a licensed one. We worked in Campus sign maintenance.

      He was then about 50 years old and had a warbling hillbilly voice and was about average sized. But even middle-age there was a cockiness and everything they said was a challenge.

      When he started on me I wonder “what are you so cocky about, 50 years old and in the situation you are in with 21 year old college kids.” If I had been 50 years old in his situation I would have not been so cocky.

      He was on probation because some guy had beaten him up and he broken into his shop and set fire to his equipment in the parking lot.

      But what struck me about the Appalachians in this area of Michigan was how off-the-wall self-destructive they were.

    • JASON Y

      Memo to Neil Young about the state of aboriginals in Canada.

    • Jason Y

      I think the general assessment of really dumb flyovers is that blacks are retarded and – think about it – who has any respect for the retarded? So obviously they call them degrading names and constantly whine over their annoying behavior. Normally, the flyovers doing this are not much smarter than the people they hate – just like the people bullying the mentally challenged are not either. It’s a lot of insecurity issues being channeled.

      Nonetheless, there are really bad NAMS out there, and your typical white trash douchebag probably has a right to complain about it.

      • Jason Y

        I think though, sometimes the hate goes over into their job with these white proles and sometimes they can get fired cause of their mouth. I’ve seen it happen before with a waitress. Seems like they cannot keep bitching about blacks – even on the job.

    • Jason Y

      Facetious hyperboles come across as funny on a blog, but in real life often get your ass kicked and make you massively unpopular. People just think you’re a smartass and a pussy and so you’re target # 1 for most prole bullies.

    • Jason Y

      I cannot truthfully say that I spent any degree of meaningful time in the South of the United States, however.

      Arizona – where you went – is practically the south. The people are very conservative and it’s odd considering it’s close proximity to California.

  6. Jason Y

    So this is the official RobertLindsay blog insanity ward? Hey, I think I just saw Hannibal the Cannibal. 😆

  7. JASON

    In my opinion I am far from the craziest poster on this blog. This could be my narcissism but truthfully it comes down to some not really liking the actual experiences of a white prole from the Flyover.

  8. ROBERT Parsing Elitism

    You yourself have stated that whites have to now choose to put up with NAMS in the city or move to rural geographies so remote there is little opportunity with semi or fully rural whites.

    The only other option, unless you are wealthy enough to live in Beverly Hills, is to flee overseas as I have.

    It is not so much elitism as an assessment of where you are going to be physically safest and also most likely to have some sort of employment.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t think all NAM areas are horrible. But generally, ones where there is a huge concentration of NAMS like Atlanta or Detroit obviously are.

  9. Jason Y

    Mike D


    More depressing in fact. Ghettos have a certain vibrancy before they reach the tipping point of Detroit. There is color, musicality, cheer, vibrancy, good drugs and booze, cheap stolen items, guilt-free affordable sex.

    White trash semi-rural towns and cities are half-deserted and depressing. There is a brooding look of resentment on the faces of the inhabitants in their dirty t-shirts and unkempt appearance. You expect Leatherface to leap out with a chainsaw.

    Blacks have clubs, crack houses and underground dog fights or casinos. Poor whites have a sports bar with the neon sign flickering and pickup trucks with patches and dents.

    Italians and Mexicans have poor neighborhoods but some panache.

    Poor Anglo whites are just grim.

    That is why more horror films are set their than anywhere else.

    Maybe the proles just aren’t into looking “pretty boy” all the time. It’s sort of a hippie look – one where they’re just chilling, being themselves.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly the prole’s resentment is jealousy – but NAMS are also jealous – despite the more vibrant culture. In a place where money is so tough to come by and people made the mistake breaking the law young, getting no education, having too many kids – of course, they’re going to glare at Yuppies strolling by – if that ever manages to happen anyhow.

    • Jason Y

      I suppose the glaring of local “monkeys” (black or white) (sarcasm here) is just saying “Hey, why don’t you take a picture it lasts longer? Yeah, I’m a “n-word” and you have a lot more than I have – no shit.”

  10. Jason Y

    I think on the flip side, though, those with money are indeed elitists – obsessed with new homes, fixing up old homes, having a career etc.. It’s a lot of idolatry in my opinion. So I admire the so-called white trash or blacks in their simplicity of life – even though they didn’t really volunteer for it.

    Another annoying thing about elitists is their over-parenting. They are very preachy and into making condescending remarks about people. Who the hell wants to deal with that? And the poor people just ignore them.

  11. Jason Y

    Trash doesn’t do much without an audience – but I guess I can’t blame him.

  12. Willy von Niggerstick

    In your opinion what benis size do most women prefer?

    This is mine soft. It gets to almost 8″ hard.

  13. Willy von Niggerstick

    Daily reminder that it’s natural to be a bit pedo.

  14. Matthew Hobson

    I’d like to know your thoughts on Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto. Do you agree with his Power Process premise? Also, at what point in your own life has the power process been interfered? Additionally, how does a highly socialized person(such as yourself) become so singular.

    • I do not know what the Power Process is, and I have never read his manifesto.

      Additionally, how does a highly socialized person(such as yourself) become so singular.

      What does this mean?

      • Matthew Hobson

        By singular, I mean that this blog and it’s ideas, having been filtered by your rules, is sort of a reflection of you. I think it takes a pretty self involved and singular person to construct something like this.

  15. Matthew Hobson

    Why do Jews obfuscate the truth at every opportunity? Did the diasporas make them that way?

  16. Willy von Niggerstick

  17. All human genomes are of equal antiquity to all others. This is because they all come from the same gene pools ultimately, the only differences being proportions from the original gene pools and mutations / novel recombinations built up along the way. Genetic diversity does not indicate greater antiquity. It indicates fewer genetic funneling events on average in the ancestral lineage. Not greater antiquity, instead a lower average incidence of genetic funneling in the ancestral web. Phenotypes in humans and other animals often support dormacy of phenotypic expression. There is no reason to assume humans in Asia and Europe have not experienced white skin a number of times, in response to arctic conditions, and that these genes have fallen partly dormant and later been expressed again due to selective pressures coming back into place in a cyclical manner.

    Divergence of human phenotypes comes from three primary factors. Adapatation to local environments, drift, and genetic isolation. All membes of the genus Homo have been contributing genes to all other Homo from the start. Flow is never one way or eliminated from any one group (unless fully gnetically isolated some way, which is extremely rare historically as in the past). The differences over time are by degree of gene flow, not total restriction from any place. Migrations are not complete “conquests” of indigenous peoples within the genus Homo unless there was local extinction, which is also very rare with only a few instances confirmed (such as in the far North, especially North America, even in this case it seems there may have been some gene flow which is not detected, or at least flow of material culture).

    The definition of race has long been defined without any major challenge. No genetic isolation unless there is no physical contact. And as it now appears the genus Homo has been able to cross even long stretches of sea from the start or nealy so, complete genetic isolation within the genus Homo is not supported by the evidence at any time / place for very long. Nor is it likely completely genetically isolated humans could even survive more than a few hundred years due to problems with inbreeding. It seems Vikings in Greenland had adequate food supply until the end, that they isolated themselves genetically from native peoples by their intent, and that they had a small amount of gene flow coming in from Europe. And in my opinion, they failed due to genetic isolation, except as hybrids within native communities.

    There are instances of long term inbreeding in humans. But they always fail within a few hundred years, such as in royal families. INbreeding can yield very well adapted individuals to particular tasks. But over all within a few hundred years excessive inbreeding of human populations, even as large as tens of thousands of peoples, imparts strong selective disadvantage when confronted with less inbred populations. And extinction due only to inbreeding if the inbreeding is too great in too small of populations.

    Alan VanArsdale

  18. Mayur Varshne

    It should be possible to edit one’s comments even after having posted them here on this blog….drafting and reviewing one’s comments before posting them here is a bit asking for too much from the readers.

  19. mayur varshne

    ……People don’t need nationalist movements. There has always been the local church – which was always saying drugs, porn, worshipping money and the like was bad But nationalists won’t go to them – in fact, viewing Christians as wimpy cucks……

    The Gentile Protestants of the New World seem to be conservative mostly in the matters of race etc. Thanks for making that clearer, to me.

  20. Mayur Varshne


  21. Mayur Varshne

    Trying to change the picture.

  22. Mayur Varshne

    It may well take sometime, but I am toeing the line.

  23. Mayur Varshne

    It’s gone, now.

  24. Mayur Varshne

    back on moderation, am I

  25. POOBOY

    The anthropologist Kenneth Good lived with the Yanomamo tribe for years. He fell in love with and married a little girl called Yarima. By the time she was about 12 she’d grown a pair of boobs and he had to protect her from the sexual advances of the other men in the tribe. One day he had to leave the tribe for a few months and worried about what would happen to her while he was away. Before he left he gave a stern warning to the other men to leave her alone, as was the normal practice when a man had to leave his wife unprotected. I repeat his account here:

    Pacing the area, I began to speak.

    “Today I am going away,” I said.

    I could see they were listening. Most often people just went about their business during a speech, but this was an event. Everyone was looking.

    “But I am coming back. I am coming back. I am coming back. No one here will break into my storage house. If you do, when I come back, I will be very angry. Very angry.”


    “And her…”

    I pointed to Yarima.

    “No one is to touch her! No one is to touch her! No one!”

    I could feel the anger coming over me. Pacing up and down, I threw my arms around, slamming myself on the sides and back with my open palm, punctuating the words.

    “She has been given to me! She is my wife!”

    Slam! ”

    You do not touch my wife! You do not touch my wife! You do not touch my wife!”


    “If I come back and find someone has touched her, I will know!”


    “I myself have never touched her! And no one is going to! No one!”

    I turned around and swung a roundhouse at the wood house pole, smashing it with my fist so hard that the roof shook. Wham! I looked around at all the people in their hammocks, staring into their eyes. They were all staring back. They looked pretty impressed.


  27. SHI

    Very curious why US remains the only country that doesn’t use the metric units apart from the world’s worst backwaters, Myanmar and Liberia. A very helpful article.

    This map is so telling.

  28. Jason Y

    No commentators on the posts, and I mean not just open topic. Seems like I’m a traffic whore on the blog – but no choice – cause nobody will post on the blog.

    I admit I’ve been sort of an ass – mainly to fight Nazis like Jess, but really, and I explained it also – it’s not the way I really think (sort of). It’s mostly a way to fight bullies.

  29. Robert Wexley

    I made website about the male attraction to Lolitas and jailbait but I had to take it down. Here’s some screenshots instead.

  30. Melon John

    Why don’t you learn some magic? Women love magic. Just look at her face.

  31. Anuseed

    What’s your views on anus sex?

    • Yes I have done it before, but it’s not really my thing.

      I don’t mind having a woman finger up my ass if that’s what she wants to do, but last time a woman did that, I bled. So maybe that’s not going to work.

      I dated a woman a while back who was into it, we talked about it, and I told her she would have to be clean, like do an enema or something beforehand. She got upset and said she would do that. I said, “Hey, I ain’t getting shit on my dick, sorry. That’s gross.”

      She said, “That’s what happens when you have anal sex. You get shit on your dick. It’s no big deal. You just wash it off.”

      I said, “Sorry, I’m out. I ain’t getting no shit on my dick, baby.”

      I am 60 years old, and I have enough problems with my dick these days as it is. Last thing I need to do is make matters worse and get shit all over it.

      • Anuseed

        Do you take Viagra? Have you ever used a cock ring? I don’t have erection problems but sometimes I use one for a bigger hard-on. It can get so hard it feels like my helmet’s going to pop. Feels good.

        • No I don’t use Viagra. At my age, it’s considered normal anyway. Anyway, it’s more intermittent than a permanent flatline. I don’t need to call 911 on my dick yet, but I assume that’s coming in the future. Golden Years, my ass!

  32. Toffee

    In “One Thousand and One Nights” king Shahryar has an obsession with fucking virgins and has to have a new one every day.

    How old were these virgins supposed to be?

    In a TV adaptation they’d be portrayed as 18-20 year olds but I think they were a bit younger than that in the original story. I’m guessing more like 12-14.

  33. Anuseed

    Girls in the Ache tribe would usually start fucking about 12 and would have fucked several men by the time they had their first period at about 14. And yet here in the West we have to pretend that girls are asexual until 18.

  34. Anuseed

    Laughable radio show about men who are attracted to pubescent girls, i.e. most men. An interview with James Cantor starts at 00:31 in which he claims that about 1% or less of men are attracted to pubescent girls.

  35. 8Ball

    Description of the Pawnee Morning Star sacrifice ceremony. I wonder if they fucked her first?

  36. 8Ball

    Are you on the Twitter?

  37. Slycer

    Are you the same Robert Lindsay that used to post in /r/incel?

  38. 8Ball

    Ever seen this film?

  39. 8Ball

    Have you seen that new Mexican cartel video where the man has his beating heart cut out?

  40. 8Ball

    Have you seen Cheddar Man? He was really this black, honest! This isn’t propaganda at all.

  41. 8Ball

  42. 8Ball

    Is this grill Norwegian or Russian?

  43. 8Ball

    Did you know you’re blocked in Russia?

  44. 8Ball

    Just testing something.

  45. 8Ball

    Ever heard “Smells Like Teen Sprite”?

  46. Anuseed

    Has this ever happened to you?

  47. Fart Whistle

    Ever heard of the Pitcairn Island scandal? Free from the control of the Australian government the men in this isolated community built harems of young girls like men in primitive foraging societies do. The girls were initiated into the harems at the age of 12.

    Were all these men sexually abnormal? What would be the chance of there being so many sexually deviant men in a single small community? Even the mayor was doing it. He must have been like the headman in a tribe. Or were they just normal men doing what men in our societies secretly want to do but aren’t allowed to?

    I think it was the latter. What we saw happening in this community was simply the natural human mating system in action. We may not approve of these practices in modern Western societies but we have to accept that it’s natural for men. Rape, murder, kidnap, and wife beating are also parts of the natural human mating system. Marrying and fucking pubescent girls is quite mild in comparison.

  48. Fart Whistle

    Have you seen that youtube video called “Odd way 12-year-old girl rite of cutting down trees to get married”?

  49. Thinking Mouse

    Comment policy:
    “7.Support for the dropout lifestyle. ”
    Can i break this rule? i kinda belive “in might makes right” so i would in many cases talk about how different people get different outcomes depending on their traits and their circumstances, i could keep it formal and not talk about my personal tastes about someone else to make it less personal. only being impartial with hypothesies and theories regarding people with traits in circumstances.

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