Guidelines for Guest Posters

The main thing is that I want good writing. Quality topics might be nice too. It’s kind of boring to be writing the same thing over and over. Guest writers will be evaluated based in part on the readership they bring in. If they bring in lots of readers, we will probably keep them on. If people don’t like to read their stuff, it might be time to go.

Posts will be evaluated for quality, mostly of the prose itself. This site is intended in part to be a showcase for high quality, or at least decent enough, writing. Your writing has to be at least good enough, and I have high standards.

That said, some of the regular commenters are great writers. Some are just good writers. Novelty in topics is a hallmark of this site, and that’s always a good idea in guest posts. Try not to write the same piece about the same issue that everyone else is writing. Try to write about an unusual issue or point of view that you don’t see very often.

Guest posts probably need to be pretty much in accord with my general political, social and life philosophy. It’s probably going to be pretty hard to run any rightwing post of any kind. Overt racism and anti-Semitism, as defined here on this site, is probably out too.

If you want to showcase your stuff, we can do it here.

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