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I often do this work all day long. It’s what I do. I also have some other income. I have a very small trust fund, and I work a bit on the side. However, my health prevents me from working full-time at a regular job, and that’s why you feel very sorry for me now, and you are going to contribute to my site out of the goodness of your heart.

Perhaps you worry that you are making me rich. In that case, I will tell you how much money I make so you won’t have to worry about that anymore. I live on about $14,000/yr. There is no need to go into details about why that is, but that’s the truth. Isn’t that awful? Doesn’t that make your heart bleed? Aren’t you starting to cry right now? See? That’s why you need to donate – because you feel sorry for me.

Most of you readers are freeloading pikers, and I know you feel terrible about that. In order to assuage your guilt, you need to contribute to the site because otherwise you won’t be able to sleep at night. Contributing is good for soul, body and even skin. It will help build a strong body 12 different ways. And you are contributing to the research that powers this blog with so many brilliant and scintillating topics that it will make your head spin. I mean, it’s not just highbrow, it’s Beyond Highbrow. And so are you.

How? Go to PayPal and navigate to my email:

There is my email for you to contribute to.

There is my email for you to contribute to.

Or the easier way is this: Here is a Donate button that takes you right to my PayPal account so you can donate easily. Just click the Donate button, and away you go!

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107 responses to “Support Beyond Highbrow

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  2. lysingur

    Who is Oakhurst Technology?

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  6. Loved the logics u highlighted in terms of bending us toward subscription.
    Although u spread a lot of venom against a nation i live in, yet i would like you to keep writing it like that, giving me opportunity to clear the misconception of ppl who read u and comment. So, keep writing. And, I am sending what u need.
    O’yes! I’m a proud Indian.

  7. SHI

    Hey Robert, I value your research and writing skills and enjoyed contributing to your blog. I’m a small time entrepreneur about to hit big because of my vast experience in software and social media. Remember I gave you an offer just a few days back?

    I really need your association in doing some front end work for me. It’s perfectly legal and online more like client facing. The work isn’t hard but requires social skills and plenty of trust. This year you’re gonna get rich son, I mean it.

    Well to tell you I’m serious I’ll be just now making you a small, unconditional symbolic donation of $2.00 only. I know that doesn’t go a long way in the US of A but still means a lot of money over here. It can buy me packed lunch for 3 consecutive days or enough gasoline to last me a week.

    I’m really serious about a business association: it will be a win-win for both of us.

    One more thing, all this donation stuff pisses me off. I never spend money on girls either, you can call me a real cheapskate. But I want to see to it that a business associate like you gets rich, I sincerely believe you have potential. I don’t like you grovelling, you’re a GENIUS with more brain cells than anyone I know of. You deserve a lot better.

    So, this $2.00 you’re getting is not a donation but a small thank you for the rich knowledge I gained from your blog.

    Your Capitalist, Born-Again, Jew-loving Christian Friend from India

    [p.s. – I want you to read the Bible (King James Version) if you can]

    • Ok come talk to me on email then my friend. Thank you very much for the donation.

      Why does all this donation stuff piss you off?

      This is really one of the only ways I get money. I do get a trust fund check every month, but it is not much. I also make a bit off therapy and maybe writing, but the grand total is low. The donations is what really helps me to have a somewhat ordinary life where I am not dead-ass broke and begging money from Mom all the time.

      • SHI

        Heh heh I’ve been through that route…don’t worry. Right time, right place I’ll remember you again. My point was you can do so much more with your talent: for instance you could teach English in South Korea, Thailand, China, Eastern European countries, even India, score tons of hot chicks on your expat salary and American passport. And laughed all the way to teh bank.

        But you’re right, if I were an American, I wouldn’t have wanted to leave that place for all the money in the world. It’s still the best country in so many ways.

        Stay in touch.

  8. SHI

    Start reading the Bible (and without being cynical or critical), I’m serious. Nothing of consequence can be achieved in life without FAITH. I can testify to that claim.

    This is a very good link, bookmark it:

    Read the book of Psalms and Proverbs, preferably KJV version, you’ll slowly get used to all the “thous” and “thees” and “ye”.

    You can remain unchurched and still grow into a very good Christian.

    Just recommending: I’m not forcing you.

  9. Of course, I would be ecstatic if you donated to us, but I am a not a bought man. I would not be able to promote your agenda for any price, sorry.

  10. Yes your emails got blocked because you were sending me some very mean emails.

  11. I do not want to promote your politics.

  12. Great, you are one of the worst scumbags on this whole blog. And finally I have an opportunity to ban you because, being the asshole that you are, you attack everyone, and I knew that sooner or later you would attack me too.

  13. Yes you can write me a check. Send an email to me and I will show you how to do that.

  14. Vercingetorix Lives

    Donated. Keep up the good fight. The Afrocentric Racists from who hail from West Africa Ivory Coast, must be met with truth.

    “…If you wish to command everyone, does it really follow that everyone should accept your slavery? ” -Vercingetorix (Great Warrior King)

  15. SHI

    Here’s two bucks more for you my favorite Commie friend. I was just going through Mark 12:41-44, Luke 6:24-25, 1 John 3:17, Matthew 19:21, Luke 3:10-11 and Jesus orders me to help someone else in need. Clearly, a man cannot love wealth and Jesus at the same time.

    Rejoice, and Praise the Lord!

  16. Dave Mowers

    In light of the many hours of entertainment your site has brought me here’s your obligatory five bucks Robert!

    • Thank you so much, Dave! I could sure use it, too. I almost paid all my bills this month. Well, almost…When I almost pay all my bills in a month, that is a very good month.

      • SHI

        I wonder how you access the Internet. That can be pretty expensive in the States with a Verizon plan setting you back by $79.99 per month + taxes and activation fees. That’s roughly 3 times what I pay here and I still think it’s very expensive.

        Or do you use free Wi-Fi hotspots like this one here

        • My internet costs me $47/month and I do pay it every month. Not necessarily on time, but I do manage to pay it somehow. I have not yet paid this month’s Internet bill. I have $150 until the end of the month and my immediate bills are $100. Including back bills, we get to $285.

  17. recoveringbetamale

    Accept bitcoin donations and I shall give you 0.0002 BTC.

  18. Raa van

    What makes u think .so horrible about bollywood ? Any personal issue ??

  19. I had a gf who was convinced that I had a unique talent because I could keep it up for literally hours. She had a plan. She was going to pimp me out to older women due to my talent and we would split the proceeds. I should have encouraged her but I was so shy and weirded out by the idea that I said nothing. Too bad: I would have liked to have worked as a gigolo for a while.

    A lesbian offered me $20 to fuck her once. Once again I was too shy and bewildered and I just said nothing.

  20. Yah that was quite a point. That naturally man looks for a possible mate in the 12-16 year old bracket. That makes sense for desirability, sure but not legally and as for the rules of our society is totally out of the question

  21. Perry Utanis

    I’m a Filipino Citizen born in Cagayan Valley the northern part of Luzon Philippines. I don’t consider myself as dark or negritos as you described in your post but brown skin straight hair at 5’7″ in height. My family are brown almost the same height except one of my nephew is a bit tall at 6’8″. We consider ourselves as Malays in origin because we look like the Malays people and some of our dialect have the same meaning in Indonesians / Malaysian language.You may probably went to the hinterlands or the mountain of Luzon, Sierra Madre or Caraballo mountains where Negritos tribe live in these areas. They are minority people short in height kinky hair and dark skin like the aborigins in Australia. That is your evidence I’m not aware.

  22. Not sure about this.
    “Congoids probably get a huge IQ boost via Western schooling and the vast complexity of modern living in a Western society. Being born in the West (as opposed to just living there) gives Congoid Blacks a massive IQ boost of ~14 points”

    Kindly research widely. More so on the earliest civilization and original of mathematics. ‘African’ IQ is not dependant on modern civilization.

  23. TJF

    To Rob:

    However, my health prevents me from working full-time at a regular job.

    Do you have problems with fatigue? (I think I read that somewhere on your site..) If so you might want to try modafinil:

    It’s the only thing I’ve found that can effectively combat fatigue while working in IT, I have a few extra tabs I could send you.

    • I can’t even stay awake most of the day. I’ve been up for 12 hours now and I can’t stay up much longer. And even that was hard to do. I can’t really make it though an 8 hour day without nodding off or feeling like it or looking like I’m going to drop dead.

      Is that Provigil? I used to take that stuff. Maybe I should take it again.

      • TJF

        To Rob:

        Is that Provigil? I used to take that stuff. Maybe I should take it again.

        Yes.. basically – Modafinil is the generic name – although apparently there are some minor variations.

        I actually take
        although I used to take Modafinil.
        Both help but I prefer Armodafinil.

        I don’t take it on the weekends, just work days. (FWIW, I’m working again after being unemployed 9 months..)

        I can’t even stay awake most of the day. I’ve been up for 12 hours now and I can’t stay up much longer. And even that was hard to do. I can’t really make it though an 8 hour day without nodding off or feeling like it or looking like I’m going to drop dead.

        Have you also looked into the possibly that you have sleep apnea?
        I started having problems in my late 40s which progressively got worse until I hit 52, the year it was diagnosed. It’s very common for middle aged guys, if you wake up on occasion gasping for breath that’s a dead give away (as I realized after my diagnosis).

        I’ll send you an email, Lindsay dot Robert at gmail..?

  24. Optimus Prime

    Rob, will make my donation tomorrow

  25. Optimus Prime

    Robert, unable to send it through paypal. debit card payment was rejected citing banking regulations in my country. Can you set up any other payment option. Also, I am unsure if I can use that donate button to send payment through a CC from my country

  26. Mike

    Will donate Robert in a very few days time. Right now in a crunch will do.that once I settle my outsyaoutstanding credit card dues

    • Right on Mike. I would be unhappy to see you go. You are an anti, but you are very principled and not nuts, I like that. Plus you stand up for your people. Everyone should support their people.

  27. Jamie gilligan

    Hi. Repeatedly done iq tests online and my lowest iq is 142. Done Mensa test and they want me to do sit down exam. Ain’t got time. I know I’m pretty smart but seem to get through life ok. But I do struggle with finding people on my level. If anything I’m weird because my thoughts are too out there. Basically I think life would be easier if I was less intelligent as I always feel I should be doing a more demanding job/role in life and earning way more money. And that’s where I fail. I know I can do pretty much any job better than most but haven’t got the degrees/ merits etc.

  28. Jeremiah mick

    I’ve seen s wolverine in Minnesota. I live in cass county mn. Was brief not a ground hog or wood chuck. Not a badger. It was dog sized l. Might have thought it was a wolf or coyote. Seen wolverine at the zoo once very similar. German shepherd should sized weasel is all I can say!

  29. SHI

    Hi Robert

    I just sent you 5 British Pounds (DSL Technologies). It was long due.

    A small request: if you can do something about my posts being “TRASHED”. I don’t mind an intelligent argument and even criticism but this poster is getting on my tits. Just tell him to avoid mentioning me and we’ll be fine.


  30. Donna

    Thanks for your hard work on the Delphi, IN case. I made a small donation and hope it helps you to continue your sleuthing.

  31. Robert, I just contributed to Oakhurst Technology via credit card…Is that the right way to do it? Will that work out? Sorry to be a pest about it!

  32. Not a believer

    I never read such fucking crap there is only one race it is called human race but there may differed bread maybe you could say pedegry and by the way humans have name and nationality stop defining humans as crayon or coulour paint. and if considers yourself intelligent you would know you can’t not get deferred shade white or black in your fantasy world.

  33. Maggie Nelson

    Wow, I am a woman and I have an IQ of 147. And men treat women just the same. I usually never tell anyone my IQ because they act differently towards me. I also have to remember that not everyone is as smart as I am. But I am not as smart as others either. I laugh and say I play hide and seek with common sense sometimes. So please remember there is still more to learn.

  34. D

    What’s the password?

  35. Patty

    So, do I get this right? After I donate, then I can ask you for the password and you’ll send it to me? Or will you automatically send me a password after your receive my donation? When I get the password, I can read your delphi articles? Thank You.

    • I will know when you donate. Or after you donate, just write me and say, “I donated.” I will go see if you have and if so, then I will let you in.

      When you get the password, you can read the locked private discussions. There are other Delphi articles on the open forum that may be read by anyone for free for as long as they desire.

  36. shane hurdle

    Hi Robert my name is Shane, I have been keeping up with all your posts on the Delphi case, and I think your page will help solve this case…this crime happened on Feb 13, which is my birthday, and has really bothered me ever since…how can I gain access to the private forum and any posts u may have put that I missed? Thank u very much.

  37. I’m gonna donate $10 but you better give me free-reign🤔

  38. Pj

    Hey I just donated so how do I get to your website wher I can read about the delphi Murders,,, I am not interested in posting, I just want to know what the hell is going on in regards to finding this
    SOB Pervert. I am a GMother and can not imagine what these mothers of these two Gil’s are going through. So PLEASE tell me how do I get to the blog or where u post about the murders, as I hear nothing anywhere else. So horrific how he stalked and killed these two innocent girls. God help him if I ever get a hold of the BASTARD!

  39. Pj

    I basically just want to get your updates on Libb and Abby murders, as I find them interesting. No one else is commenting that I can find. July 14th was 5 months and just want to know if police have anything substantial!

  40. sjs

    Robert, somehow, all my e-mails gone!! Can I get where I need to go for the Abby & Libby updates again, please? I am the computer “no know” pest!!

  41. G

    Rob,Delphi really sent your site into the stratosphere! I never post, just read.Where can I mail you (old fashioned mailbox way) 10 dollars anyway to thank you for the work you’ve done? (I’m here in L.A.).

  42. Greg Rambo

    Rob,Delphi really sent your site into the stratosphere! I never post, just read.Where can I mail you (old fashioned mailbox way) 10 dollars anyway to thank you for the work you’ve done? (I’m here in L.A.).

    • Hi Greg. Traffic has gone crazy with this Delphi thing. If you email me, I can give you instructions on how to snail mail me. I get quite a bit of money mailed to me snail mail and no one has lost a nickel yet. Is this your correct email here?

  43. Willy von Niggerstick


  44. Jessica Cook

    Password please

  45. Amanda

    Donated again, new password please.:)

  46. Arse Winder

    Send me password please.


      We had to make some huge changes to the fora. Bottom line is we are now requiring minimum $20 to access all fora. If you have already paid at least $20, you are already in, but if not, you will have to pay an additional $5-10+ to make it to at least $20. I did not want to do this, but we had horrible security breaches with scum buying passcodes and then distributing them free on public Net fora and one of the top suspects in this crime buying a passcode to get access to the fora. However, the suspect was caught and the codes were not given out.

      Hence all codes were changed, and we upped the fee. Further, we are going to take some further measures beyond that. We are trying to do everything we can to preserve the privacy of the fora, but these garbage people are making things very difficult.

      We are very sorry for everyone inconvenienced by this nonsense.

  47. Daryn

    Donation sent. Password please and thank you

  48. I hope they get these pus bags soon. Reading about the latest profile regarding the VOI maybe we’re getting hot. The latest theory of the people going to the woods gives me exestential nausea. I do not want to think that these girls lost their lives over a paranoid tweeker probably thinking they were spies or something. I’m heartbroken. I have 2 girls.

  49. Joy Hinson

    I donated, requesting password. Thank you

  50. Shane Kurz Sia

    Hi! I donated $20. how do i get password-and into protected forum #4?
    Thank you!

  51. AngelaRock

    I just donated $20 ($10 twice to meet the new criteria). Can I have the passwords please?

  52. Angela Rock

    Donated, can I get the Delphi passwords please?

  53. I wonder

    Hey Robert,
    Donated, please provide password.

  54. MJP

    Donation sent. Please provide the password. Keep up the sleuthing!

    • Hi my friend. Donation went up to $20 and I only received $10 from you. You can now comment on all posts, but you cannot access the forum until you pay another $10. I emailed you about this. Please get in touch with me so we can straighten this out.

  55. ASTA


    I don’t agree with everything that you post (and let’s be frank here: that’s to be expected, because who the hell cosigns everything that any one person says or does?)

    But I legitimately cherish the fresh perspectives on social issues, gender, race, economics, and culture that this blog provides. The open atmosphere that it attempts to maintain is a boon for healthy discourse between the blog’s regulars and its two hosts as well. Little moderation and plenty of straight is the right way to go in my eyes.

    Good ideas are had and shared here. Keep up the good work!

    And encourage Alpha to post more! She needs a bigger presence!

  56. Sandy Ridgeway

    Where do I go to see latest updates on Delphi murders?

  57. Greg Rambo

    Rob, I am so tech stupid. I forgot how to send an e-mail mail to your e-mail address. I’d like to send you another donation via money order. Let me know if the mailing address is still the same. If I duplicated this message to you, I apologize. Is it still same address 93638?

  58. Greg Rambo

    Rob, what’s the latest on Delphi that you know of? I haven’t been there in many many months.

  59. Greg Rambo

    Rob. I was wondering if you might comment on Jeremy Corbyn (U.K Labour party leader) and Roger Waters, leader of rock group Pink Floyd. They’re both accused of being nazi new haters.

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