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Where’s the band? All I see are the Nip chicks (pronounced Nippochikko). So who’s playing the music? God? The Emperor?

Ok here’s the band below. It’s pretty of hard to play music without a band.

The lead singer chick’s name is Moa. She’s hot! Gimme Moa! God I love Nip chicks! Those have got to be the sexiest women on Earth. Don’t you find the sexiness of them rather disturbing though? I mean they look like little girls? Neoteny. And then they act like little girls too. And that is apparently why we find them so sexy*. Good God.

We are all pedophiles now!

*However, it has been shown throughout the world that women tend to have a a more neotenous look than men, and this is apparently why men find them so attractive. Not because men are naturally pedos (though that is possible) but more because neoteny implies youth.


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Why Mass Sexual License and Depravity Should Not Be Promoted to the Masses

Ryan England: I think that the pertinent question in matters of sexual politics is: to what extent does “promoting” such-and-such a sexual behavior actually result in increased participation in said behavior on a societal level? The way I see it, if people have it in them to do gang-bangs, threesomes, sex with two hundred women or the like, they will.

Oh, I know that the promotion of this stuff leads to more of it. I have dated many women. I also have female friends who have many young woman friends. A female friend told me that all her young woman friends are under pressure from their lovers to engage in anal sex and to have threeways with another woman. So all these young women are taking it up the ass and eating pussy due to cultural pressure, whereas they probably would not be ordinarily doing so. My friend told me that all of this is happening because of porn. I would agree with that.

I have dated a lot of women, and I also have noted that the sex has gotten a lot more pornified in recent years, even among older women. I mean 50 years old. I mean in recent years I could not believe the crazy sex I was having. It was like I was living in a porno movie.

I go on dating sites, and the women say pretty quickly, “Ok here is what I do.”

And then they proceed to list all their kinks, and by age 50, they’ve accumulated a few. They are actually trying to outwhore each other! I’m serious.

I am on a dating site, and I meet a woman and pretty soon it’s, “Ok, well do deep throat, I take it up the ass but only sometimes, you can tie me up, blindfold me and handcuff me, and I like it sort of rough.”

It’s like they are having a contest to see who can be the most kinky and whorish so they can get the hot guy, and the sluttiest woman gets the sexy guy. This is a recent thing. Women were not like this 30 years ago. Not that I object. But it’s obviously all coming from porn or faddism or peer pressure.

People are immensely susceptible to fads and peer pressure when it comes to sexuality. You think all those Romans having wild orgies all the time “had it in them already?” Hell no, but they were born into a society where this was the cool thing to do, so they did it. Same thing with fucking guys. In Rome and Greece, fucking other men and boys was the groovy thing to do, and in some cases up to 95% of the men were fucking other men (Sparta). I don’t see how people can say that sexual activity is not culturally driven. That’s just nuts, sorry.

I am absolutely certain that articles on Slate or Alternet lead to more and more people doing this stuff. Plus it’s disgusting that they are promoting degeneracy to the masses in the first place.

Recent articles include a man who likes to get pegged (his girlfriend straps on a dildo and fucks him in the ass). I guess all us guys need to go out there and get women to strap on dildos and fuck us in the ass! Nothing gay about that! Men: How To Get in Touch with Your Bisexual Side. Ok all us men need to get out there and suck a cock! I want to see all my male commenters going to a gay bar and ordering a Penis Colada before the month is over. That’s an order!

Other articles promote on having 3-ways, cuckolding (a big favorite), where idiot men enjoy seeing their wives fuck other men while they watch and get humiliated, and a similar major movement of White men who love being “cucks” to Black men called “Bulls” who they bring in to fuck their White wives. The White guys like to be humiliated and often enjoy having their wives or her Black lover degrade them by comparing them unfavorably to the Black man. The White wives even lock up the White men’s genitals in little cages at night before bed. Then they deny the White men sex for weeks to months. These articles were actually promoting this activity to White men as the latest groovy trend.

And by the way, gay male culture is an excellent example of a culture that promotes mass sexual license and depravity. Look at the result:

  • A horrific HIV epidemic that’s killed hundreds of thousands of gay men. 20% of gay men are infected to this day. Gay men are 1.5% of the population and over 50% of new HIV infections.
  • Regular outbreaks of Hepatitis A and B and parasites. Most gay men have 60 different types of parasites in their gut, whereas the average straight man has zero.
  • Regular outbreaks of syphilis and gonorrhea. Gay men are 1.5% of the population and 70% of the syphilis cases.

37% of gay men practice S/M. The result is that many serial killers (40%) are homosexuals, because serial killing and sexual sadism are linked and once you make sexual sadism the latest hip trend, you are going to create some dangerous men. Gay men are 1.5% of all the men and 40% of the serial killers.

16% of gay men drink piss. 8% of gay men like to get shit on or eat shit. Gay men are 1.5% of the population and 50% of the consumers of scat porn.

By age 30, almost all gay men have had group sex, and many to most of them have been to orgies with 8 or more men at once.

The result of all of this unbridled sexual license is a seriously messed up culture psychologically and medically with regular disease outbreaks and a drastically shortened lifespan by ~20 years. Yes, being gay knocks 29 years off a man’s life expectancy.


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Lesbian Feminism 101

You know what lesbian feminists are? Ever heard of them? Well if you have not, that I will give you a brief backgrounder on who and what they are. If you had the slightest inkling of what that word means, you really need to hate them too. If you don’t hate lesbian feminists, you’re either one of them or there is something very wrong with you, or I don’t want to know you because you’re my enemy.

I don’t really have the time to go into it by now, but more or less by definition, a lesbian feminist is absolutely not born that way. She’s not a born lesbian. If she’s born anything at all, she’s born straight. I am sympathetic to biological lesbians, and I have met a few, but lesbian feminists? Um, no. As a simple explanation, I will just say that these are women who have 100% chosen to be lesbians out of their own free will.

And why did they choose to be idiotic dykes? Because they hate us men more than any other bitches on this planet, that’s why. They hate us so much that they don’t want to engage in romance and sex with us, and beyond that, a lot of them don’t even want to have anything to do with us at all.

There is a fairly large section of the lesbian community that supports lesbian separatism, which is an apartheid like ideology not unlike White nationalism, Zionism, Nazism, etc. They actually want to live their lives seeing and dealing with us men as little as possible because that is just how much they utterly despise us. What did we ever do to them?

Well you will have to check into your nearest university’s Women’s Studies Department and enroll in some Gender Studies classes and get back to us. These feminists are the female version of MGTOW. It’s like the Manosphere, except with misandry instead of misogyny. The MRA tard says the whole problem with the world is women, and the lesbian feminist tard says the whole problem with the world is men.

Guess what? They’re both full of shit. And not only that, but they are very much like each other. Perhaps some MRA’s and MGTOW’s ought to hook with some of these lesbian feminist bitches and get hooked. After all, they deserve each other. In fact, the polar opposite of an MRA is not a lesbian feminist – it’s a man who loves women or a woman who loves men. The opposite of a radfem is not an MRA – it’s a real woman who loves men and a normal guy who loves women. Those two tard groups only think they hate each other. Really they are just the opposite sides of the same damned mirror.


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The Importance of Masculinity

Jason Y writes: If your a tall skinny guy, or maybe a short one, what good does being masculine do you anyway?

If you are not masculine, other men will not accept you. If you are not that masculine, you are going to have troubles with women your whole life. Trust me on that one. I’ve experienced it, and I actually have a very strong masculine identity.

Woman all lie and say it’s not true, but actually one of the most important factors in a male-female relationship is masculinity. It’s important for the woman, not so much for the man. They pretty much demand that their men act in a masculine way. If you’re goodlooking and have good game and you are not masculine, yes, you will get women because women love to screw goodlooking men. Yes they screw goodlooking non-masculine men, but then they bitch afterwards if they think he’s not masculine enough. So these guys get a lot of hot sex and a lot of nasty bitchery.

The whole Alpha-Beta-Omega scale is sort of down to masculinity. Alphas the most masculine, omegas the least and betas in between.

Why do women love bad boys? Bad boys are masculine.

You have to distinguish between what women say and what they do. Many women ask, “Why is masculinity so important? Why are you guys so hung up about masculinity?” The thing is, the woman who is saying that is usually making a huge deal about it herself in her relationships with men, but she has blinded herself to that fact, as women do with so many things. They don’t know what they think, what they do or why. That’s the nature of woman.

Anyway, men should act masculine just because. Because that’s what men do. If you don’t act masculine, you aren’t acting like much of a man.


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How Can You Tell If a Woman Has HIV?

Chris writes:

Very interesting articles Robert…I have got a lot of questions that I am interested to know. How would you tell if a woman have HIV?

Can I smell them if they smells something bad like fishy? My ex bro-in-law have told me that I would only get tell when I smells her virgin that smells like fishy or very cheesy, then I would know she is infected??

He said that if I look at her eyes to see if she is on drugs or something that looks suspect spots on her body, then I would know she might have HIV?

And he said that most black male are HIV-positive. Should I always ask my partner if she have shag a black male or with someone who are on the drugs?

If my partner say she have shag a black male or with someone that are on drugs, then I would know she might have HIV?

If my partner say she is sick or she is on the pills, then I would know she might have HIV?

Let’s go through these one by one here:

Very interesting articles Robert…I have a lot of questions that I am interested to know. How would you tell if a woman have HIV?

You can’t.

Can I smell them if they smell something bad like fishy? My ex-bro-in-law have told me that I would only tell when I smell her vagina that smells fishy or very cheesy, then I would know she is infected??

A fishy or cheesy smell indicates some sort of a vaginal infection, especially a yeast infection. A fishy or cheesy smelling vagina does not indicate HIV infection at all.

He said that if I look at her eyes to see if she is on drugs or something that looks suspect spots on her body, then I would know she might have HIV?

You generally cannot look in someone’s eyes and tell if they are on drugs or not. You can’t look for suspected spots on their body either. One thing you can do is look for track marks or needle marks, usually on their arms, but they can also be in other places.

And he said that most Black male are HIV-positive. Should I always ask my partner if she have shag a Black male or with someone who are on drugs?

Absolutely not true. It is not true at all that most Black men are HIV-positive. In fact, I doubt if 2% of Black men in the US are HIV-positive, but I could be wrong. It would be nice to know how many Black men are HIV positive.

If my partner says she has shagged a Black male or with someone that is on drugs, then I would know she might have HIV?

Absolutely not. The vast majority of women who have had sex with Black men are not HIV positive at all. In fact, the percentage of women who have had sex with Black men where the women are now HIV-positive themselves is no doubt quite small. Ditto if she had sex with a drug user. However, if she had sex with male IV drug users, now that is another matter.

If my partner says she is sick or she is on pills, then I would know she might have HIV?

Not at all. People get sick all the time and they also take pills all the time. I take up to 10-11 different pills every day right at this moment, but it is usually more like eight or nine pills. However, if she looks quite sickly, especially if she is pale and emaciated, then you might want to see if she is HIV-positive. However, many other diseases can also make you look like that. But if someone looks like that, one thing you know for sure is that they are quite ill.


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Problems of the Very High IQ Woman

Tara writes:

Yes, I agree, although my IQ is not “very high”, my GRE score does correlate to an IQ of about 140, but my near-genius or possibly even bona fide low-level genius IQ has never done anything save cause me grief…I suspect that for people who have even higher IQ’s than myself the problem is further compounded. I am very introverted and have little or no interest in the trivial things that most people (specifically most women around my age) deem gives their life a sense of purpose…I’m not interested in having children, getting married, or even the pointless rat race that the so-called ‘career woman’ aspires to…In short, I agree that it’s not all rosy for the high-IQ crowd, but I disagree that high IQ women have it any easier. In fact, women may run into social integration problems even with modest IQ’s in the 135 to 150 range whereas men may not run into the same problems until they hit 160–175 due to

1) More societal tolerance of the display of ‘high-IQ traits’ in males.

2) Reaching a point of relative rarity at a lower IQ level due to differences in variation (e.g. twice as many men have an IQ above 140, and the disparity increases further as the intelligence level increases, thus high-IQ females experience isolation/maladaptation possibly as much as 20 to 30 IQ points lower than males).

Anyway, I’ve worked as a janitor/cleaning lady most of my life despite having a degree in mathematics with a minor in physics…My high IQ hasn’t done anything except get me into a bunch of shit both literally and figuratively…😦

A similar sort of thing is often reported in very high-IQ males. Very high IQ males often shun marriage or marry late to very late. Childlessness is common.

To give you an example, all of my siblings and I have genius IQ’s. Only one of us has married and had a child. The other two did not marry and had no children.

I am 58 years old, and I have no children that I am aware of anyway. I was actually philosophically opposed to marriage until age 47 when I started to consider it as an option. I don’t care that I never married, and I am not dying to marry. I think I may marry at some point in my life though, as a number of women have been trying like crazy to marry me for the last 18 years. I haven’t ever really lived with a woman. The longest I have ever lived with a woman was two weeks.

I can also be quite introverted, and sadly I have become much more introverted as I have gotten older.

I have worked at all sorts of occupations: magazine editor, proofreader, schoolteacher (K-12), freelance writer, paralegal, linguist, cultural anthropologist, book author and illustrator, head of a computer consulting business, psychological counselor/therapist, medical counselor, broker for artists, academic book writer, book illustrator, HTML designer, dispute arbitrator for artists, information sales, and blog author.

I also had a few criminal careers which I very much enjoyed, as it seemed like, as below, I was putting one over on society. The one I will discuss is drug dealer, an occupation that I had for nearly a decade and a half.

So you see, I have been all over the map when it comes to jobs. Furthermore, I am something of an impostor as I have dived right into fields that generally required a degree or certificate. I had no degree or certificate in most of these cases, and in some cases I didn’t even know anything about the job. Sometimes I would go get some books on “How to Be a So and So (name of job).” I would just read through the books and then dive right into the job. “If you can’t make it, fake it” ought to be my motto.

I rather enjoy roaming around doing all sorts of jobs in all sorts of different fields. It’s a kick, and it’s also sort a big joke, especially when I act as an imposter and pretty much fake my way into some job and then learn on the job. It’s like a gigantic con job, as I am sort of putting one over on society if not my employer.

As you can see though, I have not had one single job in one career as many to most folks do. Probably as a result, although I have worked at some prestigious jobs, I have not made much money in life, which is another thing that I could pretty much care less about like the woman above.

I have also worked at many basic, low-level type and even minimum wage jobs like the author has, quite a few of which are not only non-prestigious but are actually looked down on by society as “loser’s jobs.” I will pretty much do anything when it comes to minimum wage and low level jobs. I do not feel humiliated having to work as these jobs. Some of the jobs I worked at are so degraded that I have even have people yell at me and call me a loser for being “only a son and so (name of job).

Working at low-level jobs and not earning much money in life is quite common among very high IQ people, especially in males with IQ’s 160+. Most people are shocked by this and think if you have a very high IQ, it is a ticket to automatically making a lot of money. This is absolutely not true and in fact, in many cases, the opposite is true.

These very high IQ times who lead rather unsuccessful lives employment-wise are not losers at all. Instead, they are being rather normal for people with that high of an IQ level. Most people just can’t seem to get their heads around that, and they are completely baffled by the lack of success of many very high-IQ people.

All I have to say is that at some level of very high-IQ, I feel that having that high of an IQ is as much or more of a hindrance than a gift. I am thinking that it may just be possible to be too smart to succeed well in life. In other words, some people are just too smart.



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“Black Women and Beauty,” by Phil

This article shall partake in an investigation of “attractive traits” with females of West African extraction in terms of their effects with regard to appearance, along with a discussion of their development. Such an endeavor is undertaken due to Satoshi Kanazawa’s controversial work in analyzing differences in perceived beauty among races.

Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?

In my honest opinion, this was something that I had trouble going through when thinking of women. I mean sure, I could think of attractive black women but typically they were mixed noticeably.

However, it wasn’t until I read and saw pictures of Native African women that I noticed four appealing physical aspects of African women.


1. Eye Shape – Defining eye shape of Blacks is sort of weird, for there are various caricatures. The type encompasses the big “wide eyes”, “sad eyes” (almost like triangles, giving a sad look to them), small slits, etc. The big eyes I find to be more common in deeper jungle Blacks, I believe, sad eyes and slits to those that came from the desert. Medium/almond eyes, that are sometimes considered “pseudo Asian” eyes on black women, were among the one I found rather appealing.

2. Lips – While “Big lips” are sometimes seen as unattractive as opposed to small or lips that are just full, depending on the actually shape of the lips themselves they look nice as well. The thing is though is that they are less of a sexual appeal of beauty and just more of a comely feature when they are big but well shaped.

3. Contrast of features against skin – In the case of having attractive features they become more pronounced. Not a huge necessity for standard beauty, but a nice trait at least – though its effect depends on the presence of pre-existing features. The trend was present, although further examining led me to conclude it wasn’t that uncommon.

4. The fourth one has at first a bit of a dubious nature to it. Basically it deals with cases where typically discouraged traits like prognathism and prominent cheek bones look good when coupled with a slimmer face, prominent chin, and not as exaggerated. Basically what this does is further draw attention to these features in an organized and pleasing composition. The issue is that I was unsure of how significantly “common” this trend was, though further examining led me to conclude it wasn’t that uncommon.

Here. This would be a decent example of what I’m talking about.

However, it’s time to get to cons.

1. Head shape – From what I read, at least for the average African American female, they tend to get a wider face. Personally, a face that’s more pointed or oval – that is, having a thinner lower face – is more attractive on women. In the case of Black women this is caused by the larger Jaws of Blacks generally, more prominent cheek bones, and emphasized with a narrower forehead amongst blacks. However, I believe this is more of a male trait than female.

2. Nose – Basically more angular noses are preferred but I think it is more of its relative size and how much the nostrils flare.

3. Body – Reading info from Steve Sailor, while Black men in America have narrower hips than Whites or Latinos, Black women have the widest waists of women and even wider waists than Black men.

This is basically due to a combination of earlier development of female fat distribution in females and Blacks being on average more impulsive, in this case particularly with food. In some African cultures it’s a sign of beauty. Often before marriage ceremonies the women go through a fattening period.


While many are probably familiar with European-mix progression, examples of African progression can be seen here amongst these Igbo women, an ethnic group of various looks.

Igbo Women

The two on the right and the second from the left are overall better looking than the one in the middle or on the left end (though the one in the middle is of course notably older). The causes are more noticeable in the one second from the left and the one on the far right, having less prominent cheek bones, more expressive eyes, and smaller lower lips. The eye traits are present in the one second from the right, though she has prominent cheekbones. This trait is complimented with a wider forehead and what I believed to be a more prominent chin.

More African women.

Compared to the one on the far left, the other two look more appealing due to having smaller jaws. But overall none look hideous, just more “ethnic looking” in which they have the traits to a noticeable but not to an exaggerated degree. All three, however, show the cheekbone trait (which I may add looks actually nice when coupled with a smaller jaw) but they seem to have “better” facial proportions where their faces don’t look unpleasingly wide. Their eye shapes seem to vary, too.

Ibo women.

The one on the far left shows African achievement of a face highly reduced of maxillary prognathism, while the one on the right shows one that is only partially reduced but is at a point that displays that unique “attractive” jutting I mentioned earlier. The one second from the right when compared to the one second from the left has wider (more almond) eyes and less prominent cheekbones, appearing more attractive due to a slimmer looking face and more expressive eyes. The one in the very middle is blurry but appears to resemble the type on the far right.

Young Ibo Women of Ibuza

Each of these girls, in my opinion, deviate a fair amount from typical vices due to the lower jaws with smaller lips and noses, though the one on the left seems to have a lower forehead (a vice that I forgot to add as well as possessing more slit eyes. The one on the right is quite the opposite, having quite a wider and higher forehead with bigger eyes.)

Igbo Women

This is a favorite of mine in which it shows a very good example of African progression that I speak of, being prognathism that is subtle and pronounces the fullness of the lips, not extending further than nose length, an overall smaller nose, what appear to be almond eyes, cheek bones that are showing but not overly prominent, with a forehead that is round.

The only concerning “flaw” it the forehead’s height but it’s not that big of a deal.


The one on the right has the smallest jaw, thinnest lower face, intermediate nose and eyes size, and least exaggerated cheekbones. Still, all are rather pretty in my opinion anyway.

Though we’ve seen many examples of well-formed faces, actual specimens of body shapes yield little variation (from what I could find) to offer in forms of images. Most were slim, lanky forms that, while not truly unpleasing in my opinion, I must admit I would be biased in saying that it wouldn’t have limited appeal. Among African-American women these forms seems occasional but not that common, at least to me. Thus, it is likely due to nutritional factors if not wholly due to admixture, for native Africans were often recorded to be vegetarians, meat being held more commonly as a luxury rather than a given.

However, I’m fortunately in possession of positive commentary of European comments on Gold Coast women of both the Fanti and Ashanti tribes.

“The women when young are ugly in face and beautiful in form, when old they are in both.” (This is likely due to R/K breeding, causing faster maturation and possible loss in the retaining of younger traits).

“In general appearance the Ashanti much resemble the Fanti though they are not perhaps so strongly built. They are however quite as good looking and according to Mr Bowdieh the women are handsomer than those of the Fanti.”

The Uncivilized Races of Men in All Countries of the World Volume 1. by J. G. Wood


Now that we are familiar with the identification of African progression of attractive female traits, what possible mechanisms in Africa caused the common (without influence of modern opinions) stereotype type to prevail?

Well, Satoshi, after ruling out BMI and intellect differences, claims testosterone differences. The reasoning behind this is due to his findings that, net of intelligence, Black men were rated higher than men of other races. This led him to suggest that difference in testosterone, which produces masculine features and being recorded to being highest in blacks, resulted in Black males deemed more attractive and females not.

I’m unsure of this inference, but it does draw attention to the stronger association between “beauty” and intellect in Black males compared to females. The topic between his research of beauty and intellect can be accessed here for others to discuss in the comments, for now I’m going into some knowledge of why the results are the way they are.

Beautiful People Really Are More Intelligent

One possible reason for these results is social roles in regards to sexual selection. From reading Among the Ibos by George Thomas Basden:

“In the majority of cases young man makes his own choice. He happens to a girl who attracts his attention and he immediately inquiries as to her parents and whether she be engaged or not. If she is free he endeavors to through her friends information concerning her in cooking trading and other useful and profitable accomplishments. He also inquires about her whether she be of good temper quiet industrious and so forth. Should these investigations prove satisfactory he lays his case before his parents or his friend for he cannot make the first advances personally.”

According to this, while initial notice (likely attraction) starts courtship, it is actual character that causes union to follow. Some HBD’rs claim that populations in Eurasia had a more directed course of selection, often described as self-domestication. It’s possible that in cases like here with some African tribes different standards in selection caused for different measures of association of intellect – for example, a proxy of character – that caused the weaker association in black women. It is worth mentioning, however, that based on Satoshi’s research that the correlation between attractiveness and intellect is higher in men than women by about 2.4 IQ points. I believe the association becomes stronger as a society develops. The Ashanti have often been commented to have a higher culture than Fanti, and the women of the Ashanti were commented to be more beautiful as well, though the margin between men was regarded as relatively smaller, with the Fanti males having a better build but the Ashanti being superior in facial features.

Regardless, I’m an amateur at best with the topic and I urge anyone else knowledgeable on the topic to share in the comment section.


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Mongolian Music

Strange music. Somehow it sounds like Hawaiian steel guitar music or even surf music! It also sounds a bit like jazz. I thought it would be horrible, but I actually rather liked it, though it is weird as Hell I must admit.

Actually, the best thing about this video is the Mongolian chicks in the band. Come to papa!


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More Election Predictions

Ed writes:

What you are really saying is that Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump at the polls because she is more popular than Trump is. More people want her to become President. That is all you are saying.

But you did not make the argument until challenged in the comments. You hid it behind all this pseudo-sophisticated Electoral College nonsense.

It’s not pseudo-sophisticated, and it’s not nonsense. The Electoral College is all that matters. Everything else is crap. Trump is the most toxic Presidential candidate in recent memory. Over half of Republicans say either they are uncertain he would be a good President or they say he will be a lousy President. Fully 40% of Republicans say Trump will be a lousy President. 40%!

Hillary will win all of the battleground states, well, at least if the election were held today. She will win Florida, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and even North Carolina. Colorado, Virginia, and North Carolina have gotten much more liberal in 20 years. Ohio and Pennsylvania are flat, but they lean ~3-4 points Dem. Florida is flat, but she will win there. A Republican barely won the governor’s race recently despite spending a mountain of money.

Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, have all gotten quite a bit more liberal in the last 20 years.

Not one single battleground state is getting more conservative over the last 20 years. Not one!

Hillary will not turn any red states though. At best, she could win Indiana and Arizona.

This is the longterm trend, and it will not be reversed.

Black turnout will be the same as 2012. Women despise Trump. Trump will win no more than 15-20% of Hispanics and maybe less than that. He has to win 66% of the White vote, and he might not even win 60%. His gains with working class Whites will be wiped out because Whites with some college hate him. Hardly any working class Democrats support him. Yes, working class Whites support him, but those people have been backing Republicans for a long time.

At least as of right now, he can’t win. She has 347 electoral votes. Total blowout. The election is over and it hasn’t even started yet.

Nate Silver puts Trump’s chance at winning at 2%. I would say that is optimistic.

Look at who the bookies are betting for. These people are willing to lay down their money to bet who wins. If Hillary wins, you will get a 33% return on your money. If Trump wins, you will get 150% return. The betters are favoring Hillary by a large margin.


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Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks

That same experiment again that all the morons insist is not true, expect we keep doing the experiment over and over and it keeps coming out the same way every time. Yet the morons keep saying it’s not true.

Oh and one more thing if you hadn’t figured it out already. There’s no such as a creep. Not really anyway. A creep means “a man who is interested  in me who I am not attracted to.” That’s really all it means. Women will insist that that’s not true, but women lie. About everything. All the time. You heard me. Women lie about everything all the time. And until you get redpilled enough to know that that’s the damn truth, you will never understand women, and you may well suffer a lot as a result of it. The less you understand women, the harder of a time you have with them. The more you understand women, the better of a time you can have with them. Ignorance is weakness. Knowledge is power.

The blue pill is the road to failure. The sooner you quit being bluepilled, the better.


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