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Self-Delusion: The World of the Female

Most women don’t have the faintest idea what they are even doing half the time, and they certainly don’t know why they are doing it. If you ask them to explain themselves, you just get this wild hamstering and a whole bunch of outrageously contradictory statements, self-delusion and out and out lies. Which proves that they don’t have the faintest idea what they are doing or why they are doing it.

With most women, there is a vast disconnect between:

What they think they are doing (idealized worldview of special snowflake).

What they are actually doing (rather ugly truth and a lot of things not accepted by society, like being completely disreputable).

Why they think they are doing things (for the most elevated and pure motives).

Why they are actually doing things (often for base, animalistic, low, uncivilized, gutter or even evil motives).

This sort of craziness is lurking in many women, and it is why you often see such wildly contradictory statements and behaviors emanating from them.


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Masculinity, Femininity, and Sex in Straight Men

Batman says:

Robert, may be you understand women as well because you have a feminine brain (high verbal IQ high social IQ) as already stated?

The other “macho” part of you come from the fact you have a lot of testosterone.

Yes I have a feminine brain in a way, but I don’t want to be a woman. I want to be a man, and I love being a man. I feel like women are my twins though, which is very strange. It’s like I am one of them, or they are one of me. We are the same. And at the same time, I’m very much a man.

I freak people out. Through my whole life quite a few people have thought I was gay or bi. Usually women and girls thought I was bi because most women are not retarded about such things, and they can figure out if a guy likes women. It’s trivial to figure out if a guy likes women or not, and gay men just don’t like women. For instance, gay men never check out women like straight men do. I’ve never in my life seen a gay man girlwatching, leering at or ogling women like straight men do. They just don’t do it.

Any guy who extremely obviously is a pussy maniac, most females assume logically that he can’t possibly be gay, but he might be bi due to behavioral stuff such as the way he acts. How does a woman know if a man is a pussy maniac? You can tell by how he acts when he is around you. You can tell by how he acts when he is around, especially good-looking ones. Sexual orientation in terms of whether a man likes women or not is typically as clear as air.

Men are much worse on all of the stuff and notoriously cannot tell a gay man from a straight man. Straight men have insane ideas of what it means to straight, and if you don’t fit into that bullshit, you’re gay, period.

But a lot of straight men are not morons, and I have always gotten along even with really macho guys. I used to work working class jobs at factories, plants, construction, security guard, janitorial, dishwashing, taxi driver, and a lot of macho guys often seem to accept on some level. It took me a long time to figure out that what they accept in me is that I am doing the stereotypical masculine or macho thing.

You could almost write a book on what that means, but it is a whole set behaviors, attitudes and emotions that simply shows you are “acting like a man.” Guys who don’t act that way are pussies, wimps, fags, etc.

And most gay men do not really act this way. It’s very rare for a gay man to act very masculine or macho. I’ve only seen one case in my whole life. So-called “straight-acting” gay men are only called that because they are not overtly effeminate. However, even these men are typically rather soft and metrosexual. However, the behavior range of straight-acting metrosexual gays does indeed overlap with a lot of the rather soft metrosexual straight men you see especially in large urban areas so there can be quite a bit of straight man/gay man overlap at that end of the range.

I remember this one stupid girlfriend said, “You don’t act like much of a man. I could see why other men would want to “test” you.” Apparently this is shit-testing?

Well that’s not really true! Even really macho guys often accept me because they are nonretarded enough to see the macho in any guy who has that in him. What’s weird is the most masculine guys can see the masculine in a man a lot better than the less masculine guys, who are rather of retarded about picking up on masculinity.I am not sure why that is but probably very masculine men are very aware of, invested in and tuned in to masculinity, so it’s simply something that they have their radar tuned into. Less masculine men don’t act very masculine, don’t think much of it and are not very interested in it when they are not outright turned off by it. Hence they don’t understand it very well and they can’t really pick up on it in others. The more you engage in a behavior, the more you see it in others. The less you you engage in a behavior, the more tune-deaf you are when you see it in others.

I even used to get along well with some motorcycle gang members! And for years I lived as a surf bum and ski bum. Surfers are notoriously macho and homophobic. It’s a pretty hardass culture. Skiers were usually badass and homophobic too. I saw few if any gay men on the waves or the slopes. I am not sure they are into “macho” sports.

Even motorcycle gang members sort of accepted me on some weird level. A lot of those macho guys see that macho part of me, and a light of recognition goes on and their attitude is, “Ok dude.” They shake my hand, and it’s like I am accepted and “part of the club.” You get accepted into Macho Club or something along those lines. You really have to act masculine for those guys to accept you.

Hardcore masculinity is a big deal for these men. They have invested a tremendous amount of psychic and psychological energy in this role, and I do not think it’s importance to them can be overestimated. Hypermasculinity is essential to their very mode and style of existence. It’s part of their being on an almost spiritual level, and it is a great big deal for them. It’s not a game.

But then they see that other feminine thing going on in me and their attitude is, “WTF. This guy doesn’t make sense.” I hear that all the time – “I don’t make sense,” and people have no idea what to make of me. I also hear, “You’re too sexy to be straight,” a lot, but I am not sure what it means.

The only guys who call me faggot and try to start fights with me are just thugs or bullies. A lot of times they are even criminals, like gang members.

Gay men probably understand masculinity better than any other humans. I know that sounds insane, but some of these guys have got it down! It’s pretty pitiful when gay men understand masculinity more than straight men or straight women.

Straight women do not have the slightest idea what masculinity means or what it is. They often accuse masculine men of being unmasculine. When it comes to understanding masculinity, all women are retards. This probably goes back to what I was discussing earlier about how macho men can easily see masculinity in others while less masculine men seem to be tone-deaf and retarded about it. Women are very unmasculine, so it makes sense that if they don’t play the game, they can’t tell when others are playing it either. Maybe in order to see something in another, you need to do it yourself.

It seems like as women get older, they can figure it out a lot better though and many are no longer retarded about this subject.

Older women can also identify which men are gay and which are not a lot better, sometimes even better than I can. They seem to “get it.”

I think older women have been around men for so long that they finally start figuring a lot of things out about us like masculinity, but it might take until age 50 to do that. I had no idea men were so hard to understand.

The accumulated knowledge of masculinity that women gain with age is often intuitive stuff.

I had one girlfriend who laughed very hard and said, “Oh, I know you’re not gay! For one thing, you always talk about eating pussy. No gay man would ever talk about eating pussy that much. They wouldn’t talk about it at all.”

She’s right. Gay men sometimes fuck women, but they are not keen on eating pussy. A lot of them say the idea of it makes them want to vomit. I’ve been around a lot of gay men in my life, but I’ve never heard of one talking about fucking women, and for sure they don’t talk about eating pussy.

My best friend used to be a hair stylist and while he is straight, a lot of those men are gay. We used to hang out in Hollywood, and sometimes we would be at someone’s house and it would be me, him and some gay hair stylists. My friend and I used to tease and torment these gay men by talking about eating pussy in gruesome detail.

“Yeah, you know, that nice, juicy, red pussy…Yum yum! So good!” We would put our hands in front of our faces thumbs turned outwards like parting a flower in front of our lips. The gay men would flip out!

“Oh shut up!”



“You’re gonna make me sick!”

“I’m gonna vomit! Ew shut up!”

They would get very angry and usually threaten to throw us out of the house if we didn’t quit talking about that.

It was a barrel of ticks!

But it shows you what gay men think of cunnilingus – not a whole lot!


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Statement on Misogyny

In case you were wondering, Beast Ganon’s misogyny resonates about as much with me as it does with his worst detractors. Contrary to popular lie, I am not a misogynist at all. I am just a realist. I see both men and women for what they are, good and bad. What I really can’t stand are men. If I had my way, I would just be around females all day. Yes woman drive you nutty, but usually only when you are in a relationship with them. Sex and love seem to make females nuts. As long as you are not fucking them, psychologically healthy females can be remarkably stable and you can have a great time with them.

I have had a blast with women and girls in my life. I grew up with my girl cousins, and they taught me all about females. It feels like I am part female, honestly. There is a male side of me that is like the most macho guy that ever lived, and then there is this other side that is like a woman. That’s why I can along with females so well. To me, being around women, socializing with them or doing anything with them for that matter is like being with my twin.

My beef is with the feminuts, not women in general.


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Robert Stark Interviews Roger Devlin about Sexual Utopia in Power


This is actually excellent. This is one of brightest, wisest, sanest and most likable people Stark has ever had on here. I highly encourage you to listen to this. It’s mostly about feminism, gender and politics of sex.

Robert Stark talks to Roger Devlin about his book Sexual Utopia in Power: The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization.  F. Roger Devlin, Ph.D. is an independent scholar. He is the author of Alexandre Kojève and the Outcome of Modern Thought (Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, 2004) and many essays and reviews in such publications as The Occidental Quarterly, American Renaissance, Counter-Currents/North American New Right, VDare, Modern Age, The Social Contract, Alternative Right, and The Last Ditch. A bibliography of his work is available online at

Topics include:

His original essay Sexual Utopia in Power
The origins, motives, and outcomes of the sexual revolution
Back to Africa: Sexual Atavism in the Modern West
How mainstream social conservatives have failed to diagnose the problems and offer solutions
How economic changes have affected marriage and relationships between the sexes
How the sexual revolution has led to less sex for the masses and more for a few
Why many men are dropping out of society
The question of female masochism
Article about girls in Norway submitting to Pakistani immigrants who bully Norwegian boys
Why change will not come through political reform but rather by creating subcultures

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Half Your Age Plus Seven

This is an old post, but it is getting posted around now, and some of you have probably not read it. It’s being posted by the male feminist manginas over at Reddit Blue Pill. They are tearing me to pieces, which is ok with me.

Tulio writes:

But alas, that day will come where no young girl mistakes me for being a 20-something and I’ll have to bump it up. What’s the rule for dating younger women? Half your age plus 7 is as low as you can go? Well I’ve broken that rule before and gladly will again, but by that rule you can be a 60 year old man and date a 37 year old. More realistically though, if you’ve taken care of yourself and have some money and status, a 60 year old man should be able to get an attractive 45 year old no problem.

That rule is not very good. A better rule would be half your age period. I am close to 60, and if I didn’t have a girlfriend, I could get 28-29 year olds. It would not be easy, but they are certainly out there, and I have had some girlfriends in the 27-29 year old range in the past few years, and I was 53-56!). But then again, maybe I am not an ordinary guy. I have no idea if I am Alpha, Beta, Omega, Sigma or whatever (well I am sure not an Omega) but supposedly I meet at least one definition of being an Alpha.

When I was 20, a 12 year old girl who I was friends with from my job as school janitor openly propositioned me.

Her: I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately.
Me: (Nervous laugh) Really? LOL.
Her: Yep. And I’m thinking I wan to do it!
Me: LOL ok (Not sure what to say to that!)
Her: (Looking at me intensely and smiling) And I’m thinking I want to do it with you!

I laughed really hard, and yeah, I turned her down.

So that is half my age +2.

When I was 27, I had a 13 year old girl in my class openly proposition me in front of the whole class.

The class pointed it out to me.

Class: Hey teacher! Hey teacher!
Me: What?
Class: See that girl over there, the blond? The pretty one?
Me: Yeah, what about her?
Class: She says she wants to meet you in the park after school so she can have sex with you! She wants to have sex with you, teacher! Do it teacher do it! (Lots of cheers and yells).
Me: (Walking over to her) Is that true? You want me to meet you after school at the park so you can have sex with me?”

She nodded her head very fast, and all the other kids started clapping and cheering. She was seriously beautiful and she was awful sexy too. A hot little Lolita. At that age, I thought 13 year old girls were hot (not really anymore – that is too much of a little girl to me at age now), but I didn’t take her up on her offer.

So that was half my age again.

At age 33, I had 18 year old girls after me. I was a teacher, and they were my students. A couple of them gave me their phone numbers, asked me to be their boyfriend, etc. I turned them down too. One was hard to turn down as she was the Homecoming Queen! She was a real beauty. I believe it was legal, but I was afraid of losing my job.

So that is half my age+1.

When I was 43, I was dating an 18 year old girl.

So that is half my age minus 3.

At the same age, I had a few girls aged 15-17 openly propositioning me, offering to send me nude pics, all sorts of insane stuff. I turned them all down for sex though.

They would be half my age minus 4-6.

Once I got to age 47, all of a sudden I could not talk to or even look at not only underage teenage girls but also women about 18-23. So as low as I could go was half my age or 24. I did in fact get a 24 year old woman at that age, and even then, there were a few hotties 18-23 who acted like they could go for me.

As I got older than age 52 or so, even those few hotties dried up, and at this point, for sure no woman age 18-23 wants me, but I would say no woman aged 18-25 wants me. I just figure those are the facts and run with it and don’t flirt with girls that age very much.

But I did have a 26 year old girlfriend last year, and she was beautiful! I was 56 and she was 26! Wow!

A few years ago, at age 54, I met a 17 year old girl, and it was blatantly obvious to everyone what was going on. That never went anywhere.

That would be half my age -9! Whoa.

However, recently I met a 16 year old girl (!) who was way, way too friendly. She was also 16 going on 30, extremely beautiful with a wonderful personality. Nothing happened, just talked a bit, but it was weird even talking to her, as she scares the crap out of me. I think she is dangerous as Hell, and I really hope I don’t see her anymore. I don’t even want chicks like that to even be around – too tempting.

That would be half my age – 12. Wow!

I can talk to underage teenage girls, especially age 16-17, but I would be much more comfortable if they had only a platonic interest in me, and we got that out of the way fast. Then maybe I could even have a platonic friendship with them. But if you are friends with a 16-17 year old hottie, and she wants to fuck you, it becomes extremely tempting, and it would hard to turn them down.

In 2012, at age 56, I had a couple of girlfriends in the US who were 28-29.

That is 1/2 my age.

However, a few years ago after I joined Facebook, I got barraged by cute little Filipina spinners chasing after me. One of them would somehow friend me, and then pretty soon all of their little friends see the hot American White dude on her friends list, and they all started adding me as a friend.

One by one they would come to me, all from the same area or even from the same city (!), all pretty cute and about 19-35, with most 19-28. Every other day, there was a new one coming up to me.

Every one of them was like, “Hey, you like me? You want me? I like you honey. You are so handsome! Hey baby, you come to Philippines, you stay here with me, you like me, you marry me, ok? And I give you a kid too, as many you want. And I stay with you forever and be your devoted wife.”

I told some of them that their friends were already messaging me with the same lines, and it turned out those were their cousins or sometimes their friends.

Then they would often start fighting and competing and saying, “Pick me, not her. She’s bad. I am better, and here’s why.”

Most do not out and out ask for money, but some hint around about that, yet I still do not think they are scammers. Just desperately poor people.

A lot of them ask to see pics and then ask if you have any nudes. Some want to see any nude pics you have. I even had one offer to take me some nudes, but she wanted some help for a trip to Manila to get work for those choice photos. I never sent any of them any money.

They are genuine as I see it. They are all desperately poor I think, and they figure marrying an American White dude is a great way to get out of poverty.

Most of the were extremely sweet, kind and loving, with little or no aggression, hate or anger in them. 100% submissive females, and all of the aggression has been cultured out of them.

I was a bit tempted not so much for marriage (but they would make cool wives) but more for a kid. I never had a kid, and I would not mind making one at this point except that it requires a young woman.

So they would be mostly anywhere from half my age -9 to half my age.

I also had a Peruvian woman age 27 come to me in the past several years. We got on cam a lot, and one day she called me.

I asked who it was and she said in Spanish, “It’s the girl who wants to marry you.”

She too said, “Hey, you come down here, you stay with me a while, we see if we like each other, if we do, you marry me, and maybe I give you a kid.”

She was a cutie too, and really smart, a college student. Also pretty poor.

That would be half my age+1.

Then somehow I met this older Peruvian woman about 45 who married some older White guy. She found out I was single, and she started turning me on to these Peruvian chick friends of hers. They were 28-32 or so. I talked to one, and she was extremely sweet. The ones I met were all pretty smart. Same deal, looking to marry an American White guy, and I get out of the 3rd World.

That would be half my age+2.

So for the US and the West, at age 56, I would say that I could go as low as 26-29 at this point with some rare exceptions, but the 26 year old would be quite hard to get. The 28 and 29 year olds would be more doable, but they would still be hard to get.

And for overseas, at age 56, I guess the sky is the limit. So far the youngest was 19.

The problem here is that Alphas can break most any of those formulas.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. This is my only job.


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Cuckolding and Shit Testing

EPGAH writes:

“…cuckold me right in front of my face, with a Black man at that!”

Isn’t that a universal fantasy of women and apparently beta males?

I am not into that cuckolding crap. That is so pathetic, wimpy, beta, submissive and masochistic I cannot put it into words.

I have no idea if I am a Beta or not. I hope I don’t act like one.

Here is how it went down:

Her: (nicely) “Look, you have to leave, ok?”
Me: “No problem.”
Her: “I am going out this weekend.”
Me: “Ok fine.”
Her: “I have a date!”
Me: “LOL, so?” (shrugs shoulders, acts like I could care less)
Her: (getting angrier because she is trying to rouse me and it’s not having an effect) “With a Black man!”
Me: “LOL, great” (I laugh right in her face defiantly).
Her: (even angrier now because I am laughing in her face) I have a date with a Black man! (louder for emphasis).
Me: LOL (I laugh in her face even harder) Well, have fun!
Her: Disgusted and frustrated because she couldn’t make me mad, stalks away.
Me: I am sitting here thinking, “WTF. This crazy bitch is trying to get me to murder her! Cuckolding a man defiantly right in front of his face. Not even trying to hide it, instead flaunting it for maximum humiliation. A lot of men will kill over stuff like that! This crazy bitch is trying to get murdered. What an idiot!”


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How Do You Control a Psychobitch?

Ben Steigmann writes:

“Controlling a woman (which is mandatory) involves a lot more than being a porn stud in bed.”

What are your suggestions?

It seems like nothing works when you are dealing with an abusive bitch or a psychobitch. I have tried everything on Earth and nothing calms them down. I tried responding to them with aggression, which I never used to do before. It works well in a sense but it also makes them way more aggressive and they start insulting me horribly, threatening me, and attacking me physically, spitting on me or hitting me.

I’ve had bitches who would attack me 500-1,000 times a day. I tried everything to deal with the abuse:

Silent treatment.
Saying “mm hmm” or “ok” after every attack.
Agreeing with the insults.
Saying “thank you” to every attack.

Fighting back:

“Shut up!”,
“Shut up bitch!”,
“Shut up cunt!”
“Shut up you fucking cunt!”
“Shut up you fucking bitch!”
Shut up you worthless cunt!”

I often said really mean and menacing too. Totally worthless. No matter how hard you fight back, it doesn’t stop it at all and actually they usually just escalate.

As far as I am concerned, nothing works. I am up for any suggestions on how to deal with abusive women or psychobitches. Most people will say, “Well the reason she is a psychobitch is because of your behavior.” Then they will list something you are doing to set her off. The thing is, I often try to modify my behavior even to the point where I am an actor playing completely different roles in a movie. I’ve never found any behavior that seems to stop abusive bitches. People will say, “Well you need to man up. She is a bitch because you thinks you are Beta/Omega/a pussy/a wimp, etc.” Ok well then I can go into hypermasculine mode because that’s one the roles that I play. It doesn’t seem to stop the abuse.

I will say though that after I started finally fighting back against women with insults like the above, women have fallen wilder and more crazy in love with me than ever in my life. A few them were even trying really hard to marry me. Sure, fighting back viciously makes them escalate like nuts, but it also seems to make them totally crazy in love with you via some means I do not understand.

I think maybe it shows you are not pussy-whipped. Once you start insulting a woman like that, it shows that you are not whipped. It shows that you don’t care whether she goes or stays. You’re not sticking around for sex. It’s a statement of extreme confidence and power. Most men are too whipped to say things like that to women because they are afraid she will either stay and cut off the sex or leave. In either case, the sex goes. Most men won’t fight women because they fear being cut off from the sex supply.

It also helps to let women know that they can be replaced at any time. If they think they are the only woman you can get and you can’t get another woman, they get very bold and can act very bad. They figure you will put up with anything because you can’t get anyone else. It’s also nice to have another woman in the wings or even another girlfriend.

When a woman starts acting bad, threaten to replace her with the woman in the wings or threaten to leave her for the other girlfriend. Say, “Why do you treat me like that? Woman X (your other girlfriend and her deadly rival) never does that to me. She’s always real nice. She treats me way better than you do.” It’s pretty evil to play one woman against the other, but believe it or not, women are very competitive, and if they know if you have another woman, they will usually try to be a better girlfriend than she is.

I have had one girlfriend ask me what the other one is like in bed. Then she would try to outcompete the other girlfriend in bed by being kinkier or wilder or whatever. Once again, you can play them off each other to try to get them to outkink each other. Pretty soon, you’re living in a porno movie.It’s pretty evil, but it works. Women will actually try to outfuck rival women. I’ve dealt with this a number of times.

If anyone has any ideas about how to deal with abusive bitches to stop their abuse or if anyone knows any male behaviors to play to make them less psychobitch, let’s hear it in the comments. I am all ears. Let’s talk psychobitches!


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“If You Give a Woman Lots of Sex, Everything Will Be Fine”

EPGAH writes:

There is also the “Ahegao Syndrome” theory that women stop nagging so much if fucked more.

Not really, I have had a number of girlfriends who I fucked and had sex with constantly. I mean like hours a day spaced throughout the day and night. This is pretty much they way I like to fuck, and you would be amazed at how many women are total nymphos and want to fuck all the time too. They just need to have the nympho brought out of them. I think there is a little nympho hiding out in most women somewhere whether they are aware of it or not.

I even had girlfriends who I was orgasm-rationing. I was rationing them to 3-4 orgasms per day. I don’t think it really worked. There was one I was rationing on 3-4 orgasms/day. She was an abusive bitch ~50% of the time and she worshiped me like a God the other half the time. But maybe if I didn’t fuck her all the time she would have been a 24-7 bitch.

This whole idea that all you have to do is dick a woman like a porn star all the time and everything will be peachy keen is just not true. I had a girlfriend who I fucked and had sex with 4-6 hours a day through the day and night. She was contemptuous of my masculinity, told me “You’re not much of a man,” and tried to cuckold me right in front of my face, with a Black man at that!

If she has contempt for you as a man on some basic level, there is honestly no way to fuck your way out of that situation, and there’s a lot more to masculinity than being a sexual workhorse.

Controlling a woman (which is mandatory) involves a lot more than being a porn stud in bed.


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Women in Power Versus Female Rule

Beatrix writes:

Well, perhaps it’s because you said ‘female rule’ instead of what you actually meant? Why not call it an Oppressive Matriarchy or Oppressive Female Rule if that’s what you mean? Obviously a general term like ‘female rule’ isn’t the best descriptive. How about Hiscrimination? Says what it means.

The way I see it is that Female Rule can’t be anything other than oppressive, and I suppose the same can be said of Male Rule. Even if the President was a woman and even if the majority of Congress was female, if they were real women instead of feminists and were not privileging women and abusing and oppressing men, I would not call it Female Rule. I am not sure what you would call it, maybe Females in Power.

Female Rule means they are ruling us, they are lording it over us. Male Rule means men are ruling women, they are lording it over women. Neither sex should rule the other sex or all of society and neither sex should privilege their own and abusing and oppressing me.

Women in Power is no problem. I gave you a list of many great female leaders of nations who did not oppress men one bit. Maybe Female Rule should mean Feminist Political Power.

There is a bit of an issue though because once women really seize a lot of political power, more than just a head of state, they usually start doing a lot of things that are really detrimental to men. I do not know why that is. I just like you almost can’t have a lot of women in power without them trying to turn the tables on us and fuck us over. If you can show me some places were women have a lot of political power and are not abusing men, I would like to look at that.


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The Difference Between Women in Power and Female Rule

Beatrix wrote:

So in the state of Louisiana & in Mexico one is assumed guilty until proven innocent – does that mean they’re under female rule?

Did women put guilty until proven innocent laws into place in Louisiana and Mexico? I don’t think so. Then it’s not female rule. It’s only Female Rule when gender feminist women specifically put guilty until proven innocent laws into place in order to privilege women and oppress men.

Those laws were put into place in the US by women who were gender feminists. Gender feminist women anywhere on Earth at any time will always put laws like guilty until proven laws into place because that’s how women think. Female Rule doesn’t work.

There’s two kinds of women:

1. Real women
2. Gender feminists

I strongly support females in government in a sense; that is, I do not oppose it in principle.

Women can be lawmakers and even rule in a sense (a female president is not per se a bad idea) as long as they are not gender feminists. Many nations have or had female presidents. They did a great job because those woman presidents were not gender feminists.

There have been plenty of great female leaders of nations, and many great females have served positions of high power. As long as they are not gender feminists, there is no problem.

Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, Corey Aquino, Angela Merkel, Christina Kirchner, Michelle Bachelet in Chile, Dilma Rouseff, the list is very long. Even Margaret Thatcher did not rule as a gender feminist.

There have also been woman presidents in Dominica, the Scandinavian countries, and other countries that now elude my memory.

None of these women imposed Female Rule on any of these nations.

Female Rule: Rule of society by and via the ideals, rules and laws of gender feminism.

The problem isn’t women in power.

It’s gender feminist women in power.


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