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Killer App: Not Game, Not Looks, but Game Plus Looks

Tulio writes:

One more thing, You said you were considered very good looking in your hey day. I’ll tell you this being an average guy. Good looking guys WAY overestimate their game. They tend to think that they get laid a lot because they are so smooth and have game when the real reason they are getting laid a lot is because they are good looking. I’ve known guys like this. An average looking dude could say the same things they saying but it won’t have the same result.

Tulio is correct that these Game idiots are lying when they say women don’t care about looks. Bull! Let me tell you something.

You know what gets women really, really horny and turns them into insatiable multi-orgamic nymphomaniacs who want to fuck every day, sometimes multiple times a day, or sometimes for hours on end? It ain’t Game.

It’s looks! Women want to fuck good-looking men. Good-looking men are what make them horny. Of course, it helps if these guys have Game too, but the idea that the female sex drive is not motivated by looks is insane.

Women are just like men in that sense. Sure, women say they don’t care about looks, but handsome men are what get them wet and pushes their panic button. Good-looking men are very important to turn on many female’s sex drives. If her man is not good-looking, no matter what she thinks of him otherwise, she may start cutting off the sex because a lot of women don’t like to fuck balding, geeky, overweight guys who look and act like Omegas. They might like the guy just fine, and maybe even romantically she may love him, but physically, it’s just not there, and women often need looks to turn on the sex drive. If there’s no looks, the sex drive goes off, and they quit doing it.

One last thing. While a great looking guy with crap Game is often way more incel than you think, there is one thing that is killer for getting women. And that is a guy who is drop-dead male model handsome who also happens to have killer Game.

Great looks plus great Game is like an unstoppable force. You will be attracting women everywhere you go.

You go out with girls, and if you meet their Moms, their Moms will act like they want to fuck you.

You go out with a college girl who lives at her parents’ house, and her hottie Mom walks in drunk wearing skimpy clothing while you are on the couch, meets you and then proceeds to shamelessly flirt with you right in front of her daughter’s face.

Or you go out with a girl. You go to her place and meet her Mom. Later in the evening, your date confides in you, “Hey, my Mom thinks you’re hot. She asked me if she could borrow you for a night. Can you believe that?”

And so will their sisters.

You will go to a college girl’s house, go to your date’s room and her Mom will come in the room and openly flirt with you. Then her younger sister will come into the room and start flirting with you right in front of your date’s face just because sisters compete. Then your date will get furious and throw her sister out of the room.

You will go out with a girl who lives at home, and every time you show up, her 14 year old sister always looks at you funny like she’s hypnotized.

Then your girlfriend says, “You know what? My little sister really likes you. She can’t stop talking about you. She thinks you’re the hottest thing on Earth. She acts like you cast a spell on her. What’s weird is I’ve dated a lot of guys. I’ve a lot of guys over here, and she’s never cared about any of them. You’re the first one she ever reacted to like this. She never acted this way with any of the other guys.”

You start making a lot of female friends and end up being around females most of the time, which, assuming you don’t hate females, is pretty fun. Lots of guys hate being friendzoned, but if you already have relationships going on, you shouldn’t care about being friendzoned.

A lot of guys want to screw every woman they know, even the ones who just want to be friends. This is a typical male caveman mindset, and most women hate it. So you end up being friends with a bunch of women and hang around with them all the time. It becomes clear early on that they just wants to be friends, and you simply say you are fine with that. As I said, friendzoning is irrelevant as long as you are dating too, in which case, friendzoning should not be frustrating, insulting or enraging.

Pretty soon your new female friends will start trying to fix you up with their friends. In this case, what they are really doing is fucking you by proxy. Your female friend wants to fuck you on some level, but something is preventing her. So she fixes you up with her friends and then gets to listen to the gruesome details as her friend recounts the play by play of the dates. This way she gets to fuck you by proxy and still not actually do it physically with you, which is something she is trying to avoid.

You will have girls who are friends, and you will go over there and hang out, and they will fix you up with their girlfriends. You will get to be friends with their sisters, often the younger ones. The younger sister will see the older sister fixing her friends up with you, and she will get jealous and then pull you aside and try to fix you up with her friends. Why? Because females are ridiculously competitive.

With your female friends, you just leave them alone. Don’t mess with them. A lot of them will be married or with guys anyway. Just be really cool, hang back and be friendly and don’t try anything sexual other than looking at them and fantasizing. Leave yourself open, and they might start grabbing you and whatnot. Arrange “friend dates” with your female friends like tennis dates or study dates. It’s not uncommon for these “friend dates” to take a sexual turn towards the end of the date.

Also if you just hang back, respect your female friend and do nothing but devour her with your eyes while “leaving yourself open,” after a few months, quite a few of your female friends will start trying to seduce you.

Why? I have no idea. I think women are used to guys who try to grab them all the time and can’t be friends with a woman, and they are intrigued that you keep your hands off of her, while at the same time you are a hottie with Game. For some reason, after a while of this, a lot of them will try to seduce you.

The thing is most guys freak out at being friendzoned. Most men try to screw any female who gets significantly close to them with the end result being that most men are simply not capable of being friends with a female. So women are intrigued by Mr. Hottie with Game Dude who for some mysterious reason isn’t trying to fuck her. You’re not desperate either, as she knows about your dating exploits.

That you already have women you are involved with signifies what the Gamers call  “abundance mentality.” By the same token the fact that you are not grabbing at your female friend all the time like most idiots can also signify “abundance mentality.” Your female friend will think you are not desperate, and you are sexually satisfied enough to not try to fuck her just because you can afford to because you already have your hands full. Also the fact that you are not trying to screw her all the time is intriguing, and it sets off their curiosity.

And after a while, a lot of them get frustrated and just grab you. I think women find “abundance mentality” very intriguing because most guys come across desperate like they haven’t been laid in years, and they are moving Heaven and Earth in a desperate attempt to fuck any woman at any cost. Women are somewhat disgusted at such guys, as they are coming across as desperate and pathetic, and women see them as lame and Beta. But this satisfied Hottie Cool Guy who is respectful enough to keep his hands off you and is not even 1% desperate? Now that is a very intriguing fellow, and it spikes her curiosity.

What often follows it that after months to years of this, quite a few women will try to seduce their Hottie Cool Guy friend.

A lot of females get frustrated if you don’t try to screw them pretty fast. I have been on dates where girls said, “So, are you going to kiss me or not!?” or “Are you going to fuck me or what!?”


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Facebook Makes You Lonely?

Apparently a few studies have been done showing that heavy Facebook usage is associated with loneliness. There are also some other articles out there that are anti-Facebook and anti-social media, but I found all of their arguments to be absurd.

First of all, I find that the notion that heavy Facebook use makes you lonely is idiotic.

The studies suggested that instead of Facebook causing loneliness, instead lonely people gravitated to Facebook. Which makes perfect sense to me. According to the study, many people were using Facebook instead of talking on the phone or meeting people in person. They thought that shy people with poor social skills were using Facebook to try to overcome their loneliness. And apparently it wasn’t working. If you want to make the argument that Facebook will not fix your loneliness, I would agree with that, and that is an interesting argument to make. Lonely people gravitate to Facebook to try to cure their loneliness, but it doesn’t fix the problem. Ok, that’s interesting.

I have some problems with the study.

I have known people, including family members, who are longtime Internet haters. I never found any of their arguments against the Net to be convincing. One of their arguments was that many people have two personalities, one for the Net and one for meatspace.

In all of my experience online especially in chatrooms, I never found this to be true. People who were extroverted in real life, guess how they acted in chatrooms? Life of the party.

I have been in chatrooms full of introverts on anxiety disorder sites. They are dead as doorknobs. Nobody is talking.

Then if you do message one of these introverts privately, they are still introverted. You get these long pauses. You get a lot of one word and one sentence answers.

And I met a number of introverts in r/l. I always asked them about their Internet use. All of them told me sure they used the net, but they never used chat programs or chatrooms. They all said that they hated chatting on the Net. Why? Because they are introverts! How would you expect them to act?

I found that people displayed the whole range of wild emotional spectrum even on typing chat. I have caused quite a few women to burst into tears or explode with rage while I was typing to them. Which is of course exactly what females do when you talk to them on the phone and meet them in real life.

The use of emoticons is very helpful. Very emotional people, especially women, use emoticons heavily and use a wide range of emoticons in a short period of time, which of course adds a certain depth to the conversation.

I also voice chatted with some people and even cammed back when I had a working cam program. When you talk to a longtime chatter on voice chat or cam to cam, how do you think they act? The same as when they were typing to you!

In addition, I met and befriended a number of people online and then talked to them on the phone. They were exactly the same on the phone as they were in typing chat. Exactly.

Beyond that, I have actually met quite a few Net friends in public. I even had love affairs that  started passionately on the Net and moved into wild, crazy, head over heels tumultuous love affairs in meatspace. Guess how your Net friends act when you finally meet them in person?

Exactly the same as when they are typing, voice chatting, camming or talking on the phone!

If  you can get along with someone really well on the Net, you can always get along well with them after you meet them too. Although I did meet some women who were a lot more bitchy when I was staying with them than when we were talking on the phone all the time. But to be fair, they had regular bitchouts on the phone and on the Net too. It’s just that it was worse when I was staying with them.

This whole argument that people have one persona for the Net and another one for meatspace is insane. I have not found it to be true.

You can get to know people very well on the Net, even just typing. Sooner or later, the whole personality comes right through the letters on the screen and if you are good at reading people, you can start to see what these people are like.

These people who are deathly shy in real life but are social butterflies on the Net do not even seem to exist. Or at least I never meet them.

I also find the notion that the Net does not help your social skills to be quite bizarre. You need very good social skills to be able to chat on the Net or in a chatroom. People with lousy social skills in life are lousy chatters. They screw up all the time.

You need even better skills to voice chat or certainly to cam or talk on the phone.

If you need to sharpen your social skills, as I think we all do, texting, chatting, voicing and camming are great ways to start.

You still have to know what to say and when and how to say it. You can still blow up whole conversations or even relationships, usually with women, with a single ill-advised sentence or a few poorly timed words. Of course this is what happens with relationships with women in real life too.

You have to watch every sentence you type with a woman online, just as I guard, monitor, censor, edit and chew over every single sentence I say to a woman in meatspace.

Women are sensitive creatures. I have blown up whole long-term relationships with a single sentence.

And does the Net really make you lonely? I have had long-distance relationships on the Net before. Not because I chose it. They were the ones who came to me and fell in love with me, not vice versa. One was with a woman in Thailand. It was only on for about 3 months, but while it was on, it was pretty wild. She fell completely head over hells nuts in love with me.

We would talk all day. Sometimes we would talk off and on for 8 hours a day, as she would talk to me through work.

Once my Mom called, and I asked her why people thought a relationship like that was ridiculous.

She said, “What? You are talking to her all day long, for 8 hours a day!?

I said, “Sure.”

She said, “Well that’s pretty intense. That’s way more than most married couples talk to each other in a day.

The Net makes you lonely? Says whom?

When I used to talk to people off and on all day on the Net, I did not feel very lonely at all. Even if no one came over that day. The way I saw it was I was around people all day, socializing, and in a way, I was.

Chatrooms were especially great if I was feeling lonely. Back before they got taken over by scammers, camwhores and bots, they were a blast, with a wild, party-like atmosphere.

I have another problem. The researchers say that people are using Facebook as a crutch to treat their loneliness problem rather than talking on the phone or meeting someone in real life.

I suppose my first question would be, “Why in the Hell would anyone want to do that?”

I mean, there are people close by who I could call or go visit, but I will never call them or go visit them if I can text and chat them instead? How ridiculous. Why would I do that?

There are people who are close enough to call, but I never call them because I can text or chat them instead? What would I do that for? I like to talk on the phone. Plus, phone talking is a bit more intimate than net texting and chatting, and I enjoy that. I enjoy the increased intimacy.

If there is a Net friend who is close by, of course I will go visit them. Why not? And I have even gone to visit and stay with Net friends who were very far away, like thousands of miles away, and they have come from thousands of miles to see and stay with me.

I enjoy that because, let’s face it, a purely net relationship is a bit frustrating and unsatisfying, especially if you are emotionally involved. And phone sex, cyber sex, and especially voice sex or cam sex are not as good as the real thing, but the last two, especially the last one, comes awfully close.

There are actually people who are too scared to talk on the phone to people or meet people in meatspace but are not scared when it comes to texting or chatting? What a weird notion.

I have yet another problem with this anti-Facebook argument. Sure, Facebook doesn’t fix your loneliness problem (though it might fix mine). That’s sad.

The researchers said these people should go out into the world or pick up the phone and stop using Facebook as a crutch. My argument would be that I am glad that these shy or awkward people are on the Net. At least they get to talk to someone that way. If they give up the Facebook chatting, they are not suddenly going to go on phone marathons or go to five parties a night. It’s not going to happen. They are probably either going to be Facebook chatting or, if not, they will be sitting at home not talking to anyone at all. And if they do venture out into the world, if they are as shy or socially inept as the researchers said, they will only fail badly in meatspace, so what’s the point of going?

One more beef I have with these “poor social skills” arguments is that it is a bit stupid.


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Quadroons Are Hot

Female quadroon.

Female quadroon.

Damn, I would so put a baby in her. My Mom said back in Jim Crow days, they used to have a ball in New Orleans called “The Octoroon Ball.” The women were supposed to be octoroons, 1/8 Black, 88% White. Legions of White men used to come from miles around to go to that ball because legend was that those were the most beautiful women in New Orleans.

I think a bit of Black in a White person often comes out just fine. It adds a bit of exoticism and character to them. I doubt if it effects their behavior much. Most of the mixed race people I have known in the US acted pretty good. They fit in well in society and are just as likely to identify White as Black. They mingle very well with White people and most Whites are not racist towards them.

The woman above is a quadroon, 1/4 Black and 75% White. In some areas in Latin America, she would be considered a White woman! Though just barely. In Latin America, anyone 75-85%+ White is considered to be White. They have a much more inclusive idea of Whiteness than we do, with all of our idiotic Med vs. Nordic fighting and whatnot.

I am claiming this chick for my great White people. She’s ours now. You Blacks don’t own her anymore. She’s too light for you anyway. Sorry about that!

Personally, I love being White and I would like to invite as many others to the White Block Party as possible. If you’re at least 75% White, come to the White Party! Starts at 8 PM and admission is $2 at the door. Live band and a kegger.


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Cavewoman: The New Normal

Beatrix writes:

Description of a matriarchy-

“It is because women don’t have to marry now and they are free to choose their mates however they wish. This typically leads to females becoming Cavewomen and opting to become part of some Alpha’s harem rather than sacking up with some Beta AFC. That’s what happens when you give human women a choice about these things.”

Good, bad, or indifferent- it is what it is!

I would like to thank Beatrix for this comment. She is correct.

This is simply the way it is, the new reality, the new normal. We are just going to have to live with it. Women aren’t going to change.

I don’t really think we men should blame women for turning Cavewoman. I do think they are thinking about this consciously. All of these behaviors are occurring unconsciously, and many women are not even aware of what they like or why they like it. In other words, women are now free to express their natural instinctual desires. If this is just women being instinctual, and they are not doing this on purpose, I do not think we should blame women. It’s like blaming a female elk or female Elephant seal for acting like a female elk or female Elephant seal. It’s like getting mad at your cat for acting like a cat.


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A Shout out to the Smartest Woman in the World

Well of course that could only be my Mom. Props to Mom!

I have been involved with a lot of females over the decades. And out of all of them, she stands out.

She’s the woman who never stopped loving me.

And she’s the only woman who never left me.

You know that’s got to count for something.

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Black Women and Beauty

Messi writes:

Is black women being inherently excluded from white beauty norms a universal thing? In Europe, where beauty standards are even more Eurocentric than America’s, black women are held in fairly high regard. It’s only in the New World where black women are considered intrinsically ugly.

This is what I was thinking.

All of these sorts of quality judgements are relative. Quality judgements are usually gradational, and are usually inherently nonscientific. Yet the racists keep trying to make an incredible scientific case that Black women are intrinsically ugly! As if science could prove such a thing.


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Women’s Double Standards on Staring

Jason Y writes:

I think there is a fine line between flirting and staring (like “Why don’t you take a picture. It lasts longer :lol:.) Good idea not to stare even if it was back in the 1950s.

Flirting is even worse than staring. Women get stared at all the time, so what? But you really ought to be careful who you flirt with. If you flirt with a woman who is not receptive to your flirting, you’re going to make her angry and it’s not a pleasant scene

I am not really into staring at women myself. I look at them, but I know how to look at them without staring.

  • Look a bit, then look away, then look a bit, then look away.
  • Look at the whole group of them and no one in particular, and she will be part of that group.
  • Look at her out of the corner of your eye.
  • Wear sunglasses, and look at them out of the corner of your eye.

Anyway, women and girls have been staring at me all my life, when these bitches complain about men staring at them, they leave me cold. You bitches do it too, so shut up!

What Does It Mean When a Woman Stares at You?

When a woman stares at you, it usually means she wants to fuck. Especially if they stare at you in a particular way like they are robots, frozen, hypnotized or one of the Stepford Wives. When they go into that trance/hypnotized state, it always means that they either want to fuck, they like you in a sexual way, or maybe they are just having a sexual fantasy about you. Guaranteed.

I don’t get these stares much anymore at my age, but if I do, I am certain of what it means.

I suppose there are other stares that do not mean she likes you, but usually women who hate you, think you’re weird, think you’re a creep, etc. don’t stare at you. That’s pretty much the last thing they do. You disgust them, so they are trying not to look at you.

I haven’t run into a lot of unpleasant stares from females in my life. I suppose they exist, but I do not have a lot of experience with that.


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A Fascinating Phenotype from Fiji

Very interesting phenotype from Fiji.

Very interesting phenotype from Fiji.

Wow, she sure is beautiful, eh? I found this photo on Facebook and I know nothing about this young woman except she lives in Australia and she says her family origins are from Fiji. Fiji is a Melanesian island and most of the people there are Melanesians. I am not sure if it was ever a French colony but many islands in that area were colonized by the French and some still are.

There is large population of South Indians living in Fiji. They migrated there about 100 years ago, mostly from the North of India. They now speak a language called Fijian Hindustani. The ISO lists it as a separate language. Apparently it is a result of a number of North Indian languages mixing together in Fiji 100 years ago. Since then, quite a few English and Fijian loans have gone in. Intelligibility with Hindi is not known and it might be interesting to investigate.

I wonder if this woman is of Indian stock. She looks like she could be.

I met an Indian man in town once who told me that he spoke Fijian Hindustani and was from Fiji. He told me that the politics of the island was a mess because the Fijians and Indians were always fighting for power and both were very tribal. If the Fijians got into power, they would lock the Indians out, and if the Indians got in, it was the other way around. Zero-sum game for all concerned.

Feel free to comment on this woman and her possible racial origins.


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Rising IQ in Western Women

Women have 5 IQ less than men in average, because their brain is smaller (Political correctness claims otherwise, they also say that overweight women are the most Beautiful). But but there are intelligent women of course. It’s only an average.

Historically, this was true, but I think the figure was 3.5 points, not 5 points. At any rate, there are many bright women and I have met many very high IQ, even genius women.

My colleague Jim Flynn has recently released evidence showing that in the US, women now match men on IQ. He thinks this is due to the increasingly complex nature of modern society and women are getting better at manipulating their way around all of this complexity and hence they are becoming more intelligent.


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Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney about Tag the Sponsor


He also refers to one of my articles.

I enjoyed this article, but I am starting to feel cold about the Alternative Right stuff. All of these morons keep insisting that I am a rightwinger, but I go to rightwing sites and I want to punch the computer. I do not agree with these people at all. Matt is very much anti-Left and that is a big turnoff. I am against the Cultural Left, but not the Left per se. Forget that.

Topics include:

Matt’s article Tag the Sponsor Exposes the Depravity of Modern Women about Instagram models who whore themselves out to Arab oil sheiks in Dubai

The depravity of Dubai and other oil rich Arab Gulf states

Do these women become irreparably damaged?

How society’s sexual mores have declined

Matt’s article on Cassandra Lynn’s Death Shows Why You Should Never Wife Up Broken Girls

Matt’s review of Jared Taylor’s Face to Face with Race

Matt’s article The Triumph of Hope Over Experience about Mayor Bill De Blasio and New York City

How New York City’s gentrification killed it’s created energy and how it’s symbolic of today’s decline in creativity


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