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On Incel Women

Steve writes:

There are also women who are not getting laid or in relationships throughout their 20’s. Yes, you may say they could offer themselves up and get laid easily but they don’t have that kind of personality or the desire for one night stands. There are incel women but they don’t make a fuss about it like testosterone fueled incel men. Men are more prone to rage.

I do not have a lot of sympathy for incel women. Incel men pretty much say they just want to have sex with a woman, period, and their requirements for such a woman are rather low. There is a Reddit sub called Foreveralone Women, and if you go there, you lose sympathy for them very quickly. It is just the typical female complaint of “no good men.” Also I would argue that an incel woman has probably not experienced a lot of rejection by men. I doubt if she has approached 3,000 men and got rejected by all of them. Yet incel men often wrack up huge rejection numbers.

Incel women could get a man any time they want to but only for their pickiness. Lots of women go without sex for long periods of time. I have known women who went without sex with up to 7-8 years and I dated a woman not too long ago who had not had sex in 4 years. It’s quite common actually. Most women going long periods without sex don’t seem to really care all that much. It sort of bugs some of the younger ones, but it’s just not the same thing.

Basically, women can go without; they do it all the time, and it’s no huge deal. Men can’t. Incel is much more painful for a man than for a woman.


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Evidence for Female Hypergamy

Steve writes:

It would be nice if some of the quantitative rigor of HBD was brought to bear on manosphere/game concepts such as female hypergamy. As I pointed out elsewhere, the studies I’ve seen on number of sexual partners of men and women don’t vindicate the theory that a small percentage of men are monopolizing the woman. In fact, quite the opposite.

Also, Oscar Wilde never let the truth get in the way of a witty pronouncement.

As you can see from these quotes, Wilde understood women better than almost any man ever. And of course he understood women better than women because women have zero understanding of their nature.

“Women always want the best.”

– Oscar Wilde

Wilde is correct, and I can even give you some real-life examples in some future posts.

They are probably not monopolizing all the women; more likely the Alphas are monopolizing the best women.

6% of men have had sex with 100 or more females.

There does seem to be some evidence for female hypergamy. OKCupid study showed that 80% of the women were chasing only the top 20% of men and ignoring all of the rest. There have been repeated studies at STD clinics that show that 80-90% of the women at the clinics are having sex with only 10-20% of the men. When they go trace partners back to see who the women got the STD’s from, nearly all of the women only got them from a few men at the top.

There is also anecdotal evidence.

When I was in high school, I finally noticed something, “Well Goddamn! 10% of the guys are getting 90% of the best women!” I don’t think I was hallucinating.

A post on the Net from someone who just got out of law school said most at the school were in their 20’s and 30’s going back to school. The poster said that while he was getting his degree, he noticed that there were maybe 15% of the guys who were the best guys and were going through all the best women, The Alphas. The poster said that by the time he graduated, all of the best available women had cycled through these guys at least once. They didn’t stay with them because those guys make lousy partners, but they all cycled through the Alpha Candy Store at least once.

When I told my mother this story and my high school anecdote and then related the Alpha – Beta – Omega scale, she got very interested. Then she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well of course.”

My mother is basically the source of “timeless wisdom of the ancients.” If you ever want to go figure out what people have always known all down through time, ask her.

It also goes along with common sense. All men with a lot of experience with women know that female hypergamy is true. The men who question often are male feminists or don’t have a lot of experience.

Also from my own experience during periods in my life when apparently I was in this top 10-20% group, I assure you that as word got around that I was a player, more and more females kept coming around. The more females I got, the numbers of females coming around kept growing larger and larger. They were all ages too, from 14 all the way up to my my female relative’s best friend who was 45 years old and throwing herself at me when she saw I was cleaning up with young women and girls. Basically, once they figure out you’re a player, they all want to fuck you. That’s an exaggeration, but there’s truth to it.

One more thing: from the reports online, things seem to have changed dramatically since the 70’s and 80’s. If reports are correct, female hypergamy is much worse now. Now these guys are either making correct observations or else they are making stuff up or hallucinating. I choose to believe the latter. These guys who are complaining are onto something.

Everyone knows that female hypergamy is real. The question is more about how bad it is.


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Those Eyes

Girl in the Maldive Islands with aquamarine eyes.

Girl in the Maldive Islands with aquamarine eyes.

Jesus Christ, look at those eyes.


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Oscar Wilde on Women

If you want to understand female nature, the last person on Earth you should ask is a woman. She will only give you a list of self-serving lies, if she even admits there is such thing as female nature at all (most feminists, including my own mother, reject the very concept). That women are incapable of even examining and understanding themselves is utterly pitiful, but there is probably a logical reason for that, as there’s a reason for almost everything.

The most brilliant insights into female nature that I have ever read have come from men.

And few men have understood women as well as Oscar Wilde. At first this seems senseless. How could a gay man possibly understand the tiniest thing about women? They don’t even have to deal with them. However, when we realize that there has been a longstanding alliance between women and gay men going back a long time, it all starts to make sense. Wilde knew many women well. As we know, gay men often have many close female friends. He was also very close to his mother.

One of my favorite quotes from Oscar Wilde about human nature is this:

“Women always want the best.”

– Oscar Wilde

Now, if you plug that quote into some of the things we are talking about lately such as female hypergamy, mass movements towards male involuntary celibacy, Alpha fucks/Beta bucks, and Game, Redpill and PUA Theory, doesn’t that quote start making a lot of sense?

I will leave you to contemplate that.


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There’s a Reason for Almost Everything People Do

There’s a reason for almost everything. That people often do things for no reason at all is one of the biggest lies about human nature. Think about that: most everything human beings do is for a reason, and in a sense for a logical reason or at least one that conforms with their own logical system. Sure, maybe it’s crazy logic, but crazy logic has its own set of rules like any other logical system.

The problem with women is that if you don’t understand them, at least some of their behavior seems insane, evil or both. And indeed on the surface, it is not unusual for female behavior to seem insane or even evil or malevolent. Men who see this shake their heads at the crazy behavior and simply conclude that women are nuts. They are outraged at the evil behavior and conclude that females are diabolical at least some of the time.

Both of these are misconceptions.

From a lifetime of studying women, I now conclude that most female behavior, no matter how nuts it seems, is actually done for some logical reason. The problem lies in figuring out the weird logic behind it because female behavior is often bizarre, erratic, convoluted, counterintuitive, hypocritical, and/or contradictory. However, even most of this apparent “irrationality” actually makes sense when you finally start to figure it all out.

Much of what looks evil, wicked or malevolent about female behavior is probably not intentionally done this way. I concluded a while back that most female “evil” is simply due to women following their programmed biological imperatives. She only appears evil when she is acting like a lower mammal, but her behavior is no more evil than that of a female seal or female elk. In other words, they usually aren’t acting evil on purpose; instead, they are just behaving unthinkingly on a very primitive level like lower mammals.

The problem is figuring out the crazy logic or the primitive atavism that is driving any woman at any particular time.

There is a danger to seeing women as crazy. Most men, exposed to the bizarreness of incomprehensible female behavior, simply throw up their hands and conclude that women are insane. They usually start hating women to some extent too, probably due partly to that reason. Low level misogyny seems extremely prevalent among men. I see male clients all the time who display it.

Of course concluding that women are diabolical is likely to make a man pretty misogynistic. Often the same men who think women are lunatics also feel that there is some diabolical about them, and this only increases their misogyny.

Once you realize that the lunacy is simply a wildly convoluted logical system, and the evil is simply a female human acting like a female sea lion, a lot of the confusion, rage and hatred that many men feel towards women can dissipate.

Game and Redpill theory already goes into female “evil” and usually concludes that that “evil” is about as unthinking as the “evil” of a female bird. The problem is that despite that, a lot of redpillers waste a lot of ink going on and on about the evil nature of women. Much of this analysis is exaggerated or flat out wrong. Worse, it tends to accuse women of deliberate wickedness. I do think women act deliberately malevolent at times, but I do not think that is their basic nature, and male deliberate evil causes vastly more societal problems than female malice.

In future posts, I will go into female nuttiness, give you some examples of it, and show you how I analyzed this craziness as actually having logical reasons behind it.

I would like to conclude by reiterating my principal point here. Most human behavior, no matter how nuts, is being done for some sort of a logical reason the logic behind which is often internal to that individual. Sure you can point out how the behavior is ultimately stupid or irrational, but the motivation behind it was some sort of a logical system.

Few things happen for no reason. There’s a reason for almost everything. Maybe a bad reason but a reason nonetheless.

I will now leave you to think about this for the rest of the day if you wish. It is an interesting idea to contemplate.


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Why I Love Women So Much


Long, raving misogynistic screed.

Summary: Women try to make it very easy to hate them. AWALT* – All women are lying, cheating, self-absorbed teenage prosties that can AND WILL have their cake and eat it too.”

Now I have no idea if that is true or not, but I certainly hope it is. If women are really like this, then this is a demographic that is surely after my heart. Look how much I have in common with them:

Make it very easy to hate them: Not sure about this one. I actually try to make people like me, but it doesn’t work very well. It seems like an awful lot of people hate me, so I must be doing something right after all.

Lying: Oh Hell yeah I’m a liar! You got that right!

Cheating: Fraid so. Not always, and I can be monogamous, but I every new relationship I start up I develop a seven minute itch, a wandering eye and a penis with a mind of its own.

Self-absorbed: Yo!Did someone call my name? Good Lord am I Self-absorbed. You don’t even want to know.

Teenage: In my heart of hearts, I am always 22 years old. That’s not exactly teenage, but I supposed I could just as easily be 19 as 22.

Prosties: I never charged, but I have been called a male whore before. Compliments like that make me blush.

That can and will have their cake and eat it too: Yay! Having my cake and eating it too! Yummy. My favorite transgression.

I can’t believe how much I have in common with women. We should get along perfectly!

Moral to the story: Women are evil and so am I, so we should get along fine.

*”all women are like that” – a very commonly used acronym in the Redpill communities because redpillers are always saying that all women are this, that or whatever. I am actually not sure if you can say AWALT about much of anything. I would say AWALT – they have vaginas. Yep, all women have vaginas.

But then I got to thinking about recent SJW outbreaks on university campuses, including one that said that some privilege granted to women did not make room for “women without vaginas.” That’s an all-important demographic you know – women without vaginas. But then they bring up transwomen, and supposedly transwomen are wimmin too, except a lot of them are wymyn with penises. It all gets so confusing.


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By the Time a Woman Is 50 Years Old, a Man Will Have Tried to Murder Her

It’s not my place here to analyze men, but to say we are flawed is an understatement. No matter how bad I say women are, I honestly think we men are about 20X worse. I just don’t feel like analyzing men. I will let someone else do it. Maybe there should be women who devote themselves to the study of men.

The genders can’t really study their own very well. Feminists claim to study women, but their understanding of women is pathetic and self-serving.

The best articles I have ever seen on female nature were written by men. These men were often bastards, but the articles struck me as spot on.

The main problem with men is VIOLENCE. It is outrageous how aggressive and violent we are. ALL of the women I have dated recently aged 48-56 have either had a man try to kill them (been a victim of attempted murder) or had a man threaten to kill them. One was shot in the head by her husband. Another was raped and beaten so badly that she suffered temporary brain damage. She’s lucky to be alive.

Also most women ~ 50 years old that I know have been raped by men. It was mostly date rape, true, but one woman suffered a date rape that was far worse than most stranger rapes. Not all date rapes are relatively mild affairs.

Also most women I know ~50 years old have been molested as girls. In some cases, the molestation went on for years. Perpetrators were siblings and a friend of the father.

And all of these rapes and attempted murders were done to White women by White men. By all reports Black men are quite a bit more violent than White men. If this is how violent White men are to women, I shudder to think of how violent Black men are to women. It must be nightmarish.

I figure by the time a woman gets to age 50, one or more men will have molested her, raped her and tried to murder her.

That’s if she survives.

The violence we men commit against women, even the nonlethal variety, almost looks like a hurricane.

Men are probably even more violent against men than they are against women. I’ve already had one man sexually assault me (all he did was fondle me), and one another occasion, several men all tried to kill me.

What men do.

We try to kill women.
We kill women.
We rape women.


Because it’s what we men do.

Blacks create slums, Jews create anti-Semitism, and men molest, rape and kill women.


Because it’s what they do.


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What Attracts Women

I will go through these one by one here:

  1. Hypergamy
  2. Women’s dishonesty about what they’re attracted to being biologically hardwired because of them wanting one man to beta provide and another man to fuck her.
  3. Looks = Personality. Your personality and behavior are largely dictated by uncontrollable factors (how people reacted to you during upbringing, hormonal profile during puberty, your background, etc.).
  4. Social life and hence status being extremely affected by the way one looks.
  5. Men being more productive and contributing more to society and to general development throughout history, and how marriage and monogamy in the old days was a way to control and make sure that every man got his needs met and hence contributed to society. Basically one can easily conclude that female to male choice based mating selection is very bad for society overall.

Let’s start with 1 first.


Yep, females are hypergamous by nature. The Blue Pillers, feminists, male feminists, etc. are absolutely furious about this notion. They say it’s all a great big lie. Are they really that clueless?

But yes, female hypergamy is real. It is also a big problem if unleashed. In order to keep it at least manageable (because you can never get rid of it altogether), institutions such as marriage with enforced monogamy are devised so you can have a halfway civilized society and restrain female hypergamy significantly.

Women’s dishonesty about what they’re attracted to being biologically hardwired because of them wanting one man to beta provide and another man to fuck her.

Yep. Women lie about what they want. They lie about what turns them on. They lie about a thousand things. Why they lie so much, I have no idea, but I suspect that women don’t even know what they want or what turns them on either.

I do not agree with women wanting one man to be a Beta provider and another to provide stud service. Ideally, I think most women would like to marry Chad, tame him so he’s monogamous, and hopefully have Monogamous Chad Dream Man be a great provider for her so she doesn’t need to settle with a Beta as a provider.

You will notice that women’s romance novels are typically about this totally unrealistic dream man who is this hunky male model stud who is a man’s man, masculine as can be but at the same time sensitive, loving and kind, who has women after him all the time but settles down with the heroine after she tames him.

My mother notes that the male heroes of romance novels are men that more or less do not even exist in real life. So women’s dream men are so fantastical that they probably don’t even exist. They’re pining for nonexistent entities!

The problem that Alphas are often lousy providers. Many Alphas are not employed. A lot of others work in the criminal economy, often selling drugs, etc. A surprising number work at low paying jobs and continue to live in cheap apartments and drive old cars into middle age. A stunning number of Alphas are in jails and prisons. Many Alphas spend most of their life essentially living off women in exchange for providing what boils down to gigolo service.

Even if a woman could pin Chad into a long term relationship or marriage, Chad makes a lousy boyfriend and an even lousier husband. He tends to be an incorrigible cheater, among other things. He is at least a little bit narcissistic/sociopathic, he is typically vain, conceited and egotistical and is often rather short on empathy. In other words, Chad is an asshole.

So women don’t need a Beta provider. They need a provider, period. Chad would be the #1 pick of course, but he’s not available, so she settles for Mr. Beta with the good job as a provider. But now she still needs Chad for sex. What’s a lady to do?

Looks = Personality, your personality and behavior are largely dictated by uncontrollable factors (how people reacted to you during upbringing, hormonal profile during puberty, your background etc).

This is very sad, but there is probably a lot to it. I do not think we are doomed by what happened to us in junior and senior high school, but those experiences are so important that it is hard to overlook them. While no one has a set in stone lousy personality, we all have a certain personality type, and it is set by the end of adolescence.

There is a healthy and unhealthy side of each personality type. Even the Sociopath has a healthy mirror image called Aggressive Personality. The Borderline has Sensitive Personality. The Dependent has Loyal Personality. The Narcissist has Confident Personality. And so on.

A man with good looks often has so many great experiences during these formative years that he ends up with a nice personality pretty much locked in place by the time adolescence is over. The man who had a rocky road all through middle and late school years has a huge hurdle to overcome in transcending these traumas and becoming healthy.

Social life and hence status being extremely affected by the way one looks.

This is sad as Hell too, but there is probably a lot to it. People need to consider that when they see people with great/poor social skills and high/ low status that quite a bit of how high someone scores on those variables may be due to uncontrollable factors like looks.

Men being much more productive and contributing much more to society and to general development throughout history, and how marriage and monogamy in the old days was a way to control and make sure that every man got his needs met and hence contributed to society. Basically one can easily conclude that female to male choice based mating selection is very bad for society overall.

Women are not going to like this one. But I would agree that men create civilization. There have been periods in history when most of the men left, often to wars, and the society was left with mostly women to run the show. Things fell apart pretty quickly. Women simply can’t create or run civilizations. They need men to do that for them. Women can help the men run things, but they can’t do it alone. This is quite all right. Women can’t do everything. The sexes tend to need each other.

But since civilizations needed men to create them in the first place and then to run them, marriage and monogamy was a way to control society such that most if not all men got their basic needs met. Once their basic needs were met, these men would be able to do a good job contributing to society. Bottom line is a totally free market in marriage where women’s choices set the tone is probably going to cause all sorts of societal problems, like maybe mass shootings for one.


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Hypergamy Experiment

The site used was Fling.

Here is the pic that was used. She is nice looking, but she is also fat.

My position on here is that most women can pretty much have sex anytime they want to. I get a lot of enraged responses to that on here, mostly from male feminists and women. They say it’s just not true. By the same token, a man cannot just go out and grab a woman anytime he wants to.

Incredibly, most women actually believe that any man can have sex anytime he wants to. Women are incredulous when I tell them that that’s not so.

One woman asked me, “Well, can’t you just go to a bar? I mean you could go to a bar and there are all sorts of women in there to get picked up. Just grab one of them. How hard could it be?” But there are men who spend years in bars and clubs and come up empty handed. A bar is no guarantee of anything.

This shows how solipsistic women are. Women think, “I can have sex anytime I want to, therefore, men can do.” They generalize their own experience out to everyone else because they are so self-absorbed that they can’t conceive of people having different experiences than they do.

Anyway, this experiment was made to show that women can have sex anytime they want to. A profile of a pretty but fat woman was uploaded to Fling. Within only 1 hour, she had already had nine men email her. Nine. In one hour. And some of them look fairly decent. By the end of the day, she already had 30 messages. 30 men to choose from in one day!

Hypergamy experiment. Click to enlarge.

Hypergamy experiment. Click to enlarge.

Indeed, I am told that some women get incredible numbers of emails on these sites. I met a Mexican-American woman on a dating site once. She was 60 years old, but she looked fantastic. I could not believe she messaged me back. She told me she had just joined two days before and had already gotten 200 messages from men. And she chose me out of 200!

Are you folks starting to get it? Women, just like female animals, have lots of options. They have all sorts of male suitors to choose from, just like female animals. This woman who had nine men come to her in an hour? Guess what? She can afford to be very choosy. Very, very choosy. As choosy as Hell. How choosy? She can afford to pick the best men out of the scores to hundreds who apply for a date with her.

By contrast, I assure you that if you put a profile up on these sites as a man, you will rarely get an email. I am getting some now, but those are from women my age when everything starts changing, and there’s a man shortage. Since men hardly get messaged at all, they can’t afford to be very choosy. I mean how many applicants are they getting? Zero.

You can also try to go wild messaging women or sending them emails. My friend told me that you have to send 100 flirts to get maybe one in return. So that was what he did. He sat there and sent hundreds of winks a day. And yes, he did get dates, but he’s also Chad, and he’s a huge asshole and a liar to boot with his rich parents’ credit card.

My experience on those sites has been similar. You have to give hundreds of likes to get maybe one response who’s not a scammer. For women in my area, I think I got one response. I had better luck with women overseas, but then you need a plane ticket.

Think about it now. If you are maybe getting one response to every 100 likes, exactly how choosy are you going to be? Not very. Hence we have the old adage that men will screw anything. That’s because they can’t afford to be choosy.

I have a hard time understanding why we even have debates about such things. It’s like debating which direction the sun rises and sets. It’s so stone obvious.


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What Works Best, Loving Women or Hating Them?

I can’t think a worse woman-repellent than hating them. I was in a phase like that for a period of my life, and it was nothing but massive fail.

On the other hand, a lot of men say that beta-orbiting and white knighting doesn’t work either. So the question is, where is the golden mean?

I do not know the answer. I have always told myself that I love women, and to be honest I truly do. On the other hand, I do not put up with any crap from them at all, not even 1%.

I do not beta-orbit. That’s just stupid. What are you, retarded?

I don’t white knight. How ridiculous and pathetic. What are you, a male feminist? Whose side are you on? Bros before hos.

Most women think I am sort of a bastard, so I don’t even get any requests to beta-orbit or white knight women.

Don’t be a slave to women. Don’t be a little puppy dog. It’s needy and pathetic.

Always act like you are operating from a position of strength.

There is nothing wrong with being a nice guy. I have been one most of my life. The only problem is being too nice!

For instance when you have a girlfriend or dating thing with a woman and she ends it and says lets just be friends, say, “Ok, see you later then, I am out.” She will typically flip and say “Whoa! I cannot believe you just said that! You just want to fuck me! If you can’t fuck me, you don’t even want to be my friend!” Then just say, “Yep that’s about it,” and walk right out of her life like a complete bastard.

Some mottoes:

  • I’m a nice guy, but I can also be a real bastard.
  • I love women more than anything on Earth, but I can also be a real prick if you mess with me.
  • I can be the best boyfriend you ever had, and I can also be your worst nightmare. Your choice, baby.

Don’t put women on a pedestal. Women are flesh and blood human beings not all that different from you in a lot of very basic ways. We’re both just timebombed mortal meat sacks.


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