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Repost: Otto Weininger on Women (and the Jews)

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This is starting to get posted around a bit, but you don’t really want to know on which sites it is being posted on, but you can probably guess.

The following quote is horrendous considering the context, but in a sick way it is actually rather funny. I start laughing every time I read it, but then I feel bad. The Adolf fellow was a regular cutup, you know? The life of the party, a card, a laugh a minute guy. A downright natural humorist.

“In all my life I only knew just one good Jew: Otto Weininger, and he killed himself.”

– Adolf Hitler

Here we come to another problematic issue, that is female intelligence and genius. The great but toxic Otto Weininger is especially fascinating on this issue. He holds that women are simply incapable of genius. A Jewish convert to Christianity and suicide at age 23, he had a similar low opinion of Jews.

He rented the home in Vienna where Beethoven had died for the night, told the landlady he was not to be disturbed, and wrote two letters, one to his brother and one to his father. He told them both that he was going to kill himself. Then he put a bullet in his heart. This suicide set off several copycat suicides.

This stone closes the resting place of a young man
whose mind never really found peace on earth.
And after imparting revelations of his mind and soul
he could not bear any longer to be among the living.
He searched for the death realm of one of the greatest minds
that dwelled in the house in Schwarzspanierhause
and put an end to his bodily existence.

His book was praised by Wittgenstein, who nevertheless distanced himself from its views. His contributions to philosophy were around the nature of genius. He held that Jews were essentially feminine, as such had were amoral, without a sense of good or evil, and thus as a consequence were soulless. He also held that women were amoral soulless types. Modern decay was traced to the amoral irreligious Jewish/feminine nature of modern times. Weininger correlated femininity with what he called Jewishness.

The Nazis had mixed feelings about Weininger, but Hitler himself said, “Dietrich Eckart once told me that in all his life he had known just one good Jew: Otto Weininger, and he killed himself…”

Though the Nazis denounced his books, they used parts of his work in their propaganda.

His great work was Sex and Character, which made him famous when he was only 23 years old (Incredible!). Yet the number of our brains cells peaks at age 23, so it should not be surprising that great works of genius would be done by the young and indeed in art, poetry, fiction, music, and mathematics, the genius often peaks young.

An example of Weininger’s views of women can be seen here:

Greatness is absent from the nature of the woman and the Jew, the greatness of morality, or the greatness of evil. In the Aryan man, the good and bad principles of Kant’s religious philosophy are ever present, ever in strife. In the Jew and the woman, good and evil are not distinct from one another … It would not be difficult to make a case for the view that the Jew is more saturated with femininity than the Aryan, to such an extent that the most manly Jew is more feminine than the least manly Aryan.

Weininger argues that all humans are composed of both the male and female substance. The female is is passive, unproductive, unconscious and amoral. The male is active, productive, conscious and moral or logical. Female life is consumed with the sexual prerogative – both the act itself, which he coded as simply “prostitution” in marriage or otherwise, and procreation, as birthing and raising children. This is the nature and duty of woman.

The duty of man, a la Nietzsche (sort of) is to forego sexuality and its life-consuming and distracting passions and to strive to become a genius by searching for the love of the absolute, which he will find in himself. For “male” and “female” also code the male and female aspects of the personality.

Weininger certainly gave off some interesting vibes:

Nobody who had once seen his face could ever forget it. The big dome of his forehead marked it. The face was peculiar looking because of the large eyes; the look in them seemed to surround everything. In spite of his youth, his face was not handsome, it was rather ugly. Never did I see him laugh or smile. His face was always dignified and serious.

Only when he was outdoors in spring did it seem to relax, and then become cheerful and bright. At many concerts he would shine with happiness. In the most wonderful moments we spent together, particularly when he talked about an idea in which he was interested, his eyes were filled with happiness.

Otherwise his face was impenetrable. One could never – except to the last few months – find in his face any hint of what was happening deep within his soul. The taut muscles would often move, and sharp wrinkles would appear on his face, as if they were caused by intolerable pain. I asked for the reason, he controlled himself at once, gave a vague or evasive answer, or talked about other matters, making further questioning impossible.

His manners would occasionally elicit surprise, and often a smile, since he cared little for traditions and prejudices.

The influence of his personality seemed strongest at night. His body seemed to grow; there was something ghostlike in his movements and there would be something demoniac in his manner. An when, as happened at times, his conversation became passionate, when he made a movement in the air with his stick or his umbrella as if he were fighting an invisible ghost, one was always reminded of a person from the imaginary circles of E. Th. A. Hofmann.


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The Sixth Decade of Life: Welcome to the Sexual Desert

SHI writes, referring to this post: I’m at 200+ already. How are threesomes supposed to be enumerated? Two or one notches in the bed?

It gets confusing when you have been in orgies involving multiple women and even men (not in a gay way though but it was a bit unnerving to see so many dicks on display). But the most decadent thing I ever participated in is something I simply don’t feel free to discuss. It was in Uzbekistan.

Add two for every threeway, but I’ve never been in one anyway. Never been in an orgy either. Threeway sounds interesting, but how often do you meet two hot women who both want to screw your brains out at once? Basically never.

I don’t like to call them notches, but a lot of men do.

I am at 111, for what it’s worth.

It was all about a huge complex to prove I wasn’t gay. I mean I know I’m not gay, but the complex is I think other people think I am. So the idea was I would try to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record, and then people would quit calling me gay.

It didn’t even work. All they did was start calling me bisexual! Thanks a lot! I finally sort of gave up when I realized that I could have screwed half the women in LA and I wouldn’t change even one mind. Anyway, as far as psychological complexes go, I must say that this has been one of the more fun ones.

Anyway, I am not even at Casanova’s, but that’s just fine. I think I am going to die at 111. It doesn’t look like I will be adding any new ones anytime soon or maybe ever. Oh well, it’s an interesting looking number, and plus it’s been a good ride. I can die happy right this minute.

Most of the women in my age range either look like wild animals, or they have simply given up sex and men altogether or honestly both. The % of women who give up all sex after age 52 is extremely high.

Menopause kills the female sex drive. Period. Of course women lie about this, but then women lie about everything. Women lie and say, “Oh no, menopause doesn’t kill women’s sex drives. It only does it for some women, and for others there is either no affect or it even increases their drive.”

I’ve known six postmenopausal women so far, and three women told me they were done with sex. One who said she wasn’t was not dating and didn’t seem to be interested in starting. The other was very nice, but sorry, I don’t want to date grandma. Another was apparently into it, but she was 67 years old, so I was a bit leery.

In my age bracket, 50% of married women had zero sex last year. Zero! As in none! Zero, sip, nada. And those are the married ones. For the single ones, it’s probably even worse.

For some stupid reason, I went to a meeting of the local Senior Singles up in the mountains. Apparently I am eligible, as you get in if you are over 55.

I figure there was one woman there who was still having sex, and supposedly she was only 54 but sneaking in. And she was making herself really inaccessible to me. All of the rest of the women seemed to have just about zero interest in meeting a man for dating or really for anything. The men didn’t seem to be interested in meeting women for dating or sex either. The guy across from me seemed like he was down, but the women he was hitting on (my aunt) was not interested.

This was a local singles meeting where nobody was trying to pick up on anybody! Nobody was looking for a date. Nobody was looking for sex. Nobody was looking for a relationship. Nobody was looking for anything! It was pretty incredible, but I guess this is it from now on in.

That was the stupidest singles meeting I have ever been to.

And at my age, I am basically an Omega as far as most young women are concerned. They are a very few young women who are into me, but that number is small. I think the % of young women who are into men my age must be vanishingly small. Granted, there are a few young women who are into guys my age, but I figure it’s less than 1%.

And most women in their 30’s and 40’s do not seem to be interested either. I don’t run into many of them, but the ones I do run into seem to be saying, “Get lost.” I think some women my age might be interested in me, but I take one look at them, and I wonder why they are not in a zoo instead of running loose in society. Think of the children! I look at them and I think, “Get away from me! You look like a monster!”

I’ve been doing great with women my whole life, and now it’s a desert, and I’m an Omega. What the Hell, man? What the Hell is going on?


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Prostitution Is Created By Artificial Scarcity

The prostitution market is created by scarcity.

Some capitalist markets are also driven by scarcity. There is obvious scarcity in all capitalist markets.  There is a scarcity of fruits and vegetables because we can’t just go out and pick our own in the wild fields for free; there is a scarcity of IPhones because we can’t make our own smartphones, on and on. However, some capitalist markets are characterized by artificial scarcity.

I believe that the precious gems market is such a market. The whole market is controlled by if not one family (of Jews) than by one ethnic group or extended family if you will (of Jews). The gems are mined by a Jewish family in South Africa, and then the market is run by Orthodox Jews in Belgium and New York. However, my understanding is that they only mine a certain number of diamonds in order to make them quite scarce and that they could easily mine many more diamonds, but that would flood the market and drive down the prices.

There may be some other markets like this but I can’t think of any offhand.

The artificial scarcity that creates the straight prostitution market is one of differential sex drives. Males desire and give out sex much more than females do. Females are dramatically more choosy and less promiscuous than males, and there’s your artificial scarcity right there.

This is why I laugh whenever people insist that men can get sex anytime they want to. Almost all women believe this. This is because women are solipsistic by nature. Women know that any woman can have sex anytime she wants to, so, in their solipsism, women assume that the same must be true for men too because they are so wrapped up in themselves that they cannot imagine life as a man.

To this day, women insist to me that a man can get sex anytime he wants, although they admit that it’s a bit of a hassle. Women often tell me, “Well, all a man has to do is go to a bar, right, and then he can get a woman? I mean if a man goes to a bar, it’s a given that he can find a woman to take home and have sex with her.” Hey, head on over to the Incel sites, and tell them that all they need to do is go to a club or a bar, and they can all get laid that night, guaranteed.

Just going to a bar or a club is no guarantee whatsoever that you can pick up a woman to take home and have sex with. I have been to bars and clubs many times, and at the end of the night, I was driving home alone in my car. And it wasn’t like I was turning down women all night. Quite a few times there weren’t even any to turn down.

The thing is that once sex gets so liberated that any man can go to a bar or club and be guaranteed of free sex that night, there goes the Whore Market. There goes the Sugar Daddy Market. There goes the Kept Woman Market. There goes the Trophy Wife Market. It is in women’s interest to create an artificial shortage of sex in the form of available women. By doing that, like the DeBeers, the female sex can drive up the cost of sex due to supply and demand, provision money and material things from men and incidentally create a massive and lucrative whore market for women.

Every time a woman tells me that any man can just go to a car or club and walk out with free sex for the night, I laugh and tell her that’s not so. “If it were that easy for men to have sex, then why is there is a Whore Market?” And it’s true. In a post-scarcity world of heterosexual sex, there would probably be little or no whore market. Why would there be one at all? If most men could get it for free anytime, why would they spend good money to buy a whore? Makes no sense. Indeed the fact that a vast whore market exists at all is proof positive that, no, men cannot just go out and get some free sex anytime they want to.

But the gay male prostitution market seems to prey not on an artificial scarcity of differential drives and willfulness but more on an artificial scarcity due to age.


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Why Do Women So Often Become Furious and Hateful If a Man Is Interested in them Sexually?

I mean I have a lot of experience with women, but still all through my life, women have flipped when I asked them for their phone numbers or asked them out. They practically acted like they were going to call the police on me. I really do not understand why women need to flip out so much just because some guy finds them attractive and wants to go out with them. Why is it “evil” if he does this?

I mean everyone needs sex, love and sexual companionship. All adults do. It’s a need like eating. Do people flip out when someone goes into a restaurant and orders a burger? No? Well then why do women flip out, go insane and start hating our guts when we merely ask them for their phone numbers?

I don’t get it.


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What Does LUG Stand For?

Stary Wylk: Where I live, near a state university, it’s common for teenage girls to decide that they are lesbians. For a while. Ones I have seen like to make sure you can see them making out.

Then, we have the “lipstick lesbians” who blow guys for free in the parking lots of bars and sometimes become pregnant. Gee! How’d that happen?

RL: Yeah, but all those LUG’s and lipstick “lesbians” were BORN THAT WAY. LOL come on.

You know what LUG means?

EPGAH: No, I hereby ask what it means, fully aware I will probably regret it.

LUG = Lesbian Until Graduation!

See Stary Wylk’s description above.

Apparently those LUG’s were “born that way” too? They were genetically programmed to be straight until college, take four years off to eat pussy to see what it tastes like, then graduate and become strictly dickly once again. Right. My, genes work in funny ways!

Keep in mind that that those LUG’s “were born that way” though, and once they went lez in college, Gay Politics says they were “permanently gay” and “born that way,” and it’s illegal to try to change them. Except they change themselves right after they graduate. Whoops! Better take that theory back to the drawing board!*

Lesbianism and female bisexuality is very hard to understand. A lot of women seem to move all over the sexual landscape. They get married for a while, get divorced, fall in love with a woman and automagically become “lesbians” who were “born that way” and can’t be fixed. If they can’t be fixed, how were they married for many years?

Anne Heche was Ellen DeGeneres’ lesbian girlfriend for years, and during this time she identified as a lesbian, was apparently “born that way” and clearly could not be fixed as our legal code insists. Except she fixed herself by leaving Ellen, falling in love with a man and marrying him, negating both law and gay propaganda in single gesture.

By the way, Heche no longer identifies as a lesbian. So I guess she wasn’t “born that way” after all! And I suppose she could be fixed after all, contrary to law, as she fixed her own self quite easily. I assume a scientific conversion therapy would have been even quicker.

The problem is that there do seem to be real biological lesbians. I have met a couple of them recently, a 13 year old girl and a young woman aged 25. I got to know both of them quite well, especially the girl. Both were very boyish, and one was very good at computers. Both identified as 25-75 on my scale: Maximal homosexual, heterosexual 50% of max. One told me that she identified as lesbian as opposed to bisexual, as she could only fall in love with a woman. Men were just for fun and then you threw them out the door in the morning hopefully never to see them again. Sort of like those cameras that you use once and throw them away. The girl also seemed to be romantically inclined towards females only.

They both told me, “I have always always known I liked girls.” In other words, they have always known that they were lesbians. The early recognition which resembles what biological gay men report along with the very boyish or mannish looks implies that these females may indeed be biological lesbians.

Then we have the LUG’s, the Anne Heches and all of the other Female Sexual Orientation Explorers who seem to wander hither and thither all over the Sexual Orientation Map. It seems labels are not quite for them. These Sexual Explorers and Shape-shifters were clearly not born any particular way, and they most certainly were not “born gay.” Instead, women have more of a tendency to be sexual wanderers, fluidly drifting sexually here, there and everywhere

This lines up with studies in the lab that have shown that female sexuality is “polymorphously perverse,” or infantile if you believe Freud. In other words, females simply get turned on by everything! In the lab, females react sexually at high levels to slides of straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, naked men, naked women and scenes of animals having sex. If experimenters would have shown them pictures of minors aged 7-17 of both sexes, I think they might have even reacted to them a.

Female sexuality is the equivalent of a spray and pray automatic rifle. It simply explodes out into the world reacting to all sorts of things around it, attaching to this object and then that object seemingly randomly and without much foresight, reflection or even care.

Nonetheless, other studies show women reacting mostly heterosexually., Only ~6% of women leaning lesbian and a mere 1% of women are fully gay. However, women do seem to be more bisexual than men. Fully 1/2 of all women have some attraction towards other women, and only 50% are completely straight. Nevertheless most women, like most men, seem to be biologically wired up to be straight, with ~94% of all women leaning straight.


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Conversion Therapy Works for Lesbians

Gay Politics types are aggressively adamant that gays and lesbians  cannot be changed via any type of therapy.

They are actually correct on this at least for gay men, although at least some lesbians can be changed in the lab.

For instance, many lesbians are simply terrified of men and straight sex in a neurotic way. What this has to do with the genesis of their lesbianism is unknown. Nevertheless, in the lab, with modern relaxation techniques and therapies and the use of sex surrogates, this type of lesbian can learn to enjoy heterosexual sex fully and completely as much as any straight woman does. What this means, I do not know, but it seems to imply that at least subset of lesbians can at least be changed to bisexuals in the lab.It is interesting to note that these very same techniques, when used to try to change gay men’s orientation, fail completely and utterly. So gay men and lesbians react differently to conversion therapies in the lab.

Now I have written on this subject, and once they read that I say we can change the sexual orientation of some lesbians in the lab, the Gay Politics types scream, yell, carry on and shower me with abuse. Because it is now apparently a hard science Law that gay men and lesbians cannot be changed one bit therapeutically. In fact, there are many efforts underway to ban all conversion therapies, even though as noted above, certain types of conversion therapies can work.

Gay Politics wants to push this idea that homosexuality is like Islam – once you’re in, you’re in for life and there’s no getting out. Obviously, this cleverly serves to maximize their numbers (as in Islam), which apparently the purpose of this sleazy notion. The idea that some lesbians are changeable fills Gay Politics with rage because it implies that at least some lesbians can leave the fold and go back to men. This decreases the number of gay people, and Gay Politics will not hear of that.

Do you see the clever little game they are playing here?


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What Is It Like To Date Older Women?

Tulio writes:

Hey Robert, do most the older women you date have kids? Are they divorced? Cheating on husbands? Childless? I kinda have a feeling I won’t ever get married, and I’m wondering what things will be like when I’m in my 50s and trying to meet women.

Also, are women’s vaginas looser at 50 than at 25 or are older women just as tight?

I do not mess with married women, as I am not suicidal.

100% of them were divorcees or never married, mostly divorcees who had been married one time. Most had no kids. One had two kids, but I hardly dated her.

The crazy thing is, I have dated some women aged ~50 in the last 10 years who had vaginas so tight I could barely even get in. With some of them, I could not even get in at all without lube.

With one I dated only six months ago, I could go say halfway up her vagina, and then I would hit this sort of “sudden narrowing road” where the vagina would be so narrow that it was basically blocked. So I could only go halfway in, and then I am at what amounts to a roadblock. The only way I could get all the way in was with lube.

With others I could not even get in at all without lube. I even had to lube up my fingers to get in.

Also if they go without sex for a long time, their vagina gets really tight. 10 years ago, I dated a woman aged ~50 who had not had sex in four years, and she was tight as a virgin. Crazy.

Their vaginas were not dry. That’s the the thing. Women’s vaginas do not dry up after menopause, but the oldest woman I have been with lately was 51, so I do not know if they dry up later on. But I had two female friends aged 57 and 62 who told me that they still lubricated. I think women going dry as the Sahara is a myth. As far as I can tell they still lubricate, but not as much, and it takes longer for them to lubricate. Some of them have vaginas that may be dealing with thinning blood vessels. With one ~50 year old woman I was with 10 years ago, my fingers had blood all over them after I fingered her. But then I went and lubed up my fingers and it was all good, no blood.

Women need to go on estrogen for five years after menopause. After that, they need to look into estrogen creams or an estrogen ring that goes up by the cervix. If you keep the estrogen flowing, vaginal atrophy and aging is more or less arrested, and her vagina will stay as youthful as a young woman’s. All of the drying, thinning of the blood vessel walls and atrophy of the vagina after menopause is down to lack of estrogen. If you keep the estrogen flowing, everything keeps moving real well. It’s like putting oil in a car. Estrogen is the oil, and the vagina is the vehicle.

Older women are fantastic fucks. The best fucks out there. They are very, very relaxed about sex, but when you are their age, you will be too. One cool thing about middle age is that everyone really relaxes about sex and could care less about much of anything in the bedroom.

No one cares what goes on or what happens in bed. No one gives a damn anymore. Guys don’t care if they have impotence problems. Women don’t particularly care if you can’t get it, lose it or don’t cum, with some notable and ball-busting exceptions. If it means no sex, then she’s not happy. But you don’t need a penis to give a woman an orgasm. If you have dick issues, you just use your fingers, mouth or knee and get her off instead.

Anyway in middle age, a lot of guys start having at least sporadic dick issues anyway, so it’s seen as an ordinary thing. My urologist told me that 40% of men in their 40’s and 70% of men in their 50’s are impotent, but I do not know what he means by “impotent.” Those are scary figures, but if you make it to age 60 with an intact erection, you can feel proud enough to die happy.

It’s pretty common for a middle aged guy to have sporadic dick issues over a period of time with a woman. In other words, you spend a lot of time in bed with her, and your penis varies from impotent to half-hard/ soft-on/weak erection to full erection. It just sort of goes variably up and down slowly over the hours. But generally you can keep it hard enough at least to get off.

Two years ago at age 56, I had three orgasms in one night over several hours. I kept waking her up for more sex. It was incredible. I am not sure I have even done that as a young man. But I was insanely turned on. So it’s not like you can’t be a sexual athlete anymore either.

Those Viagra pills really come in handy as you age. One problem with aging is something called venous leak that may well get in your 50’s. You can still get it up, but if the penis is not being stimulated all the time, it will slowly go down. So the penis has to be manipulated the whole time to keep it up, and it’s annoying.

Apparently a lot of guys are more or less completely impotent in middle age, with the presence of impotence increasing with age. If you can make it through middle age with a dick that works at least a good part of the time, everyone’s happy. At some point, it seems like a guy who is not impotent is a treasure. I have had women tell me, “All men over 50 are impotent. It’s really sad.” That’s not true, but there’s your competition. A middle aged guy with a working member is considered a good find.

By middle age, women have shed all their inhibitions and frankly the men have too (a lot of men have inhibitions too). You are both relaxed, so you can try all sorts of perverted and kinky stuff you were too uptight to do before. Also older women are dirty as Hell. They are really nasty and kinky. By the time a woman is 50, she has piled up a fair amount of perversions and kinks over the years via secular effect and little else, and most of them are down for just about anything sexual that you want to do with them. Well not anything, but you get the picture.

But even if there’s stuff they don’t want to do, they don’t flip out about it. If you ask them if they want to do some super-kinky sex act that would freak out a lot of people, an older woman just smiles kindly and says in a soft voice, “You know, I have done that before, and it really doesn’t do anything for me. Plus it sort of grosses me out.” But she’s super polite about it. You can ask her to do just about anything sexual, and she will just smile and either do it or politely decline.

Also by the time they are 50, women that age have pretty much done it all sexually. Well not literally done it all, but a lot of them they have done a lot of perverted and kinky stuff. A lot of them have had sex with woman, had sex with two guys at once,things like that. Plus a lot of them have piled up quite a few sex partners. It’s not uncommon for a 50 year old woman to have been with ~50 men over the years.

They’ve seen it all, and they are basically unshockable.

There is none of this outraged, screaming, “You want to do WHAT with me?! You sick, perverted fuck!” threatening to dump you on the spot that you get with a lot of young women.

Plus most of older women are readily orgasmic. Not only that, but most older women are multiple-orgasmic. They can actually have multiple orgasms. A lot of young women cannot do that or can’t even have one with a man at all. If you want to work at it, it is pretty easy to give an older woman 3-4 orgasms a night, and it doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time to do it. A 3-4 orgasm night does not guarantee you a bitch-free next day (nothing does), but I would say that should be enough for maybe 8 bitch-free hours the next day. A few orgasms a night is a different between a woman who is a bitch all the time and one who is a bitch only half the time, which is more tolerable.


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Who Is This Woman?


Mystery woman. You would recognize her 15-20 years ago but maybe not now.

Who is this woman? How old is she? What is she famous for?


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White Male-Asian Female Couples in Australia

This is an old post that ran quite some time ago under the title Letter from Australia. I thought I would repost as we are talking about similar things a lot on here these days.

I received this letter from Savvas Tzionis, a Liberal Race Realist (The movement is spreading!) in Australia. He’s a good, solid progressive person, and he’s one of my favorite commenters.

I don’t agree with all of his post, but I do agree with some of it. Womanless and often aging bachelors in China are indeed going nuts and committing mass murders, possibly because they are not getting any nookie due to China’s one-child policy combined with Chinese discrimination against women resulting in mass abortions of female fetuses. This has created a hug imbalance in the male-female ratio, and there are now many more men than women in China. A similar thing is occurring in India for similar reasons.

I have nothing against Asian women; in fact, I am an Asiaphile, a Rice King or whatever you want to call us.

That’s right. I like to fish for yellowtail. They put up one Hell of a fight, but once you reel them in, they sure look great in the sack. They say we Rice Kings have a fetish, and maybe we do. So what?

I don’t think that White women are being left out in cold, though certainly many of them deserve to be! Perhaps that would discipline them a bit.

I’m not wild about tight pussies either. As an Asiaphile, I’ve had plenty of experience with that, and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I kind of like my pussy loose myself.

One problem with White man-Asian woman thing is kids. Her body is not designed to carry that big White baby. Lot of C-sections!

I’m putting this up here for comment, and hopefully this will stimulate some interesting discussion.

Here in Australia the increase in the number of these White man-Asian woman couplings has in the last 18 months gone through the roof if my perception is of any worth.

I really really hate this.

I feel like going up to the couple and asking the White man if he is worried about his sister finding a man with all the available White men going for Asian women. And likewise, asking the Asian women if her Asian brother is attached.

Because let’s face it, not many White women are going to date Asian men.

For one thing, his doodle won’t be able to do the job! Which these weak White men are getting plenty of. Tight twat!

What are your views? Because of mass migration from East Asia, the numbers are staggering.

This never happened during the Southern European migration period of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

I actually call it the Social Time Bomb. The Asian men are bottling up their rage and will explode. Whether they kill the (Asian) women…or the (White) man I am not sure.


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Game/PUA: What Country Has the Most Beautiful Women?

I would say Thailand. They seem to have more beauties per capita than in any other country. That is, if you like Asian women. They look extremely exotic, even much more exotic than the Japanese, Korean and Chinese women with whom we are most familiar. They are a mix of native Paleomongoloid types with quite a bit of Indian in them that came in quite a while ago. Also very long ago, about 900 years ago, a massive infusion of Chinese flooded into Thailand, contributing a huge part to the gene pool. So they are native Paleomongoloid (maybe Malay type) overlaid with an  old Chinese layer and a rather smaller but still significant Indian layer.

The Indian element is interesting and combined with the Paleomongoloid base, probably contributes to their extreme exotic looks. However, the Indian element should not be ignored. Some Thai women almost look like Caucasians. But if they do, they often look like Indian Caucasoids. They look like a Punjabi or high caste woman for North India, very fair and light but with that Indian phenotype.

Sometimes I think these Thai men were geniuses deliberately breeding their women like livestock, culling the uglies and selectively breeding various strains of beauties to create a variety of total knockout gorgeous strains of women. There can be no other explanation for why they are so hot.

But Thai women are exotic as Hell. Even the total knockouts look very exotic and even a bit odd to a Westerner. Asians in general sort of look like aliens to us, but Thai women look the most alien of them all.  But if Thai women are aliens, then they came from the Planet of the Beautiful Women!


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