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Letter from Chile

Chile is supposed to be the dream state of the radical rightwing economic types that shows how neoliberalism and radical free market capitalism is the best system ever. They point to Chile and cheer about what a supposed success story it is. But I have always felt that Chile blows under this new model. If Chile is a the rightwing free marketeers’ showcase, then what can I say? They can have it. It ain’t no showcase to me. A showcase for what? What the Hell kind of a model is that?

I really enjoyed this letter from a commenter which sums up all of my feelings about Chile and also adds some new problems that I was not aware of. I also liked her writing style!

Isabel writes:

I lived in the States many years before relocating to Santiago in the early 80’s. I’ve lived here 30 years, so I know what it’s like. There is good and bad as everywhere else, and you just have to come to terms. A taxi driver once told me, “La tierra es buena pero la raza es mala”. I love living near the Andes, but Chilean society is screwed up.

For instance, everybody lies because they can’t be authentic — it’s taboo to be authentic here. Chileans are artists at making nice but once they (esp. males) are behind the wheel of a car, they become total A-holes. The driver with a bigger vehicle who is going a lot faster than you are has right of way.

Abusive practices are the norm. If you show assertiveness, watch out – you will have hidden enemies who will be sharpening their knives then gloating over your downfall.

In my opinion Pinochet was Darth Vader all right. The dictatorship ushered in the reign of evil, the untrammeled power of money.

They trumpet about how Chile is less corrupt than any other Latin American country, but this is just because they hide it better, and  the recent scandals are starting to uncover the dirt.

Appearances are everything here: modernity, progress are a smokescreen — look behind or underneath and you’ll find the cowering underclasses and a middle class under siege.

The powerless fight back with ingenious scams and byzantine violent tactics against the wealthy when they are weakest, like attacking women returning from the mall in their Mercedeses and Porsches at their electric gates.

I do fault the elites here for their selfishness, and yes, their stupidity. They refuse to understand that by holding back the progress of the underclasses and refusing to change their 19th century habits and attitudes, they are destroying the future of a beautiful country that could be a genuine beacon… they’re too addicted to the Just-Us mentality of the ex-colonized and white immigrants who’ve turned into internal colonizers, moneyed groups inside their exclusivist enclaves.

The Mapuche Nation is continually at war with the political and economic elites because these have pillaged and landgrabbed the south far worse than the Spaniards ever did. It really is shameful, the lack of conscience and egoism of the supposedly breast-beating devout Catholic wealthy of this country and the hypocrisy and brazen greed of the corporate classes.

The youth are fighting for free quality education, for dignity and respect — they had it under Allende. It’s shocking to see how the militarized police shoot teargas at schoolchildren and their parents, how they beat peacefully marching high school kids with their truncheons, and how the media blame the students for the violence when witnesses see the police themselves go out disguised as rioters.

Pinochet and the oligarchy have not ceased to hate Allende. They got their way, but they’ve been a total failure notwithstanding all the gleaming high-rises (and no thought for the resulting worsened traffic congestion and no provision of sidewalks where pedestrians can walk safely) and the faux macroeconomic growth and lowered poverty rates (while executives earn 500 times more than ordinary workers).

Foreigners agree that Santiago is a hostile city, nothing is done about air pollution, there are growing numbers of homeless, prices vary 50% or 100% depending on whether you live in a poor, unsafe municipality or in a tony one, builders destroy residential neighborhoods with malls and substandard high-rise apartment buildings that fewer and fewer can afford to rent in. Ritzy clinics provide lousy medical care when you do have an emergency.

Many dream of leaving Santiago, but most jobs are here, and services in other regions are under-financed or nonexistent.

I’m not even going to discuss the sorry state of women’s rights and the violence against women.

Something’s gotta give. We need a sea change in mentality. We need to put paid to savage capitalism, i.e., neoliberalism. The foundations of Chilean society laid down by elites with a social conscience and the ethos of service between the 1920’s and the 1960’s have been well-nigh demolished. The military coup was the start of the darkest period ever seen in this country, and we have yet to see how the light will return.


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New Islamic State Videos

This one is from just today, and it shows ISIS engaged in heavy fighting against the Syria Arab Army (SAA) in the east of Homs. Look at all the equipment they must have seized from the SAA.

Warning: There are a lot of dead bodies from the middle of the video on. There is also corpse desecration where two SAA fighters bodies’ are dragged behind a truck.

The next one is from ISIS Afghanistan and is called The Raid of Opening Goodness – Wilāyat Khurāsān. It just came out, but it was shot before mid-October because the mullah who is preaching throughout the video was killed at that time. Wilāyat Khurāsān is the name of the ISIS province that encompasses Afghanistan, part of Iran and Pakistan. This region is historically known as “Khorasan.”

Nangharhar is a far eastern province of the country where Jalalabad is located. At the far end is the Khyber Pass. This area has long been radical. The Taliban had a huge force here, and Yunus Khalis’ group was also headquarted here. Tora Bora is located in the far south of the province, and it is from here that Osama bin Laden made his escape after 9-11.

This area is all Pashtun, and Pashtuns are the backbone of the Taliban insurgency. In fact, you could almost say that the Taliban are an ethnic army of Pashtuns that pursues Pashtun ethnic interests. Although Pashtuns are the largest ethnic group in the country, there are also a number of other ethnic groups in Afghanistan, and ethnic tensions are long-lasting. The Karzai government was also Pashtun, so you can see that the Pashtuns are split between supporting the Taliban and the Afghan government.

The radical nature of the Taliban’s rule was based not so much on Islam as on the conservative norms of rural Pashtun villagers. This is why the girls were thrown out of school and whatnot. The extreme secreting away of women is also related to a part of Pashtun culture, a system of beliefs known as Pashtunwala. The hiding of women is a part of this legal code called purdah. Once a girl reaches 12 years old, she goes into purdah in which she hides herself away from the rest of the community. I believe women stay hidden for the most part even as adults.

Nangharhar is also reportedly the headquarters for ISIS in Afghanistan. In October, ISIS overrun a number of Afghan government bases and checkpoints in Nangharhar.

This video shows the overrunning of an Afghan army base in the desolate terrain of Nangharhar. The base was completely overrun, and all of the defenders were killed. Then all of the equipment was looted. Look at the classic attire of these fighters especially at the end when the mullah is giving his speech. They look exactly like the Taliban. The man with the long robe and scarf to the left wears an outfit remarkably like that worn by Mullah Omar, former head of the Taliban. There are a couple of very young males to the right who look like teenagers with their tousled curly hair. I felt that the Whiteness of some of these fighters was remarkable, and in fact, Afghans in this part of the country are quite White.

Warning: there are a number of dead bodies in this video from about the middle on.

Here is another one called Aspects of the Progress of the Battle in Sinjār Mountain – Wilāyat al-Jazīrah. This part of the far northwestern Iraq and far northeastern Syria near the Syria-Iraq border is also kn own historically as Jazirah, especially the Syrian part. I feel like this fighting probably took place a long time ago when ISIS was overrunning this area and the tragedy of the Yazidis occurred.

There is only one dead body seen in this video.

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Women Are Crazy, Part 34,960

Watch and learn.

The video asks “Why do women love psychopaths?”| and then gives all sorts of reasons why they quite logically do so.

I beg to differ. Why do women love psychopaths, you ask? Because women are nuts, that’s why. Problem solved. Next question?


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“Women Don’t Care about Looks, They Care More about Personality”

How many times have you heard that BS. Let us look at just one image that shows how false that is.

Click to enlarge. Guess what? Looks matter to women. "Creep" usually just means "unattractie guy who shows interest in me."

Click to enlarge. Guess what? Looks matter to women. “Creep” usually just means “unattractive guy who shows interest in me.”


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Muslim Migrants Fueling Rape Epidemic in Germany


I so knew this was going to happen.

A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organizations with first-hand knowledge of the situation.

Many of the rapes are occurring in mixed-gender shelters, where, due to a lack of space, German authorities are forcing thousands of male and female migrants to share the same sleeping areas and restroom facilities.

Conditions for women and girls at some shelters are so perilous that females are being described as “wild game” fighting off Muslim male predators. But many victims, fearing reprisals, are keeping silent, social workers say.

At the same time, growing numbers of German women in towns and cities across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

Wherever Muslims go in Christian Europe, rape is never far behind.


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Male and Female Attractiveness by Age

What men are most attracted to - females age 20-23, and it never changes.

What men are most attracted to – females age 20-24, and it never changes. Until age 43, men only like them from 20-22! Incredible.

Two different dating charts from OK Cupid. The one above is for men and the one below is for women.

Women's chart looks a lot different. Women like men the same age or a little bit older until age 32. After age 32, they prefer them just a bit younger, maybe a year younger. From 40-50, they prefer them a bit younger still, maybe 2-4 years younger.

Women’s chart looks a lot different. Women like men the same age or a little bit older until age 32. After age 32, they prefer them just a bit younger, maybe a year younger. From 40-50, they prefer them a bit younger still, maybe 2-4 years younger.


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The Problem is Not Feminism or Women, It’s That the Women Are All Feminists

A previous post argued that the problem was not feminism, it was women period. I would like to amend that. In societies where most of the women are not feminists, women should not be much of a problem other than that they can be challenging and difficult to deal with and can cause a lot of annoyance and heartache.

But they can also be a lot of fun if you are smart, know what you are doing and know how to handle them and deal with them. If you’re not smart and don’t know how to deal with women or handle them, you might just experience an endless nightmare in dealing with women. Bottom line is women, especially women in a feminist society, need to be “gamed.” That’s how Game came into play in the first place.

I like to say that women are like chess. They are like a difficult board game where you have to think about every move.

I think about everything I say and do around women because they are so sensitive that one sentence can blow up a whole relationship. You really have to be careful to not say things to hurt their feelings because honestly women are always getting their feelings hurt.

I never understood how the “treat em like crap” guys deal with women because the women I have known were all hypersensitive and often took comments to be subtle digs and insults. In fact, they seemed to look around for hidden digs and insults.

I spent a lot of my time apologizing for poor choices of words. The “treat em like crap” guys say never apologize to a woman, but that would never have worked in my case because there were regular mini-crises over things I said, and it seemed if I did not apologize, that just made everything worse and the entire relationship was threatened.

Try to get along with them, and not piss them off or insult them (because they can sniff out hidden insults under 10 feet of snow) and try not to hurt their feelings, and you should be able to get along with them pretty well. And you need to stand up to them and not tolerate any of their crap. You also need to know how to respond to their shit tests, etc. which is easier said than done.

It also helps if you are goodlooking, because women like goodlooking men, and they treat them a lot better than homely men. I feel sorry for homely men.

Women have been telling me that I am goodlooking most of my life, so it is possible that the relative amount of fun, good times and sex I had with a boatload of women may have been more related to that than to me my charming personality which I always chalked it up to.

I regularly meet men who have been treated like dirt by women their entire lives. Some of these men are 40-50 years old. I feel sorry for them, and had I been born with different looks or personality, perhaps I would have had a similarly nightmarish life history with women.

Many women do not want to go to war with us. Some goodhearted women really object to the idea that the feminist projects they support hurt men. They really doesn’t want to hurt men at all. But these women are not really feminists because feminists want revenge, and they either don’t care if they hurt men or not or else they gloat about it. These women are more anti-feminist, and their hearts are in the right place.

So in the West, the problem is that the women are all feminists. The problem isn’t feminism or women, it’s both because in the West, woman = feminist, pretty much.

I would add that a lot of women do not like the puritanical anti-sex garbage that feminism pushes. A lot of women hate sexual harassment crap, and they do not want to remove sex, flirting and asking women out from public spaces because they think that’s what makes public spaces fun – lots of horny men out there!

Anyway, women who like men can deal with horny men after them – they just laugh them off and don’t blame the men for going after them. A lot of women love male attention and the feminist project seems designed to end all male sexual attention towards women in public. Many women who love men and male attention are not going to be happy about that.

Of course, I date older women around 50, so they are not worried about unwanted male attention – rather they like it. But even some young women I know are not too upset by male attention. Some of the young women I have met in the last ten years worked in the sex industry. I met a few who worked in the porn industry. I assure you that these women were not up in arms about men looking at them, coming onto them or asking them out in public, although some said that prolonged stares made them uncomfortable.

A common complaint of women who identify as non-feminists is that feminists are all a bunch of man-hating dykes. Of course there is a lot of truth to that. Feminism is swarming with lesbians, and it’s also shot through and through with man-hatred. It is this aspect that turns many sane women off from it because bottom line is most women do not hate men. In fact they like us or love us.


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Two Ways of Looking at the Alpha – Beta – Omega Spectrum

Let us look at the Alpha – Beta – Omega spectrum. Feminists and leftwingers all insist that this spectrum is pseudo-scientific nonsense, but I assure you that this theory is on solid grounds. Humans are competitive and hierarchical, and there is not much we can do about it.

There are two ways of looking at them, hierarchical and behavioral.

Heirarchical or Statistical

Society is divided into Alphas (15-20%), Betas (60-70%) and Omegas (15-20%). People seem to be able to move around in these categories but these percentages will always stay the same in any society. Y

You can never have a society of 100% Alphas, and you probably can’t have one of 100% Omegas. Women will probably always slice off the top men and monopolize them with sexual attention and priority, and they will probably always lock out the bottom men no matter how these men behave, if only because they are on the bottom. The Betas in the middle will be treated variously by women depending on the society.

Let us say you had a theoretical society where all of the men acted Alpha. An average woman would be approached by easily 10+ very high value men every single day. What’s a girl to do? Go out with all of them? Have a gangbang every day? Not going to happen.

Women being hierarchical-minded creatures, when faced with a society where 100% of the men acted Alpha, women would probably cream off the top 20% of the Alphas (the Super-Alphas) and shower them with sex and attention.

Women would probably slice off the bottom 15% of the Alphas (the Lesser Alphas who are nevertheless quite Alpha in behavior) and ignore or mistreat them as failures and rejects.

And women would probably put the remaining 60-70% of the Alphas (the Ordinary Alphas) into some sort of a Beta category and treat them however Beta men get treated in that society.

It’s probably always going to be this way no matter how men act. Women will always look for the top 20% of the men, slice them off from the rest, designate them Alphas and reward them with sex and attention. Why? Because of this quote:

“Women always want the best.”

-Oscar Wilde

That’s why. Think about it, and you might just agree with me.

The 20-60-20 rule will probably be static in most any society because otherwise you would end up with situations like on the PUA blogs where you have 80% of the retarded men all claiming to be Alphas – in other words, on PUA sites, 80-100% of the men all insist that they are in the top 20%. Can someone explain to me how 80-100% of the men can be in the top 20%?

It would be like Lake Wobegon where everyone is above average. It’s not happening. The insanity of the PUA fraudsters and con artists is that they insist that 100% of men can be in the top 15-20%! Tell me how that is supposed to work.

A Game site called Return of Kings which is full of PUA con artists linked to my critique along these lines, beat around the bush and refused to answer the question just like con artists always do. Nevertheless, the point remains. There are only so many spaces at the top. No more than 15% of the men can be in the top 15%. Think about it! Real hard!

Please do not ever call yourself an Alpha whether you are one or now. It’s gauche, crude, rude and very un-Alpha to ever refer to oneself as an Alpha. Let other people do that for you. Whether you are in the top 15% or not is frankly for others to decide and not you.

You can run around like an idiot screaming, “I am an Alpha!” like these clowns on PUA sites, and it won’t necessarily make you one. It is as if saying you are rich would suddenly mean you can buy a mansion. Your opinion of yourself is irrelevant. Where you end up on that spectrum is for others, particularly women, to decide, not you.


The other way of looking at Alpha – Beta – Omega is behavioral. In this sense, there is Alpha behavior, Beta behavior and Omega behavior.

We all know what Alpha behavior is. The Game sites have gone over it endlessly. There are many definitions of it but I am sure most of you get the picture.

We also have a pretty good idea of what Beta behavior is from multiple descriptions on Game sites.

And Omega behavior where no woman is attracted to you can also be easily envisioned.

I would argue that although no more than 15% of men can actually be Alphas, nevertheless, it is perfectly possible to have societies where all men act Alpha, or act Beta or act Omega for that matter. How men behave can be divided up in all sorts of ways, and it has no limits other than 0-100% (think about it).

In this case, I would argue that most men would probably do better with women if they acted more Alpha. If you want to know what acting Alpha is, go to the Game sites and read up. If you are not acting Alpha now, and if you start incorporating more Alpha behaviors into your personality, you may indeed find that you are doing better with women. I find that I do better with men too when I deliberately try to be Alpha.


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The Problem is Women, Not Just Feminists

Santoculto writes:

Don’t mistake women or female and feminazis. Even they also are being used as puppets but they are, on average, too stupid to realize it.

Yeah, the feminists put all this lunatic laws in, but they are doing so in the name of the women. These are the laws that the women want, let’s face it.

Look, go down the list of all the insane laws that the feminists put in to abuse men and turn us into second class citizens and an oppressed class living under female domination and female supremacy.

Now go find yourself a woman and rattle off all of these insane feminist laws. Every single woman you will ever talk to will always, always, always support every law that benefits women and harms men automatically, reflexively, without even a thought.

I dare you to show me one woman ever, anywhere who opposes these insane laws.

I used to think that the feminists were the problem, not women, but really almost 100% of women are automatically feminists, and the feminists are just putting in the agenda of the women. They are giving the women what they want. The vast majority of women actually want these lunatic laws that abuse us men.

Even though 43% of women are hostile to feminism and refuse to identify as feminists, nevertheless, they will all, all, all, all support every male-abusing law that comes down the pike.

It’s basically war.


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43 or 14?

14 or 43, which one is it?

14 or 43, which one is it?

One of these females is 14 and the other is 43. Which one is 14, and which one is 43?

14 or 43, which will it be?

14 or 43, which will it be?


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