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Male Sexuality Vs. Female Sexuality

In a nutshell.

In a nutshell.

For males: Men will fuck anything.

For females: Hypergamy.



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Nice Guys, Friendzoning and the Redpill View of the Basic Nature of Women

I found this on Quora, and the author is a former commenter on this site who left. This person did write a very good post coming from a rather Redpill manner on Quora. This is still a brilliant fellow with a lot of great insights into human nature. It’s really sad, but almost everything this guy says is straight up true.

Also I do not know if he is an MRA per se, but I believe he is a masculinist, and I think we should form a masculinist movement as counterpart to the feminist movement. We can try to mirror them if we wish. If it’s progressive, hip, groovy, and right-on and hipster for women to advocate for their rights, then we think it ought to neato, right-on, boss, cool, and progressive to advocate for men’s rights. Because we men need our rights just as much as the women need their rights. Women want to advocate for their rights? No problem! Let them. But why should we men not do the same thing?

The Masculinist Movement will make alliances with any sane feminists out there, and I believe there might be a few. In general, women think that “Men’s Rights” means all out war on them. This is zero-sum thinking, and furthermore, it is just wrong. You want and need rights for women, and we want and need rights for men. Neither gender likes being screwed over. If it’s right for them, it’s right for us too.

I recently checked out the resurrected Men’s Liberation Movement on Reddit, and it is a disaster. You are not allowed to attack feminism!

I would instead identify with some of the more radical wings of the Masculinist Movement who broke away early on. Interestingly, some of the most prominent among them were gay men. Gay men have always been an integral part of the Men’s Movement, and we need to welcome them with open arms.

After reading several of these threads about the “Friendzone” and “nice guys”, I’ve come to realize that the discussion universally ignores two very important things:

1) lying


2) age

Within my comments below is the direct answer to the question “Why do girls reject guys who are good to them…”.


Women lie.  Compulsively. They say they want to be treated kindly, with respect, by a nice smart guy who knows how to be a gentleman blah blah blah. But, more often than not, they’re lying. They usually do not respond positively (i.e. with attraction) to kind, respectful treatment from nice smart guys.

They respond positively to bad boys, punks, criminals, sleazy pickup artists, motorcycle gang members, drag-racers, rock band members, trash-talking rappers, jocks, and other guys who they find exciting. They respond to guys who put them on an emotional rollercoaster, up and down.

They often respond positively to guys who abuse them or treat them like shit. Not because they like being treated like shit, *per se*, but because being treated like shit, and then being sexually ravaged, (i.e. ultra-cold, then super-hot), is exciting, thrilling, highly attractive, and emotionally addictive.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that. There’s nothing wrong with liking what you like, and being attracted to what you’re attracted to. What’s wrong is lying about it, which women do all the time. And the lying, understandably, confuses men something awful.

They think that the women are telling them the truth about how they want a nice guy who will treat them with respect, open doors for them, buy nice things for them, and all that. Then, when the guy gives them those things, the woman responds with indifference and “lets just be friends”. WTF?! – says the guy, understandably.

This is where all the crap about “entitlement” comes from. Very few guys actually feel entitled to sexual attraction or engagement, but they are terribly confused about why it is not happening after he takes her at her word and gives her what she says she wants.

And who can blame them? Well, actually, some morons do blame them. There’s a whole lot of man-hating and -shaming going on in this discussion, I’ve noticed, rooted in the failure to see that men’s sometimes-inappropriate reactions are occasioned by women’s chronic lying.

2. Age

What I wrote above about what women positively respond to in a man,  applies largely to women in their prime years, approximately age 18 through 30. Those are the woman’s years of sexual experimentation, of going for all of the most sexually exciting men: mysterious wild bad boys, Alphas and  high-status men (sports stars, rock stars, etc.) at whom all the other women are throwing themselves, and a variety of “interesting” high-testosterone types including slick PUA’s, guys who are perpetually getting in fights or scrapes with the law, guys who are heavy into drugs, etc.

Having sex with a bunch of guys of these genres is very exciting and emotionally riveting. And the “nice guys” are a bore, except as an occasional shoulder to cry on about how terribly the asshole/bad-boy boyfriend is using and abusing them.

However, as the years go by, things change. Our wild ‘n free young woman
hits “the wall” – a moment typically in late 20’s or early 30’s when her looks start to fade rapidly. She is no longer as attractive to the Alphas and bad boys or to men in general. They stop calling her.

As this is happening, she realizes that her fertility clock is ticking, and that the Alphas and bad boys are not going to give her what she wants for the long term like stable marriage, material support, and so on. She begins to look at other men – the men she had rejected and friendzoned before, the “nice guys” – in a different light. These are the guys, she then realizes, that could give her what the men she chased earlier will not.

The only problem is that many of these “nice guys” are now successful, comfortable and confident, and are actually becoming more attractive with age, rather than less. They’ve grown up and become a little less “nice” and a little more manly. They’ve taken care of their health and acquired some style, and some of them morph from nerdy to quite handsome and sexy.

They may not want the older female, often a single mother, overweight and/or with generally deteriorating looks. Instead, they go for that (substantial) fraction of younger women – younger and a whole lot hotter and sexier – who like older successful guys. The “nice guy” who got friendzoned and sexually shut-out in his 20’s, now has the power in his 30’s and 40’s.

Meanwhile, our formerly-young free-spirit female is facing grim options, like say two offers for dates last month – both from unattractive, much older men. “What happened to all the good men?”, she cries. The answer is that they were there all along, and she ignored them, and now they have no interest in her. She may wind up living a barren life, hanging out on personals sites and hoping that some slightly attractive guy will see how awesome she truly is, regardless of her looks. Rots of ruck.

One author, an older “nice guy”, puts it poignantly: “Dear Girls Who Are (Finally) Ready To Date Nice Guys: We Don’t Want You Anymore.”

With the passage of years, things are likely to get better and better for the “nice guy” types and worse and worse for the women who friendzoned and sexually rejected them. Not to mention much worse for many of the bad boy types that they once prized: alcoholism, addiction, disastrous accidents, prison, disease, burnout, etc.

The exception to this is the “nice guy” who can’t get over having been rejected and marginalized – becoming, over the years, embittered and withdrawn. Many in the MGTOW movement are this type. But it is his choice. He could grow up, mature, work on himself, and become much more attractive to women – even young, hot women – than he ever was before.

Some women say that women are “stupid” for going for the bad boys, etc. But that’s not true. They are not stupid; they are emotional, and they love the emotional roller-coaster ride.

For a woman to give sound relationship advice, she needs to be honest with herself and others about the following:

1.Women are hypergamous, they are not naturally monogamous.

2.Women fitness test. Sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously.  With rare exception, they all do it.

3. Women often don’t say what they really mean.

4. Women often speak in partial truths and half truths. A perfect example:  when a woman says she just wants a nice guy who will treat her right, what she really means is “I just want a hot, good looking, confident guy who will be nice to me, commit to me, have sex only with me, and treat me right.” Half the battle would be fought and won if  women would just be clear and honest about this.)

5. All women have a rationalization hamster. I’ve seen girls as young as 10 rationalizing.

6. Women often say one thing and then do the exact opposite  Examples: “I  just want a nice guy who will treat me right” then run off with Harley Biker Badboy; or “I don’t want to get in a serious relationship right now” then a month later, she’s hot and heavy with Dr. Medical Student.)

Part of what is done here is to have honest conversations about these  issues. Feminism and the mainstream media ignores things like female  duplicity, hypergamy, female cheating, women initiating at least 70% of  divorces, etc. and instead falsely blames men for what women and feminism have wrought.

A few women like Susan Walsh get it. Most still don’t, including my mother and every woman I knew until I was 30 years old. I was told to “be nice” and “be yourself”. My father’s sole relationship advice? “Keep your d**k in your pants. If you don’t you’re playing  with fire.”

This is the most useless advice any parents could ever give their son. It condemns a young man to neverending frustration, anger, bitterness and withdrawal. It makes you spin your head in disbelief that the jerks, the thugs and the a$$holes get all the girls. “How can that be? They’re not “nice”. Why do they get all the girls? I was told that I was supposed to be “nice” and I would be swimming in girls. Why is this not happening?”

So then I was told that evidently I must not be “nice” enough and I should be “nicer”. Heh. The frustration is only amplified when he finds out that what everyone told him was absolutely 180 degrees from the truth.


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Why Hating Womanizers Is Preposterous

First of all I want to say that there are two types of players, womanizers, playboys, or polygamous men out there.

You ask most people and they will just say something retarded like all guys like that hate women. And that’s not completely false. Or it’s obvious that they don’t care about women very much because they are so cold and callous. And once again, that would be partly true. But the reason why I think people are morons is that they are half-right most of the time.

But half-right doesn’t cut it. When you are half-right, you have not adequately explained the situation. Further, you are claiming a full truth that is actually more of a half truth. That is a philosophical error. Truths should be the best explanation of the facts, as we see them now, in most cases, most parsimoniously. Few truths will be 100% correct. But when you look for a truth, you look for something that explains the facts better than any other solutions.

If I wanted to know about womanizers, I suppose I would ask my mother, the smartest woman in the whole world. Also her generation is so much wiser than these later generations of women that it’s not even funny. I think feminism with its endless lies has really done a number on modern women to where they can’t think straight and simply do not understand the world.

For the longest time, since I was a teenager, my mother has been telling me her theory about this type of man. She said there are two types.

The first type pretty much hates women or at least acts like it, as they spout a lot of misogyny. Typical advice from these men is that the only way to deal with women is to treat them like shit. Also all women love to be treated like shit anyway. And if you don’t treat them like shit, you won’t be able to deal with them well.

A think a lot of players get cynical about women because they see the good and bad sides of women. A man who has dated say hundreds of women has started to learn quite a bit about the gender, if he had his senses turned on and was taking notes. The problem is that after you date hundreds of women you end up with a lot of experiences, good and bad. You have a whole universe full of some of the greatest experiences on Earth and a whole universe full of some of the most awful experiences you could imagine. They’ve seen women at their best and at their worst. It’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

Also they really understand women. And when you really understand them, you figure out that women are not sugar and spice and everything nice. There is a dark side to women as there is to men, and it’s not pretty at all. It’s ugly as all get out. What probably happened with a lot of these men is that they saw so much female bad behavior and had so many bad experiences with women, that they just don’t think much of women anymore.

About their notion that the only way to deal with women is to treat them like shit, unfortunately, this works because a lot of women are susceptible to abuse. And abuse works. It’s lousy, but it works. These men have grown callous and hardened.

Examples of misogynistic womanizers abound. The world of porn is full of sadistic, often dangerously misogynistic men who like to brutalize women. Male porn stars are always beating up their wives and battering them. Linda Lovelace’s porn husband beat her all the time.

In the PUAsphere, we have Roosh, Heartiste, a lot of the guys at Return of Kings, and Redpill on Reddit as examples of the misogynist type of womanizer. Now why men who hate women that much want to spend so much time around them, I have no idea, but they do.

My mother said there is another type though. This type really, really loves women, as she put it. Most people don’t realize this. Often this type was very close to their mothers, sisters, girl cousins or maybe even aunts. They often hung around girls more than boys at school. In college in beyond, you often saw them socializing with women more than with men. If you ask these men, a lot will tell you that they hate men, and they only like to hang around females.

So there is definitely a type of womanizer who loves women like crazy and can’t get enough of them. Because they love women, women pick up on this, feel comfortable with them and like these men. This makes everything work a whole lot better.

You might be surprised, but guess what? Women really like men who love women. If a man loves women, women can pretty much figure it out via energy flow, mindreading, intuition, etc.

Then my mother said, “They don’t treat them very well, but they do love them.” Most people will tell you that sounds insane on the surface, but actually that explanation works very well, and my experience in life has taught me that that explains the facts perfectly.

They keep doing studies on the dating sites. The 80-20 ratio keeps coming up over and over. Feminists say that the 80-20 ratio is a great big fat lie, but they keep finding it in study after study. For instance in a recent study on a dating site, they somehow ascertained that 80% of the women were chasing only 20% (probably the top 20%) of the men. And 80% of the men were chasing 20% (possibly the bottom 20%) of the women.

A study of STD’s in the Black community found that a lot of the women were being infected by a small group of men, maybe 20%. There were four female patients for every one male patient. 20% of the men were screwing most of the women.

Now on dating sites, the top 20% would probably be the best looking men. It is these men and these men only who most probably are the Alphas. Alpha is a much abused term ,and the feminists say that the whole concept is idiotic and false. But it makes sense. Alpha, Beta and Omega make sense. This is what they mean, roughly.

Alpha: The top 20% of men in looks, etc. These men are attractive to most of the women most of the time. In other words, this is the small group of men who are so hot that just about every woman wants them. That’s all Alpha means. Nothing less. Now why is that a false theory?

Beta: This is the mass of men, and there is nothing wrong with being in this group. Almost all men are in this group. Betas are simply men who are found attractive by some of the women some of the time. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. Why is this a bad theory? What’s wrong with it?

Omega: These are men who are found attractive by almost none of the women almost all of the time. They are totally rejected by women. Why is this concept false? Do we deny that these guys exist?

Also note that on that dating site, 80% of the men were having to chase a small pool of only 20% of the women. So this is where your incels come in. Obviously all of that large number of men cannot get with that 20% of the women. It’s logically impossible, and you have a lot of guys left over or left aside.

However, life for men who are found highly attractive by women can be grand indeed. You would not believe how easy these guys have it.

Bottom line is women and girls are pretty much throwing themselves at these guys all the time, and these guys are supposed to “Just say no.” Well, men don’t do that. Men don’t “just say no.” That’s not in our vocabulary. If women and girls are throwing themselves at these guys all the time, why are they scumbags for going for it? That’s like letting a kid into a candy store, telling him he can take all he wants for free, and then calling him a thief when he does it.

Mostly back when I was younger (best of all in my teens and 20’s), before I turned old and ugly, females just threw themselves at me a lot. I didn’t even approach all that much. I wasn’t chasing females much because there was simply no need to.

They were coming to me instead so all I had to do was sit back and reel in lines when the fish came to bite. There was no need to “prey” on women (and some of these guys do that), especially vulnerable, wounded, weak or easy to fool ones because I never liked to do that anyway as it always seemed so sleazy and also because there was never any need to.

At the time, most of my friends were women and girls, and I spent most of my time hanging around with them because I liked their company and I like women a lot more than I like men, about whom the less said the better. People talk about friendzoning being horrible, but it usually wasn’t for me.

At age 18, it got rather bad because I was just getting friendzoned and it was like “friends with all, lovers with none.” This situation feels very bad, does a number on your self-esteem, and I do not recommend it.

But with me, Friendzoning has been a lot different. For some odd reason, women would only stay friends with me for a while, often a few months, before they would simply try to seduce me. They didn’t seem to be able to be just friends with me. I have no idea why that is, but that’s how it was, and I still cannot be platonic friends with women very long because my female platonic friends try to seduce me to this very day!

Also if you are lucky, your female friends are a great source of new females. My female friends and even relatives were always more or less throwing their friends at me.

“Hey Bob, you know my friend Laura? She says she wants to go out with you. She really likes you, and she wants you to take her out.”

And sometimes I would even get specific instructions from my female friends on what they wanted me to do to their friends. It was:

“Hey Bob, I want you to go out with my friend Sarah, ok? She says she really likes you. She told me to tell you that she wants you to take her out. So you want to go out with her?”


“Well if you do, I really want you to fuck her because she’s never been fucked and I want you to be her first one.

So sometimes my female friends would fix me up with their friends with specific instructions to have sex with them. They would tell me that they were going to check up afterwards and I better follow through on having sex with her friend otherwise they would be very disappointed.

And sometimes I would get a girlfriend(s) and females would see me with new girlfriend and then come up to me and try to get me to cheat on her.

“Hey Bob. Who is Lori? Is that your girlfriend? Are you guys close? Why don’t you go out with me too? Would Lori get mad? Anyway, you should be with me instead. I am a lot better than Lori, she’s no good. I’ll be a better girlfriend than she is. Try me, and you’ll see.”

So even when I got a girlfriend and tried to be monogamous, females would keep coming up to me and tempting me to cheat on her. They knew I had a gf, but they did not even care!

They would say,

“I know Tracy’s your girlfriend, but you should go out with me anyway, Bob.”

“Ha ha ha! You want me to cheat on Tracy? She will not be happy about that, you know!”

“Who cares about Tracy, Bob! She’ll never find out ! Anyway I bet I’m better in bed than she is. You should dump her and go with me instead!”

So when I had a girlfriend, other women would encourage me to be a cheater.

Even when I had a girlfriend, I stayed close to my female friends, who typically could care less that I had a girlfriend now because they kept trying to fix me up with all their friends!

I would say,

“But what about Rhonda? I am supposed to cheat on Rhonda with your friend Joan. She will kill me if she finds out.”

“Who cares about your girlfriend! Hell with her! She will never find out anyway. Here, go out with Joan, she told me she wants to go out with you. Joan’s better looking anyway. Rhonda’s cute, but she’s not as cute as Joan. And Rhonda’s a bitch! I hate the way she treats you. Joan will treat you way better. She hates Rhonda too.”

So my very own female friends were always encouraging me to cheat too.

I could go on and on here, but you get the picture. For a lot of these guys it is absurd to hate them. They have females after them all the time, and they are simply taking them up on their offers. These guys are evil users, predators, criminals, scum, etc, why? Because they refuse to “Just say no?” But why should they just say no? Most men won’t do that.

It is like if people were walking up to you handing out $100 bills all the time and saying,

“Here you want this? I think you are a really cool guy, so I am going to give you this $100 right now.”

Well you take the bills most of the time, right? ”

“Hey, thanks for the $100 man, you sure are nice.”

Then the people who gave you the bills would yell at you for taking them.

“You bastard! You just took that $100 from me. You are a user! You used me for $100! You ripped me off! You’re a criminal! You’re preyed on me! You’re a predator!”

You would say,

“You want it back?”

They would say,

“Nope! Keep the $100! But you are an evil man for taking it! You’re a predator scum! You used me like an object! You should have been a good person and just said no! You realize you are hurting people by taking those $100’s? You hurt so many people!”

You would say,

“LOL how do I hurt people by taking free $100’s? You guys are idiots LOL!”

He would say,

“Because reasons bla bla bla!”

Well you would just laugh and say,

“Screw you idiots! I am going to keep on taking $100’s, you lunatics! You give me $100’s for free and then you yell at me for taking them and say I should have just said no ! Haha! How stupid you are!  I don’t care if it ‘hurts people’ LOL! Who cares! Just give me your $100’s people! About those people I hurt by taking the money, hey I promise I will pray to Jesus for them!”


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Biggest Lie Ever Told – “No Means No”


Truth be told, generally if they say no, I just lay off.

However, sometimes they got me all worked up, let me feel their pussies, made out with me really heavily, rubbed my ass with their hands, let me pull up their tops and feel their tits, and played all sorts of weird games which usually involved “accidentally grabbing my cock”.

Women do this last one a lot –  it’s happened to me more than once – especially young women about age 20-23 – they “accidentally” throw things or put things down right on top of your dick when you are clothed, and they have to “go recover the object” from your crotch. Nothing sexual implied of course! If you imply something sexual just occurred merely because she’s fishing around in your crotch area for no coherent reason, you’re a creep, a rapist, a sexual harasser and a predator! Rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape. Watch out for teh rape!

Anyway, when they get me all worked up like and then try to weasel out of the bone when it comes down to it – this is known as Last Minute Resistance in PUA lingo, and it is as common as dirt – that tends to make me really mad. I either argue with them or more or less try to talk them into it via an argument, which I suppose is verbal coercion:

Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!
Her: No!
Me: Yes!

You’re basically cajoling her into bed, which is 100% acceptable, though it’s not optimal. Eventually you just wear down her resistance via argumentation, and she just caves and gives in and usually likes it.

But hey guys, don’t take this advice at all. After all, I am encouraging you to ape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape.

There was one time this total knockout babe got me all worked up, I got back to my place, I had her on the couch with her top up and I was feeling her tits (sexual assault for not asking permission). We had been at a rock and roll club watching a band.

She had been making out with me like crazy and playing “accidentally” drop objects on my dick most of the night. Then she followed me into my house at 2 AM, went into my bedroom, sat on the couch with me and let me feel her tits. Of course that’s not suggestive behavior or anything like that! To assume that would be rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape.

Anyway I was feeling her tits, and she says in this extremely wimpy, utterly unconvincing, little girl voice, “Please let me go home.” If she would have said it forcefully and gotten mad maybe I would have caved, but she was so submissive and wimpy that it didn’t sound convincing.

I got mad and I said, “No way! You’re staying right here, dammit!”

Ok supposedly that is “false imprisonment” or something, which might mean rRape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape, but as the cops say, she was “free to leave” at any time. I wasn’t going to stop her.

Well we went on and on about this for a while, and finally I just gave up.

I said, “Look baby. If you don’t want to fuck, that’s fine. I will just sleep on the couch here, ok? You can have the bed. See you in the morning.” I turned away and pretended to go to sleep. In less than a minute she was calling from the bed in that little girl voice, “Come to the bed…”

This is actually a very good tactic. When they pull this Last minute defense crap, a lot of times it’s best just to call them on it, “Oh ok? You don’t want to have sex?” (Guess what, she really does) “Well then I will just go sleep over here, you can have my bed and see ya in the morning, and then just totally ignore her. I have done this a few more times. Sometimes I even went into another room to go sleep on a couch. Pretty much 100% guarantee that if you do that, not too long afterwards she is going to go find you and tell you to come to the bed. I am not sure what sort of lunatic female psychology is going on here or how this works, but it actually does.

There have been some other times. One time I picked up this woman at a rock and roll club. I walked in the club and within 2 minutes, I picked up a woman. She came up to me as soon as I walked in and asked me to buy her a drink. I bought her a drink, put my arm around here just like that (sexual assault for not asking permission), and then it was on. We took off at one point to buy more booze and at one point, I had her in my car and I was rubbing her pussy while I was driving.

Later after the concert, for some reason she tried to weasel out of the dicking and said she was going home with her friends (Last Minute Resistance). I said, “Hell no you aren’t! You’re going home with me!” She smiled and said, “Says who?” I said, “Says me!” I forget what happened afterwards, but at some point she said, “Ok let’s arm wrestle.” We arm wrestled and of course I destroyed her. She started laughing and said, “Ok you win.” I guess this is coercion?

As I was speeding down the 5 Freeway at 3 AM with the lights still glowing in a few offices in Downtown LA, she lunged over, yanked down my pants like a madwoman and started sucking my cock while I sped along the freeway. And there our story ends.

Bottom line: Guess what? No doesn’t always mean no! What does it mean then? Who knows? When a woman says, “No,” it could mean:

“I have no idea.”
“I can’t make up my mind – you make it up for me.”

If they sound angry, forceful and convincing, then it really does mean no, and  you need to stop. I generally quit if she’s that forceful. I did it even recently, a few years ago. The next day she more or less thanked me for not raping her!

“Thank you for being respectful,” she said.
“Well, you know. I’m just not a rapist. I don’t do that.”
“Yes and I respect you for that. Thank you again.”

I haven’t the faintest idea what to do when a woman says no to sex. Bottom line is you have to try to figure out if she really means it or not, and if she doesn’t mean it, you just carry on, argue with her, get forceful, or do the “Oh you don’t want sex? Fine no problem! I will just sleep on the couch then! Night night!” which seems to work very well for some odd reason.

I don’t advocate being a rapist or even a date rapist. But still no doesn’t always mean no. The matter is tricky as Hell and there’s almost no good advice to give except you have to figure out what’s really going on and then act smart and try not actually legally rape her.


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Should Men Ever Hit Women?

I say we smack them if they attack us first with punches, kicks, spitting in your face, throwing water in your face. I don’t know about throwing objects. No women ever threw an object at me. I understand modern women throw objects around like Major League ballplayers these days though. I guess that’s what being “liberated” is all about. Now you get to act like a psycho, baby!

I’ve never hit one who didn’t physically assault me first. I guess I could hit a woman who just provoked me by words or behavior, but I never have. I definitely feel like killing them sometimes when they do that, but I don’t actually do much, and it depends on what they say or do. A lot of times I start cussing them out when they get evil on me. If a woman bitches me out real ugly, I just swear at her. I never attack anyone’s Achilles Heels when I fight with them, and actually I seldomr even get personal because that seems like dirty fighting. That’s a bitch way to fight, women fight dirty. If you fight dirty, you’re fighting like a bitch, like a little bitch. I am a man, and I feel that you should fight honorably. And that means not getting personal and pushing people’s buttons. Every now and then I push a woman’s buttons if I am really furious at her, but I don’t feel good about that and I should quit because that is a moral failing and it lowers me down to other’s level where I should be above them.

I especially like to call names. I call them every name in the book. Especially cunt. That’s my favorite because it pisses them off more than anything. They go absolutely stark raving bonkers furious nuts when you use that word on them, so it’s a cool weapon. I will say though that it usually doesn’t seem to work well. There may be some good longterm effects from going to war with them real crazy like that, but in the short-term it just escalates the battle. Where it was a battle, now it’s all out war, and it’s all because I started calling names. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but calling names is not a way to end a fight. All it does it make a small fight bigger.

I suppose I could hit a woman just on verbal or behavioral provocation, but I never have. Have I felt like hitting women based on outrageous verbal or behavioral provocation. Oh Hell yeah. You would keel over if I told you some of the provocative stuff women have done to me over the years. Sometimes I think they were daring me to hit them.

I think hitting a woman who has not attacked you first is a pretty low descent. I am not saying they don’t deserve it. I read about the way modern women act these days, and I think, “God-damn, these bitches need to be knocked across a room for that.” But then I never do it. I just think it. Actually I wish more of these modern women did get hit when they acted absolutely outrageous in the most insanely provocative way trying to push people 100 miles past their limits.

They’re pretty much trying to get you to hit them at that point. Probably other men should do the hitting though and not me. I will just stand on the sidelines and cheer on the rounds. Part of me fantasizes that if we started knocking them around a bit when they do what I call “trying to get murdered,” maybe these modern women would get scared, and the behavior would decrease.

But I doubt it.

Modern women don’t have any of the wisdom that the women of my mother’s generation did. None of it. Not 1%. I never thought I would have so much respect for that generation of women until I starting meeting way too many women in my own cohort, and I started realizing how much better the WW2 Generation women were.

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Q: What do you call scores of women of all sorts of ages, from 20’s to 70’s, wandering around the world, probably mostly the US, who completely, absolutely and totally hate your guts worse than you’ve ever been hated, or at the very least seek to avoid contact with at all costs?

A: Oh that’s easy. Those things are called exes. What a dumb question.

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Ever Hit a Woman?

Note: The use of the word “bitch” has come under criticism. I do not like to use the word bitch to describe women in general. That is so misogynistic. What would you think of a woman who called all men “bastards” or “scumbags?” Well then we shouldn’t call all women bitches as a lot of these redpillers, MRA’s and PUA’s are doing. You’d call her a man-hater, and you wouldn’t like her one bit, would you? If we don’t like man-hating bitches then we shouldn’t act like misogynistic assholes. Right? We should not support that level of misogyny. It’s just wrong.

The women in the posts below are called bitches because they assaulted me physically. And I didn’t do a whole lot to provoke them other than maybe call names, and I only called names because they wouldn’t quit bitching me out. So they initiated physical violence against me every time.They were never fighting back against an abusive man, because I am not a domestic abuser. Yeah I’ll hit you. If you hit me first! Other than that, forget it.

Any woman initiates physical violence against me is a bitch, period. She’s a bitch at the time she did that. Now is she a bitch period? Well I don’t know. That depends. To be most fair, I would say she’s a bitch at the very time she hits you, but she’s not necessarily a bitch the rest of the time as long as she’s not hitting you.

But are women who assault men non-defensively bitches? At the time of the assault, yes they are.

There may be some exceptions. If you have pushed her past her limits on purpose, she might have an argument for assaulting you. And in the cases of longterm physical abuse in which the women killed their assaulters, I supported the women because that’s pretty much hitting back, and I always support hitting people back.

There, now I hope that is cleared up now.

I’ve hit some women, and they all richly deserved it, but every single time they either hit me, slapped me, spit in my face, or threw water at me at a dinner table. All of the women who hit me or threw water at me got punched immediately, and they all deserved it. If you throw water in my face, I will knock you across the room. Most of them didn’t get hurt when I hit them though. I am not sure why that is. There’s a possibility that I am such a damn pussy that my full-force punches don’t even hurt. Actually I have been told this a number of times.

One bitch hit me in an airport waiting room, and I didn’t even hit her back. I forget the details, but we were moving quickly around the waiting room, and she was swinging at me and kicking at me the whole time. Most people were shocked, but this old Black guy started tittering and laughing, and I thought that was cool of him to find humor in this situation because it was so actually pretty damn funny.

Finally I got sick and tired of being chased around the waiting room by the bitch, so I just BOOM I punched the bitch in the face as hard as I could, mostly just to stop her attacks. She got a bloody lip which she deserved, and it was a big huge scene. She kept trying to call the police to have me arrested on the feminists’ lunatic domestic violence laws (See why I hate feminists now?), but other people calmed her down. The one who threw water in my face and got pounded tried to call the police too, but others stopped her.

Once a bitch tried to hit me and spit in my face many times over a short period one night. I blocked most of the punches and most of the spit, but I did smack her good and hard in the shoulder when it first started, and once when I was blocking his spitting, I accidentally smacked her the bitch around the eye. She threatened to call the cops and have me arrested for the shoulder punch and the spit blocked eye shot, but she didn’t follow through.

Over the years, I have had bitches hit or try to hit me, spit in my face, kick me, or throw water in my face maybe 400 times. I only hit back 8 times.I hit back 8 times, and refused to hit back and just blocked hits 392 times. So I  blocked their attacks 98% of the time, and 2% of the time, I either punched them or pushed them down on the ground.

So as you can see, I am not really a violent person at all. Even when attacked, I almost always block the attack and don’t fight back.


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Warning NSFW! Girlfriend Cheated on Man with 12 Black Men

Tl/DR version. Girlfriend cheated on him with maybe 12 different Black guys in a short period of time. She hid it from boyfriend, who later found out when pics got leaked to social media. Boyfriend freaked out and started threatening all the Black guys.

Ok, you’re the guy. What are your thoughts? List them by numbers.

  1. You go, girl! Girl power! Male feminism is all about female empowerment. I need to check my male privilege!
  2. You whore!
  3. I’m going to kill this bitch. She deserves it anyway.
  4. I’m a moron for not dumping this cheating ho who cucked me like this.
  5. She’s a modern young White woman. Of course she’s a whore! What else could she be? Why are you guys shocked? I should treasure her.
  6. I am going to go and beat up or kill all of those Black guys.
This got a lot of airplay in the Manosphere, Game and Redpill zones.

This got a lot of airplay in the Manosphere, Game and Redpill zones.


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Do Angels Really Exist?

Of they do!

Why do we even debate silly subjects like this? Science proved these things are real long ago.

In fact, here is a video of one who actually captured singing a song of all things. Isn’t that incredible?

Good God, she is beautiful, man.


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Asian Woman Ratings Chart

All right all you rice kings out there with yellow fever, this is the chart you have all been waiting for. It rates 7 different types of Asian cuties on a variety of important factors such as attractiveness, horniness, sweetness, sex skills, cleanliness, etc. Japanese, Chinese, Pinays, Khmers, Indonesians, Thais and Vietnamese woman all rated. Make sure to keep this chart handy so you can pick the Asian cutie who’s best for you.

Chart rating Asian cuties on various factors. Handy for rice kings everywhere.

Chart rating Asian cuties on various factors. Handy for rice kings everywhere.


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