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Who Is This Woman?


Who is this woman?

This woman has recently died. She is famous or rather infamous mostly for a single incident that occurred some time ago. Who else was involved in the incident? She is also famous for publishing a famous document or text? What is name of the document? What is it about? In what academic field is it most famous? Not many people know what happened to her afterwards, but I do. Do any of your know what happened to her in the last 10-20 years of her life?


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Yet Another Gay Lobby Lie: Gays (or Gay Teens) Have Very High Suicide Rates Compared to Straights

RL: I work in mental health, and I have to diagnose people a lot, or at least offer my opinion of a diagnosis as I cannot give out legal DSM diagnoses . I even have to do differential diagnosis constantly where I have to figure out which of two diagnoses a person has. Believe me, these cases can be very confusing.

Magneto: In your opinion, is being transgender a mental illness? I mean, I am aware of the statistics that gays/trans people have a far higher suicide rate than heterosexuals, which would seem to suggest that it is a mental disorder.

Gay men and lesbians in fact do not have a higher suicide rate than heterosexuals. This even applies to gay teens, the ones they scream about suicide risk all the time about. The Gay Lobby has been lying about this one forever now. It’s another one of their lies. It’s not even true.

What is true that at least gay men have a higher rate of attempted suicide than straight men. Lesbians may be similar. This is particularly true in the case of gay teens. If gay men act like women, we would expect to see this, as women have extremely high rates of attempted suicide but the completed rate is much lower. So while women try to kill themselves a lot more, more men actually do it. You know, we men like to get stuff done. We don’t like to mess around or beat around the bush about things.

Partly this is down to method. Women tend to use pills, and men tend to use  guns and ropes. Guns in particularly are quite lethal. Only rarely does a gun suicide fail. However, pills are an inefficient way to commit suicide, as they often do not work.

My own father tried to kill himself with pills and failed. Four of my ex-girlfriends tried to do it, and all failed, although one almost succeeded. Not long ago, I was dating three women at once, and all of them had attempted suicide recently. Two of them did it right under my nose so to speak.

In women, this is often a histrionic gesture, a cry for help, or a desire to get any sort of attention, even negative attention. Suicidal women are a lot more ambivalent than suicidal men. So, assuming gay men are like women, then an elevated attempted suicide rate without an elevated completed rate would make sense.

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Borderline Personality Disorder: A Brief Overview

Stealth writes:

I guess that’s what you call it when someone experiences emotions more intensely than usual?

To put it mildly.

It is worse than that. Borderlines are trainwrecks. Human trainwrecks. And as if that were not bad enough, many of them are simply doing it on purpose. Why? Because they like to. They like to be crazy. They enjoy it. It’s fun. It’s fun to be nuts, to go in and out of the hospital, to attempt suicide over and over, to ruin your own life and that of everyone else around you. They’re doing what they want to do. This is how they want to live their lives.

A typical day for a Borderline is a maelstrom of intense emotionality, with strong states of anxiety, depression, rage, depression, etc. alternating throughout the day, often via rapid shifts even within the hour. They are up, down, and all around and all over the place at once. The hallmark symptom of the Borderline is rage. That is why Borderlines are Human Tornadoes and most sane people try to stay clear of them. They enjoy this rage and guard it zealously.

Most Borderlines are only capable of being good for a short period of time. With one Borderline I knew, I would calculate how long she was capable of being good. Towards the end, it was down to about 8 hours. She simply could not be good beyond 8 hours. She would fall apart and start acting bad again. Another Borderline I stayed with for a while was only capable of being good for 12 hours before she would start acting bad again. She would be a monster for the first half of the day, and then turn reasonable in the second half of the day.

When I say acting bad, this is what I mean. Borderlines “act bad” in the same way that 2 year old’s do. In fact, my opinion is that Borderlines are permanently 2 years old. If the world of the narcissist can be summed up by, “And now we are six…” the Borderline will be forever a 2 year old. They honestly stopped growing right around that time.

The worst Borderlines look to me like a human shaped like a drinking glass. Picture a human being as a drinking glass. In the case of the Borderline, someone dropped the glass on the floor and it’s now shattered into 100 or 1,000 pieces. I have worked with Borderlines who seemed about that shattered. The feeling one gets is you look upwards, circle your eyes round a few times, and say, “Where do I begin?” That’s the problem with the Borderline. The glass in on the floor, broken. There are 100-1,000 pieces on the ground. The clinician looks at the mess and throws up his hands because he can’t begin to figure out how to put this human being back together again.

The worst Borderlines have split so badly that they have developed what appear to be different personalities. I have known two Borderline women who seemed to have multiple personalities. I do not think this is true Multiple Personality Disorder, the existence of which is uncertain anyway, but it would look a lot like it to anyone who is not a clinician.

You can actually see the different personalities come out to play and watch as they take over the person. The personalities come and go as the Borderline moves in and out of them, oblivious. A relationship with a Borderline is a case of “Who is home today?” You never really know who is home. You never know what sort of a mood they will be in. They are unpredictable, worse than the weather.

Certainly Borderlines are in a tremendous amount of pain. On this basis, they deserve our sympathy. The problem is that it is hard to feel sympathy for Borderlines because most of them behave horrifically. The Borderline is always right. You are always wrong. The Borderline attacks you all day long when you have done nothing at all. This is called, “Fighting back.”

Borderlines are always picking fights, but they can’t see it so they see themselves as always “fighting back.” Their victims “started it,” except that they didn’t. The Borderline’s aggression is “self-defense and fighting back” even when the victim has done nothing wrong. You cannot retaliate against a Borderline. If a Borderline attacks you 500 times and you fight back on the 501st time, that is called “aggression.”

Any sort of fighting back by the victim is reason for extreme escalation, and the Borderline then starts “firing nuclear weapons.” Borderlines are extremely observant and one very interesting thing about them is that they will be able to figure you out very well, probably better than most people have ever figured you out in their lives.

They can’t figure themselves out, but Borderlines are brilliant at understanding others. Unfortunately, they do nothing good with this and only use this soul-mining information to create databases of all of your sore points, weaknesses and Achilles Heels. The create Oracle databases out of your weak spots and any time you try to fight back against them, they start shooting nuclear weapons at your rawest nerves.

As you can imagine, this behavior is infuriating. Most of us spend most of our lives dealing with folks who may be difficult at times but in general are not infuriating. Borderlines are infuriating. They are enraging. They “try to push you to your limits.” My own view that what Borderlines are doing is called, “Trying to get murdered.” It would not surprise me if a lot of battered and murdered women were Borderlines. Victims are not always as innocent as they seem. A lot of victims of violence are actually “asking for it” and I have little sympathy for such intrepid and heedless folks. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Borderlines are often suicidal. The Borderlines that I have worked with typically had racked up 8-13 suicide attempts by age ~30. Obviously, most of these are melodramatic cries for help and attention and are not serious. Borderlines often cycle in and out of the hospital. They are often in therapy, but often little gets done there other than infuriating the therapist.

There is some evidence that some folks can sort of graduate out of Borderline behavior. There are some women who get to this point at about age 40. I am not sure how healthy they are, but they do not have BPD anymore. BPD is hard to treat because the person is so shattered, everything is everyone else’s fault, and honestly, most of them really don’t want to get better.

Oh, one more thing. Almost all Borderlines – 80% – are females. Many male Borderlines are gay or bisexual, as Borderline can simply be seen as the Female Principle run amok. Male Borderlines are very bad. They are much worse than the females. They are often violent and many can be found in jails and prisons. It is hard to believe that anyone could act worse than a female Borderline, but male Borderlines accomplish this.

If you have a Borderline woman in your life, get her out of your world. Now. Not now, yesterday. Just do it.

With the onset of feminism and the unleashing and feralization of Western females, BPD has exploded. Fully 8% of US females are BPD’s. That number has been growing in recent years. I have spoken to my mother about her generation, and while women have always been nutty, there is no way that 8% of women were BPD’s in my Mom’s generation. In contrast, most women were rather sedate and controlled as being a “crazy woman” was seen as very shameful, at least in my mother’s circle. The “crazy women” in the family, friend circle or neighborhood were whispered about in hushed tones while the others shook their heads.

It is clear to me that increasing numbers of women in the US are mentally ill. This has coincided with the modern era and in particular with feminism. My conclusion is that there is something about feminism and the modern world that is making women crazy.

There is much more to say about Borderlines, but I will just leave it at this for now.


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What Was So Bad about the 1950’s?

Was the West pre-1960`s not fucked up?

From the stories I have heard from older people. They were even more fucked up then the PC culture we have right now.

Don`t work on sundays, you will suffer in hell forever. Because God loves you.

Well up to a point agree with you. Because these idiots ruled the world.
It`s only a matter of time and not having a climate/oil/nuclear apocalypse
before the rationalist Chinese will take over.

I lived in the 1950’s.

I cannot think of one family who believed in not working on Sundays. I grew up in a White suburb and any sort of store was always open on Sunday. That was not a very religious city. Nobody talked much about religion when I was growing up. Hell was rarely mentioned if at all. Yes, we went to Sunday School, but it was a very secular affair. No one talked much about God either. You didn’t hear “God loves you,” very often. In fact, in my city, people who went on like that were called “Jesus freaks” and “religious nuts/kooks.” Nobody much liked them.

There was no Black slavery. Nobody knew anything about religious oppression, though there was quite a stir when Kennedy ran for President. A lot of people thought a Catholic could not be elected President, but he won. People were not very wild at all then. It was a very conforming era. You would never see a female stranger going off on a male stranger in public. It just never happened. Women deferred to men. Of course women were as bitchy and insane as they have ever been, but even that was toned down a lot because it was considered dishonorable to be a “crazy woman,” so even in the home, women did not act out very much. You never saw a woman going off in public, ever. And women did not attack men. Never.

Let me give you an example. I constantly hear from men about how their gf’s and wives assault them. Yes they physically attack them. I have had gf’s attack me too. Back then, before the 1950’s, this hardly ever happened. For the women in my Mom’s social circle, it would be considered deeply shameful to strike your husband. It was just not done. That was what trashy, low class and non-White women did. A proper middle class White woman never did such a thing.

Look around you at the women you know. Notice how many of them are insane and exhibit symptoms that resemble Borderline Personality Disorder? Notice how many are suicidal or attempting suicide? Although of course women have always had a tendency to be crazy, back in that era, it was considered very shameful to be a crazy woman so women mostly kept their nuttiness to themselves. For instance, there was one woman in my Mom’s circle who was a well-known nutcase, Borderline Personality Disorder. Nowadays she would not even be abnormal. She would be considered a perfectly normal woman. This woman was utterly despised by all the women in her circle as a “crazy woman” who “attacked and belittled men,” and “could not control herself.” The man she belittled was her husband. My Mom’s circle thought is was disgusting and sickening for a woman to beat up on and pussy whip her husband like that. That was the mark of a deplorable woman.

So you see, all of these things are now completely normal and nobody bats an eye. What would be consider batshit nuts and grounds for scandal and shunning 55 years ago is now known as “normal female behavior.” In other words, feminism has decided that is not normal and healthy for women to act insane, violent and evil.


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The Enigma of Female Pain Freaks

Sam writes:

“RL: …demanding that I shit in her mouth…”

Sam: I don’t understand this at all. I have no clue. Blank. How this can in any way be pleasurable I can not fathom. The only thing I can think of is the girl is mentally ill and wants to be abused. Why girls want this, I don’t know. It may be possible that it’s a remnant from the ancient past. When villages were attacked in cave man times the Men were all killed. It would make sense that only the Women who could become completely submissive could survive. Any trouble and they were killed. So maybe a psychological defense for abuse survived in those Women whose relatives were all killed but them.

She definitely was into being abused. That was what she was all about. She wanted me to do all sorts of crazy and kinky things to her which you folks really do not need to know about. I agreed to most of them. I take requests you know. I played the role she wanted me to play like an actor in movie playing a character. I wasn’t taking it seriously. It was like a great big game, which is all sex is to me anyway.

Except I won’t shit in a chick’s mouth. Not yet anyway. I hope I am strong enough to never do that. Personally, I do not think any self-respecting man should ever do anything like that to any woman ever, for any reason.

A man who does that – I don’t want to call him a loser. He’s disreputable. Sinking. He’s turned himself into whale shit, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean. Something essential inside of him has died.

I think if I ever did an awful act like that, I fear that a very important part of me might die, perhaps that last Gnostic flickering dim light of humanism left in my corroded heart, the flickering match among the ruins, might wink out one last time, I would go black, blank and lost, and the night would last forever.

If I ever descend so low as to do something like that, honestly I hope I just kill myself. Seriously. Because then I would be a monster, and ghouls must not walk among men.

A man should retain some dignity in life if only so he can sleep well at night, and I sleep very well, thank you.

I have to look at myself in the mirror too, you know.

I won’t go into details, but a few times I violated my own moral code so badly that I couldn’t look in the mirror for a dozen weeks afterwards. Every time I looked at that glass I saw this ugly monster glaring back at me, and I would swell up with bubbling rage, so badly did I want to kill that man in the glass. It was all I could do to keep from actually hitting the glass.

I was also suicidal. On those same few occasions when I have morally abased myself by my own standards, I wanted to die for weeks afterwards. Just to it. Get it over with, dammit. Smash the mirror, kill the ugly mirror-man hiding in the glass, then off the trembling sack of bones while you are at it for a double play and a home run at the same time.

Adhering to a moral code is important for my self-esteem, and I doubt if I am the only one. It is so much easier to like yourself if you think you are basically a good person.

And it might be nice to get to ~80 without looking back on your life, wincing, cringing and plunging your head into your cupped hands.

Back to the crazy girl. After that scene, we did some really perverted, kinky, twisted and crazy stuff at her request, and I got into it a bit, but it was more stage acting than mining a part of myself.

Yes, she was full-on submissive, into being abused. She told me that she wanted to be some sort of a submissive sex slave for a dominant master, preferably a great big mean Black guy.

The sex scene continued off down the hallway and into the bathroom – you will have to use your imagination here. In the bathroom, knees on the floor, hysterical with crazed lust, she suddenly blurted out, “I want to be branded!”

Branded! Huh? Yeah that’s right. She wanted to be branded with a hot branding iron like a cow. Nuts. What kind of a human wants to be branded like a cow with a hot metal branding iron? I don’t get it.

I do not think I could brand a woman. That is too over the edge. Once a man starts branding women with hot irons, he should check himself into the nearest prison to protect society from his own black heart. Monsters and men must walk apart.

I can’t inflict much pain on women during sex, even when they are masochistic and actually request it. It doesn’t do anything for me, and it feels weird to be making another human suffer physical pain like that. You’re actually torturing another human being you know.

I had this girlfriend once who was a masochistic submissive, totally into pain. She was also the world’s biggest fag hag, and she had this whole circle of twisted gay male masochistic pain freak friends. She would regale me with stories of her gay best friends. Making an inch or two with her fingers, she would recount, mesmerized, “He’s not satisfied until the welts are this big!” Her eyes would go huge and wild, and she would circle her head around when she recounted these tales, staring straight ahead with a frozen hypnotized deer in the headlights expression.

I would shake my head, act disgusted and say, “Quit talking about your crazy fag friends. These guys are sick fuck fags, and hearing about them makes me want to puke!”

This crazy woman wanted me to squeeze her nipples during sex. Hard. Real hard. I mean real hard! Then she would writhe and collapse onto her stomach, moaning in pain, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I would look up dazed and shake my head around, eyes batting confused while I thought, “What the Hell is wrong with this flipped out bitch? Why the God’s name am I doing this anyway? It feels so weird to hurt someone like this. It doesn’t even really feel good.”

I didn’t even particularly enjoy it, and I chalked it up to not being much of a sexual sadist. I felt like a maniac, and it felt more creepy, disturbing and frightening than anything else.


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Libfems Versus Radfems

Interview with Gail Dines, radfem, about her anti-porn book Pornland. The interview was written up on the site of the New Left Project, so apparently both libfems (such as the author, Sarah Ditum) and radfems like Dines are both part of the Left.

I do not think men should blanketly oppose feminism as much of the reactionary Manosphere wants us to. However, choosing to support libfems and to oppose radfems seems to be a rational thing to do. In opposing radfems, we avoid the trap saying, “We oppose feminism,” or a cryptic, “We oppose some feminism.” We lay out exactly which feminism we oppose (radfems) and which we support critically (libfems).

Radfems strike me as mentally ill people. As someone who works in mental health, I do not see why I should support a movement full of mentally disturbed people who seek to impose their mental illnesses on society.

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Female Prisoner Too Violent to Ever Be Let Out


She obviously gets some sort of a DSM diagnosis.

So what do we give her? Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopath)? I am not so sure about that due to all the self-harm, although she is vicious. Since when do sociopaths display all this self harm? Sociopaths hurt others, not themselves, and they only kill themselves when the jig is up. They commit suicide to avoid arrest or in prison to avoid the pain of imprisonment, but only rarely in other cases, though some get alcoholic, depressed and suicidal in middle age as the sociopathy starts to burn itself out. I think she has some psychopathic traits though and would score fairly high on Hare PC-L test.

She mostly looks like a Borderline. Borderlines can be quite violent, even female borderlines. And borderlines are notorious for horrific self-harm, suicide threats and suicide attempts. They are not usually this violent though. This crazy bitch has murdered a fellow inmate and attacked guards several times, carving up one’s cheek.

Is there a syndrome called Borderline-Sociopath or Sociopathic Borderline? If there is, she might be something like that.

Whatever she is, she sure is awful evil for a female. Females are not usually this bad. Females can be evil, but their evil is more annoying and infuriating than dangerous. Male evil is much worse because it is menacing, violent, dangerous and homicidal. I have dealt with some evil females in my life and while I wanted to kill most of them at the time, obviously I never did it or even tried or plotted. On the other hand, none of them were really dangerous to me. They were just trying to be as infuriating as possible to provoke the maximum possible violent and crazed reaction from me. I call it “trying to get murdered.”

I will take female evil over male evil any day though. Evil men are terrifying. Evil men have tried to kill me, and I say that with all seriousness. I have had scenes with evil males where it was literally kill or be killed. “I either try to kill these guys, or do nothing and let them kill me.” Others have not tried to kill me but instead beat me very badly, even with heavy objects.

As long as humans are not physically dangerous, they can sort of be tolerated no matter how wicked they are. But violence and the threat of injury or death via attack is a whole other matter.



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How to Troll Yourself



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Death to Gender Feminism

From Reddit:

Down vote me if you want but if this guy has luck like me, it won’t end up good. I was in an altercation just like this about 2 years ago. She beat the living hell out of me (hit me in the face with a broad head arrow and made me bleed) she hit me in the face, throat, stomach and anywhere else.

After about 45 minutes of her beating the hell out of me, I grab her arms to get her to quit and pushed her away from me. Boom, next day I’m in county under felony assault on a female.. It looked bad because I’m 6’5″ and she is about 5′. I got out of it with a misdemeanor because I could have just left. The felony is still on my record and its keeping me from continuing with life. The woman is 100% in the wrong, but I’ve got a feeling it’s not gonna be good for the guy…

…Story time. One of my co-workers was recently married (at the time), just bought a new house, and invested everything he had into it. Within a month the mother in law had moved in with them. One day he gets into an argument with the mother in law, goes upstairs to take a shower to cool off. 10 minutes later the police are at the front door and arrest him for assault on a female (with zero proof except for the mother in laws word).

He spends 72 hours in lock up and by the time he gets out the wife and mother in law already have a restraining order, so he can not get back into his own house. A year worth of criminal trials, tens of thousands of lawyer fees he is finally cleared of the charges. Oh they also took the house, and half of everything he had.

Turns out the mother in law has been married and divorced four times, every time under similar circumstances. This is what she does for a living, and once she got too old for her scam, she trained her daughter to do it. All it takes is one women to SAY, “he hit me” to ruin your life, no proof necessary.

I am supposed to say that the equity feminists are ok this, but I am not so sure. The truth is that 100% of the mainstream feminist organizations supported the insane laws that made these guys go to jail, and to this day, they will never say that this man was not in wrong.

Feminism has damaged most American women in quite a few ways. Even women who are obviously not gender feminists, even older women, those in their 70’s and 80’s, they all support this stuff. They are all insane. All of the feminist organizations are insane. All women who think this guy needs a criminal record are insane. In a word, society itself has gone insane, and feminism is part of the reason for it.

I would also argue that feminism has surely done some good things for men, women and society, but then there this whole huge downside.

If any woman hit me with an arrow (!) so hard that I started bleeding, I would hit her as hard as I could, and maybe even more than once. I just hope I wouldn’t kill her is all, but even that would be tempting.

In my world, pretty much anyone of either gender who attacks me with that much ferocity gets pounded, or at least I try to pound them. If they make me bleed, I pound them a few extra times just for that sin right there.

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Is It Sick to Be Into True Crime?

Well, of course it isn’t!

But the number of idiots and morons who believe this sort of nonsense is very large. I can’t remember how many times a conversation has turned to a person who has books about serial killers and some moron (almost always an uptight middle class White person) says, “What kind of a person would want to read about something like that?!” The people who have said this idiocy to me had very high IQ’s too. One of them was an attorney!

The implication, of course, is that if you like to read about murderers, then obviously you are a murderer yourself! If not an actual killer, then you must be a latent murderer. You’re going to explode any day now. Well, maybe you are not a latent murderer. Then obviously you like to fantasize about killing people. Surely Ted Bundy is your hero. Etc. etc.

The truth, as usual, is rather complicated, and as with most things fucktards say, there is a certain amount of truth to it, distorted as it is by the idiot’s insipid, narrow as a box canyon mind.

Here is the truth:

Many, many, many people enjoy books, movies, TV shows, etc. about true crime. Usually the more gruesome and horrible the cases are, the more people are fascinated by them. Why people are fascinated by the horrific is not known, but it’s just the way that human beings are apparently. If it bleeds, it leads, and all of that.

Books about murder and especially nowadays serial killers sell a tremendous number of copies. In almost all cases, the people who write these books are very good people (though they are often terrible writers). In many cases, they are former police officers, detectives and investigators. To say that these law enforcement officials are sympathetic to killers boggles the mind!

Why do they write these books? It is hard to say, but one good reason is for the money. There is a lot of money to be made in true crime.

Another reason is fascination.  I myself have wondered how or why someone would or even could write such a book. I do not think that I could handle it, but then I could never be a detective either. First dead body, and I would walk right off the job and never look back. But that’s because I love killers, you see! Because I write about them, obviously I must love them, right?

I have tried to analyze the minds of these true crime writers. A lot of them have the “cop mindset.” A good argument can be made that no matter what you think of cops, no one hates criminals more than cops do. And that is one very good thing about the police. They are the biggest criminal-haters of them all. That’s exactly who you want protecting you, of course.

And the personality of most of these true crime writers is of someone who, like a cop, has an extreme hatred for criminals – a straight, law enforcement mindset type, with an almost religious hatred of these wayward souls. One wonders how one could write a whole book about people you hate so much without throwing up repeatedly, but people are funny.

The majority of the people who buy books about serial killers are females. 95% of violent crime is committed by males. Females commit very little violent crime, and even when they do, they are often being controlled by a violent man who is brainwashing them into doing these things.

According to the nutty argument above, females are killers, or latent killers, or killer symps, or killer fantasizers much more than males are. But none of that is true. Not only do males commit more violence then females, but males also engage in much more violent fantasy and violent threats than females do.

The magic ingredient is called testosterone, kiddos. Men are killers. That’s how a caveman gets through a long cold winter. By killing great big animals. And probably by killing any marauding male who tries to violate your cave and its possessions. In all probability, the male pacifists – the ones who would not fight – simply died and did not pass on many of their genes.

Now here we are in the metrosexual postmodern world, and there is no need to kill great big animals anymore and much less need to kill marauding males, and there are hardly any marauding males around anyway. Yet the Caveman directive yet steers us on to dark and dangerous places.

If women don’t buy these books because they are killers themselves, then why do they buy them? A good possibility is that people just like to get scared. They like to read about scary stuff. Girls and young women love to go to horror movies so they can scream and grab hold of their boyfriends murmuring, “Protect me! Protect me!” This stuff fills a female need.

Unfortunately, there are folks who are into this sort of thing for bad reasons. When we go back through the history of killers or serial killers, we find that many of them were big true crime fans themselves. Quite a few are big horror movie fans. They also love gruesome websites and they particularly love sick pornography, often death porn, gore porn and heavy duty violent porn.

Why do they love such things? Like seeks like after all.

There are also quite a few people into true crime who are not killers themselves, but who I would argue that they are not ok in the head. I have known quite a few people like this. They idolize killers, especially serial killers. They talk about fantasizing about doing things like this.

Some of them write to killers, often to serial killers. Most folks who write to these people in prison are not really ok in the head. There is a whole subculture of women out there who are serial killer groupies. They write to the worst prisoners of all, profess their love for them, sympathize with them, propose marriage to them, on and on. The motivation of such weirdness is hard to figure, but at least some of these women are clearly not ok in the head at all.

Nevertheless the overwhelming majority of folks with this sick fascination will die without ever committing a single serious crime, so one wonders what harm their twisted hobby has actually done, other than Karma-wise (clearly such a mindset is bad for your Karma).

A very few true crime authors are actually serial killer groupies. Some have even married serial killers. There is a very famous woman like this named Sondra London. I have studied this woman a bit, and she is clearly not right in the head at all. At the very least, she is pandering to the lowest common denominator. At worst, she has gotten her wandering mind lost in some very dark territory. London claims that she is writing all of these sick books for educational purposes, to help criminologists and detectives understand what goes on in these psychos’ heads. We have been studying maniacs forever now, and I don’t think whole books detailing all of their sickest fantasies, drawings included, improve the knowledge base much.

There is another type that is found on the Internet. These are the “sleuths” and “crime fighters.” These are sort of Nancy Grace types. Websleuths is one of the finest such boards. Almost everyone on these boards is a very, very, very good person. Why are they there? They are trying to solve crimes, often the most horrible crimes of them all.

On many of these threads, tragically enough, you will find the friends and relatives of the victims, still damaged from the violation of their loved one. People actually think that the friends and relatives of a homicide victim are killers or latent killers themselves? Get off it!

There are also quite a few police officers and detectives (often retired) on these sites.

Far from sympathizing with criminals, most people on these boards probably hate these bad guys more than anyone else. Their hatred for them is often off the charts.

On a few of these threads, sometimes you can find the friends or relatives of say the main suspect who has not yet been arrested. They are often there to defend the accused. In some cases, they are trying to redirect the investigation towards another person, usually someone who is obviously completely innocent.

The serial killer fan and serial killer groupie type is nonexistent on these boards, and if they did ever show up, they would probably get banned very fast, as these sites are very loose with the ban hammer.

So the answer to the question, “Are true crime fans sickos?” is a complicated one. The answer is, “Well, it all depends on why they are true crime fans!”

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