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One Reason For Antisemitism: Jewish Aggression

deSPICable Me: What percentage of Jews are so bad you want to punch them in the face?

The few I’ve known had some of those characteristics but weren’t quite that bad. They compensated by being very very funny.

I have generally met those types online and not in person. Online they can be real shits. Maybe they tone it down in person.

The Jews got together as a cabal and gave me a lifetime ban on Wikipedia. I think all I did was put in some pro-Palestinian edits. The reason for the ban was: “Hatemonger.” At one point I was on a list called “Wikipedia Nazis.” No idea why but apparently because of the pro-Palestinian stuff. All of us writing pro-Palestinian stuff got put on the Wikipedia Nazi list, and we all got banned sooner or later. A bunch of Jewy Jews have wormed their way to the top of Wikipedia and are now abusing these high positions to go after their enemies. The Wikipedia Jews as I call them are sleazy and dirty.

I’ve gotten death threats from online Jewy Jews, doxing attempts, and they were compiling some weird sort of dossier on me because they kept pulling up these obscure quotes of mine and using them against me.

I was in these Jewish and Israeli newsgroups for a while. They are about 1/2 the worst of the Jewy Jews and 1/2 some really nasty and ugly antisemites, including some out and out Nazis. Honestly one was about as bad as the other.

I saw over and over that people would come in with absolutely no prejudices against Jews at all. They would just say, “Hey, let’s be reasonable and fair and see both sides of this Israel-Palestinian thing.” The Jews would very quickly start pummeling the living Hell out of these poor guys, and they started calling them antisemites very quickly. The guys protested that they were not, but that never works once they label you, no matter how true it is. The impression you got is some guy surrounded by mean people who are running up to him, slapping or hitting him, and then running back to the circle yelling neener  neener, just egging him on to retaliate.

Well, after about six months of this treatment, a lot of these originally completely antisemitic people were practically quoting Hitler. I saw this same thing unfold over and over. It was an actual pattern. These Jewy Jews were going out of their way to deliberately create their own enemies.

After that, I started to figure out why people hate them. Before I had had nothing but positive experiences with (assimilated) Jews, and I never understood antisemitism. I thought antisemites were evil and picked on Jews for no reason.

Most Jews are ok but some are abrasive as Hell.

The ones who act nasty tend to be the Orthodox or the really Jewy Jews, like the ones who only hang out with Jews and don’t really befriend Gentiles too much. The more Jewy they are, the more aggressive and obnoxious they can be. The flip side is they are so mean that they draw out aggression in their victims. Pretty soon their victims are calling them kikes or saying Hitler was right or whatever, and then these Jewy Jews run around screaming that the victim is an evil antisemite. After a while I started thinking they were creating antisemites on purpose so they could be victims, and I actually think this is correct.

Bottom line is a lot of Jews don’t exactly go out of their way to try to win friends and influence people.


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IQ by Nation Scores Removed from Wikipedia

There was a whole list of IQ by nation scores in this article. I think there was a list in this article too. Both articles spent much of their time attacking the authors’ conclusions. The problem with these attacks is the critics have not come up with anything better. They complain that a number of national IQ scores were concluded on the basis of a single study. Well, that’s because there had only been one study done in that territory. I confess that the authors’ use of nearby nations for the 100 nations that had no scores available was quite dubious. They also complained that some of the tests were old.

Here we get to the age-old insanity of PC IQ critics. They tore both of these books apart but then offered no competing hypothesis, which is typical in social science. Or the competing hypothesis is the usual social science nihilistic dodge of “We don’t know” or “It can’t be measured” or “There is no way to measure these things.”

The only reasonable attack on the authors would be to show some other data. Don’t like the fact that a nation’s IQ is computed based on a single study? Fine. Go to those countries and do some more studies then. Don’t like the way the authors came up with their scores? Fine, go through the data, show how they were wrong, and come up with a more accurate score.

As usual, we get none of that. Instead we get the usual social science nihilism “All those IQ scores are wrong,” without a corresponding theory to show what the critics think actual scores are.

Now they have all been removed by PC lunatics. Wow, that’s really lousy. Talk about pseudoscience. Let’s hide the data! It contains uncomfortable facts!

This is the way the world is headed, right? These crazies have to be stopped before they  can do any more damage than they already have.


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Is Wikipedia a CIA/Deep State Project?

Nominay writes:

If the truth is blotted out, how do you come by it Robert? Have you tried editing the wiki entry with irrefutable sources, as to not have the revisions reversed so quickly? Is there independent media you can reach out to more to spread the word?

Editing Wikipedia is hopeless. Wikipedia is basically a project of the US Deep State and US imperialism. Whether Deep State entities control Wikipedia or not is not important. What is important is that the editors of Wikipedia are deeply aligned ideologically to the US Deep State, the US Foreign Policy elite and especially to US imperialism. That doesn’t mean that Wikipedia is a project of the CIA, but it might as well be. If the CIA owned Wikipedia outright, the articles would not look 1% different from what they are now, since Wikipedia’s editors support the CIA view of society. Wikipedia has been a fanatically reactionary from the very starts. My friends who were early editors said that almost all of the top Wikipedians are “Libertarians.” The Libertarian bias is extremely strong on any article having anything to do with economics. Jimmy Wales is an extreme Libertarian, a diabolical monster of a man as all Libertarians are. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, this millionaire Hannibal fulminated about how the government should not have spent one penny or moved one man to help save people or clean up the mess in New O themrleans. Everyone was just supposed to fend for themselves. Of course this was pretty much the response of the somewhat Libertarian Bush Administration. So you see Wikipedia has been a fanatically reactionary institution since its earliest days. Wales also, like all reactionaries, has deep ties to Zionism and ultra-wealthy Zionist circles in America. He has appeared at pro-Israel fundraisers where he helps raise money alongside his uber-rich Jewish pals.

I am pretty good at analyzing a lot of different sources and figuring out what it truth and what is lies. The truth is not that hard to come by. Just assume that the US and allied world media is lying to you a good part of the time, especially about certain things, and go on from there. Mostly just quit reading the paper. Quit reading newsmagazines. Turn off the news on TV or the radio. Get all your information from Truth sites on the Net in the Alternative Media.

There are lots of writers out there who write stuff along my lines. Quite a few have more hits than I do. It’s just that all of that is tiny compared to the MSM and the voices of the two big political parties. Most Americans are lined up either with the stupid Democrats or with the stupider Republicans. They simply parrot whatever lie the Democrats say or the bigger lie the Republicans say, depending on which side of the toast they spread their butter. The MSM more or less parrots the views of both of the parties in one way or another.

Since WW2, there has been a “bipartisan consensus” on foreign policy. The two parties agreed to the same basic contours of an imperialist, wicked foreign policy. The Democrats chose a somewhat milder version of imperialism while the Republicans chose a more extreme, hyper-militaristic version. Democrats are always being pushed into militaristic positions because Republicans always scream that Democrats are weak because they hesitate when the Republican order them to slaughter thousands to hundreds of thousands of people. Not wanting to massacre tens of thousands of people for any no good reason means you are weak. The % of Americans who believe in this sociopathic “whoever murders the most is strongest; whoever hesitates to slaughter tens of thousands of humans is weak” is very high – tens of thousands of mostly conservative Americans believe in this “the biggest murderers and the best people” philosophy.

Bottom line is most Americans really don’t care about foreign policy, but what little they do know is generally a repetition of extreme brainwashing by the Deep State. Persons deeply interested in US foreign policy are usually hopelessly brainwashed by the Deep State as the more US media you partake in, the crazier and more brainwashed you get and the fewer facts you know and the more lies you believe to be true.


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Glory to the Heroes, To the Heroes, Glory!

Pregnant woman murdered by US proxy Nazis forces in Odessa.

Pregnant woman murdered by US proxy Nazi forces in Odessa.

This woman was murdered by US-supported Nazi forces in the Odessa Massacre. This massacre was planned in advance. The Nazi forces attacked a peaceful camp of pro-federalism demonstrators in front of the Labor Ministry. The demonstrators ran into the Ministry for safety. Their camp was then set on fire.

The Nazis, along with their allies in the Odessa Police, then attacked the building with firebombs and guns. The people inside the building did not fight back at all, as they had no weapons. They had no guns and no firebombs, and they certainly did not throw any of the firebombs back at their attackers.

The Nazis pumped some sort of a poison gas into the building which debilitated a a lot of those inside. Then they broke in. They murdered everyone they could get their hands on inside the building. All women were raped and then shot in the head or beaten to death. The woman in the photo above was simply a Labor Ministry employee who happened to be working in the building on that day. She was eight months pregnant. America’s proxy Nazi forces strangled her with a cord. Most of the people who were killed were set on fire. In general, only their upper bodies were set on fire before the fires were put out with fire extinguishers. The purpose was to destroy their faces and hands so the victims could not be identified.

The investigation of this crime by the Ukrainian Nazi government was a complete farce. 100% of the violence that day was blamed on Russia and the pro-federalist demonstrators. The Nazi street thugs were not mentioned at all. The only people were arrested were the federalist victims of these Nazis. All were charged with terrorism offenses and sentenced to 10-20 year prison terms. Many other federalist protestors who escaped are on “Wanted for Terrorism” lists. Quite a few have fled the area, some for Novorussia and others for Russia itself.

I honestly think that the US Deep State, mainstream media and CIA must control Wikipedia. If you go to the Wikipedia article on this Odessa Massacre, you will read not one single true sentence there. All you will read are the lies about this incident perpetrated by the US government, the Nazi government in Kiev, and the corrupt, lying using MSM.

It is quite a long article and what is amazing about it is that there is not even one single sentence in that article that is true.

Wikipedia is completely controlled by The Hegemon and it is nothing but a mouthpiece for US imperialism and the American Empire. Worse than useless.


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Is Israel an Apartheid State?

Repost from the old site.

This is one of the more hot-button issues surrounding the Israel/Palestinian conflict. The very issue has aroused horrible controversy on the heavily Jewish and Zionist-dominated Wikipedia, as you can see by the preposterous, typical allegations at the top of the page.

This is what Jewish activists do to any issue that criticizes the Jews or Israel – unleash a torrent of lawyerese garbage, threats, attacks, character assassination, logical fallacy, red herrings, ad hominem, diversion, phony comparisons, you name it.

The Zionist Jews on Wikipedia are up in arms over the Israeli Apartheid article and have been attacking it for over a year with everything they have. It’s amazing it is still up there.

But meanwhile, let’s examine the issue itself. Is Israel an apartheid state? Shall I count the ways? Thanks to the anti-Harry’s Place blog, Jihad and the City, for these facts.

1. Israel: A separation wall tears communities apart and steals land. Furthermore, inside the Green Line, abhorrent “Judaization” policies are pursued in Arab districts, which involve surrounding Arab areas with Jewish settlements.

South Africa: Bantustans were set up for the Black natives, comprising about 10% of the land, while the Whites stole almost all the rest (similar to Israel, where 93% of the land – mostly stolen Arab land – is reserved for Jews only) .

2. Israel: In West Jerusalem, Jews wait for government services in short waits in air-conditioned rooms. Arabs in the same area (East Jerusalem) must line up overnight in hopes of getting seen that day. When the office opens, they must wait outside for hours in the heat before they get the main gate, where they are endlessly grilled for what should be routine document examination. Many times, they go home with nothing.

South Africa: In Johannesburg, Whites, Coloreds and Blacks were sent to separate entrances of government offices and were given services or not depending on their skin color – Whites had the shortest wait, then Coloreds and last Blacks.

3. Israel: In East Jerusalem, Palestinians have strict regulations regarding who they can marry, where they can live, where they can go to school and where, or if, they can go to a hospital. Jews face no such restrictions.

South Africa: There were identical restrictions based on who one could marry, where one could live, attend school or go to a hospital. It was all based on race.

4. Israel: Palestinians in East Jerusalem, many of whom were born there, are nevertheless classed as immigrants with “permanent resident” status and are denied citizenship in Israel.

South Africa: Similarly, most of the Black population were denied citizenship in South Africa and were labeled as immigrants in the cities and states they resided in. Most were said to be citizens of the Bantustans, but many of them had never been to these Bantustans,

5. Israel: Israel is now the only Western country that denies building permits based solely on race.

South Africa: Construction permits were issued or denied with race being the only criterion.

6. Israel: Urban planning (Judaization) has had the goal of trying to eliminate Arabs from Israeli cities or relegate them to slums. This is especially true in East Jerusalem, where the gross inequality, a product of exquisite state design, grows each year.

South Africa: Similar to Judaization, the “group areas” policy had the effect of trying to make Blacks invisible by moving them away from White districts.

7. Israel: As noted above, through the Jewish National Fund (Jewish Microsoft billionaire and all-around jerk Steve Ballmer is a major contributor to the JNF) and the Israeli Lands Agency, Israel has reserved 93% of Israeli lands for Jews only. Much of this land was stolen Arab land, and the Arab owners were never compensated for it.

South Africa: 87% of South African lands were reserved for Whites (compare to the 93% figure above for Israel). The Population Registration Act lumped South Africans into racial classes that determined who would be permitted to live on White-reserved lands.

8. Israel: Israel has separate school systems for Jews and Arabs, ostensibly due to language differences, but actually as a cover for state-mandated discrimination in schooling. As an example, Jewish schools receive far more funds than Arab schools.

South Africa: Separate but unequal school systems were an essential part of the system, designed to siphon Blacks off into menial labor in the mines, factories and fields. The school system has yet to recover from this dual system to this day, though Apartheid has been history for over a decade.

9. Israel: Israelis who marry Palestinians are not allowed to bring their spouses to live with them inside the Green Line.

South Africa: Until the Komani Ruling in the mid-1980’s overturned the pass laws, these laws were used to break up Black families by preventing spouses living in rural areas to unite with their spouses working in urban areas.

10: Israel: Part of the dominant paradigm underlying Zionism is that the Jews are a people chosen by God and that their Holy Books justifies their racism and exclusivity. Many Israelis see their victories in four wars against the Arabs as meaning God sided with the Jews against the Arabs.

South Africa: Similarly, the Dutch Reformed Church also used the backwards, tribal and barbaric (Jewish) Old Testament to claim superiority for the Afrikaners. Based on their victory over the Zulus at Blood River, they believed that God had sided with the Whites against the Blacks.

11. Israel: The victimized population has been demonized as terrorists to justify the Apartheid policies. Israel blames the victims for the oppression that Israel hammers them with. Israel absolves itself of all charges of Apartheid and immorality by blaming the victim.

South Africa: The South African regime did the exact same thing, calling the Blacks oppressed by Apartheid terrorists and blaming the victims for the misery that Apartheid saddled them with.

12. Israel: Israel represents itself as the last outpost of civilization, democracy and Western Values on the frontiers of (Arab, African, Middle Eastern, Islamic = non-Western) barbarism and dictatorship.

Nevertheless, bizarrely, instead of being compared with the West that Israel aligns herself with, Israel demands to be compared with the backwards non-Western societies she is surrounded with and with which she is defending the West against. Chutzpah!

South Africa: South Africa also represented herself as a last outpost of civilization, Western values and democracy amidst Black African barbarism, backwardness, dictatorship and just general non-Western values.

Similarly, South Africa also refused to be compared with the West she aligned with and demanded to be compared with the backwards African societies that surrounded her and against whom she was defending the West.

13. Israel: Israel is building a network of parallel roads in the West Bank – one much superior road system for Jews, one vastly inferior road system for Arabs.

South Africa: South Africa maintained a very similar system of dual roads for Whites and Blacks.

14. Israel: The Security Wall is actually also intended to grab quite a bit of land from the Palestinians. Israel’s colonization policy in the West Bank has been all about grabbing the best land and most all of the water for the Jews and relegating the dregs to the Arabs.

South Africa: Similarly, Apartheid was all about grabbing the best land for the Whites and pushing the Blacks into the least livable and serviceable parts of the country.

15. Israel: The Israeli state, both inside and outside the Green Line, is continuously seizing, destroying and bulldozing Palestinian homes, fields, orchards, businesses and lands in order to give them to Jews or use them as “security buffers” to protect Jewish colonists from the people the Jews stole the land from.

South Africa: Although this went on to a much lesser extent in South Africa, there were population relocation programs that involved the destruction of Black property.

David Hirsch, a fave Zionist Jewish academic from Britain, is one of the point men in International Zionism’s war against the Israeli Apartheid meme. He is a professor of sociology at Goldsmith’s College at the University of London. He played a leading role in the reversal of the British AUT Teachers Union decision to boycott Israeli academics.

Although he is an ardent Zionist, curiously, he is also a specialist in genocide. No, he doesn’t advocate genocide, he supposedly opposes it. That’s the curious part.

International Zionism has unleashed the usual torrent of bullshit, nonsense, lies, dissimulation, sophistry, lawyer-speak, politician-speak, Pravda-style propaganda, and the usual Jewish avalanche of logical fallacy all in an attempt to fight off the notion that Israel is an apartheid state.

A good overview of this very clever silliness, in which all 15 points above are brushed aside in favor the numerous differences between Israel and South Africa, can be seen in the Wikipedia piece, which the Wikipedia Jews have now “protected from editing”. That means that no one can do any more work on the article until all the phony Jewish complaints have been resolved, if that ever happens.


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Is Wikipedia a Front for Fascism?

Repost from the old site.

Check out this crap article. Not that such a thing does not exist, but in the true sense, it doesn’t really. Communists usually don’t go around blowing up markets and whatnot. I can’t believe Wikipedia even has an article like this – it’s blatant anti-Communist propaganda.

There used to be lots of BS articles like this – Kurdish Terrorism, Palestinian Terrorism, on and on, you get the picture. Of course, they were created and maintained by nationalist assholes, in the first case, Jewish nationalist assholes, and in the second case, Turkish nationalist assholes. Most of those articles have been deleted.

You really need to understand how Wikipedia is supposed to work. The very idea of an article called “______ Terrorism” is virtually an Neutral Point of View (NPOV) violation right there.

I am not saying that Wikipedia is complete crap. When it works as intended, it’s actually pretty nice. NPOV is often properly invoked, and articles are tempered down to be as objective as possible. The whole problem with Wikipedia is there are all these evil little cabals running around. In most cases, proper Wikipedians simply deny the cabals the opportunity to infest the site with their propaganda crap and lies.

Problem is that a few cabals have been allowed to run amok on Wikipedia – specifically, Jewish nationalists, Ukrainian nationalists and Indian Hindu nationalists. The anti-Communist cabal is apparently also being given free reign.

Problem here is that the top end of Wikipedia is completely overrun by conservative to libertarian types. The Jewish and Hindutva cabals have also been allowed to penetrate into the highest echelon. The anti-Communist line probably just goes along with the hard rightwing philosophy of the top Wikipedians.

It’s notable that Ukrainian, Hindutva and Jewish nationalism are all far rightwing ideologies that are frequently accused of being fascist movements. When you combine this with the extreme anti-Communist line that was often used by fascist movements, the frightening possibility here (And I do not mean to exaggerate, really!) is that Wikipedia is actually a front for various forms of fascist ideology.

It’s really too bad that this nice encyclopedia is so corrupted like this. The flaw is in the design. I have never seen a World Book or Brittanica article anywhere near as propagandistic as the worst Wikipedia stuff. In this sense, Wikipedia is never going to kill the best encyclopedias. The real encyclopedias’ criticism of Wikipedia is correct – in too many cases, it simply is an unprofessional joke.


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Wikipedia Jews Attack James Petras

Repost from the old site.

James Petras is a fine man of the Left who has long been interested in Latin America and especially revolutionary movements down there. He has long supported the FARC revolutionaries in Colombia (as does this blog) and lately he has been supporting the Movement of the Landless in Brazil.

He’s a great labor organizer who goes down to Latin America and works with the people, getting his hands dirty with the workers and peasants themselves. He’s a towering intellect, and has often criticized Left movements from a Far Left perspectives, accusing them of being sellouts. For instance, he has gone after the FMLN in El Salvador lately for pursuing a half-hearted effort at reform.

I believe he was going after Evo Morales in Bolivia lately. He’s great for tearing the masks off these Latin American Leftists who the US press is screaming Commie Bloody Murder about, showing us that many of them are not even very far to the Left and the proposals they are offering are quite moderate and unlikely to seriously shake up socioeconomic relations in these places.

It’s always great to read him on anything having to do with the Latin American Left.

Lately he has sort of gone off on a bender against US Jews and particularly the Israeli Lobby and Israel. He has received some criticism for this from the Left, especially the anarchist Left (see Three Way Fight) and Maoists. Maoists and anarchists (Three Way Fight critique here) are among those on the Left who are particularly sensitive to charges of anti-Semitism and go to great lengths to avoid such.

This despite the recent rightwing Jewish – Zionist rewriting of history that shows the entire 20th Century Left as being anti-Semitic. See Why the Jews? The Reasons for Contemporary Anti-Semitism by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin for more on that – it’s actually an excellent read and I recommend it.

The ADL has recently weighed in against Petras, accusing him of fomenting some kind of “New Anti-Semitism” (this means an anti-Semitism focused mostly on Israel). All of this crap is a rather minor sideshow to Petras’ excellent corpus and career, but as you can see in his Wikipedia entry, most of the entry is given over his tussle with the Jews.

On the discussion page, the Wikipedia Jews have gone nuts, accusing him of being an “anti-Jewish racist” and other bullshit. There’s the usual crap about Israel Shamir on there, straight from the UK Spotlight Trotskyite antifa loonie-tunes accusations – Shamir as a Swedish neo-Nazi living in Norway.

In fact, Israel Shamir, whatever one thinks of him (and he surely has his anti-Semitic moments) is a Russian Jew, son of a famous rabbi, who immigrated to Israel, fought in the Israeli military, wrote for some Israeli papers, moved to Japan where he translated Japanese haiku books, moved back to Russia where he got involved in some dubious anti-Semitic far right Russian publications, moved back to Israel, where he currently resides in Jaffa (in fact, you can probably even visit him there – lots of folks do).

It’s really sad that this “Swedish neo-Nazi” bullshit has been allowed to gain as much traction as it has. Yes, his Wikipedia page says that too. I know what you were thinking. Chip Berlet is one of the leaders of the Israel Shamir Lynch Mob. Berlet, the strange “Marxist” who is in deep with the radical right libertarians that rule Wikipedia.

Looks like the Wikipedia Jews got pretty much thwarted on this one. Maybe someone is finally starting to reign them in over there. Note that “Humus Sapiens” is one of the most notorious Wikipedia Jews, active for years now. Still at it, I guess.

Check out the article history. Real food fight.

Links to some Wikipedia nasties.

Wikipedia Jews: Jayjg, one of the worst Jewish POV-pushers on Wikipedia. Humus Sapiens, a Russian Jewish immigrant to the US. Izak, one of their sidekicks.

Slim Virgin , one of the worst ones of all. I understand that SV is not even Jewish (!); she’s just some Gentile philosemite. She’s obsessed with 1. The Jews, 2. 9-11. SV is one of the most horrible and abusive administrators on Wikipedia. She was so abusive that the Wikipedia Review undertook an investigation of her.

She was very hard to track down as she covers her tracks very well, but they eventually determined that she is a former Cambridge University graduate student named Linda Mack who was hired by investigative reporter Pierre Salinger and John K. Cooley to investigate the Lockerbie bombing.

Two Libyans were eventually convicted of the bombing, and Ghaddafi was ordered to pay a huge fine, but there is good evidence that Libya had nothing to do with the bombing. There is also evidence that UK law enforcement knew this but went after Ghaddafi anyway because they hated him and wanted to wrap up the case.

It is still not known who was behind the bombing, but the Iranian regime was probably the author of the attack. The attack was probably a payback for the US shooting down of an Iranian airliner during the Iran-Iraq War, an act that the US said was accidental. Iran refused to accept the accidental shootdown theory.

Linda Mack was instrumental in steering Salinger and Cooley towards the Libyans. Salinger and Cooley eventually decided that Mack was a spy with the UK’s notorious MI5 intelligence agency (the British CIA). Linda Mack is now reportedly living in Alberta, Canada under the name Sarah McEwan.

Antifascist, who uses the same handle and has the same obsessions as a notorious Jewish Zionist who used to stalk anti-Zionists on Indymedia, often issuing them horrible death threats. He’s obsessed with Wendy Campbell and Gilad Atzmon.

His name is Ketlan Ossowski ( blog here) and he is described as an obsessive Jew who uses Leftism and anti-fascism as a cover to promote Zionism. I strongly suspect that he is the same guy who stalked and threatened Wendy Campbell. Zeq, long-notorious, the lone Wikipedia Jew busted in the CAMERA fiasco, now banned.

Others: Roland Rance, a Jewish Marxist (Jewish first, Marxist far distant second) from London, famous from the wars over Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo’s Peace Palestine blog, apparently active in the Socialist Workers Party and in with the Lenin’s Tomb crowd. I’m not going to comment on this guy much as he’s written me civilly via email.

Just another frothing Trot about sums it up though.


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Wikipedia on Hoxha and Stalin

Nice job on the Wikipedia article on Enver Hoxha, hardline Communist leader of Albania until his death in 1985, whereupon he was succeeded by Ramiz Alia, who led the country to multiparty elections and a move to a market economy.

Hoxha’s record is definitely mixed, and when he died in 1985, there were permanent shortages of even the most basic foodstuffs. That doesn’t seem like any way to run an economy.

On the other hand, Albania had little trade, since Hoxha had alienated or been alienated from the entire capitalist world and most of the Communist Bloc, who, since Mao’s death, he regarded as impure Communists or revisionists. I don’t really go in for this autarchy stuff.

There were quite a few significant accomplishments made during Hoxha’s rule, which are outlined in the Wikipedia piece. The article previously was the predictable hatchet job, but a user named Mrdie did a nice job of fixing it.

I really do not think than an encyclopedia, which is what Wikipedia claims to be, should be the place for standard rightwing anti-Communist hit pieces, which is what this Wikipedia article on Stalin reads like, by the way.

Stalin was a very controversial figure, as most well know, but to call him the biggest murderer of the 20th Century is perverse.

Stalin set a world record in doubling life expectancy in the shortest period of time for any country. The death rate under the Czarism so beloved by Alexander Solzhenitsyn was fully three times higher than even under Stalin. So the “worst murderer of the 20th Century” was responsible for 70% reduction in the death rate for Russians. Tell me how that works?

A good book on Stalin, through from a sympathetic author, is The Stalin Era, by US Communist journalist Anna Louise Strong. At one point in the book, describing the development of the USSR up from nothing in the 1920’s and 1930’s, Strong notes, “Never before in history had so great an advance occurred so swiftly.”

Although it was at quite a cost, I would think that that is worth something at least. I have the book on my drive and I need to make it available for download on my download site. Remind me if you want to look at it.


Strong, Anna Louise. (1956). The Stalin Era. New York: Mainstream Publishers.


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Robert Lindsay is Famous

I am in Wikipedia.

Under race realism, unfortunately. It appears that the typical rightwing race realists threw me into their list in order to show that not all race realists are far rightwing. No, just 90% of them. So they are using me to bolster their cause. Oh well. People ought to know that not all race realists are on the Far Right, for what it’s worth.

Thanks readers for making me big enough to get into Wikipedia.

I don’t think I will last long. I’ve been in there before, but I got removed pretty quickly on the non-notable basis. Anyone who knows me knows I am not notable, but Wikipedia has made it official. That’s one of the Wiki things, you don’t get into Jimbo’s book in the sky unless you’re famous (notable). They also throw me out because blogs are inherently unreliable, unlike Jimbo’s knowledge factory.

You need to write a book or write for some sort of a publication that has fact-checking. If you have a blog, you can say whatever the Hell you want without any fact-checking, which is what I do. Blogs are intellectual mystery casserole. You taste test, but you never know what’s in the pot. Could be mind poison, could be rhetorical haute cuisine.


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Nationalists Are Wrecking Wikipedia

See here and here for an overview.

I discussed this earlier, focusing on Jewish nationalists (Zionists), but really, nationalists are all the same. As the nasty bits one can conjure up about Zionists can be found in abundance among the other nationalists too.

Nationalists of course are by and large irrational people. When they get involved in history, linguistics, anthropology, archeology, genetics or any type of science, the result is typically disaster. Everywhere on Earth, nationalists promote pseudoscience instead of science to further the national project.

Typically the project involves nation-building. The people and the land are one, and have been a part of one another forever. God forbid the people of the soil came from outside, outside being automatically the realm of enemies and inferiors. Minorities are persecuted and denied the right to an identity or named as enemies of the nation to be attacked. Past glories of the people-land are highlighted and many lies and many megalomaniac lies are invented about the glorious Volk. Anything bad about the nation in its past or future is denied for the people-land has always been great.

If you’re thinking, you will note that this is what fascism is all about. The 20th century saw national chauvinist liars wreak tremendous damage on the rest of the world, but the nationalist virus has not yet been controlled.

The rational man regards nationalism warily, like fire. One plays with it, if at all, with extreme caution.


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