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Why the “Stalin Killed 20-40 Million People” Line Is Not True

Sam writes:

The Macon Telegraph says,”…It is estimated that between 20 to 40 million people, mostly Russians, were killed by Stalin during his dictatorship (1924-1953)…”

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin
By Timothy Snyder

“…unlike the Germans, the Soviets killed a greater number of civilians during peacetime than during war…”

Museum of Communism FAQ

“…So many millions perished within the Gulag Archipelago for so many reasons, or for no reason. With a minimum of 5,000,000 slave laborers from 1931 to 1950, and a minimum death toll of 10% per year – both improbably low figures – one can conclude that Stalin’s camps claimed a minimum of 10,000,000 victims, and easily two or three times as many….”

“…grain in 1932 in the Ukraine was for the first time taken from the peasants and stored in urban granaries: officials realized that once starvation set in the peasants would try to eat the seed grain. The Ukrainian-Russian border was carefully guarded to keep Russian grain out of the famine-stricken Ukraine and starving Ukrainians out of Russia. Government grain stockpiles were available, but unused.

This mixture of ruthless methods resulted in the starvation deaths of about 7 million people: 5 million in the Ukraine, 1 million in the North Caucasus region, and 1 million elsewhere. On top of this, a similar collectivization campaign carried out against the nomads of Kazakhstan led to 1 million further deaths…”

So 17 million not counting executions.

Source List and Detailed Death Tolls for the Primary Megadeaths of the Twentieth Century

Estimates high and low. Scholars beginning to rest on 20 million at lowest.

Everything written above about the Holodomor is not true. Anyway the death toll was just as high in the staunchly pro-Soviet Rostov and Lower Don District. Did the USSR deliberately starve its own staunchest supporters. 1 million died in Siberia. Did the USSR deliberately starve 1 million people in Siberia. Many died in Soviet cities, including Moscow. Did the USSR starve its own urban citizens? What for?

Less grain actually taken in 1932 than in the previous year! So much for stealing all the grain. More grain was actually requisitioned back in 1932 than in the previous year! So much for the “they would not give them any food” argument. All over the USSR, people were moving around here and there, trying to escape famine conditions and get to a place where the food was more plentiful. They tried to stop all of this internal migration by putting checks at the borders, but it didn’t work very well. They especially wanted to stop people from migrating out of Ukraine, as then they would have no rural population in their grain belt to grow grain.

The next year, 1933, was a bumper harvest. If they were trying to starve people, why have a famine one year and a bumper harvest the next? Makes no sense. In the previous five years, the kulaks had killed half the livestock in the USSR. This was a big reason for the famine right there. And in Ukraine, people were setting their mature grain fields on fire. They would harvest all of their grain and pile it in a big pile in a field until it got rained on, and then it would mold.

The Ukrainians had an insurgency where they were attacking collective farms, killing the workers, raping the women, killing all the livestock and setting the crops on fire. In early 1932, there were 20-30 armed attacks occurring every day in the Ukraine. So as you can see, this was all happening in the background of a civil war.

Bloodlands is a terrible book, and Mr. Snyder is a hardline anti-Communist. His statement that Stalin killed more in peacetime than he did in wartime while Hitler killed more in wartime than he did in peacetime is irrelevant. Hitler didn’t kill many people before he went to war. So what? Is there something special about peacetime killings versus wartime killings? What’s  the difference. Stalin killed more in peacetime than Hitler, so he’s worse? That’s an argument?

The Macon Telegraph is wrong. There were no 20-40 million killed. Megadeaths is wrong. There were no 20 million minimum killed. Caplan the libertarian is wrong. There were no 17 million+ deaths.

Here are the figures for peacetime deaths from 1926-1953:

Executions:          900,000
Deaths in the gulag: 1.2 million
Anti-kulak campaign: 390,000

How do we know those figures are correct? Because they are from the Soviet Archives, that’s why. With the fall of the USSR in 1991, the Soviet Archives were opened for the first time and available to historians. For the next decade, historians argued about the figures in the archives, which are listed above. Yes, the Soviets kept track of every execution and every death in gulags. Or at least deaths per month or deaths per year. Like the Germans, they wrote it all down.

There have been many arguments against the figures above. Most of them boil down to, “Commies lie. The Soviets were Commies, so they lied. Therefore the figures are no good.”

There are some better arguments that the figures do not include the population transfers during World War 2. Another interesting argument is that the gulag figures are not good because the gulags tended to release people, if at all, when they were in very bad shape, and they often died soon after and were not counted.

I have not kept up on the debate.

The people throwing around the figures of 17+, 20+, and 20-40 million do not know what they are talking about. All of those figures were calculated by the West before we had access to the Soviet Archives. It turns out that the earlier Western figures were wild exaggerations, basically untruths, which were written up and used by the West as Cold War propaganda. The West had no idea how many people were killed by Stalin or the USSR, so they just came up with one wildassed guess after another. All of the figures above are discredited because those people are not the experts who are studying the matter.

The only place where rational people are discussing how many died during the USSR is among Sovietologists in the history journals. The debate began in the early 1990’s and may be ongoing for all I know, but I do not think the Archives figures have been successfully challenged yet.


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Who Was a Bigger Killer – Stalin or Hitler?

Shawnomatic writes:

Serious question: Stalin killed more people & was more evil than Hitler, so why is having a “Stalin” mustache okay but a “Hitler” one is bad?

Stalin didn’t kill more people than Hitler.

For the Stalin years, the following figures are recorded for peacetime deaths:

Executions:          900,000
Deaths in the gulag: 1.2 million
Anti-kulak campaign: 390,000

Total:               2.49 million

Half of the gulag deaths occurred during World War 2 when there was also a high death rate in the general population due to food and medicine shortages.

Now those figures do not count the figures for those killed during World War 2, some of whom were civilians. They also do not include the deaths during the population transfers of entire nationalities during World War 2. But those numbers cannot possibly be very large.

Stalin killed those people over a period of 28 years, so that is 2.3 million over 28 years, or ~88,4561/year.

Hitler killed many more than that.

Hitler directly killed 15 million people during his death camp and other extermination policies. Only 6 million of those were Jews. Others were other nationalities. 3 million people, or 10% of the population of Poland, were killed. 1/3 of the population of Belarus was killed. 1/4 of the population of Ukraine was killed. 10% of the German population itself was killed due to the wars he started. 27 million Soviets were killed. Among young Soviet man aged 18-24, 95% of them were killed. Furthermore, Hitler did this in a brief period of time – 1940-1945 – 5 years. Hitler killed at least 15 million over a 5 year period, for a figure of 3 million/year.

So it is 3 million/year versus 80,000/year, so Hitler killed 37X more people per year than Stalin did. Even using conservative estimates, Hitler killed 6.52X more people than Stalin and he did it over a much shorter period, in only 20% of the time Stalin took.


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Another View of Putin

Here is another view of Putin coming from those who oppose him. I will say that most of what is written here is simply true. The part that I disagree with is that of the 27 million Russian casualties in WW2, 19 million of them were Soviet citizens murdered by Stalin. That cannot possibly correct. As I said earlier, in geopolitics there are no good guys. There are bad guys and worse guys and that’s it. You pick your poison. Original here.

Is Vladimir Putin, the undisputed ruler of the Russian Federation for the past 15 years, the antidote to the lethal US-Israeli imperium? Will Putin rescue the Middle East from ever-more brash Israeli and American imperialists bent on the subjugation of the Muslim world?

Many people seem to think so, and they zealously advance skewed and myopic “analysis” to suit the ludicrous image of Putin as the second coming of Christ. “Putin can do no wrong,” these fantasists say with stubborn vigor, insisting that the former KGB chief is playing a master-class “chess match” on the global stage, setting up his adversaries for a big fall.

All of Putin’s outwardly gestures of complicity with Israel and Zionists, for instance, are casually brushed off as a carefully calculated ruse designed to deceive his enemies. Apparently, these lowbrow analysts can read Putin’s mind, assuring us that the Russian strong-man has good intentions for the Arab/Muslim peoples of the Middle East despite his genuflecting at the Wailing Wall, luncheons with Netanyahu and security agreements with the regime in Tel Aviv.

Recently, Putin has made several other displays of solidarity with the Zionists. In May of 2014, Putin passed legislation that outlaws any revision of World War II historiography vis-à-vis ‘the holocaust’ and even makes it illegal to bring attention to the savage misconduct of Stalin’s ‘glorious’ Red Army, which terrorized and brutalized whole nations. “The law signed Monday makes denial of Nazi crimes or misrepresentation of the Soviet Union’s role in World War II punishable by up to five years in jail or a $14,000 fine,” reported the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

At the close of WWII, marauding Soviet troops conducted the largest campaign of mass-rape in human history, sexually abusing two million German and Eastern European women in a wild carnal frenzy. These unspeakable atrocities against women were fully sanctioned by the Soviet Union’s war propagandists, principally Ilya Ehrenburg whose genocidal hatred of Germans was legend. Ehrenburg routinely exhorted Soviet troops to “kill the German!” in propaganda leaflets.

Thanks to Putin’s new freedom-busting law, these things cannot be openly discussed, much to the liking of Global Zionism whose casus belli for Israel’s existence rests upon the ‘holocaust’ mythos.

In a similar vein, Russian officials advanced a UN resolution in late November 2014 condemning the “glorification of Nazism” and “denial of German Nazi war crimes.” Considering Russia’s Communist past, the conspicuous resolution is an exercise in unreserved hypocrisy. Russian historian Nikolai Tolstoy places much of the blame for the 25-30 million Russian casualties during WWII on Stalin and the Soviet regime itself.

He argues that Stalin, taking advantage of the ‘fog of war,’ executed a brutal campaign of repression against his own citizenry to bolster the position of his regime. Eliminating homegrown opposition to Stalinism was his primary concern, not the advancing German army, Tolstoy explains in great detail in his 1981 book Stalin’s Secret War. According to Tolstoy’s research, Stalin liquidated 18-20 million Soviet citizens during WWII in a “secret war against his own subjects.”

Despite Moscow’s fairy tales, Soviet Bolshevism took the lives of far more people than Hitler and National Socialism. So where is Russia’s resolution condemning the glorification of Communism and Stalinism? Not only is Putin’s Russia not concerned with attempts to glorify Communism, it is now illegal in that country to criticize Sovietism and its barbarous legacy.

Unbeknownst to his slavish groupies in the West, Putin solidified his power base in Russia by way of a false-flag terrorist attack on his own people.

“In 1999,” writes Canadian journalist Eric Margolis, “Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer and point man for Russia’s military industrial complex, emerged from the shadows to become prime minister under ailing President Boris Yeltsin. Putin claimed the [1999 Russian apartment] bombings were the work of Chechen ‘Islamic terrorists financed by Osama bin Laden,’ though he offered no proof.”

No Chechens were ever detected in connection to the wave of terror, which leveled multiple apartments in Moscow and other Russian cities, killing hundreds and wounding thousands. On the other hand, three Russian FSB agents were caught red-handed planting a large bomb in the basement of an apartment building in Ryazan, unveiling the Kremlin’s hand behind the previous explosions elsewhere in Russia. The whole sordid affair is detailed lucidly in the documentary entitled “Assassination of Russia,” based on the extensive research of historian Yuri Felshtinsky and former FSB insider Alexander Litvinenko.

As hundreds of Russians were blown to bits as they slept in their beds, Putin took the opportunity to seize dictatorial control of the largest country on earth. “The public is reacting correctly to the events taking place in our country today,” Putin declared in reference to the apartment blasts, adding that the attacks induced the “correct response” from the public. Putin further pontificated: “No panic, no sympathy for the bandits. This is the mood for fighting them to the very end. Until we win, and we shall win.” (Yuri Felshtinsky and Alexander Litvinenko, Blowing Up Russia, p. 51)

Using the attacks as a pretext, Putin launched a mini “war on terror” in Chechnya. He quickly turned Chechnya’s capital Grozny into a massive burial ground. To justify his murderous campaign against the downtrodden Chechens, Putin employed all of the phraseology of the US-Israeli imperium’s post-9/11 “Global War on Terror,” announcing that Russia was being assailed by an “international Islamic conspiracy” and that unrelenting force was the only cure for nihilistic terrorists.

Eric Margolis, in his 2002 article titled The Apartment Bombing Mystery, explained:

Putin promised to ‘liquidate all terrorists.’ He proclaimed Russia was facing a war between ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ ‘It’s our boys,’ said Putin, fanning war fever and hysteria, ‘against terrorists’ belonging to an ‘international Islamic conspiracy.’ Putin’s alleged evidence of Chechen guilt was never forthcoming. Chechen leaders denied any responsibility for the bombings.

Why they would seek war with Russia after gaining independence was never explained. Thousands of ‘swarthy-looking’ (meaning Muslim) men from the Caucasus and Central Asia were arrested, brutally interrogated, and held without charges. …

The Kremlin kept insisting ‘Islamic terrorists’ did the bombings. A few months later, a wildly popular Putin, whose approval ratings hit 80%, was swept into the presidency of Russia on a wave of patriotic fervor, jingoism, xenophobia, and anti-Muslim hysteria.

Perhaps President George W. Bush’s “they hate us for our freedoms” lunacy after 9/11 was a throwback to Putin’s “evil Muslim terrorists vs. civilized Russians” spiel in 1999. No wonder Putin was the first person to call Bush on 9/11, pledging Russian support for the US war in Afghanistan. Is it also any wonder that Putin publicly decries “9/11 conspiracy theories” considering his own use of the Machiavellian false-flag tactic to achieve his political ends?

Putin’s bloody onslaught against Chechnya cost 57,000 Chechens their lives and made 200,000 more into refugees, reported Margolis in the same article. He continued: “Human rights organizations accuse Russian forces in Chechnya of ubiquitous brutality: mass murders and reprisals, arson, looting, torture, running concentration camps. Moscow rejects all such criticism, saying that rough methods are justified against ‘terrorists.’”

When armed Chechen fighters took hostages in a Moscow theatre in 2002, demanding Russian forces unilaterally withdraw from Chechen soil, the belligerent Putin reacted by ordering Russian Special Forces to pipe a toxic gas into the theatre which killed all 40 Chechen militants and also claimed the lives of 130 Russian civilian hostages.

When, in 2004, Chechen rebels seized thousands of hostages in a school in Beslan, South Russia, Putin once again refused to negotiate, ordering Russian special services to raid the facility and “shoot to kill,” causing hundreds of deaths that could have otherwise been averted through mediation. Many people, including the advocacy group “Mothers of Beslan” which is comprised of mothers whose children perished in the tragedy, contend the Beslan incident was an inside job and that Russian security forces instigated the bloodbath by firing rocket-propelled grenades into the school before the militants initiated any force.

All of this dirty business is not enough to cause any dissent within the ranks of Putin loyalists. Whitewashing Putin’s dirty laundry is paramount for these ideological zealots posing as “analysts.”

However, many astute people not tied down by fan-boy cultism see Putin for what he is: a corrupt, power-hungry and self-interested politician, no different than the West’s beguiling leadership who are likewise steeped in political evil.

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Traitors, Race, National and Otherwise

Jason writes:

That article of yours seems to imply betraying White people is the way to go (as most Whites are supporting reactionary politics). I don’t understand. No offense to Robert, but needing clarification.

Voting progressive is not betraying the Whites because Whites are not a persecuted class in the US, so it is not possible to betray them. I do not think voting for either party, Democrats or Republicans, is supporting or opposing the Whites because neither party is attacking White people. There is no need to support the Whites in the US as no one is oppressing, harming or discriminating against us unjustly.

  1. What I mean about supporting your people is:
  2. Oppose those who try to harm your people.
  3. Oppose those who discriminate against and persecute your people unjustly
  4. Defend the homeland against the foreign enemy invaders.

However, if one’s people or nation is objectively wrong or behaving unjustly, it is right and proper to betray your own land and people.

One should always oppose persecutions on your people. Those Blacks who support Jim Crow restrictions at the voting booth to the keep the niggers from voting are simply race traitors. By being Republicans, they are race traitors because they support a party that disenfranchises their people.

In the Indian Wars, the Indians were being persecuted by the White imperialist invaders. The  invaders had many Indian scouts who were fighting with enemy against the Indian people. That was some very serious treason.

In WW2 in the Ukraine, there were two types of Jews. One type was called Karaim and the other were called Krymchak. The Nazis came in and with their Ukrainian pals killed some Jews. Then they figured out that there were two types of Jews here, and the Karaim were saying that they were not really Jewish. So the Nazis called in some actual university anthropologists to determine who was Jewish and who was not. They studied the issue for a bit and then decided that the Karaim were not truly Jewish because they practice a different form of Judaism but the Krymchak were.

Some of the Karaim actually helped the Nazis round up Krymchaks for the slaughter. That is the utmost in treason.

The Palestinians are being badly persecuted. For various reasons, some Palestinians are spies and informers for Israel, even during wartime. Those are pretty bad traitors.

When your country is wrong or your people are wrong, you need to go against them. In fact, in these cases, it is noble to be a turncoat and fight for the enemy. I do not think it would be treason for a German or a Jap to support the Allies during WW2. The Germans and Japs were not being persecuted. They were persecuting others.

However, I will respect any man who fights to defend his homeland and his people from the foreign invaders. So I had a lot of sympathy for those Iraqis that fought us in the early days of the last Gulf War. Even the initial resistance was probably right and proper for a number of years as it was trying to drive the American foreign enemy invaders out of their homeland. I would even respect a Nazi who fought on German soil to defend the Homeland against the Allies or the Soviets. Really it is never really wrong to defend your homeland against the enemy invaders. I would not mind the ones who surrendered either. I think both options were noble.

There really is no way to be a White race traitor in the US, despite the blatherings of White nationalist idiots. The only way to be a White race traitor today is to go to South Africa and cheer on or assist the oppression of Whites there. White are simply not a persecuted race in the US.

But sometimes I think that these Whites ally with non-Whites and go on and on about how Whites are the worst race on Earth are pretty near race traitors. There are some Whites like that. We have had them on the blog here. Whites are not the worst race on Earth and to say we are is to state a vicious lie. It is pretty much treason against your people.


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It Is Up to Russia to Save the World from Nazism Again

GGGGG writes:

Love the Fuhrer with all your heart and soul, and love other Aryans as yourself.

All Xtian countries are fascist countries, when the money runs out. You never read Lenin?

It sounds like a crazy thing to say, but the West is so extreme in its support of fascism in all of its forms since World War 2, and honestly we strongly supported fascism even before WW2. Scarcely was the ink dry on the VE-Day documents and the US was recruiting Nazis left and right to form armies to fight the USSR. US support for anti-Soviet and anti-Russian Nazism started on that day in 1945 and honestly has never stopped. What do you think the NATO stay-behind Gladio Network was/is? It was a grouping of armed fascists and Nazis run by NATO itself.

Hmmm well almost all of the Christian West is now supporting the Ukrainian Nazis at an extreme level to where they are nearly threatening to go to war for their Nazi buddies. Only Russia stands in the way of the Nazi Horde. World War 2 all over again. This time it is so much worse though. Last time around we could count on much of the West joining Russia to fight the Nazi Beast. Now almost the entire Left has lined up alongside the Nazis!

I think I am going to start calling the West the Nazi West. It is not that we are Nazis ourselves but that we are arming, funding and going to extreme levels to support Nazism in the Ukraine. We are threatening war against the only nation on Earth that has stood up and said no to Nazism.

Maybe this will be like WW2 all over again when it was up to Russia to save the world from Nazism.


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National Socialism in the Ukraine

Every single thing that this brilliant author says in this video is 100% true. Ukraine is a fascist country, and it has been one ever since it was independent in 1991, although most of the fascism was covered up and underground as opposed to being explicit.

One can argue that there are two fascisms. There is nonracist fascism and racist fascism. A good argument can be made that not all fascism is explicitly or overtly racist. For instance, Mussolini’s regime in Italy was not explicitly racist, although it was very much fascist. You might possibly be able to say the same thing about Franco in Spain and Salazar in Portugal.

On the other hand, there is another fascism that is explicitly racist in character and that is fascism that is similar to the Nazi type that prevailed in Germany under the National Socialist regime. Just for the sake of shorthand, let us call this National Socialism since that is what the Nazis called themselves.

There were similar National Socialist type regimes during WW2 in Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and notably in Croatia, Ukraine, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The Nazism was particularly acute in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Croatia, where National Socialism was quite popular among the masses. We could call this Popular Nazism or Nazi Populism.

In other countries such as France, Italy, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Czechoslovakia and Poland, there were simply Nazi occupation regimes in place, possibly with local collaborationist administrations, however these occupation-collaborationist regimes were not very popular among the people and resistance was significant at the base or ground level.

Based on the definitions elaborated above, the present Ukraine government is racist-fascist or a Nazi/National Socialist regime. It would also be classed as Popular Nazism or Nazi Populism since this Nazi government is very popular with the masses.

It also appears based on figures cited in the video that 80% of Ukrainian nationalists are Nazis. We base this on a survey that found that 80% of Maidan activists regarded Bandera as a hero. So those Maidan demonstrators that all of you Westerners were cheering for were nothing but a bunch of Nazis. You guys feel good about yourselves now?

Maidan protestors were simply typical Ukrainian nationalists. Notice I said Ukrainian nationalists and not Ukrainians. It is not known how many Ukrainians could also be called Ukrainian nationalists, but the figure it doubtless quite high as Ukrainian nationalism is popular in Ukraine.

And with that background, we leave you with the video. You can see why the Russians in the east voted to split away and then took up arms to liberate themselves from the Nazi regime. How can you blame them?


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Why I Hate Leon Trotsky

James Schipper wrote:

I really don’t get it, Robert, why do you hate Trotsky so much? Moreover, killing someone who already has lost all power is the equivalent of shooting POW’s. According to Boris Bazhanov in Ich War Stalins Sekretär, Stalin was extremely vindictive and held life-long grudges. That’s what the murder of Trotsky was, Stalin’s personal revenge against a former rival who crossed him too often, who intellectually overshadowed him, and who never liked him.

I certainly don’t see Stalin’s record as totally negative, but it can’t be denied that Stalin had a nasty character and that a lot of the people killed during his rule were not killed for political reasons but to satisfy Stalin’s personal ignoble motives.

Trotsky called for the International Communist Movement to be neutral in WW2. He said it was a war between two capitalist groups – Germany and the Allies, and that Communists should not take sides in that war. A lot of Communists heeded his call. Also he egged on Germany and urged them to attack the USSR, which they soon did. He said a Nazi conquest of the USSR would be a good idea.

I will never forgive him for taking such a line.

Stalin was a very bad man and a lot of good people were killed for no good reason at all, especially in the 1930’s. Terrible.


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The Latest Western Media Lies about Ukraine

Today a few new stories appeared. The first one focused on dual independence parades, one in Kiev and the other in Donetsk. The media portray the first one as glorious, good and kind and the latter as wicked, depraved and filthy.

In response to Kiev’s parade, the rebels held a parade of their own. First they showcased a lot of captured and destroyed Ukie weaponry, including vehicles. Then they had their own parade where they marched 100 Ukrainian POW’s through the streets of Donetsk. Rebel troops walked alongside the prisoners, bayonets pointed at the marchers. Residents of Donetsk lined the streets, hurling abuse and a few objects at the prisoners. None of the prisoners were hurt by the crowd.

Behind the column were two vehicles that sprayed water on the road behind the marchers as if to symbolize that the road itself had been soiled by their presence. This part of it only makes sense if you know Russian history. In 1944, the USSR marched a column of German POW’s through the streets of Moscow. Following them were vehicles that sprayed water on the road as if to cleanse it. So you see the rebels were re-enacted that WW2 march with the Ukrainian troops representing the Nazi troops of 1944.

The media has ripped this march to shreds as if it was some sort of a horrible deed.

The truth is that it is indeed a war crime and a violation of the Geneva Conventions as it subjects the POW’s to humiliating treatment. However, in this case, I think these Ukie soldiers deserved it.

An important question is whether this was a good PR move for the rebels. I saw a Youtube upload of this march with Russian audio. All of the comments were in Russian. Most of the commenters had a negative opinion of marching these prisoners through the streets. So this may have been a bad PR move on the part of the rebels.

The second one focused on a clash far to the south of Donetsk in the cities of Mariupol and Novoazovsk where a rebel column crossed the border and attacked first the latter city and then the former. The focus here was on the fact that the column crossed the border from Russia and attacked the cities. The Western media are portraying this as either an example of Russia sending military vehicles over the border to help the rebels or else of the Red Army itself crossing the border to fight the Ukies. It is true that Russia has sent a lot of supplies, including weaponry, across the border. A week ago a column of 150 military vehicles crossed over from Russia.

However, in this case, what apparently happened was that this rebel column crossed from the war zone over into Russia via a rebel controlled part of the border, then drove along the border on the Russian side all the way down to the coast and then crossed the border again to attack the cities. So the military vehicles are not being supplied by Russia – they were already in the hands of the rebels. And the vehicles were being driven by Novorussians themselves, not Russian soldiers. At most Russia is guilty of the crime of allowing the rebels to use its territory to transit the border and then launch an invasion in the South.

Lies are continuing about the Russian relief column. Every stupid article you read about this relief column says something asinine like, “The Ukrainian government fears that the convoy is a trojan horse to allow Russia to smuggle weapons in to the separatists.” Why is this a retarded thing for the media to say? Simple, because multiple searches by both Ukrainians and the Red Cross failed to find a single weapon in any of the vehicles.

Since they were inspected by hostile to neutral forces, apparently repeatedly, how could they possibly contain weaponry? It  makes no sense, right? This was followed by weird warnings that many of the trucks were only half full. This is correct, but it was done on purpose so the trucks would not tip over. The implication was that there was something horribly devious about the trucks being half full. I know! Half of the trucks were filled with relief supplies and the other half were filled with invisible weapons!


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The First Six Years of Nazi Rule

Pretty amazing stuff. Keep in mind that they were like this before they even started killing lots of people. And during this period, they were wildly popular, not only in Germany but also in other parts of Europe, especially in Eastern Europe.


January 30, 1933 – Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany a nation with a Jewish population of 566,000.

February 22, 1933 – 40,000 SA and SS men are sworn in as auxiliary police.

February 27, 1933 – Nazis burn Reichstag building to create crisis atmosphere.

February 28, 1933 – Emergency powers granted to Hitler as a result of the Reichstag fire.

March 22, 1933 – Nazis open Dachau concentration camp near Munich, to be followed by Buchenwald near Weimar in central Germany, Sachsenhausen near Berlin in northern Germany, and Ravensbrück for women.

March 24, 1933 – German Parliament passes Enabling Act giving Hitler dictatorial powers.

April 1, 1933 – Nazis stage boycott of Jewish shops and businesses.

April 11, 1933 – Nazis issue a Decree defining a non-Aryan as “anyone descended from non-Aryan, especially Jewish, parents or grandparents. One parent or grandparent classifies the descendant as non-Aryan…especially if one parent or grandparent was of the Jewish faith.”

April 26, 1933 – The Gestapo is born, created by Hermann Göring in the German state of Prussia.

May 10, 1933 – Burning of books in Berlin and throughout Germany.

July 14, 1933 – Nazi Party is declared the only legal party in Germany; Also, Nazis pass law to strip Jewish immigrants from Poland of their German citizenship.

In July – Nazis pass law allowing for forced sterilization of those found by a Hereditary Health Court to have genetic defects.

In September – Nazis establish Reich Chamber of Culture, then exclude Jews from the Arts.

September 29, 1933 – Nazis prohibit Jews from owning land.

October 4, 1933 – Jews are prohibited from being newspaper editors.

November 24, 1933 – Nazis pass a Law against Habitual and Dangerous Criminals, which allows beggars, the homeless, alcoholics and the unemployed to be sent to concentration camps.


January 24, 1934 – Jews are banned from the German Labor Front.

May 17, 1934 – Jews not allowed national health insurance.

June 30, 1934 – The Night of Long Knives occurs as Hitler, Göring and Himmler conduct a purge of the SA (storm trooper) leadership.

July 20, 1934 – The SS (Schutzstaffel) is made an independent organization from the SA.

July 22, 1934 – Jews are prohibited from getting legal qualifications.

August 2, 1934 – German President von Hindenburg dies. Hitler becomes Führer.

August 19, 1934 – Hitler receives a 90 percent ‘Yes’ vote from German voters approving his new powers.


May 21, 1935 – Nazis ban Jews from serving in the military.

June 26, 1935 – Nazis pass law allowing forced abortions on women to prevent them from passing on hereditary diseases.

August 6, 1935 – Nazis force Jewish performers/artists to join Jewish Cultural Unions.

September 15, 1935 – Nuremberg Race Laws against Jews decreed.


February 10, 1936 – The German Gestapo is placed above the law.

In March – SS Deathshead division is established to guard concentration camps.

March 7, 1936 – Nazis occupy the Rhineland.

June 17, 1936 – Heinrich Himmler is appointed chief of the German Police.

August 1, 1936 – Olympic Games begin in Berlin. Hitler and top Nazis seek to gain legitimacy through favorable public opinion from foreign visitors and thus temporarily refrain from actions against Jews.

In August – Nazis set up an Office for Combating Homosexuality and Abortions (by healthy women).


In January – Jews are banned from many professional occupations, including teaching Germans, and from being accountants or dentists. They are also denied tax reductions and child allowances.

November 8, 1937 – ‘Eternal Jew’ traveling exhibition opens in Munich.


March 12/13, 1938 – Nazi troops enter Austria, which has a population of 200,000 Jews, mainly living in Vienna. Hitler announces Anschluss (union) with Austria.

In March – After the Anschluss, the SS is placed in charge of Jewish affairs in Austria with Adolf Eichmann establishing an Office for Jewish Emigration in Vienna. Himmler then establishes Mauthausen concentration camp near Linz.

April 22, 1938 – Nazis prohibit Aryan ‘front-ownership’ of Jewish businesses.

April 26, 1938 – Nazis order Jews to register wealth and property.

June 14, 1938 – Nazis order Jewish-owned businesses to register.

In July – At Evian, France, the U.S. convenes a League of Nations conference with delegates from 32 countries to consider helping Jews fleeing Hitler but results in inaction as no country will accept them.

July 6, 1938 – Nazis prohibited Jews from trading and providing a variety of specified commercial services.

July 23, 1938 – Nazis order Jews over age 15 to apply for identity cards from the police, to be shown on demand to any police officer.

July 25, 1938 – Jewish doctors prohibited by law from practicing medicine.

August 11, 1938 – Nazis destroy the synagogue in Nuremberg.

August 17, 1938 – Nazis require Jewish women to add Sarah and men to add Israel to their names on all legal documents including passports.

September 27, 1938 – Jews are prohibited from all legal practices.

October 5, 1938 – Law requires Jewish passports to be stamped with a large red “J.”

October 15, 1938 – Nazi troops occupy the Sudetenland.

October 28, 1938 – Nazis arrest 17,000 Jews of Polish nationality living in Germany, then expel them back to Poland which refuses them entry, leaving them in ‘No-Man’s Land’ near the Polish border for several months.

November 7, 1938 – Ernst vom Rath, third secretary in the German Embassy in Paris, is shot and mortally wounded by Herschel Grynszpan, the 17-year-old son of one of the deported Polish Jews. Rath dies on November 9, precipitating Kristallnacht.

November 9/10 – Kristallnacht – The Night of Broken Glass.

November 12, 1938 – Nazis fine Jews one billion marks for damages related to Kristallnacht.

November 15, 1938 – Jewish pupils are expelled from all non-Jewish German schools.

December 3, 1938 – Law for compulsory Aryanization of all Jewish businesses.

December 14, 1938 – Hermann Göring takes charge of resolving the “Jewish Question.”


January 24, 1939 – SS leader Reinhard Heydrich is ordered by Göring to speed up the emigration of Jews.

January 30, 1939 – Hitler threatens Jews during Reichstag speech.

February 21, 1939 – Nazis force Jews to hand over all gold and silver items.

March 15/16 – Nazi troops seize Czechoslovakia (Jewish pop. 350,000).

April 19, 1939 – Slovakia passes its own version of the Nuremberg Laws.

April 30, 1939 – Jews lose rights as tenants and are relocated into Jewish houses.

In May – The St. Louis, a ship crowded with 930 Jewish refugees, is turned away by Cuba, the United States and other countries and returns to Europe.

July 4, 1939 – German Jews denied the right to hold government jobs.

July 21, 1939 – Adolf Eichmann is appointed director of the Prague Office of Jewish Emigration.

September 1, 1939 – Nazis invade Poland (Jewish pop. 3.35 million, the largest in Europe). Beginning of SS activity in Poland.

September 1, 1939 – Jews in Germany are forbidden to be outdoors after 8 p.m. in winter and 9 p.m. in summer.

September 3, 1939 – Great Britain and France declare war on Germany.

September 4, 1939 – Warsaw is cut off by the German Army.

September 17, 1939 – Soviet troops invade eastern Poland.

September 21, 1939 – Heydrich issues instructions to SS Einsatzgruppen (special action squads) in Poland regarding treatment of Jews, stating they are to be gathered into ghettos near railroads for the future “final goal.” He also orders a census and the establishment of Jewish administrative councils within the ghettos to implement Nazi policies and decrees.

September 23, 1939 – German Jews are forbidden to own wireless (radio) sets.

September 27, 1939 – Warsaw surrenders; Heydrich becomes leader of RSHA.

September 29, 1939 – Nazis and Soviets divide up Poland. Over two million Jews reside in Nazi controlled areas, leaving 1.3 million in the Soviet area.

In September – Quote from Nazi newspaper, Der Stürmer, published by Julius Streicher – “The Jewish people ought to be exterminated root and branch. Then the plague of pests would have disappeared in Poland at one stroke.”

In October – Nazis begin euthanasia on sick and disabled in Germany.

October 6, 1939 – Proclamation by Hitler on the isolation of Jews.

October 12, 1939 – Evacuation of Jews from Vienna.

October 12, 1939 – Hans Frank appointed Nazi Gauleiter (governor) of Poland.

October 26, 1939 – Forced labor decree issued for Polish Jews aged 14 to 60.

November 23, 1939 – Yellow stars required to be worn by Polish Jews over age 10.

In December – Adolf Eichmann takes over section IV B4 of the Gestapo dealing solely with Jewish affairs and evacuations.


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It Was a Great Day Today in Munich

Stepan Bandera‘s gravesite was blown up with a bomb today in Munich, Germany. Although he was born in Galicia, Austria-Hungary (now Ukraine), he died in Munich in 1959 when the Soviet KGB assassinated him. He had somehow been surreptitoiusly poisoned with cyanide.

Most of his immediate family was either murdered, executed or imprisoned in a gulag.

His brothers Alexander and Vasyl were sent to Auschwitz by the Nazis, where they were both murdered by Polish inmates. The fate of his other brother is unknown, but he may have been killed by the Soviet NKVD.

His father was arrested by Soviet authorities and quickly executed.

His sisters Marta-Marta, Volodymyra and Oksana were all arrested by the NKVD and sent to Gulags for 10-20 years.

Bandera had already lost his mother Myroslava to tuberculosis when he was 13.

While he lived in Germany from 1946-1956, his entire family had either been killed (most by murder or execution) or was imprisoned in a labor camp. At age 37, he was the last of his family alive and free.

After World War 2, his Ukrainian nationalist organization OUN-B continued underground guerrilla activities in Ukraine. The group was organized out of Germany under the auspices of the CIA and the UK’s MI6.

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