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New Interview with Me Up


There is a new interview with me up at Robert Stark’s site. In this interview, we discuss some of my recent articles and some other themes:

Topics include:
Racist Mass Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.
The shooter’s motivations.
The characteristics and causes of mass shooters.
Dylann Roof’s Manifesto.
White Nationalism, Sex and Gender.
On Sluthate.
Why People Say Looks Don’t Matter for Men.

Feel free to let me know what you think of it if you choose to listen to it.


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Rate Me

We are talking so much in these threads about the importance of male looks, so I may as well toss my hat into the ring.

How good looking do you think I am?


Go ahead and rate me. You can even rate me down through the years if you wish.

If you give me a low rating, try to be very nice about it and I assure you that I won’t ban you. If you give me a low rating and are really mean about it though, you are going to make me mad. Or you can just post the comment under a fake name (you can do that with any comment on here – just change it in the comments box – and then I won’t know it is you). I don’t even care about low ratings honestly because I am so egotistical, I am just going to say you are lying. If you rate me a 1, I will probably just laugh at you.

People are saying that men need to be at least a 7 in looks to even get 5 women these days. That implies that a 5 man can do no better than 3 woman. That may well be true; I have no idea.

But the truth is that I continue to slay to this very day, even though I am supposedly an old man now. I get women my age who are easily 7-10’s for their age group (which is honestly all I can hope for). Some of them are even former models.

I can even get young women sometimes, aged maybe 26-29. For some reason I can still do ok in that age group. A few years ago, I got a 26 year old woman who was a hottie. She worked as a stripper in a bar, and I think you can’t be a stripper unless you are as good-looking as a porn star. So I can still get 26 year old strippers, or at least I could several years ago.

Keep in mind that I have absolutely no idea how I am able to pull this stuff off. I have no money and no status. I may be semi-famous as a blogger, and I am starting to get women now via the blog. Yes, there are “blog groupies” if you get big enough. As far as status, I have no idea. In my town and anywhere I go in meatspace, I have no fame or status.

I only have Game, and my Game is not bad. I may still have looks. I have no idea. Some women my age say I look fantastic. A few young women say I look hot too. But to be completely honest, most young women could not be less interested in me and their attitude is, “Get away from me, old man.” I am basically an Omega incel as far as most young women are concerned.

So let’s see how you guys rate me and let’s put your Looks Theory to the test.


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Pumpkin Person Post about Me


Interesting post. I like it a lot. Pumpkin Person is a great guy, and I am glad to have him aboard here.

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A Shout out to the Smartest Woman in the World

Well of course that could only be my Mom. Props to Mom!

I have been involved with a lot of females over the decades. And out of all of them, she stands out.

She’s the woman who never stopped loving me.

And she’s the only woman who never left me.

You know that’s got to count for something.

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Christmas Gifts for the Blog

A lot of you readers are probably sitting there wondering if you are going to donate the blog as a Christmas gift. Well, wonder no longer. Of course you are going to gift the blog a Christmas donation! What a silly question. I can see you reaching for your wallets right now.

And it all goes for towards the production of this great blog that you all love to read so much! What better gift could you get than a daily dose of Beyond Highbrow?

You’re welcome.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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Good Guys and Bad Guys

My friend Keith Preston recently quoted me in a Facebook post:

There are no good guys. There are bad guys and worse guys, and that’s it.

-Robert Lindsay

I hate to blow my own horn here, but you know what? I really like that quote. I am quite proud of myself actually. It’s really sad, but if I have learned one single damn thing in 57 years, it’s summed up in that quote above.

Besides that, what do you folks think of that profoundly cynical quote? Agree or disagree?


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Praise for Beyond Highbrow

Here is an example of the some of the praise I have gotten around the Net. I don’t have only haters, you know.

First, on the non-Bigfoot stuff:

Lindsay is an indie version of Michael Moore or John Pilger.

RL seems like one of those nonconformist, brilliant, independent thinkers – the kind of people I really admire, and the kind that you *never* see in the MSM.

And now from the Bigfoot Net, where I am most reviled:

Steven Steufert: Re. Robert Lindsay, well, he seems like a cool guy to me, to the extent that I’ve heard him, and discussed things with him via email. He is just a curious guy delving deeply into the Bigfooting rumor mill. He has found some amazing things, even if not all of it is actually true in the end.

He should be commended for the dogged determination he has shown in digging up these things and developing the network of contacts and sources that he has. I say this in reference to his Bigfoot news, not whatever other views he has expressed (to great controversy) on his blog. He has a right to his own personal opinions, and really, whatever they are, they have very little to do with the quality of information in his Bigfoot articles.

Sharon Lee: I am starting to think that maybe we should pay more attention to Robert Lindsay.

Bigfoot Forums: Anyone still willing to state RL is irrelevant and just pulls stuff from his posterior side? The guy has contacts. Never 100% correct, but don’t dismiss his ramblings.

Bigfoot Forums: What is interesting is that this reviled blogger gets so much traction. I visit the blog for the Bigfoot news; I can’t help it. Sadly, I researched a lot of his claims – some I am intimate with personally. It is not all garbage. Inflammatory yes, but interesting how that works. Each raising of the anger bar brings more players out talking.



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Keith Preston on Robert Lindsay

He comments here.

If I were a Marxist rather than an anarchist, Id probably be Robert Lindsay

– Keith Preston

Haha, I love it. Preston is a pretty big name. I think he even has a Wikipedia page but I am not sure. I know the SPLC hates him, so that means he is probably ok haha.

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New Interview with Me Up

I just did a new interview with Robert Stark. I think you will like it. It goes over a lot of pretty important subjects. The sound quality should be much better on this one. Stark now does interviews straight over the phone. The sound quality is much better than it was with Skype. The poor sound quality of previous interviews was entirely the fault of Skype.

Here are the topics:

  • Why Robert stands with Putin
  • Why much of the Hard Left Is with Putin
  • Why Robert does not view Putin as an imperialist
  • Russia as a bulwark against American imperialism
  • How the US is selective in its support for separatist movements
  • Oligarchs and how income inequality has reduced under Putin
  • How Robert views Putin as being in between a Russian Nationalist and an Atlantic Integrationist
  • Some Ridiculous Anti-Russian Arguments
  • The lie that Russia has no allies in the former East Bloc or in the former USSR
  • The Jewish view toward Russia
  • The geographical history of the Ukraine
  • The Ukrainian Regime’s Nazi Policies
  • Russia’s alliance with Syria and Iran
  • The Project for a New American Century
  • How Robert views America and Israel as one monolithic country
  • Robert’s assistance to the Israeli organization DEBKA
  • How Robert’s Beyond Highbrow leaked the picture of the dead Israeli soldier
  • The recent Israeli conflict in Gaza and why Robert basically takes a neutral stance
  • Sunni vs. Shia Islam
  • The Lebanese Civil War
  • The Arab Baathist Party
  • Why Robert is willing to ally himself with fascists against American imperialism
  • Why the Progressive Project is the assimilation of the Jews from the ghetto
  • Patrilineality and the tribal instinct to sleep with women of other groups while safeguarding your own
  • Roissy’s Stupid PUA Site and how unregulated sexuality mirrors right wing economics

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Beyond Highbrow Scores Again

1st Lt. Hadar Goldin, taken POW by Hamas today. This is one of the first photos of him published by a news source. Photo was very hard to find.

1st Lt. Hadar Goldin, taken POW by Hamas today. This is one of the first photos of him published by a news source. Photo was very hard to find.

This photo of the now famous Hadar Goldin was published on this site before it was published on any other news site. It was very hard to find. After a lot of snooping around, I finally found it on some obscure Facebook page. Very soon after I published it, the excellent Israeli site Debka published it too. Debka was the first large news site to publish it other than this measly blog. I then went to sleep, satisfied with having scooped the whole damn world. When I woke up, I went online. There was that photo I had dredged up, appearing on sites all over the Net, mostly Israeli sites.

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hooray for Beyond Highbrow!

You guys wonder why you even read this site. Beyond Highbrow scoops the whole damn world, dammit! Get with the program. Read Beyond Highbrow today. Better yet, make a donation. Wink wink.


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