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Who Is This Man?


Who is this man? Why is he famous? Was he a good person or a bad person? What was his fate?


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Up from the Bottom

Very cool comment from the Juggalo Funeral post. Moving and well-written. Enjoy.

Howard, I appreciate your thoughts on this pathetic situation. You wrote, “Try to imagine having nothing; no education, no skills, no talent, no drive. In short, no future!”

Frankly, I don’t have to imagine it – I’ve been there. To compound the problem, I had been thrust into a society I was thoroughly unfamiliar with and did not understand at all (American culture) after having been reared in various foreign countries from the age of 8 & coming back to USA at 16. That same year, I simultaneously lost my virginity and became pregnant by a man 7 years my senior. He was a Cretin, obviously – and I was a lost, scared, emotionally wounded little girl who had just lost her Dad and seen her family disintegrate before her eyes…now I see all that, but back then I only felt shame and guilt.

I was ‘forced’ by my family to marry the man. It was what “good families” did back then, you see. Shame and coercion were the tools used to somehow, supposedly, magically and remarkably preserve the family’s good name. Cool, huh? So I did as I was told. I dropped out of high school the summer before my Senior year. I was 17 in July, and my baby was born in November. When she was six weeks old, I got pregnant…the first time I’d had intercourse since the birth. When my first child was 11 months old, I had twins. I had just turned 18.

At 19, I found myself with three babies in diapers, two black eyes, and one old car to use as a “getaway.” Having been effectively abandoned by my family partially due to circumstances beyond their control and partially because the whole family had exploded to bits, I ended up living in that old car for a couple of months. Back then, disposable diapers were uncommon, inefficient, and very expensive. Basically, they were only used while traveling if you could afford them. I often had no way to do laundry after I escaped the abusive father of my babies, and many times I ended up using my T-shirts as diapers.

Fast forward…I’m a grandmother of 7, living in a little cabin my husband & I designed ourselves and put on our 100 acres of land – all paid for, free & clear – getting ready to retire early at age 54. I’ve had a successful career in medicine, althogh I did not attend college until my children had all left home. Neither did I remarry until my kids had all grown and left the nest. It is possible, albeit often very difficult, to rise above the storms, slights, and indignities of life. For years I lived in shame, guilt, humiliation, disgrace, degradation, and ignominy. I felt I had no right to my very existence.

I worked at menial minimum wage jobs (often two or 2 1/2 jobs at a time) and steered clear of drugs, alcohol, etc…couldn’t have afforded it if I’d wanted it, anyway. As the years went by, I did begin to use alcohol. Excessively. I was a functional drunk. Not an alcoholic, just a drunk…which is less respectable than being an alcoholic. I did it by choice, not because of addiction. It was my chicken-shit escape. I’m not proud of it, but that is the way it is. The way it was anyway.

Life can be hard at the best of times. Some of us choose to rise to the challenge and eventually overcome…some of us make excuses as to why we “can’t.” I have empathy for this couple…but they make their choices just as you and I make ours. Being poor, disenfranchised, abandoned by every level of society, degraded, hurt, and relatively unintelligent didn’t define the rest of my life. Unintentionally or not, my life was effed up by my own actions and my own choices…I was an ignorant child, but I still did it to myself. By the same token, I eventually crawled out of it with no help from anyone.

The blame is all mine, but so is the eventual triumph.

I don’t really know why I felt moved to share this with you. Maybe just to say, “I wish someone like you had cared enough to give me some encouragement, to just see me, when I was going through my own personal journey out of Hell.” I feel for this family…as bad as it was for me when I was young, I never had to live in their world. I’m grateful for that. I wish them all the best in their own journey out of their own Hell…because it surely is Hell, whether of their own making or not.


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A Brazilian Joins the Alternative Left

Responding to this post, Ultra Cool, a Brazilian, writes: What the hell Robert, I had an idea almost exactly like this last year, are we twins separated at birth or do we have a hive mind?

Hey welcome aboard! Ultra Cool sounds a lot like an Alt Left type. Admittedly the Alt Left is a hard sell. At this point, the Right hates us, the Left hates us, and the Center hates us too. We are getting fired on from all sides. But that’s all just fine, as I know we are right regardless.

And we could use some Alt Left types in other countries or even writing in other languages. Any similar thinkers are welcome to join and contribute thoughts, theories, manifestos, positions, and agreements and disagreements. It might be interesting to have some Alt Left people in different countries to see how they might approach the project in different ways.

The movement is already rather split into at least two wings: a much more race-oriented Alt Left (Rabbit’s wing at, and my wing, which is not so race-oriented. The other wing is more or less Leftwing White Separatists, White Nationalists, or if you have it White Supremacists. They are Left on most everything except race. But they talk in a very mild and unoffensive way about race nevertheless.

On the other hand, Rabbit’s wing seems to be interested in little more than race in terms of the Cultural Left. I do not think that Rabbit cares much about the Gay Lobby, Caitlyn Jenner or feminism. He seems to shrug his shoulders at all of these things and takes a more or less typical White liberal-hipster line in those issues.



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What Are the Aughts?

What are  the aughts? Or rather what were they, since as an historical phenomena, they are no longer with us except in memory. What does the word aughts refer to? Is there only one aughts or is there more than one? If it exists, what might the other aughts be called.

Ten Brownie points and a pat on the head for the right answer. Plus you get to stay out til dark tonite before you have to come in.


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Commenter Steve’s New Blog

A Bee in My Bonnet.

It only has one post so far, one about the deplorable sex attacks in Cologne and other cities in France on New Year’s Eve. Steve’s one of the best commenters on here, and if he keeps it up, the blog might be pretty good too. You are welcome to check it out, and if you want to come back here and comment on the German sex attacks, you can do so in this thread.


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Merry Xmas Everyone

I would like to wish a merry Christmas to all of my great readers. How do I know all of you are great? Well if you come to read regularly, you must be great, right? What a stupid question!

Even if you are rarely or never happy, please see if you can be happy for at least one day out of the year, and it might as well be this one. It’s the least I can recommend for any suffering soul.


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Murder Mystery

One night, a man receives a call from the police. The police tell the man that his wife was murdered and that he should reach the crime scene as soon as possible. The man drops the phone, shocked, and drives 20 minutes to the crime scene. As soon as he reaches the crime scene, the police arrest him, and he is convicted of murder. How did the police know that he committed the crime?


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Name This Gun

Name this gun either is or is a version of a famous model.

Name this gun either is or is a version of a famous model.

Know your guns!


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Heaven or Hell?

Which is it?


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Red, Blue or Grey

From the Internet. Which one are you?

The Red Tribe is most classically typified by conservative political beliefs, strong evangelical religious beliefs, creationism, opposing gay marriage, owning guns, eating steak, drinking Coca-Cola, driving SUV’s, watching lots of TV, enjoying American football, getting conspicuously upset about terrorists and commies, marrying early, divorcing early, shouting “USA IS NUMBER ONE!!!”, and listening to country music.

The Blue Tribe is most classically typified by liberal political beliefs, vague agnosticism, supporting gay rights, thinking guns are barbaric, eating arugula, drinking fancy bottled water, driving Priuses, reading lots of books, being highly educated, mocking American football, feeling vaguely like they should like soccer but never really being able to get into it, getting conspicuously upset about sexists and bigots, marrying later, constantly pointing out how much more civilized European countries are than America, and listening to “everything except country”.

(There is a partly-formed attempt to spin off a Grey Tribe typified by libertarian political beliefs, Dawkins-style atheism, vague annoyance that the question of gay rights even comes up, eating paleo, drinking Soylent, calling in rides on Uber, reading lots of blogs, calling American football “sportsball”, getting conspicuously upset about the War on Drugs and the NSA, and listening to filk – but for our current purposes this is a distraction and they can safely be considered part of the Blue Tribe most of the time)

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