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“The Kinder, Gentler Version of Bull Riding,” by Alpha Unit

Little Yellow Jacket was a famous Brangus bull – a Brangus being a cross between an Angus and a Brahman. He had one horn pointing up and the other pointing down. The Professional Bull Riders organization made him “Bull of the Year” three different times. That’s a record.

He was in good company as Bull of the Year. There was Mossy Oak Mudslinger. And Chicken on a Chain. There were Panhandle Slim, Cripple Creek’s Promise Land, Code Blue, and Dillinger. But nobody was as notorious as the 1,800-pound “World’s Most Dangerous Bull.” That was Bodacious.

Bodacious first appeared on the circuit in 1992. In no time he was found to be virtually unrideable. According to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame:

All muscle, the bull with the distinctive yellow coloring bucked off 127 of his 135 riders and became known for a bone-crushing style that sent many riders to the hospital, including world champions Tuff Hedeman and Terry Don West. Bodacious was known for his explosive exit out of the chute…His ability to buck riders off before they could nod their heads did not endear him to the cowboys.

The way he came out of the chute was bad enough. But what really made Bodacious so fearsome was his signature move: he would raise his rear end, his head to the ground, causing the rider to shift his weight forward. He would then jerk his head up and smash the rider in the face.

Tuff Hedeman, one of the few riders who ever stayed on Bodacious, had an infamous meeting with Bodacious in 1995 during the Professional Bull Riders World Finals in Las Vegas. A mere second after exiting the chute, Bodacious jerked Hedeman down and head-butted him, shattering every bone in his face below the eyes. It took 13 hours of reconstructive surgery and five titanium plates to repair the damage. Hedeman told reporter Burkhard Bilger that his sense of smell and taste never returned.

That same year in the National Finals Rodeo, Scott Breding chose to wear a hockey mask for his ride on Bodacious. He needed more than that. Bodacious head-butted him and knocked him out, breaking his nose and bursting one of his eye sockets.

The next day Bodacious was retired from rodeo.

If bull-riding is more thrill than you can handle, no problem. Not everyone can take on the likes of Little Yellow Jacket, but just about anyone can pretend to. Plenty of bars have mechanical bulls for their patrons. You can even rent your own mechanical bull for a birthday party, graduation, or other festive occasion.

Or go to the county fair. All over the United States during the summer you can find enterprising men and women who announce “Have Bull, Will Travel.” Like Jerry and Kathy Boone of New Plymouth, Idaho, who carry their mechanical bull, Samson, to county fairs and rodeos throughout the region. Or Cal Perkins, who makes mechanical bulls right here in the US and whose bulls are found in all 50 states and a handful of other countries.

Cal Perkins was a professional bull rider in the late 1970s and early 1980s but quit the circuit when he and his wife decided to start a family. After his sons became interested in rodeo, he began building bucking machines. He now custom-builds mechanical bulls at his shop in the tiny town of Murtaugh in southern Idaho. He brands his creations “the world’s best bucking machines.” The Times-News of Idaho reports:

Perkins takes great pride in the realistic look of his bulls. Each machine is upholstered with cowhide from Brazil and a real bull’s head from Mexico. That’s one of the reasons his bulls are so popular, he said.

Perkins travels with two mechanical bulls, one a miniature bull created for the little ones; it will take a rider up to 180 pounds. The set-up for his regular mechanical bull, which includes a protective air-filled mat, is designed to protect a rider up to 250 pounds.

And what about the rider? What do I need to know before I get on a mechanical bull? Professional bull riding champions Shane Proctor and Luke Snyder offer a few tips to would-be mechanical bull riders, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

  • “Have enough beer to drink so you can get your courage up.”
  • “Make sure to make really good friends with whoever is running the bull. It’s not like eight seconds with a real bull. If you piss off the ring guy, he can keep you on however long he likes.”
  • “Keep your chin down. Wherever your chin goes, that’s where your body is going to go.”
  • “Make sure your free hand is in front of you. It helps guide your direction.”
  • “Sit close to your hand holding the bull. It’s like a teeter-totter, so you want to establish your center of gravity. If you sit too far back, you will fall off.”
  • “Know you are going to wipe out, and know you are not going to look graceful, so have fun and just fall off.”


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Robert Stark Interviews Roman Bernard about the Paris Terrorist Attack & the Political Situation in France

Link here.

Now this interview is simply superb. I have never heard of this fellow before and he is connected with the Alt Right but I found that he had few if any objectionable views. Perhaps Europe is so Loony Left that Alt Right over there simply means “sane.”

He does have a very strong French accent, but it was just strong enough to be charming, disarming and even sexy but not so strong as to hinder communication. I understood easily 90-95% of what he said.

Great views on the politics and social structures of France about which I knew little. If you are into the politics and sociology of modern France, this interview is a must listen!

Great interview!


Roman Bernard lives in Paris, is the European Editor for RADIX JOURNAL, is in political communications and marketing, and is a former sports reporter.

Topics include:

The role that Paris plays as the center of power in France.
How Paris is a three-tier city with a wealthy left-leaning white center (where the attack happened), a 2nd tier which is mostly poor immigrants, and a 3rd Tier which is the white flight suburbs.
How Roman walked by the Bataclan Theatre before the attack and saw many of the victims and how he knows people who knew people who died.
The psychological processes Roman went through after the attack (human, anger, confidence).
How the terrorist explicitly targeted Whites and spared the lives of non-Whites.
How two of the terrorist were refugees.
The media’s myth that Paris was under total martial law.
How the police used the attack as justification to break into people’s homes.
How Prime Minister Hollande lied about the borders being closed.
How propaganda is more important than history and facts.
The Football scene from The Dark Knight Rises.
French football as a form of civic nationalism.
How Qatar owns the major football team in France, is hosting the next World Cup, is largely responsible for the crisis in Syria, and combines the worst aspects of Arab and Western cultures.
How Syria has a connection to Western Civilization due to colonization by the Greeks, Romans, and French.
The Syrian War as a racial conflict.
How the French Government is supporting the Syrian rebels against the Alawites who were allies of the French under colonialism.
The plans by the Western elites and Gulf states to dismantle Syria and build an oil pipeline.
Michel Houellebecq’s Submission which is about an Islamist takeover of France.
Demographic trends in France.
How the key issue is western atomization and that Islamization is the symptom of that malady.
The 2015 French Regional Election.
Marine Le Pen and the Front National.
How the Front National is a coalition of former socialists in the de-industrialized North and affluent conservatives in the South.
Why Roman views the key issue as national survival and that economic and social issues should be left to local regions.

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Who Is This Man?

Who is this famous man?

Who is this famous man?


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A Comment on US Black Culture

Enkidu writes:

Nothing is stupider than US black ‘culture’. If your culture values violence as a solution to problem solving, crass materialism, instant gratification, sports above education, Bentleys and bling over benevolence, you are going to have a stupid, underachieving society. Blacks raised with the values of, say Jews or Koreans will probably do as well as anyone else.

Any comments? Note that this comment blasting Black folks per se and saying there is something wrong with them biologically. Instead he is just saying that their culture blows. A culture that, by the way, they created themselves. Any group can change their culture anytime they want to. Happens all the time. When can they start? Not now, yesterday!

I agree with everything he says in this post. Black culture simply leaves me cold in so many ways, when it doesn’t just out and out offend me or disgust me.

1. Violence as a way of solving problems. For someone like me, that is pretty much the ultimate outrage. I am the type of guy who has been repressing his aggression his own life. In fact, every day it is often sort of a battle to repress the aggression and keep the wolf in its lair. So people who not only lose it all the time but who actually think this is an intelligent way to solve your problems? Well, I have nothing to say.

2. Crass materialism. Well a lot of Whites are into that too. To the same degree? Who knows? I dropped out of the BS American money and status game a long time ago and I never looked back. If any money and status types end up crawling back into my life, I usually run them out after a bit. Not that I have any thing against stuff. I love it too. I love money too; only problem is I don’t have enough of it. However conspicuous consumption just strikes me as utterly insipid. Money well spent is valuable and one of life’s finer pleasures.

By definition, conspicuous consumption is not money well spent. You may as well just set bills on fire or flush them down the toilet. And the whole idea of judging other human beings based on how much money they make – the less money you make the more inferior you are and the more money you make, the more superior you are, well, all I have to say is that’s a Hell of metric by which to judge your fellow man! What would Jesus have said about those values?

3. Instant gratification. My whole life is has been all about delayed gratification. When I see idiots who can’t control themselves, my feeling often is that this is not a fellow human but a lower animal. That applies for people who see a plate full of chocolate chip cookies and can’t just eat one. As long as that plate is visible, they are pretty much going to gobble down the whole tray. To think like that seems to me to think like a dog or a mountain lion or some lower animal species, not a human. I equate “human” with self-control.

Sports over education. I have no real use for sports and if you are going to make some good money off of it, it’s a fine indulgence. Obviously I am a schoolhead, so I just can’t understand people who hate school, hate studying, hate reading or whatever. I just can’t relate, and my general attitude is that you are some sort of an idiot.

Bentleys and bling over benevolence. Well yeah. That’s Black culture. US Black culture isn’t particularly benevolent now, is it? Neither is White culture, but nevertheless, I am stunned by the kindness of White strangers that I see out in public. In fact, I have always depended on that kindness to renew my faith in man.

I don’t see the point of all the gold nonsense. You are dressing up like a circus clown or carnival performer. Why would dress like a clown or a carny and go about their daily business? A Bentley is an example of something you don’t even need. Utterly useless. It’s a high school dick comparison game, except it’s a car instead of a penis. I see someone with a car like that and I think, “Why would anyone want that?”

As you can see, I simply do not relate to US Black society in so many ways. It seems juvenile, insipid and incomprehensible when it’s not repellent.

The thesis of the commenter is that the problems of US Black society derive solely from its culture. I would not go that far, but I would say that the culture plays a big role. What’s so racist about saying that? Wasn’t Bill Cosby saying that a while back?

How do the rest of you feel?

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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Black Surfers

Of course I grew up on the beach with a bunch of surfers. I can’t remember seeing a single Black surfer ever. Of course, there were next to no Blacks at the school. But it’s just not a sport that Blacks got into for whatever reason. Few Blacks live near the beach, so that may have something to do with it.

Racists say that Blacks can’t swim, and the reason is genetic. Others say that Blacks come from Africa where swimming areas are full of dangerous creatures, so they don’t like to swim. Others say that it costs money to swim these days as Whites have private pools and pools in their backyards and few Blacks do.

The latter two arguments seem to make more sense. I am dubious that Blacks have some genetic inability to swim well, but I suppose it’s possible.




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Player Killed, Ref Decapitated and Dismembered in Brazilian Soccer Match

Video here.

In a soccer match in the Brazilian state of Maranhão, a referee ejected a player from a game. The player and the ref got into an argument, and the ref pulled out a knife and stabbed the player to death. The players friends and relatives then stormed onto the field and beat the ref to death, later decapitating him and dismembering his body.

This video does not show the actual fights and mayhem on the field. Instead, it shows the aftermath at the hospital, with hospital stuff pulling the ref’s head off his body (it was not attached anyway). You can also see the results of the drawing and quartering. Hard to watch but it’s basically a medical scene in a hospital, nothing ER doctors don’t see.


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Incredible Downhill Bike Racing in a Chilean City

Video here.

This video is simply amazing. And somehow, no one gets hurt! Bicyclists race through the narrow streets and pathways of a Chilean city, Valparaiso, thronged with crowds watching the action.

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Girl Almost Dies after Diving off Cliff

Video here.

Pretty amazing video. A young woman, about 19 years old, dives off a cliff into a lake, possibly in the northwestern US. The drop may be as high as 80 feet, but I am not certain. The fall is so great that the impact of the dive knocks her out. From a distance that high, hitting the water can almost feel like hitting concrete. I have also heard of people losing their bowels upon hitting the water at great heights. From very great heights, there may even be internal organ damage or death upon impact. Even though this woman was knocked out by the fall, she was rescued by the male seen in the boat, taken to the hospital, and survived. I believe that she was unconscious for about 24-48 hours though.

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Dangers of Weightlifting

Repost from the old site.

Note: Sorry, but this pic is a fake! Rectal prolapse is a real condition, but I don’t know how often it happens. It’s probably most likely to occur to an elderly woman whose pelvic floor was weakened by childbirth. I’ll leave it up anyway cuz a lot of thrillseekers like to look at sick stuff on the Net.

Weightlifting can be dangerous. Be careful if you click that link; it’s really gross! That’s called an anal prolapse.

Childbirth is probably the most common way to get this. It’s also reportedly a complication of old age. And yes, you can get this from being on the receiving end of anal sex, though I think it might take a Hell of a lot of anal sex to give this to you, like every single day for four or five years.

Surgery usually fixes it up pretty good, but it’s not always perfect. Hell of a thing to happen to you! Thank God for small favors! I made it to 55 and no anal prolapse yet! Yeehaw! I’m having another glass of wine just for that!

I went to this totally bizarre forum a while back. It was called Rosebud Forum. I had to register to go on, but it was so weird and sick that I just could not help myself. These idiots on there, almost all males and mostly straight, were actually trying to give themselves anal prolapses!

Messed up or what? Most of these guys were some sort of submissive B-D/S-M types looking for a dominant female mistress to work them over (think about it) until they end up with one of these horrible things.


Then there’s the BME Pain Olympics (I won’t link it because it’s too sick, but you can easily find it), mostly guys damaging their genitals in various ways, including chopping off their penises altogether or castrating themselves. Why in Hell would anyone do such a thing? Did they get abused in childhood or something?

People voluntarily damaging their bodies.

Life’s tough enough as it is, and life itself, assuming you survive it to the ravages of old ages, damages our organs, including our precious male genitals and probably our anuses too, in various ways. So why hurry up nature?


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“Football vs. Rugby,” by Alpha Unit

Which is tougher – American football or rugby?

Author Alistair Bland, who has been on the South Island of New Zealand, put the question to some bar patrons in a couple of towns. He began by asking people if they’d seen the Super Bowl on TV, calling it “the world’s biggest game.”

In the seaside town of Kaikoura, one bartender told me he didn’t air the game and said I probably was the only person in town looking to watch the Super Bowl. The bar manager at Strawberry Tree, a worn and salty old watering hole on Kaikoura’s main and only drag, said that American football is too slow-paced to watch on TV.

Bland then asked Stephen Horton, a rugby player on Kaikoura’s regional team, if American football players were padded, coddled softies. Were they less durable than rugby players?

“Oh, yeah!” he laughed. “Those guys wouldn’t last 80 minutes in a rugby match!”

Bland mentioned that NFL linemen who by some stroke of chance found the ball in their hands and ran it for an 80-yard touchdown could require oxygen masks to recover. This got Stephen and another Kiwi at the bar laughing, he states.

NFL players are said to be bigger, stronger, and faster than rugby players, says Bland, quoting a commenter on an online discussion who says that the average NFL player could “pick up the average Super 14 player, turn him upside down, and shake him like a piggy bank.” Stephen’s response:

“I definitely think rugby is harder,” he said, “but football looks more fun. You wear all that padding and can hit each other as hard as you want. You get hurt in rugby. I’ve had three broken collar bones and been knocked out three times.”

Bland adds:

Rugby players are trained gentlemen, too. In New Zealand, they start playing it as young as four years of age, and even in adult leagues, swearing is forbidden during practice, and “joking around,” Stephen explained, is curtailed by the coaches.

And none of those classless celebrations after scores or victories, says Bland.

Later in the week, he stopped at the Moa Brewing Company for a beer and to egg on more conversation, as he puts it. There he met Michael Miller, an American who had been living in New Zealand for eight months and who had picked up on “the subtleties of rugby that American football lacks.”

“I don’t mean to be derogatory toward anyone, but rugby is more intellectual,” he said, explaining that, since they lack protective gear, the players must combat each other with exceptional technique. He likens the sport to “guerrilla warfare,” whereas the face-off-and-charge approach of the NFL is more like “Civil War” battle style.

“Rugby can also be quite brutal,” Michael said, “but it’s also more beautiful and elegant.” He noted that rugby players must be skilled in tackling, running, and handling the ball – all aspects of the game – whereas football players are specialized to certain techniques, making them less rounded as tactical athletes.

Michael tells him that American football, much more than rugby, “has been evolved for commercialization and television.” Bland concludes:

Which explains the three-hour games, endless breaks and timeouts, and the huge advertising campaigns that climax on Super Bowl day.


Bland, Alistair. February 8, 2012. “Football or Rugby: Who’s Tougher?” The Anderson Valley Advertiser.


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