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Part II: Robert Stark Interviews Charles Lincoln about Cities


Topics include:

Charles’s experience living in London as a child in the 1960’s and an adult in the 1980’s, and Robert’s visit in 2002.
Charles’s experiences in New York in the 1980’s and that era in film.
The Brownstones of  New York and Boston.
Art Deco.
Mass transit systems.
The demographic transformations of London, New York, and Los Angeles.
How mass immigration has led to an increase in the demand for housing in cities.
Robert’s recent trip to San Francisco.
Chicago’s grid pattern.
Dallas, Texas.
The revitalization of downtown Los Angeles.
How Whites are moving back to cities while non-Whites are moving to suburbs.
How single family homes are being replaced by apartments.
Why Charles’s views the single family home as the ideal for autonomy of living.
How the increase in apartment living coincides with the decline of families.
Whether the key issue is density itself or the quality of architecture.
The appeal of urban living and why people are willing to sacrifice living space for that lifestyle.
The New Urbanist movement which seeks to recreate walkable communities


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Part I: Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about Cities

I listened to some of this. Charles is always good.


Charles Lincoln has a PhD in Anthropology, History, and Archaeology from Harvard University

Topics include:

The breaking down between the distinction between urban and rural societies.
Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World predictions about how people will live in the future.
How cities originally played the role of middlemen in an agricultural economy.
The destruction of the small village farming model.
The rise of dense cities in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.
The role that immigration played in the growth of American cities.
E. Michael Jones’s The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing.
How forced integration pushed the working and middle class out of cities.
The rise of suburbia and exurbia.
Whether it’s possible to have a thriving middle class within a dense city (ex. NY in the 1950’s, Japanese cities).
Why Charles does not view density as a source of inequality but rather a symptom.
How urbanization has led to a lack of self sufficiency.
How the ideal place to live for those with wealth has access to both cities and open space.

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Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney about the NPI Conference, US Cities, Houellebecq, & the Paris Terror Attack

I normally do not link to interviews with Matt because he is a dyed in the wool conservative whose enemy is the “Left.” Well, that’s me. I am the Left. Alt Left maybe, but Left nevertheless. Nevertheless, most of these discussions here are great and steer away from Left-bashing other than the unfortunate nonsense about how the Left destroyed cities I guess by saying people had a right to survive and have some shelter over their heads. Which of course makes us evil, right?


Topics include:

Matt’s experience at the recent National Policy Institute’s Conference in Washington DC.
How the theme of the conference Become Who We Are was about creating a new identity.
How Left-Wing Activists Tried to Shut Down This Year’s NPI Conference”
Matt’s take on Washington DC and how it would be a great city if it weren’t for its people.
How transplants tend to fulfill the obnoxious stereotypes of cities (ex. DC, NY, LA, Portland).
Obnoxious broke hipsters in Portland vs. obnoxious trust fund hipster in NYC.
How NY hipster transplants benefited from the same police enforcement and gentrification which they agitate against.
How New York’s gentrification has made the city sterile and killed it’s creative energy.
Kill Your Idols documentary about the punk scene in NY in the early 80’s.
Matt’s life in Chicago and how despite its crime it has a cohesive culture and affordable living.
How Chicago shutting down its public housing projects such as Cabrini–Green dispersed crime over a larger area.
Matt experience living in Portland, Oregon, and how Portlandia is so accurate it’s not even funny.
Why Matt favors urban living over suburban or rural living.
Why Matt views the suburbs as an unfortunate social development but they developed because the Left destroyed cities and forced out the middle class.
How major cities such as NY once had vibrant urban middle classes.
E. Michael Jones’s The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing.
How the further away we get from nature, the greater increase in social dysfunction we see.
Matt’s trip to Las Vegas and how his friend Davis Aurini describes the city as an “honest whore.”
Anti-natalism and how it’s an interesting philosophical question but attempts to apply reason to interfere with nature.
How anti-natalism appeals to the most thoughtful and intelligent individuals, thus removing them from the gene pool.
Michel Houellebecq The Father Of The Term “Sexual Marketplace”.
Houellebecq’s Whatever which is about people who lost out on the sexual revolution.
Houellebecq’s Submission which is about an Islamist takeover of France and whether that scenario is likely.
Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

The recent terrorist attack in Paris and future scenarios in Europe

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Money Is An Absolute Necessity to Get Women

Without money, you can’t get a woman with God’s help. No money, no honey. If you are broke, you will die a virgin.


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Designated Shitting Streets

This is a repost of a very popular piece on here that ran recently. A comment on this post by Shi is the basis for the previous post. Some of you may have missed it; others may enjoy a reread. Have fun.

Click to enlarge. Designated shitting streets.

An Internet Hindu tries to defend Bharat Mata by arguing that Indians do not shit on your average Indian street. Instead, they actually do so on designated shitting streets. LOL.

I am wondering who designated these streets to be designated shitting streets anyway? The town or city? The county? The state? The national government? The police? The health department, assuming there even is one.

Or was it just done by local consensus, say a bunch of Indians get together and say, “Hey, let’s designate Elephant Jockey Street as a designated shitting street? What do you say?”

“But why Elephant Jockey Street? That’s a major thoroughfare!”

“Yeah, thoroughfare for beggars and hustlers! That place is three turdlets short of a pantload! Hell, it could use some more poop on it! Nothing but curryniggers on Elephant Jockey Street anyway.”

“Hey! Who you calling a currynigger?”

“Not me. Not you. We’re Honorary Aryans, remember? Don’t you remember 3,500 years ago when we came sweeping down off the steppes on horse-drawn chariots? I remember it like yesterday!”

“Yeah ok. Screw those curryniggers. Elephant Jockey Street it is! EJ Street is now a Designated Shitting Street!”



“Three cheers for EJ Street!”

“Three poops for EJ Street!”

“Jai Hind!”

“Jai Hind!”

You know you live in a great, modern, up and coming First World industrialized Superpower when you have actual Designated Shitting Streets. I mean Third World countries are so backwards they don’t even have those. You can just squat on any old lane and dump a load on the sidewalk and walk away like nothing happened. How primitive!

By the way, here is Poo, India. At first I thought Poo was the real name for the whole shitty country and they just called it India to be polite, but instead it’s just the name of one shitty little town.


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Tyrone Harris Photos

I managed to find a number of photos of what appears to be Tyrone Harris, the young Black who opened fire on police at the Michael Brown anniversary protest the other night. These are from what appear to be his two Facebook accounts, Ty Da Shooter, which was actually a subject of some articles about Michael Brown’s best friends about two weeks after Brown was shot last year. There is also a video of “Ty Da Shooter” at a protest about two weeks after Brown’s death. He is in a large crowd of Blacks, and it is said that he reveals a gun on his person to the camera, although I could not see it.

Keep in mind that this charming young man below was Michael Brown’s best friend. They were probably part of the same street gang, and Brown seems to have been a hardcore banger and gang member just like Harris. I am not sure of what gang they were a part of though.

I know some of you want to be bad boys and romanticize these clowns, but don’t fall for it. The truth is that these guys are flat out some of the worst human beings on Earth. If you start hanging around with these guys because you want to be bad-ass, it is not going to turn out well. They will probably steal from you, use you or hurt you in some way. I don’t think there is any way for a normal person to hang out with these sociopaths without getting hurt. It’s probably not even possible.

Keep in mind that these characters are proud criminals. And when I say that, I don’t just mean they sell dope and attack their enemies. I don’t particularly care about dope-selling, and when these knuckleheads shoot each other, in my opinion that is called either NHI or No Humans Involved or a Public Service Killing. The police actually call it an NHI crime when these guys kill each other. They also use the phrase Public Service Killing.

But they don’t just limit themselves to slinging dope and making the world a better place by slaughtering each other. Apparently they also commit all sorts of other crimes against completely innocent people including burglary, larceny, petty theft, grand theft, auto theft, carjacking, assault, battery, attempted murder, murder, and rape. There are not too many crimes that they are not capable of.

One photo which I did not grab shows Tyrone Harris in a car brandishing a gun. Incredibly, Micheal Brown’s own mother posts below the photo with several smiley faces. So apparently not only is Michael where he needs to be which is in the ground, apparently his own mother is completely worthless herself.

I am curious though. What % of young Black males in the US are actually living this sort of a lifestyle? No way is it the majority.

Tyrone Harris brandishing a gun.

Tyrone Harris brandishing two guns. Ty Glocks appears to be the handle of Tyrone Harris.

The photo above shows what is apparently Tyrone Harris brandishing two  guns.

Tyrone Harris pointing a gun.

Tyrone Harris pointing a gun.

The photo above shows Tyrone Harris pointing a gun while his friend laughs.

Tyrone Harris, center, with his gangbanger pals, displaying a wad of cash.

Tyrone Harris, center, with his gangbanger pals, displaying a wad of cash.

This is pretty much the way these types act.

Tyrone Harris with his buddies pointing guns.

I have to admit these guys are pretty scary. They are downright terrifying.

Looks like a sawed off shotgun to the left.

Looks like a sawed off shotgun to the left.

Note the omnipresent middle fingers.

Tyrone Harris with his gangbanger buddies. Those are gang signs they are flashing, but I am not sure which gang.

Tyrone Harris with his gangbanger buddies. Those are gang signs they are flashing, but I am not sure which gang.

Bottom line, these are bad people. Very bad people.

Tyrone Harris with a gun again.

Tyrone Harris with a gun again. This post is from right after Brown was shot. I do believe that Ty Da Shooter, Brown’s best friend, is the same person as Ty Glocks. Both appear to be nicks for Tyrone Harris.

Ty Do Shooter seems to be the same person as Ty Glocks.


Tyrone Harris brandishing a gun again.

The friend appears to also have a gun.


Tyrone Harris flashing a gang sign.


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Why Michael Brown Got Shot

Punching the cop in the face and trying to grab the cop’s gun is what got him shot the first time. Then he ran away from the cop, stopped, turned around and charged at the cop like a bull as fast as he could. Multiple shots were not stopping him and it took three full volleys to stop him. That’s why so many shots were unloaded.

Michael Brown showing off his bling bling.

Michael Brown showing off his bling bling.

Wilson absolutely did not shoot at Brown as he was running away. In fact, Wilson left the vehicle with his gun pointed at the ground, yelling at Brown to stop. He also waited a bit of time after Brown started bull-charging him until he fired his weapon for the first time. Some of the witnesses were surprised that he waited as long as he did. One witness, who is Black, said she would not have waited so long to shoot him.

Michael Brown pretending to smoke a joint.

Michael Brown pretending to smoke a joint. He titled this post gangbangsters, “I play with society,” and high with gangbangsters.”

After Brown ran away, he stopped and turned around to face Wilson. For about one second, he did seem to put his hands up over his head. But then he took them down, put his arms at his sides, and charges the officer like a football player going for a tackle. The fact that he did raise his hands to surrender momentarily is probably why the line got started that Wilson shot him with his hands up.

Brown showing off a Trayvon Martin style hoodie.

Brown showing off a Trayvon Martin style hoodie.

The witnesses were very brave. Pro-Brown people were going around afterwards looking for witnesses. One Black man who saw the whole thing said he would tell them what he saw, but he didn’t think they wanted to hear it. Then they started cursing at him. They were trying pretty hard to wrangle some pro-Brown witness statements out of people.

Michael Brown selfie shows him "busting a cap": pretending to shoot a gun.

Michael Brown selfie shows him “busting a cap”: pretending to shoot a gun.

One of the witnesses said he was scared to meet with the officers to tell his story because there is “Snitches get stitches” graffiti all over the neighborhood. He was afraid of being attacked by pro-Brown people where he lived if it was discovered he had talked to police. He also said that he didn’t like cops very much, but nevertheless he gave a pro-Wilson witness statement. He was also Black.

Brown parties with his banger friend middle finger style.

Brown parties with his banger friend middle finger style. Brown was absolutely a hardcore member of a local Black gang, but I am not sure of their name.

I don’t know how much you all know about a certain type of young Black males, but I assure you that Brown is a Grade AAA example of a certain type of young Black male who is heavily involved in gangs, drugs and frankly crime also. None of these young males who are heavy into this scene are innocent, and none of them are ok at all.

They are simply terrorists who terrorize their own neighborhood. A young Black woman, rather ghetto herself, referred to them this way to me – she said, “They just terrorists who like to terrorize people.” She hated them, and she was no angel herself. So you see that even a lot of rather ghetto Blacks don’t like these guys much more than the rest of us. There’s not much to like, honestly. These young guys are the worst of the worst. Most if not all of them belong in a jail, a prison or probably better yet, a hole in the ground.

I am not trying to dog on the whole Black race here, as the vast majority of young Blacks are not living the lifestyle that Brown was living (Right?). And of all the street gangs out there, the Black gangs are the worst of all. They are a lot worse than even most of the Hispanic bangers.

I have lived around the Hispanic bangers, and I even got to know a few of them pretty well. They are bad people, but the Blacks are so much worse.

There are hardly any White gangs from what I can tell. I have lived around White people my whole life, and the only White gang member I knew was a member of a motorcycle gang. He was a real bad person, but he wasn’t as bad as these Black guys. We really should not be romanticizing human beings like this. These people are the worst of our race – the human race.


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“Don’t Fuck With Cops. Cops Will Kill You!”

SHI writes:

Keeping the black man down, not very nice of you, Robert:) As a self-described Wigger, would you rather not identify with the struggles and painful lives of colored people?I do feel this whole incident shows once again what a trigger-happy bunch US cops really are. No way can you justify taking an unarmed man’s life by shooting at point blank range. There are other ways to restrain miscreants in situations like these – taser them (although tasering is illegal in the EU, Australia and Japan), use handcuffs and leg irons and if nothing else works, shoot them in the leg. And while you’re at it, call for back-up. Police offers should be adequately trained to handle aggressive people in a humane way rather than instinctively reach for the handgun at first given opportunity.

There are a lot of aggressive soccer hooligans in Europe and some of them can cause problems for law enforcement and lay people. Recently I experienced a life-threatening situation in Poznan, Poland outside one of the nightclubs. They have a lot of skinheads over there, one of them was angry and pissed about the fact that me and a Mexican friend were having it so easy with Polish girls, he threatened to “glass” me in the face with his empty vodka bottle.

However, his own buddies restrained him, took him aside and apologized for his behavior. I was terribly scared after that incident because racist attacks do happen in Poland, and was forced to leave that town in a dew days time. The Mexican guy left immediately like after 2 hours!

Would I have wanted that guy to be shot dead? Not really.

It’s very difficult for Americans to grasp the fact that guns aren’t a panacea to stopping crime, and should be used only as the absolute last resort. Everywhere else, most cops don’t even bother carrying guns when on patrol duty. The mere sight of a policeman is enough for people to stop doing what they did five minutes back.

I don’t have any sympathy at all for the struggles and painful lives of these Black thugs who are getting killed by police in justifiable homicides. If you ask me, the cops aren’t killing enough of them, and they ought to kill more of them! Only justifiably, of course. Wink. A lot of these people are just human garbage. They belong in jails and prisons.Actually, they don’t belong in the jail, they belong under the jail.

They need to be in cages like wild animals are in cages at zoos. Letting them loose is like letting wild dangerous animals loose in your city.

I do have sympathy for the Black men who are being unjustifiably killed by police. They are mostly scumbags, and their deaths are honestly no great loss, but you can’t kill a man just for being a lousy human being. Besides, I don’t like cops a whole lot more than I like thugs. They are both bottom of the barrel to me.

In the US, you punch a cop in the face, you’re gone. You’re dead. That’s all there is to it. You assault a cop here with any sort of weapon, and you’re history. You are going to get shot.

I’m not really a wigger. I don’t act anything like these Black thug morons. These Black thugs are very, very bad people. I have spent a lot of time around them as a teacher, and you need to believe me when I say they are not ok.

If I punched a cop in the face, I assume I would be shot. That’s just the way things go in the US. Most of these Blacks getting killed are either attacking the cops, fighting with them, or running away.

Look, I lived as a criminal for years, 14 years. I sold drugs. But I never got caught because I am White, and I am smart. All of us White dealers were very smart about this. We even had all sorts of disguises we would use to dress up to pretend we were all these different types of respectable members of society. It was like being a spy, a big game.

These Blacks and Browns are so retarded that they stand right out in public on the streets or in front of their homes and sell drugs. LOL. Then they get surprised that they get arrested. I am glad they get arrested. They deserve it for being stupid!

It also looks like Brown went for the cop’s gun. And then at the end, he did not follow orders, and he got shot when he charged the cop.

I hung around White criminals for years (drug dealers), and they told me very early on, “Don’t fuck with cops. Cops will kill you.”

That’s pretty much Gospel.

I have been arrested twice, and I have also served some time in jail. Jail is like the worst Hell you have ever been to in your entire life. If you are a middle class White man, you will be traumatized for the rest of your life.

I didn’t exactly cooperate, but I certainly didn’t assault the officers. I may be foolish, but I am not suicidal.

The cops threatened to murder me, danced around outside my cell and challenged me to a fight, called me gay and said the guy I was with was my boyfriend, smashed my head up against the roof of the car, and threw me up up against a wall in the jail holding room. That’s what happens if you more or less go along! That’s what happens when you’re White!

And I didn’t mess with the cops anywhere what these idiots do.

I am still not really keen on cops to this very day, and I have never gotten over how they treated me. I am not sure if I ever will. But one thing those incidents made me sure of was I told myself I am never going back to jail ever again.

Cops are assholes. If you get arrested, they are going to treat you worse than you have ever been treated in your life. They will try to push you past your limits. They do this to provoke you into attacking them so they can have an excuse to beat you up because I think they want to beat up everyone they arrest.

Basic moral to the story is don’t even get arrested in the first place.


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Shooting Breaks Out at Ferguson Michael Brown Anniversary Protest

I must say, I was very happy that Michael Brown got killed by that cop. The killing was completely justified. Brown was standing outside the police car next to the driver’s door. The cop was in the driver’s seat with the window down. Brown was repeatedly punching the cop in the face. That’s why he got shot and it’s a good thing. The world is a better place!

In the video, it appears that one or more young Blacks open fire on the Fergusan Police Headquarters. About 50 shots were fired at police cars and policemen. No cops were wounded. The cops fired back and wounded one of the shooters. Unfortunately he didn’t die and he is still in critical condition in the hospital. He was a 17 year old Black boy.

After the boy was thankfully shot by heroic officers, demonstrations turned into riots. Some property was damaged. Some stores had their windows smashed. I am not aware of exactly what happened during the rioting. Police called out armored cars to quell the disturbance and store owners were seen guarding their stores with guns.

This report is from ~10 PM last night. I don’t have any new information on what’s happened since.

In the video, you can definitely hear the shots. I cannot see the muzzle flashes, but one or more men appear to be firing from behind that white pickup truck. About halfway through the video, you can see a young Black male shooting a gun. You can see the muzzle flashes and you can also see his silhouette as he holds the gun over his head and fires. Towards the end you can see some more muzzle flashes in back of the white truck again.




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Why Does Behavior Worsen as You Go Deeper Into the Ghetto?

swank writes:

Yes the response was narrowly tailored to “it seems like as you go deeper into the hood, the Blacks seem increasingly reverted.” I just gave a possible reason: the thought process of someone in concentrated poverty and the cognitive skills that one would develop could lead to the conclusions directly above.

Sure swank, I am down with your hypothesis. I guess you could say that the folks in the center of the ghetto have worse genes then those further out, but it doesn’t seem to be true.

They’re all just Black people all over the ghetto. It’s not like you have the lighter skinned Blacks of the outskirts of the hood and the center is all deep dark Blacks.

Yes, there are some quite dark Blacks in the very heart of the ghetto (and that could be why they ended up there possibly, but we don’t know this), but there also a great deal of Blacks of their normal range of skin tones, and you would be amazed how many Blacks who are quite lightskinned are working in the heart of the ghetto. I assume they don’t live there, but nevertheless, they are there.

So it’s hard to make an argument that as you go deeper into the ghetto, the Blacks get Blacker and Blacker and hence act worse due to their biology. I couldn’t validate a theory like that.

A lot of the Blacks who work in the ghetto are very nice and well behaved. But I was working in schools where people tend to act very good anyway. Nevertheless the Black folks in the fast food joints act perfectly decent.

It seems like the hardest core ghetto Blacks who are obviously dysfunctional or antisocial can’t even get a job in the middle of the ghetto because you never see them in places of employment even in the dead center of the hood. Most businesses even in the heart of the hood are probably Black-owned, and I would assume that Black businessmen don’t want to hire these types as they are probably nothing but trouble.

Oh and the heart of the ghetto is not that scary in the daytime. I would leave at lunch and go walk around to a major street to go buy some lunch from a fast food joint. The workers in the fast food joint would be really cool Black people. No one’s going to hit you or rob you. The only human difficulties are you will run into some Blacks on the streets who are more or less “street people” that you have to deal with. Some seem mental, but a lot of them are just beggars begging money, and they are pretty nice if you turn them down. I would even stop and talk to some of them and ask them about their lives and how they got so broke. They loved to tell me their stories, and a lot of them didn’t really seem like awful people.


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