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Differences between US Blacks and West African Blacks

Anti-Hereditarian writes:

RL: “I never had any bad experiences with any Senegalese.”AH: One day you will if you look for it and you will write another post on how Senegalese are innately evil spirited and dumb people, just an other branch of the Negroid tree.

Not all Negroids are the same in behavior or even intelligence. I think there are some dramatic differences in behavior and intelligence between different groups of Negroids.

I doubt if West Africans are innately evil, but they are uncivilized as a human can be. They are just like US Blacks in genes, I am quite sure.US Blacks have a bit of White in them, but it’s not enough to effect behavior or intelligence dramatically via biology.

In my opinion, the difference in behavior and intelligence between US Blacks and West African Blacks were striking and profound.

What’s the reason for this?

We have been civilizing US Blacks via White Western Christian civilization for 400 years now, and the result has been a serious upgrade. When our Blacks first showed up, they were probably as uncivilized as these West Africans. If you look at West Africans, this is what US Blacks would look like without 400 years of being civilized by Whites.

US Blacks are still problematic, but based on my comparisons between US Blacks and West Africans, I would say US Blacks act about 5-10X better. We had many US Blacks in our scammer fighting group, and most were good people. A few were very bad, even evil (we had one sociopath), but they got tossed soon enough.

After extensive experience with both groups, I also concluded that US Blacks were dramatically more refined, civilized, soft-spoken, controlled, and even kind and empathetic. In addition, US Blacks struck me as dramatically more intelligent than the many West Africans I ran into, many of whom struck me simply retarded. After dealing with so many West Africans, I am starting to think those 70 IQ figures are not even wrong. These people even appear retarded.

However, when all of the controls go off US Blacks, as in Hurricane Katrina, something happens. As Jared Taylor puts it, you take all the controls and civilizational structure away from US Blacks and very quickly “Africa rushes in.” US Blacks revert in an eye blink. But they can also be pulled out of the reversion relatively easily by restoring state structure and basic components of human civilization.

In addition, as you get deeper into US ghettos, a slow Africanization seems to occur. The Blacks start getting darker and darker. In Willowbrook and Watts, I saw many Blacks who were so dark in skin color that they were almost blue or purple.

And as someone who taught in all sorts of Black schools, even ghetto schools differ. Towards the more “normal ghetto” parts of the hood, a lot of the students act bad, but often you can more or less deal with them, and many of them are also quite friendly. The main problem is that so many of them are completely lazy and refuse to so much as lift a pencil. But others will actually do schoolwork, especially girls. And there are many great Blacks there working as teachers and administrators to counteract the bonehead kids.

But as I moved to schools deeper and deeper in the ghetto, behavior got increasingly worse. The Blacks running the schools were still ok, but many of them were what I would call “Black Blacks.” These are Blacks with good jobs and basically good behavior who are nevertheless deep into Black culture. They are Black culturalized.

I got along very well with these folks, and the administrators in Watts acted like the whole enterprise was a great big joke or comedy show, and that’s pretty much what it was.

In Watts, I would start out with a classroom full of kids. Most would have their heads down on their desks. They were typically pleasant enough as Black people can be very friendly, engaging and charming. But slowly, one by one, they would raise their hand with some bullshit excuse to get out of class like having to go to the bathroom. The bathroom must have been across town because none of the ones who had to relieve themselves ever came back.

The entire class utterly refused to do any work at all, so after 5-10 minutes of trying, I gave up and let and slumber party take over. Pretty soon, I didn’t even care if they were not coming back to class. They kept raising their hands about new weird reasons why they had to leave class. It started to occur to me that this whole affair was pretty damn funny, and I started letting them all go no matter how stupid the excuse was. I started laughing at the excuses because they got more and more ludicrous

By halfway through class, 50% of the class was gone. I started joking about it, and the class said they weren’t coming back, and this happens every day. That was pretty funny too, and I was almost rolling on my desk laughing hard. In the last half of the hour, the last half of class slowly disappeared. Towards the end of the period, I was still laughing because this situation was so funny it was almost absurd. What was even funnier was that I was getting paid $20/hour 30 years ago to do nothing whatsoever and be a part of a comedy routine.

This went on for five periods. I slowly let all of them go in every class because none of them wanted to work anyway, and I wasn’t seeming to get in trouble for letting too many kids out of class, which is what would happen at most other schools. The kids told me that there were no consequences to letting kids out of class because the administration apparently didn’t even care, probably because 0% of the kids wanted to learn anyway.

I ate lunch with a mixed group of White and Black teachers, and there was a bit of veiled racial hostility between them, but not a whole lot. It was more like cynicism. Race was in the air and things felt a bit tense. The Black teachers were pleasant enough.

By the time school was out, I went to my car, and the battery had been deliberately messed up by one of those lousy Black kids, probably a boy. A massive, very dominant, outrageously muscled Black auto shop teacher came out and fixed it for me. I liked him a lot, but I wouldn’t want to make him mad. He was like a character out of a Black TV show, very engaging.

After I had been to some more schools in the heart of the ghetto, I discovered that these were the worst Blacks of them all. The students were the worst of the whole ghetto. Many of the boys were fathers already, and a number of the girls were mothers. Some high school boys had two kids. Students kept trying to pick verbal fights with me and bait me into saying something “racist” so they could bust me for “racism.”

In fact, some of them did report me as a “racist,” and I had to go talk to a concerned Vice Principal at the end of the day. He was very light-skinned, nice looking and engaging, but he was worried I might be a racist cracker.

I told him what I had said. One of the boys was bragging about being the father of two kids while he was still in high school, and I interrupted to tell him that he was an moron, and what he had done was lousy behavior. I simply told the Veep that, and the Veep said something like, “Yep, any boy who fathers two kids while still in high school is not only a moron but is also a bad person. You are right” He thought it was a stupid, almost immoral thing to do. It was bad behavior and should not be condoned or promoted. And then he laughed and shook my hand. I thought he was a great guy.

Some of the students can be quite friendly even in the deep ghetto, but they were also overly sexual. In one class a lot of the banter centered around two attractive teen Black girls and what sluts they were, how much they liked to screw, and how they would screw just about anything with a penis. Both girls were laughing, squirming around in their chairs and touching their legs and thighs a lot, probably already horny. They readily agreed that everything that was said about them was true, and they thought that was just dandy.

But not only were the students the worst. Also the Black teachers in the deep ghetto were the worst. In the heart of the ghetto, more of the adult Blacks are angry and hostile. A number of the good-looking young Black female teachers were overtly angry and seemed to particularly hate me as a young White man for some reason. I think a lot of these Black adults just straight up hated White people.

But similar to Hurricane Katrina where civilization leaves and Africa rushes in, it seems like as you go deeper into the hood, the Blacks seem increasingly reverted. In the very heart of the ghetto, the chaos, rage, dysfunction, idiocy, menace, apathy, sloth, criminality, menace, sexual license and societal collapse seems to reach almost African levels. It feels like a reversion. You can feel it in your bones. In the heart of the ghetto, it’s moving towards back to Africa. 400 years of civilization has not done a whole lot for them.

As far as what to do about West African Blacks, I would say, “Civilize em!” But that may well be a longterm project.


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Why I Dislike West Africans

Anti-Hereditarian writes:

Robert Lindsay, your vision of blacks and other groups is terribly biased by your experience with them especially as you seemingly managed to meet the worst individuals among them.

Honestly, if you base your opinions about Nigerians on the internet scammers you tracked. You obviously have not sampled the most morally clean segments of this population. Since you are prone to make generalizations and remain skeptical with arguments that contradict them, you will always have hereditarian leanings because you will always make associations between race and behavior trusting your own experience and other’s inputs that go along with what you think.

What morally clean segments of the population!? What is it? How many of them are not criminals? 5%? It’s not just our experience with the scammers.

1. Recall that we had a large number of “ordinary Africans” who came to the group to “help us catch the scammers.” I think they really did want to do that. None of them were formally involved in any typical type Internet scamming. However, over time almost 100% of these West Africans tried to get money out of us. I call that trying to steal from us. They all have their hand out, all of them. All of the men acted horribly towards the women in the group, jacking off at them. A very large number of the men were also what we called “marriage scammers” trying to get a White wife.

2. I met some regular ordinary Nigerians on the Net, including some women who were very flirty with me and I got to know pretty well after a while. One was a regular person with a home and a regular job who was involved in community affairs. She did not try to get any money out of me, but I later caught her using fake dating scammer pics to try to scam guys. It’s not just “the scammers” versus “the morally good people.” It’s like everyone in the whole damn place is a scammer crook of some sort.

3. From newspaper articles, we learned that up to 50% of cargo imported at the ports is contraband.

4. From articles, we learned that many goods are stolen after being unloaded or en route to retail. One article that I remember talked about a bicycle shipment.

5. From others on the web, we heard reports of all sorts of other mostly Nigerian scammers on the Net. We only worked on dating scammers. We learned that Nigerians had completely destroyed not only dating sites but also many auction sites and online rental sites.

6. From Net retailers, we learned of IP bans on entire IP strings coming out of Nigeria. We learned that out of 10,000 purchases to an online store, 100% of them were using stolen credit cards. We learned of retail scams such as the rare beetle scam and the gold for sale scam which is prevalent over the entire region.

7. From a woman who went to Lagos, we learned that the whole city smells of rotting garbage and how a Nigerian woman tried to rob her when she was only in the country for 10 minutes and how many of the baggage handlers and checkers were said to be thieves.

8. From our Nigerian sources, we learned that Internet scamming is apparently one of the largest industries in Nigeria. Many Internet cafes had 90% scammers in them during daylight hours. We learned that people of all ages scam, including a locally famous former TV newscaster!

9. From attempts to get justice, news articles, online reports and our Nigerian sources, we learned that the police do absolutely nothing about this rampant crime whereby many of the Net cafes in Lagos are filled the the brim with criminals during working hours.

Also about how many cafes reopen at midnight after closing for the night and let large groups of scammers in to scam until daylight hours. The night cafes are packed full. We learned that the police did not consider this to be a crime and were baffled at why it should even be against the law as anyone who scammed deserved it. This is a sociopathic thinking.

We learned that general Lagos society is widely supportive of scamming, which as I said is a major industry. We learned that the families of most scammers, including parents, are very proud of their boy’s criminal career and consider this an honorable way to make money. In other words, the vast majority of Lagos society seemed to support the scammers even if they were not scammers themselves. Supporting crime is sociopathic behavior.

10. From a number of reports from US and Canadian women who married Nigerian men, we learned how horribly these men treated their wives, refusing to work, living off her savings, spending all day online trying to cheat with other women or running Internet scams. We learned that they virtually imprisoned the women in their homes. We know that almost 100% of them routinely cheated on their wives. Some of our female informants in West Africa backed up this characterization of West African males and stated that West African men truly treat women like shit.

11. From reports on the Net we learned that traffic accident victims are typically robbed whether injured or dead. Other motorists pull over after a bad accident and rush to the car to steal from the victims.

12. From news reports, we learned that pickpockets and snatcher thieves are routinely caught by mobs on Nigerian streets and beaten badly by the mobs or else set on fire in the middle of the street.

13. From our Nigerian sources, we learned that any Nigerian with money invested in a generator as the power went out continuously. Our sources told us that the power company people where thieves who stole the oil for energy and sold it on the black market.

14. Via news reports, we learned that the Nigerian government searched and searched to find someone who was not corrupt to run their Anti-Corruption Unit. The position stayed open for months until somehow they found a Northerner who was not a criminal to run the agency. They had searched many other government officials and they were all criminals so they were not suitable for the post. This man was able to do his job somewhat and he threw a few people in jail. But he received constant death threats and his attempts to root out corruption and crime in government were constantly being thwarted by police and government officials.

15. Increasingly, the line between “the Internet scammers” and “the noncriminals” was blurred. Nearly every West African and certainly 95% of Nigerians we met were either openly running scams, trying to steal money, jerking off at girls or trying to scam a White woman into marriage. I am starting to think that scamming and thievery of one sort of another seems to be a regional pastime, particularly in Nigeria. However, even in the Nigeria, rampant crime and degeneracy occurred only in the Christian South and not in the Muslim North.

16. Although the Nigerians I met in this country were good people, educated professionals often with advanced degrees, even they pretty much admitted to me that their whole country had been taken over criminals.

One man told me that he had grown up in a small village in the jungle where there was almost no crime. For thievery, you could be beaten very badly, thrown out of the village or maybe even killed. For serious crimes like rape and murder, people were simply killed. There wasn’t much crime in that village.

But he said that in recent years the old village system had fallen apart and the country had pretty much gone to Hell and every other person you met was some sort of a crook. He himself had invested a lot of money into a
medical clinic of some sort with a partner. He went back to the US. He received regular glowing reports from the partner about how much business the clinic was doing, etc. etc. Finally, after two years, he went back to Nigeria to check on the clinic and found that it had never even been opened. The partner had simply absconded with maybe $200,00 in cash and had disappeared from the face of the Earth. S9 there you have some more evidence.

17. Based on all of this accumulated evidence, I pretty much want nothing to do with most if not all people from this region and I am wary of even the ones who seem like they might be ok. In a nutshell, I hardly trust any of them. I feel that if this makes me racist, then I am completely ok with that sort of racism and in fact I will relish it and wallow in it with glee and pride.


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Who Says Life in Poverty Is Always Terrible?

Swank says:

Everyday life for a poor person in concentrated poverty doesn’t leave a lot of time for abstracting anything. Your life is concrete and in the moment. You are worried about surviving. You are worried about getting attacked. You are worried about being accosted. One false move can send your life careening down a path of horrible consequences.A child living in even slight affluence has the luxury of taking an approach to life that involves planning, long-term ideas, talking about abstract concepts, etc. “mastering the fundamentals.”

Who says this is true? I live in a town where 30% of the population lives below the poverty line. My neighborhood is quite typical of the city. This is not the wealthy part of town, and there is indeed a wealthy part of this town. A lot of folks around here are on Section 8, WIC and Food Stamps at the very least. Arrests are pretty common around here, and there is said to be a gang element. It’s not extremely dangerous to go walking about in day or especially at night, but bad things do happen. Someone might accost you and try to rob you. There are a few muggings that occur around here late at night. A few years back, gunshots were fired in my complex 50 yards away.

I was living close to the poverty line myself a while back, and I still do not have much money. My income is ~$14,000/yr. I barely pay bills, and that’s it. It certainly is not true that I have no time to be abstract because I am so concerned about day to day survival ,and of course I do not live a concrete, in the moment life like most of these morons around here. I am not very worried about surviving, but I might not go walking at 3 AM. I am not very worried at all about being attacked, though once again, when I used to go out for late night walks, I carried a knife in my pocket. I have lived here for 6 years, and I have never been accosted, assaulted or robbed. I am not particularly worried about being accosted.

It’s always the case that one false move can send your life careening down the path to dire consequences. That’s the case even if you live in Beverly Hills. That’s why you have to think carefully about everything you do.

I engage in continuous planning, longterm goals, and I live in abstraction. I am all about mastering the fundamentals. And I live in a poor area.

…Taking an approach to life that involves planning, long-term ideas, talking about abstract concepts, etc. “mastering the fundamentals.”

I agree that most of these idiots around here do not think this way. Maybe some do, I have no idea. But a lot of folks around here seem like they can’t even plan 24 or 48 hours in advance. I say that’s because they are stupid. It’s well known that dumb people can hardly plan forward. They can hardly plan a trip to the bathroom, much less into next month.

I have talked to a lot of these people around here about non-concrete things, abstract stuff, etc. and most of them are immediately lost. In my opinion, that is because they are too dumb to think abstractly and can only think in a concrete sense. It’s not that they can’t think this way because they live in a poor area. They can’t think this because they are really dumb.


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People Get Thrown out of the Section 8 Program All the Time

Godslayer writes:

You clearly have no idea how “section 8″ works.

You can’t simply “kick a tenant out” for damaging your property.

You will need to file papers, You will need to go to court to present your case.

You also need evidence that there is damage, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT since landlords are not allowed to enter without permission!

All of this costs time and money (no problem for a section 8 black because he doesn’t work.

By the time you see the judge 8 months have passed.

The judge rules in favor and orders Section 8 tenant to pay for damages with his non existent job.

A couple months later the Marshall comes in and evicts the tenant.

Landlord discovers that section 8 tenant has done 10’s of thousands of dollars in damage to the property to “get revenge” on the landlord.

Section 8 black goes to find another place to live, he can even sue for discrimination if you reject him!

But in reality this is what mostly happens

Section 8 black trashes the place.

Landlord doesn’t know because he can’t enter without permission.

Section 8 black lives there until the damages accumulate to tens of thousands in damages

Eventually things get so bad that section 8 tenant asks for landlord to fix the stove/fridge etc…

The landlord needs to play the eviction game and wait 8 months

The ONLY way to prevent a section 8 black is to have crazy requirements like must make 40x the rent, must have no criminal record, minimum credit score and apply it equally to everyone who comes to look at the rental property.

The housing inspector has NO authority to kick out the tenant.

The only thing the housing inspector does is check for roaches, broken appliances, leaks or other hazardous conditions and gives the tenant a right to demand that the landlord correct what the housing inspector found.

I do not know man. Here in this complex all problem tenants get evicted on a regular basis. I never heard there is much of a problem about it. This is an apartment complex run by a corporation.

A few years ago, my brother was told to turn down the music in his apartment. He said, “Fuck you!” to the manager. He was then evicted. There was no problem evicting him. It was no big deal.

I tell you what. I have a White friend on Section 8. She has cats. Well, the cats were shitting on the carpet and whatnot. They were also using the litter box a lot. On the day of a Section 8 inspection, the Section 8 inspector came and took one step in the door and said this whole apartment smells like cat shit. He turned around and said, “I am failing you.” My friend flipped out.

For the next few weeks, it was back and forth between Section 8, the landlord and my friend. They were pretty much going to throw her off Section 8 and the landlord was going to evict her because if she was off the program, she could not pay the rent, but somehow they got her back on. Her Mom had to go over there, and they spent days cleaning the place up, spent $100’s on cleaning the carpet, etc. It was a great big nightmare.

You say the housing inspector has no right to throw out a tenant. True, but apparently they can throw them off  Section 8 because that is exactly what they did to her. My male friend also got thrown off Section 8 for supposedly not turning in his paperwork. In both cases, HUD simply threw them off the program. Now that does not mean they were evicted. They were simply tossed off Section 8.

I am told we have a number of Section 8 tenants in this complex. I am not aware of any disastrous consequences such as destroying units. I been in a number of units, and I haven’t seen one ruined one yet. The landlord inspects units regularly, and the complex itself inspects units. The complex inspection team failed me the last inspection because they said I was using my place as a storage unit, not a living space. I was really scared, but I cleaned things up really well. I had a bunch of boxes laying around. They told me flat out that if I did not get rid of those boxes, they were going to evict me.

Another friend did turn in his paperwork on time, but somehow HUD lost it. He got a notice that said we sent you 2 paperwork packets, and you did not fill out either of them, so we are throwing you off Section 8. You have a right to appeal. Here is the appeal date. Fortunately he was able to prove that he had actually turned in the material, so he was put back on Section 8, but he was scared shitless.

I know a few White people on Section 8 around here, and they are all really scared of being thrown off.

If the HUD inspector comes around and you have thrashed that place, they will fail you. I am not sure if they give you a chance to clean it up. I have been at my friend’s place when the inspector came, and it is no light matter.

You say that the only way to prevent a Section 8 Black is to have all sorts of crazy requirements.

Well, before living in this city, I lived in two White towns in the mountains. I had some White friends in those towns who wanted to get on Section 8 in the county, and they were told that not one single landlord in either of those two towns of 25,000 people took Section 8. There were many rental units in those towns. It appears it is fairly trivial to refuse to participate in the Section 8 program. Most landlords participate in it because they like it, mostly for the reliable rent.


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What It is Like to Be on Section 8

If section 8 is so tough, then obviously they don’t permit bad blacks. Where do these bad blacks live though?

Blacks can live on Section 8 and act bad for a while, but pretty soon, there will be an inspection or they will mess up the paperwork, and then they will be thrown off. When they throw you off, they do it in a really mean way, and my friends tell me it seems like the Section 8 people like to kick people off for some reason.

And once you are thrown off Section 8, I think you might be thrown off for life.

I am not sure where bad Black tenants go. I guess they just go live somewhere else. I mean most ghetto people are probably not in Section 8 housing.

I do not live in Section 8 myself, and I have never lived on it, but I have a pretty low income, so sometimes I am tempted…Yet I have a few White friends who live on Section 8 (around here it is not unusual for White people to live in Section 8 housing).

Section 8 housing is really hardass. You do not have to be an angel, but you cannot mess up at all. I think you cannot even get convicted of a crime when you are on Section 8. Or possibly no one in your household can be convicted of a crime. My White friends on Section 8 told me that they are deathly afraid of getting arrested and convicted of some petty crime because then they will lose their Section 8.

You are also banned from using drugs in Section 8 housing. They catch anyone in your household using drugs, any drug, even one time, and you are gone. Some of my White Section 8 friends do use drugs (pot), but they haven’t gotten into trouble yet.

Also you cannot be a nuisance tenant causing problems with the landlord and other tenants like making too much noise, fighting, or getting complaints from the neighbors.

My White friends on Section 8 tell me that they try to live angelic lives so as not to get thrown off Section 8. Keeping the drug use on the downlow, not making too much noise, fighting or causing problems, not getting complaints from neighbors, staying in good with the landlord, not getting arrested or especially convicted of a crime, and especially keeping the place from being thrashed because there are regular and I mean regular inspections.


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The Truth about Section 8 Housing

Sam writes:

Well I have. I have a friend who rents section 8 houses to Negroes. Negro women with five kids. No job. He most of time makes decent money at this, but it’s a gamble because they ALWAYS destroy the houses. His gamble is does he make enough money rent before they make the house uninhabitable and move out. Then you have to redo everything in the house. It’s expensive. If they stay a while, he makes money. If they’re particularly savage, he loses.

If you thrash the dwelling, you are automatically thrown off Section 8. I have some White friends who are on Section 8, and I believe this complex here takes Section 8, though I am not on it myself. I have been told that the Section 8 clients here are quite good and they do not destroy the place at all. If they are any tenants engaging in any monkey business at all, they are thrown out quite quickly by the corporation that runs this place.

My White friends on Section 8 told me it is very strict, and you cannot thrash the place one bit. There are regular inspections and there is a ton of paperwork you have to do on a regular basis. If you do not do the paperwork, you are thrown right off Section 8. They love to throw people off, and they do it all the time. A friend of mine failed a Section 8 inspection because they had cats and the litter box smelled. They are strict as Hell here.

I believe this complex does take Section 8 and some tenants are on it. First of all, you can’t be on Section 8 unless you work or have an income. It’s not free housing. It’s just discounted. Section 8 has certainly not ruined this complex, but our landlord is pretty strict. I think this crap about Section 8 destroying whole cities is nonsense. In the White towns around here, all the landlords refuse to take Section 8. The only cities that take it are the poorer ones with lots of Hispanics.

I have some White friends on Section 8. It is a good deal if you can get it. I would not mind getting it myself, but there is I believe a 2-year waiting list here. I have been to the apartments of my White friends on Section 8. They are very clean and kept up as nice as anyplace.


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Baltimore and Detroit Were Not Created by “Welfare”

Sam writes:

We can’t go on paying Women to just have kids whenever they feel like it and not support them. We don’t need any more Detroits or Baltimores.

Actually, those poor Black women are going to have kids and as many kids as they want to whether they get a welfare check or not. Baltimore and Detroit were not created by welfare. They were created by Black people.

Black people create Baltimores and Detroits in many parts of the world, seemingly wherever they go. They create these places where there are a lot of social programs, and they create them where there are zero social programs. Actually when you cut off Blacks from social programs like in the 3rd World, they tend to act a lot worse. If you cut poor Blacks off of social programs, then they will be way more poor than they already are. The poorer Blacks are, the worse they act. Cutting them off won’t work. It will just make ghettos even more awful.

You realize that conservatives lie about why they hate welfare, right?


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“Designated Shitting Streets”

Click to enlarge. Designated shitting streets.

Click to enlarge. “Designated shitting streets.”

An Internet Hindu tries to defend Bharat Mata by arguing that Indians do not shit on your average Indian street. Instead, they actually do so on designated shitting streets. LOL.

I am wondering who designated these streets to be designated shitting streets anyway? The town or city? The county? The state? The national government? The police? The health department, assuming there even is one.

Or was it just done by local consensus, say a bunch of Indians get together and say, “Hey, let’s designate Elephant Jockey Street as a designated shitting street? What do you say?”

“But why Elephant Jockey Street? That’s a major thoroughfare!”

“Yeah, thoroughfare for beggars and hustlers! That place is three turdlets short of a pantload! Hell, it could use some more poop on it! Nothing but curryniggers on Elephant Jockey Street anyway.”

“Hey! Who you calling a currynigger?”

“Not me. Not you. We’re Honorary Aryans, remember? Don’t you remember 3,500 years ago when we came sweeping down off the steppes on horse-drawn chariots? I remember it like yesterday!”

“Yeah ok. Screw those curryniggers. Elephant Jockey Street it is! EJ Street is now a Designated Shitting Street!”



“Three cheers for EJ Street!”

“Three poops for EJ Street!”

“Jai Hind!”

“Jai Hind!”

You know you live in a great, modern, up and coming First World industrialized Superpower when you have actual Designated Shitting Streets. I mean Third World countries are so backwards they don’t even have those. You can just squat on any old lane and dump a load on the sidewalk and walk away like nothing happened. How primitive!

By the way, here is Poo, India. At first I thought Poo was the real name for the whole shitty country and they just called it India to be polite, but instead it’s just the name of one shitty little town.


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Are There Many Gays in My City?

Optimus Prime writes:

Very interesting post Robert. I am shuddered to think what would a society be like once its completely taken over by homosexuals. On an other note, is homosexuality that much rampant in the place where you live? are there any projections that it might skyrocket in the near future.

Hi, there are few homosexuals in my city. This city is majority Hispanic. Hispanics seriously hate this stuff, and there is little open homosexuality in their cultures. There are also quite a few ghetto type Blacks here. They also hate open homosexuality, and there is not much of it in their areas. There are also some Indian people, mostly Punjabis. Punjabis do not accept open homosexuality one bit. There rest of the city is White, but the Whites are mostly working class and poor Whites. Those type of Whites have never been keen on open homosexuality.

There are a few obvious homosexuals who work in this city, but I am not sure if they live here. I doubt if they live here. Obvious homosexuals working in my town would probably not live here. Instead they would probably live in Fresno. Many people who look/act more class/decent or have better paying jobs do not live in this city. Instead, they live in Fresno. This is a poor city, and a lot of people think it is some sort of slum. That’s really not true, but that is the perception. There are actually some extremely wealthy neighborhoods in this town in the outlying areas.

There is a gay neighborhood in Fresno called the Tower District, and the homophobes like to make a big deal out of it. They do have a Gay Pride Parade every year, but I do not think it is a very popular event. Fresno is a city of 420,000 people, so it makes sense that there is a gay area.

Funny thing though is if you go to the Tower District, you will not see many open gays. You might not see any!

What you will see are hipsters. Hipsters, artists, musicians, literary, artsy types. Punkers, fashionistas, and lots of trendy young people.

There are some music outlets, restaurants and coffeeshops there. Once when I was in line at a coffeeshop, these two gays kissed each other right in front of me and I felt this strong feeling of revulsion, but I always feel that when I see two guys kiss because I have a strong aversive reaction to that for some reason. I have felt that way my whole life, since I was a little boy.

A friend of mine lived in the Tower, and he said most of the people who lived there were not gay.

I do not like to live in places where there are huge open gay neighborhoods. It is very disturbing and unsettling, and I do not like having to deal with open gays all the time.

For one thing, they really like me and come after me a lot. I visited San Fransisco for a few days in 1992, and there were definitely some homosexuals after me when I was there, but they were and are easily avoided. A lot of the time they would just stare at me like they were frozen in space or hypnotized, which is exactly the way female strangers act when they want you. Some of them started talking to me casually, but then one of them talking to me would give me a strange vibe that continued through the conversation. Then he could walk away staring at me.

All of that sort of thing is a type of come-on, but it’s not that serious and it’s easily ignored. I assume females must have to deal with weird sexual psychological vibes and sexual stares from men all the time. They deal with it just fine, so men should be able to too.

I like my city with no open gays in it very much, thank you. I actually think gays are better absorbed when they are not open. They don’t have to be closeted, but they don’t have to be particularly open either. You can be out without being open. It’s not that hard to do.


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“Things Were Great In Cuba Under Batista”

Santoculto writes:

Even in the Fulgencio Batista era, Cuba have lower crime rates as well good social indicators.

I do not know what crime was like in Cuba in the 1950’s but I do know that Organized Crime called the Mafia ran the whole island, so there was a lot of organized crime.

And there was Jim Crow segregation all over the country, even in Havana. And it was as bad as this system ever was in the US South. It was on that level. It doesn’t sound like Black people had it so well.

That whole line about good social indicators in the 1950’s is no good. Life was good if you were a middle class or wealthy person who lived in Havana. Everyone else had lousy lives. There were a lot of urban poor, and they lived like crap. And there was an incredible amount of poverty in the rural areas. Almost all of the doctors were located in Havana and took cash.

It took quite some time for the Castroites to wire up the whole island and give everyone electricity, get everyone into a decent house, get clean water to everyone, get sewage systems built, build the schools that needed to be built and build up the medical infrastructure. It was a great big project, and it took a long time. That right there implies that things were not so cool before 1959 because if everyone had clean water, power, a decent house, a sewage system, and all the schools and medical centers they needed, none of this infrastructure would have had to have been developed, correct?


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