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Charles Lincoln Commentary on White California RIP: The Death of a Dream

Charles is a very good friend of mine, although he is quite to the right of me politically. Nevertheless, we agree on more things than you would think. I do not agree with his lament about California declining into socialism, since as a socialist, I consider that an upgrade and not a downgrade. Charles is also one of the smartest people I know. He has a PhD in Anthropology and Archeology from Harvard and he also has a law degree. He reblogged my article, White California RIP: The Death of a Dream, with this commentary below. Let me know what you think of it.

Reblogged this on TIERRA LIMPIA by Charles Lincoln and commented:

Robert Lindsay is a raging liberal…far, far, far to the left on most issues. It’s very interesting to see his perspective here…I would beg to differ with him on one point however: Cultural and racial diversity and both unambiguously good, positive features of both biological and cultural evolution as well as world history. I would go so far to say that the generation of diversity is the heartbeat of all kinds of evolution and history.

But the California melting pot (and globalism generally) create the antithesis of diversity. A world of the dichotomous Rich and Poor, of those who shop on the Monte Carlo Riviera, London S.W. 7, Paris Rive Gauche, and Beverly Hills 90210 especially Rodeo Drive, against those who shop exclusively at CVS, Target, and Walmart, is not an evolving world. It is a frozen world. A world where all cultures come together and become one, a world where all races come together and become one, is standing at the end of history in my opinion.

California does seem to me to be in an apocalyptic moment, about to fall, willingly, into a millennium of degraded human slavery called Socialism. Governor Brown, A.G. Harris and Senators Boxer and Feinstein are the apostles and acolytes of this Horrible Brave New World. The California soup is now so dark…there is no room for light.

Even during my high school years in the early 1970s, Los Angeles was mostly a White Christian city, with what we then thought was “admirable” tolerance for Buddhists, Jews and Muslims who were still distinct and very small minorities. In fact, it was in the 1980’s that I really saw the change, when I came back with my soon-to-be wife (a Greek-born UCLA cheerleader interested in Maya archaeology), the city was still majority White but Reagan had unleashed the floodgates – yes, Ronald Reagan, whose name is so reviled by the multi-culti crowd…is the one who really did the major damage to White California…


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Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights and Fox Hills

Chinedu writes: Baldwin Hills begs to differ. Fox Hills begs to differ. Ladera Heights (“the black Beverly Hills”) begs to differ.

Ever roll through the Crenshaw area and see all those immaculately kept mid-century homes in those immaculately kept neighborhoods? Try it. There aren’t many whites there, they’re mostly black.

Most cities are not wealthy places for rich people. Most cities are middle class, upper middle class, lower middle class, working class or poor. When most of those places go from White -> Non-White, there tends to be a decline. Upper middle class cities and towns don’t usually change over anyway. A White upper middle class city tends to stay that way.

Most cities and towns don’t go from rich White -> rich non-White. In that case, there might not be much of a change. How many non-Whites are rich? How many Blacks are rich? Only a few. Yes rich Blacks act better than most of the rest of them, but the vast majority of Blacks are not rich and never will be, so how does that help us solve our problem?

Anyway, in the vast majority of cases in the US, White -> Non-White = decline. The decline varies in severity from quite mild to catastrophic, but it’s usually there.

I met a teacher who lived in Ladera Heights and I said, “That’s a Black area with a high socioeconomic status, right?”

He looked very cynical and said, “Socioeconomically yes, sociobehaviorally, no.” The Black teachers sitting across the table gave him a sort of dirty look.

Actually Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights and the Crenshaw have a fairly high property crime rate. They are right next to South LA, and the ghetto Blacks from South LA move up to Ladera Heights and Baldwin Hills to prey on the rich Blacks. They can get away with it because they are Black and they can blend right in.

My father taught at Crenshaw High for a while and it was NOT paradise. I taught there myself for a bit, and yes, it was better than your typical Black school, but the place still had your typical Black problems. There were some hot Black teachers there though. I remember this one basically mulatta with glasses. She liked me too. I just didn’t have the guts to go for it.

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White -> Non-White = Decline

William Playfair Web writes: But…aren’t non-Whites the victims of it? Is it really effecting Whites?

With Blacks they are very aggressive and it is stereotyped they fuck it up for everyone, but from my observations, not with Hispanics.

Aren’t non-Whites the victims of what? When a city goes from White to Hispanic, there is a very noticeable decline. it’s nothing like if the city went Black, but it’s there. For one thing, the crime rate goes through the roof. Mostly property crimes, break-ins of businesses, thefts of car stereos, etc.

I lived in a White town that started to get a lot more Hispanic in the mid 2000’s, and all of a sudden we started hearing about a lot of car stereos being stolen. That’s usually the first sign your city is going Hispanic because Mexicans steal car stereos. It’s like…what they do. That is a stereotypical half-assed Mexican type crime. You also see a big increase in petty thievery, especially hubcap theft. Because that’s another thing Mexicans do – steal hubcaps.

This city here was majority White in 1970. A local businessman told me that the illegals really started flooding in the 1990’s, and then the whole city went Mexican. This coincided with a huge increase in break-ins in local businesses. I believe the two were related.


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Robert Stark Interviews Ray Sawhill

Great interview. A bit too conservative for my tastes, and he is obviously very much into money and moneyed people, which is another major turnoff to me, but besides that, I found this interview very much worth listening to. Very smart guy and talks about a lot of things of relevance to this blog.

Interview here.

Ray Sawhill worked as an arts and culture reporter for Newsweek. He has also written for and blogs at Uncouth Reflections as Paleo Retiree. He splits his time between New York and Santa Barbara.

Topics include:

How Robert and Ray both have personal connections to Santa Barbara and how the city is almost too idyllic.
Crime fiction novelist Ross Macdonald whose work captures Santa Barbara.
Santa Barbara as a place with strict zoning laws that was modeled after Andalusia in Spain.
The contrast between life in Santa Barbara and New York City.
How New York City has changed in Ray’s time there in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
How cuisine is the one area that has seen increased innovation in New York.
Ray’s cameo in the film Exposed set in New York in 1983 staring Nastassja Kinski.
How films such as Exposed and Taxi Driver are documentaries for New York in that era.
The new peculiarly-shaped skyscrapers going up in New York today.
“See through buildings” where wealthy foreigners are buying up real estate in New York and leaving them empty.
How Ray is drawn to architecture because it is art you can experience and changes the world in a way that regular art doesn’t.
How most of the general public has little input and interest in architecture.
How places without zoning laws tend to lack any aesthetic value.
How the main rule in urbanism is not to do anything that harms the city.
Art Deco and how it succeeds in bringing tradition into one.
Architectural Revivalism which seeks to recreate older forms of architecture
Robert Stark’s Artwork.
Ray’s work at Newsweek as a reporters covering art, culture, literature, film, and theatre.
How Ray’s most significant interviews were with writers Philip Roth and John Updike, filmmakers Francis Coppola and Robert Altman and architect Christopher Alexander.
How conservatives tend to avoid culture and leave that domain to the Left.
English Philosopher Roger Scruton as a model for a cultured conservative.
Front Porch Anarchist Bill Kauffman.
New Urbanism.
The The Retro Cocktail and Locavore movements.
James Howard Kunstler.
Ray’s involvement with Environmentalism and Bioregional Anarchism.
How the environmental movement abandoned the overpopulation issue due to political correctness and mass immigration.
The Alternative Right.
How the real political divide is between globalism and decentralization
Cultural trends and how Ray views himself as a cultural radar.
The trend towards a focus on muscles for young men and men are more self-conscious about their bodies.
The value of pleasure and leisure.
Erotica and the debate about what’s art and what’s pornography.
Controversial nude photographer Jock Sturges, who Ray interviewed.
How society is a taking contradictory paths towards lewdness and prudishness.
Students Still Sweat, They Just Don’t Shower.
How having taste and style has become equated with homosexuality.
Young women moving to New York City because of Sex and the City.
Sex Scenes which is a raunchy, satirical audio entertainment that Ray created with his wife playwright Polly FrostCheck it out.



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Robert Stark Interviews Bay Area Guy about the New American Civil Wars

Superb interview with Bay Area Guy, a former commenter on this blog who went off with another frequent commenter here to form their own site, Occident Invicta. Many of the more conservative commenters here actually followed BAG and Dota over to their new site, which is quite ok by me.

This interview is superb, and I agree with most things that Bay Area Guy says here. I wish BAG would not be so serious, but maybe that’s just the way he is. Radical Centrism sounds like something I could really get behind, and maybe a lot of you commenters could too.

Interview here.

Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein talk to Bay Area-based blogger Bay Area Guy of Occident Invicta.

Topics include:

How Bay Area Guy is one of the Alt-Right’s few Bernie Sanders supporters.
How Bernie Sanders was the only candidate to not attend AIPAC, and Bay Area Guy’s view that the Alt-Right gave Trump a free pass for pandering to AIPAC and the Neocons.
How the most crucial aspect of Trump’s campaign is his role in expanding the Overton window and undermining the establishment.
How Trump supporters are primarily anti-establishment rather than conservative ideologues.
How Donald Trump is running to the left of Hillary Clinton and whether he will appeal to disaffected Sanders supporters.
Red State article about Trump Democrats “ruining” the GOP, who are described as racist Democrats who want handouts for White people.
The decline of Conservative Inc.
How the political coalitions on the left are also breaking down.
How Bernie Sanders undermines the Neoliberal/Social Justice Warrior Alliance.
Thomas Frank’s (What’s the Matter with Kansas?) new book Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People
Social Justice, Social Darwinism, and the Curious Case of SF’s Housing Squeeze
Steve Sailer’s article San Fran Whitening Plan.
The civil war among the Bay Area’s Left on the housing issue, including wealthy NIMBY‘s, anti-capitalist anti-gentrification activists, and pro-density groups such as BARF.
Michael Hudson’s book Killing the Host about the FIRE economy based on the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate sectors.
London’s new Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan, and how Bay Area Guy views him as another Identitarian neoliberal like Obama.
The California Senate Race and how the Democratic front runner Kamala Harris also fits that mold.
Why Bay Area Guy views the Democratic runner-up Loretta Sanchez as preferable to Harris.
Senate Candidate Ron Unz’ Radical Centrist Platform, which combines the best aspects of the Left, Right, and Libertarianism, and how Radical Centrism is an emerging trend in politics.


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Papuan Barbarism

Waltem writes: Read Lawrence Keeley. “Savage” warfare (like say, in New Guinea) is proportionately more lethal than “civilized” warfare.

Correct. Primitive man leads a short, nasty and brutish existence. As recently as the 1300’s in England, the homicide rate in the larger cities was 50 times higher than it is today in the US. Fifty times higher. We think Latin America is out of control because it has a homicide rate 10X hours. Now imagine a society that is 5 times worse than Honduras. That was urban England in the 1300’s.  Whites were unbelievably barbarous not so long ago themselves. So what happened? How did the homicide rate decline by 98%? Did our genes change? Come on hereditarians, let’s dish it up.

Yes, the Papuans engage in warfare continuously. At least until recently, they habitually molested most if not all of the children, and the children were exposed to incredible violence. Childhood was a time of frequent  beatings from your parents and even your siblings. You probably witnessed your mother murdering one of your newborn on 2-3 year old siblings. You may have even participated because some Papuans force the children to murder their own three year old siblings as some sort of an object lesson. There’s no escaping it warfare and violence in these places.

And when Papuans are put into modern culture, the result has been a complete catastrophe. They cannot function at all in modern society, and Port Moresby is one of the most brutal, savage, barbarous, and out and out dangerous cities on Earth. Many of the Papuans there have formed vicious street gangs and the city has one of the highest rates of violent crime on Earth. Port Moresby is worse than most cities in Africa.

These people are simply not suited for modern society, at the moment anyway, because they are too backwards, barbarous, savage, uncivilized, brutish, incompetent and violent. That 64 IQ no doubt does not help matters. African Blacks were not in a very different place centuries ago  with 67 IQ’s, but centuries in America had a profoundly civilizing effect such that hundreds of years out of Africa, a Black today would probably regard his ancestors from the 1700’s as so brutish and vicious that he probably would not to have anything to do with him.

I suppose 25% White genes in modern Blacks didn’t hurt, but that alone cannot be all of the story. The story is one of acculturation and the civilizing of a profoundly backwards and barbarous race. It is actually incredible how different US Blacks are from those early anthropologists’ findings of Africa. You almost wonder if humans can actually change that much, but apparently they can. Not everyone can become civilized, but people can sure get a Hell of a lot more civilized than they were before. It might take centuries, but it can be done.

All of you hereditarians, how can you possibly explain the almost unheard of transformation of these barbarous Africans into modern Blacks? Their genes are the same. You guys say everything is genes. Fine, well how did these people change so much then?


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Successes of the Chavista Governments in Venezuela

Note: These figures are true even after the latest economic crash brought on by crashing oil prices and massive economic sabotage by the private sector.

  • Unemployment has dropped from 14.5% of the total labor force in 1999 to 7.6% in 2009
  • GDP per capital has risen from $4,105 to $10,801.
  • Poverty has decreased – in 1999, 23.4% of the population were recorded as being in extreme poverty, this fell to 8.5%.
  • Venezuela has one of the top proven oil reserves in the world and in 2011 OPEC put the country’s net oil export revenues at $60 billion. In 1999 it stood at $14.4 billion.
  • Before Chavez, most of the population had no access to medical care. None, zero, sip, zilch, nada. Now everyone does.
  • Massive numbers of the poor, millions of people have been lifted out of poverty into the middle classes, especially the lower classes. This has been a double edged sword as some of the poor, once lifted from poverty to the middle classes, started voting rightwing. This was one of the largest and fastest movements of masses of population from poverty to the middle class in recent history.
  • Everyone has access to education. Before, education was only for the rich. Education is now free through the graduate level at state universities.
  • Massive increases in electricity usage. It is true that there are problems with the electrical grid, but this is misleading. The electrical grid worked well when 90% of the population was in poverty. But with the incredible reduction of poverty under Chavez, electricity use exploded. So many more people were wired up to the grid who had had no electricity before. Most of the slums were wired up with electricity. In addition rising incomes enabled many of the former poor to afford TV’s, computers, microwaves,  and many other things that use electricity. Unfortunately this also was a double edged sword as the explosion in electricity use taxed a grid that had been set up for a tiny elite of rich people only. Hence there have been many blackouts and brownouts due to the massive income increases in the country!
  • The government done more to upgrade the oil industry than any previous government. Unfortunately a lot of work needs to be done.
  • State supermarkets buy goods at wholesale and sell to them to the poor for very low prices. Hence, many poor people have access to many foods that they could never afford before. The massively increased access to more foods has been truly amazing.
  • The state set up “My Happy Home” stores that purchased household items at wholesale and sold them at very cheap prices to low income people. Hence many low income who could never afford these household items were able to purchase these modern household items, often electrical items. This resulted in the upgrading of millions of poor homes with modern household items.
  • Poverty was massively reduced. When Chavez came in, it was 90%. It was later reduced to 25%. This is one of the largest and fastest poverty reductions seen in recent history. The poverty reduction was done via mass income transfer from the rich and upper middle classes to the poor and lower income groups. If you want to know why the Venezuelan Right is so hysterical about the Chavistas, that’s it in a nutshell.
  • Huge decrease in income inequality. Venezuela is how the 2nd or 3rd most equal country in Latin America, behind only Cuba. When Chavez came in, Venezuela was one of the most unequal countries on Earth.
  • Reduction in malnutrition. When Chavez came in, 90% of the population could afford only one meal per day. When he left office, nearly everyone had enough food to eat the caloric intake was excellent at 2,500-3,000 calories per day.
  • A very comprehensive labor law resulted in vastly increased protections for Venezuelan workers.
  • The largest and best increase in housing in the history of Venezuela. A huge amount of money was spent constructing new housing projects, mostly to house low income people. The idea was to dismantle the vast slums in the cities and replace them with housing projects. There was a large reduction in the size of Venezuelan slums.


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A Few Alt Left Positions on Race

RL: The Alt Left would be a movement that is pro-White, likes Whites and White culture and values the people and the societies they create. Also at least my wing would be nonracist. I would say that we should be antiracist, but antiracism has been so taken over by insane people that I do not want to identify with it anymore.

Not sure about the other wing – it looks White nationalist.

I would say that non-Whites can join, but only if they like White people, White culture and the societies that Whites create. No White-haters allowed.

Another William Playfair Web: That would take cutting the Cultural Marxist monopoly on the media, and involve not allowing things like Ferguson to happen, right?

Sure, but that will require another “Long March through the institutions” just like the Cultural Left did except in reverse. If we could just get a voice at the table, it might be nice.

As far as riots like Ferguson, that is a matter for city governments and local and even state law enforcement to deal with. The Alt Left will not take a stand on these riots other than to say that there is often very little justification for the rioting. They are usually rioting because another thug got shot dead by cops, typically in a justifiable homicide. That’s not a good reason to riot.

Another William Playfair Web: No affirmative Action.

No affirmative busing unless a student really deserves it.

The Alt Left would oppose affirmative action, but it’s already being outlawed in most states anyway, and corporations can do all the AA they want to and nobody can do a thing about it. And increasingly they do just that. The Alt Left will not take a stance on corporations practicing their own “goals” or AA or whatever it is they do. It’s their company, and it’s their business how they run it.

Busing Blacks into White schools has always been problematic. For one thing, it creates a huge number of White racists. Many young Whites, especially men, went to schools where Blacks were bussed in. These Blacks behaved horrifically and these Whites have been racist ever since. So busing in Blacks mostly seems to cause a lot of new White racists.

No tolerance for bad behavior for bussed in Blacks. Also I think they should be very selective about the Blacks they bus in. It should almost be a lottery where it is a privilege to be chosen. Whether or not you would be bussed would be based on your behavior at the Black school.

Another William Playfair Web: Maybe I am just too closed minded, but this “culture and values” stuff, is just too abstract. Whites in Ferguson or Kate Steinle’s family don’t give a rat’s ass about “White culture;” they just want a stop to crime/violence.

The media and the culture now say that White people and White culture are evils. We beg to disagree. We like and value White people, White culture and the societies that Whites create. The Alt Left is not so much pro-White but more that it is not anti-White. There’s no way to stop the crime and violence in Black ghettos anyway, so the Alt Left does not claim to have they key to that problem. We don’t care if Whites listen to us or not, but most Whites agree with the core positions. If you poll Whites on whether they like and value White people and White culture and whether White culture is worth preserving, 75% say yes.

Another William Playfair Web:…they just want a stop to crime/violence. I just can’t see indoctrinating NAM’s with White values stopping that.

We are not about indoctrinating NAM’s with White values. They can adopt them or not if they wish; it’s not something we care about. It would be nice if NAM’s stopped thinking that White culture and White people were evil things though. The NAM’s are not our target audience. The culture at large is. We are not so naive as to be believe that indoctrinating NAM’s with White values will ameliorate crime and violence in ghettos. We do not think it will do that, and that is not our intention anyway.


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Indians Have Created a Worse Environment than Africans

Jm8 writes:

RL: Even in the catastrophic environment of South Asia (often regarded as worse than Black Africa in many ways)…

In terms of disease burden, it does not seem to worse than in Africa but rather the reverse (Africa’s is significantly worse.). See the link below labeled Global Infectious Disease Deaths by Region 2004 from the work of Christopher Eppig, near the top.

What is the cause of all of these diseases? Simply living in a tropical country? Or is it living in utter filth? If Africans have lots of diseases simply due to living in a tropical country, then there is nothing to be done about this, and this is a problem that will go on forever. If they have all of these diseases due to living in utter filth, then that is a problem that could be remedied.

By all accounts, India is a much filthier place than Black Africa.

I agree that Africa has a garbage problem. The garbage, filth, stench and utter depravity of India is only mirrored in some places in Africa. I read a recent travelogue by some men who went to Africa, and as they approached the capital of Burkina Faso, they said the entire desert surrounding the city was covered with swirling garbage. They had to drive through what seemed like tornadoes of swirling garbage on the highway just to get to the city.

The beautiful white sand beaches of Ghana are often dotted with piles of shit because Ghanaians living near the beach are in the ages-old habit of going down to the beach and squatting at the tide line to take a dump.

You see something like an Indian-level collapse in some urban areas in Africa. Urban Nigeria approaches Indian levels of sheer filth, garbage and stench.

Look at Lagos:

Only 1% of the population of Lagos is hooked up to a sewer system. Shitting on streets and sidewalks is very common. Nothing works. The city has a lot of electricity due to oil, but there are continuous blackouts because the people who run the power companies steal most of the oil that is intended to power the city, so there is not enough to power Lagos. Most Lagos residents with any money invest in a generator.

Perhaps not coincidentally, urban Nigeria is also morally collapsed on something like an Indian level.

The slums of Nairobi are horrifying and insanely dangerous. The sheer filth and ruin of these zones approaches the level of a Mumbai slum.

Cities in the “new South Africa” are starting to degenerate into filth, chaos and in particular mass crime, especially violent crime. There is now horrible pollution on some South African beaches because sewer pipes break due to Black workers jerry-rigging things instead of fixing them. Then when the pipes beak, no one comes out to fix them for a few months, and the people who do come out to fix it don’t know how to repair them. South African beaches are now full of garbage.

The sort of collapse there looks something like a Detroit/Newark/Baltimore ruined war zone big city look. The city still functions much as Detroit still does, but it is a mess. Whether America’s urban slums are worse than India, I have no idea. But the entirety of America is not Detroit. And people don’t shit on the sidewalk in Detroit. There are no dead bodies floating in the rivers. There are no rivers of raw sewage flowing down the gutters. The police force is not corrupt and incompetent. There is no mass corruption and bribery in government and business.

This is a higher level of FAIL.

Something has gone seriously wrong in urban South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. Africans just can’t seem to do this modern urban thing.

However, if you look at basic health indicators, they are actually worse in India than in Sub Saharan Africa! Indicators like infant and maternal mortality, malnutrition, stunting and wasting, and especially access to toilets and shitting outdoors are all worse in India, typically much worse, than they are in Africa.

This shows me that Africans seem to care something about these problems. Your average African seems to be unhappy about high levels of infant and maternal mortality and surely malnutrition, stunting and wasting. Your typical African probably looks around his country and says that it sure would be nice if we had less starvation and deaths of mothers and babies in my country.

He probably considers it somewhat shameful that so many of his countrymen lack food and die in the process of childbirth or soon after. I doubt if your typical African hates most of his countrymen. You can say what you will about tribalism, but I do not think that even members of different tribes hate each other that much. I doubt if African Tribe A wants to see the children of African Tribe B starving and mothers and babies dying in childbirth. Perhaps he does, but I haven’t seen much evidence of it. Sure, they fight sometimes, but tribalism in modern Africa does not typically produce that level of sheer callous sociopathy.

I read a lot of articles about the toilet and sewage crisis in the 3rd World. In India, no one seems to care. Those guys shitting over there in the street? Who cares about them? Those are poor or low caste people who deserve to be living such lives of utter misery because their poverty and low caste is proof that they sinned in past lives, and now they are slowly working it off through many generations of purgatory.

Your average Indian looks at the starving, stunted, children, the diseased, deformed and limbless beggars, and the legions of men shitting in the streets and thinks that he could care less whether those people live or die. Now you just don’t see that sort of callous viciousness in Africa. Faced with such scenes of suffering by their countrymen, I think most Africans feel bad for these people who on some level they probably regard as brothers.

The articles all said that the shitting outdoors problem in Africa, while rather serious in a few countries, was nevertheless not nearly as bad as in India, and furthermore the societal response seemed to be completely different. African governments, confronted with reports that their countrymen were shitting outdoors and on the streets, regarded them with embarrassment and shame. Many governments said that they were aware of the problem and had ongoing programs to deal with it. And indeed, in a number of African countries, dramatic progress had been made on this question in the last 5-10 years.

Interviews with local Africans in countries like Ghana showed the same thing. Locals were ashamed, embarassed and humiliated that they or  their countrymen had to shit outdoors. Over and over, they told the reporters things like, “This is just terrible. I cannot believe we have to shit on the sidewalk like this. This is so humiliating. What is wrong with my country that we cannot fix this?” They reacted the same way that the government officials had. Their attitude was that shitting outdoors was embarrassing, shameful and humiliating for them as citizens of that country. They wanted this problem gone, now.

But in India, no one seems to care. The people who shit outdoors either say they like to do this, or they have been so browbeaten and downtrodden that they feel that they are scum for being low caste and that they somehow deserve this degraded fate to have to shit on a beach. Further, even if they thought this was a problem, almost no one seemed to think that anything would be done about it. There was a sense of total hopelessness about them.

It is these sort of things that I am talking about when I say that the environment is worse in India than in Africa and that honestly I think that most Africans are better human beings than Indians. There still seems to be some sort of a real soul and beating heart in there somewhere in most Africans. In India, I just don’t see it. It’s like those ultimate essences of humanity shriveled up and died.


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Mexifornia: What a City Overrun with Hispanic Illegal Aliens Looks Like

My city in the Central Valley of California is frankly completely overrun with illegal aliens. However, the city is not as devastated as you think. This is one of the largest agricultural regions in the US if not the world. Most if not all Mesoamerican illegal immigrants in this town are deployed in agriculture as field workers, where they get up early in the morning, take buses to work every day and then come home in the afternoon. These are hardworking men who work a full 40 hour week if not more at very difficult work, and they do not have much time or inclination to cause problems.

Furthermore, although it is little discussed, one reason that the illegal immigrant crime rate is not higher than it is is that many illegals are totally paranoid of law enforcement, live under the radar as much as possible and are terrified of deportation. As such many of them try very hard to obey the law as much as possible, as getting in trouble with police could lead to deportation. These people are more or less hiding and trying not to make waves or call attention to themselves.

If you talk about illegal aliens loudly around here, the Mexicans act like they want to fight you. It is a very emotional issue with them, and most of them are either illegals themselves, once were, or have family or friends who are illegals or once were.

A while back, many Mexican-Americans opposed the illegals. Now they all support them. There is nothing good about the illegals. Most are not bad people (I assume, or at least the ones I see them around here a lot, as this is a migrant labor town), but on the other hand, there is nothing positive about them. They are just poor, uneducated, backwards and not very smart working class and peasant types from the 3rd World. It’s not a first world population.

When a town goes from White to Hispanic as the illegals flood in:

The wages crash, all of the “jobs Whites won’t do,” which were actually all being done by Whites, disappear, as there is mass displacement of mostly working class Whites from low level jobs.

There really are no jobs Whites won’t do unless it’s working in the fields, and around here there are countless legal Hispanics working in the fields. It’s a lie that it’s all illegals in the fields. Migrant workers come here, get legalized, and then keep working in the fields because this is what they have always done.

Also it often pays by piecework now, so the Hispanics can often make a lot of money out in the fields. There is a corresponding rise in meth use by migrant workers in order to do their piecework faster. Mexican legal immigrants with green cards and Mexican-American US citizens (there are huge numbers of these people around here) continue to work in the fields as this is what they have always done. At times even the children of illegals (US citizens), who incidentally were often gang-associated, work in the fields! Around here I know a number of former gang associates aged 18-23 who are now happily working in the fields, as this is young man’s work. They are US citizens, born in the US.

Yes, Whites won’t work in the fields, but Mexicans will, and that includes illegal, legal and citizen Mexicans.

The crime rate rises as illegals displace working class Whites.

Housing becomes scarce and prices rise as illegals cause a demand rise in housing prices.

Gangs proliferate, usually the children of the illegals and not the illegals themselves. It’s a lie that illegals are criminals or mostly criminals. Most are workers, and they often work very hard. They are simple, backwards peasants from a 3rd World country who have no business in a first world country. The criminal and gang element instead comes from the children of the illegals.

Crime is often property crime. Business that hardly had a break-in before now suffer very frequent burglaries. A lot of the property crime is petty as Mexicans tend to be two-bit, penny ante, low value thieves who prefer to steal little stuff like a $25 hubcap or a $30 phone charger. You must lock your doors in a Mexican town or your car will be burglarized because Mexicans love to break into cars. After several years in a Mexican town, all of your hubcaps will be stolen because Mexicans steal hubcaps.

There is some violent crime in my town but not a whole lot. Most serious violent crime like homicide is done by legal residents, often gang member children of illegals. I am not aware of much sex crime around here. I know one guy who suffered an attempted robbery at 9:30 PM, but it was a cheap penny ante shakedown by an unarmed teenage gang type US citizen who did not even have the knife he claimed to have.

There are also beatings, muggings and robberies of paisas, which is what the illegal migrant workers are called around here. These happen from 10 PM-3 AM. The muggings are carried out by local gang members and associates. Paisas are targeted because they carry large amounts of cash around with them and are often walking around very drunk late at night carrying up to a couple hundred dollars. Roll a drunken paisa in an alleyway at 3 AM and score $200. That’s the typical violent crime around here. I do not think that the drunken paisas are injured very often in these robberies. The gangsters just knock them down and take their money. They want the money. They don’t want to seriously hurt them.

Anyway, when a city goes from White to illegal Hispanic, there is a transformation that might be best termed a decline. There is a general decline in the city or town that is hard to put your finger on, but is a combination of all of the things above. The decline is not severe or catastrophic, and many Hispanic towns are quite livable, but that fall is quite notable. I do not understand why we need to import a population that causes a decline in towns and cities. Why?

It would be wrong to say the Mexicans recreate Mexico because they do not. The resulting city is typically not Mexico Norte. Why this is is not known, but it seems just living in the US causes Mexicans to act a lot better than they act in Mexico. People assimilate to culture. In Mexico, Mexicans assimilate to a horrible culture called Mexican culture. Here they assimilate more towards a much better culture called American culture. They do not fully assimilate upwards, but it’s good enough. Instead what you end up with is what I might call “a somewhat upgraded version of Mexico.” It’s not the nightmare horror called Mexico, but it’s neither that great city on the hill called the USA. It’s something in between.

The city remains livable especially if there are still quite a few Whites (particularly moneyed Whites) around to keep the ship afloat. In such cases, there are enough Whites around to more or less run things and keep the show from badly falling apart, which is what typically happens in California when a town nears 100% Hispanic. I live in an agricultural region, and many of the White farmers around here are wealthy. There are farmer mini-mansions on the outskirts of town. At 25-30% White, an Hispanic town full of illegals is still livable if some of the Whites have money.

The Whites have enough competence and money to keep the show running, and they encourage competence in the Hispanic employees and citizens below them by example. Hispanics are not necessary bad citizens or employees, but they need guidance. As long as a city has that certain level Whites around to maintain society and keep the Hispanics acting pretty good by example, the decline is quite attenuated.


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