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The Intelligence of Hispanics

The Hispanic IQ is 90. I am sure you want to say that’s low, but the IQ of the average human is 89. So if you think 90 IQ people are stupid, then you have to think your average human on Earth is a complete idiot. And I suppose some might like to make that case.

Having lived around these people, the first thing I will say about them is they are not stupid at all. But even though they are not dumb, on the other hand, they are not real smart either. It’s a very average type of human, even on the low side of average. The main thing about them is their ignorance. Hispanics are frighteningly, terrifyingly ignorant. Why this is, I have no idea.

Around here your average Black person knows more about history, sociology, even psychology, and especially politics than the Hispanics do.  They Hispanics don’t know, and it seems like they don’t want to learn.

It is also interesting to note that the ignorance comes largely though not exclusively from Mexicans. A lot of them have told me that they only had 2-5 years of education. A 40 year old woman told me her kids only had 5 years of education. The second generation who are born here act worse than the immigrants, and they are just as ignorant, if not more. At least the Mexicans seem to have some desire to learn. The 2nd Generation doesn’t even want to learn anything. They are very happy with empty heads.

The Mesoamerican immigrants know a lot more about politics than the Mexicans do. In particular the ones who went through revolutions such as Nicaragua and El Salvador know quite a bit about politics.

One strange thing is that the people you meet from South America seem a lot smarter and especially less ignorant that the Mesoamericans. I’m not sure why that is, but the culture of Spain is still very prominent down there, and that culture revered learning, men of letters, etc. The women down there actually love intellectual men because it is a sign that you are upper class or have an upper class mindset.

They’re certainly intelligent enough to function and more or less run a metropolis. It will work so much better if there are a few Whites around to keep the lights on and whatnot. We have had a couple of towns around here that have gone 100% Hispanic, no Whites anymore, and it is not a good thing. It’s not even a decline. It’s more of a complete collapse.

Does this mean they are stupid? I’m not sure about that.

A better argument is that when the Whites all leave, and you have a city that’s 100% Hispanic, Mexico takes over. It just becomes another town in Mexico. Ever been to Mexico? If you have you will understand what I am talking about. If you want to know the particulars, there’s no money anymore, local government collapses, nothing works and there’s no money to fix stuff, gangs take over very badly, and in particular, some heavy-duty Mexican style corruption rears its head.

When Mexicans come to the US, which is fine by me, they really need to leave Mexico behind. Bringing Mexico with them doesn’t work.


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No Way Are Italians As Bad As Blacks

I know I am a biased German-American from the US/Canadian border but the Romans described your own Scottish ancestors (If you are that writer from Central West Virginia) and the Jewish tribes (Zealots) and everyone outside of Rome the same way.

Now today if you were to compare North New Jersey with say, Minneapolis (German/Nordic) or Central West Virginia, which area has the most homicides/disappearances with presumed homicides of known “wiseguys”, corrupted public officials, governors under taxpayer lifetime protection because they “took down” a “crew”?

White people always say thing like White trash is worse than Ghetto Blacks or Italians are as bad as Ghetto Blacks, but it’s never true. Mostly these are nervous White liberals who are saying these things in a desperate attempt to not be racist. That is laudable, and I understand the noble motivation. But it’s just not true.

There is no way on Earth that Italians are as bad as Blacks. What’s the Italian homicide rate? What’s the violent crime rate? What about all the other rates of lousy things? There’s no comparison. Black homicide and violence and crime in general is far worse than Italians. I doubt if the Italian ethnic group has a homicide or violent crime rate much above ordinary US Whites.

Ever heard anyone say they are moving out of a neighborhood because too many Italians are moving in?

The schools are going downhill because there’s too many Italian students now?

Just give it up, man.

There’s no need to cover for the Black race, The statistics speak for themselves. Of course, many Blacks are not a part of that mess in the slightest, but that does not mean that the race as a group performs very poorly on so many variables. Why cover for bad Black behavior? It’s on them. They own their behavior. They need to answer for it.

I would love to live in a city full of Italians. I would not even mind if the Mafia were present. What’s going to happen? Is the Mafia going to kill me?

On the other hand, do I want to live in a city full of Blacks? Are you nuts?

Let me give you an example. This city here used to be a majority White city, and the Whites were mostly Italians. So you could say that this was in effect a basically Italian city as they were the major group here major ethnic group here. It has since transitioned from a White/Italian city to an Hispanic/Mexican city. The transition has been noticeable for anyone with eyes.

Everybody says this city was far better back in the White/Italian days. No sane person says it is better now because objectively, it’s just not. I have said this before but I will say it again. When a locale goes White -> Hispanic, it’s pretty much a downgrade. I would live to see one city in this land where a city went White -> Hispanic and the result was an upgrade over the White version. Hispanic downgrades are rather moderate, and you can still live there. White -> Black downgrades of cities are so extreme that you don’t even want to live there. I sure wouldn’t.

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Welcome to Paris, Crown Jewel of the West


Well, not anymore I guess. Jesus Christ, what a mess. Spengler Reloaded, nearly a century too late.


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How Common Antiracist Arguments Are Inadvertently Viciously Racist Themselves

We know who is violating the Comments Policy against, well, classism really. There are two of you. They are both blaming Whites who are the victims of Black/NAM crime here and in South Africa for being losers who are too poor or stupid to move. This is really shitty.

It’s appalling too. You are attacking White crime victims with a “blame the victim” game which is objectively rightwing.

And the thing is that this line really insults Blacks and NAM’s. It says that living around Blacks and NAM’s is sheer utter Hell such that any sane person would automatically move away from them. In other words, Blacks and NAM’s are scum. Get it? This is an antiracist argument that ends up admitting that Blacks and NAM’s are the scum of the Earth and that no sane or decent human would want to live around them. So this antiracist argument is actually viciously racist.

The argument that only loser Whites (low income) live around Blacks and NAM’s is very insulting to NAM’s also. It says in effect that NAM’s are losers themselves because the only places they ever live are low income loservilles. In other words, once again, NAM’s are scum. Poor scum in this case.

So this antiracist argument, in order to shift the blame off NAM criminals for committing tons of crime and destroying neighborhoods onto their White victims as an antiracist deflection, ends up calling all NAM’s poor losers and hyper-criminal neighborhood destroying scum that no sane human would want to be around.

Do you see how these nutty antiracist arguments end up being unbelievably racist themselves?

I’ve been pointing out forever how modern antiracism has gone completely off the tracks bonkers for a long time now, and this is just another example of it.


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Persistent Comments Policy Violations

A number of commenters lately have been violating Rule #7 of the Comments Policy. The attacks on poor and working class Whites are getting quite extreme in the Comments Section. Someone needs to tell me how it is progressive, leftwing or socialist to attack people for being poor or working class. That’s classism of the worst sort and there is no room for any classism whatsoever on the Left.

In particular, we are seeing all sorts of attacks on Whites who are the victims of criminals, particularly criminal NAM’s. This is called “blame the victim.” This sort of “blame the victim” has very strong roots in American thinking. In fact, it is a particularly American way of thinking. I fail to see what is so progressive, leftwing or socialist about blaming victims.

The idea that any White person who does not wish to live around NAM’s can simply up and move away from them is crazy. In many parts of the country now, if you do not have a lot of money, you simply will end up living around NAM’s. I pointed out that in my city of 60,000 people, there are 18,200 White people who are living around NAM’s. If you want to live in this city at all, you are going to live around NAM’s. If you wish to live in any large city of the US, you are going to end up being around NAM’s quite a bit of the time, if not in where you live than for sure in where you work or play.

I don’t see why we should tolerate this anymore. No more attacks on poor and working class Whites!

7. Support for the dropout lifestyle. I dropped out of society and the world of materialism, money, status and all that crap a very long time ago. Most of my friends are proletarians who live paycheck to paycheck. Many people I know cannot even afford a car, so they walk, ride bikes or take buses. No one I know has any money saved up in a bank account. Most are renting apartments or rooms in homes. You may not attack poor, low income, working class or proletarian people on this site. You may not attack people who are homeless, jobless or without vehicles. This whole line of talk is objectively reactionary and will result in an immediate ban.


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How Many Whites Live With NAM’s? Lots

TRASH: STALIN What sort of White “lives” with NAM’S? A crack whore transvestite? A Mafia “soldier” with interests in heroin racketeering? A homosexual who wants to gentrify. NAM’S usually cannot scrape together the gas money to break into the house of a White liberal and have sex with his semi-frigid wife. Only White girls who are complete drug addicts are down in the hood letting Blacks “run a train” on her mouth in order to get some cocaine mixed with baking soda or Mexican black tar.

TRASH: Please explain to me how somebody “lives” with NAM’S? Even they cannot get jobs in their neighborhoods. What’s a White doing there? NAM’S usually cannot scrape together the gas money to break into the house of a White liberal and have sex with his semi-frigid wife. Only White girls who are complete drug addicts are down in the hood letting Blacks “run a train” on her mouth in order to get some cocaine mixed with baking soda or Mexican black tar.

Stalin Tonks: Most sane White people don’t want niggers around them no matter how number.

We have 18,090 White people “living with NAM’s” right here in my very own city of 60,000 people. There are Whiter neighborhoods, but the city is small geographically, so if you spend any time here at all, you interact with lots of Hispanics. This town is 67% Hispanic. So in my town alone, you have 18,900 Whites, 27% if the population, living right in town. They’re not all losers either. A lot of the Whites living here are making good money.

There are also 4% Blacks in this town. These Blacks in general are very ghetto. But they don’t have any numbers, so they are really not a problem at all. I have some ghettoish Blacks living next door and above me. It’s not a problem. They are very easily avoided, and they don’t act that bad anyway. I don’t have much to do with them, and it’s all good. They seem like they don’t want to have anything much to do with me either for some reason.

Also when they have no numbers and are a tiny minority, ghetto Blacks act a lot better. They are surrounded by much more numerous Hispanics and a few Whites who act much better and will not put up with too much of their ghetto crap. Some of the local Blacks are banned from local stores, for instance, because they are pests. And when they come in, the workers treat them like crap, which they deserve. So these ghetto Blacks to some extent emulate the better behavior of the Hispanics and Whites and tone down a lot of the ghetto stuff because most people hate it. Monkey see, monkey do. 

When you get large concentrations of ghettoish Blacks, it’s bad. If you took these Blacks here and put them in a Black ghetto, their behavior would get dramatically worse very quickly. Monkey see, monkey do.

So really there is something to “A Black a block, spread em out and civilize em.”


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Why White People Care about NAM’s

TRASH: All this for NAM’S with low IQ’s who spend their lives pimping their women to sell crack and live off food stamps and stolen shoes. They do not obsess about Black dildos or anything but gold chains, KFC and watching sports TV. Who gives a shit about them?

Why do we obsess over Cholos and NAM’S who cannot earn a living and spend most of their time in jail or sitting on a stoop high on street drugs? None of them give 2 shits about Rome, Greece, Tel Aviv or any other aspect of White culture. All they care about are drugs and prostitutes.

I will have to step in here to defend racist Whites or at least Whites who are not real crazy about having lots of NAM’s around. I will defend their thinking, but I will tell you why they feel this and why so many Whites do care about NAM’s. The thing is today if you don’t have a lot of money, you often end up living with NAM’s.

It isn’t like there are special low income White neighborhoods where all the low income Whites could go. If those were available, a lot of low income Whites might just move there. There are places like that, but they tend to be in rural areas that often have poor economies, and there are few good jobs out there.

Here in California, if you do not have a lot of money and you’re White, you’re probably going to live with NAM’s. The nicer neighborhoods with decent surroundings and low crime typically tend to be a lot Whiter (maybe with Asians mixed in) and they usually have fewer NAM’s, though there are usually some NAM’s there too. Here in California, there are not many all-White neighborhoods anymore.

I hate to say it, but once Hispanics get enough money, they often move out of those glorious, vibrant, La Raza Hispanic neighborhoods and move somewhere not far away that is very heavily White. Even Hispanics with money don’t want to live with their own kind. Actually it is a bit sad.

And of course it is the same thing with Blacks. I am sure those Black neighborhoods full of that melanin-enhanced Sunshine Race are perfectly wonderful to a prideful Black. Well, actually the problem is that those Black Master Race neighborhoods are typically not that great. In fact, you would wonder how and why such a superior race could create such hellholes.

Anyway, once Blacks get some money, they often flee to White neighborhoods or at least Whiter neighborhoods. Yes, there are some wealthy Black neighborhoods like Ladera Heights or Baldwin Hills, but options like that are typically not available to moneyed Blacks. I would say though that Blacks tend to reject “Whiter” neighborhoods while rejecting “All-White” neighborhoods.

I have lived in a number of nearly pure White places most of my life, and there were few Blacks there, and those that were there sometimes reported problems. Maybe it’s not pleasant for Blacks to be one of the very few Black people in an almost pure White town. Such towns are not extremely racist, but there is definitely an undercurrent of unspoken and subtle racism humming in the background in these places, and maybe Blacks can pick up on it. But once again, Blacks don’t want to live with their own kind either after after they get some money. First thing they do is generally take off. And that’s sad, as it is with the Hispanics.

Due to the trend of moneyed NAM’s moving to Whiter places, there are not a whole lot of pure White neighborhoods left, at least here in California. So even in White neighborhoods, you are usually living around a few NAM’s here or there. Very well behaved NAM’s generally, but NAM’s nonetheless.

But to answer TRASH’s question, Whites care about NAM’s because an awful lot of Whites end up having not much choice but having to live around them. And the more NAM’s you live around, the more this glorious White culture of Rome, Greece and Tel Aviv tends to go out. It’s hard to sustain that High White culture in a neighborhood full of NAM’s. That culture mostly sustainable in White towns or at least moneyed places, which also tend to assimilate to High White culture no matter their makeup.

Another reason Whites care about NAM’s is because a lot of us have to live around a lot of us, and often there is a decline in the community when you get many of them around. We resent seeing our communities decline due to these people we live with.

And even if we do not live with them, these ghettos and barrios are part of our fair land after all, and it makes us angry to see NAM’s lay waste to parts of our country or turn them into Little Mexicos.

Sure, most of us don’t want to go live in East LA or Detroit, but it’s a bit sickening that these places even exist in our country at all. If have any tiniest ounce of patriotism, it makes you mad to see even parts of your country being run down whether you live there or not. I mean look, Detroit and East LA are part of my country too, ok? They are part of my land whether I live there or not. Those two cities could be metaphorically described as tiny parts of my body, of my very skin. And seeing them decline or immiserate is heartbreaking and a bit disgusting. So watching these places tumble down or scatter into shreds of flying entropy is almost like having a little disease infection on my skin in a couple of very small places. Those infections are very minor, but who wants a skin disease no matter how small? Do you follow?

Another thing is that as mentioned above, High White culture which many of us value gets harder and harder to sustain in places full of NAM’s. So it tends to decline where it does not go out altogether. And it is often replaced with a frankly inferior heavily-NAM influenced somewhat declined culture. So when Whites are surrounded by lots of NAM’s, White culture fades and in its place, Whites start adopting a culture that is less White and more NAM-like.

What I am trying to say is that having lots of NAM’s around often leads to substantial wiggerizaztion of Whites as Whites adopt NAM behaviors and lose of the finer aspects of the best of our culture. In other words, White people remain, but their culture deteriorates as Whites start to become “cultural NAM’s.” Now I love my people, but it’s not their looks I care about. I like the way Whites act. They act like me and think like me. I like White culture. It’s my culture. And saving White people while eliminating White culture seems a useless endeavor. Whites who act like NAM’s are hardly better than NAM’s themselves. There’s nothing even worth preserving there unless you’re partial to White phenotypes.

In other words, why would anyone give a damn about “White genocide” if it was a bunch of Wiggerized Whites who were going out. I would say there’s nothing to save there, and the loss of these people is hardly even a tragedy, and it’s maybe even a good thing.

This is a bit long-winded, but what I am trying to do is explain why a lot of White people are racist to one degree or another and why many do care about NAM’s and care about them quite a bit. I am not defending White racist feelings. I am just telling you the reason for them, which is honestly not completely irrational.


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Crime and Capitalism – The Unbreakable Link

When China went from Maoism to Dengism, the crime rate exploded. The same thing happened in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. The crime rate went nuts in all of those places, and most of them got significantly taken over by Organized Crime gangs.

Now, I agree that there are many great things about capitalism, and in many ways it is better than Communism. But the links between capitalism and crime are very deep. In a nutshell, capitalism causes crime. Period. Now you can say, “Well, I will take that crime increase because I want that higher standard of living,” but capitalist fanboys refuse to even admit to the capitalism-crime connection.

I read a chapter in book for a college course book back in the 1980’s that compared Western European countries and found that the more socialism they had, the less crime and vice versa.

Blacks have a low crime rate under Communism, but under capitalism, their crime rate goes wild. Cuba is 37% Black by genome. Havana is a very Black city. Havana is the safest large city in Latin America. What crime exists is generally property crime. The violent crime rate is quite low. When conservatives  hear that there is little crime in Cuba, they say stupid things like, “That’s because there’s nothing to steal.” That’s not true, but it’s interesting. Haiti is far poorer than Cuba, but the crime rate is vastly higher. The property crime rate is much higher also. If there’s nothing to steal in Cuba, there’s clearly even less to steal in Haiti.

People don’t realize that even in very poor places and very poor countries, there is still lots of stuff to steal. Even poor people usually have some stuff. The property crime rates are exploded in ghettos, barrios, favelas, slums and shantytowns. Clearly there’s plenty of stuff to steal.

I have a theory for why Blacks commit so much more crime under capitalism than they do under Communism, but I will let you commenters take it away.


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Adios, Santa Ana


Alas, poor Santa Ana, we knew thee well.

I am sure Santa Ana was White at some time or another, but honestly, I keep trying to remember when Santa Ana was not like this. To me, it’s been this way forever now. I hung out there in 1979 and 1980, and it was pretty damn Mexican then even. More Mexican-American, but still. I worked in Santa Ana in 1989-90 at Stewart and Barnett, a major law firm downtown. It was already completely gone that way even that far back. I might as well have been working in Mexico. It was a very alienating place to work, like working in a foreign country.

I don’t think I ever taught in their school system, but I’m not sure. Maybe I did. I think I was actually teaching in Garden Grove schools though. They were very heavily Southeast Asian, especially Vietnamese and Khmer. I don’t mind teaching Viets and Khmer at all. They’re perfect students and the older ones who work at the school are quite easy to work with. When you meet the SE  Asian aides, they practically bow down in front of you, apparently because you are this revered thing called a teacher. They’re really nice too, even the men. Bend over backwards nice.

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Immigration Is Not That Important of an Issue

Stalin Tonks writes:

Fine Robert. Go vote for Hillary and bring in millions of non-whites to depress wages for the average person.

It’s not that important of an issue. I never vote for conservatives ever, for any reason, and I’m not changing. Conservatives are my class enemies. Why should I vote for my enemies? Not only that, but I am opposed to the whole basic conservative way of looking at life and the world, which I think sucks. Yes, the conservatives are more correct on immigration, but even there they are insane (Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? WTH?). They are right on immigration and wrong on just about everything else. Being right on immigration is not enough to make me vote for them. It’s not important for me to switch my vote.

  1. They’re already here.
  2. 2. The country’s already gone politically on this issue. The whole thing is a dead issue to me as I think US society is totally gone on this issue. US society seems to be majority in support of illegal immigration and high levels of legal immigration, if not H -1B’s. Both parties seem to be dead set in favor of mass immigration, both legal, illegal and Hindu 1B. It’s just hopeless and there’s nothing to be done.
  3. 3. Obama deported more illegals than any other President. More illegals have gone back to Mexico than have come in since 2009, so the # of illegals is actually declining in the US. I know in my area this summer, they said a whole bunch of them left.
  4. 4. We are already dealing with it. The INS was in my town about 1-2 years ago, and they stayed for a month in the Best Western downtown. They raided all over my city the whole month and they rounded up 2,300 illegals. It was brutal – they were stopping mothers walking their kids to school and asking them for papers, etc. This raid occurred under Obama.
  5. 5. It’s already been done and it’s already over with. The country’s already gone on this issue anyway on the ground from my POV. You fail to understand that I live in California. This is already post-White America. We’ve already imported millions of non-Whites to drive down wages. We’ve already imported hundreds of thousands of H-1B’s to drive down upper middle class workers’ wages. Our cities already look like the UN. We’re already living in Mexico or the UN and you are jumping up and down yelling that Hillary is going to turn this place into Mexico and the UN. You are yelling about something that’s already happened. It’s like yelling at a cancer patient that they are going to get cancer. My own city is 67% Hispanic. It’s not great, but honestly, it’s not the end of the world. I can live with these Mexicans. Anyway, in Mexican society, Whites rule, so if you are a White in an Hispanic city, you are ruling class de facto. Mexican is not a race. I could be a Mexican. Or I could turn into one. Just start speaking Spanish and call yourself a Mexican. Real simple. That’s all you have to do. White Mexican culture is not that different from White US culture anyway.
  6. Now, if you can find me a nice leftwing nationalist or even left wing of the Alt Right candidate to vote for, maybe we are talking. Get Marine Le Pen’s ass over here and run her for office. Then I will vote “rightwing” in a New York minute.


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