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Dead Body Found in Stone Lake, La Grange County, Indiana, February 20, 2017

MSM backstory.

Lake is in far northern Indiana next to the Michigan border. Very much flyover country, somewhat rural, mixed farms, small towns and some industry such as meatpacking, working class, White, redneck, etc. Floater found in lake by kayakers. This is the only information that was given out by LE or MSM. LE stated that “the investigation is very active and ongoing.”

From witness statements: Adult male. Found dead floating in the lake chained to a cinderblock.

Obviously a homicide.

Not killed by Delphi Double Homicide Killer. Wrong age and sex.

I have a lot of thoughts about how this crime came about though.

Not killed by drowning. Body dump.

Killer was not a woman. Killer was a strong young man who lives a somewhat marginal life. Victim may also have lived marginally.

Looks like a mob hit, but I am not sure the mob exists on anymore, kills people like that or is active in Indiana. Not a gang killing. Gangs don’t bother to do body dumps. They just do drivebys and leave the bodies where they fall. More likely a drug deal gone sour or something such. Possibly a love triangle. Maybe the victim got involved with killer’s girl. This was a crime of hatred. The victim did something to really make the killer very mad, stark raving homicidally furious. He was killed as “paybacks.” A message was sent by this killing to the victim (though he is dead) and especially to his or the killers’ associates or anyone paying attention. The killer is saying, “Don’t mess with me. You mess with me and you die. Watch your step, dammit.”

Body possibly dumped by more than one man.

Killer is reasonably intelligent, probably a younger White man, under age 40.

He is macho, tough and redneck. He works at some sort of working class job, possibly involving physical labor. He is probably a “bad boy” type. He may work at a regular job where he sees the public every day. In his milieu, no one thinks much of such crimes, and people often think the victim asked for it.


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Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abbie Williams

Really nasty sexually-motivated double homicide of two teenage girls, one 13 and the other 14. For some background on this heartbreaking case, see here.

I like to do “sleuthing” in my part time. Although it’s gruesome, playing detective is a bit of a hobby of mine, and it is engrossing in some odd say.

I would like to throw a lot of stuff out there.

My Musings on This Case

Everybody insists that the place where the girls were found is where they were killed. Think again. Think body dump. Or how about neither body dump nor killing locale, but perhaps the place where the killer caught up with them? Or an evidence dump locale. Just because an area is roped off does not mean it’s a kill or dump site. Could just be a lot of evidence there. If am having a hard time figuring out how he carted them down to that site if it is a dump site though; this is why I feel it may be just a crime scene with evidence.

I believe that the girls were “confined” in some way. I’m not going to elaborate on that. Could mean tied up or could mean placed in some structure.

There is said to be a cabin somewhere in the back of that property hidden away. No one is talking about it, but it could be important. I believe that police raided a structure on the property. Perhaps it was this cabin. Cabin should be at least thrown in the mix.

I believe the actual murders occurred in a rather out of the way locale where it would be hard to see or hear what was going on.

I fear that the nature of this crime is quite gruesome. Just the bare facts of the crime itself are ugly enough, but I am afraid that once we learn the details, it is going to be worse. Horror movie stuff.

I believe that Libby was killed on 2-13, possibly pretty quickly, and Abby was killed (or died) or 2-14. “Or died” is important. I know this because the published obits state those dates. There is a rumor that the families chose those dates as death dates, but that would apply only to funerals, not obits. Obit info would come straight from coroner report. Therefore, coroner report had to state different death dates.

I actually do not believe that any working phones were recovered. Maybe a dead phone or maybe no phones. When the search was going on, both phones were deadAs stated by LE.

Photo of Unsub does not come from girls’ phones. Video is probably only 10 seconds long. Although there are no security trailcams in the area, I believe there may be gamecams. A gamecam video would be only 10 seconds long or so. So this is a gamecam video. But how does a gamecam video shoot the bridge?

There are claims that the photo of Abbie on the bridge shows the killer hiding below the bridge. Claim is worthless; that is just some shadow.

Unsub marginal. Drifter, bum, homeless, etc.

Probably not a crime of opportunity. He planned this at least somewhat. That is why he is armed with the gun and disguising himself.

Unsub is clearly trying to disguise himself in the photos. He is using a hat and a scarf in front of his face to do this. As stated by LE.

Talk of backpacks and duffle bags makes no sense to me.

We are making a lot of assumptions here. Everybody assumes that both girls were dead when they were found. I think we should be open to the possibility that that may not be true. As in perhaps girl(s) were near death but not dead when found. Which may account for the different dates. Libby on 13th means she died that day. Abbie on 14th I feel means she suffered until the 14th and then died on that day. Perhaps she was even barely alive when discovered.

In published UK media, grandfather who raised her made an odd statement, “I know Abbie. She put up one Hell of a fight.” This has no doubt led to a lot of speculation along the lines of, “What an odd thing to say.” He did not say ‘would have put up a fight.’ He said, ‘She did put up a fight.’ How does he know? Was he there? No idea if grandfather is a suspect, but people are probably chattering about him. But does LE think he is a suspect? Nobody knows. But I am thinking he be cleared. For one thing, his photo is much heavier than that of the Unsub. And his hair is a lot different, in bangs. However, I do think that Abbie may have put up quite a strong battle. The Unsub may have scratch marks. She may even have his DNA under her nails from the fightback.

I do not believe that LE has any known suspect in mind at this moment.

I believe they are going around questioning people who being talked about. They are probably clearing these people. I assume they are going around to all of the local RSO’s. They probably want them to come talk about the case. While there, they may search the man’s phone  and ask them to submit DNA. They are probably clearing at least some of them this way.

The raid was on the property of the old man who lives alone and owns the property where the girls were found. He is completely innocent and cleared. The huge raid there was because there were possibly multiple crime scenes there – abduction site, kill site, dump site? I know local police, Indiana SP, and FBI were all there. They stayed there a while because I believe they got some quality evidence there. Jim Logan is cleared because the poor guy had nothing to do with it.

I believe the gun obviously holstered on the right under the jacket of Unsub was used to control the girls somehow. He also got them to keep quiet somehow, maybe with the gun. However, I do not believe the gun was used to kill the girls. It would have made too much noise. Rumors that this was not a gun crime are probably correct.

Yes, the girls were murdered, and I believe they were killed brutally and horribly in such a way that a shot to the head would have been merciful. I do not believe they were strangled. It’s possible but not likely. Instead they were both killed with a hand-held weapon. This weapon is some deadly object like a knife, hammer, club, pipe or other blunt object. Basically they were either beaten to death or stabbed to death. I believe that the crime scene was a bloody and ugly mess, a real horrorshow.

This is obviously a sexually motivated offense. In other words, to put it brutally, both girls were raped, no doubt while they were still alive. This was motive. They were killed after the rapes to eliminate witnesses. I believe that Liberty may have been killed quite quickly, but she was probably raped also. The target was probably Abbie. Liberty was just in the way. He used Abbie sexually overnight. He kept her alive for this purpose. Whether he tortured Abbie or not is not known. He slit her throat hastily the next morning and made his getaway.  Death was fairly quick with knife wounds or bashings with blunt object. He stabbed or bashed Abbie the next morning when he was done with her, figured she was dead and then took off. But Liberty was probably killed soon after the abduction.

I feel he may have tied them up somehow, maybe with a rope.

Look, as a libertine, I do not care if girls this age are sexually active, ok? That means nothing to me. However, I have a feeling that at least one of the girls, probably Liberty, was sexually active, and she may have had a boyfriend, in the recent past. Boyfriend was probably bad boy, tough guy, macho guy, also a teenage boy. He was probably a young adult, maybe 20 years old. Although this is statutory rape, I think this sort of thing is quite common around  there. He probably knew her from the school. These girls were not completely innocent little girl-children like elementary school girls. They were worldly teenage girls. They were more grown up than people think.

This guy is either a local or he is intimately familiar with the area. Not just the bridge and woods area, but I mean the whole town of Delphi. He is very at home all over that whole town somehow. I doubt if he is a resident, as I feel he is a transient. But I think he has been in the Delphi area, especially around the bridge, for a few weeks. This was enough time to familiarize himself with the area. He probably survives by panhandling. Even for a transient, he may be quite belligerent and confrontational. In that sense he is stupid as he makes himself known. His clothes are probably rather dirty and he may wear them for weeks at a time. He may smell bad from not showering or washing his clothes.

I feel that this man is homeless in some way or another. I do not think he lurks in homeless camps though. He is more of a loner.

Statistically, he lives within 30 miles of the area, as this is his comfort zone. Studies show that body dumps occur on the edges of comfort zones. Killings occur within comfort zones. He may well reside within 30 miles of the area.

He’s a creepy bastard. Given his age, probably 45-early 60’s (midrange 50’s), this is not his first offense. He has done similar things before, or at least he has committed some lowly crimes before. He may well have a criminal record, but he may not be an RSO. I think this is not his first sex crime, but he may have gotten away with the priors.

This guy knew the bridge/forest area really well. He’s been there before for whatever reason and has explored the whole area. He is also quite familiar with the private property where the bodies were found. I do not know how he is familiar with that man’s property, but he knows it pretty well.

He’s going to lay low for a while. He won’t do any similar crimes in the near future. He’s not that stupid.

I doubt if he has even left the area. For some reason I think he stuck around the nearby area after he did the crimes.

LE had a presser saying that there are all sorts of people pointing fingers at POI’s on social media, but my feeling is that most of them have been cleared in some way or another.

LE is not incompetent. I feel they have been working their tails off since this case broke. They have nothing to show for it, but cops are not gods. They’re human, and LE does not always get their man. It is not so easy to solve a crime like this.


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Crime and Capitalism – The Unbreakable Link

When China went from Maoism to Dengism, the crime rate exploded. The same thing happened in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. The crime rate went nuts in all of those places, and most of them got significantly taken over by Organized Crime gangs.

Now, I agree that there are many great things about capitalism, and in many ways it is better than Communism. But the links between capitalism and crime are very deep. In a nutshell, capitalism causes crime. Period. Now you can say, “Well, I will take that crime increase because I want that higher standard of living,” but capitalist fanboys refuse to even admit to the capitalism-crime connection.

I read a chapter in book for a college course book back in the 1980’s that compared Western European countries and found that the more socialism they had, the less crime and vice versa.

Blacks have a low crime rate under Communism, but under capitalism, their crime rate goes wild. Cuba is 37% Black by genome. Havana is a very Black city. Havana is the safest large city in Latin America. What crime exists is generally property crime. The violent crime rate is quite low. When conservatives  hear that there is little crime in Cuba, they say stupid things like, “That’s because there’s nothing to steal.” That’s not true, but it’s interesting. Haiti is far poorer than Cuba, but the crime rate is vastly higher. The property crime rate is much higher also. If there’s nothing to steal in Cuba, there’s clearly even less to steal in Haiti.

People don’t realize that even in very poor places and very poor countries, there is still lots of stuff to steal. Even poor people usually have some stuff. The property crime rates are exploded in ghettos, barrios, favelas, slums and shantytowns. Clearly there’s plenty of stuff to steal.

I have a theory for why Blacks commit so much more crime under capitalism than they do under Communism, but I will let you commenters take it away.


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Black Male, 113 IQ

When we set Black male IQ’s at 113, the Black and White crime rates are equal. Now isn’t that interesting?

So if all Blacks were just as smart as Jews, they would be no more criminal than Whites. But sadly that’s not case.

Now this is very interesting. Let’s look at this group – the Whites with 113 IQ and the Blacks with 113 IQ. Were their life experiences different? If so, how? If the Black experiences were worse, then why were the Blacks immune to them? Let’s look at the genes. Whoa! Genes are not the same. 113 IQ Blacks had a number of high risk repeats and whatnot that can definitely raise the risk of crime. Yet in them, it didn’t raise it one bit. Wow that is interesting! Why not? How were they immunized?

I actually suspect that the answer here is twofold but both answers deal with the same thing – intelligence.

Theory 1: First of all, it is possible that 113 IQ Blacks have some general background criminal tendency risk common to the race. So they were sort of born with their mind wanting to go in these directions. My theory: At some point, IQ is so high that is swarms out your bad genes. At 113 IQ, perhaps the high IQ might enable Black men to “swamp out” their antisocial tendencies like a tidal wave washing over a village. The intelligence just overwhelms the bad drives and renders them moot.

There might be something to that because I am convinced that a lot of low crime people want to act bad too. Bad men do what good men dream. This has always been my thinking. There is one maniac running around raping and murdering women while 100 men are only dreaming of it. The role of repression in human behavior is severely underestimated.

I hate to say it, but I have had all sorts of criminal urges in my life. The overwhelming majority of the time, I was simply able to suppress or repress these urges and forget about them. My superego would come in and say You might get caught, it’s wrong, what about the person, how could you do that to them, what about jail what about prison, imagine what that could be like, you would never handle it, it would ruin your life, don’t do it. They few times I gave in, I decided it was not a bad thing to do and anyway, the victim deserved it. So it was more paybacks and revenge than anything else.

The take home point here may be that as IQ rises, we can suppress more and more of our nasty and antisocial impulses, not to mention our stupid impulses. IQ might be the Great Suppressor or the Great Repressor.

Theory 2: Another possibility is that the genes that elevate criminal tendency in Blacks are not evenly distributed in the Black population. Alpha and Tulio act good because they simply never got dosed with these repeats. And perhaps, as Black IQ rises, genes are connected with this IQ rise. And the higher the IQ, the fewer antisocial genes one is dealt because these traits sort of run together genetically. Conversely, as IQ descends, perhaps the frequency of high crime risk genes increases because these genes are tied in genetically with low IQ.

Anyway it is figures like this, where the “high crime race” commits exactly the same amount of crime as the “low crime race” and discovers just why it is that this is so that makes race realist research so interesting, even from a point of view of progressive motives.


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Possibilities for Race Realist Research with Progressive Motives and Possibly Outcomes

We know full well that Blacks commit crime at something like 7-8X the White rate.

We can debate this factoid.

If Blacks are genetically tainted somehow, then one would assume that most Blacks would be like this. I do believe that the Black crime has an elevated tendency towards crime and this is biological. But I doubt if all Blacks have this tendency. I doubt if Tulio, Alpha, Jm8 and Phil do. Or do they?

This is one of the great things about race realism.

Crime is such a problem with Blacks that it needs to be studied. By doing this, we should study that ones who act good.

Why is it that they act so good? Do they have the same genetic tendencies as the criminal Blacks but have somehow overcome them? What is the life history of these good behaving Blacks? Make some figures. Now compare to the criminal Blacks. How did the life history including upbringing home environment, etc. of the well behaved ones differ? Was there something in the life history of the ones that act good that protected them from criminal behavior. What factors are those? Let’s isolate them. I would imagine that the environments of Blacks who act good and criminal Blacks might be pretty different. But how different? What specific events/histories raise the risk of crime for this group and which ones act as crime preventive?

Now suppose we could isolate this thing, whatever it is, that makes Blacks more susceptible to crime. It’s a gene or some repeat or whatever. OK and if you have this, you are four times more likely to be a criminal. OK, now let’s look at Alpha and Tulio, etc. What if they have this exact same risk-raising repeat? See? Wow! Wouldn’t that be interesting? How come this genetic thing raised the risk in these guys but somehow Alpha and Tulio had the exact same gene, but it didn’t raise their risk at all. It was like it didn’t happen. Now why would that be? Did Alpha and Tulio have some protective experiences that kept them from this route. What might those have been? We have so many studies we could do here.

I would think that certain things might set off the gene or cause it to express more. We know that genetic expression is a new field. It’s not so much your genes but the extent to which they express – not at all, a bit, moderately, a lot or fully. So maybe Alpha and Tulio got this repeat but they had these protective experiences such that the gene simply never really expressed all that much in them or expressed so little that they were able to deal without a problem. And we may even be able to measure the degree to which genes express nowadays. So what might those protective experiences have been that kept the gene from expressing in these two but not in others.

A common complaint about this thinking, “Why are you studying Blacks? Whites commit crime too!” Yeah, but in Blacks it is so out of control that it is almost a public health emergency.

Anyway, whatever data we get out of these studies of Blacks, perhaps a lot of it might carry over to Whites. If something raises crime risk in Blacks, it might just do so in Whites, too, right? Sure. But what if it didn’t? Wouldn’t that be interesting? This particular life experiences raises Black crime risk by 4X but Whites with that same experience are not affected. Whoa! Now why would that be? Or suppose some experience raises the risk my Blacks by 7 times but in Whites by only 3 times. Or suppose there was some experience that raised the risk in Whites but somehow Blacks were sort of immune. Wouldn’t that be interesting.

You see there is a lot of really cool research we could be doing with race realism but we can’t even study it because the Cultural Left. And studying this stuff could really help us to ameliorate some difficult and terrible problems. Race realist research could maybe help us to ameliorate some of the serious problems Blacks have, and society has for that matter. So race realism could even help NAM’s and maybe help the rest of us too. Sure it is a dangerous tool but so are most things. In the right hands, we could do some great progressive research along race realist lines.


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Omar Mateen and Displacement

Erik Sieven writes:

When he hated gays, or maybe gays from Puerto Rico why didn´t he just attack one single gay person, e.g. the man from Puerto Rico he was angry about in the first place? Or why didn´t he just swallow his anger like 99% of humanity do it day after day? No, it had to be such a big thing, with hostages, shooting the police etc. etc.

Because he is a lunatic mass shooter, that’s why.

Mass shooters do this displacement stuff all the time. The one school shooter was mad at his Mom, so he shot up the school where she worked and murdered a bunch of children. James Holmes was mad at humanity, so he shot up a theater and murdered innocent moviegoers. Serial killers hate their mothers, but instead of killing their Moms, they run around murdering women who are standin’s for Mom. People do this all the time, and if this guy is just another mass shooter nutcase, which I now think, we can’t expect him to act rationally.


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Guess What? National Governments Have Little to Nothing to Do with Crime Rates

S. D. writes: Salvadoran gangs might wreak havoc with in Anglo countries, but the Iberian ruling class of Central America keep them under their thumb.

This is absolutely not the case at all. Neither Anglo countries nor their own Hispanic societies can control these maniacs at all, and the Hispanics are actually worse at controlling them then we are. The street gangs and crime in general are completely out of control in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, in part due to the aftermath of the wars. We have much better control over these gangs up here than they do down there.

It just goes to show you that when you have an insanely out of control crime situation, there is only so much you can do about it. The states down there are throwing everything they have at the crime problem (I assume), and the crime rages on nonetheless. When crime reaches a certain level, there is not a whole lot you can do. You can put bad guys in prison. You can execute bad guys, you can simply assassinate criminals on the streets. Which is what the police down there often do, as the death squads formerly used against the Left are now attacking the criminals.

Yes, you can arrest criminals (until your jails fill up), imprison criminals (until your prisons fill up and turn into criminal manufacturing facilities), execute criminals after they are convicted and even assassinate criminals with roving gangs of cop assassins. Sure, you eliminate a lot of criminals that way, but crooks are like mushrooms in these places: they just keep springing up new ones.

I would add that crime has raged in all of these countries through all sorts of governments for maybe 20 years now.

In Honduras it raged on during the Left government the same as it did during the Right government. Now Honduras has an out and out Death Squad Dictatorship courtesy of Hitlery Clinton and crime rages on nonetheless. Even military dictatorships can’t stop the crime!

In El Salvador it is raging right along during the new Left government the same as did under the Right governments.

Also the Right governments in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras involved a number of changing political  parties, but all of the parties and administrations were powerless to stop the crime.

Sure they can try to stop it after it happens, but can they stop it before it happens (prevention)? Not really.

I am so sick and tired of the despicable Venezuela haters accusing Chavez of causing Venezuela’s wild crime rate and blaming him for it. Venezuela has the exact same problem that Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador had during decades of Right governments, and they weren’t able to stop it either in those places.

Apparently the Venezuela critics who insist that it is Hugo Chavez’ personal fault that Venezuela has such a bad crime problem are all degreed criminologists.

You will never hear more garbage and crap in a political debate with your typical moronic American than when you try to discuss what causes crime. Everyone’s got their own theory! Isn’t that amazing? We have 170 million Emil Durkheims right here in the United States! Gadzooks Batman!

I would like to tell all of these Junior Einsteins that since they know what causes crime, that they all need to head to the nearest university and look up the Criminology professors and tell them this stunning news. The Criminology professors would be overjoyed to hear what really causes crime!

Do you know why? Because criminologists have been studying crime for a century now and still do not have the fainest idea what causes crime or what makes crime rates go up or down. Sure, they have all sorts of theories and charts, and they publish books all the time, but really it’s just another Dismal Social Science, and it’s a notorious black hole of theory just like the ridiculous original dismal science.

I would like to tell all of these idiot Venezuela critics who insist that Hugo Chavez himself somehow miraculously caused a massive crime rate in Venezuela (How? By massively bettering the lives of the poor? That’s sure to make the crime rate skyrocket.) to take their stupid theory that it is governments that cause crime and that crime rates go up due to bad governments and go down due to good governments to the closest Criminology professor to inform him of the shocking news.They are in for a surprise because the professor will probably laugh right in their faces.

The truth is that national governments have very little if anything to do with crime, either causing it in the first place or making it go up or down. This is because crime largely occurs outside of politics and the only thing governments can do is politics. But crime is a sociological phenomenon (sort of like drinking, gambling, promiscuity or drug use) that has little if anything to do with politics. Sociological phenomena like those listed above occur for their own reasons that are 100% to do with society and sociological phenomena and ~0% to do with national governments and politics.


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Why Hating Your Mother Is Worse Than Hating Your Father

For a man, that is. Not for a woman.

Beast Ganon wrote:

‘Also I think it is much worse for a man to hate his mother than to hate his father. It’s pretty normal to hate your Dad. Millions of men hate their fathers. But hating your mother is very bad news.’

Why is it so much worse to hate your own mother, Robert? Please give me a reasonable explanation.

Hating your father is almost normal. I saw a recent study that showed that 37% of all men said they hated their fathers. The worst thing that can happen to you if you hate your father is you might turn into a criminal. You go into a prison, and every man there will tell you he wants to kill his father, but then they all have Mom tattooed on their shoulders. And you better not call that guy with a tattoo a Momma’s boy.

But men who hate their mothers often have problems with women all through their lives because they see every woman they get involved with as their mother. So they have endless problems and difficult, unpleasant, often rancorous and even violent relationships with women. Their lives with women are not a pretty picture. More like a war zone.

And yes, if you hate your father, you may turn into a criminal, but most men who hate their fathers do not become criminals. But if you go into a prison, sure you will find every man there hates his father, but you will also find some prisoners who hate their mothers too, and trust me when I tell you that those are some of the worst criminals of all. Think Ted Bundy. That’s what a mother-hating criminal can end up like.


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New Interview with Me Up


There is a new interview with me up at Robert Stark’s site. In this interview, we discuss some of my recent articles and some other themes:

Topics include:
Racist Mass Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.
The shooter’s motivations.
The characteristics and causes of mass shooters.
Dylann Roof’s Manifesto.
White Nationalism, Sex and Gender.
On Sluthate.
Why People Say Looks Don’t Matter for Men.

Feel free to let me know what you think of it if you choose to listen to it.


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Portrait of a Psychopath

Into Darkness.

Very depressing story about a woman who could not stay away from a very, very bad man who eventually ended up gouging one of her eyes out and blinding her.

The story is interesting not only in that the woman has made some seriously insane choices regarding men, but also for the portrayal of Shane Jenkin, who is either a psychopath or a sociopath (they are very hard to tell apart).

I really must tell you that violence does not equal sociopathy. Psychopathy does not equal violence. There are many violent persons who are not sociopathic. You can be quite violent without meeting Hare criteria for psychopathy. Rather than describing a violent person, instead psychopathy defines a particular type of violent person.

Similarly but even more so, criminality does not equal psychopathy. The world is full on non-sociopathic criminals. Local jails are full of them. Once again, instead of being synonymous with criminality, psychopathy merely explains a certain type of criminal.

It is important to note that most psychopaths probably do not spend one day in jail in their lives. These are controlled psychopaths. They tend to drift towards fields such as the military, police, medicine, law, business and of course politics where sociopathy is not only not a liability but is actually a benefit. All of these fields are utterly swarming with controlled sociopaths. I call these people “legal criminals.” It is not that they do not break the law, but more that if they do, they commit white collar crimes. More likely they tend to skirt the edges of the law and always push to break the rules. It is not an exaggeration to say that the legal criminal sociopaths have been running our society for many years now.

Psychopathy is more than violence. It is an entire personality style and way of thinking, behaving and viewing the world. I do not have time to go into the odds and ends of the sociopathic style, but if you are interested, check out Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist  PCL-1 and the criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder in the DSM. Harvey Cleckley’s classic book The Mask of Sanity is of course the seminal work on the subject.

But this article is also instructive. Shane Jenkin is a textbook uncontrolled psychopath. If you want to learn how these people operate, look at how he lived his life.


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