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Bigfoot News November 27, 2012

“THEY’VE GOT THE BODIES!” Those of you following the famous Sierra Kills story often wonder what happened to the bodies of the two Bigfoots that were killed at Mt. Haskell, California, in the Sierra Nevadas on that cold and fateful fall day on October 10, 2010. Many have expressed disbelief that one or more of the bodies were not recovered on that day or on later trips to the site.

I can now report that no less an authority than Bobo Fay himself has said that two bodies were indeed retained from the Sierra Kills aftermath at some point, either on that day or most probably later.

About 8-9 months ago, Bobo was at a Finding Bigfoot meeting for the show he is starring in. Someone asked him about the Sierra Kills and asked why no bodies were retrieved from the site.

“No!” Bobo replied. “You don’t understand! They’ve got the bodies!”

This means that according to Bobo, both bodies from the Kills were retained at some point and are apparently being kept locked away somewhere for safekeeping.

According to the official story, Justin Smeja did not go back to the site until 3-4 weeks later when there was several feet of snow on the ground. After a day of digging through the snow, about 2 pounds of Bigfoot flesh was recovered. It was thought that this was from the adult male Bigfoot.

However, Scott Sandsberry, a reporter for the Yakima Herald newspaper, wrote a multipart series on Bigfoot last year. He conducted many interviews with all of the big players in the Bigfoot world. In the article about the Kills, Sandsberry stated unequivocally that after the Kills and before the digging in the snow trip, Smeja went back to the site “with a prominent Bigfoot researcher.” Note that this expedition has been elided from the traditional narrative.

In addition, Derek Randles states that he did not have the time or money to go back to the Kills site until 8 months later. But this cannot be true. Randles stated soon after he learned of the Kills, “We have a team ready to go down there tomorrow.” Apparently the expedition to the Kills site would be funded by Wally Hersom.

Bobo has made other hints that bodies were retained. In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien, Bobo was asked about the Sierra Kills. Bobo said, “The whole investigation is centered around those bodies.” This implies that both bodies were retained and are being used in the study somehow.

In addition, on the Joe Rogan Show, Bobo was asked by Rogan if the bodies had been retained from the Sierra Kills. Bobo hesitated for a few seconds, and his jaw seemed to drop. He started to say something, but then he stopped. He asked Rogan, “Um, can I talk to you after the show?” Rogan said sure. Then Bobo launched into a spiel about how no bodies had been retained.

As we can see, Bobo has implied on two occasions and openly stated on the third that bodies were retained from the Kills.

Obviously the bodies, if they exist, have been squirreled away somewhere. So who has them? I and my fellow investigators do not believe that either Smeja or Randles has the bodies. If anybody has them, it is probably Wally Hersom.

Why were the bodies squirreled away? If they exist, we think that the bodies may have been hidden in part to preserve Ketchum’s study. After all, revelation of the bodies would have killed Ketchum’s study once and for all by showing it up. So the bodies were secreted away so she could be the first to discover Bigfoot. After all, a race is on now, similar to the race to be the first to find HIV in the 1980’s. Then as now, many people want to be the first.

Another possibility is that Ketchum has a Hollywood publicist and a Hollywood lawyer working for her. These are very shrewd folks. They may have figured out that having Ketchum’s study associated with something as gruesome as the Kills, with two whole dead bodies, including a juvenile, horribly enough, was deadly for the study.

As one of my fellow researchers said, “They probably figured that those bodies were Kryptonite for her study!”

So in order to make something of the Kills, they sawed off a slice of the thigh of the adult male as a sample and stashed away the rest.

Assuming they exist, will the bodies ever see the light of day? No one knows. They may be hidden away forever, or they may end up being sold mysteriously to some millionaire in China.

Perhaps when things blow over and a deal of non-prosecution is signed for Smeja, they could somehow be revealed.

On the other hand, many players have insisted that no bodies were retained from the Kills. If the bodies later show up, they will be revealed as shame-faced liars. Derek Randles said, no doubt revealing his deepest fears, “I don’t want to be known as the guy who hid the bodies!” Sure he doesn’t.

But if they ever turn up, millions of fingers will point to him, and he will have a lot of ‘splainin to do. Randles and others’ reputations may be shot and may not recover. Any existing bodies may well serve best hidden away for a very long time.

Sierra Kills bodies may be used by Ketchum Project to determine which relict hominid Bigfoot is. I reported a while back that the Ketchum team was looking at a certain relict hominid known in the scientific record, and this is what they think the Bigfoots are. After I reported that, all Hell broke loose in the Ketchum camp, and a spy hunt ensued. Many people were thrown out of her Sasquatch Protection Group as possible spies. Clearly, that’s a sensitive issue with her.

However, how can it possibly make sense that they have a certain relict hominid, known to science, in mind? I know for a fact that they are comparing the Bigfoots to a known relict hominid documented in the scientific record.

There are only two ways they could have one in mind. One, via DNA. However, DNA has already ruled out Denisova and Neandertal, and those are the only two relict hominids that we have DNA for.

The only other way is by comparing skeletons or skulls. In order to do that, Ketchum must have access to Bigfoot body(ies), skull(s) or skeleton(s). I have no knowledge that Ketchum has access to any of those. Except, that is, for the Kills, which she may well have access to.

If she has access to the bodies from the Kills, they can look at those bodies and compare them with skeletons and skulls in museum collections. Once again, I figure Ketchum must have access to the Kills bodies in order to have a known relict hominid to compare the Bigfoots to.

I asked a deeply connected source that very question.

“If they can’t compare the Bigfoots to other hominids by DNA, then is the Ketchum team using Bigfoot body(ies), skull(s) or skeleton(s) to compare the Bigfoots to known museum specimens?”

My source turned oddly silent.

“I’m not going to answer that question,” he said darkly.

There you have it.

All Hell has broken loose with the revelation of the results from Dr. Melba Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA study. One of the many questions is that if it is still in peer review, why did she issue a press release? In my opinion, the paper has been sitting in peer review in the US for 21 months.

For 7 of those months, I believe it was at Henry Gee’s Nature. It was handed back by Nature due to “no testable hypothesis” and lack of a zoologist on board.

For the next 14 months, it has been sitting at one or more US journals. It has gone through four major rewrites and many minor ones. I think that finally Ketchum has just given up on US journals and has decided instead simply to publish abroad, in this case in Russia.

Hence the release by Igor Burtsev and the Ketchum release that followed. I figure that the paper has been under review at some journal that Burtsev is associated with, and it’s going to pass review at that journal as a foregone conclusion. She’s going to publish in a Russian scientific journal in both English and Russian.

Ruckus about “angel DNA.” Indeed early versions of the paper contained not only references to angel DNA but also the Nephilim. The Nephilim references at least were removed in an early version as being a sure paper-killer. Whether or not the “angel DNA” references were removed in later versions is not known. I would certainly hope so!

One wonders why the angel and Nephilim references? Well, this is simply what Ketchum believes. As a fundamentalist Christian from East Texas, she has believed from the very start after she discovered that the Bigfoots were real that they had to be the Nephilim, the giants of the Bible. According to Genesis, angels came down from the heavens and mated with human women, thereby creating the a race of giants, the Nephilim.

Ketchum has been working this Biblical angle of the story for a long time. This was a huge source of friction between her and the late, great Richard Stubstad. He told me that she kept trying to fit the Bigfoot story into her Biblical beliefs. Richard kept telling her to please knock it off, leave the religion alone and just focus on the science, but she would never drop the subject.

Also she kept trying to convert Richard, and this was starting to make him mad. This led to the famous fallout between the two great Bigfoot researchers.

As recently as November 2011, I heard that the Ketchum study still had a strong fundamentalist Christian bent to it. Whether this was revealed in the actual paper itself is not known.

Ketchum made a strange admission in her press release about non-human, non relict hominid and non-ape DNA in the nuclear side of the Bigfoots. Non-human, non relict hominid and non-ape? What is it then? Wombat DNA? I wish I had an answer to this question, but I am as baffled as anyone else is. And I am fully aware that as worded, this scenario makes no sense whatsoever.

Mystery about DNA anomalies in the Bigfoot nuclear DNA. Apparently ~80% of the nuclear DNA is either human or in the hominid line. However the rest, 20% of it, cannot be found in any known DNA database, so Ketchum insisted on calling it “angel DNA.” Ketchum’s contention is that in the distant past, aliens, (the 20%) mated with man to produce a species of hybrid that they could use as workers here on Earth.

This is the “Annunaki” story that the UFO folks are so enamored of. Ketchum also contends that in order to keep their species as it currently exists, the Bigfoots need to mate with human females occasionally (this is the Mars Needs Women or King Kong scenario).

You will see similarities between Ketchum’s thinking and the book The Twelfth Planet by Z. Sitchen. Wally Hersom is said to love that book, and he encourages everyone he knows to read it.

I haven’t the faintest idea of any of this insanity is true, and for all I know, Ketchum may well be correct. The problem is that the theory is so over the top that obviously no serious US journal will publish it.

Wally Hersom was very upset at the paper when it was written up like this, even though he also is deeply invested in the “Bigfoots are aliens” theory. He felt that no journal on Earth would publish such a paper, and consequently he would see no return on his $200,000 he invested in the project.

In addition, Wally is still bound by an NDA with Ketchum so he can’t talk about any of this. Not only that, but he’s out $200,000. He thinks he got screwed, he’s mad as Hell, and he can’t even talk to anyone about it.

Wally Hersom is not a young man. He is actually over 80 years old, though he doesn’t look it at all. One wonders whether he is going to demand a return on his investment or whether he will just cut his losses and call it a day.

In addition to Hersom and Ketchum, David Paulides has long been telling everyone who will listen that Bigfoots are part alien. According to him, the Bigfoot nuclear DNA “goes back 30,000 years, and then it stops.” According to Paulides, that means the male line of the Bigfoots is from outer space. Paulides is also a deeply religious fundamentalist Christian.

Is Melba Ketchum nuts? I have been following this woman for a long time now. It’s true that she is a deeply religious fundamentalist Christian. However, that’s not in the DSM yet.

I do not see any evidence of mental instability in Ketchum. True, since she started habituating Bigfoots at her leased property in the region, she has had a lot of interesting and very unusual experiences.

But this is typical for habituators. Once people start investigating Bigfoots so deeply that they are in regular contact with them, all sorts of strange things start happening to them. To an outsider, it looks like the person has gone off the deep end, but I doubt it.

What I think happens is that when you are around Bigfoots a lot, you start experiencing a lot of the “something else” that many researchers talk about. This is the strange paranormal side of the Bigfoots. Perhaps they use infrasound to disorient folks. Perhaps they have psi or ESP abilities. There are all manner of odd reports. I haven’t the faintest idea of what exactly is going on, but I do think there is something paranormal about these Bigfoots.

Ketchum’s Bigfoot rape was not an actual rape. As I reported earlier to much condemnation, Ketchum claimed that she thought she had been raped by a Bigfoot. She went out to her pasture, had some sort of a lost time event, woke a couple of hours later after being unconscious and felt sore in her vaginal area.

I have now learned that she was fully clothed the whole time and wearing jeans. There is no way that a Bigfoot took her jeans off, raped her and then replaced them. Forget it. It now turns out that Ketchum does not think she was actually raped. Instead she was somehow “mind-raped” by a Bigfoot. I suppose that’s possible somehow (don’t ask me how), but it sure as Hell is weird.

Sierra Kills driver’s name is Jack Evans. I can now reveal the name of Justin Smeja’s driver on the Sierra Kills. Ro Sahebi recently did a nice interview with this young man, but Jack’s face was hidden. Jack’s first name has been released sporadically, but this is the first time his last name has been released. I figure Jack is a famous person now, a public figure. He chooses to go by the name of Jack Evans, so I will report that fact. He does live in the Sacramento area, near Smeja. I know more about him, but I won’t reveal it because it’s not important, and it’s basically private.

Robin Lynne, Ketchum’s new spokesperson, is a fruitcake. I told you above that people seem to go nuts when they start habituating these Bigfoots. Well this is surely true about Robin Lynne, a woman who lives deep in the woods in Michigan and claims to have a group of ~10 Bigfoots residing in and around her property. She feeds them fish, water, blueberry bagels, muffins and other goodies every day.

The truth is that other than her own assertions, Lynne has not provided the slightest bit of evidence that there are any Bigfoots at all on her property. People have stayed at her house, but they didn’t see any Bigfoots. Apparently Bigfoot doesn’t like to have his picture taken, so there are no photos. In addition, she has not provided us with any other evidence of their existence.

Lynne also says she communicates regularly with the Bigfoots via Mindspeak somehow. This certainly begs ridicule. How is she able to communicate with these Bigfoots? Do they speak English? I don’t get it.

The Science Blogosphere has gone nuts, literally, with the revelation of the Bigfoot study. There has been much ridicule of the Ketchum report all around, including, shamefully enough, by a number of famous youngish male scientists and journalists. I will single out Carl Zimmer, John D. Hawks, Lee R. Berger, Ben Hammersley, Greg Laden, and a number of others too numerous to even bother to track down.

Actually the behavior of these men is not unusual, and most of the female scientists and science writers are taking a similar line. The science crowd speaks with one voice.

Please do not write to any of these scofftics offering to clear up any questions they have about Ketchum’s paper. I already did that, and it was a great unpleasant big waste of time. They don’t want to hear any news, and frankly they are snide and hostile when you discuss it with them. Their minds are made up, and they don’t want to be confused with any facts. There’s no point discussing this paper or Bigfoot in general with any of these characters.

Much of the strutting, cavorting Heckl and Jeckl narcissism, overblown egotism and sheer, utter arrogance can be viewed here on Berger’s reprobate Twitter feed, where he and his jerky friends make complete idiots out of themselves falling all over each other trying to ridicule the notion of Bigfoots.

Berger even arrogantly offered $10,000, while his guffawing pals egged him on, to anyone who could prove that Ketchum was a real scientist and either prove Bigfoot’s existence or provide evidence of Bigfoot DNA. I wrote this swaggering clown and offered for Smeja and I to sell him a good sized piece of the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak for the $10K. He wasn’t having any of it. Turns it he’s not going to part with his 10 grand after all. Disgusting. And wussy.

Many of these arrogant 35-50 year old swellhead males are paleontologists. Others are science journalists. Some are anthropologists, and others are biologists. Just the usual douchebags with PhD’s, egos big as baby universes.

Their behavior is disgusting and pitiful and reminds of why I am so sickened by mainstream science, which is truly a dead end fundamentalist belief system no different from a religion anymore. It pains me to say that Dr. Jeff Meldrum is one of the last true scientists on Earth. Isn’t that sad?

The scientists have been joined by other science writers such as professional scofftics Benjamin Radford and Sharon Hill of I Doubt It. The problem here is that Radford and Hill try to have it both ways.

For a long time now, Radford, Hill, the JREF crowd and many other science writers have openly and belligerently chortled that there is simply no such thing as Bigfoot. Again and again, they have ridiculed and thrown verbal missiles at anyone idiotic enough to even look for these creatures to try to study them.

The line is that Bigfoots obviously don’t exist, so there’s no need for science to investigate the matter since their nonexistence was settled long ago. In other words, they screech, this is a matter that should not even be studied. Those who dare to venture out to study these creatures are subjected to the worst harassment. Meldrum’s colleagues at Idaho State University have repeatedly tried to get him fired for having the temerity to study Bigfoot.

Radford and Hill are particularly degenerate in that they are scofftics posing as skeptics.

While they viciously attack anyone with their nerve to investigate this question, they somehow, nervously, often leave themselves an out now and again so that, if Bigfoots are ever discovered, as they obviously will be soon, they will be able to redeem themselves as open minded skeptics while the rest of the science crowd is eating crow, wiping the egg off their faces and generally being utterly humiliated.

The interesting scientist/writer Zen Faulkes takes a predictably snide approach like that of almost all his colleagues, but after I emailed him, he seemed to tone it down a bit towards the end of this then-updated post. Faulkes complains that the paper has not been peer reviewed yet, but then he says it never should have been sent out for review in the first place. That is, the public doesn’t have a right to evaluate this data.

After I informed him that no less a giant than Henry Gee apparently had the paper on his desk for 7 months, Faulkes seemed to tone it down. At the moment, he’s taking an exemplary approach to the matter, a properly open minded one.

Do the scientists even care that they are all about to be totally and utterly humiliated? Of course, those of us who are certain that Bigfoots exist (I personally would bet my life on it) know that soon they will be proven to exist by some dramatic evidence of one sort or another.

The scofftic scientists will kick and scream like mules no matter what evidence we uncover (I suspect even a body won’t be enough for them), but sooner or later, it is the nature of empiricism itself that all existing and readily proven truths will be revealed, and sooner rather than later.

With the Bigfoots, as John Bindernagel recently said, we seem to be reaching a critical mass of evidence, a tipping point. This is correct. At some point, the evidence will become overwhelming, and the immature defense of reactive denial will no longer suffice.

Will any of these paragons of ultra-arrogant science eat their words and say they were sorry? I do not think so. Prideful science is as it does; it will continue to strut about sociopathically without a glimmer or hint of guilt or contrition in its eye.

A “know it all” never admits he is wrong, nor does he feel bad when his lies are shown up, and the mirror reveals a fool. The proud apologize for nothing and never feel bad. Overbearing science will strut on, ready to mount the barricades of the next failing paradigm as the waves of truth slowly batter it away with the tides. But the fortress of ignorance and tradition must not fail.

Robin Lynne has no sample in the Ketchum study. The scofftic crowd is referencing my article to misread it to state that Robin Lynne has a sample in to Ketchum’s study, and it’s that sample that the study is based on. This is not correct. Lynne has no sample in to the study.

Kitikaze of JREF faked the Elba River trackway. According to posters on Bigfoot Forums, the hoaxer who hoaxed the Elba River fake Bigfoot prints in Washington State recently was none other than Kitikaze, notorious scofftic from JREF forums. Another notorious scofftic poster is suspected of assisting this turkey in his nefarious deeds. It’s bad enough that these dips are scofftics, but now they are hoaxing? Good God, how depraved can you get?

Pennsylvania Bigfoot video. The video below was recently released to much scorn. However, I do feel that this may in fact be an actual Bigfoot in the film, although it’s hard to make it out well. There are certain things about it that most hoaxers don’t get right. Slowed down and enhanced by Phil Poling.


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Bigfoot News February 23, 2012

Two Bigfoot steaks turned in to Dr. Melba Ketchum’s lab from the Sierra Kills! I reported this at the very start, but then Derek Randles and others attacked me for “inaccurate reporting” and said I was wrong, so I backed away. But I just talked with a source again today, and it turns out that I was right when I first wrote that Sierra Kills article (so many things about that original story are turning out to be true in the end).

I can now say for certain that the Ketchum lab received two Bigfoot steaks. They may have received the auburn, brown and grey one (adult) first, and may have gotten the dark brown one (possibly from the juvenile) later on. At any rate, we know that the lab reported at one point that they were in possession of two steaks from the Kills. On one steak the hair looked like the hair on the adult, and on the other, it looked like the hair on the juvenile.

We don’t know that the two steaks were from two different bodies, but that seems to be a logical supposition. It’s possible once again that the adult had hair of varying colors – auburn, dark brown and grey in parts and pure dark brown in other parts – but that seems unlikely. Instead it seems that two steaks were sent to the lab – one from the adult and one from the juvenile.

The one from the adult was probably sent first, because one source received a report from the lab where they only had the steak with the adult colored hair. The other one, possibly from the juvenile, was probably sent later, because at one point another source stated that the lab was in possession of both steaks.

The logical assumption here is that the steaks were from the two bodies. If that is so, it follows that DNA testing was done on both steaks. We assume that both steaks tested presumptive for Bigfoot.

Thom Cantrall, Arla Williams, the Forest People and all sorts of nuttiness. Cantrall, of Washington state, and Williams, of Oklahoma, are forming some sort of a New Age Bigfoot religion of sorts.

Both of them are in contact with Bigfoot teachers. Each teacher is a Bigfoot who is actually 1000 years old. Both of these teachers are communicating telepathically, by mindspeak, to Arla and Thom. They believe that Bigfoots are “Star People” sent here by aliens long ago to teach us something very important about our planet (possibly some sort of environmental message).

Arla believes that Bigfoots speak all known human languages, including English, that they shapeshift, disappear and do all sorts of funny things. I assume that Thom believes all of this tomfoolery also.

Both of these folks are centered around a Facebook group called The Forest People, and they seem to be trying to create some new religion around the Bigfoots. The Forest People are opposed to evolution and probably most other science. They think Bigfoots are people just like us, and apparently they think they were put here by UFO’s (thereby negating evolutionary theory).

Most members are Whites or Indian-Whites from rural redneck areas who are presumably deep into Christian fundamentalism of some sort. This is probably the genesis of the anti-evolutionary message. Cantrall’s views on religion are unknown, but he probably lives in a fundamentalist milieu. Cantrall’s politics are of the extreme rightwing populist Libertarian – militia – Constitutionalist type, which I assume means he’s just a regular Bigfooter, as most Bigfooters are rightwing fanatics.

Clarification of Bigfoot MtDNA. As I mentioned earlier, Bigfoot MtDNA is apparently 100% human. I have only heard of 4 samples so far, but in all four, the MtDNA was 100% human. Skeptics are asking me how this could possibly be so. Why isn’t the MtDNA part human and part something else? If this DNA is human, that would mean that the original population would have had to be isolated from both proto-Bigfoots and humans, right?

A good theory can clear up most of the confusion. What appears to have happened is that the Bigfoots are a result of Homo Heidelbergensis (the updated version as Homo Rhodesiensis) X Homo sapiens sapiens. See Michael Claerr’s Homo Heidelbergensis theory. The crossing of these two species or lines presumably resulted in a speciation event whereby a new species was created, the Bigfoots.

These speciation events took place at different times and places. One took place in southern Africa in the Kalahari Desert ~50,000 YBP. Another speciation event took place in Southwestern Europe 15-20,000 YBP. In both cases, Heidelbergensis males mated with human females, eventually giving rise to a new species.

All modern humans go back to a single mitochondrial Eve in southwest Africa 180,000 YBP. This was probably a speciation event that created Homo sapiens sapiens out of archaic Sapiens and whatever else might have been involved. Why do humans go back to a single Eve, yet the Bigfoots go back to two or possibly more Eves? The answer is that there probably has not been enough time yet for the MtDNA in the Bigfoots to settle down enough so that all Bigfoots can be traced back to a single Eve. The speciation event was too young, too soon.

What then happened to existing Heidelbergensis populations? The best guess is that all pure Heidelbergensis populations probably went extinct, possibly driven extinct by modern humans. Mating with humans may have given Heidelbergensis a massive cognitive boost. That boost may have generated enough fitness for the new hybrid species that it was intelligent enough to somehow survive the depredations of modern humans.

What happened in November when Wally Hersom gave the go-ahead to Ketchum to “sequence the genome?” What probably happened at this time was that Ketchum sequenced the MtDNA genome only. The NuDNA genome was probably not done. For the recent Denisova sequenced genome that was in the news, only the MtDNA genome was sequenced.

We probably do not have full nuclear genomes of any species besides man. Sequencing the nuclear genome of man was a massive undertaking known as the Human Genome Project, which just completed at great expense. These are such massive and difficult undertakings that it is dubious that we have any other nuclear genomes done besides our own.

Given the difficulties sequencing the human NuDNA genome, I think it is dubious that Ketchum ran the whole Bigfoot nuclear genome. Instead, I think she ran the common and well known nuclear genes and extrapolated from that.

What’s the basis for the “alien DNA” supposedly found in the Ketchum study? This rumor comes from Wally Hersom first of all, later backed up by David Paulides. Both are deep into paranormal Bigfoot stuff. A source told us that the reasoning for this theory lies in the finding that the Bigfoot NuDNA only goes back 30,000 YBP, and then it stops. Apparently it should go back further than that. The theory then is that the only way this could have happened is if aliens landed and created or deposited the Bigfoots here say 30,000 YBP.

I don’t understand the meaning of the italicized bit above; that means nothing to me. Nevertheless, I am not a fan of Intervention Theory, alien DNA in the Bigfoots or Bigfoot Star People.

As you can see, some of the folks around the study are fans of this theory. However, I have no idea if Ketchum herself believes in it. I sure hope not. At any rate, I’m told there will be nothing about alien DNA in the forthcoming paper, thank God.

Ketchum’s comment, “There is no Erickson movie.” This comment, which appeared on her new webpage, is simply wrong, or else it is a typical Ketchum half-truth. She is right in a sense. There will be no Adrian Erickson “movie” as in the movie you go see at the theater. I am quite sure of that. Nevertheless, the documentary exists and has been finished for some time. How do I know it’s real? My friends have seen it, that’s how.

And we know that Hollywood is working on it right now, fixing it up. Since it won’t be shown at theaters, where will it be shown? Perhaps as a DVD for sale. That was the original plan. Or possibly as a TV movie, TV documentary or part of a TV show, say with Animal Planet or National Geographic. Ketchum’s statement implying that there is no Erickson cinematic or videographic endeavor is simply false. Why she wishes to mislead people like this, I have no idea.

Mike Greene writing the Sierra Kills book. Greene has a BA in English literature and an MA in Psychology, so he’s obviously a very bright man. The BA presumably means that he can write well. At any rate, he’s the guy who has been commissioned to write up the Sierra Kills book. I assume he will do a great job of it.

Bigfoots speak Old Chinese? According to one my sources, one of his contacts who has seen Bigfoots several times was listening to the Sierra Sounds tape at home when his Chinese wife came into the room.

She said, “Play that back again!” He did.

She then said, “That’s the language of my grandfather.”

Her grandfather spoke Cantonese. This man has since done quite a bit of research into the Sierra Sounds, and he thinks the Bigfoots’ language is related to Old Chinese. There are also supposedly some folks at universities working on the Sierra Sounds, and some of these people may also pursuing the Old Chinese hypothesis for Bigfoot language.

As someone with a Masters in Linguistics, I find the notion that the Bigfoots speak Old Chinese to be dubious at best. But you never know.

Scott Nelson’s analysis of the Sierra Sounds. Nelson is a bright man, a former cryptolinguist for the US Navy. However, I was not impressed with his presentation analyzing the Sierra Sounds. He played some of the recordings back at different speeds and claimed be hearing English words or “cognates” of English words in there.

I do not think that conclusion is justified. If you listen to any language on Earth, you will hear sound structures that sound like English words (or words in any other language on Earth for that matter). Unless the word was specifically borrowed from English, such resemblances tend to be merely coincidental. Bigfoots do speak a language of some sorts. Whether or not they speak any English at all in their language is very much up in the air.

Matt Moneymaker’s statement about Bigfoots and cows on Finding Bigfoot. On the FB show, Matt said that Bigfoots never eat cows because cows are people food. Instead, they prefer Bigfoot food, like venison for instance. This statement is silly and is also dubious.

Bigfoots are well known to predate on human livestock. This has been an ongoing problem for a long time. They kill pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and turkeys, along with dogs and cats. And there are reports of them killing cattle, often calves. A cow is awfully large and weighs quite a bit, so it’s probably hard to lug around.

I doubt if Bigfoots care whether something is people food or not. When they want to eat, they eat. They’re not too picky.

Updated rundown of samples in the Ketchum study. This will be updated every time it changes.

Bigfoot samples submitted: Over 200
Presumptive for Bigfoot: Almost 100
# of Bigfoot individuals represented: 20-28?

Details of successful Bigfoot samples:

5 hair samples from Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Colombia, representing 5 separate creatures, gathered by Erickson Project.

1 toenail from Larry Jenkins in the Grand Canyon area of Arizona.

1 blood sample from JC Johnson in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico (skunk in a drainpipe sample).

1 blood sample from Crittenden, Kentucky, gathered by Erickson Project. Sample was obtained by gluing glass shards on a feeding plate.

1 hair sample from David Paulides’ NABS known as the Ulibarri sample from Hoopa Valley, California.

1 hair sample from Larry Surface in southern Ohio. Surface shot the controversial nighttime Bigfoot video that was pulled from the web recently.

1 hair sample from Joe Black in the Great Smoky Mountains, Eastern Tennessee.

1 slice of Bigfoot flesh from Mount Haskell, California from the adult male Bigfoot shot dead by Justin Smeja.

1 large sample of saliva from the Olympic Project obtained via a Bigfoot licking a camera.

1 hair sample from SE Oklahoma collected by TEXLA Cryptozoological Research, whoever they are.

1 blood, tissue and hair sample from a nailboard trap at Snelgrove Lake, Ontario, Canada (presumably successful).

That is only 15 of nearly 100 successful Bigfoot samples. I have no idea about the rest.

Best Bigfoot samples: Smeja’s Bigfoot steak and JC Johnson’s skunk in a drainpipe Bigfoot sample.


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Bigfoot News February 21, 2012

Great new Bigfoot photo may be revealed this week! A great new trailcam photo of a Bigfoot has been taken and is scheduled to be released  this Thursday. I don’t know precisely who took the photo. At first I thought it might have been taken by Olympic Project, but now I have heard that it won’t be them, and instead it will be some other group.

The photo shows the creature from the rear as it is walking away from the cam. It may be a daylight shot, because the color has been described as coyote-like. In terms of quality, it is said to be better than the Patterson film. The Bigfoot is huge!

Word is that the photo is not hoaxed. Well, let’s hope not, but you never know in this field.

Hollywood animation bigwig talking to Justin Smeja – cinema version of Sierra Kills may be in the works. My new source in Texas tells me he found a Twitter account belonging to someone who he would not name, but he said it was “the guy who did the animation for the Lord of the Rings films.”

The source then began emailing the animation guy and ended up having long email conversations with him, during the course of which the source learned a lot. According to these conversations, the animation guy contacted Smeja and told him he believed Justin’s story. “You just can’t make this stuff up,” he said. The man then told Smeja that he would like to bring his Sierra Kills story to life via animation. At some point, the man was shown drawings of the adult and baby Bigfoots killed at the Sierra Kills.

No one knows what this all adds up to, but the man said he intends to bring Smeja’s story to life in some way. Whether this will be a full movie or a part of a documentary, no one knows.

Date for Dr. Melba Ketchum study release remains unknown. The previous date that I heard, given in late January, was at the end of February. I still don’t know if that is a good date yet. Even if they have a release date, the Ketchum camp is probably not going to tell us when it is. My sources are excellent, so if there’s no paper release at the end of the month, I wasn’t wrong, the Ketchum camp was.

Two pieces of steak may have been mailed to Ketchum’s lab after the Sierra Kills – one from the baby and one from the adult. In my very first version of the Sierra Kills story, I believe I wrote that two separate steaks were sent into the lab by Smeja. The first one had hair that looked like the adult Bigfoot, and the second one had hair that resembled the second baby Bigfoot. Later, Derek Randles and others raked me over the coals for “inaccurate reporting,” and I backed away from that version, settling on only one steak from the adult.

However, my new source in Texas who seen a number of photos from the Sierra Kills (but does not have any personal copies), tells me that he has seen two separate steaks depicted in the photos. One has hair that looks like the adult – auburn with dark brown and some grey, and the other definitely has hair that looks like the juvenile – dark brown. This source thinks that a piece or pieces was cut off the baby Bigfoot too, possibly on the same day it was killed.

I have long suspected that this may be the case; nevertheless, it remains to be proven. And it is interesting that it lines up with my original version of the story, which over time, amazingly, is coming more and more true somehow.

Quite a few Bigfoot steak pics out there. More than two photos of the Bigfoot steak(s) were shot. It is said that there are numerous photos that have been shot of the tissue sample(s).

Date by which the Ketchum study will definitely be released. I was finally able to gather a date by which the study will for sure be released. If it’s not released by that date, forget it. Something went wrong. That date would be the end of April and the beginning of May. So for sure the study will be out in at most nine weeks. If it isn’t, something has gone badly wrong.

Dr. Melba Ketchum sets up a page specifically for her Bigfoot DNA project. Here is the page. Much of the material is being written by Sally Ramey, Ketchum’s publicist.

There is a lot of nonsense on there about people (me) publishing leaks that threatened the study, but that’s all nonsense. The only leaks that could have threatened the study would have had to have come from the authors themselves, and they never leaked to me. If journalists find out about a study on their own and break the Ingelfinger Rule by publishing results, there’s no harm done. That’s called getting a scoop – good journalism. As long as the study author didn’t leak to me, there’s no problem.

Let’s think this over. Suppose I leak some partial results from the study. The Ingelfinger Rule was put in place to protect the profits of journals. According to nutty Ingelfinger Rule reasoning, if I leak partial results from Ketchum’s study, no one is going to buy the journal with the actual article in it because they already know the results. Crazy or what? On the contrary, if I leak some partial results, even more people than ever are going to buy the journal issue when it finally comes out! Right? Come on now.

Who is Sally Ramey? Sally Ramey, Ketchum’s publicist, lives in the rural southeast of the US, so she’s a typical Bigfooter in a lot of respects. She has long been in deep with Janice Carter Coy, and for a while, she lived at the Carter Farm in Tennessee. People are using this to put her down, but this doesn’t bother me. I regard the Janice Carter story as a true story at least in part.

Ketchum says she is seeing Bigfoots regularly at a property she leases. She probably should not have said that, as it ought to be pretty easy to find out what property she is renting. The property is somewhere in the four state area surrounding her home – Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. She’s not saying which state, and she is keeping the site a closely guarded secret.

I don’t understand what’s going on here. Ketchum must have found out about an ongoing Bigfoot habituation somewhere in the 4 state region and then either leased out the habituation site or leased a site very close to it.

I had previously speculated that Ketchum was seeing Bigfoots at Arla Williams’ place in the Honobia, Oklahoma region. But this would mean that she is either leasing some of Arla’s property or she is leasing property near Arla’s. If that’s not the case, then maybe she isn’t seeing Bigfoots at Arla’s after all. Maybe she is seeing them at a completely different location. At this point, it is all up in the air, and I really don’t know where Ketchum is seeing the Bigfoots regularly.

Major effort underway to thwart the Stubstad parallel DNA study. A major player in Bigfootery is engaging in a conspiracy to thwart the Stubstad parallel DNA study out of Europe. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who the folks are who are trying to thwart it, but if you’re smart, maybe you can figure it out! What does this involve? There are excellent purported Bigfoot specimens that Stubstad needs, and they are being held by certain parties and not forwarded to him on instructions from the conspirators. Bigfootery is a dirty game!

Robert Lindsay proven right again. As you can see, Sasquatch the Quest is back online again. I told readers a few months ago when Adrian Erickson took his site down that the Erickson Project was definitely not over at all, and that the movie for sure would be released. I took a lot of heat from that from idiots who said that meant the EP had pulled up stakes.

But as I predicted, the EP site went back online recently, replete with a whole set of warnings. By the way, I am quite sure that all of those threats are not from Erickson himself. I strongly believe that those are the work of another person, who shall remain nameless, but if you’re smart maybe you can figure it out.

A drawing of Matilda from the Crittenden habituation site on the Erickson Project’s site? If you go to the EP’s site, you will see a drawing of a Bigfoot that something like a Wookie. We have been told over and over by the EP that the drawing is just impressionistic and is not intended to be a drawing of an actual Bigfoot. However, the file is titled “Matilda.” Matilda was the young female Bigfoot at the Crittenden site who will star in Erickson’s new video.

The person who drew the drawing is an artist who works with Erickson. A good guess is that this woman saw Erickson’s video and then drew the picture of Matilda based on the video she saw of Matilda in the movie. So it’s a good guess that Matilda actually looks something like that, but we won’t find out until the movie is released.

Wally Hersom may be funding the Erickson Project video in Hollywood. I told you earlier that Erickson showed his movie to a very rich man who is big in the Bigfoot world. I didn’t give his name, but some people said that can only be Wally Hersom. I agree that it was probably him.

Hersom saw the video of the huge male at the Crittenden property and said there was no way that that could be faked. Right around the same time, Erickson shows up in Hollywood, obviously with a huge wad of cash, and right away he has a Hollywood studio working on his video.

Problem is that all good information about Erickson tells us that Erickson is so broke that he is near bankruptcy. So how did he suddenly become flush enough to run around Hollywood throwing around big cash? He must have received a large investment from Hersom to take the movie down to Hollywood and fix it up. That’s the only conclusion that makes any sense.

Are the Bigfoots Homo Heidelbergensis? According to some very interesting articles by David Claerr, who is doing some excellent research, Bigfoots could be surviving remnants of Homo Heidelbergensis. Heidelbergensis is known from various fossils, including the Kabwe Man fossil in southern Africa, which may be as young as 30,000 years old. Dr. Jeff Meldrum suspects that a Heidelbergensis fossil was found in China recently that dates back to only ~12,000 YBP.

What is Heidelbergensis? Heidelbergensis is nothing but Homo Erectus transitioning to Homo sapiens. Erectus appears ~1.8 million (years before present) YBP in Africa and quickly spreads all over the globe. These species interbreed with each other over time and gradually grow more modern, heading towards what later ended up as Sapiens – Neandertal – Denisova (the more modern hominins). After 1 million YBP, Denisova and later Neandertal probably start to breed with remaining Erectus, making them even more Sapiens like.

At some point, around 500,000 YBP, Heidelbergensis appears, which is simply Erectus evolving and breeding in with more modern types and growing more Sapiens like. It’s best described as late Erectus transitioning to early archaic Sapiens. Heidelbergensis then survives until possibly as late as 12,000 YBP. The Bigfoots appear to be a result of very late Heidelbergensis (Kabwe Man type) breeding in with very modern Homo sapiens sapiens (us), resulting in an even more modern and up to date derived late Erectus type trending even more towards Sapiens.

Keep in mind that there is a huge debate about the Homo types and whether they actually represent separate species. It’s been thought for a while now that Sapiens could breed with Erectus, and possibly quite a few other Homos have been breeding in with each other for a long time now.

The number of pure species in the Homo line that did not hybridize with other Homos may be as low as 3-4 types or less. If we see the various Homos breeding in with each other at a pretty regular rate down through millions of years, the tree of human evolution starts to get a lot messier. But I think that is the reality of the situation.

Fight between Mike Greene and the BFRO. Mike Greene is a standup Bigfooter with two college degrees and a career in law enforcement, investigations and counseling. He also worked for a bit as college professor. He holds a BA in English Literature and an MA in Psychology. He filmed the famous Squeaky video of the Bigfoot coming at night to get the Zagnut bar. The video was taped using night vision. It appears to be real, and Greene is above hoaxing.

Greene vs. BFRO – Don Young controversy. A controversy erupted in late December over the BFRO’s funding of the defense team for someone on Wally Hersom’s payroll, another Wisconsin investigator named Don Young. Young shot the famous photo of Big Phil in 2007 with a trailcam. The photo now hangs in Hersom’s house. The best analysis of the photo is that it is apparently a hoax.

Young also told a couple of other tall tales. He says a Bigfoot chased him until he ran up a tree. He used some sort of toolbelt to strap himself to the tree. However, the belt he used cannot fit around a tree.

In addition, a Bigfoot expedition went out to Young’s property, and Young promptly showed them fresh Bigfoot sign. A source who was there described it as a “Bigfoot miniature golf course,” obviously hoaxed. People asked Young some probing questions about the hoaxed site, but he started giving one answer after the other, changing his story multiple times.

Somehow, Hersom was convinced to pay an undisclosed amount of money to Young for the apparently hoaxed Big Phil photo. Then BFRO persons, including Matt Moneymaker, began selling Young to Hersom as a researcher and asking to have him funded. Young cuts wood for a living and makes a low income, so he always needs money. Hersom agreed to buy Young certain things for his research and possibly included a small monthly stipend in addition.

At some point, Young was accused by his 14 year old live-in stepdaughter of giving her marijuana and having sex with her on an undisclosed number of occasions. This is a very hard charge to defend yourself against. Young argued that the girl made up the story because he threw her out of the house, which sounds cruel except that she had a couple of other places to go right in town.

A visitor to Young’s house described it as a total pig sty. The carpet was all torn up and thrown up against the wall. Apparently it had been ruined by something (dogs – see below). The wooden floorboard was visible underneath, and this served as the floor. However, almost every inch of the floor all through the house was covered with dog crap from his many dogs. Matt Moneymaker went into the house to defecate, but was so grossed out by the dog crap that he went out and did it in the woods instead.

Although it is difficult to defend yourself against a charge such as the stepdaughter leveled, a careful investigation of the charges indicates that they may well be true, especially given that Young seems to be a shady and sleazy character. At any rate, he pled guilty to charges of sexual enticement of the stepdaughter and giving her marijuana. For this, he is serving an incredible 7 year term!

Hersom and Moneymaker had been funding Young’s defense and insisting he was innocent. Greene begged to differ and said so. He was promptly thrown out of the BFRO by Matt.

Now Moneymaker’s minions are going around saying that Greene is a former speed freak from back in the 1980’s. I do not believe that these charges are correct. Whatever Greene has been, he has never been a speed freak.

Greene vs. BFRO – fight over Squeaky video. There is also a fight over Greene’s video. Matt’s crowd says Greene was ripping people off for the video by charging $2 to view it, but Greene says that the BFRO originally wanted to charge $4-5 to see the video, and it was Greene who suggested the lower price.

Greene and the BFRO signed a contract stating that the BFRO would host no more than 15 seconds of the video for free as a teaser. Instead, they hosted a full 2 minutes of the video. As a result, Greene received only 2,000 hits for his full video, while the shorter version at the BFRO got 90,000 hits. Greene is suing the BFRO for violation of contract and for the money he missed out from 90,000 hits = $180,000. Looks like more BFRO sleaziness to me. What else is new?

Matt Moneymaker filing for bankruptcy. Matt’s been making a lot of money over the years. Wally Hersom funded him for 3-4 years at a very high salary of $31,000/month or $372,000/yr. Widespread rumors say that most of that money went for Matt’s fancy vacations and his rumored drug habit (possibly a cocaine habit). Now that Matt is on Finding Bigfoot, he reportedly makes $100,000/yr in his starring role. This is in addition to whatever money he makes off BFRO expeditions.

Critics also accuse Matt of pocketing a lot of the donation money that comes in to the BFRO for his vacations and habit. So it looks like Matt has been making quite a bit of money for some time now.

Yet somehow, in spite of the huge cash flow, Matt is bankrupt. His father, an attorney, filed the papers just last week in court. Where did all the money go? Vacations? Drug habit?

The dossier against Matt Moneymaker. Matt has quite a few enemies, and a number of them have been talking to me. This includes a member of the BFRO, who related to me what most BFRO members think of him (not much).

Here are the charges:

Matt is an embarrassment to the field, and he is ruining Bigfootery, especially with his stupid show Finding Bigfoot where he says the dumbest things. He makes Bigfooters look like complete idiots, and it’s embarrassing.

Matt has discovered few things on his own. He knows little about Bigfoots and even less about animals in general. He doesn’t know what he is doing in the woods. He has ridden the coattails of other researchers and has tried to piggyback on their findings. For instance, he has tried to claim that he invented tree knocking and sound blasting. These assertions are dubious at best.

If you go to the BFRO forums and mention the good work of any non-BFRO researcher, your post is immediately deleted. Posts about Ketchum and Erickson receive snarky comments from moderators, and threads are then locked or deleted.

Matt has not contributed one red cent to this field. People think he has because he created the BFRO, but he hasn’t gathered any of the evidence. Matt doesn’t even go into the woods except for expeditions and his show.

Instead he sits back and collects membership fees, donations and expedition charges and spends it on his rumored drug habit or his vacations. Over the years, many BFRO members have confronted Matt about what they feel is misuse of BFRO funds and also over his drug habit. They then either quit, or if not, they were thrown out immediately and told to shut up. BFRO members collect the data and he sits in his office and takes credit for all of it.

Most BFRO members who deal with Matt are used to all of this, but they don’t dare challenge him on any of it. They stay in the group because it is the largest Bigfoot group out there, it has collected a lot of good data, there are a lot of good people in the group, and there are few if any other groups which are open to just about anyone.

Most of the above BFRO members avoid Matt at all costs and don’t really think of him as their president. They make their own plans and trips and only share information with him in the form of what goes up on the website.

But as soon as anyone collects anything good like video, audio or photos, Matt immediately demands that members hand it over to the BFRO (him). If they don’t, Matt threatens to litigate the matter, because according to Matt (on apparently dubious legal grounds) if you are a member of the BFRO, any data you collect as a member belongs to the organization and not to you. And according to Matt, the BFRO and Matt Moneymaker are the same thing.

Wow! Quite a list of charges! I will present this as one side of the Matt Moneymaker story – the story told by his enemies. It is quite possible that his friends may tell a quite different story. However, I do believe that most of the above is factual, as I’ve heard it from enough people by now.

How much does Bobo make for Finding Bigfoot? I just told you that Matt makes $100,000/yr on the show, but how much does Bobo make? Bobo has been making $60,000/yr on the show.

Bobo quitting Finding Bigfoot? Bobo is reportedly disgusted with the show, and the rumors say that he is not happy with Moneymaker at all, but who is? For a variety of reasons, Bobo is said to have quit the show. At what point he will no longer appear on the show, I do not know.

Tyler Bounds episode on Finding Bigfoot. A recent episode of Finding Bigfoot featured Tyler Bounds of the BFRO who claimed that a Bigfoot ran across a road late at night and hit his 4WD, denting it. On the Finding Bigfoot show about the incident, the producers made only the most cursory attempts to find DNA from the dented car.

Cliff Barackman was quoted saying that he was disgusted at the half assed and piss poor way that the car was examined for evidence. Barackman said that if there was any evidence on the car, the people on the show sure didn’t find it.

Cliff said that this proved that the show had nothing whatsoever to do with actually finding Bigfoot. Instead, it’s just cheap entertainment. Further, any possible Bigfoot biological data or other sign gathered by the team on the show is automatically the property of the producers of the show, who you can be assured will do next to nothing with it.

Lloyd Pye’s insane Intervention Theory and Bigfoot. Lloyd Pye is the man who found the famous Starchild Skull, which he claims is from an alien. He has recently run minor DNA tests on the skull, with the results showing that it is some sort of a nonhuman hominid. Skeptics say the skull has hydroencephalus. However, if it is merely hydroencephalic, it should not show widely divergent non-human DNA.

Pye posits a theory called Intervention Theory (IT). This holds that humans did not evolve on Earth on apes in a straight line. Instead, at some point, aliens landed and messed with our DNA, jump-starting us into Homo sapiens sapiens.

Pretty soon we were wearing 3-piece suits, sporting metrosexual haircuts and strolling the skylined streets of Manhattan. IT proponents say that the transition from ape-man (archaic Homo) to the skyscraper building, Java-coding metrosexual above happened far too fast to be plausible. The only way we could have become the postmodernists we are is via alien intervention.

Hence, Pye rejects standard evolutionary theory. Since Christian fundamentalists also reject UFO’s and ET’s as heresy as most orthodox religions do (but the Vatican has recently said that ET’s are compatible with Catholicism), it should be surprising that so many fundamentalists believe in UFO’s and ET’s, but boy do they!

Your typical UFO nut is a White, rightwing, Fox News watching redneck hillbilly fundamentalist from rural America. It’s always Billy Bob and Betty Jo that done seen a UFO over that thar hill. For some reason, UFO’s never land on Manhattan where art gallery patrons on the Upper East Side can take them in.

And so it is in Bigfootery. The more nutty, backwoods and fundamentalist you are, the more you hate evolution. If you don’t believe in evolution, how can you believe in the Bigfoots?

Well, thankfully, you have a couple of options. You can either believe that Bigfoots are humans, I mean Homo sapiens sapiens, like the Forest People group of Facebook believe, or you can believe that Bigfoots came from aliens.

The latter is perfect for David Paulides, a fundamentalist (Mormon) and the many others like him who doesn’t believe in evolution. No evolution, no problem! Aliens did it. We are not apes, indeed!

The Forest People crowd is similar. God created Bigfoots too, at the same time as he created us. Why he made these things I have no idea. Maybe to scare us? There was no evolution. The Bigfoot folks are just a tad different, shun civilization and run around in the woods with no clothes on like Druids. Plus they grew hair all over themselves.

Bigfoot kooks, cranks and disturbed nuts everywhere you look. For some reason, I have rattled the hornet’s nest of mentally “off” cranks that constitute a huge percentage of Bigfooters. I received threats of libel lawsuits on a regular basis. I recently received an email in which someone claimed to have looked up and found my physical address. The suggestion was, “We know where you live.” I received a threat of physical violence and a death threat.

Just today, a link was sent in to the site as a comment to be published on one of my Bigfoot threads. I clicked the link, and it tried to install 5-6 viruses on my system. So people are sending viruses to the site hoping I will publish them and my readers will click on them, thereby infecting their system.

Good God, these people are insane.

I assume we will move much more towards discovery soon. As that happens, do you think the lunatics, nutcases, cranks and kooks can be isolated somehow so we can get some more professional types in on this fascinating subject? Professionals are generally not given to Internet trollery and working fulltime as menacing cranks. They have careers and better things to do.

Melissa Hovey – another Bigfooter kook. This person started a big fight with me on Facebook, which I mistakenly joined. Supposedly it’s all about me “jeopardizing the Ketchum DNA study with leaks.” LOL, yeah that’s right kiddo. She runs an unimportant Bigfoot research group out of the Texas area, and her blog is full of meaningless drivel, often 2-3 pages of attacks on whoever she is fighting with at the moment. Just another typical useless, kooky Bigfooter crank. Best ignored.

Who is Thom Cantrall and why is he bothering me? Thom Cantrall launched into a wild attack on me on a Facebook page, calling me the “biggest liar in the world.” I don’t know this guy from Adam. Who is he, and what is his major problem? Sounds like another kooky Bigfooter crank to me.


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An Expose of the New World Order Illuminati Out To Kill Us All

The title is sarcastic, by the way. NWO Illuminati conspiracists, please don’t think I am one of you. I already have enough issues with psychotic anti-Semites in the comments threads.

The Illuminati were a secret society that was formed in Bavaria from 1776 to 1784. At the time, it had branches all over Europe and top politicians, writers and thinkers all over the continent joined. It was a secular organization of freethinkers and progressives. Conspiracy theorists of the time felt that they were out to overthrow all of the governments of Europe. The same folks saw them as a power behind the French Revolution. There was apparently nothing to either accusation.

Conspiracy theorists say that the Illuminati never disappeared and instead were behind several progressive events such as the American Revolution, the French Revolution and later on the Russian Revolution. It’s basically a theory peddled by reactionary, European-based elitists with a fetish for monarchism and elite rule, which is paradoxically what they are railing against.

The Illuminati have supposedly gone on to rule the world in secret, appearing either as Jews in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or as other ruling class types in the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Round Table Club, the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones Club, the Bilderbergers, the Bohemian Grove crowd and the Club of Rome.

Members of this shadowy group of evil, ultra-rich Communists include or included the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, George Bush, Winston Churchill, Zbigniew Brzezinski and many others.

The evil Illuminati have set up a number of global organizations to further their nefarious plot.

Usually this is woven in with anti-Communism, since supposedly this whole affair was being headed by the Soviet Union and purpose of it was to create a World Communist Dictatorship in which the rich would rule and supposedly divert all of the surplus for themselves, leaving nothing for the poor (all the rest of us).

In this way, the conspiracy mirrors ultra-Left Trotskyite nonsense about bureaucratic collectivism, the bureaucratic collectivist state being supposedly what happened in the USSR when the true people’s revolution got sidetracked. This theory never made any sense, but Trotskyidiots (Excuse me! Trotskyites. Why do I keep making that mistake?) continue to recite this about modern Communist states, especially Cuba, which they say is a deformed workers’ state.

Here the Trotskyidiot Theory is manipulated by crazed anti-Semites who insist that Communism is a Jewish plot financed by a bunch of stinking rich Jews so that Jews can take over governments and eventually the world. These uber-rich Jews will eventually thoroughly impoverish themselves in the pursuit of this fiendish plot, but no matter.

The fall of the USSR seriously damaged this theory, and the UN has now pretty much replaced the USSR.

More recently, the Illuminati are tied in with other crazy theories like UFO’s, aliens, and alien abduction. David Icke says that the Illuminati are not only a bunch of Jews but that these Jews are actually not really human. They are not even mammals. They are instead gigantic reptiles who are shape shifters. That is, most of the time they just look like us humans, but when they draw the curtains and no one is looking, they turn into bipedal six foot monitor lizards with Ivy League degrees.

Icke has published a number of books along these lines. I believe that Mr. Icke is an insane person. He’s also an anti-Semite. He has come to this blog’s comment section before. If you see him, tell him to please not come back.

There are religious aspects. Fundamentalist Christians say that the New World Order will herald in the Second Coming in the End Times. This theory has sprouted a number of idiotic best-sellers such as the Left Behind series.

Recent iterations note the progression of barcodes, which will be implanted in all of us by the Devil Himself as supposedly prophesied in the Book of Revelations, which was written by the Apostle John in the year 100 or so, probably while he was experiencing a manic-depressive psychosis.

In the 1990’s there were many stories of UN black helicopters hovering over the US. Chemtrails conspiracy theory, which I am not clear on, is also part of this Illuminati stuff. Apparently the chemtrails you see in the wake of jumbo jets are really some evil chemicals being sprayed on all of us for some diabolical purpose.

Anti-environmental theories play in. A lot of the local insane people up here in the Sierra Nevada (I am including maybe 20-30% of the population among these psychotics) believe that the UN is going take over all of the wilder areas in the US, throw out or kill all the humans, and turn 80% of the US into wildlife sanctuaries to which no humans would ever be admitted. The sieges at Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas were part of this NWO evil and drove these nuts into serious lunatic conniptions.

These wackjob nuts are all tied in with the Government Did 9-11 Theory kooks. Supposedly the evil US government is building internment camps in which most of the US population will be placed after the NWO coup takes place. They claim there is evidence that these camps are built right now. But there is no evidence for this assertion.

The formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 was one of the crowning achievements of the NWO crowd, along with the UN, the EU, the World Bank, the IMF, the African Union, the World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization. The proposed North American Union is supposedly part of this plot.

This ties into anti-Semitic idiots who claim that Jews control the US economy via the Federal Reserve. It’s true that there are way too many Jews on the Federal Reserve system, but I don’t see any evidence of the governors manipulating the US economy in some way that benefits the tribe more than anyone else. Those guys are just agents of the US capitalist elite, which is mostly Gentile and White.


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