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Derek Medina Kills Wife, Posts Photo of Her Dead Body on Facebook

In an incredible story, a Florida man, Derek Medina, murdered his wife, took a picture of her dead body and then posted the photo on his Facebook page (photo of Jennifer Alfonso here) under a Status Update confessing to the murder.

Here is his confession:

I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys take care Facebook people you will see me in the news. my wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope you understand me.

After he did that, he drove to the nearest police station and turned himself in. The photo got posted around the Internet before it was removed from Facebook, but the photos are rapidly disappearing and even earlier this afternoon, August 8, 2013, they were very hard to find. Apparently people are receiving orders to take down the photos.

Undated photo of Derek Medina from Facebook. The couple were married last year.

Undated photo of Derek Medina from Facebook. The couple were married last year.

The woman’s name is Jennifer Alfonso. That came out earlier, but it has subsequently been removed from most stories about the killing.


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Player Killed, Ref Decapitated and Dismembered in Brazilian Soccer Match

Video here.

In a soccer match in the Brazilian state of Maranhão, a referee ejected a player from a game. The player and the ref got into an argument, and the ref pulled out a knife and stabbed the player to death. The players friends and relatives then stormed onto the field and beat the ref to death, later decapitating him and dismembering his body.

This video does not show the actual fights and mayhem on the field. Instead, it shows the aftermath at the hospital, with hospital stuff pulling the ref’s head off his body (it was not attached anyway). You can also see the results of the drawing and quartering. Hard to watch but it’s basically a medical scene in a hospital, nothing ER doctors don’t see.


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Syrian Rebels Execute Government Fighters

Video here.

This video is simply awful! It shows the Syrian rebels executing some government fighters. I am not sure if the government fighters are Syrian military or shabiha militiamen. At any rate, they are lined up against a wall blindfolded, and then the rebels back up a bit and stand and wait, jittery. Some time elapses and then the rebels open up on the men with automatic weapons fire. The prisoners collapse to the ground in a chaotic heap.

Very disturbing video!

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The Worst Katrina Photo Sequence Of All

Repost from the old site.

On September 19, 2005, I published a post called Worries Over Starving Pets in New Orleans May Be Exaggerated. Admittedly a gallows humor piece, the post posted two photos of what appeared to be dogs eating human corpses after Hurricane Katrina.

The scenes were photographed by Allen Frederickson, a Milwaukee-based freelance photographer, for Reuters/Corbis. In an email and phone interview with me, Frederickson said he took the photos on September 5, a full week after Katrina massacred New Orleans and three days after the federal response finally reached the city.

At that time, two dead bodies had been lying in the open for at least three days on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Frederickson had seen the bodies laying in the same spot for the previous few days from his vantage in a National Guard helicopter. There were no live humans seen anywhere near the bodies during that time.

At 3:39 PM on September 5, Frederickson shot photos of what appeared to be dogs eating the two corpses that had been seen for days in that area. The photos were sparsely published, and they were probably viewed more on this meager blog than anywhere else, which is a sorry statement, because they were surely headline material for any large US newspaper, magazine or TV station.

The photos aroused quite a bit of controversy, including quite a few naysayers who insisted that there was no proof that the dogs were eating the bodies, or that the dogs were just checking out the bodies, or that the photos were faked, or that the dogs were cadaver dogs who were finding bodies, not eating them.

With the publication of this missing photo from the series, a photo taken 11 minutes after the first one, at 3:50 PM on September 5, hopefully the controversy will be laid to rest.

To recap:

Photo 1, the before photo, taken at 3:39 PM on September 5 on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain, shows what appears to be a dog eating the corpse of a man.

The new photo, Photo 2, taken on the same date in the same area at 3:50 PM, shows that the corpse’s leg appears to be significantly gnawed off in precisely the area where the dog appeared to be dining.

I nominate this photo sequence as the worst Hurricane Katrina photo sequence of all. The competition is admittedly tight.

The after photo, Photo 2, is being published for the first time anywhere on this humble blog. The photo is the copyright of Allen Frederickson, and any reproduction for profit must be negotiated through the photographer. He may be reached through this blog’s email address at the top right corner.


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One Maniac, One Icepick

I am sorry I did not get to this story earlier. I started on a draft of it 3 weeks ago, but the story was so upsetting that I could not bring myself to write about it. Every time I would think about writing about it, I would get very nervous and would not be able to follow through on it. Finally, 3 weeks later, here is the story. There really is more to the story, but this short piece should be enough for now.

You may have already read about the Luka Magnotta case. Magnotta was the male model/porno star who murdered his gay male lover, chopped him into pieces, had sex with his body parts and his dead body, and ate his dead body, recording all of it on video. He uploaded the video and titled it One Maniac, One Icepick. Then he cut up his gay lover’s body and started mailing parts of the body to Canada’s political parties and to the Prime Minister.

An APB was put out for him after the body parts were found in a trash bag near his abandoned apartment in Montreal, Canada. He took off for Europe, stayed in Paris for a few days, part of the time with a gay man, then took off for Germany where he was caught in an Internet cafe reading stories about himself.

Magnotta had previously made a video in which he killed a kitten. Animal rights activists were trying to get him for that one. He was reportedly linked to psycho Karla Homolka, girlfriend of a Canadian serial killer who served 12 years in prison. However, these reports were in error, and it appears that he tried to link himself to Homolka as an act of sick publicity.

He claimed to be mostly straight in his private life and only “gay for pay” but that does not appear to be the case. Instead, he seems to have been mostly gay, hanging around in many gay bars and clubs, having a gay boyfriend who he killed in addition to staying with other gay men. He traveled all around the Northern Hemisphere and spent time in Europe.

In his male model photos, his eyes always look very cold and mean. He never looks nice or friendly. He’s apparently a sociopath, but he also has extreme narcissistic traits which are apparent during an interview with him for a Canadian newspaper. The interview was done before the killings. He set up number of very narcissistic webpages all about himself. On one of them named after his moniker, there is a great deal of psychologically aberrant material detailing resembling paranoia.

He’s definitely one sick cookie.

The movie is probably hard to find, and it’s one of the sickest movies ever made. Watch it if you dare. I haven’t the faintest idea where to find it, but you might look here, who knows?


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Taliban Execute Two Afghan Women

Video here.

This video sucks. The Taliban have captured two women in Afghanistan. The woman are accused of being prostitutes. As if that were not bad enough, they are accused of selling their bodies to US soldiers, so they are more or less spies or traitors. They put the women on the ground where they cry and plead for mercy. Then they shoot them to death with automatic weapons. The women crumple and die on the ground. Their dressed in purple bags so it’s quite so bad because you can’t see the human being under the bag.

Fucked up to the max.

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Video: Mass Grave of Syrian Soldiers at Jisr Al Shughour

Video here.

This video is pretty nasty. It shows Syrian troops in Jisr Al Shughour uncovering a mass grave of some of the 120 Syrian troops killed in that city a week ago.

Nobody quite knows what happened in that city. The opposition says that the Syrian troops were executed by their own troops when they refused to fire on protesters. The government says they were killed in an ambush by anti-regime forces. It’s going to take a long time, if ever, to find out what really happened here.

This video is pretty gross. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. The dead bodies pulled out of the grave are pretty gross and mangled up.

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Video: Syrian Soldiers Massacre Civilians in Deraa

Video here.

This is a very nasty video. Extreme viewer discretion is advised. It shows Syrian forces on a rooftop in Der’a in the South of Syria, where the rebellion began. They are standing among a group of civilians, who have all been killed by the soldiers. Many of them have head shots, and the footage is very gruesome (Ever seen half a guy’s head blown off?).

The soldiers are apparently all Allawi from a special brigade led by the President’s brother, sent because the regime was not sure whether or not the regular army was down for the job. But this special brigade is all Allawi and very loyal to the regime, so they are down for about anything. The soldiers do have Allawi accents. The soldiers are joking about the dead bodies, posing with them, etc.

The men were bringing food to the city or the fighters in the city after the city was blocked off. Apparently the food was mistaken for weapons and this is why the men were killed. However, the head shots suggest execution at close range. If they were only bringing food, why execute them? This is a pretty serious crime on the part of the regime.

Exciting video, you can hear the sounds of battle – gunfire, etc. in the background.

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Video: Rebels Standing Over Bodies of Killed Syrian Soldiers

This is a pretty harsh video. It shows Muslim Brotherhood forces in Jisr Al Shoughur. The bodies are those of Syrian police and military, and most of them are dead. It’s hard to watch and viewer discretion is advised.

Audio, translation from Arabic:

Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “Where are you from?”
Wounded solider: “Don’t kick us, boys.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “Does he have money?”
Wounded solider:: “Don’t take his money, he’s dead.”
Another Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “Obviously he’s a Allawi because of his haircut.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “I’m going to fuck his mother.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “They standing in a line, firing in vain, and we picked them off one by one.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “I stabbed all of them, the son of bitches”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “This is the first son of a bitch I shot.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “Take a look, you bastards, at how I stabbed them in the back.”

The government is planning a major offensive in the region.

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Sickening Photos from Shithole* India


Be careful looking at that. I almost vomited while reading. India is simply disgusting

What do the photos show?

The photos show the Ganges River, the holiest river in that lousy religion called Hinduism.

Vast crowds of people are mingling at the river, piling rags onto corpses and publicly cremating them for all to see. People walk by, turning to look at a dead man starting to rot on a ledge.

Next we have photo after photo of the sickening Ganges River and horribly disgusting corpses that float in it. Yes! The river is full of decomposing corpses, dumped into the gross river! People are swimming in the river, brushing their teeth in it, and drinking its water, while vomitous rotting corpses float by.

In many cases, the corpses wash ashore. The shoreline is dotted with decaying corpses, mostly humans but some cows. Crows and dogs fight each other for the right to gnaw on a putrid human corpse.

Crows perch on bloated corpses floating by. Skeletons litter the beach. Organ guts discarded by swollen bellies line the shores and float in the water. Dogs feast on them. Most of the living humans walking around are skinny as rails. Horrifically deformed humans, somehow still alive, lurk here and there. You almost want to kill them to do them a favor.

We go to one of the holiest cities in India, where the Buddha was born. A major tourist attraction, swollen with visitors. But you can hardly walk on the muddy ground because it’s covered with shit. With human turds. Yes, India is not only a shithole figuratively but also literally. Bharat is literally drowning in human turds!

Try walking through that. Better practice your hopscotch skills. India is a shithole. Literally. India, up and coming world power, is literally drowning in 150 million pounds of shit every day.

Next we go to a filthy, disgusting public hospital. My Indian friends told that an Indian hospital is a place you go to to die. If you don’t want to die, you have to bribe the doctor. If you don’t bribe the doctor, you get no care. Yes! The doctor will kill your loved one because you didn’t line his palm. He has to be bribed to keep other humans alive and not kill them via negligence.

More photos show Indian cities covered with garbage, drowning in garbage. Garbage and cows. Cows are everywhere, walking in the street, lying in the street, shitting in the street. Cow shit is everywhere. Indian cities are covered with it. Indian women roam the streets, gathering up cow shit, and laying it out to dry. They use it as fuel. One thing you will notice about an Indian city is the overwhelming smell of cow shit. It’s like living in a dairy.

At a famous Indian tourist beach, on one side of the river there are luxury hotels for foreign tourists. On the other side is a fisherman’s village, where people live in the worst squalor. They are literally living among huge piles of garbage. I don’t think it’s ever taken away.

And all day long, you see villagers shitting on the beach. There’s no way to walk on the beach because it’s covered with shit. But the Indian bourgeois and foreign tourists just smile in their upscale hotels. They could care less, callously partying amidst the wretched squalor.

In India, people shit everywhere. You are driving down the road, and there are guys squatting right by the side of the road, shitting in plain sight for all the drivers to see. No one pays them one bit of mind.

Even upscale Indian cities are filthy. Callous bourgeois Indians carrying briefcases and chatting on cellphones walk down streets past crowds of men urinating against the walls. The smell is so strong it nearly knocks you over. But the suit and tie guy walking by could care less. Those hordes pissing on the wall are zero to him, nothing. They may as well not even be there.

Indians don’t believe in toilet paper. Instead, you wipe their ass with your left hand. That’s why when you into a store in India,  you are never supposed to touch anything with your left hand, because the implication is you probably just wiped your ass with it. Afterward, you wash your left hand with water from a bucket, but that won’t work very well. Indians think this is very advanced. Less hemorrhoids, and you save on paper. It’s Indian environmentalism!

Forget Black Africa. I thought Black Africa was hopeless. Now I think Indian might be even worse. In fact, its starvation figures are generally worse than Black Africa’s. Only Ethiopia’s figure is higher.

Indian nationalists like to say India is up there with Brazil or China. Or better yet, that it will soon be the greatest nation on Earth (the biggest economy). No way. When India is the greatest country on Earth, that means I’m going to kill myself. The planet won’t be worth inhabiting anymore.

I doubt if there is even much for a tourist to see in India. There’s the Taj Mahal (Hopefully the area around it is not covered with turds?), which is frankly a ridiculous structure, as it is a mosque in a majority-Hindu country. It would be like going to Saudi Arabia to look at the greatest attraction, a huge church.

Due to the abhorrent Hindu caste system, the overwhelming majority of Indian Hindus, even highly educated folks making good money with degrees and advanced degrees, simply believe that some humans are better than others due to the caste into which they were born.

This cognitive mess infects almost all Hindu 1-B workers in the US, and caste politics in US IT corporations dramatically hinders productivity and makes the workplace chaotic and strife-ridden. Those of higher castes are contemptuous of lower caste workers and refuse to cooperate with them.

If you’re born into a low caste, your future is more or less sealed. Most routes to success are closed off before you take your first breath.

India has the most HIV cases outside of Africa. It has more people in poverty than there are in all Black Africa combined, and there are a billion people in Black Africa. If you are doing worse than Black Africa, that is spelled FAIL.

India is a profoundly racist country. Remember the monkey calls for the Black athlete recently?

The 2010 Commonwealth Games, the 6th or 7th biggest competition on Earth, were held in India, but they were a huge failure. India was late, so the Games were delayed, the hotels were filthy, and the people in India organizing the event were all corrupt and were arrested afterwards.

In contrast, even South Africa was able to host the World Cup smoothly, and South Africa is a wreck. South Africa is more civilized than India. Wow!

China smoothly hosted the Olympics, and Brazil will probably do a great job of hosting the World Cup in 2014.

India = FAIL.

*There are many innocent shitholes all over the world. They did nothing to create their shithole condition, and in many cases, they don’t deserve it. Some were just sitting there in the ground minding their business and doing whatever holes do, when some mean human came along and callously filled them up with shit. Poor holes! That’s their fault? No way!

Anyway, I would like to apologize to all of the world’s poor, innocent shitholes for comparing you to India. You shitholes don’t deserve such a humiliating comparison.

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