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Modern Life Itself Is Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory is life. Life is conspiracy theory.

Maybe Pynchon was right after all. Paranoia is the default operating mindset in our modern disinformation-polluted world.

At the age of 59, I have concluded that life or at least politics and geopolitics pretty much operates on conspiracy theory. in other words, modern life itself is in part conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theory is the truth and the lie is what everyone got told happened.

If you throw out all the “conspiracy theory” stuff, you end up with a lot of fake news. The world news people get is whatever the State Department, Pentagon and CIA want you to believe happened. Disinformation is everywhere and the Western press is more dishonest than Pravda in the USSR.

Every time you hear the phrase “conspiracy theory” or “Russian propaganda” go do some heavy research into what happened. I have done this many times in the last couple of years.

With regard to Syria and Ukraine, most of the  “Russian propaganda” was simply the truth. The fake news was whatever the MSM-CIA wanted you to believe. That’s right. The MSM is the CIA. It’s all one thing. The MSM is part of the Deep State, and the CIA sits at the pinnacle.

I was appalled at the outrageous lying during the war in Ukraine. The West’s lies were continuous and appalling. Syria was even worse. I do not think I have ever seen so much lying in a war before. We are entering and new era of Der Luggenkriegs (The Lying Wars). I believe most wars that the West is reporting on where the West has an interest will be characterized by a nearly unfathomable amount of MSM lying.

Look at the “conspiracy theories” for:

The death of Arafat. Natural causes. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. Actually poisoned by radiation by an Israeli spy working as his cook),

The downing of the jet at Lockerbie. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. Qaddafi didn’t do it and was set up.

The attack on the aid convoy in Aleppo. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. Actually a false flag attack done by a US drone and then blamed on Syria and Russia. 17 innocent aid workers were killed by the US in this false flag.

The downing of M17 in Ukraine. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. Neither Russia nor the rebels did it and not only was the plane not hit by a missile but there was no missile period. The jet was downed by a Ukrainian fighter and the investigation was deliberately delayed, botched and corrupted with a fraudulent final report.

The shooting down of the Russian jet over Turkey. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. Actually this was done in coordination with the US. We told Turkey 24 hours before that those jets would be in that exact location at that exact time.

US helping moderate rebels. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. In fact, US, Israeli, Saudi, Qatari and Turkish intelligence forces operate on the ground with Al Qaeda. There may have been a number of them caught in Aleppo at the end of the siege.

The chemical weapons attack by “Assad” on Damascus that killed 1,400 people. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. First the attack never even happened! There was no attack! The incident was a false flag attack done by Turkey and Al Qaeda. A small amount of sarin gas was released in the area by Al Qaeda,  leading to low levels in the  blood of residents. But the levels were so low as to be harmless. There were no 1,400 people. Instead about 400 people were killed, all Alawi and Christian government supporters who had been kidnapped from Northern Syria a year before. All of the dead identified so far were Alawi and Christian government supporting civilians who were kidnapped in that incident. They were killed by being put in a room with gas canisters leaking a toxin, perhaps carbon monoxide. Others were beaten to death, shot or had their throats slit. The symptoms displayed by the victims looked nothing whatsoever like Sarin poisoning. Instead they looked like carbon monoxide poisoning. A Turkish opposition parliamentarian is accusing Turkey of doing this as a false flag.

“ISIS” Suicide bombings of Kurdish Left rallies in Suruc and Istanbul. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. The government knew about both bombings and allowed the plots to go forward. Then police kept the injured from leaving the scene and beat up the survivors.

The “Gulen” coup in Turkey. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. There was no Gulen coup. Gulen had nothing to do with this. Erdogan lies like a rug! There was indeed a coup and Erdogan received warning of it some hours before but he allowed it to go forward to crack down on the opposition. The coupists were Ataturkist Turkish ultranationalist seculars. The US was also involved. The US put the coup in motion to get rid of Erdogan as he had started cooperating with Russia a week before.

Trump won the elections by winning the electoral collage, and all the polls were off. The “reported facts” were wrong, and the conspiracy theory was what really happened. Actually the polls were perfect.The polls were 100% correct. They predicted the popular vote well, and as far as certain state votes, Republicans committed mass election fraud in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin at the very least and probably in a lot of other places. Hillary actually won Wisconsin, Florida and North Carolina by ~2-3 points, more in Pennsylvania but less in Michigan. Real recounts were never done in any of those states. 70,000 votes in Detroit alone were not counted, apparently deliberately. However, even partial recounts found 26,000 fake Trump votes in Pennsylvania, 5,000 fake Trump votes in Wisconsin and 2,000 fake Trump votes in Michigan. And all of those were acknowledged by the states. Why so many fake votes and why are they all for Trump? They have been using those damn voting machines to steal elections since 2000, and they will do it forever until we stop them. It’s pretty hard to have an accurate poll when there is mass electoral fraud going on! Polls can’t predict fraud. The exit polls were far off from the actual count. Everywhere on Earth, that means electoral fraud. P.S. Exit polls started veering far off from results in 2000, when they put those damned computers in. The charge is being made by some of the US top statisticians.


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Repost: Man Gets Eaten By Lion in Africa

This is a great oldie that is getting posted around a lot again. Enjoy.

Many, many people insist that this video must be fake, and actually, it is.

The story is that this is a very famous video that was taken in the mid-1970’s in Africa on a safari. The tourist was apparently from London. It was entered as evidence in a court case. The insurance company used this tape evidence in court to deny the life insurance claim for the guy. They argued that the man engaged in “gross stupidity” and therefore they were not on the line for payout.

In truth, this video is fake. It is said to have occurred in Wallasee National Park in Angola in the mid-70’s. There is no such place in Angola or anywhere in Africa.

The “attack victim” is named Pit Dernitz, and he has his own IMDB entry for this video. He is a very famous lion trainer.

This clip was taken from an Italian Mondo film called Ultime Grida Dalla Savana, which contains many similar clips.

This film was never entered into any court case.

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It Is So Hilarious When People Get Killed

Actually, usually it isn’t. In fact, it is quite tragic, but sometimes it is downright sidesplitting ROTFLMAO. Not only that, but he wins a Darwin Award too.

Sort of like that novel, The Naked and the Dead, right?

Also, I never knew that exercise could be so dangerous!

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Motorcycle Accident

Extremely bad injury from a motorcycle accident. Guy fell off his bike and landed by the side of the road. Those appear to be some sort of staples in the wound. Ugly!


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One Cop No Legs Repost

Here. NSFW!

The link is to my original video of One Cop No Legs. For some reason, WordPress allowed me to post that video, and they have not yet forced me to take it down.

It is getting linked on Reddit right now, and traffic is going through the roof for that nasty video.

The video is incredible but horribly gruesome. A cop in Vietnam gets hit by a truck and the entire lower half of his body is chopped off. Somehow he is still alive and conscious as he tries to stuff his guts back into his body. People crowd around, telling him that they called police and that help is on its way. Unfortunately, the traffic jam was so horrible that help was delayed. I doubt it would have mattered anyway. Soon after he was taken away in an ambulance, he died.

What is amazing about the video is that the poor fellow is awake, conscious and talking and acting like nothing much is the matter even as half of his body has been sawn off by a truck. No doubt he’s in shock.

Extreme viewer discretion is advised. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Deer Attacks Skateboarder

A group of young boys was casually meandering down a road in the mountains at 40mph, when suddenly a young deer predator rushed out from the forest and savagely attacked one of the skateboarding boys. The subsequent tussle brought down both victim and attacker. The boy was not badly hurt and the criminal deer fled the scene back into the woods. Law enforcement officials were still searching for the deer, but were unable to locate the four legged mugger.


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Excellent News! Bigfoot Hoaxer Killed!


Good! Thank God! I am generally not happy to see people die, but I have so much hatred in me for these scum that I practically won’t be happy until we are knocking off about one hoaxer a day. I’m surprised one of them hasn’t been shot yet, and I fully expect one of these clowns to get shot sooner rather than later. When that happens, I definitely hope the hoaxer dies and the hunter gets off scot free. Sometimes deaths are the only thing that puts a stop to dangerous nonsense.

This is both God and Darwin here, working in tandem. Oh, the glorious ways of the Universal Spirit!

Moar dead hoaxers! Moar! Moar! Moar!


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No One Helps Chinese Toddler As It Is Hit by Two Vans

Video here.

Very disturbing video. A toddler wanders in front of a van in a narrow alleyway in China. The driver apparently does not see the child and runs over it. He realizes what he did and takes off instead of sticking around. A second van then runs over the kid again. This one also figures out what he did and takes over. The frantic mother is freaking out the whole time. The child died.

There was a capitalist mercenary motive involved here. The driver wanted to make sure the kid was dead, because if it was just injured, he could be liable for up to $250,000 medical bills, but if he killed the kid, he’s only out $25,000. In that situation, the only ethical thing to do is to make sure the kid is dead, right? Sheesh.

All hail Deng Xiaoping!


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Sick, Evil and Wild Videos for All to Enjoy

Lots of new sick, evil and wild videos up at the video site. Bring the whole family! Gather round! Pass the popcorn! Come one, come all! To Robert Lindsay Returns!

Africans Attack Girl Who Rejects Their Advances in France. Previously posted here.

Man Attempts Suicide on Live TV in Italy. Wild video. On a talk show in Italy, a middle aged Italian man, name unknown, pours flammable liquid all over himself and tries to set himself on fire. He is stopped by people on the show.

Man Dies of Heart Attack on Live TV. A famous Indian man dies of a heart attack on live TV. Shocking footage.

Georgian Reporter Hit by Live Fire During Battle. During the recent war between Georgia and Russia, a Georgian TV reporter is hit by shrapnel as she is reporting on the war. She is not seriously hurt.

Colombian Congressman Has Stroke on Live TV. Upsetting footage. A middle aged Colombian Congressman is debating a bill in the Colombian Legislature when he has a sudden stroke and dies.

Indonesian Soldiers Torture Papuan Men. Previously posted.

Offensive Interracial Sears Ad Pulled Off the Air. Previously posted.

Saddam’s Body After Hanging. Previously posted.

Video of Al Qaeda Shooting Down a US Helicopter. Interesting video of Al Qaeda in Iraq taking down a US Chinook helicopter in Karma, Iraq recently.

Saddam’s Funeral . Previously posted.

Projectile Vomiting. Seriously gross video. Video is in French. A hospitalized man is being examined by a doc in a hospital when he suddenly pukes all over the doc!

Ricardo Lopez Live Internet Suicide Video. Profoundly disturbing video is obsessed fan Ricardo Lopez. He started to fall apart psychologically and became more and more obsessed with the singer Bjork. I am not sure if he was in love with her or what, but he was very angry that she had taken up with the Black man that she had taken up with. He made a lot of videos explaining his obsession with Bjork and become something of an Internet celebrity nutcase.

At one point, he completely fall apart, painted his face camouflage green and made an acid mail bomb to send to the singer. Somehow the cops captured the package before it got to the singer. Soon after, Lopez videotaped himself blowing his brains out on live video. It’s extremely shocking, and it’s one of the most amazing cases of Epic Fail ever documented.

There are reportedly 20 hours of videotape available of Lopez that shows him increasingly falling apart. It’s extremely disturbing to watch, but apparently you can get it on the Internet, maybe for free or maybe for money. I might want to get my hands on that to see if I could handle it. You can see some experts from the tapes on Youtube. Very disturbing stuff.

Mexican Drug Gang Beheads a Man. Profoundly disturbing video that I recommend you do not watch. Rival drug gang kidnaps a worker for another drug gang. He is forced to confess on tape that his boss ordered a war on several other gangs, including the gang that kidnapped him. Then he is brutally executed with a dull knife. The executioners are lousy, and they can’t seem to get the head off, so the guy drowns in his own blood. Fucked up! Avoid!

Aftermath of Domodedovo Airport Suicide Bombing. Previously posted.

Man Has Hole in His Head. Very weird video of an elderly man who has a hole in the left side of his face around his eye. He apparently had a tumor somewhere around the optic nerve and they had to carve a huge hole in his damned head to get it out. He laughs and jokes on the video.

Webcam Stripper Has Fatal Accident Live on the Web. A woman, possibly an Arab woman, is stripping to music, maybe Arabic music, on the web. She’s sort of doing a variation belly dance. She goes up against a dresser and the whole thing falls down on top her. She reportedly could not get out from under it and suffocated. Weird video.

Truck Runs Over Man in Russia. A man wanders across a busy road in rural Russia. He may be drunk, he is weaving all over the place. A large truck tries to avoid him, but misses and runs him over instead. Pretty yucky video.

Diving Board Face Plant. A young woman does a triple back flip on a pool diving board and hits her head! She’s apparently ok, as she swims back to the side of the pool afterward.

Hideous Diving Board Accident in a Pool. A 15 year old boy is competing in the US Diving Championships in Indianapolis recently. He does a quadruple or quintuple back flip and hits his head on the board on the way down. He seems to be unconscious at first in the water. His coach dives in fully clothed and rescues him, but the boy is having convulsions as he is being pulled to the side of the pool. The outcome is not known, but apparently he survived. Really disturbing.

Robber Badly Hacked Up by a Machete in Brazil. A man invades a house in Brazilia recently and tries to rob the pregnant woman inside. He kicks her and knocks her down. The husband appears, grabs a machete and hacks the guy up good. Footage is from the hospital afterward. The guy has some horrible wounds and he’s screaming loudly. He was a bad person, but the video is very hard to watch nevertheless.

Last Guillotine Execution in France. Footage of the last guillotine execution in France in the 1930’s. It’s taken from a distance and you can’t see much of the gruesome details, which is good or bad depending on your perspective.

Flasher on a Train Confronted by His Female Victim. Some asshole flashes a woman on a subway in New York and she catches him in the act. There she is on camera, pointing out the guy who did it and calling for the cops to arrest him. Supposedly this crap goes on all the time.

Half Man, Half Tree in Indonesia. Very strange video. A 35 year old man in Indonesia is so covered with warts that he looks like a human tree! Everyone rejects him, and he lives with his family. Doctors can’t seem to treat him, but a US doctor is thinking about treating him with doses of Vitamin A.

Bullfighter Gored in the Throat by a Bull. Already posted here, but we did not post the video. Now you can watch the video!

Maniacs on Top of a Crane in Paris. Totally insane young men climb to the top of a crane high over Paris, probably hundreds of feet up in the air, where they do calisthenics, pullups, etc. to rock music.

Teenage Girl Fights It Out with a Cop. Previously posted.

High Line Power Workers Defy Death. Amazing video about the guys who risk their lives fixing high tension wires and exposing themselves routinely to 500,000 volts in the process.

Cops Taser Violent Man on Drugs. Previously posted here.

Various Prison Assaults Caught on Tape. Seriously crazy video shows prisoners, Black and White, violently assaulting each other on live camera with shanks, fists and feet. Wild stuff.

Skinned Alive. Disturbing video shows raccoon dogs being beaten to death in China and then skinned. They are raised there for their fur. Then a rabbit, also raised for fur, is strangled and slit near its rear end. Messed up stuff.

Martin Lee Anderson Boot Camp Beating Video. Video of the famous beating death of 14 year old Black boy Martin Lee Anderson at a boot camp in Florida. He complained of fatigue after a few laps and refused to do anymore. 7 guards engaged in a number of measures to coerce him to continue exercising, including forcing him to inhale ammonia, which apparently killed him. A nurse was there watching the proceedings.

All 7 guards and the nurse were tried for manslaughter, but all were acquitted. At least some of the guards were themselves Black, but this did not prevent the NAACP from making it into a race thing.

Billy Joe Blythe Martial Arts Student Nearly Beats a Man to Death. A student of the famed White martial arts teacher, Billy Joe Blythe named Willie J. Dennis is challenged to a martial arts match by a man who is said to be of limited intelligence. Both fighters are Black. Dennis takes the guy on martial arts style and nearly beats and kicks him to death in front of a crowd. The crowd finally intervenes to break it up. Ridiculous video.

Islamists Publicly Lash Woman For Wearing Trousers. Idiot Islamists publicly lash a woman for wearing trousers in Sudan. She screams as she is beaten badly by the laughing policeman. The scene occurs in public. Seriously messed up people and scene.

Caged Lion Attacks Man in Iran. A janitor is grabbed and bitten by a lion in a lion’s cage in Iran. The video opens with the poor guy locked in the lion’s jaws around his shoulder. Another man tries to pull him off. Finally a guy in a uniform shows up and shoots the lion dead! Then a medical team shows up and goes to work on the poor guy who got mauled by the lion. The guy apparently survived. One of the weirdest and most disturbing videos I have ever posted.

Kim Il-Sun Beheading Video. Extremely disturbing video of a Korean man working in Iraq who was kidnapped by Zarqawi’s group and held for ransom. The South Korean government did not agree to end its involvement in Iraq, so the group executed him. He is seated on the ground in front of his captors the whole time, screaming his head off that he does not want to die. Then they throw him to the ground and chop his head off. At the end they hold the head, dripping lots of blood and stringy, entrails like stuff off the neck. Absolutely hideous and grotesque video. Recommend that you do not watch it.

Marcin Wasilewski Broken Leg Video. Video of the famous Polish soccer player breaking his leg in a recent match in Belgium. Set to some haunting music. Shows the incident that broke his leg, then the chaotic scene that followed.

Polar Bear Cub Starves to Death in the Arctic. This is actually a very upsetting video! Due to global warming, polar bears are being forced onto the land much earlier every year, where there is not much food. Usually they spend many months on sea ice where they are able to consume their stable food, seals, but all the sea ice is melting. The population of polar bears in the video, the West Hudson Bay population, is expected to go extinct in 25-30 years. The video shows the last moments of life of a polar bear cub, as he goes into convulsions from starvation. Absolutely heartbreaking video for some reason.

Daredevils Walk El Camino del Rey in Spain. El Camino del Rey is a narrow footpath that was built from 1901-1905 in far southern Spain to connect two hydroelectric stations in a gorge far below. The trail is only about 3 feet wide at most. Over the years, it has fallen into serious disrepair and most of the handrails are now gone. In many places, the trail itself has worn away, and all that remains are steel bars or other objects connecting one part of the trail to another. If you fall, it’s hundreds of feet down, and you will surely die.

Several people have fallen to their deaths in the trail recently, and the government has closed the entrances. Yet apparently a lot of idiots and maniacs are managing to hike the trail. Video shows some nuts hiking this insane trail. You would have to be totally out of your mind to hike this trail. Seriously crazy video!

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Many New Sick and Evil Videos and Photos at the Video Site

One cheer for sick! Two cheers for evil! Three cheers for sick and evil! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Sick sick and evil! Sick sick and evil! Sick sick and evil!

Yay! Gather round, boys and girls from 8 to 88, we have have lots of great new twisted videos and pics available on the video site.

Man Swallows His Own Face: The first is a photo of a man in China who appears to be swallowing his own face! This is known as “girning.” I’m not quite sure why some folks can girn and others cannot, but it sure is weird.

Leanne Holland Death Photos: These are photos that were obtained by a website called Viral Death showing the crime scene photos of a young girl named Leanne Holland who was brutally raped and murdered in Australia. A man who was staying with the family was arrested and convicted of the crime, served a number of years in prison, but was then released due to lack of evidence. It appears that he is innocent after all, and the real killer was a known predator who lived a few miles away. The photos don’t show nudity, so there is no child porn. Their release caused quite an outrage in Australia.

Kurdish Teenager Stoned to Death in Iraq: The famous case of the Yezidi girl Doa Khalil Aswad, stoned to death in a crowd of 10,000 men in a village near Mosul. This post has already been published to this site.

Car 1, Motorcycle 0: Shows the aftermath of a car-motorcycle crash somewhere in China, followed by photos of the victim, apparently a prominent politician, meeting with his constituents. By the way, the car won.

Black Man with Split Face: This poor Black guy has had his face nearly split in two but is somehow still alive. Photo. Some say this is fake, but it appears to be genuine.

The Man With No Face: A very strange set of photos of a man who suffered a horrible injury that resulted in the loss of most of his face, including his eyes and nose. As you don’t need these organs, he’s still alive. The surgeon then amazingly constructs an artificial face for the guy with fake eyes and nose and somehow sticks it onto his real face with metal pinnings. Incredible set of heartbreaking photos, but I don’t know the details of the case.

Drunk Girl Knocked Out by Dive: A drunken girl dives off a high cliff into the Colorado River and is knocked unconscious due to the height of the dive. Guys jump in and rescue her.

Dive Gone Wrong in Oregon: Similar video, in this one, another young girl dives off a 90 foot cliff into Lake Oswego in Oregon, which was a totally insane thing to do. She too is knocked out and rescued by guys. It’s amazing she did not die. She was in bad shape for two days but came out of it ok.

Three Men Electrocuted in Iran: This video is amazing, Good Samaritanism gone wrong. An idiot is stuck way up on a high tension pole and is getting shocked. A large crowd has gathered and is screaming. One guy climbs up to rescue him, but he can’t get him down. He starts getting shocked too. Towards the end, a third guy climbs up the pole very fast and grabs the other two guys. Quickly the whole pole blows up in a huge explosion as the guys go flying and the crowd goes nuts. Details not known.

Tire Blows Up under Russian Man: A very strange video. Three young Russian men are drunk in a tire shop. Two guys put an air bag under a tire, cover it with a towel and then encourage a third guy to sit on the tire. The victim apparently knows what is going on and does so willingly. After a short wait, the air bag blows and the guy goes flying in the air. Lots of drunken laughs all around, but this guy could have gotten seriously hurt in this incident.

Chicken with Its Head Cut Off: Laughing rednecks grab a chicken and chop off its head. The headless body runs around a bit, and the other chickens freak out and attack the ghoul chicken. The guys laugh their heads off.

Lunatic Dives into a Burning Car: This is one of the creepier videos I have seen. Guys are filming a burning car by the side of the road somewhere in the US, possibly in the forested northern US. A crowd has gathered to watch the car burn. A fire engine pulls up. Then a guy in his late 20’s suddenly breaks from the crowd towards the car and dives into the burning vehicle. It’s hard to see, but you can see it if you slow the video down and pause it. He has a weird and disturbing expression on his face.

Gang of Teens Attack Elderly Man in Cleveland: A gang of young Black teens is in front of the home of a man in his 70’s. The man and his friend, a man in his 50’s, confront the teens and tell them to get out. Then the two men, both White, drive to a nearby liquor store, apparently to call cops. The gang follows them there and beats both men. The man in his 70’s was beaten badly. The teens run away.

Man Stabbed to Death in New York: It is 3 AM on a street in a bad part of New York City. Video is taken by a security camera. A young woman walks by, and a thug jumps out and tries to rob her. A man runs up to the thug to try to prevent the crime and the thug stabs him with a knife. The guy staggers away and falls down on the sidewalk. For about an hour afterward, people come and go and no one tries to help him. Firemen come after a bit, but he’s already dead.

Crazy Russian Jumps from Building to Building: Amazing video of a young Russian guy engaging in parkour jumping in Russia, where they jump from the roof of one apartment complex to another roof below. Jump may well be 50-75 feet, broken only by a mat below. Very risky sport.

Insane Bungee Jumping off a Waterfall: Young people line up to bungee jump off a waterfall. It’s a long ways down! Footage possibly shot in India. Amazing video.

Idiot Jumps Off Building and Walks Away: A very mysterious video taken off a Danish video site. A young man or teenager is on the roof of a tall building, several stories high. He leaps off the building and lands flat on the ground below, stomach first. There is blood coming from his head. He picks himself up and there is blood dripping off his head. He walks towards the camera and the video ends. I don’t see how this guy survived this fall to walk away, but the production is way too cheap for it to be faked. This video doesn’t really make sense.

Man Commits Suicide at Hoover Dam: Amazing video. Guys are videotaping the face of Hoover Dam and suddenly an idiot jumps off the edge and tumbles down the front, killing himself. The top of his skull appears to come off as he tumbles down the concrete.

Cow Loses Face in Train Crash: There has been a train crash in India, and a cow has been seriously hurt. Most of its face has been torn off, but somehow it is still alive and standing there like nothing is wrong. Scene shifts to the side of the train where people are laying flowers by wreaths.

Girl Throws Live Puppies into River: This is the famous video that was discussed quite a bit on this blog. Video recently went wildly viral. A wild dog in Bosnia gave birth to puppies in the backyard of a home. The dog was very sick. Grandmother found the puppies and feared they were as sick as the mother. She put the puppies in a bucket and gave them to a teenage girl, telling her to throw the puppies in the river and kill them. Video shows girl doing just that. The video resulted in a hunt for the girl. Bosnian authorities tracked her down, but did nothing to her due to her age.

Man Commits Suicide in a Police Station: Famous video of an illegal alien who shot a cop and was then arrested in San Bernardino, California. For some reason, he was never searched. Video shows the man in the interrogation room. Detective leaves to go get some coffee. Criminal reaches into his pocket, pulls out a huge gun and shoots himself in the head, killing himself.

Chinese Fishing Boat Collides with a Japanese Coast Guard Vessel: This was previously published on this site.

Tarzan Swings into a River and Crashes: Two young American guys have fashioned some sort of a rope from a bank out to a river. The distance from launch site to river is about 50 feet or so. One guy goes to the launch site and launches towards the river, then crashes hard onto the bank instead. Looks like he got hurt.

Horrible Injuries and Infections: Series of photos of some very nasty injuries and infections. Everyone survived and is doing ok though.

Brazilian Man with Infected Shoulder from Shooting Steroids: A gruesome operating room video of a Brazilian guy with a massively swollen shoulder from an infection acquired by shooting steroids with a dirty needle. They endless drain the horrible pus from the wound. Really gross.

Farmer Hay Bales Himself: Crazy video. Farmer tears off his clothes and jumps in his hay baler. His friend turns it on. The guy gets packed into a bale of hay and ends up being shot out the chute at the end. He stands up and its a human hay bale with arms and legs sticking out. Really ridiculous.

Bum Eats Rats: Weird video of a bum in Brazil. He reaches down, picks up either rats or mice one by one, puts them in his mouth and munches them down while smiling. He pauses a couple of times to drink some water.

Man with a Shovel Stuck in His Head: Crazy video shot in Brazil. A gang of young men in a favela were roaming around robbing people in their houses. At some point, a posse of angry residents caught up with them and attacked them. One guy was shot several times and someone took a shovel and hit him in the head with it so hard that it stuck in his head. Video shows the crook writhing on the ground, shot by bullets with a shovel stuck in his head. Disturbing.

Guy Has Tongue Splitting Operation: This shows the operation to give you one of those body mod forked tongue things we showed in a gif a while back. File under Don’t try this at home. The incision is made and his mouth is full of blood. Afterward, shows the guy smiling with his new weirdo forked tongue. Really gross video with tons of blood.

Budd Dwyer Suicide Video: The very famous live recorded suicide of Budd Dwyer, former Treasurer of Pennsylvania, recorded before a crowd of reporters taping the whole thing. Detailed here.

Serbian Dogcatcher Chokes a Dog: Previously described on this site.

Foolish Dancer Creamed by Ice Cream Truck: Previously posted on this site.

Weightlifter Tries to Lift Half-ton Barbell, Nearly Dies: Previously posted on this site.

Skateboarder Has Serious Accident and Hurts His Balls: A young boy, maybe around 13 or so, is skateboarding with some other boys. He goes off a staircase with 11 stairs on it and crashes at the bottom. He jumps up and starts screaming that he’s hurt his balls.

Eat My Engine Block!: Previously posted on this site.

Al Jazeera Releases Photos of Sri Lankan Genocide: Previously described on this site.

Bullfighter Gored in Throat by a Bull: Previously posted on this site.

Swedish Man Commits Suicide Live on the Internet: In October 2010, a young Swedish man with Aspergers killed himself live on the Internet while a large group of people watched helpless to do anything about it. Video shows time lapse photography of the man setting up a rope to the ceiling, then fastening his neck to it until he slowly hangs. At the end, the firemen bust down the door and try to rescue him, but he’s gone. Really disturbing.

Black Female Fried Chicken Eating and 40 Oz Drinking Contest: Previously posted on this site.

Ukraine Air Show Disaster 2002: A truly disturbing video of a terrible accident at an air show in the Ukraine in 2002 that killed 92 people when the plane crashed into the crowd. You see the plane doing its maneuvers, then the camera goes nuts as the plane crashes to the ground. The cameraman runs to the scene of the crash, filming all the way. He comes upon injured people, dead people, parts of dead bodies, people missing limbs, people running everywhere to get away or try to help and cops and military personnel everywhere. Curiously, no one tries to stop him filming. Really disturbing stuff.

Pakistani Troops Execute POW’s in Swat Valley: Described on this site earlier today.

Criminals Chase Cops from a Banlieu in France: Recently posted on this site.

Cow Death Row: Previously posted on this site.

Plus lots of new translations into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, Korean, Norwegian, Tagalog, Polish, Finnish and Swedish.

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