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Repost: How Common Is Sex among Siblings among Teenagers and Young Adults?

One of the more shocking posts to have appeared on this site is this post about incest among siblings. It is getting reposted around a lot these days, so I thought I would repost it for those of you who might have missed it the first time. I honestly think this behavior is much more common than realized. I also think that in most cases is not pathological, as it is quite consensual, and even where it is abusive, I would recommend therapy instead of incarceration for the abuser, typically a teenage boy molesting his sister or female cousins. 

Sammy writes:

“Brothers and sisters fuck quite a bit, as teenagers…”

Really? Brothers and sisters who grew up together from day one in the same household? How do you know of this? I’ve heard of it happening between step brothers and sisters, but never heard of it happening between actual “blood” brothers and sisters who both share the same parents and grew up in the same household. Percentage-wise, how often would you say the latter happens (and what are you basing this on)?

Unfortunately a lot of this falls under the category of “child molestation,” but it usually isn’t. A lot of teenage boys have sex with their vulnerable younger sisters. With the sisters, it is often more or less consensual. Childhood sex play often involves brothers, sisters, cousins, and their friends. The age ranges of childhood sex play can range from six all the way up to 15 for both sexes, and it is possible that all ages can be involved at the same time. For instance, scenes, often with brothers, sisters and cousins, can occur with groups where the age ranges from 8 all the way up to 15 and can include both homosexual (often lesbian) and heterosexual conduct.

Not only do brothers and sisters have sexual experiences particularly in adolescence, but sisters have a lot more sex with each other than you could possibly imagine. Young teenage sisters around the ages of 13-15 who are just discovering the joys of masturbation (as almost all teenage girls are nowadays at a very early age, typically 13) have lesbian sex with each other, mutually masturbate each other, etc. I would say that maybe 5-10% of sisters in this age group engage in this activity. All of the cases I saw involved girls with a predominantly heterosexual orientation. So most sisters who are doing this are not lesbians. Instead they are straight or possibly bisexual.

I discovered a lot of this activity when looking through forums where younger teenage girls were discussing sexual issues such as onset of first pubic hair and sexarche, onset and frequency of masturbation, and some other sexual things. It is from these forums that I derive my 5-10% figure because ~5-10% of the girls on the forums admitted to having sex with their sisters. The age range for this sister-sister sex was 13-15.

Sources: I work as a counselor, and I hear stories of childhood sex play from clients constantly.

Teenage boys having sex with their younger sisters is extremely common as we can see from recent famous cases. It is typically brushed under the carpet, as it possibly ought to be.

Arrest in these circumstances is just wrong, and in California, other than rape, all sex between juveniles of all ages is legal. You simply cannot arrest two kids for doing consensual sexual things with each other. If there is a serious age discrepancy with a teenager (usually a boy and typically a brother) doing sexual things with a young child (usually a girl and typically a sister), the teenager must be told that this is unacceptable and must stop, and they should have to undergo counseling.

Generally this sort of thing is handled by Social Services, social workers and therapists in California and not law enforcement, which is how it ought to be. In extreme cases of teenage boys serially molesting young girls, they may be remanded to the juvenile justice system, but they may not be tried in the adult system. At any rate, clinically this behavior means little as according to the DSM, pedophilia cannot be diagnosed in people age 16 or younger.

There are videos on the Internet of brothers having sex with their sisters or at least of people claiming to be brothers having sex with sisters. I have no idea how old they were, but they appeared to be older teenagers. I felt that they were genuine.

To give you an example of how common this activity can be at least in certain circumstances, in Egypt, due to a housing crisis, young people are not able to move out of the parental home, so young adults of the same family are often living under the same roof. Not only that, but living conditions are so overcrowded that these late teens and  young adults are often sleeping in close quarters in living rooms, etc.

A recent article in the US press noted that there is an extremely high level of sexual activity among brothers and sisters occurring in urban Egypt in these circumstances. The brothers and sisters engaging in this activity were ~16-23. Egyptian society didn’t seem to be interested in doing anything about it. I assume that this behavior was either denied, brushed under the carpet or dealt with in the family, probably by silence and willful ignorance. Law enforcement was not getting involved.


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Extremely Disturbing “Pedophilia” Video

There is actually some truth to this. Quite a few minors who were “victims” of “pedophiles” feel this way, male and female. However, to be fair, most of the accounts that I have read were from people who were teenagers at the time having sex with adults. It is quite common for people who had sexual relationships with adults as teens to feel that the experience was positive. I have read quite a few such accounts.

However, this is the first account I have read from someone who was an actual child – under the age of 13 – who said that they enjoyed the experience. She was 12 and he was 23 when they met. The relationship continued for a year until she was 13 and he was 24, and they forced him to move.

I do not think kids (people under age 13) ever really want to have sex with anyone much, especially adults. They do engage in childhood sex play a lot, but they’re not doing that because they’re horny, and they want to get laid. They’re doing it because they’re curious.

However, when I was 20, a 12 year old girl propositioned me, that is, she asked me to have sex with her. I worked as a janitor at an elementary school and as a 6th grader at age 11, she was my little “best friend.” She was my “little helper.” She befriended me for some reason and used to go on my rounds with me “helping me” on my job.

She talked a lot about what was going on in her life. She was the child of a single Mom, and she told me about how her Mom used to get drunk and have different men over to have sex with them. So she was pretty worldly, 11 going on 20, in that respect.

If you ask me if I had any sexual feelings for this 11 year old girl, I would not know how to answer because honestly I am not aware if I ever saw her in a sexual way. 11 years old girls are not something I think of as sexual beings or sex objects. To me, they seem “sexless.”

I saw her that summer in the park where we both were running. Now she was 12 going on 25. We got to talking, and she out and out more or less asked me to have sex with her.

Her: I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately.
Me: Um, uh, yeah, ok…
Her: I’m thinking I want to do it.
Me: Uh, yeah, um, well, uhhh…
Her: And I’m thinking I want to do it with you!

I forget what I said afterwards, but it was something like thanks but no thanks.

Because she asked me to have sex with her, that turned into a sexual type experience in my Sexual History file in my brain. Although she was beautiful and interesting in other ways (top student, star athlete), I wasn’t really interested in having sex with her, and it was not just because of the law. She just didn’t seem like someone I could have sex with at that age. She was just way too young.

In later years, I used to try to fantasize about having sex with her, not because I am into 12 year old girls (I absolutely am not) but more because I am a pervert and I love to think about all sorts of weird, perverted sexual stuff just for the heck of it and as a way of telling society to go to Hell.

The weird thing is I could never make the fantasy work. In the fantasy, we would both be naked next to a bed and I would go to have sex with her, and it never worked. I simply could not and to this day cannot imagine having sex with such a young girl. I do not know what it is. She’s too little and I’m too big. Her vagina is too small and my penis is too big. She has almost zero tits. Or maybe just I’m too old and she’s too young. Whatever it is, the two parts of that fantasy, her and me, are like oil and water.

Anyway, this is an extremely disturbing video that adds a very weird new angle to the whole insane Pedophile debate, an angle that is sure ti ignite a lot of hot emotions.

If you ask me what I think should be done in such cases, I really have no idea. My basic view is men should not be messing with 12 year old girls. It’s just too much of a little girl. It’s just about real pedophilia, and the Hell with pedophilia.

If I think about it more, maybe we should look at this stuff at least with regard to teens and adults more on a case by case basis, and if the minor is totally fine with it, that is, if it is completely consensual, maybe we should not prosecute. But maybe in a case this this, we should tell them to knock it off. Which is precisely how the police dealt with it in this case. But I am not sure of those opinions either, as my feelings are pretty embryonic about this sort of thing.

Right now the law is pretty clear, and any man messing with a 12 year old girl, consensual or not, deserves whatever is coming to him. Not because he’s a bad guy necessarily but more because he’s an idiot. The laws are deadly about this sort of thing, and any man breaking those laws is insanely reckless and I have no sympathy for him or reckless fools in general. I generally feel that reckless fools deserve whatever comes to them, good or bad. They’re asking for it.


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Adult-Minor Sexual Attraction in Adult Homosexual and Heterosexual Men

Tulio asks:

And one question, are gay men more likely to be attracted to young boys than straight men to young girls?

Actual pedophilic attraction is much more common among gay than among straight men. That is because 35% of all child molestations (age 12-under) are of boys and almost all of those are done by adult men and not adult women. Only 3% of men, at most, are gay, according to the latest surveys. So 3% of all men are committing 35% of all child molestations. I used to go to a site called Wikisposure, an anti-pedophile site that profiled a number Net pedophiles. They had ~300 pedophiles profiled there. I noticed that far more than 3% of the profiles were of boylovers. In fact, a huge % of the profiles were of boylovers. 35% would not surprise me at all.

The Cultural Left has gone nuts with this finding and has come to the bizarre conclusion that gay pedophiles are somehow not gay! Because, you see, gay men are turned on by men, and pedophiles are turned on by boys. Therefore, 0% of gay men are pedophiles. Of course that makes no sense at all, but never mind. The PC crap was good enough for the American Psychological Association (gone over to the Cultural Left long ago) to imbibe, so it must have been good stuff.

A ready explanation is available. The best current theory is that homosexuality is a developmental disorder that is caused by fluctuations in sex hormones during pregnancy. Pedophilia also seems to be a developmental disorder with similar origins. So it follows that if they are both developmental disorders, it would not be unusual for more than one developmental disorder to be present in an individual given a common pathway.

But gay men are much more likely to have sex with young teenage boys than straight men are to have sex with young teenage girls.

25% of all gay men age 25+ have had sex with a boy under the age of 16.

Only 6% of straight men age 25+ have had sex with a boy under the age of 16.

Also studies have shown that for straight men, the most attractive females are age 24.

For gay men, the most attractive males are age 19-20.

So you can see that gay men are much more wired towards younger males than straight men are towards younger females.

There’s a lot of truth to the stories about chicken hawks and gay men and gay teenage boys. The love between adult men and teenage boys has been idealized as a gay ideal dating all the way back to Antiquity (Greece and Rome). It continues to this day in places like Afghanistan with the bacha boys phenomenon. Death and Venice was not written in a vacuum. There’s something to it after all. Sometimes I wonder if gay men’s attraction towards younger males is biological, although I know that sounds nuts.


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Is “Pedophilia” Normal in Adult Men?

I have studied a number of studies that have tested how widespread pedophilic interest is in adult males in the lab. The tests show various things. The results can be summed up below.

83% of men react strongly to adolescent girls
54% react to little girls
20% show a “pedophilic” response – strong response to little girls as strong or stronger than their reaction to adults
1% are preferential pedophiles

Men’s sexual attraction to adolescent females.

Several studies have shown that the rate is actually higher than listed above.

One study found that 100% of males react strongly to all females age 13+

Another study found that 83% of Italian military recruits reacted strongly to 13 year old girls.

Another study found that all adult men react to girls age 16-17 at the same rate as they reacted to older women. Reactions to girls age 13-15 were less but were still 70-90% of maximum.

I do not care at all if men are turned on by teenage girls because when a  man tells me he is turned on by teenage girls, to me that just means he’s normal.

You notice that feminists have a real problem with this idea that men are turned on by teenage girls.

Men with sexual attraction to little girls.

Next comes attraction to little girls, a time bomb of a discussion. But even this study found that 53% of normal men are physically aroused by little girls. I am sure that is shocking to most people. However, I have seen other studies in which much higher percentages were reported.

Two reported that all men were attracted to little girls. In one group, the men were aroused by females aged 7-12 and in the other to females age 2-12.

Another study found that 90% of men were turned on by girls age 2-12.

I am not sure if the two studies simply aggregated that 2-12 group together and tallied up the group as a whole or if they found that men were attracted to girls at every age of that group. I find it stunning that men would be turned on by very little girls, but anything is possible.

The one study that broke little girls down by age found men attracted to girls aged 7-12 but no attraction below age 7, which is logical to me. The attraction to girls age 7-12 ranged from 10-60%, with declining attraction as the girls got younger. This also seems logical to me. I find the idea that men are attracted to girls age 7-12 understandable, but I can’t stomach the idea that normal men are attracted to girls age 2-6. That’s just crazy. Normal men are not babyfuckers.

Men with both strong sexual attraction to mature females and strong or pedophilic attraction to little girls.

Now we come to the most shocking realization of all, that anywhere from 20-26% of all men test “pedophilic” in the lab. That means that they are as attracted to little girls just as much or more than they are attracted to mature females. That is a very high level of attaction to little girls; in fact, it is as high as the attraction that actual preferential pedophiles experience.

One wonders why 20-25% of all men are not seeking out child porn or molesting children. I assume that if you are maximally or highly attracted to mature females, even if you are turned on by little girls at a high level, you would probably just ignore or even suppress your attraction to little girls and simply focus on mature females instead. You would do this because attraction to little girls, not to mention having sex with them, is seen as anywhere from societally unacceptable to say the least to a criminal act of the worst sort.

Men with preferential pedophilic sexual attraction to little girls.

And here we find a critical difference: the difference between a preferential pedophile and a man with a mere pedophilic response. The difference is that the former is not turned on by mature females at all, while the latter is strongly to maximally attracted to them. The preferential pedophile is a man who is very turned on by little girls but has little to no interest in mature females. So the only way he can fulfill his sexual orientation is by committing a crime.

Preferential pedophiles are dangerous for this very reason. This is because the only thing the gets them off is little girls, and mature females do nothing for them. In order to fulfill his sexual desires, the preferential pedophile has to have sex with a little girl, a serious crime. And preferential pedophiles are much more likely than men with both strong pedophilic and mature attractions to be seriously wrapped up in fantasies about sex with little girls to the point where they are fantasizing about sex with little girls and masturbating to those fantasies a good part of their time.

In a word, the preferential pedophile is simply obsessed with having sex with little girls. The other 20-26% of men who react similar to pedophiles in regard to little girls have the advantage of being highly attracted to mature females also. Therefore, they can just blow off their antisocial pedophilic attaction and focus on the socially acceptable attraction to mature females.

This study found that 1% of men were preferential pedophiles. Another study found .1% or 1 in 1000 men were pedophiles. I am not sure which figure is correct, but it would probably not surprise me if 1% of all men were actual preferential pedophiles. Nevertheless, that is a shocking figure to behold. That means 1 million preferential pedophiles in the US alone. That means 340 preferential pedophiles in my small city alone.

A few conclusions:

All or almost all men are attracted to teenage girls. Such attraction is natural, normal and healthy. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s not sick or evil or pedophilic or any of those things, and anyone who says it is is either insane or retarded or both.

53-100% of all men are attracted to little girls but generally at a level substantially lower than their attraction to mature females. Therefore, being attracted to little girls, at least on a minor level, is completely normal in adult males. Even the low figure of 53% is still a majority, and one definition of normal is something that is done by a majority of the population. I would say it is completely normal to be attracted to little girls at a low level, but if you feel that way, it is probably not something you want to focus on or even think about much as there are much more pro-social ways to meet your sexual needs.

20-26% of all men are attracted to little girls at the same or greater level than mature females. That is, 1/4 – 1/5 of all men have a strong pedophilic response. Therefore, if someone comes to me and tells me that little girls turn them on, I am not necessarily concerned. What I would want to know is if mature females turn him on also.

There is a 95-96% chance that a man who is turned on by little girls is attracted to mature females just as much or at least very strongly. I would simply urge such a man to focus on his desires for mature females and preferably ignore or even suppress his desires for little girls, which are – let’s face it- -, antisocial. If you have two strong desires, one antisocial and one pro-social, why not substitute the pro-social one for the antisocial one?

The last conclusion, that 1% of men are preferential pedophiles, is shocking, but we will need to deal with it nonetheless. First of all, if preferential pedophilia is really that common, then we need to stop all of the pedophile witch-hunts and looking for pedophiles hiding under every bed. The truth is they’re everywhere. If they’re everywhere, we can’t exactly spend all of our time running around hysterically persecuting all of them, and if there are 1 million of them in the country, we cannot well put them all in jail or prison either.

These men need to set up an ongoing relationship with a therapist, the goal of which would be to try to keep them from offending. There are other ways for preferential pedophiles to satisfy their needs than molesting a little girl. Unfortunately one of those ways is via the use of child pornography, the use of which is nearly as illegal as molesting a girl. Given that the use of child pornography is very high among preferential pedophiles, this leaves us with a conundrum. We want to prosecute possession of child porn, but we can’t exactly put 1 million men in prison for doing so.

I have no solutions to these conundrums right now, but they should give you something to think about.


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Do Prepubescent Girls Have a Sex Drive?

In my opinion, the answer is basically no. Little girls have no sex drive. Period. Give it up, pedos.

I did a lot of research on the subject, and I just could not come up with anything. I know the pedos insist that little girls are these incredibly sexual creatures just dying to fuck men and boys. I’d say that’s wishful thinking on the part of the pedos. Even worse, I would say it’s a great big fat pedo lie.

Thinking like a girl is essentially sexless thinking. The pedos keep insisting that prepubescent kids have strong sex drives. And I’ve never seen any evidence for this myself. I didn’t have much of a drive myself before puberty. Sex seemed like something weird, boring and stupid, and I didn’t even understand it very well, in part because of the less than optimal sex education. In fact, when I was told the details of sex at age 9, I was absolutely horrified. “You mean he actually puts it in her?!” That seemed like such a weird and horrible thing to do!

I’ve done a lot of research on prepubescent female sexuality (mostly to test out the pedos’ theories), and I can’t find anything there. Yes indeed, young girls can and do start masturbating as early as age 5 (and it’s a lot more common than you think), and they can actually have an orgasm by manipulating the clitoris. Not a few little girls figure out how to do this on their own.

Look around the web for confessions from adult women about how they learned to have orgasm at age 5, 7, 8 or whatever. A lot of interesting stories. Also I have had girlfriends who masturbated regularly from age 5 on. Some of these girls were sexualized early from molestation (another reason molestation is bad), but others just learned it on their own, mostly accidentally.

The bizarre thing is that even when little girls learn to reach orgasm, they never seem to develop an actual sex drive. Sure, they learn to pleasure themselves, but they don’t start getting turned on sexually by men and boys. In other words, they can get themselves off but they are not turned on by anyone, and they don’t actually want to have sex with anyone! Now that is very odd, and it is something that requires observation and explanation.


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Men Arrested for Having Sex with Underage Dolls

I wrote about this insanity earlier. I told you that feminists were already working to try to ban sex dolls. Now it turns out they are already doing it.

Two men, one in Canada and one in Australia, have been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography for owning dolls that are shaped like 12-14 year old Lolis.

Yep, you read that right. Two men were arrested for owning underage dolls. That’s so stupid it’s not even real. You see, underage dolls are harmed when men own them and use them for sex because while adult dolls are capable of consent, underage dolls are simply not capable of consenting due to the immaturity of their plastic brains.

I am surprised they didn’t charge these guys with child molesting for fucking these ridiculous dolls. That’s probably coming next. Nothing’s too bizarre for Pedophile Mass Hysteria, brought to you by the feminists.

Both of these men are apparently going to get off because while child pornography laws are absolutely insane, they are not quite this insane yet. And yes, child pornography laws are insane. For instance, in some cases drawings of children having sex with adults are illegal.

The whole argument against child pornography is based on the notion that a child was harmed in making the images. The images show the commission of a crime along with a criminal perpetrator and a crime victim. By viewing these images (dubious argument) and certainly by collecting, trading and selling them for sexual gratification (better argument) you are re-victimizing the child. The girl who got molested at age 10 gets “molested” over and over again each time her images are collected, traded or sold. I suppose there is some sort of a rational argument in there somewhere. Anyway, true child pornography is so awful that society is completely within its means to ban the stuff.

But drawings? What’s the argument? The girl in the drawing got harmed? The girl in the drawing is a crime victim? The man in the drawing is a criminal? The drawing shows the commission of an actual crime which definitely occurred? Every time you collect, trade of sell that drawing, the poor little girl in that drawing is victimized over and over again?

What the Hell?

True pedophiles have an actual sexual orientation like homosexuality or heterosexuality. They can’t help their orientation any more than any of us can. I say let the pedos have their drawings, stories and dolls but now their images or actual humans being victimized. After all, they have a right to satisfy their sexual urges in some manner, do they not?


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Statement on Jared Fogle

Beatrix writes:

Seriously it sounds like Fogle was set up- but he is planning to plead guilty to charges related to the possession of child pornography and having sex with a minor.

The last part of the sentence is not true. They have no evidence that he ever fucked any underage girl. They are charging him with “traveling to have sex with a minor” – what a weird crime!

I read more about this, and I want to throw the book at both of these guys. They are pretty clearly what I would call pedophilic types (nonpreferential). It’s just not normal to have such extreme sexual interest in little girls. The first guy is shooting nudes of girls down to age 6 in his house. He is also collecting a ton of child porn of girls down to age 6. He shared a lot of this with Fogle. So Fogle not only likes to fuck teenage girls (which is an understandable and 100% normal desire in any man and is certainly not pedophilic or even abnormal), he also has an extreme abnormal interest in kids, apparently little girls all the way down to age 6.

He had a ton of that child porn on his servers. It was probably real child porn because simple nudes of kids are pretty much legal. There are nude shots of kids all over the Net, and I believe they are legal. They are often “nudist” type photos. So his CP went beyond nudes. I am not even sure when a nude pic of a minor even becomes illegal. My understanding is that nudes of minors per se are not illegal, but they are if they are posing in a pornographic or sexually provocative way.

Throw the book at both of them.

Fogle also did indeed try to set up a situation where he fucked an underage prostitute, but it fell through. He traveled quite some distance to make that happen. I do not agree with such laws, but you can’t do that. For instance, I can’t make an arrangement with some 14 year girl to go to a hotel somewhere so we can fuck and then drive a ways over to that hotel to meet her. That’s illegal, and I can be arrested.

I just don’t see why he owes this teenage minor whore in New York City one nickel. She’s 17. That’s legal age in New York. What did he do wrong? In what universe is she a “victim?” How on Earth did he “victimize” her?


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Are Westerners Really More Likely to be Pedophiles?

SHI writes:

I’m afraid stats from an online source don’t tell the entire story. White pedophiles kinda stand out from others due to the sheer gravity of their crimes. Watch NBC: Catch a Predator, most accused on show are white men.

I’ve been to Thailand and Cambodia (for tourism purpose mind you) and saw an overwhelming number of white males, and also a few older white females looking extra cozy around children. I don’t think all of them were social workers with nice intentions. Most white people who are overstaying in SE Asia happen to be freaks of one kind or another, they don’t talk normally to you due to the easy availability of pussy. Somehow the permissive climate of SE countries brings out the worst in human nature.

It is well known in Thailand that the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami which killed a lot of Swedes in Thailand was God’s sweeping punishment against a vile, wicked and sinful people (a lot of them were pedophiles).

To Catch a Predator sets up men who are trying to fuck a 14 or 15 year old girl. Men who try to fuck 14 and 15 year old girls are not pedophiles. I would point out that in Black communities and especially in the ghetto, it is normal for adult men to fuck 14 and 15 year old girls. Nobody bats an eye or calls the cops because it is simply not seen as a crime. Mexicans start fucking their women when they are 14 in both Mexico and the US.

So there we dealt with that one.

I would argue that in much of the 3rd World, it is simply normal for girls to get molested. 53% of all Indian girls get molested as children. Apparently it is mostly done in the family. So do Indian men have a reputation for being pedophiles? Of course not. Because in that culture, it’s normal for adult men to mess with prepubertal girls.

My friends in Canada tell me that in Canada, “all Indian girls get molested, 100% of them.” It’s generally done in the family. And this is before they even hit puberty. By the time they are 14, they are considered women and are already getting fucked normally all the time and no one even thinks it’s weird.

You can read interviews with Black women from the ghetto online. They have women sitting around in groups talking about how they got molested. One says, “In the ghetto, all girls get molested.” And all the other women solemnly nod their heads. And once again, this is mostly in the family.

There is said to be an epidemic of Black men raping or having sex with very young girls in South Africa. The rates of girl-fucking there are absolutely off the charts. A lot of this is due to the idea that if you get a young enough girl, it’s a sure bet she doesn’t have HIV.

Very few studies are done on child molestation in the 3rd World, so we have no idea how many girls in the 3rd World are subjected to this sort of thing, but I think if we studied it, there might be a whole lot more than you might think.

One wonders why White Western pedophiles often relocate to the 3rd World so they can molest freely without getting caught. That is because in places like the the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and even Mexico, most people don’t even care about some White man from the West who is screwing kids. In fact, many of the locals will hear about the rich White pedo older man ion that house over there and they will gladly rent their kids to him to play with for a handful of cash.

The fact that child molestation seems to be no big deal in these places implies that there is probably a lot of it that goes on and also that they don’t think it’s a moral issue. We in the West definitely think it is a moral issue that implies right there that those 3rd World areas are more pro-pedophilic than the West is.

White culture is different because we actually take exception to this sort of thing – adult men have sex with teenage girls – which is accepted in most of the world.

There are two types of child molesters – pedophilic child molesters and non-pedophilic molesters. Various estimates indicate that 70-92% of all molesters are not even pedophiles. They generally molest in the family and are no more into little girls than anyone else. They are just criminals who are taking advantage of very vulnerable little girls, an easy target.

Now as far as the true pure pedophile type, there may be an argument that Whites are overrepresented among pure preferential pedophiles – the type who deliberately seek out children in various ways – the guys that were the cause of the whole “stranger danger” fad. But that’s not proven yet either.


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Repost: Myth: Whites Are More Likely to be Pedophiles and Child Molesters

Original post here.

This is one of the most widely linked posts I have ever written. I am reposting it now because a lot of you may never have read it. Unfortunately, a lot of the people reposting it White Supremacists, White Nationalists and White anti-Black racists. They do this because Blacks and White liberals often toss out this notion that Whites are more likely to molest children than Blacks are. It probably isn’t true, but I would not mind if it was. It might be nice if we could commit at least one crime more than the Blacks do. But it appears that the Blacks outshine us in this crime also. In fact, for 99% of crimes, Blacks commit more of them than Whites do.

I fail to understand what we were supposed to do about it anyway even if Whites were more likely to molest kids than Blacks. I mean, I’m going to avoid living in White neighborhoods for fear of my kids being molested? Why would I do that? And go live where? In a Black neighborhood? In an Hispanic neighborhood? Those would be better somehow? It’s ridiculous.

I’ve also been creamed from here to Kingdom Come for writing this article, mostly by White liberals. Generally, they have called me a White Supremacist or White nationalist or White racist, apparently just for daring to write this article. The truth has been racist for some time now, and this is simply one more case of the darned racist truth. If the truth is racist, then I will still tell the truth.

For those of you who have already read the article, I did add some new data to the piece.

There is a long-standing myth perpetrated by Blacks and White anti-racists like Tim Wise that Whites are more likely to molest children than any other race. This goes back to some stereotype of the creepy, nerdy, weirdo White guy who can’t get laid so he molests kids.

About time we shot this myth full of holes like it needs to be.

First of all, let’s look at child abuse in general, including sexual and all other types of abuse.


% of total child abusers:

White                            51%
African American                 25%
Hispanic                         15%
American Indian/Alaska Natives   2%
Asian/Pacific Islanders          1%

Relative to their population, likelihood of child abuse compared to background population rate:

American Indian  +100%
Blacks           +92%
Hispanics        no difference
Whites           -35%
Asian            -67%

On an individual basis, American Indians are most likely to abuse a child in some way or other, then Blacks, then Hispanics, then Whites, then Asians.

The high Amerindian rate is probably due to the utterly collapsed nature of Amerindian families and societies as a whole. The high Black rate is because, well, Blacks have elevated rates of most crimes compared to Whites, Hispanics, Asians and Amerindians. Low Asian rate is probably because across almost all crime stats, Asians typically have the lowest rates of them all.

As you can see, not only are Whites less likely to abuse kids than Blacks, they have one of the lowest child abuse rates of any ethnic group in the US, surpassed only by Asians.

The argument that Whites are more likely to molest children uses these statistics:

Those inmates who were convicted of committing violent acts against children were more like to have been White, a percentage of nearly 70%, than any other race.

The figure is from the Bureau of Prisons, 1991. In 1991, Whites were 74% of the population, and they were “nearly 70% of those convicted of child molesting.” In other words, Whites are about 7% less likely to commit child molestation than an average American.

The problem with the 1991 report was that, as usual, Hispanics were lumped in with Whites in terms of crime perpetrators, artificially inflating the White rate. The 1994 Justice Department report finally disaggregates Whites from Hispanics. The results, % of total child molesters by race:

Whites    54.1%
Hispanics 23.5%
Blacks    20.7%
Other     1.7%

Now compare to their presence in the general population for likelihood of being a child molester as opposed to an average American:

Hispanics +96%
Blacks +59%
Whites -35%
Other -58%

This lines up with anecdotal reports of high rates of sex crimes in areas overrun with illegal aliens from Mesoamerica.

The myth lies shattered.

Hispanics are 2.3 X (135%) more likely to molest children than Whites.

Blacks are 85% more likely to molest children than Whites.

Additional evidence comes from child abuse reports which were reported to authorities, which honestly are better because excellent anecdotal evidence from Black websites and interviews with Black women who grew up in the ghetto inform us that sexual abuse of girls is rampant in the ghetto. Some of the women even say things like, “All girls are molested in the ghetto.” However, in the ghetto, sexual abuse of girls is considered so shameful that it may not even be discussed, and hence is seldom reported and there are few arrests. The whole affair is covered up with massive denial. This rings quite true with me as pathology of all sorts is elevated in ghettos, so why would child sexual abuse not be so.

This may also explain the relatively high percentage of White men imprisoned for this crime since White men who commit this crime are much more likely to be arrested and Black men often just get away with it and are never caught. So victimization surveys ought to clear this up for us.

According to this study at The Root (Drake et al 2011), Black children are reported to authorities for all types of abuse 75% than White children are. For sexual abuse, Black children are reported to authorities 26% more than White children are. Interestingly, Hispanic children are 14% less likely than White children to be reported for sexual abuse. It is interesting to note that the study only compared children from from 2 parent families. If we included Black women from single parent families, the rates might be even higher.

Black children are 25% more likely to be reported to authorities for child sexual abuse than White children are.

Black children are 26% more likely to be reported to authorities for child sexual abuse than White children are.

Where did the myth come from? It’s not certain, but for most crimes, especially violent crimes, Blacks have rates that are up to 6-9 times higher than Whites. For child molestation, these wildly elevated rates for Blacks are not seen; instead, the Black rate is close to double the White rate, not 6-9 times higher. So in child molestation, Whites much more approach parity with Black crime rates. This greatly increased White rate vis a vis Blacks compared to other crimes may have given rise to the illusion that Whites are more likely than Blacks to commit this crime.


Drake, Brett; Jolley, Jennifer M.; Lanier, Paul; Fluke, John; Barth, Richard P. and Jonson-Reid, Melissa. February 7, 2011. Racial Bias in Child Protection? A Comparison of Competing Explanations Using National Data. Pediatrics 2011 127:3 471-478.

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White Nationalism, Sex and Gender

Roosh is a Bahai (and a Bundy) wrote:

On Sluthate they call guys like him stormcels = Stormfront incels.”


To be fair – have you seen the Stormfront women? OUCH! And the men are nothing to look at either. No wonder all of them protest when you suggest they breed at replacement rates.

I haven’t seen many White nationalist chicks, honestly. WN men are unbelievably sexist usually to the point of being misogynistic. I do not know how many of them actually hate women; the main thing is they simply think that women are inferior to men.

A lot of those guys can’t seem to get laid. It is quite common for hardcore WN’s to be long-term celibates, either volcels or incels, I am not sure. Sometimes they other WN’s take off on the long-term volcels and start calling them faggots. Then the volcel comes on and defends himself and gives some weird, monastic, misanthropic explanation for why he is taking a years’ long vacation from women.

A lot of these guys also seem to be quite puritanical about sex. I am not sure why that is, but Nazis were puritans also.

Some of them are the opposite. A friend of mine was a hardcore White nationalist/antisemite and he was a wild womanizer. He said there was a crowd of White nationalists/fascists who were some sort of swingers, and they would throw sex parties. At one of them some White nationalist chick – the wife of the guy who threw the party – got gangbanged by a bunch of White nationalist/fascist guys. My friend participated in this degeneracy. So I guess they are not all puritans. Some fascists just wanna have fun.

I would say that sex is the weakest link for WN men. These guys are men first and foremost and racists distantly second to their gender. They are horny, pussy-crazed and think with their dicks just like all men.

However, they are only allowed to have sex with White women, and even then, they are not supposed to screw around. Instead they are supposed to grab one, marry her and have lots of White babies. They are absolutely forbidden from having sex with Hispanic, Asian, or especially Black women. Here is where the problem comes in. A fair number of these guys, simply being men, put pussy first and politics second. Quite a few of them have been called out for dating Asian and especially Hispanic women. It’s like dangling candy in front of a boy. Sure your ideology tells you can’t take the candy, but what’s a boy gonna do, being a boy and all that?

You got it.

There are almost no women on those sites. The few women on there are often mercilessly attacked by the men, mostly just for being women! Those forums are not safe places for women at all.

I believe Stormfront has some Women’s Forums where men are not allowed to or cannot post. That is probably a good idea. I assume the women do not feel so threatened in there. It would be interesting to check out a Stormfront women’s forum to see how the women act.

Stormfront also has a Dating Forum, I believe. Single male and female WN’s post on there to try and hook up. I assume the men are much better behaved on there.

What little I have seen of hardcore WN women, these chicks are scary as Hell! They are extremely mean, scary, and belligerent. Truly frightening women. They seem like ball-busters on steroids.

Hardcore WN women are under extreme pressure to not be sluts. Quite a few of them are single and apparently don’t date and instead just hole up with their Nazi cats or whatever. I get the impression that some of them have a hard time not being sluts, as that is a Battle Against Nature for a lot of women. How well they avoid the temptation, I have no idea.

There are a fair number of sexual oddballs in White nationalism. I have no idea why this is. Especially in the truly hardcore White nationalist sector, quite a few of the men are homosexuals. The rate seems higher than normal, but I am just guessing. Some of them are long-term closet cases. There was a famous Nazi guy down south who was always organizing these Nazi gangs of very good-looking young White men and photographing them with their shirts off on his website. He was a longstanding closet queen.

John De Nugent has been a closeted homosexual for a long time.

James O’Meara is a homosexual. Greg Johnson is a homosexual. The latter two are very much out.

A number of these guys have been caught with child porn. Kevin Strom was actually a fixated pedophile who went to prison for child porn charges.


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