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America, Land of Sex-Crazy Puritans

When It Comes To Sex, Americans Are Barking Mad and Always Have Been

What in the Hell is the matter with Americans anyway? Why are we so insane about sex? America has always been insane about sex, possibly dating back to its puritan roots. The fact that this is the only Western country with a huge fundamentalist religious movement cannot be helpful.

On the one hand, there is free porn everywhere, all over the Internet, available for anyone to see, even underage teenagers. And underage teens of both sexes definitely watch porn. By age 18, I would gather that the vast majority of teens of both sexes have seen Internet porn. I had a client once who had started masturbating compulsively to Internet porn at age 11. And, get this, this person was female. Yep, an 11 year old girl masturbating compulsively to Internet porn. Now obviously she’s an outlier, but the point is taken.

She brought up the issue of “early sexualization” regarding today’s kids in regards to her own experience.

In addition to flooding society with free porn, we fetishize and nearly mandate sex. We make it impossible to criticize even the sickest, most messed up sex acts.

Gay men like to eat shit? That’s just fine! Don’t you know it’s homophobic to criticize that?

Sick people get into S/M relationships where a sadistic man basically abuses a self-hating masochistic women, all done under the rubric of S/M of course, so we are not allowed to criticize it, except that in terms of its dynamics, it looks exactly like any abusive relationship with a cruel man and suffering, Stockholmed battered woman? This is basically torture sex. We are not allowed to criticize torture sex. If people want to torture each other, that’s their business!

Another thing not discussed is the relationship between S/M, B/D sex and psychopathy and sex crimes, including kidnapping, rape, torture, murder and serial murder. It is extremely common for men who committed violent sexual crimes against women to have a background interest in S/M B/D sex. Women involved in the scene report that many of the male doms (really just sadistic men) have sociopathic tendencies, and many are out and out psychopaths.

A lot of the masochistic women who come out of the “consensual” S/M B/D scene end up damaged, often seriously, by years of abuse done under the “cool” rubric of S/M B/D. The sort of damage that they present with looks exactly like the psychological damage that women in abusive relationships show. But hey, that’s just fine. A sex scene that produces rapists, kidnappers, torturers, murderers and serial killers is just fine! And you’re a stuffy uptight prude if you disagree!

Gay men want piss on each other and drink each other’s piss? Well that’s just fine! How uptight of us to object to such a thing! We must be evil or something. Why don’t we try it ourselves? What’s wrong with you? You won’t drink piss? What, are you frigid or impotent or something?

Gay men want to shove fists up each other’s asses, sometimes causing serious damage to their bodies? How dare we object. We are evil homophobes! Fisting is just fine! We must be uptight or something. Why don’t we try it ourselves, we might like it?

For straight people, sex is nearly mandatory, even if you are single. I knew a 19 year old college girl who absolutely hated herself because she was still (technically) a virgin. She said she felt like a total loser. You can go on the Internet and read underage teenage girls complaining bitterly that they are still virgins and predicting that they will be virgins all the way to age 18. One was so angry about it that she was determined to seduce one of her father’s friends just to get rid of her virginity.

Guys who can’t get laid are considered losers. We are all supposed to be having tons of sex all the time, and if we are not, we are hung up, failures, losers and maybe even mentally ill, sick or even evil. I have seen people call men who were not getting any evil on many occasions. If you’re not having sex, you’re a sinner! Wow. We’ve turned morality upside down. Sins are virtues and virtues are sins! Sade would be proud of us.

At the same time as we push this Wild West bacchanalia sexual free for all with its sinful chastity and virtuous whoredom, we are probably the most puritanical country in the entire West. Most of this is being driven by Gender Feminism, one of the most fanatically puritanical movements to emerge in our time and  probably by the Christian fundamentalism, which is somehow working right alongside the whorish Babylon. So we hate sex, and we are sex-crazy. This actually makes sense because there is evidence that the more you repress sex, the more sex-crazy people get due to pent-up frustration.

Way to go, Americans! Way to be stupid! Keep being idiots! Don’t stop now! You’re just getting started.


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Are the Gays Pushing Their Luck?

It’s already been reported hundreds of times as gay male pornography, but Youtube won’t take it down. This crap should never be on Youtube in the first place. Put it on Adults Only X rated sites. That’s the only place this crap belongs.

A lot of the comments are saying that the gays are going too far, pushing their luck, trying to get us to hate them, etc. To say the comments are anti-gay male would be an understatement.

There’s a lot of pretty crazy sexual stuff portrayed in the video. Gay Identity Politics always lies and says that says other than the PIV sex, gays and straights are the same. I guess gay men and straight men are the same. But we are not. If you bring up all the crazy, perverted crap they do, they say, “Well straight people do it too. Straight men do all those things.”

I am sure we do, but not nearly as much. And the number of straight men who like getting fisted must be extremely low or getting pegged with a strap-on period. Most straight men do not like to get fucked in the ass with long, penis shaped objects, even if your girlfriends is the one who put it on.

As far as the other stuff, I believe 37% of gay men practice S/M, B/D and they get pretty hardcore about it too. Most straight men are not into hardcore B/D, S/M. It’s a fringe subculture. If you live or work around the gay subculture in any major city, you hear about “accidents” involving gay men in S/M, B/D sex are very common. It’s not unusual at for deaths to occur in this activity, probably because they are so hardcore about it. Gay men present to emergency rooms all the time from injuries received in this kind of sex. You also see cases of gay men presenting with some object stuck up their ass that cannot be retrieved, and these cases are more common than you would think.

You also read a lot of stories about police finding some gay men tied up in room somewhere, screaming for help. Or a gay man found bound and gagged in some alleyway, unconscious, with a dildo shoved up his ass. Nope, he didn’t get victimized by criminals at all! His circumstances were a result of consensual gay sex gone out of control. The police are often dumbfounded in these cases and are often not sure if some bound, gagged and beaten gay man was victimized by a criminal or if he was just having some fun.

In fact, sexual sadism is so common in the gay male community that some suggest that is the reason why gay men are vastly overrepresented among serial killers. A gay man is vastly more likely to be a serial killer than a straight man. On the other hand, serial killers are extremely rare, so the odds that any given gay man is one must be extremely small. But this goes to show you what might happen if S/M, B/D ever catches on big-time in the straight community. We might end up with a lot more serial killers. I don’t think I’ve ever had a straight male friend who was into sexual sadism heavily.

I had a fag hag girlfriend in Hollywood once. Her idea of a good time on a Friday night was going to a gay bar and hanging out with her gay male friends. Most of her friends were hardcore gay male masochists. Once she told me about her masochistic gay male friend, “He’s not satisfied until the welts are this big.” She held her hands up with eyes bugged out of her skull. I think I said, “That guy is a sick fucking perverted asshole. Why the Hell do you associate with him?” I am not sure I would say that now, but that was in 1983. I’ve never known one straight man who liked to get beat up like that or who even practiced serious sexual masochism period.

Fully 37% of gay men engage in fisting in the past year. The % for straight men must be vanishingly low. This is actually quite a risky sexual activity, and my understanding is that you can really injure or damage your anus by doing this stuff. Also, it’s a dirty little secret, but a lot of the Hepatitis C epidemic is coming directly from this activity, often done at an orgy or group sex scene. There’s a reason for that, but I will not go into it now. Gay men keep insisting that if done properly, this activity is perfectly safe, but that can’t be true.

Sure some gay men fuck women in the ass, but it’s not a common sex act. I’ve only had a few girlfriends who even engaged in this sex act, and I’ve barely done it myself. I don’t think most straight guys are fucking women in the ass all the time. It’s just not happening.

Anilingous or rimming is when a gay man licks another gay man’s anus either on the outside or with the tongue, inside the anus. 62% of gay men engaged in rimming in the past year. This is almost a standard activity in gay porn, and it seems like this sex act is a regular part of many gay men’s sex lives. And from the few peaks I have had at gay porn, they really go at it, plunging their faces in like they haven’t eaten in days. You are supposed to wash up before you do this sort of thing, but gay men either don’t wash up or they don’t do it well enough.

Another dirty little secret that no one talks about is that this sexual act alone is responsibility for a number of diseases in the gay male community. Hepatitis A is spread only this way, and Hep A outbreaks are recorded in gay communities on a regular basis. In addition, the parasites, shigella, giardia, and ameoba are spread this way, causing shigellosis, giardia, and ameobiasis. The last one if amoebic dysentery, a disease endemic to 3rd world countries with terrible sanitation. As many as 20% of gay men test positive for at least one of those bugs at any time, and outbreaks of shigellosis, giardiasis and amoebiasis are quite common in gay communities.

Straight people definitely engage in this activity too, but a lot of of straight women refuse to do it and few volunteer from my experience. It doesn’t seem to be #1 on your average straight woman’s favorite sex act list. Still you do see this in straight porn. The odd thing is that any given group of 50-100 usually tests 0% of the presence of those parasites which are endemic among gay men. There have been several cases recorded in straights. The fact that straights seem to get away with rimming is probably because these pathogens are probably at very low levels in straight society. With gay men, on the other hand, what we call the disease reservoir is seriously infected with these bugs at a near epidemic level. The concept of disease reservoirs is very important in contagious disease but little discussed.

Water sports. Yes there are straight men and women women like to piss on people or get pissed on. It doesn’t seem to be very common. Ask one of your girlfriends if she would like to be on the receiving end of this act, and most women act like they are going to punch you in the face. Once again, doubtful that this is a top 3 sexual activity with straight women. Fully 16% of gay men engaged in water sports in the past year. I doubt if the figure is 2% for straight men.

Coprophilia. That means getting shit on or even better yet, coprophagia, which means getting shit on and eating the shit. You wonder why any human would do such a thing but it actually goes on a fair amount. Fully 8% of gay men engaged in coprophiliac activities in the past year. I doubt if the figure for straight men is 1%.

So you see, gay men are far more perverted than straight men and this is reflected in emergency room admissions, police calls for sexual activity, deaths and injuries during sex, injuries to the anus, not to mention several sexually-transmitted viruses and parasites which nearly absent in straight men.


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The Next Protected Class


I assume not too far into the future, we will have to protect the rights of these fucktards.

Soon we will hear:

  • They were “born that way.”
  • The condition is obviously biological.
  • They are not mentally ill or delusional at all.
  • People who think they are dogs really are dogs, just like men who think they are women really are women.
  • They will start calling themselves transdogs.
  • We will soon have surgery available so they can become much more dog-like.
  • They will want to take some strong drugs that actually make you act like a dog.
  • They will need separate bathrooms – one for humans and one for hudogs or whatever the Hell they are.
  • The gay community will adopt them, and GLBTQI will become GLBTQIH.
  • It will be illegal to discriminate against humans based on species identity.
  • They will not be able to go to college or get a bank account because only humans get do those things, and hudogs are not human.
  • They will scream and yell to get a new checkmark on job applications that gives you a choice between humans and transdogs or transanimals.
  • Many hudogs will be assaulted, especially when they try to use human bathrooms.
  • Police will try to pull them over when the hudogs drive cars because only humans can drive cars. They will be forced to let them go.
  • Hudogs will demand the right to pick up their legs and urinate on various standing objects to mark their territory.
  • Dog, bastard, bitch, etc. will become slurs like nigger and kike. Wait, bitch already is a slur against all women. Remember when you call one woman a bitch, you are actually calling all women bitches because women are either too retarded or have too poor boundaries such that they cannot differentiate individual women as separate autonomous beings separate from the mega-being called Women.
  • Hudogs will run in packs in the alleyways, causing disturbances. Police will not be allowed to arrest them.
  • There will be increasing cases of hudogs biting humans when they feel threatened.
  • Hudogs will petition themselves to be listed under the Endangered Species Act because they are animals and not humans and are presumably low in number.
  • Species Identity Disorder will become a highly controversial entity in the new DSM.
  • Hudogs will bark, sometimes incessantly and too often in public, creating disturbances. Police will not be allowed to arrest them.
  • When you call police to report a suspect., they will ask you, “Human or hudog?”

I am actually a lot more serious about this list than you think.


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Rape or Not Rape?

This is ridiculous. The description of what happened, along with the link to MensRights on Reddit, is below. Question is, rape or not rape. I say not rape. This silly woman was asking for this. You are into “knife play?” What are you, insane? When you are a woman who is into knife play, exactly what sort of males do you figure are going to like to engage in knife play with women? You got it. Maniacs. Guys who like to fantasize about raping women. About torturing women. About kidnapping women. About killing women. Who else would be into such a thing?

She also likes to be choked? What a dumb bitch. Any woman who likes to be choked is out of her head. And guys who like to choke women are assholes. What sort of a guy likes to choke women? Easy. A guy who likes to fantasize about being a serial killer? A guy who dreams about being Ted Bundy because that’s his hero. A maniac.

Sure, this guy violated all of the “rules” of this insane community, but so what? I know a thing or two about this crazy community. Let me tell you something. Rapes, quite similar to this or probably much worse, happen all the time. I mean real rapes. Real rapes and quasi-rapes like below. The BD/SM community is rapey as all get out. In fact, at many BD/SM conferences, a lot of the speakers say there is no such thing as rape in BD/SM. As long as you are into torture sex, there is no such thing as rape.

Sure, these people have all sorts of crazy “rules,” but given the sociopathic men are who attracted to this sort of thing, who thinks anyone is going to follow them? And yes, many of the male sadists in this community are sociopaths. The BD/SM community is swarming with sociopathic men. This is like a candy store for them. And even if they are not sociopathic, just what sort of man do you think a sadist is? A sadist is a guy who gets off on hurting other people. What sort of an asshole gets off on that? A male heterosexual sadist is a guy who loves to hurt women. That’s the definition of what he is.

So all these lunatic women hooking up with these guys are looking to have sex and get into relationships with guys who like to hurt women. What exactly do they expect is going to happen when you start messing around with guys who like to hurt women? Why would any sane woman have anything to do with some maniac who likes to hurt women in the first place? These women are pretty much asking for it.

Even on porn sites like, my understanding is that rapes happen all the time on the set. That’s not uncommon at all for BD/SM porn. A lot of rapes happen on the set of those sort of shoots.

The thing is, you are supposed to have safe words. You are supposed to say no. This ditzy bitch never once said no. In the world of BD/SM, that means the guy can carry on as long as he likes. Actually, in that crazy world, a lot of guys won’t even stop if you say no and safe words are routinely violated, so even saying no won’t be enough.

One more thing, male sexual sadists typically do not limit themselves to the bedroom. It’s not like he’s the nicest guy in the world, but he just likes to innocently pretend he’s Ted Bundy in the bedroom, but it’s all in good fun. It doesn’t work that way. Guys like to pretend they’re serial killers because they are basically maniacs who happen to be able to control themselves. I figure for every one maniac running around killing women, there’s probably 100 men who dream of it but have enough controls to not do it for a variety of reasons.

Male sexual sadists like to hurt women. And typically not just in bed. They tend to be pretty damn mean and cruel outside of bed. And many to most of the folks into this sort of thing don’t just keep it to the bedroom. Most are into 24/7 Dom/Sub relationships where is the Dominant or Master who treats her like shit 100% of the time and she is the Submissive, Sub or Slave who enjoys being treated like shit all the time because it’s fun and she’s nuts in the head.

It’s not uncommon at all for male sexual sadists who are active in the BD/SM community to “expand their interests” and graduate to abducting, raping, torturing and even killing women. Many men arrested for these crimes have a history of being active in that community or if not, this the type of sex they like to have with wives and girlfriends. So if your male boyfriend or husband likes to pretend to be a maniac in bed, I would consider that a major warning sign. The gay community has an extremely high rate of sexual sadism (37% of gay men are heavy into sexual sadism or sexual masochism). One theory of why there are so many gay serial killers (gays are 3% of the population and 35% of the serial killers) is because there is so much sexual sadism in the community.

That said, this guy is a complete asshole. Obviously. But guess what male sexual sadists are? They’re assholes! They’re supposed to be assholes! That’s what the whole kink is all about.

I say this is not rape. She never said no. If she doesn’t say no, there’s generally no rape unless you have your hands around her neck so she can’t talk. As far as non BD/SM, she probably needs to say no or indicate no in some other way.

Personally, I like it a bit rough and I always say to the women I have sex with, “If I ever do or say anything you don’t like, let me know, ok, and I will stop.” And with a lot of sex acts like spanking, I get her permission before I do it (Do you want me to spank you? Don’t you want me to do it harder?). I mean you really need to get her permission for everything.

If she says no, I quit doing it. I don’t go ahead and do it anyway. I don’t know what it would be like if she didn’t say no but she indicated that she wasn’t consenting because I don’t think that has ever happened to me. Every time I have sex with a woman, it’s because she wants to do it. Sometimes, I will try to do something and she will so, “No,” or “Don’t,” so I just don’t do it. Use common sense and you won’t have any problems.


Kinky woman invites kinky man over, and they have kinky sex.She declares it “RAPE”,posting her version of the event on FetLife (a Facebook for kinky people). And even though it’s pretty clear from her own description that it WASN’T rape,she gets so many “upvotes”,that it reaches their front page! (self.MensRights)

submitted 1 day ago by QUITcryingRAPE

[I’ve redacted her Fetlife S/name. But her post may still be on their front page, which they call “Kinky and Popular”, or K&P for short. My comments are in brackets.]

[Title] You stole my ability to consent

This is one of the hardest things I have ever written. I keep starting it and then deleting it. I have no idea if it will even make sense.

I am a nurse, I am the person who helps other people, I am not a victim. I honestly never imagined something like this would happen to me. I am having a lot of trouble coming to terms with what happened, I keep trying to tell myself maybe I am overreacting and what happened wasn’t the R word. Then another side of my brain kicks in and I blame myself, I allowed myself to be in that position, I didn’t stop it, I didn’t say no.

[This is worth emphasizing. She DIDN’T stop it, and she DIDN’T say “no”]

But in the back of my mind I know it was wrong and that what happened should never have happened.

So I guess I should start from the beginning…

So we talked on Fet [short for FetLife] for a few months about a whole variety of things. You seemed like a nice person. I was in a relationship at the time so I didn’t think any more of it.

Then after my relationship ended we started talking again. It moved to texting. We talked about different kinks. We both discussed how we were into knife play. I voiced that though I was into it I would never ever do it with someone I did not know or trust completely. It had taken me 2 years to even contemplate knife play with my ex. I have been traumatized by a knife in the past and if someone I did not trust were to use one on me it would not end well. You seemed to get that. We discussed choking, how I love it, how you like doing it. You often mentioned meeting up. Something always made me hesitate.

Then a few days ago you started messaging me and we talked on the phone. The day before my birthday you messaged me and we found we both had the day off. You suggested coming over to hang out, obviously there was flirting and the undertone of sex. I was hesitant, but for some reason I said yes. I thought well what is the worst that could happen? We hang out, maybe we don’t like each other and he leaves, maybe we have sex. Well I can handle that.

I have no idea if this is exactly what happened that day, everything is a bit like a puzzle that has been pulled apart. But this is what I remember.

So you arrived. We went to the lounge room and sat on the couch. A couple of words were exchanged. Then suddenly your hands were on my throat and you were choking me. Hard. Repeatedly. I was feeling incredibly scared and uneasy at this point. Where was the talking about limits, about consent, about what we wanted to happen. But I couldn’t say this, I could barely breathe, I was panicking. I was deep in the wilderness of sub space where I will not fight, I will not speak, I am pliable, even though my subconscious is screaming at me to run.

You grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up off the couch. You pushed me in front of you into the bedroom. You pushed me onto my stomach on the bed and pulled my cardigan up over my face so that I couldn’t see and my hands were pinned in front of me. You sat over me and put your arms around my throat in a headlock. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. I knew at this point I was in trouble, but still I didn’t stop anything.

After this you used a variety of implements on me, paddle, flogger, your hand, then suddenly I felt the prick of a knife on the back of my legs. I froze. I entered a zone of terror. When presented with a knife, I am immediately immobilized. I lay there, immobile, panicking, knowing I wanted it to stop but I didn’t say the words. I didn’t say stop. [Again, this seems pretty important. We haven’t heard his side, and for all we know, he thinks things are going swimmingly well.]

You grabbed me by the hair and flipped me onto my back. You pulled me to the side of the bed so my head hung over the edge. You shoved your cock into my mouth and repeatedly made me gag on it. You slapped my face. You shoved your fingers down my throat. You made me say thank you. [Not clear on how he made her say thank you, but it is clear that she can, in fact, speak words.]

You again flipped me onto my stomach and bound my hands behind me with tape. You flogged my back. You then pushed yourself inside me. You pushed a toy into my ass. I screamed. You pulled out. You put the toy inside me. You put yourself in my ass. You fucked me hard, over and over again, I screamed, my body took over and I came. [In the absence of being told otherwise, an orgasm on her part probably sent him what he thought was a clear message.] You continued to fuck me, I remember screaming and trying to pull away.

Suddenly you pulled out moved up towards my face grabbed me by the hair and then blew all over my face. Then you pushed my face into the bed. You got up and I thought it was over. Suddenly I felt the knife on my back.

I remember your words. “Don’t think I am finished with you yet, assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups”. I felt the knife tracing a path up and down my back. Then felt you lay it to rest between by shoulder blades. I heard you moving around getting dressed. I was holding back tears. You said “now I’m finished” and “How do you feel?”. I replied “I don’t know”. I just wanted it to end. You said you could come back tomorrow. Then you walked out of the room and left.

I lay on the bed, naked, shaking, unable to contemplate what just happened. I heard my phone beep. I picked it up and a friend had messaged me. I called them sobbing hysterically, unable to explain. I have no idea how long we were on the phone for. I remember him telling me to breathe, not to think, to just focus on the breathing.

Slowly, so very slowly the sobs began to lessen. Then all I could see were the toys strewn everywhere, the marks on the bed, the wetness all over me. I felt dirty, violated. I remember telling him I had to shower, I had to get clean. I hung up, I threw my blanket in the washing machine and cleared all the toys up. I got into the shower and scrubbed myself raw.

I called my friend after the shower. He didn’t know what to say. He suggested I talk to someone else who was more experienced in the scene. I messaged someone on my Fet friends list that I thought may be able to help. He immediately told me to call his partner. I did. These wonderful people ended up coming over. I was just a stranger from Fet, but they came because they knew I needed it. This re-established my faith in humanity that there are decent people in this world.

There followed a night of uber sweet tea, hugs, amazing advice and reassurance and then a blur of police and doctors and tests as the clock ticked over into my 27th year on this earth. I came home to an empty house, covered in forensic dust with multiple items missing. I felt terrified that you may come back. That fear still hasn’t gone away. I wish you didn’t know where I lived

I still keep telling myself that maybe this is my fault. I should have said no, I should have stopped it. I shouldn’t have invited him over. This feeling has not been helped by a police officer telling me that I was on a kink site and what did I expect would happen. That the toys belonged to me, so what did I think would happen. I feel like I can’t take it further because my sexual history will be brought into it and I will be judged. I feel ashamed because I came.

But I have slowly come to realize that I was unable to say no. [So the man should be a mind-reader?] From the point you choked me, to you bringing out the knife, I was unable to say no. [So the man should go to prison because of your inability to use words properly?] I was frozen by fear and I was trapped in subspace.

I could no more have stopped you than I could have jumped into outer space. [Hmmm. Saying the word “stop”, or jumping into outer space. Yup, both equally unfathomable tasks.] You never asked me my limits or what I wanted to happen, you never checked in with me, you knew I would not use knives with you, but you used them anyway, you put things inside me without permission, you left at the end with no after care. [So, let me get this straight. A HUG would have suddenly turned this “rape” into the start of a beautiful relationship?]

In doing all these things you STOLE my ability to consent. You RAPED me. You have changed me in ways I can’t even explain. [Allow me to explain. It’s called growing up, and learning that as an adult, you are sometimes called upon to use your words, rather than blaming others for not knowing what you want and don’t want.]

So I guess I just needed to verbalize how I was feeling/thinking. I hope this person never again does this to someone. I hope I will get through it in time, or I will get better at not thinking about it. For now you have taken a great many things away from me.

I also want to say a big thank you to the amazing people who went above and beyond over the last couple of days to provide love and support and advice.

Update 1: Thank you for all the love and support from everyone reading this post. I honestly never expected it and it has quite overwhelmed me. You have all helped me more than I can say

Update 2: To all those concerned yes I will be going to counseling and I have had/will have the necessary tests done.

Update 3: The police officer who was such an ass was a female, not that gender should be relevant. I did report it, however they seemed to think that I was misinterpreting what she said. I really wish that there was some sort of education for officers these days regarding BDSM and consent. It might make more people willing to speak up if they didn’t fear facing judgement and ignorance.

[Yeah, thankfully, the cops used some common sense for once, and a man who may well have been innocent, did not have to be arrested and go to jail because a woman forgot how to tell him to “STOP”, and decides, after-the-fact, that she had been raped. Now, the fact that one woman can mistake this unfortunate series of events for a horrible sex crime is hardly newsworthy.]

[But the fact that her story gets enough “likes” to propel it to the front page of a major website, and an endless list of comments below it, all of them supportive, in a community that supposedly understands and accepts the rules of kinky sex, which SHE clearly violated, is proof-positive that we are NOT living in a “Rape Culture”, but in fact, we are living in whatever the polar opposite of “Rape Culture” would be.]


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What Would Society Look Like If a Majority of Adults Were Gay?

Gay men are a huge disease reservoir. If a majority of men are gay, then vast numbers of men will be afflicted with all manner of diseases. 10% of all men will have HIV alone.

Further, male homosexuality shaves 20 years off the lifespan. So instead of living to age 78, most men will live to age 58.

The rate of serial killing and child molestation will go way up because gay men have very high rates of such things. Also there will be a tremendous amont of such things as shiteating, playing with shit, piss drinking, and sadism and masochism with unknown consequences medically and societally. The wild increase in sexual sadism alone would cause thrill killing and serial killing to dramatically increase.

The rates of depression and anxiety will go up by a lot.

The rates of alcohol and drug abuse will skyrocket.

Rates of domestic abuse will go up. Gay men are much more likely to beat up their partners than straight men are.

The crime rate will go up. Gay men are twice as likely to be criminals as straight men.

Not to mention, society will not reproduce and populations will eventually plummet. A majority of men will simply not have kids.

Sexual harassment in the workplace will go nuts because I believe gay men harass like crazy, but nothing after happens because gay men rarely press sexual harassment charges. It is very common for gay men to try to blackmail other men for gay sex, so we will see a lot more of that. The minority of straight men will be constantly bothered by gay male harassers, especially at work, but they won’t be able to do anything about it as most of the authorities will be gay and will refuse to file charges.

Sex in public will become legal and it will become truly weird to walk around a lot of our big cities.

Public restrooms are already often ruined by homosexuals, especially ones at parks or highway rest stops. Most public restrooms will become regular hangouts for gay men who will practice public sex in there with abandon. Society will either make this sort of thing legal or will refuse to do anything about it.

The age of consent at least for males will be lowered down to 14-16 so the vast numbers of gay men who like to fuck teenage boys will be able to do so. This sort of thing will also become very common.At a typical high school, a very high percentage of the boys would be either fucking adult men or in relationships with them.

At the same time, straight men having sex with teenage girls will be proscribed even more than it is now because of the new laws the radfems (see below) will pass.

Most men will behave in an effeminate manner most or all of the time. That doesn’t sound like a culture with a healthy male component. Lord knows what will flow from that.

Gay male society does not function very well. The only reason appears to thrive is because the basic straight culture functions very well, great enough to cover for inherently pathological gay culture and enough to keep the tiny minority 3% gay male culture sustainable such that it even appears almost functional.


Lesbian culture is not healthy either.

Rates of breast cancer would skyrocket if most women were lesbians.

So will rates of depression and anxiety.

Twice as many women will be smokers and heavy drinkers.

Drug abuse among women will go way up.

Many more women will be victims of domestic abuse. A woman is much more likely to be beaten up by her lesbian partner than by her straight male partner.

If you think a lot of women hate men now, wait until most women are lesbians. Man-hatred will go off the charts, and we may well get all sorts of crazy anti-male laws on the books. You could wind up with a sort of misandristic authoritarian society where it is practically against the law to act like a man. Most women will be radical feminists, and this will be reflected in the law via our elected officials. Radical feminists are nutcases. Women are already pretty crazy as it is, but try to imagine if women were vastly more insane than they already are.

Rape will be vastly redefined such that a straight man will be taking a risk of rape every time he has sex with a woman no matter how consensual it may seem. Heterosexual sex initiating in the workplace will almost become illegal because just about any sex starting from there could be construed as sexual harassment under the new laws the radfems will come up with.

At the same time, bizarrely enough, gay men will cavort through the workplace being as flirtatious and sexy as they want to be, pursuing new partners, getting phone numbers and making dates and hookups with abandon. Most workplaces will turn into the equivalent of gay bars.

Lesbianism will also be rampant in the workplace as women would flirt with, pursue, check out, get phone numbers and make dates and hookups with women with abandon.

The gay men in the workplace will harass the straight men shamelessly, and the straight men will have no one to complain to.

Workplaces will become nightmarish for most women because while male sexual attention will nearly be removed, lifting a big headache for many women, at the same time, lesbians will pursue and harass straight women constantly in the workplace to such an extent that straight women will start longing for the days when they were only pestered by men.

There will be many new laws against “street harassment” to the point where it will almost be illegal to ogle women or to approach women in a sexual manner in public. Radfems may even pass laws stating that men may not interact with women in a sexual manner at all in most of the public. This way the wimmins could walk around in public all the time and go anywhere and do anything without having to be bothered by men looking at them and coming onto them all the time.

Straight men and women will still be able to meet, flirt, date, hook up and get to know each other romantically or sexually, but that will be restricted to certain venues in society. Only maybe 5% of society space would involve these venues.

Boys will be badly mistreated by their mothers and society even worse than they are now. Boys will grow up thinking that being male is evil because that is what Mom will teach them.

Most girls will start hating boys early on, and most teenage girls will be beginning the journey to hardcore male hatred. The schools will become even more anti-male than they already are, with many new rules pathologizing many normal boy behaviors. Schooling and testing will be set up to advantage girls and disadvantage boys. Divorce law will become even crazier and man-hostile than it already is. Most women will demand alimony upon divorce, which is now minority behavior.

Most women will be overweight, with all of the attendant diseases resulting from that. There will be a lot of discrimination in the workplace as lesbians will discriminate against men in hiring and promotions and will selectively try to get men thrown out of programs and fired from their jobs. Most women in authority will start acting like this. I know this will happen because I have heard many stories of lesbians in positions of authorities declaring war on various men under them, trying to get them thrown out programs, writing them up, getting them in trouble on their jobs and setting processes into motion whereby they get fired.

Most women will act like men, and femininity among women will become minority behavior. At the same time, most men will act like women, and masculinity among men will become minority behavior. Human society works because females act feminine most of the time, and males act masculine most of the time, or at least the females act more feminine than the men, and the men act more masculine than the women.

Creating a society where most men no longer act masculine, and most women no longer act feminine would be an ultra-radical experiment that goes against human nature and at least tens of thousands of years of human evolution. The consequences are not known but might be a lot worse than one might think. You would literally be turning society upside down.

Such a society may well continue to function, but it would be incredibly bizarre to the point where many aspects of society would seem nearly if not seriously dysfunctional.

You would be living in a place called Weird World.


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The Enigma of Female Pain Freaks

Sam writes:

“RL: …demanding that I shit in her mouth…”

Sam: I don’t understand this at all. I have no clue. Blank. How this can in any way be pleasurable I can not fathom. The only thing I can think of is the girl is mentally ill and wants to be abused. Why girls want this, I don’t know. It may be possible that it’s a remnant from the ancient past. When villages were attacked in cave man times the Men were all killed. It would make sense that only the Women who could become completely submissive could survive. Any trouble and they were killed. So maybe a psychological defense for abuse survived in those Women whose relatives were all killed but them.

She definitely was into being abused. That was what she was all about. She wanted me to do all sorts of crazy and kinky things to her which you folks really do not need to know about. I agreed to most of them. I take requests you know. I played the role she wanted me to play like an actor in movie playing a character. I wasn’t taking it seriously. It was like a great big game, which is all sex is to me anyway.

Except I won’t shit in a chick’s mouth. Not yet anyway. I hope I am strong enough to never do that. Personally, I do not think any self-respecting man should ever do anything like that to any woman ever, for any reason.

A man who does that – I don’t want to call him a loser. He’s disreputable. Sinking. He’s turned himself into whale shit, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean. Something essential inside of him has died.

I think if I ever did an awful act like that, I fear that a very important part of me might die, perhaps that last Gnostic flickering dim light of humanism left in my corroded heart, the flickering match among the ruins, might wink out one last time, I would go black, blank and lost, and the night would last forever.

If I ever descend so low as to do something like that, honestly I hope I just kill myself. Seriously. Because then I would be a monster, and ghouls must not walk among men.

A man should retain some dignity in life if only so he can sleep well at night, and I sleep very well, thank you.

I have to look at myself in the mirror too, you know.

I won’t go into details, but a few times I violated my own moral code so badly that I couldn’t look in the mirror for a dozen weeks afterwards. Every time I looked at that glass I saw this ugly monster glaring back at me, and I would swell up with bubbling rage, so badly did I want to kill that man in the glass. It was all I could do to keep from actually hitting the glass.

I was also suicidal. On those same few occasions when I have morally abased myself by my own standards, I wanted to die for weeks afterwards. Just to it. Get it over with, dammit. Smash the mirror, kill the ugly mirror-man hiding in the glass, then off the trembling sack of bones while you are at it for a double play and a home run at the same time.

Adhering to a moral code is important for my self-esteem, and I doubt if I am the only one. It is so much easier to like yourself if you think you are basically a good person.

And it might be nice to get to ~80 without looking back on your life, wincing, cringing and plunging your head into your cupped hands.

Back to the crazy girl. After that scene, we did some really perverted, kinky, twisted and crazy stuff at her request, and I got into it a bit, but it was more stage acting than mining a part of myself.

Yes, she was full-on submissive, into being abused. She told me that she wanted to be some sort of a submissive sex slave for a dominant master, preferably a great big mean Black guy.

The sex scene continued off down the hallway and into the bathroom – you will have to use your imagination here. In the bathroom, knees on the floor, hysterical with crazed lust, she suddenly blurted out, “I want to be branded!”

Branded! Huh? Yeah that’s right. She wanted to be branded with a hot branding iron like a cow. Nuts. What kind of a human wants to be branded like a cow with a hot metal branding iron? I don’t get it.

I do not think I could brand a woman. That is too over the edge. Once a man starts branding women with hot irons, he should check himself into the nearest prison to protect society from his own black heart. Monsters and men must walk apart.

I can’t inflict much pain on women during sex, even when they are masochistic and actually request it. It doesn’t do anything for me, and it feels weird to be making another human suffer physical pain like that. You’re actually torturing another human being you know.

I had this girlfriend once who was a masochistic submissive, totally into pain. She was also the world’s biggest fag hag, and she had this whole circle of twisted gay male masochistic pain freak friends. She would regale me with stories of her gay best friends. Making an inch or two with her fingers, she would recount, mesmerized, “He’s not satisfied until the welts are this big!” Her eyes would go huge and wild, and she would circle her head around when she recounted these tales, staring straight ahead with a frozen hypnotized deer in the headlights expression.

I would shake my head, act disgusted and say, “Quit talking about your crazy fag friends. These guys are sick fuck fags, and hearing about them makes me want to puke!”

This crazy woman wanted me to squeeze her nipples during sex. Hard. Real hard. I mean real hard! Then she would writhe and collapse onto her stomach, moaning in pain, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I would look up dazed and shake my head around, eyes batting confused while I thought, “What the Hell is wrong with this flipped out bitch? Why the God’s name am I doing this anyway? It feels so weird to hurt someone like this. It doesn’t even really feel good.”

I didn’t even particularly enjoy it, and I chalked it up to not being much of a sexual sadist. I felt like a maniac, and it felt more creepy, disturbing and frightening than anything else.


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Why Must We Approve of Kink?

I have a low opinion of hardcore BD/SM types as I think there is no way to do this in a healthy way. I have been to many Tumblr porn sites that were oriented this way, and it’s sick as Hell.

These men are sexual sadists. That means they get hard by hurting women. These are men who love to hurt women, live to hurt women. There is no way you can be like that and be a good person, much less a good man.

I have no respect for a woman who likes to be beaten up or treated like dirt. Sorry. Anybody like that is simply not healthy.

If those porn sites are anything like what the BD/SM scene is really like then the whole thing is screwed up and sick. The impression I got from those sites and the comments is that BD/SM looks exactly like how many women have described the horrors of an abusive relationship with a man. It looks 100% like those Hellish relationships except this time the woman is enjoying it. So in BD/SM a woman is enjoying being in what amounts to an abusive relationship.

Porn is misogynistic enough, but BD/SM porn seems to be inherently misogynistic at its very nature, especially the scene with male doms and female subs. Most male doms strike me as the sort of psychos who normally reside in prisons. Quite a few look sociopathic. Most female subs have no self-esteem, hate themselves, think they are worthless and want to suffer because they think they are garbage. This is “a healthy sexual variation” that the Cultural Left expects me to approve of? Let me off the bus then.

And anyone who expects me to approve of men who burn women with cigarettes, threaten them knives, or choke them like a serial killer can forget it. Ain’t getting my stamp of approval. This is “a healthy sexual variation?” Nope.

Incidentally, it has long been normative opinion in psychology that hardcore sexual sadism and sexual masochism are unhealthy per se. You can’t be a healthy person if you are deep into this sort of thing.

I am supposed to approve of idiotic gay men who shove fists up other men’s asses and even more insane gay men who let men shove half a forearm up their ass? Count me out. That has to be one of the stupidest things a human can do to his body. Fully 37% of gay men practiced fisting last year. If those figures are correct, there is something deeply disturbed about gay men. This is “a healthy sexual variation?”No.

How about the shitheaters? That’s another kink. And it’s a lot more common than you think. This is “a healthy sexual variation?” I am expected to approve of this madness?


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BD/SM Is Not As Innocent As It Sounds

03 writes:

I agree that prohibition doesn’t work in most cases, but with certain acts involving violence there must be a zero-tolerance policy. Banning rape hasn’t stopped rapists, but it helps ensure they get locked up so they’re not a danger to society.

1) In cases where the porn (or non-filmed BDSM act, as per breath play example) is consensual, it does not qualify as a “violent” act (it might qualify as a dangerous, but bungee jumping and boxing are also dangerous acts).

2) I have no reason to believe that people who watch this “stuff” are a danger to society (at least any more danger than the average person with “vanilla” tastes). There is no evidence suggesting that “violent” porn causes an increase in sex crimes (or any other crimes for that matter).

That isn’t to say that particular porn director in question isn’t a danger (this particular guy seems to have violated the pornstar’s consent, but that hardly means that you can’t have consensual BDSM porn).

3) You exhibit moving goalposts (in previous comment, you insinuated that you can remove demand and cause supply to dry up, not merely lock up some vague “threats to society”).

4) You appear to insist that no woman would willingly participate in acts like that. I think it’s insensitive to masochists on your part.

I dunno, I think BDSM is violent, period. I also think it’s abuse. Most people in BD/SM relationships with a submissive female and a dominant male, well, it’s an abusive relationship. It looks exactly like an abusive relationship looks except for the consensual part. In addition, we are seeing more and more women coming out of these BD/SM relationships badly damaged, and the damage they are suffering looks exactly like the damage we see from an abusive relationship.

As a matter of fact, the one type of porn that is consistently associated with rape and other sex crimes is violent porn. Multiple studies have shown this. What they have not shown is that nonviolent porn causes sex crimes.

I am certain that the group of people who watch BD/SM are more dangerous than your average person, but probably not by a lot. I say this because almost all serial killers who have a taste for porn are really into this BD/SM stuff. Rapists are too. Also a lot of guys into BD/SM porn are very abusive in their relationships with women. Bottom line is if you identify with the S in BD/SM, you like to hurt people. If you are a heterosexual man, that means you are a man who likes to hurt women. What kind of guy is that? A lot of guys who like to hurt women probably never break the law, but that group also includes some very bad criminals. As in some of the worst criminals of them all.

There are indeed women who willingly participate in BD/SM. They are called submissives or more properly masochists.

A lot of people in mental health continue to believe that neither sadism nor masochism are healthy behaviors, and think that people who are like this are not healthy people.

Of course it depends on what you are talking about. Personally I love to spank women, and I have had some girlfriends who were really into it. I do not consider that hardcore BD/SM though.


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Choking Women Out Is a Bad Idea

Interesting piece from a BD/SM enthusiast who is also a medical professional. You see guys choking out women all over porn these days. And on PUA sites, a lot of guys like Roosh are really into choking women out when they have sex with them. I must say that this is completely sick. Why would I want to choke out the woman I am screwing?  Maybe if I wanted to fantasize being a serial killer? Anyone who does this obviously is fantasizing about being a murderer or a rapist. I don’t feel like pretending to be Ted Bundy when I am in bed with a woman.

Not only is it sick, but it’s also dangerous. You can kill a person or give them a heart attack at any time. And there are a lot of other injuries that can and do occur also. I have heard that a number of women in porn are getting TIA’s from getting choked out all the time on porn sets. Those are Transient Ischemic Attacks. They are like mini-strokes. The thing is, if you have enough of these as a young person, you may damage your brain and make a real stroke more likely when you get older.

These choking fetish is insane. Don’t choke out your partner! Ever!

Former ambulance medic, former law school professor, expert witness on BD/SM matters, Jay Wiseman has over 35 years of experience in BD/SM and was one of the early pioneers and builders of the BD/SM community in the San Francisco area.

He continues to be heavily involved, both in his local area and nationally, as an S/M author, educator, mentor, workshop leader, video producer, expert witness, and activist. Noted for being both an exceptionally knowledgeable and highly entertaining presenter, he is very much in demand and has given hundreds of presentations on various aspects of health, relationships, and sexuality in more than 70 cities in the United States and Canada. In 2007, Black Rose presented him with the Vaughn Keith National BD/SM Educator Award.

The Medical Realities of Breath Control Play

For some time now, I have felt that the practices of suffocation and/or strangulation done in an erotic context (generically known as breath control play; more properly known as asphyxiophilia) were in fact far more dangerous than they are generally perceived to be.

As a person with years of medical education and experience, I know of no way whatsoever that either suffocation or strangulation can be done in a way that does not intrinsically put the recipient at risk of cardiac arrest (There are also numerous additional risks; more on them later.)

Furthermore, and my biggest concern, I know of no reliable way to determine when such a cardiac arrest has become imminent.

Often the first detectable sign that an arrest is approaching is the arrest itself. Furthermore, if the recipient does arrest, the probability of resuscitating them, even with optimal CPR, is distinctly small. Thus the recipient is dead and their partner, if any, is in a very perilous legal situation. The authorities could consider such deaths first-degree murders until proven otherwise, with the burden of such proof being on the defendant. There are also the real and major concerns of the surviving partner’s own life-long remorse to having caused such a death, and the trauma to the friends and family members of both parties.

Some breath control fans say that what they do is acceptably safe because they do not take what they do up to the point of unconsciousness. I find this statement worrisome for two reasons:

(1) You can’t really know when a person is about to go unconscious until they actually do so, thus it’s extremely difficult to know where the actual point of unconsciousness is until you actually reach it.

(2) More importantly, unconsciousness is a symptom, not a condition in and of itself. It has numerous underlying causes ranging from simple fainting to cardiac arrest, and which of these will cause the unconsciousness cannot be known in advance.

I have discussed my concerns regarding breath control with well over a dozen S/M-positive physicians, and with numerous other S/M-positive health professionals, and all share my concerns. We have discussed how breath control might be done in a way that is not life-threatening, and come up blank. We have discussed how the risk might be significantly reduced, and come up blank. We have discussed how it might be determined that an arrest is imminent and come up blank.

Indeed, so far not one (repeat, not one) single physician, nurse, paramedic, chiropractor, physiologist, or other person with substantial training in how a human body works has been willing to step forth and teach a form of breath control play that they are willing to assert is acceptably safe — i.e., does not put the recipient at imminent, unpredictable risk of dying. I believe this fact makes a major statement.

Other “edge play” topics such as suspension bondage, electricity play, cutting, piercing, branding, enemas, water sports, and scat play can and have been taught with reasonable safety, but not breath control play. Indeed, it seems that the more somebody knows about how a human body works, the more likely they are to caution people about how dangerous breath control is, and about how little can be done to reduce the degree of risk.

In many ways, oxygen is to the human body and particularly to the heart and brain what oil is to a car’s engine. Indeed, there’s a medical adage that goes “hypoxia (becoming dangerously low on oxygen) not only stops the motor, but also wrecks the engine.” Therefore, asking how one can play safely with breath control is very similar to asking how one can drive a car safely while draining it of oil.

Some people tell the “mechanics” something like, “Well, I’m going to drain my car of oil anyway, and I’m not going to keep track of how low the oil level is getting while I’m driving my car, so tell me how to do this with as much safety as possible.” (They may even add something like “Hey, I always shut the engine off before it catches fire.”) They then get frustrated when the mechanics scratch their heads and say that they don’t know. They may even label such mechanics as “anti-education.”

A bit about my background may help explain my concerns. I was an ambulance crewman for over eight years. I attended medical school for three years, and passed my four-year boards, but then then ran out of money. I am a former member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a former American Heart Association instructor in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. I have an extensive martial arts background that includes a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. My martial arts training included several months of judo that involved both my choking and being choked.

I have been an instructor in first aid, CPR, and various advanced emergency care techniques for over sixteen years. My students have included physicians, nurses, paramedics, police officers, fire fighters, wilderness emergency personnel, martial artists, and large numbers of ordinary citizens. I currently offer both basic and advanced first aid and CPR training to the S/M community.

During my ambulance days, I responded to at least one call involving the death of a young teenage boy who died from autoerotic strangulation, and to several other calls where this was suspected but could not be confirmed. Family members often “sanitize” such scenes before calling 911.

Additionally, I personally know two members of my local S/M community who went to prison after their partners died during breath control play. The primary danger of suffocation play is that it is not a condition that gets worse over time (regarding the heart, anyway, it does get worse over time regarding the brain). Rather, what happens is that the more the play is prolonged, the greater the odds that a cardiac arrest will occur. Sometimes even one minute of suffocation can cause this; other times even less.

Quick pathophysiology lesson # 1

When the heart gets low on oxygen, it starts to fire off “extra” pacemaker sites. These usually appear in the ventricles and are thus called premature ventricular contractions — PVC’s for short. If a PVC happens to fire off during the electrical repolarization phase of cardiac contraction (the dreaded “PVC on T” phenomenon, also sometimes called “R on T”) it can kick the heart over into ventricular fibrillation — a form of cardiac arrest. The lower the heart gets on oxygen, the more PVC’s it generates, and the more vulnerable to their effect it becomes, thus hypoxia increases both the probability of a PVC-on-T occurring and of its causing a cardiac arrest.

When this will happen to a particular person in a particular session is simply not predictable. This is exactly where most of the medical people I have discussed this topic with “hit the wall.” Virtually all medical folks know that PVC’s are both life-threatening and hard to detect unless the patient is hooked to a cardiac monitor. When medical folks discuss breath control play, the question quickly becomes: How can you tell when they start throwing PVC’s? The answer is: You basically can’t.

Quick pathophysiology lesson # 2

When breathing is restricted, the body cannot eliminate carbon dioxide as it should, and the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood increases. Carbon dioxide (CO2)* and water (H2O)* exist in equilibrium with what’s called carbonic acid (H2CO3)* in a reaction catalyzed by an enzyme called carbonic anhydrase.

*Sorry, but I can’t do subscripts in this program.

Thus: CO2 + H2O = H2CO3

A molecule of carbonic acid dissociates on its own into a molecule of what’s called bicarbonate (HCO3-) and an (acidic) hydrogen ion. (H+) Thus: H2CO3 = HCO3- and H+ Thus the overall pattern is: H2O + CO2 = H2CO3 = HCO3- + H+

Therefore, if breathing is restricted, CO2 builds up, and the reaction shifts to the right in an attempt to balance things out, ultimately making the blood more acidic and thus decreasing its pH. This is called respiratory acidosis. If the patient hyperventilates, they “blow off CO2” and the reaction shifts to the left, thus increasing the pH. This is called respiratory alkalosis, and has its own dangers.

Quick pathophysiology lesson # 3

Again, if breathing is restricted, not only does carbon dioxide have a hard time getting out, but oxygen also has a hard time getting in. A molecule of glucose (C6H12O6) breaks down within the cell by a process called glycolysis into two molecules of pyruvate, thus creating a small amount of ATP for the body to use as energy. Under normal circumstances, pyruvate quickly combines with oxygen to produce a much larger amount of ATP. However, if there’s not enough oxygen to properly metabolize the pyruvate, it is converted into lactic acid and produces one form of what’s called a metabolic acidosis.

As you can see, either a build-up in the blood of carbon dioxide or a decrease in the blood of oxygen will cause the pH of the blood to fall. If both occur at the same time, as they do in cases of suffocation, the pH of the blood will plummet to life-threatening levels within a very few minutes. The pH of normal human blood is in the 7.35-7.45 range (slightly alkaline). A pH falling to 6.9 (or raising to 7.8) is “incompatible with life.”

Past experience, either with others or with that same person, is not particularly useful. Carefully watching their level of consciousness, skin color, and pulse rate is of only limited value. Even hooking the bottom up to both a pulse oximeter and a cardiac monitor (assuming you had either piece of equipment, and they’re not cheap) would be of only limited additional value.

While an experienced clinician can sometimes detect PVC’s by feeling the patient’s pulse, in reality the only reliable way to detect them is to hook the patient up to a cardiac monitor. The problem is that each PVC is potentially lethal, particularly if the heart is low on oxygen. Even if you “ease up” on the bottom immediately, there’s no telling when the PVC’s will stop. They could stop almost at once, or they could continue for hours.

In addition to the primary danger of cardiac arrest, there is good evidence to document that there is a very real risk of cumulative brain damage if the practice is repeated often enough. In particular, laboratory studies of repeated brief interruption of blood flow to the brains of animals and studies of people with what’s called sleep apnea in which they stop breathing for up to two minutes while sleeping document that cumulative brain damage does occur in such cases.

There are many documented additional dangers. These include, but are not limited to: rupture of the windpipe, fracture of the larynx, damage to the blood vessels in the neck, dislodging a fatty plaque in a neck artery which then travels to the brain and causes a stroke, damage to the cervical spine, seizures, airway obstruction by the tongue, and aspiration of vomitus. Additionally, there are documented cases in which the recipient appeared to fully recover but was found dead several hours later.

The American Psychiatric Association estimates a death rate from this practice of one person per year per million of population — thus about 250 deaths last year in the U.S. Law enforcement estimates go as much as four times higher. Most such deaths occur during solo play, however there are many documented cases of deaths that occurred during play with a partner. It should be noted that the presence of a partner does nothing to limit the primary danger and does little or nothing to limit most of the secondary dangers.

Some people teach that choking can be safely done if pressure on the windpipe is avoided. Their belief is that pressing on the arteries leading to the brain while avoiding pressure on the windpipe can safely cause unconsciousness. The reality, unfortunately, is that pressing on the carotid arteries, exactly as they recommend, presses on baroreceptors known as the carotid sinus bodies. These bodies then cause vasodilation in the brain, thus there is not enough blood to perfuse the brain and the recipient loses consciousness.

However, that’s not the whole story. Unfortunately, a message is also sent to the main pacemaker of the heart, via the vagus nerve, to decrease the rate and force of the heartbeat. Most of the time, under strong vagal influence, the rate and force of the heartbeat decreases by one third. However, every now and then, the rate and force decreases to zero and the bottom “flatlines” into asystole — another, and more difficult to treat, form of cardiac arrest. There is no way to tell whether or not this will happen in any particular instance or how quickly. There are many documented cases of as little as five seconds of choking causing a vagal-outflow-induced cardiac arrest.

For the reason cited above, many police departments have now either entirely banned the use of chokeholds or have reclassified them as a form of deadly force. Indeed, a local CHP officer recently had a $250,000 judgment brought against him after a nonviolent suspect died while being choked by him. Finally, as a CPR instructor myself, I want to caution that knowing CPR does little to make the risk of death from breath control play significantly smaller. While CPR can and should be done, understand that the probability of success is likely to be less than 10%.

I’m not going to state that breath control is something that nobody should ever do under any circumstances. I have no problem with informed, freely consenting people taking any degree of risk they wish. I am going to state that there is a great deal of ignorance regarding what actually happens to a body when it’s suffocated or strangled, and that the actual degree of risk associated with these practices is far greater than most people believe.

I have noticed that when people are educated regarding the severity and unpredictability of the risks, fewer and fewer choose to play in this area, and those who do continue tend to play less often. I also notice that, because of its severe and unpredictable risks, more and more S/M party-givers are banning any form of breath control play at their events.

If you’d like to look into this matter further, here are some references to get you started:

Emergency Care in the Streets by Nancy Caroline, M.D. (I’d recommend starting here.)

Medical Physiology by A.C. Guyton, MD

The Pathologic Basis of Disease by Robbins, MD

Textbook of Advanced Cardiac Life Support by American Heart Association

The Physiology Coloring Book by Kapit, Macey, and Meisami

Forensic Pathology by DeMaio and Demaio

Autoerotic Fatalities by Hazelwood

Melloni’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary by Dox, Melloni, and Eisner

People with questions or comments can contact me at or write to me at P.O. Box 1261, Berkeley, CA 94701.


Jay Wiseman


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White Slavery

This site is extremely NSFW!

White Domestic Slave for Blacks

I am a white male in Northern California, and I believe that Blacks are superior. I am available to become the property of a Black Family, a Black Woman, or a Black Community in order to fulfill my duties as a slave. I am obedient. I am open to being trained by each Black Person so that I can fulfill my duties are clearly as possible for them. I understand each Black Person has different demands and needs and that therefore each Black Family or Person will need to train me so that I can adequately honor them as my masters. While I believe in the superiority of the Black Race; I do NOT think of myself as worthless. I think I have value to the Black Race as a slave in many ways.

Are you kidding? Good God, that is so weird! He isn’t the only one. I have seen a number of guys like this on Tumblr.

Here are some of his captions:

Every Black Household in America should have at least five chairs in their homes with us whites tied, blindfolded and gagged and waiting to serve. Us whites are here in America to serve, honor and obey Black People.

Us whites must always offer our bodies to Black Men and Black Women. And all us whites can ever say is oh god oh god oh god because Black Men and Black Women are our gods, and we whites are their property.

This White makes me so proud to be White!!!!! This White is a credit to our White race in the way she serves her superiors!!!!! Yea for being White and knowing our place.

When a Black Woman or a Black Man or a Black Child tells you to dance and you are white like me, you dance. Us whites must always do as we are told by the Black Race.

We are White. We are here to honor, respect, and serve all Black People. Even if you are straight, like me, us Whites must do as we are told no matter how humiliated it makes us feel. The first time I sucked a Black cock, I was surprised that I did not feel humiliated. I felt proud to be serving the Black Community in new ways.

This is one of those moments when it is truly wonderful to be white and to be owned. All of us whites aspire to this moment when we are owned and possessed by Black Men and Black Women.

And check out this very NSFW poster of a pathetic White man, his wife, and her Black lover. That is so ridiculous! This is how these guys “serve the Black community?” Good God, dude. If you want to serve the Black community, give $20 to the NAACP. Don’t do this!

I can see why Black guys could get off on this as a control thing, but for the White man, this is ridiculous!

Also the whole cuckolding scene is about wimpy White males being denied the right to have sex with their wives (to the extent that she locks up his penis in a little cage LOL) while the wife has sex with one or more Black men, often in front of the pathetic husband in order to humiliate him, which he gets off on. While the Blacks have sex with the woman, they make humiliating, insulting and degrading comments to her man, which is apparently enjoys. The man is usually heterosexual, but the Blacks having sex with the woman often force the man to perform fellatio on the Black guys LOL. He gets off on this too because it is totally humiliating.

A large part of the scene is talking about how inferior Whites are, especially for sex, and how superior Black men are, especially for sex. The woman often state that they have gone “Black men only” and a lot of times they write phrases like that on her body. Many of these women say, {“I will never have sex with a pathetic White man again. I am surrendering myself to the superior Black race. In addition, the woman often tries to get pregnant by one or more of these Black guys. The idea that she is carrying a Black man’s baby in her belly is apparently particularly humiliating to these ridiculous White men.

There are many websites set up for people with this ridiculous fetish. One of the more notable ones was called Dark Cavern. I spent some time on the free areas a while back. I absolutely do not get off on the idea of being cuckolded, but I do get off seeing White men sexed by Black guys. That part of it was pretty hot. Also the idea that some of these White women were going “Black only” was sort of hot (because it is so perverted), but it made me mad when they said, “I will never touch a White man ever again.”

I could never do anything like this as I am not submissive at all, and I would certainly never serve Black folks in any way, shape or form. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

You would be amazed at how perverted regular people are. There are so many bizarre and weird perversions and fetishes out there that you would not even believe it.

Most of these fetishes just make me laugh because they are so absurd, pathetic, ridiculous or idiotic. I also have a hard time understanding how people can be this perverted. I am pretty perverted myself, but come on now, let’s set some limits on this sort of thing people!


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