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Was Humbert Humbert a Pedophile?

Cahokia writes:

Is Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert a pedophile? Obviously, he’s just a literary figure and the author was extremely resistant to political interpretations of his work. Nevertheless, in Lolita the narrator expresses a clear preference for girls just on the cusp of adolescence.

I say the protagonist is not a pedophile, despite his distaste for older teenage girls and young women. A Lolita based upon a genuine pedo would not have been palatable enough to become a hit.

Humbert clearly is a hebephile. I always wondered about Nabokov. Teenage girl heartthrobs and the older men who are obsessed with them are woven all through his work. I wonder if he was a bit of an ephebephile himself.

  • Preference for minors 12-under = pedophile
  • Preference for minors 12-14 or 13-15 = hebephile
  • Preference for teens 15-19 or 16-19 = ephebephile

Michael Jackson was clearly a hebephile. He liked boys right around puberty, 12-14. I would wager that a lot of so-called pedophiles are actually more properly called hebephiles. A preference for actual children 12-under must be rather rare I would think. There can’t be too many folks like that around.

Note that it says preference for, not attraction to. This is one of the major pitfalls in definitions of these terms. Studies show that even high attraction to girls aged 2-12 is quite common among normal men, as 26% of normal men are aroused by girls 2-12 the same or more than they are by females aged 13+. I assume the vast majority of these men are not pedophiles. They are probably aware of some attraction to girls, shrug it off as nothing and something they do not want to investigate in their sex life, and as long as they have a high attraction to mature females, they just focus on that and forget about the girls.

A true fixated pedophile is obsessed with young girls and has been since an early age, often as far back as they can remember or at least since puberty. They often have little or no interest in mature females, but some are nonexclusive and are attracted to mature females too.

Fixated pedophilia cannot come on later than age 14, as apparently it is not possible to become sexually fixated after that age. Any interest in young girls developing after age 14 would not be the fixated variety and would instead be the “sexual smorgasbord” or “trysexual” variety. These are men who are turned on by just about anything sexual. Let’s just call them perverts. However the vast majority of their interests are experimental or exploratory in nature, are not fixated and can be dropped or changed at any time. These men are developing these interests out of pure choice, which is surely not the case with the true pedophile.

The true fixated pedophile typically states something like,

I don’t know. All I know is that I have been crazy about little girls for as far back as I can remember, and I have been crazy turned on by them and masturbating all the time thinking about them ever since, and that’s all I know. That’s all I can tell you about why I feel this way.

They often use child pornography. Their fantasy life will be rich and often exclusively about young girls. They will spend a lot of time masturbating to fantasies about young girls. In other words, young girls drive them crazy.

As this is something that they love, they are often not particularly upset by it. Instead the relationship is similar to an addiction to say drugs, gambling or pornography. The addict absolutely loves his object of choice, but sometimes they feel out of control and like they can’t control their desires or urges anymore.

Although there is usually little guilt going on with true fixated pedophiles, many report that after they have an orgasm from masturbation, they feel very guilty. This is common to many other paraphilias and deviant sexual interests also. Men who fantasize about rape and murder of women often report intense arousal followed by serious guilt after orgasm. The guilt is often most intense in the early phase of the paraphilia and is particularly common with teenage boys with a paraphilia.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why any man past his mid-20’s would actually prefer a 13-14 year old girl to a grown woman. Sure, some of them are attractive, but are they more attractive than a grown woman? And talk about immature!

I can’t even understand ephebephiles, although obviously ephebephilia must be quite common. You mean you actually prefer teenyboppers to a grown woman? Once again, I cannot fathom any man past 30 feeling this way. It’s ridiculous. Sure you can legally have sex with an 18-19 year old girl.  I will probably never do it again, but I did it many times in the past. But the  main question is what are you going to talk to her about afterwards?

And why would an 18-19 year old girl be better than a grown woman in the first place? At my age, teenage girls are ridiculous, and they seem more empty-headed and silly with each passing year as a man ages. I am ashamed to say that even most college girls strike me as airheads, and it wasn’t always this way.


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Why All Normal Men Are “Pedophiles”

We are currently in the midst of a moral panic or mass hysteria about “pedophiles” and “pedophilia.” The definition of a pedophile is a man who is exclusively or preferentially attracted to minors age 12-under. The ages vary – some put the age at 11 or less and others all the way up to 13. If you don’t fit that definition, you are not a pedophile. The definition of pedophilia is the condition whereby a person’s sexual orientation is that they are exclusively or preferentially attracted to minors age 12-under. If one doesn’t fit that definition, one is not a pedophile. If one’s condition doesn’t match the definition above, then one does have pedophilia.

One thing is for certain, attraction to or sex with minors aged 14-17 is never pedophilia under any definition of the word.

There are actually several conditions, which are really sexual orientations:

Pedophilia: Exclusive or primary attraction to minors age 12-under. Can be either homosexual or heterosexual. Exclusive and nonexclusive forms exist, but the exclusive form seems more common.

Hebephilia: A controversial diagnosis whereby one has an exclusive or primary attraction to pubertal individuals around age 12-14 (note the age overlap at age 12 with pedophilia above.) Can be either homosexual or heterosexual. The truth is that many pedophiles are actually hebephiles. Michael Jackson was actually a homosexual hebephile. I think he had an attraction to boys aged 12-14. There was a recent proposal to include Hebephilia in the DSM book of mental disorders used by clinicians, but it was voted down by the committee on the basis that:

  1. It is not a mental disorder for adults to be attracted to minors aged 12-14.
  2. It is not even abnormal for adults to be attracted to minors aged 12-14.

There was also a worry that the state would use this diagnosis to lock up sexual offenders forever, even after they finished their sentences, with a fake diagnosis of Hebephilia.

However, some do think that this is an actual disorder, and the debate goes on. Actually, I think it probably is a valid condition in that there does seem to be a subset of men who are in fact hebephiles (they score in between pedophiles and normals in the lab), but many men who are arrested for sex with 12-14 year olds are probably not even hebephiles. They are just men with a normal orientation who are committing what usually boils down to the crime of statutory rape or illegal intercourse.

Nowadays hebephilic behavior is referred to as pedophilia, but it isn’t. And as far the attraction goes, it isn’t even abnormal.

I probably should not talk about this, but I have known a few men who were hebephiles.

One of them was a single man who got a good job making a lot of money. Then he roamed the world presumably looking for opportunities to have sex with teenage girls, especially ones 12-14. He was also attracted to older females, and he had sex with adult females in these places too. Apparently in a lot of Third World countries it is fairly easy to have sex with girls this young with little risk of arrest. He told me that in his travels he met quite a few other men who were also in the Third World looking for not only women but also for teenage girls.

He told me, “You know, you have no idea how many guys will pay good money to have sex with a Lolita, a girl aged 12-14.”

I don’t know what to think about that, but I assume he is telling the truth. I do not believe he has ever been arrested, and I do not consider him to be pedophile.

I know more, but I really shouldn’t write about it right now. Let’s just say that this man isn’t the only hebephile that I have known!

I always thought it was a odd to be all wrapped up in little Lolitas and to prefer a little Lolita to a real grown woman, but it takes all types to fill the freeways. I suppose I just don’t get it.

Ephebephilia: This is the latest in the Orientation Wars. Ephebephilia involves exclusive or preferential attraction to teenagers aged 15-19. This obviously isn’t a disorder, and of course it’s not even abnormal. Indeed, studies of gay men have showed that the age group that they respond to most are males aged 16-20. For straight men, maximal attraction was for females age 20-25. So in effect, most homosexual men are de facto ephebephiles.

I knew a man who may have been an ephebephile. He was an investment banker in Switzerland aged 35 with a wife and young children. He periodically took off for Thailand where he indulged in his taste for teenage girls. I think he liked Thai girls around age 15 or so. He also liked to film his exploits and put photos of his dirty deeds up on the Internet. I didn’t know what to think of the guy, but he wasn’t a pedophile. He was never arrested.

I don’t really understand why a grown man would preferentially want teenage girls to the exclusion of grown women. Why? What will you do when she gets older? I’m not sure if I get it.

Unbelievably, ephebephilia, which is 100% normal in all males in terms of attraction, is now insanely conflated with pedophilia. So if you get a woody by looking at a 15-17 year old hottie, you’re a Short Eyes who belongs in the Pen. Logically this makes no sense whatsoever, but that is the nature of moral panics.

Teleophilia: I believe that teleophilia means an attraction to mature persons, aged 16 and up. Probably the vast majority of males are really teleophiles, and repeated lab studies have proved this endlessly. I suppose I am a teleophile.

We have studied male heterosexual attraction by age in the lab for quite some time now, and we keep getting the same results. They look something like this:

Attraction to females

16+            Maximal
15             90% of max
14             80% of max
13             70% of max
12             60% of max
11             50% of max
10             40% of max
9              30% of max
8              20% of max
7              10% of max

A number of other studies have also been done along these lines, but those look even worse from the Pedophile Moral Panic point of view.

The two that I am aware lumped all females into a category called 12 and up, and found that all males reacted maximally in the lab to this category of females. Unfortunately, they did not break it down by age, but you get the impression. They also had some very shocking findings about females aged 2-12, but I won’t even go into those now, and they look terrible from the Moral Panic POV.

The research shows that all normal males have a maximal sexual attraction towards females aged 16-17. For the younger teens, it is not as strong, but it is still high. So if being attracted to girls aged 13-17 is pedophilia as the dominant lunatic notion in society says, then there are only two types of men who are not pedophiles:

  1. Gay men
  2. Dead men

How do most normal males deal with this attraction? Most men past a certain age probably regard teenage girls as “dangerous.” This is where the expression jailbait comes from. They bait you, and if you take the bait, you go to jail. Our society is in the midst of a moral panic about men having sex with teenage girls, so past a certain age, only insane men will mess with them. I have no problem with men aged 18-21 being with teenage girls, but the law is starting to hammer some of these young men too, so you might want to watch it.

Of course, normal and natural urges can be suppressed. If all normal males are attracted to teenage girls but society does not approve of that, the natural reaction would be to suppress that urge. I suppose most men out in public try not to look excessively at girls who look too young. Most of us probably try to look the other way. Most men definitely try to avoid talking to them, since nowadays, any man over age 18 is apparently not allowed to talk to any underage teenage girl. It seems as if people will almost call the police if you try to strike up a conversation with one. It’s really nuts.

I have discussed the studies above a few times with folks, and they sometimes get very upset. Females, particularly older ones, often react violently, screaming and yelling and trying to shut down the conversation. Many times I have been told that they simply did not believe the studies.

“Who did they study? Pedophiles? Well if they only studied pedophiles, of course that’s what they came up with!…Where did you read that study? The American Journal of Pedophilia?” and on and on. You get the picture.

This is interesting because normal liberal folks simply refuse to accept actual scientific facts because they conflict with the Moral Panic that they have set up in their head.


Nagayama Hall, Gordon C; Hirschman, Richard; and Oliver, Lori L. 1995. Sexual Arousal and Arousability to Pedophilic Stimuli in a Community Sample of Normal Men. Behavior Therapy 26, 681-694


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The Truth About Matthew Shephard and Harvey Milk


And Harvey.

These are of course two of the modern heroes of the gay movement in the US. Both were murdered.

Milk was a San Fransisco supervisor murdered by another San Fransisco supervisor in 1978.

Shepard was a college student in Wyoming supposedly murdered by homophobes for being gay.

Milk is treated by many as a modern hero, but I am not exactly sure why. A movie was made about him called The Mayor of Castro Street. I liked that movie a lot; it was very well-done.

The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill passed by the US Congress after Shepard’s murder calls for enhanced penalties for assaults and homicides against gay people.

But the truth about Shepard is more complicated. First of all, his murder was apparently not a homophobic crime. Instead, one of the killers was his gay lover, obviously not a homophobe. The other was obviously not a homophobe either. The motive for the crime was robbery. Not many know this, but Matthew was a male prostitute, a hustler, a rent boy. He arranged for a sex meeting with these two men. He would give them gay sex, and they would give him methamphetamine. Matthew wanted the meth because he was a regular meth user. Matthew was trading drugs for sex. Although his body was hung from a tree in a crucifixion position, there was no homophobic or anti-gay motive for that.

The story we are told is that Matthew propositioned the two men, who were both straight. These straight men were so homophobically outraged by being propositioned by a gay man that they murdered him in retaliation. That story is apparently not true at all.

Of course, it is a very sad story how this young man was brutally murdered by a couple of monsters. But he was not murdered for being gay. And he wasn’t exactly a saint either.

Milk, age 33, was actually a pederast like many gay men.

Milk was a hardcore chickenhawk. He preyed on confused teenage boys, often runaways with mental issues and drug problems. At least one of boys he took in was simply a troubled adolescent, and there is no indication that the boy was gay at all. Instead, Milk seems to have recruited him into a gay lifestyle.

So Milk was far from an angel. Instead he was a serial predator of vulnerable underage teenage boys. This behavior is quite illegal in the US, and people who do it are often called child molesters. Although that characterization is incorrect, this is how the public sees it. In other words, for a majority of the US public, Harvey Milk would be seen as a child molester.

The US is now honoring Milk with a new postage stamp. I am not exactly against it, but it would be nice if we knew the truth about this man.

Of course whatever he did with these boys, I do not think he deserved to be murdered, and his chickenhawk ways were not the motive for his killing at any rate.

The stories we have been told about these two gay heroes are obviously not accurate, and both of them were a lot less saintly than we are led to believe.

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Man-Boy Sex and Its Long Tradition among Gay Men

Fully 25% of gay men are pederasts at some point in their life. 25% of gay men have had sex with a boy under age 17 when the men were 21 or older. For straights, only 5% of straight men have had sex with girls under age 17 when the man was 21 or older. In addition, these gay men (called chickenhawks) engage in much more sex with underage boys than the straights do.

Here are some more figures:

In 1970, the Kinsey Institute found that 25% San Fransisco gays  admitted to having had sex with boys under age 17 while they themselves were at least 21 or older (see comments above).

The 1948 Kinsey survey found that 28% of the gays had had sex with boys under age 16 when the men were 18 or older.

In The Gay Report, 23% of adult gay men had had sex with boys under age 16.

For the gay men, it is often a long term thing going on for years or decades involving many underage boys. For straights, it tends to be more of a one-time thing. There are not many adult heterosexual men who repeatedly have sex with girls under age 17. In addition, the gay community is strongly supportive of chickenhawks. If you are around a gay community, you will notice that the number of adult men having sex with underage teenage boys is very high. You will see it all over the community. No one bats an eye, and no one cares.

The community rarely or never turns these men in. The mainstream Gay Lobby frankly supports sex between adult men and teenage boys and works tirelessly to change age of consent laws so the chickenhawks can have their fun.

The homosexual tradition of older men and underage teenage boys is a very old one and goes all the way back to Greek times. It is a time-honored tradition in the gay male community and is one that has wide support.

For instance, Dan Savage, a provocative gay male columnist, recently was adamant in support of changing age of consent laws so that teenage boys and adult men can have their little fun and games. If you go to internet sites for gay teens, you will see many articles written for an underage teenage boy audience about sex between underage teenage boys and adult men. These articles offer full support to boys engaging in this behavior. They go along the lines of, “We know that many of you boys are having sex with adult men, and that is perfectly ok.”

By the way, one of the more extreme goals of the Gay Lobby in the US is to change age of consent laws so gay men can play their funny little games with underage teenage boys. The lobby is committed to this one, and I believe that they will never rest until they achieve their goal.

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NAMBLA Documentary

This is really Opie and Anthony watching the documentary, which is called Chicken Hawk. It profiles the infamous organization called NAMBLA or the North American Man Boy Love Association. It’s a group of homosexuals which includes both teenlovers (which I don’t think is quite so pathological) and little boy lovers or pedophiles, which is nuts.

Here is a 9 minute segment from the documentary put up by the director. I watched the whole thing on Youtube a while back but apparently it can no longer be found online.

It is absolutely true that gay men are 10-20 times as likely as a straight man to be a pedophile. ~35% of all child molestations are molestations of boys done by male homosexuals, and gay males are only 3% of the male population. So you see gay men are vastly overrepresented among child molesters. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of gay men do not molest little boys aged 12 and under and the mainstream gay movement wants absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with these guys.

What is much more complex is the “chicken hawk” phenomenon in which gay men have a fetish for teenage boys. Fully 25% of gay men aged 25+ have had sex with boys 16-under. I would imagine that is mostly 13-16 year olds. Probably most boys that chicken hawks go for are aged 14-17. For those who say, “Straight guys do it too,” well, the corresponding figure for straight men is 5% of straight men age 21+ have had sex with a girl 16-under, so as you can see, gay men are vastly more likely to do this than straight men are.

There are a vast number of teenage boys selling their asses on the streets of San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Go to Santa Monica Boulevard in LA and you can see this with your very own eyes.

There are also many straight boy and mostly young men selling their asses homosexually in New York and Los Angeles to pay the rent, to survive or to get money for dope (the usual reason). Believe it or not, many of these young men are not homosexual at all. Instead it’s just a way for them to make money. Richard Lloyd of Television and Dee Dee Ramone of the Ramones are just two musicians who sold their asses on the streets of New York to other men. Lloyd was doing it to survive and Dee Dee was doing it for dope.

It’s all pretty sick to be honest. Cities with massive homosexual street prostitution are very sick places. This has been one of the horrible downsides of the gay rights movement – thousands of young men and boys openly selling their asses homosexually on the streets of our woe-begotten land.

So when we are talking about gay child molesters, we really need to weed out the teenage boy-lovers because this is epidemic in gay male society. Not only is it epidemic, but the gay community completely covers this up and accepts it. If you go to these places, you will see underage boys living with adult men, adult men openly accompanying teenage boys around town, and adult men openly using huge numbers of teenage boys in wide open street prostitution.

No one ever calls the police on any of these men – in other words, the community completely protects them. And while the mainstream gay movement and community condemns the boy-lovers, the mainstream of the movement and community has always supported the chicken hawks who go for the 14-17 year old boys.

Why so many gay men are so fixated on underage boys is not known, and it seems to me to imply that being a gay male is more than simply an ordinary, run of the mill sexual orientation. The argument goes that the only difference between gay men and straight men is that gay men have sex with men and straight men do it with women. Actually, the differences go vastly beyond that, which is one of the things that makes male homosexuality so mysterious.

Anyway, back to the documentary. The star of the documentary is a profoundly creepy fellow named Leyland Stevenson. At the time, he worked as an attorney for a government agency and they were not willing to fire him over his sexual preference. He drools and salivates and speaks in a very creepy voice when he talks about boys through the whole movie. We also see him approach young boys on the streets and basketball courts several times.

The guy is 100% deluded. After a nondescript and uneventful conversation with some boys, Leyland comes back to the car and insists that all of the boys were coming onto him and wanted to have sex. That is profoundly dubious to say the least. Another time, a boy is changing his shirt on the street and Leyland insists that the boy is flashing his chest at him. The mother of the boy is interviewed later and both say that that’s not true – instead, the boy and the mother were upset that Leyland would not stop staring at them.

Leyland confesses to molesting many boys, and he gives details of  a number of these molestations, which is pretty sickening.

Stevenson moved Sri Lanka towards the end of his life and that is where he died. Obviously he moved there so he could molest all the boys he wanted to and no one would stop him. He died recently, mourned as a hero by the boylovers movement.

Here is a very disturbing article from 2001 about NAMBLA. At the time, the organization seemed to be crashing and was at its nadir. It no longer marched proudly in gay rights parades and its members and leaders were shunned and hated. Many members had been arrested for molesting boys or possessing child porn. The membership numbers were at an all time low.

Anti-gay sites frequently say that the mainstream gay rights movement supports NAMBLA and legalizing homosexual pedophilia. That is simply not true, and for a long time now, the movement has been hard set against these guys.

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Video of a Psychopathic Sex Offender

This is a very nice video by the same psychologist who did the previous video. This guy does appear to be a classic psychopath. I have seen several videos of classic psychopaths and they do have this certain common “way” about them, especially the smiling, charming, confident type like this fellow. He also molested 24 kids, mostly girls between the ages of 10-16


Some sort of pedophilia/hebephilia (non-exclusive type)

Antisocial personality disorder

The question arises whether or not this fellow is a pedophilic or non-pedophilic molester. The problem is that he does seem to fixated on some pretty young girls. While sex with girls aged 13-16 is generally not even considered child molesting, sex with girls aged 10-12 nearly always is. So he is engaging in pedophilic and nonpedophilic sex with some pretty young girls, and he is doing it over and over. We have no data on how he feels about older females, but it is clear that he likes them young.

He also started grooming his own daughter at age 1, and incredibly enough, he started molesting her at the age of only 18 months or 1 1/2 years old. That’s pretty crazy, and most men who mess with very young girls are the pedophilic rather than the nonpedophilic type as most regular guys think sexual behavior with very young girls is extremely disturbing and weird.

He needs to be locked up and away from the rest of us. If they release him, he will probably do it again.


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Interview with a Sadistic Sex Offender

This is an extremely disturbing video, but there are worse ones out there. This fellow is definitely some sort of a fixated pedophile/hebephile. However, he also seems to be attracted to people his own age. However, he is obsessed with sex with boys age 8-16 and he basically lives his life around this obsession. He raped and molested over 300 boys in his career, including his 9 year old stepson. He would have killed his stepson if he had not been stopped. He also regularly beat up his wife and kid. Somehow he managed to fool everyone. He had a great paying job, a business, a nice car, and regularly dined in fancy restaurants and clubs.


Pedophilia/hebephilia (non-exclusive type)

Sexual sadism (severe)

Granted most folks would want to call this guy a psychopath or a sociopath, but I am not really getting that from him. He has some rather complex emotions going on, and that’s not typical of a sociopath. Rather, he seems to be a more typical sex offender. Not all sex offenders are psychopaths, and most pedophiles are probably not psychopaths. Not all rapists are psychopaths. And many prison inmates are not sociopaths either.


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More False Accusations Against This Site

All of this BS is coming from Bigfooters. Who else? They are quote mining the site and deliberately taking things out of context in order to present me in the worst way possible, and in addition, they are making things up altogether. They know completely what they are doing, and they are just making stuff up to make me look bad. It’s character assassination.

Unfortunately, most of it centers around charges of “pedophilia.” We are currently in the midst of a sexual mass hysteria surrounding “pedophilia.” The vast majority of what is called pedophilia now is not any such thing, and the vast majority of people called pedophiles now are anything but, but don’t let that get in the way of a mass hysteria.

Briefly, pedophilia, in its most broad form, means sex with children either 12-under or under the age 12 (definitions differ). Sex between adults and persons 13-17 may be a lot of things (mostly it is illegal) but it’s not pedophilia! In fact, it’s not even abnormal!

There was a major effort in the latest DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) of Mental Disorders to expand the definition of pedophilia to include persons around the age of puberty (12-14). They called it either ephebephilia or hebephilia, I forget. They tried to turn ephebephilia into a new mental disorder (probably to get more guys locked up forever in sex offender charges as mentally ill so they can never let them out of prison), but it failed completely. The definition read that the person has fantasies about sex with a 12-14 year old and is either bothered by them or has acted upon them.

The psychiatrists agreed that:

1. Ephebephilia is not a mental disorder or mental illness.

2. Ephebephilia isn’t even abnormal!

I know the last one might shock you, but that’s what they said. In other words, it’s perfectly normal to fantasize about having sex with 12-14 year olds, according to the association of US psychiatrists. They didn’t even want to say it was abnormal to have sex with them, which is sure to shock a lot of folks.

What is going on here is a conflation of sex with teenagers 13-17 with sex with children 12-under. In truth, they are completely different things. Sex with young children is known as child molestation or sexual abuse or a lot of other things. Sex with teenagers is not child molesting or sexual abuse or pedophilia or any such thing. Mostly, it’s just illegal. They used to call it statutory rape, which is probably the best way to look at it. Whatever it is, it’s not a mental illness.

And certainly it is 100% normal for adult males of any age to be attracted to teenage girls aged 13-17. Many lab studies have proven just this. I would say that 95% of all men react sexually to a fully developed teenage girl. The 5% who do not are obviously gay. So apparently 95% of all men are pedophiles!

I have repeatedly stated my position on statutory rape on this site. The law says it’s illegal. Society doesn’t like it, and we are currently in the midst of a seriously insane mass hysteria about the subject whereby statutory rape is ludicrously conflated by pedophilia. I would advocate all that all males aged 20 and over obey the laws and lay off the jailbait teenage girls. Guys age 18-19, I have no position on this. Are they getting arrested for this too now?

If you mess around with jailbait, you may well get caught. And if you get caught, you will probably be convicted. After you are convicted, you will probably go to prison, not jail. Even prison populations are insane now, and guys going down on having sex with 15 yr old girls are getting beat up in there as “child molesters.” Worse, the papers will insanely write up your case as a “child molestation case.” They will call you “child molester” or “pedophile.” For what? For screwing a teenage girl.

After you get out, you will have to register on the Sex Offender list for the rest of your life, that’s assuming they don’t try to give you a DSM diagnosis so they can put you in a mental hospital after you serve your sentence, a hospital that they will never release you from. This was the reason for sneaking ephebephilia into the DSM, so they could give guys messing with 13-14 year old girls DSM mentally disordered sex offender (MDSO) diagnoses so they could lock them up forever. Thank God they shot it down.

One of the charges is that I admitted to having sex with a 13 yr old girl on my site but then deleted the reference. Nope, never happened. Never been with a 13 year old girl. Maybe next lifetime! If it would have happened, it would have been when I was around ages 16-18, but the opportunity never availed, and after that, the very idea seemed weirder and weirder. I actually had some opportunities as a schoolteacher, with girls propositioning me right in class in front of everyone, but I turned them down.

I was 27 years old and teaching school in LA in the South Bay. The class was 8th grade. The kids started yelling out, “Hey, see that girl there? She wants to have sex with you!” I was thinking, “Huh LOL? No. No way. No way is this happening to me.” But they kept it up. Finally I put down my book and walked over to the girl. She was 13, and she was incredibly beautiful.

At age 27, 13 year old girls looked way better to me than they do now. The difference is like night and day. I really think these jailbaits look way better to younger guys than to us older guys. As a man gets older, those teen hotties just look less and less enticing.

The kids were saying, “She wants to have sex with you! She wants you to meet her in the park after school so she can have sex with you!” They were laughing and shouting and carrying on.

So I sauntered over to her table. She was beautiful and blonde and had a good body. “So…” I asked. “Is it true? You want to have sex with me? You want to meet me in the park after school so you can have sex with me?” She looked straight ahead and nodded her head shyly but with frantic enthusiasm, like she was a little embarrassed. I started laughing really hard, shook my head and walked away, and that was that. Needless to say, I never took her up on her offer.

The other charge is that I bought and did drugs and then had a relationship with a 15 year old girl. Yep, it’s all true! But I was 20 years old at the time! Haven’t done any such thing since I was 21. My conscience is clear. If a 20 yr old guy screwing a 15 yr old girl makes me a “pedophile,” hey, no problem – I guess I’m a pedophile then!

Another charge is that there are pedophiles in the comments sections. Every now and then pedos do show up in the comments section for whatever reason, along with guys who are not pedos but are interested in such things or on the verge molesting kids. Usually posters who are anti-pedo or anti-child molesting take them on pretty quick and start pounding them really good and hard, and then the pedo-molester types typically take off.

I certainly don’t ban pedophiles or even child molesters from my site. Anyone can post here, even serial killers. None have showed up yet, but I won’t ban them if they do.

Wait, I do ban Republicans. But then I like pedophiles way better than I like Republicans. 1 Republican is worse than 100 pedophiles.


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Unhealthy Website


Someone just brought this to my attention. Certainly there are people who are sexually oriented in this way. Gay men, that is. The site is obviously pushing teenage boys in a sexual way. I suppose a lot of gay men react to teenage boys on some level or another. Nevertheless, as I look up and down the site, I can’t help but feel creeped out, sorry.

It’s not child porn, as defined by the state, but it’s getting there. Keep in mind that the state defines “child porn” ridiculously as any sexual depictions of minors, even those say 14-17 which would be arousing to most if not all adults on some level. True child porn would probably be portraying minors 12-under in sexual situations.

It’s not pedophilia. It’s hebephilia or ephebephilia, homosexual type. Most clinicians don’t even think that at least homosexual hebephilia is a disorder. However, I think that any adult who has a fixed sexual preference for teenagers above all other types of persons has something wrong with their head. You mean teenage boys or girls turn you, and grown ass adults don’t really do it? WTF man. Ridiculous.


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Idiot Defends Idiocy


Catholicism is probably the only religion where the holy men are required to be celibate. If you can think of another one, let me know. As the Orthodox consider themselves the true and pure Catholics or Christians, it follows that the Orthodox consider priestly celibacy to be some sort of crazy deviationism. Orthodox priests can marry, and as the original Christian Church was Orthodox, it follows that allowing priests to marry is right within the proper traditions of Christianity.

The reason for this is obscure and I’m not sure of the roots of it, but it was instituted at some time after the split between Rome and Constantinople.

It’s often said that priestly celibacy is the reason priests molest kids so much. The implication is that if guys are not given a healthy sexual outlet, as in a woman to fuck, they will go towards other things like kids. So guys who are not getting any pussy are at risk of child molesting.

I don’t agree that that’s the case.

Anyway, there are tons of priests out there messing around with women, trust me. What’s really going on here is that the priestly celibacy requirement means that you end up with a bunch of guys as priests who don’t care if they never fuck another woman or not.

That is, they have no use for normal sexual relations with women. What kind of men have no use for sexual relations with women? Guys who are not attracted to adult females.

Homosexual men, for one, and Andrew Greeley, a popular author and former priest, estimated that 1/3 of Catholic priests are gay. AIDS has actually hit the priesthood very hard, and many priests have died of it already, though you don’t read about it much. Catholic seminaries are said to be hotbeds of male homosexuality.

There’s not that much homosexuality in convents and monasteries as that is a preselected group, and there are not that many of them anyway.

It’s true that other religions have celibate monks and nuns. In Thailand, for instance, it is quite common for young men aged 18-21 or so to go off and join a monastery and be celibate for a couple of years. It’s kind of like going in the army, and seems to be good for them. Most only do it for a couple of years, then come out, marry and have normal lives.

In the Middle Ages, there used to be tunnels between nunneries and monasteries where the priests and nuns could meet and have sex with each other.

The other type of guy who has no use for sex with women is a pedophile or hebephile, since they are attracted to teens and especially children instead of adults of either sex.

So, it’s true that the celibacy requirement is the cause of a lot of the priest child abuse, but not in the way that you normally think.

It’s often said by dogmatic sexual liberationists that priestly celibacy will harm a man even after he comes out of it.

Not true. Most men like to fuck.

The argument makes no sense. If you’ve been on starvation rations for years, are you going to come out of it hating to eat a square meal? Forget it. Most people who have gone through that live for nothing more than a good square meal every day – that’s all they want out life to be happy.

Studies of ex-priests have shown that years of celibacy did not harm them. They come out of the priesthood, marry and go on to live normal, healthy, sexually well-adjusted married lives.

The whole argument is silly, but it was common in the 1970’s among what I call Sexual Liberationist Fascists. Among these folks, lack of sex, celibacy or virginity was regarded as a horrendous sin similar to the way child molesters are seen these days.

Say what you want about chastity, but it’s hardly a sin. True Sexual Liberation, what I preach, means total freedom about sex. You can have sex with any consenting adult you want to. With your own sex, with the opposite sex, with both, or with no one. As frequently or infrequently as possible and with as many or as few partners as you wish. Celibacy is one of the options available in a Sexually Liberated world. Some people actually prefer it that way, mostly women, but some guys too. You would be surprised.

Celibacy has a long tradition in Hindu India. A Brahmin friend of mine told me that he was celibate until he married at age 32. He felt absolutely no shame in this lifestyle, and he said that this was a typical way for a male Brahmin to live – to be celibate until marriage.


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