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The Story of Mr. Hands

Betiality porn is apparently legal in the US. There are bestiality photos and videos all over the Net. You can go look at them if you wish, but it’s pretty messed up stuff.

Yes, the video is called Mr. Hands, and in that video, you can indeed see this idiot getting fucked in the ass by a horse. The same act that you see on that video ended up killing him hours later. Perforated rectum I think.

I don’t like to rejoice after deaths too much, and I won’t rejoice over his, but I don’t really care that this idiot died. I don’t care when fools do stupid things and die. I don’t care when idiots jump out of airplanes and die. I don’t care when morons climb 20,000+ foot mountains in Alaska or Tibet.

A movie called Zoo was made about his story. It’s excellent, I cannot recommend it highly enough.


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Apparently Bestiality Is Normal


Nature gives the thumbs up to interspecies sex. All you animal-fuckers should be relieved now. No more guilt to worry about. Go to it folks! There’s no time to lose.

Nothing to be ashamed of I guess. Girls and dogs is way more common than you think anyway. Trust me, people can talk to me in confidentiality, so you would not believe the crazy stuff I hear. I am starting to think that being weird as Hell is sort of the base human norm. You see all these people walking around all the time and they seem like the ultimate in normal, but you have no idea how many of them are weird as get out. They’re just hiding it is all. Behind the blinds, it is quite incredible how crazy, weird and even perverted so many seemingly normal people are. Being a counselor is quite an eyeopener. You get to see this whole hidden world that most assume is not event  there.


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Serves Him Right



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Weirdness. Two men tie up cow, rape and stab it.

LOL no way.

NEW DELHI: In a bizarre incident that smacks of sheer desperation and sadism, two men in south Delhi’s Tughlaqabad area allegedly raped a cow early on Tuesday morning.

If that wasn’t enough, the two also repeatedly stabbed the cow – an animal considered holy in the country – after the assault.

One of the accused has been arrested, says Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Praveer Ranjan, while the other is absconding.

“The one who has been arrested owned an STD phone booth in the area and the other was his employee,” Ranjan told

The incident occurred at about 4 am on Tuesday, when the two accused, in inebriated state, were walking back home.

The two reportedly tied the cow’s legs to a tractor. They also tied up its snout and after sexually assaulting the animal, stabbed it repeatedly.

About an hour later, Amar Singh, the owner of the cow, saw the animal tied up and bleeding profusely. He immediately raised an alarm.

The whole neighborhood awoke to the shocking scene, and in anger began disrupting traffic on the highway nearby.

Singh went to the police station, but he says the police were hesitant initially to lodge a complaint. It was only when the crowd turned violent they registered a complaint.

The cow was rushed to a veterinary hospital and is said to be in a “critical condition”.

The police fear an “outburst among the people” and aren’t disclosing the names of the offenders.

In 2002, angry mob lynched 5 Dalit youth in Haryana after they tried to skin a dead cow for its hide.

Why? I can see why one guy might do something so weird, but how could two guys conspire to do something so weird? Can you imagine you are walking down a road at 4 AM with your best friend and you see a cow.

You say to your friend, “Hey, let’s both of us tie up that cow bitch, rape her, and then stab her to death LOL?”

And then your friend says yes? And then you both do it?

No way.


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Baby Porn – The Real Deal


An Ohio couple, Felicia and Cody Beemer of Trumbull County, Ohio, is charged with molesting 2 of their four babies and filming the rapes and then keeping videos and photos on their cellphones. Whoa! Baby porn! Not fake stuff like this, but the real thing. It’s hard to believe that people are this evil. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with these people anyway?

The woman is 21 years old, and she’s already had 4 kids! Each kid was immediately taken away from her right after it was born (but why?) but then she was allowed visits with the kids. One of the kids that was taken away from her in the past was given to a foster mother, Bonnie Pattison, who then murdered the kid! WTH? Why? Why did the foster mother murder the kid?

The couple also had over 500 photos of the babies watching videos of bestiality. The photos also showed the babies somehow involved in bestiality anyway. One of the kids is a boy and the other is a girl. One is 1 1/2 years old  and the other is 1 year old.

One wonders why the father was even allowed visits to the kids at all since he had  was convicted as a teenager of raping a 3 year old child! WTH? Good God, it doesn’t get any worse than this.

The father, 23, will probably spend the rest of his life behind bars.

How does one even go about raping a baby girl anyway. Penetrate her vagina with your fingers or with objects? Anything else. How the Hell do you rape a baby boy? I’m not even sure I want to know.

One more thing for folks interested in the racial angle. Both of them are White people!


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Playing a Therapist

Ever since I wrote some articles about OCD, especially about the pedophile theme, I get inundated with emails from people who are struggling with this theme. They come in about once a day on average!

So this is what my life is like. Imagine if your like was like this. Every day, I talk online with people with people who are worried they are pedophiles! What a strange way to spend the day. I wonder how well the average person could handle this? I have brought up the subject of POCD to some people, and in general, people act so disturbed and upset by it that they just shut down the whole conversation. It’s a very upsetting subject. But here I am, sitting here every single day, talking to people about it like it’s nothing.

In the course of doing what amounts to therapy with people, I also have to learn a lot about their sexual history because unfortunately it’s necessary in order to get a good dx. This is where things get very strange! People have told me the strangest stuff.

I also deal with a lot of gay and some bisexual men. The only way to do therapy with these men is to completely accept their orientation, and that is what I do, regardless of how I feel about this behavior. There have even been some cases of males (teenage boys, really) who were not sure if they were gay or not and were fighting their gay tendencies.

In one case, the boy was 15 years old. I figure by that time, sexual orientation is fixed. So I just flat out told him that he’s either gay or strongly bisexual ,and he just needs to learn to live with that and accept it. He wasn’t sure whether girls turned him on or not. I told him he could be bisexual, but his strong homosexual attraction wasn’t going to go anywhere.

This isn’t what I’d like to say. I’d love it if we could change gays to straight, but I don’t think we can. As long as male orientation is fixed, people need to accept it and move on.

I have also dealt with a case of homosexual sex play among boys during the teen years. This man also had Gay OCD or HOCD. He was worried he was gay. It took me a while to figure out that he wasn’t gay in the slightest. In fact, he was totally heterosexual. His teen sex play was just something he and other boys were doing to get off as teens.

I had a number of cases who engaged in sex play when they were kids. Now they are really worried that they are pedophiles as a result of this. What I have learned is that child sex play is very common, and I haven’t seen a case that I worried about yet. In one case, a 10 year old boy helped a 6 year old boy put his penis in a 5 year old girl’s anus. He felt terrible about this, but I blew it off.

I have also talked to a number of women who engaged in child sex play with younger brothers as kids. They felt terrible about this. I urged them to accept it and move on.

Nevertheless, child sex play can get out of hand and cause problems later on. I think parents need to be on the alert to child sex play and probably stop it before it gets out of hand.

There are cases of abusive child sex, but I haven’t found any yet.

Girls and young women have sex with animals! Especially dogs. This is apparently very common. I won’t go into details of how it goes down. You will have to use your imagination. It’s not as weird as you think. They often feel terrible about what they did with the dog as girls. I just blow it off and tell them to forget about it. I suppose there are cases of animal abuse, but I haven’t found any yet.

I have also run into a few folks, all males, with fetishes! A foot fetish is fairly common. One guy was trying to get over his fetish, and I told that he probably couldn’t. I figured he was stuck with it, and just ought to make the best of it.

I also had one case of voyeurism. Now voyeurism is potentially disturbing, so I had to check this one out. As it turned out, it was teenage boys at a campsite in summer who were peeking in the girls’ showers. They got caught and got in trouble and I believe accused of being pedos or something. However, he told me that they were just trying to look at the “18 year old hotties.” I blew it off and told him to forget about it.

This is the sort of stuff I talk to people every day about. I suppose it should freak me out, but it doesn’t bother me one bit.

One thing I have learned is that when it comes to sex, people are just weird! And weird is apparently normal in the sexual arena.


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Implications of the Discovery of Bigfoot

Bigfoot will be discovered and proven to science quite soon. I am quite sure it will happen before my death in 30 or so years.

The discovery of Bigfoot, which will come soon, will be one of the greatest biological discoveries in history. It will be a paradigm-changer as they say. People may go crazy in the US and react in all sorts of unpredictable ways. Revolutionary type movements may begin along with messianic or new and changed religious forces.

Bigfoot’s discovery could have major political implications, with redneck White idiots reacting n mass movements this or that way in reaction to the discovery. Either the Democrats or Republicans may be hammered or helped at the polls.

Political parties, notably the Republicans, will probably demogogue the issue. Large groups of stupid Whites may treat Bigfoots like wolves and call for their extermination. The Republicans will probably say that Bigfoot still does not exist and ignore the science. They will then try to force the Democrats to acknowledge that Bigfoots exists to force them into a corner.

The Dems are already seen as the party of the subhuman non-White niggers and spics, and now there will be many jokes about the Dems as the ape party of niggers, Bigfoots, beaners and other subhumans. White nationalists will go absolutely insane over the discovery, but it is hard to say how they will act.

We will need new legislation. There will need to be hunting regulations for Bigfoot and laws about whether or not it is legal to take one. As Bigfoot is very close to humans, these laws will be very controversial. People killing Bigfoots may go down on homicide charges. If Bigfoots are seen as semi-humans, how to we react when they damage property, threaten people, raid farms and orchards and kill livestock, as they do all of these things regularly. When is it permissible to shoot one? If a Bigfoot is killing your dog, can you shoot it or not?

Since Bigfoots are dangerous to humans, how can we deal with them? Do we want more of them or fewer of them? Should we allow people to harass them or order people to leave them alone? When is it ok, if ever, to shoot a Bigfoot?

The environmental issue is massive. Environmental groups will demogogue the issue and probably try to lock up even more public forestland to protect the Bigfoots. The Right will go nuts and say Bigfoot is a plot to lock up the forests. In the West, Republican state governments will probably offer bounties on them or encourage hunters to slaughter every Bigfoot in the state, as they are doing with wolves. If Bigfoots have no endangered species protection, no one could stop these state efforts.

Environmental groups will probably try to get Bigfoots listed as endangered, but this will be hard to do since there is little no good scientific data on numbers, population trends, etc.

Are Bigfoots humans or animals? This is an excellent question and opens up all sorts of weird legal angles. We have laws dealing with humans, which generally assumes some agency and understanding on the part of humans, and laws dealing with animals, which assumes that they have little to no agency or understanding. To what extent are Bigfoots like humans in terms of agency or understanding, and to what extent are they just another unpredictable wild animal governed by instinctive reactions?

There is a strong religious angle. New Agers, of which there are many, will go insane with the news of Bigfoot’s discovery. These folks already feel that Bigfoot is in with the UFO types – that is, Bigfoot comes on spaceships or the spaceships leave the Bigfoots.

50% of Americans are fundamentalist Christian shithead Creationists who think that humans showed up in the last 10,000 years. These dipshits totally reject the theory of evolution.

Bigfoot has major implications for evolutionary theory, in particular for the evolution of Homo sapiens ourselves. How will the religious dipshits react to the discovery?

Believe it or not, I think that Bigfoot is capable of breeding with humans, and there is a documented case from Abkhazia in the 1800’s. Many Indian tribes say that Bigfoot raided villages to steal young women. These women were taken back to the Bigfoot group. In some cases, the women escaped and came back to the Indians. In other cases, they bred with Bigfoots and produced Bigfoot-human hybrids who were more or less like normal people.

Evidence from the Zana case in Abkhazia shows that Bigfoot-human hybrids look and act like normal humans, while having some primitive features. They are quite quick to anger and get into many fights. Their strength is described as superhuman. However, they learn language, work at jobs and are otherwise unremarkable.

We have no laws on humans breeding with nonhumans, since it is not thought possible. However, humans and Bigfoots can breed. With the discovery, I am sure that some nuts will somehow try to capture or breed with a Bigfoot.

New legal theory opens up. Should this be allowed or made illegal? What should be done with the offspring. At the moment, Bigfoots are far too wild for much breeding with humans to occur, but this may change.

Should it be legal to have sex with a Bigfoot? Can you marry one? Bestiality is against the law in many states. Is human – Bigfoot sex bestiality or does it fall under laws governing human – human sex? You cannot marry an animal. But could you marry a Bigfoot?

The skeptical – scientific community will have egg all over their faces after the discovery, but they will carry on regardless After all, they reject everything until there is evidence. With evidence, they accept X as truth. The discovery of Bigfoot, with snarky to vicious rejection followed by embarassed admittance of truth, has many precedences in science, and follows from empiricism. Science will carry on nonetheless.

Soon someone will shoot and kill a Bigfoot and display it for science before authorities can cart it away. Will this person go down in history like Mary Leakey or like Lee Harvey Oswald? What will the law do with him? Arrest him? Prosecute him? He will receive many death threats from animal lovers. On the civil side, will there be lawsuits, since Bigfoot is so human? Will the legal fees break him? Will he become a millionaire from the publicity?

Hard evidence for Bigfoot will likely come from a body produced in one state. A single body from a single region, possibly from the Pacific Northwest. If one is discovered in Washington, the skeptical idiots and the Republicans will say that Bigfoot is only proven to exist in Washington, probably only in one part of the state.

Barring DNA sequencing, you will need a body in every state to prove they exist there. Likely feds and Republicans will only admit they exist in say the Washington state Cascades and deny they exist everywhere else. As with the wolverine, all engangered species act listing attempts will be rejected on the circular grounds of lack of evidence. But then the evidence will be almost impossible to gather.

Good DNA sequencing may well occur in the near future. Then we may be able to document their existence in other places.

There are serious implications for philosophy. What does it mean, after all, to be human? The existence of Bigfoot calls into question many of our beliefs about humans and their difference from animals.


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Most Fucked Up Videos on the Internet

Other than the ones we used to host here (And who know, maybe you can still find them here?) there are lots of really messed up videos on the Net these days. Apparently they are all legal. Not talking about the child porn stuff. Of course that’s messed up, and sure it’s illegal. Sorry, but I can’t give you any links to that stuff. Go ask Pedobear and Google and maybe you will get lucky.

There’s been a big debate lately over crush videos, including an extensive Supreme Court debate. These are some really messed up videos of small animals getting killed by women wearing high heels. The women talk like dominatrixes while they crush the animals with their high heels. I’m not sure what animals are killed, but the most notorious ones feature kittens and I guess puppies.

I saw part of one featuring an apparent Japanese women crushing to death a kitten with her high heels. I saw the start of it and then turned it off. I don’t want to see a kitten getting crushed. The Japanese woman that was marketing those was reportedly hunted down and beaten to death by an animal rights group, but that may just be an urban legend. Anyway, I hope she did get crushed to death by some humans. Plus, I hope the videotaped it so we can put it up on the Net and watch this sick bitch getting stomped to death.

So, crush videos are messed up. They are made for males, males who are sexually twisted. There are a bunch of these idiots out there, guys who get off on crush videos. Curiously, most of them identify with the animals getting crushed, and they have a fantasy about getting crushed by a dominatrix. I kinda feel sorry for these guys, because I have counseled some males who were stuck sexually in weird fetishes, and they could not seem to get outside of them.

Anyway, I think videos of bitches crushing kittens and puppies to death with high heels should be banned. That’s just messed up. If she’s already in prison, I guess we can release the video as evidence of a crime (and therefore documenting reality), but otherwise, the idea that people are killing animals for profit and kicks makes me ill. Ban it the same way we ban child porn.

Snuff videos are illegal, even though they don’t even exist. What about videos of real folks getting killed. No one seems to know, but it seems that they are legal. It’s often a crime, and the victim is dead anyway. If it’s a crime, it ought to be legal under Documenting Reality Theory (that’s a legal theory I just made up). It’s evidence of a crime, and LE needs to get the perpetrators. If they’ve already been dealt with, then it’s just history, and ought to be legal.

There is a question of whether death videos cause copycat killings. I don’t have the faintest idea and a part of me doesn’t care. I’m sure sociopaths can’t get enough horror films.

Concerning videos not featured on this site, we have Hatchet Versus Genitals, which I have not seen. I guess it is some idiot chopping his dick off. There is a video out called BME Pain Olympics featuring a bunch of idiots mutilating their dicks, chopping them off and whatnot. It’s supposedly fake, but there are apparently real idiots who actually do such things. It’s almost always a guy. I have no idea why a guy would want to commit violence on his dick, much less cut it off. Perhaps commenters can enlighten me.

1 Man 1 Screwdriver is one of the latest shock vids. I never uploaded it since WordPress does not allow porn videos. This moron from Russia sticks a screwdriver in his urethra, and slowly slides it out again. His dick starts bleeding afterward, and there is blood on the screwdriver. I have not seen the video. Guys sticking things in their urethras is pretty common. Arthur Kinsey used to like to do this.

I think it sounds like a pretty hazy thing to do. I’m 51, and my dick is sort of marginal these days anyway, so I see no reason why I should mess around and make it permanently F-4.

Kids in a Sandbox features a guy and a woman naked in bed. She shoves a dildo in the guy’s urethra. It somehow goes into his urethra. She pulls it out, and his dick looks like it is split in half. I don’t understand how morons do this to their dicks without suffering permanent damage. The guy and the woman are laughing and carrying on the whole time the guy’s dick is getting mangled.

1 Guy 1 Jar is another recent sensation, done by the same Russian moron who shoved the screwdriver up his dick. This idiot, about 40 years old, married, with kids, working at a good job, likes to shove huge things up his ass, even though he is straight. It’s true that guys that stick stuff up their asses are not necessarily queer. Usually they are, but not always.

Anyway, this idiot likes to stick jars up his ass for some dumb reason. In 1 Guy 1 Jar he sticks a jar up his ass. After a while you hearing a cracking sound. He stand up and starts pulling shards of glass out his ass, and blood starts coming out of his ass onto the floor. Soon we have a nice little pool of blood on the floor filled with glass shards. I have not seen the video, but I saw a few stills of it. The guys claims he got almost all the glass out, and he is still sticking jars up his ass. His wife does not know about his habit.

One of the most recent ones is 1 Guy 1 Dolphin. I have not seen it yet. This idiot queer or whatever he is sucks a male dolphin’s cock. How he gets the dolphin to do this, I have no idea. Well this continues until the dolphin cums in his mouth. People are saying that this video is “the end of the Internet.”

The spate of shock videos seems to be egging psychos and morons on to make more and more extreme psycho and idiot videos and upload them onto the Net. There is supposedly a necrophilia video that just came out of some guy having sex with a woman’s corpse and making jokes while he is doing it. I have not seen it and don’t know any details on it.

There are videos out of idiots flashing their cocks at women and girls as they drive by in cars. I have seen a bit of those videos. That’s pretty disturbing behavior all right. We are dealing with a crime here and I don’t know if this crap should be legal or what.

Mr. Hands is famous. Some queer and his twisted queer buddies were into getting fucked by horses. The guy lived in Enumclaw, Washington. In the video, the idiot gets fucked in the ass by a horse. They pull the horse’s cock out at the last minute and the horse ejaculates. Although the idiot apparently did not die in the making of this video, he did apparently die in a later horse-fucking video. The horse’s cock ruptured the idiot’s anus and he died of peritonitis or something in the hospital. I’m actually glad that this moron died.

There are also lots of scat videos, which feature idiots shitting on each other, idiots shitting into other idiots mouths who then eat the shit, idiots smearing shit all over themselves, etc etc. The shitty possibilities are endless. Often the people start vomiting in the course of the video, and of course, in that case, the only logical thing to do is to puke in the other person’s mouth, right?

The most famous of those is 2 Girls 1 Cup, which I have seen. It’s supposedly fake, done with chocolate ice cream, though I don’t see how. 2 Girls 1 Finger is actually way worse, along the same lines. 1 Priest 1 Nun is similar.

I don’t generally watch anymore of those scat videos because if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

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