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Feminists Want to Make Heterosexuality Illegal

Jason Y writes:

But yeah, they do take things to far on college campuses etc.. where you can’t ask women out on a date, or express normal sexuality.

I am serious. It is getting to the point where it might be sexual harassment to ask a woman for her number or out on date if she doesn’t like you or thinks you are low status, Beta or Omega.

This is insane. It should never be a legal or societal matter for a man to ask a woman for her number or on a date or make a play for her in any reasonable way. This is never a violation of any social, civil or legal codes in any rational universe.


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Latest from the Feminist Enemy: 8 Year Old Boy Charged with Molesting 14 Year Old Girl Babysitter


The 14 year old girl babysitter initiated the sexual conduct with the 8 year old boy. Yeah, he went along with it. What do you expect?

It just gets more and more insane all the time, doesn’t it?


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25 Ways Feminists Systematically Oppress Men

Tulio writes:

Not that I’m saying you’re wrong per se, but can you list concrete examples of how men are systematically oppressed? While I don’t like feminism, I also don’t feel oppressed in any way as a man. I find feminists to be more of an annoyance than a threat.

Here is a list of 20. See if you can come up with more.

  1. Conflation of statutory rape and pedophilia created by feminists is causing a lot of harm to teenage boys and especially young men.
  2. Insane anti-rape laws in Sweden and the UK written by feminists that including rape definition creep expanding towards more and more traditional non-rapes.
  3. Anti-rape inquisitions created by feminists on campuses where a woman can file rape charges against you months to years after the fact, the man is considered guilty until proven innocent and the prosecution and judges are completely rigged against the man. For instance, a man was recently thrown out of a university back East on “rape” charges. What happened? The man was blacked out drunk, lying on his back on a bed, and a female student gave him a blowjob. She sucked his cock while he was blacked out. If anyone got raped, it might have been him. She feared for her reputation after the incident and the feminist dorm adviser suggested she file rape charges to preserve her reputation. Another man was thrown out of school for raping his own girlfriend. Charges were filed many months after they broke up and the court was a Kangaroo Court stacked with feminists.
  4. Rape rules on campus created by feminists requiring assent for each escalation of sex acts undertaken.
  5. Crazy campus rape rules created by feminists whereby a man can be accused of rape even if the woman never said no if she “thought no in her head.” In this case, the man can be accused of rape because he’s not a mindreader.
  6. Crazy rape law in Washington State written by feminists whereby a teacher was convicted of rape of a female student who was 18 years old, an adult, when it happened. The sex was 100% consensual. He now must go on the Sex Offender Registry for life.
  7. Crazy rape laws written by feminists where sex with a drunken woman is “rape.”
  8. Fake campus rape crisis created by feminists whereby feminists make up lies like 20% of college girls are raped during college that make all college men seem like rapists. Real figure is .6%.
  9. Fake “rape culture” crisis US created by feminists in the US, probably the most anti-rape culture on Earth, where all men are seen as potential rapists.
  10. Insane rape laws in the UK written by feminists whereby apparently there is no statute of limitations for rape, sexual assault and “pedophilia” whereby men are going down for grabbing a grown woman’s tits 45 years ago, feeling up a 14 year old girl’s ass 35 years ago and other lunacy.
  11. Feminists making up lies like “fake rape charges are very rare.” The figure of 8% is tossed about. The true rate is near 50%. The ugly truth is that women cry rape and press fake rape charges against men all the time. I have been falsely accused of rape myself. A 14 year old girl accused me of raping her once. The sex was 100% consensual. She didn’t file charges, but the allegation went around to our friend circle. Incredibly, the rape charge made me much more popular with her girlfriends a number of whom started openly flirting with me after they heard I was a rapist!
  12. Insane sexual harassment rules in most employment locations whereby feminists are apparently trying to outlaw all heterosexual conduct in the workplace. I worked at a workplace where I was told that dating between coworkers was banned by the company’s sexual harassment policies.
  13. Sexual harassment madness on university campuses created by feminists whereby female students constantly file Title 9 complaints against male professions for every fake infraction in the book. One of the crimes is criticizing feminism or Women’s Studies Departments. Male teachers have had Title 9 complaints filed against them for doing just that.
  14. New laws in France and Germany created by feminists whereby men are forbidden from paternity testing their own babies.
  15. Pedophile Mass Hysteria promoted by feminists whereby any man who looks at a teenage girl is a “pedophile” and a “predator,” and men can’t even talk to any children of either sex anymore. Single men are particularly victimized by this. I have had single men tell me that all single White men past a certain age are automatically considered “pedophiles.” They also tell me how terrified they are of girls and how they take off every time they see one.
  16. Pedophile Mass Hysteria created by feminists causing men to be arrested for merely talking to teenage girls. A man was recently arrested and charged with “grooming” for talking to two 15 year old girls, apparently runaways, in a pet store in California. In California, this “anti-grooming” law is called “annoying or molesting a child.” Under this extremely vague offense, you can be charged with “grooming” for merely talking to a teenage girl.
  17. Pedophile Mass Hysteria caused by feminists resulting in men getting convicted of “child molesting” for having sex with underage girls who lied about their age and said they were 18-19, created Facebook pages with fake ages on them, and openly seduced older men. When people found out about it, the girls’ parents filed child molesting charges. The men had no idea the girls were underage. They were convicted and go on the Sex Offender Registry for life because a girl lied to them and they naively believed her lie.
  18. Pedophile Mass Hysteria caused by feminists expanding to adults -> a man recently told me online that if he saw a 50 year old man talking to a 20 year old woman, he would punch the man in the face. Recall how many women called Clinton a “pedophile” for having sex with 23 year old Monica.
  19. Pedophile Mass Hysteria created by feminists whereby evil girls mostly aged 9-13 are mass charging male teachers with child molesting under blatantly fake charges. A friend of mine had an entire classroom of evil 9 years old girls charge him with molesting them in a single day (!). The charge went into his record, parents threatened to beat him up, and he was not allowed to teach at that district ever again. My own father was charged with molesting a 13 year old Black girl for breaking up a fight between her and some other girl.
  20. Feminists making up lies like “children never lie about being molested” which result in mass fake molesting charges against men.
  21. Creep shaming created by feminists and women whereby many men are terrified to even approach females anywhere for fear of being called a creep.
  22. Crazy fake “street harassment” crisis created by feminists whereby selling hello to a woman on the street or trying to talk to a woman on a train is apparently “harassment.”
  23. Insane domestic violence laws written by feminists in the 1990’s whereby the woman gets to hit the man as much as she wants, but if the man hits back one time, he’s going to jail -> men are not allowed to fight back against women.
  24. Crazy domestic violence law written by feminists whereby if you hit a woman (even if you hit her back) in your own home which you own and she stays in as a perma-guest, even after you get out of jail, the woman can file a restraining order against you, continue to live in your home (!), and you will be homeless and banned from living in your own home while some leech lives there for free. You will have to find temporary lodging or go homeless.
  25. Crazy alimony laws written by feminists whereby the woman gets half your paycheck for years, maybe forever, no matter how high your check is and how much she really needs, even if she initiates the divorce.


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The Latest Outrage from the Feminist Enemy

Feminists are outlawing paternity testing.

France has actually made it illegal for a man to do paternity testing on the kid that his wife had. Incredible. And it is de facto illegal in Germany. In France, you need the woman’s approval to do paternity testing (!?) and good luck getting it! I can’t believe how insane this is.

This is exactly where women will go if you let them. Everything for the woman, nothing, or less than nothing, for the man.

In fact, there is a significant feminist movement in favor of “social parenting rather than genetic parenting.” That means you are on the hook for child support even if the kid that your cheating whore wife bore isn’t even yours! WTF.

There is a reason why male cheating has traditionally been more tolerated than female cheating. Female cheating is hated so much that the male victims of it are typically shamed or humiliated as “cuckolds.” If you read Shakespeare you will see many references to cuckolding. At that time, the worst insult you can say to a man would be to accuse him of being a cuckold. In fact, the word “horny” comes from the cuckolding concept. So does the idea of creeping up behind a man and putting a peace sign over his head. When you hold up two fingers over a man’s head, those are “horns.” It means he is wearing horns, that is, he is cuckolded, and this is where the word “horny” comes from.

The concept is also seen in the Spanish language, where cabron is the worst thing you can say to a man, and will often get you punched or even killed. Men in Latin America will kill over that insult. To call a man a cabron is to call him a male goat. Male goats have horns. If a man is “wearing horns” he has been cuckolded.

Let’s face it, no matter how much a woman’s partner cheats, when she has a baby, she can be assured that it is her child. This is very important – ownership of the child is very important. If a woman cheats on her man and has a baby, the man has no idea whatsoever whether that kid is his or not. He cannot be assured that that is his child (see above for women always being assured of ownership).

So when a woman cheats, her man is not sure of ownership of the child, and when the man cheats, she is at least sure that she owns any children that come out of her. Owing a child is very important. If a man is not sure that his child is his, he ends up raising another man’s child born by his woman. That is the last thing on Earth any man wants to do. Biologically, any male would consider raising another man’s child unknowingly to be a complete waste of time and resources.

This is why women’s cheating is so much more serious. In order to discourage women from cheating, men who got cheated on by their women were utterly humiliated by all of society. The fear that a man had of being humiliated in this way was enough to make sure he kept his wife on a tight leash all the time.

It also gave rise to the common reaction when a man catches his woman in bed with another man. It is quite common in such a case for the wronged man to kill both his woman and her boyfriend. In addition, many patriarchal societies simply murder women who are caught cheating. It’s right there in there social structure. This is probably another reason female sexuality was kept on such a tight leash by societies the world over. It needed to be controlled because otherwise you would have women cheating all over the place and paternity and jealousy issues with the attendant humiliation and homicide. In order to prevent these bad things, societies considered female sexuality a wild animal that needed to be kept in a very secure cage.


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The Big Lie about “Cultural Marxism”

Latias writes:

“Cultural Marxism”? Why? Why not just cultural liberalism? I do not see anything about a class struggle there? It makes preferring bourgeois values (or their radical perversion) over traditional aristocratic values “Marxist”.

The Right calls the Cultural Left “Cultural Marxism.” It’s bullshit. It’s all based upon a nutty anti-Semitic conspiracy theory centered around Communist subversion and a bunch of postwar German Jews out of a school of thought called The Frankfurt School. Supposedly these Marxist Jews plotted and encouraged the total cultural degeneration of the West in order to weaken us to make us easy prey for Revolution. As far as I can tell, this is nothing but bullshit, but the Right, especially the Alt Right, the Hard Right and the Racist Right, won’t shut up about it.

Most Cultural Left types aren’t even all that Left on economics. Most of them seem to be pushing a combination of Cultural Left with neoliberal economics. No one in the Cultural Left is pushing any sort of real Revolution other than a Revolution of Depravity and Degeneracy.

The real Marxists in the Cultural Left are usually pushing social conservatism and puritanism – see Radical Feminism for instance. Their view is about as “libertarian” as Maoist China. Socialist feminism is not a whole lot different from radical feminism, with an emphasis on puritanism, celebration of political lesbianism and other forms of conservatism, insanity and idiocy.


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It’s Not Possible to Molest a Teenage Girl

Repost from recent days. They are tearing this one apart on Blue Pill too.

Male feminists are such fags.

And female feminists…well…I am not sure if they are the enemy so much as that they are just stupid, and like most women nowadays, they just don’t get it.

Feminism is like all the rest of Identity Politics – Gay Identity Politics, antiracism, the trans movement, the Pro-ethnicity movements and all the other various idiocies – in that almost every single thing they say is not even true. Apparently feminists live in a fantasy world just like antiracists where all of the things we intuitively know via common sense and a lifetime of simple observational learning are actually somehow not even true.

The motto of the PC crowd should be, “Everything you know is wrong!” So feminists, like the antiracists and the rest of the boneheads, simply believe an endless series of lies, and almost everything they say is wrong. I am not sure whether I should hate people like that or just feel sorry for them like you feel sorry for actual retards.

It’s a known fact that modern women are completely nuts on the subject of men and teenage girls. You can’t even say they’re nice to look at. You can’t even say how you can see some guy wanting to fuck one of them. You can’t say how you think it’s normal to jerk off and fantasize about them. All of this, incredibly enough, is “pedophilia” despite that fact that 100% of behavioral scientists say that adult men being turned on by teenage girls or even fucking them isn’t “pedophilia,” and in fact it’s not any sort of mental illness, and indeed, beyond that, it’s not even abnormal.

Men screwing teenage girls is normal. Humans have been doing this for as long as there are humans. It is completely normal in many societies such as African tribes to this very day. In cultures where this is normal, not a single teenage girl in the history of man has been psychologically damaged by having sex with a man any more than any grown woman has been damaged by having sex with a man.

There’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever that it harms the girl other than everyone screaming about how damaged she got and running her around to idiot feminist therapists who endlessly drum it into her little head about how damaged she is. Yes, you freak out and tell a human that what just happened to them is awful and damaging, and a lot of humans will react by deciding that they event was traumatizing.

The problem with screwing teenage girls is that society has decided that it  simply does not approve of such things. Because society has decided it doesn’t like it due to a feminist-led mass hysteria equating normative teenage sexuality with pedophilia, the penalties for messing around with teenage girls have gone berserk.

You would think an 18 year old boy could fuck a 15 year old girl easily, but oh no, feminist shitheads have decided that is “pedophilia.” The laws are so lunatic and evil now that I would advise any grown man over 18 to exercise extreme caution in this area. And once you get to 25 or so, don’t even think about it. 25-30 year old men are going down on “child molestation” charges for fucking girls aged 17 years and 10 months. That’s right. Two months shy of legal, and it’s “pedophilia.”

Your grandma was right after all.

I get the distinct impression from talking to my parents that their generation thought, “Well, yes, men will fuck teenage girls if you give them the opportunity.” I am not sure if they thought it was the greatest thing since Kleenex, but they seemed to think it was simply part of normal human behavior. And I believe my mother pointed out that a lot of teenage girls want to screw men and will even try to seduce them.

Identity Politics says everything you learned from your parents and grandparents, the obvious wisdom of ages which was then born out in life by you via common sense and simple observation, is wrong. Everything you grandma told you is wrong. Bull-shit.

Subliminal Star writes:

Robert? What I found so disturbing about that show To Catch A Predator is that quite a few of the men who were lured into these sting operations came out and admitted that they were still virgins. They could have been lying, but, then again, they were likely telling the truth. When they get to prison, I imagine that word gets around the inmate population that these men have never been touched.

Then these men end up having their first sexual experience in the form of a violent gang rape against them by a bunch of sodomite goons. I would never wish something like that on even my worst enemy. I am glad that To Catch A Predator was taken off the air. Unfortunately, there are other fanatics out there in the world like Chris Hansen and Perverted Justice who take their obsessions even further to the point that innocent people get hurt

…Yeah, but if that “offender” wishes to support the younger person for the rest of her life as I’ve seen in so many cases in which a 22-year-old man marries his pregnant 14-year-old girlfriend, locking him up and branding him a sex offender after he gets out of prison isn’t going to improve his chances of finding employment to make such support possible, to say the least.

Good point. 14 and 15 year old girls are not children. You can only groom and molest children. You can’t groom and molest people who aren’t children, although that is probably coming soon. I assume this is where the radfem nutcases are going next – soon they will accuse men of grooming and molesting full-grown women, which is in line with Feminist Theory which essentially states that females never grow up and remain children until their dying day.

Since it is not possible to groom and molest someone who is not a child, it is not possible to groom and molest a 14 or 15 year old girl. Yes, you can fuck them and do all sorts of sexual things with them, as you can any woman, but it’s called fucking, not molesting. But you can’t molest them anymore than you can molest a 30 year old woman.


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Women in Power Versus Female Rule

Beatrix writes:

Well, perhaps it’s because you said ‘female rule’ instead of what you actually meant? Why not call it an Oppressive Matriarchy or Oppressive Female Rule if that’s what you mean? Obviously a general term like ‘female rule’ isn’t the best descriptive. How about Hiscrimination? Says what it means.

The way I see it is that Female Rule can’t be anything other than oppressive, and I suppose the same can be said of Male Rule. Even if the President was a woman and even if the majority of Congress was female, if they were real women instead of feminists and were not privileging women and abusing and oppressing men, I would not call it Female Rule. I am not sure what you would call it, maybe Females in Power.

Female Rule means they are ruling us, they are lording it over us. Male Rule means men are ruling women, they are lording it over women. Neither sex should rule the other sex or all of society and neither sex should privilege their own and abusing and oppressing me.

Women in Power is no problem. I gave you a list of many great female leaders of nations who did not oppress men one bit. Maybe Female Rule should mean Feminist Political Power.

There is a bit of an issue though because once women really seize a lot of political power, more than just a head of state, they usually start doing a lot of things that are really detrimental to men. I do not know why that is. I just like you almost can’t have a lot of women in power without them trying to turn the tables on us and fuck us over. If you can show me some places were women have a lot of political power and are not abusing men, I would like to look at that.


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Some Examples of Female Rule and Matriarchy in the West

Beatrix writes:

I think all these arrests are more due to today’s litigious society than any nebulous ‘female rule’.

Female Rule isn’t nebulous. Female Rule occurs when Gender feminists come into power and start implementing laws to privilege women and oppress men. Gender feminists use the legal system to create a Matriarchy and declare war on men. That’s all it is. What’s so nebulous about that?

I will provide below a number of examples of Female Rule in the West. What’s so nebulous about these examples?

Female Rule under Matriarchy:

  • Pedophile mass hysteria, the conflation of statutory rape and child molestation, and the extreme pathologization of teenage sexuality is a direct result of Female Rule. Now feminists are even persecuting many teenagers themselves for “selling and distributing child pornography.” Gender feminists put all those laws in and created the crazy Pedophile Mass Hysteria culture.
  • I do think the MADD went way too far in going after drunk drivers. I blame feminists for this too. They never used to throw the book at drunk driving like this. This is nuts. Gender feminists put all these wild new drunk driving penalties in.
  • “Guilty until proven innocent” for men in rape and date rape cases. This was put in by gender feminists.
  • Insane conflation of rape with normative sexuality to the point where Sweden, the most feminist country on Earth, now has the most insane rape laws on Earth where you can practically get arrested for looking at a woman. Sweden is actually ruled by some of the nuttiest gender feminists on Earth.
  • Ridiculous sexual harassment laws which were originally sensible in going after quid pro quo – “You fuck me or you’re fired,” or “You want a raise or a promotion, you fuck me.” However, gender feminists insanely conflated this with and incredibly nebulous concept called “hostile workplace.” The hostile workplace standard really means nothing, or maybe everything, but really it just means anything women say it means, which is the way women define most rules. These rules are now so crazy that many people say all sexual relationships in the workplace are banned as “sexual harassment.” All flirting, double entrenderes, sexual jokes or banter and even insinuating talk is banned as “hurtful to women.” Men are even getting fired for looking at women or “making women uncomfortable.”
  • Gender feminists rewrote domestic violence laws in the 1990’s to extremely favor women and oppress and abuse men. Now a man must tolerate any provocation from a woman, no matter how extreme. The fighting words and fair fight standard that men always abided by was thrown out and men are not even allowed to fight back against as woman when they are being attacked. You heard me. If a woman attacks you and hit her her back, you are going to jail automatically.
  • Gender feminists put in rules where you can be thrown out of your own house. Yes it is true. Suppose you own a house. Your girlfriend lives there with you. One day she provokes you or assaults you. You hit her back, and of course you go to jail. Now she obtains a court order to ban you from living in your own home while she continues to reside in your home where she has no right to be without your consent. Can you throw her out? Nope. Where can you stay while a home invader commandeers your residence? Who knows? Who cares? How long can the woman live in your house without your approval? A long time. Years. How long can you be banned from your own home? A long time. Years.
  • Gender feminists changed society’s idea about “fighting words” and “fair fights.” Under the rule of men, these concepts were in place. If a man talked to another man in a certain manner, that was considered to be “fighting words” or picking a fight or starting a fight. If a man picks a fight or starts a fight with another man, he has a right to hit his provoker. You can hit him anywhere but preferably in the face, generally about one time. If he hits back, then you can defend yourself. As long as things do not escalate too much, this is called a “fair fight.” Police generally did not get involved in fighting words or fair fights between men unless someone got seriously hurt because it was considered to be a civil matter and not a law enforcement matter.  The female mindset says when two men are fighting, they are both wrong and they both need to be punished. Female Rule put new legal concepts in place whereby when a man fought another man, both of them would automatically go to jail.
  • Crazy child support laws were put in by gender feminists. Why on Earth is any woman entitled to $900,000/year child support just to raise her kids? Where is she raising them? In the King’s Palace? Where on Earth does it cost $900,000/year to raise two children? Nowhere. No woman  deserves $900,000/year to raise children. She deserves a decent income and perhaps even the right to live well, but not $900,000/year. Surely no more than $50,000/year would be very fair.
  • Insane alimony laws were put into place by gender feminists. Why should a woman get one nickel of alimony after she divorces? You divorce, you’re not married to that man anymore. You’re not entitled to one cent of his income. You don’t live as well as you did when you were married? You should have thought of that before you filed for divorce. Why are you entitled to the same income you had when married, no matter how large? If you lived as a millionaire when married, why you are entitled to live as a millionaire for one day after the marriage is over?


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The Difference Between Women in Power and Female Rule

Beatrix wrote:

So in the state of Louisiana & in Mexico one is assumed guilty until proven innocent – does that mean they’re under female rule?

Did women put guilty until proven innocent laws into place in Louisiana and Mexico? I don’t think so. Then it’s not female rule. It’s only Female Rule when gender feminist women specifically put guilty until proven innocent laws into place in order to privilege women and oppress men.

Those laws were put into place in the US by women who were gender feminists. Gender feminist women anywhere on Earth at any time will always put laws like guilty until proven laws into place because that’s how women think. Female Rule doesn’t work.

There’s two kinds of women:

1. Real women
2. Gender feminists

I strongly support females in government in a sense; that is, I do not oppose it in principle.

Women can be lawmakers and even rule in a sense (a female president is not per se a bad idea) as long as they are not gender feminists. Many nations have or had female presidents. They did a great job because those woman presidents were not gender feminists.

There have been plenty of great female leaders of nations, and many great females have served positions of high power. As long as they are not gender feminists, there is no problem.

Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, Corey Aquino, Angela Merkel, Christina Kirchner, Michelle Bachelet in Chile, Dilma Rouseff, the list is very long. Even Margaret Thatcher did not rule as a gender feminist.

There have also been woman presidents in Dominica, the Scandinavian countries, and other countries that now elude my memory.

None of these women imposed Female Rule on any of these nations.

Female Rule: Rule of society by and via the ideals, rules and laws of gender feminism.

The problem isn’t women in power.

It’s gender feminist women in power.


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Some Thoughts on MRA Movements

All the MRA’s suck,  and all the MRA movements suck. There’s nothing there for a progressive man. They’re all reactionaries. Now, I do like some of the ideas of MRA’s and I think progressive men could theoretically get involved in some form of MRA especially against the lunacy of radical and gender feminism, the misandry or popular culture and the fact that in some ways, the state has become a Radical Feminist Matriarchy set up to attack men.

But the fact that all these guys are Neandertals really turns all progressive men off. We want nothing to do with them.

Most MRA celebrities are nuts. Warren Farrell is one of the biggest of all, and he is a lunatic like all the rest of them. Even Paul Elam seems pretty unhinged.

We used to have something called Men’s Liberation which was like MRA for progressive men. It was pretty crazy in a lot of ways too, but at least it wasn’t reactionary. That’s history now. There will never be one slight hint of Men’s Liberation on the Left ever again. All politically active Left men are faggots, pussies and cuckolds now. They’re all gone over to radical and gender feminism in the worst ways. These “men” are basically women with dicks. They should just get a sex change and be done with it.

To be on the Left as a man now, you have to swallow the strap-on dildo of radical feminism down your throat hard. I guess you are supposed to deep throat it til you puke. You would not believe how these retarded men talk. Anytime a Left man talks about “losing his male privilege” head for the door. He’s gelded already.


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