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Radical Feminism Is Wrong Right off the Bat

The radical feminist definition of sex and gender. Briefly, sex is what you are born into – a male or a female body. Gender in most cases is what happens when a male turns into a boy or a man or a female turns into a girl or woman.

Patriarchy is a caste system which takes humans who are born biologically male or female and turns them into the social classes called men and women.

Deep Green Resistance

This is so wrong. Gender is as real as race. In fact, my own philosophy at the moment is that Gender Realism has a lot more going for it than Race Realism.

I guess Gender Realism would say something like:

Gender is real, it is not socially constructed, and much of it is in fact biological in nature.

How many of you are Gender Realists? I would imagine that the vast majority of the older generation are. Every woman and girl I have ever dated was? Where are all these morons who insist that gender is socially constructed?


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Libfems Versus Radfems

Interview with Gail Dines, radfem, about her anti-porn book Pornland. The interview was written up on the site of the New Left Project, so apparently both libfems (such as the author, Sarah Ditum) and radfems like Dines are both part of the Left.

I do not think men should blanketly oppose feminism as much of the reactionary Manosphere wants us to. However, choosing to support libfems and to oppose radfems seems to be a rational thing to do. In opposing radfems, we avoid the trap saying, “We oppose feminism,” or a cryptic, “We oppose some feminism.” We lay out exactly which feminism we oppose (radfems) and which we support critically (libfems).

Radfems strike me as mentally ill people. As someone who works in mental health, I do not see why I should support a movement full of mentally disturbed people who seek to impose their mental illnesses on society.

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Which War Forward, Western Woman?

Your choice ladies, the Qatar Model or the Brazil Model. Which will it be?

Your choice ladies, the Qatar Model or the Brazil Model. Which will it be?

You radfems don’t like the sexual objectification of females? Fine, I present you with…drum roll…Qatar! You happy now?


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10 Similarities Between Conservatives and Radical Feminists

10 Similarities Between Conservatives and Radical Feminists


The Horseshoe Theory states simply that, as you get more and more extreme with respect to a political view (ex: more and more left-wing), you “horseshoe” back around and your actions become similar to that of your philosophical opposite (ex: begin acting more right-wing).

Generalizations of common beliefs between radfems and conservatives.

  1. Generally tend to be middle class+ and white.

  2. They believe women have no sexual agency — conservatives believe the man should make the decisions, and radical feminists believe that the patriarchy makes women straight, and they couldn’t possibly like having sex with men.

  3. Furthermore, both oppose any amount of kink and claim BDSM is harmful.

  4. Both believe in compulsory sexuality — conservatives believe everyone should be straight, and radfems believe all women should be gay.

  5. Both believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with them on topics regarding rape are lying about it happening and should have vulgar acts done to them.

  6. Both groups are racist as hell, and often resort to the “I have a black friend!” excuse. Both will vehemently deny being racist, too. Conservatives will talk about how the Republican party is the party of Lincoln, and radical feminists will talk about how the first radical feminists were black.

  7. Both hate trans* people with a burning passion and think they’re a fake man/woman who is trying to “invade” or take over.

  8. Both think porn is evil and a scourge on society.

  9. Both believe consent doesn’t exist and that, even if two adults consent, a sexual act can be immoral and harmful to other parties.

  10. Both hate, hate, hate, hate gay men. Conservatives view them…well, we know how they view them. Radical feminists believe they are…

Sadly, there is a lot of truth to this. Radical feminists are frankly insane, and much of the feminist movement has been taken over by radfems. Many feminist heroes and icons are or were radfems. Many of these icons also strike me as possibly being mentally ill in some way.

Let us go through the charges.

1. True.

2. Pretty much true. At the very least radfems say that women are going to be a lot more fulfilled having sex with women than having sex with men due to inherent differences and power differentials existing between men and women. Other than that, they all believe that there are not enough lesbians, and we really need to increase the number of lesbians. The % of lesbians in the radfem movement is very high.

A number of others are deliberately raising their kids alone without fathers. Quite a few of them state that they hate raising their boys, and if they had their way, they would only raise girls. Some radfems have advocated that mothers kill their sons. Others adopt political lesbianism and lesbian separatism. The hatred for men (misandry) is extremely high among radfems, and in general, they do not believe that there are any good men at all. Nevertheless, quite a few radfems have boyfriends or husbands.

3. True, and I hate to say it, but the radfems may actually be onto something here. More on this later.

4. I went over radfems’ beliefs about lesbianism earlier. In fact, quite a few radfems actually believe that all women should be lesbians.

5. Radfems are pretty insane on the subject of rape. Rape paranoia is epidemic among radfems and is a continual redefining of the definition of rape downwards more and more away from the traditional legal definition and into some very murky area. Radfems to not have a high opinion of their critics – the general attitude is, “Go to Hell!”

6. Conservatives are racist. Well, most of them are anyway. I think there are a few conservatives who are not all that racist. At least they seem to be able to have Black friends or lovers without problems. The charge seems false against radfems; they are radical antiracists.

7. I do not know about this one, but I think there is some truth to it. Some of them say that transsexualism is harmful to women because radfems have a mission to get rid of gender. The other belief mentioned – that radfems believe that some transwomen are men invading women’s space, or that transmen are no longer women and should be thrown out of, say, women’s colleges, are widespread. Now whether they hate them like conservatives do, I am not sure.

8. This is absolutely true, at least of radfems. They want to wipe porn and prostitution off the face of the Earth.

9. This is absolutely true, at least of radfems, who have an utterly insane notion of consent, often saying that there is no such thing.

10. True about conservatives, not sure what they are getting at with regard to radfems. I always thought radfems were gay male-friendly.

The truth is that radical feminism is an insane ideology and most of the women in it are in my opinion mentally ill in some way or another. I have known some men who got into radical feminism, and their behavior was pretty ridiculous and pathetic, not to mention wimpy to the extreme. No sane male, even a liberal or Leftist man, should support this lunatic, ferociously antimale or misandrist ideology. Any male who does is essentially a gender traitor who has gone over to the enemy.

Radfems often counterpoint the feminists that they hate as what they call liberal feminists or libfems. Libfems are often described as sex-positive and have believe that prostitution should be legal and females in porn should be supported. Both occupations may be fulfilling and liberating. Libfems also often support BD/SM.

I believe that liberal feminism is something that a lot of us men, even masculinists, members of the Manosphere or liberal and progressive men, could get behind. What’s wrong with liberation, after all? Isn’t liberation what the Left is all about?

Sane males can reasonably say that they support liberal feminism while staunchly opposing radical feminism. That seems a lot better than out and out feminist-hating, which feels reactionary.


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Types of Genderqueer

From the famous feminist scholar Judith Butler’s website, The Social Construction of Gender.

1. Both man and woman (example: androgyne)

2. Neither man nor woman (agender, neutrois, non-gendered).

3. Moving between two or more genders (gender fluid).

4. Third gendered or other-gendered (includes those who prefer “genderqueer” or “non-binary” to describe their gender without labeling it otherwise).

5. Having an overlap or blur of gender and orientation and/or sex…(girlfags and guydykes)

6. Those who “queer” gender, in presentation or otherwise, who may or may not see themselves as non-binary or having a gender that is queer; this category may also include those who are consciously political or radical in their understanding of being genderqueer.

Excuse me, but this is sheer batshittery. The Cultural Left, in particular the Gay Lobby, has only started their Long March. Their demands will become increasingly offensive and bizarre and will probably be interminable. Society is giving way to a lot of the Gay Lobby’s demands (and some of this is correct as in gay marriage) but believe me, you haven’t seen the end of this. This is only the beginning.

I do not know Judith Butler well, but in researching a lot of famous radical feminists, I came to the conclusion that many of these women appear to be mentally ill in some way. The hatred of men is so bizarre, over the top and insane that it really seems like psychopathology. A few famous radical feminists have actually called for reducing the number of males in society through various means. How they propose to go about this, I have no idea. “Lesbian separatists” are definitely bigots and may be mentally ill. If you hate men so much that you want to live in a world that has no men in it, that seems like psychopathology to me.

I know it is a cliche, but you would be surprised how many radical feminists have praised Valerie Solanis’ SCUM Manifesto as a brilliant radical feminist classic. The Hell it is. The woman had paranoid schizophrenia, and she shot and almost killed Andy Warhol for no reason. Warhol had serious health problems for the rest of his life due to this loon. Her insane manifesto logically flows right out of her mental illness

I would go so far as to say that most “political lesbians” or “lesbian feminists” are not mentally healthy. What is really going on here is a case of women who hate men so much that they simply turn into lesbians. Nope, they weren’t born that way. They used to be straight and they turned lesbian out of fear and hatred of men, and they could turn straight again anytime they want to. They could even use the falsely discredited conversion therapy to help them become heterosexual again. After all, conversion therapy can work in motivated women.

I do not like the Religious Right very much, but they often tell the truth about homosexuality and the Gay Lobby. What is sad is that the only people who are telling the truth about homosexuality and the Gay Lobby are themselves a bunch of nuts. Once again American society is polarized between two nutty poles, the kooky Gay Lobby and the offensive Religious Right. As with race, there is no middle ground for the sane people.

Looking at the list, how can you be both a man and a woman at the same time? Forget it. You’re one or the other.

How can you be neither a man nor a woman? You mean there are males, females and “others?” What sense does that make?

How can you move between male and female? If this is Sunday, then I must be a man. If it’s Tuesday, then I must be a woman. If it’s Thursday, this must be Paris. Come on! You’re either a man or a woman. You can’t change from man to woman every other day like you change your underwear.

What the Hell is a third gender? You mean there are males, females and genderqueers? Screw that.

What in God’s name is a girlfag or a guydyke? That’s so weird.

How in the Hell can you “queer” gender? “Hi, my name is Bob and I queer gender.” What does that mean?

You know, back when I was growing up, we called these people “freaks” and “weirdos.” That’s exactly what they are.

I also suspect that many of these genderqueer “things” or “its” are actually dealing with some sort of mental illness. If you can’t figure out if you’re male or female, in a lot of cases, I would suspect that there’s something wrong with your head. Why? Because normal people know whether they are males or females. It’s not something we go round and round about. It’s as clear as air.

All of these people are insane.

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Death to Gender Feminism

From Reddit:

Down vote me if you want but if this guy has luck like me, it won’t end up good. I was in an altercation just like this about 2 years ago. She beat the living hell out of me (hit me in the face with a broad head arrow and made me bleed) she hit me in the face, throat, stomach and anywhere else.

After about 45 minutes of her beating the hell out of me, I grab her arms to get her to quit and pushed her away from me. Boom, next day I’m in county under felony assault on a female.. It looked bad because I’m 6’5″ and she is about 5′. I got out of it with a misdemeanor because I could have just left. The felony is still on my record and its keeping me from continuing with life. The woman is 100% in the wrong, but I’ve got a feeling it’s not gonna be good for the guy…

…Story time. One of my co-workers was recently married (at the time), just bought a new house, and invested everything he had into it. Within a month the mother in law had moved in with them. One day he gets into an argument with the mother in law, goes upstairs to take a shower to cool off. 10 minutes later the police are at the front door and arrest him for assault on a female (with zero proof except for the mother in laws word).

He spends 72 hours in lock up and by the time he gets out the wife and mother in law already have a restraining order, so he can not get back into his own house. A year worth of criminal trials, tens of thousands of lawyer fees he is finally cleared of the charges. Oh they also took the house, and half of everything he had.

Turns out the mother in law has been married and divorced four times, every time under similar circumstances. This is what she does for a living, and once she got too old for her scam, she trained her daughter to do it. All it takes is one women to SAY, “he hit me” to ruin your life, no proof necessary.

I am supposed to say that the equity feminists are ok this, but I am not so sure. The truth is that 100% of the mainstream feminist organizations supported the insane laws that made these guys go to jail, and to this day, they will never say that this man was not in wrong.

Feminism has damaged most American women in quite a few ways. Even women who are obviously not gender feminists, even older women, those in their 70’s and 80’s, they all support this stuff. They are all insane. All of the feminist organizations are insane. All women who think this guy needs a criminal record are insane. In a word, society itself has gone insane, and feminism is part of the reason for it.

I would also argue that feminism has surely done some good things for men, women and society, but then there this whole huge downside.

If any woman hit me with an arrow (!) so hard that I started bleeding, I would hit her as hard as I could, and maybe even more than once. I just hope I wouldn’t kill her is all, but even that would be tempting.

In my world, pretty much anyone of either gender who attacks me with that much ferocity gets pounded, or at least I try to pound them. If they make me bleed, I pound them a few extra times just for that sin right there.

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The Male-Shaming “Creepy” Word Again

Some feminist bitch named Erin writes:

So very little of the collectivist and dehumanizing crap in the post or article merits response, but I do find it funny that this guys is all butthurt because women use the “male shaming” word “creepy” but has no problem calling women who reject him or his world view “feminist whores”.

I’ve seen this time and time again. Guy wants girl; girl doesn’t want guy. Rather than accept than some people aren’t attracted to him and that’s not necessarily a personal attack on his character (or, maybe it is, and he needs to do some self work to be attractive to his desired romantic interests), guy collectivizes all women in this shallow, predictable, narcissistic stereotype and claims it’s impossible for him to get “high status” women (because that logic doesn’t take away from the idea of women as individual human beings) because he has to “compete” with other men. If only women could blame a perpetual inability to get laid on the wrong doings of “Men’s’ Rights douche bags”.

1. I don’t have a perpetual inability to get laid. Sort of like the exact opposite actually.

2. I don’t call all women anything. I singled the feminist bitches who carry on with this “creepy” bullshit.

3. Not that it matters, but I have gotten plenty of “high status” females in my life, and I actually continue to get them somehow, even though I am lower than low status myself.

4. Guy likes girl. Girl doesn’t like guy. Guy gets the hint and backs off. Girl calls guy creepy for trying in the first place. Bullshit on that. It is male shaming. They’re attacking the poor guy for trying to get laid/start a romance/or get involved in a romantic or sexual arrangement with a female, which is perfectly normal behavior. But feminists don’t believe guys have a right to try to get laid is what it boils down to.

5. It’s not true that only Beats and Omegas get called creepy. I know a guy who has had sex with ~200 females, and he tells me he has been getting called “creep” and “creepy” his whole life. He’s the very definition of an Alpha. Creepy is just a bullshit female term for “a guy who likes me but I don’t like him.” The more sexually aggressive you, the more of a flirt you are, the more passes, pickup lines and physical gropings you engage in with women you meet, the more you are going to get called creep. It has nothing to do with success or failure or any of that.

Now mind you, the more Beta/Omega a guy is, the more he is going to get called that because the number of women who don’t find him attractive is large and the number of women who do find him attractive is very small to nonexistent. According to feminist scum, this poor shmuck has no right to even try to get laid ever, with any woman on the face of the Earth? Why? Because he’s creepy!

I say so what. I don’t care how Beta or Omega the guy is. He still has a right to try to get laid any legal way he can using any technique, trick or game in the book, and he’s not a creep for trying!

“Creepy” really just means “guy who is trying to get laid.” And what’s wrong with that? Up with the creeps! Up with creepiness! Down with the feminist scum!


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Oglers of the World Unite!

Repost from the old site.

First of all, we are obsessed with sex, as a nation. When I was growing up, sex was mandatory. If you were not doing it all the time, there was something wrong with you. Shoot, if you had not done it in two or three weeks, there was something horribly wrong with you.

I would submit that that is nuts right there. These were college aged young adults aged 18-24 that we are talking about here. Part of the reason it is unfair is that I am convinced that lots of people who do not have very active sex lives are not doing that out of choice. They really want to be having tons of sex, but they just not getting any, or not much anyway.

From a liberationist point of view, this person has their heart in the right place. Unless you have lots of money, are gay or very good looking with an excellent personality, sex is not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to get tons of if you are a male.

There are some other issues here. First of all, looks. I really do not believe that looks do much for a guy in the same way they do for a woman. You could be the best looking guy in town, but if you don’t have any money, or if you are strange or weird in a neurotic kind of way, or maybe if you are just shy, you could probably go years without so much as a date.

The most beautiful woman in town will have no such problems. If she is broke, no problem. Half the guys in town will gladly pay her way or even let her move in with them for free. She won’t even have to work for a living! Hell, she can work on her back!

She can have sex and make a living at it and not even be a prostitute. Just get yourself a sugar daddy or a rich guy, and a beautiful woman gets an excellent income and never has to do a day’s work for the rest of her life.

Suppose the most beautiful woman in town is shy? So what! Shyness is no obstacle for females, and women don’t really ask men out much anyway, despite all the liberationism. Women just have to sit back and wait for men to ask them out. Wow, that’s really hard!

So, the shy guy really has some problems. He needs to ask women out, but women often give out conflicting signals. The woman who seems like she really likes you one day becomes your worst enemy the next, especially after you ask her out.

With the insanity of sexual harassment laws and pseudo-laws, I have actually seen cases where men were called on the carpet on jobs for asking a woman out – it happened once at a workplace. The guy was kind of strange, but I thought he was harmless enough. I talked to him about it afterwards, and he said he had worked there for five months and that was the first woman he had asked out.

He said he thought about it very carefully and only asked her out when he thought she might say yes. He said he did not ask out the overwhelming majority of women he met because he did not get good enough feelings from them. He told me had not asked out a woman in almost two years. I saw him years later and he told me that after that incident, he had not asked out a woman for four years.

But the whole office was up in arms over this! This weird guy had asked out a woman! Horrors! Horrors! Such a terrible man. My God, I bet he was tying to get laid, that evil bastard creep. The office ran to the rescue of the fair maiden being pestered by the horny male. What were they looking to preserve? Her virginity?

Shy guys have it bad enough without everyone dog-piling on them after they ask someone out. I honestly think men ought to be free to ask women out. Really. That should not fall under sexual harassment charges.

Ok, now what if the best looking woman in town is kind of weird? Let’s say she’s kind of neurotic. She often looks distracted and worried, and looks like she is thinking about something else all the time.

Now, for a guy, this is absolutely deadly. First of all, it’s going to get seriously in the way of making money. Second of all, hardly any woman will touch a guy like that, even if he’s the best looking guy in town. He’s going to get pegged as a weirdo, or maybe dangerous, or a creep.

Now, a woman can be like that and no one is going to say she’s dangerous or a weirdo just for having a funny look in her eyes. Female creeps don’t even exist. Creeps can only be male!

Actually, this sort of woman will have even more guys after her than ever, I bet. She’s known as a spacer chick, or a space chick. No guy in town will care about this. She can have dates with rich guys every night of the week if she wants. Being spacy will probably attract even more guys to her, because guys think spacy women are just out of it enough for her to be easier to get into bed.

This is where I really part company with Western feminists and their “woman is so screwed” line. From where I’m coming from, Western women in the US have it made.

Women won’t even go out with us until they look at our bank account and our net worth. Yet a beautiful woman doesn’t even need to work. There’s a ferocious anti-sexual current in feminism, and it’s particularly aimed at males who are, um, trying to get laid.

Looking at women in public? Ogling! There is nothing, I mean, nothing, a feminist hates worse than ogling.

I know a 45 year old guy who just got thrown out of a local Starbucks for checking out the waitresses, aged about 17-20. He said he’s been looking at women his whole life, and all of a sudden it’s a problem. Fact is, he’s gotten too old, and he’s not rich. If he had lots of money, those same silly young women would have thrown their phone numbers at him instead of banning him.

The guy’s an acquaintance of mine. He said since they tried to ban him, he’s afraid to look at women period, because he’s afraid they are going to try to get him in trouble again.

As I said, the problem is the guy is aging. Young women really don’t want us old guys, despite our fantasies. They want guys their own age. At some point, if we keep looking at them, we become, “Ewwww!” creeps. Dirty old men. Society plays into this mad bullshit with the recent insanity over child molestation. A man over age 45 who looks at girls aged 16-20 is considered a child molester. No kidding!

Truth is, non-dead, non-homosexual males of all ages are attracted to teenage girls. Any man who says he isn’t is a hypocritical liar.

Young females are empowered and think they can throw men old enough to be their dads out of establishments for the crime of wandering eyes.

Another favorite rant of feminist rantings is “guys who ask women out” or maybe “ask them out too much”. Or something. Or this or that. Along the same lines, guys who make sexual innuendos are a major target.

Sexual innuendos are what’s called flirting. Since humans have sex, humans flirt. Flirting is what humans do when they want to have sex. It figures that feminists would make flirting all but illegal, and it almost seems that is what they have done.

Nothing offends a feminist more than a guy looking at her, talking about sex within earshot (damages those pretty little ears of hers), flirting with her, or asking her out. Except if he’s rich. Then she’s all ears.

I submit that this lunacy has gone way too far. We are for all intents and purposes living under a Feminazi Dictatorship here in America. Really, men of all ages ought to be reasonably free to look at women within reasonable bounds. It’s normal for any man to look at a teenage girl a bit, even if he can’t touch her. There’s a reason beauty contest feature 18 year olds. The female is at her most beautiful then.

Men really ought to be free to ask out women, provided they aren’t being completely clueless idiots about it. Any reasonable guy asking out a woman with no power differential involved is never a case of sexual harassment. Flirting is one of those things that humans do. They do it because they have sex. I guess if we want to get rid of flirting, we need to get rid of sex. As sex is not going anywhere, flirting is here to stay.

Once again, there’s a time and a place. Women flirt with men all the time. Men even flirt with men. I’ve been on the receiving end of all sorts of innuendo from both sexes. Some of it wasn’t exactly optimal, but I never thought of calling the PC Police. Men really ought to be free to engage in carefully thought out flirtation with judiciously chosen women.

If she doesn’t like it, just communicate that.

What makes all of this so much more complicated is my perception of the way women act. There’s a couple of women out there who really hate me right now. What’s weird is I swear a little while ago, they seemed like they really, really liked me. Hate is close to love, especially in the female. Ask a woman out, she says no, and she’ll probably hate you forever.

Ask a woman out, she says yes, you date for a bit, and she’ll probably hate you forever still. I’ve dated a couple of hundred women in 50 years, and I don’t look forward to meeting any of them. The few that I still come across act like they hate me. I suspect the rest all feel that way too. I just figure that’s normal.

But supplying these hot and cold burning and freezing objects called females with a weapons dump of ammo called Political Correctness is a bad idea. They’re going to abuse it, and they do.

Honey, listen up. This is Bob the Pig talking.

If a guy asks you out and you don’t want to go out with him, just say no, and say it not very nicely. If he’s ogling you too much, glare at him. If he’s flirting with you, and you don’t like it, act huffy, glare at him and storm out. If he’s talking about sex, and it hurts your dainty little ears, do the same.

Women have been doing this for centuries, and it’s worked just fine. All those centuries, women lived without any PC Police protection, and they didn’t even go extinct. Will miracles never cease?

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Gender Feminist Bitches Attack Me at Manboobz


The article is not about me at all, instead it is about something else entirely. The subject is a 14 year old boy who writes that he wants to go to Dartmouth University, but he is worried that it is full of a bunch of sluts as so many colleges are these days. He is a traditional and conservative guy, and he’s looking for a nice girl who shares his morals. He worries he won’t find one at your typical Slut U.

Here is his comment below. He made similar comments at eight other university boards.

Traditional man inquires about various Slut U's to determine the % of sluts at any given university. Slut majority U's are out of the question, but if the dirty whores are only a minority, he could abide by their loose morals and let it slide.

Traditional man inquires about various Slut U’s to determine the % of sluts at any given university. Slut majority U’s are out of the question, but if the dirty whores are only a minority, he could abide by their loose morals and let it slide.

I don’t share this fellow’s degree of rectory, but I have nothing against people with high morals who wish to save themselves for marriage or whatever and then harbor conservative sexual morals after marriage. There’s nothing evil about celibacy, virginity or chastity. One of the worst things that the Cultural Revolution of the 60’s did was to make chastity into a sin. Since when is chastity a sin or a sign of failure as a human being anyway? Sluts and players perch on the top of the moral pyramid while the chaste and true wallow in Hellish boiling mud below. Give me a break, talk about inversions. We have truly turned morality upside down and made morals of sins and sinners of the good.

And it’s true that the way I lived my life, while I am proud of it, isn’t exactly optimal for society. In fact, a lot of society’s problems are due to too many people living like I did and not enough people showing some degree of moral probity.

Needless to say, the gender feminists and male feminists piled all over the poor sod. Male feminists are otherwise known as “pussies,” and a prominent male feminist, a big fat dorky pussy looking guy, runs the blog Manboobz, from which he mocks the Manosphere. The general reaction was that a decent boy’s desire not to attend some variety of Slut U is an example of sexism and misogyny. But everything is misogyny to a feminist. There are more misogynists than there are grains of sand on a beach according to feminists.

One of the commenters in the piece, ShiOres, starts the attack on me here.

Sorry for the derail, but does anyone here know the blog of self-confessed “liberal” racist race-realist Robert Lindsay? Some time ago he also wrote about sluts and the double-standard which was super-misogynist (the particular irony is, that he always claims to be different than “those women-hating MRAs”) but gives a nice outline of all the hypocritical thinking.

Proceed at own risk

She calls me a racist, as all these liberal/Left loons do, then she calls me a super misogynist, as all feminists do. I am neither a racist nor a misogynist, but I have my own definitions about those terms other than Identity Politics daffynitions. It’s true I do not like most MRA’s because their off the charts misogyny simply makes me sick.

You can follow the thread down a ways to see all of the silly comments that are directed at me. You can’t win with these bitches. Seriously.

You might also want to check out the piece of mine they linked to that set them all into mass PMS: Double Standards for Men and Women?  It provoked some pretty wild discussion when it was first posted.


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Roosh on the End Game of Feminism

From here.

The end game of feminism is to make it impossible for a female to do any wrong, absolving her from all responsibility for her actions, no matter how reprehensible. The fact that a human being has a vagina will soon mean that she can not make a bad decision about anything. Punishing or criticizing a woman for her life choices will be abolished.

Name one thing right now that a feminist would criticize their gender for doing. I’ll save you the mental effort: there’s nothing. There is absolutely nothing that a girl can do that would get hate from feminists.

I have criticized Roosh before, but nevertheless, a lot of what he says is simply true. I also think he is a fine writer. He certainly deserves to be read whether you agree with him or not.

The piece goes on to list a whole range of female mistakes and failures and how feminists would explain it all away as not the women’s fault. He then lists a whole range of similar instances where the man is always at fault no matter what he does.

Anything other than equity feminism is nightmare for men and should not by supported by any thinking male.

Gender feminism is frankly an out and out disaster, and it was from Day One. Feminism has always been awful. From Day One, it’s been more about hating men than getting equal rights for women.

Simone Beauvoir’s The Second Sex is a catastrophe, full of man-hatred from start to finish. I dated a woman who loved that book, and she bristled with man-hatred. Feminists always make excuses for women who hate men. They excuse Beauvoir, saying that Sartre didn’t treat her very well. So? So she had a right to declare war on all of us?

Go over to American Renaissance and see all the Whites there who have had terrible experiences with Blacks. Therefore, they have a right to be racists? No way.

A lot women have treated me pretty badly (and a lot have treated me well), therefore, I should turn into a misogynist due to those who treated me badly? I am not going to fall for that one.

Feminists, even the non-man-haters, will always make excuses for man-hating feminist women. They will even defend idiotic women who turn lesbian because they hate men so much (in fact, this is the cause of a great deal of lesbianism). Men are evil, so what do you expect? Of course women turn lesbian because they hate us so much. Of course women turn into man-haters, look at how men act. What do you expect?

Well, do any of these feminists sympathize with misogynists? Of course not.

Let us put the shoe on the other foot. Do you ever hear a feminist going on like this, for instance, sympathizing with serial killers or woman-beaters?

Well, he had an evil mother who mistreated him horribly. Of course he turned into a murdering rapist who slaughtered beautiful women? What do you expect? How else was he supposed to act considering his upbringing? Actually, he showed a lot of self-control. Look what women did to him in his life. We women should feel lucky he only killed 10 lying whores and not fifty of us!

Well of course men beat up women. Look at how women act. We women drive these poor men to these extreme acts. Why, any normal man who had to put up with that would turn into a woman-pummeler. We should congratulate them for just beating them up and not murdering them.

So you see, feminists make excuses for women who hate men (men are evil and drove them to it) but refuse to make excuses for men who hate women. Following feminist logic, the only reason men who hate women exist is because women are evil and drove these men into misogyny, right?

Furthermore, the feminist attitude about sex is utterly and insanely toxic. It is dangerous to the life and liberty of all males. Feminists have such an maximalist view of rape that it makes rapists out of the vast majority of males.

We can look at the Feminist Hell of Sweden to see where this madness logically ends.

Sure, Sweden has one of the highest rape rates on Earth. Why, because Swedish guys are rape-crazy? Nope, because Swedish feminists have instituted the most insanely expansive definition of rape in history, resulting in a lot of normal sex and non-rape being classified as rape.

Feminists not only want to put us in jail for rape, but they want to jail most of us for sexual assault. Ever grabbed a women’s body? Ever grabbed a woman’s tits or ass or put your hand up her dress? I’ve been grabbing females that way my whole life. There haven’t been a lot of complaints, and in fact most of them liked it, and I haven’t been arrested yet. Ask a feminist, and she will grumble that I should have been arrested by now.

Truth is, feminists are worse than an annoyance. They’re a menace to us men. They’re dangerous. They are our enemies, and they are out to get us put in jail or prison for nothing. They are out to get us fired from our jobs for fake sexual harassment charges, thereby depriving us of a means to earn a living.

Feminists are our deadly enemies, and there can be no peace accords with them.


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