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Stanford Victim Impact Statement from Brock Turner’s Victim


This is a victim impact statement from the victim in the Brock Turner sexual assault case. If you want a good backgrounder on the case, see Wikipedia here.

Turner of course is the Stanford star swimmer who assaulted a passed out female student behind a trash dumpster outside a dorm. When two men on bicycles, Swedish foreign grad students, stopped to intervene, Turner ran away. The Swedes ran after him, tackled him and then notified police.

Turner had been at the same party as the victim, and the victim had drunk so much that she was completely blacked out at the time and later remembered nothing of the incident. However, at the time he was assaulting her in the pine needle-covered dirt, she was passed out unconscious. You cannot have sex with a passed out unconscious female. It is illegal, and it’s correct to be considered that way. I never understood guys who do this, as it almost seems like necrophilia.

The case went to trial and Turner, age 19, was convicted of a number of charges. The DA and the Probation Office had different recommendations about what sort of sentence he should serve. He was sentenced to six months in jail. However, this sort of sentence is normal in cases such as this (having sex with a passed out drunk woman). The judge and the supporters of Turner talked a lot about how a promising athletic swimming career of a great athlete had been destroyed by this incident. But the victim’s life was also ruined.

The judge’s light sentence caused a huge outcry in feminist circles and in the media and went on to be a classic cause celebre in the fake Rape Culture nonsense that the feminuts keep propagandizing about. In fact, the US is among the countries on Earth that have the least rapey cultures of them all. Or to put it another way, the US is one of the last countries around that could be considered to have a Rape Culture at this point in time.

All of this crap is coming from radical feminism. Radical feminism or gender feminism is characterized by a hysterical form of rape paranoia. They are stark raving batshit nuts about rape. All they talk about is rape, rape, rape, rape, rape. All of us men are supposed to be fighting against rape all the time, even though I believe I have never committed an actual rape in my life (though I may have committed some of the fake rape bullshit that the femicunts call rape). Gender feminism is characterized by a hatred of men and especially a hatred of heterosexual men, masculinity and normative male heterosexuality.

At any rate, this is one of the most shockingly eloquent, powerful and moving victim impact statements I have ever read.


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They’re Not Children, and They’re Not Adults Either

Oneaboveall writes:

I basically made a point that if I’m dealing with a 15 yr old with enormous tits and/or a bubble ass, WHICH I WOULD NOT BE, that it’s really stretching things to say that I’m a sexual predator who’s attracted to children.

A child is “someone who appears to be a child” – basically, someone 12-under. Teenagers are in an in-between category. They certainly are not children anymore, but in general, they are not really adults either.

Teenage boys are what I call “boy-men.”

I call teenage girls “girl-women.”

Because that’s exactly what they are. It’s not a man, and it’s not a boy. It’s not a girl, and it’s not a woman. Teenagers are neither children nor adults. They are in some sort of transitioning category between children and adults, some sort of murky neverland that is hard to define and get a grip on.

Oneaboveall writes:

There is a big difference between children and adolescents, but people love to throw words around.

That’s because people are idiots. Especially feminists. I believe feminism causes actual loss of IQ points, and if I were betting, I would bet that feminism causes actual loss of brain matter. It’s probably progressive too. The longer a woman is a feminist, the greater the brain shrinkage is. It’s a serious problem, almost as bad as drugs.

This is your brain on feminism. Any questions?

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The Alt Left Position on Feminism

On the woman question, Rabbit ( does not seem to care much about feminism, while I believe that Gender Feminism is nothing but a man-hating movement, and most women involved in it are there to nurture feelings of anger, rage and mostly resentment towards men. As a man, I do not see why I should support a movement of people who hate me.

I think we should support Equity Feminism though, the movement for women’s equal rights. We should support the Equity Feminist movements in much of the world where women’s rights are much worse than they are. These women deserve their just and healthy Liberation.

I would like to look into Sex-positive Feminism to see if it fits with the Alt Left. I feel good about the Sex-positive Feminism of the Jezebel website. One beef against gender feminists is that they are very puritanical and seem to hate heterosexual men, normal heterosexual male sexuality and even masculinity itself, which they call toxic.

The Alt Left supports straight men and thinks there is nothing wrong with heterosexual male sexuality. We also are not opposed to masculinity, do not think it is toxic but nevertheless do not believe it should be fetishized in a homophobic way. We feel that straight men ought to choose their own paths to their own particular brand of masculinity, even if that involves some healthy androgyny. Different straight men have different masculine styles, and this ought to be respected.

Nevertheless, effeminate behavior in straight men should be opposed, as it is disgusting, degrading and absurd. Effeminate behavior in gay men is simply normative and getting mad at gay men for being effeminate is like getting mad at your dog for barking. This is simply the way most of these men are, and I assume it is tied somehow in with their biological homosexuality.

The Men’s Rights Movements have made some valid points, but most of them have turned into the mirror of Gender Feminism. MRA’s hate women the same way most gender feminists are hostile to men. Neither movement is any more valid than the other, and neither sex deserves to be hated or even praised more than the other.

The sexes are different, but most of the differences are biological, and men and women probably have little control over their gendered behavior. Getting mad at women for causing drama and chaos (the bad side of the Feminine Character) is like kicking your cat for acting like a cat. This is simply women’s normative behavior, and while it should not be encouraged, neither should women be hated for their bad side. At any rate, the Male Character has an extremely bad side too, which appears to be much worse than bad side of the Female Character.

Bottom line is that the sexes have each a good and bad side to their characters, and neither sex deserves to be hated more than the other one. Misogyny is as irrational as misandry. All forms of hardcore sexism ought to be as proscribed as hardcore racism.

You can see where this is headed. The Alt Left thinks that the Feminist Movement has gone way too far and has verged off into Female Supremacism and hatred of men. That doesn’t sound like Liberation to me, and hence the Alt Left rejects the Gender Feminism of the Cultural Left as a hate movement against men that engages in hate speech towards men.

But the Alt Left, while rejecting Cultural Left Feminism, also rejects the regressive, discriminatory, prejudicial and demeaning anti-feminism of Cultural Conservatism. The movement for Women’s Liberation was to free themselves from the shackles of Cultural Conservatism, and at core, this movement was and still should be at least theoretically a good thing.

So the Alt Left position on feminism and women would be moderate, rejecting both Cultural Left Feminism Cultural Conservative Antifeminism.

I believe that one must not hate men in order to be part of the Alt Left. One of the pillars of the Alt Left is the rejection of the man-hatred of Cultural Left Feminism. If you hate men, you can’t be part of the Alt Left. It’s a dealkiller.


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Who Says Gender Feminists Have No Power?

Jason Y writes:

I don’t think women are buying into extreme feminism as much as you think. Millions of women are in the porn industry, that says a lot. Also, women generally are horny as hell, assuming they like the guy.

I’d say only a very small minority are into extreme feminism, as opposed to the moderate form which I’m all for. You might find these extremists at college campuses or in some coffee shop or something. However, a college campus would also be chalk full of horny girls who might do porn part-time hmmm.

I think it boils down to how much power the “extreme feminists” actually have. Is it a myth they have a lot of power? It could be. I think one would only be aware of them on a college campus etc. where multiculturalism (which to an extent given the environment I can understand) and sensitivity would be pushed.

No way on Earth are millions of women doing porn? Forget it man. In all my life, I have only met four women who did porn, and they were all on the Internet. I met them in sex chat rooms and sex groups on Yahoo. One lived in Fresno, but I never met her. I had to really go looking for them in other words. I have never met one single woman in real life who did porn. Millions of women are doing porn? Come on.

You say there are all these horny women on college campuses. Well maybe so. But if you want to have sex with any of them here in California, you practically need to get it in writing, otherwise it’s rape!

They have no power? Then why are they writing all of our laws?! All of these anti-male, anti-teen, anti-child, anti-sex laws are being written by what you call extreme feminists. They’ve taken over the legal system. You say they have no power, well how come they are writing all of our laws?

Who is behind the endless legal redefinition of rape to the point where just about any straight man is now a rapist? Who is behind the crazy persecution of teenagers for having sex with each other. Who is behind all of these prosecutions of young kids for playing doctor? Who tried to send those two 13 year old boys to jail for running through the hallways spanking girls’ butts? Who is behind these never-ending false rape accusations that are ruining so many men’s lives? And 57% of all rape accusations are faked by the way. Who is sending sending 18 and 19 year old men to prison for years for having sex with 15 and 16 year old girls. Who is sending male teachers to prison for having sex with their adult students? Who is sending men to prison in the UK for banging a 15 year old or grabbing a woman’s tits 30 years ago? Whatever happened to statute of limitations? Who is sending men to prison for having sex with drunken women? Who is sending men to prison for ejaculating inside a woman when she said, “Don’t cum in me!” five seconds before?

These laws, especially the insane rape laws, are a gender feminist’s dream. And I assure that all of these crazy rape laws, campus sex codes, and sexual harassment case law are all down to gender feminists. They wrote all of those civil and criminal penalties into law.

Who’s putting all these teenagers in jail? Who’s ruining the lives of all these children with sexual investigations? It’s gender feminists, right?

If not, who else is in on it?


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The Alt Left on Gender Feminists Versus Equity Feminists

The Alt Left should support equity feminists, liberal feminists and sex-positive feminists as female allies. The sex-positive ones are the best. Jezebel is a sex-positive feminist site, and I  love those ladies over there!

Sex-positive feminists, well that is self-explanatory.

Liberal feminists are the enemies of the radfems who say they are pro-men, pro-porn, pro-prostitution, etc. The average feminist with a really dirty porn blog on Tumblr calls herself a liberal feminist, so they can’t be too bad. They are big on civil rights, which radfems believe is an arcane concept.

Equity feminists simply want full legal equality for women. These are the ones who say, “I want my daughter to grow up to be whatever she wants to be!”

On the other hand, the Alt Left should oppose  gender feminists, the radical feminists, the lesbian feminists, the socialist feminists, the bla bla bla. Actually any female with these ideologies should probably be banned from the Alt Left as she is opposing one of the core principles of the Alt Left, which is to be male-friendly or at least not male-hostile. The Alt Left is basically a “safe space” for men.

Those are the man-haters pretty much, or else they say they don’t hate us, but they want to put half of us in prison anyway. Most of them either hate men or have a lot of anger and hostility towards men, which is not appealing. Quite a few are still having sex with men and you would be surprised how many are in long term relationships or married to men.

The gender feminists say there is this thing called “the patriarchy” that is keeping da wimminz down. It needs to be dismantled, and in the process we need to take down masculinity too, since all masculinity is this thing called “toxic masculinity.”

Along these lines, they have a long-standing goal along with Gay Politics to get rid of the idea of gender altogether. That’s why you are seeing this bullshit genderqueer people who can be man on Monday, a woman on Tuesday, both man and woman on Wednesday, neither man nor woman on Thursday, decline to state on Friday, and “it” on Saturday and a “thing” on Sunday. That’s idiocy is all part of the gender feminist and Gay Lobby goal of getting rid of gender. Dumb, huh?

And I guess some want to take down heterosexual sex or at least make it all but impossible. They also want to desexualize all public space except for designed pickup joints here and there where the genders could do their animalistic thing. Any sexual expression inside of this massive public “safe spaces” for wimminz would be sexual harassment and I think illegal.

The radfems really hate men, they think heterosexual sex is evil, say we are all evil rapists, advocate that all radfems should adopt political lesbianism as opposed to sleeping with the enemy. Oh and most of them want to reduce the male population by 90% so it is only 10% of its present size. I am not sure how they want to do that.

Lesbian feminists are somewhere in between gender feminists and radfems. I believe the radfems have some beef with them as some of them continue to associate with gay men, who, being men, are of course eeeevil.

Lesbian separatists are human beings who have gone completely insane and are trying to live a life as free of menz as possible because I guess we have cooties. Or something. I don’t know. Anyway, needless to say, they really hate us. One of the main reasons I broke with the Left and formed the Alt Left is that I opposed the policy on the Left of supporting all of these feminist nuts, including lesbian separatists.

Yes, if you are on the Left now, you are mandated to support lesbian separatists. It’s hard to hate  lesbian separatists too much because they wish to avoid me, which is definitely the right idea. Hence they probably have no effect on my life other than being my harmless enemies. I do not believe we should kill the lesbian feminists, but perhaps we should put all of them on a some self-sufficient island somewhere so they don’t scare the children.

You would think that socialist feminists would be cool, but they want to ban porn and prostitution I believe, and if you go to their websites, it’s just straight up gender feminism if not radical feminism. I’m a socialist, but I suppose these women are technically comrades, but they are still my enemies and I would rather it be me over here and them over there and never the twain shall meet.

The Alt Left should oppose gender, radical, lesbian and socialist feminism because, as we oppose the bashing, hatred and demonization of Whites, we should also oppose the demonization, bashing and hatred of heterosexual men (gender feminists mostly give gay men a pass as they are some protected class apparently). The Alt Left opposes the Cultural Left, and part of what we reject is the way that the Cultural Left makes Whites and heterosexual men into the enemy.

Gender feminists are an essential part of SJW intersectionality. They’re part of the package along with the SJW “anti-racist” White-haters.

A pox on both of their houses!


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Shakespeare Updated

“First thing we do, let’s kill all the feminists.”

– Robert Lindsay, channeling William Shakespeare

I am serious.

Feminists need bullets.

These satanic harpies have for all intents and purposes declared war to the death against us men for the crime of having sex with females is how I see it.

They’re out to ruin our lives forever, get us put on fake sex offender lists for life, jail us for merely having sex with females of any age, imprison us for merely touching females of any age, jail us when girls pretend to be adults and trick us into sex, when  women say, “Don’t cum inside me!” and five minutes later we do, when we have sex with women with broken condoms, when we have sex with women without condoms, when we have sex with our own wives, when we use trickery to get a woman into bed (this is arguably the definition all of seduction – seduction is all about tricking women into bed), when we have sex with a drunken woman, when e don’t get consent from women in writing before we have sex with them (!?), when as children we play doctor with each other in childhood sex play, when as teenagers we take nude photos of our own selves (!?), when we pay legal aged teenage girls for sex, when we have sex with one of our legal aged or even adult students, when as teenagers we exchange nude pics of ourselves with each other, when as teenagers we talk dirty to each other on the phone, when as adults we talk dirty to teenage girls on the phone, when as adults we so much as kiss teenage girls, when as adults we so much as talk to teenage girls (!?), when we as 13 year olds run through the hallways slapping girls’ butts, when we misrepresent ourselves in order to have sex with women (which arguably is one of the essential methods of seduction).

The feminists want us arrested and strip searched, all of our possessions ransacked and some of them destroyed, charged with serious crimes that land us 10-20 years in prison, convicted of these crimes and sent to prison for decades, and put on the sex offender registry for all of time.

In other words, the feminists’ agenda is to destroy as many men’s lives as possible. Them’s fighting words, bitches.

We didn’t start this war, the feminists did. We didn’t ask for it, it came to us.

There will be no truces, no ceasefires, no armistices, no peace talks, no prisoner exchanges and of course no humanitarian missions. There won’t even be any refugees unless we men turn celibate.

This war will only end when one side takes out the other one. Either we take out the feminists, or the feminists take us out.

There will be no peace with the feminists.


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Dealbreakers: What the Alternative Left Is Not

The Alternative Left should be for people who are mostly liberal, Left or progressive in their characters, souls, politics and voting. However, we are disenchanted with some aspects of Left, especially the Cultural Left in the US. On those issues, we feel that the Left has gone too far. So while we are more conservative than the Cultural Left, we are not all the way to the social conservatism of the US Right, which mostly appalls us. So Alt Left types would be more centrist on cultural issues, not as leftwing as the Cultural Left but at the same time repulsed by the cultural reaction of the Right.

However, on economics, most Alt Left types would feel that the Western liberal/Left has not gone far enough. The Democratic Party in the US, Labor in the UK, the “Socialist” Party in France, and the “Social Democratic” PASOK in Greece have all sold the workers out badly for the rich, the corporations and capital in general. They claim to represent the working people, but instead they are traitors to the working class.

So the Alt Left would be for people who feel that the Western Liberal-Left in governments of the West is too rightwing on economic issues but too leftwing on social issues.

We would be quite leftwing in economic issues (although we would let in anyone disenchanted with rightwing economics) but more to the center on cultural matters.

Some mandatory qualifications for joining the Alt Left should be support for some type of Left economics (at a minimum Cultural Liberalism and Keynesianism) and opposition to at least part of the Cultural Left. Dealbreakers would be support for any sort of rightwing economics (including triangulating DNC, Clintonites and Blairites), along with a Cultural Left mindset.

Mindsets that might not be welcome on the Alternative Left. That is, we could probably tolerate people with up to a few of these vices as long as they were quiet about it, but the bottom line is that the things below are not really Alt Left values:

  • The belief that White people are evil. Black Lives Matter is that-a-way.
  • Belief that anyone who is non-White is automatically a saint. An update on Rousseauan noble savage theory with about as much as evidence as its predecessor.
  • Carrying on about “White privilege.” The university is over there.
  • Obsession with “structural racism.” The Sociology Department is that-a-way.
  • Race denial or hostility to race realism. One of the pillars of the Alt Left is race realism.
  • Support for anything goes pansexuality and promotion of such to the masses as a hip fad. Come now. Can’t we have some limits on degeneracy and depravity? Just some?
  • Excessive support for Gay Politics or Political Homosexuality, yet another Identity Politics (IdPol) dead end. *1*
  • Feminazism, Gender Feminism, Radical Feminism or Male-hating or Male-hostile Feminism. *2*
  • Transgender Idpol or Transgender Politics. *3*
  • Support for gender insanity, 147 different genders (or even three), or getting rid of gender. *4*
  • Promotion of diversity and multiculturalism as ends unto themselves *5*
  • Favoring multiculturalism over assimilation. You must have gotten lost.
  • Belief that the West is evil, and the non-West is wonderful. The Cultural Left is that-a-way.
  • Support for radical Islam, ultra-Orthodox Judaism, Trad Catholicism, Fundamentalist Protestantism, or hardline Hinduism. A Left is anti-obscurantist or it is nothing.
  • Support for fascism as a general principle. *6*
  • Support for any sort of Nazism (racist fascism) in its various permutations in any way, shape or form. *7*
  • Obsessive anti-Semitism, anti-Semitic cranks. This sort of dangerous nonsense is not just not a Left value.
  • Support for segregation, apartheid, discrimination or expulsion of any group on the basis of race or religion. I fail to see anything leftwing about any of these things.
  • Contempt for poor, low income, or working class people. The Republican Convention is being held over there.
  • Blame the victim mindset. The Libertarian Party is that-a-way.
  • “I made it, why can’t you?” “Anyone can make it if you try.” “Anyone can get rich.” “Everyone can get rich.” Ayn Randists not welcome.
  • The idea that the person who has more money is superior to the human being who has less money. What are you doing on the Left? Bye.
  • Opposition to social spending or social programs. Major dealbreaker.
  • Advocating excessive materialism or conspicuous consumption. Champagne socialists and limousine liberals welcome but please keep a low profile. Ostentatious display of wealth has never been a true Left value.
  • Extreme patriotardism. The Republican Party is that-a-way.
  • Support for US/UK/EU imperialism in any way, shape or form. Can someone please tell me what is so leftwing about US/Western imperialism, Cold War liberals like Bernie Sanders notwithstanding?
  • Strong support for US foreign policy period. The Democratic Party is that-a-way.
  • Support for Revisionist Zionism *8*
  • Hard-line, Obsessive or One-Note Zionism of any variety. See no fascism above, and add no colonialism and certainly no settler colonialism to that.
  • Antisemitism or antiracism witch hunting. So go join the Cultural Left.
  • No antisemitism detectives searching hither and thither for every last crumb of a threat to the Jews. This sort of Jewish paranoia is almost as bad though not as dangerous as anti-Semitism itself.
  • Obsession with name-calling epithets like racist, sexist, homophobe, antisemite, bigot, Nazi, White supremacist, transphobe, Islamophobe, etc. The Cultural Left is calling your name.
  • Use of the term “scientific racism.” And out the door with you.
  1. Gay rights, yes! Gay politics, no! Support and tolerance for biological homosexuals to live their lives as they choose in freedom and happiness. No discrimination against gays. On the other hand, homosexuality should not be cheered or championed, and certainly experimental or opportunistic homosexuality should not be promoted as some sort of cool thing or hipster fad.
  2. Women’s rights, yes! Women’s politics, no! An Alt Left should support Equity Feminism but not Gender, Radical, Man-hating or Anti-male Feminism.
  3. Bare minimal rights for transsexuals. Nondiscrimination against transsexuals in many but not all jobs. Transsexual rights yes, Transsexual politics no. Transsexualism should not be promoted as a cool thing or a fad as it is nowadays. Many though not all transsexuals are probably mentally ill. A transwoman is not a woman; it is a man who thinks he is a woman. A transman is not a man; it is a woman who thinks she is a man.
  4. There are indeed only two genders, male and female. Nevertheless an Alt Left should be compassionate towards certain rare persons who are biological oddities from a very early age through no fault of their own, and we should have sympathy for their profound struggles with gender identity.
  5. In areas that are already diverse, nondiscrimination and non-racism as general principles are good things. People ought to get along, and an Alt Left should not be a racist movement. Immigrants should be allowed to keep their own cultures (multiculturalism) in the first generation, but after that, assimilation should be encouraged. Certainly the notion that lack of diversity is in and of itself a problem should be opposed by an Alternative Left. Peoples’ desires to be culturally conservative, monocultural, traditional, or to have a national, ethnic or religious identity should be seen as rights that an Alt Left would not interfere with. No wars on tradition, nationalism, religion or ethnic identity.
  6. An Alt Left can hardly support fascism, but some leeway ought to be allowed for Third Positionism or especially National Bolshevism, Dugin’s Fourth Positionism, etc.
  7. See that “Left” in Alt Left? We can’t very well be for Nazis, now can we?
  8. The Alt Left will be mostly skeptical about Zionism and the state of Israel at the very least. Anti-Zionists are of course welcome. Moderate, toned-down Zionists should be allowed but not encouraged.


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Some Examples of Why We Need An Alternative Left

EPGAH writes:

Ironically, although Robert exults in the death of “reactionaries”, he also seems to hate, or at least fear, the Stupid World the liberals are bringing in, of Instant Gratification, pederasty, things that aren’t rape being called–and punished as–rape, and REAL rape getting ignored, or even the victims being blamed/punished.

In lesser cultures, that’s completely normal. America should be better than that…But the only ones trying to stop the backslide…are the ones called “Reactionaries”, whom he hates!

This is just more of the US-style political insanity that says you must be either leftwing, whatever that means, or rightwing, whatever that means. And when you call yourself a liberal, you have to buy the whole liberal package with all of the good things but also with the warts, insanity and travesties as well. Now I am not saying that the Left is nuts. I am saying that modern liberalism is a mixture of some very good things and also some very bad things. But why does it have to be like cable TV where you have to buy the whole package?

Angry or outraged at the insanities of the Left? Then that means you must a reactionary! Indeed the whole people complaining about the lunatic aspects of the Left and reactionaries who are at least as insane as the Crazy Left and actually much worse. So you have a choice of lining up with either leftwing lunatics or even worse rightwing lunatics and you have to get in one line or the other because there are only two lines.

Why do you think I called for an Alternative Left? The Alt Left would be for generally progressive people who do not see themselves as philosophical conservatives, dislike rightwing economics and are not social conservatives. Yet they would nevertheless oppose, among other things, bringing in millions of impoverished and ill-educated peasants and proletarians from the 3rd Word who bring with them a philosophy of instant gratification due to lower IQ’s, child molestation, gangs and general cultural decline. Right now, the only folks opposing this are reactionary scum. An Alt Left would put an end to that.

An Alt Left would also oppose the insane feminists’ attempt to criminalize heterosexual sex due to their extreme hatred of heterosexual men and heterosexual male sexuality. This leads things that are not rape in any rational universe being called and punished as rape. Right now, only the reactionaries are opposing this. An Alt Left would change that.

Meanwhile, real sexual assaults and mass gropings as in Cologne are either ignored, or in the worst case, the assault victims themselves are blamed. The Alt Left would oppose the crazy rape culture-enabling and minorities as a protected class coddling nonsense we saw in Cologne. The only people opposing this are crazed rightwing jerks. An Alt Left would change that.


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Do Teenage Girls Openly Seduce Grown Men?

You’re darn right they do.

Not only have I read enough stories about it on the Net (which rang very true to me), but I have seen a lot of it with my friends. A number of my friends were seduced by 15 and 16 year old girls. The men were usually around age 30.

On the Net, I have read stories of men who had sex with 13 year old girls. The stories rang very true to me in terms of details and I know that girls that age do this anyway. In the stories I read, the girls out and out openly seduced the men. The men were either stepfathers or mother’s boyfriends.

In one case, the girl and the man were sitting on the couch watching TV. At some point, the girl leaned her head back and rested it on the mother’s boyfriend’s lap. This went on for a bit and soon she was massaging his cock, unprovoked, through his pants. The man said he thought about it a bit, then just said the Hell with it and went ahead and had sex with her. He just lost control of himself.

In the other case, the stepfather was in bed in the morning. The girl opened the door and came in the room. He was awake in bed under the covers. The girl started laughing and jumped into bed, fully clothed, with the stepfather. Yes, young teenage girls do that sort of thing – actually they do it a lot! The stepfather thought what the Hell and let her jump into bed with him. The femiscum haven’t made that illegal yet I assume. All perfectly legal. Stepdaughter wants to hop in bed with you with her clothes on – no law against that.

Anyway she looked under the covers and the stepfather had a typical morning erection. She reached down and grabbed it and said, “What’s this?” He said something like, “That’s my cock,” and apparently she started playing with it. The stepfather thought a bit and figured, “Ah the Hell with it,” and let her continue. Then he figured that as long as tehy were this far along, he might as well step up the game. And so he did. “No you are supposed to suck on it like a popsicle,” he suggested helpfully. And thus she did, giggling. She was apparently pretty good at it too although she had never done it before. And when it came time for orgasm, she did as told, no problem.

There were no unpleasant aftereffects in either case.

I point this out to note that our discourse regarding sex with teenage girls is just insane. These girls are always pure innocent little snowflakes who are getting “child molested” by evil man with evil man-dicks practicing evil male sexuality. This falls into line with Feminazi theory that penises are evil, the male sex drive is inherently violent and evil, and consequently males (except those wonderful gay men the feminists love so much!) are evil. Bottom line is heterosexual men are evil.

But more importantly, we come to the problem of temptation. Yes teenage girls seduce men. They do so with such regularity that it’s not even unusual. Even more so, they try to seduce men and I assume that the men turn them down. I have had 12 and 13 year old girls openly proposition me before. That is they openly said they wanted to have sex with me and would I be interested in doing it with them. In both cases, I just laughed and said no.

The problem I assume is that a lot of men are just weak. If a teenage girl tries to seduce them, a lot of men will find themselves in a situation of overwhelming temptation. And you know what? Humans are weak? Wave a handful of hundred dollar bills in front of someone and watch all the crazy things they will do just to get their hands on that stash. Why? Because humans are weak. And vast numbers of humans are as weak when it comes to sex and money as cocaine addicts are when a line of coke is staring them in the face taunting them saying, “Neener neener. You caaaaan’t take me! You’re cured, remember. You can’t take me anymore. So I am going to sit right here on this mirror and laugh at you, taunt you and tease you and defy you to sniff me, just because torture is fun. Well I have known a lot of “ex” coke addicts (actually there is no such thing as an ex coke addict in my opinion). In general, if you shove a line of coke in front of them, no matter how long they have been sober, they lose it all right there, grab the straw and sniff up that line line a man dying of thirst in the desert discovering a water hole.

I think a lot of men who mess with these girls are basically good men. But men are weak, very weak. A teenage girl is right there in front of you, grabbing your penis of her own free will and smiling devillishly. Your frontal lobe is screaming, “Don’t do it! 10 years in prison!” and your limbic system is screaming, “Shut up! I’m going to do this anyway! The Hell with it!”

I actually think that a lot of men just cave in the face of temptations like that. We know that presented with overwhelming temptations, a lot of people simply cave, lose it and give in. Sure they feel bad afterwards, but so what. They still caved.

You think you’re strong, but you never know how strong you are. Go find some woman and ask them what happens when you throw a plate of chocolate chip cookies in front of them. A shocking number of grown women will tell you that they lose control and just gobble up the whole plate on the spot. They simply cannot help themselves.

I am not here to tell men to be good boys and resist temptation. You’ve all been told that a million times already.

Instead, a more important lesson comes from religion itself. From religion we get the interesting notion that the best way to resist temptation is to not even get yourself into tempting situations in the first place! I am sure you can think of a lot of situations in life where you thought the temptations were so great that you wondered if you could resist.

What I would suggest is even better. When you see a situation like that, instead think,”Wow, that looks like a really tempting situation. I am going to run as far away form that situation as possible.”

In other words, simply do your best to avoid putting yourself into those insanely tempting situations in the first place. See that 16 year old knockout with the thin body and the curves made in Heaven. Sure you could go over and talk to her. She might even talk to you. They talk to me sometimes. Hell, sometimes they walk right up to me with a big smile, introduce themselves, and proudly shake my hand!

But why even go there. Why even put yourself in that tempting situation. Why not just bail on her altogether? Why voluntarily put yourself in potential harms way and test your sublimation and self-control abilities. Why not just try to avoid as many tempting situations as possible in the first place? Sure, you think you’re strong. Most of us do. But you might just be a Hell of a lot weaker than you think and knees buckle quite easily in humans.


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Repost: Incest Should Not Be Illegal

This is an older post that got linked around a lot to various places where it received almost 100% complete hatred and rage. I got called, sick, perverted and evil a lot. I do not think that anyone supported me. If you actually think about the article instead of being brainless, you might figure out what I was talking about.

I’m a libertine, and my libertarian argument is that incest laws are no damned business of the state!

The most typical type of incest is father-daughter; in fact, these are really the only kind that are ever prosecuted. The reason for the societal hatred and outrage over incest is due to societal hatred of normative male sexuality. Incest means fathers screwing their daughters. Since male sexuality is evil according to the current Matriarchy-Mangina Dictatorship, fathers having sex with their daughters is “normative male sexuality.” All fathers are evil horny bastards who wish to take advantage of their pure as the virgin snow (on account of being morally pristine females) daughters.

Mother-son incest doesn’t happen too much, so no one cares.

Brother-sister incest occurs quite a bit, but no one ever goes to jail for it, so the laws are ridiculous. And if anyone ever did go to jail in the case of brother-sister incest, it was be the male, since it’s male sexuality that is evil, naturally predatory and malign according to the feminists and manginas who run society. The female in the brother-sister incest would always be innocent because feminists say females are perennial innocents.

I would argue that in most cases of brother-sister incest, there’s no predatory behavior involved. In which case it’s no business of the law’s. Brother-sister incest is not a good idea, and it ought to be stopped (but not by cops!), but it’s often just two adolescent innocents exploring their budding sexuality. Just what business is this of the state’s? None whatsoever!

As far as father-daughter incest, it’s surely covered under existing child sexual abuse abuse statutes. There’s an argument that father-daughter incest is a particularly nasty form of child abuse, and the victims are harmed worse than others. Fine. Have incest as an enhanced penalty statute in cases of child abuse.

Since no one ever goes down in brother-sister incest, and it’s just silly kids who don’t know what they are doing anyway, why is it even illegal in the first place? Good question. Probably to police those evil brothers with their persistent 16- year-old erections that threaten their permanently hymened sisters of ivory white goodness and rectitude.

In cases where both parties are over the age of 18, why is incest against the law at all?

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes a father has sex with an adult daughter. A mother having sex with an adult son is even rarer. No one ever goes to jail for adult-adult incest, so why is it against the law in the first place? Once again, it’s only to police those evil fathers, who never stop wanting to have sex with their daughters even after they are all grown up into womanhood.

In many US states, any sexual contact between first cousins of any age is illegal. This is particularly preposterous, as cousin incest is extremely common worldwide, even in the US.

A silly argument against these rarely enforced laws is that incestuous sex leading to pregnancy leads to inbred offspring and birth defects. This can be dealt with via laws against incestuous marriage. In most civilized states, incestuous marriage is rare enough anyway, so there’s no reason for the state to worry about it.

Incest laws exist due to moral panic. What’s going to happen if we get rid of the laws? Why, there will be a huge wave of incest, followed by a tidal wave of babies, most of them with ears growing out of their groins!

Some sensible states have seen the light recently and gotten rid of their stupid incest laws. Rhode Island sensibly eliminated all incest laws in 1989. Ohio’s law only targets parents as offenders. In New Jersey, incest is legal, as it ought to be, for adults.

Incest, reasonably enough, is completely legal in Russia, Belgium, Portugal and India at the very least.

Incest ought to be legal not because it’s a good idea, but because it’s none of the state’s damned business. The most harmful kind, father-daughter sex, is readily dealt with under existing child sex abuse statutes. Incest involving adults, problematic though it may be, is simply none of the state’s damned business.

Although I’m a libertine, I am troubled by incest at any age.

Father-daughter incest is often quite harmful to the underage daughter. Father-daughter incest with an adult daughter is typically not harmful for the father, but the daughter often comes out of it feeling harmed. Mother-son incest is very rare. In a few cases, mothers have had sex with adult sons. The mothers escape unharmed, but the sons often feel it was a bad idea.

Brother-sister incest is often not a good idea. One or the other, the brother or the sister, frequently feels harmed by the experience. If it’s going on, parents need to intervene and separate the sexual explorers. Cousin incest should simply be legal, though cousins should not be allowed to marry. It’s dubious whether cousin incest is any more harmful to participants than any other sexual behavior.

A lot of harmful things in society are no damned business of the Nanny Cop State’s. In fact, many harmful activities, are, properly, not even illegal at all. The Nanny Cop State has no prerogative, and indeed no right, to legally sanction all harmful behaviors.

Great article here on the subject, and the great William Saletan of Slate asks the same question. From Saletan:

This week, the Associated Press published an interview with Rick Santorum, the third-highest ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate. Referring to a pending case involving sodomy laws, Santorum argued, “If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery.”

Surely, Santorum is right. Now there’s one principled fundamentalist wacko! Surely, no one should go to jail for bigamy, adultery, polygamy or incest involving siblings, cousins, or adults. The piece then goes on to interview gay rights ultra-liberals arguing, absurdly, that the state should be able to ban adult incest but not ban gay sex. It’s always sorry when the conservative crazies make sense and we Lefties are the nuts. It’s worse than sorry. It’s embarrassing!

Reading the arguments in favor of incest laws, most of them seem to revolve around the same misandrist feminazi-Mangina argument that incest is all about power. In other words, it’s evil humans with dicks preying on poor innocent forever children humans with vaginas. The permachildren with mammaries being too stupid to look out for their own good and avoid being talked into doing stupid things, we (the cops!) have to watch over them like shepherds until they are dead, protecting the Braying Female Lambs from the Evil Male Wolves.

One more thing. You know what else is “all about power?” Heterosexual sex. I’ll give the Feminazis like Andrea Dworkin credit for at least figuring out the obvious. C’mon Nanny Staters, lets make fucking illegal too!

A recent article from the Harvard Law Review makes the logical assumption that most laws against incest lack a rational basis and argues instead for a reforming of such laws on the basis of consent vs. non-consent. The article points out, unbelievably, that incest and even marriage is often illegal even between adult step-relations, and even between adult ex-step-relations, when there is no reason for this.

Since adult step-relations have no blood relationship, there is no reason for that sex between them should be illegal, nor should marriage between them be illegal. The usual argument against this sort of thing is moral revulsion, but recent cases striking down laws against gay sex indicate that moral revulsion is no reason to outlaw any private sexual behavior.


“Inbred Obscurity: Improving Incest Laws in the Shadow of the ‘Sexual Family’.” Harvard Law Review. June 2006.

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