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Women in Power Versus Female Rule

Beatrix writes:

Well, perhaps it’s because you said ‘female rule’ instead of what you actually meant? Why not call it an Oppressive Matriarchy or Oppressive Female Rule if that’s what you mean? Obviously a general term like ‘female rule’ isn’t the best descriptive. How about Hiscrimination? Says what it means.

The way I see it is that Female Rule can’t be anything other than oppressive, and I suppose the same can be said of Male Rule. Even if the President was a woman and even if the majority of Congress was female, if they were real women instead of feminists and were not privileging women and abusing and oppressing men, I would not call it Female Rule. I am not sure what you would call it, maybe Females in Power.

Female Rule means they are ruling us, they are lording it over us. Male Rule means men are ruling women, they are lording it over women. Neither sex should rule the other sex or all of society and neither sex should privilege their own and abusing and oppressing me.

Women in Power is no problem. I gave you a list of many great female leaders of nations who did not oppress men one bit. Maybe Female Rule should mean Feminist Political Power.

There is a bit of an issue though because once women really seize a lot of political power, more than just a head of state, they usually start doing a lot of things that are really detrimental to men. I do not know why that is. I just like you almost can’t have a lot of women in power without them trying to turn the tables on us and fuck us over. If you can show me some places were women have a lot of political power and are not abusing men, I would like to look at that.


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Some Examples of Female Rule and Matriarchy in the West

Beatrix writes:

I think all these arrests are more due to today’s litigious society than any nebulous ‘female rule’.

Female Rule isn’t nebulous. Female Rule occurs when Gender feminists come into power and start implementing laws to privilege women and oppress men. Gender feminists use the legal system to create a Matriarchy and declare war on men. That’s all it is. What’s so nebulous about that?

I will provide below a number of examples of Female Rule in the West. What’s so nebulous about these examples?

Female Rule under Matriarchy:

  • Pedophile mass hysteria, the conflation of statutory rape and child molestation, and the extreme pathologization of teenage sexuality is a direct result of Female Rule. Now feminists are even persecuting many teenagers themselves for “selling and distributing child pornography.” Gender feminists put all those laws in and created the crazy Pedophile Mass Hysteria culture.
  • I do think the MADD went way too far in going after drunk drivers. I blame feminists for this too. They never used to throw the book at drunk driving like this. This is nuts. Gender feminists put all these wild new drunk driving penalties in.
  • “Guilty until proven innocent” for men in rape and date rape cases. This was put in by gender feminists.
  • Insane conflation of rape with normative sexuality to the point where Sweden, the most feminist country on Earth, now has the most insane rape laws on Earth where you can practically get arrested for looking at a woman. Sweden is actually ruled by some of the nuttiest gender feminists on Earth.
  • Ridiculous sexual harassment laws which were originally sensible in going after quid pro quo – “You fuck me or you’re fired,” or “You want a raise or a promotion, you fuck me.” However, gender feminists insanely conflated this with and incredibly nebulous concept called “hostile workplace.” The hostile workplace standard really means nothing, or maybe everything, but really it just means anything women say it means, which is the way women define most rules. These rules are now so crazy that many people say all sexual relationships in the workplace are banned as “sexual harassment.” All flirting, double entrenderes, sexual jokes or banter and even insinuating talk is banned as “hurtful to women.” Men are even getting fired for looking at women or “making women uncomfortable.”
  • Gender feminists rewrote domestic violence laws in the 1990’s to extremely favor women and oppress and abuse men. Now a man must tolerate any provocation from a woman, no matter how extreme. The fighting words and fair fight standard that men always abided by was thrown out and men are not even allowed to fight back against as woman when they are being attacked. You heard me. If a woman attacks you and hit her her back, you are going to jail automatically.
  • Gender feminists put in rules where you can be thrown out of your own house. Yes it is true. Suppose you own a house. Your girlfriend lives there with you. One day she provokes you or assaults you. You hit her back, and of course you go to jail. Now she obtains a court order to ban you from living in your own home while she continues to reside in your home where she has no right to be without your consent. Can you throw her out? Nope. Where can you stay while a home invader commandeers your residence? Who knows? Who cares? How long can the woman live in your house without your approval? A long time. Years. How long can you be banned from your own home? A long time. Years.
  • Gender feminists changed society’s idea about “fighting words” and “fair fights.” Under the rule of men, these concepts were in place. If a man talked to another man in a certain manner, that was considered to be “fighting words” or picking a fight or starting a fight. If a man picks a fight or starts a fight with another man, he has a right to hit his provoker. You can hit him anywhere but preferably in the face, generally about one time. If he hits back, then you can defend yourself. As long as things do not escalate too much, this is called a “fair fight.” Police generally did not get involved in fighting words or fair fights between men unless someone got seriously hurt because it was considered to be a civil matter and not a law enforcement matter.  The female mindset says when two men are fighting, they are both wrong and they both need to be punished. Female Rule put new legal concepts in place whereby when a man fought another man, both of them would automatically go to jail.
  • Crazy child support laws were put in by gender feminists. Why on Earth is any woman entitled to $900,000/year child support just to raise her kids? Where is she raising them? In the King’s Palace? Where on Earth does it cost $900,000/year to raise two children? Nowhere. No woman  deserves $900,000/year to raise children. She deserves a decent income and perhaps even the right to live well, but not $900,000/year. Surely no more than $50,000/year would be very fair.
  • Insane alimony laws were put into place by gender feminists. Why should a woman get one nickel of alimony after she divorces? You divorce, you’re not married to that man anymore. You’re not entitled to one cent of his income. You don’t live as well as you did when you were married? You should have thought of that before you filed for divorce. Why are you entitled to the same income you had when married, no matter how large? If you lived as a millionaire when married, why you are entitled to live as a millionaire for one day after the marriage is over?


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The Difference Between Women in Power and Female Rule

Beatrix wrote:

So in the state of Louisiana & in Mexico one is assumed guilty until proven innocent – does that mean they’re under female rule?

Did women put guilty until proven innocent laws into place in Louisiana and Mexico? I don’t think so. Then it’s not female rule. It’s only Female Rule when gender feminist women specifically put guilty until proven innocent laws into place in order to privilege women and oppress men.

Those laws were put into place in the US by women who were gender feminists. Gender feminist women anywhere on Earth at any time will always put laws like guilty until proven laws into place because that’s how women think. Female Rule doesn’t work.

There’s two kinds of women:

1. Real women
2. Gender feminists

I strongly support females in government in a sense; that is, I do not oppose it in principle.

Women can be lawmakers and even rule in a sense (a female president is not per se a bad idea) as long as they are not gender feminists. Many nations have or had female presidents. They did a great job because those woman presidents were not gender feminists.

There have been plenty of great female leaders of nations, and many great females have served positions of high power. As long as they are not gender feminists, there is no problem.

Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, Corey Aquino, Angela Merkel, Christina Kirchner, Michelle Bachelet in Chile, Dilma Rouseff, the list is very long. Even Margaret Thatcher did not rule as a gender feminist.

There have also been woman presidents in Dominica, the Scandinavian countries, and other countries that now elude my memory.

None of these women imposed Female Rule on any of these nations.

Female Rule: Rule of society by and via the ideals, rules and laws of gender feminism.

The problem isn’t women in power.

It’s gender feminist women in power.


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Some Thoughts on MRA Movements

All the MRA’s suck,  and all the MRA movements suck. There’s nothing there for a progressive man. They’re all reactionaries. Now, I do like some of the ideas of MRA’s and I think progressive men could theoretically get involved in some form of MRA especially against the lunacy of radical and gender feminism, the misandry or popular culture and the fact that in some ways, the state has become a Radical Feminist Matriarchy set up to attack men.

But the fact that all these guys are Neandertals really turns all progressive men off. We want nothing to do with them.

Most MRA celebrities are nuts. Warren Farrell is one of the biggest of all, and he is a lunatic like all the rest of them. Even Paul Elam seems pretty unhinged.

We used to have something called Men’s Liberation which was like MRA for progressive men. It was pretty crazy in a lot of ways too, but at least it wasn’t reactionary. That’s history now. There will never be one slight hint of Men’s Liberation on the Left ever again. All politically active Left men are faggots, pussies and cuckolds now. They’re all gone over to radical and gender feminism in the worst ways. These “men” are basically women with dicks. They should just get a sex change and be done with it.

To be on the Left as a man now, you have to swallow the strap-on dildo of radical feminism down your throat hard. I guess you are supposed to deep throat it til you puke. You would not believe how these retarded men talk. Anytime a Left man talks about “losing his male privilege” head for the door. He’s gelded already.


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Apparently Monogamy is Now “Sexist”


This is one of the weirdest articles I have read in a long time.

The feminists just keep getting more and more nuts.

So this is where it’s all headed, eh? The true meaning of feminism is that the husband has no right whatsoever to put any limits on his wife’s sex life or sex partners because feminism means that wives have the right to choose whoever they want to have sex with in their marriage – their husbands, other men, or both, and apparently to interfere in her freedom of choice is anti-feminism!

Just when you thought feminism couldn’t get anymore insane, we read this.

Robert Stark asked me a while back if the Cultural Left would ever run out of demands or if they would keep moving the goalposts and pushing the envelope forever. I believe that in my lifetime, we will not see a satisfied Cultural Left. I told Stark that I did not think the Cultural Left would ever be truly satisfied and even if they were, your Cultural Left Utopia would probably be one of the weirdest and most insane societies mankind has ever created. Would it work? Who cares? Looks of crazy and even evil cultures “work.” Headhunters and cannibals carried on for centuries without going extinct. A better question is would such a society be healthy. Of course not.

Indeed, it seems every year brings some new Cultural Left outrage along with a demand that we recognize this behavior as completely normal, else we are racists, sexists, homophobes, anti-feminists, puritans, transphobes, and on and on.

And notice that the Cultural Left doesn’t even demand “tolerance” anymore. We’ve been giving them that forever. Now they want “acceptance” which is a whole other kettle of fish and which a lot of us are not willing to grant them. Increasingly, I think the Cultural Left is not even happy with acceptance. We have to actual cheer all this stuff on. Pretty soon they will start demanding that we participate in whatever the Weirdness Du Jour is to prove our progressive bonafides.

As an example, I support all of the major gay rights causes. And I have supported gay marriage for some time now. In fact, I am on the mailing lists for some gay rights organizations and I participate in their political campaigns on a regular basis.

On the other hand, I am not 100% wild about gay men and I actually quite wary of them. I’ve had a couple of gay clients in my counseling practice, and I was surprised at how much I liked them. But I’m generally dubious about gay men because I have had ten lifetimes worth of bad experiences with them. Because I don’t jump up and down and cheer for male homosexuality, I’m a homophobe!

Can you believe it? How many homophobes support gay marriage? How many homophobes are on gay rights mailing lists and participate in gay political campaigns?

I’m a veteran of the Civil Rights movement, MLK is one of my heroes (with guarded respect to Malcolm and the Panthers), I voted for Obama twice, I worked for Obama’s first campaign, my favorite Congressmen are in the Black Congressional Caucus and I am on some pro-Black mailing lists and sometimes help on their political campaigns.

In spite of all of that, my reputation on the Web is “vicious anti-Black racist, White supremacist, White nationalist, KKK cracker.” Almost every Black person who comes to this blog starts ripping into me immediately and gets banned right away.

So as you can see, not only are they constantly moving the goalposts on their increasingly insane demands, but the Cultural Marxists are constantly redefining their favorite words like anti-Semite, homophobe, transphobe, sexist and racist.

As you can see, all the support I gave to the gay rights movement was not enough. I was still a homophobe.

You can see I have supported the Black Civil Rights Movement (in its original form, not in its idiotic modern antiracist insane asylum form) for decades, I have ever worked on Black political campaigns and twice voted for the first Black President. No matter. None of that was any good because they kept moving the goalposts on me. Despite all of that, I’m still a vicious anti-Black racist.

Sometimes I wonder why I support gays, Blacks, women, Jews or trannies at all. They’re nothing but a bunch of ingrates with endless and constantly escalating demands. Part of me wants to just hang it all up, go reactionary and say the Hell with all of them.


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It’s Not Possible to Molest a Teenage Girl

Subliminal Star writes:

Robert? What I found so disturbing about that show To Catch A Predator is that quite a few of the men who were lured into these sting operations came out and admitted that they were still virgins. They could have been lying, but, then again, they were likely telling the truth. When they get to prison, I imagine that word gets around the inmate population that these men have never been touched.

Then these men end up having their first sexual experience in the form of a violent gang rape against them by a bunch of sodomite goons. I would never wish something like that on even my worst enemy. I am glad that To Catch A Predator was taken off the air. Unfortunately, there are other fanatics out there in the world like Chris Hansen and Perverted Justice who take their obsessions even further to the point that innocent people get hurt

…Yeah, but if that “offender” wishes to support the younger person for the rest of her life as I’ve seen in so many cases in which a 22-year-old man marries his pregnant 14-year-old girlfriend, locking him up and branding him a sex offender after he gets out of prison isn’t going to improve his chances of finding employment to make such support possible, to say the least.

Good point. 14 and 15 year old girls are not children. You can only groom and molest children. You can’t groom and molest people who aren’t children, although that is probably coming. I assume this is where the radfems are going next – soon they will accuse men of grooming and molesting full-grown women, which is in line with Feminist Theory which essentially states that females never grow up and remain children until their dying day.

Since it is not possible to groom and molest someone who is not a child, it is not possible to groom and certainly not to molest a 14 or 15 year old girl. Yes you can fuck them and do all sorts of sexual things with them, as you can any woman. But you can’t molest them anymore than you can molest a 30 year old woman.


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What Would Society Look Like If a Majority of Adults Were Gay?

Gay men are a huge disease reservoir. If a majority of men are gay, then vast numbers of men will be afflicted with all manner of diseases. 10% of all men will have HIV alone.

Further, male homosexuality shaves 20 years off the lifespan. So instead of living to age 78, most men will live to age 58.

The rate of serial killing and child molestation will go way up because gay men have very high rates of such things. Also there will be a tremendous amont of such things as shiteating, playing with shit, piss drinking, and sadism and masochism with unknown consequences medically and societally. The wild increase in sexual sadism alone would cause thrill killing and serial killing to dramatically increase.

The rates of depression and anxiety will go up by a lot.

The rates of alcohol and drug abuse will skyrocket.

Rates of domestic abuse will go up. Gay men are much more likely to beat up their partners than straight men are.

The crime rate will go up. Gay men are twice as likely to be criminals as straight men.

Not to mention, society will not reproduce and populations will eventually plummet. A majority of men will simply not have kids.

Sexual harassment in the workplace will go nuts because I believe gay men harass like crazy, but nothing after happens because gay men rarely press sexual harassment charges. It is very common for gay men to try to blackmail other men for gay sex, so we will see a lot more of that. The minority of straight men will be constantly bothered by gay male harassers, especially at work, but they won’t be able to do anything about it as most of the authorities will be gay and will refuse to file charges.

Sex in public will become legal and it will become truly weird to walk around a lot of our big cities.

Public restrooms are already often ruined by homosexuals, especially ones at parks or highway rest stops. Most public restrooms will become regular hangouts for gay men who will practice public sex in there with abandon. Society will either make this sort of thing legal or will refuse to do anything about it.

The age of consent at least for males will be lowered down to 14-16 so the vast numbers of gay men who like to fuck teenage boys will be able to do so. This sort of thing will also become very common.At a typical high school, a very high percentage of the boys would be either fucking adult men or in relationships with them.

At the same time, straight men having sex with teenage girls will be proscribed even more than it is now because of the new laws the radfems (see below) will pass.

Most men will behave in an effeminate manner most or all of the time. That doesn’t sound like a culture with a healthy male component. Lord knows what will flow from that.

Gay male society does not function very well. The only reason appears to thrive is because the basic straight culture functions very well, great enough to cover for inherently pathological gay culture and enough to keep the tiny minority 3% gay male culture sustainable such that it even appears almost functional.


Lesbian culture is not healthy either.

Rates of breast cancer would skyrocket if most women were lesbians.

So will rates of depression and anxiety.

Twice as many women will be smokers and heavy drinkers.

Drug abuse among women will go way up.

Many more women will be victims of domestic abuse. A woman is much more likely to be beaten up by her lesbian partner than by her straight male partner.

If you think a lot of women hate men now, wait until most women are lesbians. Man-hatred will go off the charts, and we may well get all sorts of crazy anti-male laws on the books. You could wind up with a sort of misandristic authoritarian society where it is practically against the law to act like a man. Most women will be radical feminists, and this will be reflected in the law via our elected officials. Radical feminists are nutcases. Women are already pretty crazy as it is, but try to imagine if women were vastly more insane than they already are.

Rape will be vastly redefined such that a straight man will be taking a risk of rape every time he has sex with a woman no matter how consensual it may seem. Heterosexual sex initiating in the workplace will almost become illegal because just about any sex starting from there could be construed as sexual harassment under the new laws the radfems will come up with.

At the same time, bizarrely enough, gay men will cavort through the workplace being as flirtatious and sexy as they want to be, pursuing new partners, getting phone numbers and making dates and hookups with abandon. Most workplaces will turn into the equivalent of gay bars.

Lesbianism will also be rampant in the workplace as women would flirt with, pursue, check out, get phone numbers and make dates and hookups with women with abandon.

The gay men in the workplace will harass the straight men shamelessly, and the straight men will have no one to complain to.

Workplaces will become nightmarish for most women because while male sexual attention will nearly be removed, lifting a big headache for many women, at the same time, lesbians will pursue and harass straight women constantly in the workplace to such an extent that straight women will start longing for the days when they were only pestered by men.

There will be many new laws against “street harassment” to the point where it will almost be illegal to ogle women or to approach women in a sexual manner in public. Radfems may even pass laws stating that men may not interact with women in a sexual manner at all in most of the public. This way the wimmins could walk around in public all the time and go anywhere and do anything without having to be bothered by men looking at them and coming onto them all the time.

Straight men and women will still be able to meet, flirt, date, hook up and get to know each other romantically or sexually, but that will be restricted to certain venues in society. Only maybe 5% of society space would involve these venues.

Boys will be badly mistreated by their mothers and society even worse than they are now. Boys will grow up thinking that being male is evil because that is what Mom will teach them.

Most girls will start hating boys early on, and most teenage girls will be beginning the journey to hardcore male hatred. The schools will become even more anti-male than they already are, with many new rules pathologizing many normal boy behaviors. Schooling and testing will be set up to advantage girls and disadvantage boys. Divorce law will become even crazier and man-hostile than it already is. Most women will demand alimony upon divorce, which is now minority behavior.

Most women will be overweight, with all of the attendant diseases resulting from that. There will be a lot of discrimination in the workplace as lesbians will discriminate against men in hiring and promotions and will selectively try to get men thrown out of programs and fired from their jobs. Most women in authority will start acting like this. I know this will happen because I have heard many stories of lesbians in positions of authorities declaring war on various men under them, trying to get them thrown out programs, writing them up, getting them in trouble on their jobs and setting processes into motion whereby they get fired.

Most women will act like men, and femininity among women will become minority behavior. At the same time, most men will act like women, and masculinity among men will become minority behavior. Human society works because females act feminine most of the time, and males act masculine most of the time, or at least the females act more feminine than the men, and the men act more masculine than the women.

Creating a society where most men no longer act masculine, and most women no longer act feminine would be an ultra-radical experiment that goes against human nature and at least tens of thousands of years of human evolution. The consequences are not known but might be a lot worse than one might think. You would literally be turning society upside down.

Such a society may well continue to function, but it would be incredibly bizarre to the point where many aspects of society would seem nearly if not seriously dysfunctional.

You would be living in a place called Weird World.


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The Latest Dumb Idea from the Cultural Left

Fat acceptance.

As you might guess, this movement is coming out of gender feminism because it’s only fat women who are up in arms about the fact that people think they look gross. Fat men don’t even get to weigh in, so to speak.

I don’t talk much about fatties on here because I honestly don’t care much one way or the other about them. And if you are fat due to medication, you have my sympathy. I was on a drug that made me gain 47 pounds, and it all melted off as soon as I went off the drug. All the eating less and exercising more BS didn’t do a darn thing to arrest the process.

Other than that, I doubt if there are many excuses for being fat. There are tribes where not one person is fat. There are communities in the Solomon Islands where a recent study of 3,500 residents found only fattie, and he had just spent some time in the city. In the cases of fat-free and low-fat communities, guess what? It’s all down to diet. 100% of it. And a lot of it seems to have to do with salt and processed, canned foods.

I have an acquaintances at and outside of work who were extremely fat, and I liked them just fine. Of course they were men. I don’t really care if a guy is fat, except that he is committing suicide by fork, which is mystifying.

I don’t care too much about fat women either other than I don’t want to date them. I have even had sex with a few fatties in my time. They were actually pretty good fucks.

On the other hand, I am not really fat. My BMI is ~25. I am supposedly overweight at 179, but due to my thin body type, I don’t even look fat even when I am overweight according to my mother. Lately it has been hovering around 183, so I figure I can accept it if a woman I want to date is up to 5 pounds overweight.

Other than that though, if I’m not fat, why can’t I put limits on fat women as far as dating? I figure if one is handsome, one can place an order for attractive women. If one is not overweight, one can say “no fat chicks.” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and one should not be a hypocrite. If you are fat yourself, you have no right to demand that the women you date be slim. If you are not an attractive man, why are you demanding fashion models? On the other hand, the successful have a right to be picky, as they have earned it. I starve myself all the time. You think this is easy or fun?

I have had women who wanted to date me burst into tears when I told them “no go” over their weight. It was pretty hard for me to take, so I have some sympathy. Like I said, it is not an issue that I want to spend a lot of time talking about. Perhaps some of my commenters, male or female, are fat. If they are, I could care less. I figure that’s their problem.

But one thing I have noticed about fatties is most of them aren’t exactly starving themselves. In fact, they tend to pig out on fattening foods rather grotesquely. A fattie on a starvation diet gets my sympathy. One who constantly has their nose in the trough gets no such pass. Sorry.

Fat acceptance is stupid. We already do a lot of it anyway as White middle class society is getting more and more porked out. I grew up around a lot of fatties and even had a fattie who was my best friend for many years. In fact, we are still close, and he is still fat. In White middle class communities, most people seem to be pretty nice to fatties. After all, there are so many of the heifers about that people figure you might as well be nice. So I am not sure if I believe that they are constantly getting fat-bashed.

White society seems to have a resigned attitude about it as it such an omnipresent problem. We have fatties in most of our extended families, often people we love very much who are some of our closest relatives. There are fatties all around us, at work, at parties, next door, at the store, they’re everywhere, blotting out the sun, waddling down the isle, turning sideways to make it through doorways,clogging the arteries of our metropolitan byways. If your community looks like an industrial hog farm, that is pretty sorry, but there is no point in being mean.

“Fat acceptance” is another kooky Identity Politics issue coming out of the West where the Cultural Left has declared war on being normal. Other societies don’t share our kindness in this regard.

However, I do think that health is an important issue. Bottom line is turning yourself into a human dirigible is simply bad for your health. Very bad for your health. In fact, we now have a whole disease epidemic unfolding in our country because we can quit stuffing our faces. The toll im disease, disability, suffering and death cannot be measured, and the monetary cost is high too.

When you say no fat-shaming, you are saying that human beach balloons should never be told, even as kindly as possible, that they are gorging themselves to death. We stage interventions for dopers. We refer drunks to AA. Why is being obese so different?

Fatness is not something that should be accepted. Tolerated, ok. Treated with kindness but frankness, sure. Celebrated or told that they are just fine the way they are? Um, no. Bad idea.


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Cultural Left Attacks Me in the Comments

anna cafrey writes:

Typical demonstration of White male privilege! Your colonial, fascist attitudes are abundant!

As a feminist and recent convert to Hindu/Buddhist spirituality, I find your abhorrent, ad hominem hatred of Hindus as racist, colonial, and tentatively grounded from some sort of insecurity.

Do not worry, Cis White guys rule the world, the rest including us White women remain in your humble servitude.

I must say that I found this comment humorous. There is something absurd about this language that the Social Justice Warriors use. These SFW’s almost seem to be inadvertently parodying themselves a lot of the time. Their language is so silly that it tends to render moot any complaints they might have.

And that’s correct, you White women are here to serve us. You’re welcome. But that last sentence was impolite because she left off the customary “sir” as the proper last word for such a sentence.

It is interesting to note that I rule the world. If I am King of the World, how come I can’t even pay my own bills?


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Feminism As War on Heterosexual Males

Jason Y writes:

Flirting at work usually isn’t cool, or staring at women at work. But it’s not grounds for crucifixtion lol: They get way too angry about it. Maybe a woman or a man in the office, can just nicely tell the man, “Your behavior isn’t cool, please stop it, or tone it down.

Dude. People at work are always flirting with each other. Nowadays people are spending all their time at work. Very large numbers of people date others at their work. This behavior is ubiquitous and extremely common. If people are spending all their time at work, of course it makes sense that they will meet people there. Humans have been meeting dates, lovers and spouses at work forever now. My parents and grandparents generation did it too. It is normal.

I worked at a magazine as an editor, and the secretaries were always coming over to my desk and flirting with me. The layout editor invited me to a party at her house. One of the secretaries asked me out. Previously I had asked out her best friend, another secretary. This secretary was having an affair with one of the main artists. They took long 2 hour lunches every day, and it was obvious they were taking fuck lunches. I was only there a month, and two chicks asked me out, and I asked one out. That is normal for any workplace, or at least it used to be.

The whole problem in the workplace with sexual harassment is quid pro quo. This was a problem. In a nutshell, it is either you fuck me or I fire you, you want a raise or a job, sure, first you fuck me. Basically fuck me or else, or if you want good treatment, work, promotions or raises, then fuck me.

Women have been putting up with this crap forever. But a lot of women are just whores and take advantage of the situation and frankly fuck their way to the top of various groups. This is not fair to the non-whores who won’t do this, but there is nothing to be done about female sexual opportunists in organizations. I assume the feminists will try to make that illegal too although that would mean coming down on the sisterhood and women are always 100% innocent and men are always 100% guilty in feminism.

The feminists are extremely puritanical, mirroring female sexuality. Feminists have been highly puritanical from Day One. This is one of the essential features of this poisonous movement.

So of course after making quid pro quo actionable (which I support), the feminists went further and tried to make all workplace sex illegal. I honestly think that feminists do not want any heterosexuals flirting, dating or fucking at all. Maybe if you are married, it’s ok, who knows?

As far as homosexuals go, feminists have nothing but love for them. I guess feminists think all guys should just fuck guys like the queers they love so much, and all women should just be dykes like most feminists are anyway.

According to feminists, there is no limit to the sickness, depravity, degeneration or outright evil that homosexuals and lesbians may engage in. Gay sexuality is very extreme and spreads lots of very bad diseases among other things. Gay men routinely use blackmail and any extremely dubious or amoral means they can think of to get laid, and feminists are silent. Sexual harassment is reportedly epidemic in the gay community but no one cares.

Gay sex causes an incredible amount of disease some of which gets spread into the straight community. Feminists think all of this is a fine and dandy “expression of the wonderful gayz and their glorious superior sexuality,” and they will never say one word against any homosexual sexual behaviors.

But when it comes to men trying to fuck women, the feminists never relent from the warpath.

The truth is that many hardcore feminazis are lesbians. Many others are not lesbian but nevertheless have very high levels of anger, hostility, resentment and contempt for men, who they regard with disdain as inferior. Almost all of them hate men and many have a hatred of men that borders on the psychotic and looks a lot like a mental illness.

It is heterosexuality that feminists hate. They hate heterosexual male sexuality. They are also mad at straight women for fucking “da evil mens.” Feminists have been railing at men for decades now trying to get women to stop fucking us and promoting lesbianism instead, but they have had little to no success.

So feminists have extended their war against heterosexuality to other arenas such as lunatic rape law in the UK and on California college campuses where men are presumed guilty until proven innocent, bonkers sexual rules on California college campuses requiring men to get permission for each escalation in a series of sex acts. If they do not get explicit permission to say go from tongue kissing to dry humping, it is rape. If a woman neither says yes nor no to a sexual advance (she makes no comment on it), this also could be rape because she was “resisting in her mind.” So if men can’t be mind-readers and read women’s minds correctly, it is rape.

In addition, feminists have extended quid pro quo to the workplace in a dangerous expansion called “hostile workplace environment.” More on that nuttiness in another post later on.


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