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Cultural Left Attacks Me in the Comments

anna cafrey writes:

Typical demonstration of White male privilege! Your colonial, fascist attitudes are abundant!

As a feminist and recent convert to Hindu/Buddhist spirituality, I find your abhorrent, ad hominem hatred of Hindus as racist, colonial, and tentatively grounded from some sort of insecurity.

Do not worry, Cis White guys rule the world, the rest including us White women remain in your humble servitude.

I must say that I found this comment humorous. There is something absurd about this language that the Social Justice Warriors use. These SFW’s almost seem to be inadvertently parodying themselves a lot of the time. Their language is so silly that it tends to render moot any complaints they might have.

And that’s correct, you White women are here to serve us. You’re welcome. But that last sentence was impolite because she left off the customary “sir” as the proper last word for such a sentence.

It is interesting to note that I rule the world. If I am King of the World, how come I can’t even pay my own bills?


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Feminism As War on Heterosexual Males

Jason Y writes:

Flirting at work usually isn’t cool, or staring at women at work. But it’s not grounds for crucifixtion lol: They get way too angry about it. Maybe a woman or a man in the office, can just nicely tell the man, “Your behavior isn’t cool, please stop it, or tone it down.

Dude. People at work are always flirting with each other. Nowadays people are spending all their time at work. Very large numbers of people date others at their work. This behavior is ubiquitous and extremely common. If people are spending all their time at work, of course it makes sense that they will meet people there. Humans have been meeting dates, lovers and spouses at work forever now. My parents and grandparents generation did it too. It is normal.

I worked at a magazine as an editor, and the secretaries were always coming over to my desk and flirting with me. The layout editor invited me to a party at her house. One of the secretaries asked me out. Previously I had asked out her best friend, another secretary. This secretary was having an affair with one of the main artists. They took long 2 hour lunches every day, and it was obvious they were taking fuck lunches. I was only there a month, and two chicks asked me out, and I asked one out. That is normal for any workplace, or at least it used to be.

The whole problem in the workplace with sexual harassment is quid pro quo. This was a problem. In a nutshell, it is either you fuck me or I fire you, you want a raise or a job, sure, first you fuck me. Basically fuck me or else, or if you want good treatment, work, promotions or raises, then fuck me.

Women have been putting up with this crap forever. But a lot of women are just whores and take advantage of the situation and frankly fuck their way to the top of various groups. This is not fair to the non-whores who won’t do this, but there is nothing to be done about female sexual opportunists in organizations. I assume the feminists will try to make that illegal too although that would mean coming down on the sisterhood and women are always 100% innocent and men are always 100% guilty in feminism.

The feminists are extremely puritanical, mirroring female sexuality. Feminists have been highly puritanical from Day One. This is one of the essential features of this poisonous movement.

So of course after making quid pro quo actionable (which I support), the feminists went further and tried to make all workplace sex illegal. I honestly think that feminists do not want any heterosexuals flirting, dating or fucking at all. Maybe if you are married, it’s ok, who knows?

As far as homosexuals go, feminists have nothing but love for them. I guess feminists think all guys should just fuck guys like the queers they love so much, and all women should just be dykes like most feminists are anyway.

According to feminists, there is no limit to the sickness, depravity, degeneration or outright evil that homosexuals and lesbians may engage in. Gay sexuality is very extreme and spreads lots of very bad diseases among other things. Gay men routinely use blackmail and any extremely dubious or amoral means they can think of to get laid, and feminists are silent. Sexual harassment is reportedly epidemic in the gay community but no one cares.

Gay sex causes an incredible amount of disease some of which gets spread into the straight community. Feminists think all of this is a fine and dandy “expression of the wonderful gayz and their glorious superior sexuality,” and they will never say one word against any homosexual sexual behaviors.

But when it comes to men trying to fuck women, the feminists never relent from the warpath.

The truth is that many hardcore feminazis are lesbians. Many others are not lesbian but nevertheless have very high levels of anger, hostility, resentment and contempt for men, who they regard with disdain as inferior. Almost all of them hate men and many have a hatred of men that borders on the psychotic and looks a lot like a mental illness.

It is heterosexuality that feminists hate. They hate heterosexual male sexuality. They are also mad at straight women for fucking “da evil mens.” Feminists have been railing at men for decades now trying to get women to stop fucking us and promoting lesbianism instead, but they have had little to no success.

So feminists have extended their war against heterosexuality to other arenas such as lunatic rape law in the UK and on California college campuses where men are presumed guilty until proven innocent, bonkers sexual rules on California college campuses requiring men to get permission for each escalation in a series of sex acts. If they do not get explicit permission to say go from tongue kissing to dry humping, it is rape. If a woman neither says yes nor no to a sexual advance (she makes no comment on it), this also could be rape because she was “resisting in her mind.” So if men can’t be mind-readers and read women’s minds correctly, it is rape.

In addition, feminists have extended quid pro quo to the workplace in a dangerous expansion called “hostile workplace environment.” More on that nuttiness in another post later on.


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Solipsism and Narcissism

Some PC types (gender feminists in this case) are claiming that the definition of lack of empathy is solipsism, therefore all solipsists lack empathy. This is wrong, but almost everything PC people are gender feminists say is wrong anyway. PC people lie constantly because PC itself is nothing but lies. Gender feminists lie constantly because the very concept of gender feminism is based on a series of lies. Gender feminists don’t understand men at all – they have zero understanding of males. Gender feminists don’t even understand women! Their understanding of women is very poor.

Anyway, let’s take it apart. Do solipsists lack empathy? Probably not. There is much evidence against this theory. First of all, the Manosphere has been saying for some time now that females are solipsistic. I would say instead that the feminine essence is solipsistic. Males are not so much solipsistic as narcissistic. In fact, narcissism is a defining characteristic of the masculine essence.

However, I do agree that females are basically solipsistic. The world of the female is a world of endless solipsism. However, females are not purely solipsistic because while they are wrapped up in themselves all the time, most females also have quite a bit of empathy for others. So while they spend a lot of time in their shell, they come out of quite easily, often do and very much enjoy caring about other people. If 50% of the population is notoriously solipsistic but at the same time has a great deal of empathy, this should prove the crazy PC charge wrong on the spot. Obviously observation shows that many solispsistic people are capable of tremendous caring.

But what about a worse type of solipsist. This type is often male and is all wrapped up in himself most of the time. Does he lack empathy? Probably not. This type of male solipsist does indeed care about others, but they are so wrapped up in themselves all the time that they simply have little time or energy left over for other people. They’re too busy thinking of themselves to devote much time to thinking of others. That’s not lack of empathy.

Also many of these types are distressed about the fact that they are too wrapped up in themselves to worry about others, and they often worry that they lack empathy. If you worry that you lack empathy, you don’t lack empathy.

In response, many solipsists have told me that they spend a lot of time working on their empathetic feelings, but they say that these feelings do not come naturally because they always seem to come first in their minds.

If you are trying very hard to be empathetic, you don’t lack empathy.

If you feel upset, worried, and guilty that you don’t care about others enough, then you don’t lack empathy. That right there shows you you have a conscience. Also guilt is a sign of empathy. If there’s guilt, there’s empathy. There can be no guilt without empathy. No empathy, no guilt because they are part of each other.

We need to look at people who truly lack empathy. I have known many of them in my life. If you point out that they don’t care, are abusive, manipulative or selfish, they often get angry and start projecting back at you because these types project constantly. It is their major defense.

At any rate, these types are not upset by their selfishness, manipulation, abusiveness or lack of empathy. They could care less. I am not sure if they know they are bad or if they simply do not care if they are bad or not because I can’t understand someone like that. Many of them will simply deny that they are selfish, manipulative, abusive or uncaring. Apparently they don’t think they are. They will just deny it and not think of it again because they have shut their bad behaviors out of awareness.

Anyway, unempathetic people don’t get upset if you point out how selfish and uncaring you are. They will just call you a liar, get angry, or project away and move on. Whether they are like this or not is not important to them. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but at the end of the day, they could pretty much care less. It is not something that keeps them up at night.

So while the solipsist does care about others but simply doesn’t have the time or energy to worry or think about them much, narcissists and others have plenty of time and energy to care but they simply do not want to. Why they do not want to, I have no idea. Why they don’t care about not caring, I have no idea. That is because I cannot fathom how any human being could possibly think this way. It makes no sense to me.



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Are Bad People Ever Right? Yes. Are Good People Ever Wrong? Yes.

The Manosphere is a horrible place full of awful men. I want to vomit whenever I go to one of their sites, especially the PUA sites as those are the worst of all. MGTOW sites are ok but the misogyny is extreme and very hard to take. My enemies say I am an MRA. If I am an MRA, why am I repulsed by most MRA sites? They also say that I am a misogynist. If I am a misogynist, why am I almost physically repelled by the misogyny of the Manosphere?

Even though the Manosphere is awful, sadly many of the things they say are true.

This is where all PC and Identity Politics goes wrong. PC types and gender feminists say that the Manosphere and those in it are awful people and therefore everything they say is a lie. But this is not true. Sadly, awful human beings are often correct in many of the often brutally honest things they say. Just because someone is awful doesn’t mean they are wrong. And good people are not necessarily telling the truth. Many good people are full of nonsense.

In Logic, this is called an ad hominem fallacy. The argument tries to say that the opponent is a bad human being somehow and therefore what he says is either wrong or cannot be trusted. But this is a fallacy for the same reason I gave above. Bad people are often correct about many things they say.

If you hang around them long enough, you will notice that PC types, gender feminists and the rest utilize logical fallacies constantly. This is because they are ideologues and ideologues not only lie all the time but they specialize in logical fallacy. Also it shows that PC in general is based on weak thinking and poor to nonexistent theory. PC has almost no valid theoretical underpinning behind it. It’s a castle of sand.


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What Is the Connection Between Feminism and Lesbianism?

Anonymous writes:

I’m more interested in how you think women hate men. Facts, statistics, anything? A source would be great. I just feel that your input is still very opinionated. I’d also like to further my theory in the opposing side. Though, I can understand the stereotype that feminists are all hairy, lesbian, hippies. But feminism is about inequalities toward women; and sometimes that is even caused by other women.

Where did I say that women hate men? Some women hate men, but most do not. A lot of women have a certain amount of built up anger towards men, but they may also have a lot of fondness towards them too. They have mixed feelings towards men, as many of us have mixed feelings towards a lot of things.

Do feminists hate men? A lot of them sure act like they do. And it’s been this way from Day One. Many of the greatest heroes or feminism were extreme man-haters, often lesbians or lesbian-separatists. Lesbian obsession is well known in feminism. Lesbians lesbians lesbians. It goes on and on.

Yet lesbians are only 2% of women. Yet lesbianism represents far more than 2% of lesbian discourse. If feminism was not connected to lesbianism, one would assume that feminists would talk about lesbianism maybe 2% of the time, right? Yet they talk about it far more than that. This implies that lesbianism is a very important part of feminism.

And yes, many feminists are lesbians, and there are branches of feminism, such as lesbian feminism and radical feminism, that actively promote lesbianism and man-hatred. In the 1960’s there was a big movement in feminism for women to go off and form their own lesbian communities “to try to live apart from men.” These were the first lesbian separatist movements. Many women who went off and joined these communities and got involved in lesbianism later decided that was not what they liked and left those communities. Hence many of those communities sort of withered away.

I understand women very well and I have known many women in this life. I have long noted that women who call themselves feminists seem angry at men and are often man-haters. In fact, there is a linear relationship. The more of a feminist the woman is, the more of a man-hater she is. However, I do believe that there are feminists who are not man-haters.

And the loudmouths that are heterosexual? At the end of the day and they need cock like any other straight women. The more sexually active a heterosexual feminist is, the less she hates men. There is a linear relationship there too. The more she loves cock, the less she hates men. Many women who truly love cock and men explicitly reject feminism and say they are not feminists because they associate it with man-hatred, lesbianism and other things. These women’s attitude seems to be “I love men too much to be a feminist.” I run into this attitude all the time.

So there is a disconnect between feminist discourse, in which the man-hatred and contempt for masculinity and male sexuality is obvious, and the most feminists actually live their lives. When it comes to man-hatred, most feminists talk a great game but when it comes down to it at the end of the day, most of them love dick too much to truly hate men. And most women who love cock love men. I never run into a man-hater who on the other hand loves cock. I am not sure if they exist.

But feminist leadership has been heavily lesbian. There must be a reason for this odd fact. And many feminists converted to lesbianism upon getting heavily into feminism. They call themselves political lesbians. They simply turned lesbian because they hated men so much.

Most of the feminists who truly hate men seem to be lesbians. Or they have quit having sex for whatever reason.

A lifetime of experience leads me to this conclusion.

For a long time I believe the feminist line that “feminists don’t hate men.” Then I started going to a lot of feminist websites and reading a lot of feminist material. The man-hatred was so thick you could cut it with a knife. That is when I started thinking that the “feminists hate men” was not the lie that feminists say it is but instead had some validity. Sure, not all feminists are man-haters but a lot of them are. The accusation has some basis in fact.

Why is feminism so wildly obsessed with lesbianism far to the degree that they ought to be. Keep in mind that feminists logically should only talk about lesbianism 2% of the time. Yet lesbianism counts for far more than 2% in feminist discourse. One asks, “Why the lesbian obsession?” Because lesbianism, especially political lesbianism, is the ultimate in hatred and contempt for men. It is the ultimate expression of a profound hatred for males. Hence the lesbianism obsession in feminist discourse derives directly from man-hatred and from nothing else.


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Repost: Roosh on the Endgame of Feminism

This one is getting posted around nowadays. It fits in great with the theme lately.


The take-home point, from the final paragraphs:

Truth is, feminists are worse than an annoyance. They’re a menace to us men. They’re dangerous. They are out to get us put in jail or prison for nothing. They are out to get us fired from our jobs for fake sexual harassment charges, thereby depriving us of a means to earn a living.

Feminists are our deadly enemies, and there can be no peace accords with them.


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21 Ways That Gender Feminists Are Destroying the West

While the movement for women’s equality called Women’s Liberation (equity feminism) was one of the great human emancipation movements and should be supported by all decent men, gender feminism is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Here are 21 ways that gender feminists are currently ruining the West:

  1. Made women run amok and become completely uncontrolled.
  2. Created mass mental illness among women. Fully 8% of women now have Borderline Personality Disorder, which is just about a psychological death sentence. I think feminism is causing all this mass mental illness among women.
  3. Vastly increased the violence and assaultiveness of women as women now assault men vastly more than they used to.
  4. Women act crazy, flip out, and are much more unstable and emotional than they were pre-feminism. Feminism has made women think it is cool to be a moody nutcase.
  5. Feminism created mass female hypergamy. The much maligned PUA and Game Movements who have created philosophies to try to survive, understand and make the most of this new crazy sexual world.
  6. Female strangers attack innocent men now for little or no reason, try to fight innocent men, pick on and belittle innocent men and harass innocent men on the streets, all for little to no reason.
  7. Men can no longer make friends with kids or even speak to kids. This is due to Pedophile Mass Hysteria, an idiotic Moral Panic that was created 100% by feminism. Single males are now regarded as “pedophiles” and treated with suspicion by neighbors. There has been an epidemic of false reports by children accusing men of molesting them. Kids lie like rugs when it comes to these accusations. Much of this lying has been encouraged by their mothers to get back at men in their lives. This whole scenario was created by feminism.
  8. Male sexuality is now pathologized. Men are “creeps” if they experience any sexual feelings at all around feelings because these feelings will cause men to look at women, flirt with them and possibly make passes at them. Feminism hates men looking at, flirting or asking out women as all of this is considered “sexual harassment.” Hence we have millions of males who are running scared of being called creeps and whatnot.
  9. Apparently it is now illegal for men to look at, flirt with, make passes at or ask out females in their workplace. Well not illegal, but it is grounds for firing under the insane “sexual harassment” rulings which create a crazy environment that makes no sense. Say you are at work and you do not wish to be accused of sexual harassment. How should you proceed to look at, flirt with and ask out women in the workplace assuming you might want to do this? There is no way to proceed. There is no way to know when you are sexually harassing a women or when you are not harassing them. The whole concept in civil law is ridiculously vague and in law, vague laws are illegal and vague concepts require no remedy.
  10. Society has now pathologized all of male sexuality. This was done by feminism because from Day One, feminism has hated male sexuality. That is the reason d’etre of feminism. There is nothing that feminism hates more than normative male sexuality. Bottom line is that if feminists had their way, they would simply make most expressions of normative male sexuality illegal.
  11. Sweden now has the most insane rape laws on Earth with definitions of rape vastly broader than in any other country. Hence, Sweden has the 3rd highest rape rate on Earth, but most of these are fake rapes that are not even rapes and would not be considered rape in any other land.
  12. Society or at least some US university systems and the nation of the UK, have decided that males accused of rape are guilty until proven innocent. This dangerous lunacy was created by feminists who apparently wish to shred the Constitution.
  13. Gangs of high school girls now chase, harass, bait, insult and even assault and beat up boys. This is a preposterous trend and this was unheard of in my high school days in 1971-1975.
  14. Women are allowed to assault men as many times as they wish but we cannot strike one single blow in self defense. I suppose we can’t even defend ourselves if they are trying to kill us. Apparently we have to run away and hope the bitch doesn’t outrun us. The feminists created the idiotic, chaotic and insane notion of “hit a woman, go to jail,” and “males have no right to self-defense against women.” Obviously this is utterly insane but this the mad world that women want.
  15. Sex between teenage girls and adult men, a normal human phenomenon present since the beginning of mankind that has never harmed one teenage girl ever, has been conflated with “pedophilia” and “child molestation.” Teenage girls are infantalized and denied agency. Whatever it is, adult male-teenage girl sex is surely not pedophilia or child molesting. In terms of males 18-23 having sex with 14-17 year old girls, the police generally regarded it as none of their business and left everyone alone. However, over age 23 you could into trouble, which was often a warning to stay away from her or else. Back in the sane days of Male Rule it was called Statutory Rape, which is the best term for it. It was regarded as a joke, the girls were seen as schemers and not victims, and the men were chuckled about. Nevertheless, if the man was middle aged and there was more than one girl, he might see a few years in prison. This was probably a much saner way of dealing with this matter.
  16. If adult men have even mere thoughts, feelings and desires to have sex with teenage girls (which of course is normal for any man at any age) feminism has now decided that this is sick, evil, mentally disordered, perverted, “pedophilic,” and evidence that one is a “child molester.” This goes against modern psychological science which proves that this thinking is normal in any man of any age and is not evidence of pathology or immorality. Hence we see that feminists, like Republicans, are actually waging war on science itself.
  17. A wave of idiotic feminist therapists has broken across our blighted land. They believe many a silly thing, but the worst is that many of them have specialized in “treating child sexual abuse,” which in reality means “teenage girls who have sex with men.” Once a case like this is uncovered, the poor girls are rushed off to needless therapy to heal the “assault” which was probably consensual or even initiated by the girl. The girl is told she has been “molested” and is a victim of “child sexual assault” even though she isn’t even a child and in almost all cases, there was no assault. To give you an example of how crazy this is, feminists have decided that a teenage girl who seduces an adult man has consensual and often very willing sex with him has been assaulted by the man that she herself seduced. So by seducing the man she is apparently raping herself via the man somehow. None of this makes any sense. The girls are told that they have been damaged and harmed, that the effects of the “abuse” (there almost always was no “abuse”) may last a lifetime and that this was a terrible thing that was done to them, one of the most horrible things that could happen to a human being. The teenage girl is confused as she thought she was just seducing a sexy older man for some great sex and now she is told that she was actually raping herself and that the horrible scars may last a lifetime. Predictably, the girls are traumatized by all of this nonsense and begin to believe that they have been harmed somehow. Depression, anxiety and other psychological problems ensue that would never have happened in the first place. These psychiatric symptoms were actually caused by the feminist therapists and the other feminist women hovering around the poor girl like lobotomized vultures. Congratulations feminists!
  18. All child sex has now been proscribed and apparently made illegal, including child sex play that is extremely common and almost always harmless. Hundreds of children under age 12 have been charged with “child molestation.” It is very difficult to conceive of how any child age 12 and under could possibly molest any child, but nevertheless, these little kids have now been labeled “predators.” Many will have to go on the Sex Offender Registry for life. Many high school students, almost always males because in child sex the male is always the criminal and the female is always the victim as per feminist “logic” have been arrested and charged with “child molestation” for having consensual sex with the females in their age group. Not one of these boys is a “child molester” and it isn’t even possible to “molest” a teenage girl anyway as you can only molest a child age 12-under. Therefore, while one can have sex with a teenage girl, it is not possible to “molest” one. A number of teenagers, including many girls, have been arrested on charges of “manufacturing child pornography” and “disturbing child pornography.” What they actually did was take nude photos of themselves with cellphones and then send them to their boyfriends or girlfriends. Apparently the feminists say that these selfies are “child porn” and these adolescents are “child pornographers.” All of the madness under the rubric of Pedophile Mass Hysteria outlined above was caused almost wholly by the feminists. It was the feminists who launched the Pedophile Mass Hysteria moral panic in the first place when they set it off in 1970’s. So all those kids in jail or on the Sex Offender list can thank a feminist for their ruined lives.
  19. Seduction is now rape. Traditionally, seduction proceeded often through a variety of tricks, scams and ruses all designed to break down a woman’s defenses and get her into bed. The idiotic self impressed PUA crowd think they have invented some new social science in Game, but the truth is that “Game” has been around forever. My friends and I were practicing “1970’s Game” on the beaches and ski slopes in the 1970’s. We traded secrets and told each other what to and what not to do. The whole business wasn’t very honest, but seducers are never honest men. All players have a “system.” Surely Casanova himself had one. And it goes back further than that. There is a classic work from Ancient Rome written in Latin called “On Love.” If you read it, you will see that is simply Game in Rome in the year 200. There is nothing new here. Nevertheless, seduction has an old history and its own accepted mores, rules and values. The proper seducer simply more or less attacks the women, gently or roughly and sees how far he can get with her. Before he assaults her, he tries to read her mind and read the vibes to see if she will be receptive or not. If he is a good mind-reader, 90%+ of the time, the woman will react very willingly to the initial advances. If she says no, the man stops. Now psychological coercion and also sorts of deviousness and con artistry comes into place where the seducer tries to brainwash or hypnotize the women into being more physically forthcoming. Alternatively, the man may simply give up and go sit on the couch. Let’s get real here: seduction is a scam. It always has been and perhaps it always will be. I learned very early that the earnest straightforward approach was the road to failure. One of the first things I learned was, “Never ask a woman if she wants to have sex or if she wants to do anything sexual. Don’t give her a chance to think about it. Once she starts thinking about it, she might decide that she doesn’t want to do it.” Keeping that in mind, feminists have come up with a brilliant new scheme to drive a stake through the heart of the seduction process. According to feminists, the male must ask permission for each sexual escalation. The women then says either yes or no. If she affirms, he may escalate, but if she says no, he must drop everything and go sit on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. One “no” and the sexual behavior is over. Of course keeping in mind the brilliant evidence I was given as a young man, this asking for permission idiocy seems designed to drive a stake through the very heart of the heart of the seduction process which is to not give the woman a chance to think about what she is doing but to simply get her revved up so she is listening to her body and not her head. This is now the system in place at all California universities. This Alice in Wonderland system is also in place at other US universities. Anyway, if she says no and you proceed, you are now a rapist. Thanks a lot feminists!
  20. It is now possible to rape a woman who did not even object to her seduction. Traditionally, same male laws stated that women had to voice their objections to sexual activity. If the man proceeded anyway despite her forceful objections and physically forced himself on her, this could be seen as rape. Feminists have now thrown all of this out. You can now be a rapist even if the woman didn’t utter one peep of objection. This is because a woman’s silence to sexual escalations could mean affirmation or objection or everything or nothing. Who knows? If a woman is silent during the seduction process, men must become mind-readers and decide if this woman who is not saying no is nonetheless not consenting to sex. If a woman is neither saying “yes” or “no” then she could be assenting and you are in the clear or she could be objecting in which case you are now raping her. Yes you can rape a woman even if she never offered one peep of objection if you did not practice proper telepathy to decide if her silence meant yes or no. So now silence no longer indicates assent, as it would in any sane society. Instead we have to be mind-readers and seduction is turned into Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. This idiocy is now the law in the UK and on California college campuses. Feminists are 100% responsible for this abomination. Thanks feminists!
  21. The time-honored tradition dating back to English Common Law that states that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty has now been trashed by feminists. Accused rapists are now the equivalent of unlawful combatants in Guantanamo. All accused rapists are guilty until proven innocent in the UK and on California campuses. It is up to the man to prove the Kafkaesque assertion that he did not rape her. How a man is supposed to prove he did not rape a woman he probably had a date with and ended up in bed with is unknown. So we see that feminists resemble Republicans not only in their contempt for science but also in their desire to shred the very Constitution itself.


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Mount Holyoke College Goes Crazy


Mount Holyoke College, a women’s college driven insane by gender feminism, has decided to ban the iconic and controversial feminist play The Vagina Monologues because it discriminates against “women without vaginas.” The official reason is that the whole notion of the play is to say that women have vaginas, and saying that women have vaginas is ‘transphobic.”

How stupid. If you have a vagina, you’re a woman. If you don’t have one, you’re not a woman. Real simple. A 12 year old could figure that out.

I am serious. This is not a troll.

I swear to God society has gone full retard.

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Mount Holyoke College Defines the Word “Woman” for Us

As if we didn’t already know what the word means – duh – MHC defines, or redefines, the word for us. Unfortunately, their definition of the word woman is completely insane and makes no sense at all. The new definition of woman has nothing to do with what you, me, and all the other sane people know it means.

Welcome to Weird World.

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FEMEN Protests Against Islam during Berlin Islam Week


Pretty amazing video. Some Muslim group is holding a function during Berlin’s Islam Week. The balding man is a well-known leader of Berlin’s Muslim community, but he is not too well-liked by non-Muslims who consider him to be a fake moderate and a loudmouth.

I believe they are having some sort of a discussion about Islam in this conference room and the balding guy is hosting the discussion. The room is full of Muslims, mostly Muslim women for some reason. Almost all of the Muslim women are wearing the Muslim headscarf.

Halfway through the presentation, provocateurs from Ukraine’s feminist FEMEN group burst into the room and onto the stage. They are naked from the waist up. They have anti-Islam slogans written on their chests. One woman has “FUCK ISLAM” written on her chest. They take the stage and start yelling anti-Islam slogans.

The group is shocked at first and does not know what to do about them. The Muslim women stand up and start yelling at them, telling them to go away. The Muslimas are clearly disgusted by these provocateurs. The conference host does not seem to know what to do. At one point, the Muslims decide that if they give the women a standing ovation and cheer them on, that this will be enough to get the women to leave the stage. But the FEMEN girls refuse to leave the stage. The cops finally have to be called. The girls resist arrest and have to be dragged out of the room. They are screaming the whole time.

All of these things are just provocations. I expect many more of these provocations to happen in the near future. Really they are trying to bait the Muslims into responding to these insults and provocations. You could argue that the Muslims should just be cool in the face of blasphemy and other insults, but their religion just doesn’t work that way. I actually think they have been pretty calm in the aftermath to the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

These provocations will continue and will probably escalate in both size and offensiveness. The Muslims will no doubt start responding to some of the provocations. Surely more violence will occur. The non-Muslims will respond to Muslim violence the same way the French did the next day after the Paris attacks – two mosques were attacked with hand grenades. No doubt this will escalate into a tit for tat war.

Ever study the history of the Algerian War? It was like that. The FLN were definitely terrorists, but the French Foreign Legion responded with a lot of repression and torture. Food was cut off from entire cities. The more the French engaged in repressions against the populace, the angrier the Algerians got. What started out as limited terrorism soon bloomed into full scale terrorist war as the FLN was now tossing bombs and grenades into cafes full of French people.

You would be walking down and street and suddenly hear a loud gunshot. You jerk your head up and look across the street. The rebels have assassinated a 10 year old French boy just because he is French. Blood is pouring out of his head as he lies on the sidewalk. The Algerians look around anxiously. They know that the French payback for this crime is coming soon, and it won’t be pretty.

I think this tit for tat, paybacks are a bitch, feuding style of low grade war is probably going to happen in the near future in Europe and even in the US, Canada,  and Australia.

I really do not see any way out of this.



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