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Do Teenage Girls Openly Seduce Grown Men?

You’re darn right they do.

Not only have I read enough stories about it on the Net (which rang very true to me), but I have seen a lot of it with my friends. A number of my friends were seduced by 15 and 16 year old girls. The men were usually around age 30.

On the Net, I have read stories of men who had sex with 13 year old girls. The stories rang very true to me in terms of details and I know that girls that age do this anyway. In the stories I read, the girls out and out openly seduced the men. The men were either stepfathers or mother’s boyfriends.

In one case, the girl and the man were sitting on the couch watching TV. At some point, the girl leaned her head back and rested it on the mother’s boyfriend’s lap. This went on for a bit and soon she was massaging his cock, unprovoked, through his pants. The man said he thought about it a bit, then just said the Hell with it and went ahead and had sex with her. He just lost control of himself.

In the other case, the stepfather was in bed in the morning. The girl opened the door and came in the room. He was awake in bed under the covers. The girl started laughing and jumped into bed, fully clothed, with the stepfather. Yes, young teenage girls do that sort of thing – actually they do it a lot! The stepfather thought what the Hell and let her jump into bed with him. The femiscum haven’t made that illegal yet I assume. All perfectly legal. Stepdaughter wants to hop in bed with you with her clothes on – no law against that.

Anyway she looked under the covers and the stepfather had a typical morning erection. She reached down and grabbed it and said, “What’s this?” He said something like, “That’s my cock,” and apparently she started playing with it. The stepfather thought a bit and figured, “Ah the Hell with it,” and let her continue. Then he figured that as long as tehy were this far along, he might as well step up the game. And so he did. “No you are supposed to suck on it like a popsicle,” he suggested helpfully. And thus she did, giggling. She was apparently pretty good at it too although she had never done it before. And when it came time for orgasm, she did as told, no problem.

There were no unpleasant aftereffects in either case.

I point this out to note that our discourse regarding sex with teenage girls is just insane. These girls are always pure innocent little snowflakes who are getting “child molested” by evil man with evil man-dicks practicing evil male sexuality. This falls into line with Feminazi theory that penises are evil, the male sex drive is inherently violent and evil, and consequently males (except those wonderful gay men the feminists love so much!) are evil. Bottom line is heterosexual men are evil.

But more importantly, we come to the problem of temptation. Yes teenage girls seduce men. They do so with such regularity that it’s not even unusual. Even more so, they try to seduce men and I assume that the men turn them down. I have had 12 and 13 year old girls openly proposition me before. That is they openly said they wanted to have sex with me and would I be interested in doing it with them. In both cases, I just laughed and said no.

The problem I assume is that a lot of men are just weak. If a teenage girl tries to seduce them, a lot of men will find themselves in a situation of overwhelming temptation. And you know what? Humans are weak? Wave a handful of hundred dollar bills in front of someone and watch all the crazy things they will do just to get their hands on that stash. Why? Because humans are weak. And vast numbers of humans are as weak when it comes to sex and money as cocaine addicts are when a line of coke is staring them in the face taunting them saying, “Neener neener. You caaaaan’t take me! You’re cured, remember. You can’t take me anymore. So I am going to sit right here on this mirror and laugh at you, taunt you and tease you and defy you to sniff me, just because torture is fun. Well I have known a lot of “ex” coke addicts (actually there is no such thing as an ex coke addict in my opinion). In general, if you shove a line of coke in front of them, no matter how long they have been sober, they lose it all right there, grab the straw and sniff up that line line a man dying of thirst in the desert discovering a water hole.

I think a lot of men who mess with these girls are basically good men. But men are weak, very weak. A teenage girl is right there in front of you, grabbing your penis of her own free will and smiling devillishly. Your frontal lobe is screaming, “Don’t do it! 10 years in prison!” and your limbic system is screaming, “Shut up! I’m going to do this anyway! The Hell with it!”

I actually think that a lot of men just cave in the face of temptations like that. We know that presented with overwhelming temptations, a lot of people simply cave, lose it and give in. Sure they feel bad afterwards, but so what. They still caved.

You think you’re strong, but you never know how strong you are. Go find some woman and ask them what happens when you throw a plate of chocolate chip cookies in front of them. A shocking number of grown women will tell you that they lose control and just gobble up the whole plate on the spot. They simply cannot help themselves.

I am not here to tell men to be good boys and resist temptation. You’ve all been told that a million times already.

Instead, a more important lesson comes from religion itself. From religion we get the interesting notion that the best way to resist temptation is to not even get yourself into tempting situations in the first place! I am sure you can think of a lot of situations in life where you thought the temptations were so great that you wondered if you could resist.

What I would suggest is even better. When you see a situation like that, instead think,”Wow, that looks like a really tempting situation. I am going to run as far away form that situation as possible.”

In other words, simply do your best to avoid putting yourself into those insanely tempting situations in the first place. See that 16 year old knockout with the thin body and the curves made in Heaven. Sure you could go over and talk to her. She might even talk to you. They talk to me sometimes. Hell, sometimes they walk right up to me with a big smile, introduce themselves, and proudly shake my hand!

But why even go there. Why even put yourself in that tempting situation. Why not just bail on her altogether? Why voluntarily put yourself in potential harms way and test your sublimation and self-control abilities. Why not just try to avoid as many tempting situations as possible in the first place? Sure, you think you’re strong. Most of us do. But you might just be a Hell of a lot weaker than you think and knees buckle quite easily in humans.


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Repost: Incest Should Not Be Illegal

This is an older post that got linked around a lot to various places where it received almost 100% complete hatred and rage. I got called, sick, perverted and evil a lot. I do not think that anyone supported me. If you actually think about the article instead of being brainless, you might figure out what I was talking about.

I’m a libertine, and my libertarian argument is that incest laws are no damned business of the state!

The most typical type of incest is father-daughter; in fact, these are really the only kind that are ever prosecuted. The reason for the societal hatred and outrage over incest is due to societal hatred of normative male sexuality. Incest means fathers screwing their daughters. Since male sexuality is evil according to the current Matriarchy-Mangina Dictatorship, fathers having sex with their daughters is “normative male sexuality.” All fathers are evil horny bastards who wish to take advantage of their pure as the virgin snow (on account of being morally pristine females) daughters.

Mother-son incest doesn’t happen too much, so no one cares.

Brother-sister incest occurs quite a bit, but no one ever goes to jail for it, so the laws are ridiculous. And if anyone ever did go to jail in the case of brother-sister incest, it was be the male, since it’s male sexuality that is evil, naturally predatory and malign according to the feminists and manginas who run society. The female in the brother-sister incest would always be innocent because feminists say females are perennial innocents.

I would argue that in most cases of brother-sister incest, there’s no predatory behavior involved. In which case it’s no business of the law’s. Brother-sister incest is not a good idea, and it ought to be stopped (but not by cops!), but it’s often just two adolescent innocents exploring their budding sexuality. Just what business is this of the state’s? None whatsoever!

As far as father-daughter incest, it’s surely covered under existing child sexual abuse abuse statutes. There’s an argument that father-daughter incest is a particularly nasty form of child abuse, and the victims are harmed worse than others. Fine. Have incest as an enhanced penalty statute in cases of child abuse.

Since no one ever goes down in brother-sister incest, and it’s just silly kids who don’t know what they are doing anyway, why is it even illegal in the first place? Good question. Probably to police those evil brothers with their persistent 16- year-old erections that threaten their permanently hymened sisters of ivory white goodness and rectitude.

In cases where both parties are over the age of 18, why is incest against the law at all?

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes a father has sex with an adult daughter. A mother having sex with an adult son is even rarer. No one ever goes to jail for adult-adult incest, so why is it against the law in the first place? Once again, it’s only to police those evil fathers, who never stop wanting to have sex with their daughters even after they are all grown up into womanhood.

In many US states, any sexual contact between first cousins of any age is illegal. This is particularly preposterous, as cousin incest is extremely common worldwide, even in the US.

A silly argument against these rarely enforced laws is that incestuous sex leading to pregnancy leads to inbred offspring and birth defects. This can be dealt with via laws against incestuous marriage. In most civilized states, incestuous marriage is rare enough anyway, so there’s no reason for the state to worry about it.

Incest laws exist due to moral panic. What’s going to happen if we get rid of the laws? Why, there will be a huge wave of incest, followed by a tidal wave of babies, most of them with ears growing out of their groins!

Some sensible states have seen the light recently and gotten rid of their stupid incest laws. Rhode Island sensibly eliminated all incest laws in 1989. Ohio’s law only targets parents as offenders. In New Jersey, incest is legal, as it ought to be, for adults.

Incest, reasonably enough, is completely legal in Russia, Belgium, Portugal and India at the very least.

Incest ought to be legal not because it’s a good idea, but because it’s none of the state’s damned business. The most harmful kind, father-daughter sex, is readily dealt with under existing child sex abuse statutes. Incest involving adults, problematic though it may be, is simply none of the state’s damned business.

Although I’m a libertine, I am troubled by incest at any age.

Father-daughter incest is often quite harmful to the underage daughter. Father-daughter incest with an adult daughter is typically not harmful for the father, but the daughter often comes out of it feeling harmed. Mother-son incest is very rare. In a few cases, mothers have had sex with adult sons. The mothers escape unharmed, but the sons often feel it was a bad idea.

Brother-sister incest is often not a good idea. One or the other, the brother or the sister, frequently feels harmed by the experience. If it’s going on, parents need to intervene and separate the sexual explorers. Cousin incest should simply be legal, though cousins should not be allowed to marry. It’s dubious whether cousin incest is any more harmful to participants than any other sexual behavior.

A lot of harmful things in society are no damned business of the Nanny Cop State’s. In fact, many harmful activities, are, properly, not even illegal at all. The Nanny Cop State has no prerogative, and indeed no right, to legally sanction all harmful behaviors.

Great article here on the subject, and the great William Saletan of Slate asks the same question. From Saletan:

This week, the Associated Press published an interview with Rick Santorum, the third-highest ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate. Referring to a pending case involving sodomy laws, Santorum argued, “If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery.”

Surely, Santorum is right. Now there’s one principled fundamentalist wacko! Surely, no one should go to jail for bigamy, adultery, polygamy or incest involving siblings, cousins, or adults. The piece then goes on to interview gay rights ultra-liberals arguing, absurdly, that the state should be able to ban adult incest but not ban gay sex. It’s always sorry when the conservative crazies make sense and we Lefties are the nuts. It’s worse than sorry. It’s embarrassing!

Reading the arguments in favor of incest laws, most of them seem to revolve around the same misandrist feminazi-Mangina argument that incest is all about power. In other words, it’s evil humans with dicks preying on poor innocent forever children humans with vaginas. The permachildren with mammaries being too stupid to look out for their own good and avoid being talked into doing stupid things, we (the cops!) have to watch over them like shepherds until they are dead, protecting the Braying Female Lambs from the Evil Male Wolves.

One more thing. You know what else is “all about power?” Heterosexual sex. I’ll give the Feminazis like Andrea Dworkin credit for at least figuring out the obvious. C’mon Nanny Staters, lets make fucking illegal too!

A recent article from the Harvard Law Review makes the logical assumption that most laws against incest lack a rational basis and argues instead for a reforming of such laws on the basis of consent vs. non-consent. The article points out, unbelievably, that incest and even marriage is often illegal even between adult step-relations, and even between adult ex-step-relations, when there is no reason for this.

Since adult step-relations have no blood relationship, there is no reason for that sex between them should be illegal, nor should marriage between them be illegal. The usual argument against this sort of thing is moral revulsion, but recent cases striking down laws against gay sex indicate that moral revulsion is no reason to outlaw any private sexual behavior.


“Inbred Obscurity: Improving Incest Laws in the Shadow of the ‘Sexual Family’.” Harvard Law Review. June 2006.

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Seeing the World through Feminist-Colored Glasses

It's a whole new way of looking at the world.

Click to enlarge. It’s a whole new way of looking at the world.


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The Problem is Women, Not Just Feminists

Santoculto writes:

Don’t mistake women or female and feminazis. Even they also are being used as puppets but they are, on average, too stupid to realize it.

Yeah, the feminists put all this lunatic laws in, but they are doing so in the name of the women. These are the laws that the women want, let’s face it.

Look, go down the list of all the insane laws that the feminists put in to abuse men and turn us into second class citizens and an oppressed class living under female domination and female supremacy.

Now go find yourself a woman and rattle off all of these insane feminist laws. Every single woman you will ever talk to will always, always, always support every law that benefits women and harms men automatically, reflexively, without even a thought.

I dare you to show me one woman ever, anywhere who opposes these insane laws.

I used to think that the feminists were the problem, not women, but really almost 100% of women are automatically feminists, and the feminists are just putting in the agenda of the women. They are giving the women what they want. The vast majority of women actually want these lunatic laws that abuse us men.

Even though 43% of women are hostile to feminism and refuse to identify as feminists, nevertheless, they will all, all, all, all support every male-abusing law that comes down the pike.

It’s basically war.


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The Destruction of the UK under Feminist Rule (The UK Is Gone)


Unbelievably outrageous case. Hippie couple are together for 11 years and are broke wanderers the whole time. Husband takes off for Spain with another woman. Wife divorces him. During the marriage, they have two kids.

Years after the divorce, the broke hippie becomes a millionaire.

Ex-wife sues for 1.9 million pounds to get a big chunk of the money he made after they were already divorced.


The British are done. There’s not one man left in the whole place. British “men” should all just turn gay already.


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Feminist Control Now Complete in the UK (The UK Is Gone)


The UK is one of the countries on Earth where Female Rule is most complete. An outrageous new law has been passed that makes it illegal to insult or cuss out your girlfriend or wife. You will go to jail for swearing at your woman!

The UK is completely gone. There’s no hope.

All you smug guys better wipe that smile off your face. This is probably coming to the US sooner than you think. The feminists in the US want to a law like this in too – it’s been top priority for years now.

This is what happens when men let women take over: the women completely destroy the country by passing one insane law after another.

I am starting to think that females are basically totalitarian.

I can’t believe the British “men” put up with this crap. Is there one man left in the UK, or have they all turned into faggots? Disgusting.


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Proposal for a Supportable Feminism and MRA

I think we should support any non-misandric feminism. That is, any feminism that is just about obtaining rights for women and not about hating men or persecuting men should be supported. And I am sure that there are females out there who feel this way. The much-discussed Liberal Feminism is along these lines, but I do not like the conservative to Libertarian overtones of Liberal Feminism.

I think we should support any non-misogynistic MRA movement. Of course the existing MRA’s are for the most part wildly misogynistic, but I do not see why it has to be that way. An MRA movement should be about obtaining rights for men, not hating women. Anyway, it is the feminists who are persecuting us, not women in general.

Remember there are two kinds of women:

Gender feminists

Real women

We have nothing whatsoever against Liberal Feminists and real women. It’s the gender feminists that we have a beef with, which honestly is most of them. All major feminist organizations are Gender Feminist-based and most prominent feminists are Gender Feminists.


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Men Arrested for Having Sex with Underage Dolls

I wrote about this insanity earlier. I told you that feminists were already working to try to ban sex dolls. Now it turns out they are already doing it.

Two men, one in Canada and one in Australia, have been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography for owning dolls that are shaped like 12-14 year old Lolis.

Yep, you read that right. Two men were arrested for owning underage dolls. That’s so stupid it’s not even real. You see, underage dolls are harmed when men own them and use them for sex because while adult dolls are capable of consent, underage dolls are simply not capable of consenting due to the immaturity of their plastic brains.

I am surprised they didn’t charge these guys with child molesting for fucking these ridiculous dolls. That’s probably coming next. Nothing’s too bizarre for Pedophile Mass Hysteria, brought to you by the feminists.

Both of these men are apparently going to get off because while child pornography laws are absolutely insane, they are not quite this insane yet. And yes, child pornography laws are insane. For instance, in some cases drawings of children having sex with adults are illegal.

The whole argument against child pornography is based on the notion that a child was harmed in making the images. The images show the commission of a crime along with a criminal perpetrator and a crime victim. By viewing these images (dubious argument) and certainly by collecting, trading and selling them for sexual gratification (better argument) you are re-victimizing the child. The girl who got molested at age 10 gets “molested” over and over again each time her images are collected, traded or sold. I suppose there is some sort of a rational argument in there somewhere. Anyway, true child pornography is so awful that society is completely within its means to ban the stuff.

But drawings? What’s the argument? The girl in the drawing got harmed? The girl in the drawing is a crime victim? The man in the drawing is a criminal? The drawing shows the commission of an actual crime which definitely occurred? Every time you collect, trade of sell that drawing, the poor little girl in that drawing is victimized over and over again?

What the Hell?

True pedophiles have an actual sexual orientation like homosexuality or heterosexuality. They can’t help their orientation any more than any of us can. I say let the pedos have their drawings, stories and dolls but now their images or actual humans being victimized. After all, they have a right to satisfy their sexual urges in some manner, do they not?


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Feminists Try to Ban Sex Robots


Every week it seems like there is some new outrage from these feminist maniacs. They don’t even pretend to be about fairness or fair play or equality or any of that anymore. They’ve already achieved equality in most areas anyway. Now they are blatantly trying to persecute men so they can Lord it over us, which we all knew was always the plan in the first place. None of these Identity Politics groups have ever wanted equality anyway.

The gall of these bitches. They are obviously trying to legally ban the competition. It’s also so clear that chaos and drama filled women know that they can’t compete against these placid dolls.

Bottom line is this: women use sex to control men. They always have and always will. Sex is their primary tool in controlling us. Now a competitor has come along that threatens to take away women’s primary manipulation tool. Without sex, women have basically nothing, and they have no way to control us at all. Women must be terrified of these damn dolls.

Here is the ugly truth. Women run something that I call the Pussy Mafia. It’s like a cartel designed to push out any competition. I honestly think that this is what is behind women’s increasingly insane push for crazier and crazier “pedophilia” laws, where a 20 year old man can go to prison for screwing a 16 year old girl.

What’s behind all of these laws is the sheer terror that women have for Jailbaits. These Jailbaits are some of the worst competition that the Pussy Mafia has. This is why the Mafia is trying to “put them out of business” with these increasingly bizarre and even sadistic laws. It’s called “controlling the competition.”

The Pussy Mafia works hand in hand with the feminists’ favorite tool: The Prison-Industrial complex that the feminists are in large part responsible for. This dual edifice is used by the Mafia to inflate the value of their pussies as high as possible. It’s like any other business that engages in price-fixing. Think of OPEC. The Pussy Mafia is trying to keep the Pussy Price as high as possible on the Pussy Market.

Women don’t believe in fairness anyway, and feminists are even worse. The Pussy Mafia will do literally anything to keep the value of their pussies high no matter how many people suffer. No lie is too big and no law is too totalitarian for the Pussy Mafia to use in its single-handed drive to keep the Pussy Price as high as possible.

I am absolutely convinced that the feminists will soon try to ban fleshlights. After all, fleshlights are some serious competition for the Pussy Mafia. They don’t throw tantrums and won’t call the cops on you to get you thrown out of your own home for defending yourself. A fleshlight gives you all the joys of sex with a woman with none of the bullshit you have to go through to get it.

The feminists will probably use their “pedophile” argument against fleshlights. After all the “pedophile” campaign was largely created by the Pussy Mafia in order to ward of the threat that competing business from the jailbaits would lower the Pussy Price.

They will probably make the anti-“pedophile” argument that we can’t tell the age of the fleshlight. I mean, how do we know how old that fleshlight is anyway? Sure the guy says the fleshlight is over 18, but how do we know he isn’t lying?

Maybe the fleshlight is really designed to be a 15 year old Jailbait fleshlight, in which case it’s pedophilia for fucking an underage fleshlight that is not capable of consent.

I know you are probably laughing, but most of the laws, rules and mores thought up by feminists for use by the Feminist Totalitarian State aren’t very much less insane than that.

Women don’t care if an argument makes sense or not. For women, a “true” argument is “one that makes me feel good,” and a “false” argument is “one that makes me feel bad.”


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Feminism Is Not about Manhating!

That’s a sexist lie from anti-feminist men!


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