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The Problem with the Anti-Heels Movement for the Berlin Film Festival

In reference to this piece:

Archie Leach says: I don’t see anything wrong with this.

Most women I know actually hate wearing high heels and only wear them on occasions that “require” them wearing them.

Otherwise, at least the women I know, are like anyone else and wear shoes that are most comfortable.

First of all, I would like to say that I like Archie and I am proud that he is one of our commenters. This response is not meant to attack him. My response follows:

Do you have any idea how much feminists hate high heels? They hate high heels, they hate sexy outfits, a lot of them even hate makeup.

They are furious at the whole idea that women should dress up to please men. That’s what they ate.

I have talked to some women, older women, who were actually proud to say that they still wear heels in their 40’s and 50’s. That’s because these are women who like being sexy for men. Feminists consider women like this to be brainwashed.

Do you see the part where she says she wants women to avoid “the patriarchal gaze?” Do you know what that means? It’s feminist talk. Feminists go on and on about “the male gaze.” As soon as girls start looking like women as teenagers, they start being subjected to this horrible male gaze, which is apparently devastating to these fragile perma-virgin perma-victims. Feminists hate the fact that we look at women. They even consider it a form of sexual harassment, and some of the idiot #metoo charges are against men are against men who looked at women. We are not supposed to look at them at all, or if we do, we are supposedly to look at them in a nonsexual way, which is impossible for any real men who’s not dead or gay.

Next time a woman points to her face and says, “My face is up here” (a reference to the fact that you are looking at her tits like all real men do), respond, “If you don’t want me looking at your tits, baby, why don’t you quit walking around with your tits hanging out?” Because that’s what idiot modern Western feminist women do. They walk around with their tits hanging out and their cleavage showing, and then they get furious because we are looking at your tits like any healthy male mammal would. Feminism has ruined Western women and it’s made them all insane to boot.

I do agree though that women attending these festivals should not be pressured into wearing uncomfortable tight gowns and heels, and should not be seens as uptight prudes if they refuse to do so. That’s just wrong. Women attending these festivals can wear whatever they want. That’s fine with me.

Do you realize that feminists actually want to ban high heels from certain venues? I shit you not.

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More #Metoo Idiocy


This man used to work Oxfam America. While he was down in Haiti working for Oxfam 20 years ago, he hired prostitutes, no doubt because he wanted to get his rocks off. This is a scandal? Why? Why can’t this guy hire all the whores he wants? How the Hell is that sexual misconduct?

He is also accused of hosting sex parties with prostitutes for entertainment. What’s wrong with that? Why can’t he have any parties he wants to have? What business is it of his employer’s what sort of parties he throws when he’s off work?

More #metoo misandry and Puritanism from sex-hating, man-hating feminist bitches.

Hey bitches! How about if you take your #metoo BS and shove it right up all of your asses?

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The Latest Feminist Insanity


Boy, feminists really hate high heels, don’t they? SMH.

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I Support Big Earl

At first I thought this guy was messed up, but then when I heard the whole story, I support him. Big Earl does not say no gays and lesbians in his restaurant. In fact, he states that there are many gay and lesbian couples who come there to eat. However, they abide by the Big Earl’s rules – no PDA, act normal, dress appropriately, etc. These guys were thrown out because they were touching each others’ legs and engaging in gay PDA in what is obviously a very redneck restaurant.

  • First of all, don’t go places where you are not wanted.
  • Don’t even live in places where you are not wanted.
  • Don’t try to join crowds or social circles where you are not wanted.
  • Don’t go there, move, avoid that group of people, etc.
  • Move to a place where your kind is accepted, go to businesses that accept you and are nice to you, and go join crowds or groups that will accept you.

Most people learn this stuff in the 5th Grade.

Now there is some weird SJW movement that says all locales, businesses, crowds and friend circles are mandated to accept everyone who lives there, goes there, or wants to join the group. Screw that.

People have a right to their friend circles and their social codes. If you violate their social codes, you may not be welcome in that town, business or group. So play by the rules. When in Rome, do like the Romans. Or move.

Big Earl clearly does not discriminate against gays. Many gays who are known to him eat at his restaurant. However, these gays abide by certain social codes and rules that you need to abide by if you are to eat at Earl’s.

PS. There is a rumor that Big Earl was arrested long ago for some crime involving having sex with a young man. So this Big Earl homophobe seems to be just a tad bit gay himself.

Of course this plays into stereotypes about homophobes. Actually, some homophobes are covering something up or engaging in reaction formation, but most are not. Most homophobes are just straight people who very much dislike homosexuality, probably male homosexuality in particular, for reasons such as masculine codes, personal disgust that straight people normally have, religion, etc.

The whole “Homophobes are gay” thing is a big fat Gay Politics SJW lie. Besides there are serious problems with gays engaging in this argument that I have gone into before on this site.

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Thank You, Datalounge: The Wisdom of the Gays

Datalounge is actually a fantastic gay forum, one of the best on the web, but I also enjoy reading about similar things (see below) on Empty Closets, another excellent gay forum.

You don’t have to read stuff that turns you off, but there are a lot of good discussions that straight people might be interested in.

I have never seen topics such as the nature and reality of sexual orientation, masculinity, femininity, bisexuality in men, friendships between gay and straight men, homophobia, etc. discussed with such incisive wisdom. And all of the people doling those most immaculate truths on those subjects were gay men. What is interesting is that are a number of straight women and even straight men who are regulars commenters on that site.

Also a lot of those gay men on there are damned funny. Remember back when gay men were cool and funny? Now they’re a bunch of dour, sanctimonious, humorless, censorious, hardass church ladies with a chip on their shoulder as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Nowadays, fags are a drag.

Anyway ,in one discussion about homophobia, a number of the gays were insisting on the “All homophobes are really gay” lie, and I remember one very wise gay man said,

Yes, some homophobes are gays hiding something and engaging in some weird psychological defense. But I think most homophobes are just people who hate us. Sure, they’re assholes. I think we need to fess up to the fact that there are a lot of people out there who are completely straight and simply hate us for being who we are.

That was such a brilliant, refined, reflective, thoughtful remark.

You would think that you would hear common wisdom like that all the time, but in fact, common wisdom is in short supply nowadays, having been replaced by often on its face preposterous Cultural Left lies and nonsense pretending to be the truth.

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Wisdom of the Elders: Your Grandparents Were Right

We really had a big beef with my parents’ generation growing up. The Generation Gap was real. It was all their fault, too. They simply declared war on us in most cases. Sure, we were rebelling, but there were a lot of stupid social codes and rules that needed to be rebelled against.

We were rebels with a cause, not without one. Their generation tried to justify their social sadism by saying that all of our behavior was just “teenage rebellion” and “young people rebelling.”

But it wasn’t. If your parents are rational and sane and fun, there’s nothing to rebel against unless you like being perverse. We were actually doing all of those things because we wanted to do them and we liked doing those things. We did out of desire, not to give our parents the finger for no reason.

Now, at 60, I look around me. Something has occurred to me over the past decade that was hard for a lifelong rebel to swallow, and it is this:

In far more ways than we want to acknowledge, and no matter how painful and humbling it is to admit:

Our grandparents were right.

Not just our parents. I mean our grandparents! I think back on the truths that they told me after long and well-lived lives, and there’s not a whole lot I can disagree with.

The Cultural Left wants to take all our collective wisdom of the ages, built up over centuries or even millennia, all of the wisdom of our ought to be revered elders accumulated through time and trial and error, tested and refined over countless generations until the truth came out so bright it blinded you to look at it…

…and set it all on fire.

Our wisdom is our heritage, and it is stored in our elders like flesh and blood libraries from generation to generation, refined through time in what is essentially an empirical and scientific process involving how to run a society and culture.

And we are setting the damn thing on fire like Nazi bookburners just to justify a few sexual, gender and racial ultra-radicals who are trying to engage in a vast social engineering project with ideas that not only have rarely been used by humans, but with concepts and notions that have been rejected over centuries and generations by the common wisdom of our species.

I’d call it folly if it wasn’t so frightening, and even dangerous.


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My Unadulterated Thoughts on Intelligence Variance among the Races

Someone recently asked me my unadulterated views on intelligence variance among the races. Incidentally, he was a Black man. Generally, I take the 5th on that question and simply say that there are intelligence differences among the races, that is, yes, Whites are smarter than Blacks, NE Asians and Jews are smarter than White Gentiles, etc.,  all on average, mind you, but IQ tests prove this very well, and IQ tests absolutely measure intelligence better than any other device we have. Usually just saying that it’s a proven fact that on average Whites are smarter than Blacks is enough to consign me to the Societal Doghouse for eternity,  so I don’t bother piling it on. I say yes, Whites are smarter than Blacks, but we don’t know what causes this, if it is genes or environment or both or something in the air. In public statements I say I am agnostic on the causes.

The truth is that I am lying. I simply do not want to come out and say that there are genetic differences in intelligence between the races because my name is mud enough as it is and there’s no reason to keep digging once your enemies have thrown you in a hole that goes halfway to China already.

But now I will come out and confess that I do believe that there are genetic differences in IQ between the races. I expect that I will now be vastly more ostracized than I am already after I say this.

I do believe there are cognitive differences between the races that are genetic. However, I add one proviso to that. Usually when people that there are behavioral or cognitive differences between the races, what usually follows is a Doomsday statement along the lines of “No hope for Blacks.” They say that Blacks will be less intelligent and highly criminal forever since it’s genetic and genes are destiny.

The thing is I don’t believe in that. I believe that genes tend to be destiny in a macro but not micro sense, that is among groups but not among individuals and subject to much variation.

But I also believe that environments can modify genetic tendency. A typical environment will result in a typical behavior and cognitive outcome for the group. A bad environment, which we seem to specialize in as humans, will result a catastrophic outcome for the group with behavioral and cognitive outcomes expressed at an extreme level. A good environment will result in the behavioral and  cognitive outcome being relatively better for the group.

And an extremely good environment or a Super-environment as I call it may result in an outcome for the group that completely washes out the behavioral or cognitive profile for the group allows them to match better performing groups. I am reminded of a Black tribe in Burkina Faso of one million members. They have a homicide rate as low as the Japanese, 1/100,000. They are Muslims, they live in the desert, they value education, they live a very traditional life and perhaps most importantly, they place great value on the wisdom of elders, especially male elders.

People like to say that you can never turn Blacks into Norwegians or Japanese. In  terms of sense of humor, I think Blacks not turning into Norwegians is an excellent trend. This syllogism is true as far as it goes, but here we have a tribe of 1 million Blacks in the darkest heart of Black Africa where none of the light of modernity shines who at least on one important variable, have somehow managed to turn themselves into Japs.

In intelligence, we know have a case in the UK similar to the case in Burkina Faso for behavior.

Nevertheless, the latest scores out of the UK have British Blacks matching Whites on high school achievement tests. It’s not an IQ test but it can be a proxy for one. Anyway it predicts job success and performance very well, so it doesn’t matter if it’s not an IQ test.

There is a solution to this conundrum. Even with genetic IQ differences, there still room for environment to close the gap. However, the environment for Blacks to close the gap as British Blacks did would have to be a “super-environment” which may have been achieved in ultra-PC UK. However, I would say that these super-environments are hard to achieve, and most places will not be able to create them, so Blacks will fall behind in most environments.

In contrast, Whites and Asians need only a typical environment to succeed. In a poor environment, a lot of poorer Whites will fall behind but many others will succeed. The Blacks will simply be completely plowed under far worse than in an ordinary environment. Curiously the cognitive power of some groups like Chinese and Jews may be so high that they can surmount genetically even quite poor environments. Their genes just plow right over the environment.

In the same way, Blacks do have a tendency towards crime that I regard as genetic. However, if we set IQ at 113 (about yours) Blacks and Whites have the same crime rates. So if we could raise Black IQ, we could lower Black crime because as Black IQ rises, cognitive capacity rises up and overpowers or overwhelms any genetic tendency towards crime. In other words, an intelligent Black man may have the same genetic tendency towards crime as an 85 IQ Black man, but the 113 IQ Black man’s IQ simply overrides, bulldozes and plows over the genetic tendency towards crime because IQ suppresses criminal behavior and as IQ rises, crime drops because of the crimino-suppressant effect of rising IQ.

As you can see, my views on this are quite nuanced. Yes, Blacks are less intelligent and more criminal than Whites and this is in part due to genes. However, given the right environment, these outcomes can be improved and if you make the environment spectacular enough, you can even wash out these genetic tendencies entirely and Blacks can match Whites or even East Asians. However, creating these Super-environments is going to be very hard to do.

I have also postulated a theory about how increasing IQ serves to suppress genetic tendencies towards crime and how IQ acts as a barrier against bad environments, with the highest IQ’s having nearly suppressive effects on bad environments, average IQ’s have a subset badly affected by bad environments while others weather it and the lowest IQ’s being no barrier at all against bad environments or even worsening their bad effects by introducing  the equation of Low IQ + bad environment which seems to result in an exponential effect worse than either alone.

Not that my nuanced views will matter to the Commissars of the Cultural Left though. I’m already an Enemy of the People, and this will just increase my sentence at the intellectual gulag archipelago where I was shipped to long ago.


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Men Can Get Pregnant and Have Babies Now (No Really I Am Serious)!


The old, boring, lame straight way versus the new, cool, groovy gay way. Be cool! Be groovy! Turn gay or bi or pan or sapio or whatever! Turn into the opposite sex or both sexes or neither sex or whatever! Who cares! Do whatever you want! We don’t care as long as you are having fun!

The old way versus the new way. The old way was lame and boring. They had these fake things called men and women and boys and girls and pretended that everyone got born that way! Stupid! Everyone knows a boy can turn into a girl or vice versa. A man can turn into a woman or vice versa. We can decide to be anything we want! Soon we will even decide whether we are humans or nonhuman animals! Isn’t that cool! I want to be a snake! Hell I’ve been one most of my life anyway, so why not?

In the photo above, that transman is actually pregnant. Transmen are men! They’re not woman pretending to be men or anything like that! They’re real men, as real as the dick in my pants, boys and girls! That person next to the transman is it’s husband I guess. I don’t know if that’s a man or a woman or another transman or what. Probably another transman! Now the kid can have two Daddies! One Daddy is no fun. Two are better! Better yet if both Daddies used to be Mommies. That’s even more fun, kids! Don’t all you kids with you had two Daddies who used to be Mommies too? Some kids have all the fun!

If transmen are really men and that transmen is really pregnant (and he is for sure pregnant, trust me), that means we men can get preggers now! Yeah! Morning sickness, weight gain, days of painful labor, the whole nine yards. Maybe even C-sections! Wouldn’t it be cool if guys could get one of those cool x-mark scars in their guts? What I’d love more than anything else though is stretch marks. It’s so sad that we men can’t get stretch marks and C-sections.

Men want babies! We want babies now! Give us babies, dammit!

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Teach Your Children Well


It is important for even very young children to be exposed to a wide range of sexual diversity. This young child is learning about the fascinating, normal, healthy, non-perverted lives of gay men. It is good to expose children to this as early as possible so they can decide to be gay like this gay Dogman, or bisexual, or pansexual, or God forbid, straight. Well, we hope they don’t choose the last one because that’s no fun! After they choose a sexual orientation (hopefully a really cool, non-straight one!), the child can decide to whether it is a boy, a girl, both, or neither! Maybe the child will decide to be a dog like this normal, healthy, sane, well-adjusted gay man in the photo! It’s a new world! You can be anything you want! Maybe you could decide to be an attack helicopter! Wouldn’t that be cool, kids?


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Support Fat Acceptance Now!


Fat rights now! Fat rights are human rights! Fat is beautiful!



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