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A Few Comments on Indians in India and the West

notpolitically: Hi Robert – Just curious what do you think you about Sikhs and Jains? Are they too fully Hinduized, and do they also have the f*cked up Indian Mindset?

Where do you see India in the next 50- 100 years?

Also Indians are scared The West is catching onto the BS and closing the immigration doors (could not have happened sooner).

Also what do you think about US/Western Born Indian such as 2nd/3rd Generation Immigrants? I noticed this ABCD in South Asians generally. The Whole Subcontinent is f*cked beyond hope IMHO.

Sikhs are absolutely fully Hinduized and not just Hinduized, which is bad enough, but in addition to that, they are Indianized, which is the worst of all and is the source of the whole problem with these otherwise interesting people. By the way, my Sikh physician agrees with me.

Jains, I have no idea, but they are some of the most casteist Indians of all, so I don’t care if they save the lives of flies, bugs, and rats. They obviously care more about these vermin than their fellow men. And I met a Jain man once who told me they didn’t take converts, and I would not be a good Jain anyway, so forget about converting. They seem pretty Hinduized and possibly Indianized themselves.

I do not know how I see India in 50-100 years. They completely lack introspection and their ego defenses are so high that I don’t see how they can change for the better. Humans with those attributes sure can’t. Why shouldn’t nations (conglomerations of humans) be the same?

The 2nd and 3rd generation Punjabis seem very Westernized, but they still only marry other Punjabis, and they mostly hang out with their own kind. But other than that, many are quite assimilated.

The American born Hindus are much worse. We have Gujaratis in my city, and they are much worse than the Punjabis. They strictly only associate with their own kind, and they are some of the most arrogantly and obviously casteist Indians I have ever met! I hate to say it but Gujaratis are just not very good people. They don’t assimilate very well here. Even if they were born here, they somehow brought India over here with them somehow nevertheless. Punjabis assimilate so much better.


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Why Is Punjab Better Than India?

RockT writes:

Forgive my ignorance, but, I’ve always found Indians to be very nice and well behaved people. Granted, I do not know many and don’t regularly associate with them. I don’t know their culture. But I have a hard time thinking of them as evil sociopaths. I suppose I may be wrong.

Simple answer is they are on good behavior. More on that below.

Indian culture in India is sociopathic.

Granted there are some who have bailed out of it, but if you refuse to be a sociopath in India the result often is that you have to settle for a much lower standard of living. One problem is that if you bail out of the sociopathy, you essentially have to either become a Leftist or simply more or less drop out of society. Anyone who dares to reject wicked Indian culture can count on being shunned by almost everyone they know. It’s lonely to try to be a decent person in India. It’s also painful due to all of the abuse and condemnation you will receive.

Most Indian Leftists have always despised the Indian state and Indian culture to boot. This is why the Marxists are so hated by the Hindutvadis as “anti-national people.” They have long called India out on its malign culture.

But yes, the ones here are on good behavior. Simply put, the ones over here often don’t act anything like the ones over in India. If that nice Indian you see over there here were in India, they may well behave completely differently.

I admit I don’t practice what I preach.

I am nice to some of the local Indians, and I am actually friendly with a couple of them who run a local store. And they are actually very nice to me, in a very un-Indian sort of way. Sometimes they give me free food! Or discounts on food! There is another guy who I buy my hard liquor from who I consider a friend also. He likes to drink whiskey! I wonder if other Sikhs drink alcohol?

So yes, there are some nice Indians around here, but there are also some horrid ones. At age 57, I was actually thrown out of a store by Indian. I have only been banned from one other store in my life, and I was let back in by management who fired one of the guys who banned me.

But you have to remember that these are Punjabi Sikhs. As fucked up as India is, it’s seems that Punjab, where the culture is Sikhism, is about 100% better than the rest of India.

Horrible things like malnutrition, stunting, maternal mortality, shitting outdoors, etc. are about 50% lower in Punjab.

An example: In Punjab 25% of the population is malnourished, and in India it is 50%. 25% is outrageous and shameful, but it’s a world better than 50%. Whatever the Sikhs are doing, they are doing something right, or at least better than the Hindus.

However, there is a problem with the Sikhs. Hardly any group in India is any good. The Christians, the Muslims, the Jains, they all act horrible in Hindu India.

The exceptions are in the east where the population is Buddhist and Christian, are not yet Hinduized or Indianized and were only conquered and made a part of India, typically by armed force,in the last 65 years. These people are Asiatics, have figured out what crap India as a state and as a culture is, hate the Indian state and Indian culture and completely reject both of them.

There are some Hindus over there, but the population is not large. Most are in Assam, which is not coincidentally the most screwed up state in the East.

Most of those Indian states had armed groups who actually took up arms against the Indian state and fought the state with guns for many years. In one eastern state, the Indian Airforce actually bombed their own city. They bombed a city in India! I think it was in Mizoram. This group has their own problems, namely tribalism, but the humans there have actual human souls, and they lack the blackened hearts of the typical Indian Hindus.

But just about everyone else in India – with the somewhat exception of Leftists – acts awful.

Indian Christians act horrible. They barely deserve to be called Christians. Indian Christians practice caste!

Muslims act awful. India has some of the worst Muslims on Earth. These are Hinduized Muslims who have glued the cancer of Hindu culture onto their own very problematic religion. Indian Muslims practice caste, which is antithetical to the religion of Islam.

The Jains are awful. Yes, they refuse to kill flies, but the Jains practice the most strict casteism in all of India.

The problem is that all groups is Hindu India with the exception of the east are “Hinduized.” They are Hinduized and they are also Indianized. At the end of the day, Sikhs are yet a very Hinduized people. Yes, the religion is much better than Hinduism, but it is still a Hindu offshoot, and most Sikhs get angry if you criticize Hinduism. The problems is that this much better religion becomes watered down and basically contaminated in India by the Hinduized culture.

To give you an example, all of the Sikh gurus, who were all very good men (Guru Nanak especially was very saintly and pure), condemned caste. They all explicitly stated, “there is no caste in Sikhism.” They basically said that if you practice caste, you are rejected from the Sikh religion.

Well it is 400 years since the last guru died, and guess what”? Almost all Sikhs practice caste! And if you bring up this contradiction to them, they often shrug their shoulders in a callous and somewhat sociopathic manner. Almost all Sikhs I have met locally have defended the caste system. I assume they must be benefiting from it as most local Sikhs are Jats, which are the Sikh equivalent of Brahmins. And a stunning number of local Sikhs are crazed, fanatical Indian nationalists who would put a Hindutvadi to shame.

And worse, they are Indianized. Sikhs are Indians, with all the good and mostly bad things that go along with that. My Sikh doctor told me that if you want to be a decent person in India, you need to leave the country, and that’s exactly what he did. He absolutely rejects Indian culture and “values,” which are more like anti-values. He came to the US because he hated his evil country, and he wanted to be a good person. He told me that yes, he could have practiced medicine in India, but he said you can’t practice medicine in India without turning into a complete shit. He has a human soul still and a decent heart, so he came to America which he felt better represented his values. He felt that American values were vastly superior to Indian values, and he is correct.


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Photos of the Twisted Land of India

Disgusting photo shows a Jain temple. The child is filling up the bowl with milk to feed the sickening and probably diseased rats that infest these temples.

Disgusting photo shows a Jain temple. The child is filling up the bowl with milk to feed the sickening and probably diseased rats that infest these temples.

Jains do not believe in killing any life. While this is admirable in theory, it ends up being crazy in praxis. They won’t kill life, so their temples are full of horrible rats that swarm all over the place. The Jains refuse to remove or kill the rats, hence you have the nightmare of temples swarming with probable disease ridden, filthy rats.

Indian man collecting cow piss for either drinking or as medicine.

Indian man collecting cow piss for either drinking or as medicine.

Indian Hindus believe the cow urine has medicinal properties. This belief is tied in with their religion, and it apparently has no basis whatsoever in science. A Hindutva group recently marketed a cow urine drink to be sold in stores in bottles like soda pop.

A decent country like the US would probably not allow the Jains to have rat-infested temples. The government would cite it as a health hazard (rightly so) and they would be shut down.

The US probably would not allow cow piss to be sold on the shelves as a beverage or as medicine. It would no doubt be prohibited by the FDA.


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Many Books, One Author

Buddhism: “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” Udana-Varga, 5:18;

Christianity: “All things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them.” In Matthew 7:12;

Confucianism: “Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you.” Analects 15:23;

Hinduism: “This is the sum of duty: do not unto others that which would cause you pain if done to you.” Mahabharata 5:1517;

Islam: “No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.” Hadith;

Jainism: “In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard our own self.” Lord Mahavir 24th Tirthankara;

Judaism: “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man. That is the law; all the rest is commentary.” Talmud, Shabbat 31a;

Zoroastrianism: “That nature only is good when it shall not do unto another whatsoever is not good for its own self.” Dadistan-I-Dinik, 94:5.

As a Theist of course, I say that that one author of those many books is God, the One, the Supreme.

And what is God?

Let us turn to the Kabbalah of the Jews (I paraphrase): God is endless, pure, White light, stretching for infinity in all directions. God is that which can never be known. In fact, God is that concept that is so beyond our understanding that we cannot even entertain it in our minds.

A famous cosmologist, astronomer and yet still a Theist, said, “God is hydrogen.” A Deist view, also summed up in what has been called the Deus Obtusa concept that many California Indians had pre-contact, is that God created the world, and he has not done much since. The Deus Obtusa concept is one of the “lazy God,” a creator who nevertheless plays little to no importance in our lives.

Lack of an active parental, law enforcement or judicial role does not mean that God lacks an intelligence or a spirit which cannot be tapped into. It can be, and that’s what the authors below did. God can also be seen as a manifestation of the spirit of pure Good or pure Righteousness in the Universe.

As Christians (and I am a Christian), this can help us to explain some things. Some wonder how Jesus was resurrected, and I believe he was. This is said to be unscientific. A friend who is a physician offers a response: “If one is tapped into God, then God can transcend physical laws, at least temporarily.”

Christianity and Hinduism are also compatible, since Hindus can follow any guru they wish. A friend of mine had a Hindu teacher who followed Jesus Christ as his guru. The Hindutvas will go insane if you mention that, since they hate Christianity, but I think it’s a cool concept.

According to this teacher, people like Jesus are missionaries from God. They are floating down from the spiritual world all the time, and they come to teach us things. I agree with this concept, and also that of Deux Obtusa. How can they be reconciled? If God only worked one day in his life, and has been a slacker ever since, how did he resurrect Jesus?

I figure God is like this guy who never gets old. He sleeps most of the time, and when he wakes up, he takes bong hits and drinks wine. Sort of like Robert Lindsay! He also does a few lines of coke sometimes, and he definitely loves psychedelics. Those are his favorite drugs of all, right? What else does God do, read the great books? What for? He’s already read em all, and he pretty much wrote most of them anyway.

He also spends a lot of his time screwing this hot young angel chicks. This is a cool metaphysics. In this way, whenever we hit the bong or drink some booze, we are essentially communing with God the same as kneeling in a pew on Sunday. I haven’t screwed any hot young chicks in a while (it gets harder as you age) but if I ever do again, I figure I can skip church the next four Sundays. After all, I just went to the Super Mass.

In this way, we turn the tables on traditional Christian no-fun morality, which never had much to do with Jesus anyway. Partying and screwing all you want are, instead of Evil, manifestations of the Good.

Every now and then God feels guilty for being such a good for nothing slacker, and he decides to get off his ass for once. That’s when he does stuff like resurrecting Jesus. Then he says screw it and goes back to Supreme Apathy. So, he intervened in our lives then, but he ain’t doing much now. That’s obvious. Look around the world. Obviously either no one’s in charge, or whoever is is a total asshole.

If God exists as a manifestation of pure Good or pure Righteousness in the Universe, then the Devil must exist too. The Devil, then, is simply the manifestation of pure Evil in the Universe. Since such evil exists the same as the good of God, if God exists, then so must the Devil.

One theory suggests that God and the Devil are necessary for each other. That is, one cannot exist without the other. Certain things existence, then, are related to the existence of their opposite. Their presence is defined by and necessitated by the existence of their opposite. The existence of a God requires the existence of His polar opposite, a Devil. The existence of a Devil requires the existence of his opposite, a God.

Taoism has a lot to say about complementary opposites requiring each other for their existence. Surely we only know what Good is, and how to define it, since we know what evil is. And we only know what Evil is since we can define good. Without the presence of their opposites, the terms are essentially undefinable.

Metaphysics class is dismissed!


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