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Shia Militias Take on ISIS in Iraq

I hate VICE-CIA News, but they do have some good segments. This shows Shia militias, independent of the Iraqi government, fighting against ISIS in Anbar Province, Iraq. They fight alongside Sunni tribes here and they seem to have good relations with each other, which is very heartening. It seems some of these Shia militias get along better with the Sunni tribes than the government forces do. The government forces are often hated by the Sunni locals for a variety of reasons. However, the Iraqi government refuses to arm these militias, so they have to get all of their weaponry on the black market. They apparently share some of this weaponry with the Sunni tribes. Unfortunately, the Iraqi government does not seem to be helping the Sunni tribes much.

The area is Amiriyat al-Falluja, ~25 miles southeast of Fallujah on the Euphrates River. I am familiar with the area.

There is some really cool live battle action in this video, mostly with small arms.

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Israel Loves Al Qaeda

I told you so.

I told you so.

I have been saying this for the longest time. No one believes me, and everyone tells me I am insane. Even Debka (Mossad outlet) says that Israel has been supporting Al Nusra in Syria. ISIS? No. Al Nusra? Yes, to some extent. Geopolitics is a dirty game! Non-sociopaths need not apply!


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PKK – Turkey War Back On

Looks like some sort of a low-level war has started up again between the PKK and the Turkish state. I do not think too much of the Kurdish idiots and jerkoffs who have taken control of Iraqi Kurdistan, although it is nice that they have their own state. They persecute everyone who is not a Kurdish Sunni Muslim.

I like the PKK a lot better. They started out a Marxist group, and although they have supposedly renounced Marxism, they continue to be a very progressive grouping. I always liked their leader, Abdullah Ocalan, too. He is now in prison and there is some sort of a peace process going on, but I do not see how the Turks will ever give up much. The Turks have been ultranationalists ever since Attaturk.

In Turkey, it’s either Attaturkist ultranationalism (I could call it other names, but I will not) or even worse, hardcore Sunni Islamism. It’s Saddam Hussein or the Islamic State, take your pick. Both groups are nostalgic for the Ottoman Empire, which they whitewash and promote as a superior civilization for different reasons.

Turkey is not allowing ISIS to shelter, arm and train in Turkey for no reason. Do you see those lines of Turkish cops chanting pro-ISIS slogans while fighting Kurdish protesters? That’s not a comic strip. There is a deep core of that running through Turkish politics. Recall that ISIS wants to restore a caliphate and Turkey was the home of the caliphate in recent centuries. Get it?

Sure there have always been Left groups in Turkey, and they have often been armed because they have to be. But every election, the Turks march right off and vote rightwing again. One more thing, underneath that democratic facade, Turkey has always been a military dictatorship. No government can take power in Turkey that does not have the approval of the army.

I could say a lot more about Turkey, but I am working with some Turks professionally now so I’d better hold my tongue for the time being. Suffice to say, the Turks have a long ways to go to say the least.


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On the Civil War in Syria

Still wondering who to support?

From the Internet:

1. FSA/SNC puppets and bitches of the West, and if they win in Syria, they will turn Syria into another Western proxy state in the Middle East.

2. Jahbat al Nusra (moderate level retarded) or ISIL (high level retarded) who are in essence Khawarij, and if they win will turn Syria into a Taliban failed state shithole.

Take your pick son, an honest Muslim would reject both of these scum, and settle for:

3. Bashar Assad’s regime.

This is crucial.

As you can see, most Syrians seem to regard the FSA as pro-Western sellouts who will reverse Syria’s foreign policy and line up with the US and the rest of the West. Syria is one of the leaders of what is known as The Axis of Resistance in the region, including the Palestinian armed groups, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. If the FSA takes over, they have sworn to sever all ties to Hezbollah and Iran (as the FSA are Sunnis and the former are Shia). Most Syrians do not want to sever ties with Iran and Hezbollah and are quite happy to be aligned with them.

Not only do the FSA have no support, they often work alongside the Islamists like al Nusra and the Islamic Army, and there are frequent defections of thousands of men at a time over to al Nusra or ISIS. Also most of the weapons going to the FSA seem to find their way to the hands of the Islamists.

The FSA are not exactly seculars. They have been involved in many massacres in Syria, often working alongside al Nusra and other Islamists. They like to chop off heads. There are many photos on the Net of FSA troops holding the severed heads of Syrian Army troops. Although some FSA supporters say that those photos are faked, they may in fact be genuine. The FSA also likes to slaughter villagers in very horrible ways. The Syrian Christians say that the FSA is the enemy of the Syrian Christian people. Originally there were Christians in the FSA, including an entire battalion. Now there are zero.

There was even an Alawite faction in the FSA. All of the Alawites have left and have lined up with the regime. All of the Druze and Ismaili Shia are lining up with Assad. The Kurdish factions are not Assad-friendly, but they are not fighting the regime either. There is a de facto ceasefire between the regime and the Kurds. The regime has withdrawn from Kurdish territory and has effectively ceded these lands to the Kurds at least for now.

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The Islamic States of America


All quotes from the comments at the link:

 Read Reuters 6 – 8 months ago. They ran an article ( with pics ) that showed US Senator John McCain at a US funded training camp in Jordan. ISIS fighters were training there for Syria. US Govt has denied saying this camp was a Al Nusra camp ( Al Qaeda ) if that’s not bad enough. Reuters however have stuck to their guns over the article while McCain hides.

Mujahedin in Afghanistan, ISIS in Syria, all the same thing. McCain and ISIS sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

So what else is new? Those who carried out 911 got their funding via another US proxy the Pakistani ISI who were funded by the Saudi’s. The same ones who funded al queda and are now funding ISIS. plausible deniability only works when you don’t know who is involved.

Yeah. It’s called blowback.

ISIS better be careful crawling into bed with professional terrorists from America. As soon as ISIS has served their purpose America won’t just pretend to kill them anymore, they will kill them.

With friends like America you better make sure you don’t have any enemies.

Yep, take heed ISIS. When we are done making love to you, we will throw you out, treating you as if you were a used tampon. I hope America was a good fuck ISIS because it better be worth it.

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The Saudis, Al Qaeda, Cocaine and the CIA: A Love Story

Most but not all of this report is true. Sad.

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French Anti-Terror Operation Not Going as Planned

Via the Saker:

A source of mine with links to French police services has told me that the French Ministry of Internal Affairs had created a hotline to report terrorists. About 50% of the messages they got were “Allahu Akbar!”.

LOL, definitely not what they were thinking of when they set up that hotline.


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French Civil War: The Counteroffensive


From January 8-13, there were 21 shooting and grenade attacks against Muslim buildings in France. That means three shooting or grenade attacks a day. Three attacks a day is what a lot of low grade insurgencies around the world carry out. There were also 33 cases of threats and insults, not that that matters.

What this is starting to look like is the insurgency in Palestine. There are regular low-grade attacks in the West Bank, often rock or Molotov cocktail attacks on Jews or Jewish motorists. Now and again there are some shooting attacks. There are knife, shooting or car (driving them into pedestrians) attacks inside Israel on a fairly regular basis. An argument has been made that there is no civil war in France because most of the attackers are lone wolves, but a lot of the shooting and knife attacks on Jews in Israel, especially Jerusalem, are also by lone wolves. If there’s no insurgency in France, then there’s none in Palestine either.

The two men shot dead in Belgium were fully armed and part of a large network. They had extensive plans for a huge attacks on mostly police and Jewish targets. Like the Charlie Hebdo attackers, they were dressed in all black. As you can see, they are even starting to wear uniforms now. Attackers are regularly armed to the teeth with military grade weaponry, bulletproof vests, support teams on the ground and fighters have high-grade military training.

All of this resembles the IRA insurgency in the north of Ireland (there is no such thing as “Northern Ireland” – there is only Ireland and the north of Ireland).

Massive sweeps of possible terrorists were made all over France and Belgium, and 700 possible terrorists were rounded up. Such huge roundups of possible terrorists are only made in nations experiencing some sort of insurgency.

As you can see above, the other side is armed too (sort of a paramilitary outside the state as with the Protestant paras in the north of Ireland), and they seem to be armed with military grade weapons, a good support network and possibly good training. How else did they pull off 21 attacks in seven days without being taken down completely?

France has now put in a crazy new law called “apology for terrorism.” Such laws are only passed in nations experiencing an insurgency. Peru had a similar law during the war against the Shining Path. Even anti-Sendero author Gustavo Gorritti was arrested under this crazy law. The legal attorneys for Senderistas, doing 100% legal work, were regularly arrested and tried as terrorists, though there was no evidence for this other than their representing anti-government guerrillas during a civil war. A number of them were imprisoned and some were tortured to death by the “Peruvian democracy.”

I have never liked these insane laws as they seem to be vague and against the very principles of freedom of speech that France hypocritically claims to be defending. I guess France believes in freedom of speech, sure, freedom of some speech – speech that supports the position of the French state.


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Looks Like the War Is On

Two grenade attacks on mosques in and around Paris the day after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Oh boy.

And see here for the radical Ukrainian feminist group Femen’s response – a half naked young woman with Fuck Quran written on her body setting a Koran on fire.

Things are about to get a lot worse. Expect to see a lot more of these provocations in the name of the “exercise of the freedom of speech” along with probable responses, no doubt violent, by Muslims.


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Up Yours, Al Qaeda

Come and get me, you Medieval primitives. I dare ya.

The first one has a star over Mohammad's anus and says, "A star is born." The second shows Mohammad being filmed and says something like, "What do you think of my ass, director?" Or something like that. My French is not very good.

The first one has a star over Mohammad’s anus and says, “A star is born.” The second says, “The film that embarrassed the Muslim World.” It shows Mohammad being filmed and he says, “And my ass? Do you like my ass?” Or something like that. My French is not very good.

These are some of the Charlie Hebdo Mohammad cartoons that got those cartoonists killed.


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