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The Jews Are the West; the West Is The Jews


Note that everyone else wants to list these stupid sanctions which were put on Iran for no reason at all other than the fact that the Jews hate Iran.

Iran is not a threat to the US in any way.

Iran is not a threat to Western Europe in any way.

Iran is a threat to Israel. It’s a threat to the Jews.

So every time you read about how horrible and evil Iran is, think about this. They are not a threat to us Westerners, not even 1%. But they’re a threat to the Jews. So when the West screams and yells about the horrible menace of Iran, what they are really screaming and yelling about is that Iran is bad for the Jews. So the goals and interests of the Jews are the same as the goals and interests of the West. One could argue that the Jews control the West somehow, maybe with money or power. But that implies that the West is a victim and is being forced to support the Jews against its will. The truth is that while the West is indeed under certain pressure from the Jews, this pressure is much exaggerated.

The bigger problem is that the Western elites are simply behind the Jews all the way. It’s an alliance. The enemies of Israel are the enemies of the West and vice versa. So the West isn’t carrying water for the Jews.

Instead, the West simply is the Jews – i.e. the West is Jewish. The Jews are also the West (except for the Arab Jews, who are part of the East), but that’s been known forever now. It was always an aberration for culturally European Jews to go to Palestine and become a part of Eastern culture they left behind 2,000 years ago.

So not only are the Jews Westerners (duh), but the West is Jewish. There’s no other way to look at it. We all might as well convert already. We are also Christian, but Christians who support the Jews for all intents and purposes have two identities – Jewish and Christian.

The West says it doesn’t want to lift sanctions off of Iran because of Iran’s “support for armed groups across the region.” As you can see, the West just moved the goalposts. Iran will never cease its support for those groups, so I suppose the sanctions will last forever.

Let’s see who these armed groups are that Iran supports:

  • Hamas
  • Islamic Jihad
  • Hezbollah
  • Shiite militias in Iraq
  • Houthi militia in Yemen

That’s it. Now let’s go through the list and see who these groups are a threat to:

Hamas: Hamas is no threat to the US or Western Europe. Not even 1%. However, Hamas is a threat to the Jews (Israel).

Islamic Jihad: Same thing as Hamas. They are not threat to Europe or the US, but they are definitely a threat to the Jews (Israel).

Hezbollah: Despite endlessly in the effectively Jewish press of Western Europe and the US, Hezbollah poses no threat whatsoever to the US or to Western Europe. Zero, none, zip, nada. However, Hezbollah is definitely one of the worst threats to the Jews (Israel). Also, Hezbollah is a big threat to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Lebanon and Syria. Al Qaeda and ISIS in that region are for all intents and purposes being run by the US, the UK, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are openly arming Al Qaeda via Al Nusra in Syria.

The US and UK both arm so-called moderate groups which in reality barely exist. At any rate, most of these moderate groups fight alongside the alliance that is led by Al Qaeda or Al Nusra. Also the majority of the weapons that the US and UK give to the “moderates” somehow end up in the hands of Al Nusra/Al Qaeda. We know that most of the weapons we give out end up with Al Qaeda, but we don’t care because frankly the US is openly supporting Al Qaeda in Syria and Lebanon.

ISIS is a much tougher case. Many US weapons end up in the hands of ISIS, but it is not known how they got there.

Shia militias in Iraq: These militias are no threat to the US or Europe. They are honestly no threat to the Jews either, but these groups are definitely hostile to Israel. The Jews hate these groups and they hate the Shia government in Iraq all because that government is allied with Iran, and Iran is one of the Jews’ biggest enemies.

I have no idea if the US is upset at Iran for arming these groups. These militias are a threat to ISIS and allied similar groups. That’s it. So if the US opposing arming these groups, I suppose that means that the US is supporting ISIS in Iraq.

Houthi rebels in Yemen: The Houthi are no threat to the US or Europe. They are hostile to Israel, but they are no threat to the Jews either. However, the Jews absolutely hate them once again because they allied with Jews’ worst enemy, Iran. The Jews are working with the Saudis and the US to genocide the Shia all over the region. The US and the West, Saudi Arabia and Israel all hate every one of these Shia movements and in general they are working to destroy all of them for the simple reason that they are allied with Iran and the US, Europe and the Jews all think Iran is their enemy. Who are the Houthis a threat to? The former pro-Saudi government, Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Here we are helping Saudi Arabia bomb a sovereign country. There is a war going on there, but it is mostly the Houthis fighting Al Qaeda, the former government and the Saudis. The Houthis are mostly a menace to Al Qaeda. By attacking the Houthis, we are supporting the former government, the Saudis and Al Qaeda who are all in alliance.

As you can see, the US is supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. And we are openly arming Al Qaeda in Syria and Lebanon.

In other words, the US supports and arms Al Qaeda!



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International Zionsim Is Supporting Al Qaeda

Justin Y writes:

The idea that Israel would arm groups intent on destroying them is laughable. Is Israel arming Iran too, even the radical president who said he wanted to wipe them off the map?

What is so hard to believe about that? Israel is not arming Syrian Al Qaeda, but they are helping them in other ways. When Syrian Al Qaeda fights the Syrian Army, Israeli jets and artillery bomb and shell Assad’s army to support the battle on Al Qaeda’s side. Plus Al Qaeda sends their wounded to the border with Golan and Israel opens up its border and treats Al Qaeda’s wounded.

Jason has no idea of how sleazy the Israelis really are. The Israelis will support anyone to get rid of Assad, even Al Qaeda. They figure that Assad is the bigger enemy now and they will deal with Al Qaeda later.

I respect any Jew who hates Al Qaeda or Nazis. I hate them too. But any Jew who supports Al Qaeda or Nazis I have no respect for that person at all.

Israel is so sleazy that they support Al Qaeda and the Nazis in the Ukraine!

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US Is Giving Massive Support to Al Qaeda

I know this headline is completely insane, but the conspiracy sites have been saying this for a long time. I held off on reporting it, as I was not sure if it was true or not. Nevertheless, I have been investigating this story for a very long time now. I didn’t report on it because up until now, there was not a lot to report.

In the past few years, the US has been turning a blind eye while Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia support Al Qaeda, ie, Al Nusra. We have supposedly been supplying the “moderate rebels,” except there aren’t any. The supplying of the “moderate rebels” has been going on to this day, but recently it has been radically ramped up.

If you wonder why ISIS and Al Nusra are rampaging across Syria racking up victory after victory in recent days, it is because in the past few months, the US has finally begun to massively pour weapons into the Syrian War. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were supplying weapons before, but they were somewhat limited in what they could supply.

But in the past few months, heavy duty weapons systems have been flooding into Syria from Turkey, mostly from the US. I believe that the weapons are originally supposed to go to some “moderate rebels” that don’t even exist. That may be the case. We may indeed be handing them to the fake moderate rebels. But the majority of the weapons given to the fake moderates quickly end up in the hands of the Al Nusra led coalition, and anyway, the fake moderates mostly fight alongside Al Nusra.

So we give massive heavy weapons supplies to the fake moderate rebels, knowing full well that most of it ends up in the hands of the Al Nusra led Coalition. So in effect we are supplying Al Nusra. This is a huge change in US policy, as we have always been reluctant to directly or even indirectly supply this group before.

This has coincided with a massive propaganda campaign in the controlled US propaganda corporate media about how Al Nusra is “moderate” and how they are the “good Al Qaeda” and the “moderate Al Qaeda.” Often the stories have just said that the rebels won, and they did not say led them, eliding the fact that the battle was won by Al Qaeda. All of these Al Qaeda victories are being wildly cheered on by the US corporate propaganda media. Of all the offenders, the Jew York Times has been one of the worst offenders at working up the “nice Al Qaeda” angle.

Also, the Jews are supporting Al Qaeda too, but you probably knew that. Yes, Israel supports Al Qaeda in Syria. They have been doing so for some time now. That will be the subject of another post.

There you have it folks. The US is massively arming Al Qaeda with heavy weapons in the last few months! 100% fact!

See why I am an America-hater? What the Hell? We are arming Al Qaeda? Screw this country!


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ISIS Was Created by America and Israel

Well it is not 100% true, but it’s a nice headline. People like me have been saying this forever now.

What happened was that the US, Israel, Britain, France, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia all supported radical violent Islamist groups in Syria which later coalesced into ISIS. A DIA document now released showed that the coalition assumed that these jihadists would coalesce into an “Islamic State” or Salafist Principality in Eastern Syria. The DIA states that this is the intention of the Coalition: in other words, the Coalition hoped that aiding the jihadists would result in a Salafist Islamic State in Eastern Syria. This would be a good thing for the coalition because it would isolate Assad and rollback Iranian expansionism in the Middle East.

So there you have it folks. The US, the West, Israel, Turkey  and the Gulf states all realized that what they were doing was going to create an Islamic State entity in East Syria, but they wanted to create an Islamic State there to undermine Assad and rollback Iran. In other words, it was worth it.

At the same time, a Rand Corporation report said that the US is allied with anti-Al Qaeda Sunnis in Iraq to fight Al Qaeda while at the same time, the US was supporting Al Qaeda in Syria. The US and the West also supported Al Qaeda in Libya when they set up no fly zones for anti-Gaddafi rebels, most of whom were Al Qaeda. Rand urged the US to ally with ultraconservative Sunni regimes in the Gulf in order to rollback Iran.

So the US and Israel foresaw the development of the Islamic State, and they thought it would be a good thing. And they planted the very seeds of it, knowing exactly what would spring up.

People ask me why I hate America. That’s right. I hate my country. You better believe it. I am an America hater through and through. And why should I not be? America created ISIS! America supports Al Qaeda! Why would any American in their right mind support their country?


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The US and UK Are Destroying Yemen

The disgusting story is here.

Looks like the US and UK are back to doing what they do best, create failed states!

After all, that’s what they did in Iraq, Syria and Libya. And let’s not forget the Ukraine. Now the US and UK, along with the disgusting, vile Saudis, are creating another failed state in Yemen.

This insane bombing campaign is also supporting Al Qaeda, but of course, the US and UK are supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, so I suppose Al Qaeda is our friend?

The Houthis are no danger to the US or the UK. They are no danger to Saudi Arabia. Who are they a danger to? Al Qaeda. The Houthis are the most powerful force fighting Al Qaeda in Yemen right now. By trying to destroy the Houthis, we are fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda just like in Syria.

There is literally no moral reason for this insane war, which the US and UK are disgustingly abetting.

The Houthis are not Iranian pawns. They are homegrown and their beefs are homegrown.

Yes the Houthis are Shia, but the President they overthrew was also a Shia. But he was a pro-US, pro-Saudi Shia, so he’s ok. The Yemeni Army supports Saleh the former President, and they are fighting alongside the Houthis. The Yemen military is mostly Sunni. Saleh himself was a US and Saudi ally, and he is not only a Shia but he is also a Houthi! But apparently he was one of the “good Houthis” which means a pro-US, pro-Saudi Houthi.

As you can see, there is no sectarian Sunni vs. Shia dimension to this war. It is all about internal Yemeni politics. The President who was ousted and the Houthis who ousted him are both Shia! So where exactly is the Sunni-Shia sectarian dimension to this war? Nowhere but in the fevered dreams of Saudi bigots.

This whole war is insane. The US papers are running Saudi propaganda every day.

The Sunni Arab and especially Saudi hatred of Iran borders on the psychotic. Iran is no threat to the Arab World.

Iran is not going to steal the oil.

Iran is not going to take over the Persian Gulf.

Iran is not trying to covert all Sunnis to Shi’ism.

All of these are flat out lies. The truth is that the Shia are the niggers of the Muslim World. The Sunnis are the crackers, the White men of the South under Jim Crow. That’s all this is. The Sunnis have been repressing and killing the Shia forever. They have also discriminated against them every chance they get. Apparently large numbers of Sunni Arabs hate the Shia so much that they want to kill as many of them as possible. For what reason? Why did Nazis kill Jews? Why did Turks kill Armenians? The Sunnis are the Turks and the Shia are the Armenians. It’s the same thing. As usual, the US is on the side of the aggressors and is fighting the victims.

Keep in mind that Wahhabism, the religion of Saudi Arabia, officially states that the Shia are apostate heretic Muslims who should be killed. That is what the Saudis preach in all those Wahhabi mosques they fund all over the world. The US, UK and Israel are supporting and cheering on this insane, bigoted genocide of the Shia. All because we hate Iran.

The truth is Iran is no danger to the US or the UK. They would love to cooperate with us. They are no threat to the Arab World. They refrain from sectarian statements and routinely say they want to cooperate with the Sunni Arabs. They do cooperate with them in Palestine, Sudan, and the Sinai. The Iranians are not arming the Houthi. This is a Saudi lie.


The US and UK are creating another failed state!

Go America!



We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1!


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Latest Sick Anti-Russian Lie: Russia “Linked” to Boston Bombing


What makes anybody think that this Guardian travesty is remotely leftwing in any way? Look how they are treating the Russia question. They are just as insane as Fox News.

One more thing: have you noticed that all across the “free” West, 100% of the large newspapers, newsmagazines, and TV and radio news stations are on this wild anti-Russian propaganda jihad?

The lie here is implied. Russia is “linked” to the Boston Bombing. In other words, Russia did it! Russia blew up those poor people at that marathon! Of course I think the authors of the piece know that that is not true, but they are trying to put the idea in your head that Russia is linked to the bombing. Once that idea is in your head, many people will start thinking in one way or another that Russia did it. This is how propaganda works folks!

You may wonder how it is that Russia is “linked” to the bombing. Because the bombers came from Russia! And you know what that means, right? If the bombers came from Russia, then that means Russia did it! Of course that is totally insane, but most of the things that propaganda is trying to tell are lies, often crazy lies.

Another thing that they are trying to get at is “Russia is responsible for the Boston Bombing” in this way: The bombers had links to the Caucasus Islamist opposition in some way. This faction is mostly Al Qaeda at this point. Russia has indeed waged a vicious war against Chechnya that was morally wrong in many ways. The logic goes like this:

1. Russia waged a vicious war against the Chechens.

2. The war was so vicious that it radicalized many Chechens, making them anti-Russian at the same time as they became more Islamist.

3. The bombers were Chechens.

4. The bombers were radicalized, probably by Russia’s vicious war.

5. As part of this radicalization, the brothers drifted towards radical Islam.

6. This led them to global jihad and the subsequent marathon attack.

Conclusion: Russia is responsible for the Boston Bombings as blowback from the Chechen War. In other words, Russia did it.

There are serious problems with this analysis, one being that the US has been supporting the Chechens for many years, even far into the Islamist period. So the US and its Gulf allies have been supporting the Islamist, Al Qaeda Chechen rebels for some time now.

The US has created an incredible amount of blowback by its stupid, criminal, Nazi-like war on the Iraq people, by the US-backed support for Al Qaeda’s ruination of Syria, by removing Ghaddafi which led to a Libyan failed state that was quickly overrun with Islamists, including radical and global jihadists.




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The Free Syrian Army Loves Israel

I have been telling you this for a long time now. You guys should listen to me.

So the “moderate rebels” of the FSA, who actually barely even exist, are for Israel and they will sell out Syria, the Arabs and remove proud Syria from the Axis of Resistance and become allies with Israel.

On the other hand, you have the Islamists, who are more or less all Salafi jihadi global jihad types, and most of them are connected with Al Qaeda in one way or another.


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The “Syrian Rebels” Are Mostly Al Qaeda

You really do not have any moderate rebels in Syria, and the ones that do exist are pro-Israel! So your choice is between pro-Israel sellouts and Al Qaeda. You choose. Or Assad. I take Assad. The Islamists are leading the rebels, and they are all more or less all Salafi jihadi global jihad types, and most of them are connected with Al Qaeda in one way or another. Recent battlefield victories have all been led by Al Nusra, which is Al Qaeda. The New York Times has been cheering these Al Qaeda victories on for some time now because the US and Israel support Al Qaeda in this war (especially Israel).

The Western media has recently been propagating a line between the “moderate Al Qaeda,” who I guess are the good guys we need to support, which would be Al-Nusra and the “extremist Al Qaeda,” which would be ISIS, who I suppose is our enemy, maybe.

The whole thing is absolutely despicable. The US is supporting and rooting for Al Qaeda to overthrow a secular regime that protects minorities well. It’s insanity.

Here are a rundown on some of the main groups in Syria that the New York Times and America love so much:

  • Jund al Aqsa (founder was member of Al Qaeda)
  • Jaysh al Fateh coalition (religious leader is Al Qaeda), part of Al-Nusra network
  • Ahrar al Sham – part of al-Nusra network, senior Al Qaeda members in leadership
  • Ansar al Islam (Iraq) now Jamaat Ansar al Islam in Iraq and Syria (pledged allegiance to ISIS)
  • Ansar al-din – possibly Chechen-led, pled allegiance to Islamic Caucasus Emirate, Al Qaeda front in Caucasus, part of Al Qaeda
  • Junud al-Sham – Chechen-led, mostly from the Caucasus, part of al-Nusra network
  • Jabhat Ansar al-Din – part of al-Nusra network
  • Jaysh al-Islam – close ally of Al-Nusra
  • Jaysh al Muhajireen wal Ansar – led by Chechens, part of Jabhat Ansar al-Din, which is part of the Al-Nusra Network
  • Harakat Sham al Islam – led by Moroccans, part of Jabhat Ansar al-Din, which is part of the Al-Nusra Network
  • Harakat Fajr al Sham al Islamiyya – part of Syrian led, part of Jabhat Ansar al-Din, which is part of the Al-Nusra Network
  • Katibat Turkistani/Turkistani Battalion – Turkistan Islamic Party from Xinjiang, China, founded by Uighurs, al-Nusra associates, members of Al Qaeda in Pakistan
  • Al Farouq Battalions – This group, as part of the Free Syrian Army, ethnically cleansed all of the Christians in Homs. They went door to door and ordered all Christians out at gunpoint. 50,000 Christians were cleansed from Homs by the “moderate rebels” of the Free Syrian Army.
  • Homs Regiment


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Why America Is Cancer


George Friedman, Jew, psychopath, explains the psychopathic foreign policy goals of the Dictator of the World, America. Mr. Freeman is one of the men who run our foreign policy. Freeman is for all intents and purposes the voice of the CIA or better yet, the voice of the Deep State. Note the rank cynicism and viciousness of this man. The fact that he is a Jew is not surprising. There is no longer discrimination against Jews in America. On the contrary, Jews run the whole damn country.


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The West Hates Assad Because He Is Against Israel


Bashar talked about reform. He seemed to be a break with the past. Western leaders tried to befriend him. Tony Blair considered giving him an honorary knighthood. But stubbornly, President Assad wouldn’t give up his opposition to Israel and his support for its enemies.

Wow amazing. Straight from the horse’s mouth. They came right out and admitted that the reason the West or at the least the UK hates Assad so much is because he opposes Israel and supports its enemies.

Though frankly this last part is nonsense. Assad used to let some of the Palestinian groups have be headquartered in Damascus, but those were just political above-ground offices that did nothing but issue press releases and make posters. I assure that the true core armed wing of the DFLP, PFLP, PFLP-GC and Hamas are not headquartered in Damascus! The true hard core armed wings of these groups are simply right there in Palestine. The leaders are in Palestine too, generally hiding out underground. The real political leadership of Hamas has recently been in the UAE and Qatar and their top leaders like Mashaal have always moved between Qatar, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen and Iran. So really it is the US allies in the Arab World who are truly harboring the hard core of Hamas. However, most of the US allies in the Arab world have renounced overt support for the Palestinian armed wings. Even Syria doesn’t give them much of anything. Hamas at least is armed by Hezbollah and Iran. I have no idea where the rest of the groups get their guns. They certainly do not get them from any Arab state openly. No Arab state dares to arm the Palestinians openly, however the weaponry they get from Hezbollah does come from the Syrian military. A lot of the missiles Hamas was firing in the last war were Syrian-made but acquired via Hezbollah. Hamas is now manufacturing their own missiles in factories in Gaza, so the notion of who is arming them will soon become moot. Iran and Hezbollah arm Hamas via the Sinai in general. The weapons come from Iran or Hezbollah to either Sudan or the Sinai. If they go to Sudan, they are moved to the Sinai. Once in Sinai, Bedouin smugglers who will do anything for a buck and have a long tradition of living outside the law smuggle the weapons up to El Arish next to Gaza. They are then moved into Gaza via tunnels or possible via small ships from Sinai to Gaza. Iranian and Hezbollah personnel disembark in the Sinai and then are moved by the Bedouins to the El Arish area where they are moved into Gaza via tunnels. Much of the vast underground Gaza tunnel structure was designed by Iran and Hezbollah.

Really the only Muslims who are helping the Palestinians with arms and armed infrastructure are the Shia Iranians and Hezbollah. No Sunni government other than Sudan is doing jack for the Palestinians.

Israel, the US and the rest of the West have decided that Iran, Hezbollah and Syria form an Axis of Resistance Block that are hardline anti-Israel entities. They are all linked and they need to be taken down. If you take down one, the others are weakened. For instance, if Assad can be taken out and a US client like the Free Syrian Army takes hold, they will cut off relations with Iran and Hezbollah and align themselves with the West and probably remove Syria from the Axis of Resistance. This is why so many Syrians oppose the FSA – they are nothing but pro-US puppets who want to sell out to Israel and the US and turn Syria into another US client Arab state.

The West figures if they can take out Syria, the other two will be harmed. Hezbollah is supplied by Iran and Syria. Iran moves weapons to Syria, which moves them to Hezbollah. If you take out the middle of the chain, Iran would have to supply Hezbollah directly and there are no good and easy ways to do that. They could go through Turkey, but Turkey dislikes Iran. They could go be sea, but Israel controls the Eastern Mediterranean. I suppose they could directly fly the weapons in, but Lebanon might not want to let Iranian planes land in its territory to supply Hezbollah. Israel and the US would start seriously threatening Lebanon .

So if you take out Syria, Hezbollah is more or less screwed. They would lose out their main supplier and their link to Iran. Iran would be weakened too by the loss of Syria. Now Iran would be alone and isolated among the hostile Sunni states of the region. And the link between Iran and Hezbollah could be severed, possibly fatally.


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