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The Islamic States of America


All quotes from the comments at the link:

 Read Reuters 6 – 8 months ago. They ran an article ( with pics ) that showed US Senator John McCain at a US funded training camp in Jordan. ISIS fighters were training there for Syria. US Govt has denied saying this camp was a Al Nusra camp ( Al Qaeda ) if that’s not bad enough. Reuters however have stuck to their guns over the article while McCain hides.

Mujahedin in Afghanistan, ISIS in Syria, all the same thing. McCain and ISIS sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

So what else is new? Those who carried out 911 got their funding via another US proxy the Pakistani ISI who were funded by the Saudi’s. The same ones who funded al queda and are now funding ISIS. plausible deniability only works when you don’t know who is involved.

Yeah. It’s called blowback.

ISIS better be careful crawling into bed with professional terrorists from America. As soon as ISIS has served their purpose America won’t just pretend to kill them anymore, they will kill them.

With friends like America you better make sure you don’t have any enemies.

Yep, take heed ISIS. When we are done making love to you, we will throw you out, treating you as if you were a used tampon. I hope America was a good fuck ISIS because it better be worth it.

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The Saudis, Al Qaeda, Cocaine and the CIA: A Love Story

Most but not all of this report is true. Sad.

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French Anti-Terror Operation Not Going as Planned

Via the Saker:

A source of mine with links to French police services has told me that the French Ministry of Internal Affairs had created a hotline to report terrorists. About 50% of the messages they got were “Allahu Akbar!”.

LOL, definitely not what they were thinking of when they set up that hotline.


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French Civil War: The Counteroffensive


From January 8-13, there were 21 shooting and grenade attacks against Muslim buildings in France. That means three shooting or grenade attacks a day. Three attacks a day is what a lot of low grade insurgencies around the world carry out. There were also 33 cases of threats and insults, not that that matters.

What this is starting to look like is the insurgency in Palestine. There are regular low-grade attacks in the West Bank, often rock or Molotov cocktail attacks on Jews or Jewish motorists. Now and again there are some shooting attacks. There are knife, shooting or car (driving them into pedestrians) attacks inside Israel on a fairly regular basis. An argument has been made that there is no civil war in France because most of the attackers are lone wolves, but a lot of the shooting and knife attacks on Jews in Israel, especially Jerusalem, are also by lone wolves. If there’s no insurgency in France, then there’s none in Palestine either.

The two men shot dead in Belgium were fully armed and part of a large network. They had extensive plans for a huge attacks on mostly police and Jewish targets. Like the Charlie Hebdo attackers, they were dressed in all black. As you can see, they are even starting to wear uniforms now. Attackers are regularly armed to the teeth with military grade weaponry, bulletproof vests, support teams on the ground and fighters have high-grade military training.

All of this resembles the IRA insurgency in the north of Ireland (there is no such thing as “Northern Ireland” – there is only Ireland and the north of Ireland).

Massive sweeps of possible terrorists were made all over France and Belgium, and 700 possible terrorists were rounded up. Such huge roundups of possible terrorists are only made in nations experiencing some sort of insurgency.

As you can see above, the other side is armed too (sort of a paramilitary outside the state as with the Protestant paras in the north of Ireland), and they seem to be armed with military grade weapons, a good support network and possibly good training. How else did they pull off 21 attacks in seven days without being taken down completely?

France has now put in a crazy new law called “apology for terrorism.” Such laws are only passed in nations experiencing an insurgency. Peru had a similar law during the war against the Shining Path. Even anti-Sendero author Gustavo Gorritti was arrested under this crazy law. The legal attorneys for Senderistas, doing 100% legal work, were regularly arrested and tried as terrorists, though there was no evidence for this other than their representing anti-government guerrillas during a civil war. A number of them were imprisoned and some were tortured to death by the “Peruvian democracy.”

I have never liked these insane laws as they seem to be vague and against the very principles of freedom of speech that France hypocritically claims to be defending. I guess France believes in freedom of speech, sure, freedom of some speech – speech that supports the position of the French state.


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Looks Like the War Is On

Two grenade attacks on mosques in and around Paris the day after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Oh boy.

And see here for the radical Ukrainian feminist group Femen’s response – a half naked young woman with Fuck Quran written on her body setting a Koran on fire.

Things are about to get a lot worse. Expect to see a lot more of these provocations in the name of the “exercise of the freedom of speech” along with probable responses, no doubt violent, by Muslims.


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Up Yours, Al Qaeda

Come and get me, you Medieval primitives. I dare ya.

The first one has a star over Mohammad's anus and says, "A star is born." The second shows Mohammad being filmed and says something like, "What do you think of my ass, director?" Or something like that. My French is not very good.

The first one has a star over Mohammad’s anus and says, “A star is born.” The second says, “The film that embarrassed the Muslim World.” It shows Mohammad being filmed and he says, “And my ass? Do you like my ass?” Or something like that. My French is not very good.

These are some of the Charlie Hebdo Mohammad cartoons that got those cartoonists killed.


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Civil War in France

As most Muslim countries are riled in civil war of some sort or another, and Israel is also involved in civil war (more or less), so now is France. In other words, this is not terrorism anymore. This is civil war in France. What is going on in France now looks more and more like an armed Islamist insurgency. Look at all of the attacks over simply the last month in France (including a rash around Christmas) and you will see what I mean.

Yemen, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Somalia, Kenya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Chechnya, the Caucasus, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Xinjiang, Thailand and the Philippines – all of these lands are facing Islamic or Islamist insurgencies of one sort or another.

In the case of  Yemen,, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Chechnya, the Caucasus, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, the Islamists are fighting against or trying to overthrow Muslim governments that they feel are insufficiently Islamic.

There is generalized inter-Muslim sectarian conflict in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Pakistan. Most of this is Sunni vs. Shia.

In Israel, Islamists are apparently trying to overthrow non-Muslim rule over what they see as their lands.

In Nigeria, Kashmir, Xinjiang, Thailand and the Philippines, Islamists are separatists fighting for independence for their regions from a non-Muslim national state.

In Kenya and now France, Islamists are fighting against non-Muslim states who have intervened in various wars in Muslim lands.

Cameroon is just spillover from the Nigerian conflict.

It is time to quit calling what happens in France “terrorism.” They are dealing with the same thing Israel is dealing with – an armed Islamist insurgency.


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Terrorist Attack on French Satirical Magazine in Paris


I just heard about this.

Several gunmen rushed into the editorial offices shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” and opened fire. At least 12 people were killed including two cops and the magazine’s editorial director. The number of wounded is not known. The driver and the shooters are still at large. The French Muslim community has condemned the attack. The magazine has run multiple cartoons lampooning Islam, including quite a few showing drawings of the Prophet Mohammad. The offices were firebombed by Islamists in 2011, resulting in devastating damage to the office but no casualties.


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Russophobia Run Amok

Via The Saker. The Saker is right. If Strobe Talbott says it looks like there is going to be a major Wahhabi offensive in Chechnya next year, what he means by that is he is going to try to get one started. The role of the US in the Chechen insurgency is hard to figure, but it has been well known for a long time that the neocons have always supported the Chechens against Russia because there is almost nothing the neocons hate more than Russia. Nevertheless, the precise role of the US, particularly the CIA, in the Chechen insurgency is very much clouded in doubt.

Oh how much they hate and fear Russia and Putin

A (well anonymized) anonymous reader sent me a very interesting link today.  It is an opinion piece by Strobe Talbott for Reuters entitled “In 2015, Vladimir Putin may witness his empire’s death knell” in which Talbott predicts that:

The year ahead could see the outbreak of the third Chechen war, which, in turn, could be the death knell of the Russian Federation in its current borders. (…) For the past five years, the situation has been more or less quiescent, though neighboring republics have been rocked by violence. The lull in Chechnya, however, ended in early December with a series of bloody incidents in the Chechen capital of Grozny.  

The group behind the resurgence of unrest is advocating a “Caucasus Caliphate,” with ties to al Qaeda and, more recently, Islamic State. There is at least an indirect tie between outside support for Islamic radicalism in the Caucasus and Putin’s sponsorship of Russian secessionism in eastern Ukraine. By proclaiming ethnicity and religion as the basis for Russian statehood and aggression against its neighbors, Putin is inadvertently stoking the forces of secessionism in those parts of Russia that are historically and culturally Islamic.

Needless to say, Talbott, himself a former Deputy Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral, married to Brooke Shearer, also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a senior aide to Hillary Clinton with links to banks Commission, is the archetypal US “Deep-Stater”. He is also considered a “Russia specialist” which, in Foggy Bottom parlance means a rabid Russophobe. A person like Talbott is very much “plugging in” the US Deep State and if he says that next year there will be an insurgency in Chechnya, we can be darn sure that the US will try to create one.

Of course, this does not at all mean that they will succeed.

In fact, I am quite sure that there is zero chance of overthrowing Kadyrov, never mind of Chechnya breaking away from Russia. If only because there is overwhelming evidence that the Chechen people want nothing to do with Wahhabi terrorists and that they in fact form a very strong power base for Putin.

Not only that, but Russia truly has formidable military capabilities in and around Chechnya. They keep a low profile and do not get involved in law enforcement or counter-insurgency operations, but only because the Chechens handle these tasks superbly. But make no mistake, Russia can flush at least 100’000 highly trained, motivated and superbly equipped men into Chechnya drawn from the 58th Army of course, but also from various special forces, Internal Ministry and State Security troops.

The weak link in the Russian Caucasus is in Dagestan and the border with nearby Georgia from which attacks could come. Could the US at the very least rekindle the Wahhabi insurgency (possibly supported by Nazi units from the Ukraine)? Yes, of course. But their chances to succeed in anything more than one or several truly ugly terrorist attacks are very, very slim.

I think that Talbott probably understands that, but he just cannot help by daydream out loud being, as he no doubt is, aware that if Russia prevails in her defense against the AngloZionist Empire this will mean the end for the latter.

The US deep state is simply saturated with Russophobia, phobia in both the sense of “hate” and “fear”, and so it should. Just like all the other western invaders of Russia in the past, the AngloZionist Empire has completely cornered the Russian Bear which now has to fight for its very survival. Neither side will back down and only one will prevail. And my money is not on the US, neither is Talbott’s, at least now deep down. He must realize that the writing is on the wall. Hence the hate and the fear.


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“USreal”: How Israel Controls America

Jason Y writes:

It all boils down to having a base. The US needs a massive base in the middle east, and Israel is it. I could be wrong, though. Any ideas out there?

This is the Leftist theory that Israel is “our aircraft carrier in the Middle East.” In other words, Israel is a US colony.The “Israeli aircraft carrier” argument is very popular on the US Left, no matter how crazy it is. They have adopted this argument because they do not want to tell the truth – which is that the Jewish Lobby controls the US in some ways and the US is an Israeli colony, not the other way around. They consider those arguments to be anti-Semitic, and the US Left doesn’t do anti-Semitism. So they come up with the “base in the Middle East” argument in order not to sound like Jew-haters.

Yet the fact is that Israel controls the US, not the other way around. They say jump and we say how high. It is completely irrational because the alliance with Israel doesn’t give us any benefits. Anyway, we don’t even have any bases in the region. The bases are all in the Gulf.

Israel is a liability, not an asset. It makes no sense for us to have an “Israeli base” in the Middle East. All that “base” has done is infuriate Arabs and Muslims and embroiled us in war and war along with provoking terror attacks against us, including 911.

One of the major reasons for the 911 attacks was US support for Israel.

Our alliance with Israel was the reason for The War on the Iraqi People (WOTIP) in 2003 and it was related to the Afghan War because Al Qaeda set up camp in Afghanistan and used it to plot 911 which was provoked by our support for Israel.

After the WOTIP, Saddam, an enemy of Israel, was captured and killed by US proxies. See, we even kill Israel’s enemies for it. We overthrow the governments that are enemies of Israel, and we kill the anti-Israel leaders. We work for Israel, not the other way around.

The US entered Lebanon in 1982 and quickly got embroiled in that mess. 343 US soldiers were killed in a truck bomb attack, the US Embassy was car bombed, and Hezbollah was created. Hezbollah was created by the US intervening in Lebanon in support of Israel’s invasion.

The only reason we are bombing Syria now and arming the stupid Syrian rebels is because Assad is said to be an enemy of the US. Why? Because he is an enemy of Israel.

Iran has nothing to do with US national security. Our entire beef with Iran is wrapped up in our support for Israel. If we didn’t support Israel, we could have good relations with Iran now.

Libya was an enemy of Israel, so the government was overthrown and Israel’s enemy Ghaddafi was killed.

This all boils down to the strength of the Jewish Lobby in the US. Furthermore, apparently large numbers of Americans support Israel. Any politician who goes against Israel often finds himself destroyed by Jews in our heavily Jewish media. Congressmen who went against Israel have been defeated by the Lobby. The Jewish Lobby is like the NRA. Everyone is afraid of them. Also Jews give 60% of the money that the Democratic Party gets and 30% of the money that the Republican Party gets. If the Democrats go against Israel, the Jews will cut off the money, and the party will be screwed.

Furthermore there is excellent evidence that the Israelis have completely penetrated every important branch of the US government with their spies. A former US military officer told me, “We got totally penetrated as early as the early 1980’s  and we have remained penetrated ever since.” Apparently Israeli control of the US state is so extreme that no attempts can be made to root out the Israeli spies. If you try to go after the Israeli spies rooted all through our government, your political career is over. It’s a career killer.

Many of the Jews in the US government are traitors to America with dual loyalty issues. They are more loyal to Israel than they are to the US. Their job is to get us to fight Israel’s wars for them. Israel also have quite a few Gentile allies. Many Gentiles in the Deep State are strongly allied to Israel. The Pentagon has a deep relationship with the Israeli military. If you are against Israel, your career in the US government will end and your membership in the Deep State will be revoked. All members of the Deep State must support Israel. It is a requirement.


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