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Multi-Ethnic Fascism?

Hasbrudal writes: Isn’t fascism just a kind of ultra-nationalism, the most important thing is what defines the nation, if it’s a multi-ethnic nation, the fascism will reflect that. If the nation is defined in very narrow terms, e.g. how the Croatian fascists during WW2 viewed Serbs, despite having much more in common on the surface than a Tartar and a Slav from St Petersburg, then it can get very granular. I don’t think Mussolini or Franco gave too much thought to the “Jewish Question” without prompting from Berlin.

There is no such thing as multi-ethnic fascism as far as I can tell. There has never been one single case of multi-ethnic fascism recorded in history. This is probably because the phrase is a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron. If it’s fascism, it’s not multi-ethnic. If it’s multi-ethnic, it’s not fascism. Period.

In a fascist state, when there are multiple ethnicities, religions or languages spoken, the fascists always, always, always, try to wipe out all of the ethnicities and turn them into a single ethnicity and wipe out all the religions and get everyone to speak one national language. For instance, Franco tried to turn everyone in Spain into a Spaniard who spoke Spanish. Hence he waged war on all of the other ethnicities and their languages. Mussolini waged war on all of the other languages in Italy (falsely called Italian dialects), not to mention the non-Italian languages in Italy. I think he went easy on the Germans in the north so as not to anger Hitler.

Fascism is a sort of nation-building run wild, or you can think like I do and say that all nation-building in the modern era is basically fascist, which it is. This is because all nation-building projects try to dissolve all of the ethnicities in the country and turn them all into one ethnicity and try to wipe out all of the languages in the country and make everyone speak one language.

In the case of religion, fascists would probably try to wipe out all of the other religions and force everyone to be a particular religion. The Croatian Ustashe actually ordered Serbs to convert to Catholicism or die in a similar way that Islam was converted by the sword (convert to Islam or die). ISIS is practicing this sort of convert or die Islam right now. This convert or die method of spreading Islam is very much in the Muslim historical tradition no matter how much Muslims lie and say it isn’t.

As you can probably tell, I do not think too much of nation-building projects. However, I have met people from the 3rd World who justified nation-building projects in strong terms. One man I know was an Iranian Azeri who spoke Azerbaijani but justified the Iranian government’s attempt to wipe out the Azeri language as a necessary step that Iran would have to go through in order to build a nation.

Nation-building projects are also often accompanied by mass killings. The emergence of the state of Israel, birthed in blood like so many new nations, is a good contemporary example of bloody nation-building.

Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Abkhazia, Kurdistan, Lithuania and Latvia are all modern examples of it. The first four were all quite bloody. One of the disgusting things about nationalism and nationalists is that when the nationalists are a minority in state dominated by another ethnic group, they are all about minority rights, decentralization, regionalism, federalism, autonomy, etc.

Then as soon as these nationalist punks get their independence, what’s the first thing they try to do? The first thing they do is persecute all of the new minorities in the land where they are now a majority. Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, and Kurdistan are excellent examples of this. Kurdistan is a particularly awful example, as in Southern Kurdistan only Sunni Muslim Kurds have full rights. Non-Kurds? Of course not. Kurdish Yezidis? Nope. Kurdish Christians? No. Kurdish Shabakis? No. Kurdish Shia Muslims? Nope. Assyrian Christians? Are you kidding? They are not even Kurds. Sunni Muslim Arabs? Not at all. Shia Muslims Arabs? Even worse.

In the first elections in Southern Kurdistan, everyone except for Sunni Muslim Kurds was seriously disenfranchised. I mean in a lot of places they were actually denied the right to vote. Non-Kurdish Sunni Muslims were also driven out of many villages in order that they could be populated by Sunni Muslim Kurds.

With independence, Georgia immediately said that everyone in Georgia was a Georgian and revoked the ethnic and linguistic rights of everyone else. This was the cause of the Ossetian and Abkhazian rebellions. Russia had nothing to do with either of them, especially as they started back in 1991 when Gorbachev was President.

With the new fascist Nazi coup in the Ukraine, the rights of Russian speakers were revoked, and their supporters and politicians were murdered. Keep in mind that the CIA was up their knees in all of this. Everyone was a Ukrainian. No one else had any rights. Hence the declarations of independence in Crimea and the Donbass. Russia had nothing to do with those declarations of independence. Those are Russian speakers in those areas, and they despise Ukrainian nationalists who they call Nazis (because they are).

Keep in mind that Crimea never agreed to become a part of an independent Ukraine. As soon as Ukraine declared its independence, the Crimeans said they were not a part of this new country. Several referenda were held in Crimea early on, and the votes were 80-90% for independence.

The new Ukrainian state subsequently calmed them down, and for the next 20-some years the Ukraine was in a stalemate with maybe half the population supporting radical Ukrainian Nazi nationalists and the other half more pro-Russian or wanting a federal state, including all of the non-Russian minorities in Ukraine, of which there are quite a few. So Crimean independence has nothing at all do with Putin, as it started way back in 1991 under Gorbachev as with the Georgian separatist splits.


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Who Should We Feel about Separatist Movements on Russia’s Border?

noneofmany writes:

Well I’m probably not exactly a white nationalist in the sense your thinking. I’m on the side of letting Russia just have the Crimea,for instance, since the historical justification of Russia’s intervention there is strong enough to warrant intervention when you factor in the nature of the Ukies leadership.However I wouldn’t say the same for Estonia, Latvia or western Ukraine.

Your justification for calling Estonia and Latvia illegal states is sufficiently broad to consider virtually every country bordering Russia an offense to Russian territory.

I do not think they are illegal states. I think the Russians are spread all over Estonia, but the Russians are in the southeast only of Latvia. There is no excuse to treat an ethnic group like that. I would not mind the Russians there stirring up some shit, but I do not want Russia to get involved militarily.

I supported the secession of Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia when Georgian ultranationalists took over.

I also support the secession of the Transdniestrians from Moldova after they went independent and apparently ultranationalists took over.

I do not mind Nagorno Karabakh splitting off from Azerbaijan when Azeri ultranationalists.

And I would to see Transcarpathia leave this new Nazi Ukraine. They already want out.

I would also like to see northern Kosovo split free and merge with Serbia as they wish. It is a crime what is being done to those Serbs.

I would like to see most of Novorussia go free. That means all of Donetsk and Lugansk, Kharkiv, Odessa, Zaporozhye and maybe Kerson. You really would need solid majorities in all of those places to want to break away, otherwise I would not support it. There are local Russian undergrounds in all of these places and they have been carrying out attacks for some time now. They claim they have 30,000 men, but that is probably an exaggeration.

I have no problem with the NAF or the local guerrillas at the provincial level  trying to take over Kharkiv and Zaporozhye at least. They have mass support there. Maybe Odessa and Kherson too if they have enough support. The problem with going further west is that conquest becomes less justified and now you are conquering an enemy people instead of liberating your own people.

As the NAF gets further to the west, there will be fewer Russians and consequently less support for the NAF. The Ukies will fight harder, and if those provinces do not want to go to the NAF, who could blame them? The Novorussians and some of the eastern provinces have a right to self-determination, but so does everything west of the Dnieper most of whom I assume want to stay in this Ukraine, ultranationalist or not. The Ukies have a right to self-determination too you know.

Most states on Russia’s border have few Russians living there. There are no Latvia-Estonia type problems in other places that I am aware of.


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Novorussia Signs Outrageous Peace Plan (Surrender Plan)

This makes no sense at all.

The political leaders of the LPR/DPR completely sold out everything that so many fought and died for? Why? The Novorussian people and especially the armed forces are up in arms over this sellout plan. There are threats to lynch the two political leaders who signed this ridiculous plan if they ever show their faces in Donetsk or Lugansk again. The 12-point plan simply reads like a wish list for the Nazis. The Novorussians gave the Nazis everything they want. Worst of all, it calls for “the disarmament of illegal armed groups from the territory of Ukraine.” What this means is unilateral disarmament for one side only – the rebels. The Nazis get to keep their army, of course.

The Novorussians are all screaming that Putin sold them out. The notion that Putin is behind all of the unrest in SE Ukraine is madness.

1. Putin has always wanted, and still wants, a whole Ukraine, federalized. He does not want Ukraine broken up. He will accept it if he has to, but that is not his first choice. So the notion that Putin is causing the armed breakup of Ukraine is an insane lie.

2. The Novorussians have been calling Putin a sellout and a traitor from Day One of this mess. If Putin is running this whole show, then why are his so-called proxies calling him a traitor? It makes no sense. This was an indigenous rebellion of, by and for the residents of the SE who refuse to live in a Nazi Ukraine. They received some support at the start from Russian volunteers.

These were Russian nationalists operating outside the state. The Russian state didn’t start giving weapons until the war had been going on for quite some time. And when they started, they gave them on 4th class aging weapons, the worst of the stockpile. They finally changed that in early July. But even while Russia was arming the rebels (mostly to keep the Novorussians from being genocided) Russia still wanted federalization and only federalization. They only reluctantly supported independence when they were backed into a corner.

3. The West is telling a gigantic lie that Russia is trying to create another frozen conflict along the lines of Transdniestria, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. All of these were indigenous rebellions against racist nationalist states who discriminated against non-titular citizens – Ossetians and Abkhazians were discriminated against by Georgian ultranationalists and Russians were discriminated against by Moldavian ultranationalists.

After the rebel areas had beaten the national government to a draw, Russia entered with peacekeepers. They entered the breakaway Georgian provinces because Georgia was run by fanatical Russia-hating ultranationalists. This Russophobic menace on Russia’s border was a serious national security threat for Russia. So separatists were supported. But all three of these were simply indigenous separatist rebellions similar to those that occur the world over.

One thing Russia does not like are these frozen conflicts. The lie is that they are trying to create another frozen conflict in SE Ukraine. It’s not true. Russia hates these frozen conflicts. They would rather that South Ossetia and Abkhazia form independent states. The frozen conflicts are a nightmare for Russia. The last thing they need is another one. Anyway the whole reason that these conflicts are frozen in the first place is because the West has refused to ratify the independence of these newly created nations.

The US acts like hypocrites here just like they always do. Briefly, the US tries to break up its enemies (supports separatism in its enemies) and opposes separatism in its allies. There is no moral basis to this foreign policy at all.

4. Putin completely sold out the Novorussians and forced them to surrender with this document. If he’s behind all the armed unrest in SE Ukraine, why would he do that? Because he never liked this armed uprising, that’s why. He never liked it, so he’s only to glad to sell it out at the first opportunity.

5. Putin may be hoping that the West will ease up on sanctions by signing this surrender document. That is fanciful thinking. America is a like a shark. When it smells blood, you’re already dead meat. The American shark has already smelled Russian blood. No way are they going to back off now. In fact, I expect the sanctions to be increased even more.

6. The document has no legal basis whatsoever. It was signed by Kuchma, the former President of the Ukraine. He was the worst president Ukraine ever had. Corruption was worse under him than under any other Ukrainian regime which is probably why the US likes him so much. He let them steal so much stuff, so he’s their pal. As former President, Kuchma has no legal basis to sign this document for the Nazi government. In other words, the agreement is illegal and unenforceable – it’s as meaningful as toilet paper. Nevertheless there are consequences even for breaking illegal agreements.

7. The Nazis’ word is no good. They violate any agreement they want to anytime they want to. Why sign any agreement with the Nazis when you know that they never honor any agreements?

8. There is a suggestion that the Novorussian leaders who signed the document were either paid off or threatened. I would suggest certainly the latter.

9. The instigators behind the sellout were probably the Russian oligarchs. These are the people that to a large extent run Russian society. In a lot of ways, they have more power than Putin does. Putin has to listen to them rather than the other way around.

10. The Nazis are already using the ceasefire to heavily rearm. As soon as the ceasefire was announced, several Western nations announced that they would be arming the Nazis.

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A New Nation Is Born

The official page of the new country is here.

Today, on May 11, 2014, a new nation has been formed in Europe – People’s Republic of Donetsk. The results of a referendum on whether or not the Donetsk region should be part of the Ukraine or should secede from the Ukraine are now in. 89% of voters voted to declare independence from the Ukraine and 10% voted to remain a part of the Ukraine. 1% spoiled their ballots. Turnout was high at 75%. The results lined up very well with an opinion poll taken by several US news organizations the day before which showed that 96% of those planning to vote supported independence.

Ukrainian media said that they capture several “terrorists” in a truck in the region. The Ukrainian forces said that they found 1 million ballots premarked “yes.” Pro-independence forces denounced this as a false flag operation. Ukrainian media also said that they had tapped a phone call between one of the independence leaders and the head of a Russian neo-Nazi organization in which they independence leaders said that he planned to falsify the results in favor of independence and that he had talked to Putin about this. Pro-independence forces said that the phone call never occurred and was made up by Ukrainian media.

Ukrainian media and government has run a very large number of lies during this whole series of events and at any rate, the results line up well with opinion polls.

Soon after the results were announced, the new government said that they would set up their own military and would proceed with what they called an amicable divorce from the Ukrainian state. They also said that they were switching currency from the Ukrainian hryvna to the Russian ruble. The region is heavily industrial and has deep economic ties with Russia. Much of Russia’s raw iron and sheet metal is produced in plants in this region. There are also large coal mines in the Donbass area.

The West condemned the new elections as phony and said that no government would recognized them. It remains to be seen how Russia will react to the declaration of independence. Hopefully they will recognize the new country!

Elections were also ongoing in Lugansk while this post was being written. Turnout is high, but no results are in yet.

The Kharkiv region postponed their independence referendum scheduled for the same day as they said they were not ready to hold the elections yet.

Donetsk is definitely now an independent country in the eyes of its leaders. Whether they will remain an independent nation or ask to be annexed to Russia in the future is not known.

Three other regions of the former USSR are in the same boat. South Ossetia and Abkhazia have declared independence from Georgia after violent rebellions. Russian troops are now placed in both new countries. Both South Ossetia and Abkhazia have offered suggestions that they may wish to annex themselves to Russia in the future.

Eastern Ukraine has never really been a part of anything called the Ukraine. It has always been a part of Russia, called Novorussiya, ever since Russia conquered the region in 1750. It remained a part of Russia after the Bolshevik revolution and was only attached to the Western Ukraine (the Ukrainian SSR) in 1924. It is really just a part of Russia and it has no business being in the Ukraine.

The true Ukrainian state is Western Ukraine from Kiev to the West,  especially Galicia, Volhynia, and Bukovina. Bukovina used to be a part of Romania and Galicia and Volhynia were first a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During WW2, the pro-Nazi Banderist Ukrainian nationalists ethnically cleansed most of the Poles out of the region, murdering 100,000 of them in the process.

However, the region of Transcarpathia where the Rusyns live has never really been a part of the real Ukraine and they want no part of this new state. This region recently declared their independence from the Ukraine. Transcarpathia is home to Rusyns, a separate people who speak a language closely related to but separate from Ukrainian. Other groups of Rusyns live in Slovakia and Poland. The ones in Poland are called Lemkos.

All hail the People’s Republic of Donetsk!

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Bigfoot News December 14, 2013

Interesting news – Jeff Meldrum reportedly had his first Bigfoot encounter in Canada earlier this year. The rumor is that John Bindernagel was with him on this trip. The location is somewhere in Alberta, Canada, and it is said to be one of the hottest research spots in North America right now. The news I got said that Meldrum had at the very least one Class B encounter and possibly more than one. She also stated that it was at the very least a Class B encounter, and it may in fact have been a Class A encounter.

Although Meldrum has not spoken about it publicly, he has definitely spoken about it privately. I understand that he is under some sort of an NDA about this incident though, so he may not talk about it much. The encounter must have occurred earlier this year because that area is now under many feet of snow, and it’s colder than a meat locker up there. Specifically, I believe the incident may have occurred in the fall. The source also told me that the full story of their encounter(s) would go public in a while anyway. There is apparently a lot more to this story, and I am digging into it right now.

This would apparently be Meldrum’s second Bigfoot encounter. His first was in the Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California when a Bigfoot repeatedly walked through their camp late at night. The Bigfoot apparently put its hand on Meldrum’s tent, and Meldrum could see the outline of its hand.

I really do like Jeff Meldrum a lot, even he has some detractors, or worse – enemies – in the community for sure. To be more specific, there are those in the community who absolutely despise him. Having spoken to him on the phone, I do think that Meldrum is a good man though. He comes across as very sane and very warm. He is amiable and even charming, which is interesting for a scientist as a lot of these fellows are pretty cold fish. Jeff is like your best friend.

I also felt that he was very careful in all of his statements to me. It seemed he was hedging himself like a true scientist should. He does has a public image to manage, and he doesn’t like things that mess up his media persona. After a bit of time in front of the TV camera, he is turning into a bit of an “actor type,” but that goes with the territory, and he plays the actor role well. He has a very interesting personality and mind, and that is clear if you watch him on TV.

I also like John Bindernagel a lot. He has a very good heart, and that comes through if you see his speeches or listen to his shows.

John Green is also a great guy, though sadly he is dying of prostate cancer.

I actually like all of these academic types. They are some of the finest people in our field.

Bigfootery is so sleazy that it tends to taint if not ruin the best of human beings due to the nature of the game – a race to the bottom where the biggest sleazeball wins and the nice guys are all left mugged, holding the bag and wondering what hit them. It’s nice to see that the academic types have not been dragged down by the “Bigfoot undertow.”

Bow hunting Bigfoot in Idaho. I actually like this video a lot, and it has at least one feature in it that hoaxers never seem to get right – actually they do not even try to replicate this feature. I won’t mention it, but the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys used to talk about it a lot. There is not a whole lot to see here, but I could not help notice that when it walked away, it looked a lot like some of those Bigfoots walking in the forest in the Erickson Project video. The general feeling out there is that this is a hoax, but I say not so fast now.

Mississippi skunk ape video. This is an extremely interesting video shot near Tupelo, Mississippi. The Bigfoot is apparently grubbing a rotten log and eating bugs (maybe grubs) out of the log. We are apparently looking at it from the back end as it grubs the log. There are at least four features about this Bigfoot that hoaxers never get right (they never even try to replicate these features), and that is why I think this is real. From the rear this looks like a lot of Bigfoot videos – the Poland video of the Bigfoots in the rocks, the end of the Patty video when we see her from behind, the Georgia Bigfoot video when the boy sees the Bigfoot. This one is also being called a hoax, but I doubt if it is.

Mass Bigfoot sighting in British Colombia recently. One of the largest mass sightings in history occurred in BC recently. 26 people, all men, reportedly saw a Bigfoot at a location that I believe is called Wheeler Ridge. I believe they were all loggers or forest workers. I do not think there is video available. I am looking into this right now.

Rick Dyer story. Apparently Dyer is still going to reveal his Bigfoot to the world on or about December 31, 2013. He has scheduled a pay per view video on Youtube, but there is no date on it yet.

Rick Dyer’s home broken into by haters. Haters apparently broke into Dyer’s apartment and completely trashed the place. Apparently either these folks or other haters were also caught stalking Rick and his wife. This is why Rick moved out of his apartment very quickly afterwards. This is also the reason why Rick issued his “Quitting Bigfootery” video that everyone took to be an acknowledgement of a hoax. This incident freaked him out and made him want to step back from the scene to say the least.

Man invades Dyer’s apartment, fight ensues. A hater apparently invaded Rick’s apartment some time back. Rick was home at the time and confronted him. A fistfight then ensued. I do not any more have details on this incident. As you can see, Rick’s haters have been getting pretty out of control.

Frank Cali quits Team Tracker, says he is spilling the beans. Cali quit and reportedly spilled the beans on Rick, calling the whole Dyer affair a great big hoax. However, he offered no evidence to prove this. Frank and Rick had had a huge falling out a little while beforehand, and that is what spurred this incident. Frank’s story has changed over and over and does not seem to make sense.

Frank Cali and Craig Phillips never saw Dyer’s Bigfoot. But they both lied and said they did. Phillips even made a video detailing his viewing, which fooled some people who stated that it seemed very credible.Well, it wasn’t. Remember how his eyes never looked at the camera and always looked down? There you go. Why did these men lie and say they say a Bigfoot that they never saw? Rick states that both men desperately wanted to see the Bigfoot, so Rick said they could make videos saying they saw it even though they never did. Sleazy, huh? Well, Rick Dyer is the king of sleaze, you know?

Dyer makes fake video claiming that the Men In Black stole his Bigfoot. Apparently this was all another gigantic hoax “to fool the haters.” A few people were kicked out of Team Tracker due to this video. More of Rick’s sleazy hoaxing and nonsense. Whether or not Rick actually shot a Bigfoot, and especially whether or not he has possession of one, Rick has definitely been hoaxing and lying like crazy all through this Dead Bigfoot affair.

Really nothing new on the Dyer front. Some time has passed since I last wrote about Dyer, but the main thing you need to know is that there really is nothing new to report here. In the interim, no new evidence has been offered up to prove that his story is true. On the other hand, his detractors have not yet proven the case is a hoax either. So there it lies, in stasis. We can’t prove it’s true, and we can’t prove it’s false. And there you have it.

Date fast approaching for Dyer’s reveal. Dyer was originally going to reveal on December 15, but after the break-in, he changed his mind and postponed it indefinitely. Later he said the reveal would happen on December 31.

Melba Ketchum, teen book author. From the comments section of Over the Line, Smokey, a hardcore Ketchum-hating blog.

December 15, 2013 at 2:57

Melanie F Reed is actually “The Ketchum” and I have some information on what the Ketchum lady is up to these days. She is starting or has started a new publishing company.

Her new alias/name is Melanie F. Reed. She will be writing books and publishing more-  but with an all new identity. She is going to great lengths to make “Melanie” an entirely new person so people don’t make the connection back to “Melba Ketchum.” A new saga begins (or, according to Ketchum, The Lost Saga). Supposedly the book comes out in December…Anyone seen it yet? Good times-  good times. Hope y’all can get down to the bottom of all this…more to come I am sure.

The site is here. The webpage is horribly done, so that right there is a clue that this may indeed be one of Melba’s webpages, as her sites are always horrific for some odd reason (Won’t pay for a web designer?). Looking around a bit, we can see that Melba is writing a 3-part teen book series called The Lost Saga. The first book in the series is called Strange World, and it is billed as a supernatural teen fantasy.

From the site, a book description:

Gracie McKay felt both excited and sad. Her family was trading its Manhattan highrise apartment for the sprawling suburbs of Seattle, Washington. Little did she know that as a shy girl soon to be 16, she was about to embark on a supernatural journey that would change her life forever–and lead her headlong into her destiny—a destiny intertwined with an unknown, unseen world.

Very disappointing Bigfoot series out of Channel 4 in the UK. This series, The Bigfoot Files, was billed as the greatest thing since sliced bread by Bigfooters for some time before it aired. Sadly, it was a massive bomb. It featured Dr. Bryan Sykes, who is admittedly a world class geneticist. The purpose of the series was apparently to use Sykes to prove conclusively, once and for all, that there is no such thing to the Bigfoot, Yeti or Almas legends. The show achieved its aims very well.

The first show dealt with the Yeti in the Himalayas. Although no Yeti was found, what was found was that at least some Yeti samples pointed to a brand new bear completely unknown to science (So much for no new large mammals being discovered, eh skeptards?) Most of the hairs were duds, but a few of the samples did match to a bone from an extinct polar bear from 40,000 years ago. This was at the time of the original brown bear (grizzly bear) – polar bear split.

The polar bear is a new species. It split off from the brown bear ~40,000 YBP. So this bear is really a sort of a brown bear-polar bear cross. Polar bears and grizzly bears are very closely related, and in the wild, they can actually interbreed. Somehow this early polar bear/brown bear got stranded up in the Himalayas (possibly in the Ice Age with the retreating glaciers). It lives at a very high altitude where there is snow and ice much of the year, so it is adapted to a polar bear-like environment.

The show also tried to prove that Yeti tracks are really just bear tracks that have partly melted or have been stepped in twice by the bear. This is transparently false, as Yeti tracks look nothing like bear tracks. Skeptics have been saying this about Bigfoot tracks for a long time (They are really just bear tracks that have been stepped in twice), and we shot that argument full of holes way back when.

The discovery of a brand new bear unknown to science is indeed startling news!

But the idea that the Yeti = weird polar bear does not seem to be true. The natives say that there are several different kinds of Yeti. Yeti after all just means ferocious thing or fierce thing in Tibetan. One of the Yetis is indeed said to be a very large bear. There are references to this huge Yeti-bear in Tibetan writings going back centuries.

However, natives are adamant that there is another Yeti that is some sort of a primitive relative hominid. Josh Gates recently cast some excellent footprints in Bhutan. Jeff Meldrum looked at the prints and decided that they were indeed genuine and appeared to be of a hominid. In addition, Dr. Melba Ketchum tested some purported Yeti hair, also from Gates, on a quick and dirty male/female peaks genetic test. The test came out preliminarily that Yetis were relict hominids related to Bigfoots but not the same species.

I am not very familiar with Yeti sightings, and I will have to go back over the historical record again. However, I believe that at least one sighting observed a group of Yeti hominids over a period of 2 hours or more. The Yeti hominid is said to live at a somewhat lower elevation that the Yeti Polar Bear does.

I still believe that there is an unknown hominid in the Himalayas.

The second episode involved Bigfoots in North America. Sykes received ~30 Bigfoot samples from North America but only revealed the results for eight of them. All eight were said to be known animals. A Derek Randles sample from eight feet up in a blueberry bush was said to be a canine. Tell me how a dog gets eight feet up a blueberry bush? Why all of these samples came back as known animals is beyond me. Could Sykes not have examined the hairs via a hair expert to quickly weed out the horses, dogs, opossums and whatnot? I do not understand why this was not done.

Justin Smeja’s sample from the Sierra Kills was tested and came back “black bear.” It has tested “black bear” now repeatedly – this is the fourth time it got this result. The producer challenged Justin and implied that he was making up the whole story, and Justin got angry, defensive and almost started crying. You really had to feel sorry for him.

The episode ended with the producer and Sykes in a philosophical conversation about how the Bigfoot phenomenon is obviously just Americans imagining things, and then went off into an abstract discussion of the human need to believe in monsters or beasts as some sort of  Jungian unconscious archetype common to the human race, possibly going back to our Cave Man days or our time on the African Savannah. Perhaps the recurring bogeyman theme is a leftover trauma from our genocidal wars with the Neandertals.

In other words, put a fork in the Bigfoot myth, it’s done for all time now.

Moving right along…

The final show dealt with Zana, the purported Almas in Abkhazia. She was supposedly captured in the 1870’s by residents of a small village in this remote mountain region. She was very wild at first but was eventually tamed. She never learned language, and it was clear that she was not a Homo Sapiens sapiens in the same sense that we are. The men used to get her drunk and bet each other to have sex with her, and several offspring were produced in this rather sleazy fashion. The offspring also looked very odd and had some characteristics that were simply not human. One of her sons, Kwit, could reportedly pick up a chair with his teeth!

The show gathered together some of Zana’s descendants, most of whom now just look like normal humans. Genetic testing on her bones revealed that Zana was 100% Sub-Saharan African. In other words, she was a Black woman!

Well, what is a Black woman doing running around in the forests of the Caucasus completely wild and living off the land, sleeping the open, lacking in all language and unable to learn language either? How is it that that a Black woman is completely covered in hair from head to toe? Because most Black people look like creatures from the Planet of the Apes, right? How is it that a Black woman is extremely strong, with strength far beyond that of a human? How is that the offspring of a Black woman and a White man (a mulatto) looks extremely primitive and is so strong that he can pick up chairs with his teeth? Most mulattos can do that, right?

On further examination, Sykes did note that Zana’s skull had certain features that were outside the realm of Homo Sapiens sapiens and were suggestive of possibly a more ancient or relict form of Homo. Sykes said that maybe Zana went back not to the Out of Africa people from 70,000 YBP from whom we all derive but actually to an earlier wave of Homo moving out of Africa. In other words, she was possibly a relict hominid. Exactly! What we have been saying all along.

So to wrap it all up, Yetis are really Polar Bears, Bigfoots are all hoaxes, lies or hallucinations, and Almastys are hair covered Black folks who run around wild in the remotest Caucasus.

Three legends killed with one stone, er, one show.

The truth is that most British people simply do not believe in any of this relict hominid stuff. They probably do not have relict hominids in their land, so to them, these creatures simply do not exist. British people who come to my site are far more likely to be Bigfoot skeptics than Americans are. They think we Americans are hillbilly morons for believing in these Bigfoot boogeymen.

You gotta love those pommies!

All in all, this show was an extreme disappointment. Either Sykes himself does not believe that any of these things exist, and that was what he set out to prove, or Sykes was used by the producers to further their skeptical view.

Monster slayers!

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Does Multilingualism Equal Separatism?

Repost from the old site.

Sorry for the long post, readers, but I have been working on this piece off and on for months now. It’s not something I just banged out. For one thing, this is the only list that I know of on the Net that lists all of the countries of the world and shows how many languages are spoken there in an easy to access format. Not even Wikipedia has that (yet).

Whether or not states have the right to secede is an interesting question. The libertarian Volokh Conspiracy takes that on in this nice set of posts. We will not deal with that here; instead, we will take on the idea that linguistic diversity automatically leads to secession.

There is a notion floating around among fetishists of the state that there can be no linguistic diversity within the nation, as it will lead to inevitable separatism. In this post, I shall disprove that with empirical data. First, we will list the states in the world, along with how many languages are spoken in that state.

States with a significant separatist movement are noted with an asterisk. As you can see if you look down the list, there does not seem to be much of a link between multilingualism and separatism. There does seem to be a trend in that direction in Europe, though.

Afterward, I will discuss the nature of the separatist conflicts in many of these states to try to see if there is any language connection. In most cases, there is little or nothing there.

I fully expect the myth of multilingualism = separatism to persist after the publication of this post, unfortunately.

St Helena                        1
British Indian Ocean Territories 1
Pitcairn Island                  1
Estonia                          1
Maldives                         1
North Korea                      1
South Korea                      1
Cayman Islands                   1
Bermuda                          1
Belarus                          1
Martinique                       2
St Lucia                         2
St Vincent & the Grenadines      2
Barbados                         2
Virgin Islands                   2
British Virgin Islands           2
Gibraltar                        2
Antigua and Barbuda              2
Saint Kitts and Nevis            2
Montserrat                       2
Anguilla                         2
Marshall Islands                 2
Cuba                             2
Turks and Caicos                 2
Guam                             2
Tokelau                          2
Samoa                            2
American Samoa                   2
Niue                             2
Jamaica                          2
Cape Verde Islands               2
Icelandic                        2
Maltese                          2
Maltese                          2
Vatican State                    2
Haiti                            2
Kiribati                         2
Tuvalu                           2
Bahamas                          2
Puerto Rico                      2
Kyrgyzstan                       3
Rwanda                           3
Nauru                            3
Turkmenistan                     3
Luxembourg                       3
Monaco                           3
Burundi                          3
Seychelles                       3
Grenada                          3
Bahrain                          3
Tonga                            3
Qatar                            3
Kuwait                           3
Dominica                         3
Liechtenstein                    3
Andorra                          3
Reunion                          3
Dominican Republic               3
Netherlands Antilles             4
Northern Mariana Islands         4
Palestinian West Bank & Gaza     4
Palau                            4
Mayotte                          4
Cyprus*                          4
Bosnia and Herzegovina*          4
Slovenia and Herzegovina*        4
Swaziland                        4
Sao Tome and Principe            4
Guadalupe                        4
Saudi Arabia                     5
Cook Islands                     5
Latvia                           5
Lesotho                          5
Djibouti                         5
Ireland                          5
Moldova                          5
Armenia                          6
Mauritius                        6
Lebanon                          6
Mauritania                       6
Croatia                          6
Kazakhstan                       7
Kazakhstan                       7
Albania                          7
Portugal                         7
Uzbekistan                       7
Sri Lanka*                       7
United Arab Emirates             7
Comoros                          7
Belize                           8
Tunisia                          8
Denmark                          8
Yemen                            8
Morocco*                         9
Austria                          9
Jordan                           9
Macedonia                        9
Tajikistan                       9
French Polynesia                 9
Gambia                           9
Belgium                          9
Libya                            9
Fiji                             10
Slovakia                         10
Ukraine                          10
Egypt                            11
Bulgaria                         11
Norway                           11
Poland                           11
Serbia and Montenegro            11
Eritrea                          12
Georgia*                         12
Finland*                         12
Switzerland*                     12
Hungary*                         12
United Kingdom*                  12
Mongolia                         13
Spain                            13
Somalia*                         13
Oman                             13
Madagascar                       13
Malawi                           14
Equatorial Guinea                14
Mali                             14
Azerbaijan                       14
Japan                            15
Syria*                           15
Romania*                         15
Sweden*                          15
Netherlands*                     15
Greece                           16
Brunei                           17
Algeria                          18
Micronesia                       18
East Timor                       19
Zimbabwe                         19
Niger                            21
Singapore                        21
Cambodia                         21
Iraq*                            21
Guinea-Bissau                    21
Taiwan                           22
Bhutan                           24
Sierra Leone                     24
South Africa                     24
Germany                          28
Namibia                          28
Botswana                         28
France                           29
Liberia                          30
Israel                           33
Italy                            33
Guinea                           34
Turkey*                          34
Senegal                          36
Bangladesh                       39
New Caledonia                    39
Togo                             39
Angola*                          41
Gabon                            41
Zambia                           41
Mozambique                       43
Uganda                           43
Afghanistan                      47
Guatemala                        54
Benin                            54
Kenya                            61
Congo                            62
Burkina Faso                     68
Central African Republic         69
Solomon Islands                  70
Thailand*                        74
Iran*                            77
Cote D'Ivoire                    78
Ghana                            79
Laos                             82
Ethiopia*                        84
Canada*                          85
Russia*                          101
Vietnam                          102
Myanmar*                         108
Vanuatu                          109
Nepal                            126
Tanzania                         128
Chad                             132
Sudan*                           134
Malaysia                         140
United States*                   162
Philippines*                     171
Pakistan*                        171
Democratic Republic of Congo     214
Australia                        227
China*                           235
Cameroon*                        279
Mexico                           291
India*                           415
Nigeria                          510
Indonesia*                       737
Papua New Guinea*                820

*Starred states have a separatist problem, but most are not about language. Most date back to the very formation of an often-illegitimate state.

Canada definitely has a conflict that is rooted in language, but it is also rooted in differential histories as English and French colonies. The Quebec nightmare is always brought up by state fetishists, ethnic nationalists and other racists and nationalists who hate minorities as the inevitable result of any situation whereby a state has more than one language within its borders.

This post is designed to give the lie to this view.

Cyprus’ problem has to do with two nations, Greeks and Turks, who hate each other. The history for this lies in centuries of conflict between Christianity and Islam, culminating in the genocide of 350,000 Greeks in Turkey from 1916-1923.

Morocco’s conflict has nothing to do with language. Spanish Sahara was a Spanish colony in Africa. After the Spanish left in the early 1950’s, Morocco invaded the country and colonized it, claiming in some irredentist way that the land had always been a part of Morocco. The residents beg to differ and say that they are a separate state.

An idiotic conflict ensued in which Morocco the colonizer has been elevated to one of the most sanctioned nations of all by the UN. Yes, Israel is not the only one; there are other international scofflaws out there. In this conflict, as might be expected, US imperialism has supported Moroccan colonialism.

This Moroccan colonialism has now become settler-colonialism, as colonialism often does. You average Moroccan goes livid if you mention their colony. He hates Israel, but Morocco is nothing but an Arab Muslim Israel. If men had a dollar for every drop of hypocrisy, we would be a world of millionaires.

There are numerous separatist conflicts in Somalia. As Somalians have refused to perform their adult responsibilities and form a state, numerous parts of this exercise in anarchism in praxis (Why are the anarchists not cheering this on?) are walking away from the burning house. Who could blame them?

These splits seem to have little to do with language. One, Somaliland, was a former British colony and has a different culture than the rest of Somalia. Somaliland is now de facto independent, as Somalia, being a glorious exercise in anarchism, of course lacks an army to enforce its borders, or to do anything.

Jubaland has also split, but this has nothing to do with language. Instead, this may be rooted in a 36-year period in which it was a British colony. Soon after this period, they had their own postage stamps as an Italian colony.

There is at least one serious separatist conflict in Ethiopia in the Ogaden region, which is mostly populated by ethnic Somalis. Apparently this region used to be part of Somaliland, and Ethiopia probably has little claim to the region. This conflict has little do with language and more to do with conflicts rooted in colonialism and the illegitimate borders of states.

There is also a conflict in the Oromo region of Ethiopia that is not going very far lately. These people have been fighting colonialism since Ethiopia was a colony and since then have been fighting against independent Ethiopia, something they never went along with. Language has a role here, but the colonization of a people by various imperial states plays a larger one.

There was a war in Southern Sudan that has now ended with the possibility that the area may secede.

There is a genocidal conflict in Darfur that the world is ignoring because it involves Arabs killing Blacks as they have always done in this part of the world, and the world only gets upset when Jews kill Muslims, not when Muslims kill Muslims.

This conflict has to do with the Sudanese Arabs treating the Darfurians with utter contempt – they regard them as slaves, as they have always been to these racist Arabs.

The conflict in Southern Sudan involved a region in rebellion in which many languages were spoken. The South Sudanese are also niggers to the racist Arabs, plus they are Christian and animist infidels to be converted by the sword by Sudanese Arab Muslims. Every time a non-Muslim area has tried to split off from or acted uppity with a Muslim state they were part of, the Muslims have responded with a jihad against and genocide of the infidels.

This conflict has nothing to do with language; instead it is a war of Arab Muslim religious fanatics against Christian and animist infidels.

There is a separatist movement in the South Cameroons in the nation of Cameroon in Africa. This conflict is rooted in colonialism. During the colonial era, South Cameroons was a de facto separate state. Many different languages are spoken here, as is the case in Cameroon itself. They may have a separate culture too, but this is just another case of separatism rooted in colonialism. The movement seems to be unarmed.

There is a separatist conflict in Angola in a region called Cabinda, which was always a separate Portuguese colony from Angola.

As this area holds 60% of Angola’s oil, it’s doubtful that Angola will let it go, although almost all of Angola’s oil wealth is being stolen anyway by US transnationals and a tiny elite while 90% of the country starves, has no medicine and lives unemployed amid shacks along former roads now barely passable.

The Cabindans do claim to have a separate culture, but language does not seem to be playing much role here – instead, oil and colonialism are.

Syria does have a Kurdish separatist movement, as does Iran, Iraq, and Turkey – every state that has a significant number of Kurds. This conflict goes back to the post-World War 1 breakup of the Ottoman Empire. The Kurds, with thousands of years of history as a people, nominally independent for much of that time, were denied a state and sold out.

The new fake state called Turkey carved up part of Kurdistan, another part was donated to the British colony in Iraq and another to the French colony in Syria, as the Allies carved up the remains of the Empire like hungry guests at a feast.

This conflict is more about colonialism and extreme discrimination than language, though the Kurds do speak their own tongue. There is also a Kurdish separatist conflict in Iran, but I don’t know much about the history of the Iranian Kurds.

There is also an Assyrian separatist movement in Iraq and possibly in Syria. The movement is unarmed. The Assyrians have been horribly persecuted by Arab nationalist racists in the region, in part because they are Christians. They have been targeted by Islamo-Nazis in Iraq during this Iraq War with a ferocity that can only be described as genocidal.

The Kurds have long persecuted the Assyrians in Iraqi Kurdistan. There have been regular homicides of Assyrians in the north, up around the Mosul region. This is just related to the general way that Muslims treat Christian minorities in many Muslim states – they persecute them and even kill them. There is also a lot of land theft going on.

While the Kurdish struggle is worthwhile, it is becoming infected with the usual nationalist evil that afflicts all ethnic nationalism. This results in everyone who is not a Kurdish Sunni Muslim being subjected to varying degrees of persecution, disenfranchisement and discrimination. It’s a nasty part of the world.

In Syria, the Assyrians live up near the Turkish and Iraqi borders. Arab nationalist racists have been stealing their land for decades now and relocating the Assyrians to model villages, where they languish in poverty. Assad’s regime is not so secular and progressive as one might suspect.

There is a separatist conflict in Bougainville in New Guinea. I am sure that many different tongues are spoken on that island, as there are 800 different tongues spoken in Papua New Guinea. The conflict is rooted in the fact that Bougainville is rich in copper, but almost all of this wealth is stolen by Papua New Guinea and US multinationals, so the Bougainville people see little of it. Language has little or nothing to do with it.

There are separatist movements in the Ahwaz and Balochistan regions of Iran, along with the aforementioned Kurdish movement. It is true that different languages are spoken in these regions, but that has little to do with the conflict.

Arabic is spoken in Khuzestan, the land of the Iranian Arabs. This land has been part of Persia for around 2,000 years as the former land of Elam. The Arabs complain that they are treated poorly by the Persians, and that they get little revenue to their region even though they are sitting on a vast puddle of oil and natural gas.

Iran should not be expected to part with this land, as it is the source of much of their oil and gas wealth. Many or most Iranians speak Arabic anyway, so there is not much of a language issue. Further, Arab culture is promoted by the Islamist regime even at the expense of Iranian culture, much to the chagrin of Iranian nationalists.

The Ahwaz have been and are being exploited by viciously racist Arab nationalists in Iraq, and also by US imperialism, and most particularly lately, British imperialism, as the British never seem to have given up the colonial habit. This conflict is not about language at all. Most Ahwaz don’t even want to separate anyway; they just want to be treated like humans by the Iranians.

Many of Iran’s 8% Sunni population lives in Balochistan. The region has maybe 2% of Iran’s population and is utterly neglected by Iran. Sunnis are treated with extreme racist contempt by the Shia Supremacists who run Iran. This conflict has to do with the fight between the Shia and Sunni wings of Islam and little or nothing to do with language.

There is a separatist movement in Iran to split off Iranian Azerbaijan and merge it with Azerbaijan proper. This movement probably has little to do with language and more to do with just irredentism. The movement is not going to go very far because most Iranian Azeris do not support it.

Iranian Azeris actually form a ruling class in Iran and occupy most of the positions of power in the government. They also control a lot of the business sector and seem to have a higher income than other Iranians. This movement has been co-opted by pan-Turkish fascists for opportunistic reasons, but it’s not really going anywhere. The CIA is now cynically trying to stir it up with little success. The movement is peaceful.

There is a Baloch insurgency in Pakistan, but language has little to do with it. These fiercely independent people sit on top of a very rich land which is ruthlessly exploited by Punjabis from the north. They get little or no return from this natural gas wealth. Further, this region never really consented to being included in the Pakistani state that was carved willy-nilly out of India in 1947.

It is true that there are regions in the Caucasus that are rebelling against Russia. Given the brutal and bloody history of Russian imperial colonization of this region and the near-continuous rebellious state of the Muslims resident there, one wants to say they are rebelling against Imperial Russia.

Chechnya is the worst case, but Ingushetia is not much better, and things are bad in Dagestan too. There is also fighting in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. These non-Chechen regions are getting increasingly radicalized as consequence of the Chechen War. There has also been a deliberate strategy on the part of the Chechens to expand the conflict over to the other parts of the Caucasus.

Past rebellions were often pan-Caucasian also. Although very different languages are spoken in these areas, different languages are still spoken all across Russia. Language has little to do with these conflicts, as they have more to do with Russian imperialism and colonization of these lands and the near 200-year violent resistance of these fierce Muslim mountain tribes to being colonized by Slavic infidels.

There is not much separatism in the rest of Russia.

Tuva reserves the right to split away, but this is rooted in their prior history as an independent state within the USSR (Tell me how that works?) for two decades until 1944, when Stalin reconquered it as a result of the conflict with the Nazis. The Tuvans accepted peacefully.

Yes, the Tuvans speak a different tongue, but so do all of the Siberian nations, and most of those are still with Russia. Language has little to do with the Tuvan matter.

There is also separatism in the Bashkir Republic and Adygea in Russia. These have not really gone anywhere. Only 21% of the residents of
Adygea speak Circassian, and they see themselves as overrun by Russian-speaking immigrants. This conflict may have something to do with language. The Adygean conflict is also peripherally related the pan-Caucasian struggle above.

In the Bashkir Republic, the problem is more one of a different religion – Islam, as most Bashkirs are Muslim. It is not known to what degree language has played in the struggle, but it may be a factor. The Bashkirs also see themselves as overrun by Russian-speaking immigrants. It is dubious that the Bashkirs will be able to split off, as the result will be a separate nation surrounded on all sides by Russia.

The Adygean, Tuvan and Bashkir struggles are all peaceful.

The conflict in Georgia is complex. A province called Abkhazia has split off and formed their own de facto state, which has been supported with extreme cynicism by up and coming imperialist Russia, the same clown state that just threatened to go to war to defend the territorial integrity of their genocidal Serbian buddies. South Ossetia has also split off and wants to join Russia.

Both of these reasonable acts prompted horrible and insane wars as Georgia sought to preserve its territorial integrity, though it has scarcely been a state since 1990, and neither territory ever consented to being part of Georgia.

The Ossetians and Abkhazians do speak separate languages, and I am not certain why they want to break away, but I do not think that language has much to do with it. All parties to these conflicts are majority Orthodox Christians.

Myanmar is a hotbed of nations in rebellion against the state. Burma was carved out of British East India in 1947. Part of Burma had actually been part of British India itself, while the rest was a separate colony called Burma. No sooner was the ink dry on the declaration of independence than most of these nations in rebellion announced that they were not part of the deal.

Bloody rebellions have gone on ever since, and language has little or nothing to do with any of them. They are situated instead on the illegitimacy of not only the borders of the Burmese state, but of the state itself.

Thailand does have a separatist movement, but it is Islamic. They had a separate state down there until the early 1800’s when they were apparently conquered by Thais. I believe they do speak a different language down there, but it is not much different from Thai, and I don’t think language has anything to do with this conflict.

There is a conflict in the Philippines that is much like the one in Thailand. Muslims in Mindanao have never accepted Christian rule from Manila and are in open arms against the state. Yes, they speak different languages down in Mindanao, but they also speak Tagalog, the language of the land.

This just a war of Muslims seceding because they refuse to be ruled by infidels. Besides, this region has a long history of independence, de facto and otherwise, from the state. The Moro insurgency has little to nothing to do with language.

There are separatist conflicts in Indonesia. The one in Aceh seems to have petered out. Aceh never agreed to join the fake state of Indonesia that was carved out of the Dutch East Indies when the Dutch left in 1949.

West Papua is a colony of Indonesia. It was invaded by Indonesia with the full support of US imperialism in 1965. The Indonesians then commenced to murder 100,000 Papuans over the next 40 years. There are many languages spoken in West Papua, but that has nothing to do with the conflict. West Papuans are a racially distinct people divided into vast numbers of tribes, each with a separate culture.

They have no connection racially or culturally with the rest of Indonesia and do not wish to be part of the state. They were not a part of the state when it was declared in 1949 and were only incorporated after an Indonesian invasion of their land in 1965. Subsequently, Indonesia has planted lots of settler-colonists in West Papua.

There is also a conflict in the South Moluccas , but it has more to do with religion than anything else, since there is a large number of Christians in this area. The South Moluccans were always reluctant to become a part of the new fake Indonesian state that emerged after independence anyway, and I believe there was some fighting for a while there. The South Moluccan struggle has generally been peaceful ever since.

Indonesia is the Israel of Southeast Asia, a settler-colonial state. The only difference is that the Indonesians are vastly more murderous and cruel than the Israelis.

There are conflicts in Tibet and East Turkestan in China. In the case of Tibet, this is a colony of China that China has no jurisdiction over. The East Turkestan fight is another case of Muslims rebelling against infidel rule. Yes, different languages are spoken here, but this is the case all over China.

Language is involved in the East Turkestan conflict in that Chinese have seriously repressed the Uighur language, but I don’t think it plays much role in Tibet.

There is also a separatist movement in Inner Mongolia in China. I do not think that language has much to do with this, and I believe that China’s claim to Inner Mongolia may be somewhat dubious. This movement is unarmed and not very organized.

There are conflicts all over India, but they don’t have much to do with language.

The Kashmir conflict is not about language but instead is rooted in the nature of the partition of India after the British left in 1947. 90% of Kashmiris wanted to go to Pakistan, but the ruler of Kashmir was a Hindu, and he demanded to stay in India.

The UN quickly ruled that Kashmir had to be granted a vote in its future, but this vote was never allowed by India. As such, India is another world-leading rogue and scofflaw state on a par with Israel and Indonesia. Now the Kashmir mess has been complicated by the larger conflict between India and Pakistan, and until that is all sorted out, there will be no resolution to this mess.

Obviously India has no right whatsoever to rule this area, and the Kashmir cause ought to be taken up by all progressives the same way that the Palestinian one is.

There are many conflicts in the northeast, where most of the people are Asians who are racially, often religiously and certainly culturally distinct from the rest of Indians.

None of these regions agreed to join India when India, the biggest fake state that has ever existed, was carved out of 5,000 separate princely states in 1947. Each of these states had the right to decide its own future to be a part of India or not. As it turned out, India just annexed the vast majority of them and quickly invaded the few that said no.

“Bharat India”, as Indian nationalist fools call it, as a state, is one of the silliest concepts around. India has no jurisdiction over any of those parts of India in separatist rebellion, if you ask me. Language has little to do with these conflicts.

Over 800 languages are spoken in India anyway, each state has its own language, and most regions are not in rebellion over this. Multilingualism with English and Hindi to cement it together has worked just fine in most of India.

Sri Lanka’s conflict does involve language, but more importantly it involves centuries of extreme discrimination by ruling Buddhist Sinhalese against minority Hindu Tamils. Don’t treat your minorities like crap, and maybe they will not take up arms against you.

The rebellion in the Basque country of Spain and France is about language, as is Catalonian nationalism.

IRA Irish nationalism and the Scottish and Welsh independence movements have nothing to do with language, as most of these languages are not in good shape anyway.

The Corsicans are in rebellion against France, and language may play a role. There is an independence movement in Brittany in France also, and language seems to play a role here, or at least the desire to revive the language, which seems to be dying.

There is a possibility that Belgium may split into Flanders and Wallonia, and language does play a huge role in this conflict. One group speaks French and the other Dutch.

There is a movement in Scania, a part of Sweden, to split away from Sweden. Language seems to have nothing to do with it.

There is a Hungarian separatist movement, or actually, a national reunification or pan-Hungarian movement, in Romania. It isn’t going anywhere, and it unlikely to succeed. Hungarians in Romania have not been treated well and are a large segment of the population. This fact probably drives the separatism more than language.

There are many other small conflicts in Europe that I chose not to go into due to limitations on time and the fact that I am getting tired of writing this post! Perhaps I can deal with them at a later time. Language definitely plays a role in almost all of these conflicts. None of them are violent though.

To say that there are separatists in French Polynesia is not correct. This is an anti-colonial movement that deserves the support of anti-colonial activists the world over. The entire world, evidenced by the UN itself, has rejected colonialism. Only France, the UK and the US retain colonies. That right there is notable, as all three are clearly imperialist countries. In this modern age, the value of retaining colonies is dubious.

These days, colonizers pour more money into colonies than they get out of them. France probably keeps Polynesia due to colonial pride and also as a place to test nuclear weapons and maintain military bases. As the era of French imperialism on a grand scale has clearly passed, France needs to renounce its fantasies of being a glorious imperial power along with its anachronistic colonies.

Yes, there is a Mapuche separatist movement in Chile, but it is not going anywhere soon, or ever.

It has little to do with language. The Mapudungan language is not even in very good shape, and the leaders of this movement are a bunch of morons. Microsoft recently unveiled a Mapudungan language version of Microsoft Windows. You would think that the Mapuche would be ecstatic. Not so! They were furious. Why? Oh, I forget. Some Identity Politics madness.

This movement has everything to do with the history of Chile. Like Argentina and Uruguay, Chile was one of the Spanish colonies that was settled en masse late. For centuries, a small colonial bastion battled the brave Mapuche warriors, but were held at bay by this skilled and militaristic tribe.

Finally, in the late 1800’s, a fanatical and genocidal war was waged on the Mapuche in one of those wonderful “national reunification” missions so popular in the 1800’s (recall Italy’s wars of national reunification around this same time). By the 1870’s, the Mapuche were defeated and suffered a devastating loss of life.

Yet all those centuries of only a few Spanish colonists and lots of Indians had made their mark, and at least 70% of Chileans are mestizos, though they are mostly White (about 80% White on average). The Mapuche subsequently made a comeback and today number about 9% of the population.

Because they held out so long and so many of them survived, they are one of the most militant Amerindian groups in the Americas. They are an interesting people, light-skinned and attractive, though a left-wing Chilean I knew used to chortle about how hideously ugly they were.

Hawaiian separatism is another movement that has a lot to do with colonialism and imperialism and little to do with language. The Hawaiian language, despite some notable recent successes, is not in very good shape. The Hawaiian independence movement offers nothing to non-Hawaiians (I guess only native Hawaiians get to be citizens!) and is doomed to fail.

Hawaiians are about 22% of the population, and they are the only ones that support the independence movement. No one else supports it. It’s not going anywhere. The movers and shakers on the island (Non-Hawaiians for the most part!) all think it’s ridiculous.

There are separatists in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, but I doubt that language has much to do with it. Like the myriad other separatist struggles in the NE of India, these people are ethnically Asians and as such are not the same ethnicity as the Caucasians who make up the vast majority of the population of this wreck of a state.

This is another conflict that is rooted in a newly independent fake state. The Chittagong Hill Tracts were incorporated into Bangladesh after its independence from Pakistan in 1971. As a fake new state, the peoples of Bangladesh had a right to be consulted on whether or not they wished to be a part of it. The CHT peoples immediately said that they wanted no part of this new state.

At partition, the population was 98.5% Asian. They were Buddhists, Hindus and animists. Since then, the fascist Bangladesh state has sent Bengali Muslim settler-colonists to the region. The conflict is shot through with racism and religious bigotry, as Muslim Bengalis have rampaged through the region, killing people randomly and destroying stuff as they see fit. Language does not seem to have much to do with this conflict.

I don’t know much about the separatist struggle of the Moi in Vietnam, but I think it is more a movement for autonomy than anything else. The Moi are Montagnards and have probably suffered discrimination at the hands of the state along with the rest of the Montagnards.

Zanzibar separatism in Tanzania seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with language, but has a lot more to do with geography. Zanzibar is a nice island off the coast of Tanzania which probably wants nothing to do with the mess of a Tanzanian state.

The conflict also has a lot to do with race. Most residents of Zanzibar are either Arabs or descendants of unions between Arabs and Africans. In particular, they deny that they are Black Africans. I bet that is the root of the conflict right there.

There were some Talysh separatists in Azerbaijan a while back, but the movement seems to be over. I am not sure what was driving them, but language doesn’t seem to have been a big part of it. Just another case of new members of a fake new state refusing to go along for the ride.

There were some Gagauz separatists in Moldova a while back, but the movement appears to have died down. Language does seem to have played a role here, as the Gagauz speak a Turkic tongue totally unrelated to the Romance-speaking Moldovans.

Realistically, it’s just another case of a fake new state emerging and some members of the new state saying they don’t want to be a part of it, and the leaders of the fake new state suddenly invoking inviolability of borders in a state with no history!

In summary, as we saw above, once we get into Europe, language does play a greater role in separatist conflict, but most of these European conflicts are not violent. In the rest of the world, language plays little to no role in the vast majority of separatist conflicts.

The paranoid and frankly fascist notion voiced by rightwing nationalists the world over that any linguistic diversity in the world within states must be crushed as it will inevitably lead to separatism at best or armed separatism at worst is not supported by the facts.


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A Concise History of the Recent Russia-Georgia Conflict

Excellent comment from a commenter about the recent Russia-Georgia conflict.

Russia had peacekeeping troops in South Ossetia as part of the agreement with Georgia from the 1990′s after the South Ossetian had won their de facto independence. The present government of Georgia disavowed that earlier agreement.

When the Georgians and South Ossetians got into an artillery fight, the Georgians sent in their army. As part of that attack, they targeted the Russian peacekeepers, so the Russians sent in their army to defend their peacekeepers.

The Russians advanced into Georgia for two reasons, to knock out artillery that the Georgians were using to bombard South Ossetia and to separate the South Ossetians along with their allies the Abkhazian armies which had advanced into Georgia from the Georgians. Once that was accomplished after a couple of days, the Russians retreated back to their former positions.

However, the Russians then took the step of recognizing the South Ossetia and their allies, the Abkhazians, and so now Russia has upgraded the Russian forces in these places from peacekeepers to combat troops, so they now have a couple of infantry regiments along with some artillery and AA weapons stationed there.

Sums it up quite well, I think. It is true that Russia plays geopolitics as far as secession is concerned, recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia and not their own Chechnya nor their allies’ Kosovo. But the USSR did let all of those republics go in the first place, one of the most progressive acts of recognition of self-determination that the world has ever seen.

Georgia has staked out a place since independence as hostile to Russia, for whatever reasons. For that reason, Russia supported the secessionists in Georgia. If Georgia would not have been hostile, then Russia probably would not have done that.

As someone who supports self-determination, I am happy that South Ossetia and Abkhazia are having their rights recognized. I believe that South Ossetia wants to join North Ossetia as “Ossetia” and become a part of Russia like North Ossetia is. Abkhazia, I believe, wants to become an independent country.

A commenter noted that Russia is trying to control that part of the world in order to control Europe. But the USSR controlled that part of the world for 74 years, and they never controlled Europe. I think that Russia just wants friends in that part of the world.

It is the US and some East Europeans who are treating Russia as a hostile nation, for no apparent reason, as Russia means us no harm and is not an enemy state; if fact, it wishes to be an ally. We along with our East European friends are surrounding Russia with bases and stationing defensive missiles in Poland. Both of those are hostile acts directed at Russia.

US imperialism is paranoid. It sees enemies where they do not exist and wishes to dominate as much of the globe as possible for unknown reasons, possibly as a form of modern mercantilist warfare to increase the profit share of US corporations and the wealth of America vis a vis the rest of the world. As the rest of the world is impoverished, the wealth of US imperialism is increased. US imperialism relies on the principle of vassal states of the US along with tributaries or supply lines to control the trade of the vassals and the US.

Russia does not have a hostile, beggar thy neighbor type imperialist project going on. Why this is I am not so sure, but possibly it is a residual holdover effect from the USSR. Russia seeks allies, and you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours relationships.

They have their own self-interest only in that they do not wish to be screwed by the machinations of US imperialism, which is trying to screw them out of markets and regional influence, in addition to threatening them with surrounding them with military bases and hostile states. Russia seeks co-existence, not domination.

I assume that the US’ hostility to Russia dates back to Soviet days. Even though the USSR fell and Russia entered the capitalist sphere, we still regard them as a hostile country due to the past.

But then US imperialism is very aggressive anyway. The super-imperialists around the neoconservatives, Rumsfeld and Cheney even said that Europe not an ally but a hostile competitor (“Old Europe”). They have written papers on the need to screw Europe out of various markets and whatnot. These papers treat Old Europe as an enemy region.

I suppose that an imperialist capitalist country can have no allies. The stage of US imperialism was set in the Truman Administration when George Kennan said that the US controls of 24% of the world’s economy, and it’s the duty of the security state to see that that gross maldistribution is not lessened even one percentage point.

If the world gets fairer and we don’t get such a huge slice of the pie anymore, the rest of the world gets richer and we get relatively poorer. It’s a fight over slices of pie. We get rich by keeping others poor. As others increase their share of the pie and get richer, we lose and get poorer. So US imperialism is dedicated to keeping the rest of the world poorer vis a vis the US in order to preserve our often ill-obtained wealth.


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Human Bigfoot Hybrid From China

Incredibly weird video from China. The footage is from Sichuan Province, China. Although it is all in Chinese, I am familiar with this story.

The boy’s mother said that she was kidnapped by a Yeren, the Chinese wildman or Bigfoot which probably does exist in China, and raped repeatedly, then abandoned. She went back to her village and gave birth to this son nine months later. He never learned to speak any language, but he did obtain passive language competence, that is, he could understand what was said to him. He died at age 33. I don’t know much else about the case.

Skeptics are insisting that he is microencephalic, but that could not be, as such persons are small in stature. I’m sure there has never been a microencephalic anywhere near this tall. They are also saying that his mother was ashamed of giving birth to a retarded kid, so she made up the story about being raped by a Yeren.

He does somewhat look like a Bigfoot-human crossbreed. His head and jaw look funny and somewhat ape-like. His arms seem to be extremely long. His head sits right on top of his shoulders, and he seems to have no neck. His shoulders are very wide.When he sits, he just plops his ass right down.

The American Indians of the NW said that Bigfoots would sometimes kidnap young women and take them away. The women would sometimes return later. At times they would be pregnant. The offspring were viable, but they were not quite right. Often they had very long, gangly arms. Some were so wild that they could never be tamed properly.

There have been 12 documented cases of human-yeti/Almas/Yeren breeding in the 20th century from Russia and China. I don’t have any more details on these cases.

There is a famous case from Abkhazia of an Almas named Zana who was captured, tamed, and subsequently bred with a local man and had four children by him.

One son was named Kwit. He was extremely strong; he could lift up a chair with a man sitting in it with his teeth! Kwit was normal, except he was extremely strong and had a very quick temper. He died, and his grave was excavated. His skull had some odd features, and aspects of it were outside the human range. Nevertheless, some experts pronounced it fully Homo sapiens. Kwit’s DNA has been tested, and it came back 100% Homo sapiens, which is odd once again. The grave of the mother, Zana, was never able to be located.

The Almas are the most civilized of the Bigfoot types. They reside in the Caucasus and have long history of interactions with humans. They have long hair on their heads that extends down to the middle of their backs. The females have long, droopy breasts that are hairless. Their faces are more human and less apelike than the American Bigfoots. They sometimes use clothing which they steal from the local humans, and have even used tools such as clubs. For the most part, they reside in caves.

However, they are covered with hair. Russian investigators have long thought that Almas were relict Neandertals.

Bigfoot DNA is currently being sequenced. Results have come back “Homo, but not human.” If these yeti types really are in the human line, then possibly they could indeed breed with humans, but the results would be less than ideal from a human point of view.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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Why Has No Bigfoot Ever Been Shot?

The question that never ends about Bigfoot is, Where is the body?

Answer, we have already had a number of dead Bigfoots, mostly killed by humans, often by being shot. Numerous Bigfoots have been shot and killed in the past century alone. In all old or foreign cases, the bodies were simply buried of left in the woods. In general, people did not know what they had shot.

A number of Bigfoots were shot in the Pacific Northwest in the 1800’s. Back then, people thought Bigfoots were “wild men” or a wild tribe of Indians. This was in the pre-scientific era, and most did not understand the differences betwween the various types of Homo sapiens, and Bigfoot is surely a type of Homo sapiens. People just thought they were some kind of weird wild people, and they buried them like you bury any human.

Four Bigfoots were killed in China in ~25 years. One was eaten, the rest buried. In China, the Bigfoots are believed to be “wild men.” Once again, they are seen as humans, so when killed, they are buried just like people are.

A Bigfoot, Zana, lived with humans in Abkhazia in the late 1800’s and birthed some children with human men. There was a search for her grave recently, but it’s not known if it was ever found. Her grandson’s skull was dug up and was judged to be “human,” but he was only 1/4 Bigfoot. However, some aspects of his skull were very primitive, and certain measurements were completely outside of the known human range.

Keep in mind it is hard to say what a Homo sapiens sapiens skull actually is. For instance, the Mongo Lake modern humans in Australia from 20,000 are further from humans than Neanderthal skulls are, and have many Homo erectus features. Modern Aborigines retain many of these Erectus-like features.

In the US and Canada, the Bigfoots killed have been abandoned in the woods or buried by the shooters. In three cases I am aware of, the bodies were buried or abandoned because the hunters feared they were going to be prosecuted for homicide.

In one case, one was preserved on ice and taken on a travelling show around 1967-1968 before it was replaced by a wax model. This Bigfoot was shot dead in northern Minnesota in 1960 and then kept on ice for nine years. The owner was terrified of the legal implications, including his Air Force job and pension. He was also very frightened of being prosecuted for homicide or illegally transporting a corpse. Moving corpses around is illegal in most states. On advice of his attorney, he replaced it with a precise wax replica.

However, first it was shown to two prominent scientists who said it was a real body with the smell of putrefying flesh. The hairs and many other features were normal and could not have been glued on or faked. The scientists stayed with the body for three days and sketched it. A report of the incident was written up in a scientific journal in Brussels. The researchers described it as Homo Pongides, or a relict Neanderthal. The general feeling was that the body was one of a Neanderthal. Actually, it was a Bigfoot. This is the tale of the Minnesota Iceman.

Many Bigfoots, “rock-apes,” were killed in Laos and Vietnam during the Vietnam War by both sides. In addition, Bigfoots killed humans on both sides during the war. The Bigfoots there are violent and dangerous and often attack and kill humans. The humans in the area are said to hunt the Bigfoots and even eat them for food. This may be why the Bigfoots are so violent. The war seems to have driven the SE Asian Bigfoots nearly or totally extinct.

A number of apparent Bigfoot skeletons have been found, often thought to be Indian bones, albeit the bones of “giants.”

Back East, mostly in the 1800’s, many skeletons of “the giants” were found and documented, often in Indian mounds. In some cases, there was a layer of giants and then a layer of Indians below or above. This was a pre-scientific era, so the giants were just thought to an unknown extinct Indian tribe.

After all, humans come in all forms. We have tiny Pygmies, and we have Shaq O’Neill and Andre the Giant. They’re all human. As late as the 1920’s, there were major wars over evolution in the US. Recall the Clarence Darrow monkey trial. 50% of Americans are still so stupid that they don’t believe in evolution. In the 1800’s and even into the 1900’s, any human like skeleton, no matter how odd, was assumed to simply be a skeleton of a human.

Keep in mind: Bigfoot skeletons and skulls probably look quite human.

The Nevada BLM is apparently in possession of a few intact Bigfoot skeletons of “giant Indians” from Lovelock Cave, Nevada and a dry lake.

The local Paiutes say that when they showed up in Nevada, a tribe of giants was residing in the area. The giants had boats for the lakes and had mastered arrows and arrowheads. The giants frequently attacked the humans, killed them, took them back to their caves and ate them.

A war broke out between the humans the giants. The giants were cornered in Lovelock Cave. One broke out and was hit with arrows, but it ran off anyway. The rest were cornered in the cave. The Indians threw bushes in and set them on fire. All of the giants were killed in the fire and the giants were gone from the region.

Excavactions later took place in Lovelock Cave, and under a large area of burned material, a giant skeleton 7-8 feet tall was discovered. It appears the Indian legend was true after all! Later two more 7-8 foot skeletons of the giants were found at the bottom of dry lake bed. These skeletons were all said to be “Indians,” and are now in possession of the Nevada BLM.

The local Paiutes said that when the first came to Yosemite Valley, a tribe of giants lived there. The Paiutes killed off the giants. Around 1880, a mummified giant woman was found at the base of Bridalveil Falls. During the Gold Rush, a miner found a skull deep underground in Calaveras County. He thought it was human, so he took it to a doctor, but the doctor said no human had an occipital ridge like that. The whereabouts of the skull and mummy are unknown.

J.R. Harrington examined a couple of Bigfoot skulls in Santa Barbara, California in the early 1920’s and thought they were some sort of bizarre and archaic “giant” Indians.

According to Grover Kranz, a Bigfoot skull was discovered in California in 1964 and was given to the University of California. They said it was “human” and threw it in their collection of human skulls.

I am almost certain that we already have Bigfoot skulls and skeletons in our possession in America in US university collections, catalogued as “human” remains.

There are reports recently of Bigfoots being shot and killed and others of Bigfoots killed in car accidents. In many cases, the authorities sealed off the area and took the bodies away, never to be seen again.

In Washington state in the early 1960’s, the body was actually lifted off by the proverbial black helicopter along with federal agents dressed in black.

After the Mount St. Helens eruption of 1980, helicopters airlifted many dead animals, including two dead Bigfoots, out of the area. The Bigfoots were found in a river canyon. They were lifted out with the rest of the animal carcasses to a makeshift landfill some miles away where all of the animals were buried. Once again, coverup.

In 1999, a Bigfoot was badly burned in a forest fire on Battle Mountain, Nevada. It was treated at the scene where a veterinarian and an MD (!) were both (!) called in, then it was taken off in an unmarked van so it would not be spotted to a university hospital in the Bay Area where it was studied and treated for a few days. Then it was released into the woods about 150 miles from where it was taken.

All personnel present were forced to sign affadavits testifying that they would not speak of what they saw on penalty of job loss, loss of government G-1, G-2, etc. status, and loss of government pension. One BLM firefighter spilled the beans anonymously to researchers, but he is still in hiding.

Bigfoots get shot all the time in the US.

Bigfoots have been shot or shot at ~20 times in the past decade alone. Most of the time, people just shoot at them, and no one knows what happens. Quite a few other times, the Bigfoots are hit, often with more than one bullet, but they just scream and run off. Sure, you can kill a Bigfoot with a gun, but it’s not so easy, and you will probably just make it mad.

It appears that some humans have been killed by Bigfoots in recent years, including multiple killings at a BLM campsite off Highway 395 in Inyo County.

All incidents describe a subsequent government coverup.


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Video of the Aftermath of the Domdedovo Airport Suicide Bombing

Video is on the video site. Be warned! Nasty stuff.

This short video is really gross. It shows the aftermath of the suicide attack on the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow on the afternoon of January 24, 2011,that killed 35 people and wounded about 115 more. The airport is Russia’s largest. While security is good on planes themselves now, the airport waiting room is insecure. But this is true of most world airports.

A group called Nogaisky Dzhamaat or the Nogai Brigade is thought to be behind the blast. The Nogai Brigade practice strict Wahhabi Islam. Their leader is a Slavic Muslim from Stravropol named Vitaly Razdobudko. He vanished along with his wife in October 2010. The Nogai are an ethnic group that lives in the Caucasus.

Whether or not the Nogai Brigade is made up of mostly Nogai fighters is not known, but some Nogai have taken part in attacks, including suicide bombings, in Chechnya. The Nogai are Muslims, and they speak a Turkic tongue.

The Nogai Brigade is headquartered in Dagestan, which is increasingly Ground Zero for the Islamist insurgency in the Caucasus. The insurgency was originally an independence movement in Chechnya, but increasingly it has taken on Islamist tones, while it has spread from Chechnya to Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kalmykia, Abkhazia, North Ossetia, the Stavropol Region and other parts of Russia.

It’s basically a pan-Islamist insurgency among some of the Muslims of Russia spanning a wide region. They are still apparently fighting for independence for the majority Muslim republics of the Caucasus at the very least.

It’s unknown who the bomber was. Some reports say it was a man and a woman, and other reports say it was only a man with a briefcase. Some reports say that the woman detonated the explosives, and others say that the man did in his briefcase. In any case, the man was decapitated by the blast. The 12 pound bomb was packed with nails and other shrapnel inducing items for maximum injury.

The video is pretty gross. It shows victims of the bombing lying on the ground and blood on the floor. Some of the victims appear to be dead.


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