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People Are Getting Tired of the Endless Wait for Blacks to Close IQ and Achievement Gaps with Whites

I am getting a bit tired of endless arguments from environmentalists that if we only provide Blacks with this special magic environment, then they will match Whites in IQ or IQ proxy scores. For decades we hear that if we only do this, that and the other that we will finally raise Black IQ and achievement scores up to the White level.

This debate has been raging since Jensen’s classic paper in 1969. That’s 47 years, and honestly the debate was already going on with a much smaller audience via the polarizing Dr. William Shockley. I suppose I am getting impatient with the failure of Blacks to significantly close these gaps and the endless cries from liberals that this Black Valhalla is right around the corner. Some of us are getting tired of waiting. It’s very frustrating.

I suppose I keep thinking, “So when is it going to happen? When are they going to close the gaps? Ok, Blacks can close the gap. Wonderful. So why don’t they do it? Wow, Blacks closed the gap in this country. Cool! So why don’t they do it here?”

The answer is always the same.

“Well, we just haven’t made the environment magic enough. We need to keep trying endlessly to create this magic Superenvironment that brings Blacks up to par. Come on! Step right up! Let’s create the Superenvironment! Everyone chip in!”

I think that these magic environments of Superenvironments may well exist, but it seems to be awfully hard to create them. Plus no doubt it is seriously expensive.

It reminds me of the Vietnam War. “We’re winning! We’re winning! The enemy is almost defeated! There’s light at the end of the tunnel!” and then we sit around waiting for a victory that never happens.

Forget matching us in behavior. The behavior of even the Blacks in the UK (who may have matched Whites in IQ proxies) is absolutely awful. So even if you make Black people dramatically smarter – a noble goal which I fully support for many reasons – you still end up with an extremely aggressive, impulsive, violent, criminalized and dangerous population whose crime rate is practically a public health crisis.

So what have we achieved by jacking up the Black IQ in the UK? Other than the benefits that will accrue to a lot of them, are we simply creating a new much more intelligent breed of dangerous antisocial criminal? I am not sure how or even if smarter crooks are better for society than dumber crooks. Maybe they are somehow, but someone needs to show me the data.


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What Is the African Potential Phenotypic IQ?

Jm8 writes:

It should not be assumed that the genetic potential IQ is ca 80. If a measured IQ of 75-77 (or 81 if Wincherts is correct, to say nothing of if Afro-Sapiens is correct, which I do not know) is suppressed by disease load and malnutrition by about 15 points (which even Lynn believed), potential IQ’s could generally be closer to 90, or the low-mid 90’s (in some cases).

Forget it. Wincherts is as bad as Lynn when it comes to throwing out studies. I think if you leave all the studies in and average them all together, African IQ is ~76. I forget the exact number. There is no way on Earth Africans have a potential phenotypic IQ of ~90-94, forget it.

In addition, we continue to regularly receive reports of IQ studies out of Africa where the Blacks are scoring ~70 or even lower. That is simply a catastrophically low IQ. Personally I feel that in any group that regularly turns back IQ scores of ~70 has horrible problems. There is no way that a group with potential phenotypic IQ of 92 is going to get scores ~70. It’s just not going to happen. Even in the catastrophic environment of South Asia (often regarded as worse than Black Africa in many ways) the horrific environment only depresses national IQ’s down to ~80. A group that continues to turn in IQ tests scoring ~70 has some very serious genetic IQ issues I am afraid.

I do believe that the Black African IQ is ~70 at the moment. The horribly failed and collapsed nature of the so-called states over there definitely makes sense if note that this is the sort of failed state a 70 IQ population may well produce.

The most intelligent natural Blacks nationwide populations in the whole world are in the US and the UK.

Black IQ in the US = ~85, though you can get 87 if you fiddle around and throw out studies.

Black IQ in the UK = 86.

US Blacks are 20% White. There’s 6 IQ points right there + 9 points for improved environment.
UK Blacks are 13% White. There’s 4 IQ points right there + 12 points for improved environment.

For pure US Blacks, 85 – 6 = 79 IQ.
For pure UK Blacks, 86 – 4 = 82 IQ.

It looks like pure Black phenotypic IQ in Africa is going to top out at 81.5 IQ.

However, if the Black African IQ could be raised from ~70 up to ~82, I think that would be cause for celebration. A 12 point IQ rise in a population is nothing to shake a stick at. And Africa would be a much better place for the Africans and for the rest of us for that matter as African failed states impact all of us.

In fact, I think the Africans might do better than the South Asians.



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ISIS Bombings in Brussels

Major attacks in two different places in Brussels – one at Maelbeek Metro Station and the other at Zavantem Airport. There are many dead and wounded. Is this revenge for the arrest of Abdeslam, mastermind of the Paris attacks?

34 dead, 187 wounded. Attacks hit at 8 AM Brussels time, or 11 PM last night my time. Weird that I heard nothing about it until this morning. ISIS just claimed responsibility.


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Worst Companies in America to Work for Part 1: Amazon

Unbelievably bad.

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Three Cheers for Sexual Assault


Good job, Madonna.

I cannot believe the comments over at the Guardian. Are the British people really such prigs? First there’s no statute of limitations on screwing a 15 year old girl or grabbing a woman’s tit 40 years ago, now this – notice the commenters are calling this “sexual assault,” saying it is “child pornography,” and claiming in credibly that it’s still sexual assault even if the girls consented to the action and is ok with it, which is in fact the case.

Are naked 17 year old girls really “child pornography?” Child pornography is kiddie porn. Those are movies of little children having sex, usually with adults. Those are little kids, usually 12-under. The very idea is pretty sickening. But how is a naked 17 year old girl, who in fact looks exactly like a naked female adult (I am serious – have you ever seen a naked 17 year old girl? It looks like a woman, trust me –  I have seen plenty of them) the same thing as a 45 year old man with a beer belly on top of a 9 nine year old girl having sex with her?

Child porn is illegal because we find the very idea to be sickening and horrible. Further the kids are pretty obviously being exploited. By calling naked 17 year old girls “kiddie porn” we imply that there is something sickening, evil and awful about a naked 17 year old girl. What’s so evil about a naked 17 year old girl? Further, it’s usually the case with a naked photo of a 17 year old girl that she’s not being exploited. In fact, in most cases, she took the photo herself. She’s exploiting herself? How the Hell can you do that?

Look at the comments. It doesn’t matter if the girl was ok with it or not? What?

Ok look. I have a woman over at my house. I don’t ask her permission first, but instead I just pull her top down without her permission*. She’s shocked of course, but then she relents and says it’s ok. I just committed sexual assault? Are you kidding?

The girl is a minor? She is? And even if she is, so what. Guess what idiots? The age of consent in the UK is 16. So that girl could easily consent to have sex with Madonna or any other adult. If she can have consent to have sex with Madonna, surely she can consent to let Madonna pull her top down, right? How can she consent to have sex with Madonna but not consent to let Madonna pull her top down? Why is is it consensual sex if she has sex with Madonna but sexual assault if Madonna pulls her top down? How can she legally have sex with an adult, yet if she takes a photograph of herself with her clothes off, or a photo of herself having sex with that adult, now all of a sudden it’s illegal “child pornography?”

See all the comments about “grooming?” By pulling the girl’s top down, Madonna was “grooming” the girl. Grooming means an adult seducing a child. It’s the lead-up to the actual sex. How is it that Madonna can legally have sex with this girl, but if Madonna tries to seduce the girl beforehand, it’s illegal “grooming?”

Notice how none of this makes any sense at all?

*I never ask permission to do most preliminary sexual things with a woman because there’s nothing more retarded than that. Any man who asks a woman for permission before doing preliminary sexual things with her is a moron. Any man who checks to get a woman’s verbal permission before having sex with her is a moron. You don’t do that. You just attack her. That’s called sexual assault, yes, but sexual assault is essential to seduction. No sexual assault, no seduction.


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Labour Party Member Suspended for Telling the Truth about the Jews

According to Jews, the definition of antisemitism means telling the truth about Jews or Israel.

Vicki Kirby, a Labour Party candidate for office, was suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation into a series of “antisemitic tweets.” With clickbait like that as a headline, how could I not go read the gruesome details? I was rather shocked that a Labour Party candidate would say something about Jewish people, as vulgar antisemitism of that variety has long been out of favor with the cocktail party classes in favor of the polite antisemitism along the lines of “that shitty little country.” I personally much prefer the polite variety of antisemitism over the vulgar Stormfront variety. It’s so much classier, you know?

Turns out she said nothing wrong at all. She didn’t even attack Jewish people. She attacked their shitty little country.

Here are the tweets:

“We invented Israel when saving them from Hitler, who now seems to be their teacher.”

“I will never forget and I will make sure my kids teach their children how evil Israel is!”

In other words, she told the truth about Israel. Israel is a National Socialist ethnic nationalist country, one of the most Nazi-like countries in that sense in the world today. Palestinians are forced to do just about all but wear gold stars, although I assume that’s coming soon. And if Israel isn’t evil, nothing is.

She also suggested that ISIS should attack Israel, which is a bit much, I agree.

I do not see any antisemitism here. I see some attacks on a vile little pustule on the face of the world called Israel, but attacking a shitty little country isn’t the same thing as attacking Jewish people.

The most annoying thing by far about Jewish people is their incessant screeching about “antisemitism,” 90% of which is hallucinated. Most so-called antisemitism is just people complaining about the horrific behavior of some awful Jewish person, and there are plenty of examples of that.

When Jews are good, they’re pretty damn good, but when they’re bad, they’re truly horrid. I don’t think Jewish scum are any worse than Gentile scum. A Jewish banker-slime is as loathsome as a Gentile banker-slime. It’s not like Gentile white collar crooks act better than Jewish white collar crooks. They’re all just ambulatory sewage.

I suppose the problem is that there are so many scummy Jewish people. Which begs the question of why? Is there something in the Jewish religion that says it’s ok to be a POS? That says it’s ok to lie, cheat and steal and do whatever it takes to get your hands on the grubby loot? Maybe so.

The Jewish religion can be interpreted many ways, but one popular interpretation is about as a moral as Hinduism,though it does not stoop quite that low. It’s a system of dual morality. Sure, Judaism has all sorts of moral rules – there are 13,000 pages of them in the Talmud for God’s sake! But guess what? All that stuff is a list of things you cannot do to other Jews. On the other hand, the list of moral rules when it comes to dealing with Gentiles is…nothing! There’s nothing you cannot do to a Gentile! So perhaps the awful, morally reprehensible behavior we see in so many Jewish people (the source of most antisemitism) is in fact rooted right there in that sleazy tribal religion of theirs.


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Archaic Hominids Surviving into the Modern Era

Prior to the arrival of the modern Aborigines in Australia, an even more archaic group lived in the subcontinent.

The Kow Swamp skull from 22,000 YBP in Australia represents some of these people. This is one of the most archaic skulls ever found during the modern Homo sapiens era. Although Kow Swamp is called Homo Sapiens, the skull has prominent Homo Erectus features. It is probably a mix between more modern Sapiens types and more archaic and Erectus-like pre-Sapiens types. It is now known that pre-Sapiens archaic hominids survived in the form of Denisova Man from 39,000 YBP in southern Russia, Sulu Man from Indonesia 25,000 YBP, the Red Deer Cave people from central China, Flores Man from Flores Island in Indonesia, and Neandertals from the Russian subarctic, all from 12,000 YBP.

Based on probably true accounts of local people, Flores Man appears to have survived into the late 1800’s, when their habits of stealing human children and eating them finally enraged the local humans so much that they set fire to the main cave where the Flores People lived.

The Neandertals and Red Deer Cave people are assumed to have died out 12,000 YBP when their last traces were found.

Denisova Man is kn own  only from the single cave in southern Russia 39,000 YBP,  but his genes are also present in Papuans and Melanesians. These Australoid groups appeared in the region ~40,000 YBP. So Denisova Man was also present in Oceania around the same time that he was living in Russia.

Sulu Man is thought to be actually a very late surviving Erectus.

Flores Man is also Erectus, a very primitive type going all the way back to the earliest Habilis era of Erectus around the time of the split between Australopithecus.

Denisova Man is a new type resembling Neandertal and best seen as very early archaic Sapiens.

Red Deer Cave people are probably best seen as very late surviving Heidelbergensis types. Heidelbergensis is an archaic Sapiens type that is known from southern Europe, mostly Spain, from 500,000 YBP. They are best seen as Erectus-Sapiens transitionals.

Neandertals of course are archaic Sapiens similar to Denisovans.

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Latin American Whites: A Mirror of the Future of America

RL: Keep in mind that some of the most vicious White priders and White supremacists of all say that if you are 75-85% White, you are White? So you disagree with these Latin American Nazis I guess?

Gay State Girl: Isn’t that because South America was a Nazi haven?

The only association with Latin America and Nazism is because of some German immigrant communities in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay who were Nazi sympathizers. They didn’t treat the local Indians very well, and there were notable attempts at genocide especially in the Bolivian Chaco. However, there is no evidence that Latin American Nazis were Nordicists or that they had anything against non-Nordic Whites.

Your average Latin American White, while surely a White prider, is usually not a Nazi by any stretch of the imagination. This is because White pride in Latin America takes a very different and more subtle form in Latin America than it does here. Yes, Latin Whites are racist, but this is diluted by the fact that most of them are not pure White anyway, as the vast majority have non trivial amounts of Indian or even Black in them.

So “Whiteness” is more of a question of degree than purity. The fact that Latin Whites are not pure themselves tends to leaven their racism. Mestizos are often tolerated or even regarded as White although Peruvian and especially Argentine Whites have always been racist towards what they call mestizos. However, half of Argentine Whites have Indian blood in them themselves.

Latin American White White pride goes all the way down to Mexican Harnizos. I know a Mexican Harnizo who is 60-70% White, and he loves to claim White. He’s basically a Latin American White prider. Although there are some Latin Americans on Stormfront, most Latin American Whites find European White nationalism highly distasteful. Almost no Whites down there talk about splitting off to form their own White country. There is some talk of that in the South of Brazil, but even there, they would just split off the south which is already full of non-Whites as it is. The movement to split off the south of Brazil as its own nation appears doomed and has very little support.

All Latin American White countries like Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica and the south of Brazil are rapidly darkening. Costa Rica is full of 1-2 million illegal aliens, mostly from Nicaragua. The government doesn’t care, and they will probably be legalized as is the case with almost all illegal alien waves in Latin America.

Argentina is rapidly filling up with illegals, mostly mestizos from Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay. There are forming an underclass gang-type subculture in the cities, and there are complaints that Argentine girls are running off with the thuggish mestizos. However, the government seems to want to legalize the illegals there also. The problem in Latin America is that the illegal aliens are generally the same race as the natives, so there does not seem to be any logic to not legalizing them. They are just more of “our people.”

Most Latin Americans are not big environmentalists and much of the continent is underpopulated anyway.

White men running off to marry mestizos is a problem in White communities all over Latin America. The racial purists wring their hands, but there seems to be nothing they can do. White Mexican men continue to marry light skinned mestizas, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop them.

A similar phenomenon is occurring in Argentina. There does not seem to be anything stopping the darkening process down there either as much as the purists throw up their hands. If you ask a White Argentine what he feels about the mestisization of his country, they will tell you that they don’t like it, but then they will throw up their hands and say, “What can you do?” They act like the situation is hopeless, not to mention inevitable.

A gradual darkening of the White race appears to be an inevitability not only in Latin America where it has been an ongoing process for centuries but also in the US. The mestizization of the US, which is really all that the darkening process or decline of the White majority is, is simply the same mestizization process that has been going on forever in the rest of the Americas.

So what is happening is that at long last North America, the eternal aberration and odd man out, White and English speaking, is beginning to join the rest of the continent to become just another country in the what I would call “the Americas.”

Race in the Americas is typically mestizo or in some cases mulatto and mass mixing has characterized Mesoamerica, Central America and South America from the start.

Language in the region has tended to be Spanish, though there is a large Portuguese component (really just another Iberian Romance language) and some smaller outposts of English and French, often creolized. The English and French speaking regions tend to be mulatto or even Black and most are in the Caribbean.

The US curiously has avoided these dual phenomena of mestizization and Hispanophonization.

In addition to a mestizization process, the US is also becoming a significantly Spanish-speaking land, once again in tandem with the rest of the continent which overwhelmingly speaks an Iberian Romance language.

Canada is a holdout, but possibly the mestizization process and development of the Spanish language is not long for that land either. Canada has a large Indian population, but they have not married in much with the Whites for some odd reason, unlike in Latin America. Settlers to North America tended to bring women with them while Iberian settlers did not, hence the Iberians took native wives, so this may explain the lack of much mestizization there. French is present in Canada as it is in the Caribbean.

Nordicism is generally absent in Latin America probably because most Latin Whites are Meds. There are some Nordicists in the south of Brazil, but they are not very popular.

The bizarre socially transmitted disease (STD) called Nordicism is mostly only found in the US and Northern Europe. There are hints of it in the north of Spain and Italy, but there is little hatred towards Southern Spaniards from the northerners, who often think of themselves as Celts. Italy is another story. Other than that, Nordicism has no support anywhere.

Nordicism has permanently alienated all East Europeans and Slavs because of its association with Hitler. There are Nazis in Eastern Europe and Russia, but they are not Nordicists. In some parts of the globe such as Eastern Europe and Russia, Nazi symbols and identification have instead been co-opted as general White pride symbols, and there is often an attempt to distance themselves from the actual Nazi regime. There are Nazi types in Mongolia where it simply represents some Mongolian racial purism in the form of a racist fascist (national socialist) politics.

The case of the Whites of Latin America seems to show that not only is the notion of forming racially pure states of Whites or any other race seemingly hopeless, but further, the general darkening trend of Whites (in the US a mestizization process) appears to be an unstoppable force.

White separatists and White nationalists are a premature anachronism. They are fighting a race against time. Wars against time, as with wars against nature, have a tendency to be lost by men.


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Were Caucasoids (and Even Europeans) Originally Australoids?

A skull in Southern Russia from 35,000 YBP classified as Early Caucasoid is classified as “Australoid.” So it appears that Whites were originally Australoid also. Skulls from 21,000 YBP in Europe line up most closely with an Amerindian tribe called the Makah in Washington State who are probably Paleomongoloids.

So 35,000 YBP, Caucasians or Whites were probably Australoid and 20,000 YBP they may have looked like Paleomongoloids. This implies that there was some sort of Australoid-Caucasoid transition in Europe as there was an Australoid-Mongoloid transition in the East. Also 20,000 YBP, theories suggest that there was a lot of back and forth movement between people in Europe and Siberians. A people in Scotland called the Orcadians or Orcadian Islanders have an ancient genome that looks more Siberian than anything else.

The Siberian zone has continued to be a mixing zone for Caucasoids and Mongoloids in recent history. The Tocharians were a very European looking Caucasian group that lived in Western China from 3,000 YBP. People like the Altai are very mixed, nearly 50-50 Caucasoid-Mongoloid. The Mansi in the Urals are very similar, but they look more European. The most ancient Europeans of all, the Lapps or Saami, often have a somewhat Mongoloid appearance.


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Did Somebody Mention Jews?


Ok, who’s hiding them?


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