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A Look at the Ubykh Language

This post will analyze how hard it is to learn the Ubykh language for a native English speaker.

Ubykh is actually technically extinct, its last speaker having died recently. However, I understand that a linguist says he recently taught himself to speak the language. The Ubykhs still exist as an ethnic group, and members of the group say that they want to revitalize their language. The Ubykhs presently reside in far eastern Turkey.


Ubykh, a Caucasian language of Turkey, is now extinct, but there is one second language speaker, a linguist who is said to have taught himself the language. It has more consonants than any non-click language on Earth – 84 consonant sounds in all. Furthermore, the phonemic inventory allows some very strange consonant clusters. Ubykh has many rare consonant sounds. is only also found in two of Ubykh’s relatives, Abkhaz and Abaza and in two other languages, both in the Brazilian Amazon. The pharyngealized labiodental voiced fricative does not exist in any other language. It often makes it onto weirdest phonologies lists. Ubykh also got a very high score on a study of the weirdest languages on Earth.

Combine that with only two vowel sounds and a highly complex grammar, and you have one tough language.

In addition, Ubykh is both agglutinative and polysynthetic, ergative and has polypersonal agreement:

“If only you had not been able to make him take it all out from under me again for them…”

There are an incredible 16 morphemes in that nine syllable word.

Ubykh has only four case systems on its nouns, but much case function has shifted over to the verb via preverbs and determinants. It is these preverbs and determinants that make Ubykh monstrously complex. The following are some of the directional preverbs:

  • above and touching
  • above and not touching
  • below and touching
  • below and not touching
  • at the side of
  • through a space
  • through solid matter
  • on a flat horizontal surface
  • on a non-horizontal or vertical surface
  • in a homogeneous mass
  • towards
  • in an upward direction
  • in a downward direction
  • into a tubular space
  • into an enclosed space

There are also some preverbal forms that indicate deixis:

j- towards the speaker

Others can indicate ideas that would take up whole phrases in English:

jtɕʷʼaa- “on the Earth,in the Earth”

ʁadja ajtɕʷʼaanaaɬqʼa“
They buried his bod.” Lit. “They put his body in the earth.”

faa– “out of, into or with regard to a fire”.

Amdʒan zatʃətʃaqʲa faastχʷən.
“I take a brand out of the fire.”

Morphemes may be as small as a single phoneme:

wantʷaan “They give you to him.”

w – 2nd singular absolutive
a – 3rd singular dative
n – 3rd ergative
– to give
aa – ergative plural
n – present tense

Adverbial suffixes are attached to words to form meanings that are often formed by aspects or tenses in other languages:

asfəpχa “I need to drink it.”
asfəfan “I can drink it.”
asfəɡʲan “I drink it all the time.”
asfəlan “I am drinking it all up.”
asfətɕʷan “I drink it too much.”
asfaajən “I drink it again.”

Nouns and verbs can transform into each other. Any noun can turn into a stative verb:

məzə “child”

səməzəjtʼ “I was a child.” Lit. “I child-was.” “Child-was” is a verb “to be a child.”

By the same token, many verbs can become nouns via the use of a nominal affix:

qʼa “to say”

səqʼa “what I say” Lit. “That which I say – my speech, my words, my language, my orders, etc.”

Number is marked on the verb via a verbal suffix and is only marked on the noun in the ergative case.

However, it does lack the convoluted case systems of the Caucasian languages next door and there is no grammatical gender.

Ubykh is rated 6, hardest of all.


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Repost: Huge Flynn Gains Associated with Immigration to the West

This was posted earlier under another title, but it lines right up with what we are talking about on here lately.

We have remarked upon a number of cases in which movement from a Third World country to a 1st World country results in an IQ gain for the Third Worlders in the 2nd generation. The results will be listed below and the data can be found by searching the archives on the blog (I’m too weary to look them up and link them); anyway, regular readers have already read the original pieces.

              Pre-West  Post-West*  IQ Gain

Jamaica       71        86          15
US Blacks**   72.5      87          14.5
India         83        94          11
Mexicans      85        95          10
Philippines   86        93.5        7.5
Chinese       97.5      105         7.5
Japanese      97.5      105         7.5
Morocco       84        89          5

**Post-West refers to second generation.
The figure for US Blacks is their 
theorized genetic IQ based on 
African/Caribbean scores plus the White %
in US Blacks.

The Filipinos, Mexicans and US Blacks went to the US. The Indians and Jamaicans went to the UK. Moroccans went to the Netherlands. Gains ranged from 5-15 points in the second generation. This is above and beyond the Flynn gains already taking place, and probably ongoing in most of those countries.

The gains are where these ethnic groups actually closed the gap with Whites by the amount of the gain in the third column. Looked at in another way, these groups closed the gap with Whites by 5-15 IQ points in a single generation. In addition, there are ongoing Flynn gains occurring alongside these migration gains, but they are not showing up as IQ gains because the Whites are pacing and matching the others precisely.

The Filipinos’ IQ’s are 13 points below the 106.5 for Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, giving them an IQ of 93.5. This is a full 7.5 point Flynn rise over the 86 IQ in the Philippines just from moving to the US.

However, Filipinos are starting to come close to US Whites in occupational success due to extra-IQ factors. This is the part that is very interesting. In other words, despite IQ’s that are a full 6.5 points below that of US Whites, Filipinos are beginning to match Whites in occupational success. This is because Filipinos have extra-IQ factors above and beyond the extra-IQ factors that the Whites have.

The extra-IQ factors are simply postulated, but they may have to do with “introversion.” Along with that, we may find self-discipline, orderliness, a strong work ethic, punctuality, ability to follow orders, putting in extra time on the job, cautiousness, ability to self-train and self-teach, etc. All of these things will tend to increase with introversion and probably decrease with extroversion.

As Whites are considerably more extroverted than Filipinos (Asians), Filipinos will probably score better on many extra-IQ factors than Whites, with the end result being that the extra-IQ factors allow the Filipinos to overcome an IQ deficit and nearly reach parity with Whites on the job.

The Filipino figures come from James Flynn’s book, Asian Americans: Achievement Beyond IQ. In the book, Flynn shows that the second generation of Chinese and Japanese made not only remarkable IQ gains against US Whites, going from the 97.5 IQ of their parents to the 105 IQ of the second generation (and passing Whites at the same time) but they were on average working at positions that were 10-20 points above where they should have been working based on their IQ’s.

The question arises, What about US Blacks? The fascinating thing about African-Americans is that they have an unexplained 14.5 IQ rise above and beyond what ought to be their genetic IQ.

The hereditarians have never been able to explain this well. On of their feints is to say that IQ in Africa (= 67) is artificially lowered by malnutrition. Well, possibly, but then why is Black IQ about the same in the Caribbean (= 71)? Keep in mind that Caribbean Blacks often have a small amount of White in them (Jamaicans have 9%). So it does look like genetic Black IQ is indeed around 70.

That means they are mentally retarded, but we have already had the discussion about this on the blog. The commenters and I agree that Blacks in Africa and the Caribbean with 70 IQ’s are not retarded in the sense that a White person with a 70 IQ is. In this sense, the tests don’t seem to measure Black intelligence properly. On the other hand, while they are not retarded, I don’t think that your average 70 IQ African is all that intelligent.

I’m getting at a couple of things here. First of all, can Blacks make use of these extra-IQ factors to at least overcome their 13.2 point IQ deficit with Whites in the sense of at least performing above their predicted IQ level on the job? Keep in mind that in order to do that, Blacks would have to display these extra-IQ factors above and beyond the level of the Whites. Since Blacks are the most extroverted race of all, this seems dubious.

On the other hand, we have a large up and coming Black middle class that is itching for success. By dutifully emphasizing the extra-IQ factors listed above, upwardly mobile Blacks will at least be able to perform above their IQ level on the job.

On curious area that no one considers is personal skills. There seems to be a lot of evidence that Blacks are more socially adept than Whites. In jobs where social intelligence and skills are highly valued, conscientious Blacks may be able to outperform their White co-workers and at least partially close the occupational success gap with them.

Second of all, it seems possible that Africans moving to the West may experience ~15 point IQ rise in the second generation. It hasn’t showed up yet, but no one has looked for it. So the 67 IQ Africans by the second generation should be at IQ 83. It’s not that great, but there are more or less functional countries with 83 IQ’s. There aren’t that many with ~70 IQ’s. To the extent that Africa can mirror the environment of the West in Africa itself, they won’t even have to come here.

This is groundbreaking work that is receiving very little ink, less than it deserves. At the very least, rising IQ with migration and extra-IQ factors show that neither is IQ set in stone, nor is it destiny.


Flynn, James R. 1991. Asian Americans: Achievement Beyond IQ. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


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Endless Lies about the Financial Crash of 2008

Jason Y writes:

More like Wall Street greed, when looking at the 2007 meltdown. I did some research, and it seems like the derivatives market (insurance for stocks) exploded, However, it was Clinton who softened rules controlling the derivatives market, and also set into motion another law which allowed banks to invest ordinary people’s money.

How do Jews play into this? I don’t see them anywhere, no more than other greedy people who are cashing checks their asses can’t cash. That’s what it boils down to, investors are being protected by the government so they can play monopoly all they want. However, if they fuck up, taxpayers have to pay, and they did in 2007.

The derivatives market did not crash in 2007, not that it isn’t completely insane and ought to probably be shut right down.

And nowhere does the post mention Jews. Sure there are lots of Jews on Wall Street and in Finance Capital, but there are also many, many Gentiles there working right alongside of them. Anyway, the Jews haven’t run the world’s banks for 80 years. At one point, the Jews did have major control over the world banking system or at least the European Banking System. However that all ended, and by 1945, I assure you that the Jews did not run the world’s banks anymore, nor did they even run European banks. Something called the Holocaust happened, almost all of Europe’s Jews were killed, and a side effect of this was that the Jewish European banking monopoly was ended.

I recently did some research and while the Jews do have a few banks, it seems that most of the world’s banks are now run by Gentiles. Major nations for banking are the US, the UK, France and Germany. Jews own very few of these banks, particularly in Europe. Also large banks in Asia are starting to play a huge role in world banking, mostly operating out of Singapore and Hong Kong. Japanese banks are also important.

My conclusion from that research was that whether or not the Jews more or less ran much of the world banking system at one point, and they may well have done so, they sure don’t run world banking anymore. So it really bothers me when people conflate the banksters with the Jews or blame Jews for the crimes of the banksters. It’s just not true and I will support any innocent party accused of deeds they did not do.

The crash was related not to the derivatives market but instead to mortgage lending practices and indeed Clinton loosening the law requiring the two types of banks to keep their operations separate was instrumental in this.

However, 100% of Republicans also supported getting rid of Glass-Steagal. Glass-Steagal was enacted in the Depression because the practices banned in Glass-Steagal were what caused the Wall Street Crash and subsequent Depression in the first place.

So of course they got rid of those regulations, which the banks had been screaming for decades to get rid of, and then there were also sorts of warning about what a horrible idea this was and how it could lead to another market crash. And exactly 15 years later, it did just that. Then after the market crashed as the sane people predicted it would, all the media and the Republicans started screaming and yelling that the crash was caused by things that had nothing to do with the crash, like:

  1. The crash was caused by too many regulations, not too few.
  2. The crash was caused by the government.
  3. The crash was caused by Blacks and Browns!
  4. The crash was caused by the evil liberal government forcing kind, sweet, loving, tender-hearted banksters to loan money to Blacks and Brown lowlifes for homes that the banks knew the Blacks and Brown slackers could not buy. The banksters didn’t want to loan money to these non-White dirtbags, but the evil liberal government forced them. This line has been pushed very strongly by the racist right and even some radical Republicans like Steve Sailor. American Renaissance has always claimed that this is what caused the crash.
  5. The crash was caused by too much government, not too little.
  6. The crash was caused by government institutions called Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, not the private sector banksters.
  7. The crash was caused by liberals and Democrats.

All of these are 100% lies made up by racists and Republicans to cover up for the fact that 100% of the crash was caused by getting rid of Glass-Steagal and subsequent loosening of regulations on the banksters.

Lie #4 in particular is a disgusting and despicable that tries to blame the victims of the banksters and other corporate criminals who committed crimes in order to victimize these innocent people.

There was also massive fraud and corruption on the part of the government and various organized crime cartels called “industries,” including the banksters, mortgage lending corporations like Countrywide, accounting agencies, insurance companies, and yes Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, who were in on the scam along with all the other criminals.

All of these groups committed an incredible amount of crime, mostly massive fraud. There were calls to arrest a lot of the top criminals at the head of these criminal industries, but quickly the Justice Department realized that they would have to put half of Wall Street in prison (an excellent idea if you ask me), so they nixed the idea and not one of these kingpins, organized crime leaders and super-criminals went to prison.

Also the government was very slow about re-regulating the industry to make sure this destructive idiocy did not occur again. This was caused by massive obstructionism on the part of the Republican. Also Barack Obankster has very close ties with Wall Street. The woman Barack chose to head up the new Finance Industry Regulation Board has gone very slow on all new regulations. She has been doing nothing but carrying water for Wall Street ever since she walked in the door. It’s no exaggeration to say she has been a catastrophe.


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The Greek Crisis

Here. From Ian Welsh’s great site:

Syriza needs to leave the Euro. They are not going to get a good deal, or even a mediocre deal from Europe. They will be better off leaving the Euro. If they do so, they should simply repudiate all debts.

Yes, all of them. Once they leave the Euro, Europe and the neoliberal order will go all out to crush them. It does not matter what they do, they will be target number one.

They should then cut a deal with Russia for oil and a pipeline, and align solidly with Russia and China, asking for aid from those two countries.

They should cease any attempts to stop refugees from flooding out of Greece into the rest of Europe. Heck, put them on buses and ship them to the border.

They should nationalize the distribution of food grown in Greece. Greece grows enough food: just start delivering it to every household. Saddam did this effectively, Greece can too.

That takes care of oil and food (Greece has plenty of refinery capacity.)

Medicine is the next issue: Greece will have to arrange to get the meds it needs thru Russia and China.

There are other details, but mainly Greece should do everything it can short of leaving the EU (not the Euro, the EU) or going to war to make Europe’s life miserable. Why? Because then they have something to negotiate with.

I have not written much about the Greek mess, but this is how I feel about it.

Either negotiate a new deal or get out. A new deal would be knocking $50-60 billion of the Greek debt. If they could knock that much off the debt, the debt would be a lot more payable. Sure, it’s a haircut for the French and Greek banksters, but so what. The banksters got themselves into this mess by giving Greeks very low interest loans with little or no oversight or checking to see if they would be able to pay it back. Sort of like the real estate mess in the US. The banksters can go straight to Hell if you ask me.


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America Arms and Supports Al Qaeda!

spino writes:

Where can I find evidence to support that we are actively arming Al Qaeda.

I just told you folks in the previous story. Honestly it would be better to say that we are arming them in a roundabout devious way rather than openly, all to establish plausible deniability I suppose.

Two ways:

  • We look the other way while Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia actively support and arm Al Qaeda.
  • We give lots of weapons to the fake moderate opposition. Most of these people fight alongside Al Qaeda anyway in the Al Qaeda led front. Others give or sell the stuff to Al Qaeda. Bottom line is the majority of the stuff we gave to the fake moderates ends up in the hands of Al Qaeda. We know this full well, but we keep giving them weapons anyway.

It’s appalling!

Spread the word everyone!

The US supports Al Qaeda! The US supports Al Qaeda!

Tell everyone, spread it everywhere!


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The Jews Are the West; the West Is The Jews


Note that everyone else wants to list these stupid sanctions which were put on Iran for no reason at all other than the fact that the Jews hate Iran.

Iran is not a threat to the US in any way.

Iran is not a threat to Western Europe in any way.

Iran is a threat to Israel. It’s a threat to the Jews.

So every time you read about how horrible and evil Iran is, think about this. They are not a threat to us Westerners, not even 1%. But they’re a threat to the Jews. So when the West screams and yells about the horrible menace of Iran, what they are really screaming and yelling about is that Iran is bad for the Jews. So the goals and interests of the Jews are the same as the goals and interests of the West. One could argue that the Jews control the West somehow, maybe with money or power. But that implies that the West is a victim and is being forced to support the Jews against its will. The truth is that while the West is indeed under certain pressure from the Jews, this pressure is much exaggerated.

The bigger problem is that the Western elites are simply behind the Jews all the way. It’s an alliance. The enemies of Israel are the enemies of the West and vice versa. So the West isn’t carrying water for the Jews.

Instead, the West simply is the Jews – i.e. the West is Jewish. The Jews are also the West (except for the Arab Jews, who are part of the East), but that’s been known forever now. It was always an aberration for culturally European Jews to go to Palestine and become a part of Eastern culture they left behind 2,000 years ago.

So not only are the Jews Westerners (duh), but the West is Jewish. There’s no other way to look at it. We all might as well convert already. We are also Christian, but Christians who support the Jews for all intents and purposes have two identities – Jewish and Christian.

The West says it doesn’t want to lift sanctions off of Iran because of Iran’s “support for armed groups across the region.” As you can see, the West just moved the goalposts. Iran will never cease its support for those groups, so I suppose the sanctions will last forever.

Let’s see who these armed groups are that Iran supports:

  • Hamas
  • Islamic Jihad
  • Hezbollah
  • Shiite militias in Iraq
  • Houthi militia in Yemen

That’s it. Now let’s go through the list and see who these groups are a threat to:

Hamas: Hamas is no threat to the US or Western Europe. Not even 1%. However, Hamas is a threat to the Jews (Israel).

Islamic Jihad: Same thing as Hamas. They are not threat to Europe or the US, but they are definitely a threat to the Jews (Israel).

Hezbollah: Despite endlessly in the effectively Jewish press of Western Europe and the US, Hezbollah poses no threat whatsoever to the US or to Western Europe. Zero, none, zip, nada. However, Hezbollah is definitely one of the worst threats to the Jews (Israel). Also, Hezbollah is a big threat to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Lebanon and Syria. Al Qaeda and ISIS in that region are for all intents and purposes being run by the US, the UK, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are openly arming Al Qaeda via Al Nusra in Syria.

The US and UK both arm so-called moderate groups which in reality barely exist. At any rate, most of these moderate groups fight alongside the alliance that is led by Al Qaeda or Al Nusra. Also the majority of the weapons that the US and UK give to the “moderates” somehow end up in the hands of Al Nusra/Al Qaeda. We know that most of the weapons we give out end up with Al Qaeda, but we don’t care because frankly the US is openly supporting Al Qaeda in Syria and Lebanon.

ISIS is a much tougher case. Many US weapons end up in the hands of ISIS, but it is not known how they got there.

Shia militias in Iraq: These militias are no threat to the US or Europe. They are honestly no threat to the Jews either, but these groups are definitely hostile to Israel. The Jews hate these groups and they hate the Shia government in Iraq all because that government is allied with Iran, and Iran is one of the Jews’ biggest enemies.

I have no idea if the US is upset at Iran for arming these groups. These militias are a threat to ISIS and allied similar groups. That’s it. So if the US opposing arming these groups, I suppose that means that the US is supporting ISIS in Iraq.

Houthi rebels in Yemen: The Houthi are no threat to the US or Europe. They are hostile to Israel, but they are no threat to the Jews either. However, the Jews absolutely hate them once again because they allied with Jews’ worst enemy, Iran. The Jews are working with the Saudis and the US to genocide the Shia all over the region. The US and the West, Saudi Arabia and Israel all hate every one of these Shia movements and in general they are working to destroy all of them for the simple reason that they are allied with Iran and the US, Europe and the Jews all think Iran is their enemy. Who are the Houthis a threat to? The former pro-Saudi government, Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Here we are helping Saudi Arabia bomb a sovereign country. There is a war going on there, but it is mostly the Houthis fighting Al Qaeda, the former government and the Saudis. The Houthis are mostly a menace to Al Qaeda. By attacking the Houthis, we are supporting the former government, the Saudis and Al Qaeda who are all in alliance.

As you can see, the US is supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. And we are openly arming Al Qaeda in Syria and Lebanon.

In other words, the US supports and arms Al Qaeda!



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Did Caucasoids Come from Australoids?

Mike815 writes:

Robert, if Paleomongoloids are half Neomongoloids and half Australoids, is it true that the Mediterranean and Arab Caucasoids are and half Nordics or at least being a mix of the two?

There are ancient Caucasoids from Southern Russia dating back 35,000 years. Their skulls are said to be Australoid.

If you consider that the original Caucasian stock was 2/3 Proto-Chinese (maybe Paleo-Ainuid) and 1/3 Ancient African (no idea on Earth what they looked like, but they may have looked like Negritos), birthed in the Caucasus 42,000 YBP according to Cavalli-Sforza. The Negritos are an Australoid people. The Proto-Chinese from 40,000 YBP were no doubt an Australoid people. So it looks like Caucasoids were birthed from the Australoid race. But the Asians were also birthed from Australoids. This makes sense as probably the first people out of Africa turned into Australoids at some point after they left Africa, so all out of Africa races probably have an Australoid origin.

I am not aware of what ancient African skulls from 42,000 YBP look like.

The reconstruction of a skull from 35,.000 YBP does not look like any existing human race but it looks more Khoisanid than anything else.

I know that skulls from Europe 22,000 YBP match most closely with the Makah Indians, so it appears that 20-25,000 YBP in Europe Caucasoids looked like Paleomongoloids. How exactly they transitioned to modern day Caucasoids, I have no idea.

The problem is that when you that far back, you are dealing with races that don’t even exist anymore. So we can look at skulls and say, “Well, these ancient people looked most like these modern people.” But that is not the same thing as saying that the ancient people and the modern people are the same. You follow?

No, the only place where Caucasoids and Australoids mixed in recent days was in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, places like that. There has also been Australoid-Caucasoid mixing in Australia. I am not sure what the mixes end up looking like. Possible those mixes might be called Paleocaucasoid. So a lot of Indian people may be termed Paleocaucasoids. I actually like that term because there is good evidence that the Indian people are the remains of one of the oldest Caucasoid races on Earth.

A Mozabite, probably a Proto-Caucasian type.

A Mozabite, probably a Proto-Caucasian type.

Another very old race is a group called Mozabites in North Africa. They may also be an ancient Caucasoid race. I think the Mozabites are Paleocaucasoids.

More very odd looking Mozabite people. Notice that there is some resemblance to South Asian types, which makes sense as South Asians are Paleocaucasians.

More very odd looking Mozabite people. Notice that there is some resemblance to South Asian types, which makes sense as South Asians are Paleocaucasians.

The Sami race is also very ancient Caucasoid. I am not sure if they are Paleocaucasoids.

I am not sure if the Kalash are Paleocaucasoids or not, but some of them look pretty strange.


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Kevin Hannan Wrote for This Site

Wikipedia entry here.

Interesting. This man was quite famous, and incredibly enough, he wrote for my blog for some time. But he did so under a pseudonym, so I never had any idea of who he was. He used to write me from time to time to send me his new stuff. He said he was an academic who had left the US and fled to Eastern Europe.

From Wikipedia:

After resuming his research near the end of the 20th century, Hannan widely travelled in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and the Balkans. He came to the conclusion that civic cosmopolitanism, divorced from localized ethnic values as embodied in long-lasting ethnic groups (often imagined as nations), failed people, leaving them to the anonymous and dehumanizing economic forces of supply and demand. An epitome of such a situation he saw in his native United States, which, according to him, explained a constant increase in genealogical research in the country, observed since the 1970s. In this line of thinking, a person can find one’s identity only in one’s ethnolinguistic ancestry, not in the technical rationalism of law and economy. Hence, the United States or any other settler state could never become a ‘real ethnic country’. Hannan blovated on this in Why I Left America: Reflections on History, Culture and Religion / Dlaczego wyjechałem z Ameryki, which he published under a pseudonym in 2003, fearful of possible backlash that would bar him permanently from obtaining a position at a Western university.

As a positive alternative to the de-ethnicized United States he posed the ethnic values of Poland in his My Poland: Essays on Polish Identity / Moja Polska. Eseje o polskości from 2005. He did, on occasion, make note of the failings of Polish nationalism and national statehood such as the long-lasting preservation of serfdom and the never-ending quest for ethnolinguistic purity, which led to vast ethnic cleansing in the communist period (1944–1989). He was especially critical of the relentless Polonization of Belarusians, Rusyns (Lemkos), and Ukrainians, who, in his eyes, preserved ‘real Slavic spirituality,’ as encapsulated in Greek Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, and the liturgical language of Church Slavonic.[1]

Hannan chose Poland as his adopted homeland in preference to the Czech Republic, which he perceived as an example of an overexclusive ethnic nationalism, which led to the 1993 breakup of Czechoslovakia, producing this nation-state and another, Slovakia. He qualified any strong-Polonist sentiments by saying that ‘his Poland’ was the southern half of the country skirted by the multilingual, multiethnic, and multiconfessional Carpathians.

Hannan was a character. He absolutely hated Communism and didn’t think much of Jews either. I had a hard time publishing him because, honestly, Hannan was an anti-Semite, though not a particularly virulent one. He opposed the Jews of Poland because during and after the Communist era, Polish Jews had gone on the warpath against the Polish people and the Polish nation.

What I found fascinating was that after 1989, there were perhaps 10,000 Polish Jews left in the whole country, yet one of them owned one of Poland’s largest newspapers. Hannan absolutely hated this man, and indeed this Polish Jewish media magnate spent much of his time dragging the Polish people and their nation and identity through the mud. Hannan felt that since 1945, the Polish Jews had been waging a campaign that could be summed up as “Poles are evil.” Note the similarities to the Jewish War on Whites in the US.

Hannan was very much a traditionalist, and in his favor, I will say that he told me that he was a socialist, but he was not a Communist. I suppose his position could best be summed as a socialist nationalist. He felt that the globalized McWorld had destroyed everything of value that humans had created, and he thought that the only antidote to corporate globalized atomization was local cultures, traditions, religions and strong ethnic identities.

Hannan should not be considered a Polish nationalist. In fact, he opposed mainstream Polish nationalism which seeks to obliterate all other ethnicities and languages in Poland, saying they are all Poles speaking dialects of Polish.

The wars the Poles have waged on the Lemkos, Silesians and Kashubians have a tragic history. Most Polish linguists have been overtly politicized for a very long time. Polish textbook, in particular history books, are some of the most wildly politicized and propagandized in all of Europe. Your average Pole gets a pitiful brainwashed version of an education. Polish nationalists are ferocious, and like all ethnic nationalists, they are stupid, belligerent, ignorant and opposed to facts, science and knowledge.

Hannan opposed Polonization efforts of Belarussians, Ukrainians and Lemkos in Poland.

Hannan told me on numerous occasions that he had to write his political pieces under a pseudonym, as he felt that if he wrote under his real name, he would never be able to get a job at a US university. He hinted that he was mainly afraid that Jewish influence would keep him from getting a job due to his Jewish-critical writings.

He died in 2008. I was informed of this by a friend of his sometime after the fact. I actually liked this fellow. He was a very interesting man. I will see if I can find any of his old essays so I can republish them.


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Understanding the Mechanics of Fate: How History Was Almost Different and How Democratic Politics in 1944 Set in Place Our Doom: Part One

Nominay is a regular commenter on this site. He also has his own blog called Endangered Left, and I must say, it is actually quite good. I was surprised when I first read it because I did not expect it to be as good as it is.

This piece originally appeared on his site. It is excellent. Ought to be read by anyone interested in US politics, especially US Left/liberal politics.

Understanding the Mechanics of Fate: How History Was Almost Different and How Democratic Politics in 1944 Set in Place Our Doom: Part One

by Nominay

Decisions made and circumstances that occur within months of each other can entirely and tragically alter the trajectory of life on Earth for decades and centuries thereafter. Such is the case of one, significant decision made by a single individual.

That significant decision and single individual was written about to greater specificity by journalist George Beres last year:

It was 70 years ago this year the United States took a major turn toward political conservatism instead of the liberal direction President Franklin Roosevelt had followed the previous 12 years. The momentous change– [the] greatest shift in our nation’s political history– came at the Democratic Party nominating convention of 1944. It occurred even though FDR, architect of lasting welfare reforms during the Great Depression, was a shoo-in to be elected to an unprecedented fourth term that fall. The difference came in the identity of his heir apparent …

President Franklin D. Roosevelt is often lauded as one of our greatest Presidents, and it is a status deserved. However, perhaps the biggest mistake ever made was Roosevelt’s lobbying of Missouri Senator Harry S. Truman to be his running mate in 1944. At the time Henry Wallace was the sitting Vice President of the United States, but it was not for any significant disapproval on FDR’s part that Wallace wasn’t to continue in this role. Sadly, it was for reasons of petty politics that Wallace was on his way out with Truman on his way in.*

Peace Abroad, Equality At Home

Wallace was as liberal a politician as any we’ve ever elected to high office, certainly to the Executive Branch. In foreign affairs he was aggressive about diplomacy, whereas he was repulsed by a vision of a war machine that senior officials James Forrestal and Averell Harriman were ratcheting up. Soon to be implemented as the Truman Doctrine, this war machine, as Truthout put it in an article about Wallace:

…aimed to contain communism through military intervention if necessary. Wallace refused to support the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe, considering it an instrument of the cold war. He preferred a multilateral aid program that would be administered through the United Nations.

Vice President Wallace had also been on good footing with the Soviets, and, as the post-war era approached, was committed to working with them. In short, “Wallace opposed the cold war”. He wasn’t alone. Roosevelt too had been working diplomatically with the Soviets on issues involving territories. Détente, defined as “the easing of hostility or strained relations, especially between countries” was Roosevelt’s official strategy.

Truthout continues:

For Wallace the outcome of the war had to be more than a restoration of the status quo. He wished to see the ideals of New Deal liberalism continuing at home and spreading throughout a world in which colonialism had been abolished and where labor would be represented by unions. “Most of all,” write [biographers John] Culver and [John] Hyde “He wanted to end the deadly cycle of economic warfare followed by military combat followed by isolationism and more economic warfare and more conflict.

That deadly cycle didn’t exclude opposition to the movement for a Jewish homeland. Henry Wallace believed that if Israel were recognized as an official state, it would result in immediate war and long-term instability in the Middle East.**

In spite of widespread public support for Wallace’s ideas on foreign policy, he:

…roused the ire of the more conservative Democrats, of business leaders and conservatives, not to mention Winston Churchill, who was strongly committed to preserving Britain’s colonial empire.

Truthout also touched on Wallace’s domestic politics. In addition to his opposition of racial segregation:

…he was a strong advocate of labor unions, national health insurance, public works jobs and women’s equality. He would have been, without question, the most radical president in American history. He would have served out the remaining three years of FDR’s fourth term and certainly would have sought to be elected on his own in 1948.

Shakedown at the Democratic Convention

It’s been said that delegates decide who become their party’s nominees, and although no one ever held a gun to a delegate’s head over who they should cast their ballot for, the nominating process for the Vice Presidency was unusual at the Democratic convention of ’44.

Wikipedia states:

As the Convention began, Wallace had more than half the votes necessary to secure his re-nomination. By contrast, the Gallup poll said that 2% of those surveyed wanted then-Senator Truman to become the Vice President. To overcome this initial deficit, the leaders of the Democratic Party worked to influence the Convention delegates, such that Truman received the nomination.

How the nomination went to Harry S. Truman, who did not actively seek it, is, in the words of his biographer Robert H. Ferrell, “one of the great political stories of our century”. The fundamental issue was that Roosevelt’s health was seriously declining, and everyone who saw Roosevelt, including the leaders of the Democratic Party, realized it. If he died during his next term, the Vice President would become President, making the vice presidential nomination very important.

The party leadership at the Democratic Convention that year comprised of a conservative, pro-business faction of Democrats. The liberal, pro union Wallace was anathema to them, and they had no tolerance for him. They made this plenty clear to the President, and this resulted in Roosevelt going from supporting Wallace, to going neutral on Wallace, and then finally, turning on Wallace. Ferrell calls this process “a veritable conspiracy.”

The anti-Wallace forces consisted of Democratic National Committee Chairman, Robert E. Hannegan, Democratic National Committee treasurer, Edwin W. Pauley, Democratic party secretary George E. Allen, Postmaster General Frank C. Walker, New York political boss Edward J. Flynn, and Chicago mayor Edward J. Kelly. Roosevelt himself, though privately now endorsing the anti-Wallace movement, wrote a message that was addressed to the delegates, which read that if he were a delegate, he’d vote for Wallace. The reason for this tepid endorsement was that he did not want to offend Wallace and his supporters.

“According to Truman biographer David McCullough … in his book Truman: “Hannegan, Flynn, Kelly, and the others had been working through the night, talking to delegates and applying ‘a good deal of pressure’ to help them see the sense in selecting Harry Truman. No one knows how many deals were cut, how many ambassadorships or postmaster jobs were promised, but reportedly, by the time morning came, Postmaster General Frank Walker had telephoned every chairman of every delegation.”

As Ferrell concludes, “Truman was … nominated in 1944 by the boss system.”

The Man Responsible For FDR’s Choice

Above all others, it was Robert E. Hannegan, the DNC Chairman appointed by Roosevelt, who made Truman’s nomination possible. A Missouri politician and power broker who helped save Harry Truman’s political career following the tax fraud conviction of Truman’s ally, Tom Pendergast, Robert Hannegan was Truman’s political lifeline well before 1944. When Truman was running for reelection to the US Senate in 1940, Hannegan saved him again on election day with the considerable influence he wielded in St. Louis and in Catholic neighborhoods.

Robert E. Hannegan with fellow Missourian Senator Truman

Truman returned the favor while Hannegan was serving as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Roosevelt had offered Senator Truman the DNC Chairmanship; Truman declined, and suggested to the President that he name Hannegan instead.***

As head of the DNC:

Hannegan was responsible for brokering the deal that made Truman Roosevelt’s running mate … Wallace nearly won the nomination, but Hannegan worked feverishly to secure Truman’s nomination. Hannegan later joked he wanted his tombstone inscribed with the words “Here lies the man who stopped Henry Wallace from becoming President of the United States.****


Nov. 10, 1944 – the day after the general election: President Roosevelt with Vice President-Elect Truman, and Vice President Wallace.

FDR Fiddles Over His Mortality

Roosevelt knew full well that he was unlikely to live out his fourth term in office, but he was cavalier of this fact, telling his new Vice President at lunch one day, almost in passing, “Don’t fly off too far, Harry. You never know when you’ll have to take this job.” And yet, the great Roosevelt was dismissive about shaping a future with his guaranteed successor. Truman was the last do-nothing Vice President, a tradition which had changed little to none since the administration of George Washington.*****

Truman’s Vice Presidency was one of perfect exclusion from governance, consisting of little else than presiding over the Senate and playing cards with his colleagues. That was about it. He was not the recipient of any crucial, government information in so much as a phone call or a conversation from the Roosevelt administration.

Vice President Truman and President Roosevelt.

When the Presidency was thrust upon him on April 12, 1945, Truman was completely in the dark. That darkness would reflect on the future in the form of Truman’s approval for atomic bombs dropped, a cold war instituted, the creation of the military-industrial complex (including the CIA), a war in Korea (which set the precedent for unauthorized wars), US imperialism and western colonialism across the globe, and last but not least, the sovereignty of Israel.

Having served as the 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman left the White House on January 20th, 1953 with an approval rating of 34 percent.


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* Source is an often told telephone conversation involving the Democratic Party leaders, Truman, and Roosevelt, that was set up to manipulate a resistant Senator Truman into accepting his candidacy for the Vice Presidential nomination.** Every cabinet member and senior war commander in the Roosevelt administration also shared Wallace’s views on Israel. This uniformity would carry over into the Truman administration, in spite of Truman firing every member of FDR’s cabinet within the first year of his presidency.*** After Roosevelt’s death, Truman once again returned the favor by appointing Hannegan the Postmaster General.**** Maybe Wallace should not have spent his tenure as Vice President advocating for liberalism, realizing instead that it would lead to insidious forces within the Democratic party jeopardizing the security he had to inherit the presidency. Then again, after Roosevelt had threatened to withdraw himself from nomination in 1940 were Wallace not accepted on the ticket, Wallace probably couldn’t have imagined Roosevelt not supporting him to stay on as his running mate in ’44.***** Henry Wallace was the exception. Roosevelt, recognizing Wallace’s resourcefulness, gave him a robust Vice Presidency.


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The Decline and Fall of the Indus Valley Civilization

Judith Mirville does a superb writeup on this matter about which I honestly know very little. However, I think she is onto something and a lot of her narrative strikes me as accurate in particular the details about what actually went down. It was in a sense a slave revolt or a peasant rebellion. Or a rebellion of a mercenary army, even better.

Recall that the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire was also in part brought about by hiring foreign mercenaries as paid fighting men. Really soldiers for hire know little if any loyalty but to the coin. That should be clear by now. That the US in its mature decadence is also increasingly hiring out paid mercenaries to do the Empire’s dirty work is most disturbing. Say what you will about the US military, but one thing they are not are traitors. They fight for the land, the nation and the flag. They are not a 5th column from within.

Also the IVC people bringing in Aryans as cheap, lousy labor to save money and hire a more docile workforce for lower pay by replacing their increasingly consumptive and demanding middle classes reminds me a lot of the US elite’s hiring consumptive and demanding largely White middle class and working class workers with treasonous Mexicans and Indians who know no loyalty to the land and in fact are often hostile to the homeland itself. To some extent both are intent on taking over industries or perhaps the whole nation by the overthrow of the hated White man.

As the cheap labor Aryans made increasingly lousy cities, so we see illegal Mexican labor creating increasingly worse structural products as competent White construction workers are replaced by inferior illegals who cut corners and do shoddy work.

By the same token, our great White programming class is being replaced by cheap labor “Aryans,” descendants of the destroyers of yore, being used as a scab force to replace demanding and consumptive upper middle class White programmers with inferior Indians writing shoddy code. Our software infrastructure has begun to decline to lousy cheap labor code the same way as our physical shelter infrastructure declines due to sloppy illegal aliens working for $10/hour.

Recrudescence is a bitch.

First as tragedy, then as farce!

Those who do not learn from Time are in for a re-run!

I happen to know the matter in greater detail. It was more, and also worse than an invasion. It was first a slow-pace immigration, probably willed by a more and more decadent and conservative oligarchy who needed a sturdier-built, more docile, less questioning, less short-tempered manpower as laborers, as soldiers and as security guards, and the Aryans from the neighboring mountainous regions proved the best and better built for sustaining harsher life, less equipment, lower pay : this is clearly visible examining the later parts of the IVC cities, which were far less well-built, at a lower cost, with less equipments and comforts, a clear sign of more greed and less benevolence from the ruling class’s part.

We may very reasonably surmise that, for this is what happened in European history too at least twice. The Germanic invasion of Rome also started as an immigration influx of the same kind for at least three centuries before it transformed into a downright military invasion from without, it was facilitated by the fact most Roman soldiers and the best, less decadent Roman or Gallo-Roman families also spoke or knew some kind of German.

Earlier in European history, the Dorian invasion that ended with the Minoan-Mycenaean civilization was also a like long protracted invasion through immigration. In both cases there were explicit arrangements between the ruling oligarchy that agreed upon replacing their too demanding, too much consuming, too capricious population with another one.

In Harrappa, though, the final blow was not an invasion of the Alaric kind, it was a very violent and explosive revolution by the Aryan manpower and security force having gone berserk, aiming at destroying the whole infrastructure and bringing back primeval conditions of like, not at edifying a new, more efficient empire. The thing most like it in our times might be the Hutu genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda.

The invasion of Rome by Alaric and others did not put the city into ruins, actually those Germans had greater admiration for what Rome had been in the past than the last Roman themselves, and invaded the city to put it into worthier hands.

The worst material and intellectual ruining of Rome, when many arts in many domains were lost for ever due to the general ambiance of superstition and cynicism, had already taken place during the most woeful part of the Empire, just before Diocletian took on. As the empire was gradually taken over by Germanic tribes, it was more like sovereign nation-states taking their independence from an Empire that for centuries had no longer brought about any good to the commoners for long, this was clearly the case as Gaul transformed into what was to become France.

As the Germanic-led nations came to power, there was to be no economic decline for a century or more (actually health improved due to more abundant nutrition for most than under the last Roman bureaucrats : the myth that people no longer washed because there were no longer Roman baths is a lie, bathing facilities improved during the Middle Ages though with lighter equipment, it is from the Renaissance onwards that European peoples accustomed themselves to much dirt), and culture was recovering somewhat though at a very low scale compared to before the 3th century nadir point.

What just later on pushed Europe and Rome into far deeper ruin thereafter were the indirect economic consequences of the Muslim invasion of the Mediterranean, by sundering West from East for good, by making sea voyages and road travel perfectly impracticable, and this took place as the Normans from Scandinavia also plundered from upper north without any intention of building anything.

The Aryans of India, on the other hand, had absolutely no admiration for the cities that had been employing them or bought their cattle resources, they seemed thus intent on destroying every trace of former sophistication to perform a civilization reset. Why so? Given what I know about the character of Indian oligarchies, my opinion is that once those cities were built the ruling professional class decided to acquire competences not in what might bring about further material progress, but mind control techniques on a background of economic regression for most, as can be seen with the architectural evolution of those cities in time.

The oligarchy would prevent more and more talent from flourishing except their own mind-control techniques, and rather dumb down the rest, so as to prevent an evolution or a revolution. But one day came that the frustration energy among the people that were thought to be most brutish and docile and muscular exploded in a sheer unpredictable and mechanical way, like what happened in Rwanda, probably following an episode of extreme scarcity : the river beds that had made these cities so prosperous were rapidly drying up as the Thar Desert was forming.

In America, where the elite no longer cares for any material progress, to the point of despising more and more scientists as losers, and cares only for mind control through culture or virtual reality to secure its position, where stupidity is more and more a plus on all vitae and on immigration forms, the same process may be building up leading to a Yellowstone-like social explosion with nothing planned thereafter than a continent of warring obscurantist tribes probably at the behest of contending foreign powers.


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