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The West Hates Assad Because He Is Against Israel


Bashar talked about reform. He seemed to be a break with the past. Western leaders tried to befriend him. Tony Blair considered giving him an honorary knighthood. But stubbornly, President Assad wouldn’t give up his opposition to Israel and his support for its enemies.

Wow amazing. Straight from the horse’s mouth. They came right out and admitted that the reason the West or at the least the UK hates Assad so much is because he opposes Israel and supports its enemies.

Though frankly this last part is nonsense. Assad used to let some of the Palestinian groups have be headquartered in Damascus, but those were just political above-ground offices that did nothing but issue press releases and make posters. I assure that the true core armed wing of the DFLP, PFLP, PFLP-GC and Hamas are not headquartered in Damascus! The true hard core armed wings of these groups are simply right there in Palestine. The leaders are in Palestine too, generally hiding out underground. The real political leadership of Hamas has recently been in the UAE and Qatar and their top leaders like Mashaal have always moved between Qatar, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen and Iran. So really it is the US allies in the Arab World who are truly harboring the hard core of Hamas. However, most of the US allies in the Arab world have renounced overt support for the Palestinian armed wings. Even Syria doesn’t give them much of anything. Hamas at least is armed by Hezbollah and Iran. I have no idea where the rest of the groups get their guns. They certainly do not get them from any Arab state openly. No Arab state dares to arm the Palestinians openly, however the weaponry they get from Hezbollah does come from the Syrian military. A lot of the missiles Hamas was firing in the last war were Syrian-made but acquired via Hezbollah. Hamas is now manufacturing their own missiles in factories in Gaza, so the notion of who is arming them will soon become moot. Iran and Hezbollah arm Hamas via the Sinai in general. The weapons come from Iran or Hezbollah to either Sudan or the Sinai. If they go to Sudan, they are moved to the Sinai. Once in Sinai, Bedouin smugglers who will do anything for a buck and have a long tradition of living outside the law smuggle the weapons up to El Arish next to Gaza. They are then moved into Gaza via tunnels or possible via small ships from Sinai to Gaza. Iranian and Hezbollah personnel disembark in the Sinai and then are moved by the Bedouins to the El Arish area where they are moved into Gaza via tunnels. Much of the vast underground Gaza tunnel structure was designed by Iran and Hezbollah.

Really the only Muslims who are helping the Palestinians with arms and armed infrastructure are the Shia Iranians and Hezbollah. No Sunni government other than Sudan is doing jack for the Palestinians.

Israel, the US and the rest of the West have decided that Iran, Hezbollah and Syria form an Axis of Resistance Block that are hardline anti-Israel entities. They are all linked and they need to be taken down. If you take down one, the others are weakened. For instance, if Assad can be taken out and a US client like the Free Syrian Army takes hold, they will cut off relations with Iran and Hezbollah and align themselves with the West and probably remove Syria from the Axis of Resistance. This is why so many Syrians oppose the FSA – they are nothing but pro-US puppets who want to sell out to Israel and the US and turn Syria into another US client Arab state.

The West figures if they can take out Syria, the other two will be harmed. Hezbollah is supplied by Iran and Syria. Iran moves weapons to Syria, which moves them to Hezbollah. If you take out the middle of the chain, Iran would have to supply Hezbollah directly and there are no good and easy ways to do that. They could go through Turkey, but Turkey dislikes Iran. They could go be sea, but Israel controls the Eastern Mediterranean. I suppose they could directly fly the weapons in, but Lebanon might not want to let Iranian planes land in its territory to supply Hezbollah. Israel and the US would start seriously threatening Lebanon .

So if you take out Syria, Hezbollah is more or less screwed. They would lose out their main supplier and their link to Iran. Iran would be weakened too by the loss of Syria. Now Iran would be alone and isolated among the hostile Sunni states of the region. And the link between Iran and Hezbollah could be severed, possibly fatally.


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Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender at Debaltsevo

English subtitles. This is part of a group of 350 Ukrainians that have surrendered to the NAF. In the past, Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered were charged with breaking the law for some unknown crime that carried a 9 year prison sentence. I am uncertain what will happen to these troops when they are sent back home.

As you can see, they are being treated very well. Some of them have beards, so it looks like they probably have not been shaving for a while. They are loading some of the men in tarps and carrying them along. I am wondering if they are wounded or dead.

The conditions of the surrender were to give up all the Ukrainians’ weaponry.

The NAF will not be able to hold these troops prisoner due to resource limitations, so they will all be released and sent back home. This may seem like a bad idea as they will  only return to fight again another day, but I have a feeling that a lot of these men will not come back to fight later on. I think a lot of them will just go AWOL and leave the country, probably going to Russia. So it looks like win-win from the NAF’s point of view.

Reports that the NAF took all of Debaltsevo are in error. Instead, the NAF has 80% of the city and street fighting is ongoing.

To the north in Logvinovo, the NAF held out under another massive Ukrainian assault on the town. A previous assault a few days left severe NAF casualties, but they managed to hold the town. Last night, a group of some of the best trained Ukrainians stormed the city. The result was a chaotic Hellish melee of a battle with a lot of what boiled down to hand to hand fighting in the dark. Somehow the NAF managed to hold the town again but both sides probably took serious losses.

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Street Fighting in Debaltsevo

NAF street fighting in Debaltsevo, probably today. The situation in this video is dangerous as Hell. The Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Zacharchenko, was injured in the ankle by a mortar round in Debaltsevo today when he ventured into the city in the middle of the fighting. Apparently he will be ok. I think this guy likes danger. He also appeared in the middle of the insane fighting Uglegorsk. I could not believe he was on the front lines of that battle. I am not sure the President of your country ought to be showing up on the front lines of the war your country is fighting. He may well get hurt or killed. I do not see the point.

This street by street fighting is extremely dangerous and I understand there are very heavy casualties from this battle. The NAF is claiming that 2,500 Ukrainians are casualties (killed or wounded) in the Debaltsevo pocket. Another 350 have surrendered, mostly in the past day. They claim that another 4,000 are still running about in the pocket.

The latest from Debaltsevo is that the NAF has taken the entire city and the Ukrainians have evacuated the town for other parts of the pocket. The Ukrainians still occupy some fairly large cities in this pocket.

Ukrainian President Poroshenko still will not give the order to surrender which strikes me as insane.

The NAF had claimed before that up to half of the Ukrainian troops in the pocket were some sort of NATO mercenaries from a variety of NATO countries. They have not proved that assertion yet, and as of now, there is no evidence for large numbers of NATO volunteer fighters in the pocket.


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Ukrainian Journalist Injured by Mortar Round

Incredible footage from somewhere in the Debaltsevo pocket. He is hurt when a mortar round hits a gas pipeline and explodes, starting a fire. He is somehow down in a hole in the ground. What caused the hole and how he got in it, I have no idea. He clambers out, flags down a car and they catch up to the next media car. In the minute they are on the road, they see several Ukrainian military vehicles racing by. So on 2-15, when this was filmed, the Ukrainians were still very active in some areas of the pocket which they continue to control.

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Live Battle from Inside Debaltsevo

Apparently this video is from right inside Debaltsevo with the NAF. I believe that the NAF may have taken half the city right now. Certainly they have taken the northeastern corner of the city.

This is in the middle of one of the most insane mortar battles I have ever heard. At one point, a mortar lands very close. It could not be more than 50 feet away. The reporter freaks out, but the NAF guys are completely unperturbed.

I am almost certain that those sounds are the sounds of mortar rounds.

First: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuwwwwwwwwwwww.

Then a bit later: CRASH of an explosion are the sounds of mortars.

The initial whistling sound seems to be made on launch of the mortar. The whistling fades about halfway through the mortar’s journey, perhaps on its downward descent. Then a bit later, you hear the CRASH.

That sound is creepy as Hell and the mortars sound almost cartoonish. When you figure out that that ridiculous cartoon sound is actually the sound of death itself aiming right at your head a few times a minute, that is when the true horror sets in.

I heard at least 15 mortar rounds explode in a 1 1/2 minute or 90 second video. That means one mortar round blowing up every 6 seconds, or 10 mortar rounds exploding every minute. I don’t see how humans live through such bombardments.

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Poroshenko To Be Overthrown in a Coup?

Poroshenko is the Ukrainian President. There have been persistent rumors for the last 24 hours, which are yet ongoing, that Poroschenko’s family has taken a jet to Paris and then on to the USA.

There have been rumors of some sort of a coup to overthrow him for some time now.

The rumor mill has it that Poroschenko’s opposition has given him another 24 hours to de-blockade the Debaltsevo pocket where 8,000 Ukrainian troops are surrounded or else he gets overthrown. Who knows if it is true but keep your eyes open.

If he is overthrown in some way or another, the new regime will probably be headed but a more rightwing and more nationalist group, probably some real hardcore rightwing ultranationalists. Poroshenko is actually a bit moderate for a Ukrainian nationalist. They get so much worse than this.

Also, an entire Ukrainian battalion (the 40th Battalion) surrendered to rebels in Debaltsevo today.

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Next NATO/CIA Target: Vojvodina?


The usual jerkoffs who brought you the Ukraine mess are up to no good again, this time in Serbia. Serbia is being punished because even though it is more or less permanently occupied by EU/NATO sops, Serbia and its people consider these leaders to be traitors and the people are trying to get out from underneath NATO’s boot heel.

All of the ingredients in the wonderful Ukraine Mystery Casserole are in place:

Zionist Jew neocon George Soros and his “Open Society” Institute. I used to think this guy was ok, but now I think I agree with the Tea Partiers that he is Satan. The only Left he promotes is the Cultural Left freakshow, but he only promotes this for the Gentiles, not for his own kind.

When Cultural Left feminazi Femen tried to expand to Israel, Soros cut them off. Decadence and degeneration are only for the Gentiles, and his own people must be kept pure of such things. This guy seems like he walked right out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If you ever wonder why so many people hate Jews, it’s because too many of them are just like this clown. George Soros is poison, a US imperialist agent.

Neoconservative Jew Victoria Nuland. “We paid $5 billion to conquer Ukraine,” and “Fuck the EU.” Wherever this psycho shows up, turbulence and chaos seem to follow.

…the Soros and Central Intelligence Agency-financed NGO operatives in the province who work closely with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, the person who helped shepherd [Croatian Nazi President] Grabar-Kitarovic to victory in Croatia and who stands ready to launch a Vojvodina war for independence among recently-arrived professional provocateurs from Romania, Hungary, Albania, and Roma camps in the Balkans.

Looks like Ms. Nuland is palling around with her Nazi buddies again. I guess her motto is, “We like Nazis, as long as they are pro-US Nazis.”

NATO. North American Terrorist Organization. Lost its raison d etre in 1991, made some new fake enemies so it could have an excuse to keep threatening, invading and warmongering. Killers gotta kill.

EU. More like PEE-UW. Stinks to high heaven. Rapidly becoming the most disliked organization in Europe for good reason.

Your friendly neighborhood Nazis. What would NATO mischief be without Nazis or Al Qaeda type jihadis? The Nazis this time are the Croat Nazis, and those are some real Nazis, at least as bad as the Ukie kind. Actually probably worse, sorry. The Croat Nazis were so bad that the Germans themselves were appalled at their brutality.

Oil and gas. All wars are oil wars? Well not quite, but you get the picture. Otherwise known as Black Money.

If Ukraine is any example, what Nuland and her neocons have in store for Vojvodina will cleanse the province of its Serbs and provide a friendly country for Western oil and natural gas companies to exploit known reserves of the hydrocarbons in eastern Vojvodina, an area known as Banat.

No war for oil! Where have we seen this movie before?

Jihadis or Baby Al Qaedas: Apparently the Kosovars are meant to serve this role.

Zionazis: From the article:

And in yet another example of the close ties between neo-Nazism and Zionism, Grabar-Kitarovic’s presidential political adviser and the head of her transition team is documentary film maker Jadranka Juresko Kero, yet another American implant in Eastern European governance structures and an individual who avidly supports Israel and the Zionist cause.

These Zionists and pro-Israeli types are really nuts. Making alliance with out and out neo-Nazis. How insane can a Jew get? Another reason so many people don’t like Jews. Apparently a lot of Jews are so sleazy that they will even make alliance with and use real bonafide Nazis if they share the same enemies. I would say that the ultimate in sleaze for a Jewish person would be to make a cynical, money or Realpolitik based alliance with out and out Nazis. I mean talk about no values.

I always said that National Socialism can unfold in any society, and by that token, Israel is a Jewish National Socialist (Nazi) state. I



in Israel, the “Germans” are the Jews and the “Jews” are the Arabs. It’s an +e++++++++++++++ down world. But really National Socialism is just racist fascism. Some fascism is not racist, say Mussolini or Franco. But then there is the racist kind – Nazis and many others. So in that sense as a racist fascist state, Israel could be seen as a Jewish Nazi country.

National Endowment for Democracy: Laughably named US CIA front for engineered regime change in states hostile to US imperialism. Where Trouble is, NED is.

Monsatano (Monsanto): Where Evil is, Monsatano is. Monsatano is busy at work in the Ukraine too. In fact one of the main reasons so many people are dying over there is so Ukraine can be secured for Monsatano colonization.

Just as Kosovo was carved from Serbia to facilitate a trans-Balkan pipeline and provide the United State a permanent Balkans military base at Camp Bondsteel, an independent Vojvodina is designed to provide NATO with a ready supply of oil and natural gas from Banat and a fertile Danube valley for the production of genetically-modified foods. Like Ukraine, Vojvodina is being targeted by the Western military-commercial complex for hydrocarbon fracking and Monsanto agri-exploitation.

However, I do not think this is going to work. There are too many Serbs here (66%) and they are scattered all over, so there is no way that Vojvodina could secede as long as it has a strong Serb minority.

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US Government Big Lie about Ukraine Continues

From the State Department’s Twitter feed.

Department of State
Verified account

U.S. calls on Russia and the separatists it backs to halt all attacks and fully implement Minsk commitments.

The Big Lie continues. There is no way for “Russia” to halt any attacks in the Ukraine because “Russia” is not engaging in any attacks in the Ukraine. Not even one. 100% of the attacks in the Ukraine are being carried out by the separatists. 0% by the “Russians.” I have been closely monitoring the situation in the Donbass every day since this latest fighting broke out. I have not yet found any evidence at all for any Russian troops fighting in the Donbass. Zero. Not even one. And if they were there, the evidence would be available. For one thing, the Committee of Soldiers Mothers would be talking about it and so would the opposition press in Russia.

And yes there are many opposition media outlets in Russia – newspapers, magazines, internet sites and I believe TV channels. Hardly anyone pays attention to them, but they are there nonetheless. Much of the opposition media in Russia is run from out of Russia, mostly in Finland and the Netherlands. A number of papers and magazines are published in the West and distributed on a regular, even daily basis in Russia. They are on sale every day in Moscow. Just check your nearest newsstand. Hardly anyone buys or reads them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Most opposition journalists get away scot-free in Putin’s Russia. I figure ~3% of them encounter any significant persecution such as arrest. In fact, I think the Russian Opposition is much more vigorous than the US Opposition. In the US, there is almost zero organized opposition to US foreign policy. It’s backed by 100% of the mainstream media. Name one large US media outlet of any type that opposes US foreign policy. Name one. One.

Last August, a large number of Russian soldiers, even whole units, did indeed cross the border. They fought until September and then most of them left. I think there were up to 7,500 of them at one time. They did take some casualties, and at least 50 Russian soldiers have died.

The last Russian soldier that I confirmed as going across went in November.

I can confirm, as per the Soldiers Mothers Committee, that a number of Russian soldiers are being asked or coerced to “volunteer” to go to the Rostov. They are encouraged to volunteer to go to Rostov and they are told that they may go over the border to Ukraine at some point. Some soldiers do not want to go to Rostov and they are being threatened. So apparently some Russian units are being relocated to the Donbass for possible infiltration into Ukraine at some future point. But right now, they are just sitting in the Rostov.

There are some pro-Novorussian sources who think there are 1,000-3,000 Russian soldiers in the Donbass, but they are mostly in the rear of the front. I cannot confirm that and I have no idea what they are doing there, if anything.

One thing that is for sure is that Russia is supplying the rebels with lots of great equipment. A Big Lie is that Russian humanitarian convoys are being used to send over military stuff. There was a huge furor in the West in July when a Russian humanitarian convoy was stuck at the border and the Ukies would not let it go through for a long time.

All the Western media kept insisting that there were weapons in this convoy. The convoy ended up being inspected by neutral observers a total of 50 times. No inspection ever found one piece of military equipment. Finally the convoy went across and 100% of the “free” Western media kept screaming that there were weapons in the convoy. Somehow those 50 inspections must have missed them. This shows the sort of lying we are being exposed to.

The truth is that there is nothing in those humanitarian convoys but humanitarian goods, the need for which is great. And there is no need to disguise or camouflage the military supplies going over the border as the Russians simply drive their supplies right across the border, often in huge convoys.

A good question is who is driving those tanks, APC’s and other military vehicles across the Russian border into Ukraine, where they form large convoys inside Ukraine. I believe that it is mostly Novorussian soldiers driving those vehicles, though I am not sure. Apparently a lot of Novorussians have military training. Many were in the Ukrainian Army, and many others were in the Russian Army. Some others were in the armies of East Bloc countries. Others who had no training are trained at rebel training camps, some of which are located across the border in Rostov. There the Russians have turned over whole bases to the rebels, and I believe Russian military instructors train the rebel soldiers.

So the Russians are training the rebels, housing them at rearguard bases and supplying them. But there are few to no Russian troops in Ukraine and Russians themselves do not carry out any attacks in the Ukraine. So there is no point in telling the Russians to stop their attacks as they are not conducting any in the first place. It is dubious to what extent the Russians control the rebels as the rebels do not seem to follow Russian orders or do what the Russians want them to.

However, when the rebels get too out of control, as they did in early September when they conquered huge swathes of land, Russia voices its displeasure by cutting off the weaponry, supplies and money. So in that sense, Russia is capable of having a final veto on rebel actions when the think the rebels have gone too far. But the war around Debaltsevo is the rebels’ own doing. They are not following Russian orders there. I have no idea what the Russians think of the fighting, but they don’t dislike it too much as they haven’t cut off the money and guns.


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Welcome to Hell: The Road Out of Debaltsevo


Wow, the road out of Debaltsevo littered with destroyed military and civilian vehicles, also many dead bodies. I assume that most of the destroyed vehicles and casualties here are of Ukies.



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Tune in to BBC Today!

British Brainwash Corporation.

British Brainwash Corporation.

Big Brother Corporation wants you! To tune in today! Do your duty, do your part, turn on British Bullshit Corporation every day for the latest in lies, crap and propaganda.


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