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US Is Giving Massive Support to Al Qaeda

I know this headline is completely insane, but the conspiracy sites have been saying this for a long time. I held off on reporting it, as I was not sure if it was true or not. Nevertheless, I have been investigating this story for a very long time now. I didn’t report on it because up until now, there was not a lot to report.

In the past few years, the US has been turning a blind eye while Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia support Al Qaeda, ie, Al Nusra. We have supposedly been supplying the “moderate rebels,” except there aren’t any. The supplying of the “moderate rebels” has been going on to this day, but recently it has been radically ramped up.

If you wonder why ISIS and Al Nusra are rampaging across Syria racking up victory after victory in recent days, it is because in the past few months, the US has finally begun to massively pour weapons into the Syrian War. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were supplying weapons before, but they were somewhat limited in what they could supply.

But in the past few months, heavy duty weapons systems have been flooding into Syria from Turkey, mostly from the US. I believe that the weapons are originally supposed to go to some “moderate rebels” that don’t even exist. That may be the case. We may indeed be handing them to the fake moderate rebels. But the majority of the weapons given to the fake moderates quickly end up in the hands of the Al Nusra led coalition, and anyway, the fake moderates mostly fight alongside Al Nusra.

So we give massive heavy weapons supplies to the fake moderate rebels, knowing full well that most of it ends up in the hands of the Al Nusra led Coalition. So in effect we are supplying Al Nusra. This is a huge change in US policy, as we have always been reluctant to directly or even indirectly supply this group before.

This has coincided with a massive propaganda campaign in the controlled US propaganda corporate media about how Al Nusra is “moderate” and how they are the “good Al Qaeda” and the “moderate Al Qaeda.” Often the stories have just said that the rebels won, and they did not say led them, eliding the fact that the battle was won by Al Qaeda. All of these Al Qaeda victories are being wildly cheered on by the US corporate propaganda media. Of all the offenders, the Jew York Times has been one of the worst offenders at working up the “nice Al Qaeda” angle.

Also, the Jews are supporting Al Qaeda too, but you probably knew that. Yes, Israel supports Al Qaeda in Syria. They have been doing so for some time now. That will be the subject of another post.

There you have it folks. The US is massively arming Al Qaeda with heavy weapons in the last few months! 100% fact!

See why I am an America-hater? What the Hell? We are arming Al Qaeda? Screw this country!


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ISIS Was Created by America and Israel

Well it is not 100% true, but it’s a nice headline. People like me have been saying this forever now.

What happened was that the US, Israel, Britain, France, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia all supported radical violent Islamist groups in Syria which later coalesced into ISIS. A DIA document now released showed that the coalition assumed that these jihadists would coalesce into an “Islamic State” or Salafist Principality in Eastern Syria. The DIA states that this is the intention of the Coalition: in other words, the Coalition hoped that aiding the jihadists would result in a Salafist Islamic State in Eastern Syria. This would be a good thing for the coalition because it would isolate Assad and rollback Iranian expansionism in the Middle East.

So there you have it folks. The US, the West, Israel, Turkey  and the Gulf states all realized that what they were doing was going to create an Islamic State entity in East Syria, but they wanted to create an Islamic State there to undermine Assad and rollback Iran. In other words, it was worth it.

At the same time, a Rand Corporation report said that the US is allied with anti-Al Qaeda Sunnis in Iraq to fight Al Qaeda while at the same time, the US was supporting Al Qaeda in Syria. The US and the West also supported Al Qaeda in Libya when they set up no fly zones for anti-Gaddafi rebels, most of whom were Al Qaeda. Rand urged the US to ally with ultraconservative Sunni regimes in the Gulf in order to rollback Iran.

So the US and Israel foresaw the development of the Islamic State, and they thought it would be a good thing. And they planted the very seeds of it, knowing exactly what would spring up.

People ask me why I hate America. That’s right. I hate my country. You better believe it. I am an America hater through and through. And why should I not be? America created ISIS! America supports Al Qaeda! Why would any American in their right mind support their country?


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Robert Stark Interviews Charles Lincoln about Las Vegas, New Orleans & Vice

I listened to quite a bit of this interview, and I did enjoy it. Charles is a friend of mine.


Topics include:

Contrasting the histories of Las Vegas and New Orleans

The ecological impacts of building cities in the desert

How both cities serve a function as a destination for escape, hedonism, and vice

How bread and circuses distract the masses.

How without the law, there would be no vice.

How when vice becomes suppressed, it becomes more cruel.

How New Orleans has gentrified since Hurricane Katrina.

How the culture of New Orleans is one that enjoys life because it accepts death.

How in New Orleans there’s no pressure to be either moral or immoral.

The European cultural influence in New Orleans.

The cult of youth.


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True or False

True or false?

True or false?

The White nationalist doomsday scenario. Is it right or wrong. Seems exaggerated to me.


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Why Don’t Whites Loot?

From the comments:

Jason Y: How do you know whites wouldn’t do the same? I mean, look at the craze with “free music downloads”. Well, now it’s mostly past cause internet companies have put viruses in the free downloads. Nonetheless, whites as well as blacks were rushing to STEAL as much as they could.

RL: When was the last time large numbers of Whites went on a mass looting spree in a city?

Jason Y: When were Whites they given a chance? Hordes of whites don’t live in the inner city.

Why do riots have to be limited to the inner city? Riots can start anywhere. Black people start riots in their own neighborhoods and then loot those neighborhoods. The two things are tied together.

Blacks start riots a lot, so they loot a lot.

Whites don’t often start riots in their neighborhoods, so White people don’t loot following non-existing riots. Even when Whites do start riots, which they do sometimes, they usually do not loot during them.

Whites start few riots, so they don’t loot very much.

It is pretty straightforward.

However, I will tell you that during the LA Riots 20 years ago, the rioting spread all the way up to Hollywood and a woman I know who lived there at the time told me that lots of younger White men were looting in Hollywood. So Whites are capable of looting. They just don’t do it all that much.

The recent riots in the UK (mostly in London) were started by Blacks, but the rioters ended up being 50-50 Black and White. So there were quite a few White looters in the London riots.

Also I think comparing downloading music illegally with violent looting following a violent riot is dubious to say the least.


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The US and UK Are Destroying Yemen

The disgusting story is here.

Looks like the US and UK are back to doing what they do best, create failed states!

After all, that’s what they did in Iraq, Syria and Libya. And let’s not forget the Ukraine. Now the US and UK, along with the disgusting, vile Saudis, are creating another failed state in Yemen.

This insane bombing campaign is also supporting Al Qaeda, but of course, the US and UK are supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, so I suppose Al Qaeda is our friend?

The Houthis are no danger to the US or the UK. They are no danger to Saudi Arabia. Who are they a danger to? Al Qaeda. The Houthis are the most powerful force fighting Al Qaeda in Yemen right now. By trying to destroy the Houthis, we are fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda just like in Syria.

There is literally no moral reason for this insane war, which the US and UK are disgustingly abetting.

The Houthis are not Iranian pawns. They are homegrown and their beefs are homegrown.

Yes the Houthis are Shia, but the President they overthrew was also a Shia. But he was a pro-US, pro-Saudi Shia, so he’s ok. The Yemeni Army supports Saleh the former President, and they are fighting alongside the Houthis. The Yemen military is mostly Sunni. Saleh himself was a US and Saudi ally, and he is not only a Shia but he is also a Houthi! But apparently he was one of the “good Houthis” which means a pro-US, pro-Saudi Houthi.

As you can see, there is no sectarian Sunni vs. Shia dimension to this war. It is all about internal Yemeni politics. The President who was ousted and the Houthis who ousted him are both Shia! So where exactly is the Sunni-Shia sectarian dimension to this war? Nowhere but in the fevered dreams of Saudi bigots.

This whole war is insane. The US papers are running Saudi propaganda every day.

The Sunni Arab and especially Saudi hatred of Iran borders on the psychotic. Iran is no threat to the Arab World.

Iran is not going to steal the oil.

Iran is not going to take over the Persian Gulf.

Iran is not trying to covert all Sunnis to Shi’ism.

All of these are flat out lies. The truth is that the Shia are the niggers of the Muslim World. The Sunnis are the crackers, the White men of the South under Jim Crow. That’s all this is. The Sunnis have been repressing and killing the Shia forever. They have also discriminated against them every chance they get. Apparently large numbers of Sunni Arabs hate the Shia so much that they want to kill as many of them as possible. For what reason? Why did Nazis kill Jews? Why did Turks kill Armenians? The Sunnis are the Turks and the Shia are the Armenians. It’s the same thing. As usual, the US is on the side of the aggressors and is fighting the victims.

Keep in mind that Wahhabism, the religion of Saudi Arabia, officially states that the Shia are apostate heretic Muslims who should be killed. That is what the Saudis preach in all those Wahhabi mosques they fund all over the world. The US, UK and Israel are supporting and cheering on this insane, bigoted genocide of the Shia. All because we hate Iran.

The truth is Iran is no danger to the US or the UK. They would love to cooperate with us. They are no threat to the Arab World. They refrain from sectarian statements and routinely say they want to cooperate with the Sunni Arabs. They do cooperate with them in Palestine, Sudan, and the Sinai. The Iranians are not arming the Houthi. This is a Saudi lie.


The US and UK are creating another failed state!

Go America!



We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1!


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Philip Hammond, World Biggest Liar?

The British government is lying again.

Yawn. When isn’t it lying?

Philip Hammond, this pitiful caricature of a man, is the Foreign Secretary of the disgusting British government. I honestly believe that every single thing this man says in public is a lie. The British state is pathetic.

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Corporations Are Great White Sharks


Why in 2015 is there still this notion that corporations are ever Good Samaritans for any reason other than it benefits them? Of course they have an ulterior motive, of course it all comes down to money. That’s the way corporations work, they don’t have a conscience. Even if they did it would be about maximizing profits for their shareholders, even in legal terms. I don’t understand why there’s this underlying presumption that they’ll act otherwise.

This is the predominant view among capitalist fanboys of the West. What this commenter is saying is global corporations are the equivalent of Great White Sharks. Corporations can’t be blamed for all their nasty and ugly behavior anymore than a shark can. Corporations have to be evil to survive just like sharks have to kill viciously to live. If the corporation is disallowed from acting evil by the people (through state regulation, the state serving as the facade and organ of the people) then they will go out of business (die) just as sharks will die if you keep them from ripping seals into bloody messes.

Corporations have no conscience. Capitalist fanboys love to say this. Socialists say this too, but for different reasons. Humans who have no conscience are often called psychopaths. Probably most folks lacking a conscience are sociopathic to one degree or another. In shorthand, if you lack a conscience, you’re a psychopath.

Now look at what the fanboys say:

Corporations are gigantic sociopathic institutions.

The Left agrees, but the Left’s argument is that sociopaths suck in both individual and collective form both.

The fanboy has another argument. “Yes, corporations are sociopaths,” he says with a huge, somewhat sneering grin across his face. “And that is a wonderful thing!” In other words, sociopaths don’t suck; in fact, sociopaths are the greatest thing since Kleenex!

So under capitalism, whatever its benefits, the primary institutions of society, the corporations, are sociopathic entities and they are probably run by psychopaths too. In other words, capitalism not only normalizes sociopathy, which is bad enough, but it actually promotes and valorizes sociopathy, which is truly ugly.

The reason we Leftists think capitalism blows is because we doubt that the benefits of capitalism (and many of us agree there are benefits) are probably outweighed by:

  1. The moral vacuum it creates in society
  2. The fact that sociopathic entities run the society.
  3. The normalization and valorization of sociopathy.

Capitalists probably agree with us Lefties that capitalism causes 1-3 above, especially if you put a few drinks in them and get them behind a closed door.

It is just that capitalists think that the benefits of capitalism (you get lots of stuff) outweigh things like 1-3 above. In other words, it’s worth it to sociopathicize all of society (there, I made up a word) just so we can all get stuff.


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Glenn Greenwald on Why There Is No Freedom of the Press in the West

Apparently in “free” Australia, this is what happens to dissident journalists:

Any society in which it’s a firing offense for journalists to criticize the military is a sickly and undemocratic one.

They get fired. Then they lie about why they were fired, which the West always does about most anything. We need to acknowledge the incredible amount of lying that goes on in the West all the time, particularly in government and media. It’s not a free country when everybody’s lying all the time. There’s nothing free about that except freedom to lie.

The excuses offered by SBS for McIntyre’s firing are so insulting as to be laughable. Minister Turnball denies that he made the decision even as he admits that, beyond his public denunciation, he “drew [McIntyre’s comments] to the attention of SBS’ managing director Michael Ebeid.”

The Minister also issued a statement endorsing McIntyre’s firing, saying that “in his capacity as a reporter employed by SBS he has to comply with and face the consequences of ignoring the SBS social media protocol.” For its part, SBS laughably claims McIntyre wasn’t fired for his views, but, rather, because his “actions have breached the SBS Code of Conduct and social media policy”

The lying, the lying. Obviously Turnbull is the one who got this reporter fired, but as always in the West, he denies doing what he obviously did.

Then they lied about why he was fired, which also happens all the time in the West.

Notably, McIntyre’s firing had nothing to do with any claimed factual inaccuracies of anything he said. As The Washington Post’s Adam Taylor noted, historians and even a former prime minister have long questioned the appropriateness of this holiday given the realities of Anzac’s conduct and the war itself.

As Australian history professor Philip Dwyer documented, McIntyre’s factual assertions are simply true. Whatever else one might say, the issues raised by McIntyre are the subject of entirely legitimate political debate, and they should be. Making it a firing offense for a journalist to weigh in on one side of that debate but not the other is tyrannical.

Exactly. In the West, it’s illegal to tell the truth. Journalists who tell the truth will be fired and they all know it, so they all figure out what lies they are supposed to tell and then they stick to their phony scripts. Government or corporate workers who tell the truth are often fired. As I said, in the West, telling the truth is a fireable offense.

Part of this is driven by the dangers of state-funded media, which typically neuters itself at the altar of orthodoxy. In the U.S. the “liberal” NPR is, not coincidentally, the most extreme media outlet for prohibiting any expressions of views that deviate from convention, even firing two journalists for the crime of appearing at an Occupy Wall Street event.

Identically, NPR refused (and still refuses) to use the word “torture” for Bush interrogation programs because the U.S. government denied that it was; its ombudsman justified this choice by arguing that “the problem is that the word torture is loaded with political and social implications for several reasons, including the fact that torture is illegal under U.S. law and international treaties the United States has signed.” We can’t have a media outlet doing anything that might have “political and social implications” for high government officials!

In other words, they lied. The government lied and said they were not torturing anyone even when they were, the corrupt American Psychological Association, the organization of all American psychologists, went along with the torture and wrote up lengthy lying reports on why the torture wasn’t torture, in other words, why something was not what it was.

And the corrupt media, especially NPR, went along with it, all because they get government funding. A public radio station that is so rightwing that it won’t call torture torture is not liberal in any true meaning of the word. NPR is just another conservative media outlet, albeit one of the least conservative in the country. That the NPR is regarded as only prominent Left dissident or opposition media in the US is stunning.

But his reasoning shows how neutered state-funded media inevitably becomes. Here’s one of the biggest stories in journalism of the last decade, one that sparked a worldwide debate about a huge range of issues, spawned movements for legislative reform, ruptured diplomatic relationships, changed global Internet behavior, and won almost every major journalism award in the West.

And the director of news and current affairs of BBC says they likely would not have reported the story, one that — in addition to all those other achievements — happened to have enraged the British government to which the BBC must maintain fealty.

Exactly. All state media must suck to the state or lose its funding and get its staff fired. So state media is generally made up of state propaganda outlets in most countries, a major dilemma.

A different aspect of what the Australia firing shows is the scam of establishment journalists in defining “objectivity” to mean: “affirming societal orthodoxies.” Journalists are guilty of “opinionating” and “activism” only when they challenge and deviate from popular opinion, not when they embrace and echo it (that’s called “objectivity”).

Yep, in the West, journalists are fired for defying popular opinion. The reason given is that when you become a dissident journalist in the West, you are no longer objective! Incredible. And in the West, the term “objectivity” is defined as being an echo chamber for public opinion and rich and the powerful. As long as you are sucking up to these entities, you are “objective.” Unbelievable.

That’s because, as practiced, “journalistic objectivity” is compelled obeisance to the pieties of the powerful dressed up as something noble.

Then Greenwald gets down the real meat of his argument: the West’s omnipresent exceptionalism and high horse riding.

But what is at the heart of McIntyre’s firing is the real religion of the supposedly “secular West”: mandated worship not just of its military but of its wars. The central dogma of this religion is tribal superiority: Our Side is more civilized, more peaceful, superior to Their Side.

I am so glad he said this because I have been thinking this for so long now but I have never been able to put it into words. Finally, after 57 years, someone does it for me. This is so true. To be an American means you must worship all of America’s wars. Most importantly, you must support an entity called “the troops.” There is nothing special about American soldiers. They are trained and hired killers, just like all military men. An army is only as good as the government commanding it. Lousy governments have lousy armies because the governments are always compelling the military to engage in lousy, sleazy conflicts. A good government has a good army. It will only enter into conflicts when it feels it is on the side of justice.

The American notion is that there is something inherently noble about American servicemen. This is nonsense. A US soldier is only as decent as his commander in chief. Soldiers are bad soldiers when they are fighting on the wrong side of a conflict or for evil objectives. Soldiers are good soldiers when they are ordered to relatively obey the rules of war and to engage in conflicts on the side of justice. So the US serviceman is simply an automaton who follows whatever orders he is given. When he is fighting for evil, which is a lot of the time, he’s a bad guy. When he’s fighting for good, he’s a good guy. He has no inherent positive, decent or moral essence.

When US soldiers fight for the bad guys, one should certainly not “support the troops.” Probably the best thing to do in that case would be to campaign to bring the troops home. Yet in America you always have to “support the troops.” That means that whatever conflict the military is involved in any on Earth, all Americans have to support it! Why? In order to “support the troops,” that’s why. So you see that America has elements of a totalitarian country.

This is the religion — of militarism and tribalism — that is the one thriving and pervasive in the West. The vast, vast majority of political discourse about foreign policy — especially from U.S. and British media commentators — consists of little more than various declarations of tribal superiority: we are better and our violence is thus justified.

Exactly. Nail, meet hammer. Once again, I have been thinking this most of my life, but no one has ever articulated it in quite those words.


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Interesting Photo

Amazing picture.

Amazing picture.

Apparently a real photo, possibly from Poland during World War 2. Those Jews had a lot of balls to put that menorah up in the window like that.


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