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Are Filipinos and Indonesians Archaic Asians?

Anthropology1994 writes:

So are Filipinos and Indonesians not archaic?

We usually do not think of them that way. Most Filipinos are not archaic but some people who live in the Philippines are archaic. For instance, Negritos are obviously archaic. I believe the Igorots may be archaic. They resemble Taiwan aborigines and a number of them look almost Caucasian. There are also primitive Filipino groups such as the Mangyans, but I am not sure how archaic they are.

There are out of and out Australoids in the far east of Indonesia. These are Melanesians with about 20% Taiwan aborigine mix, somewhat like coastal New Guinea people except these Melanesians have more Chinese in them.

I would say that the Sea Dayaks of Borneo are archaic.

So the Igorots of the Philippines and the Sea Dayaks of Indonesia at least appear to be archaic Paleomongoloids.

The Filipinos and Indonesians themselves are fairly modern creations mostly via repeated infusions of Taiwan aborigines, mostly the Ami, who came by boats. These migrations happened over 3,000 years in the Philippines with the last one being ~2,000 YBP. The movement into Indonesia was about 2-3,000 YBP.

They moved along the north coast of Indonesia on their way to coastal New Guinea where they bred in with Papuans and became the Coastal New Guinea people, who are different from the Papuan Highlanders. They then went to Polynesia and Micronesia but apparently not Melanesia. The Polynesians are 50% Melanesian and 50% Taiwan aborigine and I think the Micronesians are 50% Polynesian and 50% Taiwan aborigine, so they are 25% Melanesian.

I suppose we could call Polynesians and Micronesians Paleomongoloids, but most people don’t seem want to do that for some reason. For instance, Moiriori skulls line up very well with the Ainu and the very archaic Paleomongoloid Kennewick Man in the Americas, so groups like the Maori are obviously archaic

These Taiwan aborigines who left Taiwan were the Lapita people, the greatest mariners that ever lived.

The base for Indonesians which makes up 80% of the genome is a mysterious group called Proto-Dai. The Dai are a people who live in Yunnan in Southern China. Their ancestors apparently migrated to Indonesia during a glacial period involving flooding and they have gotten stuck out there due to flooding of land bridges. The Proto-Dai were probably a Melanesian type, Australoids.

However these proto-Dai have been evolving in Indonesia for 15,000 years. During the same period in Vietnam, Melanesian types have been slowly transitioning to Neomongoloids. In Vietnam the process was completed 2,300 YBP, a date which coincides with a massive invasion of Vietnam by Southern Chinese which seems to have resulted in a massive infusion of Chinese blood. In other words, the Vietnamese transition to Neomongoloid 2,300 YBP was caused by a massive infusion of Southern Chinese stock. Vietnamese are very new Neomongoloids and I believe they still have Australoid residual features.

A principal component of the Filipinos representing the maternal genome goes back up to 30,000 YBP and may represent the Negrito people or something other Australoid type. There were other peoples that moved into the Filipinos down through the years, including a group that looks like Ainuids. Proto-Ainuids were in Thailand 16,000 YBP, and they went, apparently by boat, to Japan by 13,000 YBP where they become the Jomon people. It stands to reason that they might have stopped by the Philippines along the way.

While the maternal Filipino stock is ancient Asian Negrito or Melanesian type, the male line consists mostly of Taiwan aborigines, mostly the Ami tribe, who came in waves over the last 5,000 years. The Ami lived on the coast of Taiwan and were expert boat-builders, and it is thought that they are the Austronesian people who populated much of Island SE Asia and Oceania. Filipinos also have a fair amount of modern Chinese who have come in in the last 800 years. Many of these were Taiwanese Hoklo or South Chinese from Hong Kong and the Guangdong region.


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Transsexualism Rates Vary Geographically

Jason Y writes:

One culture with a lot of transsexuals is the Philippines. They’re everywhere, and seeing them in public is just a normal part of life.

Of course, a lot of Filipino men pick on them, but, nonetheless, they don’t hide away from everyone. Seems like in the Philippines either the guys are hyper-masculine (smoking cigarettes, drinking, womanizing), or they become transsexuals.

See? There is no “biological transsexualism” that one would think would have a fairly constant rate across space and time. Historically, modern transsexualism is virtually unknown. This whole syndrome is a creation of modernity. As we can see from your example (and I would add Thailand too), in cultures that encourage or promote this sort of thing, many men will become transsexuals, possibly 1/300. In Thailand, I have heard it is ridiculously high. Men who teach school over there say that there is about one “ladyboy” per class. So that is more like 1/30.

In cultures that promote it, you will a lot of this craziness and in those that discourage it, while there will probably be some level of transsexualism, it will be likely much lower than in Thailand or Philippines.

You have a choice of what sort of society you want to have. You want a society where the transsexualism rate is ridiculously high or do you want a society where this sort of thing, while tolerated, is kept to a minimum?


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Myth: “The Western Left Is Importing 3rd Worlders to the West to Promote Socialism

Swedophobic Finns wrote:

Socialism among Whites has increased. It is now almost normative among young people. Socialism keeps on growing. It has its own momentum. It is governmental.

This is not the case with Islam. A hard sell is required. Muslims along with other assorted third Worlders of various religions are voters according to socialists of the west. Import them and get them to vote socialist. The socialist revolution via the ballot box stuffed with imported votes. A brilliant strategy as long as you do not alienate working class whites. If they drift your revolution via the ballot box is finished. Keeping all groups happy when they bump against each other for jobs, housing etc is not easy. Western socialists are masters at doing tough things though.

This argument makes no sense. I do not believe that any politicians in the West are promoting immigration as a way to promote socialism. This is a rightwing argument that has been going around for a long time now and they never presented any evidence for it.

  1. Most people in Europe are already voting more or less socialist anyway. New immigrants are no more likely to vote socialist than anyone else. Everyone votes socialist in Europe, the natives, the immigrants, everyone. The socialist project in Europe is not in danger.
  2. The so-called “rightwing” parties in Europe are actually socialist parties. The National Front in France is probably more socialist than the Socialist Party! The Tories in the UK are to the left of the US Democratic Party!
  3. A lot of people in Europe are starting to vote Left now due to the collapsed economy. Most of the people voting for these Left parties are natives, not immigrants.
  4. There is no rightwing anti-socialist opposition in Europe to speak of. The European rightwing governments were the first ones destroyed in the latest economic crisis. For instance the very neoliberal economies of the Baltics were utterly nuked by the economic crisis. Anyway, the people themselves of the Baltic countries are not economic conservatives. I read a recent paper that surveyed the attitudes of Estonians, and it turned out that the Estonian people are still very socialist-minded. It is just that their leaders are not. Economic conservatives along the lines of the US Republican Party are dead in the water in Europe. They were never popular, and with the economic crisis, they have been completely discredited.
  5. Mass immigration to the US, Canada and Australia has not resulted in any significant shift to the Left. In fact, in all of these countries, mass immigration has been associated with a politics that has moved dramatically to the Right.
  6. It is not just the West. Most of the world is already socialist in some way or another or at least moving in that direction. Radical economic conservatism along the lines of the US Republican Party is extremely unpopular almost everywhere on Earth. The only place this sort of politics is popular is in the US and possibly in Chile, but Chile recently voted in a socialist. Colombians habitually vote rightwing, but a huge majority of the population doesn’t even vote or spoils their ballot. Anyway, the Left is armed. All of Latin America is going socialist. Even Central America and the Caribbean are voting socialist these days. The Arab World and Iran have long been socialist. India’s Constitution says it is a socialist country. At any rate, a lot of the Left is not impressed and they are heavily armed. Most of Southeast Asia is socialist. Even in Thailand, there is violent class war in the streets between the yellow shirts and the red shirts (The Left). The army has staged repeated coups to throw out leftwing governments that the people keep voting in. The Philippines is rightwing, but the new government is one of the most leftwing ever. The Filipino Left is armed. Japan is not an economic conservative country. The Japanese practice state capitalism. South Korea may do something similar. Socialism is still very popular in most of the former Soviet republics. Most ruling African parties are at least socialist in name.
  7. If there is some plot to mass import Third Worlders to the West to promote socialism, it certainly isn’t working.


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Female to Male HIV Transmission: Much Ado about Nothing

The Nancy Padian study is the gold standard for heterosexual HIV. It came out in 1989 and has since been blasted from here to Kingdom Come mostly by stupid and crazy gays. They have been beating her to death for “underestimating the risk of heterosexual HIV.” This is a big deal for the gays because the gays, like the religious right, have long sought to portray HIV as a disease that straights are very much at risk of getting. You know, Mr. and Mrs. Jones next door can get it from doing it missionary style.

The reason they do this is very sleazy, cynical, pure politics. Gays think that if HIV is seen as a “gay men’s disease,” which it is at least as far as males are concerned, then most straight people will not want to spend much money on cures, treatments, vaccines, prophylactics, etc. that does not effect them.

So the political gay lunatics have been beating poor Ms. Padian over the head endlessly in a modern day version of a Salem Witch Trial. She was forced to do a number of mea culpas where she lied and said that her study very much underestimates the risk of heterosexual HIV, and she apologizes very, very much to the poor wronged Identity Politics gay nuts. Thing is her apologies were all a big lie. She did this to cave in to PC mandarins who probably threatened to ruin her career unless she told these lies they demanded she tell. Padian’s figures are as relevant today as they were then.

That study followed serodiscordant HIV couples over five years. I do not believe they used condoms, but I am not sure. 20% of the men seroconverted over a 5 year period in which they probably had sex with their wives perhaps ~700 times. So even if you have sex with an HIV positive woman 700 times over years, you only have a 20% chance of getting HIV. See how hard it is to get?

And even in the cases that did transmit – that 20% – there was a high rate of instances of penile and vaginal bleeding. So you see, if you have sex with an HIV positive woman 700 times over several years, you still have an 80% chance of not getting HIV. And even if you do get it, it looks like vaginal or penile bleeding is involved in many cases.

There is also a theory that heterosexual HIV may need multiple dosings in order to infect. In other words, you may have to receive a dosage infection a number of times, maybe quite a few times, for the disease to transmit. Simply getting one dose may not be enough to transmit. This is almost certainly true in the case of men.

Statistically if a man had sex with a woman who was HIV positive, this is his risk of getting HIV:

700 times = 20% risk
350 times = 10% risk
175 times = 5% risk
87 times  = 2.5% risk
35 times  = 1% risk
3.5 times = .1% risk
1 time    = .03% risk

As we can see in this link, The Truth about AIDS and Heterosexual Transmission, a commenter notes that his friend, an infectious disease physician, has treated a number of HIV patients over the years. This doctor said that he has had quite a few men come in over the years who claim to have gotten it from a woman. Subsequent examination of their bodies revealed either needle tracks from recent drug use and/or examination of their anus revealed signs of recent receptive anal sex (How they figure this out, I have no idea). So in almost all cases, the men who said they got it from women either got it from a sharing a needle with a fellow doper or from getting fucked in the ass by another guy.

In the one case in which he found no signs of homosexual anal sex or IV drug abuse, the man had an active case of genital Herpes when he acquired the infection. The doctor felt that the active Herpes infection may have been an adequate vector to transmit the disease from female to male. Studies in Africa imply that active Herpes infection is a risk for HIV transmission.

Another problem is vaginal HIV titers. Titers are the levels of HIV in various parts of the body. HIV titers have to be pretty high otherwise the disease simply will not transmit at all. Saliva titers are ridiculously low, and it is assumed that they cannot possibly transmit. I have looked closely at vaginal titers of HIV, and honestly they are so low that I wonder how they can ever transmit the disease.

HIV is a bloodborne illness.

People keep forgetting that. And it is hard to transmit even compared to other bloodborne illnesses. Hepatitis B is also a bloodborne illness, but it is 50X easier to transmit than HIV.

Receptive anal sex provides a perfect environment for HIV transmission. Anal linings are very fragile, and there is often microscopic bleeding that takes place in the anal lining during anal sex. Semen has a very high level of HIV, and semen can enter the bloodstream directly via small breaks in the anal lining.

The vagina was built to take a pounding by penises on a regular basis, and in addition must stretch out dramatically to do the seemingly impossible delivery of a baby through that tiny hole. The vaginal walls are very thick compared to anal walls. Nevertheless, semen can still get into the bloodstream via the vaginal walls although this is much harder than via anal sex.

The only entry point for the male in heterosexual sex is the urethra, barring cases of penile bleeding. Vaginal titers are so low that one wonders how they can transmit, and these very low titers would have to go through the urethra which has no link to the bloodstream. So anatomically, transmission is going to be pretty difficult female to male.

There was a lot of female to male transmission happening in Thailand among prostitutes a while back. These prostitutes serviced many men a day, and after a while, they were not aroused anymore and they failed to lubricate. So they were basically dry-fucking. This causes vaginal bleeding, and the men were contacting blood in the vagina this way. Presumably this is how the men contracted HIV.

In Africa, many women use vaginal drying techniques because for some bizarre reason, men think it it more pleasurable to have sex with a drier vagina than with a wetter one. Once again, apparently there is quite a bit of vaginal bleeding and the men’s penises are coming into contact with blood once again, presumably causing HIV transmission

There was a famous case of a Black male pornstar named Darren James who went down to Brazil on a porn shoot. He did not have sex with an actual woman. Instead he had sex with a male to female transsexual of some type. He had insertive anal sex with this person, who was infected with HIV, possibly because when they had a more male body, they were living as a homosexual man and caught HIV the usual way that gay men do. I am not sure how relevant the fact that James caught it from a transsexual and not an actual genetic female, but it deserves mention.

It is very much worth noting that while there have been 30-35 HIV cases in the straight porn industry, most were among females who often got it from receptive anal sex with a male star. James is the only one who caught HIV from sex with a “woman.”

A smaller number of men in the industry have gotten HIV, but it has been proven that all of these men except for James got HIV either from IV drug use needle sharing or via engaging in receptive anal sex. Quite a few straight male pornstars also act in the gay porn industry because it pays better. A significant number also work as gay prostitutes, often as escorts. They do this again because the only real way a man can make money as a prostitute is by serving men as there is hardly any market for gigolos or male prostitutes for women.

In all cases but one in the porn industry, the men got it from receptive anal sex with other men or from sharing needles and then gave it to women during filming, often by having insertive anal sex with the women.

Insertive anal sex with a female may be more risky as the penis may come in contact with a small amount of blood via microscopic bleeding in the anal wall of the receptive partner.

The bottom line to all of this is that it in general seems quite hard for a man to get HIV from a woman.


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US Support for Violent Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine

Fantastic compilation. Also delves into other areas, such as the suggestion that US/NATO/Deep State sniper teams have been roaming around the globe shooting at people in protests stirred up by the US/NATO. Some of the incidents were Egypt, Ukraine, Thailand and Syria. It is true that NATO trained snipers did shoot over 100 people on the Maidan, both Berkut police and Maidan protestors. This was all blamed on the Yanukovitch government, and the resulting outrage fomented a coup that drove him out of office. However, all investigations have revealed that

  1. The cops and the protestors were both shot with the same bullets.
  2. The Berkut did not have these bullets, nor did they have sniper rifles.
  3. Right Sector snipers were apparently seen shooting at people.
  4. All shots were coming from a tall building that at the time was under the control of the Right Sector
  5. The group that did this, the Right Sector, had just been trained in such behaviors by NATO instructors at a base in Poland the previous fall/winter.
  6. The Prime Minister of Estonia told the Foreign Minister of the EU in a taped phone call that everyone shot on the Maidan was shot by Right Sector forces.
  7. An anti-Russian Ukrainian parliamentarian conducted his own investigation. He has not revealed the result, but he did say that the Berkut police are absolutely not guilty of any of those killings.
  8. To this day, 100% of the Western media continues to falsely blame the pro-Russian Yanukovitch Berkut police for this NATO/Right Sector false flag.

Apparently the same thing occurred early on in the Syrian demonstrations against Assad. Mysterious snipers appeared on rooftops firing on both police and protestors equally. The video says that these sniper were working for NATO/US/CIA. In addition, snipers fired on crowds in the recent Thailand unrest. The video says that these snipers were also working for NATO. NATO snipers also fired on Egyptian demonstrations. The purpose of all of these attacks is apparently to create chaos, as the US/NATO apparently thrive on chaos somehow.

The report also produces excellent evidence that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are more or less appendages of the US Deep State/State Department/Pentagon/CIA. Both organizations have been caught repeatedly telling lies in order to drum up support for wars. AI promoted the Saddam kills babies in their incubators lies that helped the US lie its way into the first Gulf War. Human Rights Watch was one of many groups that spread a lie that Gaddafi had killed 6,000 anti-regime protestors. This lie went viral and with the help of the US media, helped gin up support for the NATO intervention in Libya. Afterwards, Human Rights Watch admitted that the 6,000 figure was a complete lie.

At this point, we really need to see both AI and HRW as more or less CIA assets who work for the Deep State and slavishly serve the interests of US foreign policy. I had always suspected something like this was up, but I was too caught up in the “human rights groups are good guys” game. My opinion of these groups has plunged to a new low. I used to be a member of AI. I will never give them a dime again.

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Heterosexual HIV Transmission in Southeast Asia

John writes:

If you look at the transmission statistics for several Asian countries, it will say “heterosexual” is the main form of transmission. Laos, Thailand and Vietnam included.

Anyways, several of my friends from Southeast Asia say they barebacked prostitutes several years ago (10+ years ago) and nothing happened to them, and now they have families (a wife and kids) and they are showing no health problems. Not that I advocate barebacking whores because it seems risky (even if you don’t get HIV you can still get some other nasty disease or infection), but they were lucky.

Well in Thailand the disease there probably started originally with IV drug users and that still drives a great deal of it. IV drug users give it to each other, and then those men take it home and give it to their wives. That is what is driving the epidemic in Southern Thailand on the peninsula around the Phuket region.

Then a lot of it was going due to transmission from whores to their clients. This was mostly the Thai whores were serving Thai men, and that scene is a lot sleazier that the more high class ones that serve Westerners. The ones that serve Thais were working in brothels were they had to serve many men a day, and after a while, they did not even get turned on anymore, so they were getting fucked dry. This can cause some bleeding, so these whores were bleeding when they were having sex. The bleeding was spreading it heterosexually to the Thai men.

However, some Thai whores who were serving Westerners were also HIV positive and there was some transmission taking place to the Western customers. There are report, though not common, of Western men barebacking Thai whores only one time and getting HIV.

But an information campaign got a lot of those whores to use condoms and now the rate of female -> male HIV in those brothels is very low to none.

I have no idea what is driving the spread of HIV in Laos and Vietnam, but Thailand had a serious HIV problem at one time at least.

In addition, that subtype of HIV does seem to spread easier female -> male. They even proved this scientifically when they tested HIV positive women who had this subtype. Titers were significantly higher in vaginal fluid in these Thai women then they are in US HIV positive women who have the subtype B clade. The subtype B clade for whatever reason seems to mostly want to spread via blood. Titers in vaginal fluid of women with the B clade are so low that I wonder how they can even transmit the illness.

There are other subtypes in parts of the world outside of the US and Europe. Some of these are in places where there seems to be is more HIV spread by heterosexual contact than in the US, where it mostly goes:

male/HIV drug user -> male -> woman -> transmission stops.

For whatever reason, almost all HIV in the US has always been clade B since the start of the epidemic. The other subtypes have just not made it over here yet in any real numbers, though there are some non-B clades in Europe.

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Prostitution in the Muslim World: A Survey

North Africa (includes Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt): I am not aware of much open prostitution in any of these countries. There is definitely prostitution in Egypt (both male and female – male being much more common!) but I do not think that the female prostitution in places like Cairo is so open. In the rest of the lands, I am not aware of much prostitution at all.

Sahel: I don’t know much about these countries, and I’m not aware of much prostitution there.

Eritrea and Ethiopia: There is some prostitution here, but it is not that open. But these land are 50-50 Muslim-Christian.

Palestine, Jordan, Iraq: Little open prostitution. There was little prostitution under Saddam either. There was a case where Uday had ~300 prostitutes murdered. There is a lot of honor killing in these places too, and that tends to discourage prostitution to say the least.

Syria: There has traditionally been some prostitution in Syria in nightclubs. In recent years, many Iraqi women are working there. But Syria is a very secular society. There is some honor killing here though.

Lebanon: For sure there is prostitution in Lebanon, but how open it is is not known. Lebanon has a huge Christian population that liberalizes things.

Turkey: Apparently there is prostitution in Turkey, but how open it is, I have no idea. Turkey also has  legal pornography and it’s supposedly even on TV late at night. But Turkey is a very secular European type society.

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Azerbaijan: Prostitution levels and openness are not known, but these are pretty open, Europeanized, secular Muslim societies, and Azerbaijan is Shia.

Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain: My understanding is that prostitution is nearly nonexistent in all of these places, but I stand to be corrected. Anyway, it is certainly not open. There is a lot of honor killing in Yemen.

UAE: There is quite a bit of prostitution in Dubai anyway, but the girls are almost all foreigners, often Europeans or Russians.

Iran: Discussed earlier. There is quite a bit of prostitution in the religious city of Qom sanctioned under the temporary marriage gambit. There is also more than you might think in Tehran, especially in the more rundown outskirts.

The mullahs have been mulling over making prostitution legal under the rationalization of temporary marriage on the grounds that the girls need to be in houses in order to be better protected. Women arrested for prostitution are often sent not to jail or prison but to houses run by women for rehabilitation under a compassionate interpretation of Islam sanctioned by the mullahs. Iranian Shiism believes that Islam must be constantly updated with the times, and the mullahs can rationalize all sorts of accretions under this theory.

Afghanistan: There is some prostitution, but it is certainly not open, and it is quite hidden. But I was always surprised at how much there was, and I wondered how Hinduized Afghan Muslims were.

India: Prostitution in the Indian Muslim community is not known, but it may be as prevalent as in Pakistan.

Bangladesh: Prostitution levels are not known, but they may be on the level of Pakistan. Bangladeshi Muslims are heavily Hinduized, maybe worse than Pakistani even.

Thailand: I understand that prostitution is known among Thai Muslims, and it may be as open there as elsewhere in Thailand.

I have seen photos online of Thai Muslim prostitutes in the South. I know a Thai Muslim woman on a social networking site, and her sexual openness stunned me. She has married a variety of sociopathic Muslim males, typically Arabs. If you look at her public photos, she is acting very dirty in many of them, posing very sexually. There are even some nudes and partial nudes of her in there! But she is very much a Muslim, and there are photos of a Muslim man and teenage boy there, one holding what looks like a bomb and the other holding an automatic weapon. The juxtaposition between her dirty pics, her nudes, her murderous looking Arab lovers and the armed Islamist jihadis was something else!

I conclude that Thai Islam has a lot of pre-Islamic accretions in it, and furthermore that Thai Muslims may be a highly sexualized people, like the rest of the country.

Malaysia: Prostitution levels not known, but may be relatively open. I understand that most of the prostitutes are Chinese though, who are not Muslims.

Indonesia: There is a lot of prostitution here, and it appears to be pretty open. But Indonesian Islam is full of a ton of accretions from local and pre-Islamic traditions. In addition, they are an easy going tropical Asian people who tend to have loose and relaxed attitudes about sexual matters.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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HIV Transmission in Thailand

Ben writes:

I have what I think is a good question Robert. Sorry to keep asking things. The Malay woman have HIV mainly and men cannot get HIV easily from woman right? But the article says that men are crossing the border and getting prostitutes in Thailand.

But since men don’t get HIV from women easily how are they getting it then bringing it back to the Malay woman? I’m guessing they are tranny prostitutes or men? But the articles don’t say this. Hmm…so basically the guys already have HIV from these prostitutes and then infect their girlfriends or wives. Confusing.

Ok, this is what is going on Thailand!

Female prostitutes in Thailand are having sex with so many guys that they don’t even get turned on anymore when they have sex. That is, they don’t lubricate, they don’t get wet. They also don’t use any other lubricants to make sex more easy. So when the men have sex with them, there is a certain amount of vaginal bleeding because the vagina is unlubricated. Because of this vaginal bleeding, the men are getting HIV this way. Outside of prostitution, there is little to no female-male transmission in Thailand. After they found this out, they got the men to wear condoms. When men use condoms with Thai prostitutes, whether there is bleeding or not, there is little to no female-male transmission.

In addition, almost none of the men in Thailand are circumcised. Not being circumcised as a male strongly ups your risk of contracting HIV from a female.

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“Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret,” by Dr Bill Warner

This is a video by an Islamophobic (he calls himself a counter-jihadist) far rightwing activist in the US. As such, it rubs me the wrong way. I don’t like US reactionary Islamophobia. It’s retarded.

On the other hand, most of what this reactionary scholar says about Islam is true. The Muslims are in a similar situation with US Blacks. Just as the behavior of Blacks gives ammunition to their haters, the same is true with Muslims. If so many Blacks and Muslims didn’t act so bad in the first place, there would be little hatred and discrimination against them.

Hence it’s a sad fact about Islam that much of what Islamophobes accuse it of is actually true. This is especially true if we look at Islam historically as opposed in its moderated essence. The era of the Caliphates when all of Islam lived under Islamic Law shows us the true essence of Islam. The modern secular era and the reactionary Islamist backlash against it is but a distortion.

The scholar points out the obvious: The Golden Age of Islam in Spain and Baghdad was anything but. It was only tolerant and open-minded in comparison to the backwardness and reactionary stupidity that preceded and followed these eras.

To be fair, most religions have been pretty backwards in a historical sense. The Catholic Church committed many outrages against heretics and even the advancement of science.

Traditional Talmudic Judaism in Europe was a miasma of backwardness, superstition and stupidity under a “dictatorship of the rabbis” as Israel Shahak painfully points out. It is this prison of idiocy that the formation of Orthodox Judaism in the late 1800’s sought to return the Jews to, and it is this nightmare of totalitarian nonsense that the Reform and Conservative Jews want to swim away from.

Jews only began to climb out of this hole when Napoleon tore down the walls of the ghettos and welcomed the Jews into secular society. Through the 19th Century, most progressive thinkers regarded the Jews that emerged from centuries in the ghetto as damaged creatures in need of assimilation to society to heal them.

But back to the video.

Warner points out that Islam has always been an expansionist religion.

Those of my mother’s generation, wise and correct about so many things, often said, “Islam was spread by the sword. It was convert or die.” This is not completely true, but there is much fact behind this. Muslims did not always offer that stark choice to the conquered or the dhimmis, but they offered it often enough. In jihadi-stricken areas today, Muslims continue to occasionally make this demand of infidels. We have some recent reports out of Iraq of such demands.

Even after conquest, repression and dhimmitude slowly withered away non-Muslim majorities down to the tiniest of minorities. This constant repression was combined with occasional massacres and even horrific and sometimes genocidal wars.

Once again, let us look to our elders.

Those in my mother’s generation noted about the Armenian genocide and the genocide in East Timor: “Yes, but the Turks were killing the Armenians because they were Christians. And the Indonesians were killing the East Timorese because they were Christians.” I, being PC, protested this forbidden account, but my elders just shook their heads. “No, they killed them because they were Christians. That’s how Islam works.”

We who went through the revolutions of the 1960’s ridicule our elders as old fashioned and bigoted fogeys. We have carved out a new way, a way of liberation, Political Correctness. But it turns out in so many ways that our elders were right, and we revolutionaries were wrong. Among other things, my elders understood the nature of Islam.

Warner points out correctly that not only was Islam spread by sword, it made continuous raids on neighboring non-Muslim regions including Europe. The attempts were to conquer them for the Muslims. He also suggests that the Dark Ages were caused by Islam’s war on Christian Europe. That is certainly a provocative topic in our PC times, but he may be correct. He also points out that the wars of conquest never really ended until the fall of the Caliphate in 1918.

Where I feel he is wrong is in assigning all modern Islamist attacks to jihadi attempts to conquer the infidels. Instead, most such wars are occurring in Muslim lands or in majority Muslim lands in non-Muslim states. Examples are the jihads in Southern Thailand, Southern Philippines and northern Nigeria. In all of these wars, sickening slaughters of non-Muslim civilians have taken place for no other reason than “kill the infidels.”

The horrific bombings in India appear to be some sort of a “war on the infidels.” Most other jihadi attacks are attacks on non-Muslim minorities in Muslim lands (typical Muslim persecution of minorities that tends to go on as background under Muslim rule.)

I disagree with Warner that the attacks in Europe are jihadi attacks aimed at conquering Europe for the infidels. Instead, the attacks seem to be Muslim retaliatory attacks against Western wars in Muslim lands (say Iraq) and against non-Muslims who harshly criticize Islam (Theo Van Gogh killing.)

The 9-11 attacks were not attempt to violently convert us as so many misguided folks think (including my Mother’s generation). Instead, Al Qaeda attacked the US as an enemy state that was killing the Muslims in various parts of the world, propping up the Israeli enemy and occupying the Holy Land of Saudi Arabia.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the only people who are complaining about this backwards, violent and barbaric religion are backwards, violent, barbaric, and often-Christian reactionaries in the West. This ideological war is really a war of reactionaries against reactionaries, one fundamentalist group against another.

Amidst all of this, the secular Left, ostensibly opposed to obscurantist barbarism, has lined up with one set of reactionaries (the Islamists) against the other set (fundamentalist Christians). It makes no sense. A reactionary fundamentalist is a reactionary fundamentalist. The flavors matter little as it all digests the same in the end.


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A Little Discussed Value of Socialism – The Decent Society

Atheist Indian writes:

In my personal observations of South East Asia, societies that lean towards free market capitalism put far less value on the human aspect of our existence as people while the socialist leaning societies are more tolerant and humane.

Nothing I could put in words would illustrate it better than a visit to region, especially South and North Vietnam. If you are a Laotian or a North Vietnamese, you are likely to have a more dignified, sane and contended life than the Thais or South Vietnamese, who could sell anything, including their soul, for the goodies that money can buy.

As far as AI’s second paragraph, I think this is something that is little discussed when talking about the debate of socialism versus capitalism.

All we hear is that all manner of socialism is a failure, and all manner of capitalism is a success. Why is that? Well, we get a ton of economic growth, “wealth,” per capita income, and other crap thrown at us. A bunch of numbers. Numbers about what? Numbers about money! Money and stuff. That’s all that matters in capitalism – money and stuff. People? They can all just die or go to Hell or whatever. They’re simply not important at all besides the all powerful value of wealth, material and otherwise.

I am told over and over that Chile is the richest place in Latin America.

Chile, with horrible slums and with one of the most vicious class systems on Earth, a society riven to the core with sheer and homicidal class hatred, one of the most unequal societies on Earth, where the rich live behind walls topped with barbed wire as the poor prowl into the rich neighborhoods every night to redistribute things one way or another. Where the poor and working classes engage in violent riots with stunning frequencies (recently schoolkids have been tearing up the teargassed streets).

Where the public schools are literally collapsing (as in the ceilings falling in) because the rich all send their kids to private schools and won’t pay for state schools. Where the social security system has been privatized with disastrous results. Where the Indians and less White Latin Americans like Peruvians are treated with ill-disguised and fanatical racist hatred due to their Indian heritage.

Where even more upper class “Left” Chileans I have talked to harbored a class contempt for lower classes that would almost physically appall most Americans (the sort of thing you might at a Hamptons country club if anywhere). Where environmental regulations do not exist. Where the rich pay almost no taxes, and all the tax burden falls on the poor and the workers. Where the Pinochet miracle was nothing but mass income transfer from the bottom 2/3 (the working classes – who all lost money) to the top 1/3 of society (who made out like bandits).

You know what? Chile is a shithole! In my humble opinion. I don’t give a damn how rich that country is! I don’t want to live in a nightmare society like that.

We need to judge countries and societies on metrices other than money and stuff. Like what kind of a place is it anyway? Is it a decent society, or is it something else, something chaotic, amoral and Hobbesian?


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