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“Problems” and “Solutions”

Discuss Severaid’s quote and my examples given below, agreeing, disagreeing or expanding on the notion.

The chief cause of problems is solutions

– Eric Sevareid

I think this guy is onto something.


War on Terror – Solution was all out war on “terrorism” – really just disobedient Muslim states and some international guerrilla/terrorist groups.

The “solution” did not solve the problem at all, and in fact it made it much worse and introduced quite a few new problems.

The “solution” to the “Muslim terrorism problem” did nothing to alleviate the problem, and the problem only expanded massively, in the process destroying much of the secular Muslim world and replacing it with ultra-radical, armed and ultraviolent fundamentalists. Several new failed states were created out of functioning but authoritarian secular regimes.

A wild Sunni-Shia war took off with no end in sight. A new Saudi-Iran conflict expanded to include all of the Sunni world against Iran and some Shia groups.

The policy was incoherent – in places (Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Libya) secular nationalists were overthrown and replaced with radical fundamentalist regimes (Iraq, Palestine) or failed states teeming with armed fundamentalist actors (Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Mali). In other places, fundamentalist regimes were overthrown and secular nationalists were put in (Egypt).

We alternately attacked and supported radical groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. An awful Russia-Turkey conflict took off on the Middle east with the US and NATO siding with Al Qaeda and ISIS supporting Turks. The US attacked and armed fundamentalists to attack Shia Iranian, Hezbollah and Houthi armies waging all out war on Al Qaeda and ISIS. In Yemen we actively attacked the Shia who were fighting Al Qaeda while supporting Al Qaeda and fundamentalist Sunnis with intel and weaponry.

Some Kurds were called terrorists and support was given to those attacking them. Other Kurds were supported in their fight against ISIS. In actuality, all of these Kurd represented the same entity. There really is no difference between the PKK, the YPG and the rulers of the Kurdish region. Meanwhile, Kurds fighting for independence were supported in Iran and Syria and attacked in Turkey though they were all the same entity.

Billions of US dollars and thousands of US lives were wasted for essentially no reason with no results or actually a worsened situation. Russia, one of the most effective actors in the war against Al Qaeda and ISIS, was declared an enemy and attacks on them by our allies were cheered on.

A horrible refugee crisis was created in Europe.

Muslim populations in the West were substantially radicalized.

Instead of ending Islamic terrorism, Islamic terrorist, conventional and guerrilla attacks absolutely exploded in the Middle East and to a lesser extent in Europe, Canada, Australia and the US. It also exploded in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Thailand, the Philippines and of course Syria and Iraq. There was considerable fighting and terrorism in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Morocco and Jordan. The Palestinians ended up much better armed than before and the conflict exploded into all out war on a few occasions.

Terrorism and guerrilla war exploded in Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Somalia and Kenya with some new attacks in Niger, Mauritania, Chad and Uganda. Somalia took a turn for the worse as a huge Al Qaeda force set up shop there and the country turned into the worst failed state ever with nothing even resembling a state left and the nation furthermore split off into three separate de facto nations.

The “solution” failed completely and simply ended up creating a whole new set of problems that were vastly worse than the original problem for the which the solution was directed.

Technology: Technology itself could be regarded as a lousy fix to many problems.


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Some Notes on the Ainu

Maricon Power writes:

Robert Lindsay, why do pure Ainu have lighter skinned than Japanese? Are Ainu Northern Australoids (cold adapted Australoids?) or are they pigmented? I’ve seen pigmented Tamils and Veddas that look almost European; even the Australian aborigines would.

Look at this map of glacier cover in Japan at the height of the last glaciation about 20,000 years ago.

It shows the Hokkaido (Ainu land) living in a climate different from every other Asian countries.


Glaciation in Japan at the height of the last Ice Age 20,000 YBP.

The Ainu are indeed cold adapted Australoids, and they are actually Vedda types. A comparison of Veddoids and Ainu will show that they match perfectly.

The map of Ainu land is not correct. 20,000 YBP there were no Ainu in Japan. The ancestors of the Ainu are the Jomon. Jomonese skulls line up perfectly with skulls from Thailand 16,000 YBP. The Jomonese show up in Japan 13,000 YBP. So the Jomon left Thailand sometime between 16,000 and 13,000 YBP and made their way eventually up to Japan. When they first arrived in Japan, the Jomonese ranged over the entire country. They were not in Hokkaido alone.

They only ended up in Hokkaido when the Yayoi came from Korea to Japan 2,300 YBP and slowly conquered their way up the island, defeating and displacing the Ainu along the way. The Ainu were eventually pushed up to Hokkaido where the Japanese no longer pursued them much. Hokkaido is where they were found when modern anthropology discovered them in the modern area, but they have not always been located only there.


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TPP Ignores Global Warming and Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

I plan on posting a number of articles abut this catastrophic TPP agreement that sadly looks like it is going to become law. I can’t even begin to tell you how horrific this trade agreement is. In a nutshell, it does away with all governments and makes it so corporations rule the world. Any government that passes any law that limits current or future profits of a corporation could be sued on the grounds that that law was a “trade barrier.” The corporation can sue in a kangaroo court made up of corporate types for damages,and the corporation will always win and the governments will always lose.

Government have had to pay out many millions of dollars to corporations for passing laws that limited their profits under NAFTA. And yes, all laws dealing global warming can also be challenged by this Frankenstein of a bill.

As you can see, it encourages the murder of labor leaders, union members and organizers because killing union members would not be a violation of the Labor Section of the agreement. The parts of the TPP dealing with labor and the environment are written in boilerplate and are entirely voluntary, while the sections that allow corporations to rule our lives in written in very strict legalese.

It’s worse than a catastrophe. It’s an out and out nightmare, and it’s the end of representative government as we know it. All governments will become irrelevant, and in their places, we will all be ruled by corporations. In other words, multinational corporations will become our de facto governments. It is stunning how crazy that is.

All the Republicans are for it.

Of course the Democratic Party is down with this agreement all the way. Obama is pushing it like crazy. There was a brief uprising a few months ago when it looked like the bill might not get through the Congress because so many Democrats were against it. This was followed by maniacal lobbying on the part of corporate lobbyists and an all-out propaganda blitz by the US media, 100% of which (note that we have a “free” press) supported the bill.

The “liberal” New York Times came out very strongly in favor of it and said that Obama’s legacy would ride on whether he could get this bill through or not. In other words, according to the “liberal” New York Times, if Obama could not get the bill through, then that would mean that his Presidency was a failure. So the Times threatened Obama with complete humiliation and damage to his mark in history if he could not get the TPP through.

Note that the entire “liberal” media came out in favor of this monstrosity. Note that “liberal” Obama came out in favor of it. I know some Democratic Party stalwarts who seem to support this nightmare bill. They think that people who oppose it are “extremist nuts.”

These people support anything that Obama does. If Obama is for it, then they support it. He can push the most reactionary stuff you could imagine, and these stalwarts will never oppose Obama or any other Democrat for one second. We really need to get away from this insane partisanship, as it is irrational.

To these folks, everything Republicans do its bad and everything Democrats do is good. Unfortunately, once you take that POV, Democrats are free to act as rightwing as they want to, and their moronic stalwarts will support everything they do because it’s treason to oppose a Democrat.

I will be posting more abuo9t this awful and insane trade agreement in the coming days, but this will be good for a starter.

TPP Ignores Global Warming and Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

by Eric Zeusse, from Global Research

U.S. President Barack Obama’s capstone to his Presidency, his proposed megalithic international ‘trade’ treaties, are finally coming into their home-stretch, with the Pacific deal finally being made public on Thursday November 5th.

The final Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) proposed treaty would leave each signatory nation liable to be sued by any international corporation that objects to any new regulation, or increase in regulation, regarding climate change, otherwise known as global warming. In no terminology is that phenomenon even so much as just mentioned in the “Environment” chapter.

Regarding labor issues, including slavery, the “Labour” chapter of the TPP contains merely platitudes. (Obama allowed Malaysia into the compact despite its notoriously poor record of non-enforcement of its ban on slavery, because he wants the U.S. to control the Strait of Malacca in order to impede China’s economic and military expansion; it’s part of Obama’s anti-China policy. Almost everything that he does has different motives than the ones his rhetoric claims.)

Throughout, the treaty would place international corporations in ever-increasing control over all regulations regarding workers’ rights, the environment, product safety, and consumer protection. But the environmental and labor sections are particularly blatant insults to the public — a craven homage to the top stockholders in international corporations. The World’s Richest 80 people own the same amount of wealth as the world’s bottom 50%; and Obama represents those and other super-rich and their friends and servants in the lobbying and other associated industries. But he also represents the even richer people who aren’t even on that list, such as King Salman of Saudi Arabia, the world’s richest person. It’s people such as that who will be the real beneficiaries of Obama’s ‘trade’ treaties. The public will be harmed, enormously, wherever these treaties become law.

The full meaning of the terms that are set forth in the TPP agreement won’t be publicly known for at least four years, but the explicit terms that were made public on November 5th, and that will be presented to the 12 participating nations for signing, are entirely consistent with what had been expected on the basis of Wikileaks and other earlier published information.

The 12 participating nations are: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam. Three countries were excluded by U.S. President Obama, because the U.S. doesn’t yet control them and they are instead viewed as being not allied with the main axis of U.S. international power: U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel. Those three outright-excluded countries are Russia, China, and India. (India, of course, has hostile relations with Pakistan, which is Sunni and therefore part of the Saudi-Qatar-Turkey portion of the U.S. international core, basically the Sunni portion of the core. By contrast, Russia and China have been determinedly independent of the U.S., and are therefore treated by President Obama as being hostile nations: he wants instead to isolate them, to choke off their access to markets, as much as possible. This same motivation also factored largely in his coup to take control of Ukraine, through which Russia’s gas passes on its way into the EU, the world’s largest gas-market.)

6 nations that Obama had invited into the TPP were ultimately unwilling to accept Obama’s terms and so were excluded when the final text was published: Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

The phrases “global warming” and “climate change” don’t appear anywhere in the entire TPP document, nor does “climate” nor “warming” — it’s an area that’s entirely left to international corporations in each one of the separate participating nations to assault as much as they wish in order to gain competitive advantage against all of the other corporations that operate in the given nation: i.e., something for each corporation to sacrifice in order to be able to lower the given company’s costs. That raises its profit-margin. This also means that if any international corporation claims to be subjected in any participating nation, to global-warming regulation or enforcement which poses a barrier or impediment to that corporation’s profits, then that corporation may sue that given nation, and fines might be assessed against that nation (i.e., against its taxpayers) for such regulation or enforcement. National publics are no longer sovereign.

The “Labour” chapter is a string of platitudes, such as, “Article 19.7: Corporate Social Responsibility: Each Party shall endeavor to encourage enterprises to voluntarily adopt corporate social responsibility initiatives on labor issues that have been endorsed or supported by that Party.”

President Obama’s Trade Representative, his longtime personal friend Michael Froman, organized and largely wrote Obama’s proposed trade treaties: TPP for the Pacific, and TTIP and TISA for the Atlantic. Froman told the AFL-CIO and U.S. Senators that when countries such as Colombia systematically murder labor-union organizers, it’s no violation of workers’ rights — nothing that’s of any concern to the U.S. regarding this country’s international trade policies or the enforcement of them. On 22 April 2015, Huffington Post, one of the few U.S. news media to report honestly on these treaties, bannered AFL-CIO’s Trumka: USTR Told Us Murder Isn’t a Violation, and Michael McAuliff reported that, “Defenders of the White House push for sweeping trade deals argue they include tough enforcement of labor standards. But a top union leader scoffed at such claims Tuesday, revealing that [Obama] administration officials have said privately that they don’t consider even the killings of labor organizers to be violations of those pacts.”

In other words: This is, and will be, the low level of the playing-field that U.S. workers will be competing against in TPP etc., just as it is already, in the far-smaller existing NAFTA (which Hillary Clinton had helped to pass in Congress during the early 1990s). (Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, all campaigned for the Presidency by attacking Republicans for pushing such ‘trade’ deals. Their actions when they gain power, contradict their words. America and virtually the entire world has become rule of a suckered public, by perhaps as many as a thousand psychopathic aristocrats who own the international corporations and ‘news’ media, and who regularly do business with each other though they wall themselves off from the public.

Typically, at their level, it makes no real difference which country their passport is from.) “Trumka said that even after the Obama administration crafted an agreement to tighten labor protections four years ago, some 105 labor organizers have been killed, and more than 1,300 have been threatened with death.” The Obama Administration is ignoring the tightened regulations that it itself had managed to get nominally implemented on paper. “Pressed for details about Trumka’s assertion that murder doesn’t count as a violation of labor rules, Thea Lee, the AFL-CIO deputy chief of staff, told HuffPost that USTR officials said in at least two meetings where she was present that killing and brutalizing organizers would not be considered interfering with labor rights under the terms of the trade measures.”

Furthermore: “’We documented five or six murders of Guatemalan trade unionists that the government had failed to effectively investigate or prosecute,’ Lee said. ‘The USTR told us that the murders of trade unionists or violence against trade unionists was not a violation of the labor chapter.’”

That U.S. Trade Representative, Michael Froman, is the same person Obama has negotiating with foreign governments, and with international corporations, both Obama’s TPP, and his TTIP & TISA.

The most important chapter in the TPP treaty is “Dispute Settlement,” which sets forth the means by which corporations will sue countries for alleged violations of their stockholders ‘rights’ to extract profits from operations of those corporations in the signatory countries. The underlying assumption here is that the rights of international stockholders take precedence over the rights (even over the sovereignty rights) of the citizens of any participating country.

Instead of these suits being judged according to any nation’s laws, they are allowed to be addressed only by means of private arbitration “Panels.” The Dispute Settlement chapter contains “Article 28.9: Composition of Panels.” Section #1 there is simply: “The panel shall comprise three members.” Each of the two Parties will appoint a member; one for the suing corporation, and the other for the sued nation; and both of those members will then jointly select a third member “from the roster established pursuant to Article 28.10.3”; and this third member will automatically “serve as chair.”

Article 28.10.3 says that anyone who possesses “expertise or experience in law, international trade, other matters covered by this Agreement, or the resolution of disputes arising under international trade agreements” may be selected for the roster, so long as the individual meets vague criteria such as that they “be independent of, and not be affiliated with or take instructions from, any Party.” No penalty is laid out for anyone on the roster who lies about any of that. Basically, anyone may become a person on the roster, even non-lawyers may, and even corrupt individuals may, especially because there are no penalties for anyone on the roster, none at all is stated.

Then, “Article 28.19,” section 8: “If a monetary assessment is to be paid to the complaining Party, then it shall be paid in U.S. currency, or in an equivalent amount of the currency of the responding Party or in another currency agreed to by the disputing Parties.”

There is no appeals-process. If a nation gets fined and yet believes that something was wrong with the panel’s decision, there is no recourse. No matter how much a particular decision might happen to have been arrived at in contradiction of that nation’s laws and courts and legal precedents, the panels’ decisions aren’t appealable in any national legal system. Whatever precedents might become established from these panels’ subsequent record of decisions will constitute no part of any nation’s legal system, but instead create an entirely new forming body of case-law in an evolving international government which consists of international corporations and their panelists, and of whatever other panelists are acceptable to those corporate panelists. Voters have no representation, they’re merely sued. Stockholders have representation, they do the suing, of the various nations’ taxpayers, for ‘violating’ the ‘rights’ of stockholders.

The roster of authorized panelists available to be chosen by any corporation’s panelists in conjunction with by any nation’s panelists, is customarily composed of individuals who move back and forth between government and private-sector roles, through a “revolving door,” so that on both ends of that, the ultimate control is with the owners of the controlling blocs of stock in various international corporations. This is the newly evolving world government. It will not block any nation from legislating protections of workers, or of consumers, or of the environment; it will simply hold a power to extract from any participating nation’s taxpayers fines for ‘violating’ the ‘rights’ of stockholders in international corporations. Citizens will increasingly be held under the axe, and the top stockholders in international corporations will be holding it. This isn’t the type of world government that was anticipated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, the founders of the U.N., and by the other early (pre-1954) proponents of world government. But, since 1954, the plans for this anti-democratic form of emerging world government were laid; and, now, those plans are the ones that are being placed into effect.

Thus, on 26 October 2015, the United Nations Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, the international legal expert Alfred de Zayas, headlined, UN Expert Calls for Abolition of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Arbitrations. That’s the system, otherwise called “ISDS,” which already exists in a few much smaller international-trade treaties, and which is now being introduced on the largest scale ever in TPP and in Obama’s other proposed treaties. The U.N. press release, calling for its “abolition” or explicit outlawing, said:

In his fourth report to the UN General Assembly, Mr. de Zayas focuses on the adverse human rights impacts of free trade and investment agreements and calls for the abolition of Investor-State dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) that accompanies most of these agreements.

“Over the past twenty-five years bilateral international treaties and free trade agreements with investor-state-dispute-settlement have adversely impacted the international order and undermined fundamental principles of the UN, State sovereignty, democracy and the rule of law. It prompts moral vertigo in the unbiased observer,” he noted.

Far from contributing to human rights and development, ISDS has compromised the State’s regulatory functions and resulted in growing inequality among States and within them,” the expert stated.

Earlier, on 5 May 2015, I headlined, “UN Lawyer Calls TTP & TTIP ‘A Dystopian future in Which Corporations and not Democratically Elected Governments Call the Shots’.” I close now by repeating the opening of that report:

The Obama-proposed international-trade deals, if passed into law, will lead to “a dystopian future in which corporations and not democratically elected governments call the shots,” says Alfred De Zayas, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order.

These two mammoth trade-pacts, one (TTIP) for Atlantic nations, and the other (TTP) for Pacific nations excluding China (since Obama is against China), would transfer regulations of corporations to corporations themselves, and away from democratically elected governments. Regulation of working conditions and of the environment, as well as of product-safety including toxic foods and poisonous air and other consumer issues, would be placed into the hands of panels whose members will be appointed by large international corporations. Their decisions will remove the power of democratically elected governments to control these things. “Red tape” that’s imposed by elected national governments would be eliminated — replaced by the international mega-corporate version.

De Zayas was quoted in Britain’s Guardian on May 4th as saying also that, “The bottom line is that these agreements must be revised, modified or terminated,”because they would vastly harm publics everywhere, even though they would enormously benefit the top executives of corporations by giving them control as a sort of corporate-imposed world government, answerable to the people who control those corporations.


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Are Westerners Really More Likely to be Pedophiles?

SHI writes:

I’m afraid stats from an online source don’t tell the entire story. White pedophiles kinda stand out from others due to the sheer gravity of their crimes. Watch NBC: Catch a Predator, most accused on show are white men.

I’ve been to Thailand and Cambodia (for tourism purpose mind you) and saw an overwhelming number of white males, and also a few older white females looking extra cozy around children. I don’t think all of them were social workers with nice intentions. Most white people who are overstaying in SE Asia happen to be freaks of one kind or another, they don’t talk normally to you due to the easy availability of pussy. Somehow the permissive climate of SE countries brings out the worst in human nature.

It is well known in Thailand that the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami which killed a lot of Swedes in Thailand was God’s sweeping punishment against a vile, wicked and sinful people (a lot of them were pedophiles).

To Catch a Predator sets up men who are trying to fuck a 14 or 15 year old girl. Men who try to fuck 14 and 15 year old girls are not pedophiles. I would point out that in Black communities and especially in the ghetto, it is normal for adult men to fuck 14 and 15 year old girls. Nobody bats an eye or calls the cops because it is simply not seen as a crime. Mexicans start fucking their women when they are 14 in both Mexico and the US.

So there we dealt with that one.

I would argue that in much of the 3rd World, it is simply normal for girls to get molested. 53% of all Indian girls get molested as children. Apparently it is mostly done in the family. So do Indian men have a reputation for being pedophiles? Of course not. Because in that culture, it’s normal for adult men to mess with prepubertal girls.

My friends in Canada tell me that in Canada, “all Indian girls get molested, 100% of them.” It’s generally done in the family. And this is before they even hit puberty. By the time they are 14, they are considered women and are already getting fucked normally all the time and no one even thinks it’s weird.

You can read interviews with Black women from the ghetto online. They have women sitting around in groups talking about how they got molested. One says, “In the ghetto, all girls get molested.” And all the other women solemnly nod their heads. And once again, this is mostly in the family.

There is said to be an epidemic of Black men raping or having sex with very young girls in South Africa. The rates of girl-fucking there are absolutely off the charts. A lot of this is due to the idea that if you get a young enough girl, it’s a sure bet she doesn’t have HIV.

Very few studies are done on child molestation in the 3rd World, so we have no idea how many girls in the 3rd World are subjected to this sort of thing, but I think if we studied it, there might be a whole lot more than you might think.

One wonders why White Western pedophiles often relocate to the 3rd World so they can molest freely without getting caught. That is because in places like the the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and even Mexico, most people don’t even care about some White man from the West who is screwing kids. In fact, many of the locals will hear about the rich White pedo older man ion that house over there and they will gladly rent their kids to him to play with for a handful of cash.

The fact that child molestation seems to be no big deal in these places implies that there is probably a lot of it that goes on and also that they don’t think it’s a moral issue. We in the West definitely think it is a moral issue that implies right there that those 3rd World areas are more pro-pedophilic than the West is.

White culture is different because we actually take exception to this sort of thing – adult men have sex with teenage girls – which is accepted in most of the world.

There are two types of child molesters – pedophilic child molesters and non-pedophilic molesters. Various estimates indicate that 70-92% of all molesters are not even pedophiles. They generally molest in the family and are no more into little girls than anyone else. They are just criminals who are taking advantage of very vulnerable little girls, an easy target.

Now as far as the true pure pedophile type, there may be an argument that Whites are overrepresented among pure preferential pedophiles – the type who deliberately seek out children in various ways – the guys that were the cause of the whole “stranger danger” fad. But that’s not proven yet either.


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Who Were the Ancient South Indians?

Peabody writes:

Would the ancestral South Indian population be genetically Australoid, per this study?

Exactly. Skulls from 25-40,000 YBP in the north of India look like Aborigines. The basic Indian type is a Veddoid or even a Negrito like the Andaman Islands. India was Australoid until 8,000 YBP when it started transitioning towards Caucasoids. I am not sure where these Caucasoids came from, but they may be the ancestors of the Dravidians, who may have come from Western Iran. This group may have been the Elamites. The Elamites may have moved out of Western Iran and moved to India to become the Dravidians starting 8,000 YBP.

The Aborigines of Australia seem to be composed of two main groups. First the Murrayans arrived 15-20,000 YBP, possibly from the north. These may have been a proto-Ainuid group similar to the proto-Jomon Ainuids living in Thailand 16,000 YBP. Later another group moved in called Carpinterians. They seem to have come from Southern India. Both the Murrayans and Carpinterians had to arrive by boats.

The mixture of Murrayans and Carpinterians produced the modern Aborigines. Prior to 17,000 YBP, Aborigines may have looked quite different. So the fact that some South Indians look like Aborigines is because they were ancestral to Aborigines, not the other way around.


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What Does the Filipino Genome Look Like?

Julian Localboy:

I’m also interested in knowing more about the Iraya people. I’m guessing that for some (if not many) Filipinos, around one-fourth of their genome is Iraya-like.

My reasoning for this is that I’ve found forums online where people post their ethnic admixture results from some online ethnicity calculator they used, and for something listed as “4 populations approximation,” quite a few Filipino posters had Iraya as one of their four components (the other three components were commonly Austronesian, Southern Chinese and/or Indochinese groups, as expected).

You grouped the Iraya with the Ati but said they aren’t Negrito and are different from most Filipinos. Do you know who they are? I did some online research of my own but didn’t find much, except that some sources say they resemble Veddoids. Could they be the group that you mentioned moved in and looked Ainuid?

I am going to have to go look them up now! Thank you very much! Yes Veddoids are proto-Mongoloids. They are like the Negritos somewhat. The Senoi are a Vedda like ancient group in Thailand. I think maybe these Iraya may be related to those ancient Malays like the Senoi. That group is also in India. Veddoids are archaic.

So the other three are:

  1. Southern Chinese
  2. Austronesian (Taiwan aborigine)
  3. Indochinese (I wonder how)
  4. Iraya

Iraya must be the ancient proto-Mongoloid component in the Filipinos that is found on the maternal side. It goes back 20-30,000 YBP and the remains of it may be these Iraya types. That is probably an Australoid component.

Vedda types are not Ainuids but proto-Ainuids from Thailand may have gone on to become the Senoi and other proto-Malay. These same proto-Ainuids left Thailand 16,000 YBP and went to Japan. They arrived at Japan 13,000 YBP and become the Jomon people. It seems reasonable that on this long boat voyage probably around coasts, they may have stopped by the Philippines. Perhaps the remains of this proto-Ainuid group are the Iraya. We do not know what proto-Ainuids 16,000 YBP in Thailand, but skulls from Thailand 25,000 YBP are said to look like aborigines.

This Iraya component may also be related to the “proto-Dai” who moved into Indonesia during massive flooding associated with melting glaciers 19-20,000 YBP. They may have moved out from Southern China, down into Indochina and then down into Indonesia. These people probably looked like Melanesians. The descendants of these proto-Dai make up most of the genome of present-day Indonesians.


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Are Filipinos and Indonesians Archaic Asians?

Anthropology1994 writes:

So are Filipinos and Indonesians not archaic?

We usually do not think of them that way. Most Filipinos are not archaic but some people who live in the Philippines are archaic. For instance, Negritos are obviously archaic. I believe the Igorots may be archaic. They resemble Taiwan aborigines and a number of them look almost Caucasian. There are also primitive Filipino groups such as the Mangyans, but I am not sure how archaic they are.

There are out of and out Australoids in the far east of Indonesia. These are Melanesians with about 20% Taiwan aborigine mix, somewhat like coastal New Guinea people except these Melanesians have more Chinese in them.

I would say that the Sea Dayaks of Borneo are archaic.

So the Igorots of the Philippines and the Sea Dayaks of Indonesia at least appear to be archaic Paleomongoloids.

The Filipinos and Indonesians themselves are fairly modern creations mostly via repeated infusions of Taiwan aborigines, mostly the Ami, who came by boats. These migrations happened over 3,000 years in the Philippines with the last one being ~2,000 YBP. The movement into Indonesia was about 2-3,000 YBP.

They moved along the north coast of Indonesia on their way to coastal New Guinea where they bred in with Papuans and became the Coastal New Guinea people, who are different from the Papuan Highlanders. They then went to Polynesia and Micronesia but apparently not Melanesia. The Polynesians are 50% Melanesian and 50% Taiwan aborigine and I think the Micronesians are 50% Polynesian and 50% Taiwan aborigine, so they are 25% Melanesian.

I suppose we could call Polynesians and Micronesians Paleomongoloids, but most people don’t seem want to do that for some reason. For instance, Moiriori skulls line up very well with the Ainu and the very archaic Paleomongoloid Kennewick Man in the Americas, so groups like the Maori are obviously archaic

These Taiwan aborigines who left Taiwan were the Lapita people, the greatest mariners that ever lived.

The base for Indonesians which makes up 80% of the genome is a mysterious group called Proto-Dai. The Dai are a people who live in Yunnan in Southern China. Their ancestors apparently migrated to Indonesia during a glacial period involving flooding and they have gotten stuck out there due to flooding of land bridges. The Proto-Dai were probably a Melanesian type, Australoids.

However these proto-Dai have been evolving in Indonesia for 15,000 years. During the same period in Vietnam, Melanesian types have been slowly transitioning to Neomongoloids. In Vietnam the process was completed 2,300 YBP, a date which coincides with a massive invasion of Vietnam by Southern Chinese which seems to have resulted in a massive infusion of Chinese blood. In other words, the Vietnamese transition to Neomongoloid 2,300 YBP was caused by a massive infusion of Southern Chinese stock. Vietnamese are very new Neomongoloids and I believe they still have Australoid residual features.

A principal component of the Filipinos representing the maternal genome goes back up to 30,000 YBP and may represent the Negrito people or something other Australoid type. There were other peoples that moved into the Filipinos down through the years, including a group that looks like Ainuids. Proto-Ainuids were in Thailand 16,000 YBP, and they went, apparently by boat, to Japan by 13,000 YBP where they become the Jomon people. It stands to reason that they might have stopped by the Philippines along the way.

While the maternal Filipino stock is ancient Asian Negrito or Melanesian type, the male line consists mostly of Taiwan aborigines, mostly the Ami tribe, who came in waves over the last 5,000 years. The Ami lived on the coast of Taiwan and were expert boat-builders, and it is thought that they are the Austronesian people who populated much of Island SE Asia and Oceania. Filipinos also have a fair amount of modern Chinese who have come in in the last 800 years. Many of these were Taiwanese Hoklo or South Chinese from Hong Kong and the Guangdong region.


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Transsexualism Rates Vary Geographically

Jason Y writes:

One culture with a lot of transsexuals is the Philippines. They’re everywhere, and seeing them in public is just a normal part of life.

Of course, a lot of Filipino men pick on them, but, nonetheless, they don’t hide away from everyone. Seems like in the Philippines either the guys are hyper-masculine (smoking cigarettes, drinking, womanizing), or they become transsexuals.

See? There is no “biological transsexualism” that one would think would have a fairly constant rate across space and time. Historically, modern transsexualism is virtually unknown. This whole syndrome is a creation of modernity. As we can see from your example (and I would add Thailand too), in cultures that encourage or promote this sort of thing, many men will become transsexuals, possibly 1/300. In Thailand, I have heard it is ridiculously high. Men who teach school over there say that there is about one “ladyboy” per class. So that is more like 1/30.

In cultures that promote it, you will a lot of this craziness and in those that discourage it, while there will probably be some level of transsexualism, it will be likely much lower than in Thailand or Philippines.

You have a choice of what sort of society you want to have. You want a society where the transsexualism rate is ridiculously high or do you want a society where this sort of thing, while tolerated, is kept to a minimum?


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Myth: “The Western Left Is Importing 3rd Worlders to the West to Promote Socialism

Swedophobic Finns wrote:

Socialism among Whites has increased. It is now almost normative among young people. Socialism keeps on growing. It has its own momentum. It is governmental.

This is not the case with Islam. A hard sell is required. Muslims along with other assorted third Worlders of various religions are voters according to socialists of the west. Import them and get them to vote socialist. The socialist revolution via the ballot box stuffed with imported votes. A brilliant strategy as long as you do not alienate working class whites. If they drift your revolution via the ballot box is finished. Keeping all groups happy when they bump against each other for jobs, housing etc is not easy. Western socialists are masters at doing tough things though.

This argument makes no sense. I do not believe that any politicians in the West are promoting immigration as a way to promote socialism. This is a rightwing argument that has been going around for a long time now and they never presented any evidence for it.

  1. Most people in Europe are already voting more or less socialist anyway. New immigrants are no more likely to vote socialist than anyone else. Everyone votes socialist in Europe, the natives, the immigrants, everyone. The socialist project in Europe is not in danger.
  2. The so-called “rightwing” parties in Europe are actually socialist parties. The National Front in France is probably more socialist than the Socialist Party! The Tories in the UK are to the left of the US Democratic Party!
  3. A lot of people in Europe are starting to vote Left now due to the collapsed economy. Most of the people voting for these Left parties are natives, not immigrants.
  4. There is no rightwing anti-socialist opposition in Europe to speak of. The European rightwing governments were the first ones destroyed in the latest economic crisis. For instance the very neoliberal economies of the Baltics were utterly nuked by the economic crisis. Anyway, the people themselves of the Baltic countries are not economic conservatives. I read a recent paper that surveyed the attitudes of Estonians, and it turned out that the Estonian people are still very socialist-minded. It is just that their leaders are not. Economic conservatives along the lines of the US Republican Party are dead in the water in Europe. They were never popular, and with the economic crisis, they have been completely discredited.
  5. Mass immigration to the US, Canada and Australia has not resulted in any significant shift to the Left. In fact, in all of these countries, mass immigration has been associated with a politics that has moved dramatically to the Right.
  6. It is not just the West. Most of the world is already socialist in some way or another or at least moving in that direction. Radical economic conservatism along the lines of the US Republican Party is extremely unpopular almost everywhere on Earth. The only place this sort of politics is popular is in the US and possibly in Chile, but Chile recently voted in a socialist. Colombians habitually vote rightwing, but a huge majority of the population doesn’t even vote or spoils their ballot. Anyway, the Left is armed. All of Latin America is going socialist. Even Central America and the Caribbean are voting socialist these days. The Arab World and Iran have long been socialist. India’s Constitution says it is a socialist country. At any rate, a lot of the Left is not impressed and they are heavily armed. Most of Southeast Asia is socialist. Even in Thailand, there is violent class war in the streets between the yellow shirts and the red shirts (The Left). The army has staged repeated coups to throw out leftwing governments that the people keep voting in. The Philippines is rightwing, but the new government is one of the most leftwing ever. The Filipino Left is armed. Japan is not an economic conservative country. The Japanese practice state capitalism. South Korea may do something similar. Socialism is still very popular in most of the former Soviet republics. Most ruling African parties are at least socialist in name.
  7. If there is some plot to mass import Third Worlders to the West to promote socialism, it certainly isn’t working.


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Female to Male HIV Transmission: Much Ado about Nothing

The Nancy Padian study is the gold standard for heterosexual HIV. It came out in 1989 and has since been blasted from here to Kingdom Come mostly by stupid and crazy gays. They have been beating her to death for “underestimating the risk of heterosexual HIV.” This is a big deal for the gays because the gays, like the religious right, have long sought to portray HIV as a disease that straights are very much at risk of getting. You know, Mr. and Mrs. Jones next door can get it from doing it missionary style.

The reason they do this is very sleazy, cynical, pure politics. Gays think that if HIV is seen as a “gay men’s disease,” which it is at least as far as males are concerned, then most straight people will not want to spend much money on cures, treatments, vaccines, prophylactics, etc. that does not effect them.

So the political gay lunatics have been beating poor Ms. Padian over the head endlessly in a modern day version of a Salem Witch Trial. She was forced to do a number of mea culpas where she lied and said that her study very much underestimates the risk of heterosexual HIV, and she apologizes very, very much to the poor wronged Identity Politics gay nuts. Thing is her apologies were all a big lie. She did this to cave in to PC mandarins who probably threatened to ruin her career unless she told these lies they demanded she tell. Padian’s figures are as relevant today as they were then.

That study followed serodiscordant HIV couples over five years. I do not believe they used condoms, but I am not sure. 20% of the men seroconverted over a 5 year period in which they probably had sex with their wives perhaps ~700 times. So even if you have sex with an HIV positive woman 700 times over years, you only have a 20% chance of getting HIV. See how hard it is to get?

And even in the cases that did transmit – that 20% – there was a high rate of instances of penile and vaginal bleeding. So you see, if you have sex with an HIV positive woman 700 times over several years, you still have an 80% chance of not getting HIV. And even if you do get it, it looks like vaginal or penile bleeding is involved in many cases.

There is also a theory that heterosexual HIV may need multiple dosings in order to infect. In other words, you may have to receive a dosage infection a number of times, maybe quite a few times, for the disease to transmit. Simply getting one dose may not be enough to transmit. This is almost certainly true in the case of men.

Statistically if a man had sex with a woman who was HIV positive, this is his risk of getting HIV:

700 times = 20% risk
350 times = 10% risk
175 times = 5% risk
87 times  = 2.5% risk
35 times  = 1% risk
3.5 times = .1% risk
1 time    = .03% risk

As we can see in this link, The Truth about AIDS and Heterosexual Transmission, a commenter notes that his friend, an infectious disease physician, has treated a number of HIV patients over the years. This doctor said that he has had quite a few men come in over the years who claim to have gotten it from a woman. Subsequent examination of their bodies revealed either needle tracks from recent drug use and/or examination of their anus revealed signs of recent receptive anal sex (How they figure this out, I have no idea). So in almost all cases, the men who said they got it from women either got it from a sharing a needle with a fellow doper or from getting fucked in the ass by another guy.

In the one case in which he found no signs of homosexual anal sex or IV drug abuse, the man had an active case of genital Herpes when he acquired the infection. The doctor felt that the active Herpes infection may have been an adequate vector to transmit the disease from female to male. Studies in Africa imply that active Herpes infection is a risk for HIV transmission.

Another problem is vaginal HIV titers. Titers are the levels of HIV in various parts of the body. HIV titers have to be pretty high otherwise the disease simply will not transmit at all. Saliva titers are ridiculously low, and it is assumed that they cannot possibly transmit. I have looked closely at vaginal titers of HIV, and honestly they are so low that I wonder how they can ever transmit the disease.

HIV is a bloodborne illness.

People keep forgetting that. And it is hard to transmit even compared to other bloodborne illnesses. Hepatitis B is also a bloodborne illness, but it is 50X easier to transmit than HIV.

Receptive anal sex provides a perfect environment for HIV transmission. Anal linings are very fragile, and there is often microscopic bleeding that takes place in the anal lining during anal sex. Semen has a very high level of HIV, and semen can enter the bloodstream directly via small breaks in the anal lining.

The vagina was built to take a pounding by penises on a regular basis, and in addition must stretch out dramatically to do the seemingly impossible delivery of a baby through that tiny hole. The vaginal walls are very thick compared to anal walls. Nevertheless, semen can still get into the bloodstream via the vaginal walls although this is much harder than via anal sex.

The only entry point for the male in heterosexual sex is the urethra, barring cases of penile bleeding. Vaginal titers are so low that one wonders how they can transmit, and these very low titers would have to go through the urethra which has no link to the bloodstream. So anatomically, transmission is going to be pretty difficult female to male.

There was a lot of female to male transmission happening in Thailand among prostitutes a while back. These prostitutes serviced many men a day, and after a while, they were not aroused anymore and they failed to lubricate. So they were basically dry-fucking. This causes vaginal bleeding, and the men were contacting blood in the vagina this way. Presumably this is how the men contracted HIV.

In Africa, many women use vaginal drying techniques because for some bizarre reason, men think it it more pleasurable to have sex with a drier vagina than with a wetter one. Once again, apparently there is quite a bit of vaginal bleeding and the men’s penises are coming into contact with blood once again, presumably causing HIV transmission

There was a famous case of a Black male pornstar named Darren James who went down to Brazil on a porn shoot. He did not have sex with an actual woman. Instead he had sex with a male to female transsexual of some type. He had insertive anal sex with this person, who was infected with HIV, possibly because when they had a more male body, they were living as a homosexual man and caught HIV the usual way that gay men do. I am not sure how relevant the fact that James caught it from a transsexual and not an actual genetic female, but it deserves mention.

It is very much worth noting that while there have been 30-35 HIV cases in the straight porn industry, most were among females who often got it from receptive anal sex with a male star. James is the only one who caught HIV from sex with a “woman.”

A smaller number of men in the industry have gotten HIV, but it has been proven that all of these men except for James got HIV either from IV drug use needle sharing or via engaging in receptive anal sex. Quite a few straight male pornstars also act in the gay porn industry because it pays better. A significant number also work as gay prostitutes, often as escorts. They do this again because the only real way a man can make money as a prostitute is by serving men as there is hardly any market for gigolos or male prostitutes for women.

In all cases but one in the porn industry, the men got it from receptive anal sex with other men or from sharing needles and then gave it to women during filming, often by having insertive anal sex with the women.

Insertive anal sex with a female may be more risky as the penis may come in contact with a small amount of blood via microscopic bleeding in the anal wall of the receptive partner.

The bottom line to all of this is that it in general seems quite hard for a man to get HIV from a woman.


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