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Wolverine Photographed in Minnesota?

Possible wolverine photographed in Minnesota?

Possible wolverine photographed in Minnesota?

I recently received a missive telling me that someone had captured a possible wolverine on a trailcam in Minnesota. I had him send me the photo and he said it to me right away along with a story about how it came about:

Attached is the photo of a wolverine on my 40 acres of hunting land in Douglas County, Minnesota. This would be about 10 miles South East of Miltona, MN and 7 miles Northeast of Carlos, MN. I had three photos…Nose, tail and this one. I deleted the other two before I realized what this might be.

This creature turned my camera downward pointing at the ground after this photo. The camera was mounted about 3 1/2 feet up on a portable camera mount that is staked into the ground. It has a RAM style ball and socket mount and he was able to turn it down at the socket.

Based on your post from Tom Akenson and a friend that saw one in his back yard in 2004, there appear to have been at least three sightings in the area over the last ten years. This is farm and lake country on the south end of the North Woods. There are some large public hunting lands and river and creek valleys nearby that are somewhat desolate and could hold unseen creatures.

The animal is in the lower right corner of the photo.

He sent this to me because I had written a series of articles on wolverines in the US. There have been a number of sightings in the Upper Midwest in recent years, but only one confirmed wolverine and that one was in the thumb of Michigan. It was photographed more than once and it recently died. Its carcass was found after it died. That wolverine was the first wolverine in Michigan in almost 200 years and the first in the Upper Midwest in a very long time also.

Wolverines formerly ranged all through the Upper Midwest, but they were eliminated from there as they were eliminated from most of the Lower 48 states. Only a few now survive in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. One was recently photographed in Colorado. Another was recently photographed in California, the first wolverine known in the state since the early 1920’s. That wolverine still resides here. He runs about north of Lake Tahoe on the Tahoe National Forest. He is currently in search of a mate, but he is unlikely to have found one as he may be the only wolverine in California.

Wolverines have been sighted in recent years in Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The Oregon sightings were by wildlife biologists.

This photo is not very clear, but if it can be proven that this is a wolverine, it will be the first confirmed wolverine in Minnesota in many years.

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Bigfoot News May 15, 2015

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been very tired and busy doing other things. I don’t get paid to write these updates, so they are low priority. Plus not much has been going on lately.

Major breaking new Bigfoot story! I am not sure if the other Bigfoot sites have covered this yet, but there is a huge breaking Bigfoot story out of Washington State. A college professor from the Continuing Education Program at Centralia College named Mitchel Townsend has been studying mysterious piles of bones that have been found in the Mount St. Helens area. The bones are those of prey animals that something has killed and eaten. Wild animals of any sort do not stack bones in piles. They usually scatter them all over the place. Bone stacking can only be done by a hominid.

But the great news is they have gnaw marks on them. The professor had the gnaw marks examined via forensic dentistry and the conclusion was that the bones had been gnawed on by some sort of a hominid. Not only that, but it seemed to be human because of the way it was gnawing on the bones. Furthermore, it left triangular imprints like hominids do, not the round imprints that apes leave.

No predator or tool markings were found on the bones and the local Fish and Wildlife scientists ruled out all natural predators known in the area.

After the first site found by the professor, his students found two more similar bone piles on the south side of Mt. St. Helens with the exact same characteristics. But at the two new sites, the team found huge 16 inch human like footprints. Calculations based on the prints and the stride indicated that the hominid had to be 8 feet, 8 inches tall. The footprints were wider and broader than human prints and lacked an arch.

“If you add it all up, you have an 8-foot, 8-inch tall creature that is killing animals at different areas of Mount St. Helens with its bare hands, chewing them up, literally skin and bones and all, and spitting them out between its legs,” Townsend said.


The tooth marks were incisors and canines and 90% of them were outside of the human range as they were too large to be from any possible human being. The bones also showed signs of bone peeling, which is only done by humans. The teeth had an odd double arch structure that closely resembled Neandertal teeth.

“My theory is it’s not an ape, it’s a hybrid that has been interbreeding with Native Americans for the last 80,000 years,” Townsend said. “That’s why it is so smart and it has human teeth.”

Right. Well, we always knew Bigfoots are not apes.

Townsend will publish his findings in a research paper and he challenged any scientist anywhere to prove him wrong.

“The evidence stands on its own, you prove the evidence wrong,” he said, adding that the bones would be made available for examination to any scientist who wanted to examine the remains. “We’ve put thousands of hours in this. We just want to give this to the world and the scientific community free of charge to add to the scientific body of knowledge.”

There are photos to go along with this story and I will see if I can dredge some up for you.


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Grand Canyon Wolf Gunned Down

From the Center for Biological Diversity. I am acquainted with a few of these people, including the director, Kieran. I have worked with them a bit on a few things here and there. I love what they do. Theirs is one of the most effective, kickass environmental groups out there.

Background: A wolf from Wyoming left the state, apparently wandered all the way through Utah down to the Grand Canyon in Arizona where it was photographed and caused quite a sensation. Wolves used to inhabit this region, but they have not been seen in many years. Further, wolves are rare to absent in Utah. It seems to have left the Grand Canyon and wandered again 150 miles north of the Grand Canyon to Beaver, Utah, where it was shot and killed. Utah apparently has no laws protecting wolves and in fact, encourages and even promotes killing them, although few if any wolves reside in the state.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has idiotically taken wolves off the Endangered Species list even though they are very much in trouble in a number of states. The feds turned wolf management over to the states. Most every state that has wolves has then embarked on a wild wolf-massacring campaign. These campaigns have occurred in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming in the West and in the Great Lakes area of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

A federal judge has recently halted the Great Lakes states’ wolf slaughter “management.” There really is not any management going on at all in most of these states. Instead all there is is wild, unrelenting wolf slaughter. It is unknown what effect this massacring will have on wolf populations, but it is conceivable that at some point, they may reduce the population so low that it may need to go back on the Endangered Species list again.

Certainly wolves need to be fully protected in places like Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Iowa. Wolves are being killed in Washington, Colorado, Iowa and Utah where population numbers are very low.

It’s what we feared the most. Echo, the wandering wolf who became a worldwide sensation after showing up at the Grand Canyon this fall, has likely been gunned down in Utah.

Here’s what we know: State wildlife officials have confirmed that a 3-year-old female wolf with a collar from Wyoming was shot Sunday night by a hunter outside Beaver, Utah – about 150 miles north of the Grand Canyon. Echo is the only Northern Rockies gray wolf that has been confirmed this far south, and DNA evidence will most likely show that she’s the victim.

Once again we have to mourn a dead wolf. Once again we see this same horrific pattern. It’s normal for younger wolves to leave their pack and set off looking for a new mate and new territory. But again and again – in Colorado and Iowa, in Washington and now Utah – these wolves have been gunned down in horrific cases of malice and mistaken identity.

Smart as they are, wolves don’t read border signs, and they can’t tell an ignorant human with a rifle that they aren’t coyotes. The result is another dead wolf to add to the 640-plus already killed this year by guns, traps and poisons.

The wolf haters, no doubt, are delighted with the latest killing and are determined to keep this bloody campaign going. They have influential friends like Utah’s own Congressman Rob Bishop, the powerful new head of the House Natural Resources Committee, who has vowed to end protection for wolves from coast to coast — making what happened near Beaver neither illegal nor rare. The government of Utah has even spent $800,000 on lobbyists to strip protection from wolves so they can be freely killed in the state. They don’t want to learn to live peacefully with wolves. They want to destroy them.

Sadly there will only be one Echo, the first wolf to hear her howls ring through the Grand Canyon in more than 70 years. If she has indeed been gunned down, we won’t forget her. All wolves deserve to the chance to to roam freely and survive.


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Yet Another School Shooting


Shooting was at a high school. Shooter was a freshman who had been bullied. Those shot were his own friends. Gunman and one victim were killed. 4-5 others wounded, 2 of them in critical condition.

Every time I turn around, there is another mass shooting here in the US. These are definitely on the increase. What’s weird is that no matter how many mass shootings there, there is absolutely no trend whatsoever towards any reasonable even beginnings at gun control. For instance, for starters, how about banning large ammo clips? Next ban all semi-automatic weapons? Start with the rifles. Make everyone who has a gun have to carry a permit similar to a driver’s license revokable at any time just as a drivers’ license is.

I swear we could be having a mass shooting a day in this lunatic country and there would not be 1% movement in the polls on these issues. Americans are some of the world’s biggest nutcases.


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Bigfoot News July 12, 2014

List of Bigfoot shootings in chronological order. This post is going to be exclusively about the topic of reported incidents of humans shooting and/or killing Bigfoots from 1829 to the present day. I have a lot of other Bigfoot stuff to write about in my notes, but I am a bit overwhelmed by the many notes that I have. Please bear with me.

This is a post I have been working on for some time. I finally lost interest in it, and it does need a bit of updating with the Sierra Kills and the Shooting Bigfoot Rick Dyer incident. Both of these may be included in the list for this reason: the list is merely of purported or reported shootings or killings of Bigfoots by humans, and Justin and Rick definitely reported shooting Bigfoots and frankly presented us with more evidence than most of the other folks below have.

Anyone who wants to write up the Sierra Kills and/or Dyer incidents in an objective, reporter-style matter of fact way as a police dispatcher would report an incident that someone is calling in (descriptive only) is welcome to try their hand at it. What I mean by descriptive only is you just write down what Justin and Rick said happened in those incidents in reportorial style without commenting on the validity of the claim.

Obviously, none of these claims have panned out yet, but it is pretty amazing that for a creature that supposedly does not exist, we have so many excellent shooting stories, often from otherwise credible, ordinary day to day folks who have never been known to make things up or lie.

This is a good research piece, and nonprofit websites are free to repost it. Feel free to comment if you any new cases or if you can provide more information to any of the cases below.

Note: Long, runs to 61 pages.

Bigfoots Shot At, Shot and Wounded, or Shot Dead by Humans

Unknown date: Klakas Inlet, Southern Alaska. In far southern Alaska on Prince of Wales Island, a Bigfoot was shot and buried at the mouth of a stream on the north side of the inlet. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Sonora, Mexico. Rich Grumley reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried it.

Unknown date: Desoto, Louisiana. A man’s dogs were fighting with a Bigfoot. The man then shot the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Lewis, Washington. A sheriff shot at a Bigfoot in a pasture. The Bigfoot tore down a fence while escaping. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Skamania, Washington. A Bigfoot threw a rock at a truck. The truck driver then fired on the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Date unknown, modern era: Location unknown. A wealthy hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then paid a taxidermist to stuff it, and the specimen was put on display in a ritzy country club on the East Coast. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Yankton, Oregon. Near the Columbia River north of Portland, a hunter shot a Bigfoot four times between the eyes and killed it. It rolled off the road. The man came back 24 hours later, and the body was gone. There was a set of three tracks, possibly a family group – a male, a female and a juvenile. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era, Amboy, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a hunter reported that he shot and killed a male Bigfoot on an old logging road. Upon hearing that there was a $10,000 fine for killing a Bigfoot, the hunter hung up the phone on the researcher. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Pound, Virginia. Someone shot at a Bigfoot roaring outside his home at midnight with a 12 gauge shotgun. The shot missed. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

June 20, 1829: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia. A team of hunters set out in an attempt to track down and kill a Bigfoot in the swamp. After tracking for two weeks, they were set upon by the Bigfoot one night. The men opened up with all their guns, but it seemed useless. Five of the men were killed by the Bigfoot, who then tore all of the men’s heads off. The surviving men opened up on the Bigfoot, finally killing it. Reported by Augusta Chronicle, March 12, 2000 – “Hunters Told of Swamp Creature’s Attack.”

Mid to late 1800’s: Bexar, Texas. The Legend of the Converse Werewolf. A rancher sent his 15-year-old son into the woods to hunt and told him not to come back until he had killed a deer. The boy never came back. People went searching for him and found the boy’s dead and mutilated body. A Bigfoot was standing over it. The rancher fired a shot and chased the Bigfoot into the woods. The others in the search party reported that the rancher never made it back alive, apparently also killed by the Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1856: Ohio or West Virginia. Possible Bigfoot skeleton found with bullet holes in its skull. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Late 1800’s: Winston, Alabama. A moonshiner shot a Bigfoot that was following his mule wagon.

October 1879: Williamstown, Vermont. Two men hunting in the woods were surprised by a Bigfoot. One shot and wounded it. The Bigfoot chased them out of the woods. Reported by the New York Times, October 18, 1879.

1882: Inyo, California. A man, Jack Ferral, shot a Bigfoot five times. Reported by the Inyo Register, March 19, 1981 referring to articles in the Bishop Creek Times of 1882, noted in the Bigfoot Co-op April 1981, p.2.

July 4, 1884: East of Yale, British Columbia. In the Fraser River Region, railroad men working on a British Colombia Express Company’s train stopped their train when they saw what appeared to be someone sleeping near the tracks. After they stopped the train, a juvenile male Bigfoot woke up, barked and started to climb up a steep bluff. The workers decided to chase him. One got up above him on the slope and dropped a rock on the Bigfoot. It disoriented the Bigfoot enough that the men were able to get a rope around him, capture him and put him on the train.

They named the Bigfoot “Jacko.” Jacko had bruises on his head and upper body, and they assumed that he had gotten too near the edge of the bluff and had fallen over and landed, stunned, near the tracks. Jacko had been seen in the area where he was captured recently, but residents thought he was either a bear or a stray Indian dog.

Jacko was 4’7, weighed 127 pounds, and was covered with shiny black hair. He was extremely strong. Jacko did not communicate other than making half-bark, half-growl sounds. He was fed berries and milk.

There are conflicting reports on what happened to Jacko. Some reports said he was taken into Yale where a man made a pet of him. Other reports said that Jacko escaped from the train before it got to Yale.

There are other reports that say this whole matter was a hoax, but I believe it was true. For one thing, John Green received a letter from Adele Bastin, whose mother remembered that people continued to talk of Jacko long afterward. Reported by The Colonist of Victoria, British Colombia, July 4, 1884. The best analysis of this incident was by Myra Shackley.

There are reports that soon after Jacko was captured, a Bigfoot matching Jacko’s description was shot and killed in the same general area by a group of men, so the story about him escaping from the train before it got to Yale may be the correct version. Famous story.

June 1885: Watauga County, North Carolina. Northwest of Seven Devils, NC. Roughly 15 to 20 miles northwest of Grandfather Mountain. A 13-year-old Cherokee girl went to gather food along a creek. Then she heard gunshots. She hid under a bush because at that time it was dangerous for an Indian girl to be caught in the woods by a White man. She heard someone running down the hill.

As something ran past her, to her surprise she noted that it was a male Bigfoot. It seemed to have been wounded by the shots. The Bigfoot went down to the creek and buried itself in a pile of leaves, sticks, dirt and debris to the point where it was invisible. Then she heard the sounds of more people coming. She thought it was the White men, so she left. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

1890: Brookings, Oregon. Two men shot and wounded a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot retaliated, slamming the men against trees and tearing them apart, killing them. Reported by the Bigfoot Track Record.

1900: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. The Eskimo came out of the forest onto the beach and was met face to face with a Bigfoot. He opened fire and killed the Bigfoot. He and two other Eskimos then buried the Bigfoot on the beach. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1904: Lane, Oregon. On two separate occasions, men shot at Bigfoots that were prowling around their cabins. The shots missed the Bigfoots on both occasions. In one case, the Bigfoot threw a rock at the man who shot at it. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1905: Gardner Canal, British Columbia. On the coast of central British Columbia, a Bigfoot was shot and killed, but there are no further details. Reported on the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

Summer 1917: Cass, Texas. A family coming home at night in a mule driven wagon was alerted by a screaming, advancing Bigfoot. The man shot at the Bigfoot, missed, and it ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1917: Nowata, Oklahoma. Men shot at a Bigfoot that had gotten trapped inside of a barn. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1920’s: Walla Walla, Washington. Hunters shot and wounded a Bigfoot, but the Bigfoot ran away. A second Bigfoot appeared and threw boulders at the hunters. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1920’s-1930’s: Lake, California. A man hunted red-haired wildmen that lived in caves above a lake. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1921: Terrebonne, Louisiana. Hunters killed a Bigfoot and dumped the body in an old well. Later a skeleton was found and taken to Tulane University, where it disappeared. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1924: Deschutes, Oregon. A prospector shot a Bigfoot five times, but the Bigfoot was only wounded and ran away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1924: Ape Canyon, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, miners Marion Smith, Roy Smith, Fred Beck, Gabe Lefever and John Peterson, shot and killed a Bigfoot, which fell off a cliff into a river below. Other Bigfoots retaliated and bombarded their cabin with rocks. Famous story. Reported by Fred Beck.

1928: South Bentinck Arm, near Bella Coola, British Columbia. On the coast of central British Columbia, George Talleo shot and killed a Bigfoot. He left the scene and did not come back. Reported by the Sasquatch-BC website.

1930: Kwaltwa Kitasu Bay, Swindle Island, British Columbia. Tom Brown saw a Bigfoot in the shallows at night. He shot at it, and it screamed. He went back the next day, but there was no body. Reported by John Green.

After 1937: Green River, Washington. In the Cascades east of Tacoma, a hunter saw a bear grubbing in a log and shot and killed it. It turned out he had killed a Bigfoot. Feeling that he had shot a “hairy man” (a human being), he buried it under a pile of rocks and never told anyone until he confessed on his deathbed. Reported by Datus Perry.

1940’s: Yukon Territory. An man saw a 10-foot Bigfoot and shot at it with a 30.06. Reported by John Green.

1940: Southeastern Missouri. Jared Sparks killed an apparent Bigfoot (he described it only as “like a gorilla”) that had been killing horses and cattle by tearing them apart. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by John Keel in Strange Creatures.

Fall 1941: Near Basket Lake, Manitoba. A 17-year-old boy, Paul Shebaga, was hunting out of season shot and killed a Bigfoot that he thought was a moose. He left it in the forest because he thought it was human and because he was hunting out of season. He went back sometime later, and the body was gone. Shebaga has since died. Researchers who interviewed him found him a highly credible witness. Reported on BFRO site.

1943: Georgia, near the South Carolina border. A Bigfoot was shot and killed by shotguns, hit with 60 bullets after it was tracked by a group of men because it was killing sheep and calves by tearing off their legs. The reddish-brown Bigfoot was buried on the outskirts of town. Reported by Rich Grumley. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Winter 1943: Clarke, Alabama. Three men spotlighting deer in river bottomlands shot a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot may have died, but they did not stay around long enough to find out. Reported by the Alabama Bigfoot website.

1946: Lebanon, Pennsylvania. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

June 18, 1948: Franklin County, North Carolina. A Black family hunting in the woods at night shot and wounded a Bigfoot. It screamed, and they all ran away.

1949: Clackamas, Oregon. A man shot a Bigfoot that was eating a turkey. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Fall 1949: Coos, Oregon. A man shot a Bigfoot chewing on a live cow. The Bigfoot was wounded and ran off. Reported by the BFRO site.

Early 1950: Near Boston, Georgia. A man shot at a Bigfoot when his dogs cornered it on a porch. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

1950: Indiana, Pennsylvania. People shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

1951: Thomas, Georgia. A man shot at a Bigfoot next to a porch. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

1953: Alder Creek Canyon, Sandy, Oregon. East of Portland, a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried the body. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1956: Shasta, California. A man may have shot a Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1957: Near Jackson, Tennessee. James M. Meacham shot repeatedly at a Bigfoot with no effect. Ivan T. Sanderson, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life, pp.122-3.

Late 1950’s: Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. A group of young people were sitting in a house waiting for a Bigfoot to come back, as it had been banging on houses earlier in the night. The Bigfoot approached the house and ran away when people shot at it. Reported by Grover Krantz.

1957: Deschutes, Oregon. A hunter shot and killed a deer. A Bigfoot then ran out, grabbed the deer and started to run away with it. The hunter then shot the Bigfoot, but the Bigfoot was only wounded and made off with the deer. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1958-1960: Overton County, Tennessee. A Bigfoot stealing chickens was shot dead by the owner of the chickens. They drove it around the area to see if anyone could identify it. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by Mary Green.

1959: Knoxville, Tennessee. A Bigfoot was shot at when it came near a man’s home. Reported by Mary Green, Fifty Years with Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Coexistence, p. 192.

1959: Carroll County, Maryland. A police officer shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 1959: South of Tenmile, Oregon. A black Bigfoot chased two boys up a hill and across a ridge. One of the boys shot the Bigfoot seven times with a 30.06 shotgun. The Bigfoot slumped down but then picked itself up and kept coming after them. Reported by John Green, The Sasquatch File, p. 19.

Summer 1960’s: Morris, Texas. Two girls sitting on a bed talking at night looked outside and saw a Bigfoot in their yard. They called their grandfather. He came with a rifle and shot the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot roared and ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

Winter 1960’s: Wildwood, California. A Bigfoot was spotted peeking in the windows at a dance held at the inn. A man ran outside to grab his 30.06 rifle from his pickup truck. He shot the Bigfoot, and it screamed and ran off. Men tracked it to the Trinity River where they lost the trail. Reported by Ben Foster, Williamsburg, Indiana.

1960’s: Douglas, Oregon: In the Cascades west of the Umpqua National Forest, a farmer shot a Bigfoot and then somehow managed to take it back to his house, where he left it outside. Other Bigfoots then came that night and retrieved the body. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Winter 1960: Watson Bay, Roderick Island, British Columbia. Timothy Robinson and Samson Duncan shot at a small Bigfoot that they saw on a snow-covered beach. They found blood on the snow where it had been but were too afraid to follow the blood trail. Reported by John Green and Bob Titmus.

October 1963: Smith, Texas. Men hunting coons in the woods at night were alerted when dogs treed an animal. A beagle came running back, badly wounded with its guts hanging out of its body. The men came to the tree, and there was a Bigfoot in the tree with hounds circling around the trunk. The Bigfoot was howling and shaking the tree. One of the men shot the Bigfoot twice with a .22, but the Bigfoot only screamed even louder. The men all became frightened and ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1965: Near Fouke, Arkansas. James Lynn Crabtree, age 14, shot a Bigfoot three times in the face, but the Bigfoot did not die. Reported by BFRO site.

1965: Yakima, Washington. A boy shot a Bigfoot but only wounded it. The Bigfoot then tore the boy apart, crushing his ribcage, and killing him. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1965: Kitimat, British Columbia. On the coast of central British Columbia, a Kitimat man shot and killed a Bigfoot near town. He was trying to drag the body away when other Bigfoots came out and tried to attack him. He barely escaped to his canoe. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

October 1965: Nisqually Hill, near Olympia, Washington. While driving at night, Russell Gels and Dennis Lensgrave saw a white 7-foot Bigfoot in their car headlights and shot at it. The Bigfoot ran away. Reported by The Sunday Olympian, October 24, 1965.

1966: Erie, Pennsylvania. Men shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

January 1966: Wildwood, California. Bob Kelley and Archie Bradshaw saw a Bigfoot looking in their window. One of the men fired his shotgun at the Bigfoot and thought he hit it. The Bigfoot’s tracks were followed down to Hayfork Creek. Reported by the Redding, California Record Searchlight.

May 1966: Spillimacheen, British Columbia. A man watching two Bigfoots have sex while another watched shot at the Bigfoot that was watching the other two but missed. The man was hunting grizzly bears at the time. Reported by the BFRO site.

Summer 1966: Near Richland, Washington: Several boys – Greg Pointer, Roger True, Tom Thompson, Carl and Jim Franklin, John McKnight, Alvin Anderson, Selby Green, Roger Howard, Bob McDonald, and Ron Blackburn – saw an 8-foot whitish-gray Bigfoot and shot at it several times with no effect. Reported by John Green, Roger Patterson and Rene Dahinden.

October 1966: Near Yakima, Washington. Mike Corey’s dog was attacked by a Bigfoot. He shot at it as it ran away. Corey’s dog was later mysteriously killed. Reported by Roger Patterson.

Late 1960’s: Chuska Mountains, New Mexico. Two Navajo shepherds shot a Bigfoot. It ran wounded into a canyon. Two other Bigfoots helped it. Reported by a Mrs. Chessman in John Green, The Sasquatch File.

February 1967: Hartley Bay, British Columbia: Two men saw a Bigfoot on an island and shot it. It screamed and ran away. Reported by Bob Titmus.

May 1967: Wasco, Oregon. Dennis Taylor and his friends often watched Bigfoots crossing the highway near the cemetery while going from the hills to the river, usually around 11:30 PM. Several times they shot at them with various weapons. Once one was hit at close range with buckshot and it fell down. It leaped up and crashed through a barbed wire fence, taking out three fence posts. Reported on the Oregon Bigfoot website.

Fall 1967: Winlock, Washington: A grayish Bigfoot had been seen in a necking spot for high school students. Some high school boys went out with a 30.30 and took a shot at it, but it ran away. Reported by the BFRO site.

Fall 1967: By Chehalis River near Chehalis, Washington. Billy Brown was hunting when he saw an 8-foot tall white Bigfoot. He shot it in the head, and it screamed and ran into a swamp. Reported by Roger Patterson.

December 1967: Teton National Forest near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Two college students from Marshalltown, Iowa – Lyle Bingaman and Mike Burton – shot and killed a Bigfoot, thinking it was a bear. They were terrified that they had killed a human being and that they would be prosecuted for murder, so they left it where it fell. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1968: North of Carson, Wyoming. Three men were hired by a rancher to kill a Bigfoot that was killing his cows and sheep by tearing off their legs. Afterward, the body was picked up by a government helicopter and taken to a research facility in Alamogordo, New Mexico to be autopsied and studied. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.

May 1968: Delphi, Indiana: A man and a woman were finishing their breakfast when a 5-foot tall “monkey” (Bigfoot) approached their residence. When the creature was 20 feet away from the door, the man gut-shot the Bigfoot in the stomach. It screamed, held its stomach and ran away. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

Autumn 1968: Point Isabel, Ohio. Larry Abbott, his father, and Arnold Hubbard saw a 10-foot tall white Bigfoot. The men fired on it. It vanished in a white mist. Reported by Leonard H. Stringfield, Situation Red – The UFO Siege!, pp. 65-6.

After 1968: Alabama. The same man involved in the Carson, Wyoming case above shot another Bigfoot later on. This time the government found out about it and was angry at the man for killing another Bigfoot. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.

New Years Day, 1969: Franklin, Missouri. Arbie Boyer pumped nine bullets from a .22 rifle into a Bigfoot 20 feet away from his home. It turned and slowly walked away. Then man then shot it with a 45/70 rifle and hit it in the shoulder. Reported on the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1969: San Juan, New Mexico. Shepherds shot a Bigfoot and wounded it. Two other Bigfoots then came to help the wounded Bigfoot away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1969: Whiteface Reservoir, Minnesota. A hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then put the body on ice and displayed it for awhile before replacing it with a plastic replica. The famous Minnesota Iceman story.

Late February 1969: Khutze Inlet, British Columbia. Ronnie Nyce and two other men shot a Bigfoot that ran screaming into the woods. Reported by Bob Titmus.

November 1969: Burlington, New Jersey. A man shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

November 1969. Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California. Mike Scott shot a Bigfoot three times from 30 feet away, wounding it. Reported by Slate and Berry, Bigfoot.

1969-1972: Homosassa Springs, Florida. A group of teenagers were hanging out at a rock quarry at night when one of them shot and wounded a Bigfoot. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

After 1969: Clark, Washington. Neat Mt. St. Helens, a man shot and killed a Bigfoot, then tried to sell it but stopped when he thought it might have been illegal to kill the Bigfoot. No further details. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Early 1970’s: Chelan, Washington. Men shot at a Bigfoot holding and biting a 150-pound pig. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Early to mid 1970’s: Burr Ferry, Louisiana. A coon hunter shot a Bigfoot, and it screamed loudly. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

Summer 1970’s: Evangelina, Texas. Fishermen camping on the Neches River heard noises down by their bait box and boat and smelled a bad smell. The grandfather fired in the direction of the commotion and then a terrible scream was heard. Nothing was found the next morning except footprints. The grandfather said he had shot a Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy..

1970’s: Sylacauga, Alabama, on the slope of Marble Mountain. After a series of incidents involving Bigfoots on a small farm, sheriffs were called out. A sheriff’s deputy saw a Bigfoot standing near the house. Although he did not know what it was, he emptied his revolver at it. It ran off. The deputy then told the family that he would not come out to the house at night alone again. Reported by the Alabama Bigfoot site. Government coverup.

1970’s: Gray’s Harbor, Washington. A man shot at a Bigfoot. Four Bigfoots then attacked his pickup truck. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1970’s: Oregon. A man unloaded four rounds from a 30.06 into a Bigfoot, but the shots had little effect on the Bigfoot. Reported by Oregon Archives, University of Oregon.

1970’s: Idaho. Two men fired their rifles, one .22 and one .44 magnum, at a Bigfoot, but the shots had little effect.

1970: Spokane, Washington. A hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot. Reported by Grover Krantz.

1971-1976: Citrus, Florida. Men shot Bigfoots. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

1972: Citrus, Florida. A man shot a Bigfoot. Possibly the same as the previous incident. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

June 1972: Rusk, Texas. A Bigfoot watched campers at a campfire for about four minutes. The men then opened fire on the Bigfoot, and it ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1973: Fayette, Pennsylvania. A man shot twice at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

June 1973: Maryland. A man shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

June 1973: Collowash River, Oregon. A man was sitting by a campfire when a Bigfoot walked by. He shot it, and it ran screaming into the woods. Reported by John Green.

July 1973: Greensburg, Pennsylvania. A doctor fired several shots at a Bigfoot that tried to enter his trailer home, but it walked away. Reported by Pat Morrison, UFOs and Bigfoot Creatures: An Adventure into the Unexplained, p.29.

Fall 1973: Albany, Kentucky. Many people saw a dark 6-foot tall Bigfoot. It killed some livestock in the area. People shot at it. Farmer Charlie Stern finally wounded it, and the sightings stopped. Reported by Loren Coleman.

October 1973: Pennsylvania. Witnesses saw a slow-moving, bright red UFO land in a farm pasture. Men went to the top of the pasture to investigate and they saw two Bigfoots creeping along a barbed wire fence about 75 feet away from the UFO. They were making strange whining sounds and and another sound like a baby crying. One man fired a tracer bullet at the Bigfoots. One of the Bigfoots reached up in the air as if trying to grab the tracer bullet. The man tried shooting at the Bigfoot with live ammunition, but the bullets had no effect. Reported by Stan Gordon on Coast to Coast radio show, November 28, 2014.

November 1973. Near Uniontown, Pennsylvania. A man saw a Bigfoot at night and shot at it with his revolver. It ran away. Later he shot it with a rifle. It screamed and ran away. Reported by Stan Gordon, “Pennsylvania Creatures Busy,” Shylooh: 77, pp. 15-16.

1974: Near Stone State Park, Sioux City, Iowa. A man shot and wounded a Bigfoot with a deer rifle. Reported by the Des Moines, Iowa Sunday Register, November 12, 1978.

1974: South Mountain, North Carolina. A 7-foot Bigfoot stood up by a campfire. A man fired at it, and it went away. Reported by John Green.

January 1974: Lee, Florida. A Bigfoot killed a pony. A man then shot at the Bigfoot in response. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

January 9, 1974: Palm Beach, Florida. Patrolman Robert Hollemeyal  shot a 7-8-foot tall, dark Bigfoot. The Bigfoot was only wounded and ran off at 20 mph. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

February 1974: Fayette, Pennsylvania. Men shot multiple Bigfoots. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

February 6, 1974: Uniontown, Pennsylvania. A Bigfoot was shot at and then disappeared. A UFO was seen nearby. Stan Gordon, “Pennsylvania Creatures Busy,” Shylooh: 77, pp.14-17

May 1974: North Carolina. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

July-Aug. 1974: Watova, near Nowata, Oklahoma. A Bigfoot was seen many times around the property of Mrs. Margie Lee. She called sheriffs, and Deputies Gilbert Gilmore and Buck Field came out. The deputies shot the Bigfoot, but it was uninjured. Reported by Clark and Loren Coleman, Creatures of the Outer Edge.

Mid-October 1974: Near Holly Springs, Arkansas. A Bigfoot was sighted several times. A man shot it, but it lived. Reported by the Arkansas Gazette, November 2, 1974.

November 1974: Corkscrew Swamp, Collier County, Florida. A group of men hunting at night were being stalked by a Bigfoot. They opened fire on it with their shotguns. It screamed and ran off. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

December 1974: Bootlegger Trail, Montana. A coyote hunter shot three times at a 7-8-foot tall Bigfoot with a 30.06. The Bigfoot kept coming at him, and he jumped into a car and escaped. Roberta Donovan and Keith Wolverton, Mystery Stalks the Prairie, p.90.

February 1975: Alachua, Florida. A man’s car hit a Bigfoot on the road and knocked it down. The man got out of his car and shot the Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

February 2, 1975: Cape Coral, Florida. Richard Davis shot a Bigfoot, then later repented. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

September 1975: Nowata, Kansas. Men shot at a Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

September and October 1975: Nolde, Oklahoma. Kenneth Tosh, Marion Parret, Clifford Bentson, and Gerald Bullock tried to shoot and kill a Bigfoot on repeated occasions over a 2-month period. They were unsuccessful; the Bigfoot survived. Reported by by Jerome Clark and Hayden Hewes.

Early October 1975: Lummi Indian Reserve near Bellingham, Washington. The captain of the police force shot at a 6-foot+ tall Bigfoot. Reported by John Green, Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us, p. 17.

October 1975: Fayette, Pennsylvania. A man shot at two Bigfoots. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 1975: Washington, Pennsylvania. Men shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

December 26, 1975: Vaughn, Montana. Two teenage girls shot over the head of a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot fell to the ground and was helped into the brush by other Bigfoots. Reported by Roberta Donovan and Keith Wolverton, Mystery Stalks the Prairie, pp.87-9.

1976-1977: Linn, Oregon. A man met two young women in a casino in Las Vegas who told him a fascinating story. Shortly before, they had wanted to go hiking in Oregon so they hired a guide to take them to the forest.

At one point, they came across a Bigfoot, and the guide raised his rifle and fired on it several times, seemingly to no effect. The Bigfoot then tore the man apart, killing him. The man’s body was evacuated via a heavily-armed US Forest Service helicopter. The Forest Service grilled the females for seven hours, trying to convince them that the man had been killed by a bear, but they stuck to their story. The ranger then told the women to never come back to the forest again. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Government coverup.

1976: Kern, California. A man shot a Bigfoot ten times in the chest with a .22 rifle. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

January 1976: Elm Creek, Texas Panhandle. Three men shot and killed two Bigfoots. The first one charged them, so they shot it. Then another one charged them, so they shot it too. They dropped both of them, a male and a female. They buried the bodies down by a nearby creek. They were afraid they would be prosecuted for homicide so they kept quiet about the killing. However, they recently told their story anonymously on a radio show.

April 26, 1976: Near Flintville, Tennessee. A Bigfoot tried to abduct 4 -year-old Gary Robinson. A six-man posse made up of Deputy Sheriff Homer Davis, Melvin Robertson, Stan Moore, and three others chased the Bigfoot and shot at it. Reported by Jim Brandon, Weird America, p.205

June 1976: Baltimore, Maryland. As unlikely as it sounds, a Bigfoot was reported here in May 1976. Police were called, and K-9’s initially refused to track it. Finally, the dogs tracked it to an interstate tunnel. A police officer then saw it run under the interstate. The next month, US army personnel were called out to deal with the Bigfoot once again. Reports indicate that soldiers captured or killed the Bigfoot. No further information. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. Government coverup.

July 1976: Citrus, Florida. A man shot a Bigfoot. Possibly the same case as another Citrus case reported above. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

July 1976: Gaston, North Carolina: A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

January 23, 1977: Blewett Pass near Ingalic Creek, Washington. David Kernoul and Dean DeWees saw a Bigfoot near a chicken pen and shot at it. Reported by Wenatchee, Washington World, January 26, 1977.

April 13, 1977: Rising Sun, Indiana. Tom and Connie Courter saw a Bigfoot on a hill late at night. Tom fired 12 shots at it, but there was no trace of the Bigfoot the next day. Reported by the Cincinnati Post, April 20, 1977.

May 12-13, 1977: Wantage Township, New Jersey. A Bigfoot visited the Sites family farm and killed some of their rabbits. It came back later, and the family shot at it. Reported by S.N. Mayne, “The Wantage Event,” Pursuit: 10-4, pp. 124-7.

Summer 1977: Cheshire, New Hampshire. Hunters may have shot at a tan-gray Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

July 1977: Jones, Texas. A Bigfoot threw a rock at a human and hit him. In response, the human shot at the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

August 1977: Stilwell, Oklahoma. Brian Jones and two boys with the last name Ritchie saw a Bigfoot looking in the window. Jones went outside, and an 8-foot tall Bigfoot picked him up but dropped him when others appeared. The boys fired at the Bigfoot, which responded by throwing rocks. Reported by the Bigfoot Research Society.

August 15, 1977: Sussex County, New Jersey. A man shot a Bigfoot in the front yard of a house with a .22 pistol. The Bigfoot screamed and ran off. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

August 20, 1977: Belt Creek Canyon, Montana. Staff Sergeant Fred Wilson and two others saw a 15 1/2 foot tan Bigfoot standing in some bushes. They fired at it but drove off in their car when it ran towards them. Great Falls Tribune, August 20, 1977.

October 1977: Broward, Florida. A Bigfoot tore at a man’s shirt. In response, the man shot the Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 1977: Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 1-2, 1977. Near Bend, Oregon. Gary Benson and Ronald Kershey said a 7-foot tall black-haired Bigfoot with silver shoulders attacked them. They fired four shots at it. Reported by INFO Journal: 6-4, p.15.

November 1977: Marion, Florida. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

Mid-November 1977: Ocala National Forest, Florida. A hunter fired six times at an 8-foot tall Bigfoot weighing 800 pounds. Ocala Star-Banner, November 19, 1977.

1978: Fort Pierce, Washington. Edwin Godoy, a soldier on the base, shot a Bigfoot in the chest. The Bigfoot moaned and ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1978: Fayette, Pennsylvania. A Bigfoot smashed a windshield of a car. A man then fired on the Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

April 1978: Pennsylvania. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

April 1978: Danbury, Connecticut. A boy called deputies out to a farm where he saw a Bigfoot. Deputies came out, saw the Bigfoot and shot at it. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

June 26, 1978: Crossett, Arkansas. Mike Lofton, age 10, was feeding his dog when his dog began to tremble. Mike then saw a Bigfoot approaching the house from the woods. He ran and got his .22, shot at the Bigfoot, and the Bigfoot ran off. Reported by the BFRO site.

August 1978: Near Owensboro, Kentucky. Larry Nelson, his brother and two friends shot three .45 bullets into a Bigfoot’s chest. It ran off into the woods unhurt. Reported by Keith Lawrence, “The Fairview Horror,” UFO Report, May 1979, p.30.

Mid-August 1978: Near Owensboro, Kentucky. Several men cornered a Bigfoot beside a pond and shot it at a distance of 10 feet with a pistol. It ran into the woods, leaving no blood trail. Reported by Keith Lawrence, “The Fairview Horror,” UFO Report, May 1979, p.70.

August 14, 1978: Oceana, West Virginia. Policeman Bill Pruitt shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by the Charleston, West Virginia Gazette, August 15, 1978.

August 16, 1978: Fowlerville, Michigan. Gary Browning shot at a Bigfoot that ran out of the underbrush. Reported by the Lansing, Michigan State Journal, August 18, 1978.

October 1978: Colombia, Oregon. Men shot a Bigfoot between the eyes on a road. The Bigfoot rolled off the road, and the men took off. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

April 30, 1979: Dunn Lake, near Barriere, British Colombia. Tim Meissner was fishing with friends when he saw a Bigfoot across the lake. He came back later with a gun and shot at it. Reported by the Vancouver, WA, The Columbian, May 6, 7 and 9, 1979.

Late Spring 1979: South Mountain, North Carolina. A fisherman saw a Bigfoot in the underbrush. He came back later with a gun and shot at it. Reported by Robert L. Williams, “‘Knobby’, North Carolina’s Bigfoot,” UFO Report, September 1979, p.27.

October 1979: Oregon. A Bigfoot put a hand on a boy’s shoulder. The boy ran to the men he was with, who got guns and fired into the woods at the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Mid-October 1979: Knox County, Indiana. Two boys who were predator hunting at night with rabbit-in-distress calls called in a Bigfoot. They shot at it, and it ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1980: Vinton, Ohio. A man shot a Bigfoot. Bigfoots threw boulders at trailers in response. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

September 1981: Cleveland, North Carolina. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 10, 1980: Fleming County, Kentucky. A Bigfoot raided J. L. Turney’s freezer. Turney chased it and shot at it. Reported by the Flemingsburg, Kentucky, Times-Democrat, October 15, 1980.

November 1981: Taylor County, Florida. A Bigfoot approached a camp of hunters in the middle of the night. A man fired a gun at it several times to make it go away. It crashed off into the woods. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

1982: Oglethorpe, Georgia. A woman went outside to tend to the dogs and was surprised to see a Bigfoot there. She ran back in the house yelling for her husband. The man was in the bathroom and shot through the bathroom wall at the Bigfoot, hitting it. The Bigfoot ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1982: Colombia, Oregon. A fisherman shot a Bigfoot. He followed the blood trail until he lost it. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Spring 1982: Maryland. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

Fall 1982: Cherokee, Texas. A man shot a Bigfoot with a shotgun three times and with a .357 revolver five times. The Bigfoot apparently survived. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

Fall 1983: Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Indiana. A college student was having a drinking party at his house with two friends. Early in the morning, he heard a noise and went outside. He saw what appeared to be a Bigfoot. He went back into his house, got an automatic weapon and shot at it. It ran off into the woods. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

October 13, 1983: Wilson, Oklahoma. A Bigfoot, apparently mad at a man for some reason, charged into a man’s house and tore the house apart. The man grabbed his shotgun and shot the Bigfoot. Then the man and his family chased the Bigfoot out of the house and barricaded the doors. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

November 1983: Tillamook, Oregon. A hunter tried to shoot a Bigfoot, but the gun was empty. The Bigfoot then growled at the hunter. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Mid 1980’s: Johnson County, Arkansas. A Bigfoot kept taking a farmer’s animals – chickens, pigs and calves – but by fall, he would only take no more than half the farmer’s animals, leaving the other half for the farmer. The farmer got fed up and one night lay in wait for it with a shotgun. When the Bigfoot appeared, the farmer shot it with a shotgun, wounding it. The Bigfoot ran away and never bothered the farm again. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

Mid 1980’s: Johnson County, Arkansas. Two men were poaching deer with spotlights at night when they spotlighted a Bigfoot. One man shot at it, wounding it. The next day they found blood from the Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

October 15, 1984. Jefferson, Texas. A man was squirrel hunting in Pine Islands Bayou in the Big Thicket National Preserve when his dog started barking. He then noticed a Bigfoot wading in the bayou. His dog charged the Bigfoot, and the Bigfoot threw a log at the dog. The man then fired on the Bigfoot, but he did not know if he hit it or not. The Bigfoot ran off into the underbrush. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1985: Pierce, Washington. A Bigfoot charged at men. Men then fired on the Bigfoot, then got in their car and drove away. The Bigfoot chased the pickup truck as it was driving away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1985: Ripley, Oklahoma. A group of people out partying by the Cimarron River saw a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot then crashed off into the brush. Men left to go get guns and came back to shoot at the Bigfoot. They saw it and shot it. It screamed and ran away. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

October 20, 1986: Los Angeles County, California. Father and son deer hunters hunting in the San Gabriel Mountains noticed something rustling the brush very forcefully. They fired a few shots at it, then it came out of the brush and stood in front of them. It was a Bigfoot. They both ran away. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

1987: Pacific, Washington. A Bigfoot chased rafters along a river for seven miles, throwing rocks at them. A man fired into the brush at the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

May 1987: Maricopa County, Arizona. A group of men were fishing for catfish. They fell asleep. At 2 AM, one awoke and noticed a female Bigfoot standing only 10 feet away. This situation went on for a while, as the one man in the group who had a gun pointed it at the Bigfoot to hold her at bay. At one point, she charged the men, and he opened fire at close range with a single shot shotgun. The Bigfoot grabbed her chest and ran across the lake to the other side, crashing through the brush. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

1988: Atoka, Oklahoma. A hunter shot a Bigfoot with a 30.06 rifle, but the Bigfoot was only wounded and ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1990’s: Nowata, Oklahoma. A farmer shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1990: Clark, Washington. A woman shot at a Bigfoot in the brush near her chicken coop. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

May 1990: Cooke County, Texas. Men shot a Bigfoot in the chest with a shotgun while on a camping trip. Reported by the BFRO website.

September 1990: Glenn, California. A Bigfoot that had been shot at by other men ran past a group of men. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1991: Indiana. Two young men were hunting at night when they saw a Bigfoot. They freaked out and opened fire on it with a shotgun. It screamed and chased them half a mile through the woods. Reported by Mary Green.

August 1992: Between Westal and Crosstal, Tennessee. A man and his sons were out hunting squirrels in the woods. At 3:30 AM, the father woke up when a Bigfoot was trying to pull him out of the back of his truck. He thought it was one of his sons, so he yelled at them to stop. After a bit, he realized it was a Bigfoot. He shot and wounded it, and it walked away. Later, it came back and walked around the camp breaking branches and menacing the campers. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

August 1992: Iowa. Two fishermen camping beside a river saw a Bigfoot walking along the bank on the opposite side early in the morning. One man fired three shots at it with his .22, and it ran over the top of the bank and disappeared. Reported by The Sasquatch Report Issue #84 March 1997.

May 1993: Clark, Washington. Deer poachers shot a Bigfoot and wounded it. Blood was found, but the Bigfoot escaped. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

December 1994: Deschutes, Oregon. Hunters shot and wounded a Bigfoot in the leg and followed the blood trail for several miles. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

November 1996: Coos, Oregon. Spotlight hunters took long shots at a spotlighted Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

May 1997: Mendocino, California. A man shot at a female and some juvenile Bigfoots. Another Bigfoot then attacked the man and broke some of his bones. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

September 1997: Tillamook County, Oregon. A hiker shot at a Bigfoot standing on a rock outcropping early in the morning. The Bigfoot ran off.

July 1997: Jones, Texas. A Bigfoot threw a rock at a man, hitting him. The man then shot back at the Bigfoot but missed. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

October 1998: Madison, Virginia. A man was camping in the woods when he saw a Bigfoot up on a ridge only 80 feet away when he woke up in the morning. He emptied his revolver at it, and it ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

November 1998: Longview, Texas. Two men were out squirrel hunting in the woods when they came across a Bigfoot. It ran across the trail and took off into the woods. The men decided to leave the area quickly, but five minutes later, they smelled a bad smell. They looked around, and 20-30 feet to the side in the woods was the Bigfoot again. One man fired three shots at it, hitting the Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot screamed and then chased the men all the way back to their house. It roamed the woods around the house all night, yelling and breaking branches. Later in the night, one of the men fired on the Bigfoot again.

November 4, 1998: Greenbrier, Tennessee. A man out hunting was scared off by a Bigfoot staring in the window of his truck. He drove off quickly, but the Bigfoot had blocked the road with a downed tree. The hunter called his friend to come cut up the tree.

They drove off and came to the main road when they saw some deer. The hunter decided to shoot a deer, so he got out. But then the two men saw a Bigfoot heading towards a neighbor’s barn. They fired shots at it, but it kept moving towards the barn. As they fired more, it turned and ran towards them. They jumped into their trucks and drove away very fast.

The hunter and his friend went to their homes, but then they heard the Bigfoot again. The Bigfoot yelled and burst out of the trees 40 feet away. The men unloaded all their guns at it, and it fell to the ground and started crawling away. The hunter told his friend to stop shooting at it because they didn’t know what it was. They followed the blood trail 1/2 mile to a creek where they lost the trail. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

April 6, 1999: Hawkins County, Tennessee. A farmer was plowing his field with his tractor when he saw a Bigfoot come out of the trees. He thought it was a bear, so he pulled out his 30.06 rifle and shot it. They tracked it for six hours but could not find it. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

September-October 1999: Northwestern Alabama. A woman sighted a Bigfoot and reported it to law enforcement. The next day at 4 PM they saw helicopters flying over the area. The copters had .50 caliber machine guns and were firing into the woods. This went on until midnight. Apparently they hit the Bigfoot because residents heard horrible screams from the wounded Bigfoot. It is not known if the Bigfoot was killed or not.

When people asked law enforcement about the helicopters, citizens were told that the police had been eradicating wild boars in the area. However, there had not been any wild boars in the area for 20 years. Reported by the Southeastern Bigfoot Research Organization. Government coverup.

January 2000: Honobia, Oklahoma. The Siege of Honobia. Bigfoot apparently shot and killed as part of a group that was raiding and harassing a rural residence. Other Bigfoots apparently carried off the dead Bigfoot. Reported by the BFRO site.

August 2000: Fort Mitchell, Alabama. A man and his friend were camping at Rood Creek Park Campground and Boat Landing on the Chattahoochee River, Georgia. One of the men’s dogs started whimpering, and the man went to check on it. Then he saw a Bigfoot coming out of the woods and approaching the camp. The man fired two shots from his pistol at the Bigfoot, but they didn’t seem to faze it. The Bigfoot then grabbed the man’s dog and tore it to shreds. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

October 11, 2000: Lewis County, Washington. A mother and two of her children saw a Bigfoot walking across the road. It looked as if it had a gunshot wound in the lower back. Reported by the BFRO site.

April 27, 2001: Orange County, Indiana. A hunter was in a blind calling turkeys in the woods when he heard a noise 50 feet in back of him. He turned around, and after a little bit, a Bigfoot stepped into view. Soon the Bigfoot charged the hunter’s position. The hunter fired one shot at the Bigfoot’s face and hit it. The Bigfoot turned and ran down a steep ravine where it stumbled around for 15 minutes or so. A trail of blood was found leading to the ravine. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

October 4, 2001: Woodville, Texas. A woman saw a Bigfoot standing in her backyard. She told her son, who grabbed a gun and took off into the woods after it. Soon he heard two men shouting along with gunshots. Then the men said, “Let’s get out of here!” They had apparently been shooting at the Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

2002: Sawyer, Oklahoma. An old man shot a Bigfoot. Bigfoots then started coming to the house, throwing rocks and sticks at it. One day the old man died of a heart attack. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

Late January 2002: Monster Central, Louisiana. This is a 1,500 acre zone in northwest Louisiana south of Shreveport. A hunter gut shot a Bigfoot and wounded it. Other men with dogs were called in to track the Bigfoot. They tracked it to a tree on the edge of a stream, but it jumped down out of the tree and into the stream. One of the men shot at it again but missed.

Then the men became worried that some of the other Bigfoots might come around to defend the one they shot. Some blood and vomitus were taken for analysis, but the wife of the man who had the samples accidentally threw them away when she found them in the freezer. The results came back “unknown primate.” Reported here.

July 16, 2003: Lincoln County, Tennessee. A man shot a white Bigfoot that was making noise in a yard at night. The Bigfoot stumbled and then ran away. Reported by the BFRO site.

November 12, 2003: Lafollette, Tennessee. A creature had been killing peoples’ animals. A goat and cat at the very least had been killed. A woman called the sheriff’s, they came out with a team of deputies, and told everyone to get their pets indoors, as they were going to eliminate this animal. They tracked the Bigfoot and shot it dead over the next hill.

There were sirens wailing, and the Bigfoot screamed as it was shot. The woman left the scene. People saw a black body lying in a field the next morning. Ten minutes later, it had vanished. Planes flew around the area night and day for two weeks. Locals reported that there had been a hostile Bigfoot in the area, and they were trying to appease it by leaving food out for it so it would not kill their animals. The next day the woman who reported the incident went back to the area, and someone had taken the body away. Reported by Mary Green. Government coverup.

February 2006: Navarro, Texas: At a road crossing, a man shot a Bigfoot twice with a 30.06. The Bigfoot was wounded but walked away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

August 2006: Slim Buttes, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. A Bigfoot that had been named Chiye-tanka was shot and killed on the reservation. It was later given to the School of Mines to study. They sent it back, and it was given a ceremonial burial by Lakota elders. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.


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Bigfoot News February 1, 2014

Hank verified repeatedly! According to an anonymous source who will not be revealed, several scientists have already verified Hank. I know of at least one occasion recently when a scientist came on the weekend and verified some parts of Hank’s body as real, but did not inspect the whole thing. In addition, several media outlets have sent out MD’s to verify Hank before they wrote their stories about him. They all verified him, so the papers all know he is real, but they are playing it coy. I can also report now that another MD is scheduled to see the body this weekend.

Taxidermy job done at Washington university. Hank’s taxidermy job was done by the people at the university in Washington. That is why it is such a lousy job. It was just student and profs winging it at taxidermy. I will not reveal the source for this news.

Complaint filed with US federal authorities against Rick Dyer and Frank Cali for extorting $10,000 from a man across state lines. According the complaint, Frank wrote the letter demanding payment. To date, no action has been taken on this complaint. The FBI will not even look at any extortion below $100,000, so this case may just sit there and never get acted upon. The name of the Purported victim and where they resided is not known. The crime is said to have taken place last summer around June or July. Nothing more is known at this time. Will be updated! The source for this information is anonymous and will not be revealed.

Visitors to Hank. All of the visitors attempting to view Hank came away either 100% convinced he was real or would say “he is very convincing, but we are still not sure.” I know of eight people from our field who went out there and they all felt that is quite convincing. Nevertheless, about 50% of those people are deeply worried that somehow Rick is scamming them and fooling them and that somehow this whole thing is a hoax.That is because no one trusts Rick Dyer (good idea) nor believes a word he says (the right attitude).

No one has seen the body yet who says it is not real.

Dyer charges critics $20,000 to inspect Hank. Two  experts profiled earlier offered to see Hank. One is a Hollywood special effects guy and the other is a famous taxidermist. It was reported that Dyer refused to let them see it, but that is incorrect. Actually, he said he would charge them $20,000 to view it. They declined the offer. Why Rick offered to let them see it for so much $ is not known.

Would haters refuse to verify Hank? This is what Rick is probably worried about. The haters, based only on a few photographs and a longtime belief that this is a hoax, would probably go see Hank and see exactly what they wanted to see – a hoax. This is called confirmation bias. We have already seen several experts chime in to insist that Hank is a hoax based merely on a photograph.

Dyer explains Hank’s teeth. All of Hank’s teeth are made of resin as the real teeth are with the skeleton. Also Hank has had resin coated on his skin.

Musky Allen reveals differences between artist rendering and his description versus Hank now. Musky stated that when he saw Hank, he had been shaved in a number of areas, including around the face. This is why the face looked less hairy. Hair was later glued back on the face and the body where the autopsy was done as the autopsy area was shaved during Musky’s visit.

Washington university revealed? The taxidermy work on Hank may have been done at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. They have a ANSLAN sign language there that they use to converse with the bonobos at the college. Visitors call it a Chimposium. An excellent place to find lots of primate specialists and host visiting MD’s and scientists.

Gold memberships at Team Tracker utterly useless wastes of money. A TT member reports:

Dyer took down the Team Tracker site, so I have received precisely nothing for my Gold Membership, nor will I receive anything. From what I understand, he is not liable for anything in this regard, as the only guarantee given was that the membership would give the purchaser access to the Gold Members-only page and its content, which it did; technically, he delivered what he promised.

LOL he gave you the page, but there was nothing on it! Suckers! One born every minute, rake, rake, rake, look at my rolls!

Look if you all want to waste money, no problem, but don’t give it to Rick. Give to me instead of flushing it down the toilet or letting it fly away in the breeze.

Lily Dyer cousin works in Special Effects.  A source has just informed me that Rick Dyer’s wife Lily has a cousin who works in the special effects industry. +1 for the hoax hypothesis.

Some Dyer supporters jumping ship? Yes, I can tell you that some of the firmest, hardest and strongest Dyer supporters of all are bailing out and going over to the skeptic side. . I would not say these folks have gone over to the skeptic side, but they are no longer 100% behind Rick. Why they are doing this is not known, but Rick lies so much that they do not know what to believe anymore. This is typical with people like Rick. When people like Rick deal with you, you end up confused because they are such confusing people.

As you twist and turn in your confused and bewildered state, the predator comes in the kill, the wolf after the sheep, just like always. A con man moves in and takes you while you are twirling in helpless senselessness. Usually people wake up and wonder what hit them as it felt like a tornado rolling through

TT members voice doubts. I also know for a fact that there are a number of TT members, including some of Rick’s closest associates, who do not believe 100% that Hank is real. They don’t think it’s a hoax either, and they are surely not “in on the hoax.” It’s just that whatever Rick has shown them so far has gone a long way towards convincing them but was not enough to raise it to the 100% level.

Who is in on the hoax? No one is, as there is no proven hoax. But if there is a hoax, it is Rick Dyer’s and Rick Dyer’s alone. He would be doing this alone and would have no one backing him on this. I know this because just about every Dyer supporter that I know actually believes that Dyer has a Bigfoot. You can call them ignorant and stupid all you want, and perhaps they are gullible, but they are not in on any crime. Certainly, Musky Allen and the FB/FB guys are not “in on the hoax.”

Rick either has a real Bigfoot or he has done a masterful hoax that is fooling a very large number of people somehow. That’s your two choices.

Rick Dyer as quintessential Bigfooter. I am getting a lot of flack for this, but it’s just true. It’s not a compliment about Rick; instead it’s a slam on the rest of us. Yep, we really are that bad. We look in the mirror and there is Rick Dyer staring back at us and that’s how you get sites like Randy’s blog. No one wants an ugly reflection.

It’s not that Dyer is horrible, and of course he is, but it’s more that Dyers are dime a dozen in this biz. It’s the non-Dyers who stand out and make you think, “Whoa! What are you doing in this sleazy game?”

Randy’s blog excellent on other Dyer stuff. Randy and I are friends and we work together. I send him stuff both ways, especially that works for his hypothesis. The way I see it is we are pushing alternate hypotheses. May the best man win! Aside from the notion that this is all a hoax, that site is superb for outlining the other less than illustrious aspects of Dyer career and mindset. The endless scamming, the endless lying, the cheating, the sleaziness and nefariousness, the nonstop hucksterism, the constant grubbing for every spare buck, it’s all there.

You either like Rick Dyer or you don’t. Rick even admits that he is crazy and an asshole. Well, it’s one thing to be an asshole, but it’s quite another to be proud of it, but I have known a few. First rule is know yourself.

The commenters often have excellent insight into Rick’s personality, which I have already dealt with on this site. The World of Success is full of Cluster B types just like Dyer. Sadly, personality disorder is compatible with wealth, fame, greatness. The greatest men in history for better or for worse were often fucked in the head.

Sykes nefariousness redux. Via a well known source in the Bigfoot community, an explanation for the bizarre and paradoxical behavior of Dr. Brian Sykes, who looks awful sneaky and political to me anyway.

“I know for fact Dr. Sykes and those working with him had access to the DNA Study. The Bigfoot hair morphology was discussed in great detail including photographs and supplements. The fact that only a few hairs were tested out of 100’s that were sent in to Dr. Sykes is a puzzling aspect of the “Bigfoot Files” TV Specials.”

I have a theory that Dr. Sykes was aware of this unique property that Dr. Ketchum had discovered about the Bigfoot hairs. He knew if he tested true Bigfoot hairs he would not get any mtDNA. He had already professed himself to be the expert and able to extract “pristine DNA” from only a hair shaft, so he has a dilemma on his hands.

If he processes known Bigfoot hair and gets no mtDNA then he has to admit one of two things:  1 – He is incompetent and unable to extract mtDNA from possibly dozens of “clean and pristine” hair samples or 2 -That the hair must be from a Bigfoot or an unknown hominin after the mtDNA failed to amplify from dozens of hair samples. This by default confirms Dr. Ketchum’s DNA Study finding’s and validates her study.

Since both these scenarios is unpalatable, Dr. Sykes opted to just test a handful of hairs he knew where known animal. Surely you do not believe that Dr. Sykes was so inept that he did not have the hairs pre-screened by a forensic hair expert. It is costly to run DNA testing on these hairs, at least $1,500 if not more per sample.

Surely the hair expert Dr. Sykes used was not so incompetent that he gave Dr. Sykes known animal hairs of Bear, Dog, Raccoon, and Wolf?  If so, then Dr. Sykes should be suing this hair expert to recoup the thousands of dollars spent on wasted DNA testing. This would explain why only “seven of the best samples were selected for testing”.

In my opinion who ever screened the hairs for Dr. Sykes made sure to exclude any known Bigfoot hairs. This way Dr. Sykes would only be testing known animal hair and avoid having to explain the lack of mtDNA amplification.

This is a “kill two birds with one stone” scenario. Dr. Sykes discredited the Bigfoot researchers in the United States and avoided confirming Dr. Ketchum’s DNA Study. Mission accomplished Dr. Sykes, mission accomplished.

Wow! Thanks for nothing, Bryan! Smell ya later! Oh and thanks for coordinating it with the insulting British TV show. Charming move, and so wrong. And thanks to Rhettman Butthead or Bigfootology whoever for bringing this clown over here to contaminate us for no reason at all. Back across the pond with ye, Bryan! They don’t have Bigfoots in England. We know, we know, we know. But we are bloody colonials, and we have them here in the vast forests of North America, and we don’t care if some asshole TV host believes that or not.

Sasquatch Ontario. Wow. I am convinced that this is 100% real. That is because there is some of the physical evidence that simply not faked because hoaxers have never been able to fake this stuff. There are real footprints and other prints out there, not faked. I do not believe the little weavings are faked either. If most of it’s not faked, then none of it is probably.

The recordings are the most controversial and insane as it sounds, I think these are real vocalizations and the thing is actually trying to speak our language for some reason. Well hominids can pick up a foreign tongue you know. I also know some people who worked with him (he does not always work alone) and they confirmed that that is really an active habituation site with real Sasquatches wandering about. If that is true, then there is no need to hoax.

You are actually looking at a Sasquatch the whole time in this video, incredible as it seems. And that Sasquatch is utterly terrifying. I am still traumatized from seeing it. I assume that anyone who sees one of these things is traumatized for life in some way. The damn things are monsters!

The guy behind Sasquatch Ontario is very controversial, and none of the other researchers in Ontario like him and he won’t work with any of them and apparently doesn’t get along with them. Just a rather difficult individual who wants to do his thing all alone out there and not deal with the rest of the researcher scene, which is basically full of individuals who are either insane or bad or both.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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Bigfoot News October 7, 2013

Dr. Brian Sykes positive Bigfoot DNA findings apparently confirmed. This fascinating post listing the major new books on rights agents hotlists has, in the 6th paragraph, this very interesting report about the Sykes study:

Luigi Bonomi Associates is bringing Karen Swan’s Christmas at Claridges, a tale set in London and Italy, with UK and Commonwealth rights sold to Macmillan. Sarah Skye’s Code Red Lipstick follows a teenage model-turned-spy investigating her father’s death, with world rights signed by Scholastic.

In non-fiction, former Capitol Hill press secretary Ion Valaskis examine how mistakes inform us in The Magnificent Mistake, on submission. End Game: Tipping Point for Planet Earth by Professor Tony Barnosky looks at our failing environment, with HarperCollins signing UK rights. Professor Bryan Sykes’ The Yeti Enigma explores the yeti myth, with his surprising findings now on submission.

Note the underlined text. The book, The Yeti Enigma, should be coming out soon. The show, the name of which we do not know, is scheduled to air in three parts on the UK’s Channel 4 towards the end of 2013. One of my sources confirmed this in a phone call to the channel that is airing the show.

A surprising finding now on submission can only mean one thing. Sykes has discovered the Bigfoots or Yetis actually exist. Discovering that they do not exist would hardly be surprising. Only a positive finding would be described as surprising. This is of course exactly what I have been reporting for a week or so now – a positive finding on Bigfoot DNA from Sykes.

The shameful Todd Disotell. Todd Disotell is a geneticist who firmly insists that there is no such thing as Bigfoots, Yetis or any other relict hominids, or any cryptids at all, for that matter. He has been examining samples purportedly from such cryptids for some time now, and of course he always gets exactly the result he expects: that they do not exist. This is because Todd does science backwards. He begins with a conclusion “There is no such thing as Bigfoot.” Then he tests his “Bigfoot” sample and of course he ends up with exactly the finding that he wanted to get. He is actually working backwards! Instead of ending with a conclusion, he begins with one. I am sure that makes things so much easier!

Here is some information from Dr. Melba Ketchum about how Todd was given some excellent samples from Matilda the Bigfoot at the Adrian Erickson’s Kentucky site. Todd was sent some blood from Matilda and got human MtDNA in the result, so he assumed it was contaminated with human DNA. However, the sample was completely pure with no contamination at all.

After getting his finding, he threw the rest of the sample away! Adrian Erickson furious at this clown. Luckily, Adrian kept back some of his sample and was able to test it with other labs. Can you believe that this idiot commands high prices for regular TV appearances as an “expert?” I don’t either. I think Todd ought to change his name to Fraud. All hail Fraud Disotell! Via Ketchum:

To clarify: I do not know T.(redacted) Disotell. When Adrian Erickson came to our project, he told me that he had sent an aliquot of the red Sasquatch’s blood to Disotell for testing. AE has results and correspondence as proof. He was extremely upset because Disotell had destroyed the sample. Disotell got human mitochondrial DNA sequence when he tested the sample and didn’t believe that it came from a Sasquatch. He told the PhD on Erickson’s staff that somebody must have hoaxed it.

He said this in spite of the fact that the study was well monitored by Dennis Pfohl who is extremely credible was in control of the food trap start to finish. If it was hoaxed, our genetic testing showed the suspect would be a red headed female, which obviously Dennis is not. In addition, the whole genome SNP testing excluded this individual (the red headed female) as being 100% human with results close to 20% below the human threshold.

After Disotell destroyed the DNA (Mr. Erickson’s staff had requested the remaining sample be returned), another aliquot that had been retained by Erickson was sent to Paleo Labs in Canada. They also obtained human results on the mitochondrial DNA. Finally, AE sent the remainder of the DNA to our study and had Paleo Labs send what they had left also. Our lab also obtained human mitochondrial sequence. These were all independent tests using different laboratories.

We then began testing the sample using several platforms to obtain nuclear DNA sequences and profiles. This sample like all of the other samples in the study yielded human sequence as well as unknown sequence. Disotell specializes in evolution using mitochondrial DNA. He is not qualified to comment on the genomics or other disciplines in this study.

Like he said on the Joe Rogan show, our project used “some of the latest cutting edge science” that he is not expert on–he admits “I can’t follow 3/4 of that paper.” The raw data for this paper continues to be available as separate files with the manuscript. He is a perfect example of the scientific bias we have faced.

Photos of findings from the Ketchum project. Here are some photos of hairs and a tree structure that revealed an excellent hair source. These photos were presented at the recent news conference.

Hair analysis of hairs used in the Ketchum project.

Hair analysis of hairs used in the Ketchum project.

Photo of tree structure that revealed Bigfoot hairs in Ketchum's project.

Photo of tree structure that revealed Bigfoot hairs in Ketchum’s project.

Ketchum’s peer review. It does appear that Ketchum underwent some sort of a peer review at a journal called JAMEZ. The documents have been posted online, and they do appear to be genuine. Here is more: some correspondence between Ketchum and the journal.

Peer review correspondence between Ketchum and the JAMEZ journal.

Peer review correspondence between Ketchum and the JAMEZ journal.

The Ketchum haters have long screamed that the paper never passed peer review. Once again they are proven wrong. So much of what they screamed about her has turned out to be not true. Ketchum is a Machiavellian Dark Triad type individual and I would personally trust her about as far as I could throw her. If you get involved with her business or project wise, she will probably screw you and back-stab you at some point. But a vast number of Bigfooters, especially the higher echelons, are Dark Triad types. She is what she is, and they are what they are. Anyway, this is science, not a popularity contest.

I think Melba’s science is probably pretty good. She has been ripped into a thousand pieces over her science, and it is simply disgusting and shameful what has been done to this woman. It turns my stomach to think of it.

New Erickson Project videos released; Erickson Project website back up. Sasquatch The Quest, the EP site, is now back up. It looks pretty nice but it fails pretty badly in my browser, which is Firefox 22.0 What is it, an IE-only site? Very unprofessional. However, I must say that his site looks better than Ketchum’s unprofessional catastrophes of websites (she has had several, all horrible) and especially Rick Dyer’s nightmarishly bad websites.

The first video has some interesting footage of Bigfoots and the different colors they come in. One shot shows an absolutely huge creature.

The second shows the very controversial footage of Matilda the Bigfoot from the Kentucky site. This is said to be identical to a Wookie Chewbacca mask that is on sale, however, if you look at the Wookie Chewbacca mask and the creature, there is no match.

The typical Chewy mask used to compare with Matilda to show that Matilda is a human wearing a mask. But there is no match.

The typical Chewy mask used to compare with Matilda to show that Matilda is a human wearing a mask. But there is no match.

This creature cannot possibly be a person wearing that mask. It is not possible.

This photo of possibly a different mask looks better but is still no match.

This photo of possibly a different mask looks better but is still no match. Also the hair looks completely different and frankly Matilda’s hair looks like her mother’s hair in the Sleeping Bigfoot video.

One problem with the video is that the creatures mouth remains open and does not appear to move, which suggests a mask. However, later in the video, she growls at the camerawoman, so I assume (or hope) her mouth moves then. Scott Carpenter has done some superb work comparing the mask to the video and there is no match.

The last one shows night vision of Matilda walking through the woods on a game trail at night. Note that she walks exactly like Patty from the Patterson footage.

Description of Matilda from someone who saw the film. I believe this description comes from either Mary Green or Matt Moneymaker.

Nose similar to ours (but with larger nostrils)
Slightly chapped, rosy lips
Pink mouth, blackish tongue
Pointed teeth, like fangs
Deep set eyes that dart around and don’t blink
Her head is round, shaped more like ours than a gorilla’s, but her brow is much more prominent
She has lots of fine, flowing hair on her head (dark reddish brown) and soft short hair on her face
When she walks away, she moves just like the female in the Patterson Film.

She has a black tongue. Assuming this is someone in a mask, what did they do, paint the person’s tongue black? How did the person wearing the mask learn to walk away precisely like Patty? Tell me.

More Erickson Project videos from the press conference. Here are some shots taken by one of the reporters who attended the conference.

Screenshot of Matilda from the Erickson/Ketchum press conference.

Screenshot of Matilda from the Erickson/Ketchum press conference.

Matilda analyzed

A second screen shot, this time with annotations done by the reporter.

Stan Courtney shows a Bigfoot in a game cam at night. This excellent analysis shows what does appear to be a Bigfoot captured in a game cam at night. The photo quality is not so good, but it appears to be a genuine creature.

The Bigfoot is apparently in the center of the photo.

The Bigfoot is apparently in the center of the photo.

Unretouched large version of the photo above.

Unretouched large version of the photo above.

The same object blow up. Looks like a Bigfoot all right.

The same object blow up. Looks like a Bigfoot all right.

Interesting Bigfoot photo out of Pennsylvania. A town in Pennsylvania had a festival over the weekend that featured a Bigfoot calling contest. After the festival was over, a man and his wife were returning from the festivities when they saw what looked like two Bigfoots off the road in the forest moving slowly away in the direction of festival where the calling contest had taken place. The man pulled off to the side of the road and snapped about 9 nice photos of the objects.

Skeptards quickly “proved this is a hoax” by “proving that it is actually an upended tree root. However, an investigator went back to the scene with the cameraman, and there are no upended tree roots there. Before and after shots show the objects before and then the objects are not there. It does appear that he photographed one or more real Bigfoots. Unfortunately the objects are rather indistinct. Details here.

Distance shot of the Stoneman Bigfoots.

Distance shot of the Stoneman Bigfoots.

Closeup shot of the strange Stoneman Bigfoots. The other photos are copyrighted by Stoneman and I do not want to steal them.

Closeup shot of the strange Stoneman Bigfoots. The other photos are copyrighted by Stoneman and I do not want to steal them.

Fascinating Frank White Bigfoot photo from Bellingham, Washington in 1976. Never seen this photo before, but it sure looks nice.

Very nice photo from 1976, when very few folks were hoaxing Bigfoot photos. Could well be real.

Very nice photo from 1976, when very few folks were hoaxing Bigfoot photos. Could well be real.

Superb rundown by Scott Carpenter on why the Matilda footage cannot possibly be a person wearing the Wookie mask. Great analysis by Scott here. I agree with him.

Note the massive underbite on Matilda. Odd feature for a mask.

Note the massive underbite on Matilda. Odd feature for a mask.

Once again note the possible double tooth rows or straight tongue.

Note the possible double tooth rows or straight tongue.

Note the black gums and the possible double rows of teeth. Recall that Dyer claims that Hank has double teeth. Note also the many reports of giant skeletons from back East in the 19th Century, often with double rows of teeth. We may be onto something here. She also may have a straight tongue, and most masks have no tongue.

Note the black gums and once again the possible double rows of teeth. Recall that Dyer claims that Hank has double teeth. Note also the many reports of giant skeletons from back East in the 19th Century, often with double rows of teeth. We may be onto something here. She also may have a straight tongue, and most masks have no tongue.

Note the strong prognathism of the jutting lower jaw. Haven't seen too many masks with that. Also that is no match for the Chewy masks, which have zero prognathism, not to mention lower jaw prognathism.

Note the strong prognathism of the jutting lower jaw. Haven’t seen too many masks with that. Also that is no match for the Chewy masks, which have zero prognathism, not to mention lower jaw prognathism.

Closeup photo of my Bigfoot hair. I have received several Bigfoot hairs. Here is a closeup photo of one of them.

The hairs were analyzed on a number of different levels and they do appear to be Bigfoot hairs. The scaling is quite a bit different from human hairs. Bears have similar scaling, but the hairs are light and reddish, and all bears in Michigan are black.

The hairs were analyzed on a number of different levels and they do appear to be Bigfoot hairs. The scaling is quite a bit different from human hairs. Bears have similar scaling, but the hairs are light and reddish, and all bears in Michigan are black.

Melissa Hovey copyright infringement case – total insanity. Here is a description of this idiotic case which was thrown out of court. Hovey received the famous Hovey photo, which does show a real Bigfoot, from an unknown person. She put a copyright on it simply as a placeholder to keep others from copyrighting it and stealing it, something that Bigfooter scumbags do all the time.

However, later Phil Poling put it up on his site in a video. Hovey screamed copyright infringement and ordered him to take it down. Then this crazy woman sued Poling for $75,000 in court. Truth is that Hovey had no right to copyright it in the first place, so she did not even own that copyright. So obviously this nuisance frivolous lawsuit was thrown out of court.

Completely ridiculous MABRC libel lawsuit. Darkwing DW Lee of MABRC and those around him are simply some of the worst people in Bigfootery. They go beyond the usual idiocy into out and out dangerousness. Threats, death threats, pipe bombs going off at Bigfoot conferences, all of these things have been associated with DW and his gang of sociopaths. Randy Harrington, DW’s sidekick, is a particularly awful person. John Phillips sued DW and Harrington for defamation due to some statements that DW made. In one of them he called Phillips’ daughter a dyke. It is not even known if she is a lesbian or not.

Anyway, Phillips sued for an outrageous $1.2 million. Like total morons, DW and Harrington failed to show up in court. Phillips won by default and DW at least apparently owes Mr. Phillips $1.2 million. That is probably the stupidest thing DW has ever done in his life. Gruesome details here.

Skeptard idiocy regarding Bigfoot. One of the skeptard arguments against Bigfoot is that if these things existed, people would be seeing them all the time. Well, they do exist, and people actually do see them pretty regularly. You would be amazed at how people I know personally who have seen these things. The argument goes something like this:

Eyewitness #1 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

Eyewitness #2 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

Eyewitness #3 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

Eyewitness #4 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

Eyewitness #5 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

Eyewitness #6 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

Eyewitness #7 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

Eyewitness #8 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

Eyewitness #9 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

Eyewitness #10 – “I saw a Bigfoot”.

Skeptic – “Though I wasn’t there, no you didn’t”.

… Skeptic – “If these creatures were real, people would be seeing them all the time!”

Joe – (Sigh)

See what sort of crap we are up against from “science” crowd?

Special dedication to all my haters. Like Rick Dyer, I am accumulating lots of haters myself. I suppose everyone in this game does at some point.

Therefore, I am dedicating this song especially towards my deadliest enemies, including:

The JREF skeptards, in particular, the execrable Sharon Hill, Jodie and Mustbeso. Truly and painfully useless human beings.

The debased and degraded nothingness that constitutes the administrators at Bigfoot Forums, may they burn in Hell for eternity.

Rhettman Mullis, idiot.

Carl Zimmer, famous “science” writer. That this man is a famous science writer is truly pitiful.

The “science” skeptard crowd in general, may you suffer prolonged pain for your cardinal transgressions.


Rick Dyer uses gorilla hand on the back of his CD After the Shot. This has already been reveled on several blog sites. However, Frank Cali told me in an email that that was only used as a filler. If indeed photos of Hank the dead Bigfoot are owned by the investor, then no photo of Hank could possibly appear on the back of the DVD. From the comments:

I think too much has been read into the gorilla hand saga. I think it was just an image used to fill the back cover that was relevant to the contents of the DVD. If there is a real body, then of course a read pic of the hand could not be shown. Its just purely a graphic image to be in keeping with the contents and nothing more than that……?

Nevertheless, I think this was a very stupid mistake by whoever did it because it makes Dyer look like he is hoaxing this whole thing.

Theory about who owns the body of Hank and any images of him. From the comments:

I reckon as soon as Hank was shot, then the body and all the rights including footage of him dead belonged to the investor. I think Dyer and Morgan Matthews were silenced about the kill. And the investor has wanted to remain anon until the big reveal. I think Dyer did get paid up front and has been spending the money like water. His shows, his claims since Sept 6th are all just for personal attention and to give publicity on the investor’s behalf.

If you shot a Bigfoot and were paid and then told that your job was done, and if you had a personality like Dyer, well you wouldn’t want to rest on your laurels and remain quiet and not try and gain some sort of attention while you waited for the big reveal would you? I think that those DVD’s belong to the investor, and Rick is merely publicizing them and he will maybe have a cut in their sales. I think the investor has made it very very clear right from the start that they wish to remain silent throughout all this until the reveal. I think Dyer is very much controlled by the investor.

When December comes and the scientists give their announcement (which I reckon will coincide and may even be in collaboration with Sykes’ results) then any footage of dead Hank will be released (I think Minnow will be able to show more footage caught on camera and will release a Director’s Cut version of the film too). And I think people who have bought the DVD’s will actually see a real dead Bigfoot, and I obviously do think there will be a real Bigfoot body.

The tour however, that bothers me. All I wonder is that the publicity that Rick is telling us is a lie, and the tour will actually be organized on a higher level with more money, publicity and security.

Rick Dyer spinning more tales. Rick now says that the filming of Hank and the goings on surrounding his body were done by a film crew hired by Rick’s investor, not Rick himself. Rick had earlier stated that Rick himself had hired the film crew and had to pay them $20,000. He was trying to recoup some of that money via DVD sales. Now it turns out he never spent $20K on the crew. In fact, he did not spend one red center. Rick’s stories just go all over the place, here, there and everywhere.

Dyer’s investor paying for university to study Hank. The investor is apparently paying for the university to study the Bigfoot body. This is a new revelation, that a particular university has been tasked with this job. We now hear for the first time also that that the university folks are being paid to do this work.

Dyer’s latest logo. I guess you either love it or hate it. I actually do not particularly mind it. I think the lettering might have been positioned a bit differently, but it’s not a major issue. Most of Rick’s graphics, webpages, etc. are horrifically bad, but this one is actually pretty good.

New Rick Dyer logo is actually not bad.

New Rick Dyer logo is actually not bad.


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Bigfoot News March 30, 2013

Is the US Fish and Wildlife Service examining Bigfoot tissue? Some very interesting photos were published on Rhett Mullis’ Facebook page recently dealing with Rhett’s trip with Dr. Brian Sykes and his wife, Uhla (That is a Dutch name; she is Swedish-Dutch).

They went to see Justin Smeja, and Sykes took a sample from Justin’s boot where the baby Bigfoot bled on it. The problem is there has been some contamination after the incident. Justin continued to wear the boots for a while, and the worst problem of all was when he was fishing in a boat in brackish (partly salty) water, and the boat started to sink and he had to wade thirty feet in waist deep water to get to the shore. That’s not good for the blood on the boots.

They went to see a number of folks on their trip, including Steven Streufert of Bigfoot Books in Bluff Creek, California.

Then they went to see Ray Crowe in Washington. I heard that he was on his deathbed a while back, and they were counting down the days before he died. Then I heard nothing for a bit. Then at some point, he made a long comment on my blog. He had returned from the dead! Then he sent me an email asking if I would like a copy of his latest book, and he sent it to me. He has since written me a few more times, and I think he’s a really nice guy, and he’s also now my friend. Ray’s one of the finest souls in all Bigfootery, and apparently he and Rhett are close.

In these latest photos, Ray doesn’t look so great, but at least he’s above ground. How do you make it out of a certain deathbed, beat the reaper and get up and stroll the Earth for a while more? I don’t get it, but it sure is nice. Jesus is my main man, and I think he came back from the dead. It’s always nice to see others do the same as my main man. Walk in Jesus’ footsteps indeed, Ray!

They also, very curiously, went to the premier wildlife investigation lab in the whole US, the main US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) lab in Medford, Oregon. There they met some of the techs and spent quite a bit of time with Ken Goddard, the head of the lab. There are photos of Ken, Rhett and Brian posing with various artifacts, and there is one curious photo of Goddard posing with a photo of a Bigfoot drawn recently by a prominent Bigfoot artist.

Ken Goddard,head of the USFWS top lab in Medford, Oregon. Dr. Brian Sykes is in the background. He has enough warmth in his countenance to light up New York in a blackout. Guys like this may be the new wave of Bigfootery. I am getting tired of all these scoundrels and rogues.

Ken Goddard,head of the USFWS top lab in Medford, Oregon. Dr. Brian Sykes is in the background. He has enough warmth in his countenance to light up New York in a blackout. Guys like this may be the new wave of Bigfootery. I am getting tired of all these scoundrels and rogues.

None of this makes any sense to me unless someone knows something I do not know. The USFWS  and the US government as a whole has never wanted to associate itself at all with Bigfootery, and they have done nothing but deny it if not ridicule it. Now here is the premier scientist at the top USFWS investigative wildlife lab in the US posing with some of the most prominent Bigfooters (who happen to be engaged in very cutting edge research about Bigfoot DNA) and holding up drawings of Bigfoots in a non-joking way.

Goddard holding up a drawing of a Bigfoot done by Thomas Finley. Goddard actually signed this drawing. If Bigfoot is a joke, Goddard looks like a complete moron for signing this pic and holding it up like a fool to the camera.  He is a professional man with a sensitive career and can be canned at a moment's notice for the slightest indiscretion. Goddard would not risk his career like this unless he knows something we don't know. Which apparently he does. What does Ken Goddard know?

Goddard holding up a drawing of a Bigfoot done by Thomas Finley. Goddard actually signed this drawing. If Bigfoot is a joke, Goddard looks like a complete moron for signing this pic and holding it up like a fool to the camera. He is a professional man with a sensitive career and can be canned at a moment’s notice for the slightest indiscretion. Goddard would not risk his career like this unless he knows something we don’t know. Which apparently he does. What does Ken Goddard know?

The only way this makes sense is if the folks at this USFWS lab now either believe in Bigfoot or think that Bigfoot’s existence is a serious hypothesis. What I am getting at here is that Ken Goddard and others at the lab appear to be taking Bigfoot very seriously right now for some odd reason.

Even more stunning is the notion that they may be working with Bigfoot samples at this very moment. Could they be investigating Bigfoot samples right now? Indeed they are, but these are more “purported” Bigfoot samples than real Bigfoot samples proven in one way or another. I can now report that Goddard’s lab is one of the official backup labs for Sykes’ Bigfoot study! How Sykes managed to get the US government involved in testing purported Bigfoot tissue I have no idea, but perhaps he can pull a few strings.

Recall also that Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot is being held at some sort of a government research facility somewhere near Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s guarded, and it’s hard to get into the place. Whether it is actually a government facility or not is somewhat up in the air. Dyer said it was not a government facility, but it may operate off government grants. A person very much in know about the facility described it to me as a “government research facility.” This person also told me that a team of government scientists have been studying Dyer’s Bigfoot for the past five months.

It stands to reason that if a US government research team has been studying the most bizarre wildlife creature in the US if not the world that the premier USFWS lab in Medford, Oregon may somehow be working in conjunction with this team to study the weirdest creature the woods have ever yielded.

However, upon questioning, Goddard said that he had never heard of the Dyer shooting, and at any rate, his lab was not analyzing anything from the shooting if it even occurred at all. Goddard also stated that he had connections at other government facilities, and while it was possible that Dyer’s Bigfoot was at some state facility, he had not heard of it. Goodard also said that he was close to USFWS authorities in Texas, and he had not heard anything from them about the Dyer Bigfoot shooting or their involvement. The logical assumption is that USFWS is not involved in the Dyer shooting in any way.

Goddard’s lab deals specifically with wildlife crimes, hence they would not be involved in the Dyer case anyway as Goddard stated that no crime had been committed in that case. Goddard stated that shooting a Bigfoot is legal in all parts of the US except Skamania County, Washington.

At any rate, Goddard and his crew know something and are up to something. What do they know and what are they up to? They don’t seem to be denying the existence of Bigfoot anymore, based on their behavior. Now why is that? What in the heck is going on?

Dr. Brian Sykes now believes in Bigfoot’s existence 100%. After a trip to Washington state where Sykes and Rhett went to some public land that Lori Simmons and her father have been studying for years, Sykes experienced something while there that effected him so greatly that Sykes now says he believes that Bigfoots are real. What did he experience up there? Sykes is a prominent scientist and would not be given to making rash, off the cuff remarks for no reason. What happened to Brian Sykes at Simmons’ research area in Washington?



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Bigfoot News February 27, 2013

Erickson Project footage reportedly released. Some stills of Matilda the teenage Bigfoot have reportedly been leaked to the web via Bill Munns. Someone who had an NDA with Erickson leaked some of the stills to Munns, who promptly declared them to based on a modified Wookie mask.

The clips are on the left and the Wookie costume is on the right. Compare and contrast.

Click to enlarge. The clips are on the left and the Wookie costume is on the right. Compare and contrast.

The skeptic and scofftic community is going nuts over this. However, there are some problems.

First of all, Erickson bought looked at 4-5 videos that the owners of the house had. The first one was thought to be faked. The Erickson people thought it was a fake. They sent this video around to a bunch of experts and the consensus was that this was some sort of a fake. Munns was one of those experts. Munns said it was a modified Wookie mask. Erickson decided not to buy that video. However, he did buy the other four videos which were all thought to be genuine.

So the question is whether Munns is referring to stills from the video that even Erickson thought was fake or whether he is referring to the famous Matilda footage which is said to be better than the Patterson footage. No one knows, and no one knows if Munns reviewed the footage that actually made it into the Erickson Project movie.

So Munns’ trashing of those photos does not in any way invalidate Erickson’s project, footage or documentary.

John Bindernagel saw a Bigfoot at the Erickson Project’s Crittenden, Kentucky site. Adrian Erickson flew Bindernagel out to the Kentucky site when Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh were there so that Bindernagel could get a chance to see a Bigfoot for the first time as he had never seen one before. Richard Stubstad told me that Bindernagel did indeed see a Bigfoot at the site, and the sighting changed his mind about whether Bigfoots were apes or hominids. Prior to the Kentucky sighting, Bindernagel said that Bigfoots were apes. However, after he saw the Bigfoot at Crittenden, Stubstad said he changed his mind and now thought they were more of a hominid.

However, we never knew exactly what Bindernagel saw. But just the other day a commenter on Cryptomundo said he talked to Bindernagel recently at a Bigfoot conference, and John said he what he saw in Kentucky was either a Bigfoot or someone running around in a Bigfoot costume.

I asked Stubstad if it were possible that the owners of the site might have been running around in Bigfoot costumes to hoax the Erickson Project. Then I asked him if it was possible that Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh were hoaxing Erickson by running around in Bigfoot costumes. His response to both of these was the same: “That’s not possible.”

The Crittenden property was private land, and it was well fenced. It was not a common occurrence to have trespassers on the land, if they came at all. So we can assume no trespassers on the land hoaxing everyone by running around in Bigfoot costumes. We can also be certain that neither the owners nor Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh were running around in Bigfoot costumes hoaxing people. We also know that Adrian himself was not hoaxing.

The only possible conclusion then is that Bindernagel saw a Bigfoot at Crittenden.

Facebook/Find Bigfoot is in Las Vegas. No one knows what they are doing there, where they are said to be meeting with Rick Dyer. In fact, I just received word that they did in fact view Dyer’s Bigfoot body, and also they did not sign an NDA with Dyer. Nevertheless, they do not appear to be talking as of yet about what they have seen.

New video out investigating the Dyer Bigfoot shooting in San Antonio. The shooting on September 6, 2012 is still the subject of much investigation. A man has been running around there investigating the shooting mostly by interviewing homeless people who live in the area. This is the second video in the series.

In this video, the young homeless man says that someone or something killed his dog right around the time that Dyer’s crew were in the area. The young man blames Dyer for slashing his dog’s throat (the injury was not fatal). The young man says that if Dyer attacked his dog, the man is going to kill Dyer. So he’s threatening Dyer. No one knows if Dyer attacked that dog or not. It seems like a pretty crazy thing to do, even for Dyer. On the other hand, Bigfoots can easily slit the throat of a dog. Why was the young man’s dog’s throat slit around the time when Dyer shot the Bigfoot? No one knows; it’s one more mystery.

In addition, the man says that he has never seen any Bigfoots in the area, and he doesn’t think that they live there. Mountain lions? Yes. Bigfoots? No.

It is very interesting that the man reiterates once again that he heard gunshots in the area when Dyer was there with the film crew. This time he elaborates that he heard more than one gunshot (Dyer says he fired two shots) and that the shots occurred at night (Dyer says the Bigfoot was shot at 2:30 AM). This is excellent confirmation of Dyer’s story.

However, in this video, a Mexican-American family living in the area are interviewed, and the father says say that there are Bigfoots (Meaning more than one!) still in the area. The father also said that Dyer and the film crew were in the area in early September, and that the father met them. In addition, the father also said his neighbor told him one night at a party that the neighbor had seen a Bigfoot in the area dumpster diving and looking for something to eat. After it spotted the neighbor, the Bigfoot took off in the direction of a water tower that is in the area. A member of the man’s family said that they had seen huge footprints in the area.

Accusation that the San Antonio Film Commission did not grant any licenses to shoot film during early September. Sleuths on Bigfoot Forums called the film commission and learned this odd fact. Skeptics are using this to say that there never was any film crew in the area with Dyer during this period.

Nevertheless, as you can see in the video above, the young man says that Dyer was indeed out here with a film crew during that period. The man says he met the crew and talked to them, and that they had British accents! So it appears that whether or not Minnow had a permit or not, they were indeed at that site during that period shooting film with Dyer.

Dyer footage reportedly cut from Minnow Films Shooting Bigfoot movie. A poster on Bigfoot Forums, “Ihlyda,” who insists that the Dyer story is a hoax says he has a source at Minnow who says that the Dyer footage has been cut from the film. However, he appears to be lying, and I do not think that he has a source at Minnow. My source at Minnow just told me that his story is not true and Dyer’s footage is still in the film.

Derek Randles has not yet seen the Dyer body. Everyone is waiting for Randles to go look at that body, but apparently Derek has not gone to see the body yet. It’s not known what Randles will be able to tell us after he sees it as he may be under NDA.

Another huge Bigfooter will see Dyer’s body. Another huge Bigfooter will come to see the body around the same time that Randles does. Whether they accompany Randles or not, I do not know. No one knows who this person is, though there is much speculation.

Dyer’s truck vandalized for the 3rd time in a month. Rick Dyer’s truck had its rear window smashed recently. This was the 3rd vandalism in a month. The person who did it supposedly did it because they say Dyer is a hoaxer. The vandalism was accompanied by some sort of message calling Dyer a hoaxer. Apparently this is someone who thinks Dyer is hoaxing again based on the body story. It is unfortunate that Rick is suffering this way and I do not support these attacks on Dyer in any way whatsoever. My heart goes out to him. I feel sorry for the damage he is suffering unjustly and I hope the vandal is caught.

There is a silver lining to all of this  mess. I think it is great that people are attacking the property of hoaxers, even though in this case, they are mistaken. Wouldn’t it be a great world when every Bigfoot hoaxer had to suffer endless threats to life, limb and property along with at the very least property damage. Actually I would not mind seeing some of them get beat up too. The Bigfoot community needs to put sheer terror into the hearts of these hoaxers. People wanting to hoax need to think twice. I want people to think, “Oh no, I better not do this Bigfoot hoax. If I do, I will get endless threats and possible attacks on me or my property.” Maybe that will stop a few of them.

Scientists review Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study. Here, from the execrable Sharon Hill’s Doubtful News scofftic site, is a report on geneticists who have reviewed the data. Apparently Bigfoot nuclear DNA is extremely bizarre, so weird that these scientists insist it could not even be from a real creature. Therefore, they say that there must have been some contamination. However, upon reading the study, I concluded that there was no contamination whatsoever. Therefore, my conclusion is simply that Bigfoot DNA is extremely strange. Why not? Bigfoots themselves are weird as all get out, so why wouldn’t their DNA be very odd also?

The sequence did not match a hominin sequence but part of it did match very well with human chromosome 11. 60% didn’t match with anything on Earth (So called “Angel DNA“? Sorry, I went there…) and the rest of it matched with various animals such as panda, dog and bear, etc. These bits that matched may be a sign of a mixed sample.

So, as Winter notes, he’s not sure if the researchers are inept or deliberate in their interpretation but some of the DNA is perfectly matched to humans and the rest is “crap”. Some of the sequences, he said, were far too short to be the result of hybridization, making Ketchum’s claim of hybridization from 15,000 years ago not plausible. Others have also questioned the hybridization idea.

Contamination remains the obvious question. It’s not that the samples were contaminated necessarily by the collector but that the sample itself was a mix. So, no matter how careful they were in the lab to prevent investigator contamination (as Ketchum insists), the damage was already done if it was junk to begin with.

Conclusion? Bad.

As I noted above, there is no contamination. I went over that in my last report, and you can go check Scott Carpenter’s site for more on that. Ok, Bigfoot DNA is crazy. So what? That means they don’t exist? No. It means they exist, but they have nutty DNA.

Ketchum hoaxing? On JREF and other forums, many folks, including many Bigfooters, are saying that Ketchum is hoaxing this whole thing. Many of these saying this are scofftics to skeptics, and they say she is hoaxing it because there is no such thing as Bigfoots. So the samples were all of known animals or humans, and Ketchum messed with the DNA to make it look funny so she could call it Bigfoot DNA.

Thing is, if she did that, she is guilty of scientific fraud. She could never publish in the US again. Her career would be over. She could be sued civilly for fraud and prosecuted criminally for fraud by any enterprising DA. I agree with Richard Stubstad that, while Ketchum is a pretty shady person, I do think that hoaxing and scientific fraud is simply beyond here. I would even go so far as to say that she doesn’t have it in her to do that.

Ketchum’s telling Justin Smeja to damage his sample with bleach. That was Justin’s explosive claim on the video of his that I linked to in my last report. The JREF idiots are running with this and claiming that Ketchum damaged all of her samples with bleach and that is how she got the weird Bigfoot DNA results she came up with. In other words, a hoax and scientific fraud. I do not understand genetics very well, but i believe that destroying the sample with bleach would simply render it sufficiently damaged so that no usable DNA could be recovered from it.

Justin’s other claims. In the video, Justin also makes other claims. He said that Ketchum said she had a way of making the DNA of something seem like something it is not. This is suggestive of scientific fraud on her part if she did indeed say that.

However, I doubt if she said that. She did say that if other labs tested it, they would probably get a common animal. In Justin’s case, she said other labs would come up with “bear.” That is exactly what two other labs did come up with. This is a very odd statement on her part, and I do not understand it. Why did she know that other labs would come up with “bear?” Makes no sense. And how was it that she would come up with something different from bear? I admit that I am mystified here, but I still believe that she is not hoaxing. I simply do not believe she has it in her to do that.

Justin also said that Ketchum made the claim about the Bigfoot mind-rape that happened to her on her property where Bigfoots reportedly hang out. I have gone over this claim before on my blog. I think something very odd happened to her that night, that Bigfoots have ESP, and that they can mess with your mind in some interesting ways.

Justin said that Ketchum claimed to have 5 Bigfoots on he property. Justin thought this was nuts, but I think it is possible that she may indeed have a family of Bigfoots running around her property.

In addition, Justin said that Ketchum said she would hold Justin’s Bigfoot sample, and the Bigfoots would mind-speak to her somehow when she held it. That is, she would have some sort of a spiritual experience. Ketchum is a very spiritual experience. I do not know if the Bigfoots mindspeak to her when she holds the Sierra steak, but anything is possible. Actually, habituators regularly report very similar odd experiences. I conclude that Bigfoots have “something else” that may be a spiritual or ESP side to them.

Justin concluded from all of this that the woman is simply a nut. I am not sure if that is true. She is shady, but is she nuts? Crazy like a fox maybe. Otherwise, I doubt it. She is sort of Cluster B-ish, but so is just about everyone in Bigfootery!

Four superb breakdowns by Michael Merchant. Four new fantastic breakdowns by Merchant follow below. He is becoming my favorite guy for doing breakdowns.

Michael Merchant breaks down the Top 5 Bigfoot photos of the year.

Very nice.

#5 photo is a very odd photo of something taken from the rear. It’s from Ontario, Canada, taken by a trapper. It is a very weird photo, and no one knows quite what it is. A friend of mine insists that it is a Bigfoot. I told him, “But it looks so weird!” He replied, “Well, Sasquatches are pretty weird creatures, so photos of them look pretty strange.” Makes sense to me.

#4 photo is the Temamgami Ontario Canada Bigfoot photos. These photos are very strange, but I think that both of them are real Bigfoot photos. They have been extensively investigated by researchers, including the fine Ontario Wildlife Field Research group.

#3 is the fantastic Adam Davies Sleeping Bag Sasquatch video from Washington State. I also regard this as a real Bigfoot. Davies is a superb researcher.

#2 is a very weird trail cam photo of something bipedal running on all fours. It looks like some kind of an elongated ape. I do not have the faintest idea what that thing is.

#1 is the excellent Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo. One of the finest Bigfoot photos ever taken. Melissa did a great job handling the roll-out on this photo. For sure that is a real Bigfoot.

Another incredible breakdown by Michael Merchant!

Merchant breakdown of Utah Bigfoot.

This one fooled me for sure. Apparently a few months after they released this video, these maggots told us that it was all a hoax. Hmm. Punks. Bitches. I always wondered about that Bigfoot shelter they find at the end of the video. It looked too good for a Bigfoot to have built it. It looked like it was build by humans. Turns out it was!

Merchant breaks down tree falling in the forest video.

Here a tree falls in the forest. A guy films it, and he says that a Bigfoot pushed it over. He also claims that there are 3 Bigfoots in this video. They look more like shadows to me. I am not sure there are any Bigfoots in this video and trees fall in the forest all the time. The man has a dog with him, and the dog does not act too alarmed. It’s dubious whether there are any proven Bigfoots in this video.

Merchant paralyzed Adirondacks Bigfoot breakdown video.

Fine breakdown by Merchant of this extraordinarily bizarre video out of New York. No one yet knows what is in this video. A commenter said it a common costume, but I went to the site and looked at the costume and this did not look like it. How many hoaxers go down on all fours. How many make juvenile Bigfoots have gigantic heads? How many get the Bigfoot’s ears exactly right?


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Bigfoot News December 16, 2012

Habituator follies. The habituators are clearly some of the most humorous and ridiculous folks in Bigfootery, though some of them do or have apparently had Bigfoots in and around their property coming around for pancakes and whatever else was being served that day. Once again, from Bigfoot Forums, a disillusioned former believer turned skeptic:

At one time, I too spent countless hours on this forum reading, believing, just sure that the proof would come any day. I read about members who lived among them (saw them with cougar stoles on their neck) and could produce undeniable proof any time, but wouldn’t. I read about people sneaking into their nests to film from only a few feet away, but we never saw the film.

Hey, fascinating stuff! There’s actually humans living out in the woods, roughing it with the local Bigfoots, not shaving or bathing, learning how to zap folks and God knows what else. And the folks who live with their Bigfoot pals and BFF’s report that the Bigfoots actually make stoles, finer than those on 5th Avenue, out of cougar skins. Why? To be fashionable of course. So, why not take a picture and show us some of these Upper West Side tony Bigfoot society gals? Oh I forget! Bigfoot doesn’t like his picture taken. How silly of me.

And those intrepid souls who venture into the very nests of the Bigfoots to snuggle up against their hirsute neighbors? Now that takes balls of steel. Think next time you sneak into the Bigfoots’ lair to hang out, drink beer and smoke cigarettes or whatever, could you maybe get us a photograph? Just a teensy beensy one?

Oh how foolish of me! I need to stop making sense!

Mt. St. Helens Bigfoot video. This one has been around a long time now. Of course Mt. St. Helens is famous for Bigfoot sightings. This is where the famous Ape Canyon incident (a true story) took place in 1924. The Indians have long said there was a large Bigfoot population up there, and in general, the Indians did not go into the area, instead leaving it to the Bigfoots.

After the eruption of the mountain in 1980, there were reports of dead, burned Bigfoots being airlifted out in nets via government helicopter. Then there was a small pile of them at the site where they were burning the dead animals, guarded by National Guardsmen. They were loaded into a black van, and all of the soldiers were warned not to talk. The Guardsmen said the government wanted to study the dead Bigfoots.

There has been a lot of controversy about this video with some saying that it’s real while others are not sure. Would be great if Phil Poling could do a breakdown of it.

Justin Smeja interview on podcast. From November 29, 2012. I haven’t listened to this much yet, but I hear it’s good. You might want to give it a listen.

Ohio Bigfoot video. This is a very interesting video that had me completely fooled there for a bit. Phil Poling tracked down this worthless hoaxer dog and proved that this is a hoax. Not only that, but the dirtball stole it from someone else’s video two years back. Too bad there weren’t any trigger happy hunters in the area, then we would have one less hoaxer! Death to all hoaxers!

Damn fine costume though jerkoff. Hope you reminisce over it in Hell.

Stacy Brown footage. Stacy Brown, Sr. caught this video of a real Bigfoot on thermal between midnight and 1 AM on May 12, 2012. This is for sure a real Bigfoot all right, but you only see it for a bit, and it’s on thermal.

Great though dated Bigfoot documentary from the TV series Ancient Mysteries. Apparently from the 1990’s, maybe 1994 or so. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this, and you might too.

Linda Newton-Perry on dead Bigfoot found near the California-Oregon border killed in late 1962. During a heavy storm, forestry workers in the Siskiyou National Forest came upon a dead female Bigfoot that had been killed by a fallen tree. She tested positive for Lyme disease, and precise measurements were taken. Many workers gathered round, and the forest ranger was called. He cleared the scene and warned everyone not to talk or else. But the workers took many photos of the dead Bigfoot that day, and these were said to be passed around the community for a long time afterwards and may even still exist.

A story was soon made up about an escaped gorilla owned by a local rich man who had a cabin in the forest, and everything about the incident disappeared from the record. The body then went to various places, including the Rocky Mountains, San Diego and back to the Interior Department in Washington DC where a crazy, utterly improbable report was issued calling it a Chinese Mountain Gorilla, which doesn’t even exist.

There are said to be Forest Service, Interior Department and Smithsonian Museum file numbers on the case, but some say the numbers don’t make sense. Newton-Perry and those around her have been trying to get ahold of documents about this case for a long time now. Newton-Perry said that the Smithsonian still has the body somewhere. This case has so many strange details that one wonders if Newton-Perry was even capable of  making up this whole thing up out of her febrile imagination.

Newton-Perry suffers from the same problem that Rick Dyer does. She has been caught in hoax after hoax after hoax. Steve Kulls did an excellent job of exposing this fraud and all of her endless lies and tall tales. She writes children’s books about Bigfoot with her husband, who is probably as morally challenged as she is. Apparently all of this nonsense, from her Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog on down, is part of a scheme to sell silly children’s books. It’s not really known if she’s a pathological liar or if she’s instead simply the most gullible woman on Earth, but at any rate, no one believes a word she says.

But is there anything to this odd old dead Bigfoot story?

Ro Sahebi interview with Java Bob. Goes over the whole sordid saga of the early days of the Ketchum DNA study with Richard Stubstad, Java Bob, Tom Biscardi, Adrian Erickson and Melba Ketchum. Ketchum comes out smelling more like a skunk than a rose in this story, and everyone who got involved with her felt that she burned them. Well, that’s what she does. She uses you, and then she dumps you, burns you and leaves you holding the bag. Hey, that’s how she rides. One thing though, this lady plays for keeps! She plays hardball!

In the early days of the study, all involved were running around LA talking to lawyers and entertainment industry types, looking to get some kind of a TV show or movie deal going. Melba would walk into the room, sit down and announce that she was going to get 99-100% of everything, and everyone else was getting zero.

Everything for me, and nothing for everybody else!” the Red Queen cried from her throne.

Everyone, from all of those listed to the entertainment industry guys to the lawyers, was absolutely appalled, and the Hollywood guys had probably seen some real ego cases before. You know egos grow like ivy in LA. Melba’s Prima Donna act was simply off the charts. Everyone was falling out of their seats and burying their faces in their hands.

Afterwards, a mysterious multimillionaire was talking to his brilliant friend. The subject was Melba.

“Good God, she’s a piece of work! My God!” the multimillionaire moaned. The engineer chuckled in his delightful way.

The rich man continued. “God-damn she’s a man-hating bitch!” The Berkeley engineering grad roared with laughter.

“And I’m stuck with her!” the hunter moaned. Both men looked down at the ground, sinking their heads.

The fix was in.

Strange Chuchunaa video out of Russia. Chuchunaas are one of the Yeti types said to be found in Russia. Specifically, they are larger than the Almastys and others, live in the Far North in Siberia and are much taller and larger. I really do not know what to make of this very strange video.  Someone needs to do a breakdown on it. There is a recent version with an English translation, so we can figure out what they were saying. I know just enough Russian to pick out the word chuchunaa. Curiously, the creature has a piebald appearance, possibly hops around as if it is injured and does a lot of tree hiding. Who knows?

Murmansk Yeti video. This is a very weird video that has seen few plays around the community because it’s all in Russian, and Bigfoot bloggers don’t go through foreign language videos. A lot of people are saying this is a hoax, and part of it does indeed look phony. Murmansk is in the far north of northwestern Russia, and there are indeed reported to be Yetis present in that sparsely populated area. The first part of this video looks sort of phony, but what the Hell is that thing you see shaded in white at :27? That looks very much like a Yeti to me. We need Phil to do a breakdown on this one.

Loren Coleman on Ketchum Bigfoot DNA. Coleman is yet another narcissistic, full of himself douchebag with an ego the size of Maine that we have come to know so well in this business. Yet another Cluster B high conflict personality. He spends most of his time fighting with his various rivals, which is really everyone in Bigfootery.

He has written many books playing up all sorts of nonsensical, BS “monsters” and “Fortean” dubiousness, most of which is either demonstrably not true, beyond belief or simply too ridiculous to behold. The mysterious “Thunderbirds” of the Southwest US? No doubt a hoax from the 1800’s, but to Coleman they could well be real. So could Mothman. So could angels or dwarves or elves or unicorns or whatever. There’s no such thing as a monster story too outlandish for Coleman not to play it up for every sensationalistic, PT Barnum nickel he can milk out of it to sell it to 13 year olds of all ages all over this fine land.

One would think that a guy this interested in moooooonsterrrrrs and all the glory and $$$$$$$$$$$loot they can bring a huckster would know a thing or two about Bigfoot. But he doesn’t. He’s trashed the Erickson Project, the Ketchum DNA project, the Sierra Kills and now the Dyer Bigfoot shooting story from the very start. Why? Who knows? They’re rivals, he’s filled with envy, and he has to shoot them all down because they got the story first? Soon enough, Bigfoot will be proven, and Coleman will have been wrong about just about every major Bigfoot story of the last couple of years. Why? Ego got in the way of facts and blinded the poor man.

In this video, he basically takes the skeptic role on Ketchum’s DNA study as he has been doing for years now. He’s been pouring cold water on this story since it broke. Why? Who knows. I guess she beat him to it or something.

When all is said and done and Coleman is proved wrong over and over again, shall we see a hint of contrition cross his countenance?

Surely you jest!


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