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Liberal/Conservative Trends by State over the Last 20 Years

Big G: If the demos keep pushing gun control the Republicans will win. The only republican to win any contested government seat anywhere was over the gun issue.

Another William Playfair Web: certainly does cut into support of battlegrounds like Iowa, Virginia, N.C.

In W.V. that and coal are we are reddening by the hour.

She will win Iowa, Virginia and North Carolina. All three of those states are trending quite a bit more liberal over 20 years.

However, West Virginia is trending dramatically more conservative over the past 20 years. There are not a lot of states trending more conservative, but that is one of them. Tennessee is another.

Red states trending more conservative are West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah and Arizona. A few blue states are going a little more conservative, but they are still solid blue. I am thinking places like Massachusetts and Rhode Island are getting more conservative.

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The Significance of the Grizzly Bears in America Post

Here is why the Grizzly Bears in America post is significant.

First, an overview of the piece.

The Alaska and Canada populations are simply passed over with little comment as I focused on the bears in the Lower 48.

The main groups in Montana are listed – the Cabinet-Yaak, the Northern Continental Divide and the Selkirks. I believe the Selway-Bitteroot is a budding population also. They are moving out of the Cabinet-Yaak and the Selkirks west towards the Idaho border. They are now quite common in places said to be beyond their range.

The population in Idaho is the Selkirks, and it ranges into Washington also. There is a small population in the Washington Cascades. There may be 40 bears in Cabinet-Yaak, 70 in the Selkirks and 10-20 in the Cascades.

The Greater Yellowstone population may be as high as 700-1,000. The Northern Continental Divide population is definitely 1,000.

Mostly I talk about bears that are wandering outside of their mapped zones. The Northern Continental Divide population is expanding far out to the prairies to near Great Falls. It is also expanding to the south, and I believe it is now close to linking up with the Yellowstone population near Butte. It is hard to prove that the populations are linked, but they are either linked or they are very close to being linked.

The Greater Yellowstone population is expanding to the north, west, east and south. I carefully document how far the bears have gone in each direction.

Incredibly it seems that the Greater Yellowstone population is extending down the Bear River Range into Utah. There is a good sighting in Evanston, Wyoming, and a bear was killed on Highway 80 in Utah in the early 1980’s, but it was covered up by officials. However, witnesses saw the bear. There are now four sightings in the Bear River Range in Utah.

In addition, there was an excellent sighting of a bear recently in the area where Utah, Colorado and Wyoming all come together near Flaming Gorge. I have no idea how that bear got there, but maybe they are following the Green River south. This is also very close to the Uintas. They have even been spotted in the Book Cliffs of Utah.

To the east, they now extend all the way to the full length of the Wind River Range, however, they do not seem to be moving beyond the range. To the south is the Red Desert, and that will be hard to cross. To the north, they have made it to the Owl Creek Mountains and the Gooseberry Creek area. Further north, they are now seen around Cody to Putnam. They are definitely on the west side of the Bighorn Basin.

It is now known that the occupy the entire Wyoming Range and there are even populations at La Barge Creek and Little Piney Creek at the far south end of the range. They are in the Salt Rivers and they have made it as far south as the Caribous in Idaho.

The Yellowstone population is obviously at capacity and it is known that they are expanding in all directions.

Young male bears can wander pretty far to establish a range is what I have heard.

Colorado: There is quite a long section on sightings in Colorado. I believe a small population of 10-20 bears still lives there. Most of the sightings are in the San Juans and Sangre de Cristos, but there are also a number to the northwest near the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and north to Crawford which I believe are valid sightings.

To the northeast, there have been a couple of good sightings around Pikes Peak. There has been a sighting or two around Independence Pass in Aspen and one near Rocky Mountain National Park. I am not sure if those sightings are good.

However, to the north on the Routt National Forest and near Bull Mountain near Red Feather Lakes in the Medicine Bow Mountains there are definitely some good sightings. The sightings cluster right near the Wyoming border.

This population is quite curious. How did they get up on the Routt? Via the Medicine Bows? Maybe, but I am not aware of any sightings in Wyoming’s Medicine Bows. They could have moved from the Wind Rivers to the Medicine Bows by crossing several mountain ranges to the southeast, but I am not aware of any sightings there. It’s a mystery.

There is also one sighting in New Mexico right across the border from Colorado in the San Juans. It’s entirely feasible that the Colorado San Juan bears could move into Northern New Mexico.

Mexico: Further south, there is a lot of debate about whether the Mexican Grizzly Bear is extinct or not. It was said to have gone extinct in 1964, but one was shot in 1976, and there was a sighting in 1980 by scientists. Expeditions have found evidence of Grizzly Bears in the last 35-40 years in the Sky Island Ranges. Scientists say that they may still exist in the Sierra Del Nidos in Chihuahua and maybe even further south in Sonora.

Ranchers in the area say that Grizzlies were still in the Sky Islands as late as 2007. The Mexican Grizzly Bear is probably still extant.

Objections to the piece:

There probably are no bears in Colorado. There are bears in Colorado. You remember the Ghost Grizzlies book? Remember that Grizzlies were declared extinct in Colorado in 1952, and then out of the blue, 27 years later, a bow hunter was seriously mauled by a female Grizzly 27 years after they were declared extinct! The man killed the bear, and it was proven that it was a Grizzly. Now keep in mind that that sow had given birth two times in the past. That means those cubs may well still have been alive, and there was at least one boar around also. Also in 1983, a Grizzly enthusiast released a Grizzly cub in Colorado.

In 1989 there was an excellent sighting in the headwaters of the Navajo River in the San Juans. Two wildlife biologists were in the area doing something or other, and one came running out of the woods saying he had just seen a Grizzly Bear. He had a PhD in wildlife biology, and he had done his Masters and Doctorate on the Grizzlies in Yellowstone. So he’s basically got a Master’s and Doctorate in Grizzly Bear Studies. I would say that sighting is good as gold. A lot of the other Colorado sightings were by good sources.

Also, off the record many Colorado Game and Fish wardens and biologists say that the department believes that Grizzlies still live in Colorado, but there is only a very small number of them, and they do not want to admit for a number of reasons, so it is better to just say, “No Grizzlies in Colorado.”

There are no bears in Utah. The Highway 80 sighting of a dead Grizzly killed by a car in the early 1980’s is good. A number of people saw the bear dead and were looking at it before the Fish and Game people came to take it away.

I would say that the Flaming Gorge sighting is good. The man who saw the bear ran a hunters lodge in Alaska. He had seen many Grizzly and Black bears and their hunters, and he knew the difference.

There have been four sightings in Utah in the Bear Rivers and just about zero in the rest of the state. That’s a lot of fake sightings for one range with zero fake sightings anywhere else.

La Barge Creek in the Wyoming Range is only 40 miles from the Utah border. It would not be difficult for a bear to travel that distance in mountainous territory.

There are probably only a tiny number of bears in Utah, and they may be there only some of the time. The existence of resident bears is dubious.

The Selkirk/Cabinet-Yaak population is still struggling. I found no evidence in the linked study that those populations were in trouble.

And as far as I know there are no grizzlies in the Bitterroots. In 2007, a Grizzly was shot to death in the Selway-Bitteroots in Central Idaho. Previously, the last Grizzly in the Selway-Bitteroots was a confirmed sighting in 1946. Before the bear was shot, there had been sightings of Grizzlies in the Selway-Bitteroots since the late 1990’s. The female bear that wandered 2,000 miles around Montana and Idaho crossed the Bitterroots between Thomson Falls, Montana and Burke, Idaho. There are many bears only 25-30 miles away from the Bitterroots. They are expanding out of the Cabinets. They are clearly already in the Bitterroots at least on occasion, but the number of bears there must be very small.

There have been only a very few bears in the Wind River range south for a number of years. This statement about the Wind Rivers is correct, but they are expanding their range south in recent years. One was seen at Big Sandy in recent years, and they said that is the furthest south they had seen a bear so far. It is known that there are a few bears west of Lander. Just recently a bear was spotted many times southwest of Lander, and he made it as far south as Atlantic City which is a ways to the south of Sandy Creek.

According to the Y2Y website, bears are within a 100 miles of connecting GYE to Canada. It is not true at all that bears are within 100 miles of connecting the GYE to the Northern Continental Divide group. An NCD bear was shot and killed just a few miles of Butte. To the south, there is a known population of GYE bears in the Tobacco Roots. That’s a distance of only 25 miles between NCD bears and GYE bears.

A young NCD male bear was illegally shot and killed 12 miles southeast of Anaconda in the Warm Springs Wildlife Management Area at the northern end of the Pintlers. A GYE bear was seen many times at Mount Fleecer recently. There’s only 15 miles between Mount Fleecer and the Warm Springs Bear, and that gap is in the Pintler Mountains.

Many bears were trapped at Georgetown Lake in the Flints recently. To the south, bears have been repeatedly seen in the Pintlers, including one at Seymour Lake. There’s 12 miles between Georgetown Lake and Seymour Lake. That 12 miles is straight through the Pintlers, and the terrain looks like this:


It should not be hard for a Grizzly to get through that.

There’s no way those two bear populations are 100 miles apart.


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Repost: An Overview of Grizzly Bears in the US and Canada

I will repost this again, as I just did a lot more work on it.

Click to enlarge. See how the Grizzly Bear range has receded in the modern era.

At the moment, Grizzly Bears exist in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Wyoming in the contiguous US. One was recently photographed in the northern Cascades in Washington in an amazing photograph.

They are very common in Canada and Alaska. A man in Alberta told me that Grizzlies are so common up there that they are very nearly regarded as pests. However, the Alberta government has listed the population of 700 bears as threatened.

British Columbia has a huge population of over 16,000 bears. This number is down considerably from the 25,000 bears present at contact. There are 25,000 grizzlies total in Canada in British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and the northern part of Manitoba.

In 2007, a Grizzly was shot to death in the Selway-Bitteroots in Central Idaho. Previously, the last Grizzly in the Selway-Bitteroots was a confirmed sighting in 1946. There had been sightings of Grizzlies in the Selway-Bitteroots since the late 1990’s.

Endangered Species Act protection has been removed from the bears in the Yellowstone region, but a lawsuit by conservationists caused a judge to reinstate protections. This subgroup has a population of 700-1,000. In the Northern Continental Divide in Montana, a similar-sized population of 1,000 bears exists. The Northern Rockies and Greater Yellowstone populations are considered to be at capacity.

There are 40 bears in the Cabinet-Yaak population in Montana.

There are 75 bears in the Selkirks in Idaho and Washington. The North Cascades population in Washington is estimated at only 10-20 bears, but other estimates put it as high as 50 bears.

In recent years, Grizzlies from the Northern Continental Divide group have expanded to the east in Montana out into the prairie all the way to Loma where the Teton, Marias and Missouri Rivers merge, 100 miles east of the mountains. To the north, they have expanded to the east all the way to the Tiber Dam on the Marias River near the Canadian border 65 miles east of the mountains. There is now a population of 60-80 bears living on the prairie just to the east of the mountains. To the south, there have been many Grizzly sightings in the Big Belt Mountains, and was a single sighting in the Little Belt Mountains east of Helena and south of Great Falls.

The Northern Continental Divide group is also expanding to the south in Montana to the Anaconda Range, Rock Creek and the Clark Fork south of I-90, the Sapphire, John Long, Nevada and the Elkhorn Mountains between Helena and Boulder down through the Boulder Mountains in the McDonald-Rodgers and Champion-Thunderbolt areas. Grizzlies have been confirmed in the Nevadas, Elkhorns and Boulders.

In addition, there are sightings around Lincoln, Basin and Rimini in this area and a bear was killed by car in Lincoln in 2007. Lincoln is in the Nevadas, Rimini is in the Elkhorns, and Basin is in the Boulders. The Boulders population has been confirmed above Basin. Tracks were seen by bowhunters on Thunderbolt Mountain around 2010. In addition, there have been many sightings in the Bernice area from 2012-2014.

The McDonald Rogers Area is bounded by McDonald Pass west of Helena on the south and Rogers Pass west of Wolf Creek on the north. Two bears have been killed in recent years in the Champion-Thunderbolt. Champion refers to the area bounded by Champion Pass and Thunderbolt Mountain in the Boulders west of Basin south through the Boulders, Bull and Dry Mountains through Elk Park all the way to the Tobacco Root and Highland Mountains.

The core Greater Yellowstone population has been expanding recently in Wyoming east to the Absaroka and Beartooth Ranges, the west side of the Bighorn Basin, the Greybull River, the Shoshone River between Cody and Powell, and south to the Gros Ventre Range, the Owl Creek Mountains, the entire Wind River Range all the way down to Atlantic City, Wind River Valley and Wind River Basin to south of Lander, the Wyoming and Snake River Ranges, the Greys River, the Green River Valley and all the way down to north of Evanston on the Utah border. So far, two collared bears have made it south of I-80 west of the Green River.

In Montana, the Greater Yellowstone group is expanding to the north and east to the Absarokas, the Beartooths, all the way to the Pryor Mountains and to the north and west to the Madison, Gravelly, Greenhorn, Snowcrest, and Blacktail Ranges and the East Pioneer, Tobacco Root, Highland and Pintler Mountains. A bear was killed recently in the Highlands, and bears have been occasionally documented in the Pintlers. A clawed tree with grizzly bear hair on it was seen in 2010 in the Highlands.

In 2013, a bear was repeatedly seen on Fleecer Mountain southwest of Butte. There have been a few bears sighted southwest of Philipsburg in the southern end of the Flint Range. In the northern part of the Flint Range, Fish and Wildlife trapped a bear in Deer Lodge that was raiding beehives.

Montana Fish and Game has repeatedly trapped bears around Georgetown Lake in the southwestern part of the Flint Range. In 2013, a Grizzly was seen at Seymour Lake in the Pintlers. It is only 12 miles from Seymour Lake to Georgetown Lake. This is the gap in the Grizzly range in this area from the southwestern end of the Flints to the northern end of the Pintlers.

In addition, in 2005, a young Grizzly bear was found shot to death with an arrow in Cabbage Gulch in the Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area in northern end of the Pintlers. This bear was proven to be from the Northern Continental Divide group. There has been no testing of bears further to the south in the Pintlers, Highlands, Mount Fleecer or Tobacco Roots to determine which group they are a part of.

Between McDonald Pass and the Pintlers is 35 miles of the Boulders and between the pass and the Tobacco Roots and the Boulder and Jefferson Valleys is 50 miles of the Boulder, Dry and Bull Mountains. In order the breach this gap, the bears would need to occupy all of the Boulder and Bull and Dry Mountains, and they would also have to make it through the Jefferson and Boulder Valleys.

In June 2010, a Grizzly was shot by a landowner at the south end of Elk Park Valley when he found it in the duck pen outside his home, so they have already made it to the Elk Park Valley. The Elk Park Valley is a high mostly treeless plain like Sierra Valley in California at 6,000 feet. It consists of three towns – Elk Park, Trask and Woodville. The southern end of Elk Park from Trask to Woodville is from only 4-10 miles northeast of Butte, so this report means that Grizzlies are now only 4-10 miles from Butte itself. It is not known if Grizzlies are present in the Bull or Dry Mountains.

So the present distributional gap between the two populations from the south end of Elk Park Valley to the Highland Mountains is the Jefferson Valley, about a 14-21 mile gap. The valleys are full of ranches, and getting through them would would not be easy.

If this gap can be breached, the Greater Yellowstone group will be able to link up with the Northern Continental Divide group to form one huge megapopulation from the Wind Rivers in Wyoming west to the Caribou Mountains in Idaho all the way north in Montana to the Canadian border and 100 miles east into the prairie. However, there does not seem to be any evidence of gene flow between the two groups now.

The Greater Yellowstone group is also expanding to the west into Eastern Idaho to Island Park just west of Yellowstone in the Centennial Range south to Chester and all the way west I-90, 60 west into Idaho and even further south to the Caribou Mountains east of the Snake Rivers.

There are 32,850 Grizzly Bears in the US in total, but 95% of them are in Alaska. Therefore, Alaska has a population of ~31,000 bears, and there are 1,850 bears in the rest of the US.

The Grizzly Bear formerly ranged through the Western and Southwestern US.

There are ongoing sightings of Grizzly Bears in Colorado, especially in the Southern Rockies near the New Mexico border in the San Juan Range. If it exists, the population may be small (10-20 bears) and inbred.

The last confirmed sighting of a Grizzly in Colorado was in 1979 when a hunter was mauled by a female bear in the San Juans. He shot and killed the bear though so biologists were able to study it. Prior to that, the last known Grizzly Bear in Colorado was killed in 1952, and it was assumed that bears were extirpated from the state. Autopsy revealed that the dead sow in 1979 had already given birth to two litters in the past, so her cubs were probably still roaming around, and there had to have been at lest one boar in the area to impregnate her.

A Grizzly was photographed at an unknown date in the Wet Mountains between Westcliffe and Beulah, Colorado in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. A family saw a Grizzly Bear at an unknown date near Walsenberg, Colorado in the Sangre de Cristos.

A man and his wife saw a huge male Grizzly weighing 1,000 pounds in the Cimarron Mountains in the San Juans at an unknown date. Ten minutes later, a ranch hand from the ranch next door stopped by to warn them that there was a Grizzly Bear in the area.

Two hunters saw a large Grizzly Bear weighing 600 pounds and standing seven feet tall on an unknown date near Shelf Road between Canon City and Cripple Creek, Colorado in the Pike’s Peak Country of the Southern Front Range.

A Grizzly Bear was photographed at an unknown date west of Weston, Colorado in the Sangre de Cristos. The photos was shown to Game and Fish personnel who would neither confirm nor deny that it was a Grizzly. Off the record, the game warden said there are still a few Grizzlies in the area, but the department’s official position is to deny that they exist, as 1) They do not want an endangered species in the area putting land restrictions in; 2) They do not want local ranchers getting up in arms over the Grizzlies and demanding to kill them; 3) They do not want to deal with hunters demanding to shoot them and 4) They do not want to have to draw up an expensive management plan for them.

Two fishermen saw a grizzly bear and tracks near Garfield Lake near Silverton, Colorado in the San Juans in Fall 1982. In Late Spring 1982, Grizzly tracks were seen in the Weminuche Wilderness between Pagosa Springs and Creede, Colorado in the San Juans.

There was a confirmed sighting by a PhD biologist in the headwaters of the Navajo River near Pagosa Springs, Colorado in the San Juans in 1989.

A female Grizzly was seen on the eastern side of the San Juans a few miles from the New Mexico border in the early 1990’s. A Grizzly Bear was sighted in La Manga Pass in the San Juans in 1995.

In the mid-1990’s, three hunters saw a Grizzly Bear den on Bull Mountain in Larimer County near Red Feather Lakes in North Central Colorado in the Medicine Bow Mountains seven miles south of Wyoming border. Two years later, hunters returned to the same den and found a Grizzly Bear’s head nailed to a tree outside the den. It had apparently been killed by someone. Between 1996-2005, possible Grizzly scat was seen on the same mountain by a man researching Grizzly Bears.

In 1997, a female Grizzly Bear with two cubs was seen in La Manga Pass. There was another sighting near this pass close to Manassa, Colorado in the San Juans in 2003, and a female was seen in the same area 2000. That is only seven miles north of the New Mexico border.

A Grizzly was seen near Creede 2005. Another Grizzly was seen in the same area 2006-2009. A female Grizzly Bear with cubs was sighted in Late September 2006 near Independence Pass east of Aspen, Colorado in the Sawatch Range. In 2007, hunters said they saw a Grizzly Bear near Aspen. The same year, a possible female Grizzly with two cubs was seen in the high country in Red Wing, Colorado in the Sangre de Cristos.

In addition, tracks were seen at 10,000 feet in the Routt National Forest in Colorado just south of the Wyoming border in 2010. This area is to the west of Crowdrey, Colorado. Hunters in the area may see Grizzlies with some regularity. The nearest reported Grizzly location from there is 220 miles to the west near the Green River in far northeastern Utah where Utah, Wyoming and Colorado all come together.

On July 31, 2010, two men saw a Grizzly Bear at 12,000 feet on Little Cimarron Road near the Big Cimarron River three miles southeast of Cimarron, Colorado. They saw Grizzly tracks at Silverjack Reservoir where the Big Cimarron River comes into the reservoir. Cimarron is just south of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River.

On June 10, 2012, three men riding the COG to the top of Pikes Peak in the Southern Front Range saw a Grizzly Bear. In Fall 2013, a Grizzly was seen near Crawford, Colorado pursuing a gut shot elk. Crawford is between the West Elk Mountains and the Grand Mesa. In Fall 2014, Grizzly tracks were seen above Masonville, Colorado near Rocky Mountain National Park at the northern end of the Front Range.

A Grizzly Bear walked through a yard in Indian Creek near Lake City, Colorado in the San Juans in the June 2015. The same month, two Grizzly Bears were seen in the San Juans above Pagosa Springs on a single day. One weighed 800 pounds. Later the same month, on June 28, a large Grizzly Bear was spotted 50 yards off the highway in the pass coming into Cimarron. The motorists watched it for 15 minutes before it retreated up the slope.

A Grizzly Bear was killed on I-80 in Utah in the early 80’s, though this was never acknowledged by wildlife officials. Tracks have been seen recently in the Book Cliffs of Eastern Utah. The Book Cliffs or Roan Cliffs extend from Grand Junction, Colorado northwest to Price and Helper, Utah, so the tracks were seen somewhere in the Utah portion of this area, the center of which is 50 miles northwest of Green River.

There have been four sightings of Grizzly Bears in the Bear River Mountains in Far Northern Utah. This range extends into Far Southwestern Idaho, which is not far from known Grizzly populations in the Caribous. Wolves have already been verified a bit to the west of the Bear Rivers, and a wolverine was recently photographed by Utah wildlife officials in Summer 2014.. In Summer 2013 a Grizzly Bear was sighted in Utah near Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in the Three Corners Area where Colorado, Wyoming and Utah all come together.

Grizzly Bears may also exist right across the Colorado border in New Mexico. In the late 1980’s, a Grizzly Bear cub was seen just across the Colorado border west of Chama, New Mexico.

A subspecies of Grizzly Bear, the California Golden Bear, was hunted to extinction. The last bear was shot in Tulare County in 1922.

Another subspecies, the Mexican Grizzly Bear, is said to be extinct, as it has not been seen for some time. By 1960, there were only 30 bears left, and only four years later in 1964, it was regarded as extinct. Rumors continued of bears seen in the Yaqui Headwaters Region.

In 1969, a naturalist organized an expedition there with no success. A recent journal article examined a skull of a juvenile bear shot in Arroyo del Oso in Sonora, Mexico in 1976 and determined that the skull was that of a Mexican Grizzly Bear. A joint-US expedition to Mexico in 1980 found tracks, other Grizzly Bear sign and one sighting of what the experts determined was a Grizzly Bear.  Doug Peacock documented a Grizzly in a sky island range in Chihuahua in 1985.

31 years later, it is not known if Grizzlies persist in Mexico. Residents of the region say that bears matching the description of Mexican Grizzly Bears continued to exist in the foothills of the sky islands of Sonora and the rest of the bear’s former range as of 2007. Mammalogists feel that they continue to exist in the Sierra del Nido in Chihuahua at the very least, and they may persist in Sonora also.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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Bigfoot News Holidays 2015 Edition


Honestly, I do not have the foggiest idea what that is. But the more I look at it, the more I think that is a Sasquatch. Look at that thing. It has no neck!


This is from Maine. The Tom Pasanen photo. Whatever it is, it sure is weird.



The Tom Pasanen photo from Maine.



A closer look at the bizarro Pasanen photo. Do note how the hair coloration of the thing matches the foliage perfectly.


fake bigfoot

A fake by hoaxers associated with the JREF scum, I do not know what that is – is it a statue, a costume? I think it is statue.



What in the Hell is that?! Shot via a trailcam and entered into a contest. I am not sure if it won or not. I have no idea what that is. If that is a wild animal, would someone please prove it? That doesn’t look like a bear. Nevertheless, part of me thinks this is an animal. I always thought that this is one of the weirdest Bigfoot pictures out there.



Three photos here of three Sasquatches. The first is from the Go-cart video. Boys racing go-carts in Pennsylvania had a Go-Pro camera on their go-cart and shot a video of this thing. They did not even see it at the time and only found out later when they looked at the footage. If you see the video, that can be nothing other than a Sasquatch. I believe those boys, and I do not think they are sophisticated enough to pull off an elaborate hoax like this. In fact, I doubt if anyone is. I have never seen a hoax that matches the quality of this video. Photo 2 is apparently from the Turkey Hunter footage. Is that correct? Someone correct me if I am wrong. I do think that the Turkey Hunter footage is genuine. However, the Turkey Hunter video is also one of the most flat- out weird Bigfoot videos I have ever seen. The last is I think an old one from Alberta Canada, but I am not sure. That sure looks like a Sasquatch to me.



Ok, that is just weird. Someone tell me what the Hell that is? Look at how long that thing’s arms are. It looks like a gorilla. But compare it to the very first photo at the top. Same scene, right? The first photo is the thing when it stood up and the second photo is the same object crouching down. If it’s the same creature as the first video, that’s a Sasquatch. I believe that the man who shot this pic and some other related ones is known. What do we know about him?



This is up there with the craziest Bigfoot photos of all time. We have seen these things carrying deer in the Turkey Hunter video, and now we see a Bigfoot carrying…yes, you got it. A cow. Apparently a dead cow, unless the Bigfoot just killed it. A completely baffled farmer in Indiana submitted this pic, which was taken with a trailcam. He has no idea what this is a picture of. He doesn’t seem to be the type to fake a video, and where do you get fake cow carcasses anyway!? Note the corn to be harvested in the foreground.



A much larger photo of the Bigfoot with the cow. Note the huge foot on that thing! No way did some humble farmer buy a fake cow carcass and dress his farmer friend up in a suit, put on the biggest clown clown shoes I have ever seen and shoot this with a trailcam, of all things. That simply did not happen. Have we even seen a trailcam hoax yet? I don’t believe the hoaxers even try to do those. Would be nice to get a better backstory on this.


Sas Ontario other BFt

Sasquatch Ontario capture of a Sasquatch. Probably genuine.

Brave Hunter Films Massive Bigfoot! Utah 2015. This video is getting ripped to pieces by the skeptards, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that I really do think this is a Sasquatch. It doesn’t move like a man. No man can move like that. It’s not possible.

Do you see how it goes down on all fours a few times? See how many times it hides behind trees and peeks from behind them (tree peaking). Notice how it moves through the forest like a cross-country skier, gliding as it walks? Humans can’t walk like that. Also look at how it gracefully goes up-down, up-down when it walks. Humans don’t walk like that, nor can they.

Notice also the way it grabs trees and brush as it moves through the forest, using the foliage almost as one might use ski poles? That’s how they move through the woods. At one point in the video, you can clearly see that that thing has no damned neck! Furthermore, its shoulders are simply massive.

And a number of times you can see its head and face in profile. Look at the bone structure of that face. That’s not a human face. Human faces are not shaped like that, and you can’t put a monkey mask on that gives your face a different shape. Have we seen a Bigfoot hoax yet with a mask so fancy that it actually changes the shape of the wearer’s face?

It has a browridge. A coned head. How many hoaxes have we seen with coned heads and bony browridges? Notice the weird way it walks hunched over. That’s not a human being. Humans don’t walk like that.

In addition, I have seen so many videos of these damned things by now that I can almost spot a Sasquatch half a mile away blindfolded. They have a certain profile about the bodies. It takes many different forms, but I keep seeing those forms over and over. And no human has a body profile that looks like that, nor can they fake one.

That’s also real fur. You can see that in the very beginning of the video when the sun is shining on the object.

Also if that is a guy in a monkey suit and a mask, there is no way he could move through the woods that fast. Also the mask is going to get so hot towards the end of the video that he is going to have to take it off or else he is going to die.

The hunter’s reaction has been criticized, with people saying that he seems calm. Like Hell he does. You can hear him breathing hard right from the start of the video. He’s hyperventilating. You don’t breathe like that when you are calm.

First video evidence of a Sasquatch at the Alberta Habituation Site! In the video below, we see an episode of Survivorman where Survivorman is looking for Sasquatches up in Todd Standing’s research area, which is the Alberta Habituation Site (wherever precisely that might be) last time I checked. I am pretty out of the loop with regards to the AHS, though I have sent a couple of guys out there looking for it. I definitely know the general area of the site within 25 miles or so.

Anyway, whether or not Todd is still at the site, I know for a fact that the Survivorman episodes where Survivorman is romping around searching for Sasquatches with Todd Standing were absolutely filmed at the AHS in the last couple of years.

This footage is fascinating. Apparently at the time the video was shot, neither Todd nor Survivorman had any idea that a Sasquatch was  spying on them in the distance of the footage.

In fact, it was not until the footage aired on live TV that viewers looking closely at the footage noted what appeared to a Sasquatch spying on Todd and Survivorman from a couple hundred yards in the background. Todd and Survivorman apparently had no idea that this Sasquatch was in the footage until the episode aired on TV! This makes me think that there is no way that this is another Todd Standing hoax.

If it’s a hoax, how come Todd even know about it himself? And why would Todd secretly put a hoaxed guy in a monkey suit in the footage and not tell anyone about it? Todd’s too much of a narcissist and a loudmouth. If he thought there was as Sasquatch in his footage, he would be yelling so loud you could hear him in outer space.

Anyway, my last sources in Canada told me that the word is that Todd is done with hoaxing. There’s no need to hoax anymore, as he has a primo habituation site with real live Sasquatches running around. So why hoax?


Todd Standing’s Early Sasquatch Video. Yes, this is one of the famous ones that people talk about a lot, but you hardly ever see it. Before Todd started hoaxing the world with his made-up stories about the Land of the Lost in British Colombia (a place you can only get to by tunnel) where he was surrounded by Sasquatches one night in his camp. Remember Todd made a movie out of that?

Before Todd’s infamous Tiki dolls that fooled so many otherwise sane people. Remember the puppets made of Todd’s face morphed into a monkey man by his special effects artist sister?

Yes, before then, Todd shot 2-3 very blurry early videos that caused a lot of controversy. In the case of this one (possibly the first video), I think that is actually a real Sasquatch. For one thing, that looks like real fur, not a costume.

Anyway, that slope on the other side is so remote and steep that I don’t understand how the guy in the monkey suit even climbed the mountain in the first place. And that does look like a Sasquatch. And it moves like one. And the people filming seem genuinely excited (rapid breathing, etc.) Anyway, I do think Todd got one here.

Frightened farmer films massive Bigfoot. North Georgia 2015. Another new one, and yes, I like it a lot. Look at the way it glides through the forest. Look at the way it moves backwards to get behind that tree. Look at how huge it is when it finally stands up. Doesn’t it remind you of that Provo, Utah Sasquatch filmed by the college kids camping out for the weekend?

Notice it has no neck. Notice the coned heard. Note the massive body. I also believe once again that this is real fur, not a costume. And yes, you can tell the difference. There are certain things about real fur that have been impossible to replicate with costumes. And there are a couple of other things that the hoaxers never get right that I will not reveal.

Bigfoot Caught on Fisherman’s Video. I like this one too. Another new one from 2015. The fisherman didn’t notice it at the time, and he only saw the Sasquatch after he got home and was looking at the footage. I also think that is real fur, not a costume. The costume makers have never gotten the fur thing right because they can’t.

Melba Ketchum’s DNA results independently replicated by another scientist! I ran this one a while back based on a video Melba made in which she said another team had replicated her results, but I did not know the details on it. I also said that another “scientific team” replicated the results because that’s how I understood the story. However now that I have more details, I can report that it was not an actual scientific team; instead it was simply another scientist who sequenced the genome on his own in his own lab based on Melba’s data.

The other scientist’s name is Dr. David Swenson, and he is a very famous geneticist along the lines of the rather infamous Dr. Sykes in the UK. Swenson is not as famous as Sykes, but who is? And how famous are even the most famous geneticists? Walk up to the average person on the street and ask them to name a famous geneticist. I bet they cannot name even one.

Anyway, Swenson is pretty well known in the scientific geneticist community because he was the first person to sequence the genome of the Staph Aureus bacteria. He has authored over 125 peer-reviewed papers in scientific genetics journals. That is a very impressive record.

Swenson was interviewed by Joe Rogan in the video below.  Now what Swenson did was he took Ketchum’s raw data and sequenced the genome himself based on that. He focused on a single chromosome, chromosome 13.

He was able to completely replicate Ketchum’s results based on just looking at that one chromosome. He said it had a mix of human and nonhuman characteristics. He described it as a hybrid, and he said that at one time, some other creature must have bred with a human being (he felt that the other creature had to be a male, and it had to breed with a human female).

Rogan, incredulous, asked if it was possible that the results were faked by Ketchum. Swenson shook his head and said “You can’t fake DNA. There’s no way to do it. DNA is DNA.” As Swenson notes, this Sasquatch genome contains much genetic material that is completely unknown to man. You can’t fake that. You can’t make up new genetic sequences. There’s no way to do it. It’s utterly irrational, and it’s not even possible.

This however is the argument that the retards in our community (99% of the Bigfoot community is retarded) have been making. Yes, that is their argument: Ketchum faked the results.

The other retarded argument that they make is that the results were contaminated, but Ketchum has conclusively proved that the results were not contaminated. Anyway, even if they were contaminated, you would not get a result like this.

If, say, the results of the Sasquatch samples were really of bears, contamination would result in a finding of human + bear. So even if Ketchum’s material was contaminated, the results would just be horse + human, bear + human, racoon + human, etc. You follow? So the contamination argument is about as retarded as the hoaxing argument.

At one point, Swenson said, “There is an unknown mammal in the Pacific Northwest.” A stunned Rogan again asked Swenson later in the interview, “So is this proof that Bigfoot is real?” Swenson started to answer but stopped himself. He paused a bit and said, “Well it seems like it is, but as a scientist, I will not believe these things are real until one tries to bite my hand off.” In other words, Swenson is so incredulous of his own results that he still wants a body.

Unbelievably, the few skeptards who have heard about this new evidence from Dr. Swenson have mockingly laughed it off once again. They don’t care. They simply do not believe these things exist no matter how great evidence we throw in their faces. They, like 85% of the US public and nearly 100% of the scientific community, will not believe us until we show them a body.

All of their arguments about “no credible evidence” are crap. We have excellent video and photos that cannot be faked.

We have over 40,000 documented sightings including some by scientists, university and college professors, psychologists, police officers, wildlife biologists (we have several from them), park rangers, firefighters, forestry officials, and medical professionals. The skeptards laugh all of this off mockingly and say that all of these people are either lying, hallucinating or seeing other things and confusing them with Sasquatches. That argument is so preposterous that it is stupid, but this this is the received knowledge, believe it or not.

We have audio recordings that cannot be faked, hair, scat, footprints, handprints and recently teethmarks. Apparently all of this is either from other animals se we faked it. Recently we even acquired blood and even tissue. And now on top of all of that, we have have good hard genetic evidence. And still they laugh us off. What more do we have to do to prove these things exist to these folks?

Incidentally, Swenson, like so many other well credentialed believers, said that before he sequenced this genome, he had thought that Bigfoot was a hoax or a fraud. He no longer believes that.

Rick Dyer fails to come through. Dyer released two interesting videos recently, supposedly part of a three-part series on the San Antonio shooting incident, in which he apologized for all of his shenanigans and asked forgiveness of everyone for his endless bad behavior. This is par for the course for Rick, and it is nothing new.

He also explained in detail what happened on September 6, 2012 when he allegedly shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. This is also interesting, however since Rick has not yet offered any evidence that he committed this deed, this video was not very important in that sense either.

However, he did say one thing that I thought was very interesting. He said that all of the remaining footage that was cut out of Morgan Matthews’ Shooting Bigfoot movie will be released in a new edition of the movie to appear on TV  in December. He said that this remaining footage would prove conclusively that he shot and killed a Bigfoot on that day.

The fact that he was so matter of fact about it and attributed the coming footage to Matthews instead of himself is what caught my eye. I doubt if Rick is making this up off the top of his head. First of all, Rick has never been proven to have told one single lie yet about Morgan Matthews, nor has he made any wild and false predictions about him.

All of this makes me think that the release of the remaining footage by Matthews’ film company Minnow Films has at the very least been discussed if not actually planned and authorized.

It is notoriously hard to get Matthews to make any sort of statement about much of anything, and he has said very little about this movie other than some odd and cryptic statements.

Further and most spectacularly, he has refused to deny Rick’s charges that a Bigfoot was shot and killed in the filming of the movie or that those are actual Bigfoots running around in the footage at the end of the film. This makes no sense at all, and the skeptards as usual have absolutely no explanation for Matthews’ behavior whatsoever except to moronically accuse him of being a hoaxer.

Well, here it is January, December has come and gone, nd nothing happened. It would be very nice if Rick is telling the truth and we could see the rest of the footage that was cut out of Shooting Bigfoot and even nicer if it lent credence to Rick’s continuing claim that he shot a Bigfoot that day in Texas.

Rick also said that the Bigfoot body exists, but he has never had possession of it as the investors took possession of it immediately. He also promised that “this will all come out one day” and that the body would one day appear in public. I believe that if this event occurred, it makes sense that the investors immediately took control of the body.

Furthermore, Rick’s wildly dishonest behavior and scamming for a couple of years after the purported shooting makes sense if he never had the body in his possession. Let’s say the body was never in his possession. What would Rick do, being Rick Dyer? Pretend he had it and run around scamming people about the fake body for as long as he could milk money out of the con job, right? Well of course. After all, Mr. Dyer is an excellent con artist.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that there is still no good hard evidence the Rick killed a Bigfoot that night, although I believe there is excellent evidence that there were two Bigfoots running around in the woods there that eve, one running away from Rick and the other slapping down Morgan.

There is also excellent evidence that Rick was shooting live bullets at that thing with a real gun as per Matthews’ statement confirming those facts. The creature that Rick was shooting at was obviously a Bigfoot, as it could not be anything else. And it really does look like he shot the thing as evidenced by the moan we can hear in the movie. But did he kill it? This is what we don’t know. I would say that there is pretty good evidence that he wounded it though.

Also the thing that swats down Matthews, knocking him out with one mere slap of the land (!?) absolutely has to be a Bigfoot because there is no way that could possibly be a mask or a costume.

Furthermore, keep in mind that both of those things are running around in the woods at night with no flashlights! How does a human stunt man in a monkey suit do that?

So from Shooting Bigfoot, there is excellent evidence that the following things are true:

  1. The Tent Video is a real Bigfoot.
  2. The thing running away from Rick later on is a real Bigfoot.
  3. Rick is firing live ammo at the Bigfoot with a real gun (Matthews’s testimony).
  4. One of the shots appears to have hit the Bigfoot, at the very least wounding it.
  5. Another Bigfoot appears out of nowhere and slaps Matthews down onto the ground with an open palm, knocking him out.

The things that are yet unknown and unproven are:

  1. Rick actually killed that Bigfoot he was chasing with one of his shots.
  2.  Any of the events described by Rick after he supposedly shot the Bigfoot actually occurred.
  3.  A dead Bigfoot was retained, transported and stored anywhere after the shooting.
  4.  Musky Allen, whose testimony has not yet been impeached, actually saw a dead Bigfoot from the shooting at a US government facility in Nevada.
  5. Anyone at all has ever been in possession of a dead Bigfoot from the shooting, much less that anyone currently retains one.

In other words, what we are dealing here with the San Antonio Bigfoot story is once again another Bigfoot body story, of which there have been quite a few down through the years.

So far, good hard evidence of any of these bodies has been lacking, though some of the stories are quite intriguing. It is interesting that in all of these cases, hard proof of the existence of a body has not been forthcoming, yet nevertheless, skeptics have presented absolutely zero evidence that any of the body stories are untrue, frauds or hoaxes other than Rick’s two fake Bigfoot bodies.

We don’t know if any of these body stories are true. None have been proven, and yet none have been disproven either. As with so many things in life, it is simply completely up in the air whether any of the shooting and body stories are true.

In order for Rick to prove his claim, he is going to have to present more evidence in the form of:

  1. Additional footage from the Shooting Bigfoot movie.
  2. A body itself retained, if at all, probably by investors and not Rick.
  3. Any other probitive evidence.

So far, Dyer has failed to present us with this evidence. Until Rick can show us the monkey, this is just another wild Bigfoot story.


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Latest from the Feminist Enemy: 8 Year Old Boy Charged with Molesting 14 Year Old Girl Babysitter


The 14 year old girl babysitter initiated the sexual conduct with the 8 year old boy. Yeah, he went along with it. What do you expect?

It just gets more and more insane all the time, doesn’t it?


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Wolverine Photographed in Minnesota?

Possible wolverine photographed in Minnesota?

Possible wolverine photographed in Minnesota?

I recently received a missive telling me that someone had captured a possible wolverine on a trailcam in Minnesota. I had him send me the photo and he said it to me right away along with a story about how it came about:

Attached is the photo of a wolverine on my 40 acres of hunting land in Douglas County, Minnesota. This would be about 10 miles South East of Miltona, MN and 7 miles Northeast of Carlos, MN. I had three photos…Nose, tail and this one. I deleted the other two before I realized what this might be.

This creature turned my camera downward pointing at the ground after this photo. The camera was mounted about 3 1/2 feet up on a portable camera mount that is staked into the ground. It has a RAM style ball and socket mount and he was able to turn it down at the socket.

Based on your post from Tom Akenson and a friend that saw one in his back yard in 2004, there appear to have been at least three sightings in the area over the last ten years. This is farm and lake country on the south end of the North Woods. There are some large public hunting lands and river and creek valleys nearby that are somewhat desolate and could hold unseen creatures.

The animal is in the lower right corner of the photo.

He sent this to me because I had written a series of articles on wolverines in the US. There have been a number of sightings in the Upper Midwest in recent years, but only one confirmed wolverine and that one was in the thumb of Michigan. It was photographed more than once and it recently died. Its carcass was found after it died. That wolverine was the first wolverine in Michigan in almost 200 years and the first in the Upper Midwest in a very long time also.

Wolverines formerly ranged all through the Upper Midwest, but they were eliminated from there as they were eliminated from most of the Lower 48 states. Only a few now survive in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. One was recently photographed in Colorado. Another was recently photographed in California, the first wolverine known in the state since the early 1920’s. That wolverine still resides here. He runs about north of Lake Tahoe on the Tahoe National Forest. He is currently in search of a mate, but he is unlikely to have found one as he may be the only wolverine in California.

Wolverines have been sighted in recent years in Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The Oregon sightings were by wildlife biologists.

This photo is not very clear, but if it can be proven that this is a wolverine, it will be the first confirmed wolverine in Minnesota in many years.


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Grand Canyon Wolf Gunned Down

From the Center for Biological Diversity. I am acquainted with a few of these people, including the director, Kieran. I have worked with them a bit on a few things here and there. I love what they do. Theirs is one of the most effective, kickass environmental groups out there.

Background: A wolf from Wyoming left the state, apparently wandered all the way through Utah down to the Grand Canyon in Arizona where it was photographed and caused quite a sensation. Wolves used to inhabit this region, but they have not been seen in many years. Further, wolves are rare to absent in Utah. It seems to have left the Grand Canyon and wandered again 150 miles north of the Grand Canyon to Beaver, Utah, where it was shot and killed. Utah apparently has no laws protecting wolves and in fact, encourages and even promotes killing them, although few if any wolves reside in the state.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has idiotically taken wolves off the Endangered Species list even though they are very much in trouble in a number of states. The feds turned wolf management over to the states. Most every state that has wolves has then embarked on a wild wolf-massacring campaign. These campaigns have occurred in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming in the West and in the Great Lakes area of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

A federal judge has recently halted the Great Lakes states’ wolf slaughter “management.” There really is not any management going on at all in most of these states. Instead all there is is wild, unrelenting wolf slaughter. It is unknown what effect this massacring will have on wolf populations, but it is conceivable that at some point, they may reduce the population so low that it may need to go back on the Endangered Species list again.

Certainly wolves need to be fully protected in places like Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Iowa. Wolves are being killed in Washington, Colorado, Iowa and Utah where population numbers are very low.

It’s what we feared the most. Echo, the wandering wolf who became a worldwide sensation after showing up at the Grand Canyon this fall, has likely been gunned down in Utah.

Here’s what we know: State wildlife officials have confirmed that a 3-year-old female wolf with a collar from Wyoming was shot Sunday night by a hunter outside Beaver, Utah – about 150 miles north of the Grand Canyon. Echo is the only Northern Rockies gray wolf that has been confirmed this far south, and DNA evidence will most likely show that she’s the victim.

Once again we have to mourn a dead wolf. Once again we see this same horrific pattern. It’s normal for younger wolves to leave their pack and set off looking for a new mate and new territory. But again and again – in Colorado and Iowa, in Washington and now Utah – these wolves have been gunned down in horrific cases of malice and mistaken identity.

Smart as they are, wolves don’t read border signs, and they can’t tell an ignorant human with a rifle that they aren’t coyotes. The result is another dead wolf to add to the 640-plus already killed this year by guns, traps and poisons.

The wolf haters, no doubt, are delighted with the latest killing and are determined to keep this bloody campaign going. They have influential friends like Utah’s own Congressman Rob Bishop, the powerful new head of the House Natural Resources Committee, who has vowed to end protection for wolves from coast to coast — making what happened near Beaver neither illegal nor rare. The government of Utah has even spent $800,000 on lobbyists to strip protection from wolves so they can be freely killed in the state. They don’t want to learn to live peacefully with wolves. They want to destroy them.

Sadly there will only be one Echo, the first wolf to hear her howls ring through the Grand Canyon in more than 70 years. If she has indeed been gunned down, we won’t forget her. All wolves deserve to the chance to to roam freely and survive.


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Bigfoot News September 11, 2013

Dr. Bryan Sykes study may well prove that Bigfoots exist. From multiple sources, I have now received the news that not only will the Sykes DNA study publish soon, it will also prove that Bigfoots exist. None of the sources would tell me this in so many words, but they certainly implied that the findings would be positive. So I am looking forward to publication of the study. On the other hand, it is possible though not likely that the sources are all wrong and the study could be negative.

Rick Dyer dead Bigfoot video is taking orders now. Dyer’s video After the Shot is now on sale for $129. It is said to contain 45 minutes of HD footage of the dead Bigfoot, Hank, that Rick definitely shot and killed in San Antonio, Texas last year. Rick says that the film was shot soon after the shooting by a film crew from a film company that he is associated with in some way. Rick says he had to pay the film crew $20,000 for their efforts.

He is only selling 100 copies, so he should make $13,000 off this video. Therefore, he is not even making his money back. Dyer says that the crew did an excellent job, much better than Rick could do, in shooting the movie, and that it looks very nice and professional. They will get 100 orders and then ship the video. This is so they can make at least $13K before the video goes viral on the Internet as they fully expect it to do.

The videos have not yet started shipping, so Dyer has not yet received 100 orders.

Each copy has some sort of markers on it to distinguish it from all of the others. Therefore, if anything gets uploaded to the Net, Dyer says he will know who put it up there he will sue the pants off them. However, almost no one is ever sued for uploading copyrighted content to the Web. The DMCA was written to avoid the lawsuit abuse associated with pirating videos. In general, a DMCA takedown order is issued to the website or whoever put the video up there. Youtube will ban you if you get three DMCA orders. In addition, Youtube protects its uploaders and will not give out their name to any copyright holders to avoid lawsuit abuse.

There is an extremely stupid and evil law that was written a while back that actually makes it a federal offense to upload copyrighted material to the Internet. Two people have so far been prosecuted under this idiotic law. One fellow uploaded a copy of a new Star Wars movie to the Net and Lucasfilm went after him.

Curious incident when someone pretended to order a copy of Dyer’s new video. Someone pretended to order a copy of the new video After the Shot and the order came up After the Hoax instead of After the Shot. The person who faked the order says they think Dyer got the title mixed up because he was working on some other video about the 2008 Dyer Bigfoot hoax. Obviously the skeptics are going to have a great time with this news!

It is recommended that Dyer skeptics get their hands on the video. The skeptics insist that this video is a hoax using a dummy prop as a dead Bigfoot. Although Christopher Noel and I disagree with that and feel that there is probably a real dead Bigfoot in the video, the possibly yet exists that this video may be a gigantic hoax. As the movie has not yet shipped, there is no evidence one way or the other whether this video is real or faked.

However, if it is fake and the skeptics can prove it, Dyer is taking a huge risk. He would be risking interstate commerce fraud for promising a video of a real Bigfoot and delivering a clever hoax. In addition, to the criminal offenses, Rick would be civilly liable and could be sued for damages in civil court by anyone who bought the video. I would like to see the skeptics get their hands on some of this video or stills from it at the very least so they can try to debunk it.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization catches possible Bigfoot on video.

In this video shot in Rough Hollow, Utah by the RMSO, there are 38 seconds of a possible Bigfoot seen from 2:16 to 2:54. The Bigfoot goes from a crouching position to a kneeling position to all the way down on its stomach. The possible movements are very slow and deliberate so as not to cause notice. The possible creature is in dark black in the video and was not noticed until later on. Skeptics are saying it is a stump or a cave overhang or a shadow, but it appears to move. Do stumps, cave overhangs and shadows move while you are filming them? Overall, a good video.

Possible juvenile Bigfoot filmed in Havana, Florida on a game cam.

The video above just shows a still from the game cam. There is a very interesting shadow there that could well be a juvenile Bigfoot. It does somewhat resemble the Jacobs juvenile Bigfoot photo from a game cam in Pennsylvania. Those photos are definitely pictures of a juvenile Bigfoot. It can’t be anything else. This Havana photo may be a juvenile Bigfoot, and then again, it may just be a stump or a shadow.

Vladimir Putin believes that Yetis are real. Very interesting. Putin is the Prime Minister of Russia, and it is said that he believes that Yetis are real. We need more celebrity believers. I am quite certain that if Bigfoots are real then Yetis will be proven to be real someday too. A source close to the Ketchum Project told me that an initial male-female peaks study of a Yeti sample by Ketchum showed that they were related to Bigfoots but not the same species. The entire sample was used up by the quick and dirty test, and there was no more to test. Ketchum also stated herself that she believes that Yetis are real in addition to Bigfoots being real.


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Bigfoot News July 23, 2013

Craig Phillips witnesses Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot: the interview.

Rick Dyer’s head of security, Craig Philips, has been staying with Rick recently. Rick got a call saying that the body was going to be moved, and he asked Craig to come with him to see the body as it was moved. The video lasts 11 minutes, is very interesting and can be seen on Youtube. Christopher Noel has described it as “very credible testimony.”

Locale where the body is stored: He said once you find out where the body was kept, you would never believe it. It’s amazing that it would be kept in such a place. He thought it would be kept in some secret military place, but that’s not the case.

Heavy security around the building:Looking at the building, you would wonder why there is so much heavy security around the building, but apparently the owners of the body are not taking any chances.

Enlarged doors at the facility:Some of the doors in the facility appear to be too large for the building itself. It was as if they were constructed separately in order to house this body.

Small crane used to move the body: An interesting detail is that a small crane of the sort that is used to move extremely obese people was used to move the body. I thought that was an interesting detail.

Large truck apparently specially outfitted to house the body: He said that the truck appeared to be specially designed to house the body. There are hooks or rings in the sides of the truck to hold the gurney in place so it won’t slip around. Apparently whoever owns the truck went to great lengths to specially outfit it to house this body.

Presence of US government officials at the scene: US government officials were at the scene. Rick said that he and Craig wanted to observe the body being moved, and these officials nodded their heads to give the go-ahead.

Presence of emotion in Craig: Craig appears to show genuine emotion as he describes the body. At one point, he seems to tear up. Craig says he could not sleep the next day.

Body language: Craig does not look at the camera much during the interview. Instead he looks down much of the time. Make of it what you will.

The interview lasts 11 minutes. There is a large and extremely stupid COPYRIGHT RICK DYER watermark running across the video which seems completely unnecessary. The watermark is huge and runs right across Craig’s face for most of the interview. It pretty nearly wrecks the video.

One thing that is interesting are the curious details that Craig revealed above. Craig doesn’t seem like a rocket scientist, so I have a hard time believing that he thought up those obscure little details on his own. Is it possible that Rick thought up those fancy little details and fed them to Craig to say? That makes a lot more sense, but I wonder about even that. Rick made up a story about enlarged doors, a small crane and a specially outfitted truck down to the last detail? I don’t know.

Dyer skeptics may wish to watch this video too for whatever reason, as it’s part of the story. The skeptics are already saying that Craig is lying and just saying whatever Rick told him to say because Rick gave him a job and a place to stay.

Argument that Craig may be lying in the video. From the comments, an argument that suggests that Craig is lying for Rick:

Well, anyone can see the video now. Observations:

  1. Phillips never looks into the camera.
  2. There are many cuts, as though Dyer has prompted him with talking points like “in this part mention the haters getting their due.”
  3. It’s in a facility we apparently would recognize (“you won’t believe it”) but wouldn’t have expected, meaning it’s not a traditional military or government facility. (This is a familiar Dyer talking point meant to keep you from looking too hard.) However, there are a LOT of security people around, and they “may” have been there for the move or maybe they’re always there…what kind of place that would “surprise” you has a lot of security around normally?
  4. There were high-ranking officials who gave Dyer special permission to stay through the move after gesturing to him that it was time to leave. Why would that have been an issue? It just reinforces that Dyer has special pull.
  5. They used a crane to move the body like they use to move obese people, and rolled the gurney along under it? Why wouldn’t they just roll it out on the gurney?
  6. Lots of “special” stuff…special lift, special doors, special truck.
  7. He never ONCE describes the body. He just says he saw it and he was affected by it. How about some details to show you actually were impressed by it? Of course, you’re no Musky Allen.

Remember too that Phillips just got to Vegas, so he was suddenly a great person to make a corroborating video. Also, Dyer was supposed to be on a trip but got gout…very lucky he wasn’t on that costly trip when the body got moved, huh? And he apparently is getting around fine on those basketball feet. Beware of Dyer sucking people into a false close relationship and getting them to lie for him. He has done this for years.

Flood of fake information coming out about Dyer. Most of this stuff seems to be coming from the Dyer haters, who are flooding us with hoaxes, fake info and lies about Rick. At this point, Dyer’s haters are hoaxing more than Rick ever will in his entire life. Their reasons for doing this are uncertain. Are they trying to make Rick look bad? Are they trying to make me look bad? Are they trying to destroy my credibility as a “guy who will publish anything?”Are they just doing this for shits and giggles? I don’t get it.

Journalists hate scumbags who deliberately feed them false information. We want to see all their throats slit. They’re the scourge of the profession. The profession can’t even function when you have idiots flooding journalists with hoaxes, lies and fake information. It just destroys everything.

No journalist can ever hoax, knowingly participate in a hoax or deliberately spread lies (obviously this happens all the time in the political realm, so we will leave that part out for now). Once you do that, you are gone. No one will ever listen to you anymore.

Accusation that I don’t fact check my posts. This is an interesting accusation. This site just prints whatever rumors are flying around Bigfootery at the moment. We often don’t try to figure out if they are true or not. We just throw them out there and let you decide. With a lot of this stuff, there is no way to check it out anyway.

How am I supposed to check out a photo of the body storage site? I can only check it out with someone who has been there, and I don’t know anyone who has been there. How can I check out the fake photos of Rick’s body? I don’t know anyone who has seen the body, and those that have seen it, won’t talk. Furthermore, in this field, once you go to fact-check something, a lot of people are going to lie to you. So there isn’t even a good way to follow up a lot of these rumors, photos and whatnot. It’s a hall of mirrors and a miasma of fog.

No evidence that Dyer is moving to Santa Rosa. Although Dyer told Rhett Mullis in March that he was moving to Santa Rosa, the word now is that we have no way of knowing whether he actually intends to do that or not. Dyer is notoriously unstable and he changes his mind constantly.

Body has apparently been moved out of state and quite a ways away. The video above shows Craig Phillips witnessing the moving of the body. But we never knew where it was going. It turns out now that the body is going out of the state and quite a ways away. The decision appears to have been out of Rick’s hands and was possibly made by investors.

Story about the fake body location photo. I got this from Melissa Graeme, who is said to be a Dyer hater. We were really worried about her as most stuff from haters turns out to be hoaxes and lies, so we checked her out a lot. I worked with one of my colleagues on this.We talked about whether or not to run it and decided it was harmless to run the photo.

She told me she got it from someone who said they saw the body. It turns out that she got it from Greg Cannon, who she describes as close to Dyer. She is not sure why they gave it to her. She thinks maybe to see if she would pass it on. She now thinks the whole story is a crock because she says Dyer’s people are putting out fake information.

Perhaps Dyer’s people are putting out false info about the body location in order to throw people off the trail so to speak. Perhaps Melissa herself cooked this up to make everyone look bad, but that is less doubtful. This whole thing is a mess of smoke and mirrors and no one knows what to believe.

It is true that Musky has been putting out a lot of false information about the body location lately, apparently in order to throw people off the trail.

Who is Greg Cannon? Greg is the artist who did the first full length drawing of Dyer, so he is in deep with him. Why is Greg deliberately spreading fake photos of the body location?

Skeptic argument about why this is a hoax – the Dyer team is now lying as part of a “strategy against the haters.” Basically the argument is that now that Rick has decided its ok for him and his hanger’s-on to lie as much as they want to as part “the campaign against the haters,” this muddles up the story considerably. Once we know that Dyer and his followers are lying at least part of the time as part of a strategy, this tends to taint everything they say, and we wonder if this is a lie too.

I agree that it is most unfortunate the Dyer has convinced people that lying is a great idea as a way to attack the haters. This was a very bad move on his part and tends to taint a lot of testimony coming out of their camp. Similarly, profiting off this story was also a very bad move as it automatically throws up red flags of possible hoaxing with monetary gain as a motive.

From my comments thread:

The problem with this whole story is that – like you say – everyone in the Dyer camp says its OK to put out false info to cover the real info. Unfortunately that is a tactic of convenience for hoaxers, and now Dyer has all his team that’s left willingly telling lies because he’s convinced them its part of the game against the haters.

This characteristic of Dyer’s – being an extreme pathological liar and being able to get others to lie for him – is something you hear from people who predate this hoax and why so many people immediately wrote him off this time and have been so loud in opposing him. He has been known to get people close to him to lie if he thinks they are weak enough or worshiping enough to carry it out. I feel bad for Craig Phillips, who is Dyer’s latest discovery and is certain to find he has been used for Dyer’s own benefit.

Robert, I think if you reached out to some earlier Team Tracker members, from the old group, you might find that this whole story is following familiar patterns but with a new group of gullible followers who aren’t aware of Dyer’s extreme pathologies.

That includes the Facebook guys, who I have come to believe are victims. Musky, on the other hand, has been too involved in viciously defending Dyer and spreading disinformation (despite an “NDA”) to be let off so easily. Some of their radio banter is so rehearsed its laughable (“Hey Rick I just got photos Hank being loaded onto the truck!”), and he appears to have been assigned to Jack Barnes (and you, I dare say) as the “smart one” to keep everyone in line while Dyer goes insane.

My source at Minnow Films, UK. I broke this story on December 12, 2013 when I reported that a source working at Minnow Films UK told me that Rick Dyer had shot a Bigfoot during the filming of a new movie by Morgan Matthews. There had been some rumors going around for some time before, but nothing had been confirmed.

I have been asked how I know this source is real. I will tell you that is a woman, but I can’t tell you more than that as she fears for her job. She won’t talk to me anymore as she thinks I have leaked too much information anyway and I might get her fired. I don’t know she is real, and I never talked to her on the phone. All communications were by email.

Skeptics are saying that she may not even exist and instead it may just be Dyer playing a trick and pretending to be her. I think that is dubious. I have confirmed that a woman by that name works for Minnow. Furthermore, all her emails came from a email address, which I have confirmed is the email address that they use. I also traced the IP back to London, UK. I find it hard to believe that Dyer somehow spoofed a email address.

She originally leaked the story because she thought it was so important that she was upset that it was being delayed so long and she wanted to bump up the showing schedule. The movie was intended to be shown in November, and she thought that was way too long for such a killer story. As it turned out, the publicity engendered by my leak bumped the story up from November to spring.

Could she have been lying to get me to promote the film? I suppose, but that seems dubious. Could she have been misinformed about what really happened in the film. Maybe, but why would someone at Minnow believe that a Bigfoot was shot in the movie when that never even happened? Doesn’t make sense.

Argument that the Bigfoot in the Tent Video does not look like the leaked still out of Shooting Bigfoot. This is an interesting argument is used to say that the whole thing is a hoax. But that means that Rick had two different stunt men wearing two different costumes over a period of a couple of days. Two of the best costumes designed by mankind, too. Hard to believe. On the other hand, I have no answer to the question about why the Tent Video looks different from Hank in the movie, and neither do my colleagues who are also believers. It’s a good argument for the skeptic side.

Argument about “3 minutes of HD video shot by BBC of a Bigfoot.” Rick said that the movie would include 3 minutes of the Bigfoot in the Tent Video eating the ribs at the tree. That never materialized in the film, and people are now using this to say that this is proof that Rick is hoaxing.

However, when my Minnow source contacted me in December, she told me that there was 3 minutes of HD video shot at the time of the Tent Video, shot by the BBC (Morgan) in the next tent. So she told me the same story as Rick told. Why would she believe that footage exists if it doesn’t? Doesn’t make sense.

That both she and Rick independently agree that the footage exists implies to me that it does exist, but for some strange reason, it never showed up in the film. Why it never showed up, I have no idea, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Photos of a dead moose and Bigfoot tracks from South Fork River, Utah in the Wasatch Range. Very interesting photos here. The first photo showed a moose with its neck broken lying on the ground. Bigfoot tracks were found nearby. Investigators went out and looked into the case and were excited about what they found. Almost the entire area is on private property.

This is the photo of the dead moose. Moose is lying on its head.

This is the photo of the dead moose. Moose is lying on its head, and its neck is broken.

The photo below shows the Bigfoot tracks found near the dead moose.

Bigfoot track found near the dead moose.

Bigfoot track found near the dead moose.

A video of the case follows below.


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Bigfoot News Fourth of July 2013

Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot videos. Some excellent videos from  Sasquatch Ontario. I believe I know this guy. At first I confused him with Ontario WFR (not sure what the WFR stands for). OWFR has a set of famous photos (Temagami photos) and a famous video (Go Pro video). I believe that both document a real Bigfoot. I have a lot of respect for them.

Another individual, Sasquatch Ontario, has released a new set of videos which are very important. I have talked to this fellow via email for a long time now. His name is Mike Paterson, and to be honest, he has a lot of enemies.

However, these videos show Bigfoot handprints, footprints, gifting and speech. The gifts include intricately weaved objects made of reeds. The speech is about as good as the Sierra Sounds.

The video below shows some excellent Bigfoot speech, truly superb.

This video documents footprints and handprints, speech and gifting of some pretty amazing objects.

Here is another one with some great vocals. People say they sound like Yoda from Star Wars when they talk, and I think that is about right.

There are a few more videos in this series, and they are all said to be great. I haven’t been following the Bigfoot videos much lately as not much seems to be going on, but these videos from Sasquatch Ontario seem to be excellent.

I do not believe this guy is hoaxing. However, to be fair, Matthew Johnson’s group has accused him of being a hoaxer. But to be honest, Matthew Johnson is basically a flake and a kook in my opinion. I realize he is a psychologist, but he acts awful crazy in his public persona as the leader of a Bigfoot group. I don’t mean to say that he acts mentally ill. He simply acts like the typical belligerent, screaming, yelling, carrying-on, egotistical, out of control narcissist that tends to head up a Bigfoot group. He also seems to have few filters on what he hollers and bellows about.

Some of my friends have seen the videos above, and they were quite impressed by them.

And Matthew Johnson is simply a hair-trigger kook who bellows out with great emotion whatever thoughts happen to be passing through his brain at whatever moment. He’s always accusing people of being hoaxers, usually at the top of his lungs. He’s not really worth listening to.

Alex Munoz doesn’t like Sasquatch Ontario either and neither does Don Boucher. Don is going to try to prove that the Bigfoot vocals in the videos are faked. Not sure how he can do that.

Nice Bigfoot tracks and hair video from South Fork, Utah. I just watched this video tonight, and I have a high opinion of it. I do not believe these guys are hoaxing, but you never know to be honest. Has this video been making the roads of the Bigfoot sites? What has their opinion of it been?

Controversy about the version of Team Tracker’s expedition to Las Vegas on June 14.

I will repost Mata Hari’s comments from my site here:

Thanks for your response Robert,

The reason that Chris Sands was in Vegas on the 14th is the same reason that all of the TT people were in Vegas that weekend. Rick offered up a ‘free’ for TT members expedition to Mount Charleston in Las Vegas to hunt Bigfoots. Basically the expedition was free, but each TT member including Chris Sands was to pay one ‘all inclusive’ fee of around $900 (to Rick) that included accommodations, food – to include executive chef on the expedition, transport to and from the airport AND airplane tickets.

So while Rick DID provide the airplane tickets to the 12 TT members that attended, each member had to pay the all-inclusive fee to Rick, who I am sure made a good fat profit off of as part of his scam. Here is a good description I will cut and paste for you:

========START OF PASTE=========

Just thought I would take a minute to write a summary of Team Tracker Las Vegas’ awesome (lol) weekend:

What was promised:

THE ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: The Hike is FREE to all members, but the rest will be an all-inclusive package for $1000. An incredible weekend of Bigfoot hunting led by pro tracker Rick Dyer! For this price, you get a professional camera crew, high tech tracker equipment, plane tickets, accommodations in one of Rick Dyer’s 5 bedroom Vegas homes! Eat like kings when our executive chef will cook for the team during the hike! You also get to see HANK!

Airport: Rick bought all tickets out of people’s money. Guaranteed a super fat skim on this.

Friday what was promised: That the TT Vegas crew get to see Hank!

Friday what they got: Rick apologizes for not being able to show Hank to the team because something came up, but I need you to all sign these bogus NDA’s so I can show him to you on Sunday instead.

Friday afternoon: Was supposed to be at top secret Bigfoot facility.

Instead: Rick took the flock of sheep downtown in his wrapped vehicle on the Las Vegas main strip with the windows down and country music blaring! Man that guy in the TT car must be soo cool, look at all his supporters!!

Friday night what was planned: a party after everyone got to see Hank.

What they got: an early night in Rick’s shithole $50,000 home in the ‘little Mexico’ part of Las Vegas slums. This IS a dangerous neighborhood. As for the awesome sleeping arrangements: Rick had literally NOTHING planned. 12 guys sleeping on the floor with no pillows, no blankets, no TV…NOTHING. They used t-shirts and shoes for pillows, and Rock gave them pink garbage bags to use as blankets (as seen in the photograph Rick put on his website).

Saturday promised: Was to be a hike 6 miles into the desert forest foothills of Mount Charleston to the first camp site.

Saturday what happened: This is a total HELL HIKE uphill up a mountain in the desert sun. The group of 12, which for some reason did not include the chef as Rick says he is going to meet us up there, (haha ya OK Rick!) The hike could have clearly been made by professionals, as it is hardcore hiking uphill, not designed for 5 people over the age of 70 and a mix of out of shape, overweight individuals. Dallas was smart enough to stay with his Oxygen tank and camp at the car.

A few miles into the grueling hike, one of the men decided he could no longer go on and walked back down, quitting the entire thing. An hour later, one of the women did the same. A little later on, Frank, who is a senior citizen, started getting dizzy due to this insane punishment and passes out with a heart attack. He is taken down and out along with Rick and 3 others.

The remaining 4 or so continued on alone for the rest of the hike without the MIA chef or their illustrious leader Rick. TOTAL Disaster! Master Tracker my ass, any good hike leader would look at his group and plan the difficulty of the hike around the people involved – Rick basically destroyed them all with this punishing hike from hell!

Saturday night promised: full course meal served by their camp executive chef with ribs and ‘surf and turf’ before an intense night of stalking Bigfoot around the desert foothills of Las Vegas.

Saturday night what they got: Half the team in the hospital with Frank while Rick is off packing his bags for Mexico as he was expecting Frank to possibly die. In truth I don’t know if he was packing bags, I just know on the radio show Rick was planning for Frank to possibly die, whatever that meant.

The executive chef was nowhere to be seen, and no one ever saw this guy. Rick said he was going to meet them up the mountain…ya sure. The team on the mountain were so exhausted dead from sunstroke that after canned beans and hotdogs, they crashed for the night early.

Sunday what was promised: Day 2 spending the day hiking to campsite #2 about the same distance as yesterday, even further up the mountain to the next site.

Sunday what they got: Air was so thin at this altitude that breathing is hard, it’s hotter than hell and the remaining hikers are sore as hell from the day before. They hiked not very far…

Sunday evening promised: An amazing spread of food with fresh frozen fish and filet Mignon before going into another night where Rick will have a conversation with a Bigfoot using his master tracker abilities

Sunday night what really happened: Frank is OK, so they leave Frank in good hands, and Rick and the guys with him head back up the mountain. The chef is still nowhere to be seen. Funny how Rick says the chef tried to climb the trail, but it was too hard for him, but wouldn’t those who were camping in the parking lot have seen him at least if he tried? NOPE. Rick and friends make it to the other group in time for a glorious spread of hotdogs…again.

After dinner, they go out and try to hunt Bigfoot in the dark. Using the thermal imager, they spot someone far off in the bush running from tree to tree hiding. At first it was thought this was a Bigfoot, but it was quickly determined to be Rick running around NAKED trying to hoax the group. Once he was caught, he said he was trying to imitate some hoax or other that is a line of shit. You got busted Rick!! This DID happen, as per radio show and what I have heard from our contact.

The night investigation being a total bust did not stay out very long and still tired and beat yet another fairly early night.

Last day promised: Remember Rick promised that he would take them to see Hank this day? Well after they get back to Ricks ghetto home Rick surprises them all by saying, I was only able to take SOME of you to see Hank this weekend, but those of you who saw him are not able to tell anyone else because of the NDA you signed. This trick worked on some, but not others. Bottom line NO ONE saw Hank. Frank turns out to be OK after all. The weekend is a POORLY planned disaster.

Evening: Like in the 2008 hoax, Rick does the same book burning again, except this time he whips out his junk in front of everyone to piss on the fire. His wife leaves in disgust; the faces on TT members are of pure horror. Now Rick states that ANY comments on his website that have sexual content will be removed. That’s fine Rick, but it’s then OK for you to post a picture of your cock in a video on the internet? You didn’t even blur it out one bit for heaven’s sakes. REALLY CLASSY

Conclusion: Now you may think that because we all saw that video where Everyone is happy saying how much fun they had right? Well they are at Rick’s home, and Rick is pressing them to talk about how great a weekend it was even though it was a complete disaster and the reason they flew down was to see Hank. What are they going to say in front of everyone – that they had a shit time? Nope, these people follow and won’t speak up about it.

Since then I hear there is MASSIVE dissension in the ranks at TT. Also this huge video crew that Rick said was a big part of their all inclusive cost, well it was really a joke. This video they are also going to have to fork out another $30-$50 just to get a copy. Wow what a hoax.

There are some problems with Mata Hari’s rendition of the weekend’s events.

It is not true that no one on TT got to see Rick’s Bigfoot that week. Apparently Frank Cali got to see the Bigfoot. Tragically, Frank also suffered a heart attack which is being blamed on Rick Dyer. However, it is dubious to try to blame this heart attack on Dyer, as Frank himself says he was ready to have a heart attack anytime anyway. Although the trail was very steep and not appropriate for Frank’s condition, Frank had only hiked about 50 feet up the trail before he had his heart attack.

Apparently at some point during the weekend, Rick took Frank to go see the Bigfoot. Frank has now been talking about it nonstop on Rick’s blog. Every day he posts that he saw the Bigfoot that weekend. So it looks like he did. Since Frank had a heart attack on Rick’s trip, Frank ought to be mad at Rick and has little motivation to lie for him. Frank is not getting anything out of his admission, so he gains nothing from it.

Sadly, many people have been mad at Frank for saying he saw the Bigfoot, and they have been telling him to not admit to seeing it or lie and said he didn’t see it since he had a heart attack on Rick’s trip. That’s too bad. Frank is showing the strength of his character and his dignity by telling the truth about seeing the Bigfoot.

In addition, the story about Rick hoaxing his own TT is not true. Rick and the rest of the team were attempting to recreate Stacy Brown’s Bigfoot footage in Florida to show how easy it would be to fake. Rick supposedly proved quite well how easy it would be to fake that footage, but I do not believe he proved that. I think the Stacy Brown footage is real. So that’s why Rick was running around naked in the woods in Las Vegas.

Also it is not true that Rick charged TT members $900 apiece for the trip to Vegas. It’s just not true.

Frank confessing to seeing the dead Bigfoot (Hank) is great news.

There are now three or possibly four people who have seen it and have talked:

Musky Allen
Rick’s driver*
Possibly another TT member who I spoke to

*This is the guy who drove Rick’s truck with Hank in the back from Texas to Las Vegas.

Musky has not motivation to lie. Musky has lost many if not all of this friends over this. He has gained absolutely nothing from his story of seeing Hank, zero. He hasn’t made a single dime off of it. One could argue instead that it has ruined his life. So he got his life wrecked with nothing to gain for telling a lie to benefit Rick? Why would Musky do that? There doesn’t seem to be any motivation, unless the guy is a masochist.

Rick’s driver made an odd comment that the Bigfoot smelled bad when he saw it. That is about all he has said about seeing the Bigfoot. Assuming he is lying and making up a story about seeing the Bigfoot, why would his only comment be a strange comment about the foul smell of the Bigfoot?


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