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Alt Left: The Second Amendment and the Vegas Shooting

Another superb Judith Mirville post below:

Judith Mirville: The Second Amendment was written in view of defending the young Republic in sparsely populated counties where you could be attacked by foreign marauders (it then included slaving marauders from Muslim North Africa as the country was still too poor to afford a real combating coastguard) without other recourse than your own fighting capacity. It was never meant to defend your individual property against the general citizenry, otherwise it would have been seen by all as tantamount to a return to feudalism, by definition.

The second amendment specified that anywhere there was sufficient official protection from foreign enemies and outlaws the individual bearing of weapons was not to be tolerated as a way of life and should be subject to about the same restrictions as in any civilized country of the Old World.

Switzerland decided about individual bearing of arms for the same reason : most of the land was mountainous wilderness where official authority was not available and was to be provided by inhabitants taking turns to patrol. Switzerland being in Europe, it could not escape defining even stricter norms of arms control for its citizens than the neighboring countries : you are entitled only to keep and bear weapons in as much as you do it as a soldier of your country, albeit on a part-time basis, and as soon as you tote one, you tote it in conformity with precise military orders.

I do favor an enlarged body of weapons-toters, so as for any wacko shooter to be sure that in case he starts his rampage his fire is most likely to be answered in kind, but anybody bearing arms according to the second amendment should do it as a voluntary US soldier, subject to military penalties as soon as he doesn’t obey the local military command as to the proper use of his military material. Any citizen should be granted the right to ask any weapon tote his voluntary soldier’s particular identity and particular reason to bear it (like acting as a voluntary vigilante in a drug lord ridden ghetto) in the same way he is entitled to ask any policeman’s uniform bearer his identity as a policeman.

I for one am thinking that America is now dividing into two : those for whom the first amendment about free speech and free expression is the only real sacred one, which includes the right to express oneself without any chance to be hit by stray bullets from frustrated control freaks ans therefore gun control, and those for whom the second amendment only is sacred, which includes your sacred rights to use your gun to suppress voices you claim as Unamerican or dissident.


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50 Dead, 406 Wounded in Unbelievable Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Absolutely incredible. It went to 20 dead, 100 wounded and then next I checked, it was 50+ dead (even the 50 dead is apparently low) and an unbelievable 406 wounded. At least two off-duty police officers were killed and another was critically wounded.

The gunman was a 64 year old man, probably a White man, but that’s not certain. He resided in Mesquite, Nevada with his retired Vegas hostess girlfriend, an Asian who appears to be a Filipina. He was firing from the 34th floor of a hotel, so there was almost no way to stop him. He had at least 10 guns, including automatic or semiautomatic weapons, and he fired away for quite some time. When police arrived on the scene, he was still shooting. There is video out of there of the concert when the shooting started.

It’s apparently not terrorism. Best I can tell is that a woman went down to the front of the concert at some point and and some time after that, got into some sort of a confrontation with another woman. It escalated into screaming and shouting, and the woman who had appeared on the scene yelled, “You’re all going to die!” before she left the concert area. 40 minutes later, the shooting erupted.

A logical theory here is that the woman who got into the confrontation and told concertgoers that they were all going to die was the girlfriend of the shooter. It looks like she made her way back up to the 34th floor. She was up there with him because they found her debit card in the room after the police entered and shot the gunman dead. Appaerently she was already gone by that time. LE put out and APB for two vehicles, saying that the woman may be driving one of those vehicles.

The woman probably told the man about the fight she had with the woman at the concert below and how she had told the crowd that they were all going to die. Apparently in order to get revenge for the woman who fought with his girlfriend, the man fired on the crowd.

That’s the best hypothesis I can come up with at the moment.

Americans are truly insane about these damned guns.


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Mass Shooting in Las Vegas, 2 Dead, Many Wounded

There are reports of two men with semiautomatic weapons firing into a crowd watching a rock concert at the Route 91 Harvest Festival at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. There are reports of at least two dead and many injured. Several of the wounded have already been taken to local hospitals. The men appeared to be firing from the roof of a building into the crowd below. No word on motive, whether terrorism or otherwise.

This is an evolving story and the last I heard, it is being classed as an active shooter situation.

I am thinking this may be terrorism, but I can’t be sure.

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More Election Predictions

Ed writes:

What you are really saying is that Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump at the polls because she is more popular than Trump is. More people want her to become President. That is all you are saying.

But you did not make the argument until challenged in the comments. You hid it behind all this pseudo-sophisticated Electoral College nonsense.

It’s not pseudo-sophisticated, and it’s not nonsense. The Electoral College is all that matters. Everything else is crap. Trump is the most toxic Presidential candidate in recent memory. Over half of Republicans say either they are uncertain he would be a good President or they say he will be a lousy President. Fully 40% of Republicans say Trump will be a lousy President. 40%!

Hillary will win all of the battleground states, well, at least if the election were held today. She will win Florida, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and even North Carolina. Colorado, Virginia, and North Carolina have gotten much more liberal in 20 years. Ohio and Pennsylvania are flat, but they lean ~3-4 points Dem. Florida is flat, but she will win there. A Republican barely won the governor’s race recently despite spending a mountain of money.

Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, have all gotten quite a bit more liberal in the last 20 years.

Not one single battleground state is getting more conservative over the last 20 years. Not one!

Hillary will not turn any red states though. At best, she could win Indiana and Arizona.

This is the longterm trend, and it will not be reversed.

Black turnout will be the same as 2012. Women despise Trump. Trump will win no more than 15-20% of Hispanics and maybe less than that. He has to win 66% of the White vote, and he might not even win 60%. His gains with working class Whites will be wiped out because Whites with some college hate him. Hardly any working class Democrats support him. Yes, working class Whites support him, but those people have been backing Republicans for a long time.

At least as of right now, he can’t win. She has 347 electoral votes. Total blowout. The election is over and it hasn’t even started yet.

Nate Silver puts Trump’s chance at winning at 2%. I would say that is optimistic.

Look at who the bookies are betting for. These people are willing to lay down their money to bet who wins. If Hillary wins, you will get a 33% return on your money. If Trump wins, you will get 150% return. The betters are favoring Hillary by a large margin.


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Swing State Election Forecast

Swing states include states like Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

Nevada and New Mexico are Western states that were former Republican strongholds, but have gone over to Democratic in recent years. Most of this is due to more Hispanics in those states. Hillary will win both states.

Colorado is a bit more red, but it is also getting more Democratic. Colorado was former hard conservative Western state, but it’s changed. This is also due in large part to a growing Hispanic population. This state is very much up in the air, and Trump is leading at the moment. It will be a challenge for Hillary to win here, and Trump may well win Colorado. The percentage of gun nuts in this Wild West state is very high.

Iowa has also been trending Democratic. Reasons are not known. Hillary will probably win, but it may be quite close.

Wisconsin has been trending heavily Democratic for some time now. Hillary will win this state handily. Hillary is not even spending one nickel on ads here now because she knows it is in the bag.

Michigan has also been getting more more Democratic lately, and Hillary will win here easily. Hillary is not buying any ads here either.

Ohio is very much up in the air. This is another state that has been trending Democratic lately. Hillary has been ahead in the polls by 4-5 points though. This state could probably go either way.

Pennsylvania has not voted for a Republican in nearly 30 years. Polls show a close race, but Hillary is not spending one nickel on ads here yet. Hillary’s campaign says their internals show a much better race for Hillary. Apparently Hillary thinks she has it in the bag. Pennsylvania as a whole has been getting more Republican if you go county by county, especially in the east and center of the state. However these rural counties are not heavily populated.

The problem with Pennsylvania for Republicans is Pittsburgh and especially Philadelphia. Most of the state’s population lives in these large urban centers that are heavily minority. Philly in particular has a huge Black population. The Democratic votes in the cities should easily outweigh the rural red counties. Hillary should win Pennsylvania.

New Hampshire was long famous for being a conservative state, but it has been voting Democratic in recent years also. Hillary will easily win this state.

Virginia is very much a swing state. This was long a conservative Republican stronghold, the capital of the Confederacy. However, many Northerners have been moving down there in recent years, changing the state. This is very nearly a blue or Democratic state now. It’s incredible. Hillary will most probably win Virginia, but it will be close.

North Carolina is very much up in the air. This state was a conservative red state for a very long time. However, it is now moving towards the Democratic Party, but it is not all the way there yet. This is because many young hipsters have been moving down there for the good jobs to be had in the region, especially in the Research Triangle, where many high tech firms have moved.

It seems hard to believe that the state of Jesse Helms is now moving Democratic. The state is now flip-flopping back and forth between voting for Democrats and voting for Republicans. The state government is still very conservative. This was where the famous transgender bathroom bill was passed recently. This will be a very close race, and it could easily go either way.

Florida is the ultimate swing state and has been flipping back and forth between Democratic and Republican votes for President for the last 20 years. I have no information how the state was voting before then. If anyone knows, please tell me.

Northern Florida is like the US South and is very conservative. The center of the state is very mixed, and the south is also also a very mixed bag.

Many Jews from the Northeast have been moving down to Southern Florida to retire. These people vote Democrat. The state also has a very large Black population, especially in the northern part of the state. South Florida is very Hispanic but these Hispanics are conservative as they are mostly Cubans. Cubans have long voted Republican, but a lot of the younger ones are voting Democrat. There are also large populations of rightwing Venezuelans and Nicaraguans living here who fled leftwing regimes. However, there are also many Haitians here, and they vote Democrat. There are many Puerto Ricans in the center of the state, especially around Orlando. They vote Democratic.

This state will be incredibly close as it has been since at least 2000. The state government is run by Republicans, and there are major voter suppression efforts underway. Florida is completely up in the air and could go either way.


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Swing State Trends 2016: RIP US Republican Party

This election, as with so many others, is going to come down to the swing states.

In the last four Presidential elections since 2000, ten states have voted for both a Democratic and a Republican candidate.

They are: Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.


Click to enlarge. Last four Presidential elections showing trends over time.

Nevada: R2 D2. This state is going over from Republican to Democrat, and the momentum is with the Democrats. A lot of Hispanics and Californians have moved into the Las Vegas area, turning this long-term red state blue. Conservative -> liberal.

Colorado: R2 D2. One more long-term Republican state going Democrat. Same as Nevada. This state is going Democratic. Many people are moving to the Denver area from all over the country, and the city is getting a reputation as a hip place to live. Also many Hispanics are moving here. Conservative -> liberal.

New Mexico: D3 R1. This state is going over to the Democrats in a major way. Not sure what is happening except maybe that a lot of the Hispanics who live there are starting to vote more. Otherwise it’s a mystery. Many Hispanics have always lived in this state, but it was still a conservative state. Strange. Conservative -> liberal.

Iowa: D3 R1. Headed over to the Democrats. I am thinking this state is lost to Republicans. This state is going Democratic in a big way, but I really do not understand why. Conservative -> liberal.

Indiana: R3 D1. Long-term Republican state starting to waver a bit. I think this state will stay Republican for now though. Conservative.

Ohio: R2 D2. Another Republican state going Democratic. Not sure why that is, but Rust Belt states in general are becoming impoverished, and whatever is left of the White working class there is voting Democrat. There is some very ugly voter suppression going on here, verging on crime. Conservative -> liberal.

Florida: R2 D2. Swing state teetering back and forth between Republicans and Democrats. Doesn’t lean one way or the other at the moment. In other words, it is up for grabs. Heavy duty voter suppression going on here. I do not know the history of this state, so I cannot tell you if it is Democrat going Republican or vice versa. I am also not sure of demographic trends. No trend, evenly divided.

Virginia: R2 D2. Very long-term Republican state going Democratic. Briefly the state is becoming less conservative. This was always a conservative White Southern cracker state just like the rest of them. There are many Blacks but not enough to swing elections, which is the typical case in the South. However, in recent years, a large number of tech firms have moved into Virginia. The workers who have moved here to work in this industry are coming from the North and are young, hip, moneyed middle and upper middle class White SWPL types who were Democrats in their previous state and continue to vote Democrat after moving to Virginia. Conservative -> liberal.

North Carolina: R3 D1. Appears to be slowly moving from Republican to Democrat, but the transition is just starting, so it is still mostly voting Democrat. Similar demographic trend to Virginia of young SWPL types moving into North Carolina for good jobs, in this case in the Research Triangle in the center of the state. But the longterm trend in this state looks bad for Republicans. Conservative, teetering.

New Hampshire: D3 R1. Very longterm Republican and conservative state is now apparently lost to Republicans for the forseeable future. The long-standing notion that New Hampshire is a conservative state needs to be re-evaluated. I do not know what happened here except that New Hampshire has apparently joined the rest of the Northeast and has turned into a normal Northeastern state. Conservative -> liberal.

Conclusion: As you can see, all ten swing states are either static, teetering Republican or heading from Republican to Democrat. There is not one single state that is teetering Democrat. Nor is there a single state anywhere in the US that is going from Democrat to Republican. The future looks nightmarish for Republicans, but their response to this is to go more and more rightwing, going against the trend in the nation.

70% of the swing states are becoming more liberal over time, and one Republican state is teetering towards becoming more liberal. One state is still Republican, but things are getting a bit shaky. Another state is completely up for grabs and does not appear to be trending either liberal or conservative. So it looks like the country as a whole is becoming more liberal over time. The Republican response to a nation becoming more liberal over time is to pivot hard to the Right. Lemmings, anyone?

Bottom line: Elephants are going extinct.


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Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney about the NPI Conference, US Cities, Houellebecq, & the Paris Terror Attack

I normally do not link to interviews with Matt because he is a dyed in the wool conservative whose enemy is the “Left.” Well, that’s me. I am the Left. Alt Left maybe, but Left nevertheless. Nevertheless, most of these discussions here are great and steer away from Left-bashing other than the unfortunate nonsense about how the Left destroyed cities I guess by saying people had a right to survive and have some shelter over their heads. Which of course makes us evil, right?


Topics include:

Matt’s experience at the recent National Policy Institute’s Conference in Washington DC.
How the theme of the conference Become Who We Are was about creating a new identity.
How Left-Wing Activists Tried to Shut Down This Year’s NPI Conference”
Matt’s take on Washington DC and how it would be a great city if it weren’t for its people.
How transplants tend to fulfill the obnoxious stereotypes of cities (ex. DC, NY, LA, Portland).
Obnoxious broke hipsters in Portland vs. obnoxious trust fund hipster in NYC.
How NY hipster transplants benefited from the same police enforcement and gentrification which they agitate against.
How New York’s gentrification has made the city sterile and killed it’s creative energy.
Kill Your Idols documentary about the punk scene in NY in the early 80’s.
Matt’s life in Chicago and how despite its crime it has a cohesive culture and affordable living.
How Chicago shutting down its public housing projects such as Cabrini–Green dispersed crime over a larger area.
Matt experience living in Portland, Oregon, and how Portlandia is so accurate it’s not even funny.
Why Matt favors urban living over suburban or rural living.
Why Matt views the suburbs as an unfortunate social development but they developed because the Left destroyed cities and forced out the middle class.
How major cities such as NY once had vibrant urban middle classes.
E. Michael Jones’s The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing.
How the further away we get from nature, the greater increase in social dysfunction we see.
Matt’s trip to Las Vegas and how his friend Davis Aurini describes the city as an “honest whore.”
Anti-natalism and how it’s an interesting philosophical question but attempts to apply reason to interfere with nature.
How anti-natalism appeals to the most thoughtful and intelligent individuals, thus removing them from the gene pool.
Michel Houellebecq The Father Of The Term “Sexual Marketplace”.
Houellebecq’s Whatever which is about people who lost out on the sexual revolution.
Houellebecq’s Submission which is about an Islamist takeover of France and whether that scenario is likely.
Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

The recent terrorist attack in Paris and future scenarios in Europe

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Robert Stark Interviews Charles Lincoln about Las Vegas, New Orleans & Vice

I listened to quite a bit of this interview, and I did enjoy it. Charles is a friend of mine.


Topics include:

Contrasting the histories of Las Vegas and New Orleans

The ecological impacts of building cities in the desert

How both cities serve a function as a destination for escape, hedonism, and vice

How bread and circuses distract the masses.

How without the law, there would be no vice.

How when vice becomes suppressed, it becomes more cruel.

How New Orleans has gentrified since Hurricane Katrina.

How the culture of New Orleans is one that enjoys life because it accepts death.

How in New Orleans there’s no pressure to be either moral or immoral.

The European cultural influence in New Orleans.

The cult of youth.


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Bigfoot News April 27, 2013

What is shown at the end of Shooting Bigfoot? Shooting Bigfoot is Morgan Matthews’ movie that is said to show Rick Dyer shooting and killing a Bigfoot named Hank in San Antonio, Texas last year. The last 3-5 minutes show either this shooting or as detractors say, an elaborately hoaxed shooting of a Bigfoot.

A source who has seen the film has told me what happens in it. The truth is that there are two Tent Videos. The famous one that you have already seen snippets of was shot on September 6, 2012 in the AM in daylight. This video was shot by Rick with his phone cam and by Morgan with HD video. There is a second Tent Video shot at night when the Bigfoot came back to eat more ribs, the end result being that he was shot and killed by Rick. This video is shot in the dark and you will also see this Tent Video in the movie. So the movie will show both of the Tent Videos.

You will see Rick come out of his tent dressed only in his underwear as he levels his gun at the Bigfoot in the dark (This part you can see in the trailer.) You will see the Bigfoot as it is running away and possibly as the first shot hits it in the back.

Then you will see the Bigfoot circling back around and running very fast towards the camera. At this point, you will see the Bigfoot very up close at it nears Matthews’ camera. Then the camera will go wild as the Bigfoot shoves Morgan aside and Morgan goes flying in the air. Later, Rick picked up Morgan and carried him back to the tent. This is where you see the part in the trailer where Rick is demanding, “Let me see the tape!”

You will not see the Bigfoot up close lying on the ground and you will not see any examination of the Bigfoot. All of that will come later in a movie to be produced by Dyer and his investors. However, that movie will solve nothing either as skeptics will just say that that movie by Dyer et al is hoaxed using props and whatnot.

Footage of large object under a green tarp in the back of a pickup truck in the Shooting Bigfoot trailer is not Hank. I reported earlier that I suspected that that object, which can be seen at two points in the trailer, is Hank’s body. Dyer cleared that up on his radio show by saying that that was not his truck, and he did not know whose truck that was as that was from a part of the movie that he did not take part in.

Here is the Shooting Bigfoot trailer again for reference to use in reading the two posts above:

I do not know the name of the casino that now owns Hank. One of my sources knows the name of it, but they won’t tell me, so keep guessing.

Dyer went to a university soon after Hank was killed. After Hank was loaded onto the truck that would transport him to Las Vegas, Dyer et al stopped by a university on their way to Las Vegas. Apparently the Bigfoot was examined at this university. I do not know the name or location of the university.

Composition of the team that is studying Hank. Hank is being housed at a US government research facility near Las Vegas, Nevada. Sources know the name of this facility and the name of the branch of the US government that is housing it, but they will not tell me either.

They told me, “If I told you the branch of the US government that is housing Hank in its facility, you could probably locate the facility quickly if you were smart.” A special team has been tasked to work with, study and protect Hank. This team is made up of professors from universities at various different locales in the US. That is all I know about the team.

Why so many Bigfooters hate Rick Dyer. Mostly it is over his hoax of 2008, however, I do feel that if Rick sincerely apologized for that hoax instead of gloating over it as he does, as lot of decent Bigfooters (especially us Christians) would forgive him and say give him another chance.

It is important to note that the 2008 hoax was actually two separate hoaxes: first that he had a Bigfoot, then that the Men In Black’s (MIB’s) stole it. The next year, there was another dual hoax, as he said he had another dead Bigfoot, but then the MIB’s stole that one too. In between, he was apparently hoaxing people on his expeditions in 2010 by taking $500/head from them and then having his friend run by in the woods with a Bigfoot suit on.

In early 2011, Rick was involved with another hoax in which he presented Bigfoot photos taken in Florida that were obviously Photoshopped. He also tried to defraud a man out of $17,000 when he promised to deliver two Corvettes to the man but never sent them, pocketing the cash instead.

In addition, Steve Kulls has recently found via some superb detective that Rick’s page is full of hoaxed and stolen photos. For instance, there is a page showing photos of Rick’s expeditions, the various folks on them, the scenery, etc. along with a pitch to fork over $500 to go on one of them. Steve has shown that all or most of all of those photos are not of Rick’s expeditions at all. Instead, they are photos stolen off the web of groups of people on camping trips.

Rick also has a video of him cooking the ribs to bait for the Bigfoot in September in San Antonio. However, that video is apparently a fraud, as Steve showed, through excellent sleuthing, that it was actually shot in April 2012 so it could not be a video from September.

So it’s not just one hoax or fraud that Rick has been involved in. He’s been an ongoing hoaxer, fraudster, con man and sometime criminal for at least five years now and possibly longer.

Nevertheless, I feel that if he would act halfway decent, he still might have more supporters. When 80-90% of the community hates your guts, you have to wonder what you might be doing wrong. If it were me, I might try to figure out what I was doing wrong and try to do better next time to try to win some folks back over to my side. Instead, Rick’s behavior seems to be to act as horrible as possible to make his enemies hate him even more and to create as many new enemies as possible.

So he goes on the air and spends most of his time ranting and raving against his many enemies, digging up dirt on them in the sleaziest way possible and threatening them in various ways, in addition to the portrayal of a character afflicted with severe kookery and ultimate douchebaggery so vividly displayed on his website and radio shows. Rick doesn’t exactly play by How to Win Friends and Influence People.

I suppose I just don’t get it. I would say when you’re in a hole, quit digging. Rick seems to collect enemies for fun the way some folks collect baseball cards. Go figure.

David John Jenkins on the role that Facebook Find Bigfoot has played in all of this. I thought he summed up the whole sordid episode very well, and I could not have written this up better myself. Italics mine.

The (Shooting Bigfoot) movie trailer is very consistent with what Dyer has been saying. The production values of the trailer itself and Morgan Matthew’s extensive filmography point to this being a serious undertaking to show what actually happened. Most of the criticism being leveled against FB/FB is malicious and prejudicial without any attempt to present facts and consists mostly of jeering.

The content of FB/FB site has been extensive and consistent with presenting evidence that supports the main thesis of their book You are Sasquatch. Even their interviews and interactions with Dyer remain true to their opinion of what Bigfoot is and what it represents to humankind.

The idea of this as being a hoax conspiracy is not supported by facts and is entirely political in nature based on an intense dislike of Dyer’s character. FB/FB on the contrary has approached all video evidence pertaining to the existence of Bigfoot with the same analytical eye regardless of who the author is. They are not aggressively aligned with any one side but they do stay committed to the conclusions they have made about the great many videos they have authenticated. The authentications are themselves ample proof of the integrity of this site.

The Bigfoot legend is not the creation of overly competitive, jealous rednecks. It began as Native American folklore which has its origins with tribes as far flung as Florida and the Pacific Northwest. That historical fact in itself gives tremendous weight to the idea that there is something mysterious in the woods.

The fossil evidence of ancient hominids proves that human hybrids or ancestors have existed, and stories of Ape men persist across several Continents. It is therefore quite reasonable for many people to embrace this subject with enthusiasm and commitment.

FB/FB has done just that.

Their misfortune has been to find themselves in the cross hairs of people who are intensely angry that their many years of being ridiculed as they wandered the woods will be upstaged by a shameless opportunist like Dyer.

FB/FB of course had no control over that, and if they had been a bit more politically savvy and less enthusiastic they may have avoided all this by downplaying the Tent Video. But that’s not their purpose. Their commitment to this unique American story which through the aid of advances in technology is on the cusp of revealing itself to the modern world.


This is a superbly written piece. Of course Dyer is a shameless opportunist, and that’s what his friends say! You don’t want to know what his enemies say about him. That as big of a jerk as Dyer should be the one who discovers is the most supreme insult to many Bigfooters who have been running around in the woods forever and will see all of those years wasted by the prize going to Mr. Douchebag of the Year.

DJJ is absolutely correct that the belief that Dyer is hoaxing is based for the most part on his character and not on the data. People are voting with their hearts and not their brains. In their hearts, they hate Dyer’s guts, so therefore he is hoaxing.

DJJ does a great job of finessing FB/FB’s role in all of this. The truth is that they are the ultimate Bigfooter professionals. No one knows what they think of Dyer’s dubious character or whether they even care about his personality. In the realm of FB/FB, Dyer’s personality foibles and whatnot are simply not important. All that is important is whether or not he shot a Bigfoot. Leave all the rest for psychologists and gossip columnists and the judgement of history.

It was through this severely, almost painfully objective eye that FB/FB decided that the Tent Video was the real deal and went with it, for which they have suffered terribly. Note that their enemies recently got FB/FB’s entire Youtube page taken down due to a vicious and politically motivated complaint to Youtube. This is a sorry episode as FB/FB’s videos are an excellent resource for our community, and our entire community will suffer from this loss. DJJ notes that had FB/FB been politically minded, they would have played down the Tent Video due to its poisonous association with Rick Dyer.

But FB/FB are scientific investigators first and foremost and politicians second if at all. In this way, they are similar to the finest of my profession, the investigative journalists who are jailed, injured or killed for trying to tell the truth when politics demand that they be quiet. A few of us are actually rather immune to the gusts of politics.

At the end of the day, those of us committed to ferreting out the truth of matters in which truth can be discerned, whether the dogged investigative reporters or the investigators who say the Hell with our careers, are the only folks that history will remember. The political deceivers and fogmiesters who blew smoke in your ears will burn with the fires of history, to be remembered only as the propagandists and liars that they always were.

New interview with me tomorrow. Tomorrow night, April 28, 2013, I will be interviewed on Chuck Prahl’s Bigfoot Tonite radio show out of Maryland. It will go on the air at 6 PM Pacific time.


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Bigfoot News April 26, 2013

Hank (the Bigfoot Rick Dyer killed) has been purchased by a major Las Vegas casino! I have just learned from an excellent source that a major Las Vegas casino has purchased Hank from whoever owned it (Rick and possibly his investors). It is the casino, not Dyer, that will show Hank to the world sometime this summer, possibly in August. No doubt this will not end the speculation about the story either, as deniers will continue to say that this is a hoax along the lines of the Minnesota Iceman.

That Hank will be displayed somehow at a casino for profit will obviously not settle the question of whether or not Hank is a real Bigfoot or a clever copy, and in fact, the profiteering aspect (already well underway – note how Dyer is selling “memberships”) will make many scream “hoax”.

As you can see, this is turning into a Minnesota Iceman Redux, possibly with many of the similar problems and issues that confronted the Iceman story (which I believe did involve an actual Bigfoot shot by Hansen himself in Minnesota). Hopefully, the Hank story will be resolved better (proof of Bigfoot) than the Iceman story was.

It’s too bad it all had to unfold this way.

Surely, if the US government took custody of this Bigfoot, they would not be trying to make money off it, though the “make government a business” reactionaries would not doubt be screaming for Uncle Sam to profit in some way from its scientific possession. That the state is one of the last institutions left in the US that is not devoted solely and only to “the spirit of hucksterism” (see Marx), I have long felt, is one of the major impetuses behind that anti-government reactionary nature of the American people, who as a nation went over to mass hucksterism long ago, and exactly as Marx predicted 150 years ago. And surely, Rick Dyer exemplifies “the huckster” immaculately. As does Tom Biscardi.

Morgan Matthews silent about Shooting Bigfoot. A source is good friends with Matthews and asked Morgan about the movie. Morgan refused to comment on the movie, and the source said this is odd because normally Morgan will talk to this fellow about anything and everything. The source did however state that Morgan seemed to be very excited about the movie, which made the source excited that there may be something to the Dyer story.

The source the only thing holding him back from believing in the story is that Rick Dyer is involved; he felt that Dyer is the sleaziest person on Earth and as such he was extremely wary about anything with Dyer’s name associated with it. His assessment of Dyer is of course 100% correct, but even sleazeballs can do great things (read up on famous people on Wikipedia and see how many of them were monstrous as human beings aside from whatever they did that made them famous). And even pathological liars (yes, Dyer is a pathological liar) tell the truth sometimes, or actually most of the time. No one lies all the time. Think about it. It’s not even possible.

My opinion of Rick Dyer. To sum up and be as nice to him as possible, I would describe Dyer as a huckster, a scammer, a sleazy capitalist, and a con artist. His personality is “showboating blowhard” (like most Bigfooters). In addition, he is very rude and very unpleasant. The constant bragging is very hard to take (Who is this guy, a White Mohammad Ali?).

I suppose the most charitable way to put it is not to say that he’s a bad person (you can decide that for yourself) but instead that I simply do not like people like that. I have known plenty of them in my life, and you can’t get me away from them quickly enough. I can barely stand to listen to his radio shows because he rubs me the wrong way so much. I find myself wincing and making disgusted faces all the way through it. He is apparently hated by the vast majority of the Bigfoot community, and I would say for good reason.

He’s not going to tone anything down after he gets famous, which is going to be quite soon. Instead, a good portion of US society will soon develop strong opinions about Dyer, probably most of them quite negative. In his favor, Rick does have his fans (often female, as women crave narcissists and sociopaths like chocolate). His male admirers are less common (most men don’t cotton much to douchebags as we have had so many unpleasant interactions with male douchebags over the years that most of us have “baggage in this regard), but they definitely exist.

Dyer selling memberships to his website. The memberships are insanely overpriced, especially the gold memberships. But a lot of folks have already bought memberships, including gold memberships. I am sad to say that a couple of my friends fell for it. This proves nothing except that as Rick’s mentor’s comment that there’s one born every minute. It’s not illegal in the US to sell overpriced worthless nonsense, and you’re free to charge whatever the market will bear in most cases. Rick’s just going for a ride again, and this time he has a lot of passengers.

However, as you can see, Rick is already profiting from Hank, which of course will only increase the accusations of hoaxing. Even if he is hoaxing, nothing will ever come of it since US DA’s don’t file charges for fraud much anymore, and sadly they never have in Dyer’s case. Nor has Dyer even been sued for the various times he has defrauded his fellow humans. Rick will just get away with it once again, the same way he gets away with everything, by landing on his feet. This cat must have 99 lives.

New clues about the photos of Hank (the Bigfoot Rick Dyer killed). Four photos of Hank recently surfaced, not two as I originally reported. One was a photo of Hank being loaded into a box truck by several men. Three were of a group of men standing around Hank’s body, which is lying on an embankment. The scene appears to be early in the morning, probably the morning of September 7, 2012, after Hank was shot at 10:30 PM the previous evening. Dyer can clearly be seen in two of the photos, and the film crew also seems to be present.

In one of the photos, curiously, there are two men wearing sports coats and slacks who are obviously not the local homeless population or part of the film crew. It is uncertain who they are, but they may be some sort of government officials.

Facebook Find Bigfoot appear to have seen Hank on their Las Vegas visit to talk to Rick Dyer. This is what I have gathered from conversations with my sources. They did not come right out and say it, as that would get them into trouble, but with a lot of hints and oblique statements, they very much implied to me without saying so explicitly that FB/FB did indeed view the body on that trip, and I believe that they did also. Their having viewed the body is probably one of the main reasons why they are so certain that the Dyer shooting dead Hank the Bigfoot is true.

A “commission” represents the body of Hank. They appear to have some sort of ownership or retention rights over this corpse. The commission includes those who own the body (whoever they are) along with the US government research facility which is housing it. If you want to see the body, you have to go through this commission and sign NDA’s with them. As this branch of the government is part of the commission, the papers you have to sign are quite complicated.

The US government did not build a separate facility just to house Hank. Instead, they built a makeshift area in an already existing facility. However, most of the workers at the facility do not have access to the makeshift area where Hank is being held. This government research facility is quite complex and it is possible that the scientists/technicians who work there do not even know of the existence of Hank or that he is being stored at the facility. However, there is a US government team that has been tasked with work with, study and guard/protect Hank.


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