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Millions Are Leaving Islam Every Year

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It seems to be an article of faith that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Another dubious fact is that Islam is the largest religion on Earth. Research shows that in fact Bahaism is the fastest growing religion on Earth, not Islam. True, Bahaism is a small religion compared to Islam, but facts are facts.

Well then, Islam is the biggest religion in the world then, correct? Apparently not. Wikipedia gives a worldwide Muslim population figure of 1.4 billion . Wikipedia also indicates that there about 2.1 billion Christians on Earth. That makes Christianity significantly larger than Islam.

Another “fact” that gets tossed around a lot is that Islam is so dangerous because it proselytizes so aggressively, and leaving Islam is so dangerous that “hardly anyone leaves Islam”. It is true that leaving Islam can be dangerous in many Muslim-majority lands. But as we will see, many Muslims convert to Christianity in Russia and sub-Saharan African countries with non-Muslim majorities with little or no problems.

In recent years, according to Roman Silantyev, executive secretary of the Inter-religious Council in Russia, an incredible 2.5 million Muslims have converted from Islam to Orthodox Christianity in Russia, while only 2,500 Orthodox have converted to Islam (Orthodox Christians are less likely than the non-Orthodox to leave the flock).

Silantyev said that most of the converts are Muslims by birth who were non-practicing, while Muslims who regularly attend mosque rarely convert. He said that the conversions happen not so much due to proselytization but instead due to the influence of the dominant Russian culture, which is Christian.

In particular, Silantyev noted that after the bestial crime of the Beslan School Massacre in North Ossetia, the number of Muslims in North Ossetia dropped by 50%. Whereas before Muslims were about 35% of North Ossetians, after Beslan, they numbered only about 17.5%. It appears that tens of thousands of Muslims may have accepted baptism after Beslan.

Silantyev stated that even Muslim sources acknowledge that after each major Muslim terrorist incident there, thousands or possibly tens of thousands of Muslims convert to Christianity.

The figures for Africa are even more amazing and come from impeccable Muslim sources who would be the last people on Earth to deceitfully propagandize huge numbers of Muslims converting out. The source is Sheikh Ahmad Al Katani, president of The Companions Lighthouse for the Science of Islamic Law in Libya, an institution that specializing in graduating imams and Islamic preachers.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, reprinted on the Chechen guerrilla Kavkaz Center website, Katani states, reprinted here and here , that in recent years, six million Africans, mostly sub-Saharan Blacks, leave Islam every year, mostly converting to Christianity, often evangelical Protestantism. Apparently few non-Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa are converting to Islam.

This anecdotal figure needs to be backed up by good research, but it is still intriguing. Muslims in Sub-Saharan Africa are definitely depressed about what they report as a declining Muslim population.

The problem is probably one of racism. African Muslims complain that the big money in the Muslim World (read: Gulf Arab money) simply does not go to Africa for the building of mosques and for employing Muslim workers to proselytize.

The reason? Gulf Arabs, and Arabs in general, are quite racist people, much more racist than most Westerners. In particular, Arabs dislike Blacks. There is a long tradition of Arabs enslaving Blacks in that part of the world. A typical word for Black person in Saudi Arabia is the same word that means “slave”.

Iraqis were particularly furious and insulted when Black US soldiers occupied their neighborhoods after the US invasion – they complained that it was particularly humiliating to be occupied by Blacks, who they saw as inferiors.

Things are more complicated in Egypt, where many Arab men want a (mulatto) woman, because they are seen as better in bed than an Arab woman (who would make a good mother but not necessarily a great mistress).

Across the rest of the Sahel, Arabs continue to enslave Blacks in the same backwards tradition that has gone on for centuries.

In Sudan, Chad, Niger and Mauritania, Arabs enslave Black men and women. The conflict in Darfur, in addition to being a farmers versus herders conflict reminiscent of those fought in the US West in the 1800’s, is also rooted in the profound contempt Arab Sudanese have for their Black “slave” countrymen. It is this contempt that fuels the genocidal nature of the slaughter.

The Sahel Blacks are all Muslims, and Islam does not offer Sahel Blacks respite from the virulent racism of their Arab neighbors. Instead, the variety of Islam promoted by Sahelian Arabs emphasizes the divine nature of slavery laid out in the Koran, the better to justify their nasty habit of enslaving their Black countrymen.

This same Arab anti-Black racism is present in the Gulf Arabs that fund Islam around the world – hence they give scarcely a nickel to Black Africa. There, mosques crumble in disrepair, proselytization is almost nonexistent, and the ummah melts away.

In the rest of the Muslim World, few Muslims leave the faith. Surely there must be millions of conversions to Islam every year, and the Muslim population in general is growing in part due to a generally higher birthrate compared to many non-Muslims. But the intriguing example of Russia and the anecdotal evidence of Sub-Saharan Africa show us that Islam is not necessarily the one-way ticket it is made out to be.

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The Arab World’s Dirty Little Secret: Arab Racism

Great article on Arab racism against Blacks, especially Sudanese. There actually is a Black element in Egypt, but it is more of a mixed race element than a pure Black element, and they tend to be more towards the South. Anyway, Egyptian Caucasians themselves are about 9% Black.

Compared to White Americans, almost everyone on Earth is a racist. Compared to White Americans, Arabs are like some wild Arab version of the KKK. Arab racism has a very long tradition and no one on the Left will say one word about it. The Western Scum Left will not mention this. To them, it doesn’t even exist. This is because their PC insanity makes them fetishize the Arab as some pristine non-White non-Christian Third Worldist noble savage Other, whereas, White Western Christians are the sum total of everything vicious and evil about our planet rolled into balls of walking and talking White flesh.


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