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Macho and Homophobic Behavior Is Quite Common among Liberal Men

Jason: SHI, based on your comments on FAGS, I would think you’d be out cheering Trump’s masculine pro-white agenda.

Jason sounds like a Cultural Left type here. Newsflash: a lot of White liberal straight men have some pretty un-PC views on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. Sexist, racist, bigoted, transphobic and homophobic views are notoriously common among White liberal straight men. There’s more to liberalism that this Cultural Left crap you know. This is what it’s boiled down to now: people think that the only reason anyone is liberal is because they are Cultural Left. If you’re traditional or not Cultural Left, how can you possibly be a liberal. And if you hold traditional social views, you must vote Republican. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

I hang out on Left websites like Daily Kos a lot (even though they gave me a lifetime ban recently). Most of the articles on there have nothing whatsoever to do with the Cultural Left. They don’t talk about race, feminism, gay rights or trans rights a lot and when they do, it is more in the sense of basic rights than Cultural Left crap. An article about feminism would take the line of the pay gap or cutting birth control coverage out of the health care bill. An article on gay rights would argue for anti-discrimination in employment and the right to marry.  An article on transsexuals would  say they ought to be able to serve in the military. An article on race would talk about the ways that Blacks are being openly discriminated against in voting rights nowadays, leading to a new Jim Crow. I actually support all of those positions and I hate the Cultural Left.

We need to get off this liberalism and Left = Cultural Left insanity. It needs to strong leftwing men like me getting constantly abused being called conservative, Republican, rightist, fascist, Nazi, anti-Semite, misogynist, homophobe, transphobe, bigot, reactionary, Alt Right, and all sorts of bullshit. Never mind that no rightwing group wants anything to do with me and  I have identified with the Left my whole life. We are throwing a lot of good people out of the Left because they aren’t going along with whatever the Cultural Left carnival ride of the day is. It’s morally reprehensible and it’s also just plain bad politics.

A lot of liberal men are pretty masculine. This whole thing of if you are a masculine man, you have to vote Republican because Democrats are all cucks and faggots is a new thing.

And a lot of liberal straight men don’t like gay men too much. Homophobia is basically normal for straight men. Straight male society has a lot of rules, but one of them is:

1. Absolutely no faggotry whatsoever in any way, shape or form.

You can’t even have thoughts like that. I have known some straight men who told me that they have low level gay interests but they have no interest in acting on them. The attractions are very minor and these are mostly just regular straight men. However, they told me that they had to suppress those feelings when they were around other straight men because they insisted that when they experienced those gay attractions around straight men, even in the privacy of their minds only, straight men often picked up on it and they tended to get very angry in response. You simply cannot have even thoughts like that around other straight men. They will freak and reject you flat out.

Straight men hate effeminate behavior, they hate wussy, pussy, girly, sissy, faggy, wimpy men, and the very idea of gay sex is physically revolting to most of them. A lot of straight men would say the worst thing you could do would be to have sex with another man, and a number of straight men have told me they would rather take a bullet than have sex with a guy.

On the other hand, a lot of these same straight men will support gay rights. They just don’t want any gay men around them. I’ve never known one straight man from my generation who had a gay friend. In my generation, the idea of straight men having gay friends is simply bizarre. How could any straight man have a gay friend? It’s just too weird.

Friendships are based on having a lot of things in common. The one thing binding together most straight male friendships is heterosexuality or love of pussy if you will. Quite a bit of straight male friendships are about socializing around women. You get together and talk about women most of the time. That’s one of the main things you have in common and that’s the glue that makes a close friendship possible. With gay men and straight men, the gap in fundamental basic interests is as wide as the Grand Canyon and I do not see how you bridge that.


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The Second American Civil War, 2016-?

Great post from Judith Mirville.

The country’s pretty much gone at this point in so many ways it’s not even funny. The MSM has completely forfeited its role as arbitrator of truth and instead has transformed into one of the most monstrous propaganda systems the world has ever seen.

The Republican Party is two states away from calling a Constitutional Convention after which they will rewrite the Constitution to end any government role in the well-being of the nation’s citizens. They will also finally dissolve civil rights once and for all, a project they have been whittling away at for a while now. The Voting Rights Act was just overthrown,  taking us back to the 1960’s. The Housing Rights Act is hardly enforced at all. All Republican Presidencies completely defund this arm, and the Democrats don’t do much better.

Every Republican President who comes in completely defunds the EEOC, which is the arm of the government that enforces the Civil  Rights Act in terms of job discrimination. With the EEOC defanged, businesses are very to discriminate as they wish.

The Citizens United case was a dagger deep in the heart of democracy which showed that America was a nation whose only real citizens were the rich and the corporations. The rest of us are servants, peons, sharecroppers, bonded labor, serfs, helots, prisoners or ragamuffin vagabonds.

America is the land of the 1%.

There’s nothing here for the rest of us, the 99%. We are superfluous, and I suppose with the new Trump Wealthcare Act, we are now encouraged to up and die.

The death of what was once a respectable tradition of the GOP began with Ronald Reagan and the move to the Hard Right. The country has been on a rightwing juggernaut ever since, much to its detriment.

Since 1980, we have seen endless conservative treatises to the effect that we are a republic, not a democracy. This requires a bit of shorthand. Whenever a conservative says that, he means he hates democracy.  Conservatives always hate democracy everywhere and and at all times, as conservatism is aristocratic rule by the divine right of kings. This is antithetical to democracy on its very face.

Democracy is rule by the people.

Conservatism is rule by feudal lords, kings, rajahs, czars, Dalai lamas, warlords, emperors, sultans, furhers, generalissimos, caudillos, strongmen, militarists and leaders for life. It is rule by the richest men, the aristocrats, the 1%,  over the 99%, where the money and wealth of the 99% is progressively shoveled upwards to the conservative royalists until the people become more and more impoverished.

When a conservative starts going on and on about how we are a republic, not a democracy, you need to listen very closely to that. He is showing just how much he hates rule by the common man, by the workers, by the salt of the earth, by the people. The state only exists for those wealthy enough to purchase in order to rule in their own name and for their own ends and means.

Since 2000, Republicans have stolen many elections with the use of hacking of computerized voting machines. Indeed Trump’s recent victory was stolen. Not only did he lose the popular vote but he also lost the electoral vote and we can prove it.

Jonathan Simon of Code Red says that the era of election theft from 2000-2107 will be an era of increasingly extreme politics. His reasoning is quite simple. If the Republicans are going to win elections no matter how the people vote, then there are no restrictions on their behavior. They can do whatever they want to without fear of being voted our of office.

The politicians of the aristocracy (the Republican Party) are constrained by fears of being voted out of office. When they no longer have to fear being voted out of office, they can do whatever they want without any fear of the consequences.

Hence we see the extreme Republican Wealthcare Act that throws 23 million off their health care and pulls the plug out from under millions of newborn babies, tens of millions of children, half of the elderly and almost all of the poor. It’s a death sentence for countless Americans. That’s right. A lot of people are going to die, all so the rich can get a tax cut. The Top 400 earners in the US are going to get a $4 billion tax cut with this unspeakably cruel act. Ordinarily, politicians would be afraid to be thrown out of office for voting for such a monstrosity (81% of the public opposes it), but as the Republicans have rigged elections to always win, they have to fear of being voted out so they can act and vote fearlessly.

To me Trump is the proof that the country founded by Franklin and Jefferson rebuilt by Lincoln and Roosevelt just no longer exists: there is no longer any common soul uniting it. The Democratic and Republican parties, though both equally corrupt and dangerous for the survival of humanity, no longer refer to the same country and civilization.

The only thing equivalent elsewhere in the world is the difference between India and Pakistan or between Israel and Palestine: the difference between both in unbridgeable, and the only thing that can bring both under a common government is military occupation of one by the other.

Let’s get over it: Abraham Lincoln’s endeavor never succeeded actually: the Dixieland was occupied and wrought a slow motion revenge onto the rest of the country thanks to military industries and media industries being located in it. It is a different civilization altogether, where doing productive work, or worse still, harboring a mere mental concern for the common good, is considered a shame and something that should be reserved to prisoners and dark people having committed an offence in their previous life. The only other country like that on Earth is the Indo-Gangetic plain where Hinduism and caste are the law of the land.

Lincoln tried to give a common ideal to all Americans, the self-made man, the idea that however lowly is your station of departure in life, there is no limit to your success in life as an entrepreneur, an inventor, a scholar or even a president if you put it the right amount of the right kind of personal effort.

Get over it: the Dixieland never accepted that creed, it is a blasphemy of the God they adore not only as regards Blacks and Mexicans but as regards all social classes the Whites form themselves…and most of the Western Plains conquest was done by Dixielanders even though nominally under Union flag.

Kennedy, exactly one century later, seeing that both countries never united actually, tried to respect the Southern Civilization in the framework of a grander humanistic scheme by devising Political Correctness and multiculturalism as we have been knowing them, and it has proven equally futile an enterprise as Lincoln’s. The Dixieland and the Flyoverland just pounced upon the opportunity given by multiculturalism to enclose themselves in their own cultural no-go zones and also succeeded in having allied recently-immigrated ethnic groups in their enterprise.

However diverse is India, there is just no place in it for Pakistanis, they will rather consider nuclear war rather than accepting diversity of creeds: in the same way, in Kennedy’s new diverse America, there is no place for Dixieland; they already know that multiculturalism is a Marxist scheme organized by extraterrestrials to destroy natural law as they define it.

Secession is the only solution for America.

The present state of America is a Cold War between both countries with presumed spies and traitors from the other side being submitted to punishments and exclusion from professional work as harsh as in the Soviet-occupied parts of Europe (the only thing missing up to know is a new Berlin Wall as in Eastern Germany in the 1950’s just before they built it, but it is Trump’s promise he will never recoil from).

It is also a military occupation of Democratic America by a Republican government in a sweet revenge for the Reconstruction Era: when the Republican cut social programs, they don’t even do it to make their own 1% richer but to punish and crush back down in Third World style misery the 99% of the lands they feel they occupy like the Nazis did in German-occupied France and Eastern Europe during the 1940’s, together with the local 1% as collaborators.

Like the Hitler-led Germans they are ready to suffer themselves all kinds of miseries and revert to Feudal Age renouncement to all modern comforts just to go on with what they feel is their duty : killing once for all the civilization of the Enlightenment.

All KKK-approving lands should have been realistically subject to military occupation following that of Hitler’s Germany, and American citizenship be given back to their own people only on a piecemeal basis as to meritorious Germans at that time. The Civic Rights Movement should have been a military operation with humanistic militants trained for close combat during the Sixties and early Seventies, and devisers of the so-called Southern Strategy within the Republican Party should have been put to death for high treason before the foe.

All strategic industry, especially aerospace, military and media, should have been moved out of that perimeter into friendly territory. But now it is too late: they are the occupiers themselves. It is time for the decent part of America to organize military resistance together with foreign allied countries supporting or just tolerating humanism in the world however undemocratic they are themselves.

Make no mistake about it: the people of Flyover America, now onwards to be known as Murrica, consider all forms of upward social mobility and all endeavors to make the world better as the cardinal sin against their God’s law and the ability to make money in a zero sum game as the physical manifestation of their God’s grace.

They consider that over-educated people, that is to say educated beyond their own capacity to make money and for another aim than personal financial success, have forfeited their right to life, liberty and happiness and should be treated as Indian Untouchables. They actually stick to that dogma with far more fanaticism and less humanity than right-wing Hindu Indians themselves, most of whom abide by that rather play a humorous game in comparison, and all they ask from an Untouchable is not to be educated in Sanskrit and other sciences they consider sacred. They have no problem with one who succeeds to make himself known as an English writer.


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Alt Left Positions on Gays, Transsexuals, Non-Whites and the Disabled

Jason Y: The part about dumping gays and trannies might gain some sympathy, but action against non-Whites and the disabled makes the Alt-Left seem too hateful.

We are not dumping gays and trannies, we are just with to lessen the celebratory rhetoric about these people that ends up treating the abnormal as normal and the normal people as freaks. Face it, it’s not normal to be a transsexual and fully homosexual. It’s abnormal. So is being left-handed or having green eyes, but if everyone was left-handed or had green eyes, we could deal pretty well. If even 20% of society was gay or tranny, the consequences to society would be catastrophic. Since gays are only 3% and trannies are maybe .15% of the population, it’s no great shakes to deal with them, but even with those low numbers, transsexuals and homosexuals still cause a lot of societal problems, so these are not exactly positive things society-wise.

On the other hand, I think the Alt Left in general wants full rights for gays. That is, we support most if not all of the political causes that the gay community is pushing right now. I personally participate in gay political campaigns, which is why it’s a bit rich that I keep getting called homophobic.

We support basic minimal rights for transsexuals. I am not sure about the transsexual bathroom issue. I doubt if it will be much of a problem if we implement this, but it’s not a very important issue either. Perhaps the Alt Left will go neutral on the transsexual bathroom issue.

I believe an employer ought to be able to discriminate against gays or transsexuals if the person looks noticeably odd like a lot of transsexuals do or if their homosexual behavior is blatant and flaunted. For jobs involving meeting the public, an employer ought to be able to say, “Hey, this person’s going to scare customers away.” In that case, the flagrant gay or transsexual still ought to be able to get a job say in the back room somewhere where they are not serving as a front to the business with the public.

I think transsexuals are generally mentally ill, but mentally ill people generally deserve full rights, and their mental disorder is not dangerous to others.

What sort of action does the Alt Left advocate with regard to non-Whites other than reducing legal immigration, stopping illegal immigration, ending birthright citizenship and restricting the abuse of work visas such as H-1B’s?

The Alt Left opposes all discrimination based on race, ethnicity, etc.

Furthermore, we believe that the Voting Rights Act needs to be put back in, strong efforts to curb Republican efforts to keep Blacks from voting (similar to Jim Crow).

We would like to see the Housing Rights Act much better enforced. As it is, there is still a lot of housing discrimination against Blacks because there is little enforcement of this act. Black people need to be protected against all forms of discrimination, not just employment but also in voting and housing.

On the other hand, the Alt Left opposes Black Lives Matter. Rather than evil, I simply see BLM as idiotic, absurd, unnecessary and counterproductive.

And how is it that the Alt Left is advocating any harm for the disabled at all? In fact, we very much support the state’s disability programs and would even like to see them expanded and liberalized, believe it or not. For instance, in the UK, people on the equivalent of SSI can make as much money as they want. They usually do not make much due to their problems, but still.

And SSDI will let you work quite a bit. I knew a guy who worked 28 hours a week on SSDI. He said they just deducted his check. And if you are making good enough money on Disability, just cut the check to zero dollars and let them keep the medical care. If they become ill again and have to cut back or stop work, bring back the check in some form, but don’t throw them off the program. If they are disabled, they are going to have some serious health care needs for as long as they are disabled, so it is important for them to keep health coverage.

What’s so bad about that?

Jason Y: Anyhow, note, if there are certain bozos drifting off toward Trump from the left, then good riddance !!! Who needs them anyhow? I mean, they know who Trump is and what he represents. It’s not like they were lied to.

I disagree. We should take any people leaving Trump or heading his way that we can. If they renounce support for Trump and the Republicans, they can join our movement. Better to have them with us on the Left than over there on the Right causing chaos.


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An Alternative Left Position on Transsexualism

Betty: Following the logic of your article, it would be ok to harm these people as the human rights don’t apply to them which is not right. I don’t get why it bothers people when trans humans want to be the opposite gender? Does it have an effect on your personal life in anyway? Are humans and their personality only defined by their gender? Definitely not. They still have emotions, thoughts and needs just like everybody else. They aren’t worse in their behavior than other people only because they feel wrong in their own gender.

And by the way they don’t choose to feel wrong. It’s the same as being gay, you can’t choose it. So it’s not ok to call trans people “things” or “nonhumans” only because they feel to be wrong in their own body/gender. If you define human beings ONLY over their gender then there’s something wrong with your view of humans in this way. Just let people live how they want to without degrading them. That’s not okay and it’s not just “saying your own opinion” when you say that you don’t like them in such a humiliating way.

The Alternative Left should support full human rights and tolerance for transsexuals. We do not wish for them to be harmed in any way. We do not agree with any crazy people being harmed. We believe people should be kind to transsexuals in person because that is how fellow humans who are not hurting anyone else should be treated. We support nondiscrimination against them in employment, with the caveat that you might be able to discriminate if they have to meet the public because they might harm your business by driving customers away. We do not support discrimination against transsexuals in housing, education or any government services. We feel that transsexuals are crazy, but we should be kind to the mentally ill.

We feel that there is no evidence that this is biological. The rate of it has exploded ~100X what it was in the 1960’s. There’s one on every corner now. We feel that that is very strong evidence that it is not biological and that it is some epidemic form of mental illness we are  experiencing. We also feel that it has become a fad and many people are becoming transsexuals because it is the cool thing to be. We believe that most transsexuals are simply homosexuals.

Many homosexuals identify with the opposite sex. It’s rather normal for them to do so. 

We think that in thethe past such folks would simply be the typical homosexual who acts like the opposite sex and they were perfectly happy that way, but nowadays with the transsexual identity open to them, many such persons are choosing to be transsexuals instead of just opposite sex-identifying homosexuals. In other words, we believe that if the people identifying as transsexuals now were alive in the 1960’s instead of 2010’s, 99% of them would not be transsexuals, and presumably they would be fairly happy and well adjusted nevertheless.

Obviously we see no need for people adopt this identity, and we note that in societies that do not tolerate such things, the rate of transsexualism drops up to 99%. In societies that promote or encourage transsexuals like Thailand, there is epidemic transsexualism. Thailand probably has the highest rate of transsexuals on Earth. Apparently the more you promote and encourage transsexuals, the more of it you end up with. Obviously this speaks against a biological disorder and in favor of a societally constructed condition.

13% of transsexuals re-transition. We say If it’s biological, why can’t they make up their mind if they are men or women? We note that there have been documented cases of completely spontaneous cures in which all symptoms of transsexualism lifted, the person simply dropped it as an issue, decided to identify as the birth sex and went on to be happy and healthy. 60% of underage transsexuals (kids and teenagers) lose all symptoms by adulthood. If it’s biological like homosexuality, how come it goes away a lot of the time?

Transsexuals are mentally ill. It’s a mental illness. But it is a mental illness that is being celebrated and  promoted and it is encouraging a lot of people to adopt this mental disorder just because it is the cool thing to do. We strongly disagree with the celebration and promotion of mental illness and especially with encouraging the spread of mental illness. It’s infuriating.

What if anorexics formed a group and called themselves a protected minority like these transsexuals and cheered on their anorexia, promoted anorexia to the world at large and encouraged others to be anorexic? Would this be acceptable?

What if schizophrenics were celebrating their symptoms, asking to be a protected identity minority, and encouraging other people to think they hear things, see things, believe things that are not true like the CIA is after you and act in very irrational ways? Would this be acceptable. And we believe that just to be hip, a lot of people adopt the Schizophrenic or Anorexic Identities to be cool, we would even get a new Identity Politics for them and they would become yet another identity protected class. We believe it would be very bad for society if anorexics and schizophrenics did this, and this is exactly what transsexuals are doing.

Alt Left position on transsexuals:

  • Bare minimal human rights for transsexuals.
  • Nondiscrimination against transsexuals employment with some reasonable limits.
  • Kindness and tolerance, but no more than that, to transsexuals because they are after all only humans with a mental illness.
  • Recognition that transsexualism is a mental disorder and the treatment of it as such.
  • A halt to the celebration, promotion and encouragement of the mental illness called transsexualism because it is bad for society and it is senseless to celebrate, promote and encourage mental illness.

* I had a transsexual as a potential client, and I was very nice to him too. I would have taken him on as a client also, and I would have been very nice to him.


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Proposal for an American Paleo-Left Party: The American People’s Party

From Facebook, from a Russian Communist. OK guys, what do you think?

Idea for uniquely American Paleo-Left Party:

The American People’s Party

– Opposition to mass immigration calling for a 10 year moratorium on all immigration except self-produced, self funded immigration.

– Opposition to gun control.

– Opposition to all free trade deals that are bad for the worker.

– Nationalizing health care, oil, Walmart, McDonald’s, car industry, all large industries.

– End to foreign wars and opposition to imperialism, solidarity with other oppressed peoples.

– Raise minimum wage to 20 usd per hour.

– Introduction of death sentences for corruption, Ponzi schemes, and other wall Street machinations.

– Women given 3 years maternity leave with stipends for children as long as they are married to the same man during issue of stipends.

– Veterans, families and elderly get free health care and special mortgage rates.

– Police to be judged by civil jury chosen by the public when accused of excessive force.

– Opposition to modern art funded by government, opposition to LGBT culture but not homophobic or anti gay, drugs.

– Neutral on abortion and women’s rights.

– Secular party neutral on religion.

– Antiracist, welcoming all people, but strongly implied as a White working class party.

– Pro Russian, Vietnamese, Venezuelan relations.

– Support Green energy policies but only if affordable for working people.

– Moderate environmentalism.

– State-sponsored gymnasiums where people can exercise for free.

– Push for metric system.

– Opposition to the NSA data collection techniques.

– Shift burden of taxation to the rich including the state confiscating funds if need be.

– Anti-NATO.

– Neutral on Israel and Palestine conflict.


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The War on Poverty Was Not a Failure

Jason Y: Sorry to be so in your face and frank, but why do you think the War on Poverty failed from an Alt Left viewpoint?

I do not think it failed in the first place and the Alt Left does not think it failed. The Alt Left supports the War on Poverty. In this way, we utterly reject the Alt Right which wants to wipe all those gains out.

How well did the War on Poverty work? I guess I would channel Deng and say, “It’s too soon to tell.”

But of course I supported the War on Poverty and I do not believe that it failed, at least not for the same reasons that the Right does. It worked great at least for a time, and we have a ton of evidence to prove it. They started Medicaid, Medicare, Section 8 housing, I think food stamps, all that stuff goes back to the War on Poverty. Of course the DNC wants to get rid of all of that. The Civil Rights Act went right along with it along with the now overthrown Voting Rights Act. The Housing Rights Act came later. The EPA was created around this time as was HUD.

It was a great thing, but they started to defund it after a while. In other words, they surrendered in the War on Poverty and quit funding it. And then to some extent things headed back in the direction that they were before.


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The End of Racism in America

White racism towards Blacks has been heading out in the past 40 years.

White racism towards Blacks has been heading out in the past 40 years.

As you can see, White racism towards Blacks in all the important ways has been heading out over the past 40 years. 3 of the 4 questions are now down below 10%, so low that apparently the questions are not even being asked anymore. The only question that was still significant and therefore queried was  Homesellers can discriminate against Blacks. Unfortunately, 30% of Whites still agree with that, but incredibly enough, a majority of Whites supported that view in 1975, which I do not remember as a particularly racist era.

It is because real racism is collapsing in the US (something liberals and antiracists should take credit for), the antiracist movement has had to become increasingly insane to explain continued Black lagging and dysfunction. They have had to invent new forms of racism that are apparently so hard to measure that they appear to actually be invisible, such as “structural racism” and “institutional racism.”

Of course there is no way to measure such things or even honestly to prove they even exist, so those words mean whatever Antiracist Identity Politics says they do, and their level is exactly whatever increasingly crazy antis say it is. I don’t think the argument is even falsifiable, so it’s probably not even wrong, and it also seems a bit circular. How do we know Blacks suffer from institutional racism? Because it exists? How do we know institutional racism exists? Because Blacks suffer from it. Nice, tight little tautology there.


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Jewish Domination of Hollywood

This is a longstanding complaint. I am not sure if I care if they have a heavy representation in the place, but it looks like they are running it as a monopoly and not letting anyone else in, which is sleazy as Hell. I wonder how many other Jewish-dominated industries are Jewish-dominated because they are run as monopolies and not due to sheer talent and brains? I wonder. How much Jewish success in the US is due to nepotism and discrimination instead of talent and brains? Why won’t someone ever bring a discrimination complaint against Jews? I have seen Jewish directors on record in interviews saying hat they blatantly discriminate against non-Jews and daring anyone to do anything about it.

So it is illegal for White Gentiles to discriminate but the Jews get to discriminate all they want to? Sleazy.

It also really makes me mad how the Jews respond to all of these charges. The Jews always respond to anyone charging that they discriminate and run monopolies by saying that if you can’t get into one of their discriminatory monopolies, it’s because you are a loser with no talent. This is the way Jews respond to any charges that they discriminate. How infuriating – the arrogance of these pricks. It would be as if when Whites were deliberately discriminating against Blacks, the Whites said well the Blacks are just complaining and blaming the Whites because they are losers who don’t have the talent and skills to make it so they just blame the White man.


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Republican Party Base White Racism

The focus of this essay is a particular type of White racism known as Republican Base White racism. An excellent example of its milder and more partisan flavor is here.

There are various types of White racism (mostly directed at Blacks) in the US. One type is out and out White nationalism. Although all of these people vote Republican, the party wants nothing to do with them as they are too toxic.

There is another type of White racism that is prevalent in the base of the party. The Republican Party Base is actually wildly racist. Not necessarily in the WN sense, but they are pretty bad.

On the other hand, the party itself at the very least does not speak the same language that the base does. Statements of the RNC and Republican officeholders on race are generally quite mild, that is when they discuss race at all. The attitude of the party hierarchy seems to be the less we talk about race, the better.

Nevertheless, the party leadership has gone to great lengths to disenfranchise Black voters to the extent that they are now more or less resurrecting Jim Crow type voting restrictions against Blacks. But party officeholders in general have not had much to say bout the Trayvon Martin affair or the recent mess in Ferguson. They simply do not want to talk about it. So accusing Republican officeholders of having openly White racist views would not be correct. It would be better to say that they simply do not want to talk about race at all. However, some of their actions are very racist.

The sheer insanity of Republican hatred for the very conservative Democrat Barack Obama is of course linked to racism in some way or another, but party officials are not outspoken about this. Instead they use a lot of coded language, dog whistles, and secret coded messages to send racist signals to their base.

However, the anti-Black racism of the Republican base has a certain flavor about it that sets it apart from many other types of White racism.

First of all, it is more civilized.

It often involves a lot of prefacing that the author harbors no racial animus towards Blacks in general. Perhaps this is so. What he is mad about though is certain types of Blacks. And especially White liberals and Black rabblerousers who stir up Blacks to hate Whites. Unfortunately there is a certain amount of truth to this charge Black people are angry and violent enough without stirring them up to hate all White people. Further, such action encourages Black racism, which a serious problem in the US. In fact, Black racism against Whites in the US is much more virulent than the other way around.

Republican Base White racism is also very partisan. The whole problem with Black people is that they vote Democrat. I would say that’s the least of their problems, and in fact, it’s not a problem at all. Worse would be if they voted Republican because voting for your enemies never makes sense.

Supposedly the Democratic Party uses Blacks, keeps them on the Democratic plantation and mires them in a state of dependency. This state of dependency is called “people have a right to survive” and it’s correct that most of us liberals believe in it. Republicans do not believe that human beings have a right to survive. They want to “free you from dependency” so you no longer have a right to survive. Black people, who are always accused of being stupid, look at the Republican offer, see right through it immediately, and say, “Screw that.” Black people refuse to vote against their self-interests no matter how much they are brainwashed into doing so. I would say that maybe Black folks are a lot smarter than we give them credit for!

Focus on high profile race conflict cases. Republican Party Base racism also focuses as lot of on the Trayvon and Ferguson cases, and there are many references to the O.J. Simpson case. No doubt Blacks behaved idiotically in all of these cases. As did my liberal and Leftist brethren.

Black crime against Whites. This is one of their favorite subjects, and they discuss it in a variety of ways. This blogger does so in a mild way, pointing out that Blacks slaughter Whites constantly and no one cares, but one White kills a Black, usually for a damn good reason, and all Hell breaks loose. He logically points out the idiocy and obvious bias in media reporting of interracial crime.

The Black War on Whites. This fellow is pretty mild about it, but at the more extreme end of the Base, for instance at WorldNet Daily, they are starting to run a lot of articles about the Black “War on Whites” which I am not sure is even happening.

Supposedly since the election of Obama, Blacks have become emboldened and decided to war total war on White America. Various interracial crimes are held up as evidence of this such as flash mobs and race riots at various fairs and festivals. While this behavior is disturbing, I do not think there is any Black War on Whites. We have quite a few Blacks where I live, and they do not appear to be on a war footing since Obama got in. Actually, after he got elected, they seemed to get a whole lot happier.

Do Black criminals deliberately target Whites? Whether Blacks ever deliberately target Whites is another matter. I am sure that some Black crime is simply motivated by racial animus against Whites, and furthermore, hate crime charges are rarely filed against these Blacks, which is just wrong.

But in the main I see Black criminals are nothing more than animals. If there were wild lions and tigers running around our land killing people, do you think they would distinguish between Blacks or Whites? Of course not. So it is with Black criminals, who I see as animals on the same level as wild man-eating tigers. Black criminals do not particularly care what race you are. They prey on everyone. They attack Blacks, they attack Asians, they attack Hispanics, they attack Whites, Hell, they attack everyone. They are animals who attack anything that moves.

In fact, their fellow Blacks take the full blunt of the wrath of Black criminals. Blacks are only 13% of the population, yet Blacks are 90% of Black homicide victims. Obviously Blacks select Black victims far in excess of their % in the population. If anything, it appears that they selectively target their own people. While White victims of Black crime are lamentable, the truth is that we Whites probably get off easy in terms of Black crime.

Anyway, if you want to familiarize yourself with this rather mild but also insidious, sneaky and coded form of particularly partisan White racism known as Republican Base White racism, head on over to this fellow’s site. He has quite a few other articles on there that give you a broader attitude of his mindset. If you want to know where he is coming from, he is a Tea Partier. The Tea Party is simply the base of the Republican Party. Sure, it is a pretty ugly and insane segment of the base, but part of the base it is.


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Is India’s Caste System Comparable to Other Discriminatory Systems around the World?

Aakash writes:


What do you think about the whites in America then? Segregation (the American version of the caste system) was equally rampant and if you ever visit any southern city (say Atlanta). you’ll see that the whites pretty much live in the ‘burbs and the blacks in town. The county where I live (Dekalb) is pretty much black and the northern suburbs pretty much white. White flight is the new version of the caste system. Blacks cleaning toilets in downtown offices and whites enjoying their MacMansions in the ‘burbs. So far, I’ve never seen a white janitor around here. All imported Mexicans or blacks.

At the risk of getting banned, I have to say that you are turning into a (anti) Hindutva yourself. If Gandhi (for all his deficiencies) was a monster, the whites in America are straight outta hell. Jimmy Carter is one of the very few great souls of this country and nobody hates him more than Whites.

Aakash, supporters of the caste system always say that there is caste all over the world, that is, there are class and racial systems of discrimination.

Surely, formal discrimination was horrible, but that is over and done now. Racial discrimination is illegal in the US. The government doesn’t discriminate and there are many civil cases against businesses every year for various types of discrimination. Quite a few of the plaintiffs win these cases, and they have become so costly for businesses that many businesses, especially large ones, now have policies set in place that are strongly anti-discriminatory so as not to get sued. There is still a lot of housing discrimination in the US, but it is no longer legal. Surely housing discrimination has lessened since 1970. The government doesn’t have the money to go after housing discrimination because Republicans have defunded that enforcement arm.

White people engage in White Flight because they don’t want to live around large groups of Black people. This is because when you get large numbers of Blacks in an area, they typically make a Hell of it in short order. So the desire to flee is actually quite rational.

Janitors area all Hispanics now because that is the way employers want it. I lived in an all White town for 20 years, and all the janitors were White people. It’s just that employers would rather hire Hispanics than Whites to do that job because they can exploit them better. Also after a while, the janitorial force becomes all Hispanic, and then the Hispanics discriminate against Whites and others. So the reason for the all Hispanic workforce is anti-White and pro-Hispanic discrimination and not the other way around.

The argument “there is caste everywhere on Earth” is always used by Hindus, typically upper castes Hindus. Almost everyone making that argument is a supporter of casteism. It’s a way of saying that there is nothing wrong with casteism.

Personally I think that there is no way that casteism can be compared with racism or classism in the US; there is simply no comparison. However, it is a good question, and I think we should put it to the readers.


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