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Official Renunciation of Two Alt Left Groups and Two Alt Left Factions

According to Ryan England’s seminal work on the Alt Subtypes these are the main subtypes:

“The Left Wing of the Alt Right” – Rabbit uses this phrase quite explicitly. They are most open to race realism and most opposed to mass immigration and Islamism but are also inclined towards some kind of economic socialism or social democracy and are otherwise put off the Alt-Right somehow or other. Strasserites might be a more explicitly national socialist variant of this, and National Bolshevism would be even more out there still.  Left wing nationalism would be a softer variant of this.

“Gamergate Leftists” – Named from an article I read a while back claiming that most Gamergaters were left-leaning, these are another type. These types need not be big on Gamergate per-se (the more I studied Gamergate personally, the more lost and confused I got) but being anti-feminist (at least against the kind of PC feminist theory you’d find in a women’s studies class or on any left-leaning blog) and anti-SJW is huge with them as is civil and cultural libertarianism.

I found a number of these posting on anti-SJW pages. They come to the Alt-Left usually because of a belief in Leftist economics, though they are usually not that far Left.  Guys who believe in some regulation and a social safety net. Some too get put off by the tendency of anti-SJWs to drift into genuinely misogynistic and racist territory.  Remember kids that SJW and social liberalism are not the same things.  Think YouTubers like Sargon of Akkad or the Amazing Atheist, though they don’t use the term Alt-Left to describe themselves. Not yet, anyway. These kinds are defecting less from Richard Spencer and more from Milo Yiannopoluous. I used Gamergate’s colors in the design of my page’s logo and banner in an attempt to attract these types.

“Red Enlightenment” – These are most passionate about rationalism, skepticism, empiricism and in some cases, transhumanism and futurism. Generally scientifically minded and technocratic sorts of socialists or social democrats.

“True Liberals” – Antiracist and feminist supporters who think the whole thing has gotten out of hand and are concerned for the SJW’s lifestyle puritanism and opposition to free speech. They are more pro-feminist and pro-social liberal than the Gamergaters though. “The Democratic Party of the 1990s,” someone once remarked to me when I described the alt-left to them, to which I replied, “There were no liberals or Leftists in the 1990’s except myself.”

“Brocialists” – Socialists or social democrats with a penchant for men’s rights and anti-misandry. I seem to have drawn a number of these to my page, and a few of my moderators fall into this category. Hillary Clinton supporters have accused Bernie Sanders of using these as his base of support.  Used as a pejorative by the “Lorettas” of the present day left, I’m a firm proponent that we reclaim the term.

“Red Templars” – Especially and specifically anti-Islamic. We get a lot of these from Sam Harris and Bill Maher’s followings. Unlike the Left Wing of the Alt Right types, these sorts are more standard liberals otherwise.

“The New Old Left” – Would dispense with race, culture and identity all together if they could and make Leftism mostly about economic Leftism. The Realist Left page and the blog Social Democracy for the 21st Century are like this. Farther left you’d find /leftypol/ on 8chan and some Marxist/Anarchist groups that reject IdPol.  A whole separate entry could be made of the economic subtypes one might find on the alt left.  I’ve also found a lot of labor nationalists and assorted 3rd positionists: mutualists, distributists, market socialists, state capitalists, syndicalism and so on.

A few types that I have not seen many of and would have expected more are:

Christian Leftists (Catholic Social Teaching, the social gospel and even liberation theology seem especially well suited to alt-leftism),


Dissident Feminists  Surely, some feminists must be frustrated with what’s happened to their movement.  It’s been a long, long time since anything this dogmatic, intolerant, and puritanical has arisen in the western world.  Those well meaning devotees to feminism and social justice time and again are the ones who come under the sternest censure for the most minor of transgressions.  How many women out there, after getting called out one time too many for some sleight micro-aggression or another think “screw this” and drift away from the movement, while still holding to its essential ideals?  Many, I would think.  I would hope.  They can’t be that hive-minded, could they?  In any event, if there are, the alt-left must be the port-of-call for women of liberal sentiment overall who reject this 21st century rehash of 16th century puritan culture.

We have already discussed most of these types here, and we can do so again if you wish. But I would like to highlight one group in particular and say that I am renouncing them and want no part of them in our movement. I am tossing them out, in other words. Well out of my Alt Left faction anyway. And as the person who created the Alt Left, I think I might want to have some say on who’s in and who’s out.

The faction I am renouncing is here:

“Red Templars” – Especially and specifically anti-Islamic. We get a lot of these from Sam Harris and Bill Maher’s followings. Unlike the Left Wing of the Alt Right types, these sorts are more standard liberals otherwise.

I just came from an Alt Left Facebook group that threw me, the founder of the movement, out of the group. And this is apparently the shitposting site for the Sam Harris group on Facebook. So these are the Sam Harris people and this is what Sam Harris people are like. Well, guess what? You’re out. As far as I can tell, you want no part our movement and we want no part of yours. Most of you are not Alt Left anyway – and many of you are actively hostile to us. Well guess what? If you are hostile to us, ou are out. Bye bye. They’re not a part of the Alt Left at all. They can go off and form their own movement and call it Sam Harris’ Jerkoff Boys Movement or whatever.

I am also renouncing two Alt Left Facebook groups who have nothing to do with our movement.

Alt-Left: Those would be the “less crazy but still crazy SJW’s and sexual deviants centered around the Alt-Left site. Renounced. You’re not us. Bye.

Alt-Leftists: The other would be the Alt-Leftists group on Facebook, which is run by Sam Harris execrable crowd. It’s not that we on on the Alt Left do not have concerns with Islam and radical Islam. It’s not that we have no concerns with Muslim integration into the US or even Europe. We just feel that it is not a core issue and it brings in far too many people who are opposed to the core principles of the movement. You’re out. Bye. It was not pleasant having you over.

Also a new faction has emerged in the True Liberals Faction. Suffice to say that these are the crazy SJW’s who are fighting the crazier SJW’s. The movement is mostly made up of sexual deviants to boot, which makes even less palatable to us. Of course true biological gay men and lesbians are welcome in any faction of our movement, but it is beyond me why would need an Alt Left gay faction? I mean I am open to the idea, but what would it look like?

Anyway, here is the new faction:

True Liberals: Anti-racist, pro-feminist (pro equity feminism, in any event) but put off by SJW extremism.  I’ve noticed a subcategory of these who are, say, cisgendered gay males or transgender people who’ve quarreled with trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERF’s.)  I’ll call these kinds Equal Rights Advocates.  Perhaps you recognize yourself among them, dear reader?

These people are not us either. They were hostile to the founder of the movement and in the short time I was in their group, they were violating quite a few of our principles, including some of core principles. They’re not one of us, or they are not part of my group anyway. They need to leave. There is no room for these showboating SJW freaks and weirdos in our Alt Left. We are trying to get away from the 24-7 Gay Pride Parade in the Streets that the Cultural Left seems intent to shove down our throats.


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Richard Spencer Addressing the National Policy Institute

Jared Taylor’s organization sponsored their annual confab, and I must say this was one of the worst ones yet. Wait, it was the worst one yet. The NPI has now gone full Nazi. I wonder what Mr. Taylor’s wife thinks about that? Jared watered these strange little plants for years no doubt knowing full well what sort of a nasty garden he was cultivating, and now that the crop is ready to harvest, is he surprised at what bloomed? Right what it said on the seed package, right?

The white sheets are coming off these guys in a big way. I recognized a few of the people there. Harlem Venison was there. I know why he went there, but I say he made a big mistake. Sometimes you just walk in the wrong party, you know? In that case, you say, sorry, wrong address. Do you stay for a drink? Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t. But with some accidental parties, you’re glad you wrote the address down once you take a good look a the revelers. Parties are usually good fun, but some folks are so seedy you don’t even want to have a beer with them, you know? And some parties are not all good fun. Some wild parties are downright dangerous, and it’s smarter to just stay home alone. Case in point.

Harlem says he’s not a White nationalist, and I agree with that. So what’s he doing here? Bad choice. He only wants to take down antiracism as a dogma. Which sort of makes sense considering what sort of weeds have sprung up in that once well-tended community garden. But really, in life you have to choose your enemies. Either antiracist dogma is the enemy that needs to be fought, and doing so by making alliance with these jugend is the right thing to do in terms of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or it’s the other way around. And yeah, that’s a moral question all right. Not such a simple one either.

The antis hate me as much as they ever did, but that’s too bad because much as the feelings are mutual on my end, I would very much prefer to ally with the Cultural Left against this NPI malignancy than the other way around.

You pick your “enemies” in life. And so with your “friends.” Half of your enemies are really frenemies, and it’s even worse than that with your friends. First you brutally sort them into two calculatingly amoral piles. If you have any sense, you do so strategically. Sometimes allying with the bad guys against the worst guys is not only cynical realpolitik and situation ethics but also moral high reason if not moral righteousness of the highest order.

If you sit around waiting for the good guys versus bad guys war, you’ll sit out every fight because there are no good guys in war. And in so doing, you will allow your world to be potentially overrun by the worst Orcs of your nightmares all because the good guys couldn’t pass your petty purity test.

Virginity tests went out a long time ago in the West. In a world where we all sullied, they never made sense anyway. There are crystalline whores singing in the lofty crags and black-eyes virgins grunting in the boiling mud. A hymen’s a piece of flesh, not an honor badge. It’s about as meaningful as a hangnail. There’s a reason prigs are so hated. They demand purity and chastity in in a world where few humans measure up, not that anyone should anyway. Priggism is a con, a lie, a scam, a shield for projecting sinners with weighted hearts.

In real life, you get your hands dirty, you don’t always get to wash up right away, and the stains don’t always wash out. Cloisters are for nuns, and they have earned the privilege of residence. The rest of us don’t have that luxury. We have to wrestle in the mud like everyone else. A man chooses his battles wisely, and almost almost no one wears black or white in war anymore. Every army is a shade of one or the other or both or neither, and that’s when the colors are discernible at all. Roll them unfiltered,  drink it straight, and die with your boots on. Dead is dead, but at least you went down fighting.

Pick your poison and head to the front. Some wars can’t be sat out.


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Proposal for an American Paleo-Left Party: The American People’s Party

From Facebook, from a Russian Communist. OK guys, what do you think?

Idea for uniquely American Paleo-Left Party:

The American People’s Party

– Opposition to mass immigration calling for a 10 year moratorium on all immigration except self-produced, self funded immigration.

– Opposition to gun control.

– Opposition to all free trade deals that are bad for the worker.

– Nationalizing health care, oil, Walmart, McDonald’s, car industry, all large industries.

– End to foreign wars and opposition to imperialism, solidarity with other oppressed peoples.

– Raise minimum wage to 20 usd per hour.

– Introduction of death sentences for corruption, Ponzi schemes, and other wall Street machinations.

– Women given 3 years maternity leave with stipends for children as long as they are married to the same man during issue of stipends.

– Veterans, families and elderly get free health care and special mortgage rates.

– Police to be judged by civil jury chosen by the public when accused of excessive force.

– Opposition to modern art funded by government, opposition to LGBT culture but not homophobic or anti gay, drugs.

– Neutral on abortion and women’s rights.

– Secular party neutral on religion.

– Antiracist, welcoming all people, but strongly implied as a White working class party.

– Pro Russian, Vietnamese, Venezuelan relations.

– Support Green energy policies but only if affordable for working people.

– Moderate environmentalism.

– State-sponsored gymnasiums where people can exercise for free.

– Push for metric system.

– Opposition to the NSA data collection techniques.

– Shift burden of taxation to the rich including the state confiscating funds if need be.

– Anti-NATO.

– Neutral on Israel and Palestine conflict.


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How Common Antiracist Arguments Are Inadvertently Viciously Racist Themselves

We know who is violating the Comments Policy against, well, classism really. There are two of you. They are both blaming Whites who are the victims of Black/NAM crime here and in South Africa for being losers who are too poor or stupid to move. This is really shitty.

It’s appalling too. You are attacking White crime victims with a “blame the victim” game which is objectively rightwing.

And the thing is that this line really insults Blacks and NAM’s. It says that living around Blacks and NAM’s is sheer utter Hell such that any sane person would automatically move away from them. In other words, Blacks and NAM’s are scum. Get it? This is an antiracist argument that ends up admitting that Blacks and NAM’s are the scum of the Earth and that no sane or decent human would want to live around them. So this antiracist argument is actually viciously racist.

The argument that only loser Whites (low income) live around Blacks and NAM’s is very insulting to NAM’s also. It says in effect that NAM’s are losers themselves because the only places they ever live are low income loservilles. In other words, once again, NAM’s are scum. Poor scum in this case.

So this antiracist argument, in order to shift the blame off NAM criminals for committing tons of crime and destroying neighborhoods onto their White victims as an antiracist deflection, ends up calling all NAM’s poor losers and hyper-criminal neighborhood destroying scum that no sane human would want to be around.

Do you see how these nutty antiracist arguments end up being unbelievably racist themselves?

I’ve been pointing out forever how modern antiracism has gone completely off the tracks bonkers for a long time now, and this is just another example of it.


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Liberal Race Realism, Precursor to the Alt Left

This was actually the precursor to the Alt Left. I started this ill-fated movement in 2009, seven years ago. I must say it was a complete flop. Virtually nobody signed on. And the few who called themselves Liberal Race Realists on here generally spent all their time engaging in the worst racist abuse and race-baiting of each other. Disgusting.

LRR ran into all of the same problems that the Alt Left is running into except more so. The Race Realist Alt Left and the Left Wing of the Alt Right (sort of the same thing) are both running into the same problems that LRR ran into. A good part of the Alt Left is already chucking the race realist part, which was actually one of the founding tenets of the Alt Left, but whatever. If people want to make some Alt Left minus the race realist part, I could care less.

There’s nothing to be gained for the Left in talking about race realism anyway. There’s nothing to be done about it, and all talking about it does is create more rightwingers and turn more liberals rightwing. What’s the point? Why feed the enemy and starve ourselves? Are we masochists? Are we bent on losing as part of some “beautiful loser” Romanticism?

I can see why a lot of the Alt Left wants to chuck the race realist part. It stands to tar our movement, which is already going to be called racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc., with the racist moniker in a bad way by painting a target right on our heads and calling it “Racist – Come Hit Me Please.”

At some point, I said that LRR had flopped, and I folded it up, only to turn it much more expansively into the Alt Left later on. The Alt Left has a Helluva lot more potential than LRR did, and let’s hope it grows!

What was LRR all about? The best definitions of it so far is from Hunter Wallace, the fine writer of Occidental Dissent:

A dash of race realism, positive White racial identity, the Leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.

Well, that is exactly what it was. And that is probably not a bad definition of my version of the Alt Left too. I could not write a more perfect summation.

More Wallace, summing up the problems inherent in the movement and predicting, accurately, that the movement would go nowhere, which is exactly where it went:

Robert Lindsay is still trying to bake his political cake out of incompatible ingredients: a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism. Needless to say, this unusual combination is almost never found on sale. His brand of race realism rules out about “95% of the pro-White crowd.” It’s probably more than that, really.

Which is odd. Lindsay has attracted many racialist readers (myself included) with his incisive observations. His blog entries have been featured on Amren. He is very fascinated with the pro-White scene and writes about it quite regularly. We agree on many points and matters of fact but tend to draw different conclusions. I don’t sense any duplicity in his writings that wafts off the likes of Lawrence Auster (Jew) or Ian Jobling.

In this post, Lindsay again talks about his anecdotal experience with the liberal stratum of White Californians and reiterates his often-stated view that White Nationalism is simply impossible in America. I don’t believe his sweeping conclusions are warranted by the sample size he is using.

Here in the South, I find most people around my age to be either “casual racists” or otherwise receptive to racialism. These people have never heard of White Nationalism. They tend to be uninterested in politics. Most are thinly Protestant Christians (rarely attend church). None are haunted by any sense of guilt over the Holocaust, Jim Crow, slavery, extermination of the Indians, oppression of women, etc. Most hold at least negative views about Negroes, illegal immigration, and affirmative action.

There is no organization on the ground trying to recruit them to White Nationalism. Instead, the movement is bottled up in cyberspace. Perhaps it will remain there indefinitely. Maybe that will change.

I would wager that White Nationalism has a better chance of breaking out into the mainstream (in the South) than Lindsay’s version of race realism. These days liberalism and racialism are mutually exclusive. Racialists don’t have much use for the Left and tend to jettison its neurotic obsessions with racism, feminism, homophobia, political correctness, all its talk about “freedom” and “equality,” and so on. Liberals don’t have any use for White racial consciousness (except in the negative sense), immigration restriction, opposition to affirmative action and multiculturalism, or any of ideas that animate White Nationalists.

After 1965, there is no longer any middle ground between the two. Whether it be neocon race realism (Jobling) or Liberal Race Realism (Lindsay), I don’t see much of an audience for a third way.

And here:

Robert Lindsay, the most interesting liberal in cyberspace, has done two interviews with Voice of Reason. He used to be a regular commentator on OD in 2009.

Lindsay is notable for his attempt to integrate communism, anti-racism, race realism, and White Advocacy. He is a critic of Zionist Jews and White Nationalism. His rhetorical scatter shot hits targets on both the Right and Left.

LRR remains in part of the Alt Left – for the most part in the Left Wing of the Alt Left. I was thinking that Rabbit’s movement was sort of the stepchild of LRR. In fact, Rabbit is LRR with some modifications, but he’s taking it a lot further than I did. Indeed, Rabbit has said that he read my site for many years while I was writing pre-Alt Left stuff, and he links back to a report of an early interview with me that was discussed on Occidental Dissent.

But people might want to read about LRR to see a movement that laid the groundwork for the Alt Left and was in fact the Alt Left in its initial limited manifestation. So LRR is interesting for historical reasons if for no other.

Liberal Race Realism Starting to Grow

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Liberal Race Realism – A Brief Definition

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Liberal Race Realism: Concepts and Conundrums

What Liberal Race Realism Is and What It Is Not


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Please Stop Comparing Indian Caste to Class Systems around the World

Jason Y writes:

Actually caste systems exist in other parts of the world, including the US. If you don’t have the money to live in at least a decent middle class neighborhood like my brother lives in, then tough luck !!!

No, nobody in the US is rubbing it in, calling lower castes trashy people. Instead, it’s just a subliminal message thing, assuming the middle class ever comes into contact with the lower class which is rare.

All or almost all countries have class systems. You simply cannot get away from it. And by the way, this country Jason is defending here, India, not only has one of the worst social systems on Earth called caste, but it also has one of the greediest and most viciously classist systems on Earth. Indians are 10 times more classist than Americans.

Jason, although caste does have some correlates in some other societies who have equally vile systems, in general, you cannot compare caste with any other system on Earth. Caste is placed you at birth like race, and there is no escape. Economic class theoretically is a result of decisions someone has made in life, and hence in a lot of ways, the classes made their own bed. Yes, there are places with zero social mobility, but that’s not common in the West.

Poor people were not born poor! They were not born with a poor label with no way to climb out of it no matter how hard they try.

I live in a city full of low income and poor Hispanic people. Before that, I lived in a city full of low income and poor White people. Trust me, almost no one treated anyone poorly due to class. In both places, everyone of all classes was more or less treated equally in the public space. This was true in both White and Hispanic towns. Yes, there is class in the US, but it is somewhat invisible and it’s often hard to find it. I have a low income, but I almost never hear anything about it. A few rightwing shits on the Net attack me over it, but they’re not in Meatspace. No one in Meatspace ever treats me like crap for having a low income. It doesn’t happen.

Now for Jason or these malignant Hindutvas to compare caste to class systems all over the world is just flat out wrong. Class systems are a step up from caste systems, let’s face it. At one time, the world was much more heavily caste-based than it is now. Many ancient societies were caste-based. It was almost normal. Same for most ancient religions – also caste-based. Hinduism has caste because it is a throwback to a pre-Abrahamic caste-based world. Hinduism is literally stuck about 3,000 years back in time. And they love it that way!

One more thing I would like to point out is that what Jason always does is typical of what can be called the Regressive Left. I dislike that word, but in this case, it makes sense. According to the Regressive Left, we Whites and Westerners can’t criticize any other culture on Earth because of muh White racism, muh Western superiority, muh White Supremacism, etc.

Every time we in the West or anywhere else in the civilized world criticize any of these primitive, backwards, barbaric, savage or uncivilized cultures and peoples, Regressive Leftists like Jason stand up and yell that we have no right to criticize them because White people do it too, or Westerners do it too. This mindset is unbelievably illiberal because the Regressive Left ends up defending the most utterly barbaric and backwards cultures and peoples on Earth. The Left in other words is defending the worst people on Earth.

What makes it worse is that with cultural relativism, cultural equivalence and insane antiracism, the Cultural Left ends up defending the most reactionary, savage and brutal crap that goes against everything that the Left and they themselves stand for. All because if we allow Westerners and Whites to criticize backwards or barbaric non-Whites, that’s muh White racism and muh Western superiority, so it needs to be shot down. So the worst cultures and the worst people on Earth get off scot-free or I suppose get a pat on the back by the Cultural Left in the name of some crazy antiracist ideal. When antiracism demands that I defend or support the worst people and cultures on Earth, I am off this antiracism train. I will move over to the Right and call myself nonracist instead. Antiracism has become sheer poison.


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AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck Dubstep

This was at a BLM rally in St. Louis, Missouri this year. AIDS Skrillex is the guy with his hair behind his ears. People have said he’s a hypocrite for yelling at White males while being a White male, but some say that (((AIDS Skrillex))) sees himself as a non-White if you catch my drift. Or maybe he’s trans and I identifies as female. In that case, he would not be a hyprocite either.

Carl the Cuck is the scrawny looking dweeby guy who wearing glasses who is next to AIDS. He’s famous now too. So’s the girl with glasses, who I actually think is hot. But she doesn’t have a Net meme name yet. I heard they’re working on one though!

I wonder if these two guys realize that their lives are now Internet jokes?

This video cleverly takes some of Carl and AIDS’ greatest hits and puts them to dubstep music so you can dance to their sayings better.


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Worst Insult of All

This is some White guy at a Black Lives Matter rally telling a counterprotestor that his opinion of BLM is meaningless because he’s a White male. Meaning, I guess, that nothing he says about BLM can possibly be meaningful because he’s already biased. Or something.

He’s turned into a meme and his name is apparently AIDS Skrillex, whatever that means. He competes for glory with another guy named “Carl the Cuck.” But I am not even sure who Carl the Cuck even is.

Ok, now you’re seen it. Now you can go back to doing whatever you were doing before.


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Why Fixating on Black Problems Is Important for Liberals

Chinedu writes:


Why the constant fixation on black people? Black this, black that. Do you know how many socially destructive behaviors white people are responsible for? Or Asians or Latinos?

In answer to the commenter, I suppose I would say it’s for your own good! Now that right there is a definition of Liberal Racism. Liberal Racism means something like, “Oh these Blacks are so messed up. They obviously cannot help themselves. We need to help them!” It’s seen as patronizing and insulting. However, I am absolutely a Liberal Racist! I practice Liberal Racism. If Blacks don’t like that I try to help them, well that’s just too bad.

Black pathologies are so severe that they nearly constitute a public health crisis. For their own community, I might add. Large concentrations of Blacks seem to actually destroy large cities. And I mean physically destroy as in looking like a war zone or a postwar landscape, which they often are by the way.

Anyway attempts to deal with Black pathologies could easily carry over to other races which have the same problems to lesser degrees.

I guess more importantly I am thinking for the sake of Black people alone. Black pathologies are so severe that they are a major driver, in fact they are the major driver, of anti-Black racism. If you hang around anti-Black racist sites long enough, and I have, you will see that their main beef against Blacks seems to be behavioral. People are simply outraged at the bad behavior of Blacks. Nobody wants to live around them. Blacks start moving in and everyone else takes off. No one wants to import them. That’s one race that no one seems anxious to bring here in droves.

Anti-Black racism is a serious deal. Think of how it harms good Blacks who act just fine. The blowback from the bad actors actually harms Blacks like Alpha, Tulio, jm8 and even Phil. Now some of these people probably don’t want to admit it, but it’s their own people that is driving a lot of the hate they are experiencing from non-Blacks. That’s painful to admit because it seems you are letting racists off the hook. But it’s true.

I don’t think a lot of anti-Black racists are bad people. A lot of them are good people who are simply utterly outraged at the bad behavior of Blacks. In fact, considering how bad Black people act, I am amazed that racism against them is as low historically as it is. Black behavior is so bad and automatically drives so much racism towards them in a perfectly natural reaction that we need continuous antiracism campaigns that look increasingly totalitarian to try to force people to not drift in the naturally racist reaction that Black behavior drives them. This leads to a lot of screaming and yelling and calling good people names, shaming decent people, firing nice people from jobs and posts and other nonsense.

Now maybe Black people think they act just fine. But I doubt it. Tulio and Alpha don’t think they act just fine. I know Phil doesn’t think so. It’s insulting to think that your group acts bad, so many Blacks resist this.

The result is that not much is done about bad Black behaviors and instead there is a lot of focus on yelling at people for their natural and normal reaction to them. There is some effort to ameliorate the self-destruction of Blacks, but it doesn’t seem to work very well. How many “Stop the Violence” marches have there been in the Black community? And how many people got shot in Chicago last week? Does it even do any good?

In addition to endless Wars on Racism, we end up with endless Wars on Bad Black Behavior (such as the Black Stop the Violence rallies). If you have noticed, neither of them does any good.

Society diagnoses the causes of Black behaviors as White racism, and that’s a false diagnosis. This makes Black people very angry at the Whites who are supposedly holding them down, leading to BLM, shootings of cops, riots and other silliness. Whites get their backs up and either have to go along with the Black silliness or get called racist themselves. A lot of Whites resist the bullying and go Alt Right or vote Trump in effect saying the Hell with the social engineering they are continuously subjected to.

And you end up having Black and White communities on a virtual war footing with lots of what they call racial conflict. This conflict actually seems to get worse instead of getting better.

I don’t know about you, but I find this whole thing a tragedy, particularly from the point of view of Blacks. It breaks my heart to see what this whole mess must do to good Black people.

So I suppose I focus on Black problems more to help Blacks than for any other reason. Like all liberal idiots, I actually think that I can ameliorate serious societal problems. I want to fix stuff. Their problems are severe and it’s imperative to help make things better, mostly for their sake, not for mine. So I want to better their problems for the sake of Black people and Black people alone and no one else. I know that’s patronizing, but oh well. We liberals just can’t stop trying to help other people no matter how much they resent it.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you didn’t want to leave town as your town started turning more Black? Wouldn’t it be nice if you did not have to look at racial breakdown percentages to see the Black % of a city before you move there? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could look at a pretty Black woman without thinking, “She’s probably a ratchet…She’s probably not very smart…She probably acts bad…?” Wouldn’t it be nice if you could look at a random Black person and figure they are probably just like anyone else without making a bunch of negative assumptions about them?

And for those who think I am picking on Blacks, efforts to reduce any and all Black pathologies provide us with information about why humans act bad, Blacks being human after all. If we find out why Blacks are acting bad in X way, that’s probably transferable over to other races including my own because Blacks don’t have a monopoly on most bad behaviors. So-called Black behaviors are generally displayed also by other groups, but usually not as much.


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NotPoliticallyCorrect’s Rejoinder to My Piece on HBD and Racism

This was posted over at NotPolitcallyCorrect’s site. I hope he doesn’t mind my reprinting it here with a link to the original. He doesn’t copyright his stuff, and I see no Creative Commons license. His site’s not monetized anyway. I’ll take it down if he requests it. I also posted my own rejoinder to his response, which I will post after this.

Is HBD an Ideology of Hatred and Racism?: A Reply to Robert Lindsay

A nice special post today, Robert Lindsay’s accusation of HBD being ‘racist’ is on the table today. As always, I want to hear what you want me to write on so send me an email, address is in the sidebar.

Robert Lindsay asks “Is HBD an Ideology of Hatred and Racism?” It, of course, isn’t. Today I’ll rebut his piece saying that it is “hatred and ‘racism’ (whatever that means)”. He says that HBDers who resist ‘racism’ (which I will address later) are “swimming against the tide” and “probably have to exercise a bit of self-control to not go over to the dark side.” What is he even talking about? What “dark side” is there? Being ‘racist’?

This is because HBD facts tend to lend pretty regularly to quite a bit of racism and the hatred that goes along with it. And if you notice, the more hardcore the HBD’er is, the more racist they tend to sound.

Of course these facts lead to ‘racism’, however, these ‘racists’ will be ‘racist’ with or without the facts of HBD. I will touch more on that later. In the meantime, he says “the more hardcore the HBD’er is, the more racist they tend to sound.” Robert, are you just making broad generalizations? Do you have anything to back your claim on this statement? Or are you just talking out of your ass?

HBD in and of itself is not racist of course, not in any sane sense of the word.

I agree with him saying that the Left has destroyed any “meaning” that the word “racist” has. However, even without the overstating of the word “racist”, HBD itself would not be a racist ideology. It is, however, racist to the average person who doesn’t know the science involved in racial differences. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has two definitions for ‘racism’. It defines ‘racism’ as:

  1. a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

  2. Racial prejudice or discrimination

Well, “superiority” is meaningless. Race is not a primary determinant of human traits as there is a lot of crossover. However, there are racial/ethnic differences in phenotype which of course are caused by differences in genotype. That is not up for discussion, but the term ‘inherent superiority’ is.

Of course to the average person, HBD is seen as ‘racist’. But is researching/reading about human differences and being interested in their causes and what they mean today really ‘racist’ or a want to learn more about human evolution and how and why we got here?

But the ones who are very deep into it and talk about it all the time, well, it’s quite clear that they have a pretty low opinion of NAM’s. Even worse, a lot of them are just out and out racists. Some are even vicious racists. And almost all of them have the worst rightwing politics, usually Libertarian, that you could imagine.

‘Racists.’ There’s that word again. I did say at the beginning of the year that we should petition to have ‘racist’ changed to ‘ethnocentrist’, as what is being described when one cries ‘racist’ is actually ethnocentrism in action. This is mediated by the brain hormone oxytocin. I would wager that ‘racists’ and other, closely related people (ie Arab Muslims with high consang rates) would have higher levels of this brain hormone. This would be the reason why these groups stick to those who are phenotypically to themselves; it’s hormonally driven, like most, if not all things in life. Stop using the word ‘racist’ and use ‘ethnocentrist’ as it makes much more sense.

More importantly, HBD is a profoundly pessimistic doctrine. Just to give you an idea, they hate the idea that the environment or even free will has any role to play human affairs. Look at how furious they get about the Flynn Effect. Look at all the bending over, twisting themselves into weird yoga positions, hand waving, magic wand waving, “Don’t look over there”, and “just-so” explanations they have come up for to deny what is an obvious rise in human intelligence. The idea that the environment could actually increase intelligence fills them with rage because they are all wrapped up in this “intelligence is purely genetic” argument. (Bold is my emphasis)

Yes HBD is pessimistic, as is life, Robert. Who hates the idea that environment has any role in intelligence? Any sensible individual would acknowledge that environment does play a role, but would also know that intelligence is highly heritable. I’m pretty sure he’s just talking about the average ‘racist’, as I’ve never seen an HBD blogger every state that intelligence is fully genetic. Sure there are some intelligence researchers (a minority) who believe that intelligence is fully genetic but just like extreme environmentalism in regards to causes for IQ, extreme hereditarianism is also a stupid view to hold.

Genes and environment interact to give the phenotype. We can take an African from, say, South Africa and place him in America. Due to better nutrition and better schooling among other things (like lessened parasitic load and disease), in my opinion African IQ would be about 10 points higher, give or take a few points. We know that environment and genetics (GxE) affects all phenotypic traits, but those like Robert like to play up Flynn gains as if they are on actual g – they aren’t. Flynn Effects are not genetic and are UNRELATED to race differences (Rushton, 2000).

On another note, I seem to have been wrong with my statement that Flynn gains were 3 points per decade in every country. I would wager that since intelligence is affected by nutrition that those countries with lower Flynn gains that showed the least improvement with nutrition would show the lowest IQ gains. I will write on this in the future.

Of course, that argument is a death knell for Blacks and other NAM’s. These people have enough problems as it is, but HBD just drives a stake through their heart to make sure the Black man (or other NAM’s) never rises again. It pretty much condemns them forever as genetic inferiors in sense.

They have enough problems as it is because of their biology which HBD speaks about, the supposed ‘racist ideology’. It pretty much does ‘condemn them’ as ‘genetic ‘inferiors” (whatever that means), but that’s Nature! Nature is not a kind Mistress. Nature is harsh, nature doesn’t care about feelings.

Intelligence isn’t either fully genetic nor fully environmental, but shifted considerably over to the hereditarian position.

It says “niggers ain’t got no brains,” and while that may be true in a very ugly and racist sense that most us don’t want to think about, instead, the HBD’er is overjoyed at this fact. “Black people are stupid!” he hollers to the sky with joy. “And they will stay that way forever!” he yells gleefully. “Environment can’t help them. They are condemned!” At this point, he is nearly gleeful and ready to party.

I laughed out loud at this. Environment can help, to a point (if they come from Africa or some other down-and-out place), but mainly, as seen in the Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study, blacks didn’t end up doing better than whites when environments were equalized.

And most of them are racist lousy people, but they are quite smug about their racism because now their racism is given the imprimatur of science. “If science says it’s true, I can’t be racist,” he chortles.

Idiotic. Everyone is ‘ethnocentric’ to a degree, whether consciously or subconsciously. Robert, you are an HBDer yourself whether you admit it or not since you recognize racial differences, so I guess you are ‘racist’.

After all, science isn’t racist. I agree, but distortion of science for racist means sure is, and delighting in the disturbing “racist truths” of science is doubly so.

Sure, gay men are at very high risk of HIV, and up to 20% are infected. That’s a fact of science. So does that make you want to get up and party for 30 days and 30 nights? I hope not, and if so, you are one ugly homophobe.

Science is not racist. But, as Leftists love saying ‘Data isn’t racist, interpretation of it is!!!’ is idiotic. Of course a lot of people distort racial science, but that doesn’t mean that it’s ‘wrong’. Like with making myths on how Europeans were always in Europe 40 kya (not true) or how Europeans were always white (not true) he is right here. Most people do not keep up to date on the newest data that comes out so they still hold to these ‘mythologies’ and ‘identity politics’ and push out outdated and straight untrue statements. But all that means is that they are extremely misinformed.

What would I do with that stat of gay men and HIV? Be cautious around gays, just like I’d be cautious around blacks knowing how much crime and murder they commit as a group. This is a sane position to hold. One group is overrepresented in a certain (negative) stat? Keep an eye out while around those of that demographic. That makes sense. Self-preservation always wins out. Robert is of course using the Leftist playbook on ‘racist’ namecalling. Most everything in this article I’ve seen around countless times being spewed to any HBDer who went against conventional wisdom. The term ‘racist’ is just used as a silencing tactic. Robert, you are a Leftist HBDer. You do know that a lot people you align yourself with politically consider you ‘racist’ right?

This notion that anyone who believes HBD is ‘racist’ or any other buzzword is used to shut down any and all discussions on matters. Something that, it seems, flew over his head. When one cannot rebut something an HBDer puts out, they get called ‘racist’. However, the term is pretty much close to meaningless nowadays as it’s been so overused by the Left. All of the HBD bloggers I follow are not racist (hell, one who is most certainly not racist is PumpkinPerson who has a very unhealthy obsession with Oprah. =^) You know it’s true, PP). Others like Razib Khan, JayMan, hbd chick, and Cochran and Harpending, just to name a few, have gotten numerous accusations of being racist. Hell, Razib Khan was hired and fired the same day by the NYT after going on board as a science writer when someone discovered his ‘racist’ writings.

Whether or not people believe HBD doesn’t change how true it is. Racial and ethnic differences still persist, so by just disregarding it we completely go over causes of it other than ‘systemic racism’!!! HBD is true and a valid, non-racist (whatever that means) ideology. We segregate with people like us. Hell, even you, Robert, prefer whites over others (oh no, racist!!!!). Once we start understanding how and why people are ethnocentric (with oxytocin playing the main role), then we can have a more peaceful society as we understand causes for actions, both negative and positive, and better curb violence.

HBD itself is not a hateful ideology, it’s just one based on facts and solid reasoning. Just because people use HBD to justify their own preconceived notions or to use ‘hate facts’ doesn’t mean that it’s a racist ideology. Nice job using the word ‘racist’ as invented by Trotsky. But knowing your political leanings, Robert, that’s A-OK, right?

It’s worth noting that Robert banned me for my politics. He claims his comments are ‘free speech’, yet when I said the truth about socialism and the amount of deaths it caused (way more than National Socialism), I got an immediate ban. Truth hurts, huh?


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