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PUA/Game: A Lot of Women Go Nuts for “Pure Androgynes”

Jason Y: A suspected queer in the family. Great, another way for the narcissist to feel superior.

He is not a suspected queer. Only the NPD called him gay. No one else in the family ever did. In fact, if you called my friend gay to the rest of the family, they would start laughing so hard they would almost fall on the floor. It’s because he’s the opposite of gay. It’s like laughing at a very skinny man trying to insult him by calling him fat. It’s preposterous.

That’s because my friend is so hyper-heterosexual that he is almost like the most wildly heterosexual man that ever lived. Even though he is rather “feminine” (quiet, soft, likes to read and write, and I think he even sews and knits lol) in some ways, he is not effeminate (acting like  a woman) at all.

All these PUA guys go on and on about acting masculine, but you would not believe how many of these “feminine” men I have met who were such crazed womanizers that it would blow you away.

But most of them had a masculine side going too. A lot of them were involved in illegal activity like selling drugs. They were almost all “bad boys.” Like bad to the bone. That’s the thing, everyone thinks that it’s only hypermasculine guys who are bad boys, but that’s not really true. You would be amazed at how many “feminine” (not effeminate) bad boys there are out there. Some of them are pretty bad too. Like, real bad.

Really, a lot of the craziest womanizers I have known had a strong feminine side along with a heavy masculine side. They were basically “pure androgynes.” I am thinking that the feminine side enabled them to get along with women well and maybe even understand how they think, to the extent that can be understood at all.

These PUA guys selling hypermasculinity like a drug are fools. My observation in life is that a lot of women and girls go absolutely nuts for these pure androgyne types. By no means all women are like this, and a lot of women say these guys are not their type because they prefer a more traditionally masculine man. White and Asian women especially go nuts for these guys. Black and Hispanic women, not so much. I think those women want or even demand hypermasculine guys. I am sure they are socialized that way, but still.

Iggy Pop said David Bowie got more women than any man he had ever known. “From waitresses to heiresses, they all wanted him,” he said. Go to a Bowie video on Youtube and it will be full of women and even girls gushing about how much they want to fuck him. And what’s a bit funny is there are quite a few guys, gay or bi I guess, who are saying the same thing. It’s like everyone wanted him. All the guys and all the girls, they all wanted David. Must have been nice.

For pure androgynes,  I am think maybe Jagger or James Dean. Or even Marilyn Manson maybe. Or Russell Brand for sure.

You don’t have to be a he-man to get women. That’s one of the biggest lies out there.


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Fight Over “Faggot!” Remark One, Two and Three

Jason Y: Only massively hypermasculine men would kill someone accusing them of being gay. Other people possibly get hurt by it, but either ignore it or maybe try to insult them back, but in a low-key manner, maybe with some “Fuck you” remark or something.

White Dawg: I agree with you, Jason. If you are remotely masculine and not mentally ill, you would counter with a put down of some sort. One might choose to ignore but usually, one does say “Fuck you, blow me” in one way or the other. Sometimes, during the fighting ages – teens, late adolescence or early twenties, calling someone something similar to this would be the last words used to start the actual fistfight.

But, murder, no. Maybe accidental manslaughter.

Keywords are “not mentally ill”.

I live in the hood. It’s full of Mexicans, who are massively hypermasculine, and Blacks, and you know what they are like. We also have a fair number of Arabs. Do you think Arabs are hypermasculine? The few Whites around here are essentially the dregs. The very few good-looking White girls around here are all hooked with really lousy, ghetto, thuggish Black guys. The guys look like total scum, but the White girls eat em up like chocolate.

A good way to get punched or even killed in Latin America is to challenge a man’s masculinity in any way. In fact in a number of those countries, you can just about get away with such a crime, as it is considered an honor crime, and a man has a right to defend his honor down there, with his fist or maybe even with a gun or a knife.

Down there, some guy calls another guy a faggot pussy, and the other guy pulls out a knife and stabs him. Most men down there will have no sympathy for the guy who got killed. They will say that he was asking for it, and what did he expect was going to happen? No sympathy for idiots. He would be treated like a guy who jumps into the polar bear exhibit as the zoo and gets killed. So what! Darwin Award!

About the guy who did it, a lot of guys will just shrug their shoulders and say, “Yeah, well, a man has to defend his honor…I might do the same.”

They would agree that it is a tragic situation for both parties, and it is a rather sad and not joyous occasion, but they will tend to have a “What do you expect?” attitude towards the killer. They might be inclined to let him go. They won’t cheer for him, and they will think it is all a tragic mistake, but they will not want to persecute him either.

Fight Over “Faggot!” Remark One

When I was 19, I went out with a couple of my friends. My friends were quite good-looking Alpha type guys (surfer/stoner/drug dealer types), and actually that description in the parenthesis would be a good description of me too. I don’t know if I was good-looking or not, but people were always raving about how handsome I was, so perhaps I looked good.

One of the guys knew these two single chicks who lived alone. Problem was they were fat, but they were very nice and sort of pretty too. They were about 19. We went in the apartment and the vibes were  crazy. These two fat chicks were giving off vibes like, “Whoa! We won the lottery! When do we get a chance to get guys like this? How do we get these guys to fuck us? Goddamn, we want to fuck you hot guys so bad! We are going to tie you guys up and rape you here!” and we were giving off vibes like, “Um, don’t think so, you chicks are really nice, but you’re fat, sorry lol.” The sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Nobody said much along those lines, but you could feel the sexual cold front like a heavy fog.

So nothing really happened.

We went to this party across the way. I think we went with those girls. There was booze, hard liquor and I think a lot of pot. By 11 PM I was seriously wasted, and the room was rotating on its axis. All three of us guys were in the kitchen, and all of us were straight. The two other guys were seriously macho, almost scary. Some guy tried to one-up or AMOG us. He pointed to all three of us, noted that we were all together, had been together all night and had not gotten any women, therefore, we must be faggots. He was not very nice about it either.

My friend suddenly turned around and hit him hard. They guy flew back against the wall, and there was a serious fight for awhile. We left later and were talking in restaurant and decided that a comment like that could only have been answered with a punch. I said I was not sure if I would hit someone who called me that, and the guy who threw the punch said, “I sure hope you would,” and looked at me disdainfully and dubiously. The other guy agreed. Their attitude was, if you do not answer that comment with a punch, you are seriously pussy or probably a fag yourself. You are disgusting and disreputable, you are not any sort of man at all, and we will not associate with you anymore. You are a worm. Oh and you’re probably a fag yourself.v

Fight Over “Faggot!” Remark Two

This guy named RG was one of meanest and evilest bullies around. Basically your worst nightmare of an antisocial juvenile delinquent. He called me a fag in the 8th grade one day after school. I am not sure what else he did. I think he started something physical or challenged me to fight.

At any rate, he did something provocative, and there was a huge fight between him and me. I held my own somehow. It wasn’t fun at all, but a huge crowd of guys gathered around, and they were all cheering and yelling like it was a football game. Good times! The fight ended with no one winning. Everyone agreed that I had to hit him in those circumstances. My net worth at the school increased exponentially after that fight. Before I was a wimp, but now there was this new respect. I was still sort of geek, but now I was a dangerous and honorable geek and plus I was probably not a fag either, and that at least earns a nod.

Fight Over “Faggot!” Remark Three

A couple of years after incident one at age 21, I was at this party my friends threw. We were all drinking beer, and it was about 10-11 PM. RG came up to me.

Well, RG could never get laid ever for some reason even though he was a psychopathic bully. He was almost too mean and ugly to get laid if that’s even possible. He was a doper all through high school, and I think even the booze set in which was unusual for high school, as alcs were rare. After high school, he turned full-blown alcoholic, dressed poorly, never combed his hair, smelled bad, was as ugly as ever and stumbled around drunk most of the time. Of course he was just as mean as ever, but now he was regarded as a pity case, being a drunk.

He staggered up to me at the party outside and said, “Lindsay LOL. You faggot LOL.” Well that’s one thing, and who knows how to respond? But while he is doing this, he took his beer and poured it down the front of my open  shirt. Now where I grew up, if someone does that, you have to hit them. You must. No two ways about. If you don’t, you are a pathetic, sissy fag and no one will talk to you anymore. Well, I hit him about as soon as he did that, and a wild fistfight broke out.

Somehow the fight migrated into the kitchen, and the women as usual were yelling, “Both of you guys are going to jail!” the way they always do.

Some people were asking what to do, but one guy said, “Don’t worry. Just leave them alone. Bob will kick his ass.”

The kitchen cleared out fast, and the fight got seriously nuts and even dangerous. I was so mad I picked up a kitchen table, lifted it over my head and smashed the table right down on his head! Yep. I hit a man over the head with a table! With a table. I can’t believe I did that. I did it with such force that the wooden table broke into many pieces, and RG crashed to the ground, nearly out cold and badly hurt but not dead or even close. Eventually, RG picked himself up, staggered over to me and shook my hand. I guess he wasn’t going to call me a faggot anymore that night.

There was some frenzied discussion about what I did.

“Geez man. Bob broke the damn table! Is that ok? Should we let him get away with that? He should pay for it.”

The attitude of most including the owners of the house was, “So what, who cares if he smashed the  table to bits? It was worth it for RG to get his ass kicked. Bob should not be made to pay for the table. Just forget it.”

I would be careful calling people that. Those are fighting words where I was brought  up.


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Throwing a Lot of People out of My Life

I cannot believe how angry I have gotten over the last election. It’s never been like this in any election in memory.

I have been throwing everyone I know who supported Trump or the Republican Party completely out of my life. That’s with some necessary exceptions. Those few, along with a few more or less progressive Trumpsters who have been kind and friendly to me, are still with me. But for the rest of them, I’m just done with you. I don’t think I want to know any Never Trumpers either. They seem like they are just as bad as Trump. Show me what the Never Trumpers want and who their heroes are.

I’ve never done this before.

Thing is, here in  California, almost every White person you meet is a conservative. Even the liberals are conservative. What I mean is that they are all economic conservatives. There’s no such thing as a White Californian who is not an economic conservative. They don’t exist.

And the ones who would not be categorized that way are basically Democrats who are down with Hillary Clintonian neoliberalism + neoconservatism. They hate working class Whites, are all very into money (and some are ludicrously flagrant in their conspicuous consumption), hate public transit, say, “But that would be bad for the economy!,” support free trade and love all the trade deals, love mass immigration (with a few exceptions), support US imperialist foreign policy to the hilt – in other words, they are lousy DNC corporate Democrats. They suck.

People keep saying this state is so liberal, but the White people sure aren’t. I don’t know about the Blacks and the Hispanics. Most Hispanics are too stupid to have a political opinion on anything, and they are so irresponsible that most of them don’t even vote. Blacks are good and vote straight Democratic, and they actually know quite a bit about politics.

People in the rest of the country keep saying we are crazy liberal out here, but someone needs to show me where these liberals are so I can go meet some of them. The average liberal Democrat that I knew would be a guy making $75,000/year showing me the new $100 ballpoint pen (waste of money) he bought. Then he would turn around and describe a meal at a $100/plate restaurant where they hardly even give you any food to eat in those tiny servings (complete waste of money). I hope they offer seconds! He defended this meal because as he told me, the dish was small, but it was “absolutely perfect,” as if God himself had made it. So it’s worth a hundred bucks. Bull.

There’s your “California liberal.” See what I mean, they suck.

Anyway, if you live here, are White and live around Whites all the time, the only people you ever meet are conservative Republicans.

Doesn’t matter what they do for work, how they dress, how they live their lives (get as imaginative as you want here), they are all conservative Republicans.

Yeah, that includes bisexual, smoking, heavy drinking dressed in black, lace and leather punk goth rocker decked out in all the latest punk fashion at the crazy punk rock show? She loves Ronald Reagan.

That major cocaine dealer in San Francisco who has three houses in the City, one where he lives, one where he keeps his stuff and another for who knows what – he votes straight Republican on his ticket and so do most of his coke-snorting drug underworld friends.

Most of the early punk rock bands out of Orange County where I lived were made up of conservative Republicans, believe it or not. Most supported Ronald Reagan in 1980. That’s what it’s like to be White in California. You either have conservative Republicans, rightwing Democrats, or corporate DNC Democrats as friends, or you don’t have any friends. And I like to have friends. Well, I used to like to have friends anyway. When I was younger, I had all sorts of friends. I had phone books with 100 names in them. I was that kind of guy, and in a very weird way, I still am. So anyway, living in California from 1978-2016, I am finally sick and tired of having conservative friends. I am done with them. Enough is enough. This last time was the killer. No more. This next four years is going to be an absolute nightmare.

I am deleting almost every pro-Trump person on my Facebook with a few exceptions. I am  thinking of giving political quizzes to any new women I date. It’s going to be this way for the rest of my life. You have no idea how serious I am about this.

Conservatives have never helped me in any way, shape or form as far back as I can remember. The never did one single good thing for me. Instead they have been beating the crap out of me for 35 years now, and I am tired of getting beat up.

I’m done with conservatives. I’ve been hating them my whole life, and it’s time to say goodbye. And it was not nice having you over.


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An Example of Anti-White Propaganda: “White Men Raped Their Way around Most of the World”

Chinedu: And yet hundreds of millions of people, populating entire continents and regions, are the products of white rape.

That was a long time ago though, was it not? Anyway, the newest theory on Black-White mixes in the US is that most came after the Civil War and most were consensual even before the Civil War. Yes there were rapes but they were not common. Heading up until the Civil War, in the 1830’s-1860’s, there were many White men working for money in the fields next to the slaves. There were many unions derived from this close contact. Further, many Black females desired to have sex with the slaveowners in order to become house Negroes, etc. Southern White culture was very conservative and Southern wives did not take well to their husbands taking up Black mistresses. Most White Black unions post Civil War were obviously consensual.

There is no reason to think that things were any different in Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Panama, anywhere in the Caribbean, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina or even Brazil.

We have no reports of mass rapes of Black women by White men in any of those places.

I am not aware of any mass rape of Black women by White men in Colonial Africa, even in South Africa. The problem in the East was exacerbated by Islamic slavery, and I suppose many of those were rapes, or maybe they were consensual. No one seems to be able to figure this out when it comes to slaves. Probably your best case for mass rape of Black women by White men would be in the Middle East, especially Arabia and then Mesopotamia and the Levant. And I am quite sure this was the case in North Africa as well.

There isn’t any more raping of Black women by White men anywhere on Earth and certainly there is no mass raping.

As far as raping Indian women, this is very hard to figure. I know that here in California, many Whites simply married Indian women and become squawmen who were much derided by their fellow men. These unions were quite consensual. There were some rapes in this area and maybe some enslavement but it was mostly consensual. Before we had Spaniards and missions run by priests in which there was almost zero rape. The Spaniards did not even do much to Indians other than capture them and send them to missions.

As far as the rest of the US, I have no idea, but I have not heard a lot of reports of mass rape of Indian women by White men in the records. The breeding seems to be once again White men taking Indian brides and becoming squawmen. In Canada there was little to no rape or mass rape.

It is often said that the mass unions of Mexico were the product of rape but no one knows if this was true. There were very few Spaniard males and many Indian women. The Spaniards hardly had to rape with 100-1 or 1000-1 ratios.

I do not know much about the colonization of Central America to comment. However, Costa Rica tried to keep itself delberately White for a long time. Also the Indians were wiped out very early. Obviously there was mass mixing through this whole region, but I know nothing about the details.

I have not heard many reports of rape or mass rape in the Caribbean. Yes there was mass rape in the beginning in the context of a genocide, but Caribbean people now have little Indian blood. Barbadians are 1% Indian. Cubans are probably even less. Jamaicans, Haitians, Dominicans, Dominican Republicans, etc. have almost no Indian blood. Puerto Ricans have a lot of Indian blood, but I do not know how it got there.

Yes Whites conquered Indian nations in South America. Obviously a process of mestizisation occurred there, but I have no details on it. The wars were short and over with quickly. The mestizisation process appears to have been slow and I have no details on how it even worked. In Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, the Guyanas, I have no details at all. In Brazil what little I heard was that it was mostly consensual. An early Brazilian colonist, a Portuguese man, was reported to have twenty quite happy Indian wives. This was said to be pretty normal. In the 1800’s there was a Banquismo campaign, a very racist compaign intended to mass import Whites from Europe to swamp out and breed out Indians but mostly Blacks. Apparently it worked quite well.

In Argentina, the Black-White mating was so unrapey that many Blacks present in Argentina in the late 1800’s seem to have vanihsed into thin air. Argentines are now 3% Black, so you can imagine what really happened to the Blacks. Much the same happened in Uruguay.

In Mexico it was much the same thing. Mexico was pretty Black in 1820. In 100 years, there was little left. Now there’s almost nothing left and Mexicans are 4% Black. They are quite Blacker in other areas such as Veracruz. It doesn’t sound like a lot of rape went on in these “vanishings.”

In Chile the Indians were slowly bred in after the wars in the late 1800’s and now Chileans are maybe 20% Indian. In Argentina, the Indians were also defeated but many remained in the Pampas and the gaucho was typically a mostly White mestizo, the product of unions between Whites and Indians on the Plains.

Peru and Guatemala are still heavily Indian. Bolivia is probably mostly Indian.

There is not much evidence of mass White rape of non-Whites in Asia either. We have no reports of such from the Russian East or Siberia. We have no such reports from Malaysia, Indonesia or India either, and there were few Whites or Dutchmen anyway. Nor do we have reports of such from Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia. Nor do we have mass rape reports from the Philippines, where Spanish colonists were apparently few in number. There are also no reports from the US colonization of the Philippines.

Although it would not surprise me, I would like to see some data that the mass mixing of Aborgines and Whites in Australia was the result of rape. Aborigines are now 50% White on average and their 85 IQ’s reflect that. The 64 IQ reports are from unmixed Aborigines.

I have not heard any reports of mass rapes of Maori women by Whites in New Zealand.

Hawaii was indeed colonized by Whites, but I have not heard any reports of mass rape.

I do not know much about the history of Polynesia.

Central Asia is mass mixed between Mongol type Asians and Whites but there is no evidence that Whites mass raped Asians. In fact, much of the mixing may have been the other way around, as Mongols mass raped the Iranid Whites already present in those places. So in one place on Earth where we do have evidence of mass rape producing White-non-White mixes, it was the Whites who were getting raped and not the other way around!

Possibly the best case for mass rape of non-Whites by Whites may have been with Aryan Whites and Australoid South Indians in India. There was a lot of interbreeding, but there was also a Hell of a lot of rape especially were South Indian women were enslaved and made to serve as temple prostitutes for Aryan men. Even today Australoid Dalit women are commonly raped by more Aryan and higher caste men.

All in all, I do not think there is much remaining evidence for mass rape of non-Whites by Whites. There were a lot of unions in the last 500 years for sure but most were consensual.


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Game/PUA: There Is Literally No Downside to Acting Masculine

There is literally no downside to acting masculine. I doubt if you can act too masculine. I know I can’t.

Sometimes I admit I get a terrible complex about my masculinity where I get convinced that everyone looks at me and sees some mincing faggot. Now I don’t know if people do not (and these days I doubt it), but it’s a very painful and also angry state of mind. I usually deal with it by acting in an exaggeratedly masculine way, for me anyway. Now, to me this behavior seems so masculine it is almost a caricature, but I am so pissed off that I go ahead and act that way anyway.

The thing is, apparently it’s not a caricature at all! It just feels like one! I know this because when I act like this, 0% of the population treats me like an idiotic caricature.

And the funny thing is, while I am walking around doing what to me feels like a complete caricature, a lot of people start acting more friendly. Especially older, sort of redneck White men. They will see me and nod a greeting, whereas usually they won’t even say hello. And some young men will give me a vigorous nod of the head almost as if they are giving me a thumbs up sign. These are also sort of redneck cowboy hat farm-boy types. And when I am doing that caricature is the only time that these Mexican women around here will look at me at all. They like what they see. That’s because the only men they like are strutting hypermasculine he-men.

It was then that I realized that a lot of males put a lot of importance into this masculine act or display. That was why they were greeting me and nodding their heads at me. They were doing it too! I was doing the same He-man act that they were doing, consciously or not. It dawned on me that masculine behavior must be very important to a lot of men, especially the more redneck, working class White men you see around here. This is a big deal for them. They’re doing it for a reason. Some deeply important, powerful mechanism way down inside of themselves is driving them to this behavior, which they place a high value on and no doubt imparts a lot of meaning to their lives.

For a lot of men, masculinity, even hypermasculinity, is a gigantic damn deal. It’s a very important matter, one of the most important things that they do in life.


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How Common Antiracist Arguments Are Inadvertently Viciously Racist Themselves

We know who is violating the Comments Policy against, well, classism really. There are two of you. They are both blaming Whites who are the victims of Black/NAM crime here and in South Africa for being losers who are too poor or stupid to move. This is really shitty.

It’s appalling too. You are attacking White crime victims with a “blame the victim” game which is objectively rightwing.

And the thing is that this line really insults Blacks and NAM’s. It says that living around Blacks and NAM’s is sheer utter Hell such that any sane person would automatically move away from them. In other words, Blacks and NAM’s are scum. Get it? This is an antiracist argument that ends up admitting that Blacks and NAM’s are the scum of the Earth and that no sane or decent human would want to live around them. So this antiracist argument is actually viciously racist.

The argument that only loser Whites (low income) live around Blacks and NAM’s is very insulting to NAM’s also. It says in effect that NAM’s are losers themselves because the only places they ever live are low income loservilles. In other words, once again, NAM’s are scum. Poor scum in this case.

So this antiracist argument, in order to shift the blame off NAM criminals for committing tons of crime and destroying neighborhoods onto their White victims as an antiracist deflection, ends up calling all NAM’s poor losers and hyper-criminal neighborhood destroying scum that no sane human would want to be around.

Do you see how these nutty antiracist arguments end up being unbelievably racist themselves?

I’ve been pointing out forever how modern antiracism has gone completely off the tracks bonkers for a long time now, and this is just another example of it.


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How Many Whites Live With NAM’s? Lots

TRASH: STALIN What sort of White “lives” with NAM’S? A crack whore transvestite? A Mafia “soldier” with interests in heroin racketeering? A homosexual who wants to gentrify. NAM’S usually cannot scrape together the gas money to break into the house of a White liberal and have sex with his semi-frigid wife. Only White girls who are complete drug addicts are down in the hood letting Blacks “run a train” on her mouth in order to get some cocaine mixed with baking soda or Mexican black tar.

TRASH: Please explain to me how somebody “lives” with NAM’S? Even they cannot get jobs in their neighborhoods. What’s a White doing there? NAM’S usually cannot scrape together the gas money to break into the house of a White liberal and have sex with his semi-frigid wife. Only White girls who are complete drug addicts are down in the hood letting Blacks “run a train” on her mouth in order to get some cocaine mixed with baking soda or Mexican black tar.

Stalin Tonks: Most sane White people don’t want niggers around them no matter how number.

We have 18,090 White people “living with NAM’s” right here in my very own city of 60,000 people. There are Whiter neighborhoods, but the city is small geographically, so if you spend any time here at all, you interact with lots of Hispanics. This town is 67% Hispanic. So in my town alone, you have 18,900 Whites, 27% if the population, living right in town. They’re not all losers either. A lot of the Whites living here are making good money.

There are also 4% Blacks in this town. These Blacks in general are very ghetto. But they don’t have any numbers, so they are really not a problem at all. I have some ghettoish Blacks living next door and above me. It’s not a problem. They are very easily avoided, and they don’t act that bad anyway. I don’t have much to do with them, and it’s all good. They seem like they don’t want to have anything much to do with me either for some reason.

Also when they have no numbers and are a tiny minority, ghetto Blacks act a lot better. They are surrounded by much more numerous Hispanics and a few Whites who act much better and will not put up with too much of their ghetto crap. Some of the local Blacks are banned from local stores, for instance, because they are pests. And when they come in, the workers treat them like crap, which they deserve. So these ghetto Blacks to some extent emulate the better behavior of the Hispanics and Whites and tone down a lot of the ghetto stuff because most people hate it. Monkey see, monkey do. 

When you get large concentrations of ghettoish Blacks, it’s bad. If you took these Blacks here and put them in a Black ghetto, their behavior would get dramatically worse very quickly. Monkey see, monkey do.

So really there is something to “A Black a block, spread em out and civilize em.”


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Why White People Care about NAM’s

TRASH: All this for NAM’S with low IQ’s who spend their lives pimping their women to sell crack and live off food stamps and stolen shoes. They do not obsess about Black dildos or anything but gold chains, KFC and watching sports TV. Who gives a shit about them?

Why do we obsess over Cholos and NAM’S who cannot earn a living and spend most of their time in jail or sitting on a stoop high on street drugs? None of them give 2 shits about Rome, Greece, Tel Aviv or any other aspect of White culture. All they care about are drugs and prostitutes.

I will have to step in here to defend racist Whites or at least Whites who are not real crazy about having lots of NAM’s around. I will defend their thinking, but I will tell you why they feel this and why so many Whites do care about NAM’s. The thing is today if you don’t have a lot of money, you often end up living with NAM’s.

It isn’t like there are special low income White neighborhoods where all the low income Whites could go. If those were available, a lot of low income Whites might just move there. There are places like that, but they tend to be in rural areas that often have poor economies, and there are few good jobs out there.

Here in California, if you do not have a lot of money and you’re White, you’re probably going to live with NAM’s. The nicer neighborhoods with decent surroundings and low crime typically tend to be a lot Whiter (maybe with Asians mixed in) and they usually have fewer NAM’s, though there are usually some NAM’s there too. Here in California, there are not many all-White neighborhoods anymore.

I hate to say it, but once Hispanics get enough money, they often move out of those glorious, vibrant, La Raza Hispanic neighborhoods and move somewhere not far away that is very heavily White. Even Hispanics with money don’t want to live with their own kind. Actually it is a bit sad.

And of course it is the same thing with Blacks. I am sure those Black neighborhoods full of that melanin-enhanced Sunshine Race are perfectly wonderful to a prideful Black. Well, actually the problem is that those Black Master Race neighborhoods are typically not that great. In fact, you would wonder how and why such a superior race could create such hellholes.

Anyway, once Blacks get some money, they often flee to White neighborhoods or at least Whiter neighborhoods. Yes, there are some wealthy Black neighborhoods like Ladera Heights or Baldwin Hills, but options like that are typically not available to moneyed Blacks. I would say though that Blacks tend to reject “Whiter” neighborhoods while rejecting “All-White” neighborhoods.

I have lived in a number of nearly pure White places most of my life, and there were few Blacks there, and those that were there sometimes reported problems. Maybe it’s not pleasant for Blacks to be one of the very few Black people in an almost pure White town. Such towns are not extremely racist, but there is definitely an undercurrent of unspoken and subtle racism humming in the background in these places, and maybe Blacks can pick up on it. But once again, Blacks don’t want to live with their own kind either after after they get some money. First thing they do is generally take off. And that’s sad, as it is with the Hispanics.

Due to the trend of moneyed NAM’s moving to Whiter places, there are not a whole lot of pure White neighborhoods left, at least here in California. So even in White neighborhoods, you are usually living around a few NAM’s here or there. Very well behaved NAM’s generally, but NAM’s nonetheless.

But to answer TRASH’s question, Whites care about NAM’s because an awful lot of Whites end up having not much choice but having to live around them. And the more NAM’s you live around, the more this glorious White culture of Rome, Greece and Tel Aviv tends to go out. It’s hard to sustain that High White culture in a neighborhood full of NAM’s. That culture mostly sustainable in White towns or at least moneyed places, which also tend to assimilate to High White culture no matter their makeup.

Another reason Whites care about NAM’s is because a lot of us have to live around a lot of us, and often there is a decline in the community when you get many of them around. We resent seeing our communities decline due to these people we live with.

And even if we do not live with them, these ghettos and barrios are part of our fair land after all, and it makes us angry to see NAM’s lay waste to parts of our country or turn them into Little Mexicos.

Sure, most of us don’t want to go live in East LA or Detroit, but it’s a bit sickening that these places even exist in our country at all. If have any tiniest ounce of patriotism, it makes you mad to see even parts of your country being run down whether you live there or not. I mean look, Detroit and East LA are part of my country too, ok? They are part of my land whether I live there or not. Those two cities could be metaphorically described as tiny parts of my body, of my very skin. And seeing them decline or immiserate is heartbreaking and a bit disgusting. So watching these places tumble down or scatter into shreds of flying entropy is almost like having a little disease infection on my skin in a couple of very small places. Those infections are very minor, but who wants a skin disease no matter how small? Do you follow?

Another thing is that as mentioned above, High White culture which many of us value gets harder and harder to sustain in places full of NAM’s. So it tends to decline where it does not go out altogether. And it is often replaced with a frankly inferior heavily-NAM influenced somewhat declined culture. So when Whites are surrounded by lots of NAM’s, White culture fades and in its place, Whites start adopting a culture that is less White and more NAM-like.

What I am trying to say is that having lots of NAM’s around often leads to substantial wiggerizaztion of Whites as Whites adopt NAM behaviors and lose of the finer aspects of the best of our culture. In other words, White people remain, but their culture deteriorates as Whites start to become “cultural NAM’s.” Now I love my people, but it’s not their looks I care about. I like the way Whites act. They act like me and think like me. I like White culture. It’s my culture. And saving White people while eliminating White culture seems a useless endeavor. Whites who act like NAM’s are hardly better than NAM’s themselves. There’s nothing even worth preserving there unless you’re partial to White phenotypes.

In other words, why would anyone give a damn about “White genocide” if it was a bunch of Wiggerized Whites who were going out. I would say there’s nothing to save there, and the loss of these people is hardly even a tragedy, and it’s maybe even a good thing.

This is a bit long-winded, but what I am trying to do is explain why a lot of White people are racist to one degree or another and why many do care about NAM’s and care about them quite a bit. I am not defending White racist feelings. I am just telling you the reason for them, which is honestly not completely irrational.


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Please Stop Comparing Indian Caste to Class Systems around the World

Jason Y writes:

Actually caste systems exist in other parts of the world, including the US. If you don’t have the money to live in at least a decent middle class neighborhood like my brother lives in, then tough luck !!!

No, nobody in the US is rubbing it in, calling lower castes trashy people. Instead, it’s just a subliminal message thing, assuming the middle class ever comes into contact with the lower class which is rare.

All or almost all countries have class systems. You simply cannot get away from it. And by the way, this country Jason is defending here, India, not only has one of the worst social systems on Earth called caste, but it also has one of the greediest and most viciously classist systems on Earth. Indians are 10 times more classist than Americans.

Jason, although caste does have some correlates in some other societies who have equally vile systems, in general, you cannot compare caste with any other system on Earth. Caste is placed you at birth like race, and there is no escape. Economic class theoretically is a result of decisions someone has made in life, and hence in a lot of ways, the classes made their own bed. Yes, there are places with zero social mobility, but that’s not common in the West.

Poor people were not born poor! They were not born with a poor label with no way to climb out of it no matter how hard they try.

I live in a city full of low income and poor Hispanic people. Before that, I lived in a city full of low income and poor White people. Trust me, almost no one treated anyone poorly due to class. In both places, everyone of all classes was more or less treated equally in the public space. This was true in both White and Hispanic towns. Yes, there is class in the US, but it is somewhat invisible and it’s often hard to find it. I have a low income, but I almost never hear anything about it. A few rightwing shits on the Net attack me over it, but they’re not in Meatspace. No one in Meatspace ever treats me like crap for having a low income. It doesn’t happen.

Now for Jason or these malignant Hindutvas to compare caste to class systems all over the world is just flat out wrong. Class systems are a step up from caste systems, let’s face it. At one time, the world was much more heavily caste-based than it is now. Many ancient societies were caste-based. It was almost normal. Same for most ancient religions – also caste-based. Hinduism has caste because it is a throwback to a pre-Abrahamic caste-based world. Hinduism is literally stuck about 3,000 years back in time. And they love it that way!

One more thing I would like to point out is that what Jason always does is typical of what can be called the Regressive Left. I dislike that word, but in this case, it makes sense. According to the Regressive Left, we Whites and Westerners can’t criticize any other culture on Earth because of muh White racism, muh Western superiority, muh White Supremacism, etc.

Every time we in the West or anywhere else in the civilized world criticize any of these primitive, backwards, barbaric, savage or uncivilized cultures and peoples, Regressive Leftists like Jason stand up and yell that we have no right to criticize them because White people do it too, or Westerners do it too. This mindset is unbelievably illiberal because the Regressive Left ends up defending the most utterly barbaric and backwards cultures and peoples on Earth. The Left in other words is defending the worst people on Earth.

What makes it worse is that with cultural relativism, cultural equivalence and insane antiracism, the Cultural Left ends up defending the most reactionary, savage and brutal crap that goes against everything that the Left and they themselves stand for. All because if we allow Westerners and Whites to criticize backwards or barbaric non-Whites, that’s muh White racism and muh Western superiority, so it needs to be shot down. So the worst cultures and the worst people on Earth get off scot-free or I suppose get a pat on the back by the Cultural Left in the name of some crazy antiracist ideal. When antiracism demands that I defend or support the worst people and cultures on Earth, I am off this antiracism train. I will move over to the Right and call myself nonracist instead. Antiracism has become sheer poison.


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What Is the Republican Base?

A lot of people think Trump and his followers are the Base now, and some say that means that the Alt Right is the Republican Party Base now. I agree that the Trumpkins are now the Base. There are other groups in the Base, but the Trumpkins have drowned them out with sheer numbers, I’m afraid.

Base would seem to imply a group with large numbers.  The RNC crowd is no longer the base of the Republican  Party, if it ever was.

One might also argue that the Base is the hardcore party supporters and volunteers on the ground who man the phone banks, knock on doors and get out the vote. In that case, the Democratic Party Base would be the Daily Kos crowd or the left wing of the Democratic Party. The right wing of the Democratic Party lacks mass support. All they have is money. But it’s that group that elects the candidates of course. Money talks and bullshit walks, right? This year, I would say that the Democratic Party Base was pretty well split between Hillary and Sanders. We would have to count Blacks and Hispanics as part of the Base if we are being fair. I doubt if union members make up much of the Base anymore, but they used to.

If we want to refer to the Base as the basic constituent elements of the Republican Party, we can say that the party is now made up of:

  • Alt Right Deplorables
  • Christian Right Pro-Life Churchies
  • Small Government Conservative Corporations and 1%’ers

Alt Right Deplorables, including the far moderate end of the Alt Right in the Breitbart Crowd. The talk radio crowd, Dittoheads, the militias, the Oath Keepers, the preppers. You get the picture. At this point, this group is the majority of the party and is able to swamp the other elements.

And yes, it is as vicious, ugly and deplorable as the Republican Party carefully crafted it over all of these years, like ostriches refusing to believe that the monster they were feeding would one day grow up to be a Frankenstein/Tyrannosaurus menace that scares the crap out of even its RNC creators.

See, they thought they could nurture this monster forever without birthing it into an actual living, breathing entity. Instead it would just be confined to the lab as a experimental meme to be fed like growth hormone to the Base every election so they could get elected. They always thought this monster would never escape from the lab to stomp around menacing the nation, but of course that’s exactly what happened. If you don’t want to loose terrifying monsters on your fair land, then don’t create them in the first place.

Expecting your monster creations to stay happily in the lab forever without busting out some time is hopelessly naive, but hopeless naiveté and blind optimism without side mirrors is after all an essence of our momentary high time preference egos. In other words, refusal to predict logical bad outcomes or even figure the probable future consequences of present behavior is essential human nature, and may even be adaptive in a sense. People who worry and fret all day never get anything done, and when they get too scared, they can barely leave the house. And so we humans plunge blindly forward, damning all of the tomorrows.

Christian Right Pro-life Churchies: This group was never a good fit with the decadent 1% or the increasingly degenerate White working class now squandering into debasement, raw indulgence and general wiggerdom in broken guns-and-pills blighted and bankrupted working class towns across Flyover Country. Most of these declining towns are also full of fundamentalist churches, which makes no sense in light of their general decline, monetary, moral and otherwise. Or perhaps it’s an antidote. Or maybe it’s like going to Confession. Or maybe it’s that classical crazy American mix of Puritanism and Wild Hedonism while claiming to be morally coherent which has long defined our people.

At any rate, many in this group are still quite upright and proper or at least try to be, and this group is in increasing conflict with a morally degenerate Alt Right group and a 1% class which has always been as depraved as the rich have ever been. It’s a combustible mix heading for head-on collision. The pieces of the puzzle just won’t fit together anymore.

Small Government Conservative Corporations and 1%’ers: Really this is the Alt Right crowd, but it’s also long been the Christian Right crowd too, which makes no sense as Jesus himself was Big Government socialist. But this group also includes the usual decadent 1%’ers and the large corporations. It’s the rich and the large corporations, in other words. These are the ideological Libertarians pushing the minarchism model that Paul Ryan and the rest of shill for. The rich and the corporations have long cynically used the Alt Right-Breitbart and Christian Right bases, but the whole idea was to string them along and collect their vote without ever implementing the Base’s actual projects. Rich men want their daughters to have abortions too, you know.

The RNC is mostly made up of the small government conservatives, the 1% and the corporations who are now fleeing the Alt Right base like a lethal stampede at a stadium.

The whole mess is fracturing, not that it ever made sense anyway.

There is now some movement on the Christian Right of outrage over the most un-Christian behavior of the lecherous misogynistic rake, Mr. Trump. Trump after all is the antithesis of everything these Christian Right folks stand for. Asking these churchies to keep voting for the worst sinners on Earth would seem a tough sell, and one wonders how long this fragile, insensible scaffolding of an alliance can even hold up without collapsing under the weight of its violently clashing contradictions.

The Alt Right is increasingly at war with the 1%’ers and corporate crowd at RNC, Inc., who they regard as cucks and general sellouts.

The RNC crowd has been holding barf bags all this time while urging everyone to vote Trump, but now they are actually using the bags and denouncing the man who left them heaving at the porcelain throne. A human being can only take so much contradiction, you know.

There’s no real split between churchies and Alt Right at the moment, except that the Alt Right is swamping the Churchies numbers-wise. Churchies Rubio and especially the vile Mr. Cruz lost big to Alt Right Trump in the polls.

The RNC poster boy Jeb Bush and finally the hail Mary pass called John Kasich didn’t stand a chance.

The Alt Right is storming the Party Committee Bastille and screaming for the heads of the leadership. The party types run in terror from the villagers with torches.

It’s a revolution all right, but it’s the wrong kind.

Oh Lord steady our hand as we go forward, feeling our way in the plunging gloom.


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