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Who’s White? Who’s Not White?

Zamfir: If we say Whites are basically people derived from indigenous European populations, or the Euro branch of the Caucasian race, then lots of Southern Italians are borderline cases. Same for many Jews, possibly Berbers, etc.


A few things.

Spaniards and Portuguese are very White. The most Southern Portuguese are 4-5% Black. That doesn’t count.

Sicilians are ~5% Black. That doesn’t count either.

White Berbers are very White.

Jews are some of the purest Whites of them all.

My position is that Arabs are Whites.

Everyone in Turkey, the Caucasus and most of European Russia is White.

All native Europeans including Samis are White.

Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis, and Northern Indians are more or less White people.

Many Latin Americans are White. Latin Americans up to ~25% White are considered White in Latin America. The rest are mulattoes, mestizos or zambos, or maybe people more properly called mixed race people of some type.

White-non-White mixes too mixed to Be Considered Whites, Maybe Best Called Part-Whites

Some Arabs and Berbers might have so much Black in them that we can’t call them White anymore. It’s hard to call Prince Bandar a White man. Neither are Southern Egyptians or the Blacker Berbers White.

A lot of Indians have so much South Indian in them that they are not really White anymore.

Many people in Eastern India and Nepal are too Asiatic to be called White. Quite a few are pure East Asians.

The peoples of the Stans, Siberia, and East Turkestan are properly seen as mixed race people, but some are White enough to be seen as Whites.  Some people of the Urals are also too mixed to be White.

A lot of these people are more properly seen as mixed race people. Many are Asiatic-White mixes who might be more properly called Eurasians as a mix of Europoids and East Asians.

Many Indians are a different mix altogether, more of a White-Australoid mix for which there is no racial name.

Obviously many Black-White mixes are more properly seen as some form of mulatto.

Many White-Indian mixes in Latin America are best seen as mestizos.

With a lot of these folks, it boils down to more of a case by case basis to determine whether a given Kazakh, Saudi, Mari, Yemeni, Moroccan, Egyptian, Uighur, Egyptian or certainly Latin American is White or is too mixed to be considered properly White. Generally most people with up to 20% Black in them look and act White enough to be considered White. This is probably true for Asian mix. Once you start getting over 20%, things get a lot dicier.

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Judith Mirville on the Perils of Braziliafication for the Jews

Very nice comment from Judith Mirville showing that if Jews are promoting Braziliafication in the hopes that it will be good for the Jews, they may be sorely mistaken.

That will prove to be an especially bad move: in a Brazilified society such as Brazil, the various cultures of that multiculturalism cannot agree together safe onto one point: the Jews are the main responsible for the present state of affairs, even people such as the Japanese of Belo Horizonte, the German of Porto Alegre, the Negroes from Bahia and the White Trash rednecks of the chaparral of Sertão can agree on that.

I am now practicing Portuguese, listening to various videos to study various local accents and slangs, and everybody is inveighing against Jews each one for their different reasons.

The Negroes accuse them of having organized the slave trade, which in the specific case of Northern Brazil was true. The rednecks of Sertão accuse them of having geared the whole musical culture of Brazil towards hedonistic and then gay values.

The well-to-do Portuguese of São Paulo accuse them of having subverted the monarchy to install a de facto British colonialism in the form of a Republic as well destroying the military regime which was the last rampart against the tide of Cultural Leftism everywhere in the intelligentsia. The Germans there are of a type that was never morally bullied into repentance for WWII.

And the Japanese, though not big haters of Jews, all want them to be put back into ghettos for practical reasons and accuse them of having organized the whole of Western colonialism in non-White countries and robbed Asia of its traditional technological superiority and intelligence by programming so many other Whites beyond their real innate capacity to feel inventive and superior.

It comes to no mystery that cultures in an multicultural environment tend identify with their most reactionary elements, and therefore are more inclined to look for a culprit or archetypal symbol of evil from without. And it turns out that in Brazil the most rabid antisemitic movements are decidedly multicultural chic, not White Power, especially since the traditional White racism of Brazil claimed that the core of the nation was made up of mythical Jewish ancestry.

The Extreme Left to Center Left culture that still refuses most the conspiracy-justified antisemitism is monocultural non-Catholic Portuguese (mildly anti-Black de facto, though praising mulatto women for their supernatural beauty but only in their own role of providers of sentimental entertainment), and they are the ones who communicate the least with other cultures in their own country and prefer to communicate with other White nations in the world (France for the culture, the Anglo-Saxon countries for business) than with their own co-nationals of different hues.

All great antisemitic bouts of the past started out in rather multicultural environments. Austria, for instance, used to be the most multicultural part of Europe, and further back in time, you can find Spain and Portugal, which at one time used to be the most diversified countries: in both cases, mythical antisemitism could develop unchecked for being the only political language common to so many diverse groups even though not the ideal one to that many individuals.

How do the Jews let that happen to the point of loving it as it may seem?

That is very simple: first, as you put it, their intelligence is grossly overrated. They are emotion-driven more than many others. It must also be known that Jewish identification with the intellectual superiority of openness of mind is a very recent and atypical thing in the course of history. That identification began only as a byproduct of the Enlightenment culture and only among Jews that wanted to get free of their traditional ghetto culture, which turned out into a majority at a certain point.

Before that point, intellectual curiosity was far more severely repressed in Jewish culture than in Christian culture, the rabbis had far more tolerance of and liking for magic: even the study of too much geography was deemed dangerous. The general morality among them used to be that one must as an individual make plans for the day, as a family for the week, and as a Jewish community for the year, but NEVER beyond, since all promises of the preceding years were to be overridden at each Rosh ha Shanna. What is good for Jewish prosperity this year only is the real good, the rest is goyish daydreaming.

Even if the consequences of what is done this year are evidently ultra-negative for your own descendants, such as destroying the environment or installing a future millennial totalitarian regime just to make sure your tiny few talents are employed and well-paid, that is none of your business as a Jew. You must think of those descendants as of imaginary non-Jewish beings.

When for instance you adopt Communism as a Jew, the important thing is to enjoy a higher life through it and also a good relationship with many non-Jews for a few years’ space at most. You must not inquire too seriously about the ultimate consequences of your ideological choice. It is a fashion among many others to have to dress your own brain and others as well as their bodies according to a taste that sells right now.

If it turns out that by so doing you will progressively install a Nazi-like regime first courting and then turning against you, so be it, que sera sera, that was God’s intention for you to bring it about. It is a culture based on the principle of pure prostitution and on the faith that such an attitude alone can bring about joyful survival to a group: they are actually not so racist towards strangers provided they share that very same mentality.


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What Race Is This Person (Singapore)?


An interesting phenotype from Singapore.

This is the aunt of a friend of mine. The family is from Singapore. They are part of an ethnic group called the Pernakans, a Southern Chinese group that moved to Malaysia ~600 years ago for some reason, possibly due to overcrowding in Fujian or worse, the terrible wars that periodically raged through the region.

Chinese groups have been leaving from this part of Southern China for a very long time now, especially in the last 200 years. In the past couple of centuries, this part of China has become very crowded. Possibly as a result, wild and vicious wars periodically raged through the area, sometimes killing 100,000’s of people. If you study Chinese history, you will hear about these wars a lot. It is not uncommon to read that invaders conquered several large cities and exterminated the whole populations of perhaps 300,000 people, men, women and children. This is how the Chinese have often fought wars. Chinese wars are unbelievably vicious and savage.

The Pernakans moved to Malaysia, and over time, bred in with Dutch and Portuguese and to a lesser extent British Europeans. All three were colonists in the region. I believe that they were Min speakers, but their Hokkien has gotten so changed, in particular from massive borrowings from Malay, that these languages in general are no longer intelligible with Amoy or Taiwanese Hokkien Proper.

Most Pernakans now are somewhat Eurasian, Chinese crossed with Dutch, Portuguese and sometimes British. The Pernakans had their own patriarchal culture and were known as very hard workers, often at manual labor type jobs like farming, timber harvest are working on rubber plantations. They committed little crime and had very orderly societies. The European colonists marveled at their high level of civilization. They did keep slaves, but they probably treated their slaves better than any slaves have ever been treated, and in many cases, slaves were freed.

Over time, most Pernakans also bred in with Malays. Pernakans are now a Chinese/Malay/European race, but the Asiatic tends to be prominent over the European in the stock. The mixing of cultures over 600 years in Malaysia resulted in some very interesting fine cuisine.

Many of these Chinese migrated to Singapore, where they, along with Teochew speakers (another Min group) and a large group of Cantonese Chinese, form what is known as the Singaporean Chinese, one of the wealthiest and most economically advanced ethnic groups on Earth. There is still a division of labor in Singapore, with Chinese on top, Malays on the bottom, and Southern Indian Dravidian speakers in between. Nevertheless all three groups are substantially mixed by this point. Most Chinese have Malay blood, and a lot of Malays have some Chinese in them. Malays and Indians are now intermarrying quite a bit. There is some ethnic conflict but not a lot possibly due to the wealth and everyone being so mixed.

Although this woman has a somewhat archaic phenotype (note prognathism), these archaic types are fairly common in Southern China. Many can be seen in the mountains of Yunnan Province. The archaism may be due to incomplete transition from Australoid -> Mongoloid, as the transition happened much later in Southern China than in Northern China, and prominent Australoid types were common in the far south of China only 3-4,000 YBP.

I also believe that this woman may be admixed with Caucasian. And I think the Malay admixture is quite clear. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I think I see some Vedda influence here. That would not be unusual, as Malays were Veddoids only until quite recently, and the Senoi are Veddoids to this day. The Mani Negritos are also still extant.

The transition in Malaysia went from Australoid Negritos (Mani) and Orang Asli -> Australoid Veddas (Senoi) -> Paleomongoloid Southeast Asians (modern Malays). The Malays appear to be aware of this transition, as they state that the Mani and Orang Asli are their ancestors. The bloodline of the Orang Asli goes back 72,000 YBP, so this group has been present in Malaysia since the very first Out of Africa groups, and their archaism is about on a par with the Andaman Islanders, another Australoid group which is also the remains of some of the earliest OOA groups.


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Caucasian Pride Worldwide

Another William Playfair Web writes: Robert –

You believe in Caucasian pride more than what is culturally regarded as “White” pride, do you not?

Actually I do! I do not understand White nationalists who go on and on about who is really White. Jews aren’t White? Spaniards, Greeks, Portuguese and Italians aren’t White? Albanians and Turks aren’t White? White Berbers aren’t White? White Egyptians aren’t White? Arabs aren’t White? Georgians, Armenians, Azeris and the Caucasus people aren’t White? Kurds aren’t White? Iranians aren’t White? Afghans aren’t White? Pakistanis aren’t White? North Indians aren’t White? You sure could have fooled me because they sure look White to me all right!

When I think of White, I think of my basic Caucasoid stock. When I go to the stores around here and see Punjabi Indians, Punjabi Pakistanis and Yemeni Arabs, my first thought is, “This is a member of my family!” That’s because they look like I do. And I believe they may think and behave like I do too, if you want to break the races down into Asians, Caucasians and Blacks.

I do not understand why White nationalists hate those people and say they are not related to them. Those off-Whites look like me! How can I hate someone who looks like me? I can’t. If you look like me, the way I see it is you are a member of my family, and I really feel a sense of joy when I meet members of my racial family out and about…because…it’s like meeting family!

Now granted some Arabs and Berbers are too Black to be considered White. Prince Bandar is simply not a White man. I do not know what he is. Possibly he is a mulatto. A lot of Egyptians seem to be broadly White. We had some Egyptians running a gas station near where I used to live, and I came to know them very well. The guy who ran it was simply a White man, straight up. His sons were just White guys, though their skin was rather dark.

Granted, there are some Afghans who may be too Asian to be White, but most Afghans just look like Whites to me. Surely there are some Pakistanis who are just too…something else…to be considered White, but once again, most Pakistanis just look like regular Whites to me. And the people of North India are surely White. A few North Indians are too Australoid to be White.

As far as the rest of India, you have to look at the person to see if you would classify them as “basically White” or “too Australoid to be White. I don’t give a hoot about skin color. Why should I? If some guy looks exactly like I do in terms of phenotype except that his skin is much browner than mine, why should I hate him? And why should I say he is not a part of my family? If you have a face that looks like mine, you are part of my family, no matter what color your skin is.


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“Black Genes Ruined Portugal”: Anatomy of a Lie

I have tried to take this racist nonsense apart in other posts, but Judith Mirville as usual does a better job here. If you are not familiar with it, the theory, very popular on the White Racist Right, is that White Portugal was a great country and a world power until the Whites started race-mixing with the small population of niggers, whoops I mean Black people! Over time, the pure Whites become sufficiently miscegenated, and Portugal crashed to the point where it is now one of the poorest countries in Europe. Look at the horrors of what a few nigger genes will do to a Great White Man!

Another reason that this is silly is that the Black or African genes in Portugal are only 4% overall, a bit higher in the far south, yes, where it is up to 7%. Italy and Sicily show a similar pattern. I am not sure exactly what these African genes are, whether they are North Africans as Judith says or whether they are Sub-Saharan Blacks. Anyway, 4% Black genes is likely to have a trivial ill effect on any White population. They wouldn’t even lose a single IQ point.

Another false harbinger of ill things to come whenever the Whites engage in race-mixing that the racialists are wont to show is Portugal. They keep on saying it used to be a Whiter than White country at the time of the great explorers, but alas, as they got rich they bought too many negro slaves that polluted their whole blood thereafter resulting into the present-day off-white Portugal with 5-10% negro genes but enough to impede all mental excellence and therefore economic prosperity – the local Jewish commercial elite having willed and organized all this of course.

Let me testify all this is pure crap. The Negro-like genes you find among the Portuguese, mostly in the South around Lisbon (not in the city proper), are never the result of race-mixing with seaborne African Negro slaves but of the fact the whole region was originally peopled with “Moors” from Islamic Maghreb. It used to be then a rather dark or at least bronze people enjoying variations of all shades of skin tone from jet black to red-haired white in the same way we now enjoy hair color variation.

These “Black” genes are old Mediterranean ones (as can also be found in a few Italian places that have remained more Etruscan), not sub-Saharan African. With the centuries passing, dark skin became more and more despised, as White racism became the norm of the day (especially in nearby Al-Andaluz where all the intellectual elite of the three religions pushed for it: egghead dominance is not per se a proof of progress) and therefore gradually wed out from the gene pool, though also many very White slave and servant girls were also bought for breeding purposes by the rich families with the result that a clearer and clearer off-white mean skin tone resulted.

Those who still look somewhat darker are called “morenos” (more like the Moors), and that reflects also in the names of many villages like Fatima that are clearly North African in origin. The same process of Moorish skin clarification through fashion and foreign admixture also happened in North Africa proper except in the most isolated Berber villages where a few very black-skinned persons are still to be found that have nothing to do with Sub-Saharan Black People proper.

The Moors of Morocco and elsewhere, no matter their own color, have always considered Sub-Saharan Black as strangers, and the only effect massive importation of Black Slaves from Guinea (as it was called) could have had both in Morocco and Southern Portugal was to push them towards more rejection of their own darker genes not admixture of foreign dark ones.

There was a quite a number of Negro slaves used in Southern Portuguese plantations (though not as big as the racist thesis pretends), but they were never admitted into the Portuguese gene pool proper due to the fact that Catholic Portugal was a very strict caste society: they believed genes determined not only skin color and general social fortune as in the Old American South but each trade intended for everybody by God.

The African-Portuguese offspring that might have resulted from miscegenation never were considered purely Portuguese but of a special new caste, the Mulatinhos, of ill sexual repute and earning their lives principally through trades of like repute including various artistic ones. No matter how much Whiter they might get with the passing generations, even as clear as the off-White Portuguese, the Mulatinhos has always remained up to now a distinct cultural community with their own music among others (with much resemblance with the Brazilian one), but as Portugal got impoverished later on, they just couldn’t reproduce their own numbers for lack of resources and demand for their talents, and their number have dwindled or stagnated.

The Catholic Church in Portugal was very generous in giving the same sacraments to all races and also the same cultural varnish but was also one of the strictest of the world as regards social class: you could never move upwards for fear of offending God’s own creation, and if race or class mixing happened, the offspring would never be barred from sacramental life but only as citizens of the lowest order between both parents’.

There was downwards mobility only, and everybody did their best to avoid it. Northern Portugal, the region of Porto proper, was always 100% Celtic and has remained so up to now, with 0% of Moorish genes. But throughout the history of Portugal, it has always been the poorest and least adventurous region of Portugal, the reservoir of cheap labor for the darker South. They were thought to be better and sturdier menial laborers, whereas the somewhat darker ones from around Lisbon considered themselves wittier and fitter for leadership and sea travel.

Even in the parts of Northern Brazil that remained mere extensions of older Portuguese society, very White descendants from Northern Portugal are considered peasants and menials by God-given vocation, on equal rank with plantation Blacks proper. But why did Portugal did lose her former superb colonial power status, will the racists ask? Isn’t it the very proof of genetic degeneracy?

First of all, Portugal, even though impoverished relatively to northern countries, was the last European power to retain a colonial empire and to remain good at the various very hard tasks of maintaining one, especially settling, warfare and administration in inhospitable distant lands, things no contemporary Whites of any Northern countries would be now capable of.

The kind of colonial empire Portugal conquered was always more based upon brawn and bravery than on brains – it was never an industrial empire and never had any intention to turn into one. Portugal always remained excellent at a game that fell out of fashion for reasons having nothing to do with the Portuguese proper.

The main reason why Portugal entered steep economic decadence from the 18th century onwards was its policy of alliance with Great Britain, especially as regards free trade.

It wasn’t because of the Jews because the Jews still living there had been exerting less and less influence, and their originally quite privileged status (it was then a milieu where upward mobility was possible, which was no longer the case later on) dwindled from the late 16th century onwards due to the influence of both Counter-Reformation among Catholicism and of more extreme reactionary Orthodoxy among the Jews.


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White Nationalist Lies About Portugal and the Dangers of Mulattoization

Here is a typical lie that the White nationalist scum tell about Portugal and the dangers of Whites interbreeding with Blacks:

Portugal – Once a 16th century world power with colonies around the world – moor/negro slave interbreeding after 400 years has left it with a 40% illiteracy rate. The most backward country in Europe. Slow mongrelization without a shot being fired.

Well, guess what? It’s just not true. The Portuguese are not a mongrelized or mulatto people by any stretch of the imagination. Overall, the Portuguese are about 3.5% Black. In the South and Far South it is a lot higher, with some of the highest rates in Europe at around 5%.

Look, there is no way on Earth that 3.5-5% Black DNA in White genes is going to jack to your population. More Black genes than that? Maybe so. Whatever happened to Portugal, it had nothing to do with introgression of Black genes.

Another one of their lies talks about the greatness of “White Egypt.” Except there never was any White Egypt, scumbags. There was an Arab Egypt. You know, Arabs, those inferiors? And even the great Arab Egypt had ~12-13% Black genes. The glory of ancient Egypt shows that at least in the ancient world, one of the greatest societies the world ever produced was accomplished with a fair amount of Black genetics and mulattoization.

You know how these scumbags like to talk about the glories of great White South Africa? Guess what, fucktards? Those great White South Africans you love so much are 11% Black by genetics. There have even been cases of two White parents producing a child who looks pretty mulatto.

Let us look at the Arab World. The Arab World has gotten a lot Blacker over time with the introduction of Black slaves via Islam, but there was no corresponding degeneration of society. In fact, at the moment, the Blackest parts of the Arab World are the wealthiest of all.

Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait have quite a bit of Black genes in their populations. Percentages generally range from ~13-17%. But these are some of the wealthiest countries on Earth, with First World health and developmental figures, spectacular architecture, suburbs that look like Phoenix and a stunningly low crime rate, especially for violent crime.

So moral and economic degeneration of your population via low levels of mulattoization (~15% Black genes) is not guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, in recent times, we have few to no cases of mass mulattoization of any population anywhere on Earth. Show me one great, prosperous White society anywhere on Earth that degenerated into a moral and economic basket case in modern times due to mulattoization. Show me one, one, one, one.

Show me one in the Caribbean. One in South America. One in Central America. One in the Arab World. One in Africa. One anywhere.

Not that I think that mass introgression of Black genes into a White society is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead I think it is nothing much to worry about, since it doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere on Earth, which is probably a good idea.


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The Racial Lessons of the Ancient Egyptians

I think one thing both we and the Afrocentrists can agree on about the ancient Egyptians is that at least a little bit of Black in a Caucasoid stock does not render it incapable of functioning.

After all, this was the very nasty argument of segregationists.

They dishonestly used examples of ancient Egyptians, who they incorrectly said were 100% European Whites, and then compared them to modern Egyptians, who may be up to ~30% Black. They described the decline of Egypt as being due to increasing Negroidization over time.

They made a similar argument about the Portuguese. The Portuguese reached the height of their power around the 1500’s if I am correct. This was supposedly followed by a long and slow decline to where now they have one of the poorest economies in Europe. As usual, this decline was attritubuted to “nigger blood.” There were quite a few slaves in Portugal after 1500, and many of them did breed into the population.

However, the Portuguese population, while one of the Blackest in Europe, is still only ~4% Black. That a great White country would decline into the dregs with the infusion of a mere 4% Black genes is utterly absurd, and I refuse to believe it. Anyway, Portugal is still a very civilized society, with a high standard of living, low crime, and an easy, relaxed way of life. It would be the envy of most 3rd World countries.

Many great naval powers declined during this period for a variety of reasons including naval defeats and the loss of their colonies.

The segregationists were advocates of the one drop rule and felt that “nigger genes” were like some sort of a deadly virus. Once they got in your blood line, your great White wonder race, able to build strong bodies 12 different ways, was shot to Hell and polluted into incompetent inferiority for all time. Of course they opposed miscegenation!

I am not saying that mass infusions of typical Black genes would be great for many White populations. It’s possible that Black-White mixes might have IQ’s ~92, if the genetic theory of IQ is correct. The mixing would be fantastic for Blacks but not so great for Whites, who would suffer an IQ decline in the mixed offspring. However, people have a right to breed with whomever they wish whatever the long-term societal consequences. Anyway, the Flynn Effect carries on nonetheless.

Black-White breeding need not be all that detrimental, even with an operative theory of genetic IQ.

Say mostly the highest IQ and the most accomplished Blacks sought out Whites to breed with. This does seem to be the case, and Black men who make the most money and are the most successful (many of whom are probably the brighter Blacks) do tend to seek out White woman as a sort of a marker for success. If most Black-White interbreeding was between highly successful Blacks and typical Whites, the results would be no great shakes for anyone.

However, mass interbreeding of ordinary Whites with ordinary Blacks (Is this going on anyway) would probably result in an IQ decline in the offspring compared to the White parent. On the other hand, there’s no evidence that this is happening, so honestly it’s nothing to worry about at the moment.

One thing the Egyptian example does show is that at least millenia ago, a population with 9% Black genes created some of the greatest feats known to mankind congruent with their era. Compared to competing societies of the time, they reached the pinnacles of success.

Part Black populations have been capable of astounding feats historically. Are they still capable of such things? No one knows. Perhaps what it takes to achieve greatness now is different than whatever it took thousands of years ago. Perhaps now a population with 9% Black genes could not rise to the heights because the requirements of scaling to the skies are different now as compared to then. But there’s no proof of that.

In the absence of other evidence and looking at the Egyptian example, it seems that having ~10% Black genes is surely not fatal for a Caucasoid group and may well be compatible with a highly functioning or even great society.


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Very Nice New Piece on Race in Mexico


The site is actually named after me, which has me shaking my head in amazement.

The piece, and the site itself, was inspired by my site, in particular my pieces on race in Mexico and on the major and minor races of man.

Most Mexicans are mestizos, but there are large minorities of more or less pure Europeans and Indians. He describes most of the significant White groups in Mexico and puts Whites at ~17% of the population, higher than some other recent estimates.

Although most Whites have Spanish roots, there are also significant French, Portuguese, German, Italians and Irish minorities. I met a young woman who is Mexican-American, but she is mostly Portuguese. The village she was born in in Mexico is made up of primarily Portuguese people! There are also quite a few Jews in Mexico.

More or less pure Indians make up ~12% of the population. This seems a bit lower than some other estimates. They are very different and speak up to ~90 different languages. In Yucutan, many Indians are actually mestizos, but they still speak Indian languages and identify as Indian.

Mestizos make up ~67% of the population, and are divided between Euro-mestizos, Indo-mestizos and pure mestizos. He has a nice map towards the end dividing Mexico by state on the basis of which of these 3 groups predominates in the state.

There are what he calls 3 occult roots in Mexico: Blacks, Asians and Arabs.

The first root, the Blacks, has its basis in African slaves who were brought to the east coast of Mexico. This affair did not last long as a slave who married a free Mexican had children who were free. So, slavery quickly went out and the Blacks disappeared via mixed breeding as slaves quickly took free, non-Black Mexicans as spouses.

The result was that pure Blacks nearly disappeared and the remainder are mostly mulattos, zambos (Indian-Black) and triracials. In addition, your average Mexican mestizo now is ~4-5% Black, although in general, it does not show up on phenotype. The author has a photo of some Mexican Blacks that shows that they are heavily mulattoized. They also look quite attractive, I must say.

The next root is Asians. In the early days, quite a few Filipinos came to Mexico when it was part of Spain via the colony of the Philippines. By this time, they are heavily mixed with other races in Mexico. In the early 20th Century, many Chinese came to Mexico. Unfortunately, most were tossed out in the 1930’s in a wave of nativism, but in Mexico city and Mexicali, there are still quite a few Chinese and part-Chinese, as the Chinese also married heavily into the mix.

The last root is Arabs. Most of these Arabs are Christians from Mesopotamia, the Levant and Egypt. They came in response to anti-Christian attacks waged by the Ottoman Empire at the end of WW1. Since they came from the Ottoman Empire, many Mexicans referred to them as “Turks.” Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest man, is Lebanese, as is Salma Hayek.

All three of these occult roots each make up ~1% of Mexico’s population.

There have been various studies of Mexico’s admixture, but they tend to come up with quite different results. I agree with the the author that the best studies show Mexico’s genome to be 52% White, 44% Indian and 4% Black. So Mexico is probably just barely a majority-White country, but it is best describes ad a White-Indian mixed race country.

Most self-identified Mexican Indians have some White in them, in addition to a bit of Black. Percentages range from 1% White, 1% Black among Guerrero Zapotecs to 37% White and Black among Huastecs.

The author notes that Mexican-Americans have traditionally been a lot Whiter than Mexicans, because they tend to come from the Whiter regions of Northern Mexico. Southwest Mexicans have usually tested out at 66% White and 34% Indian. California Mexicans have gone from 68% White, 30% Indian and 2% Black in 1984 to 47% White, 41% Indian and 12% Black in 2000. The reason for the high Black % is not known, but it should be clear to any Californian that the Mexicans in the state have gotten a lot darker recently. In recent years, many more Mexicans have come from further south, whereas in the past, they tended to come from the Whiter states near the border.

A photo on his site of Chicano gangbangers shows that they are mostly White, something we have always known here.

Towards the end he makes up a list of racial categories of Mexicans, following my lead in this piece, even adopting my formulae and marking scheme.

He lists five major races in Mexico – Whites, Indians, Mestizos, Blacks and Asians.

No major disagreement there.

I have been regarded as a mad splitter in my piece above. One critic said that if Lindsay doesn’t stop soon, he’s going to have as many races as there are languages. This criticism, in addition to endless bashing by race deniers, hurt my feelings, as a result, I have made few new updates to my races of man post.

However, the author is much worse of a splitter than I have ever been, splitting off all sorts of groups that I probably would not have split off. Hence, his scheme is better seen as a view towards Mexican ethnies or ethnic groups than races per se. For instance, he divides Mexican mestizos and Mexican Whites into quite a few different races, on what basis I am not sure. Are they ethnies? Quite possibly. Races? Dunno about that.

In my scheme, I actually adopted a conservative scheme in which I tried not to split off new races unless I couldn’t help it. I wanted some significant genetic distance between a group or ethny before I would split them off. Hence, I lumped most Europeans into a single race because there isn’t much genetic distance between them. I am wondering if the author has any genetic data to back up splitting many of these groups into different races, because I only split based on hard genetic data.

At the end, I think we have two different schemes here. One is dividing races based on hard genetics and the other is splitting racers and also ethnies on the basis of partly genetics but also subjective factors. On the other hand, there probably is not much genetic data on the various different Mexican mestizos and Whites.

All in all, a very commendable piece, the fruit of long research. By the way, the photos are excellent. Make sure to check them out.


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Nigger Genes Ruined Portugal

So say the moron commenters on this article at American Renaissance.

That Portugal suffered some dysgenic effect due to allowing substantial Black genes into a White country has long been a trope of the worst of the White nationalists. This story was spread widely around the South during the Civil Rights era to warn of the dangers of breeding with Blacks.

True, Portugal has some problems. Just 28% of the Portuguese population between 25 and 64 has completed high school. The figure is 85% in Germany, 91% in the Czech Republic and 89% in the U.S. The government is just now mandating 12 years of school. As is, you can leave school at grade nine, and many do.

Portugal also has a serious debt crisis. It’s the poorest country in Western Europe, but that’s long been the case. Anyway, one country has to be poorest, right? Everyone can’t win the race.

Much is made of the Portuguese IQ. However, at 94, it seems high enough.

The “nigger genes” argument is particularly ugly, and is one reason that I regard WN’s as revolting human beings. Supposedly, Portugal imported some Black genes centuries ago during colonialism, I would assume particularly from Brazil.

There is a serious problem with this line. Portugal only has about 3% Black genes. It’s true that there is more in the South, where figures can range up to 6-7%. But that is still not very high. Surely allowing the ingress of 3% Black genes into a White population is not enough to destroy the country! That’s ridiculous.


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Racial Decline Did Not Cause the Decline of Egypt

Shawn, a White nationalist, says:

Did you know that intermixing caused the fall of Egypt, too? I just got back from Egypt recently. I was there Jan 13-24, just before the revolution. The first Dynasties had pharaohs that were White. Ramses II, for example, had red hair and a projecting nose. Later dynasties were shaped by racial mixing which lead to their lack of development over time.

This is probably one of the ugliest White nationalist lies out there. It holds that “race-mixing” of Whites with non-Whites (Blacks) caused the decline of the Egyptian empire. There’s apparently nothing to it. The ancient Egyptians were not “Whites,” they were just Egyptians.

The genes of the ancient Egyptians look remarkably similar to the genes of modern Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians were said to be about 91% Caucasian and 9% Black, and modern Egyptians are approximately the same. Nubians of the South are Blacker, but that was always a separate kingdom anyway.

There is no evidence for long, slow decline of the Pharaohs. The Empire did spectacularly well for millenia. At the very end, things started to go downhill, but shortly before, they had been ruled by some very White Greek peoples in the form of Macedonians. As the empire was falling apart, its decrepit nature allowed it to be invaded by Blacks from Nubia, and there were some Black rulers of the declining empire there at the end. The invading Blacks did not cause the collapse of the empire either, another common WN line, instead, they were symptomatic of it’s collapse, which was indigenous and not related to invasions.

Sure, ancient Egyptians looked a bit different from modern ones, but they were not exactly “Whites.” They were olive-skinned Arabid-Berberid types.

Racial and genetic continuity from ancient times to the present among Egyptians is a constant theme in such research; it’s not even controversial anymore. I guess WN’s never got the memo.

WN’s also have some other lies about “race-mixing.” Supposedly, race mixing caused the ruin of India. There are lighter people in the North, probably recent immigrants, and darker Dravidian types in the South. Yes, they have mixed together, but there’s no evidence that such mixing caused racial degeneration of the people there. Keep in mind that mixing could just as easily raise the quality of a stock as lower it. Ask any animal breeder.

Another lie concerns Portugal. Supposedly, Portugal was a great White country for many centuries and a major colonial power. At some point, they done important some niggers, and the niggers bred in with the wonderful Lusitanians and degenerated them. What followed was the degeneration of Portugal’s status as a great power.

First of all, Portuguese only have about 4% Black genes. That’s not enough to do much to the stock racially good or bad. Second, those genes go back to a very long time ago, probably to the time of the Moorish invasion in the 700’s. Third, there’s no evidence that Portugal’s relative decline as a colonial power was caused by race.

Most colonial powers declined after time. Spain handed the ball England after the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Britain ruled the high seas until they were supplanted as a power by the Nazis military, in particular, their Air Force. Empires rise and fall as regularly as the sun does. That’s not news to anyone.



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