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Why Do Alt-Right Antisemites Love Super-Jew Donald Trump, the Jewiest Gentile of Them All?

Trump is the worst neocon president that has ever lived. No President has ever been closer to Israel and no President has ever been as “Jewish” as Donald Trump. Everything about Trump screams the sleazy, debased, aggressive, lying, cheating and stealing culture that the Jews have created in New York. If you want to know why New Yorkers are so loud, brash, rude, arrogant, unpleasant and greedy then look no further than the fact that New York has the largest Jewish culture outside of Israel.

New York is about a lot of ethnicities, but to say it is not Jewish is not correct at all. Nevertheless, it is as Italian, Irish and now Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Black as it is Jewish and most of these ethnicities have damaged New York as much as the Jews if not more so. Further, most of them have adopted their own loud, brash, in your face culture which is also particular to Africanized or better yet Arabized Sicilians who form the base of New York Italian culture.

And I assure you that the Catholic Italians/Irish and the Jews hate each other, but it’s not because one group is crooked and the other is not. More precisely, it is that they are all three crooks and this is a case of nearly organized crime level ethnic criminal groups (almost gangs) or competition among criminal groups. There are no good guys in New York. Anyone with a shred of decency left that charnelhouse some time ago.

Considering that Trump has now made Israel nearly the official 51st state of Israel (it was de facto before and it is de jure now) and the fact that he out-Jews 90% of Jews (and not in a good way – put a skullcap on Trump and this lying, cheating, conspiring, swindling schemer would be quite at home in either The Protocols or Der Strumer) – one is mystified by the Alt Right’s support of this ultra-Jew called Donald Trump?

Does the Alt Right hate Jews? If so, why support the Jewiest Gentile around, Donald Trump?

Does the Alt Right love Jews? Well, that explains the Trump love but not their anti-Semitism.

Is Trump one of the good Jews and the rest part of the rat Jews? Hardly. If Trump converted tomorrow, millions of Jews would wring their hands and rue the day. “This is not a good day for the Jews!” They would cry.

It’s hard to understand why the fanatical anti-Semites on the Alt Right love this super-Jew Trump so much. I just don’t get it.


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No Way Are Italians As Bad As Blacks

I know I am a biased German-American from the US/Canadian border but the Romans described your own Scottish ancestors (If you are that writer from Central West Virginia) and the Jewish tribes (Zealots) and everyone outside of Rome the same way.

Now today if you were to compare North New Jersey with say, Minneapolis (German/Nordic) or Central West Virginia, which area has the most homicides/disappearances with presumed homicides of known “wiseguys”, corrupted public officials, governors under taxpayer lifetime protection because they “took down” a “crew”?

White people always say thing like White trash is worse than Ghetto Blacks or Italians are as bad as Ghetto Blacks, but it’s never true. Mostly these are nervous White liberals who are saying these things in a desperate attempt to not be racist. That is laudable, and I understand the noble motivation. But it’s just not true.

There is no way on Earth that Italians are as bad as Blacks. What’s the Italian homicide rate? What’s the violent crime rate? What about all the other rates of lousy things? There’s no comparison. Black homicide and violence and crime in general is far worse than Italians. I doubt if the Italian ethnic group has a homicide or violent crime rate much above ordinary US Whites.

Ever heard anyone say they are moving out of a neighborhood because too many Italians are moving in?

The schools are going downhill because there’s too many Italian students now?

Just give it up, man.

There’s no need to cover for the Black race, The statistics speak for themselves. Of course, many Blacks are not a part of that mess in the slightest, but that does not mean that the race as a group performs very poorly on so many variables. Why cover for bad Black behavior? It’s on them. They own their behavior. They need to answer for it.

I would love to live in a city full of Italians. I would not even mind if the Mafia were present. What’s going to happen? Is the Mafia going to kill me?

On the other hand, do I want to live in a city full of Blacks? Are you nuts?

Let me give you an example. This city here used to be a majority White city, and the Whites were mostly Italians. So you could say that this was in effect a basically Italian city as they were the major group here major ethnic group here. It has since transitioned from a White/Italian city to an Hispanic/Mexican city. The transition has been noticeable for anyone with eyes.

Everybody says this city was far better back in the White/Italian days. No sane person says it is better now because objectively, it’s just not. I have said this before but I will say it again. When a locale goes White -> Hispanic, it’s pretty much a downgrade. I would live to see one city in this land where a city went White -> Hispanic and the result was an upgrade over the White version. Hispanic downgrades are rather moderate, and you can still live there. White -> Black downgrades of cities are so extreme that you don’t even want to live there. I sure wouldn’t.

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Political Lean of Ethnic Whites in the US

Italian-Americans tend to lean Republican nowadays. So do French-Americans, Greek Americans, and Irish-Americans for that matter. Polish-Americans are 50-50, but they went for Trump. Greeks, Italians, Poles and the Irish were Democrats for a very long time in this country. I don’t have figures on any other groups.

Frankly, most if not all White ethnicities have been voting Republican for some time now in the US. This has been happening ever since the Reagan Democrats.


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Columbus Day: You Got a Problem?

Well, which is it? It was Columbus Day until we found out how terribly this first of the invaders treated the Indians. And he did treat them badly. Well, it is mostly his men, but he stood by, watched and let them do it. Check out Bartolomeo de Casas, if you can stomach it. Nasty stuff.

And so the proposal is to change the name of the holiday from Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.

How do the people feel about this change? Well let’s do a survey of some typical men on the street so we can see how they feel about the proposed changes.


“Uh. The name of the holiday is Columbus Day, punks! Columbus Day, you hear me? Columbus Day! You got a problem wit dat? Huh? Answer me punk!”


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Peter Frost Discusses My Work


Peter Frost is an excellent race realist anthropologist. I think he is a working academic. He is as smart as the Devil. Brilliant man.

This is my post that he critiques.

Lindsay, R. (2010). The Head Size/IQ/Race Trainwreck, March 11

He sort of handwaves it away, but I think I am onto something.

I noticed certain things. First of all, Amerindian IQ is generally set at 87 all up and down the Americas. Yet their head sizes are all over the place, from large to small. OK, their heads range from large to small, but their IQ’s are all the same? Something wrong with the theory.

Here is his quote. My work is in italics below:

There has not been much comment on the Beals, Smith, and Dodd (1984) article. The most substantive one seems to be a blog post by Robert Lindsay (2010) who calls their map a “train wreck” for claims that cranial capacity correlates with IQ:

White racists like to make a big deal about the supposed correlation between head size and intelligence and race. A nice little chart showing the basically dishonest portrayal they attempt based on cherry-picking data is below.

Methinks that Lindsay takes the fine details on that map a bit too seriously. Many of the details are simply creative extrapolation and infilling; otherwise, the map roughly corresponds with world distribution of mean IQ. Furthermore, no one is claiming that cranial capacity is the only determinant of IQ. There are undoubtedly many others: cortical surface area, myelinization of nerve fibers, relative importance of domain-general thinking, etc.

But he does make a good point about the Amerindian data.

As you can see, in the Americas, there is no good evidence whatsoever for head size and IQ. I am not aware that Amerindian IQ varies in the Americas. The average is apparently 87 across the continent. If anyone can show me that it varies by latitude, please do.

Agreed. No one can, for now. But a hypothesis is not false because no one has bothered to test it.


But there are quite a few other holes in this theory. South Indians and Vietnamese have the same sized heads. South Indian IQ = 82, and Vietnamese IQ = 99. How does that work? Heads the same size and one SD difference in IQ? What?

Ugandans/ Kenyans and Italians have the same sized heads. Ugandans and Kenyans have the largest heads in Africa. Now that I think about it, Masai heads do look quite large. Ugandan/Kenyan IQ = 68, and Italian IQ = 103. OK, now we have heads of the same size and a 35 point or over 2 SD difference in IQ? Huh? I suppose you can argue that Ugandans have huge heads but there’s not a lot inside of them except maybe air. Or you can argue that the Ugandan brains are not very specialized, and Italians have much more specialized brains. I suspect this may be the case with Vietnamese too.

After all, you can have a huge car that is junk and a smaller car that is one of the finest on Earth. It’s all down to the specialization and micro-detail. And I suspect it’s not just head size alone. We know full well that certain more modern parts of the brain are correlated much more with advanced thinking than other parts of the brain are. The prefrontal cortex is one of those – it hardly exists in apes, but it’s full blown in man. And there are structures within the PFC than are even more specialized than the PFC itself. Maybe it’s not the size of the brain but the type and quality of the machinery inside of it?

This becomes quite clear when we notice that Eskimos have the biggest heads of all, yet their IQ is only 91, just above the world average of 89. 91 is not a bad IQ, but one would expect more from the people with the biggest heads on Earth, no? Usually the explanation is that a huge portion of the Eskimo brain has gone over to visuospatial, which is actually proven in experiments that show how Eskimos can find their way even in the most confusing wind, snow and ice-filled landscapes.

Aborigines also have superb visuospatial skills, some of the finest of all mankind. They got this from having evolved in the trackless desert that in terms of familiar objects and markers is probably not a whole lot different from the Arctic. So if you have a huge brain but a lot of that larger size is gone over to something like visuospatial, then that won’t do a lot for your IQ.

On the other hand, there goes your theory! We are already finding exceptions and handwaving them away.

Nevertheless, I think that the theory is good in sort of a broad and general way, possibly with a number of exceptions. The exceptions may be down to some large brains having huge areas gone over to certain specialized things that don’t do much for IQ and some small brains possibly being as good as large ones in that perhaps they are very specialized or have a lot of micro-machinery of very good quality in their heads.

All in all, not a bad theory, but beware of the exceptions minefield.


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Caucasian Pride Worldwide

Another William Playfair Web writes: Robert –

You believe in Caucasian pride more than what is culturally regarded as “White” pride, do you not?

Actually I do! I do not understand White nationalists who go on and on about who is really White. Jews aren’t White? Spaniards, Greeks, Portuguese and Italians aren’t White? Albanians and Turks aren’t White? White Berbers aren’t White? White Egyptians aren’t White? Arabs aren’t White? Georgians, Armenians, Azeris and the Caucasus people aren’t White? Kurds aren’t White? Iranians aren’t White? Afghans aren’t White? Pakistanis aren’t White? North Indians aren’t White? You sure could have fooled me because they sure look White to me all right!

When I think of White, I think of my basic Caucasoid stock. When I go to the stores around here and see Punjabi Indians, Punjabi Pakistanis and Yemeni Arabs, my first thought is, “This is a member of my family!” That’s because they look like I do. And I believe they may think and behave like I do too, if you want to break the races down into Asians, Caucasians and Blacks.

I do not understand why White nationalists hate those people and say they are not related to them. Those off-Whites look like me! How can I hate someone who looks like me? I can’t. If you look like me, the way I see it is you are a member of my family, and I really feel a sense of joy when I meet members of my racial family out and about…because…it’s like meeting family!

Now granted some Arabs and Berbers are too Black to be considered White. Prince Bandar is simply not a White man. I do not know what he is. Possibly he is a mulatto. A lot of Egyptians seem to be broadly White. We had some Egyptians running a gas station near where I used to live, and I came to know them very well. The guy who ran it was simply a White man, straight up. His sons were just White guys, though their skin was rather dark.

Granted, there are some Afghans who may be too Asian to be White, but most Afghans just look like Whites to me. Surely there are some Pakistanis who are just too…something else…to be considered White, but once again, most Pakistanis just look like regular Whites to me. And the people of North India are surely White. A few North Indians are too Australoid to be White.

As far as the rest of India, you have to look at the person to see if you would classify them as “basically White” or “too Australoid to be White. I don’t give a hoot about skin color. Why should I? If some guy looks exactly like I do in terms of phenotype except that his skin is much browner than mine, why should I hate him? And why should I say he is not a part of my family? If you have a face that looks like mine, you are part of my family, no matter what color your skin is.


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Bitch World Tour

SHI writes:

It’s extremely common for British and Scandinavian bitches (especially Sweden and Denmark) to suffer from entitlement mentality, feminazi mindset, support for emasculation of men, heartless cruel behavior, lack of human warmth, betrayal and cheating in relationships. These are the ones that are 100% likely to act bitchy in a nightclub especially because you gave them the wrong look and don’t have enough money. Their expectations from men are unreal and according to them, there’s not a single man worthy enough to touch the ground they walk on. They’re all gold-diggers or rich wannabes and it’s their worst behavior which is copied by other cultures – they’re like a bad infection that has spread in every other country. Ever wondered why Englishmen are always found drunk at the pubs and suicide is highest in Sweden. It’s a lack of love and basic human intimacy which we take for granted in other cultures. It’s not wrong for women to pose a challenge to men but acting with wanton cruelty is just vile.

Englishwomen and Scandinavians are bad to the bone. These creatures are deluded enough to believe that they are the best any man can get and will act whatever way they please with no consequence. It’s simply not true, there are hundreds of millions of good choices to make.

For example, French and Italian women are an absolute delight. They take care of themselves, can act bitchy but in a feminine and demure way which only increases their appeal to men. They aren’t nearly as manipulative and filled with hate.

German women are a mixed bag and can be a bit on the masculine side. What separates them from the Brits is their unrelenting honesty and realistic expectation from men. Also they’re a lot more approachable in any situation.

Spaniard and South American girls are absolutely down-to-earth and like their French and Italian counterparts, absolutely great for casual flirting and even serious relationships. They’re playful, flirtatious, won’t make you feel bad even if you don’t have enough money and will call back if they like you. Absolutely no pretensions. Latin women are least likely to be gold-diggers.

Russian, Ukrainian and other Eastern European women are gold-diggers universally except their expectations are more reasonable compared to the English. Also they can make a man feel real good in their presence.

What do you think, guys?

I will admit that Latin American women are great in general, except that they have this machista/machisimo expectation that a lot of us won’t be able to live up to. I have had some good luck with Russian women. I never knew any Ukrainian or East European women except a Polish-American girl whose people had been here a while. She was really cool and so was her Mom. Of the Spaniards, Italians and Frenchwomen, I have only dated Frenchwomen. They can be charming, but I had a French girlfriend who was twice my age as a young man (I was 21, she was 37) and she turned into a Hellacious ballbreaking bitch. But other Frenchwomen can be quite sweet.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Italian women, only friendship, but they are very feminine. The men run the show over there, and the women are resigned to that. Upper-class Spanish women are complete bitches. I have known some German women but not really dated them. They can be a bit masculine, but really most of them are just regular women deep down inside. I have no experience with Scandinavian women except Americans. I knew a Finnish-American whose people had been here a while. She was great and a total beauty. I also knew a Swedish-American “Black Swede” whose people had been here a long time. She was nice when I met her but then she stood me up for a date.

I have had mixed experiences with British women but overall pretty good. I haven’t run into the entitled mindset.


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The Worst Way to Insult a Sicilian

I have a friend in Italy. He lives in Trieste, which is really another country and not really Italy at all anymore. More like the old Austro-Hungarian empire. He has blue eyes and blond hair and he is incredibly educated as many Europeans are.

He told me that the worst way to insult a Sicilian is to call him negri. Negri means Black. Negri is masculine plural of the noun black in Italian. When you say that, you are saying in essence, You Sicilian guys are a bunch of niggers. You just called him a nigger. It is true that Sicilians may well have some Black genes in them, mostly from Arabs I assume, but they sure do not want to admit it. And even in the studies that show they are there, Black genes account for only ~5% of Sicilian blood. No doubt Arab genes are much higher.

My friend said, “Oh! Sicilians! If you call them negri, they give you the knife!”

As you can see in this great clip from Tarantino’s True Romance. I have never seen the movie, but it looks great, and Tarantino is God.

Christopher Walken and the always great Dennis Hopper shine in this great scene.

PS Moolee is Italian for eggplant, and in Sicilian, the word is used to denote the color of Black people. So you can see the Hopper character knows a bit of Italian. 😉

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The Hmong IQ Revisited

Repost from the old site.

I made an error in a prior calculation of the Hmong IQ on this blog. It was pretty easy to do. If you look at this link, it seems to be a link describing a study on Hmong students that came up with an IQ of 96.44. But I just went back and looked at it again and the site actually references two separate studies both measuring the same thing – the correlation between the K-BIT and WISC intelligence tests.

One study used students in Florida and came up with the 96.44 IQ score. Another study with a similar title was referenced at the bottom and discussed Hmong students. I did not understand that two separate studies were being referred to here. Here is the link if you want to see how I made the error.

Anyway, I just chased down the real Hmong study and it found an IQ of 82.15 for Hmong 9-year old immigrants in the US. That strikes me as way too low, but that is all we have to go by now. There was an extreme divergence between Performance = 95 and Verbal =74 (!) IQ scores. The verbal score strikes me as far too low, and indicates that the students may have had a hard time with the English language.

I have spent quite a bit of time working with Hmong adults of various ages in Fresno, and my impression was that they are not stupid at all. In fact, I felt that they were some of the more intelligent of the SE Asians. A friend of the family in Davis, California has worked a lot with the Mien, a group that is probably very closely related to the Hmong. The children live amongst incredible deprivation there but are often star students.

I feel that as the Hmong stay in the US longer, their IQ scores are sure to rise.

A similar thing occurred with Italians in the US. Around 1920, Italians were scoring about 77-78 on IQ tests and exhibited considerable social pathology such as high crime rates, school failure, gang membership, etc. Much ink was expended on the genetic unfitness of Southern Europeans in general and Italians in particular. These popular attitudes were an impetus for the 1924 Immigration Act that limited immigration from Southern Europe.

Anyone who has spent a lot of time around Italian-Americans these days knows that none of these things are true anymore. Although studies are lacking, it appears that Italian-Americans score around the US White average of 100. In Europe, Italians are one of the highest-scoring groups on the continent.

The paper on the Hmong IQ (the only study of the Hmong IQ ever done, to my knowledge) is here. Prior posts referencing the incorrect score have been revised accordingly.


Smith, Douglas K., Wessels, Richard A., Riebel, Emily M. August 1997. Use of the WISC-III and K-BIT with Hmong Students. School Psychology Training Program University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

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Waltham, Massachusetts

Repost from the old site.

Let us journey to Waltham, Massachusetts, home of the acclaimed Jewish Brandeis University. The population is 84% White, 9% Hispanic, 4% Black and 3% mixed race.

That’s not really remarkable, and personally, I would prefer to live in a mostly-White town for one main reason.

For, though it’s boring (repressed Whites are uptight, intolerant and dull), the cops are terrible because they have nothing to do (so they just harass people they don’t like) and the residents call the cops way too much (because there is no crime, so they call the cops for no reason), it’s better than living in the “Hood” with “niggas” of various races.

Despite the lunatic theories of White Nationalists that White people have some sort of inbred goodness, decency, law-abidingness and “altruism” about them, the record is quite a bit more dubious.

In the 1300’s in the UK, Steven Pinker notes that the homicide rate was about 50 times what it is today. Those were White folks doing all that killing, and that puts even East St. Louis, Philadelphia and New Orleans to shame.

The US homicide rate from 1910-1930 was about as high or higher than the sky-high rates that occurred when “US society broke down” after the counterculture, liberalism and civil rights unleashed Blacks, and uncivilized behavior in general, on peaceable White folks, according to the White Nationalist narrative.

Most of this crime was being committed, curiously enough, by White folks. One wonders how it is that “society broke down” from 1910-1930 during Mighty Whitey Paradise.

As you can see, the golden days of yore were not always so golden. Sure, the exams to graduate from high school were hard, but only about 1% of the population graduated, and almost all of them were White.

Blacks reeled under Jim Crow segregation and terror and American Indians were not even citizens. Hispanics had their own brand of apartheid to deal with in the Southwest. Racial hatred of Chinese, of all races, was peaking.

It was fashionable to drive animals into extinction, and women could not even vote. The rich were rich and the poor were poor, and there was hardly a chance to move between the two groups, such was US caste-ism. A real and true US imperialism, complete with colonies and the whole nine yards, was all the rage. Such is the wonderful world that the White Nationalists wish to recreate.

I recently read an online series about Five Corners, a neighborhood in New York in the 1800’s. Filled with Irishmen and a fair number of Blacks, it resembled in most ways our seething Underclass ghettos of today. Prostitution, pimping, drunkenness, unemployment, constant fighting, killing and thievery, vast numbers of humans packed into modest structures, no public services at all, such was our budding democracy.

The court dockets were filled with one White man after another going down big time for this or that petty crime. The names were all Irish. The Irish were for all practical purposes a criminalized race. Many if not most young Irish males could look forward to jail or prison. Irish and later Italian and Jewish street gangs terrorized the streets in a similar way to the Black and Brown idiots of today.

The Irish did have strong families somehow through all this mess, and they did have their religion. After decades of Underclassness, they slowly graduated to become just another non-problematic ethnic component of White America.

Around the same time, something funny happened in California. Gold was discovered. From all over the world, people came, almost all single men. From Polynesia, India, Latin America, China, Mexico and all over the US, young men came to make their fortune. They failed to bring any women with them. Mining camps composed of single men sprung up all over California. And a funny thing happened.

The crime rate went through the roof. Newly-found riches, lack of effective police force, dearth of the civilizing and male-controlling influence of women, and most especially the mere presence of so many single males in one place, made the crime rate go nuts, in particular the homicide rate.

Most of the criminals were White. Eventually, the law came and soon men were hung every week, to set an example and deter future offenses. Wild crowds gathered to watch the hangings, then went right back to the camps to drink, gamble, fight, whoremonger, steal and kill.

Alarmed by the mass degeneracy, preachers descended on the camps. Religion became wildly popular, and men crowded the sermons on every Sunday. Afterwards, they went back to their camps and the crime wave started anew.

After a while, more and more women started filtering into the scene and the Gold Rush itself started dying down. As men married and the state settled in, the crime rate went down. But never has the crime rate been so high in the US as in California during the Gold Rush. It makes the killing fields of the US streets in the 80’s and 90’s look like a picnic.

From the Gold Rush crime wave, we learn an important lesson: that of civilizing males via marriage. Every society has promoted marriage, for good reason.

Men, left unmarried, eat poorly, drink, take drugs, gamble, blow money, are promiscuous or whore around, refuse to take care of their health, and steal from, fight and especially kill each other. In other words, single males are bad for society, especially in large numbers.

Males in general are incapable of being both civilized and single, and a wife is necessary to tame the male beast. This is the rationale behind the often-harsh promotion of marriage by many societies: single guys are bad news. Working civilization is hardly possible unless most males marry.

And I say this as a lifelong heterosexual bachelor.

In the 1930’s, once again the US crime rate exploded, especially the homicide rate. It’s hard to say who was doing the killing, as we don’t have a lot of data about the era. But people felt safe: my mother’s family used to serve dinners to homeless men (all White) who came around to the back porch most nights. The were always nice and nothing bad ever happened. Can you imagine anyone doing that today?

Yet the homicide rate in the 1930’s was high all through the Depression – as high or higher than the nastiest years of 1970-1995. Probably just a case of a lot of poor White men killing each other for stupid reasons.

There was probably a lot of gangland homicide too – the murder rate had been very high all through those Roaring 20’s we were taught to adore (though only the richest 20% of the nation made money and had a roaring time, and the bottom 80% got royally screwed).

What does all this tell us? That White folks, obviously capable of tons of Organized Violence (war) are also capable of tons of Disorganized Violence (crime). There is no White gene for altruism or law-abidingness, helping little old ladies across the street, buying Girl Scout cookies, or any of that crap. True, US Whites are relatively law-abiding today, but they can turn Underclass in a New York minute.

And what does this long excursion tell us about Waltham, Massachusetts? Well, let us click the link. Note that the city is 84% White. Making up only 9% of the population, Hispanics are a full 62% of the wanted criminals in town. Blacks, only 4% of the population, make up 25% of the wanted criminals. Whites, with 84% of the population, make up only 8% of the wanted criminals.

Blacks are 65 TIMES more likely to be a wanted criminal in this town than Whites. Hispanics, almost all of whom are Guatemalans (I assure you that 85% of them, minimum, are illegal aliens), are 72 TIMES more likely to be a wanted criminal in this town that Whites are.

People wonder about White Flight and White opposition to illegal immigration,or even White Nationalist opposition to resettling Black African refugees in the US. Those figures speak for themselves. This is what White Rage is all about – crime. Forget racism and all that.

We can go on and on about all the law-abiding Hispanics (even illegals) and Blacks. Lord knows I’ve met enough of them in my time (I taught in LA schools for years, including Compton). But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that most Blacks or Hispanics are ok or even morally exceptional. Like apples in a bag, it only takes a certain number to spoil the bunch.

And as long as Hispanics and Blacks will tend to have more gang-members, graffiti-sprayers and criminals than Whites, Whites are going to run away.

We can also go on about whether these varying crime rates are due to genes, culture, poverty, racism or this or that. When it comes down to brass tacks, none of this ivory tower stuff matters.

Genes, environment, culture and all sorts of other variables combine to create phenotype. Phenotype is what you see when you look at culture from afar, as if in a telescope. Some combination of genes and environment, ranging from 0% to 100% for each, combines to produce phenotype. But leave the number-crunching to the eggheads.

The only important variable is that US Blacks and Hispanics (mostly poor Blacks and Hispanics) have a phenotype that has a crime rate that is vastly higher than US Whites. The difference is explained completely by neither poverty nor racism, not that it matters anyway. All that matters are raw numbers, and those numbers make White folks run.

I am convinced that in the US today, most other races also with to live around Whites. Most Blacks, when interviewed, say they want to live in a “diverse” neighborhood – in other words, not a Black one. In California we are starting to see Hispanics fleeing Hispanic-wrecked cities for White small towns – I know this because I have met some of these fleeing Hispanics engaging in “Hispanic flight”.

A low crime rate is appealing to law-abiding folks of all races.

My grandparents lived in South Los Angeles, near Westchester. It was a very nice neighborhood with low crime, on 77th Street. At some point in the 1960’s, the first Black family moved in. Instead of being a tragedy, it was a reason to throw a party. The woman was a schoolteacher, the man was a janitor and the kids were wonderful. My grandma adored the two boys and practically adopted them.

Slowly, more and more Blacks moved in and the neighborhood characteristically declined, as it so typically does. At some point, these places hit something called “critical mass” where Black culture takes over, White flight accelerates, and the road to ruin gets paved. Sometime around then, that wonderful Black couple decided to move.

When asked why he was moving, the man gritted his teeth and looked at the ground. The neighborhood had become “too Black”, with all the attendant baggage that often carries, and he couldn’t take it anymore. The couple packed for new pastures, probably Whiter pastures, and became participants in the Black corollary of White Flight – Black Flight.

I wish I could offer you solutions, but that is not the way of this blog. I toss out thorny problems, throw the whole barbed wire mess into your lap and tell you to figure it out if you wish or can. For today, let us call it an early Christmas present. Further, we hope to explicate thorny and confusing matters with some clear light and pour scorn on idiotic theories and viewpoints.

But the truth is, Presidential debates notwithstanding, there really are no solutions for most of the problems facing man or society. There are only ameliorizations, exacerbations or recrudescences.


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