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Black Americans – The Highest Achieving Black Group in Recent History

Chinedu writes:

Poor Whites are still White. And Blacks from upper-middle class environments are not immune from all the debilitating effects of being Black in America. I know this from personal experience. Some can rise above it, some can’t.

Here’s a natural experiment that will clear this up for you if, indeed, you’re looking for the truth. Compare the test scores of upper middle class Nigerian Americans (born in the USA) to those of poor Whites. If HBD is correct we should see the same pattern. If HBD is incorrect, we won’t.

If these upper class African immigrants in the US are such wonderful people as Chinedu says hey are, then why can’t they fix up their own countries? Chinedu goes on and on about how wonderful Africans are; it’s the African-Americans who are screwed up. Well, be that as it may, perhaps it is true. But if Africans are so much more high achieving that Af-Ams, then why is Africa such an nonredeemable, horrific end of the world shithole?

Compared to Africa, I would say that US Blacks have done quite well for themselves. I had the TV on last night, and there was one very highly intelligent, US Black after another, an endless stream of them. TV anchors, surgeons, medical school professors, journalists, actors, scholars, I mean it went on and on.

I took a friend to court last fall, and there were two Black women there. I thought they were clerks! No doubt due to my subconscious racism – Blacks are sort of dumb, so those women must be clerks – how could they be anything else? Well one of those women turned out to be my friend’s attorney, the Public Defender. The other Black woman was interning in the Public Defender’s office. They had both graduated from Law School and passed the bar! And I saw a Black male attorney in there on that same day.

Sure, US Blacks are screwing up big time, but there is a significant sector of them who are really kicking ass in the US, making good money at prestigious jobs.

And contrary to this racism crap you hear all the time, most governments at any level, most universities, and many large corporations are chomping at the bit salivating for high achieving, well-behaved Blacks. The universities want them in their schools, the governments want them to fill their “goals,” and the corporations often have not only goals but virtually AA quotas (though not defined as such). The demand for high achieving well-behaved Blacks far exceeds the supply.

So in this sense, I believe that US Blacks are actually the most successful Black population on Earth. Now maybe that’s not saying much – look at the competition. Well, ok. But still it is saying something. In spite of Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore, there is another story – the story of the highest achieving Black population in recent history.


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“Black Women and Beauty,” by Phil

This article shall partake in an investigation of “attractive traits” with females of West African extraction in terms of their effects with regard to appearance, along with a discussion of their development. Such an endeavor is undertaken due to Satoshi Kanazawa’s controversial work in analyzing differences in perceived beauty among races.

Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?

In my honest opinion, this was something that I had trouble going through when thinking of women. I mean sure, I could think of attractive black women but typically they were mixed noticeably.

However, it wasn’t until I read and saw pictures of Native African women that I noticed four appealing physical aspects of African women.


1. Eye Shape – Defining eye shape of Blacks is sort of weird, for there are various caricatures. The type encompasses the big “wide eyes”, “sad eyes” (almost like triangles, giving a sad look to them), small slits, etc. The big eyes I find to be more common in deeper jungle Blacks, I believe, sad eyes and slits to those that came from the desert. Medium/almond eyes, that are sometimes considered “pseudo Asian” eyes on black women, were among the one I found rather appealing.

2. Lips – While “Big lips” are sometimes seen as unattractive as opposed to small or lips that are just full, depending on the actually shape of the lips themselves they look nice as well. The thing is though is that they are less of a sexual appeal of beauty and just more of a comely feature when they are big but well shaped.

3. Contrast of features against skin – In the case of having attractive features they become more pronounced. Not a huge necessity for standard beauty, but a nice trait at least – though its effect depends on the presence of pre-existing features. The trend was present, although further examining led me to conclude it wasn’t that uncommon.

4. The fourth one has at first a bit of a dubious nature to it. Basically it deals with cases where typically discouraged traits like prognathism and prominent cheek bones look good when coupled with a slimmer face, prominent chin, and not as exaggerated. Basically what this does is further draw attention to these features in an organized and pleasing composition. The issue is that I was unsure of how significantly “common” this trend was, though further examining led me to conclude it wasn’t that uncommon.

Here. This would be a decent example of what I’m talking about.

However, it’s time to get to cons.

1. Head shape – From what I read, at least for the average African American female, they tend to get a wider face. Personally, a face that’s more pointed or oval – that is, having a thinner lower face – is more attractive on women. In the case of Black women this is caused by the larger Jaws of Blacks generally, more prominent cheek bones, and emphasized with a narrower forehead amongst blacks. However, I believe this is more of a male trait than female.

2. Nose – Basically more angular noses are preferred but I think it is more of its relative size and how much the nostrils flare.

3. Body – Reading info from Steve Sailor, while Black men in America have narrower hips than Whites or Latinos, Black women have the widest waists of women and even wider waists than Black men.

This is basically due to a combination of earlier development of female fat distribution in females and Blacks being on average more impulsive, in this case particularly with food. In some African cultures it’s a sign of beauty. Often before marriage ceremonies the women go through a fattening period.


While many are probably familiar with European-mix progression, examples of African progression can be seen here amongst these Igbo women, an ethnic group of various looks.

Igbo Women

The two on the right and the second from the left are overall better looking than the one in the middle or on the left end (though the one in the middle is of course notably older). The causes are more noticeable in the one second from the left and the one on the far right, having less prominent cheek bones, more expressive eyes, and smaller lower lips. The eye traits are present in the one second from the right, though she has prominent cheekbones. This trait is complimented with a wider forehead and what I believed to be a more prominent chin.

More African women.

Compared to the one on the far left, the other two look more appealing due to having smaller jaws. But overall none look hideous, just more “ethnic looking” in which they have the traits to a noticeable but not to an exaggerated degree. All three, however, show the cheekbone trait (which I may add looks actually nice when coupled with a smaller jaw) but they seem to have “better” facial proportions where their faces don’t look unpleasingly wide. Their eye shapes seem to vary, too.

Ibo women.

The one on the far left shows African achievement of a face highly reduced of maxillary prognathism, while the one on the right shows one that is only partially reduced but is at a point that displays that unique “attractive” jutting I mentioned earlier. The one second from the right when compared to the one second from the left has wider (more almond) eyes and less prominent cheekbones, appearing more attractive due to a slimmer looking face and more expressive eyes. The one in the very middle is blurry but appears to resemble the type on the far right.

Young Ibo Women of Ibuza

Each of these girls, in my opinion, deviate a fair amount from typical vices due to the lower jaws with smaller lips and noses, though the one on the left seems to have a lower forehead (a vice that I forgot to add as well as possessing more slit eyes. The one on the right is quite the opposite, having quite a wider and higher forehead with bigger eyes.)

Igbo Women

This is a favorite of mine in which it shows a very good example of African progression that I speak of, being prognathism that is subtle and pronounces the fullness of the lips, not extending further than nose length, an overall smaller nose, what appear to be almond eyes, cheek bones that are showing but not overly prominent, with a forehead that is round.

The only concerning “flaw” it the forehead’s height but it’s not that big of a deal.


The one on the right has the smallest jaw, thinnest lower face, intermediate nose and eyes size, and least exaggerated cheekbones. Still, all are rather pretty in my opinion anyway.

Though we’ve seen many examples of well-formed faces, actual specimens of body shapes yield little variation (from what I could find) to offer in forms of images. Most were slim, lanky forms that, while not truly unpleasing in my opinion, I must admit I would be biased in saying that it wouldn’t have limited appeal. Among African-American women these forms seems occasional but not that common, at least to me. Thus, it is likely due to nutritional factors if not wholly due to admixture, for native Africans were often recorded to be vegetarians, meat being held more commonly as a luxury rather than a given.

However, I’m fortunately in possession of positive commentary of European comments on Gold Coast women of both the Fanti and Ashanti tribes.

“The women when young are ugly in face and beautiful in form, when old they are in both.” (This is likely due to R/K breeding, causing faster maturation and possible loss in the retaining of younger traits).

“In general appearance the Ashanti much resemble the Fanti though they are not perhaps so strongly built. They are however quite as good looking and according to Mr Bowdieh the women are handsomer than those of the Fanti.”

The Uncivilized Races of Men in All Countries of the World Volume 1. by J. G. Wood


Now that we are familiar with the identification of African progression of attractive female traits, what possible mechanisms in Africa caused the common (without influence of modern opinions) stereotype type to prevail?

Well, Satoshi, after ruling out BMI and intellect differences, claims testosterone differences. The reasoning behind this is due to his findings that, net of intelligence, Black men were rated higher than men of other races. This led him to suggest that difference in testosterone, which produces masculine features and being recorded to being highest in blacks, resulted in Black males deemed more attractive and females not.

I’m unsure of this inference, but it does draw attention to the stronger association between “beauty” and intellect in Black males compared to females. The topic between his research of beauty and intellect can be accessed here for others to discuss in the comments, for now I’m going into some knowledge of why the results are the way they are.

Beautiful People Really Are More Intelligent

One possible reason for these results is social roles in regards to sexual selection. From reading Among the Ibos by George Thomas Basden:

“In the majority of cases young man makes his own choice. He happens to a girl who attracts his attention and he immediately inquiries as to her parents and whether she be engaged or not. If she is free he endeavors to through her friends information concerning her in cooking trading and other useful and profitable accomplishments. He also inquires about her whether she be of good temper quiet industrious and so forth. Should these investigations prove satisfactory he lays his case before his parents or his friend for he cannot make the first advances personally.”

According to this, while initial notice (likely attraction) starts courtship, it is actual character that causes union to follow. Some HBD’rs claim that populations in Eurasia had a more directed course of selection, often described as self-domestication. It’s possible that in cases like here with some African tribes different standards in selection caused for different measures of association of intellect – for example, a proxy of character – that caused the weaker association in black women. It is worth mentioning, however, that based on Satoshi’s research that the correlation between attractiveness and intellect is higher in men than women by about 2.4 IQ points. I believe the association becomes stronger as a society develops. The Ashanti have often been commented to have a higher culture than Fanti, and the women of the Ashanti were commented to be more beautiful as well, though the margin between men was regarded as relatively smaller, with the Fanti males having a better build but the Ashanti being superior in facial features.

Regardless, I’m an amateur at best with the topic and I urge anyone else knowledgeable on the topic to share in the comment section.


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India Is Where Human Souls Go to Die; Nigeria Is Where They Go To Burn

Another William Playfair Web writes:

I’m skeptical that really any country other than the ones in East Asia have non-European cultures (Europe was all over)


those Nigerians, wow. Corruption out the wazoo.

They always say that African Blacks act a lot better now than they did when the first explorers showed up, but wow…no where to go but up, but still…I guess they were so low before that they were halfway to China, and now they are out of the molten core and only 1/4 way to China, so yes, that’s technically an improvement, and yet…

Living in Nigeria is like living in a country where lying, cheating and stealing is a way of life. Wait. It’s not like living in a country where lying, cheating and stealing is a way of life, it is living in a country where lying, cheating and stealing are a way of life.

But that’s India too. Or is it the Third World in general? Who knows?

My experience was that the criminality and otherwise base and sleazy nature of Southern Nigerians was off the chart. Keep in mind that we befriended many non-scammer Nigerians, ordinary Nigerians, regular people who joined our Yahoo group to “help fight the scammers.” And we had to throw most of them out of the group for trying to steal from us.

A lot of the “non-thieves” we kept in for some reason, but we had to throw almost all of them out too later on for marriage-scamming the White women.

We had group chats all the time, and the group was full of dating-age White women, a lot of whom looked halfway decent. We would have these group chats every night with me and a bunch of women and maybe one other guy. Mostly just me and a bunch of chicks. It was horrible! 😉

The Nigerians were always coming into the room and asking the White women for private chats, and when the women accepted the chat, the Nigerian would be there jerking his dick in the woman’s face. A lot of the women in our group were traumatized by this behavior, and we had to protect our women by throwing almost all of the rest of the Nigerians out of the group because they wouldn’t stop jacking off at the girls.

We also had some other Africans in the group, all West Africans from places like Ghana and Sierra Leone. They all tried to steal from us too, and we ended up also having to throw them out.

We had some US Blacks in our group, and their behavior was so much better than the Nigerians that it was almost like they were people from two different planets. And we think US Blacks act bad. You ain’t seen nothing yet. After putting up with these Nigerian Homo Erectuses for a while, I would almost prostrate myself on the floor in wild praises to God for giving us these Blacks that we have instead of those damned Nigerians. “Thank God for our great US Blacks!”

I figure US Blacks probably acted like these Nigerian subhumans when they came here 400 years ago. And now look at ’em. The reason they act so much better now is due to several hundred years of intense White Christian civilizing. That shows you the power of Culture, and it is why I always lose patience with hereditaritards.

White man’s burden FTW!

* Marriage scamming is what almost all Nigerian men do. They are all trying to marry a White woman in the West so they can get into the West on a marriage visa. They are all horrible husbands who, control, abuse, beat and live off their wives. They all refuse to work and instead stay home all day on the computer cooking up various scams or in other words trying to steal from Americans. That’s when they are not trolling dating sites trying to screw White women. They all cheat habitually and incessantly. Needless to say, the marriages don’t last long, but the guy has his marriage visa, so it’s all good.

Plus America just gained a useless, sociopathic African with a 70 IQ! Which I personally think is really cool for reparations for slavery and mostly just because diversity is our strength.


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Black Genes and Black People in North Africa and the Arab World

Another William Playfair Web writes: Well the Saudis had East African slaves, but that doesn’t mean your average Saudi really mixed with them. By that logic White-Americans would be mixed with West African.

A lot of Saudis have significant Black admixture. I believe that Saudis are 17% admixed with Black on average. I have seen photos of Saudi women and some of them were quite Black. But they also had straight hair and they were very beautiful which led me to think that they were Blacks with significant White admixture. Seriously, there are Black Saudi women who are some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen.

Prince Bandar is simply a mulatto, period. He is 1/2 Black. But no one cares too much about race in Saudi Arabia because most are so mixed. If you are a Saudi and practice Sunni Islam, hopefully Wahhabi Sunni Islam, you are simply a Saudi national, and no one has anything against you. There have been some jokes about Bandar along the lines that he is a Black or “slave.” Unfortunately the words for “Black” and “slave” are the same in Arabic. I believe that the word is abd.

However, US Blacks may very well not be accepted in parts of the region. In Iraq, the Iraqis objected very much being ruled over by US Black soldiers. Iraqis were quoted saying, “It’s so humiliating to be ruled by these Black soldiers.” That was actually an impetus for much of the insurgency right there. There are some pretty Black Iraqis down around Basra though.

The Gulf in general is heavily mixed with Blacks. The figures range from 8-21%. Kuwait is 8% and Yemen is 21%.

However, I am around quite a few Yemenis, and I haven’t met a Black one yet. To me, Yemenis are just White. They are part of my family. They look like me, and it seems that they think and act like me too. There are much more Black people in Yemen (Yemen is actually 40% Black), but they are treated much worse, and there is a lot of discrimination against them. However, the discrimination is on a relatively moderate level. I have seen photos of these Yemeni Blacks, and they look pretty admixed to me, more like Ethiopians or Somalis.

The UAE is 19% Black. Even Palestinians have some of Black in them. Lebanese are 2% Black. Egypt is more Black – 13% on average.

There are definitely White Egyptians. There are also a lot of mulatto Egyptians. I dated a mulatto Egyptian for a while in the US. She was extremely admixed to the point where she had those freckles you often see in some seriously mixed mulattos.

She told me that Egyptian society was not really racist, and in fact, Egyptian men felt that Black women were “hot” as in sexy and they were widely desired at least as mistresses if not as wives. In Egypt, the Whiter women are seen as colder and more “wife material.” A similar dynamic unfolds in Brazil where the hottest and sexiest women of all are seen as the mulattos. Down in the South of Egypt, things are surely much Black. But even down there, the Blacks look seriously admixed.

There are Blacks in Libya and Morocco at the very least, and across North Africa, people are on average 13% Black. I met a Moroccan woman who was White for sure, but her skin was quite brown. Clearly she had some Black admixture, but at low levels of Black admixture, the White phenotype is not much affected and the only Black you see if maybe darker skin and more Black looking hair.

Even at 1/3 Black, many humans still look shockingly White. Further, many mulattos are barely even classifiable in terms of race. These are the people that you look at and think, “What the Hell race is this person anyway!?” If you dare to ask them, you may find that they are pure mulatto. It is not unusual for pure mulatto women to be very beautiful.

In Libya, significant Black admixture is just normal but the result is more someone who looks like Ghaddafi, who was a White man with some Black admixture. Quite a few Libyans look much Whiter than Ghaddafi and it is not rare for them to be indistinguishable from Europeans. However, pure Africans are quite discriminated against in Libya.

I met a few Africans in Libya on the Net. They told me that they were mostly Nigerians and that there were many Nigerians in North Africa, especially in Libya and Egypt. They also told me that the Libyans hated them and discriminated against these Nigerians a lot, both on the basis of their being Christians and also that they were seen as “Blacks.” There were quite a few Blacks involved in the Libyan Civil War. I believe that they came from the south of Libya and some may have even been recent Sub Saharan immigrants. At any rate, most were fighting for Ghaddafi because Ghaddafi as a Pan Africanist had been very good for the Blacks of Libya.

If you get down towards the south of Algeria, the country gets pretty Black, but your average Algerian just looks like a White person from Europe. Many Moroccans look very White. I was friends with a Moroccan woman for a while, and she as simply a White woman. She could have been a Southern European without a problem. However they were defeated in battles around Misrata, many were taken prisoner and quite a few were just executed. There seemed to be a racial component to the mistreatment.

Black genes in the Arab World are a very sensitive. It is like it is ok to have some Black genes – maybe 1-21%, but at some point, you are just too Black, and you may run into problems. However, even purer Blacks, if they are indeed say native Moroccan Muslims, may be treated quite well. I knew a very African man from Benin who was staying in Morocco for a while, and he told me that the Moroccans treated him very well and did not discriminate against him for being Christian or Black at all. He was Catholic and he told me that the attended Catholic mass in Casablanca every week,and this was not a problem at all.

The Arab World and especially North Africa is quite familiar with Black people and Black genes. Nevertheless, the number of more or less pure Blacks in this region is not large. What is interesting is that the Blacks in North Africa and the Arab World do not behave significantly differently from the other North Africans or Arabs. I attribute this to the Superculture called Islam which significantly attenuates or even prevents many Black genetic tendencies from emerging.

It is important to note that in my HBD world, people are simply born with tendencies. These tendencies can either occur naturally or be highly magnified, but in some cases, a Superculture may suppress some genetic tendencies so much that they do not even emerge or emerge only in some attenuated fashion. This is why I am not a hereditarian or an environmentalist but I am a mixture of the two, and, sorry to insult anyone on here, but I consider both hereditarians and environmentalists to be complete idiots. The debate as degenerated badly into two opposing factions of serious idiocy with almost no one in the middle, as with so many idiotically polarized and politicized debates in the West.


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Niger Delta Beaters, Part 2: High and Dry, by Phil

This is Phil’s latest piece on the inhabitants of the Niger Delta in Nigeria. Enjoy.

Before we go into the main thesis of the article, some points should be about my previous article on this topic, particularly the lineages of some of the Igbos. The lineages of both the Aboh and the Onitsha, for example, show significant Bini heritage, as seen here.

Regarding the Qua:

That the Qua Eboe people are of Andony origin is well known among the natives of these parts, their forefathers having many years ago lived near the site of the town of Opobo, whence they were driven by my predecessor Opobo, the old King of Bonny. From constant intercourse with the Qua people proper, they have learned the language of that race, but they still talk the Andony language, which is unknown to the real Quas.

Until quite recently, they did not think of disowning my sovereignty but were on the most amicable terms with me and my people, with whom they had continual intercourse. As a further proof that my sovereignty was acknowledged in Qua Eboe, some years ago, I may call your special attention to the fact that when the late Mr. McEachen was trading there, he repeatedly offered to pay me money for all the oil that he bought in that river the same as if bought in Opobo.”

Parliamentary Papers, House of Commons and Command, Volume 74.

This could be the reason why there were varying forms of behavior observed by travelers.

However, this leads to an interesting development:

Mr. W. F. Daniell has given an account of the natives of Old Calabar. He regards them as of Eboe race but presenting some physical deviations which serve to distinguish them from other tribes of a similar derivation. He thinks that the climate of the healthier, more elevated sandstone region of Old Calabar has improved the race beyond the natives of the same origin living in the swamps and low lying ground of the Bonny and adjoining rivers.

The average male stature of the Old Calabar people varies from 5’6 to 5’10 and that of the females from 5 ft to 5’4. Although they possess in a more or less modified form a thick and massive cranium, narrow convex forehead, compressed lateral parietes of the skull, projecting jaw, and oblique contour of the visage, yet they partially lose the thick lips, flat nose, large protuberant eyes, high facial bones, and other facial peculiarities of the Krooman, the most pronounced type of the Negro. These statements of Mr. Daniell as to the cranial characters of these people are substantially confirmed by the examination of the skulls we have just described.

Journal of Physiology and Anatomy, Volume 3.

This shows the almost alarming precision of  the Igala of Nigeria.

First, we must get into the origins of the Igala.

While not exactly clear, it is clear from cultural and linguistic similarities that they are affiliated with the Yoruba people.

With further commentary in regards to physiology:

Many of the Yoruba people, like the Nufe and other countries, have handsome hands and feet, pleasing features, are well-developed and are altogether noble- looking men.

– Thomas Jefferson Bowen

This is due to the Yoruba being closer to the “Blacker” end of the extreme of a North African to Sub Saharan continuum in West Africa. However, in respect to the Igala, we can compare with the more Negroid Aboh, who descend from a branch of Bini people that possibly mixed with more southern tribes:

The natives of Aboh are comparatively tall for the Western region, well-made and muscular, but the hands .are large The most prevalent color of skin is yellowish or brownish black. The nose and expanded lips rather thick and without pleasing the outline observed in some Negroes. Their forehead is broad and less retreating than their more neighbors, the Eggarahs, but the maxillary are more prognathous or protruding and the angle consequently less favorable.

A Narrative of the Expedition of the River Niger, Volume 1. 1841.


Egga was the largest town yet seen. On the banks of the river, the population was reckoned at seven or eight thousand. The people were in general tall and well-made. The head, the countenance, and the lighter shade of the skin indicated an intermixture with the Negro race. Manufacturing clothes was found to be the principal occupation of people. There were no less than two hundred looms in various parts of the town.

The Memoirs of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton.

While intermixture could be possible to an extent in them, the forehead note shows that it likely it wouldn’t have been from the same source as the Edo Yoruba. While the Igala did eventually come under the Muslim influence of the Junkun, in the link talking of their origins, this Muslim influence was described as recent.

There’s is also this regarding their adherence to Islam:

“The Kingdom of the Attah is called Eggarah and also Igalla, the two names  being frequently interchanged with each other. The capital of Ochejih’s possessions is often called Addah, but the Rev. Mr. Schon, by whom this information came, says that the former names seem more correct. The population is 5,000. Some of the houses are built of bricks. The natives do not burn the bricks, instead they are merely dried in the sun.

The ground is under cultivation. The people seemed of a harmless character, and it is said that they never asked for rum. They all begged  me for paper so they could write on it. They were chiefly pagans, but no idols were up in the town, though it contained many other signs of paganism. The higher classes had embraced the Mahomedan religion, but they knew very little of it.”

United Service Magazine.

As well, see here:

The Attah of Eggarah appeared to have been much more intelligent and civilized than the Obi. A similar treaty was concluded with them.

Buxton’s Memoirs.

The comments regarding the chiefs would make more sense in two scenarios.

The first would be you start off with a Negroid race that became more orthagnous through locality.

The other would be would be one of a more developed tribe mixing with another, and while the commoners regress, the higher caste retains a purer bloodline, thus resulting in more of a dimorphism between the rulers and the people.

As well, here are the comments on the features of the locality believed to have an effect on the people:

The well-known effects of locality on the development of the human body receives a confirmation in the inhabitants of Iddah, where the greater altitude of the district and its superior dryness operate in their favour. The people are generally well-made and of middling stature. The features are more softened and rounded than the Ibus. The lips protrude, but are less thick, the forehead ample though retreating. Altogether they have a look of superior intelligence.

W. Allen and T. R. H. Thompson, Niger Narrative.

This should be compared to similar comments:

“The natives of the Bonny and Nun, who are purely of Eboe descent,and therefore less amalgamated with the people of other nations, may be taken as the typical illustration by which we may make the comparison. They are generally of a short stature, slight form, and light yellow skin, differing in these respects from the inhabitants of the Callebar towns.

I am of opinion that climate greatly modifies the physical and intellectual development of most African nations, and that people of different localities but originally from one common source, after the lapse of some centuries, offer manifest alterations from their progenital standard. Support for the correctness of this statement could not be furnished, other than that presented in the structural diversities that prevail between the inhabitants of the low swampy districts of the Bonny and the more elevated sandstone regions of Old Callebar.”

– W. F. Daniell, On the Natives of Old Calabar, p. 213.

Though, in reference to the Bonny, the population was actually more of a mix between Eboes who came from the north and aboriginal Ijaws.

See also here and here.

A future article will observe the general conditions and historical locations of some of these tribes to see how well they correspond with commentary given by explorers.


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“Niger Delta Beaters,” by Phil

Commenter Phil wrote another guest post for us, this time on the different ethnic groups among the Igbo tribe of Nigeria and how they are different in temperament, industriousness and wealth.
Touching upon my original topic posted a while back, I will return to my studies on the Igbo. This particular group has had a particularly long reputation for an industrious lifestyle and even on occasion having a better temperament than most Blacks in Native Africa as well as being the bulk of the successful Nigerian immigrants along with the Edo group. However, these stereotypes do not represent the full picture of the Igbo. Here I will look at multiple Igbo populations and point out ways in which they differed.
While doing research, I’ve noted that there are two Igbo populations that were described as typical savages –  the Kingdom of Eboe and the tribe of cannibals known as the Mokoes.
Eboe or “Aboh”, was a trading Kingdom that had a population that was repeatedly described as a savage despite having a King that was described at least by the Lander Brothers as behaving in a civilized manner.  Quaws or Mokoes were well known as a wild and violent class of slaves that were likely the part of the Igbo that later led slave rebellions on slave ships or New World plantations during the slave trade. These frequent rebellions led to the Igbos being seen by slavers were seen as an undesirable tribe for the slave market.
Other Igbos were seen by slavers as much more desirable. The group of yellowish-skinned Igbos were recorded, despite being at times just as violent as the Mokoes, as not typically docile and fearful, which led many to commit suicide.  However, with intervention, they were known to be good house servants yet were too frail and idle for field work due to being in poor physical condition when they left Africa.
As a prominent trading center, the inhabitants of Opodo were described as  industrious people. They were also noted to be cannibals but only in a ceremonial sense rather than as a staple diet like other tribes. This group may be identical to the Igbos who went to Liberia, who were described as wild in character and appearance yet industrious at the same time.
Another Igbo group was the Awka. They were the dominant blacksmiths of the area and would travel distances to sell their goods to other villages. Thomas Northcote, probably the greatest recorder of Ibo customs, described them as particularly wealthy and in good health compared to the other tribes. He based this view on the number of wives they had, the comments of local medicine men and his own observations of them.
The Asaba were a similar group. Northcote noted that their market was well organized, and a missionary report described them as wealthy. I will discuss the Asaba more in later posts.
Finally we have the “Breches”. These Igbos occupied a high class in the Igbo ranking order and were described by Hugh Crow as dark in pigment and good in temper. A group in America called the Egba-Breches were probably people from the same group who were taken as slaves. It is speculated that Olaudah Equiano was from this group. But he was probably not born into the group as he lacked the group’s traditional scars. Instead he was probably taken into the Breches  from another group as a child.
In future posts, I will continue to explore some of my ideas about why these different Igbo groups differed so sharply in temperament.



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On African IQ Scores

Afrosapiens says:

As I said in my post on West Africa’s IQ, the only information we get from the studies is the measured IQs that in the case of West Africa gave an average in the 80s since the 1930s.

I didn’t get that Afrosapiens’ post at all. But he did make an excellent case that West African IQ was actually 76 as opposed to 67 or 70 as I had previously thought. That makes me a bit more hopeful about these people and I commend Afrosapiens for convincing me of the validity of this higher score

Have you ever seen how many African countries had IQ scores in 60’s? Africans have repeatedly scored in the 60’s on IQ tests from the 1930’s to present. If their IQ was really 83, there is no way you would be getting all those scores in the 60’s. An 83 IQ population doesn’t score in the 60’s on IQ repeatedly over decades.

No country should ever have an IQ score in the 60’s for any reason. If any population is scoring in the 60’s on any test, there is something wrong with that population. The fact that so many African IQ tests have recorded scores in the 60’s implies that there is something seriously wrong with that population. What’s wrong with them is that Africans obviously have one of the lowest IQ scores on Earth, surpassed only by Papuans and full-blood Aborigines.

If African IQ’s are really 83 as you say, then Africans should seem about as smart as US Blacks. I had many US Blacks in my Yahoo group and I also had a number of West Africans, mostly Nigerians. These were ordinary, regular West Africans, not professional scammers or any such thing. My impression of them was that they were dumb as doorknobs, and that the US Blacks in the group were markedly more intelligent than these West Africans. If I was dealing with a people who really had 83 IQ’s, they would not have seemed so dumb and the US Blacks would not have seemed so much brighter.


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Why I Dislike West Africans

Anti-Hereditarian writes:

Robert Lindsay, your vision of blacks and other groups is terribly biased by your experience with them especially as you seemingly managed to meet the worst individuals among them.

Honestly, if you base your opinions about Nigerians on the internet scammers you tracked. You obviously have not sampled the most morally clean segments of this population. Since you are prone to make generalizations and remain skeptical with arguments that contradict them, you will always have hereditarian leanings because you will always make associations between race and behavior trusting your own experience and other’s inputs that go along with what you think.

What morally clean segments of the population!? What is it? How many of them are not criminals? 5%? It’s not just our experience with the scammers.

1. Recall that we had a large number of “ordinary Africans” who came to the group to “help us catch the scammers.” I think they really did want to do that. None of them were formally involved in any typical type Internet scamming. However, over time almost 100% of these West Africans tried to get money out of us. I call that trying to steal from us. They all have their hand out, all of them. All of the men acted horribly towards the women in the group, jacking off at them. A very large number of the men were also what we called “marriage scammers” trying to get a White wife.

2. I met some regular ordinary Nigerians on the Net, including some women who were very flirty with me and I got to know pretty well after a while. One was a regular person with a home and a regular job who was involved in community affairs. She did not try to get any money out of me, but I later caught her using fake dating scammer pics to try to scam guys. It’s not just “the scammers” versus “the morally good people.” It’s like everyone in the whole damn place is a scammer crook of some sort.

3. From newspaper articles, we learned that up to 50% of cargo imported at the ports is contraband.

4. From articles, we learned that many goods are stolen after being unloaded or en route to retail. One article that I remember talked about a bicycle shipment.

5. From others on the web, we heard reports of all sorts of other mostly Nigerian scammers on the Net. We only worked on dating scammers. We learned that Nigerians had completely destroyed not only dating sites but also many auction sites and online rental sites.

6. From Net retailers, we learned of IP bans on entire IP strings coming out of Nigeria. We learned that out of 10,000 purchases to an online store, 100% of them were using stolen credit cards. We learned of retail scams such as the rare beetle scam and the gold for sale scam which is prevalent over the entire region.

7. From a woman who went to Lagos, we learned that the whole city smells of rotting garbage and how a Nigerian woman tried to rob her when she was only in the country for 10 minutes and how many of the baggage handlers and checkers were said to be thieves.

8. From our Nigerian sources, we learned that Internet scamming is apparently one of the largest industries in Nigeria. Many Internet cafes had 90% scammers in them during daylight hours. We learned that people of all ages scam, including a locally famous former TV newscaster!

9. From attempts to get justice, news articles, online reports and our Nigerian sources, we learned that the police do absolutely nothing about this rampant crime whereby many of the Net cafes in Lagos are filled the the brim with criminals during working hours.

Also about how many cafes reopen at midnight after closing for the night and let large groups of scammers in to scam until daylight hours. The night cafes are packed full. We learned that the police did not consider this to be a crime and were baffled at why it should even be against the law as anyone who scammed deserved it. This is a sociopathic thinking.

We learned that general Lagos society is widely supportive of scamming, which as I said is a major industry. We learned that the families of most scammers, including parents, are very proud of their boy’s criminal career and consider this an honorable way to make money. In other words, the vast majority of Lagos society seemed to support the scammers even if they were not scammers themselves. Supporting crime is sociopathic behavior.

10. From a number of reports from US and Canadian women who married Nigerian men, we learned how horribly these men treated their wives, refusing to work, living off her savings, spending all day online trying to cheat with other women or running Internet scams. We learned that they virtually imprisoned the women in their homes. We know that almost 100% of them routinely cheated on their wives. Some of our female informants in West Africa backed up this characterization of West African males and stated that West African men truly treat women like shit.

11. From reports on the Net we learned that traffic accident victims are typically robbed whether injured or dead. Other motorists pull over after a bad accident and rush to the car to steal from the victims.

12. From news reports, we learned that pickpockets and snatcher thieves are routinely caught by mobs on Nigerian streets and beaten badly by the mobs or else set on fire in the middle of the street.

13. From our Nigerian sources, we learned that any Nigerian with money invested in a generator as the power went out continuously. Our sources told us that the power company people where thieves who stole the oil for energy and sold it on the black market.

14. Via news reports, we learned that the Nigerian government searched and searched to find someone who was not corrupt to run their Anti-Corruption Unit. The position stayed open for months until somehow they found a Northerner who was not a criminal to run the agency. They had searched many other government officials and they were all criminals so they were not suitable for the post. This man was able to do his job somewhat and he threw a few people in jail. But he received constant death threats and his attempts to root out corruption and crime in government were constantly being thwarted by police and government officials.

15. Increasingly, the line between “the Internet scammers” and “the noncriminals” was blurred. Nearly every West African and certainly 95% of Nigerians we met were either openly running scams, trying to steal money, jerking off at girls or trying to scam a White woman into marriage. I am starting to think that scamming and thievery of one sort of another seems to be a regional pastime, particularly in Nigeria. However, even in the Nigeria, rampant crime and degeneracy occurred only in the Christian South and not in the Muslim North.

16. Although the Nigerians I met in this country were good people, educated professionals often with advanced degrees, even they pretty much admitted to me that their whole country had been taken over criminals.

One man told me that he had grown up in a small village in the jungle where there was almost no crime. For thievery, you could be beaten very badly, thrown out of the village or maybe even killed. For serious crimes like rape and murder, people were simply killed. There wasn’t much crime in that village.

But he said that in recent years the old village system had fallen apart and the country had pretty much gone to Hell and every other person you met was some sort of a crook. He himself had invested a lot of money into a
medical clinic of some sort with a partner. He went back to the US. He received regular glowing reports from the partner about how much business the clinic was doing, etc. etc. Finally, after two years, he went back to Nigeria to check on the clinic and found that it had never even been opened. The partner had simply absconded with maybe $200,00 in cash and had disappeared from the face of the Earth. S9 there you have some more evidence.

17. Based on all of this accumulated evidence, I pretty much want nothing to do with most if not all people from this region and I am wary of even the ones who seem like they might be ok. In a nutshell, I hardly trust any of them. I feel that if this makes me racist, then I am completely ok with that sort of racism and in fact I will relish it and wallow in it with glee and pride.


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Why I Don’t Like Nigerians

We run a site on Yahoo called Antiscammers. And we dealt with Nigerian scammers on there all day long, every single day. People told us that you would walk into a cafe in Nigeria and there would be 40 people sitting at computers, and 37 of them would be sitting there all day trying to steal from Americans. The number of Nigerians who are full-time Internet scammers would absolutely amaze you.

Also we were told that in Nigerian society, there was nothing wrong with being an Internet scammer. Internet scammers were heroes. In fact, they told us that most everyone was some sort of a criminal over there. You had to watch your back all the time because even your friends and lovers would try to rip you off if you turned your back.

Everyone in the government is a criminal and a thief. They finally found one guy who wasn’t a criminal (How did they find him?) and they were so shocked that he wasn’t a criminal that they put him in charge of the Nigerian Antifraud Unit. He had his hands full, but he hardly prosecuted any cases because the cops were all corrupt too and taking bribes, and they kept letting everyone off the hook. Also he couldn’t really go after any government people because he would have to lock up the whole government.

Anyway, the average people know that all the government is nothing but criminals, all the cops are crooks, and half the people on their block are crooks, so a lot of them just think, “Why shouldn’t I be a crook too?”

Scamming over there is not something a few people do. It’s a way of life practiced by 100,000’s or even millions of Nigerians. Basically the whole country runs on crime. There are so many criminals in Nigeria that there are too many for the country, so they are branching out and moving all over the world to set up shop in new countries where they start doing crimes. So now there are Nigerian crime gangs in most countries. The cops did inspections at the port in Nairobi once, and most of the ships coming in were loaded with stolen property. Plus a lot of the stuff that was legit would be ripped off at the dock or later on.

We dealt with countless Nigerian crooks all the time.

These “good Nigerians” kept trying to join the group, and we would not let them in. Finally we started letting them in. They were “concerned and wanted to fight the scammers.” We let them in, and they ruined the group. We had a lot of women in our group, and we had cam sessions all the time.

Every one of those Nigerian guys would get on cams with the women in our group and whip out their dicks right away and start jacking at the women. It really freaked out a lot of the women, and we had to ban a lot of them just for being perverts. Finally we found out that all the men were “wife scammers.” They were trying to scam a foreign wife from the West. It pretty much boiled down to pay me a lot of money to get me out of her and marry you.

We heard about a number of women who married Nigerians here in the US. All White women. They only marry White women. None of the men worked. They all lived off the women while the women worked. They stayed home all day and spent all day on the Net mostly chasing other women. They were all notorious cheaters, and they cheated on their wives constantly. They were always broke and always had their hands out. They were also very mean, cruel and controlling and, they would not allow the women any freedoms at all to do anything. In a number of cases, they set up shop here in the US, and they started running their usual scams again, this time from the US. All of these marriages failed and were disasters.

In addition to wife scamming, we caught a lot of the Nigerians engaging in other types of scamming. As soon as they got in the group, they started asking for money all the time for this, that and whatever. A lot of them started having “disasters,” home burned down, hospital bills, whatever.

Finally we threw almost all the Nigerians out of the group because frankly every single one that joined was either a scumbag or a criminal. This caused a big blowup in the group where we got accused of being “racist.” Then we got really racist, I mean like no kidding real deal discriminatory racist, and we made up a new group rule, “No Africans allowed in the group.” So we sort of hung up a Segregation Era Jim Crow sign in front of the group.

I went on some forums, and apparently almost 100% of the Nigerians who are on the Net buying stuff with credit cards are criminals. One online retailer said he had 10,000 credit card purchase attempts by Nigerians and I think all except one were with stolen cards. He said a lot of online retailers were turning Jim Crow and having “No Nigerians” and “No purchases by Nigerians allowed” policies. A lot of online retailers were blocking whole IP blocks out of Nigeria. They were banning the whole country from the site. Finally VISA and Mastercard both banned Nigeria and some other West African countries from using their cards because there was so much stolen credit card crime going on.

Nigerians and Gypsies, both, destroyed a number of Internet auction sites. The sites got taken over by Gypsies and Nigerians running fake auctions, and everyone else just left the site. They also got heavily involved in the online rentals business and seriously trashed that one too. And the banks started getting upset at them too because the Nigerians were getting into so many people’s accounts and draining them – the Nigerians would convince people to give them access to their accounts, and then the Nigerians would drain the accounts.

The scams that the Nigerians ran were widely varied and changed almost by the day. They were often quite clever, and it was easy to see how some good, trusting person could be sucked into one of these things.

Almost all of the dating sites, at least the free ones, have been destroyed by Nigerians. If you go onto one of those sites now, no real woman will ever contact you, but a bunch of really beautiful fake women will contact you saying all these wonderful things.

None of these are real women. Instead they are all Nigerian males using model pics and pretending to be women. The fake women befriend men, and then somehow the fake women get the men to send money to them. So the guys send money to the fake women for plane tickets or whatever. It turns out the woman doesn’t even exist, she’s just a fake.

There are also a vast number of fake men on there often preying on older, middle aged, lonely women who are often fat and not very pretty. These are good women looking for a good man. The Nigerians use pics of very good-looking men and then make profiles turning them into dream men with good jobs, kids, big houses and whatnot. They often shower the women with gifts like flowers, candy, etc. All of the gifts are paid with stolen credit cards. Somehow they get these women to send them money, and they steal however much they can steal.

Just about anything for sale on the Net out of West Africa is a scam. Just about any service offered on the Net out of West Africa is a scam.

I had so many bad experiences with these people that I am done with them. Not only that, but we let a bunch of Nigerian noncriminals into our group and 98% of them acted awful right away, wife-scamming, begging money, jerking off at the women, etc.

And those were the supposedly good, law-abiding citizens.

I have met a couple of Nigerian PA’s here in the US, both very bright. They were good people, but they both told me that their country was a shithole. One guy invested in a medical clinic in Nigeria. He left the country for a year, and he went back and his partner had liquidated the place, torn it down, and ran off with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I realize that a few Nigerians are good, but I have had enough bad experiences with these people for 50 lifetimes, and I don’t have the time to sort through 100 Nigerians to find 2-3 good ones. I have better things to do. Since my experience, I have been avoiding everyone from that land; in fact, I have been avoiding everyone from West Africa in general because I did some research and I found out that the countries around Nigeria are just about as bad as Nigeria.

I figure 50% of population of Nairobi wakes up every morning and thinks, “Who can I rip off today?”

As far as I am concerned, these people appear to be some sort of a criminal race. How they got that way I have no idea, but I am done with them for this lifetime.


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Romance Scams Australia

Looks like the Nigerian scammers are branching out and heading all over the world to do their scams. And now they are nailing people in Australia too. They have nailed many people in the US and some in the UK, France and Germany.

A real problem is that they have seriously infested nearly all of the dating sites. I know that Hotornot has been taken over completely. Any new dating site is soon swarmed with them. On some sites, up to 90% of the profiles are fakes.

The sites are almost complicit because they refuse to police their sites for scammers to the point where they will not even remove the profiles of known scammers. They think it is a waste of money to protect their customers from criminals and their attitude towards profiles is the more the better. This is the rationale behind allowing the sites to fill up with criminal, fraudulent, or inactive profiles. Even if half the profiles are crooks are dormant, they still get to say, “4 million profiles.” Online dating is a phenomenally sleazy business.

It is often not so easy to tell the fakes from the real people on these sites, although we have gotten pretty good at it down through the years. In 2005, a woman and I set up a Yahoo group to try to catch the scammers. Another group called Romancescams sprung up at the same time.

Over the years, I have met many people who have been victimized by these people, men and women of all ages. A number of them were quite cautious and thought they had gone through all the checks, but when some beautiful woman tells you she loves you, it’s hard to resist. A lot of victims are depressed and suicidal. I and others have worked with and counseled many of the victims. We used to do this all the time, so I am pretty sympathetic to the victims though I suppose most would just say that they are idiots.

Not everyone turns over their life savings. Others paid the people ~$50/month for years. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up to $2-4,000 over a period of years. Now with Tineye and reverse image search it is a lot of easier to catch their fake photos. We can also often tell by the way they write their profiles who they are.

In some ways, they are utterly brilliant, but in other ways, they are dumb as rocks. In Nigeria, it is a whole vast industry. In quite a few of the Internet cafes, you will walk in there and maybe 90% of the people are sitting there for hours on end doing nothing but trying to steal from Americans.

There are many other variations on the scam. The Nigerians also took over eBay auctions with a variety of scams and nearly ruined those too. A very large number of Gypsies were also involved in the eBay scams.

Even if you have no sympathy for the marks, I would think that one would be concerned that entire online industries and huge sites like eBay have been destroyed by criminals. I find that pretty infuriating.

It really does seem like nothing good comes out of Nigeria. One online retailer said he had had thousands of orders from Nigeria, but not even one of them had been legit. Many online sellers simply block all IP’s coming out of Nigeria. There is so much theft coming out of these nations that large credit card companies have cut off entire West African nations from being able to get credit cards. In Nigeria and Ghana but especially Nigeria, the police do little or nothing to try to catch the scammers and often they are in with them. The police do not seem to think this is a crime worth investigating.

A number of Western women have married Nigerian men they met online. In every case I heard of, it did not work out. The men sit at home all day while the women work to support them. They get high, drink, and sit in front of the computer all day trying to scam people. They live off the women and refuse to work. They are extremely jealous and control the lives of the women tightly. And they all habitually cheat on their wives. 99.5% of Visa applications from Nigeria are denied by the US Embassy. This is the way it has to be.



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