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Defend Your People

An African immigrant attacks a Chinese beggar. It goes on for 10 seconds before a patriotic young Chinese man jumps in to defend his people.

Everyone, please, always defend your people. It’s the honorable thing to do. A people who will not defend themselves are doomed to destruction.


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Tyrone Harris Photos

I managed to find a number of photos of what appears to be Tyrone Harris, the young Black who opened fire on police at the Michael Brown anniversary protest the other night. These are from what appear to be his two Facebook accounts, Ty Da Shooter, which was actually a subject of some articles about Michael Brown’s best friends about two weeks after Brown was shot last year. There is also a video of “Ty Da Shooter” at a protest about two weeks after Brown’s death. He is in a large crowd of Blacks, and it is said that he reveals a gun on his person to the camera, although I could not see it.

Keep in mind that this charming young man below was Michael Brown’s best friend. They were probably part of the same street gang, and Brown seems to have been a hardcore banger and gang member just like Harris. I am not sure of what gang they were a part of though.

I know some of you want to be bad boys and romanticize these clowns, but don’t fall for it. The truth is that these guys are flat out some of the worst human beings on Earth. If you start hanging around with these guys because you want to be bad-ass, it is not going to turn out well. They will probably steal from you, use you or hurt you in some way. I don’t think there is any way for a normal person to hang out with these sociopaths without getting hurt. It’s probably not even possible.

Keep in mind that these characters are proud criminals. And when I say that, I don’t just mean they sell dope and attack their enemies. I don’t particularly care about dope-selling, and when these knuckleheads shoot each other, in my opinion that is called either NHI or No Humans Involved or a Public Service Killing. The police actually call it an NHI crime when these guys kill each other. They also use the phrase Public Service Killing.

But they don’t just limit themselves to slinging dope and making the world a better place by slaughtering each other. Apparently they also commit all sorts of other crimes against completely innocent people including burglary, larceny, petty theft, grand theft, auto theft, carjacking, assault, battery, attempted murder, murder, and rape. There are not too many crimes that they are not capable of.

One photo which I did not grab shows Tyrone Harris in a car brandishing a gun. Incredibly, Micheal Brown’s own mother posts below the photo with several smiley faces. So apparently not only is Michael where he needs to be which is in the ground, apparently his own mother is completely worthless herself.

I am curious though. What % of young Black males in the US are actually living this sort of a lifestyle? No way is it the majority.

Tyrone Harris brandishing a gun.

Tyrone Harris brandishing two guns. Ty Glocks appears to be the handle of Tyrone Harris.

The photo above shows what is apparently Tyrone Harris brandishing two  guns.

Tyrone Harris pointing a gun.

Tyrone Harris pointing a gun.

The photo above shows Tyrone Harris pointing a gun while his friend laughs.

Tyrone Harris, center, with his gangbanger pals, displaying a wad of cash.

Tyrone Harris, center, with his gangbanger pals, displaying a wad of cash.

This is pretty much the way these types act.

Tyrone Harris with his buddies pointing guns.

I have to admit these guys are pretty scary. They are downright terrifying.

Looks like a sawed off shotgun to the left.

Looks like a sawed off shotgun to the left.

Note the omnipresent middle fingers.

Tyrone Harris with his gangbanger buddies. Those are gang signs they are flashing, but I am not sure which gang.

Tyrone Harris with his gangbanger buddies. Those are gang signs they are flashing, but I am not sure which gang.

Bottom line, these are bad people. Very bad people.

Tyrone Harris with a gun again.

Tyrone Harris with a gun again. This post is from right after Brown was shot. I do believe that Ty Da Shooter, Brown’s best friend, is the same person as Ty Glocks. Both appear to be nicks for Tyrone Harris.

Ty Do Shooter seems to be the same person as Ty Glocks.


Tyrone Harris brandishing a gun again.

The friend appears to also have a gun.


Tyrone Harris flashing a gang sign.


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Purported Michael Brown Thug Video

This video is called Michael Brown Criminally Assaults and Robs an Old Man. The consensus seems to be that that is not Michael Brown in the video. Instead it is some other worthless thug asshole. And yeah I am one of those White people guilty of the “They all look alike to me” thing. The comments were interesting, but it might be nice to show it to people who actually knew Brown to see if it is him or not.

The video was shot in Texas in 2012, so Brown would have been 16 in the video. Texas is not the same as St. Louis, Missouri, but one’s not real far away from the other either. All I know is that everyone other than the victim in this video is a piece of crap who needs to be removed from my society as soon as possible in any way possible, including the way Michael Brown was removed. I don’t mean they should be killed, but if they could be legally killed like Brown was, it’s fine by me. The people in this video have revoked their right to roam free in society by my thinking.

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Food Fight at Wal-mart

Video here.

This is a video of a food fight at a Wall-mart in Jacksonville, Florida. I found it on a site that was talking about Black riots. The site has a White racist perspective in that it claims that all of these riots are Black people rioting and deliberately targeting White people in the riots. Sadly, there have been some cases of this which we really ought to discuss on this site. Especially at fairs in the Midwest, young Blacks have gone on rampages, calling them things like “Beat Whitey night.” In some of these riots, only White people were targeted.

Although the site lists many recent Black riots and flashmobs, most of these have not targeted White people at all. Some were just general Black riots at fairs and whatnot. The rioting often began with rival Black gangs targeting each other. In other cases, young Blacks flash-mobbed shopping malls for the purpose of stealing stuff.

Although these riots targeting Whites are an incendiary issue, we really do need to look into them. The ‘Beat Whitey” riots do seem to be increasing in recent years, as is “Polar bear hunting” and “The knockout game.”

The White nationalist and White racist perspective on this is that US Blacks are declaring war on White people. This seems overdrawn to say the least.

Another one of their lines is that this behavior has increased since Obama took office. “Obama has empowered the Blacks,and now they feel strong, so they are declaring war on us,” is the line. The problem with this ugly line is that Blacks in the US can apparently never be empowered because they will just use it to attack White people. We must always keep them down so they don’t feel empowered enough to attack us. Raise their self-esteem, and they will just go after Whitey. That is a very depressing analysis, and I certainly hope it is not true.

As I noted, this Wal-mart riot was said to be one of the “Beat Whitey” riots. In fact, it is called “Food fight at Wal-mart.” If you look at the video, all it shows is a crowd of ghetto Blacks acting all wild and crazy in a Wall-mart.

The odd and disturbing thing about this is that these Blacks act like this is their idea of a great time. As a White person, if I were at this scene, this crowd would spell “dangerous place” and “someone is going to get hurt” to me, and I would try to get the Hell out of there as fast as possible. But many of these Blacks are laughing, smiling and hooting it up like they are having the time of their lives. It is as if they find chaotic, dangerous scenes exhilarating or something. I have noticed this many times before – that ghetto Blacks actually seem to get off on wild, insane, chaotic, dangerous, urban jungle like scenes that would send most White people running for the exits.

I really don’t understand Black people at all.


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Bad Move on the Green Line Train

Video here.

This is a great video. Not sure where it was taken. Somewhere in the Eastern US, on a subway in a city. An older White man, possibly 40 years old, is surrounded by a gang of cackling ghetto Blacks who endless harass and harangue the poor soul. The White man has a sort of whiny voice and does not appear to be an aggressive individual. Instead he is being put upon by a gang of aggressive, belligerent, uncivilized Blacks.

Finally the White man has enough, and he smacks one of the Blacks in the face! All Hell breaks loose!

Good show, good show!


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I Say Quarantine Him

All right, Nushan, that does it. That mug shot just screams, "Quarantine me!" You just got convicted. Court of public opinion is adjourned.

As a civil libertarian, I’m generally opposed to quarantining HIV-positive people or AIDS patients, despite Cuba’s good experiences. However, I will make one exception for Nushan Williams, just getting out of prison after serving 12 years for infecting 12 females, 7 women, a 13-, 15-, 16- and two 17-year old girls, apparently all White, with HIV, which he had been told that he had, although he thought the medical staff were lying to run him out of town and he didn’t believe them. Two passed it on to their kids, and one passed it on to her boyfriend.

He had moved from a tough Brooklyn neighborhood to Jamestown, a White Western New York town devastated by manufacturing loss and experiencing rapid lumpenization. He said he was a Bloods gang member, and quickly become a popular drug dealer, and charmed his way into hundreds of girls’ beds, almost all of them White. His relationships with the women were characterized by brutality, physical abuse and drug use.

That’s what you get for fucking gangsters, wigger chicks.

He actually slept with 300 women and girls by age 21. Wow! That’s three times as many as Sexmaniacman, and Sexman is past 40!

Nushan continued to act horrible the whole time he was in prison, repeatedly being sanctioned for throwing bodily fluids, fighting, threats, possession of drugs and weapons, the usual. Obviously he hasn’t changed one bit. Officials say he has “problems in self-regulation.” Indeed, and in spades.

Officials are sentencing him to a mental hospital because he can’t control himself, he’s horny as fuck, and he thinks about screwing lots of chicks all the time. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re HIV-positive and as irresponsible as this POS is, that’s going to be a problem.

Health authorities have a right to quarantine folks who have an infectious disease that they refuse to treat and are in danger of infecting others due to their negligence. If you don’t want to get quarantined, don’t act like a lobotomized gangsta if you’re HIV-positive.

I say quarantine the bastard. Either that or ship him back to Africa*, preferably a country with a very high HIV rate, assuming they will take him. Plenty of Black men all over Africa are acting just like this guy. He’d be right at home.

*Of course I’m opposed to the racist BS of “ship the Blacks back to Africa,” but I will make a few rare exceptions in cases like these.


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Life As Performance Art

Desmond Hatchett, performance artist.

Theater: His life. Admission charge: We all pay. Supporting cast: 11 wives, 21 kids. Performance times, Every day, all day long, until he dies, I guess. Plot: Comedy. Idiot has 21 kids by 11 idiot females and then can’t support anyone of them. LOLgasm! Weird plot twist: He actually has a job, albeit a minimum wage one. Shocker: He’s only 29 yet and has years of breeding in store for us. Punch line: Some of his kids’ Moms get a whopping $1.98 a month.Won’t buy many Pampers!

Reviews: If we weren’t stuck with the bill, we’d be rolling in the aisles clutching our sides. You gotta admit the guy’s pretty damn funny.

Andy Kaufman started the life as performance art thing. Lately there’s a new form of it called Trolling IRL. It’s like trolling on the Internet, except you’re trolling in real life. I would say that Desmond Hatchett has been trolling IRL for many years now, except he probably doesn’t realize it. You know a totalitarian state would have ordered a dick job long ago. Ah, the limitations of a free society.


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