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Northern and Southern Mongoloids

It is best to split the Mongoloid race into two branches – Northern and Southern Mongoloids.

Northern Mongoloids include the North Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Xibe, Oroquens, Mongolians and various Siberians.

North Mongoloid - South Korean girl.

North Mongoloid – South Korean girl.

Southern Mongoloids include a large grouping including many of the peoples of South China – Tibetans, Dai, Burmese, Thai, Hmong, Khmer, Lao, Vietnamese, Malay, Filipinos, and most Indonesians.

Southern Chinese - Northern and Southern Mongoloid mix.

Southern Chinese – Northern and Southern Mongoloid mix.

Below is a pure Southern Mongoloid.

Southern Mongoloid - Kinaray-a Filipina.

Southern Mongoloid – Kinaray-a Filipina.

For comparison purposes, see a Japanese (N. Mongoloid) and Filipino (S. Mongoloid) mix below.

Japanese - Filipina mix. A mixture of N. Mongoloid and S. Mongoloid in this case results in a phenotype that is mostly N. Mongoloid.

Japanese – Filipina mix. A mixture of N. Mongoloid and S. Mongoloid in this case results in a phenotype that is mostly N. Mongoloid.

There is a lot of controversy on the boards about this issue. Some say that Southeast Asians are not pure Mongoloids – that instead they are Mongoloid-Australoids. Most of this critique comes from Chinese racists. Many of these Chinese are overseas Chinese who live in the Philippines and Indonesia. Chinese people are unbelievably racist as it is, but the overseas Chinese are some of the most insanely racist of all the Chinese, far more racist than the mainland Chinese.

This is all based on something called Han Supremacism. Han Supremacism is the underlying racist ideology behind almost all Chinese racism. Han Supremacism generally says that Northern Chinese are superior to Southern Chinese. The Southern Chinese were originally the Yue people, but they got conquered by the Han and become Hanized.

According to Han racism, only the Han are Chinese people. All of the other ethnic groups in China – and there are over 80 of them – are all “non-Chinese.” Hence the Taiwan aborigines, the Dai, the Tibetans, the Uighurs, the Mongolians, the Hmong, and some would say even the Cantonese, are all “non-Chinese.”

This is the most vicious Nazi-like ethnic nationalism, whereby only the majority ethnic group is defined as part of the nation and the rest of the residents of the land are said to be “foreigners.” This was precisely the fascist ethnic nationalism that overtook Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s and it is essential to all fascist movements all over the globe. It was also a part of the ideology of the fascist Young Turks of Turkey when they murdered 2.5 million “non-Turks.” This same fascist ideology resurfaced again in the Balkans in the 1990’s.

The Han want to believe that Southeast Asians are inferior to Northeast Asians. This way of thinking is also prevalent among Japanese, but most Japanese don’t even bother to think about Southeast Asians. They are more concerned with Koreans. The reason for the inferiority of Southeast Asians, according to Han racists, is that they are part Australoid. Strictly speaking, this is not really true.

What is true is that the transition from Australoid to Mongoloid took place much later in Southeast Asia than it did in Northeast Asia. The NE Asian transition took place 9,000 years ago, and the SE Asian transition, at least in Vietnam, took place ~2,200 years ago. Nevertheless, actual Australoid genes in SE Asians are few in number. The Malay and the South Vietnamese have a few Papuan genes, but the numbers are very small. Filipinos only have a sprinkling of genes from the Negritos, similar to the Amerindian genes in many White Americans.

Southeast Asians do tend to have darker skin than Northeast Asians. The fact that they have lighter skin is one of the reasons why North Chinese look down on South Chinese so much.

Even Southern Chinese can have fairly dark skin – see the group below.

Southern Chinese. Note that some Southern Chinese can have fairly dark skin.

Southern Chinese. Note that some Southern Chinese can have fairly dark skin.

Some Filipinas have skin that is so dark that they could well be Blasians – Black-Asian mixes. However, the woman below is a pure Filipina.

Some Filipinas look very dark. This Filipina could even be a Blasian, but she is 100% Filipina.

Some Filipinas look very dark. This Filipina could even be a Blasian, but she is 100% Filipina.

While most Filipinos have no observable Negrito blood, in the urban slums, you can sometimes see Filipinos with Negrito elements. The girls below seem to be mostly Southern Mongoloid (Filipino) but they seem to have a small Negrito element.

Slum dwelling children in the Philippines. These kids appear to have some Negrito in them. Some Filipinos have observable Negrito elements, but most do not.

Slum dwelling children in the Philippines. These kids appear to have some Negrito in them. Some Filipinos have observable Negrito elements, but most do not.

Below are Filipino Negritos. They would be regarded as an Australoid people.

Pure Ati from the Philippines. These Negrito people have very low population numbers and may even be going extinct.

Pure Ati from the Philippines. These Negrito people have very low population numbers and may even be going extinct.

The Negrito woman and her child below have quite a bit of Mongoloid genes in them.

Ati mix

The true Australoid-Mongoloid types would be the Eastern Indonesians, the Melanesians, the Micronesians and the Polynesians. The Polynesians are ~50% Austronesian and ~50% Melanesian. Micronesians have more Melanesian in them. Melanesians are a mix primarily of Austronesian and Papuan.

A Timorese woman, a true Mongoloid-Australoid mix. Timorese are about 80% Melanesian and 20% Southern Mongoloid (Austronesian)

A Timorese woman, a true Mongoloid-Australoid mix. Timorese are about 80% Melanesian and 20% Southern Mongoloid (Austronesian)

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In Praise of Race Mixing

Hage writes:

Doesn’t race mixing produce better looking women? A lot of great looking women in South America (region with a ratio of the best looking people) are of mixed race heritage.

It is a given in animal breeding that heterozygosity is a good idea. Whether this works the same in humans is not known, but we are animals too. Surely race mixing cannot be a disaster if animal breeding is any guide, and probably inbreeding is a much more serious problem with humans.

The White nationalists and other racial pluralists always champion pure races and inbreeding and pour cold water on the notion of hybrid vigor and interbreeding. However, the record from animal breeding shows that highly purebred (inbred) and unmixed animal breeds have a huge number of serious issues, typically genetic medical problems (often muskoloskeletal). There is certainly no evidence that mixing races produces a “bastardized,” “mutt” or inherently unstable and defective race of any sort. In fact, the more diverse a race’s genetic set, the more adaptive they are as a general rule.

If, say, Blacks are a problem in your country, you can always get rid of the problem by eliminating the Black race in your land. You would do this not be killing or deporting the actual Black people in your country; instead you would simply breed them out of existence by breeding in with them.

This was actually a project of the government of Brazil in the 1800’s under the Brancamiento Program, whereby Whites and others were encouraged to breed with Blacks in order to eliminate the Black race in Brazil, who were seen as a problem. At the same time, the state encouraged mass importation of Whites from Europe. Many came from Portugal and Spain, and quite a few others came from Italy (mostly northern Italy) and Germany (north and central Germany).

At present, there are only ~7% pure Blacks in Brazil anymore. Nevertheless, the more mulattoized culture of Brazil has a gigantic crime rate, is horrifically violent, and in general, Brazil is an extremely cruel, callous and unequal state (one of the most unequal states on Earth).

In Mexico, at one time, there was a large number of Blacks in the country. They were simply bred out of existence such that Blacks or even mulattos are not common anymore, except on the coast around Veracruz. Nevertheless, the average Mexican is now 3-5% Black, something most US Blacks are loath to admit. That amount of Black genes in the stock should have very little effect on the population, certainly little to no negative effect. Nevertheless, it is certainly true that Mexico lacks any kind of Black race problem.

In the late 1800’s around Buenos Aires, there was a large Black population in the city. They seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth, but a good theory is that they were simply bred out of existence. The average Argentine is now 3% Black.

Some race realists like to talk about how the Japanese race is one of the most superior races on Earth. I don’t like to discuss human races in those terms, but they do have high IQ’s a low crime rate and a very orderly society. The Japanese are actually a highly mongrelized race, a with a heavy mix of both Australoid Ainu and Korean Mongoloid in their stock.


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A Look at Ainu Genetics


This excellent piece on the genetics of the Ainu shows that they are in fact very different from Japanese, Koreans, Okinawans, Chinese and in fact all other East Asians. The best explanation for this is that the Australoid Ainu are the remains of the ancient Northeast Asians before they transitioned to Mongoloids 9,000 years ago.

Lonely leaf on a long branch. Look how remarkably different the Ainu are from all other East Asians.

Lonely leaf on a long branch. Look how remarkably different the Ainu are from all other East Asians.

They are now seen as Australoids and not as Caucasians as they were erroneously thought to be for a long time. The reason they were thought to be Caucasoids is because when you cross an Australoid with a Mongoloid, you often end up with a rather Caucasoid phenotype.

An old photo of a Hokkaido Ainu man, probably from the 19th Century. Note the Caucasoid phenotype. It was this resemblance that caused people to assign them to Caucasoids, but genetic tests later disproved this. Early anthropologists said the Ainu looked like "Norwegians".

An old photo of a Hokkaido Ainu man, probably from the 19th Century. Note the Caucasoid phenotype. It was this resemblance that caused people to assign them to Caucasoids, but genetic tests later disproved this. Early anthropologists said the Ainu looked like “Norwegians”.

In fact, the Ainu may be the best remnants of the ancient East Asian race which may have had its beginnings around Lake Baikal 35,000 years ago. However, we know that the Ainu are related to the Jomonese, and the Jomonese can be traced all the way back to Thailand 16,000 YBP. Around that time, it is thought that the Ainu in the form of the Murrayan people journeyed to Australia, forming one of the main components of the Aborigine people. Around this same time, they may have gone to the Philippines, for their reports that one of the very ancient Filipino groups may have had an Ainu appearance.


The Ainu are the blue triangles trailing off the right. The Okinawans are the closest to the Ainu, and even they are not that close.

Interestingly, ancient Amerindians from 9-12,000 YBP have an Australoid appearance. The skulls from 9000 YBP appear Ainuid or Polynesian and the earlier skulls line up with Negritos, Papuans and Aborigines. This implies that the ancient Northeast Asians or Siberians from around the Altai region who immigrated to North America 9-12,000 YBP may have been an Ainuid people.

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Asian Men and Masculinity

Ishmael writes:

And regarding Japanese society, that’s one of the most masculine societies in the world. I second that. Men definitely rule the workplace there working long hours and chain-smoke like crazy. There’s a Viet nightclub place near my house that are filled with rough, manly types – not the androgynous crap.

Oh yeah! A lot of Vietnamese men, especially the older ones, are very macho. Rough, tough, badass, hardass men. I met a lot of them when I lived in Orange County. Also, a lot of Filipino guys are also very hard. Maybe especially the older guys, but I have heard that a lot of younger Filipino men in the Philippines are very hard, rough, tough, badass, supermacho type guys. I made friends with a lot of Filipinas on dating sites and the husbands were all macho bastards. They drank, gambled and especially fucked around like crazy. They all cheated on the women. Especially when the women went overseas to work, the guys all take mistresses. Filipino guys are badass motherfuckers!

Of course older Japanese society is very rough, tough and hard. The men rule that place with an iron fist. I met a lot of Japanese guys when I worked in Gardena, and especially the older ones were very macho type guys. Badass dudes. There seemed to be a connection whereby the more connected a guy was to Japan, the more tough and macho he was. I also met a lot of younger Japanese guys with deep connections to Japan (typical of Gardena). These young teenage boys were quite masculine. One thing you noticed was tightly controlled emotions and a strong hatred and distaste for homosexual men.

I also met a lot of Korean guys in LA, and there, the older ones were pretty badass too.

I spent some time around the Chinese sections of LA, and there are organized crime gangs there called Tongs. The young men there are very hard, rough and tough. You really do not want to mess with them at all. And the Chinese women those gang guys had did seem to be the cream of the crop. I met quite a few Chinese women when I was getting my Masters. I asked around about Chinese guys and the general impression was not that they were pussies. I knew this one woman, and I was talking to her about a recent Chinese movie getting showed around in the West.

“God!” I said. “All the Chinese men in that movie! They were all such pigs! Are all Chinese men really such pigs?”

She looked at me knowingly and nodded her head.

It is said that many modern Thai men are a bunch of pussies, but that has not been true traditionally. Even today, I have heard that many young Thai men are very tough and hard. You don’t mess around in Thai nightclubs, especially those heavily frequented by Thais. If you’re non-Thai and you are acting up, the young Thai males will corner you and order you to knock it off. If you don’t, they will definitely kick your ass!

It is only in the last 20 years or so that I have noticed, especially in Asia, the seeming pussification of the Asian male. Young Japanese men are now called “herbivores,” by society as many seem to have abandoned masculinity. They are despised by young Japanese females as weak and pussy. There is an incredible amount of male homosexuality exploding in places like Thailand. It’s quite unbelievable.

And when I was working with a lot of young Koreans translating my shock articles, I noticed a lot of young Korean men who were adopting extreme androgynous appearances to where you often could not even tell if it was a guy or a chick. Really into clothes and hairstyle too. Many were extremely good looking. I have no idea if these guys were straight, gay, bi or what, but once your society gets to the point where the guys are so femmed out that you can’t even tell if they are male or female, I am thinking you’ve got a problem.

The “nerdy Asian” thing is new. It has to do with young Asian men in the West. Asian males traditionally despite their very high IQ’s were *not* nerds. Hyermasculinity has long been mandated in the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Korea, and Japan.


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Asians FTW

LOL, this video has now had over 1 billion viewers. That means that somehow, 1/7 of the planet has seen this video. Huh? No way LOL.

I wonder how much they want for an ad on this video? I notice no one’s even bought one. Probably set you back more than a Super Bowl ad.

I like this Korean guy. For one thing, he’s macho. I spent a lot of time around Asians when I was in LA. I taught at schools that were heavily Japanese, and I spent a lot of time around LA Koreans. Older Japanese and Korean men are not pussies! They are some of the most badass, hardcore macho pigs on the Earth, and their women know it. They carry themselves with a certain air that you’ve got to respect.

Where I worked in the Japanese part of LA (Gardena) there were quite a few younger Asian men who were born in Japan. They stood strong and tall, men with a capital M.

This was all 25 years ago.

Recently we hear that a lot of young Asian men are undergoing severe pussification. Not sure if it’s true, but if it’s is, what’s going on. Pussyism isn’t genetic with these guys. Asian men can be some of the hardest guys on Earth if they want to be, and I believe traditional Asian culture encouraged this.

One more thing. Every time I look at young Asian women like the ones in this video, first thing I do is get horny. Second thing I do is I feel like a pedophile. Anyone relate?


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Genetics and Evolution of IQ and Head Size in Antiquity and Modernity

Objectivity, a very strong HBD type, writes,

All of the race realist ranting about dysgenics grows very tiresome. Humans are intelligent creatures. It’s only logical that the evolution that drove us to this point is ongoing

But the selection that drove us to this point was probably NATURAL selection where only the smartest few could SURVIVE long enough to have children. Since the advent of agriculture, there’s been enough food for everyone, so evolution has been more about SEXUAL selection and that slightly favors low IQ classes and races because these tend to be the most promiscuous (see Rushton).

That’s why there’s probably been virtually no GENETIC increase in brain size or IQ in the last 10,000 years aside from perhaps a decrease in inbreeding. Actually the malnutrition caused by abandoning our hunter/gather diet probably shrunk brain size and IQ for thousands of years, and only with the advent of 20th century nutrition are we reverting back to our big brained selves. This explains the secular rise in brain size and IQ performance, though probably only half of the Flynn Effect is a real rise in intelligence; the rest is just that our increasingly educated society is good at faking high intelligence on IQ tests.

And I don’t think the black-white IQ gap is narrowing. You’re only looking at a small sample of tests. Rushton & Jensen examined the totality of data and found no shrinkage in the gap, and in fact they speculate that the true black American IQ might be only 78 if samples included blacks living in parts of the inner-city so scary it’s too dangerous for psychologists to even test them.

This argument is simply wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t know where to start.

No evidence for genetic increases in brain size or IQ for the last 10,000 years. Fine, but there is also no evidence that there has not been any genetic increases in IQ over 10,000 years. Certainly certain groups such as Ashkenazi Jews, via widespread inbreeding, have evolved extremely high IQ’s. NE Asians have also evolved some very high IQ’s, possibly through preferential breeding with the brightest. There is no evidence that the NE Asian IQ of 105 is not the result of an increase in the past 10,000 years, and in fact, that is exactly what is suggestive. I would suspect that Confucian culture whereby females sought to breed with the smartest males is part of the answer. The same mechanism occurred with the Jews, whereby men not smart enough to study the Torah and Talmud simply left Judaism and converted to Christianity. The females then competed for the most intelligent young males. Females continue to preferentially select for the brightest males in Chinese society today.

Furthermore the article in which this comment appeared involves a comparison of White and Black skulls from colonial times to the present. The study found that skulls of both races grew dramatically larger and more progressive over a 200-300 year period. The study author said some of the result was due to environment (especially in the Blacks) but that most of the changes were genetic. Therefore, there were large increases in Black and White skulls over 200-300 years in the US favoring larger skulls and more progressive features. At the same time, we have seen dramatic increases in US Black IQ versus Caribbean and African Black IQ (Caribbean and African Black IQ = ~70 while US Black IQ = 87). Only a couple of those points can be attributed to White genes, leaving the rest unaccounted for. The changes in US Black skulls occurred since 1900 and involved a trend towards larger and more progressive skulls.

What happened was this. Since colonial times, Whites and Blacks have been selecting for more progressive features and less archaic features. As more progressive features tend to have higher IQ’s than more archaic features, these changes led to increased IQ. There was also selection for larger heads, possibly on the part of females choosing more intelligent males. The selection only occurred since 1900 in Blacks. After Liberation, Blacks were now free to make money. In Black communities, considerable money could be made. More progressive or “Whiter” features were valued and more archaic or “Blacker” features were devalued by both males and females. Black females preferred females with more progressive features for beauty purposes. Black males with more progressive features may have been less discriminated against and more able to pass. Further, more intelligent Black men made more money in the Black community and hence were preferred by females for breeding purposes due to status and income. Before 1900, most Blacks were very poor and very Black looking and there was not a lot to select for in terms of income or progressive features.

In fact, the selection has been so dramatic that Blacks and Whites today resemble each other more than they do their own ancestors! That is, modern Whites look more like modern Blacks than they look like Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. Modern Blacks look more like modern Whites than they look like Sally Hemmings or other slave ancestors from Colonial America.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the agricultural revolution led to a decrease in brain size and IQ. In fact, as civilization expanded dramatically during this era, the opposite seems true.

There is also no evidence whatsoever that the Agricultural Revolution led to increased malnutrition as opposed to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. In fact, most hunter-gatherers have experienced extreme famines with horrible natural selection events possibly involving the deaths of 90-95% of the population. Thus they have thrifty constitutions and are subject to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. Agricultural populations have no such thrifty constitutions. Hence, it appears that hunter-gatherers have experienced more famine events than agriculturalists which means that hunter gatherers are more subject to malnutrition than farmers. In our modern era, agriculturalists have the highest IQ’s of all and hunter-gatherer IQ’s tend to be lower than that of agriculturalists. This holds true even within races, as African hunter-gatherers are thought to have lower IQ’s than African agriculturalists.

It is not true that only half of the Flynn Effect is an increase in real intelligence. There is just about zero effect of test taking on the Flynn Effect. All of the FE is real. It’s just a matter of what you think it all means. In some ways, we really are smarter than our grandparents, but in other ways, we are not. Increased eduction also makes humans smarter, contrary to your POV.

The B-W IQ gap is definitely narrowing in children. That much is beyond dispute. I say that the adult B-W gap is narrowing by ~2 points for adults also, but that’s a lot more controversial. Even Charles Murray agrees that there has been a 7.5 point narrowing of the B-W IQ gap among adults since 1920.

There is no evidence that the Black IQ is 78, not 87, in the US. Tests are routinely conducted at inner city schools, no matter how dangerous they are. This has been going on for decades now, and at any rate, Black ghettos were much less dangerous 50 years ago, IQ’s were not 78 then.


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Neighborhoods of LA, Gay and Otherwise

The gayest place by far in California is LA! They might as well change the name to LA Gay.

West Hollywood is insanely gay of course, but it’s also a fantastic place to pick up women. You can practically pick them up right off the street if you know what you are doing. The reason is because there are lots of single women there, and they are pretty desperate. Most of the guys are queers, and most of the rest are married. Any remainder are weird Orthodox Jewish guys from Russia with long beards and funny hats.

The areas surrounding West Hollywood like Hollywood proper and Beverly Hills are also quite gay, though most folks in Beverly Hills are straight. Hollywood proper also has many straights along with every type of human known to mankind.

A Hollywood district called Silverlake is incredibly gay. I knew a couple who lived there, and I used to hang out over there. Silverlake is practically gayer than West Hollywood.

Echo Park next door is full of Mexicans.

Los Feliz right next door is also full of gays, but there are lots of other types there. It’s a very wealthy area.

That whole general area is full of desperate single women, mostly young ones. There are plenty of women there, and most are not lesbians. And most of the single guys are queers. The rest are typically married or whatever. So there are way more available single women than single guys, so those neighborhoods are paradise for a single straight man if you don’t mind queers chasing your ass night and day.

The parts of the Valley bordering LA proper are fairly gay. I always thought Studio City was a fairly gay place.

Santa Monica is also pretty gay, but there are lots of other folks living there too.

Venice has some gays, but just about every other kind of freak lives there too.

East LA is full of Mexicans and Hispanics, not queers.

South LA is full of Black people, and it is rapidly filling up with Hispanics.

Koreatown is full of Koreans.

The MacArthur Park District is full of Salvadorans and other Hispanic types. It’s an extremely run-down, degraded and overcrowded area.

There is a large Filipino neighborhood just northwest of downtown. The name escapes me.

There are many Armenians in a town called Glendale northeast of LA near Pasadena.

LA is full of Jews! An area called the Fairfax District is the center, but Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood, Beverlywood, Beverly Hills, West LA and to a lesser extent Encino and Studio City are insanely Jewish.

Malibu is where the movie and entertainment industry types live, but they also live all throughout the region.

Hollywood writers typically live in West LA, but also live throughout the area. A very large proportion of Hollywood script writers are Jewish.

The movie scene is not particularly gay, nor is the music industry, though looks are deceiving. Many actors are reportedly closeted. I used to go to movie industry parties for the behind the scenes folks (gaffers, storyboard artists, light crew, etc). They throw a great party, and I never saw any gays there. Both the movie and music industry are stacked to the rafters with Jews.

There is a very large theater scene in LA. There are little theatres all throughout Hollywood. I never knew anyone from that scene, but my impression was that the theater crowd was insanely gay. Now why the theater crowd (actors) would be so gay but the movie scene not does not make a lot of sense, except that maybe a lot of movie and TV actors are closeted.

There is also a huge local band scene in Hollywood, mostly heavy metal and punk, etc. This scene is overwhelmingly straight. Some of the big clubs were the Starwood, the Roxy, the Lingerie Club, the Anti-Club and the Whisky.

There is also a pretty big lit/poetry scene in LA. It’s not very gay at all. Just typical neurotic, boozing writer types and nerdy writer chicks.

There is a big art scene in LA. The artists generally live in or hang out in lofts in downtown LA. I was part of that scene for a long time. There were few if any gays in the scene that I was a part of. An artist party is like 300 introverts in a room, everyone scared to talk to each other. It’s pretty easy to get artist girls. Most of them are shy, nerdy types who don’t get laid enough, so they are a bit desperate. Plus once you get one, they’re often horny as Hell to make up for lost time.

Dance Scene

There is also a dance scene in LA. I used to know a woman named Mary Jane Eisenberg who was a big choreographer in town. Smart, cute, skinny, Jewish. She had her hair cut really short, and you know what that means, but I got the impression that she liked men. She was a cool chick; I would love to meet her again. Apparently she is still alive and still working as a choreographer.

I met her at a some wild, rowdy Dennis Cooper poetry reading (Cooper is gay) at some weird club in downtown LA the name of which escapes me.

She was with a couple of her dancers, two guys who were probably some of the best looking young men (about age 30) I have ever seen in my life. They were both apparently gay or bisexual.

They were so good looking and sexy that one almost wanted to turn gay because of them, if only for a while. I thought, “Man, I can see why guys are queer. You get to fuck the best looking people on the planet, just like that. I mean, they’re all guys, but hey! Minor point, no? How many straight guys get to screw the hottest chicks around? If you’re into screwing good looking people and don’t care much about gender, maybe gay is the way to go, eh?”

You could also see how just about any woman on Earth would want these guys. They were that sexy and hot.

Mary Jane asked one of the guys, who looked like Jamie Gillis, “So, what you guys been up to?”

The guy said flamboyantly, waving his hands in the air, “Ohhhhhh you knowwww. Just going to gay baaaars!”

Mary Jane shook her head like, “You’re nuts!”

The other guy heard his friend talking about going to gay bars and kept saying under his breath, “Nooo. Noooo. Nooooo. Noooooo.” Apparently he was denying his queery ways.

Later the same guy leaned over to me and purred, “Soooo, can I buy you a beer?” I told him no thanks and started shaking like a leaf. I was having a nightmare, and I was wide awake. I finished my beer and turned around and threw it into the trashcan, hard, like a punk, and it shattered. Then I sneered. The queer shuddered a bit when the bottle shattered, and then he left me alone.

It was a very weird night!


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An Interesting Filipino Phenotype

Click to enlarge. Very interesting photo of Ms. X on a recent stay in Macao. The somewhat dilapidated building in the background is a large Macao apartment building.

Ms. X is a good friend of mine. She is a Filipina working overseas in Hong Kong. The photo above was taken on a recent trip to Macao. I posted it because she has a very interesting phenotype.

Click to enlarge. Another pic of Ms. X from Hong Kong.

When I first met Ms. X, I thought she was South American! I thought she was a mostly White (Iberian or Spaniard) Hispanic from South America. Why? Because that’s what she looks like!

However, she is a Filipina, and she told me she is 100% pure Filipina. She is also a tribal, in this case from the north of Luzon. She is a member of an interesting tribe called Igorots. Igorots are not among the most recent wave of immigrants to the Philippines, but they are close. The most recent major wave included Tagalogs, etc. Igorots probably came in a prior wave just before that. The Igorots probably came from one of the Taiwanese aborigine tribes, though their prehistory is clouded in uncertainty.

One thing that is fascinating about Ms. X is how Caucasian she looks. You do find quite a few Filipinas with a somewhat Caucasoid phenotype. Filipino friends told me that Igorots have a characteristic phenotype that is well known in the Philippines. I have seen photos of Igorot males, and some of them looked somewhat Caucasoid also.

A Caucasoid looking phenotype is commonly noted among Southeast Asians and some NE Asians like Ainus. It is thought to be a result of crossing an Asian Australoid type with a Mongoloid type. Somehow you end up with a Caucasoid looking type. A number of Polynesians have ended up at this strange goalpost also somehow, possibly through the same mechanism.

I do not know how Ms. X acquired her phenotype. She told me that she is 100% pure Igorot, with no Spaniard or Chinese blood.

Some of the early waves that came to the Philippines, probably from Taiwan, were said to have odd, almost Caucasian appearances. How they derived this is unknown.

The Igorots probably came about 2,500 YBP. At this time in Taiwan, the aborigines were probably undergoing a final transition from an Australoid type (Melanesian is what we call it) to more Mongoloid type. The types in which this transition is not complete and Australoid traits remain are referred as “Indonesian” types. It is possible that the Igorots’ “Caucasoid” appearance is a result of this regional transition.

It is also possible that there may only be a finite number of possible final endpoints for human phenotypes. Possibly:

  1. African
  2. Australoid
  3. Caucasoid
  4. Mongoloid

are among the only possible endpoints that a human race can resemble, given the restraints on our genes. Hence, non-Caucasoid races may end up at a “Caucasoid” endpoint simply via genetic drift without having any Caucasoid roots.

It may be the case with human phenotypes that there are many routes, but only a few possible final destinations.

I would like to add that I find Ms. X to be a very beautiful woman!


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NE Asians Closer to SE Asians Than They Are to Caucasians

Click to enlarge.This chart clearly shows that NE Asians are closer to SE Asians than they are to Caucasians.

It was commonly quoted on Internet sites and forums that the distance between NE Asians and SE Asians is so great that NE Asians are closer to Caucasians than they are to their SE Asian brethren. Hence I quoted that in a few of my articles on race.

However, some Asians stopped by in the comments to set me straight, and continue to do so. Some linked to good evidence showing that what I said was wrong. Sure, there is quite a bit of difference between NE Asians and SE Asians, but NE Asians are closer to SE Asians than they are to Caucasians. This stands to reason of course and seems commonsensical.

In general, with a few exceptions, all NE and SE Asians are members of the Mongoloid race. A common NE Asian slander against SE Asians is that SE Asians are Australoids. Not that there’s anything wrong with being an Australoid, but it’s just not true. All SE Asians with the exception of Negritos, the Senoi of Thailand and some Melanesians in eastern Indonesia are members of the Mongoloid race. All NE Asians with the exception of the Ainu are members of the Mongoloid race also.

The truth is that both NE and SE Asians underwent a transition from Australoid to Mongoloid. Before 9,000 YBP, all Asians were Australoids. Around 9,000 YBP, the transition from Australoid to Mongoloid took place in NE Asia. The same transition occurred much later in SE Asia. It was not complete until ~2,200 YBP in Vietnam. Some SE Asians, notably Indonesians, although members of the Mongoloid race, retain some Australoid features from an earlier era.


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Phenotypical Differences Between NE Asians and SE Asians

Dave Coe writes:

What about in terms of looks? I personally find Northeast Asian women more attractive, but all the white guys who go to Asia seem to go the Southeast.

The Mongoloid race is newer in SE Asia than in NE Asia. In NE Asia, there was a full transition from Australoid to Mongoloid 9,000 YBP. In SE Asia, the full transition occurred as late as 2,000 YBP, hence you do tend to see more Australoid features in the SE Asian Mongoloids because the transition was so recent. I suppose to be crude you could say that SE Asians retain more archaic features, and NE Asians have fewer archaic and more progressive features.

There is a lot of overlap though. I can’t believe how Chinese many Filipinas look. I am not sure why this is. Possibly the Taiwanese aborigines from which they are heavily derived had a heavy “Chinese” type component. There has also been a heavy infusion of more modern Chinese types in the past 900 years. There was a particularly heavy wave 900 years ago.

Vietnamese women also have a heavily “Chinese” component.

What happened in SE Asia in the last 2000 years is that there was a very heavy infusion of probably more progressive Chinese phenotypes from southern China that moved in via waves into mainland SE Asia and at least the Philippines. The indigenous SE Asians were more archaic Australoid types  – more properly seen as “Melanesian” types who nevertheless had been transitioning towards a more modern Mongoloid type for a long time. The waves just helped this along in a big way.

The Thais and Lao for instance are primarily derived from a heavy wave from Yunnan 900 years ago that mixed in with indigenous types. In Vietnam, a huge wave overran the area 2,200 years ago via the Cantonese region and subsequently interbred with indigenous types. “Montagnards” are a good example of an indigenous type in Vietnam.

The genetics of Malaysia, Burma, Cambodia and Indonesia are a lot more complicated.


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