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PUA/Game: A Lot of Women Go Nuts for “Pure Androgynes”

Jason Y: A suspected queer in the family. Great, another way for the narcissist to feel superior.

He is not a suspected queer. Only the NPD called him gay. No one else in the family ever did. In fact, if you called my friend gay to the rest of the family, they would start laughing so hard they would almost fall on the floor. It’s because he’s the opposite of gay. It’s like laughing at a very skinny man trying to insult him by calling him fat. It’s preposterous.

That’s because my friend is so hyper-heterosexual that he is almost like the most wildly heterosexual man that ever lived. Even though he is rather “feminine” (quiet, soft, likes to read and write, and I think he even sews and knits lol) in some ways, he is not effeminate (acting like  a woman) at all.

All these PUA guys go on and on about acting masculine, but you would not believe how many of these “feminine” men I have met who were such crazed womanizers that it would blow you away.

But most of them had a masculine side going too. A lot of them were involved in illegal activity like selling drugs. They were almost all “bad boys.” Like bad to the bone. That’s the thing, everyone thinks that it’s only hypermasculine guys who are bad boys, but that’s not really true. You would be amazed at how many “feminine” (not effeminate) bad boys there are out there. Some of them are pretty bad too. Like, real bad.

Really, a lot of the craziest womanizers I have known had a strong feminine side along with a heavy masculine side. They were basically “pure androgynes.” I am thinking that the feminine side enabled them to get along with women well and maybe even understand how they think, to the extent that can be understood at all.

These PUA guys selling hypermasculinity like a drug are fools. My observation in life is that a lot of women and girls go absolutely nuts for these pure androgyne types. By no means all women are like this, and a lot of women say these guys are not their type because they prefer a more traditionally masculine man. White and Asian women especially go nuts for these guys. Black and Hispanic women, not so much. I think those women want or even demand hypermasculine guys. I am sure they are socialized that way, but still.

Iggy Pop said David Bowie got more women than any man he had ever known. “From waitresses to heiresses, they all wanted him,” he said. Go to a Bowie video on Youtube and it will be full of women and even girls gushing about how much they want to fuck him. And what’s a bit funny is there are quite a few guys, gay or bi I guess, who are saying the same thing. It’s like everyone wanted him. All the guys and all the girls, they all wanted David. Must have been nice.

For pure androgynes,  I am think maybe Jagger or James Dean. Or even Marilyn Manson maybe. Or Russell Brand for sure.

You don’t have to be a he-man to get women. That’s one of the biggest lies out there.


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How to Engage in Hypermasculine Behavior if It Does Not Come Naturally

Johnny Caustic: Can you tell us what “absurdly exaggerated masculine” behavior you did? It would make this post very useful. Clearly you got good results, but I have no idea what you did to get those good results.

Sort of hard to describe. Just think of the most hypermasculine guy you can think of and imitate him. It might feel like a preposterous caricature so absurd that anyone who saw you would burst out laughing. Go ahead and engage in that behavior even though it feels like an idiotic caricature. Keep the idea in your head that you need to act as masculine as possible all the time, without any letup.

Don’t worry about being a caricature or anything like that. It helps if you are sort of resentful and pissed off the whole time too. For some reason that adds to the effect. Be as friendly as possible to any guys you run into. You might find men of all ages nodding their heads when you do this. They are signaling you that they appreciate the hypermasculine thing you are doing because they do it too. Go ahead and nod back to them. Other than that, just act normal.

I hate to be advocating this sort of thing, but my experience is that this behavior actually works. If it works, why not do it? Those complaining that it is sick or whatever for US society to reward what you see as toxic or pathological behavior, well, it’s up to you to change society to where it does not reward this sort of thing. As long as society gives you benefits for this behavior, I would say feel free to do it all you want and see if you can reap any rewards.

I’ve been engaging in this behavior in a sense my whole life because my masculine side is extremely strong. But then there’s that pesky feminine side that’s always getting in the way and freaking people. “You’re too sexy to be straight!” Hear it over and over. Actually it’s not a bad way to walk through life. Be a sexy man. See if the ladies respond. They have been responding to me, maybe they will to you too.

In the last 10 years or so, I upped the hypermasculine stuff in an attempt to be more “Alpha” for lack of a better word. All I have to say is it worked wonders. If you do it right, acting more Alpha should definitely improve your relationships with women. Women eat Alpha behavior like chocolate. Don’t get all wrapped up in silly arguments about whether or not you are really Alpha or what is Alpha or bla bla.

There are statistical Alphas and behavioral Alphas. Statistical Alphas are never more than 15-20% of the population. They’re the guys that most of the females want most of the time. The hot guys. Then there are the behavioral Alphas are just guys who have decided to engage in  Alpha behavior. Theoretically, you can have whole societies where most if not all of the men engage in Alpha behavior. We can debate on and on about the Alpha/Beta/Omega thing, but trust me, it’s all straight up true. Getting down to brass tacks, the take-home point is that most men would benefit from acting more “Alpha.” There’s a huge upside and little downside if you do it right.

I have not seen any of the predicted downsides from this hypermasculine behavior I have been engaging in off and on most of my life. At this point, it’s second nature. I have a few arrests. Spent 6 hours in jail my whole life. My only conviction on my record at this point is a trespassing charge for which I paid a whopping $10 fine. As you can see, I am obviously a master criminal. What is funny about this is I have been breaking the  law, mostly via what I call victimless stuff, most of my life. I’m a very cautious guy, almost passive. I am conservative and careful. There’s little drama in my life. I hardly ever have serious conflicts with other humans. As far as I can see, doing  the hypermasculine  thing has no little to no downside in my life. Plus it’s fun. Go ahead guys! Play the he-man game! Little to lose and lots to gain!


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Romantic Orientation: An Unknown Factor in Sexual Orientation

100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual
90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual
80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual
70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual
60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual
50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual
40-60: Maximum homosexual, very strong heterosexual
30-70: Maximum homosexual, strong heterosexual
20-80: Maximum homosexual, significant heterosexual
10-90: Maximum homosexual, incidental heterosexual
0-100: Maximum homosexual, minimal heterosexual

That is my very own sexual orientation scale. I use it a lot in my counseling practice. What is odd is that everyone seems to like it a lot, and almost everyone gives me an almost immediate answer to where they are on the chart. This implies that most people know their sexual orientation at least deep down inside and few people are legitimately going round and round about their sexual orientation.

In my practice the only people I met who were going round and round about their sexual orientation were mentally ill. It doesn’t seem to be something normal people do. I think most adults know their orientation very well, but quite a few simply cannot admit it to themselves. Hence you see formerly married men “discovering they are gay” at age 45. They are not discovering a damn thing. They’ve known all along. The only  thing that changed was they stopped lying to themselves.

I like this better than the Kinsey Scale.

We really need another scale for romantic orientation.

I have known some lesbians who identified as 25-75 but identified as lesbian because they said that while men might be fun for sex, they could only fall in love with a woman. So it looks like self-labeling for sexual orientation can be based as much on romantic attraction as sexual attraction.

I have known women who had sex with both men and women but identified as straight as they only had relationships with men. They told me that relationships with women were straight up insanity time.

In fact, a number of bisexual women have confided in me that they did not like relationships with women because they were too nutty, which is something we men have been saying forever now. They told me that relationships with men were much more stable.

Woman = chaos + drama is how the equation works. All men have woman troubles. If you have a woman, you have woman troubles, period. Maybe you don’t if she’s mute, but even then she probably is capable of murderously dirty looks. Mute women have the advantage of knowing when to shut up and plus they can never give you the silent treatment. I think more men should look into relationships with mute women. It sounds like a neglected demographic. Generally the man is a stabilizing influence to the drama + chaos and women from partriarchal cultures are encultured or even terrorized into acting sane and decent most of the time.

Now you have two humans. One is drama + chaos and the other is drama + chaos. Ok, what do you think the result of that is? A Type 3 emotional hurricane I would say.


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“Why Do Indian Women Have Huge Egos?” by Magneto

Why do Indian Women Have Huge Egos?

by Magneto

I’ve often pondered this question and been a bit dumbfounded by it. One reason why it confuses me is because Indian women are probably the second most unattractive women on this planet, with the first being African women. How is it that a very ugly race of women walks around thinking they are God’s gift to humanity? The only reason a White man would find Indian women attractive is if he has a fetish for them. Otherwise, I remember back when I was more attracted to White women, it seemed that Indian women were literally invisible to me. I didn’t even register them on the attraction scale.

The main reason for this is due to how desperate and thirsty most Indian men are. By thirsty I mean they have zero game at all and will just write out stupid shit on Indian girls’ public Facebook or Instagram profiles like, “Hey, I wanna talk to you” or something like that. Never mind that she is a complete stranger and probably has 1,000s of men messaging her.

Actually I did a test once to confirm this. I created a fake Indian female account on Facebook along with a couple of pictures of an Indian woman. Within three days I had gotten over 500 messages. I also did the same for OKCupid, an online dating site. I created a fake profile of an Indian girl, and within 24 hours, I had reached the 300 message storage limit. This is called Indian male thirst.

Put yourself in the woman’s place. If you have literally 1,000’s of men messaging you, you are naturally going to develop an abundance mentality and not put much importance on any one man, since you know that you can find a new man within seconds. On the other extreme, Indian men are operating out of a scarcity mentality and think they are lucky to get just one or two replies from a girl.

It’s therefore natural for women to develop “bitch shields” when they are being hit on from 1,000’s of different men. Unfortunately it ruins it for men who have Game because it makes it a lot harder to approach such women. Are there any solutions to solving male thirst? I’ve thought of a few solutions.

  1. Men need to stop putting women on a pedestal and thinking of women as some lofty creature
  2. Men need to develop an abundance mentality in relation to women. This will solve the problem of stalking because an Indian man won’t put all of his efforts on one woman anymore and thus the tendency to send 100s of messages to the same girl will vanish
  3. Legalize prostitution so that any male who wants sex can get it by simply paying for it.

Implementing these solutions will not be easy though, as women enjoy their privileged positions. Taking women off of the pedestal that thirsty men have put them on will require some fight. After all, there is nothing more empowering for men than to legalize prostitution and thus create a sexual abundance market. Therefore it’s not surprising to know that it was primarily Christian women who demanded that prostitution as well as drugs, alcohol, and gambling should be made illegal back in the 1920’s.

On this topic, there is a very intelligent Indian blogger named Rookh Ksatriya who has written a few articles talking about how Christianity and feminism are intertwined because they both share common values like sexual repression. I’ve also wondered why feminism seems to take hold very strongly in some countries but not others. For example, let us take the countries of East Asia like Japan or South Korea and compare them to America and Europe. Both East Asia and the West are highly advanced technologically, but feminism and Cultural Marxism have only caught on in the West, whereas in East Asia, it really isn’t very strong at all.

The primary differences between these two geographic areas are race and religion. Ignoring race, Western countries are founded on Christian values, whereas East Asia is founded on Buddhist or atheistic values. The question could therefore be asked – Does Christianity put women on a massive pedestal? Another interesting point is that as Europe has been moving away from the values of Christianity for the past few decades, society has been becoming less repressed, and drugs, marijuana, and prostitution are legalized in a few European countries now.

Hinduism as a religion and culture puts women on the highest pedestal ever in history, far higher than Christianity ever did. And that might be the explanation for why women in India are put on such massive pedestals, with society considering them  to be “living Goddesses.” It doesn’t take a degree in psychology or sociology to understand that if you’ve been put on a massive pedestal your whole life and told you are a Goddess, of course you are going to develop a massive ego and act very rude towards people.

As we continue to pull the old Gods off of their pillars, it will also have the effect of bringing all humans down closer to the earth. Humanity has had its head in the clouds for so many thousands of years now that it’s time to come back down to earth and realize that the Divine exists right here on Earth. This is the missing key in all religions.

In the East it is known as Tantra. In the West it is known as the “Left Hand Path” or Luciferianism. It’s also interesting to note that the rise of these ideas began in the West around the same time as the mass usage of LSD and other psychedelic drugs became popular in the 1960’s. I remember when I was on LSD, I had the realization, “We are all Gods and this Earth itself is Heaven”. When you realize something on acid, it’s not like something theoretical, like you maybe think this is true. It’s a realization that is coming from the core of your being with complete conviction.

With this understanding, you do not put any person higher or lower than another. If women are Goddesses then men are Gods and therefore equal.


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Trump’s Sexist Remarks about Women

All of these remarks by Trump about women have been called sexist by feminists, the Cultural Left, and the popular culture at large, which is really just the Cultural Left as we are getting to the point now where the Cultural Left is actually our mainstream culture, which is pretty sorry. The remarks were rated on whether they were really sexist or not, and reasons were given for my opinions. Sexism really does exist. Misogyny is real and an awful lot of men are guilty of it. In fact, you might say that misogyny is the norm in male culture. It’s simply normal when among men to be a sexist pig and have a low view of women. That’s just the way men talk when they get together.

To some extent it’s understandable as women tend to make us insane, but it’s still not ok. You guys don’t like females who hate men, right? Well then,  don’t be a woman -hater. Anyway, I feel that most of the serious complaints against women are due to things women cannot help. Their brains just work in a certain way and most male complaints about women seem to be due to women’s brains working in exactly the way they are programmed to work. In other words, I don’t think there is a whole lot women can do about this stuff and I doubt if they are deliberately going out of their way to act horrible when they act bad. They  probably do not have a lot of control over it, and to some extent, women, like men, are probably prisoners of our biology.

Comments welcome.

“I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?” Sexist – lousy attitude to have towards your wife.

That women are essentially aesthetically-pleasing objects: In his 2006 book Trump 101: The Way to Success, Trump wrote: “Beauty and elegance, whether in a woman, a building, or a work of art, is not just superficial or something pretty to see.” Not sexist – true.

That sexual assault in the military is totally expected. 26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military-only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?  Not sexist – true.

That women on The Apprentice need to rely on sex appeal. “It’s certainly not groundbreaking news that the early victories by the women on The Apprentice were to a very large extent dependent on their sex appeal.”  Sexist – was the show supposed to be about how sexy the women were?

That bad press doesn’t matter as long as you have a sexy girlfriend. “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” Sexist – poor taste and a lousy way to talk about your woman.

That a woman MUST be hot in order to be a journalist. “I mean, we could say politically correct that look doesn’t matter, but the look obviously matters,” Trump said to a female reporter in a clip featured on Last Week Tonight. “Like you wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful.” Sexist – sex appeal should not be a factor in whether a woman is a good journalist or not.

That pumping breast milk is “disgusting.” When a lawyer facing Trump in 2011 asked for a break to pump breast milk for her infant daughter, The Donald reacted very poorly. “He got up, his face got red, he shook his finger at me, and he screamed, ‘You’re disgusting, you’re disgusting,’ and he ran out of there,” attorney Elizabeth Beck told CNN. Trump’s attorney does not dispute that his client called Beck “disgusting.” Sexist – lousy attitude towards breastfeeding.

That all women hate prenups because they are gold diggers. “The most difficult aspect of the prenuptial agreement is informing your future wife (or husband): I love you very much, but just in case things don’t work out, this is what you will get in the divorce. There are basically three types of women and reactions. One is the good woman who very much loves her future husband solely for himself but refuses to sign the agreement on principle. I fully understand this, but the man should take a pass anyway and find someone else. The other is the calculating woman who refuses to sign the prenuptial agreement because she is expecting to take advantage of the poor, unsuspecting sucker she’s got in her grasp. There is also the woman who will openly and quickly sign a prenuptial agreement in order to make a quick hit and take the money given to her.” Sexist – probably not all women are this avaricious.

That women have a “great act” going on to trick men. “Women have one of the great acts of all time. The smart ones act very feminine and needy, but inside they are real killers. The person who came up with the expression ‘the weaker sex’ was either very naive or had to be kidding. I have seen women manipulate men with just a twitch of their eye — or perhaps another body part.”  Not sexist – true.

That Hillary would be a bad president because of her husband’s actions. “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, how can she satisfy America?” Sexist – the behavior of her husband has nothing to do with how good of a President she would be. Poor taste to imply that she is lousy in bed.

That Angelina Jolie has dated too many guys to be attractive. “[Angelina Jolie’s] been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby… And, I just don’t even find her attractive.” Sexist – slut shaming.

That Bette Midler’s “ugly face and body” are offensive. While @BetteMidler is an extremely unattractive woman, I refuse to say that because I always insist on being politically correct. Sexist – that is not a good reason to dislike a person.

That Rosie O’Donnell is “crude, rude, obnoxious and dumb. My favorite part [of ‘Pulp Fiction’] is when Sam has his gun out in the diner, and he tells the guy to tell his girlfriend to shut up. Tell that bitch to be cool. Say: ‘Bitch be cool.’ I love those lines.” Sexist – Lousy way to talk to women on a habitual basis.

That a journalist who offended him had an ugly face. New York Times columnist Gail Collins recalled: “During one down period, I referred to him in print as a ‘financially embattled thousandaire’ and he sent me a copy of the column with my picture circled and ‘The Face of a Dog!’ written over it.” Sexist – her looks are not of any importance.

That Cher is ‘lonely’ and ‘a loser’ because she doesn’t support him. @cher should spend more time focusing on her family and dying career! “Cher is an average talent who’s out of touch with reality,” he said in a 2012 Fox News interview. “Cher is somewhat of a loser. She’s lonely. She’s unhappy. She’s very miserable.”  Not sexist – he does not like this person. Has nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman.

That women fawn all over him because he is rich and powerful. “Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a man who is certain about what he wants and sets out to get it, no holds barred,” Trump said about himself one time. “Women find his power almost as much of a turn-on as his money.”  Not sexist – probably true.

That the ladies on “The Apprentice” are all super into him. “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me — consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”  Not sexist – possibly true.


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“Diary Written by a Half-Asian, Half-White Guy,” by Magneto

Diary Written by a Half-Asian, Half-White Guy

by Magneto

I came across this site and was blown away by it. The guy who writes it has dedicated an entire blog to talking about how fucked up the children of White Male + Asian Female unions are. The self-hatred vibe of this guy is just off the charts.

Anyway, it’s quite an interesting read.

One point I remember is how he points out that a lot of these school shooter types are the Hapa (half Asian, half White) children born of White Male + Asian Female parents. This holds true for Elliot Rodger for sure.

The whole blog is article after article ranting about how White men who marry Asian women are losers, Asian women who marry White men are whores, and the children produced by such a union are fucked up. He has devoted hundreds, maybe even thousands, of articles to this exact subject, which is quite shocking because how often can you rehash the same topic over and over again, hundreds of fucking times?

The guy sounds like a ticking time bomb, and I’m surprised he hasn’t shot up a school yet.


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PUA/ Game: Want Hollywood-Style Wild Love Affairs with Women? Act Alpha.

There are many men out there who are relationship retards. They just do not function well in relationships with women either because they are not cut out for this or they repel the women they are with so much that the relationship is lousy when it lasts at all.

Women may marry and even have kids with relationship retards, but they don’t fall head over heels in love with them because relationship retards are not very lovable men. It is not uncommon for these men to go through their whole lives never having any woman fall in love with them because there is nothing there to fall in love with. There has to be something at least a  bit wonderful, glorious, heroic or beautiful about a man for any woman to even fall in love with him at all in the first place.

And men who regularly have women falling crazy in love with them, especially the point of being wildly jealous, possessive and even combative with rival women over the man tend to have one thing in common.  These men tend to display “Alpha” traits. That does not mean they are statistical Alphas but more that they are behavioral Alphas. If you want women to fall wildly, movie style, Romeo and Juliet head over heels insane in love with you to where she is possessive, jealous and even fighting other women over you, you must act Alpha. That’s how you get women to act that way, and women tend to respond to Alpha behavior in that madly in love, love affair of the century style.

Beta not to mention Omega behavior in men simply does not generate that Hollywood style love affair of all time passion. Behavioral Betas are rather drab men, and they just do not generate passion in women very well. Omega behavior by definition is not only drab and unable to arouse passion but often is actually downright repellent of women’s passion.

A man has women falling head over heels in love with him regularly where there even two or three women mad in love with him at once? He’s a Behavioral Alpha. Almost by definition he cannot be anything else.

Women are actually fighting each other over man? He’s Alpha. He cannot be anything else. Women don’t fight over Betas. Betas fight other men over women. Remember?

A man is getting regular marriage proposals pretty quick into relationships? He is probably an Alpha. Alphas are so irresistible that women start clamoring to marry them forever at a very early time in the relationship. Alphas spend a lot of their time turning down marriage and cohabitation suggestions from women if they are single.

If women are saying, “I want to have your baby, dammit! I want to have your kid!” Guess what? The guys an Alpha. That’s what women say to Alphas.

Sure, women have kids with Betas, but it’s more like, “Let’s have a baby,” or “Let’s you and me have a baby,” or “Do you think we should have a baby?”, like that. She’s having the kid for the couple, not for her. She doesn’t want to “have his kid”; she wants the two of them to have a baby together. See the difference?


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Of Course Normative Masculinity Is Constructed!

Steve: Men are like that naturally. We mostly don’t walk in a certain way on purpose or put on a deep voice.

I am sorry, but I do not believe this for one second. If it’s true, then why don’t little boys act like this. Even more importantly, why do gay men not act like this? This is absolutely preposterous. No one bursts out of the womb strutting around like a pimp or a football player in the end zone. Little boys are notoriously pussy.

And if deep voices and rigid mannerisms are simply characteristic of males, then why don’t gay men act like this. Very few gay men have deep voices. The number of gay men with stereotypical masculine body movements is near zero.

And men are naturally quite emotional. Little boys are quite emotional. Men literally get the emotions beaten right out of them verbally, and if they don’t get a clue, then they will get the pussy behavior beaten out of them physically. Ask me about it. I’ve been gay-bashed three times (physically attacked for supposedly being gay) and I’m not even gay! If that’s what they do to straight men, God knows what these poor gay guys have to go through. I shudder at the thought.

Stereotypical masculine behavior is constructed, period. It’s constructed. constructed constructed constructed. Stereotypical feminine behavior is also constructed, period. Why do men strut around rigidly like machines, act cold like robots and growl in deep voices? Because they got taught to act that way, that’s why!

When I was a boy none of us acted this way. Most of us had stupid, high pitched voices, we did not move in masculine manners and we certainly were not cold and unemotional. If I went back and found those boys later, I can assure you that they have changed. In fact, I did go meet some of them later on. I met one at age 24. TM was his name. His brother was CM. They were rather masculine for boys but they were still silly and squirrely. When I met him at age 24 and CM at age 26, they were both extremely masculine, almost like John Wayne types.

Now with me, I assume that over time, I simply learned to act this way. I remember lowering my voice on purpose, I remember moving in those sharp, jutting, blocky movements. I remember all of this quite vividly. And when I am feeling particularly masculine, for instance after I just fucked a beautiful women, these masculine qualities of mine become quite exaggerated.

I am not sure if I am doing it on purpose or if it is an act. At this point, “on purpose or an act” or completely natural and without thinking are so blurred into each other that you cannot tell where one starts and the other one ends.

Some time ago, I forget about when, I decided I was fed with being a soft guy who gets pushed around by women (granted, often hot women who couldn’t stop fucking me, but still), and I decided to consciously act more masculine. It was then that I realized that I had been doing this same thing on and off for a very, very long time, going all the way back to early adulthood. It was an old habit, but so was being a soft pussy. I just locked right into it like a key in an ignition switch.

There are times when I feel like acting more masculine than normal and I just do it. It’s quite conscious. Nevertheless, even when I am doing this, I realize again that I am locking into an old behavior pattern. You practice and practice and practice, and pretty soon, you are stumbling out of bed like Bruce Willis, strutting down the hallway like Errol Flynn and swinging the refrigerator open like a combination of Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. After a while when it gets normal, it starts to feel pretty good feeling this way. There is a sense of power and especially mastery that comes over a man when he acts more masculine. There is also a sense of invulnerability, insensitivity and fearlessness. And women love it. If you start acting that way, even consciously or so-called putting on an act, a lot more women are going to look at you.


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Game/PUA: Get Alpha and Improve Your Life

I also noticed that since I put on the more masculine act and consciously tried to act more Alpha in my relationships with women, my female relationships have gotten a lot better.

Women fall hard in love with me now, a lot harder and more often than they used to. They get wildly jealous and threaten to beat up, stab or even kill other women. They also get raving furious hot hatred mad at me sometimes, but that’s good because hate and love are very close and the woman who loves you deeply is also going to feel some of the strongest red-hot hatred towards you.

Good-looking women actually fight over me now. I can date more than one woman at once, tell one woman about the other one, and she doesn’t even care, although she will try to pry my away from her. Dueling girlfriends even to compete to be a better girlfriend to beat out their rival. And I’m having better sex than I’ve ever had. And women are falling harder in love with me than they used to, wild, Hollywood romance love affair of the century type head over heels in love stuff that I did not used to experience much of.

I don’t get called gay much either. Maybe once a year. I’m sure a lot of people still don’t like me but not for that reason anyway.

There literally is no downside to acting masculine. I do not see how you can act too masculine or too Alpha, or at least I can’t. I have not noticed any ill effects from this behavior except for maybe a bit of coldness which I don’t mind because now the most vicious attacks from women roll right off of me and don’t devastate me like they used to. Now I look up them and laugh right in their face when they insult me as bad as any man has ever been insulted. And it works. The less sensitive you are too their insults, the more they love you. The more you get devastated and ruined by their attacks, I think the more it just eggs them on and further I don’t think they respect you a lot.

I would say that there is a serious downside to not acting masculine enough though. There is a good side too it. You are much more sensitive and emotional and vulnerable this way and you don’t feel so dangerous or scary. Even the devastating lows have a sort of power to them that I don’t feel too often now anymore that everything has sort of blurred into this not too emotional flat-line. If you value sensitivity, strong emotions, ups and downs, emotional flavor and color to your life, by all means go ahead and be a sensitive man. But there sure are a Hell of a lot of downsides to that life.


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Putting Broken Friendships and Relationships Back Together Is Usually a Waste of Time

Suppose a friendship or relationship ends. You feel guilty for getting rid of this person, so you are trying to save the friendship. Don’t bother. I used to do this all the time. It is a complete waste of time, as generally when friendships or relationships fall apart there is not much sense in putting them back together. If you get back with them, they will just keep on doing the same stuff that was driving you crazy about them before.

I have had some friends, who, for some reason or another which I could never figure out, never seemed like they really liked me. I mean, yes, they could be very friendly and sometimes they seemed like my best friends. But that  wasn’t all the time.  And I always felt that deep down inside, they didn’t really like me very much. Maybe they did not respect me. I have no idea. I kept getting back with these people, and they never did come around to truly liking me or respecting me. If it seemed like they never truly liked me or respected me before, then that was the case now too also.

Patching up friendships or relationships never seems to work. Sometimes you can get back together with a girlfriend you broke up with, but this second time around, the relationship will be even shorter than the original one. And if you get back with her a third time, then this time, it will be even shorter than the time before that.

It’s like the relationship is slowly dying every time you have these huge breakups and when you get back together it is like the relationship is damaged somehow and each time you break up, the core relationship suffers some sort of core damage that lingers. So each time you break up, the relationship gets more and more damaged. So you are tying to put back together a relationship that is getting more and more damaged every time. The first time you get back together, you are already putting back together something that is inherently weaker than it was to start with.

So think of each breakup as a heart attack, and yes, the symbolism is nice, isn’t it? Broken heart, heart attack: perfect. After your first heart attack, you don’t go back to normal. Afterwards your heart has been permanently damaged by that heart attack and there is no way to fix the damage. With each subsequent heart attack, your heart gets more and more damaged. So Dick Cheney with his four or five heart attacks must have a pretty messed up heart by now.

Putting friendships back together seems even less likely because friendships are less deep and powerful structures than relationships. It’s easy to let go of something that was not that deep to start with as you did not have a whole lot there to start with. A relationship often has a deeper and more powerful structure to it, so ending it is often quite painful, more so than a friendship ending. Because is it so much more painful and because it was so much stronger in the first place, people often want to put it together to end their pain of the breakup or to try to recapture that strong, powerful feeling they lost.

If you have lost a lot of friends over time, I would not feel bad about that. It doesn’t matter why they left. In my case, I more or less fell apart emotionally over several years and during that time, just about all of my friends slowly abandoned me. The few who stuck around treated me like crap but I kept coming around anyway because muh “I need friends!” and muh “I can’t have no friends! Then I will be a loser!”

On the other hand, trust me, it’s better to be alone than to wish you were. I honestly do not mind that any of these people are gone since the last time I was dealing with them, they were treating me pretty badly. If your last interaction with someone was lousy, you often to do not want to have an interaction with that person anymore because you think the next time you see them is going to be just like the last time you saw them. And you are usually right.

One thing I would recommend if you are not resentful of a person (and it’s better to be more forgiving and less resentful and resentment seldom does anyone much good) is to do what I call “leaving the door open.” That means you are not going to make any efforts to contact this person ever again, but “the door is open” if they really wish to get back in touch with you.

In other words, to rekindle the friendship, they have to actually come to you and by doing so, sort of beg you to come back. I would not worry about this too much as 95% of your ex-friends will not make any effort to get back in touch with you. But “the door ought to be open” for some if not most of your ex-friends. Now there are some people who are just hopeless. There was one guy described above where I always got a deep feeling that he never really liked me all that much. At one point after I had gotten back being friends with him, he even laughed and admitted it to me. He said, “You know what? I never really liked you all that much. I always thought you were kind of a geek.” Which is of course what I had always respected all along.

How can you tell if your friends really like you or if they deep down inside, don’t like or respect you very much? There is no way to tell except that you need to learn to be very good at social skills, including reading people. I can read people like books, but I have been studying and practicing over for decades. The answer is that you can just tell.

If someone truly likes and respects you deep down inside, you can tell. You can read it on them. And if someone never really liked or respected you, you can pretty much tell that, though it might take some time, like month, to figure that out. Once you figure it out and if you are a good people reader, the chance that you were wrong is low. And even if you are wrong, it doesn’t matter. Even if this person really likes you but it feels like they don’t, what’s the point of someone who gives off vibes of not liking you very much, whether those vibes are true or not? There is none. It doesn’t matter why someone makes you feel lousy. If they make you feel lousy for any reason on Earth, you need to get away from them.

I would add one caveat. If you leave the door open, there should be some basic rules, which are pretty hardline. The door is open, but open if they treat you with complete respect and decency. They have to be friendly and nice and they have to like you and respect you. I am not sure how to give off those vibes, but I gave off vibes like that to an old friend, he picked up on it, and he’s been very nice ever since.


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