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My Fiance Thinks That I Am Gay, but I Know I Am Straight – Is There any Way I Can Prove to Her Medically That I Am Straight and Not Gay?

Answered on Quora.

This is a pretty serious situation.

I hate to say it, but I have been in this situation. But they were convinced that I was bisexual or that I used to be gay. I guess it was obvious that I liked women.

The problem here is that she is not accepting the fact that you are straight. In my opinion, once she starts doubting your heterosexuality like this, she’s never going to stop. She will never believe you are straight no matter how many times you tell her. They simply never change their minds about this.

Furthermore, it might be insulting. Many straight men are insulted by the idea that people, especially women and in particular their girlfriends, think they are gay. If this is how you feel, she is insulting you all the time you are with her.

Relationships with women need a couple of things to be successful.
There are two deal-killers.

First, she has to be OK with your masculine style. If she feels you are lacking in masculinity and she dislikes this, the relationship is over. It will never work well.

Second is she has to accept your sexual orientation and be OK with it. If you are straight, she has to believe that. She can’t be wondering if you are gay or bi. If you are bisexual, she absolutely needs to be OK with that. If she’s not, it will never work. In other words, your view of your sexual orientation and hers need to line up.

This also looks very bad for the relationship. I don’t see how this relationship works if she keeps this black cloud of your being gay over her head all the time. It’s going to affect her opinion of you, and not in a good way.

I realize that you are engaged, but I would get out of this relationship pronto. Either that or issue her an ultimatum that she either believes you are straight or you end the engagement, but in that case, I bet she would just agree to drop it and keep on wondering.

My advice is to end the engagement. This is so serious a matter that I do not see how this ends well.

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Is It Hard for Gifted People to Accept Having a Higher Intelligence Than Most of the People They Know?

Answered on Quora.

We don’t mind at all. It doesn’t make us feel bad that we are a lot smarter than they are, if we are. It’s no big deal to me to be smarter than others, and I am smarter than 99.9% of the population, which means I am smarter than almost everyone. I have to be OK with this, or I will be miserable, as 99.9% of the people I meet will be less intelligent than I am.

But I don’t feel shy or ashamed about my brains. I rather like them actually.

On the other hand, very high IQ people have some special problems that a lot of lower IQ people will never understand. Once people get two standard deviations below me (30 points), they simply don’t understand the little difficulties that go along with being a cerebral outlier. They will just get angry and say my being smarter doesn’t make me better or something dumb like that or more or less tell me to shut up.

One of the problems is that I have a difficult time having relationships with women who are three standard deviations below me (45 points). Indeed studies show that at 30 IQ points difference, communication becomes difficult and in some cases impossible. Functional relationships fall apart due to lack of connection. For instance, a group will often not accept a leader who is more than 30 IQ points above them. They think he is too smart, and the connection necessary to be a leader is severed.

I date women who misspell common words or don’t know what Latin is. They might be 45–55 IQ points below me. I am also very educated. As you can see, it’s just not going to work. She won’t understand what I am talking about half the time.

I used to hang around mostly with people 3 SD’s below me. They were my dearest friends, but I was always frustrated because there were so many things I could not talk about with them. So there was this continuous sense of frustration running through our relationships. I don’t think friendships or relationships work very well when you get to 3 SD’s difference. 2 SD’s is more workable, but you are still explaining yourself a lot. If you like the teacher role, it’s OK.

One thing that is important is that if you are a cerebral alien like me, you are not supposed to talk about your brains to people who are ~25+ points lower on the scale. They will take it personally as an insult, and they won’t sympathize.

Very high IQ people can befriend other high to very high IQ people well, and you can talk about your brains with them a lot because most of them are very into their brains too, and they will often be awed or pleasantly impressed by your brain. Fast brains tend to be respected more by others with fast brains. People will slower brains are typically not very impressed for some reason.

Exceptional people like their talents. Gifted athletes, artists, and musicians enjoy their gifts and like to talk about them. Intellect is no different. A fast brain is often cherished by those who have one.


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Is It Rude If You Don’t Keep Your Eye Contact when People Talk to You?

Answered on Quora.

You are not supposed to yell at someone over things like that, but then I am an introvert and I hardly yell at anyone over anything, even when I probably ought to.

On the other hand, an extrovert may well yell at you for something like that because, well, that’s just the way they ride. This is one of things that makes it hard for us introverts to get along with extroverts.

They’re always raising their voices, getting angry, sort of yelling, and blowing up a little bit. Then later on they act like nothing happened. I guess they do this as a matter of course with everyone they know. To us that seems mean and it also seems like there is something wrong with them, like they can’t control themselves very well.

Now we introverts, wow. I mean someone yells at us for no good reason? To us that means the whole relationship is over. We can go years without even raising our voices at a good friend or lover. We think if you ever raise your voice at someone, you better have a damn good reason.

Avoiding eye contact is a serious social violation, but some very shy people just do it that way. It tends to shut down most conversations on its own though. If I am talking to someone and they are avoiding eye contact with me, that conversation is going to be over pretty soon. I must say that if you go about avoiding eye contact with others regularly when you talk to them, you are committing social suicide.

To me, it’s rude to order someone to look me in the eyes. I would never say that. But then I am very reticent about confronting or engaging people in all sorts of adversarial ways. I am just not an aggressive person. Anyway, I have been told a lot that I don’t look people in the eye when I talk to them. Not so much anymore, more when I was young. I always thought I was looking them in the eye, but I guess I wasn’t, or maybe not enough!

I can be very soft-spoken myself, and people do ask me to repeat things fairly often. I would probably talk louder in that class. If someone was speaking so softly that I could not hear them, I would tell them to please speak up. But I would say it very nicely.

Often if you are in a quiet place, the other person will just start speaking softly too, and then you have two soft-spoken people conversing in a quiet environment. To us introverts, that’s a gloriously intimate event, one of life’s most special pleasures. There’s something very special about two friends speaking in very soft tones to each other in a quiet environment. It’s just you and then, alone together against the world. It’s beautiful, really, or at least to an introvert.

And if you are with a woman, and she starts speaking quietly along with you in a quiet place, that often means she’s up for something intimate and sexually oriented, so that’s another plus. By lowering her voice like that, she is lowering her guard and opening up her door or gate for you, so to speak. She’s also descending to a very intimate place with you. It would be unusual for her to do that with only platonic overtones.

Things are getting sexy, man! Bust a move, brothers! Go for it!

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Game/PUA: Have You Ever Kissed Someone without Consent?

Answered on Quora.

Of course. I’ve kissed more girls and women than I can count more times than I can count, sometimes for long extended sessions. Every time I kissed a female, it was without her consent. I never asked for consent, ever. I just leaned in and did it. Not usually aggressively, but a few times I basically attacked them. They got into it very willingly every single time, so I assume they were consenting on that basis alone.

Asking for consent to kiss a female is insane. Just lean in and do it. If she doesn’t want to kiss you, she will move away or push you away or turn her face so you can only kiss her on the cheek. That’s how you know she’s not consenting. It helps if you do it very gently because that way she can protest or push you away if she’s not interested and hopefully you get the message and back off and the kiss never takes place. Plus a lot of women like tender, gentle kisses, especially the first time.

You have to learn to read the vibes. If she’s willing to let you kiss her and get sexual with her, she will send out signals saying that it’s ok to go for it. If you get that signal, just lean in and kiss her.

If you don’t get that signal, I would not do anything sexual with her. Forcing kisses on unwilling women is pretty rapey behavior.

She will always give out a sign. The sign is in an unspoken mental language and is the closest thing I can think of to telepathy. In order to pick up on it, you almost have to read people’s minds in a sense, and it is possible to read minds this way. I am very good at reading minds this way, but I imagine a lot of folks, especially men, are not.

Have I ever kissed a female without her consent where she did not want me to and she got mad? Nope. That’s pretty bad. Either you read the vibes wrong and made an honest mistake or you are an asshole and a quasi-rapist. I suspect most men who do this are the latter.

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Poles and Holes Redux


RL: “A hole only works with a pole, otherwise it’s like a hole in the ground, just sitting there being useless with nothing to fill it up waiting for you to trip over it.”

Is this how you view women?? 😂

As a woman though I feel this way a lot I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing or a society thing. Robert what do you think…?

Actually, I don’t view women that way. I don’t consider a vagina with no penis to put in it to be a useless object. On the other hand though, for gay men…

Believe it or not, I actually wrote that about gay male sexuality. Obviously a society of gay male bottoms ain’t going to work out very well. I doubt if there’s going to be much sex going on.

“A hole needs a pole, and a pole needs a hole” is actually a pretty good way of viewing heterosexual sexuality, especially from the point of view of the poles (the men). Men will literally fuck anything, and I do mean anything. This is the dirty little secret about men. It’s why straight men have sex with men, why men who have no interest in kids screw little girls, why men who have no interest in animals screw animals, etc. A lot of younger women can’t seem to figure this out, but most older women get it. If as a woman, you learn one thing about men in your life, it should be this at least: men will literally fuck anything. Until you understand that, you will never figure us out.

As far as a hole needs a pole, hmmm, a lot of women do like to get fucked though for whatever reason. There’s something special about that act even though it often doesn’t lead to orgasm (only 20-25% of women regularly orgasm from intercourse). Not being a woman and never being fucked, I don’t know what that is.

I am not sure what your statement means. Do you mean that you feel useless without a man?

Tell you what. I have talked to women of all ages all over the world for some time now and some of my best friends have been women (I mean we text back and forth all day long for months), and I keep running into this: the most important thing in any woman’s life is to get a man, to have a man in her life.

For many women, literally their entire lives revolve around getting a man, their relationships with men, etc. Some of these women had very bad experiences with men, and I wondered why getting a man or having a man was so damned important to them, but it was. I actually started thinking  that maybe this was some deeply ingrained thing in human females: the need to have a man. I asked the smartest woman on Earth (my Mom) about it, and she agreed with me that for many women, one of the most important aspects of their lives revolves around getting or having a man.  We talked a bit about why this is, but we couldn’t come up with an answer.

I doubt if it is confidence thing.

Like that hole in the ground is rather useless and even a hazard with nothing to fill it up, a woman is a bit of a loose wheel without a man or men. There’s something missing. There’s a void there. It’s not so much that you lack confidence to live without a man but more that without a man something basic is missing in your existence and you feel an empitness (recall the previous metaphor) and you need something to “fill the hole” in your life.

Relax. You’re normal!


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The Girlfriend Application


Girlfriend application.

Anything we can add here, guys?

Here’s one:

Do you have a gag reflex? Yes_____  No_____

Any more?


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How I Avoided Turning Gay

The whole idea of this post is absurd, but this is what we believed back then. I now know that I was completely straight my whole life, but at the time I didn’t understand the permanence of male sexual orientation. We boys and young men thought straightness was sort of this “weak force” that could become damaged, the result being that you would actually turn homosexual. In that sense, all straight men were at risk of turning gay at any time and you had to do various things to make sure this didn’t happen.

I now know that no man turns gay ever, like no man turns straight but at the time, we didn’t know that.

I had considerable anxiety as I was growing up that I might “turn gay,” and I was determined to make sure that didn’t happen.

In 10th grade, I hung out with “the nerds,” who were a bunch of high-IQ brainac boys. We spent lunch in the Chess Club playing chess like complete fucktards. There were 20 nerd boys in this group and no girls at all, not even nerdy girls. It was a disturbing setup.

I was friends with all of these boys, but many of them were actually effeminate. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. None of them had anything to do with girls. They also expressed no interest whatsoever in girls. The whole setup was disturbing. Not only were we being fucktards, but we were practically being faggots or proto-faggots too. I started to worry that this friend scene was a very bad idea.

I didn’t know any girls, but at least I was interested. I got an erection if the wind blew, and pornographic heterosexual fantasies played nonstop in my head. I had rounded up some dirty novels and nonfiction books with sex scenes, and this was my fantasy material. One was a scene out of Manchild in the Promised Land. Another was at the beginning of The Godfather. At some point, I discovered skin magazines, and I used to spend a lot of time browsing the many Playboy-Penthouse type magazines around back then.

I still don’t know if these guys were pre-gay or gay (none were sexually) or they just couldn’t get a girl with God’s help. My Dad was very proud that I hung out with these idiots.

In 11th grade, I rebelled.

I decided if kept hanging around with these guys I might turn gay.

Most teenage boys back expressed some anxiety about turning gay, and a lot of them were actively doing things to make sure they didn’t turn gay.

I decided my Dad was an idiot, and he was trying to turn me into a faggot. I was pissed. My own father was unwittingly trying to turn me into a fag! Screw this. I think I even told him he was doing that, and he acted like it was the most outrageous thing he ever heard. He was happy that I was a “good kid” hanging around with these good boy nerds. It wasn’t a road to faggotry. It was a road to good citizenship.

I also had short hair, and girls hated that. This was the hippie era, and if you wanted to get a girl you had to grow your hair long. Short hair was “geek hair,” and girls openly despised it.

I decided I was going to try to get some chicks. I grew my hair long, quit hanging around with the idiots and started to hang out with jocks, surfers, drug dealers, party people, stoners, rock fans, and other bad boy punk kid types. I started going to parties, smoking weed, drinking, listening to rock music, and riding a skateboard. My friends were a bunch of glorified juvenile delinquents and soon I was too. World War 3 erupted between my father and me and it turned the whole house and family asunder and upside down with chaos and bad energy.

Well, it wasn’t long before I grew my hair long, started hanging around with cool guys,  and turned into a delinquent that I started getting laid. I also started making out and whatnot with a lot of girls.

False Rape Charge

I think I actually had sex almost before I got kissed though, which is pretty weird. I dove right into sex. She was 14 and as a horny as a grown woman. I crossed the virgin barrier at 16, and boy was I happy.

She falsely accused me of rape afterwards and went around telling all of the girls I hung out with that I raped her. The weird thing is that all of those girls started acting quite afraid of me, but they also starting acting really horny around me. Being accused of rape made those girls fear me and want to fuck me at the same time.

Now there’s your Lesson 1 in Female Sexuality for the day!

Of course I didn’t rape her. We were both just blotto drunk.

It was classic #metoo Regret Rape bullshit. We got interrupted on the roof of an apartment building at 3 AM in the middle by an idiot we had sent away with a wink so we could screw. We figured he would get the hint but unfortunately he was a fucktard.

He came back and saw us having sex and instead of taking off, he stood there with his mouth open and expressed verbal shock and alarm. She jumped right off me and quickly said, “Now I’m not horny anymore.”

Lesson 2 in Female Sexuality for the day.

The dumbass was still standing there with the bottom fallen out of his mouth. “Lindsay,” he said. “I will never think the same way about you ever again.” His look was solemn and sincere.

Lesson 1 in ManWorld for the day.

I guess this is where the Regret Rape set in. She felt bad about having sex with me and was wracked with guilt. Therefore, I obviously raped her. This is “female logic,” and girls and women actually think like this and believe it is rational thinking.

Lesson 1 in Female Psychology for the day.

This was at a time when most of my friends were still virgins. So I was something of a mini-legend.

I also figured I had dodged a bullet and kept from turning gay, but the anxiety remained. If I didn’t have a date in a long time, I started worrying that if this state of affairs went on for too long, I might turn gay. This was very alarming to me. I spent much of my time from 15-26 with this as one of my deepest and most hidden fears. Of course, now I know it was an idiotic thing to fear, as stupid as worrying you might turn into a Martian, but back then, it was the real deal.


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Lily Allen, “Who’d Have Known?”

Another great song from Lily Allen. I did not mention it in the last post, but this Electropop stuff is also great dance music. In addition to the 1980ish origins, it also has roots in techno and house dance music produced by DJ’s in dance clubs later on. I liked both techno and house.

Some great dance music, even if I had quit dancing by that time. I actually love to dance and supposedly I can dance pretty well. There’s one great thing about dancing, regardless of whether you think it’s faggy. And that’s because in a real way, dancing is the opposite of faggy. Women and girls love a great dancer, especially in a sexy, attractive and rather masculine male. Dancing is a very sexual activity – it’s nearly vertical sex de facto if you think about it. Dancing makes women horny. An ability to dance is a great component of Game, especially if you are attractive, fairly masculine and sexy.

What I am trying to say is that if you look good and your Game is good, being a great dancer can also get you laid. A lot. One great reason to take up dancing, guys!

That I dance well his is due to the fact that I have a partly Female Character. Face it guys, dancing in the West is a phenomenon rooted deeply in the Female Character. Yes, men do dance sometimes even in hypermasculine Arab, Kurdish and Turkic cultures, but let’s not fool ourselves. There’s nothing masculine in even that dancing. If you dance well, you have a feminine side, and that’s not a bad thing.

Is there any male dancing? Square dancing, line dancing, and of course slow dancing, etc. are rooted in the Female Character. There’s nothing masculine about flowing around in such a friendly way like that. The very fact that you are flowing, smiling, and warm shows you are acting female because females flow when they move while males move like mechanical objects or automatons in harsh, cold, blocky movements. Females also smile and act warm, while men scowl and act cold. These things are called Essential Gender Character. Check out the great Otto Weininger for more.

I would say that slam dancing is pretty masculine. Stage diving and slam pits are are all about the Male Character. Females trolling around the slam pit are acting pretty masculine, not that that’s a bad thing, since most if not all people have both Masculine and Feminine characters, following Weininger.

After all, testosterone is what makes women horny in the first place. The nuking of the female sex drive post-menopause (yeah, it’s real all right) is down to declining testosterone as much as declining estrogen. The greater sexuality of Black women may be down to increased testosterone. There are women who actually take testosterone supplements or get shots to revive a flagging sex drive.

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Repost: My Theory on “Game”

This ran, incredibly, a full six years ago, but it’s amazing how well it has held up to the test of time. It’s such a good post that it deserves a rerun.

Curious asks me about my “game” philosophy. I didn’t want to write this post, but I decided to bang one out anyway.

First of all, women have no understanding of Game, similar to how they do not understand many things. Women think Game is evil. They think Game involves trickery, scamming, deceiving, and manipulating as a form of  seduction. Of course it can be that, and seduction is the biggest scam of them all. Honest player is an oxymoron. But it needn’t be so. It’s possible to have great Game if you are simply a very sexy man who is appealing to women.

Your Game is your sex appeal and everything you do to get women to like you.

Really your Game is simply your sex appeal. Your Game, more specifically, is all of those techniques, styles, behaviors, thoughts, feelings and manners that a man uses to try to get women. All men have Game. Even men with monogamous partners have Game. The monogamous man who is irresistible to women, the guy ever woman in the office wants but can’t have – this man has fantastic Game.

Obviously married men used Game to get into the relationship in the first place. Many monogamous men are nevertheless very smooth operators who are quite sexy to women. That’s their Game right there.

And their Game is also whatever techniques, styles, etc. they are using to keep the relationship on the up and up because all relationships with women, even marriages, must be Gamed. You have to Game your woman. You have to Game your wife. I’m sure there are a lot of men out there who will jump up and scream that they do not use any Game in their relationships or marriages. If that’s true, I feel sorry for them. I can’t think of an easier way to blow up a relationship or marriage than refusing to Game it and Game it well.

There are a set of blogs out there talking about Married Man’s Game. Yep, your Game is ongoing even after you get married, and there is a recognition in the Manosphere that even relationships and marriages must be Gamed to keep them functioning well.

Women will not understand anything I wrote above and will go on insisting that Game is some diabolical form of scammy and sleazy seduction. As I said, it can but it needn’t be. Fine. Let them think that. But you men should know better if you got this far already.

Where do you usually meet women? Bars? Social circle?

What does your Game consist of? What do you talk about with women that gets them attracted to you?

Women like me, and I know how to talk to women. Or at least they used to, and I used to. Now I’m not attractive to anyone. A lot of women still like just fine, but they don’t want me getting to close, especially the younger. It’s a very surface friendliness with the idea behind it that I should not try to make it friendlier and more personable.

I assume I still know how to talk to women. In fact, I just talked to a few women today on some dating sites. Apparently I’ve still got it.

I also understand women extremely well, that is, “I know women.” I know how they operate and how they think, and I can figure them out to some degree to the extent that they can be figured out by anyone. It’s very important to become a “student of women” and try to figure out what makes them tick.

This education should be reality based and subject to reality testing with real world women and not just something you read in some guy’s book or on a website somewhere. Like most things, it comes from real world experience.

Sadly, men who have little experience with women will never learn to understand them well and hence will probably continue messing up with them, acting inappropriately, etc.

I often go quite slow, and women often say I am very nice. That’s why they like me. They say, “You are kind to me”, “You are very nice to me.” Stuff like that. I know you are not supposed to be a nice guy, but it works pretty good for me.

On the other hand, I do not tolerate much in the way of shit from women. If they get out of line, sometimes I just say things like, “Shut up bitch!” Then I give them a big grin and start laughing. Curiously, they often respect that, but I would not overdo it. Women like a guy who stands up to their shit when they overstep their bounds.

I generally “let the woman lead” as far as conversation, flirtation, talking about sex, and whatever goes. I hold back and just make occasional probing remarks here and there and now and then and see how they respond. They are usually the ones who start talking about sexual stuff first, because I am not into jumping off with that. Sometimes I get the impression that they get frustrated with me because I am not moving on them, so they start moving on me.

I also apologize a lot and even ask if I offended them if I say something sexual. The response is usually, “No! Not at all!”

I know that going slow like that is not supposed to work, but it works for me.

My philosophy is “let the woman lead.” If you put her in charge of the situation, she feels empowered. It’s also important to have an accepting role of female sexuality. I don’t slut shame. I even slut praise. This opens them up so they feel relaxed about being sexual.

A lot of times they confess all sorts of wild sexual stuff to me – how they screwed two guys at once, got gangbanged, had sex with a woman, and all of the weird kinks and perversions they have. You would be amazed at how much wild sexual stuff many ordinary women have done and how bizarre, kinky, or even sick their fantasies or kinks are.

I accept all of their wild sexual activities and kinks. I cheer it all on and try not to slut shame in any way whatsoever. In my opinion, slut shaming in any way puts the cooler on female sexuality. Even women who have been to orgies and who like to have sex with other women don’t really like being slut shamed.

If a woman is more proper or takes pride in not being a slut, I cheer that on too, and tell her that I appreciate a woman like that, a woman who’s not a slut and takes pride in her sexual propriety. You praise her for being a good girl.

I know it’s hypocritical to both praise sluts for being sluts and good girls for being good girls, but that’s the way I roll.

I never admit or confess to any sexual weaknesses such as not getting any or being unsuccessful with women in any way, shape, or form. Nothing turns a woman off more than a guy who can’t get any.

I do make references to my sexual history, typically just to alleviate concerns that I am some sort of a virgin. I use “fake modesty” when I do this and say it in a matter of fact way like I was talking about drinking water. I also act like I am embarrassed about my history and often say it’s not all beds of roses, that there’s a downside to promiscuity. Women like studs but not braggart studs. More like modest studs who act like it’s no big deal, like breathing air.

I also often say that my promiscuous days are in the past, and now I am looking for one woman, as I am too old to run around now. That’s probably a lie, but it’s a great line. If you come right out and say you’re a player, and that’s the way you roll, you turn a lot of women off who don’t want to be Woman Number 4. Most women want to be Woman Number 1, and you have to make her feel like she has a chance to do that, even if she really doesn’t.

So don’t say, “I’m a player.” She thinks you will pump and dump her or you have various other women, and most women don’t dig that. Much better to come off as “reformed and chagrined player who had his fun but now he’s seen the light and ready to change and be a one-woman man” even if that’s a complete lie, which in my case it always has been. It doesn’t matter if what you tell women is true or not; all that matters is whether this or that line or attitude is going to work or not. If it doesn’t work, don’t say it. If it works, say it. Whether it’s true or a lie is irrelevant when dealing with women. If telling the truth is going to work, you tell the truth. If lying is going to work best, then you lie. Real simple.

I make a point to say how I like women better than men, and I prefer the company of women to the company of men ,and that’s just the kind of guy I am and have always been.

If they ask me why I never married, I say that I dated  200 women and girls in my life, and I had a great life with a lot of great love affairs and even long term relationships. That turns a number of them off right there, but others either laugh or get intrigued. Often they express shock and disbelief. Probably the most common reaction is uncontrolled laughter. For some reason, most humans, boys, girls, men, and women from 8 year old boys to 80 year old women think notorious playboys are hilarious. This is true across cultures too. That holds across cultures too. I told that to an Indian friend of mine and he told his wife, a proper and prim Brahmin women who may have been a virgin when she got married. I was afraid she would act disgusted but he told me she laughed for a good 10 minutes.

Then I say, “I just never married any of them.” Women don’t like older never married men too much. When I was younger, they didn’t even like younger never married men. The idea is that there is something wrong with you that turns off women, or you can’t get laid and you are a 40 year old virgin. Basically, never married screams “Loser!” to a lot of women. On the other hand, players get a pass.

If some notorious player never married, no one really cares too much. That is considered an acceptable way to be a hardcore bachelor. Once again, a lot of people seem to think it is hilarious too. As you get older, it can get even more hilarious because older men are not supposed to be like this. Older players are almost defying the laws of physics and for some reason, they are even more hilarious. They’re like a runaway train that even the US airforce can’t get.

I am happy being alone. I never say I am lonely or miserable even if I am. If I am depressed, I usually lie and say I’m not. I can’t think of anything stupider than telling  a woman you’re lonely, miserable, or depressed. You might as well take a felt pen and write loser across your forehead. This is what I mean when I said you have to lie to women. Being honest to women all the time simply doesn’t work. It’s a guaranteed fail. Why do it? You trying to win points with Jesus?

I admit that I am broke, but I say that I don’t care, and I am not into money. If you say you are broke and miserable, once again that screams loser.

Bottom line is if your life is screwed up in any way, don’t admit it to women. It’s a guaranteed fail. Simply embrace the screwed up areas of your life and say you are perfectly happy living in a slum, driving a rattletrap, or eating cans of beans for dinner or whatever it is that is messed up about your life.

The main thing is that if she sees you as weak, you are not going to get any. It doesn’t matter if you are weak in various ways in your personal life. All of us men are weak. The only men who are not weak are liars and dead men. So what if you’re weak about this or that! Just don’t admit it to women!

Women hate whiners. If you whine, women say get off your ass and solve your problem, idiot! And don’t complain too much, at least about personal stuff. You can complain about non-personal stuff all you want.

I am a very easy-going guy with a great sense of humor.

I ask women a lot about their own lives and get them talking about themselves a lot. This is great because people love to talk about themselves, and most guys don’t listen to women at all. If a woman is going on and on about the latest crazy drama she is involved in, simply lean forward, make occasional comments like, “I see”, “ok”, “And then what happened?”, “Ahhhh”. “He did?”.  you get the picture. That’s called active listening. You don’t have to actually listen to her. I think you should try to listen, but if her crazy hour-long drama story leaves you baffled, just lean forward and pretend you understand.

I’ve been doing this my whole life and women always say what a fantastic listener I am. Truth is a lot of the time I am just pretending to listen to them or humoring them when they are rambling on about some convoluted drama. I doesn’t work to tell women to shut up or that you are bored, that they’ve talked enough, or that you don’t care. That’s a fail. A lot of men do this. Men are notorious for not listening to women at all, telling them they are boring, tuning them out, walking out of the room, telling them to shut up, etc. I understand why men do this because women’s endless soap opera lives are rather insipid from our point of view.

The more crucial matter is: You want to get laid or not? Women love good listeners. That’s the best thing you can be. When women are happy with your behavior, they tend to reward you. As in, you get laid. What I am saying is pretend to listen to her if you want to have a sex life. I can’t tell you how many times I listened to some convoluted and absurd drama after dinner for a couple of hours. When she’s done, she typically said what a wonderful listener I am, got a smile on her face, and said let’s go in the bedroom. Get it? If you’re a good listener, she rewards you by fucking you!

With women I know on any level, I figure out where I am with them sexually to the extent if I can say anything remotely sexual or even friendly. Test the waters now and again with friendly conversation and see how far it goes. If she shuts it down, pack up and leave. Too many men keep pounding away and rejecting women like they are broken coke machines, and if you bang on them enough, a bottle comes out.

If you to figure where you are sexually with her, there are things you can say to bring that out. Compliment her on her outfit. Tell her she looks beautiful today. Be very careful about sexual conversations with women you know if you are not sure they are ok with that. That’s a serious danger zone. You can only talk about sexual stuff with women who have greenlighted you to do that. Way too many men get too friendly with unfriendly women and get way too sexual with women are not even friendly to them, forget sexually interested. This is the source of most women’s complaints about creepy behavior.

Women are not broken coke machines. A shutdown is a shutdown. It means bye bye, not try harder, I’m playing hard to get, etc. Way too many men keep persisting in the face of the obvious shutdowns and this the root cause of this #metoo idiocy.

With a lot of young women  nowadays, I can’t even get very friendly with them by engaging them in much conversation, forget talking dirty or flirting. They see me as an old man, and while they are polite to me, any conversation other than perfunctory is regarded as “overly friendly,” and if I try to do it, I tend to get hard shutdowns pretty quickly.

I monitor the situation all the time with all the women I know or in my life and keep a  database in my head regarding where I am with them on a friendly or sexual basis and hence how I am allowed to talk to them. Then I proceed to deal with them accordingly.

You can talk to different women about different things at different levels. Figure out what are the permissible levels of conversation with each women you deal with regularly and then deal proceed. Update regularly as if they were entries in a database. The more you do this, the less you will be accused of inappropriate or creepy behaviors.


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American Hypersexed Culture An Illusion Propagated by Gay Hollywood

This comment was from a post I wrote noting that the median straight man has sex with six women in his lifetime, and the average straight woman has sex with only three men in her lifetime. Of course, this goes against the literally insane culture that all single straight men can just go out and get sex anytime they want.

Curiously (or perhaps not so curiously) this idiocy is promoted by feminists, especially male feminists, more than anyone else. I am not sure why, but feminism is simply Feminine Thinking Politicized (and Weaponized) or better yet the Feminine Character Politicized (and Weaponized).

Females, at least here in the modern West, are convinced that any single man can go out and get sex anytime they want to. I ask women about this, and they answer, “Well they could just go to a bar and they’re guaranteed to get a woman to have sex with them that night.” I try to tell them that this is not the case at all, and if were that easy to get laid in bars and clubs, men would spent all their time there, and society would come a halt, but it’s like talking to a wall. I don’t get through to them. They simply cannot comprehend it.

Let me tell you something. As noted above, if it were literally that easy to get laid in a bar or even a club, bars and clubs would be swarming with men every night and probably all day long too. In fact, I would probably be  writing this piece at a table at a bar myself, at 11 AM yet.

They think this way because of solipsism. Quite simply, females are solipsistic. Because of this solipsism, women are unable to put themselves in males minds and try to think like men or see the world as men do. This is why women see the world as a fantasy creation of the dream world of Feminine Character instead of how it actually is – a cold, cruel, unfair world where you barely stand a chance.

In this case, most women can  get laid anytime they want to. “By lowering your standards!” They retort. Of course that is true, but the average attractive woman could easily have her pick of 10-15 attractive men every day if she chose, at a minimum. Female humans, like other female animals, are notoriously fickle about their sexual partners and test them for fitness, choosing the best one who will pass on the best genes just like any other mammal, or even a bird or a fish for that matter. Females have been picky for a long way back in our heritage, all the way back to when we were frogs, if any of you can remember that far back.

Hence, due to female solipsism, if a woman can get laid anytime she wants, obviously a man can get laid any time he wants to because whatever is true for women is true for men and woman can only see the world as it is for women and not how it is for men.

Anyway this is a very interesting take only the Big Lie of the Reality of the Hypersexed Culture. What I mean is that the hypersexed culture exists, but not really in reality. Instead it exists as a fantasy world of the media and entertainment, and includes porn.

I believe the hypersexed culture is largely a media creation. The product of a media composed disproportionately of gay men writing about their own hyper promiscuous sex lives under the guise of heterosexual characters. TV has normal males in this culture confused under the delusion that all the other heterosexual men around them are getting random hookups with women in the exact same way the gays get it in the gay bars.

In The Myth of Heterosexual Aids by Fumento, besides his analysis of the particularly filthy, infectious nature of anal sex with gays both giving and receiving it up the ass. He also talks about the general nature of the heterosexual vs. gay lives and shows a statistic that the average straight man has 0.85 sex partners per year vs. 60 for the gays. That’s between 1 and 0 meaning most men are either monogamous in some sort of relationship, or blue balled. Any player types can’t be very common, or the number would be over one rather that under. Only in the faked-out media are there all these girls looking for random sex with strangers. The only ones that do are getting paid for it, or it’s a man in women’s clothes trying to trick men into a Crying Game moment.

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