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Of Course Normative Masculinity Is Constructed!

Steve: Men are like that naturally. We mostly don’t walk in a certain way on purpose or put on a deep voice.

I am sorry, but I do not believe this for one second. If it’s true, then why don’t little boys act like this. Even more importantly, why do gay men not act like this? This is absolutely preposterous. No one bursts out of the womb strutting around like a pimp or a football player in the end zone. Little boys are notoriously pussy.

And if deep voices and rigid mannerisms are simply characteristic of males, then why don’t gay men act like this. Very few gay men have deep voices. The number of gay men with stereotypical masculine body movements is near zero.

And men are naturally quite emotional. Little boys are quite emotional. Men literally get the emotions beaten right out of them verbally, and if they don’t get a clue, then they will get the pussy behavior beaten out of them physically. Ask me about it. I’ve been gay-bashed three times (physically attacked for supposedly being gay) and I’m not even gay! If that’s what they do to straight men, God knows what these poor gay guys have to go through. I shudder at the thought.

Stereotypical masculine behavior is constructed, period. It’s constructed. constructed constructed constructed. Stereotypical feminine behavior is also constructed, period. Why do men strut around rigidly like machines, act cold like robots and growl in deep voices? Because they got taught to act that way, that’s why!

When I was a boy none of us acted this way. Most of us had stupid, high pitched voices, we did not move in masculine manners and we certainly were not cold and unemotional. If I went back and found those boys later, I can assure you that they have changed. In fact, I did go meet some of them later on. I met one at age 24. TM was his name. His brother was CM. They were rather masculine for boys but they were still silly and squirrely. When I met him at age 24 and CM at age 26, they were both extremely masculine, almost like John Wayne types.

Now with me, I assume that over time, I simply learned to act this way. I remember lowering my voice on purpose, I remember moving in those sharp, jutting, blocky movements. I remember all of this quite vividly. And when I am feeling particularly masculine, for instance after I just fucked a beautiful women, these masculine qualities of mine become quite exaggerated.

I am not sure if I am doing it on purpose or if it is an act. At this point, “on purpose or an act” or completely natural and without thinking are so blurred into each other that you cannot tell where one starts and the other one ends.

Some time ago, I forget about when, I decided I was fed with being a soft guy who gets pushed around by women (granted, often hot women who couldn’t stop fucking me, but still), and I decided to consciously act more masculine. It was then that I realized that I had been doing this same thing on and off for a very, very long time, going all the way back to early adulthood. It was an old habit, but so was being a soft pussy. I just locked right into it like a key in an ignition switch.

There are times when I feel like acting more masculine than normal and I just do it. It’s quite conscious. Nevertheless, even when I am doing this, I realize again that I am locking into an old behavior pattern. You practice and practice and practice, and pretty soon, you are stumbling out of bed like Bruce Willis, strutting down the hallway like Errol Flynn and swinging the refrigerator open like a combination of Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. After a while when it gets normal, it starts to feel pretty good feeling this way. There is a sense of power and especially mastery that comes over a man when he acts more masculine. There is also a sense of invulnerability, insensitivity and fearlessness. And women love it. If you start acting that way, even consciously or so-called putting on an act, a lot more women are going to look at you.


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Game/PUA: Get Alpha and Improve Your Life

I also noticed that since I put on the more masculine act and consciously tried to act more Alpha in my relationships with women, my female relationships have gotten a lot better.

Women fall hard in love with me now, a lot harder and more often than they used to. They get wildly jealous and threaten to beat up, stab or even kill other women. They also get raving furious hot hatred mad at me sometimes, but that’s good because hate and love are very close and the woman who loves you deeply is also going to feel some of the strongest red-hot hatred towards you.

Good-looking women actually fight over me now. I can date more than one woman at once, tell one woman about the other one, and she doesn’t even care, although she will try to pry my away from her. Dueling girlfriends even to compete to be a better girlfriend to beat out their rival. And I’m having better sex than I’ve ever had. And women are falling harder in love with me than they used to, wild, Hollywood romance love affair of the century type head over heels in love stuff that I did not used to experience much of.

I don’t get called gay much either. Maybe once a year. I’m sure a lot of people still don’t like me but not for that reason anyway.

There literally is no downside to acting masculine. I do not see how you can act too masculine or too Alpha, or at least I can’t. I have not noticed any ill effects from this behavior except for maybe a bit of coldness which I don’t mind because now the most vicious attacks from women roll right off of me and don’t devastate me like they used to. Now I look up them and laugh right in their face when they insult me as bad as any man has ever been insulted. And it works. The less sensitive you are too their insults, the more they love you. The more you get devastated and ruined by their attacks, I think the more it just eggs them on and further I don’t think they respect you a lot.

I would say that there is a serious downside to not acting masculine enough though. There is a good side too it. You are much more sensitive and emotional and vulnerable this way and you don’t feel so dangerous or scary. Even the devastating lows have a sort of power to them that I don’t feel too often now anymore that everything has sort of blurred into this not too emotional flat-line. If you value sensitivity, strong emotions, ups and downs, emotional flavor and color to your life, by all means go ahead and be a sensitive man. But there sure are a Hell of a lot of downsides to that life.


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Putting Broken Friendships and Relationships Back Together Is Usually a Waste of Time

Suppose a friendship or relationship ends. You feel guilty for getting rid of this person, so you are trying to save the friendship. Don’t bother. I used to do this all the time. It is a complete waste of time, as generally when friendships or relationships fall apart there is not much sense in putting them back together. If you get back with them, they will just keep on doing the same stuff that was driving you crazy about them before.

I have had some friends, who, for some reason or another which I could never figure out, never seemed like they really liked me. I mean, yes, they could be very friendly and sometimes they seemed like my best friends. But that  wasn’t all the time.  And I always felt that deep down inside, they didn’t really like me very much. Maybe they did not respect me. I have no idea. I kept getting back with these people, and they never did come around to truly liking me or respecting me. If it seemed like they never truly liked me or respected me before, then that was the case now too also.

Patching up friendships or relationships never seems to work. Sometimes you can get back together with a girlfriend you broke up with, but this second time around, the relationship will be even shorter than the original one. And if you get back with her a third time, then this time, it will be even shorter than the time before that.

It’s like the relationship is slowly dying every time you have these huge breakups and when you get back together it is like the relationship is damaged somehow and each time you break up, the core relationship suffers some sort of core damage that lingers. So each time you break up, the relationship gets more and more damaged. So you are tying to put back together a relationship that is getting more and more damaged every time. The first time you get back together, you are already putting back together something that is inherently weaker than it was to start with.

So think of each breakup as a heart attack, and yes, the symbolism is nice, isn’t it? Broken heart, heart attack: perfect. After your first heart attack, you don’t go back to normal. Afterwards your heart has been permanently damaged by that heart attack and there is no way to fix the damage. With each subsequent heart attack, your heart gets more and more damaged. So Dick Cheney with his four or five heart attacks must have a pretty messed up heart by now.

Putting friendships back together seems even less likely because friendships are less deep and powerful structures than relationships. It’s easy to let go of something that was not that deep to start with as you did not have a whole lot there to start with. A relationship often has a deeper and more powerful structure to it, so ending it is often quite painful, more so than a friendship ending. Because is it so much more painful and because it was so much stronger in the first place, people often want to put it together to end their pain of the breakup or to try to recapture that strong, powerful feeling they lost.

If you have lost a lot of friends over time, I would not feel bad about that. It doesn’t matter why they left. In my case, I more or less fell apart emotionally over several years and during that time, just about all of my friends slowly abandoned me. The few who stuck around treated me like crap but I kept coming around anyway because muh “I need friends!” and muh “I can’t have no friends! Then I will be a loser!”

On the other hand, trust me, it’s better to be alone than to wish you were. I honestly do not mind that any of these people are gone since the last time I was dealing with them, they were treating me pretty badly. If your last interaction with someone was lousy, you often to do not want to have an interaction with that person anymore because you think the next time you see them is going to be just like the last time you saw them. And you are usually right.

One thing I would recommend if you are not resentful of a person (and it’s better to be more forgiving and less resentful and resentment seldom does anyone much good) is to do what I call “leaving the door open.” That means you are not going to make any efforts to contact this person ever again, but “the door is open” if they really wish to get back in touch with you.

In other words, to rekindle the friendship, they have to actually come to you and by doing so, sort of beg you to come back. I would not worry about this too much as 95% of your ex-friends will not make any effort to get back in touch with you. But “the door ought to be open” for some if not most of your ex-friends. Now there are some people who are just hopeless. There was one guy described above where I always got a deep feeling that he never really liked me all that much. At one point after I had gotten back being friends with him, he even laughed and admitted it to me. He said, “You know what? I never really liked you all that much. I always thought you were kind of a geek.” Which is of course what I had always respected all along.

How can you tell if your friends really like you or if they deep down inside, don’t like or respect you very much? There is no way to tell except that you need to learn to be very good at social skills, including reading people. I can read people like books, but I have been studying and practicing over for decades. The answer is that you can just tell.

If someone truly likes and respects you deep down inside, you can tell. You can read it on them. And if someone never really liked or respected you, you can pretty much tell that, though it might take some time, like month, to figure that out. Once you figure it out and if you are a good people reader, the chance that you were wrong is low. And even if you are wrong, it doesn’t matter. Even if this person really likes you but it feels like they don’t, what’s the point of someone who gives off vibes of not liking you very much, whether those vibes are true or not? There is none. It doesn’t matter why someone makes you feel lousy. If they make you feel lousy for any reason on Earth, you need to get away from them.

I would add one caveat. If you leave the door open, there should be some basic rules, which are pretty hardline. The door is open, but open if they treat you with complete respect and decency. They have to be friendly and nice and they have to like you and respect you. I am not sure how to give off those vibes, but I gave off vibes like that to an old friend, he picked up on it, and he’s been very nice ever since.


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Cultural Left Idiocy of the Day


This stuff is just getting nuttier and nuttier all the time, you know?

I am going to start posting this sort of insanity on a regular basis I think.


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Game/PUA: New Radio Show with Me Up

Here is a new radio show with me. Daryl Basarab and I discuss the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega thing. We have some differences of opinion on it, but overall, it’s a great discussion.

Daryl Basarab: I disagree with “Game theory” because different PUA’s use completely different game. Robert Lindsay befriends females and slowly sneaks up on them romantically while Return of Kings advises you to do the opposite. Here’s my take: It’s not as much the motus operandi as the amount of time you devote to it. If you talk to a bunch of women in clubs and bars, eventually you’re going to find women who want to engage in sexual acts. Is it really worth the time investment? I answer that question with no.

In the radio program, I made my point that prostitution if done on street corners is a good value. If you make $40k a year, that’s about $20 bucks an hour. If you spend five hours in a club, you’ve clearly exceeded the $20 bucks on the corner.

Lots of talk about PUA/Game stuff if you are into that, especially something I call Friendzone Game, which is something I came up with. This is basically a Game to run when you are more or less friendzoned by a woman so you can take it out of the Friendzone and into sex/relationship, etc.

We also discuss what Alpha/Beta/Omega, etc. are all about. Basarab thinks they have more to do with Status, Money, Power, etc., but I opt more for Looks and pure Game. So yes, Donald Trump got women via Status, Money, Power and Fame, but he’s also good-looking, and I imagine he has some insanely killer Game too.

People who become Alpha simply by running into a lot of money, such as Omegas like Bill Gates becoming Alpha simply by becoming rich and famous are not real pure Alphas in my opinion. Those are what you might call Artificial Alphas. You take all that money away, and that guy is back to being an Omega again.

There are also what I would call “Synthetic Alphas.” These men are not really Alphas, but they can fake it pretty good. They are able to fake it good enough that it pretty much works. The old fake it til you make it thing. I’m not sure if people can tell the difference between a pure Alpha and a good faker.

Now to me, a pure Alpha is not dependent on Money, Status, Power or any of that. He’s the guy who walks into the room, and most of the women in the room think, “Oh I want that guy!” That’s the pure Alpha. And the pure Alphas don’t even need money. Many Alphas are poor and never have any money. Many others are criminals. Jails and prisons are full of Alphas. Even in to middle age, many Alphas are living in cheap apartments and driving older cars. Yet these guys still continue to date beautiful women. I would say that an Alpha could even get women if he’s homeless.

I also point out that the Alpha/Beta/Omega thing is only useful for sex and romance between males and females, and it has little other utility outside of that. I suppose even male society breaks down into Alphas, Beta, Omegas, etc. but it’s not as rigid or even as brutal as the terms that females place on us. I have not thought much about Alpha/Beta/Omega stuff with men, but I suppose there’s a possible useful theory out there.

I’m just not interested in hierarchy among men. I suppose I am sort of a Sigma in that regard.

My attitude towards my male competition is generally, “LOL. What competition? You see any competition? I don’t.” To me there’s no such thing as male competition. I’m not sure if I actually think I am better than other men so much that I think I’m hot stuff, and the other guys are simply not even in the picture. Some highly accomplished males might be on my level, but in that case, we are comrades or wingmen and not competitors. I like life better that way. I don’t want to get into the whole male hierarchy thing of bettering and one-upping other men. It seems like it just makes you always frustrated and never satisfied, and it probably gives you a heart attack in the end.

I don’t want to fight other guys anyway. I would rather have females fight over me. I have always said:

  • Betas fight over women. Alphas have females fighting over them.
  • Betas spend money to buy women’s affection. Alphas have females trying to buy their affection.
  • Betas buy women gifts. Alphas get gifts from women.
  • Betas support women. Alphas get supported by women.

Now we tend to think men like this are assholes, and they are in some ways, but that’s Alphas for you. Alphas are not very nice. It’s no accident that penitentiaries are full of them.

I would say that if females are fighting over you, you’re Alpha. If females are buying you gifts all the time, you’re Alpha. If you are living off women instead of the other way around, you’re Alpha. As you can see, Alphas turn normal male Game dynamic on its head.

Male society is dominated by males competing for women among other things. It’s all about men fighting each other for women, trying to buy women, supporting women, etc. The guy who fights off the other guys gets the woman. The guy who buys the most gifts gets the women. The guy who supports women the best gets the women.

Alphas have completely dropped out of normal male society and have turned the whole thing upside down on its head. They invert reality. It’s actually quite amazing.

I also point out that Alphas need Looks and Game usually. Looks minus Game is nearly worthless. I have known guys who were the best looking men in town who went 10-20 years without even one date. Game  minus Looks is just about worthless too. An unattractive man can have the greatest Game on Earth, and it won’t do him the slightest lick of good.

Basarab felt that there was nothing much to Game, and if you just put yourself out there enough, you would get women. He felt that men only had good Game in that they put in a tremendous amount of effort into getting women. Beyond that, he conceded that men with good Game probably had good social skills.

I argue that there is way more to Game than that, and I feel that Game is so deep and complex that you could nearly write an encyclopedia about it. Men with good Game do a lot more than put in the time, and anyway, incel forums are full of men putting in a lot of effort trying to get women forever and having no luck at all. And there’s way more to it than just good social skills. I know lots of men with good social skills who don’t have much Game at all. Their Game is pretty much zero.

The PUA sites are correct to see Game as a science to be studied like any other science.

I have always said that women are chess. It has never been easy for me to get women, and I am apparently pretty good at it. But even back when I was very good at it, it still was not easy.

Women simply don’t put out the way that men want them to. The heterosexual dating scene is not the gay male dating science. There is no guarantee of getting laid even if you go to a bar or nightclub.

If it was that easy to get hot women, why is there a whore market? There’s a whore market because women deliberately create a sex shortage and ration out sex very carefully, generally in return for love or some sort of provisioning. The whore market exists because of the economic conditions created by artificial scarcity that women have deliberately created to in essence drive up the price of pussy as high as possible.

The near-hysterical women’s rantings about “pedophilia” for men who in perfectly natural and normal fashion pursue jailbait teenage girl is also economically related – it’s related to the pussy market. Simply put, women fear the competition of jailbait teenage girls. If teenage girls were more available, more men would flock to them, and in a number of cases, JB’s would out-compete women for men. Flooding the pussy market with jailbaits serves to create an abundance of cheap pussy (as teenage girls hardly cost a nickel) and serves to in effect drive down the price of pussy that the women wish to keep as high as possible.

As I said, women are chess.

All relationships with women must be Gamed. Even your wife or girlfriend must be Gamed constantly. The only way to keep the relationship going smoothly at all is to run continuous Game on even your wife or live-in girlfriend. It is true that once you get close to a woman, you can relax your Game somewhat, but you still need to be cautious. Women are very sensitive creatures, and they get hurt and upset very easily. I have blown up whole relationships with a single sentence.

When I am with a woman, I am typically quite calculating, at least until I get very close to her. I carefully think about most things that I say or do. I am not spontaneous at all because to me spontaneity ruins relationships by causing you to say and do stupid things without thinking.

Seduction is a performance. It is a performance art. Not all men are good actors or even actors at all. Some few men are born actors, but the finest actors of all, the stars of the silver screen, are few and far between. As it is in celluloid, so it is in Game. Men with superlative Game are more common than great actors, but they are still not common. It’s a fine art and skill to be honed over a lifetime, and most men never get extremely good at it. Those few who do should be studied as one studies the greats in Acting School.


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Why Do Many Straight White Guys Seem or Sound Homosexual?

My answer to this question on Quora:

Forget all the nutty SJW Gay Politics types answering here. One of the big lies of Gay Identity Politics is that gay men don’t act any differently from straight men. Anyone with a brain knows that this is of course not true. Macho or hypermasculine gay men are as rare as hen’s teeth. Masc gay men are just not common.

The controversy over Reddit Gaybros makes this quite clear. Gaybros is a Reddit site for masculine gay men. One of the constant refrains heard from Gaybros is that they are alienated from normative gay culture, where this is not much of a place for masc men, and they are few in number anyway.

The response of the gay community towards Gaybros has been vicious. They have been accused of attacking effeminate gay men, of thinking they are better than effeminate gay men, etc. I read an article by a gay writer on Gaybros, and one thing it made clear was how uncommon masc gay men are in the culture.

They are outsiders.

Now the PC types on Quora are going to tell you the typical Gay Politics line – some gay men are masculine, some are feminine, some are in between. It’s a half truth at best. Yes, it is technically true, but it is sophistry, as feminine and effeminate gay men overwhelmingly outnumber masc gay men.

So…yes! You have touched on what everyone knows deep down inside: that gay men are far more likely to be feminine and especially effeminate than straight men. Yes, some straight men are feminine – soft, sensitive, pretty, quiet – and we always get accused of being gay. But the number of actually effeminate straight men – effeminate meaning a man who actually acts like a woman – is quite small. I would be surprised if it is 1%.

On the other hand, a vast number of gay men are effeminate. It may be as high as 70–75%. Many of the rest are “feminine” rather than effeminate. Straight acting gay men are not common, and masc gay men are like four leaf clovers.

So, sure there is a stereotypical behavioral set for gay men that includes some pretty effeminate behavior from voice to mannerisms.

Now you ask why so many of us straight White men “act gay.” Well, first of all, we don’t act gay. Truly effeminate straight White men are few and far between. I almost never meet one. But many straight White men are quiet, soft, pretty, sensitive and just aren’t very macho. We might say that they have a strong feminine side. I would say that homophobia is a lot less prominent among straight White men.

It’s nothing like the wild paranoia you see in Hispanic, Asian and even Black communities. This extends to women. Hispanic women want macho guys. Black women want very masculine men. It is only White women who are more relaxed about men such that they do not necessarily demand a macho man for a lover.

So there you have it. A lot of us White men, me included, simply have strong feminine sides. We are not afraid of these parts of ourselves, and in fact we are quite happy with them. A lot of us (like me) also have a strong masculine side going at the same time, which mostly just confuses people. Basically, straight White culture gives you a lot more leeway behavior-wise that you can get away with and still be considered straight and not have to worry about people screaming faggot at you when you walk out the door.

Black and Hispanic men are profoundly homophobic. I mean off the charts wildly paranoid homophobic. I don’t really mind in a way since I live in an Hispanic neighborhood, as I am convinced that levels of homosexual behavior are much lower in the Hispanic community as a result, although it must be difficult to be a biologically homosexual Hispanic gay man.

Most all East Asian men are quite homophobic with the possible exception of Thai men. Most Asian men are actually quite macho and hypermasculine, and there are strict gender role reasons for this.


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PUA/Game: Young Women and Middle Aged Men: Some Misconceptions

Jason Y: I don’t think a guy Robert’s age or even my age (middle age) is going to meet an 18 year old girl except at a go go bar, but boy you will meet them there alright,😆 but you cannot take them home.

Actually that is not true, as a 17 year old girl trying to seduce me last year, and it got so tempting that I had to cut it off with her because I was seriously worried I was going to cave. She was relentless! I was 58 years old!

But as a middle aged man who likes young women, I would say though that at my age, it does seem like it is very, very hard to get an 18 year old girl or even a woman in her 20’s for that matter. I see women aged 18-30 all the time around here, and most of them act like, “Get the fuck away from me, creep!” For the most part, I can’t even talk to them. If I try to talk to them at all, even if they are behind a counter, and I am buying something, they shut the conversation down just like that! For the most part, they are cold.

There are a few women in their 20’s who seem to like me, but most of them, just forget it. I think most of them don’t want men our age, but there is a certain quite small group that is seriously hot for middle aged men. There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just that this is a small percentage of women that age, and most of them are not like that.

I know a few guys in their 50’s who were able to consistently grab 18-29 year old women, but it seemed like in most cases, they were the “best of the best.” That is, they still were very good-looking for their age, and in fact, I would say they were in the top ~20% for men their age, and they had the most Killer Game you could possibly imagine.

I talked to that 17 year old girl above about this, and I had the same conversation with a couple of other women in their 20’s that I got involved with. The teenage girl and the young women both told me that the good-looking females their age were not really into middle aged men except for a few of them. They all said the same thing: “When it comes to older men, we only want the best. We want the best of the best, and we can get them merely because we are young.” They said they were not interested in 80-90% of middle-aged men who they thought were too old or not attractive.

They only wanted the top 10-20% of the men Looks or Game-wise (probably both) in any age bracket. When I asked them what they went after in middle aged men, I was surprised that they did not say Money, Status or Power. Most said that they went after Looks, but even more more important than anything else was Killer Game. Generally it was a combination of Looks and Game. So it was Game first, and then Looks not far behind. They told me, “A few middle aged men are sexy as Hell. And some are still quite good-looking for their age. These are the only ones we want. The rest are duds.”

A middle aged man with great Game and zero Looks attracts zero young females. A middle aged man with great Looks and zero Game is just not that interesting and attracts zero young females. He’s boring.

Despite the fact that Looks + Game was a necessity, the men they went after often had some sort of Status or even Fame. The men didn’t necessarily need money at all; in fact, these females told me that a lot of times, these men hardly had a nickel. But they often had some sort of Status in one way or another. Maybe they had written a book. Maybe they played in a rock band. Maybe they had traveled the world. Maybe they had run their own businesses. Maybe they had met famous people. And it was not uncommon that these men had obtained some sort of Fame, if only of the most minor sort.

The fact that they are skimming off the top 20% of middle aged men in any age bracket means that they are targeting the Alphas. In other words, teenage girls and women in their 20’s do go after middle aged men at times, but they preferentially select the Alphas. They skim the 10-20% Alphas off the top of middle aged men and forget about the other 80-90%, who are apparently duds. They also told me that they were able to snag the Alphas pretty easily simply because of their youth. Because what middle aged Alpha doesn’t want a hot 18-30 year old woman? If she looks halfway decent, he will preferentially select her merely for her age alone and for no other reason.

This actually makes sense. As I have related, I had sex with teenage girls in my teens of course, and then I continued to do so until age 21 when I quit due to fear of jail. This was in the 1970’s, and things were completely different back then. And no one much cared about 14-17 year old girls with 18-21 year old men, 15-17 year old girls with 18-29 year old men, or even 17 year old girls with men all the way up to age 40.

At some point, you would be pushing things too far, and it was just too much though.

I remember reading an article in the local paper about a 53 year old man who had been busted for screwing several 15 year old girls. They were neighborhood girls who lived nearby, and they came over to this place. He would give them drugs – pot and cocaine – and they would give him sex. I am not sure if it was a drugs for sex thing, but that sort of arrangement is pretty common even with women, not just girls.

There is some sort of a trade-off happening there, whether the females are actually trading their bodies for sex or whether something else is going on is hard to figure. Heterosexual sex is usually some sort of a transaction anyway. Each side seems to be trading something away and getting something in return. That’s just the way it works out.

The man was busted for the charge of “statutory rape” and received a 3-year sentence. This sort of a thing was a joke back in those days. I remember my parents laughing when they read about these men. They weren’t considered “pedophiles” at all, in fact, no one would ever call a man a pedophile for going after a teenage girl. That was simply unheard of.

The word used was “statutory.” It was called statutory rape and was the subject of a lot of jokes and snickering comments. Men who went down on statutory rape were not considered evil or perverts or scum or anything like that. Instead it was thought that these men were facing a severe temptation that they had simply been too weak to resist, and they had caved in. The general feeling was that these men were sort of stupid, had exercised poor judgment, should have been stronger and not so weak, and “should have known better.”

Anyway, back in the 1970’s, I ran into many cases of underage teenage girls going for men aged 18-40. But I would like to point out that most guys my age did not do this at all. It was only a select few, and they had certain characteristics. In a word, most of them were what you might call the Alphas. They not only went after the JB’s but they also completely cleaned up with women in their age bracket (18-23) – often hotties – and some of them were even grabbing older women. The older women were sometimes married, and they generally looked pretty hot. They ranged in age from 27-38. They were cleaning up with the women and the girls both.

So just as Oscar Wilde said, “Women always want the best,” apparently that’s also true for teenage girls and women in their 20’s going after middle aged men. And it looks like we see the 80-20 rule once again. Of those teenage girls and women in their 20’s chasing middle aged men, 80% of these young females are chasing only 20% of the middle aged men, if that. 80-20 all over again. It might even be 10% because there are so few desirable men in that category. Maybe it’s even 80-10! Those poor incels, they can’t win for losing. It’s as if the whole game is rigged from the start.

The feminist/SJW Lie: First of all, I do not think that men should chase underage teenage girls. But the feminists and SJW’s over at Reddit Blue Pill and We Hunted the Mammoth say continuously that older men who go after teenage girls are losers who can’t get a woman their own age because they are so lame they can’t get laid with God’s help. Women their age are disgusted with them as they are totally Omega and undesirable, so these total losers go for the easy pickings, which is teenage girls.

However, my experience has shown me that this is not true at all. An older man who is so Omega and has such poor Game that he can’t attract a woman his own age to save his life is not going to be able to go after the “easy pickings” – the teenage girls. Because they simply are not easy pickings who go for any older man – Alphas, Betas and even Omegas – not caring as long as he is older.

And if anything, teenage girls are even more selective and preferential about men than women in their 20’s. Yes, women in their 20’s tend to go for the Alphas, but the truth is that a lot of them end up having sex with Betas quite a bit, and it’s not uncommon for them to even bed an Omega. Women in their 20’s are less selective than teenage girls!

And with women in their 30’s, the selectivity declines even more as they jump off the Alpha Carousel and start looking for a Beta to settle down with and have kids and a family.

Women in their 40’s are dealing with declining looks and a seriously diminishing pool of middle aged men, many of whom are already burning out into overweight, obesity, poor health, mental illness, alcoholism or addiction, chronic disease, massive baggage, jail and prison records, sketch job histories, seriously declining looks, or even embarrassing poverty.

Women in their 40’s often complain that there are no good men and that the pool of decent men their age is very small compared to the number of women chasing them. The Three S’s: Straight, Sane and Solvent, is supposedly all these women ask for, and while it’s easy to find middle aged men with at least one S, it’s not easy at all to find men with all three. At least one of those S’s is often missing. So women in their 40’s are less selective still!

Moving on into the 50’s, most women’s looks have so badly crashed that many of them look to me like wild animals who escaped from the zoo. I would date them except that I find bestiality immoral. That sounds sexist and evil, but I have told this to women in their 50’s who still had their looks, and they told me it was the same with men their age, and that most men in their 50’s looked like complete crap with trainwrecked looks. And they all laughed and said most men in their 50’s also look like wild animals.

Further, with men in their 50’s, we are dealing with some serious potency issues. Figures are hard to come by, but quite a few men in their 50’s have problems with erections. Actually I wold say they all do sooner or later in the decade, but that’s just an opinion. I have had women in their 40’s chat me up, and within the first hour drop the bombshell, “Sooooooooo, are you impotent?” as if it would be perfectly normal if I said yes. I could not believe that they would ask me that so quickly, but I suppose it’s a pretty serious issue with women dating men in their 50’s.

So the feminists and SJW’s are wrong again. Teenage girls are not easy pickings for men because most teenage girls only want Alphas. If you can’t get a woman your own age, the Hell if you can get a teenage girl. That would be even harder! And females seem to get progressively less and less selective as they age. The younger the female is, the more she preferentially selects for “Alpha” types. Hence you hear about women in their 20’s becoming part of the harems of Alphas or “riding the Alpha Cock Carousel” as the saying goes.

By the time they are in their 30’s, some say women are “post-Wall.” That means they hit a Looks Wall at age 30 where their looks start to go down rapidly after that.

I don’t agree with that, but then I even find women in their 50’s attractive nowadays because I have had to adjust my standards in order to discover the beauty and charms of older women. It was not that hard to do. I just told myself that I was going to try to find women that age attractive and started to look for attractive things about them and learn to be attracted to them, and after a while, I did. But I already sort of liked them anyway. Anyway, in their 30’s, women are even less selective.

The feminists have got it all wrong. Teenage girls and women in their 20’s are not easy pickings. At least the hot ones aren’t. They’re actually the hardest ones of all to get! And as women slowly age, it becomes easier and easier for a non-Alpha man to get one. In fact, the easiest women of all to get may well be women in their 40’s who are dealing with a serious Man Shortage.


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Game/PUA: Flirtatious Signals, the Lack Thereof, and Consequences

Great post here. from Indomitable Thoughts, a blog focused on the plight of the incel.

The incident described occurred in a coffee shop. The woman was Hispanic and 23 years old and I was in my early 50’s, probably 30 years older than she was. I had my shirt unbuttoned a bit and she was staring at my hairy chest like it was a juicy T-bone steak.

I will say though sadly that I usually do not get this type of attention I described in this post these days. In fact, I am lucky if I get much of any attention at all.

However, I still do get some attention from women and even from girls!

But the overall effect is that I feel like an Omega and I am finally starting to understand how Omega males feel. And it does make you angry. I can see that easily.

Flirtatious Signals, the Lack Thereof, and Consequences

In Reading Women Correctly, Robert Lindsay discusses the kind of flirtatious signals women give when they are interested in a man. At the end he notes how some commenters complain about not getting any signals at all. These guys, known as involuntary celibates or incels, are basically invisible to women sexually.

Robert describes instances where women are almost literally attracted to him in a carnal sense – in one case, a girl was staring at his chest hair as if it were a prime rib. This type of animal sexual attraction is rarely experienced by incels, and is a huge stumbling block for them because it’s very difficult to flirt with to a girl when she isn’t putting out any signals of interest to begin with.

Furthermore, this lack of interest prevents an incel from fine-tuning his attraction radar, so he can better piece apart when a girl is flirting or not. This causes the incel to stumble badly whenever an opportunity arises, if it ever does. In the best case, the incel ends up broadcasting his sexual inexperience, and the consequences can be far more severe. These types of outcomes only reinforce the incel’s sense of inadequacy, as he is already suffering from a lack of affection and validation to begin with.

I consider this phenomenon to be the core problem of incel. It is a vicious, self-reinforcing circle, that only gets harder to break out of with time. Poor attractiveness (for whatever reason) leads to a poor reading of signals, if any are sent by girls to begin with, which often results in harmful psychological repercussions.

I will discuss ways to break this vicious circle in a future post.


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Nowadays You Have to Love Queers to Get Laid

That’s not completely true, but there is some truth to this. Women love their gay friends and male relatives, and if you have a girlfriend, you damn well better be ok with her gay pets or relatives. I have not dated many young women now due to my age (58) and the fact that at my age, this is nearly impossible to do. However, in recent years, young women I got involved with heard my opinion on gay men and flipped out. They said, “Look I’m sorry. I don’t date homophobes.” Wow! Can you believe women are like this nowadays. I have to throw a shout out to gay men. They’ve done a great job of pushing their movement. They are hitting straight homophobes right where it hurts – in the pussy that they are so addicted to!

A few girlfriends in recent years have threatened to break up with due to what they call my homophobia. Others have gotten mad at me for using the word faggot. A couple told me that if I didn’t stop using that word, it was over with us. Wow! The new century. If you’re a straight guy and you don’t love queers, you’re not getting laid! No wonder all these Left straight guys are improbably jumping up and down for gay men. They’re probably just trying to get laid. Funny, I never thought of that.


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Love and Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy of course is the great Victorian novelist, short story writer and lately appreciated poet. Many of his works deal with men and women and their love affairs. If you have never checked him out, I urge you to do so. He is well worth it. He was admired by writers like D. H. Lawrence (who wrote a book about it), the great John Cowper Powys, W.Somerset Maugham, and the great misanthropic poet Philip Larkin. He was a follower of the Naturalist School made famous by Emile Zola.

The Naturalists were a follow-on to the Realists such as Gustave Flaubert (proto-realist) and Anthony Trollope (classic realist). It was supposed to be an improvement upon realism, but I am not sure how. Both of these were reactions against the overly florid, unrealistic and overwrought stories of the time. Zola in particular sought to be almost scientific in his descriptions of the people in his books. Both sought to simply portray characters, humans and scenes as they actually are and let readers draw their own didactic or moralistic conclusions if they so wished.

As far as Hardy himself in love, he was famously married a couple of times. He was described as an unhappy husband. When his second wife died in 1912 after they were estranged for over 20 years, nevertheless, Hardy become a distraught widower and produced some of his finest poetry in Satires of Circumstance published two years later. These are considered to be some of the saddest, most powerful and finest poems about death ever written in English.

And so we have Thomas Hardy:

  • Unhappy husband, and then
  • Distraught widower

He was miserable while he was married to her, but he was even more miserable when she was dead. There is a lesson in here somewhere, maybe:

  • The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, or simply
  • People are never happy

I prefer the latter.


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