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Psychopathology of Serial Murderers

The primary problem with almost all serial killers is simply ASPD, Antisocial Personality Disorder, derived sociopathy or primary psychopathy. It is present in almost 100% of such cases. Most everything else is rather secondary to this primary character disorder, which is the most prominent symptom.

Very rare is the serial killer without this disorder, although there have been a few. I remember a long-distance trucker who turned himself when he walked into a Northern California police station with a woman’s breast in his top shirt pocket. He had camped out in forests while trucking and had picked up women and killed them. He kept the body of one in the truck for three or four days and drove around with it.

Experts said he was quite unusual in that they said he actually felt bad about what he had done. I wonder how bad he really felt though. You could not get me to drive around in a truck with a dead woman in the back for very long. I would go into severe panic pretty fast, would stop the truck, get out and start walking or probably running away. I would not be able to walk around with a woman’s breast in my shirt for long either. I would completely panic almost right away, take the shirt off, throw it on the ground and start running. But then I am a pretty guilty type person with a strong conscience.

Based on that, while I am sure he may have felt some guilt for his killings, the fact that he was able to drive around in a truck with a dead woman in the  back for 3-4 days shows without completely flipping out shows to me that he didn’t feel that much guilt, certainly not on the level that most of us would. And the fact that he could rather calmly walk into a police station with a cut off breast in his pocket without flying into total panic shows to me that he didn’t feel that bad about it. So guilt, even when it is present, is not as strong as in most of us, otherwise they would not have even done such horrible things in the first place.

Sexual sadism is also often present, and I have heard that Sadistic Personality Disorder is very common. Juvenile delinquency, voyeurism, exhibitionism, burglary, prowling, petty thievery, etc. typically precede the serial killings. When the serial killer starts killing, he usually has a fairly long rap sheet of more minor offenses. The murders are best seen as an escalation of a chronic criminal character type.

The ones who kill children are typically though not always preferential or fixated pedophiles. Certainly the ones who kill only children are preferential pedophiles. There is a type of pedophile called a mysoped, which is a sadistic pedophile. They are not very common. I doubt if 5% of pedophiles are like this, but these people are very dangerous. Probably almost all serial child killers are mysopeds and these crimes often have a sexual basis.

95% of rapists are the type that rarely if ever go serial, but the sadistic rapist, composed of no more than 5% of rapists, is very dangerous. Most if not all rapist serial killers are sadistic rapists.

The rage rapist is dangerous, but he generally does not intend to kill his victim although he assault her. If she fights back or gets difficult, he can fly into a rage and beat her so badly that she dies but again he usually does not intend to kill. I doubt if these types go serial much if at all. Serial killers intend to kill; rage rapists do not.

Malignant narcissism, the disorder, believe it or not, of our wonderful President, is also present sometimes. Ted Bundy was a malignant narcissist. Yes, our wonderful President has the same mental illness as Ted Bundy! Comforting thought.

A few have Schizoid Personality Disorder, and some of the more disturbed ones have Borderline Personality Disorder.

Schizotypal, Paranoid and Narcissistic Personality Disorders are rare if ever seen in serial killers. Schizotypals are probably too disorganized and decompensated and just out and out strange to commit such crimes. The serial killer must blend in, and schizotypals do not do that. A few schizotypals have committed mass murders. James Holmes the Aurora Batman Theater Shooter, was a notable case. But note that he was caught immediately.

Paranoid PD is rarely if ever seen. These people tend to be rather retiring and like to hide away from a hostile world. They also do not like to call attention to themselves from a hostile world. They are suspicious and distrustful by nature and this makes it hard for them to blend in well with ordinary society as serial killers often do.

Narcissists are usually too self-centered to kill. While narcissists are often very mean, the disorder is usually well-controlled in that the rage rarely escalates to homicide. There have been a few cases of NPD’s committing mass murder, usually of their families.

The case of Jeffrey MacDonald, the mass murdering physician of Fatal Vision, seems to be such a case. This is a superb true crime case by the way.

Also narcissists think that if they kill, they will get caught, and if they are in prison or jail they will not be able to live this wonderful life they are supposed to be killing. They are “too cool to kill.” Killing would mess up all their wonderful plans to exploit others and hold them up to contempt by millions of people, which the narcissist would have a hard time taking. The narcissist is “too good for prison.” Prison would be such a crushing blow to their self-image that it would very hard to take.

However, malignant narcissists can be very dangerous because this is a combination of psychopathy, sadism, Paranoid PD and Narcissistic PD. When you weaponize NPD with paranoia, sadism and particularly psychopathy, you create a dangerous illness.

Cluster C Personality Disorders like Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder, Self-Defeating Personality Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder are rarely if ever present in these types. These are PD’s where aggression is mostly displayed passively, and serial killers display aggression actively, not passively.

Mood disorders do not seem to be common. Bipolar Disorder is not common, and serial killers are rarely if ever depressed. They displace guilt and loathing outwards instead of pushing it inside of themselves as depressives do. Depressives are passive, and depression acts as sort of a freezing agent in that it tends to immobilize people by its nature. Men in general tend to either experience less depression than women or mask it with other things such as anger and rage, drinking, drugs, gambling, promiscuity or even workaholism. It is simply not acceptable as a man to be depressed, so depressed men simply channel their depression into other things and say they are not depressed, they are just drunks or workaholics, for instance.

Substance and alcohol abuse issues are quite common with serial killers, but the better ones are more sober, as drinkers and dopers tend to be scattered and unreliable and serial killers must be on the ball  24-7.

Only a few are psychotic. 2% of serial killers are psychotic. Psychotic people can barely organize a trip to the bathroom. How are they going to plot out elaborate and professional serial homicides?

They are motivated by many things, but your typical rape-murders of murders of attractive young women almost always have a sexual component. I would call these serial killings lust murders. The Germans coined the term. Even among the lust-murders, there are a number of different types. Some are motivated by purely sexual desires, others get off specifically on killing and the power gained from it, others are hunter types who get pleasure from the hunt and chase as if they were hunting an animal, which they are of course, but when we refer to hunters, we are always talking about hunters of non-human animals.


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Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Malignant Narcissism, and Sociopathy/Psychopathy

Whitedawg: I was kind of wondering, commenting about the personality traits/qualities of regular everyday people or elected officials, more so than Teddy. There is little doubt Ted crossed a lot of lines.

But it’s not so evident to most that President-elect Trump may have some serious problems that can influence his decision making and tweeting. Many people know non-serial killing psychopaths, sociopaths, and malignant narcissists. And some of those traits are looked at as positive.

I am not sure how many non-pathological Malignant Narcissists there are out there.

George W. Bush was said to be sociopathic and the same was said about LBJ. Hitler was clearly a psychopath, and he also had Paranoid Personality Disorder.

I have known a number of people who had what I would diagnose as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. At first they may seem likable, but there is something pretty awful about them somehow even when they are being good. The one I knew best caused massive damage to me in my life until I severely restricted contact with them. Another person close to me got to know two NPD’s very well and has recently fallen out with one of them.

NPD’s are harmful! If you get involved with an NPD, you are probably going to get harmed or damaged. It’s just what they do. They harm people. That’s their nature. I would advise any of you if you have any NPD’s in your life to think seriously about whether you want this person in your life or not. It’s possible to have them in your life while causing little or no damage, but more often than that, there’s something toxic about them. If they haven’t hurt you yet, they probably will at some point in the future. I don’t cotton to assholes much, and I’ve suffered far too many of them for one lifetime. I don’t have any NPD’s in my life, and that’s the way I like it.

It’s generally a good idea to get all of the Cluster B Personality Disorder types out of your life. Cluster B is Antisocial Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I have dealt with a few people who seemed pretty sociopathic in my life. They all harmed from me. Some of them stole from me. There is one I know to this day, and he is one of the most frightening people I know. The worst is you think he is nice because he has this sort of awful charm about him, so you go make friends with him again, and that’s always a big mistake. He came into my house, stole a $275 Guatemalan knife hanging on my wall when he had my back turned to him and was out the door. I was told he sold it for $10 to buy weed. He is a Bulldogs gang member, has scars from bullet wounds, and I believe he has a criminal record.

I knew his brother, and he came to my house one day carrying a small gun under his jacket. It was larger than a pistol but smaller than a rifle. I guess it was a semiautomatic. Not knowing guns, to me, it looked like a sawed off shotgun. He was bringing it to the local school where he attended in case he might have to fight his gang enemies. He told me he didn’t care if he lived or died anymore. He was only 19 years old when he told me that, a mere boy.

Last time he came over, I let him in and we sat down and watched some videos. He took out a very large knife and put it on the table. He said he did it to put me at ease. I actually did not mind that he did that. I prefer that if people are armed when they see me that they remove their weapons and place them on some furniture near us. That sort of evens the score a bit and shows a lot of trust. I suppose either of us could grab the weapon and murder the other person but it never happens. Plus I sort of like to live dangerously like an outlaw, and this is in line with that image.

A destructive sociopath comes into your life like a whirlwind. All sorts of wild and crazy things happen to you for a while, and it is like you are caught up in an exciting tornado thunderstorm. It’s all pretty wild and crazy, and nothing makes much sense, but you just go along because they seem so fun and charming, and these folks have a sort of a “pull” or attraction to them. I know of no other way to describe it but you might call it a forcefield. There is something about them, possibly in the very look in their eyes, that sort of hypnotizes you and sucks you into them and their world.

At some point, the sociopath vanishes from your life, whirling away in the distance like a funnel cloud. You look around at your life, and everything seems to be in ruins. It’s like someone came into your house and turned everything upside down, threw a lot of stuff on the floor, and now everything is a mixed up mess. You and your life have been seriously damaged by some unknown entity. You don’t even know what hit you. You look around at the human wreckage and think of the times when the sociopath was whirling around in your life and you think, “What in the Hell was that, anyway?”

These people don’t make sense. I have been studying sociopaths forever, and I have even done some psychological counseling with sociopaths. If they are young enough, you can still work with them to some extent and maybe prevent serious damage in the future. After decades of studying sociopaths, they still don’t make sense to me. I think the only way to understand sociopaths is to be one.


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Introverts, Extroverts, Pure Introverts and Frustrated Extroverts

Gregory Chelli writes:

I think introverts generally have a lower social intelligence than extroverts.

Autistics are true introverts, they don’t like to be with others because they don’t understand them well. They are like naturally bad at maths people who don’t like maths as a result of their incapacity. There are probably no bad at maths people who fantasizing about equation and maths problems, as there are no autistics fantasizing about being in a conversation with people.

The frustrated extroverts or extroverted loners you are talking about are generally persons with high social intelligence who can’t fully use their gift in real life because of some emotional problem, like timidity for example. So, as you said, they end up created imaginary social situations in their mind to relax themselves. An analogy would be a math genius who is prevented to do maths for some reason, like being in jail. He would be thinking about imaginary maths problem most of the time without being able to do real math stuff on a blackboard or in a notebook.

There are probably true introverts with high social intelligence and true extroverts with low social intelligence. But these ones are exceptions. People generally like to do what they are good at.

NB: people with extremely high social intelligence may not be interested in people, because the general population would look autistic, and thus not interesting to them.

What do you think of this comment?

I suppose it depends on the definitions of introvert and extrovert. Supposedly 80% of the population are extroverts, whatever that word means. True introverts are only 20% of the population, whatever that word means. I suppose extroverts really like to be around people. Introverts like to be around people a little of the time but not a lot of the time. They need their space. I know introverts will talk at a dinner table for a bit and then retreat to their bedroom with a book. Or you will talk to them at a table for a bit, but then they want to stop talking and read the paper.

Introverts absolutely do not sit around fantasizing about being around people all the time when they are alone. Forget it. And anyone who does that is not an introvert. Forget it. They’re just not. Normies would probably insist that this person is an introvert or a “loner” just because they are alone all the time. But Normies are retarded.

I would say that just because you are alone all the time doesn’t mean you are a loner! How about that?

Now we need to define the word loner. Normie retards say that loners are people who are alone all the time, but that’s not the definition of a loner. A true loner or real loner is someone who really has need or use for other people and simply prefers to be alone all the time because that is what makes them happy. If they are forced to be around people, they probably try to leave after a while because they start to feel uncomfortable.

If you are alone all the time but you don’t enjoy it or you hate it and you dream of being around people, you are not a real loner. Really you are not a loner at all. We might call you a “fake loner.” In this case, we are looking at the difference between real loners and fake loners.

I think introverts like being alone, but they don’t want to be alone all the time, although there are some who do.

I do not think shy people are necessarily introverts. Nor are social phobics for that matter. Normies say they are, but Normies are idiots. For instance a shy person who does not really like to be alone a lot but ends up being alone due to shyness is not an introvert. Forget it. Especially so if the shy person is fantasizing about being around people all the time.

I would gather that that person has probably not been shy their whole lives. Perhaps there was a time when they mingled with people much easier, but then something happened to them, and they turned shy. The reason they are fantasizing being around people all the time is because at one point in their life, they were doing this, it was going well, and they were having a lot of fun. In other words, they want the old times back again.

Or perhaps they may have an anxiety disorder. Quite a few extroverts develop anxiety disorders. If a person develops an anxiety disorder, it doesn’t really matter how good their social skills are because they will not be able to use them well. They may well know all the rules and have all the skills, but when the anxiety comes out, it’s all for naught because 100% of the people around them are going to reject them in one way or another. They may well even be extroverts who like the idea of being around people, but the anxiety kills off all the fun by making everyone reject them and makes being around people a great big drag. Eventually they might just stop trying.

Normie idiots think only introverts get anxiety disorders, but that’s just not so. I have even heard of cases where wild, hypersocial, life of the party types in their teens developed social phobia at age 18 to the point of hardly being able to leave their houses. There has been no actual personality change here, and true personality change is not common anyway. The person has simply become ill. Theoretically, if you could cure that illness, the shyness would go away, and they would be their old hypersocial selves again because that is who they are deep down inside.

I do not believe that the deep down inside person really changes in most cases. Normie morons insist, “Anyone can change their personality,” but that’s just wrong. You are what you are. Your personality is your personality. You’re stuck with it. Get used to it. It’s yours. All yours. That said, no one is stuck with a lousy personality.

One theory is that there are good and bad sides to all personality types. The good side of Antisocial personality is Aggressive Personality. The good side of Narcissistic Personality is Confident Personality. The good side of Borderline Personality is Sensitive Personality. I believe the good side of Dependent Personality is Devoted Personality, and the good side of Paranoid Personality is Cautious Personality.


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Is Everyone a Bit Borderline?

Beatrix writes:

I’m convinced there’s a little Borderline in all men & women. There’s a little Narcissist too in both men & women. Self-preservation is instinctual in both sexes.
Self-preservation is a reaction to humans’ feelings of fear and insecurity. BPD & NPD are a set of maladaptive behaviors used as a means of self-preservation & emotional regulation.

2 types of BPD’s I have encountered – Those who blame other/external events for all their emotions/problems and usually seek to harm others, aka ‘high conflict’ individuals.

Those who blame themselves for all their emotions/problems (and darned near everyone else’s too) and usually seek to self harm.

If you look at the symptoms of BPD, it looks like normal femininity gone wild. Those are more classic feminine behaviors than classic masculine behaviors. Classic masculine behaviors will be more readily seen in sociopathy, Antisocial PD, and Narcissistic PD.

You realize there are 3 female borderlines for every 1 male borderline? Ever met a man who self-harms? I haven’t met one. Another clue that BPD is feminine behavior is that many male BPD’s are gay or bisexual. Histrionic PD is also 3-1 female to male, and once again, many HPD males are gay or bisexual. Histrionic PD is also classic feminine behavior gone wild.

What people call narcissism in women is really just normal female solipsism. Male NPD’s vastly outnumber females, although female narcissists do exist.

However, I have had men go down the list of BPD symptoms and insist to me that they must be BPD’s. It’s just because the list is talking about a lot of stuff that is pretty normal for human beings – fear of abandonment, emptiness, boredom, emotional dysregulation, black and white thinking, a lot of out of control anger, tantrums, emotional outbursts when thwarted, identity problems or uncertainty about self, goals, and interests (very common in young people of both sexes), impulsive, high time preference, disassociate symptoms, suicidality and even push-pull behaviors.

These men do not have BPD in any way, shape or form. It’s just that when you look at the symptoms, a lot of humans seem to have at least some of these symptoms.

I have worked with a female diagnosed female borderlines. Generally I would say that by age 30 your average female borderline will have wracked up ~10 suicide attempts and a number of hospitalizations. If they are ~30, and have not even one suicide attempt yet, I question the diagnosis.


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Portrait of a Psychopath

Into Darkness.

Very depressing story about a woman who could not stay away from a very, very bad man who eventually ended up gouging one of her eyes out and blinding her.

The story is interesting not only in that the woman has made some seriously insane choices regarding men, but also for the portrayal of Shane Jenkin, who is either a psychopath or a sociopath (they are very hard to tell apart).

I really must tell you that violence does not equal sociopathy. Psychopathy does not equal violence. There are many violent persons who are not sociopathic. You can be quite violent without meeting Hare criteria for psychopathy. Rather than describing a violent person, instead psychopathy defines a particular type of violent person.

Similarly but even more so, criminality does not equal psychopathy. The world is full on non-sociopathic criminals. Local jails are full of them. Once again, instead of being synonymous with criminality, psychopathy merely explains a certain type of criminal.

It is important to note that most psychopaths probably do not spend one day in jail in their lives. These are controlled psychopaths. They tend to drift towards fields such as the military, police, medicine, law, business and of course politics where sociopathy is not only not a liability but is actually a benefit. All of these fields are utterly swarming with controlled sociopaths. I call these people “legal criminals.” It is not that they do not break the law, but more that if they do, they commit white collar crimes. More likely they tend to skirt the edges of the law and always push to break the rules. It is not an exaggeration to say that the legal criminal sociopaths have been running our society for many years now.

Psychopathy is more than violence. It is an entire personality style and way of thinking, behaving and viewing the world. I do not have time to go into the odds and ends of the sociopathic style, but if you are interested, check out Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist  PCL-1 and the criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder in the DSM. Harvey Cleckley’s classic book The Mask of Sanity is of course the seminal work on the subject.

But this article is also instructive. Shane Jenkin is a textbook uncontrolled psychopath. If you want to learn how these people operate, look at how he lived his life.


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Video of a Psychopathic Sex Offender

This is a very nice video by the same psychologist who did the previous video. This guy does appear to be a classic psychopath. I have seen several videos of classic psychopaths and they do have this certain common “way” about them, especially the smiling, charming, confident type like this fellow. He also molested 24 kids, mostly girls between the ages of 10-16


Some sort of pedophilia/hebephilia (non-exclusive type)

Antisocial personality disorder

The question arises whether or not this fellow is a pedophilic or non-pedophilic molester. The problem is that he does seem to fixated on some pretty young girls. While sex with girls aged 13-16 is generally not even considered child molesting, sex with girls aged 10-12 nearly always is. So he is engaging in pedophilic and nonpedophilic sex with some pretty young girls, and he is doing it over and over. We have no data on how he feels about older females, but it is clear that he likes them young.

He also started grooming his own daughter at age 1, and incredibly enough, he started molesting her at the age of only 18 months or 1 1/2 years old. That’s pretty crazy, and most men who mess with very young girls are the pedophilic rather than the nonpedophilic type as most regular guys think sexual behavior with very young girls is extremely disturbing and weird.

He needs to be locked up and away from the rest of us. If they release him, he will probably do it again.


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Bigfoot News April 20, 2013

“Hank” to be released along with Shooting Bigfoot on April 30? Hank is the name of the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer shot and killed in Texas last year. Up until now, it has been in storage near Las Vegas. However, the release of Hank’s body is problematic. The typical question is, “Why doesn’t Rick release Hank’s body?” The answer to that question is that it is not Rick’s to release. Apparently that refers to the fact that Rick was an employee of Minnow Films when Hank was killed. Therefore, the release of Hank to the public has to be coordinated with Minnow.

Soon after the Rick Dyer was broken by me, I reported that Hank’s body would be released at the same time as the movie. Now with this very interesting and obscure notice on the Ammoland website (Why there?), we learn that in fact Hank is due to be released to the public on April 30 in Toronto, Canada, at the same time as the film Shooting Bigfoot is premiered.

The site states that Minnow Films will release the body. I have no idea who Ammoland is or how they came up with this scoop, but it is sure a great story. Is Ammoland on the level? I have no idea, but it is interesting that this story lines up perfectly with the release schedule that I postulated originally in first release of this story on Thanksgiving 2012.

I broke the Rick Dyer Bigfoot shooting story. For some reason, this fact keeps getting lost in all of the hoopla over the story. Sooner rather than later, Hank will be released and the world will be a whole new place. Rick will be world famous for the rest of his life or until he implodes, which he may do. The story will be all over the news, magazines, Internet, TV and radio. Unfortunately, I am quite certain that my name will be lost amidst all of the chaos along with the huge role I played journalism-wise in the breaking of the story. This will be right in theme with the rest of my life though, so I will probably be ok with it in the end.

Don Boucher et al Hank Facebook photo release story is fake. Don Boucher, Stefan Beaudoin and the rest of the morons who broke this news to us have informed us that this is all a gigantic hoax supposedly designed to make some idiotic point about gullibility. That is, anything that anyone says to any of us at any time by anyone could very well be a lie.

Well, duh, morons, but the world doesn’t work that way. The world only slightly functions at all when most folks we interact with on a personal level are being more or less truthful to us most of the time (white lies and lies of self-protection excepted). When you have a society where everyone is lying to everyone all the time, you end with India. You get Calcutta writ worldwide. You can see the results of what happens when trust vanishes. Total collapse of society.

Of course the government is lying to us most of the time, as are most of its agencies. Of course corporations are lying almost continuously, as is anyone employed by a corporation. If there’s money involved, someone is probably lying. Business interests will always lie when money is at stake. Politics, especially at a world level, is based on the most savage, vicious, idiotic and criminal lying.

But the lies of the snakes, sharks and monsters at the top of human society have little to do with the day to day affairs of most of us. White lies excepted, most of my friends are telling the truth to me most of the time. As are most of my acquaintances. In fact, once I figure out you are lying to me a lot, you tend to go on one of my “Do not call” lists. My social world only functions when most of those in it are being straight with me most of the time.

It is similar with journalism. We journalists have folks we call sources. If I can’t trust my own sources, I may as well hang it up and call it a day. In fact if all of our sources were lying to us most of the time, investigative reporting would grind to a halt. Most other fields are based on a certain amount of truthfulness. Plagiarism in authorship is pretty big deal. Scientific fraud can ruin a career. People are routinely jailed for perjury. Lying to an officer is a crime for which you can be arrested. If cops don’t tell the truth to each other, all law enforcement breaks down and collapses. Even criminals have a code of conduct that enables them to more or less trust each other at least enough to survive.

So the point of Don Boucher and the other scumbags was no point at all. That these folks are scumbags is nothing new. After all, Bigfootery attracts more dirtballs, lowlifes, trash and human garbage than most other endeavors.

Boucher hoaxed previously. This is not the first time that Mr. Boucher has attempted to hoax the field. Steve Kulls uncovered another instance here where Boucher discusses how and his special effects team created a model of the dead Hank all the way down the bullet wound for a Hollywood special effects studio. It’s nothing but a lie. So Boucher, Beaudoin and the rest of the garbage are hoaxing everyone in the field and why? Because they hate Rick Dyer so much that they are hoaxing us to destroy Rick. Why do they hate Rick so much? Because Rick is a hoaxer. They hate hoaxing so much that they are hoaxing themselves.

Rick Dyer: Is there a place in the world for a man like you? A commenter writes on my blog:

Robert: you might be right on many things about Rick Dyer’s character. But three points:

– Rick Dyer is not an intellectual, not an educated man of great ideas and high ideals. He did not grow up reading all sorts of books on bigfoot or cryptozoology. Bigfoot entered his life only in 2008, when he was already 30 or 31 years old.

His relationship to this “myth” was/ is

1) fun,

2) money

3) narcissism

– not necessarily in this order.

Therefore he lacks – in most cases – the emotions more educated people would expect after having made the greatest discovery in the history of biology.

– Despite point 1: he sometimes show deep emotions. Two examples: the radio shows in which he tells the story of the killing and in which he talks about Musky’s encounter with the body in Las Vegas.

– so many people think education and eloquence are basic needs for investigative skills. Just because Dyer cannot spell his own name does not mean that he is a bonehead in every aspect of life.

Quite the contrary:  his idea not to look for bigfoot in the remote forests of the Northwest, but in the bush forest of Texas and to make contact there with the homeless people and get their support  was a masterstroke. He knew that the chances were greater there, where bigfoot was potentially used to human contact. Do you think any researcher with academic background would do this, establish contact and try to find support from the homeless “white trash”?! Nobody has done that so far, nobody. That’s why Dyer really is a strategic genius…

And one final thing: if he would be totally normal, he would not have managed to (hopefully) bring compelling evidence for the existence of Bigfoot – I am absolutely sure about that. That’s why all the academics and interested laymen with ordinary jobs always fail. It needs a cool, hard-bitten and partially insane maverick like Rick Dyer. And therefore: Love or hate him, good that he is there…

This is a fascinating point. I have discussed at length on my site Rick’s personality and psychological makeup. The reasons for this are because he is so obviously pathological and he infuriates so many folks with his abrasive behavior, annoying at best and antisocial at worst. If Rick were some boring bookkeeper type, there would not be too much to talk about. I don’t wish to rehash Rick’s psychological makeup in this post as it would be redundant. Most folks know full well what sort of a fellow he is, after all, that’s why he has a world full of frothing enemies.

But the commenter’s point is fascinating. Does the world need narcissists? Worse, does the world need antisocials? Do narcissists and antisocials do anything positive in this world in addition to the monumental negativity they generate?

Perhaps they do! And perhaps they get certain things done that would not otherwise be done or would be done later. Pull the pathological narcissism out of the world of great musicians, actors, politicians, authors and artists and what do you have left. Probably not much. You have to be a bit nuts to be an artist in the first place. You have to subscribe to the ludicrous notion that you can act, play guitar, give speeches, write or draw better than anyone else. You have to believe that people would actually pay good money to hang your scribbles on the wall, to read your silly prose ramblings, to watch you cavort about the stage like a monkey or watch you ham it up in front of a camera.

Why would anyone believe such an idiotic thing. The only person who believes this is a narcissist. He really does think that his guitar playing, scribbling, brush strokes, over-dramatization or dishonest, bellicose speechifying BS is so great, so much better than everyone else’s, that people will not only pay good money as nothing more than tribute to this secular God but that he is better than most of the other performers doing their own version of jumping up and down screaming look at me self-indulgence and utter selfishness.

And where does this leave antisocials? The best surgeons are sociopaths. Who else can handle all that blood and barely bat an eye? The finest lawyers are antisocials. They will coldbloodedly massacre the opposition in the dirtiest way possible to win your case and get you the best deal. Law enforcement and the military is not the place for kind hearted folks. Brutal antisocials thrive in this vicious world. Many of our finest products were brought to us by corporations headed by persons who if they were not in a boardroom would likely be incarcerated.

During World War 2, it was found that sociopathic pilots in the Air Force were very good at shooting down other planes. They shot down many more planes than non-sociopaths. The reason was that they were ruthless and absolutely fearless. But the AF kept running into a problem. Sociopathic pilots kept getting shot down and dying in flaming crashes. The reason was the same: they were so fearless that they took too many chances, and this is why they kept getting shot down. Eventually, the AF starting making tests to try to keep the antisocials out of the force.

Which brings us to Rick Dyer. The commenter notes that if Rick was healthy, he would never have tracked down Hank and killed him the way he did. It took a real nut to pull that off. So maybe there is a place in the world for a man like Rick after all.

The commenter also notes that Rick is a strategic genius. I think this is correct. That is exactly what Rick is. He can barely spell his own name, but he has his very own type of street smarts, and in his own way, he’s a genius. An egghead never would have thought to go to San Antonio, hang out with the homeless, and shoot a Bigfoot slumming it up in the homeless camps.

Rick likes to call himself the greatest Bigfoot tracker of all. Despite the repulsive narcissism of that statement, there may be something to it. If Rick Dyer really is the first man to shoot and kill a Bigfoot and present it to science, he truly is the greatest Bigfoot tracker of all, dubious accomplishment though that may be.

Controversy about Dyer charging for Gold and Silver memberships on his site. For these outrageously overpriced memberships, you get a variety of benefits, none of which seem to be worth the $150 you need to cough up to join Rick’s club. Rick at first said that all of the proceeds would go to charity. If it’s all going to charity, why charge such a ripoff price?

Last nite on his show, Rick melted down as usual and exploded, saying it was no one’s business where the membership money was going. Where is the money going? Presumably right into Rick’s swollen pockets. Why would you expect anything else? The memberships are a ripoff, but they are to be expected. After all, this is Rick Dyer we are talking about here. He is not exactly a choirboy, eh?

Bigfoot Forums and the BFRO Forums in a battle to see which Bigfoot forum is more worthless and stupid. The problem with Bigfoot forums is that they are run by Bigfooters. Bigfooters in general are the scum of humanity, and those who lead their organizations are like the green stuff that floats to the top of the pond on a hot summer day. You get the picture.

The BFRO is run by Matt Moneymaker, who, for all he has done for the field, is one of the biggest fools, clowns and idiots in the game. Matt’s idiotic forum is run by some of the worst forum Nazis on the Web. Any subject about any of Mattie-boy’s eeeeeevil competition is completely shut down, and in general, the poster is instantly banned. I am very proud to say that I was banned from the BFRO is only 2 hours. It’s a badge I carry with honor, right over my beating heart!

The BFRO of course has banned all discussion of the Dyer shooting. They have also banned discussion of Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA study, Justin Smeja’s Bigfoot shootings in the Sierra Kills, and honestly anything that doesn’t have to do with Matt’s fat head itself! This juvenile mindset of course means that the children over at the BFRO are going to miss out on the greatest Bigfoot story of all time in 10 days, but they won’t bat an eyelash. They will step right out of their own muck smelling like a rose and not missing a beat somehow, just like hucksters always do.

The Bigfoot Forums is quite another story. The Forums is set up in such an odd way that one can hardly have any sensible discussion about just about anything Bigfoot related, unless I guess if you fork over $20 to the boneheads to join their groovy “secret” forum, where they take the dumb rules down so people can actually talk to each other like humans normally do, you know, to communicate stuff?

I am very proud to have been banned from this horrid viper’s nest, but the viciousness with which they hate me makes no sense. All threads mentioning my site and all links to my site are banned and immediately taken down, my IP was given out to any member who wanted it and I am regularly libeled on the site with no penalties being leveled at those doing the libeling. The sheer viciousness of the hatred of bizarre and over the top and makes my think the people running the site are nutcases.

Like complete fools, Bigfoot Forums has not only shut down the finest Rick Dyer thread on the web, but they have also banned any new Dyer threads, and not only that, if you mention Dyer, you will get an immediate ban. That means that these ultra-losers are of course going to get blindsided by the biggest story in Bigfoot history, which these boys and girls were so silly and petty as to decide that they would not discuss  without getting all butthurt. Bigfoot Forums will of course admit to doing nothing wrong and will stride forth from the ashes of their own self-immolation smiling and looking look a million bucks. What a bunch of douchebags.

Bottom line is we could really use a good Bigfoot discussion site. Bigfoot Warz is up now, with a strong focus on Rick Dyer, but there is not a lot of activity. Shawn’s Bigfoot Evidence has a discussion forum, but it could also use some more activity. Hardly anyone is banned from either site, and you can talk about most anything. You know…like…the American…way?


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Bigfoot News New Years Edition 2012 Part 2

Update on Rick Dyer Bigfoot shooting. Of all the crazy stories floating around Bigfootery lately, this one is garnering the least attention, and that is too bad, because it makes the most sense, and it’s the question that I am most confident about. Instead of saying I don’t have the faintest idea, as I do repeatedly in today’s prior post, on the contrary, I am quite confident that Rick Dyer did indeed shoot and kill a Bigfoot near San Antonio, Texas on September 6, 2012.

The reason no one believes this story is solely due to the reprehensible behavior and mentality of Rick Dyer himself, no doubt the most hated man in Bigfootery and for very good reason. People hate him so much that they refuse to believe this story! Not only that, they hate him so much that many are refusing to run or even read any stories that even mention his name. Ouch! That’s some real hatred.

Fellow investigators and bloggers have been asking me a lot of questions lately to try to determine if this is a hoax or not. Most of them are certain that it’s a hoax. In general their reasons for believing this include their hatred for Dyer and his many hoaxes of the past. But this is not logical thinking.

  1. Dyer hoaxed numerous times in the past, therefore he is hoaxing now.
  2. I hate Dyer, so Dyer is hoaxing.
  3. Dyer is my personal enemy, therefore he is hoaxing.

Very tempting for the brain to believe any of these things, but these are all logical fallacies that would be demolished quickly in Logic 101.

One of the questions tossed my way is how do I know that my source at Minnow is really a source at Minnow Films of the UK. Instead, perhaps it is someone in with Dyer who is part of the hoax.

The answer is that I am quite certain that this person is with Minnow, though they were given some incorrect information (apparently deliberately) about the Dyer shooting, probably to confuse them so they don’t know the whole story. My source was quite chagrined when they learned that they had been somewhat misled.

The incorrect information centered on the height and weight of the Bigfoot. The correct height and weight was given in a recent post by Crypto Crew, from an unknown source. This Crypto Crew post updates and expands the entire story beyond what I wrote, and Dyer himself has apparently confirmed that this account is 100% correct.

There are other things that lead me to think that this is not a hoax. First of all, the Camper Video is a video of a real, live Bigfoot! I am 100% certain of this, and Facebook Find Bigfoot confirmed that. So many people are insisting that that is a fake video only due to their hatred of Dyer. If anyone else shot that video, they would be praising it to the skies.

The way this story has come out looks very unhoax-like. It has trickled out in tiny bits and pieces here and there via mysterious unnamed sources ever since the day after the shooting. A number of Bigfooters heard these stories but didn’t know what to think of them. When asked, Dyer resisted these tiny leaks all along the way.

That’s not how a hoaxer works. If Dyer was hoaxing, he would have shouted to all of us right away that he had shot a Bigfoot. He would not have fought tooth and nail every leak along the way, and the story would not have slowly dribbled out like this. Sure, Dyer appears to be confirming it now, three months later and very reluctantly. It would not have played out like that if it were a hoax.

Let’s see: I will hoax a Bigfoot shooting in September, then as tiny leaks pour out for months, I will fight and deny them all the way until December, when I will orchestrate a huge leak via a major and well-regarded film company, and then I will hem and haw and finally fess up. Hoaxes don’t work that way, no sir.

Further, Dyer apparently told a close associate of the shooting early on but absolutely swore this person to secrecy, virtually making them scribble it in blood. If you are going to hoax, why swear associates to the secrecy of the hoax? Idiotic.

The only way this could possibly be a hoax is if Dyer is about 20 times smarter than the dumb redneck he is. Sure, maybe Dyer is hoaxing via some sort of 11th Dimension Chess, thereby making the greatest and most elaborate hoax of all time, to be studied by intelligence agencies across the seas for decades. Think so? Neither do I.

Rick Dyer, sociopath. In the last Bigfoot update, I discussed the narcissism that drives a lot of Dyer’s antics. It is only with a deep understanding of narcissism that a lot of this man’s behavior can be properly understood. Narcissists are as common as dandelions in Bigfootery, which attracts, feeds and probably grows its very own narcissists. But even there, Dyer stands out.

There is another aspect of his behavior, an antisocial aspect. Antisocial traits of various types are also very common in Bigfootery, and they are often hard to parse out from the narcissism. The two often run together, and narcissists can act antisocial at times.

Most of the antisocials in Bigfootery are the more controlled types. Sociopathy is either “controlled” or “uncontrolled.” The more controlled types fill the ranks of law, medicine, business, the military, law enforcement and of course government! It is simply not the case that all sociopaths are criminals. Most of them are never locked up for a single day of their lives. Why not? They are afraid of going to prison.

Fortunately for them, modern society provides many perfectly legal ways to do what sociopaths do best, being a criminal! Yes, these are the “legal criminals.” Who are these “legal criminals?” See above. Attorneys, physicians, businessmen, soldiers, cops and prison guards and of course how can we forget those who practice the art of Politricks?

The less controlled types are the “illegal criminals.” When they are highly uncontrolled, you get Ted Bundy. Highly controlled, you get JFK. Defenses come in handy here, especially sublimation.

Sublimation is nothing new. Churchill could have been Hitler.

Anyway, let us look at Dyer’s history. We know little about his early life.

In his 20’s, he joined the military. He served only 2 years before he took a “general discharge.” This is not a dishonorable discharge, but it’s not an honorable one either. It’s not exactly an optimal way to leave the service. My guess is his antisocial behavior got him thrown out of the military somehow, probably because he could not follow rules. It is very common for antisocials to get tossed from military service.

After that, he went into Corrections, an industry which, unfortunately for those of us out of uniform, is swarming with antisocials. Dyer only worked as a prison guard for 2 years before leaving for unknown reasons. Being a prison guard is a great job, and it makes no sense to leave a great job like that. My guess is he got in trouble again as a guard, probably once again for breaking rules (antisocials can’t seem to follow rules very well).

After that, he goes into used car sales, an occupation which is literally swarming with antisocials. In fact, one wonders how many used car salesmen are not antisocial!

Rick Dyer has a criminal past. By his own admission, he has been arrested all over the world. Well, that’s quite an achievement, guy! Dyer states this with some pride. Typically, he weasels his way out of convictions. Getting out of convictions and escaping from confinement is another thing that antisocials are good at. In fact, the best antisocials have this down an art. How they do it, I have no idea.

In the US, he was arrested a couple of years ago for ripping off car buyers on Ebay auctions. He stole $19,000 from a couple of men, one a Canadian. Dyer took thousands of dollars and promised the men Corvettes. The men received nothing at all, and Dyer simply stole their money, laughing all the way to the bank no doubt. Dyer plea bargained out of this one somehow by refunding the guys’ stolen money.

He had a big story about how it was an ex-wife who stole all the money and not him, and he was out of the country anyway. But antisocials always have an excuse for all their crimes. They’re never guilty of anything, and they rarely confess to any crime. Even when they do confess, they typically recant later on. They usually have a number of fall guys set up just in case they might need them, or if not, they just grab the nearest one off the street and designate them sucker.

Earlier this year, Dyer was arrested for beating up his pregnant wife. He’s got a big story about how she provoked him somehow, but that’s to be expected. The charge was bargained down to something minor, and he never got sentenced to jail. He’s now back with the woman, and she just gave birth to a child.

Dyer travels the world on a compulsive basis, apparently setting up residence in varying foreign countries for a short period of time, doing this, that or whatever (probably something shady, sleazy, quasi-legal or out and out illegal) and then taking off. Dyer also wanders around the US quite a bit. This sort of roaming and wandering is also typical of an antisocial. Many normal folks like to wander about too, but antisocials take it to an art.

Dyer is a less controlled sociopath, which is the reason for the repeated run-in’s with the law. However, I don’t think he is particularly dangerous, and I have advised folks who want to deal with him to not be afraid of him. If you as a fellow Bigfooter get involved with the guy, I don’t think he’s going to murder you, steal your money or rape your wife.

Given that Dyer is a sociopath, he is precisely the sort of guy who would and could very well shoot and kill a Bigfoot in cold blood as he is claimed to have done. You have to be pretty coldblooded to do that, and antisocials are legendary for their icy veins. A daredevil expedition like that is the perfect legal, quasi-legal or not exactly legal or illegal avenue for his antisocial tendencies.


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Bigfoot News New Years Edition 2012 Part 1

Bigfootery is rocked by exciting, confusing and crazy stories, one after the other! More below.

First of all, the famous Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills of October 8, 2010, when 2 Bigfoots were reportedly killed near Mt. Haskell, California, has tested positive for Black Bear and human, the human being Justin Smeja, the shooter, himself. The conclusion apparently is that this is not a piece of Bigfoot as Dr. Melba Ketchum reported as part of her Bigfoot DNA study. Instead, it’s a piece of bear contaminated by the DNA of the man who found it.

There are all sorts of accusations flying, mostly centering on hoaxing. Many are accusing Ketchum of perpetrating a gigantic hoax on the community by taking a piece of bear and calling it a piece of Bigfoot.

Others are accusing Smeja of perpetrating a hoax. He never shot two Bigfoots, it is claimed. Instead, he shot two bears and claimed he shot two Bigfoots as part of a huge hoax.

I know Justin, and in addition, everything I have learned about him points in the direction of this being a true story. He’s simply not a hoaxer. Hoaxing is not in him. He’s really too good for this slime-pit called Bigfootery to be honest.

There are other theories being tossed about – that Justin sent in piece of bear instead of a piece of Bigfoot to keep from being prosecuted. He sent the actual piece of Bigfoot in to the study. That doesn’t seem to make much sense either.

One thing that is very confusing is that Ketchum never asked Justin for his own DNA in order to rule it out. If this is true, it is a damning statement against Ketchum.

There are also other accusations against Ketchum stemming from Smeja and Bart Cutino which I am not allowed to report on at this time, though I have known about this for months. Justin is supposed to release a statement about this in a day or two, but it may be delayed. Suffice to say that if true, it shows Ketchum in a shady light, in fact, in a more shady light than she is often portrayed – it makes her look absolutely terrible.

This story did not surprise me when I heard it as I have my own theory about why she made this sleazy and odd request, and it lines up with what we know about her ruthless and morally developmentally delayed personality.

Is Ketchum perpetrating a hoax? I asked the late Richard Stubstad this question. Stubstad was a statistician and an interesting fellow in that light. You could ask him just about any question that was not outrageously offensive, and he would just give you some kind of a statistical-type answer. These would be the sort of questions that would elicit moral outrage in most folks due to the implications of the question.

For instance, I asked him once if it was possible that Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh were perpetrating a gigantic hoax on Adrian Erickson by claiming that they were interacting with Bigfoots regularly. His voice grew grave, and he said carefully, “I do not believe that this is possible. That’s not a possibility.” You see, a statistical answer. You could ask him all sorts of questions like that, and he would give you funny statistical answers like that.

Once I asked him if it was possible that Ketchum was perpetrating a gigantic hoax on all of us. Once again I got that dead serious tone, and he said, “I do not believe that that is possible. That’s not even a possibility.” Stubstad disliked her as much as anyone, and he would be the first to call her out as a hoaxer if that’s what he thought. But he didn’t think she was.

I do not believe that this woman is pulling off a gigantic hoax. Her career in science and possibly medicine could well be shot for good if she was caught doing such a thing. Further, it’s illegal to hoax for money. It’s called Fraud. Not only could she be sued civilly by everyone in sight for stealing their money, but it’s also a criminal offense. An enterprising DA could well send her to a female prison for a bit where she could study a lot of animalistic hominins up close and personal for a while.

Hence, we have a dilemma.

Ketchum says Justin has a piece of Bigfoot. Others say it’s a piece of bear.


There is none. None of it makes the tiniest bit of sense to me, and all of the possible theories make no sense either. Humans don’t like to do this because it makes them feel lost like children, but many times in life you simply have to throw up your hands and admit that none of this or that makes any kind of sense at all, and you don’t have the foggiest idea what in the Hell is going on.

Which is where we will leave this depressing matter for now.

Daisy is in the box! A group associated with MABRC (Mid America Bigfoot Research Organization), a split off from the MABRC split-off Orig-6 called Team Quantra, is claiming that they have live captured a Bigfoot somewhere in the continental US. The Bigfoot was captured in some sort of a clam trap, sedated and then sent 12 miles away to a facility to be studied. A scientist was called in to study the creature, and that is the last that we have heard.

They will either be releasing it in 3 days (a very bad idea), or they will send it on somewhere to be studied, in which case they will release a statement in 30-90 days (30-90 day delay being another very bad idea). If they release it, all they will have presumably is video and photo evidence, which of course will be shredded to bits by skeptics. Hopefully they would have obtained some biological samples from the creature which could then be studied and DNA tested. But the creature would be loose, and we would once again run into the “no body” dilemma.

Various and sundry Bigfooter-critters have weighed in with their individually tailed ludicrous responses.

Tim Fasano, who is about as big of a kook as the guys at MABRC, etc. are, issued a statement saying that he called “Central Command,” and they told him that they had ordered the Bigfoot released “as per the Geneva Conventions.”

How does Fasano known anyone on the US military’s Central Command in the first place, and if he doesn’t know anyone, why would CentCom even speak to a lowly civilian? It  was a general himself who supposedly spoke to Fasano. Why would a general talk to this guy? No reason to. At the end of the day, the story is seems silly, and as with so much other nonsense lately, probably unverifiable.

Matt Moneymaker, another kook, also weighed in, claiming that this was all a hoax perpetrated by the same clown who hoaxed Autumn Williams in her Enoch Bigfoot hoax book. This is surely not true. The communications are coming directly from Ed Smith and Darkwing Lee themselves, and these guys, though clowns, would never allow themselves to be hoaxed by a lowly fellow like the Enoch hoaxer.

Either this really happened, or Ed Smith is knowingly perpetrating a hoax. Bottom line.

Ed Smith, Darkwing Lee and MABRC etc are some of the biggest kooks, idiots and fools in all of Bigfootery, and believe me, the competition is intense! They fight with everyone, including all other Bigfoot organizations. The fights get brutal; these rednecks play hardball. Threats have been reported both ways, possibly including death threats.

A pipe bomb reportedly went off at a MABRC conference a couple of years ago, but no one was hurt. There are accusations that MABRC themselves set it off. They steal other people’s research areas, often aggressively and even violently. They like guns and other weaponry. Their organization is filled with ex-military. So these are the kinds of folks we are dealing with here; you don’t mess around with them.

In addition, there has been one false alarm after another coming out of Smith/MABRC for a long time now. Most have fallen short of overt hoaxing, but you get the idea. The false alarms have been along the lines of “capture coming soon,” nonsense like that. For instance, Ed Smith claimed to have biological Bigfoot samples which were sent out for DNA testing. He then reported back the test results which would not make sense in any reasonable universe, though I am not a geneticist (it sounded like he made the results up himself). I am not sure if that counts for a hoax?

A recent false alarm was the Lee/Smith fiasco where they “refused to confirm or deny” whether or not they had a body. They played this out for a bit, milking all the publicity, until the coda, a 1 hour radio show that ended with them both stating that they had no body after all. They jerked off the whole Bigfoot community for weeks on end. Thanks a lot guys. I haven’t been masturbated quite so nicely in some time.

The problem with these guys is that while they are kooks, they are also dead serious. They have a very serious plan for capturing a Bigfoot, and they may well have working traps. They have an excellent plan for dealing with the Bigfoot afterwards. They have some brawn (ex-military), engineers, a whole lot of fancy and expensive equipment and some big money backers like attorneys, physicians and businessmen.

Obviously, you would have to be completely insane to try to live capture a Bigfoot. One of the side effects of kookery is that most kooks are quite crazy. Being crazy isn’t really all that great, but sometimes it comes in handy. If you want to live capture a Bigfoot, only the insane need apply. And a side effect of all the kookery and nuttiness of these guys is that they are precisely insane enough to try to and maybe even succeed at something as loony as live capturing a Bigfoot.

They may well know where these things hang, and they may have a working trap. They may be capable of tranking the thing if it gets unruly. They may even be able to move the box somewhere close by. They may be capable of having facilities to study the thing. But after that, all bets are off because I don’t see how a non-state group keeps such a creature in a facility tranked up enough to get studied. This part is where I feel their expertise would fall short.

A wild story was published on Bigfoot Evidence from someone who claimed to be in on the capture, and he said that the whole thing fell through when they got the Bigfoot in the facility. According to the story, the Bigfoot got out, tore up some of the guys studying it and then escaped. No one knows if the story is true, and hoaxers write in to BFE all the time with elaborate fictions like this, but this is just about how a story like this would logically end. In catastrophe, blood, broken bones, mangled bodies, property destruction and possibly even death of either the Bigfoot or some of those studying it.

We haven’t heard anything out of these guys for a day or so now, so who knows from here on out?

Is it all a hoax? As morally challenged as these guys are, MABRC/Smith have never yet actually and formally hoaxed the community. They have nearly hoaxed us many times, but almost only counts in Equine footwear and Little Boys. If they are hoaxing us, this would be a lowly first for them.

So, does the Team Quantra have a live captured Bigfoot?

Guess what? No one knows!


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Histrionic Versus Borderline Personality Disorder

Histrionic and Borderline Personality Disorders are what I might call the feminine styles of craziness.

When women, who embody the female or feminine character, go nuts, they tend to go nuts in some fairly predictable ways. In other words, their nuttiness is an outgrowth of their feminine character and their female nature. There is a “female style” to going nuts.

Histrionic and Borderline PD‘s are diagnosed overwhelmingly in females. 75% of borderlines are females. One thing you notice if you spend a lot of time around women is that when they act nutty, they tend to act somewhat “borderlinish.” These women are not borderlines at all, but the suggestion is BPD is simply the down side or the nutty side of being female or the female character all bundled into one whole and taken to a wild and utterly uncontrolled extreme.

To be fair, I would say that there are some male styles of being nuts too. One of them is Aspergers of the Autism spectrum. This is simply a case of too much male essence. Aspies show an aspect of the male character taken to a wild extreme.

In addition, sociopathy or Antisocial Personality Disorder is the male essence taken to a wild extreme. When males are nutty, they act narcissistic, antisocial, or autistic, among other things. Males are much more aggressive, egotistical and cerebral than females. These things taken to a wild extreme result in the “male” disorders.

Many male borderlines are bisexual or gay. Histrionic PD has an even higher female % skew than Borderline PD,, and an even higher % of male histrionics than male borderlines are gay or bisexual.

I known at least one female borderline, and a good friend of mine was involved in a long relationship with another female borderline. Both of them were about 35 years old. Fairly regularly, I see women with borderline tendencies. Whether or not they are true borderlines is hard to say, and you often have to spend quite a bit of time around them before you can figure it out.

Female borderlines are quite impulsive and act out quite a bit. Nevertheless, they are females, so they don’t commit a lot of crime. Male borderlines are just the same, except the mere fact that they are males means that they are even more violent, aggressive, and uncontrolled than female borderlines. Many male borderlines are in jail or prison.

Whereas a female borderline can often control herself and stay out of imprisonment, male borderline simply cannot. Males are less repressed and more prone to acting out.

I knew a male actor once who was somewhat histrionic. He was also eventually bisexual.

I have known many women who had histrionic traits to one degree or another, but whether they truly had Histrionic PD or not is another matter. I’ve never known anyone of either sex with an actual Histrionic PD diagnosis. It seems to me that being somewhat histrionic is simply part of the female character.

If I had to sum up the character of the Histrionic PD, it would be “the whore.” The classic personality of the prostitute or similar occupations such as porn star, stripper, etc. looks a lot like Histrionic PD. The Wikipedia article on Histrionic PD links to the article on Femme Fatale. So the classic motif of the femme fatale, the seductress leading you to destruction and ruin, is akin to Histrionic PD.

The Histrionic PD person may also be seen as “the actress.”

When I was in junior college around ages 18-20, I knew many females around the same age. Many to most of them seemed to have “histrionic” tendencies. So being “histrionic” may just be a normal developmental stage for a young woman.

Others have said that Histrionic PD is the same thing as “teenage girl.” It is probably true that many teenage girls go through some sort of a histrionic stage.

Both Borderline and Histrionic PD’s are what are known as “high conflict personalities.” If you’re involved with these women, there’s going to be a lot of drama and even chaos.

Below are two cases. Two different men each describe a “crazy woman” that they were involved with. Both think that the woman was a Histrionic PD. That may indeed be true, but only one is a true documented case of Histrionic PD. The other case may be Histrionic also, but to me it looks more like Borderline PD.

See if you can tell them apart. Which is a case of Borderline PD? Which is a case of Histrionic PD?

Case 1: I have been having an affair for many years with a person that displays these characteristics. This person demonstrates a behavior very similar to what you would associate with a histrionic/narcissistic personality. It is very difficult to be sure. I am not a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, but here is what I have observed over the years:

It does require a lot of free time to provide them with the attention they constantly crave. They can be ultra friendly and appear very caring. They will tell you that they love you, adore you and can’t live without you because they know that you will be stimulated to feed their craving for attention. At other times, they can be cold, cruel and show a lack of empathy for others.

It is a personality that constantly seesaws between extreme positions. They are very bright and extremely manipulative. They will gradually attempt to control your person and mind. When they sense that they are losing your attention, they will tell you that you should concentrate on your spouse. This is only a tactic to get you to concentrate on them.

If you dropped them (and they don’t have another partner), they will call you back and make an excuse about their behavior and tell you about their deep love for you. In reality, your sole purpose is to fill their craving for attention.

When they are not depressed, sex can be utterly unbelievable and kinky. Their craving for sex is limitless and most imaginative. They just want to do it everywhere and as often as possible. It flatters them a great deal when you take pictures of their naked body. Their impulsive drives and flirtatious behavior forces them to look for other partners to sustain their need for attention.

When they identify someone they like, they can be extremely forward with that person. They don’t shy away from telling him of their deep desire. Once they have ensnared the person, they will have some excuse not to appear too “easy”. They can appear prudish one minute and sexually pervasive the next. It can drive you crazy.

Again the sole purpose of these swings is to get your full attention by keeping you focus on them exclusively. Obviously, you should not expect to be their sole source of interest after a while because they get bored easily! It requires a lot of imagination to sustain their interest, but it can be most interesting.

They want the ultimate love and attention. If you have another relationship, they will work very hard at breaking the relationship you have with your partner because they want your full attention. They are envious and jealous of your companion. They are extremely self-centered and continuously talk about themselves.

Conversations are usually monologues about themselves, their money, possessions, and accomplishments. You learn with time that most of their monologues are somewhat exaggerated. At times it can be difficult to interrupt their self-centered narratives. They lie with such ease that it becomes a second nature for them.

They can easily blur the line between truth and lies. They don’t show any shame when you catch them lying. They will even try to make you believe a lie even when you know the truth. They are fascinating manipulators.

A word of advice, if you want this type of personality as a lover, make sure to protect yourself from their great ability to control you and thrash your mind. Don’t ever fall in love. They will destroy your sanity and your life.

Case 2: I too have had a relationship with a woman showing these characteristics. When I met her I was in a relationship that was failing, and she was a friend. She was married and we formed a good friendship based on good discussions. She was very attentive, and combined with being beautiful, I was immediately drawn to her charming personality, her apparent honesty, and constant communication.

What I realize now was that I was a source of attention for her, and she had my attention completely on a daily basis. I was drawn into the savior role as I heard never-ending stories about her daily unhappiness and battles with her husband (2nd husband).

I provided a relief to what she related was her daily agony of her unhappy life. Now I understand that this was the overemotional exaggeration and over-embellishment of her unhappiness as she craved new and exciting things. I also recall her constantly flirting with other men, constantly going out to coffee with them as “friends,” and her relating how she just could not cope with her children.

I eventually left my relationship to live on my own and told her I thought we were drawing too close and did not want to interfere with her marriage, also other friends of hers had told her they were attracted to me. She immediately told me she loved me, we were soul mates, I was the one who truly knew her and she wanted to be with me and leave her husband for me.

I was deeply in love with her and accepted her advances. I felt pressure to praise her and felt sucked into the role of hearing the exaggerated dilemmas of her life, offering advice and solutions but feeling the frustrations that none of the advice or solutions were acted upon to help solve those issues. I was always given the excuse, “You and I are different, and I am doing it my way.”

I realize now that the dilemmas of her unhappy marriage and other concerns weren’t what she wanted solved, otherwise she would not be drawing any attention to herself, nor would she be embroiling herself in the middle of such wonderful drama.

Sex with her was amazing, but it was used as a tool, as ammunition to be pulled out when I tried to draw away from the frustrations of dealing with the deception of the affair and lack of motivation to change anything. If I drew away and stopped contact, I would get completely hysterical phone calls and visits begging me to stay that she was coming to me and asking questions about whether I had found someone else.

The attention was lavish and in hindsight completely over the top. However once I was drawn back to her, she would shut it off, become cold and distant, making me chase, then the pattern would repeat itself once I got upset and decided this wasn’t for me. In hindsight I can see I was a pawn, hidden in a box only to be pulled out when she wanted to play with me, it was all about her and had nothing to do with me.

If I tried to break free, I was drawn back in. If I tried to jump out of that box, I was quickly berated with unbelievable anger and told how much I was hurting her and being abusive to her by my attempts to do so. Eventually her husband left her, and I had to be the unseen and unknown shoulder on the side and support mechanism, drawn in but held completely at arms length.

Any attempt by me to enter the reality of her life was shut down by over the top emotions and threats and then promises of change. Any emotion shown by me was coldly disregarded and not paid any attention to other than the accusation of my being abusive in venting frustration.

I felt driven completely insane via rapid changes of emotions on her part daily, constant shifting positions, and constant drawing in and then pulling away that I broke free of the relationship by declaring the truth of it to her family and her ex-husband and then leaving.

Notwithstanding I had just created a situation of outstanding drama and attention towards her, exactly what she constantly craved and wanted, whether that be negative or not. I was publicly disgraced and accused of various misdemeanors and abuse. Her husband was drawn back to return to the marital home and then accused of threatening her life and physical abuse. My God it was good for her; she was the talk of the town.

Some time later I formed another relationship with another woman who was completely the reverse of her. Immediately for months afterwards my ex-girlfriend pursued me, attempted to seduce me, and told me I was the one, I was the only one, and she wanted me to choose her, we belonged together. I resisted for months but was drawn in by threats and over-elaborate attempts at seduction.

She could not bear that I was showing my attention to another person. I was happy in my relationship and did my best to limit contact, not get sucked in, but it was constant. I was rung day and night and all sorts of guilt trips applied to me. It was as if I was singlehandedly destroying her. The pressure from this after 18 months ruined my other relationship, and I ended up alone.

Once I was alone and paid attention to her again, in the space of three weeks I was drawn and told that we were soulmates and visited with over the top sex and photos sent to me and very sexual text messages and then withdrawn from and treated with contempt.

I eventually lost the plot and became so angry and confused – it was not til I read this article and ticked every single box in the description of her that I realized this was a never-ending battle I would not win. I could not tell her about this condition because nothing is wrong with her according to her. So I left and cut her off all together, changed numbers and address. It had to be done.

It was not only just me; it was every facet of her life. Her brother was married recently, and she pulled a turn about stress and her children in order to draw his attention to her.

She uses her two children born to two different fathers as pawns in custody games with them on a continuous basis and then accusing them of being abusive when they get angry about it or not caring about their kids when they try not to react. Either way, no one will ever win with a person like this.

If you see any women remotely similar in your situations – RUN!!!

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