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My Latest Theory on the Delphi Murders with a New Unsub Profile, in Q and A Format


I am getting tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources. How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. 

Also when I say I am 100% sure of something, that means that I am 100% sure of it in my own mind. All of us are 100% sure of all sorts of things we cannot prove. That’s the nature of the human condition. We simply assume many things are facts until proven otherwise. Now many of these things that I was completely certain of were later proven to be wrong. Such is the case with many other things people become certain of in their own mind. Once again, when I say I am sure or certain or 100% certain, it means only that I am sure in my own mind. I am not stating that any of these things are facts. They are simply my convictions. Any of all of these firmly held beliefs of mine about this case could possibly will later prove to be false.

The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and save yourself the heartache. 


I thought I made this one thing perfectly clear as Richard Nixon used to say:

I have no sources whatsoever among the families of the girls.

I have no sources whatsoever in LE, local or otherwise. 

There ya go.

What I do have is sources close to the families. These people generally live in Delphi and the surrounding region. So that makes my rumors even more hearsay. I’m not even talking to the families. I am talking to people who talk to the families!

Of course I have no LE sources. I thought I made that clear. Never have. Yes, I have talked to some of them, but of course they didn’t tell me a thing. A couple of times they told me that a certain person was a POI or that a certain person had been cleared with an airtight alibi. I suppose they don’t mind giving out that information. But other than that, they don’t tell me jack. It’s hard enough to even get them to call you back. I think if I asked them if my name was Robert Lindsay, they would say, “I am sorry, but I cannot comment on matters relating to an ongoing investigation.” That’s how bad it is.

So what do I have? Once again, I have sources who are close to LE. They get their information from LE, then they talk to me. So once again this is even more hearsay, as I am not even talking to LE but to the people who are talking to LE.

I really wish people would quit claiming I have LE or family sources. I just don’t. If you think I have these sources, just quit reading my stuff right now and go away. You will not be missed!

NOTE TO COMMENTERS 3: The lies never end. The latest is “Lindsay takes other people’s theories and claims they are his own.” Of course I don’t. This website is nothing but a compendium of rumors from all over the Net regarding this crime. I go through the rumors and try to rank them on a scale of weak to strong. I compare them against other rumors to see which one is better. All sorts of theories have been flying around since day one. I report those too.

The theories are really just more rumors. I’d say the vast majority of the rumor theories reported here were thought up by other people. I find most of my theories on other sites about this crime. That’s how it works, you know. You get theories about the crime from others. Yes, you use your own theories and you use other people’s theories. I really do not have time to down through the list of theories and say where I got them from. I have come up with a few of my own, but even with those, I guess someone else thought of them first. Also a lot of the theories here are also the result of constant brainstorming I do with my fellow sleuths.

This will be done in a Q and A format.

Profile is of the Unsub who murdered of Abigail Williams and Liberty German of 2-13-17 and 2-14-17.

Q: Are the Evansdale crimes and the Delphi Murders connected?

A: I do not believe so. Two separate perps, but there are some similarities. Both were done by sociopathic men aged 50-60. Girls were removed to a vehicle in both cases. In both cases, girls were taken to a structure where they were kept for a period of at least 12 hours, raped, tortured and killed. In both cases, girls were returned and dumped to an area near water. In both cases, bodies were covered with leaves. Both killers were divorced men with at least two children. Both men blend in very well in the community, and few if any suspect them. The other similarities have been gone over.

Q: Was the killer from Delphi or the surrounding area? Was he from Indiana?

A: No. No.

Q: Was the killer from another state?

A: Yes.

Q: Did the killer commute to commit the crime and then commute back home?

A: Yes.

Q: If the killer does not reside in the area, how do they know the area of the crime so well?

A: The killer is a former resident who lived in the area for many years and now lives in another state. However, he grew up in and around the town.

Q: Does the killer know Ron Logan, the Mears, their neighbors, and the area of the bridge and creek?

A: He knows the people, properties and neighbors like the back of his hand from growing up in the area.

Q: Does he have a criminal record?

A: Yes, long record of mostly minor crimes with some jail stints.

Q: Has he been to prison?

A: At least once, for unknown period of time, on a relatively minor charge.

Q: In what state did he acquire his criminal record, jail and prison stints?

A: Indiana.

Q: Is he employed?

A: Probably not, may collect some sort of a government check just as Disability.

Q: What was his former occupation?

A: Much of it is unknown, but one position was in industrial agriculture.

Q: What is his opinion of the police?

A: Very low, thinks they have it in for him due to long minor record.

Q: Is he an outdoorsman such as a fisherman, hunter, hiker, naturalist, etc.?

A: Absolutely, loves the outdoors.

Q: Does he engage in the pursuit of land and water game such as fish and game animals?

A: Absolutely, avid outdoorsman.

Q: What is the fanny pack?

A: Outdoorsman’s pack. Either a deer kit with scissors, knives, etc. for cutting up game or a fisherman’s pack with fishing line, knives, etc.

Q: What is the significance of the pack to the crime?

A: Knives, scissors, fishing line, etc. possibly used in the crime. Outdoors knives, either hunting or fishing, were surely used.

Q: What was the purpose of the knives?

A: Sadly, to cut up the girls, which sadly I believe was done.

Q: Can you elaborate?

A: Not sure, but reports of mutilation of the girls probably involved the use of the knives.

Q: What do we hear after the “down the hill” audio?

A: The next thing you hear at some point later is the girls screaming.

Q: Where does that take place?

A: No doubt at the bottom of the hill.

Q: What happened down there?

A: He got them down the bottom of the hill where a vehicle was waiting. At that point, I believe he struck them in the head or face with the gun. A bit of that, and they were stunned enough to where he and a probable accomplice tied and gagged them and then put them in the vehicle.

Q: Where in the vehicle?

A: Probably the trunk.

Q: How many vehicles were used in the crime?

A: Two.

Q: Where were they located?

A: One at the north end, which is what Bridge Guy used to approach the bridge from the north side and a second vehicle at the bottom of the hill on the south side.

Q: With two vehicles, there must have been at least two men, right?

A: I do not see how it could have been done otherwise.

Q: Description of car on north side of bridge used by Bridge Guy to approach bridge from north side?

A: Late model white Dodge Dart with paper plates.

Q: Determined how?

A: Female witness.

Q: Confidence level in car description?

A: Very high at the moment.

Q: Why?

A: Statements of individual(s).


Q: Who were the two men?

A: I have an idea of who the man on the bridge is, but I know nothing about any accomplice.

Q: How do we know the handgun was used to strike the girls and knock them half out?

A: The FBI was swabbing the gun barrels of residents who lived in the area.

Q: Why?  

A: Looking for the girls’ DNA on the barrels. Conclusion: Gun was used to hit the girls.

Q: Is the killer left or right-handed?

A: The man on the bridge is absolutely left-handed. That is certain.

Q: How do we know?

A: He has the gun strapped to his chest via a holster on the right side pointing upwards. Such a setup would only be used by a left-handed man.

Q: How do we know he had a handgun?

A: You can see it outlined in the Bridge Guy photo.

Q: How old is Bridge Guy?

A: 50-60 years old.

Q: Does he walk with a limp?

A: I think so.

Q: Why?

A: Looks like an arthritic or injured knee.

Q: Does he have mobility issues?

A: For a man his age, no. He is very active.

Q: How tall is Bridge Guy?

A: 5’8-5’10

Q: How much does he weigh?

A: ~170-180 pounds.

Q: Has he always had a paunch?

A: No, he has been in great shape his whole life. The paunch is a recent middle-aged development.

Q: Is he a pedophile?

A: No.

Q: Is he a hebephile?

A: Doubt it.

Q: What is his Age of Attraction?

A: Probably normal, maximum attraction to mature females age 16+ like any normal man.

Q: What is his sexual orientation?

A: Heterosexual.

Q: Is he masculine, feminine, in between?

A: Typical very masculine man from the area. A bit of a badass, tough guy. Uses foul language and has a rough way of speaking.

Q: Psychiatric diagnosis?

A: Apparently sociopath, in my opinion.

Q: General vibe?

A: Looks normal to others, but I know sociopaths, so he appears rather sneaky, devious, “unreadable”, slick, bad boy, naughty, playful, outlaw, gleam in his eye, and rebellious. Appears to be hiding something or keeping some sort of a secret. General feeling of what you see is not what you get.

Q: Can he seem warm, friendly, etc?

A: Very much so. Chameleon. Very hard to figure out. Actor who sees life as a series of roles.

Q: Life theme?

A: You can’t win, they’ve got it in for me, life is a game, I’m fooling them ha ha, also redemption from previous failed life.

Q: Redemption meaning what?

A: He thinks he has turned his life around from a lifetime of mistakes and is now on the right track finally. However, his desires got the best of him.

Q: Verbal style?

A: Versatile, can seem sentimental, poetic and moving. Fools you into thinking he is a person who cares deeply about life’s small and kind wonders.

Q: Feeling towards his own children?

A: Loves them, strangely enough.

Q: Married or divorced?

A: Was married, hence the kids, now divorced.

Q: Easy or messy divorce?

A: Very messy, and I do mean messy. Same with the Evansdale killer.

Q: Child custody issues?

A: Major issues in this area, same as Evansdale killer.

Q: Altercations with ex-wife?

A: Yes, same as Evansdale killer.

Q: Relations with ex-wife?

A: Hostile, same as Evansdale killer.

Q: Ex-wife fears him?

A: Unknown, maybe.

Q: Any special preoccupation with young teenage girls?

A: Unknown, possible but probably not. Sees teenage girls and grown women as versions of a mature female. Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed, etc.

Q: Rage towards females?

A: Seems apparent with the crime but is otherwise not obvious in his life.

Q: Motivation?

A: Same as Evansdale killer. Sociopath / sexual sadist / rape-murder / serial type.

Q: Serial killer?

A: Serial type, but unknown if he has other victims.

Q: Were these his first killings?

A: Unknown, no known other killings. Quite possibly first killings, as hard as that is to believe.

Q: Commuted how far to commit crime and return home?

A: 100-200 miles.

Q: Travel time commuting to commit crime and return?

A: 3 hours.

Q: Resides in which state?

A: An unknown state neighboring Indiana.

Q: Gang ties?

A: Possible from prison. Possible Aryan Brotherhood.

Q: Determined how?

A: Can’t say right now. Has to do with his hands.

Q: Tattoos?

A: One large one on front torso.

Q: In his 50’s, how did he negotiate that scary bridge?

A: Grew up in the area. Bridge area is like his backyard. Has probably traversed it many times. Also very fit from active life despite bad knee.

Q: Physical condition?

A: Excellent for age due to active outdoors life.

Q: Capable of fooling people?

A: Very much so. Academy award actor. Life is a series of roles.

Q: Friends suspect him of bad things?

A: No. Has a circle of warm friends, tough, hard outdoors, badass men of about the same age who think he is completely on the up and up. He’s fooling them all. Chameleon.

Q: Sexual peculiarities noticeable to wives or girlfriends?

A: Unknown, may have hidden his sexual sadism.

Q: Why?

A: Sneaky, devious, underhanded, conspiring and plotting fellow. Most actions are well plotted and planned. Little spontaneity other than rages.

Q: Violent temper?

A: Regularly and very much so, generally verbal, sometimes threats.

Q: Displays hostility to women?

A: Sometimes verbally, but typical for tough guy, hard man, roughneck, ex-con working class outdoors redneck type.

Q: Jokes about rape or threats of rape towards women?

A: Sometimes, veiled, but common for his type.

Q: Racist? White Supremacist?

A: No. Brotherhood ties but rarely if ever makes racial remarks. Probably joined Brotherhood for self-protection in prison. Often comes across as anti-racist, even a coastal liberal variety.

Q: Politics?

A: Quite liberal. Sort of an aging hippie type, unusual for Indiana.

Q: Drug user?

A: Marijuana, yes. Enjoys it a lot.

Q: Drinker?

A: Former very serious problem, present status unknown. May be sober now.

Q: Smoker?

A: Yes, smokes cigarettes.

Q: Smoked during crime?

A: I believe so.

Q: How do we know?

A: Cigarette found at scene. Possibly his.

Q: Can comments, remarks and speech be trusted?

A: Absolutely not. Pathological liar. Truth is mixed in with lies and fabrications to the point where he believes his own lies and even gets caught in them.

Q: Reaction if caught in a lie?

A: Temper, rage, ranting, veiled threats via angry language.

Q: Appears normal, even like a nice guy or regular guy?

A: Very much so.

Q: Good friend?

A: Can play the role very well. Charming and disarming. The more you get to know him, the more harmless you think he is.

Q: Takes responsibility for actions?

A: No, blames others for everything. When at fault, blames others. Attacks others and then claims to be acting in self-defense.

Q: Behavior in court?

A: Shameless pathological defensive lying, blaming others.

Q: Other defenses?

A: Excellent at distracting people and directing attention away from what is important. Red herrings, irrelevancies, redirects, minor details, fussing, wrong turns, wrong directions.

Q: Conversational defense?

A: Denial, rage, rants, especially redirection.

Q: Liberty’s phone recovered by police?

A: I do not think so.

Q: Video and audio how?

A: From cloud.

Q: Disposition of phone?

A: Killer found it on Libby, possibly resulting in fatal rage attack and double garroting that nearly decapitated her.

Q: Disposition of phone?

A: Retained by killer, destroyed and disposed of.

Q: Location of phone?

A: Never left Delphi. Disposed in Delphi.

Q: Found by LE?

A: Extremely doubtful.

Q: Recoverable by LE?

A: Quite probably.

Q: Location of phone?

A: Very close to crime scene, but buried deep.

Q: How deep?

A: 10-20 feet plus.

Q: Recovery feasibility?

A: Difficult but quite possible with sufficient resources.

Q: Data available on phone?

A: All data destroyed.

Q: Condition of phone?

A: Destroyed, unusable but possibly intact. It’s buried deep. That is the problem.

Q: Killer’s prints or DNA on phone?

A: No way, not possible.

Q: Recovery of phone would assist case?

A: Possibly dramatically.

Q: How was knowledge of phone story obtained?

A: No comment.

Q: Theory reported to LE?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Girls’ bodies posed in odd manner?

A: Apparently.

Q: Why?

A: Posing had occult or Satanic overtones.

Q: Was this an occult or Satanic crime?

A: Unknown, but if it was not, it may have been made to look like one. Killer specializes in wrong way streets, red herrings, misdirection and redirection.

Q: Satanic or occult theory status?

A: Weak.

Q: Why?

A: Killer has no known occult or Satanic interests. He may have such, but it is not obvious, and if he does, he hides it well, as he does with so many things.

Q: Killer IQ?

A: Average.

Q: Street smarts, etc.?

A: Killer is smart like a fox. In terms of sheer animal, devious and utterly cunning smarts, he is brilliant, has a genius IQ in this type of intelligence.

Q: Education level?

A: Low.

Q: Killer is storyteller, raconteur?

A: Very much so.

Q: Entertaining in this role?

A: Turns off some, but extremely entertaining to others.

Q: Philosophical outlook?

A: Cynical, humans are lousy animals driven by low, base interests, corrupt at their core.

Q: Killer’s attitude towards this?

A: Acts offended. Plays role of offended good citizen outraged by sleazy corruption.

Q: LE communicated with killer during course of investigation so far?

A: Absolutely and documented.

Q: LE suspicious of killer as a result of conversations between LE and killer?

A:  Very dubious, he fooled them too. He fools so many people. He is an expert at fooling people.

Q: LE has DNA from crime?

A: Unknown, maybe.

Q: Status of DNA, if so?

A: No match in databases.

Q: Killer’s DNA is in databases?

A: Doubt it. Otherwise there would be a match.

Q: Kill method of both girls?

A: Garroting, probably double garroting.

Q: Garroting material used?

A: I have a good guess, but I will not say. Not a typical garroting item but would work very well.

Q: Baling wire from Mears barn used to garrot?

A: I do not think so, though it was available.

Q: Why garroting?

A: Kill method apparently intended from the start. Carried garroting supplies.

Q: Intended to only rape, hurt, frighten girls and leave?

A: No.

Q: Killed because scene got out of hand and panicked?

A: No, murder intended from the start.

Q: Why did girls’ throats seem cut?

A: Garroting strangles you and cuts your throat.

Q: Difference between garroting and knife cut of neck?

A: Knife cuts from the front and can decapitate. Garroting cuts all the way around but seldom decapitates because garroting material is not as sharp as a knife to cut through back of neck.

Q: Condition of girls’ fingernails?

A: Blood and dirt under Liberty’s nails. Dirt under Abbie’s nails. Abbie’s nails badly torn up.

Q: Certainty of garroting used?

A: Extremely high, confirmed by several sources close to family.

Q: Unwanted pregnancy, botched abortion theory of motive?

A: This was a great theory, the only one so far that even made since with good evidence to back it up via autopsy findings and method of attack, but the theory seems dead. This was not the motive for the killings.

Q: Abbie found with stake in her?

A: Appears so, very strong likelihood.

Q: Why?

A: Killer apparently discovered she was pregnant, girl was staked to kill the fetus. Best theory.

Q: How did he find or theorize she was pregnant?

A: Unknown.

Q: Abbie found pregnant on autopsy?

A: Strong rumor but highly disputed and white-hot controversial.

Q: Abbie proven to be pregnant?

A: Not at all, but likely was.

Q: Why likely?

A: Abbie family member strongly implied she was pregnant and the killing involved an attempt to kill a fetus.

Q: Bridge Guy seen in Abbie photo on bridge?

A: Yes hiding behind a tree.

Q: Photo exists?

A: Yes, will be posted, man outlined with software.

Q: Confidence that this is the Bridge Guy?

A: Very high, color of clothing on man behind tree is perfect match for color of clothing of man on bridge.

Q: Condition of girls’ bodies?

A: Abbie nude, Liberty topless.

Q: Girls clothes where?

A: In the creek to destroy DNA.

Q: Girls suffered?

A: Very much so, Abbie most of all. Liberty’s nightmare may have been mercifully shortened.

Q: Abbie alive when dumped?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Time of death?

A: 9 AM 2-14, 30 minutes before search started. So sad.

Q: Certainty of time of death?

A: High.

Q: Abbie lingered after dumped?

A: Yes, 1.5-6.5 hours

Q: Why?

A: Who knows? She did not lose much blood for some reason.

Q: Abbie cause of death?

A: Exposure.

Q: Crime scene contaminated?

A: Dubious.

Q: Searcher touched bodies on discovery?

A: Highly dubious.

Q: Who found bodies?

A: Man and wife and another man.

Q: How known?

A: Documented from screenshot conversations with searchers who found the body.

Q: Screenshot available?

A: Yes, to be posted.

Q: Liberty’s family involved in crime?

A: I say no.

Q: S and H families involved in crime?

A: I say no.

Q: Ron Logan involved?

A: This is one of the stupidest episodes of this entire affair. Not as tragic as the girls, but nevertheless a tragedy. Punishments should fit crimes. Logan is a drunk and probation violator. He’s not killer. The whole idea is insane.

Q: Sexual activity by the girls involved?

A: Both girls may well have been sexually active. One certainly was. But this had nothing to do with a motive for the crime as was thought earlier. It may have been the impetus for an attack on Abbie though.

Q: If attempt to kill fetus theory correct, what motive?

A: Previous motive is trashed because suspects are all cleared. Motive then would be simple cruelty. Killer somehow found she was pregnant and tried to kill fetus as part of general sexually sadistic crime.

Q: Killer’s attitude towards investigation?

A: Nervous, fearful of being caught but also sees the whole thing as a laughable game of cat and mouse. He’s getting a real kick out of it. This is just good times to him. He’s fooling them and hiding right under their noses, ha ha.

Q: LE stated killer may have given false tips. Accurate?

A: Could well be.

Q: Killer involved in the investigation?

A: Quite possibly.

Q: Why?

A: Can’t help himself. Loves the limelight, publicity hound, likes the idea that he is hiding right under their noses and getting away with it, this is hilarious.

Q: Significance of 13th for day of attack, day of bad luck of occult significance?

A: Unknown if any. May be random.

Q: Significance of Valentines Day for body dump day?

A: Unknown, may be random.

Q: Significance of dates adding up to 32, an occult number?

A: Unknown, may be random.

Q: Significance of Evansdale and Delphi dates being exact mirror images of each other?

A: Fascinating, but may be random.

Q: Possible occult significance of killing Abbie Williams, namesake of Salem Witch trials accuser?

A: Unknown, may be random or coincidental.

Q: Time of body dump?

A: 2:30 AM – 7:30 AM

Q: How girls taken to site?

A: Left Mears barn in vehicle, drove 25 yards to cemetery , then to southwest gate of cemetery, through unlocked gate of Ron Logan’s horse pasture, 10 feet to start of trail.

Q: Girls where in car?

A: No doubt in trunk.

Q: How girls taken to dump site?

A: Via trail. Dragged down a trail.

Q: How determined?

A: Searchers followed drag trail to bodies.

Q: One man dragged two girls?

A: Very dubious, especially with Libby at 200 pounds. Excellent reason for two killer theory.

Q: Killers’ actions after body dump?

A: Rapid departure from area in darkness and then 100-200 miles to home.

Q: Where were the girls taken after they were abducted?

A: To the Mears barn.

Q: At what time?

A: Probably 3 PM or so.

Q: Were Ron Logan and the Mears home?

A: Both were gone.

Q: Did the killer know this?

A: It seems like he must have.

Q: How did he know this?

A: No idea, but I believe that the killer was extremely familiar with the area, Logan, the Mears and their neighbors, having known and lived around them for a long time when he was younger. He was nearly in his own backyard.

Q: Did the killer know the weather in the area?

A: Yes.

Q: For how long?

A: For at least one week prior, had been following Delphi weather.

Q: What happened when the car drove onto the Mears property by the barn?

A: It drove right into the barn.

Q: Can the barn fit a car?

A: Yes, and more than one, with much room to spare. The barn is massive, like a cavern.

Q: Couldn’t people see the car in the barn?

A: Although the barn is only a short ways off the road, from the road, you can barely see one foot inside the barn even in broad daylight. It is like a black hole.

Q: Couldn’t people see in the barn at night?

A: Not at all.

Q: Even if the killers had an artificial light source?

A: They still could not see in. First the entrance was blocked by the vehicle, and anyway, with a low light, the barn is such a black hole that a small light source would probably not be detected from the road. You would see only pure black darkness at the entrance to the barn-cavern.

Q: How long were the girls kept in the barn?

A: Probably from 3 PM 2-13 to 3 AM 2-14, 12 long hours.

Q: Were they alive the whole time?

A: Abbie was, sadly, but Libby was killed earlier on on 2-13.

Q: Why was Libby killed earlier?

A: I think she gave him a great big fight, and she was a handful.

Q: So what happened?

A: He flew into a rage at her resistance, grabbed his garroting material, and double garroted her.

Q: Abbie saw this?

A: As horrible as it sounds, yes. This is as bad as it gets.

Q: Why didn’t the girls make some noise?

A: Probably gagged.

Q: Is it true that Libby had 4-5 chances to escape?

A: Apparently, police say so.

Q: They know this how?

A: God knows.

Q: Why didn’t she flee?

A: The saddest part of all. She was so dedicated to her friend that she vowed to not leave her friend in this horrible state with this monster. She was going to stay with Abbie all the way through this mess. She could not leave and abandon her friend to this horror. In real life, they were inseparable.

Q: What happened in the barn?

A: Who knows? Girls were kept in there, tormented, tortured, probably cut with knives, Libby was garroted, Abbie garroted right before departure, and both girls were sexually mutilated.

Q: Sexually mutilated how?

A: God knows. But Abbie may have had a stick up her up vagina, as awful as it sounds.

Q: The killer speared Abbie in the  stomach with a sharp stick?

A: Yes, like I said, as bad as it gets.

Q: How certain are you of this?

A: Very much so.

Q: How did he spear her, horizontally or vertically?

A: He drove the stake into her stomach or abdomen. If she was pregnant, this looks like an attempt to kill the fetus. If vertically, he straddled her and stood over her and shoved it in her from above, which would be hard to do. Or horizontally, he put the stick up her vagina and into her stomach that way, as awful as it sounds.

Q: Which would cause a quicker fatality?

A: Surely vertical.

Q: What evidence do we have for horizontal or vertical?

A: Only one rumor from one source, very recently. She said horizontally.

Q: How would the two methods of spearing differ?

A: Vertically would probably be a very quick death and would actually be more merciful, but it would be hard to drive the stake in. Horizontally, poor Abbie could have lingered for some time. She would have suffered much more with a horizontal attack. It would have been horrendous.

Q: Abbie survived the killer’s attacks?

A: Unbelievably, yes. She survived the double garroting, which was poorly done, whatever else was done and even the staking.

Q: When did he stake her?

A: I am thinking after he dumped them.

Q: Why?

A: God knows. Perhaps he discovered that Abbie was still alive, went nuts and staked her to finish her off.

Q: How were girls placed?

A: They were  posed in odd positions in what one person said looked like a Satanic or occult ritual. Also they were covered with leaves, but Abbie escaped from under leaves and unbelievably even managed to crawl away some distance.

Q: What was Abbie’s cause of death?

A: Exposure.

Q: How long did Abbie survive in the forest?

A: From 1.5 to 6.5 hours, incredibly enough.

Q: Why did she survive?

A: Amazingly, she did not lose much blood.

Q: What is the killer’s attitude to getting photographed and recorded?

A: A lot of panic, but also he thinks it is a game and a big joke.

Q: How is he dealing with his photo and audio being out there?

A: Has a plan, but I can’t talk about it right now.

Q: Does the killer seem like a suspicious person?

A: Absolutely not. Total chameleon.

Q: Will he be caught?

A: I believe so.

Q: When?

A: Perhaps sooner than you think.

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Is It True That Sexually Sadistic Serial Killers Rarely Have Partners?

Paula: TWO killers is odd….two sadistic people who commit crimes together is very very unusual….I’m leaning towards one person with a grudge and one person tagging along, IF there were indeed two people….

This is a very common belief and you hear this all the time. Particularly women seem to believe that these fellows usually act alone. I suppose women in particular find it impossible to understand how two men could find each other and plot a series of the worst crimes of all. Men find it hard too. I mean I have had some bad friends who stole, shot drugs, you name it. They had done a few stints in jail. I’ve had some really bizarre conversations with my friends. You name it, we discussed it. But never in my life have I had a friend say, “Hey Bob, let’s go out rape, torture and murder some women. What do you say?” I cannot fathom a conversation like that between two men. Where on Earth do they find each other?

But actually these men acting with partner(s) is quite common. Sexual sadists often have partners in crime. Usually another man or even men, but sometimes a woman – a wife or girlfriend. The woman comes under the influence of the man, and that is why she helps him to commit these crimes. She usually is not bad per se. In other words, if she had not hooked up with that bad boyfriend or husband, she would probably never have done such a thing.

I believe Freeway Killer William Bonin had maybe six accomplices. Dean Corll had many accomplices too. One of the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders is thought to involve three men. The Smiley Face Murders, bizarre drownings of up to 90 young college men in the middle of the US, if these are even real crimes at all, are thought to involve a number of people, maybe up to 3-4 men, operating out of a van.

The Hillside Stranglers, the Sunset Strip Murders, Bittaker and Norris, it goes on and on. It is suspected that Randy Kraft‘s roommate, a deep S/M freak, helped him to commit some of the murders.

The latter four are right here in southern California, and they were all operating in a short period of time in the late 1970’s.

The Operation Miranda killers, Charles Ng and Leonard Lake, Otis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas, the list goes on and on.

Ken and Barbie Killers Paul Bernardi and Karla Homulka and Sunset Strip Killers Doug Clark and Carol Bundy are two cases where the female partners of the men participated in the crimes. In both cases, the women willingly went along with the crimes and even helped participate in them. After a while, they came to enjoy committing these crimes and even got into the sexual aspect of them. Homulka and Bundy are both pretty sociopathic, but if those women never met those men, they never would have done anything like this.

In addition to the above, I can think of three other cases where men had partners, in two cases, two men as a team in one case and a man and a woman who came under his influence in the other. Problem is I cannot remember the names of the killings nor the participants.

And I think there are more cases than I have gone over above.


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New Interview with Me Up

Conversation between me, Pilleater and The Adventure Kid. I really like both of these two younger guys. Pilleater is an Amerasian man who is promoting something called Asian Aryanism, which promotes the idea that Whites and Asians (NE? SE?) are superior races and they should get together to form a new mixed race.

I think he is also a separatist in that he wants to split off his own state, but instead of a white state like everyone else wants, he wants to have a site for Whites and Asians (and nobody elses). That of course is a racist vision, but it’s one that I can almost stomach, although it will never come to pass anyway.

I have always said that if you are going to be a racist anyway, you might as well hate as few people as possible. Which is why Pan-Aryanism is better than standard White nationalism. While White nationalism is bizarre in insisting that the only White people are from Europe. They conveniently leave out folks like Turks, who are excluded simply on the basis of their religion, and sometimes Armenians, who I guess are just a bit too swarthy, eh? And of course, they insist Jews are not White, but it’s obvious to anyone that Jews are White people. The WN’s just arbitrarily make this distinction because they hate Jews and wish to exclude them.

However, on Stormfront, I believe that they have been bending the rules somewhat. There was a furor a while back when 300 Armenian members were thrown off the site. But after some discussion, Don Black allowed them back on on the basis that Armenians are Whites. Iranians were supposed to be banned as non-Whites, but a number sneaked on anyway and started posting openly as Iranians. Black didn’t do anything, which seems to imply that he thinks Iranians are White.

The conversation covers all sorts of topics. It was supposed to be about the Alt Left, but we ranged all over the place like the free range humans that we are. A lot of psychological discussion, talk about SJW’s; Identity Politics; socialist and capitalist economic systems; China; Japan; socialism, nationalism and national socialism; Marie Le Pen; race and IQ; intelligence, morality and crime; guilt in sociopathy and OCD; gay male culture, behavior and psychopathology; the nature of guilt and its relation to morality and intelligence; the psychological status of modern college students; selfishness; narcissism; the Internet; the marriage of the Cultural Left with neoliberalism; intelligence and crime; Blacks and crime; and Black IQ, etc.

We talked about everything under the sun and even a few nasty things growing in the dark.



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Psychological Effects of Their Work on Slaughterhouse Workers

Good comment from Kim, one of our excellent commenters. It’s not related to the murder case, but it shows you Delphi may not be the idyllic small Indiana town that everyone thinks it is. There is a very high percentage of RSO’s for such a small town, apparently related to the slaughterhouse in town. Slaughterhouse employees in turn develop psychological effects that would be at odds with the image of a peaceful and easy-going small town.

So beneath the cozy image, there does seem to be a very dark undercurrent running under the town of Delphi.

Kim: This is an article cited from another site about Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s) and meat-packing plants. It may not be relevant to the crime, but it paints a grittier picture of the Delphi area.

Originally Posted by Blighted Star

No, you read right the first time. Those 54 RSO’s are are all linked to the very small town of Delphi, population 3,000. Check the other “known addresses” on most of them & you’ll see “Indiana Packers Co-op” (or something like it) on over 40 out of the 54 – because the abattoir up the road from the high bridge seems to have a hiring program for RSO’s. They’ve got men designated “sexually violent offenders” working on their kill floor & it doesn’t seem to occur to them that in that particular field of employment, it’s not necessarily a good thing to hire people who might be enjoying their work.

Holy crap!

This excerpt is taken from:

Killing for a Living: Psychological and Physiological Effects of Alienation of Food Production on Slaughterhouse Workers

By Anna Dorovskikh University of Colorado at Boulder…xt=honr_theses

In Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress: The Psychological Consequences of Killing, the study by Rachel M. MacNair describes Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress as a from of post-traumatic stress disorder with symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, panic, depression, paranoia, dissociation, anxiety, and depression stemming from the act of killing.

One study found that slaughterhouse workers, especially those responsible for the direct delivery of the act of killing and participating in the process of slaughter on a daily basis, may be susceptible to PITS as form of PTSD (Dillard, 2008).

One of the symptoms of PITS is having recurring dreams of violent acts, and there are several reports of workers being taken to the mental hospital for treatment of severe cases (Dillard, 2008). Certain jobs like having the responsibility to be the first to kill the animal may have stronger effects on the worker than other jobs. Oftentimes substance abuse of drugs such as methamphetamine (Schlosser, 2002) and alcohol is very common amongst slaughter employees as a coping mechanisms of the emotional toll (Dillard, 2008).

A former hog-sticker (worker who stabs hogs to bleed to death) said, “A lot of the slaughterhouse hog killers have problems with alcohol. They have to drink, they have no other way of dealing with killing live, kicking animals all day long. If you stop and think about it, you’re killing several thousand beings a day” (Dillard, p. 397, 2008).

Another employee explains that slaughter workers can’t care about animals they’re killing.

“The worst thing, even worse than the physical danger, is the emotional toll of the job. If you work in that stick pit for any period of time, you develop an attitude that lets you kill things but doesn’t let you care. You may look a hog in the eye that’s walking around down in the blood pit with you, and think, God, that really isn’t a bad-looking animal. You may want to pet it. Pigs down on the kill floor have come up and nuzzled me like a puppy. Two minutes later I had to kill them by beating beat them to death with a pipe.

Use of a pipe to kill hogs came up quite a few times reading through literature and general websites. Another employee interviewed said: “It’s called `piping.’ All the drivers use pipes to kill hogs that can’t go through the chutes. Or if you get a hog that refuses to go in the chutes and is stopping production, you beat him to death. Then push him off to the side and hang him up later” (Eisnitz, p. 53, 2009).

Some employees even report killing animals for fun without feeling any remorse, suggesting that they are suffering psychological damage to the point of developing abnormal cruelty. Mental changes of this sort would generate concern amongst the general population (Dillard, 2008).

Several studies on empathy amongst farmers in animal agriculture show that slaughterhouse workers and farmers exhibit lower levels of empathy towards animals than the general population. Desensitization was not an uncommon factor amongst the employees of this sector (Dillard, 2008).

A study done on butchers working in the slaughterhouse and retail meatpacking business revealed that as butchers work in a negative environment almost every single day, they displayed the highest levels of somatization and anger hostility among the general occupation of butchery. Once factors like age and education were accounted for, this study of 82 male butchers found higher rates of work accidents, injuries, physical disorders, use of alcohol and drugs, as well as a higher employee turnover (Emhan et al. 2012).

Usually fully aware of the kills that go on every single day, the workers either become very distressed and leave the job or they become numb and begin to display signs of apathy. Some even begin to enjoy the infliction of pain (Helle 2012). Some become less empathetic under conditions of stress as well. See this example:

“This is kind of hard to talk about. You’re under all this stress, all this pressure. And it really sounds mean, but I’ve taken prods and stuck them in their (hogs’) eyes and held them there.” (Eisnitz, p. 53, 2009).

Lower empathy in slaughterhouse workers may be responsible for higher crime rates in neighborhoods where such facilities are located including homicides carried out in a manner of animal slaughtering practices (Dillard, 2008). Amy Fitzgerald, a sociologist investigating the effects of slaughterhouses on communities tested a “Sinclair effect,” a theory Upton Sinclair proposed more than 100 years ago, noting that slaughterhouses had negative effects on workers and communities through increases in crime and unemployment rates.


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Resolved: Transgenderism Is a Mental Illness

RL: I work in mental health, and I have to diagnose people a lot, or at least offer my opinion of a diagnosis as I cannot give out legal DSM diagnoses . I even have to do differential diagnosis constantly where I have to figure out which of two diagnoses a person has. Believe me, these cases can be very confusing.

Magneto: In your opinion, is being transgender a mental illness? I mean, I am aware of the statistics that gays/trans people have a far higher suicide rate than heterosexuals, which would seem to suggest that it is a mental disorder.

But it’s kind of hard to think trans are mentally ill when you are looking at a fucking sexy ass Asian ladyboy who is far hotter than any real woman you’ve ever been with. To be honest, I hope trans continues to become more mainstream and more men do the transition into females. Fine with me, more food to choose from, in my opinion.

Ha ha. So, more pussy, even if it’s fake pussy, eh? I’m not sure I am down with that.


Is transgenderism a mental illness. Of course it is. In most cases anyway. And the rate has gone up 600X since the 1970’s. If it is some actual biological condition in the brain like sexual orientation, one would not expect the rate to skyrocket like that.

Rates of biological conditions don’t change much. The rate of homosexuality has probably been 3% for a very long time. Homosexuality appears to be an incurable biological condition that gets wired up in their brains somehow. It is a developmental disorder like left-handedness and a number of other things. Something goes wrong hormonally in utero, and the result is male or in some cases female homosexuality. As it is a developmental disorder, would you expect the rates of left-handedness to go up 600X? Real biological conditions just don’t work like that. Why would the hormonal aberrations that cause homosexuality have gone up 600X? They wouldn’t. They would stay at some consistent rate that is close the the rate of things going wrong in utero.

Hence except in a few cases, transgenderism is not a biological disorder. I really feel for these boys who feel like girls from age 2 or whatever. I am willing to consider a biological disorder there.

Yet a biological disorder can also be a mental illness. Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and even OCD look like biological disorders, and all are also mental illnesses.

These seems to be a “fad” disorder that a lot of folks are developing on their own in a similar way to how these therapists create mental illness in previously healthy girls who got molested. It’s a cool way of going crazy.

Studies in China show that ~3% of the population feels as if they are the opposite sex. So if we let this thing explode, we could end up with a 3% tranny population. In the past, these people became homosexuals (in itself a sort of transgenderism) or perhaps feminine men and masculine women.

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, we had this idea that all men and women have masculine and feminine components, even heterosexual ones. Just because a man has a feminine side or a woman a masculine one doesn’t mean he is not a man and she is not a woman, nor does it mean that either one is a homosexual.

I have a pretty strong feminine side myself, as many people used to think I was gay or bi. I’m not a Man’s Man at all. I’m not macho enough for that. I’m a Ladies’ Man who prefers the company of women. Most Ladies’ Men are not as masculine as Man’s Men.

I worry that if I were growing up today, I might have been sucked into this nonsense and decided that I was a tranny and I was really a woman or something insane like that.

If a man thinks he is a woman or a woman thinks she is a man, that is known as a delusion. It’s just not true. So they’re psychotic in a sense. And the treatment (sex change operation) doesn’t appear to make them any mentally healthier. So why do it? If the treatment doesn’t help the person, we stop doing it.

13% of people who have sex changes actually re-transition. So men who turn into women turn back into men, and women who think they are men turn back into women. If it was a real condition, one would not expect to see that. Homosexuals don’t suddenly decide to be straight. Left-handed people don’t decide to be right-handed one day. Transgenderism in childhood is highly transitory. 73% of transgender children are cured by adulthood. That is, by the time they are 18, they have abandoned the idea that they are the opposite sex. Biological conditions do not have such high spontaneous cure rates.

There have been quite a few spontaneous cures of transgenderism even in adulthood. There are a number of cases where a man was in therapy for transgenderism, and he showed up for therapy one day and announced that he’s no longer transgender. He’s really a man and realizes that and feels like one now. Then he gets up and walks out of the office. Just like that.


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Yet Another Gay Lobby Lie: Gays (or Gay Teens) Have Very High Suicide Rates Compared to Straights

RL: I work in mental health, and I have to diagnose people a lot, or at least offer my opinion of a diagnosis as I cannot give out legal DSM diagnoses . I even have to do differential diagnosis constantly where I have to figure out which of two diagnoses a person has. Believe me, these cases can be very confusing.

Magneto: In your opinion, is being transgender a mental illness? I mean, I am aware of the statistics that gays/trans people have a far higher suicide rate than heterosexuals, which would seem to suggest that it is a mental disorder.

Gay men and lesbians in fact do not have a higher suicide rate than heterosexuals. This even applies to gay teens, the ones they scream about suicide risk all the time about. The Gay Lobby has been lying about this one forever now. It’s another one of their lies. It’s not even true.

What is true that at least gay men have a higher rate of attempted suicide than straight men. Lesbians may be similar. This is particularly true in the case of gay teens. If gay men act like women, we would expect to see this, as women have extremely high rates of attempted suicide but the completed rate is much lower. So while women try to kill themselves a lot more, more men actually do it. You know, we men like to get stuff done. We don’t like to mess around or beat around the bush about things.

Partly this is down to method. Women tend to use pills, and men tend to use  guns and ropes. Guns in particularly are quite lethal. Only rarely does a gun suicide fail. However, pills are an inefficient way to commit suicide, as they often do not work.

My own father tried to kill himself with pills and failed. Four of my ex-girlfriends tried to do it, and all failed, although one almost succeeded. Not long ago, I was dating three women at once, and all of them had attempted suicide recently. Two of them did it right under my nose so to speak.

In women, this is often a histrionic gesture, a cry for help, or a desire to get any sort of attention, even negative attention. Suicidal women are a lot more ambivalent than suicidal men. So, assuming gay men are like women, then an elevated attempted suicide rate without an elevated completed rate would make sense.

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Are Pedophiles Violent? How Often Do Rapists Kill?

Natalie Richoz: I’ve followed this case from the beginning too. Why? I don’t know. I’ve even run a few ads on FB for information.

With that, here’s what I surmise:

“Looks very meticulous” …
No. Shirt out…disheveled, like he’d been drinking or up to no good prior. I’ve gotten “public opinion” and “what do you see” and we’ve worked with the photo.

Pedophiles are not statistically violent, socio/psychopaths, sexual deviants are. Pedophiles befriend under your family and their very nose. They don’t want to lose what they covet. They perceive “love” for the child. This is not pedo.

I would think he’s unemployed or a driver, either way, someone saw him “acting strange” that day. Someone, maybe Logan, knows something.

Ligatures by clothing or girls’ belongings.

Semen on bodie(s).

I haven’t contemplated much more. Law enforcement has already talked to the guilty party, yes, I’d be surprised if there were 2 perps.

Happy Sleuthing!

I would like to thank Natalie for her excellent comments.

Some pedophiles are violent. The mysoped or sadistic pedophile is violent and is often a psychopath or sociopath. I’m not sure what % they are.

However, most pedophiles are not violent. This is true. Most do indeed love kids and many swear that they would never hurt a child and insist that their sex with children is consensual. However, society does not believe that sex between an adult and a child can ever be consensual. It’s probably true in the overwhelming majority of cases anyway. Little children don’t even have a sex drive the way we adults do, so one wonders why children would pursue adults for sex. It can be consensual if the child enjoys it, and as uncomfortable as it is for us to admit it, there are cases like that.

Sadistic rapists are 5% of all rapists, but they commit most rape-murders. Most of the other rapists will not kill you. Sure, they will rape you, but at least you will be alive. There is an Anger Rapist or Rage Rapist who hates women or is very mad at them. He doesn’t intend to kill, but if you make him mad, he will beat you. He may beat you anyway. He beats them up, but he doesn’t intend to kill them. But sometimes he beats them so badly that they die.

The other two types, Power-Reassurance and Power-Assertive, commit few murders. They just rape and leave, especially the Power Reassurance type or Gentleman Rapist. Women can actually reason with this fellow and play into his guilt, and you might get him to stop and leave.


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Issues of Consent and Outcome in Victims of Child Molestation

It is not necessarily true that all child molestation is completely nonconsensual or that the child never enjoys it. These facts are difficult for society to contemplate in our one size fits all view of the crime. I would agree that children cannot consent to sex with adults, even if they agree with it at the time, and there are a few cases where they do. It seems like most of the time, the children don’t really enjoy what’s being done to them or they are just confused. However, there are some cases where the children, often older ones, quite enjoyed the experience. I don’t think that makes it right, and it needs to be illegal whether the child enjoys it or not simply because it’s wrong. But it’s important to see that this issue is more confusing that it is usually made out to be.

I dated a woman once who had been molested at age 8 by a young man in head of a youth group at church. She had gotten over it completely. This is another difficult fact that many find hard to stomach. Not everyone is damaged permanently or in the longterm when they are molested. Now some definitely are, the long-term effects of this are serious with enough kids that we can document it in studies.

However, I have known a number of women who were molested as girls, and they all told me that they just got over it. How? They just decided that they did not want to let this ruin their lives, so they worked their way out of it. But one woman told me, “It’s hard because it feels good. The abuse feels good, but it’s wrong, and that’s hard to make sense of.” So children can find this physically pleasurable, which makes the issue even more confusing.

There are fathers who molested their daughters and seemed to be carrying on a love affair with them. It was quite clear that the daughter was definitely “in love with Daddy.” Now one could argue that even if a daughter is in love with Daddy, that still does not make child molestation correct. For one thing, society strongly disapproves.

These girls are often older, 9-12 or 10-12. However, in many cases, the girl grows up to adulthood and then has second thoughts and decides she was molested, harmed or taken advantage of. She develops a lot of psychological symptoms and is angry at the father-daughter sex.

There was a very famous series of child porn videos out there, some of the most famous ever distributed. The girl had some well-known name. The videos are named “Tracy” or whatever her name was. Of course I have not seen them. It’s illegal to even look at such a thing for even one second if you can believe that, and that stuff is almost impossible to find anyway. Right now, almost all child porn is on the Dark Net, and I would imagine there is little if any on the real Internet, so your chances of stumbling across it are almost nil.

But it appears quite a few people on the Net did view those tapes. I have seen forums where people talk about these tapes, and many of the men commenting on them do not even appear to be pedophiles. That’s quite possible, as you don’t have to be a pedophile to enjoy such material, which once again is going to be very confusing for a lot of people. Many non-pedophilic men can be aroused by such material also. However, anyone seriously collecting lots of child porn on their drive is probably a pedophile. These movies were also popular with hebephiles, as the girl may have been ~11-12 in some of the movies.

What is shocking about those movies is that the girl is reportedly enjoying herself and she is clearly quite in love with Daddy. Now that doesn’t make it right, but it’s interesting. Anyway, she became famous at some point as a child porn star, and her name was outed, so people knew about her and what she did. After she became an adult, she was ashamed of being a famous child porn star and she decided she had been molested, abused and taken advantage of and developed psychological symptoms.

Her love for her father also turned to hatred. The father was arrested at some point after the tapes were made. He was apparently not a pedophile at all. This is typically the case with familial molesters. Familial molesters are usually not pedophiles. These are called non-pedophilic molesters and they account for 92% of all molestations.

You are only diagnosed a pedophile if you mostly or only aroused by children and have little or no interest in adults. Most familial molesters are not much more aroused by little girls than the rest of us are. Instead of being pedophiles, they are best seen simply as criminals.

They are doing this for other reasons. They often have low morals and the sexual abuse occurs along with physical and psychological abuse as a general pattern of a power-hungry and controlling men who is best seen as simply a “bad person” as opposed to a sexual deviant.

Other reasons are often simply sexual. We also need to consider a common line about men a number of girlfriends have told me and that is, “Men will screw anything.” Unfortunately, this is true and even heterosexual men will have sex with other men, little girls, old ladies and gosh I don’t know, cored out melons and holes the wall I suppose. Men have their preferences, but the male sex drive is very strong and a lot of men are not too particular about which sexual object they utilize to meet their needs.

Getting back to the story about the famous child porn star, the girl’s father was a very handsome man, a bodybuilder very popular with women. He was a non-pedophilic molester. About his motivations, he said he was just in love with his daughter. Be that as it may, the court did not buy it, and he got 30 years in prison. The punishment may fit, as society is simply not ok with fathers having sex with their 10-12 year old daughters and in particular making movies out of it.

A number of men were arrested for “downloading” her videos. This is a misnomer, and downloading often just means “looked at it on a computer screen.” But many men collected her videos. About 1,500 men were found who had collected her videos and had been convicted in court over this. After the girl was an adult, she started suing the men who collected her videos. Many men were not sued at all. Instead she went after the men who had a lot of money. One man was sued for $1.5 million. I think she should have gotten money out of him, but that seems rather excessive considering the crime. And I wonder if being found guilty criminally and civilly is not double jeopardy.

At any rate, the take-home point here is that even if uncommonly children may enjoy or even consent to the molestation, it’s quite typical for them to have second feelings about it as they get older and a change of heart as this woman experienced, along with development of a lot of psychological symptoms, is quite common. So molestation is rarely if ever beneficial to children, and in many cases it is harmful even in those cases where they enjoyed it at the time because those feelings often go away as they get older.

Even in the cases I have known where women simply got over it, one would argue that nevertheless the molestation was not a good thing to have happen to them. The fact that some people can get over the bad things that happen to them does not mean that what happened to them were not bad things. Bad things are bad things whether you get over them or not.


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Delphi Murders: Generic Profile of the Snapchat Killer

He appears to me to be a sadistic rapist killer, possibly a serial killer. These men have some commonalities. Most serial killers who rape probably fit this type. There are four types of rapists, and sadistic rapists are the rarest. The other three types do not typically kill. However, the Rage Rapist can be driven into a frenzy if the victim fights back. He often beats his victim but he does not intend to kill her. However, the beating itself may be fatal.

The other two are Power-Reassurance and Power Assertive rapists and they rarely kill. In particular the Power Reassurance type almost never kills, and victims can often reason with these rapists and even convince them to stop the attack by playing on their guilt feelings. These are not sociopaths, so they do have guilt and they often feel guilty about raping. This type is also known as the “Gentleman Rapist.” If you are going to get raped anyway, you are better off being raped by this fellow than by the others.

Profile of sadistic rapist killers, using a sample of 30:

  • Most are white males.
  • Fewer than one-half were educated beyond high school.
  • One-half used alcohol or other drugs.
  • One-third served in the Armed Forces.
  • Forty-three percent were married at the time of the offense.
  • Forty-three percent of the men participated in homosexual activity as adults, 20 percent engaged in cross-dressing, and 20 percent committed other sexual offenses, such as peeping, obscene phone calls, and indecent exposure.
  • 77 percent of the offenders used sexual bondage on their victims, often tying them with elaborate and excessive materials, using neat and symmetrical bindings, and restraining them in a variety of positions.
  • 60 percent held their victims in captivity for more than 24 hours.
  • The most common sexual activity was anal rape, followed in frequency by forced fellatio, vaginal rape, and foreign object penetration.
  • Sixty percent of the offenders beat their victims. Each of the sexual sadists studied intentionally tortured their victims. Each of the sexual sadists studied also inflicted psychological suffering on their victims.
  • Many demonstrate cunning and methodical planning. The capture of the victim, the selection and preparation of equipment, and the methodical elicitation of suffering often reflect meticulous attention to detail. Almost invariably, the victims were taken to a location selected in advance that offered solitude and safety for the sadist and little opportunity of escape or rescue for the victim.
  • Forty percent of the men took and kept personal items belonging to their victims.
  • Sixteen percent of the men assaulted child victims only, and 26 percent attacked both children and adults.
  • Twenty-nine of the 30 men selected white victims only.
  • Their crimes are repetitive, serious, and shocking, and they take special steps to prevent detection.
  • They think they are smarter than the police and when being interviewed will try to manipulate the interview and also try to gain knowledge of what the police know.


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Serial Killers – Psychotic or Psychopathic?

Gary Palin: I see your points Robert, and your way more knowledgeable about these types of psychotic sociopaths than I am. When I saw the picture of Libby in the hat and how young and innocent she looked, this crime really struck a chord with me. When I was younger growing up in the 70’s this was relatively “uncommon,” but there were some (Charles Manson, etc) Also there were very few homosexuals, at least out in the open, and there were no transgender people ( not that I have disdain for them). This goes for where I grew up, but maybe in liberal California it was different for you.

I just wonder if this escalating type of violent crimes against women has anything to do with “feminism” and men feeling slighted and emasculated, and this is their way of rebelling against women. I think there may be a lot of truth to this.

I would bet in the 1950’s where divorce was uncommon, and families were mostly all the patriarchal type, when men were the head of the household, I think people and families were a lot happier than in today’s world, even though they didn’t have as much material wealth. Maybe you should do a blog on that subject, as you’re truly a student of human nature.

As far as being a student of human nature, I work in mental health. I have dealt with very few psychotic or psychopathic people, but I often have to rule out psychopathy or psychosis. In the group I am dealing with, I almost always rule it out. But to rule it out, you have to understand it.

Actually there were quite a few serials running around in the 1970’s. I like to think of the 1970’s as the Decade of the Serial Killer. There were an amazing number of them running around right here in California. We regularly had them running loose here in the LA area. Randy Kraft, the Hillside Strangler, the Toolbox Killers, the Sunset Strip Killers, Rodney Alcala, William Bonin, on and on. In California proper there was the Zodiac, the Hitchhiker Killer, and the Keddie Murders. Ted Bundy was running around the West.

My Mom thinks she saw Bonin and crew pick up a young male hitchhiker on a freeway entrance in Garden Grove. She thought that may have been the last ride that boy ever took.

A good friend of mine had an encounter with Randy Kraft and drank some beer and smoked some pot with him. The beer was one of Kraft’s specialty Valium-laced beers, but my friend caught on that something was wrong. Kraft tried to stop him from leaving the car, but my friend screamed at Kraft like a maniac, and Kraft was taken aback and let him go.

Back then we did not have DNA and advanced forensics, so most of these guys killed a number of times (4-10) before they were caught. It was so much easier to be a serial back then due to the more primitive forensics. Serials often targeted regular females or males, but now a lot of serials are targeting druggy street prostitutes, truck stop whores, and other marginal women whose disappearance is not even known because they are so far outside of society. It is quite hard to catch these killers because they are targeting such marginal women who hardly anyone even knows. When the serial starts targeting ordinary members of society, it’s a bit easier to catch them.

I do not think the rate of rapes or rape-murders of women has gone up since the 1970’s. I have heard that child killings have been at a flat rate of ~150/year since the 1970’s. If anything, I would assume the rate of rapes and rape-murders has gone down since the 1970’s. Sure, there has been a much-needed backlash against the sexist hate movement called Feminism, but it doesn’t seem like men’s rage over it is causing us to rape and kill women at any higher rate than we ever had. Instead a lot of men seem to be dropping out of dating and dealing with women altogether for fear of a sexual harassment, sexual assault or fake rape charge. See the Men Going Their Own Way Movement for more on this phenomenon.

The concepts of psychosis and psychopathy are often confused in the public mind. How many times have you heard about “psychotic killers?” Thing is, when someone says that, they are almost never referring to killers who are actually psychotic. Instead they are referring to psychopathic killers and confusing them with people who are psychotic. Most people do not understand the difference between these psychological states, and this is the reason for the mix-up. Also most people assume that any maniac running around like Jack the Ripper slaughtering other humans for no good reason has to be insane or psychotic. They say this because to them such an act seems to be so outside of normal behavior that only a crazy person would do such a thing.

Psychosis and psychopathy are too different things. I suppose there are some cases where the two conditions overlap. Some paranoid schizophrenics seem to have also been psychopaths, but this is not common.

These sociopaths are not psychotic. This is an important thing to note. Only 2% of serials are psychotic. It is fairly easy to catch a psychotic serial because they are completely insane. It’s hard for crazy people to organize a trip to the bathroom, much less a serial killing spree.

Sociopaths and psychopaths are not the tiniest bit crazy. If they were even 1% nuts, they would be easier to catch. They are almost too sane in that they don’t have to worry about emotions slipping them up. These humans are like machines. If they are serials, then they are killing machines.

I would agree though that outside of the former definition of craziness which tends to emphasize impairment, sociopaths/psychopaths are indeed crazy. They’re morally crazy. And in some ways, these are craziest humans of all because they simply lack a conscience.

Instead of being crazy, sociopaths and psychopaths are better seen as sick. Or even evil. We need to take our analysis of these folks outside of the sanity/insanity paradigm and over into the moral universe of good/evil. These people aren’t crazy. They’re just evil, that’s all. This is the only way to properly understand such people.


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