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Introverts, Extroverts, Pure Introverts and Frustrated Extroverts

Gregory Chelli writes:

I think introverts generally have a lower social intelligence than extroverts.

Autistics are true introverts, they don’t like to be with others because they don’t understand them well. They are like naturally bad at maths people who don’t like maths as a result of their incapacity. There are probably no bad at maths people who fantasizing about equation and maths problems, as there are no autistics fantasizing about being in a conversation with people.

The frustrated extroverts or extroverted loners you are talking about are generally persons with high social intelligence who can’t fully use their gift in real life because of some emotional problem, like timidity for example. So, as you said, they end up created imaginary social situations in their mind to relax themselves. An analogy would be a math genius who is prevented to do maths for some reason, like being in jail. He would be thinking about imaginary maths problem most of the time without being able to do real math stuff on a blackboard or in a notebook.

There are probably true introverts with high social intelligence and true extroverts with low social intelligence. But these ones are exceptions. People generally like to do what they are good at.

NB: people with extremely high social intelligence may not be interested in people, because the general population would look autistic, and thus not interesting to them.

What do you think of this comment?

I suppose it depends on the definitions of introvert and extrovert. Supposedly 80% of the population are extroverts, whatever that word means. True introverts are only 20% of the population, whatever that word means. I suppose extroverts really like to be around people. Introverts like to be around people a little of the time but not a lot of the time. They need their space. I know introverts will talk at a dinner table for a bit and then retreat to their bedroom with a book. Or you will talk to them at a table for a bit, but then they want to stop talking and read the paper.

Introverts absolutely do not sit around fantasizing about being around people all the time when they are alone. Forget it. And anyone who does that is not an introvert. Forget it. They’re just not. Normies would probably insist that this person is an introvert or a “loner” just because they are alone all the time. But Normies are retarded.

I would say that just because you are alone all the time doesn’t mean you are a loner! How about that?

Now we need to define the word loner. Normie retards say that loners are people who are alone all the time, but that’s not the definition of a loner. A true loner or real loner is someone who really has need or use for other people and simply prefers to be alone all the time because that is what makes them happy. If they are forced to be around people, they probably try to leave after a while because they start to feel uncomfortable.

If you are alone all the time but you don’t enjoy it or you hate it and you dream of being around people, you are not a real loner. Really you are not a loner at all. We might call you a “fake loner.” In this case, we are looking at the difference between real loners and fake loners.

I think introverts like being alone, but they don’t want to be alone all the time, although there are some who do.

I do not think shy people are necessarily introverts. Nor are social phobics for that matter. Normies say they are, but Normies are idiots. For instance a shy person who does not really like to be alone a lot but ends up being alone due to shyness is not an introvert. Forget it. Especially so if the shy person is fantasizing about being around people all the time.

I would gather that that person has probably not been shy their whole lives. Perhaps there was a time when they mingled with people much easier, but then something happened to them, and they turned shy. The reason they are fantasizing being around people all the time is because at one point in their life, they were doing this, it was going well, and they were having a lot of fun. In other words, they want the old times back again.

Or perhaps they may have an anxiety disorder. Quite a few extroverts develop anxiety disorders. If a person develops an anxiety disorder, it doesn’t really matter how good their social skills are because they will not be able to use them well. They may well know all the rules and have all the skills, but when the anxiety comes out, it’s all for naught because 100% of the people around them are going to reject them in one way or another. They may well even be extroverts who like the idea of being around people, but the anxiety kills off all the fun by making everyone reject them and makes being around people a great big drag. Eventually they might just stop trying.

Normie idiots think only introverts get anxiety disorders, but that’s just not so. I have even heard of cases where wild, hypersocial, life of the party types in their teens developed social phobia at age 18 to the point of hardly being able to leave their houses. There has been no actual personality change here, and true personality change is not common anyway. The person has simply become ill. Theoretically, if you could cure that illness, the shyness would go away, and they would be their old hypersocial selves again because that is who they are deep down inside.

I do not believe that the deep down inside person really changes in most cases. Normie morons insist, “Anyone can change their personality,” but that’s just wrong. You are what you are. Your personality is your personality. You’re stuck with it. Get used to it. It’s yours. All yours. That said, no one is stuck with a lousy personality.

One theory is that there are good and bad sides to all personality types. The good side of Antisocial personality is Aggressive Personality. The good side of Narcissistic Personality is Confident Personality. The good side of Borderline Personality is Sensitive Personality. I believe the good side of Dependent Personality is Devoted Personality, and the good side of Paranoid Personality is Cautious Personality.


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Are “Extroverted Loners” Really Loners?

Found on the Net:

Extroverted loner – An extroverted loner would prefer to mingle with others for relaxation but for some reason ends up spending most of their time alone.

– Stuart K. Hayashi. Life in the Market Ecosystem. Lexington Books. 2014.

An extroverted loner is someone who longs to be around people but for whatever reason ends up being alone a lot of the time. To me, these people are just not real true loners at all. An extroverted loner, for instance, would spend a good part of his time when alone fantasizing that he was with other people. I have worked with people who spent most of their time alone, but they told me that most of the time they were alone they were fantasizing that they were with other people. I told these people that there was no way that they were real loners, and I did not even feel that they were true introverts. This sort of person might be thought of as a “frustrated extrovert.”

The reason I think these folks are not introverts is because real introverts do not spend most of their time when alone fantasizing that they were with other people. When real introverts are alone, they are perfectly happy, and they are not fantasizing that they are with other people. Perhaps they are quite happy to be away from people for a bit.

I am dubious if all shy people are really introverted. Probably many shy people are true introverts and are quite happy to be away from others. Yet some shy people are frustrated extroverts. I have met people who told me that they were very shy, and they spent a lot of time alone, but when alone, they spent most of their time fantasizing that they were with others.

I would say that it all boils down to your fantasies. Your fantasies tell you who you are. If you want to figure out who you really are, examine your fantasies. There is the secret key to your psyche.

So this indicates that a shy person can also be a frustrated extrovert. Perhaps they are afraid to approach others or fear being rejected.

If you go up to people, even those you see regularly even at say work, and try to make friends with them, there is no guarantee at all that that person will make friends with you. I understand this quite well. I am quite sure that there were a number of people I worked with who probably did not want to be friends with me at all. That’s normal and expected, but it shows you what happens if you walk up to people, even people you know fairly well, and try to make friends with them. You may well be blown off.

I have been blown off in this way hundreds to thousands of times in my life, and I have also had probably hundreds of friends down through the years. Most people probably just don’t want to be your friend. Quite possibly a few folks want to be your friend, but it’s not so easy to figure out who they are, and they might not approach you.

Most people are retarded Normies, and Normie retards do not understand what “loner” means. A loner means someone who dislikes people, has no use for them and is perfectly happy to be alone all the time. However, Normie morons think that everyone who is alone all the time is a loner! Not true! If they are very unhappy being alone all the time and long to be with others, then they are not loners at all! But all Normies are retarded, so they just can’t seem to figure that out. I forgot to add that there is no human being that a Normie hates more than a “loner,” even though they don’t even understand what the word means.


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“Brooding” People

What do you all think of “brooding” people? I had a girlfriend a while back who noted once when I as in her bedroom one night that I had a “brooding” look about me. She compared me to a former boyfriend who was a brilliant writer and former university professor who had turned into an alcoholic. He also wrote fiction. Apparently he was a brooder too.

I had no idea that I was a brooding fellow, but then we can’t see ourselves very well, and maybe it’s better that way.

You would think women would hate brooding types, but she seemed to be intrigued, fascinated and maybe even a little turned on by a dark, brooding sort of man. Sort of like he was mysterious and vaguely frightening.

She also told me that she wanted to dump another boyfriend in favor of me because he was boring. She told me that I was scary, but “scary is hot” and scary guys turned her on a lot. So one more argument in favor of running Bad Boy Game I suppose. Apparently women like scary men? Do they?

I looked up “brooding” on the Net, and this is what I came up with:

Thinking gloomily about something, ruminating anxiously or regretfully about something. A tortured soul. Thoughtful or morbidly obsessed, deeply or seriously thoughtful, persistent morbid meditation on a problem, turning something over in the mind moodily and at length, feeling sad, worried, or angry for a long time, making you feel uncomfortable or worried as if something bad is going to happen, deep in thought.

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Aggression and Violence in Mental Disorders: Anxiety Disorders

I think a good concept is that energy either goes in or out. I suppose it can be static, but it doesn’t seem to be in most people.

Extroverts, Cluster B types, sociopaths, manics, etc. all propel energy outwards, often dramatically so. They also project guilt and fear outwards, often transforming the fear into aggression because aggression is often “fear/guilt energy” turned outwards. Everybody thinks it is cool to be an extrovert, and we all think introverts are dangerous, but the truth is that extroverts are statistically vastly more dangerous than introverts.

And when introverts do act violently, that is when they are projecting their fear/guilt energy outwards for once. In addition, introverts are divided into angry introverts and passive on “non-angry” introverts.

I will admit that angry introverts can be dangerous. All of these introverted mass shooters running around are angry introverts, every single one, I can assure you. On the other hand, extroverts are statistically at least as violent as angry introverts and probably far more so. Go to a prison and look around. 95% of the offenders people and almost all of the violent offenders will be extroverts. Obviously people who not only propel all energy in general outwards but also project all aggression out at the world are capable of quite a bit of havoc.


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In Our Modern World, The Cultural Left and SJW’s Are Actually Normie Entities

Jason Y writes:

The posts about mixed race like transniggers as well as the stuff about transsexuals hinted of normie thinking. Of course, the transsexual thing is a total thing for choice, as opposed to mixed race which someone is born with. People have been mixing since the start of time, and many groups like the Irish and Scotch Irish normally have members with frizzy curly hair etc. Fortunately they don’t enslave them.

There’s nothing wrong with agreeing with society’s rules and views if you think those views are correct.

That’s not what Normieism is all about.

This page here is all about Normieism.

I don’t think some of you get it. Normies are assholes! Just because I agree with some of society’s views and that makes me conform does not make me a Normie. There’s nothing wrong with going along with society if you happen to agree, but when society’s views are simply insane, as they often are, then you are an idiot to conform, and you should be smart and reject society.

The problem with Normies is that they go along with society’s rules because they feel that they have to and they are afraid of rejection if they go against them. And they have never stopped to think if society’s rules and views make sense or not. They simply adopt those rules and views without even thinking. Normieism is unbelievably closed-minded and incurious.

Nowadays it is practically Normie to love trannies! To love trannies, gays, bis and whatevers, and whatever sexual perversions and deviancies du jour, to be idiotically “anti-racist,” a race denier, and a gender feminist. All those things are Normie. I get massacred by Normies all the time for violating the SJW/Cultural Left agenda. You either go along with the Cultural Left or you are an evil hater bigot.

Bottom line is SJWism and the Cultural Left nowadays is Normie thinking. The Cultural Left line is the normal, accepted, conforming view for most of society. If I go against the Cultural Left here in my town or even with the people I hang out with, I am going to stir up a hornet’s nest full of troubles.

Even my Mom and siblings are very Cultural Left. They are mostly going along with the whole crazy project – gays, trannies, sexual perversion du jour, genderqueer, being nongender or neither male nor female, and on and on, it’s all a-ok in my family. The attitude is, “Hey, whatever. Let people do whatever they want to. None of this stuff is a serious problem. Any of these people can do whatever they want to along these lines. and it’s nothing to the rest of us or society at large.”

On feminism and race, they go more against Normieism. Two siblings are opposed to gender feminism, and two siblings and my Mom are quite realist on race. There is one sibling that is SJW all the way. In addition, they are sadly the worst feminazi in the family, but most of the time, they never talk about it, so it’s not a problem.

My Mom is very sensitive on gender stuff because she’s female, and she is a gender feminist to some extent. I believe she is “supporting her people.” Normally I think everyone should support their own people, but the feminists take this too far beyond actual support all the way to waging warfare against men. If supporting your people means punching me in the face, I will not support your endeavor. You need to find a better way to support your kind that doesn’t involve hitting me.


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Yes, Nonconformist SJW’s Can Be Normies Too

Nebulous Maximus writes:

Can SJW’s be normies? As outwardly freakish as some of them are, they are just as conformist as normies.

Actually some of them are.

I recall a friend of mine who I used to hang out with all the time in LA. He was a professional artist who worked for movie studios. On the one hand, he was deliberately eccentric and so were a lot of his artist friends. He was a “deliberately weird hipster artist type.” On the other hand, he was unbelievably Normie to the point of being a serious asshole. He was exactly like the guy who made this website, as big of a jerk as the guy who runs the Adult Social Skills site.

His behavior was partly my fault, as from 1982-1986, I was was in very bad shape mentally off in OCD Space World to the point where I was nearly insane.

There are some Cultural Left types on the Net who hate me, and they play Normies when they bash me. They call me weird, bizarre, insane, pedophile, crazy, lunatic, senseless, nuts, all that stuff. They come to the site, they read, and it makes them mad. Plus maybe they are too dumb to understand it, or maybe they are just blinded with rage.

When you hate someone, you can often call them names like weird, bizarre, crazy, lunatic, senseless, idiot, mentally ill, dangerous, pedophile, bla bla. It helps if you don’t understand what they are talking about. So in that sense, Normie can simply be a role that just about anyone can play in order to beat up their enemies. There are about 1 million social rules about how to act and 10 million about what to say, so playing Normie gives you a nice big bag of tricks you can use to beat up on people you don’t like. I have noticed that when people don’t like someone, they often start accusing them of being odd, strange, nuts, weird, crazy, mental, dangerous, pedophile, etc. The person doesn’t even have to do anything.

For instance a Normie thing to do on the Net is to call people autistic. I assure you that I am not even 1% Aspie or autistic. I do not know how many times I have been called autistic or Aspie. I don’t know why they say that, but on the Net, you call anyone Aspie if you don’t understand them or if you want to insult them by saying they are social retards.

It is quite difficult to judge whether someone is socially retarded by the stuff they write on the Net. I can typically never tell how good or bad anyone is socially just by reading their prose. How could I? I read some guy’s blog and think, “Wow he must get three new women a week?” Then I read some other guy’s writing and say, “This guy is obviously a social retard, and clearly he’s a virgin who’s never been laid?”

How could I possibly do that by reading someone’s prose? Keep in mind that I make part of my income in mental health. It is almost impossible for me to learn anything about anyone’s psychological state by reading their prose.

There are a few exceptions.

Some narcissists are so over the top that it blares out like a foghorn. And honestly, I did run across a couple of Aspies, but it took me quite some time to figure them out. They were commenting on my site, and they actually were socially retarded in the ways they were commenting, but it was not clear right away, and it took me maybe six weeks to figure it out with each one. Generally speaking, you can’t make any sort of a mental diagnosis by reading someone’s prose. And it is almost impossible to tell well they are socially. That stuff simply doesn’t come through in prose generally.


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What It Means to Not Be a Normie

Jason Y writes:

Yeah but aren’t weirdos the kind of people social conservatives, and also the alt left hate? For instance, you can’t get any weirder than an effeminate man petting a poodle, LOL

You don’t understand! People who are not normies are not necessarily weird at all. They have just stopped playing a lot of the society games and/or more importantly, they don’t particularly care if other people have stopped playing the society games.

My aunts and my cousins are not normies but I doubt if they are all that weird. If you met them, you would not think they were weird. They just don’t hate people who don’t play the game or play by the rules, that’s all. They’ve made up their own mind what’s important and what’s not.

A lot of the time my Mom is not a normie, but my Mom is the least weird person on Earth. She thinks a lot of society stuff is just complete shit though, honestly. You mention a lot of normie stuff or rules or ways of looking at the world to her and she will say, “Those people are idiots…Well, they’re lying…That’s stupid…They don’t understand…etc.” You get the picture.

To not be a normie just means that you are kind, empathetic, understanding and humble. You try to understand why people act the way that they do instead of blindly condemning them.

The favorite normie word is “weird.” They are all always calling everyone weird. I guess half the world is weird to normies. And they hate everyone who is “weird.” Now, when you tell me that someone is “weird” and you scrunch up your face, you have not told me one single damned thing about that human being. Am I supposed to hate them now or something. I try to envision what this person is like, but I have no clue because I have no idea what “weird” even means.

I never call anyone weird or if I do I will always give you a detailed explanation of why I think they are strange. Generally instead of using weird or strange or other bullshit words, I will simply describe the person’s behavior. Weird means a million different things. You told me someone is “weird” and you made an ugly face. But it’s perfectly possible that I might meet that person and think there is nothing weird about them at all.

Another world normies use is “crazy.” The problem is your average normie knows nothing whatsover about mental illness, so they have no business calling anyone crazy. If you tell me someone is crazy, what have you told me about that human being? Absolutely nothing at all. Are they nuts? Well, maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. I have met lots of people who get called crazy all the time, and I do not think they are even 1% nuts. To me, there’s nothing wrong with them, except maybe they aren’t playing by the rules or they are doing their own thing somehow of maybe deliberately being eccentric or a character.

A word normies use a lot is “eccentric.” Except when normies use it, it means you are crazy or weird in some disturbing or dangerous or seriously mentally ill way. Eccentric is one of the world things a normie can call you. Now me, I happen to like a lot of eccentrics. If you tell me someone is eccentric, you have told me nothing about this person. What am I supposed to think about them. Eccentric is a retarded insult. It is not even a good description. If you tell me someone is eccentric, I want to know some exact details. I want to precisely what this person is doing that makes you call them eccentric. Then I will make up my own mind if they are really eccentric or not.

Keep in mind that part of my work is in mental health. We don’t like to call people crazy, weird, eccentric or any of that. We are supposed to avoid using terms like that, first because they are insulting but second because they have zero explanatory value. Those words tell me nothing whatsoever about a human being. If you think someone is crazy, weird, or eccentric, no problem. But I want you to describe exactly what it is about this person’s behavior that makes you call them names like that.

Are you starting to get it?


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Why Normies Suck

Steve writes:

Urban dictionary says normies are 97% of people. You despise 97% of people…have you gone off the deep end or are you trolling?

97% of the people are not normies. My last two girlfriends were surely not normies. One was an artist, and the other was a hippie who was a bit of an artist too. Nor were any of the other women I have been involved with, including women in their 20’s. My male friends are absolutely not normies. Bottom line is if you are a normie, you probably will not make friends with me or go out with me.

Neither two of my siblings nor my Mom are normies, though they can have tendencies.

However, my mother is a bit normie about certain things, and that is why I really do not like to go to public outings with my Mom, as a normie lecture seems inevitable, and I find myself very worried and inhibited the whole time I am out with her.

One sibling can be way too normie about some things, but that makes no sense considering their own mental health. The sad thing though is that when they are quite ill and their symptoms are bad, they are hardly normie at all. But when they get better, they can get badly normie, but they really are not healthy even then, it is more that the illness in this phase looks very angry, and angry people love to be normie. The few times I have seen them nearly symptom-free in the last 40 years, their normieism completely vanished.

One of my siblings is rarely healthy anymore either, but during the rare times when they are healthy, their normieism goes way down. The more ill they are, the more ferociously normie they get.

Unfortunately one of my siblings is a normie, but that’s precisely why they suck among many other reasons. On rare occasions they become a bit depressed, and then a lot of the normieism goes away. That may seem odd, but the normieism takes out their omnipresent personality disorder, and the PD causes the most vicious normieism.

My father was way too much of normie for most of his life, and that’s one of the main reasons why he sucked. He calmed sown a bit towards the end of his life though, which was also the time when his lifelong personality disorder finally started to wane somewhat.

If you have been following along here, you may have noticed that as people get more mentally ill, they often get dramatically more normie. This is because mental illness is often associated with anger, hostility and general all around assholery, and anger feeds normieism because being a normie is a great way to beat up on people around you. This way you can take out your anger or drag people down to your level or whatever it is angry people are doing. Normieism gives you a menu with about a million different reasons to hate someone for not being normie in some way, and this is why so many angry people are so normie. Social rules tend to be used as weaponry by far too many angry people.

Most of my relatives are not normies. I have two aunts and three cousins who live near my Mom, and none of them are normies. But your family members often won’t be very normie towards you.

Normies suck. And yes, I do hate them.

But as you get older, it seems like there are fewer normies. Most people start doing whatever they want and they also get a lot more tolerant of others. They seem to realize that their own shit does stink after all either, so a lot of their arrogance goes down and with it goes the normieism. Also as people age, they tend to get a lot of wisdom and knowledge, both of which normies lack.

Most smart people are not normies, especially as they get older. It’s a bit hard to find an older intelligent person who is a normie unless they are a scientist. Both age and intelligence work strongly against being a normie. However, many intelligent young people, even those who fashion themselves artists or hipsters, are insanely normie.

Dumb and uneducated people of all ages are very normie. Normie tends to be synonymous with both being stupid and being uneducated.

Most writers are not normies, though I have seen some young web writers are pretty normie. I have known a number of people who write books, and not one was a normie. Novelists are usually not normies. Academics are typically not normie at all, but as you get up into administration as in deans and whatnot, you get a lot more normies.

Scientists vary – some are extremely normie, and others are not at all.

Unfortunately, modern science cultivates a sort of vicious normieism that calls itself skepticism, so most scientists are extremely normie about fringe science, etc. In addition, the excessive normieism of scientists called skepticism leads most scientists o be completely spiritually bereft and actually extremely incurious, which is sad because science is nothing if it is not curious. Science without curiosity can only be a religion, and that is why modern scientists often resemble so closely the religious people they love to rail against..

Frankly I do not see how you can be a modern scientist these days and have any sort of a soul at all. This sort of ultra-skeptical “scientism” they so cultivate is almost spiritual poison. Its gospel (and modern scientism is indeed a religion – see above) seems to be that humans are machines. That is an interesting philosophical concept, but how can you believe that and have a soul? Machines are clearly soulless things, and if we are nothing but machines, we must be soulless too. Obviously if you believe that people are just machines, you can only be soulless.

Most therapists and even psychiatrists are are far too normie, and this is just terrible considering that the folks they work with and are supposed to be helping are not exactly normie at all. How can a therapist or clinician possibly help mentally ill people if the clinician is normie? How can you work closely with eccentrics if you are an anti-eccentric? It seems to defy reason. I believe that normies can be effective clinicians, but they cannot possibly be empathetic ones, since being a normie and having empathy are contradictions.

Arrogance and youth feed normieism, and humility and age tone it down, which makes a lot of sense if you think about as arrogance and youth are linked just as humility and age are.


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Most Depressing Website of All Time


I have nothing more to say to this, but once you start reading around, you will probably find a lot of things to talk about. I have been on both sides of the fence here. I have been like the author himself (though probably not nearly so much of an asshole), and I have also been like the people he is insulting and blasting and like his commenters, who are the people being blasted for the most part.

This is the Normie World folks. That guy who’s writing the article? He’s Mr. Normie. They’re all like that, as far as I can tell. Sure he’s mean, but I think that Normies are mean themselves (in fact, they are unbelievably mean) and I also think that Normie World is a very nasty and ugly place. If you can negotiate it just fine somehow whether you are a Normie or not, then you can have a lot of fun in Normie World. I had fun there for many years.

In fact, I was a sort of King of the Normies for a bit – about as popular a person can get in their age group. I would throw parties with live bands and kegger and lots of drugs regularly and  ~200 would show up. It wasn’t really a problem at all, although even during those times when I mastered the Normie World, people were being mean to me all the time. I simply did not really care all that much, a nd way more people were being nice to me than being mean to me, so the meanness didn’t really matter.

I could go on and on here, but I think I should stop now. I have been what seemed like the most social person on Earth who dated maybe 20 females a year and had a phone book full of friends and went to 7-8 parties on a typical Saturday night all the way to a more or less complete hermit who hardly socialized at all, had no friends to speak of and hardly dated at all. This also coincided with some long incel periods that lasted  into the years (I will say at least 2 years for now and let it sit at that).

My attitude is pretty much fuck the Normies, but when you say that, now you will really be alone, because most everyone is a Normie. Especially the women you date. All the women I date and every girlfriend I have is a Normie. So you have to sort of fake Norminess or you will get no dates, have no girlfriends and I guess get no sex unless you buy it. I am saying that I despise Normies, but I more or less need them too. You need them to live and survive, you have to put up with it and fake it to some extent.

I guess you could hook up with some other non-Normies, but that pretty much sucks because now everywhere you go, not only you will be rejected but your girlfriend will be too.

In other words, now you will be rejected as a couple. You will be the laughable Reject Couple and Normies will more or less laugh at you both of you and make fun of you all the time. This will be your wonderful life as a couple.Also the Normies will find it amazing that you even exist because in their stupid world, social rejects simply cannot get laid. So the idea of two social rejects finding each other and then maybe fucking each other’s brains out never occurs to them, but if you think about it, it’s only logical.

Also if you are in a relationship like that, everyone will think there is no sex happening because both you and your girlfriend are seen as idiots who can’t get laid, so how could you get laid even if you are together? It’s not possible, as Non-Normies are apparently incapable of sex with anyone even in a relationship.

Normies have a herd mindset and are honestly incapable of thinking no matter what their IQ is.That is because every single thing a Normie believes is exactly what society has taught him his true. The Normie is incapable of figuring out and that the shit society taught up about Subject X may be a preposterous lie. Also Normies hate having opinions that are outside of the norm, so even if they think society is full of shit and retarded, which it generally is about most things, they will go along with all the society bullshit and lies anyway so as not to be rejected.

Most common adjective in a Normie’s vocabulary: weird. Normies use this adjective probably more than any other adjective they use. It’s nearly a tic.



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On Normies

Gay State Girl: Have you ever been in such a position?

When you are incapable of measuring up, seemingly inferior in every which way, you have no means by which to compete, it’s satisfying to find others in a weaker position. Some take pleasure in degrading the weakest links. I’m not excusing this mindset. Just trying to provide an explanation. It’s akin to having a Napoleon complex. Not everyone can overcome a rough childhood.

It’s easy to say “I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did” but more difficult to feel it.

Jason Y: Well, we’re all human, but too much of the “little man complex” is unhealthy and destructive.

Yeah, of course, I’ve also been in the position of being the misfit.

I generally despise conformists. My brother is like that. He always does what the crowd wants. He wears the right clothes, the right hairstyle, and goes a long with whatever is cool, even if it’s morally and ethically repulsive.

The incel crowd hates those conformists. It’s not so much the clothes styles, etc. but that whole going along with society mindset. They call them “normalfags” or “normies,” and they absolutely hate them. Since I have a few gay commenters on here who I really like, I am going to call these people normies instead of normalfags. I despise normies. They’ve been calling me weird for so long. I have also experienced a ton of rejection from these idiots, although I suppose I had the bright spot unlike you two of also having a ton of success to go along with that.

They also go along with all of those crazy social rules regarding behavior, conversation, banned subjects, things never to be discussed, etc. I like to say that they have a list of a billion things that you are never supposed to talk about or discuss or bring up, including a lot of things that honestly ought to be talked about. I have found that the one thing normies hate more than anything else is truth.

Instead of telling the truth, they just make all of these weird subtle comments, hints, jokes and looks. You are supposed to pick up on all of this coded stuff. I am pretty good socially and very good at reading people, so I can usually decode all this stuff, but it pisses me off that they can’t just come out and say it. I like the truth, and I come right out and say it a lot, and that drives normies insane. Supposedly that is one of the ways I am “weird.”

Now I realize that there are quite a few things that are better left unsaid, but on the other hand, normies take this to an insane extreme where there are so many “never to be spoken of” things that all there is left to do is maybe talk about the weather.

And at least some of the time, coming out and telling the flat out truth is the best thing to do, especially in relationships. At some point, it is best to say, “Look I am tired of all the weird subtle hints, jokes, expressions and figures of speech. Let’s just get this out in the open right now. This is a very important thing to discuss. If  you want to be my friend, there are some things that I require of people and some things that you are just not allowed to do.” And then just get it out the damned open and deal with it!

The main thing is that normies always do all of the things that society tells or actually orders you to do. If you don’t do those things that you are supposed to do, they reject you really hard, and it’s utterly brutal. This goes on far into adulthood too. One of the lies about American culture is that it is individualistic and not conforming. Well maybe it is individualistic in terms of radical individualism or libertarian political thinking, but that’s not even a good thing.

And US culture is far more conforming than you would ever think. I have even heard that some European cultures might be less conforming than US culture at this point. US corporate culture is insanely conforming. I have a strong feeling that even in those groovy new IT companies like Google and Apple that that corporate culture is far more conforming than you would ever think. And if you don’t go along and be a normie, they are probably going to fire your ass.

Normies fire people all the time, especially for being “weird,” which is code for not being a normie. I have been dealing with this my whole life.

I am a very good worker, work very hard, am on time or even early (often 15 minutes early), and I even stay late a  lot of the time. I traditionally have hardly ever taken a sick day. I don’t screw off or slack off and always give it my all. I am also very responsible. But I have been fired a lot in my life not because I am a lousy worker but in general just because the boss simply did not like me! Often they started out liking me but started hating me over time. It seemed I was powerless to change this. I have gotten far better at this over the years to the point where I can last up 2-3 years a job without getting fired, which is pretty good.

I haven’t the faintest clue about what to do about this except that over time I have concluded that I probably should just not work for or with other people. I probably just need to work for myself. Which is exactly what I am doing at this point in my life. I have heard that a lot of other very high IQ people cannot work with or for other people either, and quite a few them are best working for themselves.

I am so sick and tired of being called “weird” by these assholes that I almost want to embrace it and just say, “Yeah, I’m weird, and what I hate are normal people. I only like weird people. The weirder the better.” You know, if you can’t beat em, join em.


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