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Intuition, Logic’s Unacknowledged Twin

“The more time I spend around this guy the creepier vibes I get from him.”

This is that thing called intuition. It’s actually sort of the opposite of logic. It’s all about the feels. It is also what we call “vibes” which is literally short for vibrations. The implication is that we can feel actual vibrations in the air when we are around something or usually someone that makes us feel a certain way.

It also works on something called Gestalt, which is “I know it when I see it.” You can’t put your finger on exactly why you feel that way, but you just feel that way and can’t even figure out how you got to that conclusion. Sometimes the hair on the back of your head will stand up. Sometimes a shiver runs through your body. Gestalt is “the sum is greater than the whole of its parts.” It’s the “smell” of something, without even using your nose. Like “this smells fishy” about a bad deal.

I am into birdwatching, and one of things we use is Gestalt. Sure, we have all sorts of guides and photos and drawings and whatnot that show us how to tell one bird from another by looks, terrain, behavior, song and all sorts of things, but oftentimes, it just boils down to Gestalt. You see a bird, sometimes just for an instant, and you just know it was a “so and so bird.” Someone asks you how or why you reached that conclusion, and you can’t even say. You shrug your shoulders and say, “I don’t know. I just knew it.” Something about it all added up.

Men decry this because it’s not logical thinking, but logical thinking only gets you so far, and a lot of things cannot be figured out with pure logic. You will dead end and stall or need to back out.

I think holistic thinking or “seeing the whole picture” or “putting it all together” may be intuitive also. You don’t exactly see the whole picture by some logical inductive or deductive method. You sort of “put it all together.” You form a picture in your mind, and there it is. The Gestalt. The “whole picture.”

The finest detectives have excellent logic and intuitive skills. Women are much better at intuition than men. We beat them at the opposite, so it all sort of evens out. That’s why men are stereotyped as such social retards, and women often say we just don’t get it. We men go at social interactions via brute force logic like a dictionary attack to break a password, and the result is a bull in a china shop.

So much of social communication works off subtle signals, vibes, small changes in conversational subject or tone, and the whole panoply of nonverbal communication where you can communicate with people merely by looking at their faces and body language. The pure social actor has mastered this whole pantomime. The social retard just doesn’t get it. Asperger’s people simply cannot read nonverbal communication at all. They often don’t get jokes or irony. They do not understand social conventions, and social rules are lost on them. This shows how important intuition is in social communication or what we call “social skills,” a term I despise.

I would like to see more women get into detective work. Looking at this websleuth group, and some of our best sleuths are women who seem to be operating off sheer intuition. We have a few female detectives and they can be quite good, but almost all detectives are men.


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Schizoid Personality Disorder Vs. Asperger’s Syndrome

Ultra Cool: Is Asperger’s not the same as schizoid? They do seem to be VERY similar, at least on a superficial level.

Apparently quite a bit different, though the last DSM seemed to be saying that they are the same thing.

Schizoids do not seem nearly as weird and out of it as Aspies do. Schizoids seem like perfectly normal people who just want to be alone all the time and are perfectly happy that way. I don’t get the impression that they cannot read social cues or act odd or strange, etc. Also schizoids are rather muted emotionally, while Aspies are commonly wildly emotional to the point of frequent temper tantrums.

There is something really weird about Aspies. On some level, they just don’t get it. You do not get that impression with Schizoids at all. They seem absolutely sane, other than just wanting to be alone all the time. Also, Schizoids do not react much to either praise or criticism. If you come down hard on an Aspie, they might flip.

Aspies sometimes strike me as resembling retarded people in some ways. Now, they are typically much smarter than retarded people, but I have seen quite a few Aspies with that “retarded person” look on their faces like they are completely out of it and have no idea what is going on.

Schizoids are almost excessively rational and cool. If you go to their forums, you would be surprised at how shockingly sane they are.

Schizoids could change but don’t want to. Aspies usually have no idea that anything is even wrong with them. Studies have shown that Schizoids tend to cluster a lot more with other personality disorders than with forms of autism.


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Why IQ Deniers Are Idiotic and Crazy

At the moment, IQ Denial is the de facto required mindset in Normie society. Even a high percentage of very high IQ people over 150 IQ are, incredibly enough, IQ Deniers.

IQ Denial is rather curious in that no one says that athletic, writing, artistic, musical, mathematical, social, or other forms of talent do not exist. Apparently the only skill in man that does not exist as a natural talent is intelligence! And you are allowed to brag about anything in the world other than IQ. I would argue that it is not even possible to brag about your IQ anyway because it’s nothing to brag about in that a high IQ isn’t even a good thing. Instead it’s a bad thing. Bragging about IQ is like bragging about being poor or about being a failure with women. It’s not possible to brag about those things because those are bad things, not good things.

There are a lot of standard moronic rejoinders to the IQ argument, all of which say that IQ does not matter or is meaningless.

Here are some of them:

  • IQ measures how well you do on IQ tests.
  • IQ doesn’t measure intelligence.
  • Intelligence cannot be measured.
  • Intelligence cannot even be defined, much less measured.
  • IQ tests only measure one type of intelligence,, and there are multiple intelligences.
  • IQ tests don’t measure your EQ or Emotional Intelligence Quotient. EQ is your social intelligence or how well you get along with others – in other words, social skills.
  • IQ has nothing to do with success in the workplace. What matters if hard work, not IQ. IQ has nothing to do with it.
  • IQ does not measure creativity.
  • IQ tests are biased, hence the results are meaningless.
  • IQ tests only measure the cultural knowledge of Western Whites. They do not measure Black or other intelligence accurately.
  • IQ tests only measure “book smarts,” and that is only one aspect of intelligence.
  • IQ scores mean absolutely nothing.
  • IQ tests do not measure wisdom.
  • IQ scores have nothing to do with success in life.
  • IQ scores do not guarantee success in life.
  • Many people with the highest IQ’s of all were considered failures by the metrics of modern society.

That will be enough for now. Now let us go through these idiotic arguments and take them apart one by one.

IQ measures how well you do on IQ tests and nothing else. Wrong. Of course it measures how well you do on IQ tests, that goes without saying. But it also measures how fast your brain your works.

IQ doesn’t measure intelligence. IQ tests measure how fast your brain works. What this argument says is that intelligence has nothing to do with how fast your brain works. Isn’t that a breathtakingly stupid argument? You folks really believe that? You folks really believe that intelligence has nothing to do with how fast your brain works? Wow.

Intelligence cannot be measured. Well, that is just wrong, and almost all psychometric experts would disagree with you.

Intelligence cannot even be defined, much less measured. Once again, that is wrong, and most psychometric experts would disagree with you.

IQ tests only measure one type of intelligence, and there are multiple intelligences. Wrong, IQ tests measure how fast your brain works. They are not set up to measure “multiple intelligences,” whatever those are. Anyway, the correlation between IQ and these multiple intelligences is a lot higher than you think. In other words, a faster brain helps you with these other intelligences too.

IQ tests don’t measure your EQ or Emotional Intelligence Quotient. Correct, but so what? That’s like saying a math test doesn’t measure how well you can play the trombone. Once again, that is correct, but so what? A math test is not supposed to measure how well you play a trombone. A math test is supposed to measure how good you are at math, and it does that pretty well.

EQ is your social intelligence or how well you get along with others – in other words, social skills. An IQ test is supposed to measure how fast your brain works, which is a good metric for raw intelligence. It’s not supposed to measure social skills. If you want to measure EQ, give an EQ test or a social skills test. And IQ scores do not necessarily correlate with EQ scores, but whoever said they should? No one ever.

IQ has nothing to do with success in the workplace. What matters if hard work, not IQ. IQ has nothing to do with it. This argument is also rather breathtaking. It states that how fast your brain works has nothing whatsoever to do with success in the workplace. If that’s true, then the modern workplace is even more retarded than it already seems. Why don’t we all just go home and let the robots take over if that is the case?

But let’s sit back and examine this amazing argument. You just argued that how fast your brain works has nothing whatsoever to do with how well you will do at work. Wow. What an amazing argument. I think most people would look at that argument and decide that it is absurd. A fast brain ought to be a real benefit in many workplaces.

IQ does not measure creativity. Correct, but it is not supposed to. It is supposed to measure how fast your brain works. And believe it or not, faster brains do indeed seem to be more creative than slower brains, all other things being equal. And extremely gifted creative people typically have above average IQ’s. How do I know? Because I have met many talented artists, writers, poets, musicians, sculptors, etc. Guess what? Most, but not all, of them had above average intelligence. In fact, quite a few of them were very bright (132+ or 140+).

IQ tests are biased, hence the results are meaningless. No, they’re not biased. They measure how fast your brain works. Or maybe they are biased. They are biased against people with slower brains. I would agree with that.

IQ tests only measure the cultural knowledge of Western Whites. They do measure Black or other intelligence accurately. That’s not true. They measure how fast your brain works. And no one has ever designed a non-culturally biased test that these lower-scoring groups score higher than Western Whites on. So that implies that the tests are not biased. Also Asians, who are not White and are completely alien from Western culture, actually score higher than Western Whites on these tests that are supposedly biased in favor of Western Whites. Clearly the tests are not biased in favor of Western Whites, or Asians would not score higher.

IQ tests only measure “book smarts,” and that is only one aspect of intelligence. No, they don’t. They measure how fast your brain works. You are making an argument that the only value of a faster brain is for book knowledge. That statement seems incorrect on its face. I would think logically that a faster brain would benefit you in many areas of life, not just in book smarts.

IQ scores mean absolutely nothing. Wrong. They measure how fast your brain works. You just made the argument that how fast one’s brain works means absolutely nothing in a modern society. Do you actually believe that? That argument seems absurd right on its face.

IQ tests do not measure wisdom. Correct, but they are not supposed to. They are supposed to measure how fast your brain works. And indeed it is true that people with faster brains do seem to be wiser than people with slower brains. Nevertheless, this is not always true, and some people with fast to very fast brains can be remarkably unwise.

IQ scores have nothing to do with success in life. This once again is rather breathtaking statement. You just argued that how fast your brain works has nothing to do with your success in life. If that is true, than the Idiocracy is already upon us.

IQ scores do not guarantee success in life. Correct, but they are not supposed to measure that. They are supposed to measure how fast your brain works. And while IQ correlates well with success in life, it is not a perfect correlation, and it is not unusual at all for high and very high-IQ people do not do well in life or even to fail in life. That is because having a very fast brain is no guarantee against doing poorly or even failing in life. The reason for this is because there is more to success in life than having a fast brain, though a fast brain surely helps. It just doesn’t help everyone who has one.

Many people with the highest IQ’s of all were considered failures by the metrics of modern society. This is correct, but there may be good reasons for this. They may well have been too smart. It is quite possible to be too smart for modern society. We are talking about people who are so smart that they are almost like people from another planet.

Also when you get above 150 IQ, IQ starts to become a hindrance because people start getting weirder. Above 150 IQ, 40% of people have a mental disorder. In addition, the rates of Aspergers seem to go up a lot in IQ’s above 150, especially in the men. Many people with IQ’s this high, especially the men, are extremely shy and profoundly introverted, live alone, work at menial jobs, rarely date, and are celibate most of the time. Basically, they are too smart for modern society and in fact, they are so smart that they can’t even function.


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Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney about the Virginia TV Shooting


This one is a bit dated, but it should still be pretty good. And there doesn’t seem to be much ugly conservatism here. Ultimately these views are something the Alt Left could go along with.

Topics include:

Did the Media Drive Gay Black Man Vester Flanagan to Murder Two Journalists?
The Black Lives Matter movement which incites violence and has mainstream media and political support.
How the Black Lives Matter movement is biased in favor of Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders.
The life and psychological profile of Vester Flanagan.
How Flanagan differs from the profile of white male shooters who tend to be more socially and economically marginalized.
How We’re Now Averaging More Than One Mass Shooting Per Day.
Why mass shootings are on the rise.
How we are seeing a whole class of people pushed to the economic margins.
People with Asperger’s and how they are screwed in modern atomized society.
How bizarre subcultures such as Bronies are forming in reaction to social marginalization.
The phenomenon of young men joining ISIS.
How people will likely form new functioning communities in reaction to a broken society.
Why the Manosphere’s Fear of ‘TradCons’ is Misguided And Cowardly.
More on the Trump campaign and whether his populist stances will repudiate the stupidity of Reagan Conservatism.


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Robert Stark Interviews Robert Lindsay about the Oregon Shooter

There is a new interview with me up. Mostly about the latest mass shooting. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.


Another Incel Shoots up College, 10 Dead, 7 Wounded
4Chan Subculture and the Post on R9K Predicting the Shooting
Beta Uprising
How America’s Hyper-individualism and Atomization Leads to Mass Shootings
The Oregon School Shooter and Asperger’s
Depression and Suicide
Homicidal Fantasies
Study: Males and Females Differ in How They Rate the Attractiveness of the Opposite Sex
What Is This Man Doing Wrong? ( Why hasn’t Game Worked?)


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Elliot Rodger Diagnosed with Aspergers!


There are all sorts of links on the net saying that this is a big lie, but it is confirmed in the story. Nevertheless, there are still stories out there by Aspies and their supporters saying that there is no evidence that he was ever diagnosed with Aspergers. But even those stories seem to state that he had some Aspergers symptoms. They seem to be contradicting themselves and wanting to have it both ways. The best analysis seems to be the Rodger had Aspergers, possibly diagnosed around age 7.

From the link:

The divorce documents also confirmed that Elliot Rodger was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, when he was 7. “Elliot has special needs,” his mother said in a sworn statement. “He is a high functioning autistic child.”

That’s pretty incontrovertible.

Elliot Rodger: Aspergers, mass shooting spree of college students

Adam Lanza: Aspergers, mass shooting spree at an elementary school.

Seung-Hui Cho: Aspergers, mass shooting spree at a college.

Chris Harper-Mercer: Aspergers, mass shooting spree at a college.

Uncanny resemblances.


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Oregon School Shooter Confirmed as Having Asperger’s


Adam Lanza was also on the autistic spectrum and so was Seung-Hui Cho. There is no evidence whatsoever that George Sodini, the Columbine shooters or Elliot Rodger were on the spectrum although they are often said to be. Rodger was a pathological narcissist, one of the Colombine shooters was a sociopath and the other one was depressed, and no one knows what if anything was wrong with Sodini.

His mother confirmed that he was an Aspie in online posts. As a boy, he was a “headbanger” – that’s not a metalhead but instead is someone on the spectrum who likes to bang their head against walls.

Chris Harper-Mercer, the shooter, had access to 14 guns. It was thought that those were his own guns, but as in the Lanza case, instead they were owned by his gun nut mother, a nurse.


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Did Sid Vicious Have Aspergers?

Emma Lindvall writes:

I was reading Viv Albertine’s memoir and when she wrote about Sid Vicious I got Asperger’s vibes from him though. That he was shy doesn’t really work together with a antisocial personality? I know that they are dx that are commonly misdiagnosed.

Sid was not as Aspie.

He was quite antisocial. That’s clear. Whether he was a psychopath or not is not known. He may have been a sociopath, but they function a lot better than psychopaths. Only 25% of antisocials are psychopaths.

Introverted antisocials and especially introverted psychopaths are not common.


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Responses to More Stupid Charges

The lame charges keep pouring out of the Institution for the Dangerously Mentally Ill known as Randy’s blog over in Atascadero.

I find that much of this nonsense gets passed around uncritically on the Internet, so it ought to make sense to respond.

First of all, I must say that the level of discourse is frighteningly low. I would not attack my worst enemies in these ways. I would never make up a lie about anyone, including my worst enemies. If they are my worst enemies, why should I have to make stuff up about them? Obviously they are no good in some way or another, but if I have to make up lies about them, that implies that they are good people, and why would I hate a good person?

I would never attack anyone on the following basis. Anyone who attacks people on these bases, I feel, is not a human being. They are simply a piece of shit who ought to be killed.

You’re ugly. I would not attack my worst enemy for being ugly or homely. What’s wrong with being homely? There is nothing whatsoever wrong with not being attractive. Not everyone can be beautiful. Anyone who attacks another human being for being homely is a subhuman. Furthermore it is the better looking people who are always being told that they are ugly. And the best looking people of all get called ugly the most. Crazy.

You’re gay. Is there something wrong with being gay? I would not attack my worst enemy for being gay. What’s wrong with being gay? Anyone who attacks people for being gay is a very bad person, barely even a human.

You never get laid. This one amazes me. All over the Internet, I see people ranting and raving at other adults, accusing them of never having sex. How in God’s name would they know if they never have sex, if they ever have sex, or how often they have sex? There is no way to know this about anyone you see on the Net.

Furthermore, what’s wrong with not having sex? I do not hate men who have no luck with women. Women can be difficult if not impossible sometimes. One of my best friends was a virgin at age 50. He was 100 times better person than 95% of the posters at Randy’s site. Why does not having sex make you a bad person? Why does the frequency with which you have sex imply whether you are a good or bad person?

You live with your Mom. All over the Net I see people accusing adult men of living in their Mom’s basement. How could you ever know that anyone you see on the Net lives with their mother, much less in her basement? There is no way to determine this. I suspect that this charge is not accurate 98% of the time.  How many adult men live in their Mom’s basement?

Anyway, what’s wrong with living with your Mom? In the small Sierra town where I lived, many middle aged men moved back in with their mothers after a nasty divorce. Their kids were grown. Further, many middle aged people move home to care for parents. I would not attack my worst enemy for living with a parent. There’s nothing wrong with an adult living with a parent.

You don’t make any money. What are you, a Republican? The best people are those who make the most money and the worst people are those who make the least. Well, I always thought it was the other way around. I would not attack my worst enemy for not having any money. Having a low income does not make you a bad person.

You are not married. Wow! This is a crime! You got something against single people? What are you, a Republican? Only a Republican would hate someone for not being married. What’s so special about being married anyway? I have known plenty of divorced people who tell me, “Never again.”

You drive a lousy car. Wow! What are you, a Republican? Republicans say that the best people drive the best cars that run great all the time, and the worst people drive the worst cars that are in need of repair. Amazing! I never knew you could determine how good of a person you are based on what kind of a car you drive or how well it runs! You learn something new every day.

You don’t go out much. Well, some people are extroverts, and some people are introverts who like to be alone. I never knew that the more extroverted you were, the better of a person you are, and that the more introverted you were, the worse of a human being you are! Is this another crazy thing Republicans believe? If so, why would any introvert vote Republican? In my life, I have found that almost all of the evil and bad people were on the extroverted side and most everyone on the introverted side was very nice, sweet and kind. I never knew it was better to be evil than nice!

You are lonely. Wow! Another crime. Is this something else Republicans believe? The lonelier you are, the worse of a person you are, and the more friends you have, the better of a person you are? Amazing. I have known plenty of lonely people in my life. It’s pretty sad. Lots of people are lonely. There are lonely people everywhere and most of us are lonely at times.

All this time, I thought lonely people were basically nice but shy, and now I learn that they’re all evil! Well you learn something new every day. I must say that in my life, most of the lonely people I met were very nice. They were often painfully shy, but it’s beyond me why shy people are evil. I have known many bad and even evil people in my life, and in general, the worse a human being is, the more people they have around them. The worst people of all seem to be surrounded by friends and acquaintances all the time.

You live alone. Incredible! If you live by yourself, then you are obviously evil! Worse than that, people who live alone apparently never have sex! And they are lonely all the time! Who believes that, Republicans? Well I live alone and it is true that I am alone a significant amount of the time.

And then I am around people a lot too. I go visit friends and stay at their places for weeks on end. People come visit me and stay here for periods of time, over a week sometimes. During those periods, about the only time I’m not with another person is when I am in the bathroom! So I can pretty much be alone most of the time for long stretches of time, even months, or I can also be around other people almost 24-7 for weeks on end. I am pretty comfortable doing both. Anyway, writers are notorious for being loner types.

You are a pedophile. This one is chronic. All over the Net, males accuse other males of being “pedophiles.” How could you possibly determine if someone is a pedophile or not by observing them on the Internet? There is no way to tell, obviously. This is a false charge 99% of the time at least. True pedophiles are rare.

Child molesters are a lot more common, but surely most folks accused of being molesters on the Net are innocent. Child molesters are not very common. I have only met one in my entire life, and I have met countless people. I know a lot about this issue as I work in mental health and I have actually worked with a couple of true pedophiles. In addition, I have to do differential diagnosis with pedophilia all the time, and I almost always rule it out.

You look like a pedophile/rapist/serial killer. As someone who works in mental health, let me assure you that there is no such thing as looking like a rapist/child molester/serial killer. What does a rapist look like? No one knows. Most of them don’t look like anything special. What does a child molester look like? Nothing. They generally look like the guy next door. What does a serial killer look like? Not much of anything, although some of them might look rather cold and mean. But the world is full of very cold and mean looking people who never spend a day in jail in their lives.

I would like to add that it would be very nice if we could somehow spot these folks because then it would be so much easier to catch them! We could follow them around, put them under surveillance, interview people who know them, investigate their life histories and unsolved crimes in the areas where they lived, etc.

Ask any detective or FBI profiler if they can spot these folks as they are walking around in society. See how hard they laugh when you ask them that. I must say in that my entire life, I have not met one person who looked like a child molester, a rapist or a serial killer. There is a child molester who is probably a pedophile who works at the local market. I knew him for years before I found that out about him. I never thought for one second, “That guy looks like a pedophile.” I just thought he was a sort of sleazy looking middle aged Mexican guy, however that describes about 50% of the middle aged Mexican guys in my town.

One thing that I have noticed is that these pedophile/rapist/serial killer charges are usually leveled at the most innocent looking men you have ever seen. A lot of these guys look sort of nerdy. Many wear glasses and look like the introverted studious type. Is this what people actually believe? Do they believe that most molesters, rapists and serial killers are introverted, studious, brainy, bespectacled nerdy types?

I have been studying these criminals for much of my life and I know more about them than most anyone you will ever meet. I assure you that most rapists, serial killers and even molesters do not look like dorky nerds. In fact, it is quite uncommon for a dorky nerd type to be such an evil criminal. Most dorky nerd types are just that, dorky nerds, and in general, they are shy, meek, kind, sensitive people who commit little or no crime and have very high morals. Where on Earth did society get this lunatic notion that most dangerous criminals look like awkward nerds? That is so weird.

You are stupid. This one is strange because it is typically only leveled at people who are bright. The smarter you are, the more you get called stupid. This makes no sense. Furthermore, it is difficult to determine someone’s IQ level by reading their writing. Anyone who thinks they can look at someone’s writing and give a figure for their IQ is out of their head. There is no way to do this. Anyway, some high IQ people cannot write very well.

You cannot write. This one is odd, as is it only leveled at good writers. The better of a writer you are, the more you get accused of being a lousy writer. And the best writers get accused of this more than anyone else. This makes no sense. If you write well, people will tell you. The people to listen to are published authors, magazine editors, creative writing professors, English professors, journalism professors, other professors, high school teachers and bright people in general. All of these types of people have been praising my writing to the skies since I was in grade school. I think I will listen to them and not some subhumans on the Net. If you can’t write worth a damn, not one person is ever going to tell you you are a great writer.

You are autistic/Aspergers. This one is truly bizarre. I constantly see people being accused of being Aspies on the Net. I happen to work in mental health, and I have to do diagnosis including differential diagnosis all the time. Suffice to say that there is almost never a case where you could read someone’s prose and determine that they are Aspie. There is no such thing as writing like an Aspie. There is no such thing as Aspie writing. Anyone who thinks they can diagnose Aspergers based on someone’s prose is out of their head.

You are a narcissist. Well anyone who blogs is obviously narcissistic. Aside from that, it is often hard to tell if someone is narcissistic based on their writing. Furthermore, most people are so damn stupid that they do not even know what narcissism is.

I have met and had conversations with quite a few famous people, including authors, professors and whatnot. I must tell you that many famous people are horrific assholes. They have egos the size of solar systems. So are they narcissists? I do not think so. Narcissism is so much more than egotism, and anyway, fame, money, power and egotism go hand in hand. Most famous, rich or powerful people have gigantic egos as it goes with the territory. As someone who works in mental health, I do not feel that most of these people are clinically narcissistic and they certainly do not have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Unfortunately when you get towards Hollywood, you start seeing a lot of pathological narcissism.

Keep in mind that I have to diagnose narcissism. I am working with a client right now who has this as an issue. He does not have NPD, and he isn’t even particularly narcissistic. He is just solipsistic and worries too much.

Some bloggers do seem narcissistic, but this is uncommon. However you do see narcissism in spades in the Manosphere and especially on PUA/Game blogs, where it is truly out of control.

You are obviously mentally ill. It is extremely difficult to diagnose mental illness based on someone’s prose. I read people’s prose all the time, and I almost never decide that this person is mentally ill unless they are describing some sort of symptoms. Persons who have mental disorders do not necessarily write in any particular way, and our finest writers had mental illnesses at a very high frequency, but it was never apparent in their writing.

I will admit that an actively schizophrenic person writers in a pretty strange way, and sometimes you can ever diagnose schizophrenia based on a writing sample. Depressives and people with anxiety disorders do not write differently from anyone else. Even manics do not write differently, although I can determine that a friend of mine is manic by his emails. I have never read one snippet of prose on the Net and decided that this person is manic.

Bottom line is that a person’s degree of mental health is almost always impossible to determine by looking at someone’s prose. The only way to determine such things is by observation and talking to the person.

You obviously have terrible social skills. This one is truly bizarre. How could you possibly determine someone’s social skills by a writing sample? What insanity. There is no way whatsoever to determine someone social skills level by reading their writing unless they are writing about such things. Anyone who thinks they can figure out someone’s level of social skills by their prose is out of their head.

Your politics sucks, and therefore you are evil. This one has always amazed me. Now I am not wild about conservatives, but I would not criticize my worst enemy based on their politics. I may make exceptions for certain fanatics such as political racists, jihadis, fascists, Nazis, ultranationalists, etc. Having odd or objectionable politics does not make you a bad person. Most everyone I have known in life has had crappy politics in some way or another. You can’t go around hating people for their innocent political beliefs or you will never have any friends.

You believe in weird, crazy, stupid, irrational or false things, and therefore you are evil. LOL! There goes 99% of the friends I have ever had. And all my girlfriends to boot. Most everyone has some sort of nutty belief about this or that. You can’t go around hating people for their beliefs or you won’t have any friends.

You do not have that degree. This one is very strange. Many people on the Net have stated that they have degrees in this or that, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate. How could one possibly determine with any degree of certitude whether someone actually has that degree or not? There is no way to tell. On what basis could you possibly determine that someone does not have the degree that they say they have? There is no way to figure that out one way or the other. Maybe they have it, and maybe they are lying and they don’t. However, I suspect that in most cases where people list degrees in CV style on the Net, they are telling the truth. Why lie and say you have a bunch of degrees you don’t have?

You get a welfare check every month. How would you know? How can you tell based on someone’s prose whether they are on government assistance?  Someone enlighten me here. Not that there is anything wrong with being on government assistance. I don’t get one of those checks. Can someone tell me how I get one of these checks every month? I would love to get one. I have never read one single piece of prose on the Net and decided that this person is obviously on government assistance. How could you tell?


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Incel Rage at UC Santa Barbara

In a repeat of the George Sodini incel rampage against young women at a health spa, another incel, this one named Elliot Rodger, went on a mass shooting spree, targeting not only young women (he specifically targeted beautiful blonds from the hottest sorority (the one with the best women) on campus but also men and really whoever was in his way. He started his rampage by murdering his three Chinese exchange student roommates with a knife. He apparently stabbed them while they were sleeping.

He then planned to lure people to his apartment and slowly torture them to death. Then he would chop off their heads. After a few days of this, he would begin his rampage by heading to that sorority house of that hottest sorority mentioned earlier. He knocked on the door to try to get in so he could slaughter the women inside, but he was not allowed in. He then walked around to the backyard of the house where there were some beautiful young women hanging out. He aimed his weapon and shot two of the women dead. Then he walked into a pizza joint, pointed his gun at the man behind the counter and shot him dead too.

After that, Rodger climbed into his fancy BMW car and started driving around the area, shooting randomly at various young people here and there. The police were on their way so he accelerated away. He took a handful of prescription pills, pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger.

He left a number of videos on Youtube and a 141 page manifesto which I have not read in full. It could have been titled, “My Lousy Life.”

One of the videos shows him in the drivers’ seat of his vehicle narrating to the camera. He tells how he is going to go on his spree and his motivation for doing so. He lets out a small evil laugh at several points in the diatribe.

His Youtube channel with many of his videos can be found here.

His stated reason for the mass shooting was that girls and women had been shining him on and blowing him off most of his life. Boys and men had not treated him much better. At age 22, he had never had a date nor kissed a girl even once. He wanted sex, but there had never been any females out there who had shown the slightest interest in him.

He had been diagnosed as having “High functioning Aspergers,” which seems about right. He seems strangely unemotional in the video. Looking at him in the video, I must say he is a very good-looking young man. He also has delicate features, and is quite soft and wimpy if not out and out effeminate. There have been stupid suggestions in the media that he was gay. However, reading through his manifesto, it is clear that he is fully heterosexual and is not the slightest bit gay. He was also the son of a Hollywood film director. He had lived well, regularly flying all over the world, driving expensive cars and wearing designer clothes and sunglasses. He lived in a fancy part of LA.

Many people are giving him diagnoses of sociopath, psychopath and Antisocial Personality Disorder. None of those are correct, however he has a strong sense of entitlement, jealousy and envy such that a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder seems appropriate.

Many suggest that the guy was obviously psycho and this is why females had nothing to do with him. I doubt that very much. Instead I think he was simply coming across as a weird, socially awkward Aspie type. Women hate weird nerdy types, and it is quite common for these guys to go without sex, love or female affection for a very long time. Apparently females rejected him so much for so long that he started hating them. It’s not right, but it’s understandable. You hit a man enough times, and he just might start hitting back.

On feminist sites, much space is expended about how misogynistic this fellow was. Well, he hated women very much, it is true. But why was that? Wasn’t it because females had been rejecting him and treating him like crap his whole life? Misogyny doesn’t necessarily spring from a vacuum you know.

Most of the comments on feminist and blue pill sites are stupid. He felt entitled to sex. Most males do nowadays. Feminists love to say that no man on Earth is entitled to sex. This is an interesting attitude because it seems to imply that there are some men who will be rejected so much by women that they may be long-term virgins or may live very barren and sexless lives, and feminists say that this is just fine and dandy. A lot of men in the cockfest called China are going through the same thing, and predictably, we are seeing 40 year old Chinese male virgins going berserk with axes and bulldozers and slaughtering anything in their path, even little children.

Sex is a part of life. Feminists deny this and apparently state that some males are so weird and socially awkward that they deserve to be denied sex with years, decades or possibly for life. Perhaps this is so. Most men will be subjected to such a treatment will not flip out and shoot up the mall. But a small percentage of them will.

After the George Sodini shooting, I predicted that there would be more of these incel guys going berserk like this, and I caught a lot of crap for writing that. Not because it’s a good thing or because the bitches deserve it or men have a right to kill women when the guy isn’t getting any, but just because it all figures. You deny young men sex for long periods of time, and some of them are going to snap and start shooting women or couples. That just logically follows from long-term incel in a few guys who can’t take it anymore.

The SPLC has a big writeup in which they tell how Rodger frequented sites called PUAHate and I have spent time on both of these sites. The bodybuilder site is just a site where young men with an interest in lifting weights get together to discuss this, that or whatever. It is misogynistic or dicky only in the sense that a lot of masculine young men are assholey and have misogynistic tendencies. In other words, it’s a site full of normal masculine young men. Rodger made many a creepy or scary post there to which there was little in the way of alarmed responses.

PUAHate is smeared by the feminist SPLC as a site for failed pick-up artists. That is not really true and it is a slur. Most men who attempt to be pickup artists are going to fail at the task, so it is no insult to fail at such a thing which is attainable by only a small elite of men. Instead, PUAHate is a site for mostly young men, often incel, who are failing to attract female company, love or sex, are very lonely and angry about this, and are venting. Quite a few of them sunk quite a bit of cash into PUA programs run by PUA con-artists. They got nothing out of these expensive sessions and they are very mad.

Rodger states some truism in his manifesto. He states that it is 10X to be insulted by a female than it is to be insulted by a male. This is correct and I have experienced this many times.

He is also correct that mass rejection over time can lead to a feeling of rage. I actually went through a phase at one very bad point in my life that was like this, so I agree that this is true also.

He also says repeatedly that nice guys  finish last and females don’t like nice guy types. There is actually something to this of course, and in his case, he added wimpiness/effeminacy to the toxic brew. I know this because I went through an unfortunate nice guy phase where I was being friend-zoned by every young woman within a 5 mile radius and I must say, it is a frustrating feeling.

Nice guys can do all right, but they need good game, and it helps to have a bit of bastard in you too. Rodger says that young female flock to obnoxious brutes and ignore nice guys like him. This truism has been stated many times, and of course there is something to it. I have done pretty well with females in my life so I assume I must have some obnoxious brute in me somewhere.

I would say that the real take-home point here is to try to be more obnoxious or more brutal or better yet combine the two, and then the chicks ought to start rolling in. I need to up my obnoxious brute game myself, come to think of it.

The entire MRA/PUA movement is being attacked and blamed by feminists/Blue Pillers over this guy’s freakout. Indeed, his mindset is similar to that seen often in the Manosphere and on PUA sites. Frankly, the over the top misogyny on MRA and PUA sites disgusts me, and makes me not want to identify with these movements. Are these sites feeding the rage of these guys?

Not sure, it is hard to say, but you can’t shut them down. To the extent that these sites are typically insanely misogynistic and this guy had become an extreme misogynist as well, the sites were simply feeding into feelings he was already experiencing anyway. This is sort of like racist sites. Only racists go to racist sites. If you are not racist to start with, you don’t hang out there. Sure, racists find an outlet for their racism on these sites. Do the sites rev up their racism and make them even more angry? Who knows?

At the risk of having a feminist suicide bomber attack me, I would also that this story is a prime example of why more young women need to start giving out mercy fucks. Some on ladies, take one for the team! The life you save may be your own!


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